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What is publix pharmacy app? The Publix Pharmacy app makes it even easier to manage prescriptions. New time-saving features are just what the doctor ordered. 
*Quick refills 
*Easy account setup 
*Multiple prescriptions/patient management 
*Prescription status, order history & details 
*Prepaid pickup & curbside pickup, delivery, and drive-thru at select locations 
Scan to refill. 
Use your camera to scan the bottle. Request refills in a snap. 
Be our guest. 
Find a Publix Pharmacy, transfer prescriptions, and refill quickly without an account. 
Switch it up. 
Getting started with us is easy. Transfer all your existing prescriptions to a nearby Publix Pharmacy. 
One-time easy account setup. 
Just scan a recently filled Publix prescription bottle or enter the number from the label. We'll fill in your account details. 
Log in to access more features. 
When the doctor calls in your next prescription, it will automatically appear in your app. Just log in to your account to see important details, get helpful notifications, and set reminders. 
Just a tap away. 
Tap to view which prescriptions are ready for refill, in progress, or ready for pickup. 
Pay in advance. 
You’ll be notified when prescriptions are ready, then pick up and go. 
More choices. 
Receive medications from prepaid pickup & curbside pickup, delivery, or drive-thru at select locations. 
Care for the whole family. 
Add minors under 13 to your profile, and pets too. Members can also share profiles with others to allow access to prescription details and order history. 
The perks are endless. 
All patients’ prescription cards are neatly organized in one place.  
Your feedback matters to us. Please contact the Publix Customer Care team with questions, suggestions, or concerns. 
Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. (EST) 
Saturday: 9 a.m. – noon (EST) 

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App Name Publix Pharmacy
Category Medical
Updated 29 November 2023, Wednesday
File Size 90.66 MB

Publix Pharmacy Comments & Reviews 2024

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Poor app… expect better from Publix. Interface is lacking, limited input data and the app is useless for any kind of prescription update. I cannot see pending or ordered medications from physicians. I would have never gotten the app if I thought it was going to be a waste of time. Not worth it. Doesn’t provide any substantive information. I wish I could continue using CVS and not this CRAP! I only changed because I have regular meds and frequent changes and as someone who medically cannot responsibly drive I made the change to Publix, because it’s on my husband’s way home. I will be changing to express scripts as soon as possible. If you can go elsewhere, do so! The app isn’t user friendly, and provides no data on your meds, or medication orders.

Simple and easy to use. I love this app. I get to see all my prescriptions, request refills and pay online before going in. It’s simple and to the point. I’m a minimalist who gets overwhelmed when there’s so many options that aren’t placed in a simple order. I do however have one request for next update, could you please add a note/ nickname section to each prescription so that when we are scrolling through our list of medications we could name it to help us remember what it’s for. Having so many meds with difficult names to remember can be difficult enough so it’d be nice to make it even easier by nicknaming. Example: Tazorac- nightly face cream Doxycycline- antibiotic

Needs work. This isn’t the worst app but it’s not close to being great either. If you change phones it is next to impossible to get it working again. It won’t send the verification text. If you do manage to get it to work, it rarely sends notifications that prescriptions are ready and at least half of the time it doesn’t show that prescriptions are ready to be picked up even though they are. You just have to go to the store to see if they are ready. It does let you send in a request for a refill and when working that’s nice.

Literally the worst. I have a ton of prescriptions that I’ve been getting at Publix for a few years. For the last few weeks, the app is telling me I have no prescriptions on file and my statement says I’ve never gotten a prescription there. I can’t just click refill. I have to call every single time I need a refill and I can’t even see if it’s pending or when it’s ready so there have been times I’ve driven all the way there and they tell me they still need an extra half hour or that they made a mistake and it won’t be ready until the next day. I depended on this because I have so many prescriptions and it’s hard to keep track of all the bottles and refill dates. I updated the app. I deleted and reinstalled it. Nothing.

I really want to like this, but the UX is just awful.. Here’s an update April 2023, the app is still terrible. I really wish I could like it. The only thing I can really count on it for is a list of my current medications. I am unable to pay for them in the app, and requesting refills through the app is spotty at best. The only thing tech support can do is have you uninstall and reinstall the app (to clear cookies and cache), and go to the Publix website to pay. This app is such a poor representation of the company and the typical fantastic service I receive as customer. I have never had a smooth experience using this app. And even just now, when I tried to reach out to "app support" from the Apple app store, the link brought me to a publix chat bot that didn't know anything about the app. So I'm writing a review. Today, I'm trying to pay in the app for a Rx that is ready to pick up, and quickly went through the app prompts and when I get to the end to pay, it immediately throws an error that says I've been away for more than 15 minutes, so it's timed out. Force close the app and try to repeat the process, and I get the same problem. This is more trouble than it's worth, but I do want to like it and for it to work appropriately...

Where is the delivery option?. I used the app to order my prescription and got a message saying it was ready AND that there was now a delivery option available with 5 miles with prepayment. I clicked the link provided and selected prepay. I did not see any option to select delivery instead of pickup. I tried this a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. All the information on the prepay screed indicated “Pickup”. I finally called the Publix helpline and discovered that you have to go all the way through and complete the prepayment before you are offered the option for delivery. Huh? C’mon UI/UA team, please add this information to the prepayment screen and help your users out. It’s a great service - don’t hide it!

Lacking in info. I like that there is an app. I like that you can prepay. What I don’t like is that there are only two “stages” of where you prescription is. It’s either ready for pick up or “in progress”. My location used to call and tell you things with your prescription but they just don’t anymore. Once it was waiting for a PA that wasn’t necessary. Once my med needed to be ordered but would take weeks. The only way I know anything is if I call. It would be nice if the app could give more info like other bigger brands so where it says exactly what is in process.

Horrible new update. Ever since this app got the latest update, it no longer works. It's difficult to login to prove it's you, and then the bad problems occur... Nothing, and far as the meds, change in meds, or any kind of change it upgrade will not show on the patient medication screen. I recently changed to a couple different doctors and I'm now on 4 different meds each day. It was refreshing to be able to open the Publix Pharmacy App, just to see it's only showing past meds from two months ago. So now I have to bug the pharmacist and my doctors about when it was sent/received. Stuff like this throws my very high anxiety into overload... Especially when having to deal with the EXTREMELY rude main pharmacist at the Publix I've been using for several years now. So to recap: can't see any current meds, can't tap the button to request a refill. I even tried calling the number shown in the pharmacy app, but that's just an extensive automated deal that doesn't give the option for "trouble with app). PLEASE FIX THIS... Will gladly change rating from 1* to 5* once it's back to working the way it did before. ) Oh P.S. I already tried deleting the app and reinstalling it... Still same issues. Even powered my phone off... Do it has to be on the App end.

Old app faster and easier. I don’t know why, when something is working perfectly well, it needs improvement. With this new dedicated app, to scan a prescription you have to sign in as a guest and to fill from your account you have to navigate a list of every prescription you ever had (well almost), then check a box, then scroll to the bottom of the list to click the continue button. My biggest gripe about this app is that your earliest selection to have your prescription filled is “after 3pm tomorrow”. This is the most ridiculous thing ever. I was so frustrated with it, I emailed a complaint to Publix. The old app had an ASAP selection. So now I typically have to call it in if I want it same day. PLEASE ADD “ASAP” AS AN OPTION.

Worst app ever!. Poorly designed & obviously never test driven by actual patients. First try last week took more than an hour to get everything set up. Could initially “see” the Rx & said it was ready. Took a break, then logged back in and it showed that the Rx, which had been ready for 2 days was now “pending!” Spent 30+ minutes on the phone will a really nice clerk at my Publix pharmacy who finally had to cancel the Rx at her end then enter it again. Finally I could see that it was paid so I could pick it up in the parking lot so I did not have to enter the store. Today I had the password reset. Then when I logged it got a message that I had to enter a patient, stuff from last week was gone. If the only way those who are immune compromised can prepay and get a Rx without entering the store is to use this app, we will never use the Publix pharmacy again!

And the worst App of the century goes to:. What a useless app! I downloaded in hopes to book my Covid appointment since the website doesn’t allow me to move any further than the second Step. Then you click on free vaccine on the App and it sends you back to the web, then you try to book your appointment again because you think this time will work but it doesn’t. Then you call the pharmacy to book your appointment, but you can’t because you have to do it online. Then you go online and it DOESNT WORK. Whoever created the web and the app just not only get fired immediately but also be sent to live in a different planet so they may never have the chance to create such a piece of rubbish ever again!

For the new interface. I loved the old interface, so far the new one has caused great confusion and delays in having my prescriptions refilled. In the old interface, when I click on a medication to refill, it would give option to click on other scripts to fill, BUT, it would also show the date of the last time you filled each script. Now you have to click on each individual prescription to see the last fill date. This was how I was able to keep track of what prescriptions needed refilling. I have three individuals in my family that multiple prescriptions and it is hard to keep track of everything. I depended on the app for help and now all I feel is frustration every time I try to use it. Please add this feature back into the app. It also showed refills on the scripts and that was helpful as well.

Terrible. I would say this is the worst part of Publix Pharmacy, but the pharmacist where I go claim they know nothing about this App and to contact the web developer. Doesn’t there need to be some cross training for them since I don’t get all my notifications. It’s not that user friendly when you first change to it from a previous pharmacy. I’ll have prescriptions that I’m not able to see. Lots of times I’ll be waiting for it to go off so I can pickup meds but it doesn’t always happen. I just get the run-a-round answers like above. I’d love for the app to work similar to my previous pharmacy…Walgreens. There may be better ones but I do miss that there’s no way to click on your prescription name and it shows what it is for and all the pertinent information about it and safety information including storage and what not to mix it with, or certain food/drink that it can’t be taken with etc… It would also be nice to darken the text bc it can be difficult to see. Does this App ever get updated? It really needs some help!! Thank You!

Publix Pharmacy app. While shopping at Publix is a pleasure. Your pharmacy app remains in the 90s. Someone is not doing their job to develop a first class pharmacy app for Publix. I have used Walmart, Walgreens and they are way ahead of you, which is sad and not saying a lot I. Terms of current technology. I am a senior and I more tech savvy than this app. Please update this app and fast!!! AS A FOLLOWUP! How about changing the on hold music on the phone when you call the pharmacy! It is too loud, the music is not clear sound and not appropriate for Publix. I am a well informed and knowledgeable music person. Publix can do better. Just put your self on hold for the pharmacy and you will agree!

Prescription quantity. Is there a way to see the prescription quantity before is has been purchased. I had a script in progress and don’t know if the price is fair based on the quantity and dosage. I want to look it up in GoodRX and don’t know what to input. Am I missing something? I’d like to see the script information as sent by the doctor. Your response is not exactly accurate. You can see the quantity after you pay for it. I was not suggesting integrating GoodRx into the app. I would just like to have the script information (quantity and dosage) to be able to look it up in GoodRx for price comparison.

Will not login since recent iOS update!. I’ve only had this app for a few months but it seemed to work ok for the most part until this recent iOS security update was installed. It just keeps telling me wrong password and when I try to reset my password it just says something is wrong and to contact admin for help. I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro and all app permissions are correct and set. Also when the app did actually work it never notifies me when my prescriptions are available or ready. I made sure my settings for notifications on the app and my iPhone were correct but it has never worked properly. It needs attention. To say the least. Thank you.

Don’t get this app. Not only would it not let me fully put my order in when I was trying to prepay. This was my whole reason for getting the app as it was advertised skip the lines. Then when I check my bank account the payment had gone through on my end but not on Publix end. I called customer service and they said call the pharmacy. The pharmacy said there is nothing we can do so I call Shriner service back. Guess what they are closed! It feels like the lady on the other end did not want to actually help me but instead wanted to get off work. Terrible app would not recommend it’s been forty minutes since I first paid and nothing has come of it. I am beyond livid and I want my money back and for my prescription to be transferred.

Not recognizing my account info. I have checked with my local Publix pharmacy as well as called customer service. Verified all the information is correct but yet on the website and the app I receive an error about my information not matching patient's pharmacy record. The odd part is I was previously recognized and would receive notifications about my medication being ready to pick up. I do not receive them or SMS notifications anymore. I've decided to delete the app because useless and thinking of moving my prescription to my employer's preferred pharmacy - Walgreens

Needs a Complete Overhaul. Publix should really compare the experience of their app to that of Walgreens and CVS. I think it should be readily apparent how slow and poor the experience is in comparison. This app needs a complete overhaul. I think part of it is the coding of the app itself as well as the database it queries on the backend. The overall performance is VERY slow and it feels very sluggish. I find that I’m booted out of my session after the app gets upgraded and I don’t even realize it until the next time I go to use it so I cannot rely on push notifications. I just tried using it to see what I have waiting for pickup. The app wouldn’t even load completely. I had to uninstall and reinstall it. I don’t have the time to call in for support each time I have a problem. Y’all need better QA before shipping a new release.

Worth its weight in gold. Unfortunately our family has a lot of prescriptions to juggle but this app makes it so easy. It shows me what RXs are due for refill (which I can do with one click) which ones are out of refills (which I can renew with one click) and all of my history for each one. I can use the app to prepay for them which allows me to use the shorter Prepaid Pickup line. Having several “patients” in our household and nearly 2 dozen prescriptions to oversee, I don’t know how I’d do it without this app.

Horrible. Absolutely horrible.. Just switch to Publix pharmacy due to a recent move after being at Walgreens for 17 years. The pharmacy prices are better which is great for a family with a lot of prescriptions. Unfortunately, the app is not user-friendly, and just poorly set up. My biggest challenge is having other family members on the app. If your kids are ove 13 you have to get their approval to join your app to be able to refill on their behalf. There’s no easy toggle between patients. One is allowed to pay for their Rx’s on the app, however if you have multiple prescriptions, you have to pay for them one at a time. It’s just poorly set up. That’s all I can say.

Temporary rating. I just downloaded this app- didn’t even know that it existed. My 1 star is just a temporary rating, as I haven’t used this app at all-yet. I was able to set myself up no problem, but really ?!? we are able to only include minors “13 yrs” and younger? Minors older than that have to have their own account? Honestly, do we parents want them to manage their own prescriptions?!? I’m not speaking for all parents mind you, but this parent certainly does not. It’s probably some legal rule, but this doesn’t make managing the family’s medications easier... do I have to log out, use the same app on my phone, make them a new account and then share with mine? In this day and age of technology, couldn’t this process be easier?

Can no longer log in to account. This app worked fine for a while but after the most recent update a month ago, it automatically logged me out of my Publix account and I can no longer log in. It gives an error, “Sorry - Login was incorrect. Please try again.” There is an option to call customer care, but it ended up being a very general Publix support number (not specific at all to the Pharmacy or this app) and no one I spoke to was able to troubleshoot the issue with me. I know this issue is specific to the app because I know for a fact my login info is indeed correct. I even tried resetting my password through the “Forgot password” link in the app and the new password did not work either. However, I can use those same exact credentials to log in to the Publix RX website without any kind of issue - so the problem is not with my login but rather the app itself seems to be broken. It was convenient when it worked, but now that the app is broken I am just having to go to the website to manage my prescriptions instead. Please fix this login issue with the app so I can use it again!!

Better than nothing. This app isn’t perfect. I don’t expect any app to be, but you would think this app would have very simple options. For example: There is no way to sort your prescription list (by date, name, doctor, etc.) It’s really annoying having to scroll through 50 old scripts to find the one I need. On that note, there should be a way to fully DELETE a script from your list - not just “archive”. Many of my scripts are so old & I’ll never need them again, but they still show up on the list. (Also, there are a few scripts that have disappeared from the list entirely. That’s kinda odd.) Anyway, please add the above mentioned features!! It shouldn’t be hard. not complicated. it’ll make things so much easier for the user!

Updates and features needed. The current Publix pharmacy app is a good start love that you can pay for prescriptions and share orders in case a family member has to pick up you prescriptions. Here is an idea for a new feature. Please add a save barcode or prescription feature on app. I use multiple inhaler for my asthma and label are put on the box instead of the inhaler. Unfortunately, most users throw out the prescription box once open forget that we will need the barcode for refill order. Can you please add a save prescription or a picture scanner to the app to ease refill requests? Thank you

Painfully unreliable & unresponsive. I love the pharmacist at my local Publix pharmacy. I now have had to completely transfer my prescriptions to another pharmacy because this app has not been fixed in years. Numerous complaints by just about everyone that is never fixed. I used to be able to go through my web browser when this painfully unreliable app doesn’t work. (It doesn’t work 99% of the time) Now the website is stuck on loading and then freezes so I can’t pay for my prescriptions and have them delivered there either. It’s unfortunate but unavoidable since apparently Publix doesn’t take this issue seriously enough to actually fix.

Unbelievably long loading times.. After you log into the app, 1-2 minute loading time. Want to view your prescriptions? 1-2 minute loading time. Need to refill a prescription? 1-2 minute loading time to get to the confirmation screen. Hit confirm. 1-2 minute loading time. Then it takes you out of the prescription screen, so it’s another 1-2 minute loading time if you need to look at your prescriptions that you already waited 1-2 minutes to see. Honestly, it’s probably faster to get dressed, get in your car, drive to Publix, wait in line at the pharmacy, and speak to a pharmacy employee to refill your prescriptions. Also, since I see many developer responses asking for a phone call: No. I will not waste my time calling you to help you fix your app that you were and are paid to make correctly in the first place. I remember using the Internet in the early 90s with a 14.4 modem, and web pages loaded faster than this app. You must have to really screw up to make an app this slow.

What Happened, Publix???. I would love nothing more than to come back and change this review to 5 stars, but as of 3-4 weeks ago I’ve not been able to use this app. My husband as well. It won’t open anymore, just spins as if it’s loading. We have a special needs child with several ongoing prescriptions on top of our own, so we’ve relied on this app heavily for the last several years. Publix is the BEST at everything they do, and we LOVE Publix pharmacy, so PLEASE spend the money to get this fixed ASAP…it’s just what Publix does. We have brand new iPhones, we’ve tried both with and without WiFi to use the app, and have tried deleting the app completely and reinstalling. iOS is up to date. Please please please fix this app. I’m happy to give additional feedback or information that would help the developers from a user perspective. It worked great previously!

Probably the worst app I’ve ever used. I can’t even sign-up. I have a brand new phone and trying to scan my prescriptions is like trying to get Velma to find her glasses in a dark room. You can’t do ANYTHING to get rid of the blur to scan something. Then, once I finally just manually entered it in, I had to receive a text message to verify my account. I can only assume it’s being sent by carrier pigeon and mine was consumed by a hawk because it’s been HOURS and I haven’t received a message. I wish I could continue on to tell you all even more terrible things about this app, but without that message I can’t even use it. I tried using this app because I didn’t fine my pharmacists or techs all that helpful. Now, I think it’s just time to use a new pharmacy.

Works BUT best for non-moving patients. The app is simple to use and understand, but best for patients who have not moved or changed Drs the last two years. Since the Rx history is so simple it doesn’t show much info, which is fine if you have not moved or changed Drs recently. If you’ve moved, use the browser instead to verify/edit the Dr and location of the pharmacy. If you changed Drs, you better carefully archive those Rx done by previous Drs, after confirming your current Dr filled them in their name. Otherwise the poor Publix pharmacists will try contacting for approval your previous Drs who made the same Rx previously (and at a different Publix).

Absolute Trash. I just tried to log on to refill my prescription. Which is something I have done every month for years now just to discover that my entire account was DELETED. Your app is trash, your pharmacies are understaffed in order to maximize profits and your corporation is disgusting. I would go elsewhere but thanks to corporate America that’s not an option. Please go bankrupt and GO AWAY Upstate: No, I absolutely do NOT have multiple accounts. Why would I give you clown multiple opportunities to contact and annoy me? Furthermore, as proof of my account being completely deleted I had to re-enter all of my information as well as re-scan barcodes and re-enter all of my payment information in order to refill my basic order. Instead of spending your time responding to negative reviews (almost all of your reviews are), PAY YOUR DEVELOPERS more money and actually train your staff, give them a huge raise and fire your loser CEO who likes to spread election conspiracy lies….just saying

Bad App. I had no problems when I called in for my refills when they were ready they would call and leave a message and they would send text , Then I down loaded the app prescriptions were never ready by the time I needed to pick them up it would say in progress every time I would to check again it still said in progress .I would call pharmacy to see if they were ready the person said yes they were ready a couple days ago. One time it did say prescription ready….pay now then I tapped on pay it would not do anything . I couldn’t pay so I would call I would get excuses why I couldn’t pay like I was doing it wrong then I called Customer Care they said to CORPORATE office could not get an answer I thinking about switching to another Pharmacy .

Awful, useless app. The Publix pharmacy app is well beneath the quality of the regular store app. You cannot add yourself to the app as a patient to log and pay for prescriptions unless you provide a refill number. However, if it’s a new prescription for which you do not have a refill you have no option to create your profile let alone mark the medication. You cannot even create much of an account because of this glitch. Accordingly, of you get a text alert and receive link to pay for a new prescription you get tossed into this nonsense loop. A courtesy email to alert Publix about this within the app is convoluted and time draining-gets you nowhere. And asking the pharmacy people directly about the app issue when you physically appear at the site gets the same response as other users have described in reviews, namely they don’t know how the app works or discourage its use because of its poor user experience. It’s also pretty aggravating that when you try to link from a text for any pharmacy service you are routed to a sign in page instead of the app opening for you. Doesn’t even have facial or PIN recognition, just email and password. You’d think if they can create a decent usable app for groceries a sister app for pharmacy would be similarly functional. And it makes me wonder about stability/security of personal information in the app, assuming you can enter any into it.

Horrible. This app has been nothing but useless to me. I transferred my prescriptions from WG, created an account. None of my prescriptions show and I’m told they won’t until I have them filled at Publix. I have no idea what medications, how many refills or when they are due. I went to the pharmacy and to my surprise there was 2 prescriptions waiting for me! I had not requested refills but they were filled anyway without my knowledge. My doctor called in a refill and I had no way to tell if it was received. I try to enter my communication preferences and it takes me to add a patient….I verified my cell number and email with the pharmacy but the app tells me to update my information…I can’t add a patient unless I enter a Publix number. Very frustrating. Hate to say but Walgreens app is 1000% better.

Hate new interface. New interface doesn’t tell you which script you have refills on so if you click the wrong one you could end up refilling a script that you don’t have refills on and you have to wait for them to contact the provider instead of letting you refill the correct script that DOES have refills on it like you could clearly see in previous versions of the app. ALSO takes FOREVER to load anything including script info. I tried to look and see which of two scripts of the same medication had refills and it took forever to load the info then when i went to refill it it still didn’t tell me which was which and i ended up requesting a refill on the wrong one and now have to wait for them to contact the doctor which makes no sense. They should just look and see that I have refills. Hopefully the pharmacy staff can compensate for the shortcomings of this app, and to be fair they are always very helpful so I am optimistic about that.

Does the basics. 3 stars as the app’s features provide the minimum value, see your scripts, request a refill, see the status and prepay. What features need to be considered: my status has been ‘in progress’ for 3 business days. 1. I’d like to see more pre-pickup details in the app. Did it need to be ordered, what’s the estimated pickup date, is it on back order? Does a certain date have to be reached first? 2. How can I request a status update in the app vs having to call. 3. Some refills require a certain number of days to pass before refilling, I’d like to see that date displayed so I know 100%.

Publix pharmacy app. I have somehow managed to use this app very slow to accomplish minor things. Every single time I login to look at my families prescriptions I get the error message “call customer care”. I redo the same steps all over again and usually after 2 or more tries I’m able to access our prescriptions. Lately though it is taking longer and longer to get to our prescription profile, last couple days I haven’t been able to access it for extended periods of times. I updated the app and it was of no help. This app is about the same speed as the dial up version of internet in 90s. It’s 2022 this app really could and should function way better than it presently does. I hope it’s speed and functionality is addressed.

Publix pharmacy app. Been using this app for just under a year now and it has been very helpful. Makes ordering my medication easy and fast. My only complaint would be to give me the option to remove or archive medications that I no longer take. I have medications that are on my list that are over a year or two old. Some medications were one time use medication but I still have to scroll through them to find the medication I want to have refilled. If the app allowed me to chose which medications I wanted to archive it would be a 5 star review.

Great app, just very slow. Incredibly useful - lets me see all my scripts, last refills, request refills, see costs, prescription instructions, etc. The interface is modern, pleasant and simple to find what I need. Has everything I would want or need to handle my monthly prescriptions! :) Now the downside - I’ve been using this app for a couple of years now and the loading time between changing screens is unreasonably long (and feels like it got longer lately). I went to pay through the app just now and going from screen to screen in that process took forever, which finally prompted me to write a review in hopes of bringing it to the attention of the devs. I’m also a software engineer so I’m knowledgeable to an extent about making requests and making loading pages responsive and such, and the long loading times between each screen just seems unreasonably long from both a user perspective and a dev perspective (anywhere from 1-2 seconds up to 8-10 seconds). If it’s helpful for the devs, I’m on an iPhone 13 Pro Max with the latest update of the app and of the iOS software, and it happens whether on wifi or off wifi, and whether I’m using high speed internet or crappy cellular connection. Again, LOVE the app, use it all the time, super duper appreciate it! Thanks for making it! Just wish switching screens every single time didn’t take so long.

Terrible App. It is unusable. I’m being told it wasn’t a forced update, but I can assure you, it was. I do not have auto updates on my phone, nor was I doing anything except using the app, on my phone… away from my house, on my way to pick up my prescription on the way back home. I tried to close the entire app and see if it would just let me log back in… even hard booted my entire phone because this one app wouldn’t let me log in without the most recent update. I didn’t realize I needed to take snapshots to prove what was being posted by the app, on my phone., and I didn’t appreciate the developers insinuating these problems are our (the users) fault. Make an app that works, stop blaming users, full stop. It’s unacceptable behavior to create an app that has horrible reviews over the last many updates, then basically come on here responding that we either don’t understand what we are seeing, or flat out calling us liars. No one else does this. Don’t argue with your customer base… just fix it.

Cumbersome but Useful. I never knew there was an app before this standalone version came out, so my standards and expectations are probably different. Also, I'm using an iPad, not a phone. Having said that, I was thrilled when this app came out! Yes, there are still times I will revert to calling in a refill because it's faster to do, and you can leave a voice mail requesting an earlier pickup time. So, one improvement for the app might be a place to leave a comment or request. But the other point I wanted to make is this: I take over 20 prescriptions for a chronic illness. Until you have tried to manage that many prescriptions, all with different doctors, different dosing schedules, etc., you cannot imagine how difficult and time-consuming it is, especially when you already are not well, and don't have the energy to do it. So, for me, I'm not so much interested in scanning a bottle. What I am just thrilled to have from this app is access to the information such as date last filled, refills remaining, etc. It is SO much easier than trying to locate and check each one of my bottles. Perhaps this is a different perspective on the value of this app. Yes, it could be improved, but I'm grateful for what I have!

Useless. In spite of the poor reviews, I decided to go ahead and see if the app would work properly with the recent app update (1week ago). Sadly, it didn’t work. I wasn’t able to successfully add myself as a patient because it wouldn’t recognize my prescription number, which by the way I just picked up earlier today. I tried online and through the app. So as far as I’m concerned, this app is a total waste. My other pharmacy app used (CVS mail order) works fantastic. Maybe the developers could try seeing what they did right and incorporate the needed changes to this app. So very disappointed, especially since I shop at Publix and get all my medication there when the mail-in pharmacy isn’t the best value or for immediate needs.

It’s helpful but not as much as it could be. I like the app. I like being able to see my prescriptions and refill them with just a click. One of my problems is that here lately when a script is being refilled it says no refills available. It later corrects itself but it’s confusing in the mean time. My other issue, and my biggest, is that there is no communication from the pharmacy. It would be nice if there were generic messages that let you know why the script has be “in process” for 5 days. Messages like “not in stock, arriving tomorrow”, “too soon for refill”, “provider denial”, “contact us”, etc. would be so helpful. It takes time away from the pharmacy when I have to call and inquire about it when there could just be a notification through the app.

Won’t remember login. Have tried to register my preferred method of payment four times, but receive an error message to try again or cancel. Have also set up the log in information with biometrics a minimum of six times, clicking “remember me” each time. Each time I log out, and try to open my account with my fingerprint, I end up having to re-enter my email and password, and register my fingerprint again. It is very unsafe to leave the app without logging out, but what a pain to have to enter my email and password every time. Please, developers, fix this bug and make it remember my sign in info and fingerprint and preferred method of payment. Otherwise, I have no use for this app. It appears to work well otherwise but I will not waste time on filling in forms that don’t store on app.

Doesn’t work half the time!. Can’t pay half of the time . Refills are not listed ! Finally was able to pay for syringes today for diabetes and it charged my credit card 4 times!!!! I’m so mad! This is by far the worst app ever and you need to either correct it to work properly or delete the app all together! Ridiculous! Now I have to wait and see if the other three charges fall off from pending on my credit card or dispute the charges ! In the mean time they have my money all tied up and unavailable to me! This isn’t the first time this has happened. So many issues with this poorly executed app! Fix it!!! Makes me want to just chdnge pharmacy to one that actually had working apps!

Disappointed. Very disappointed with the app. I set up my account and scanned my prescription and it tells me I don’t have a telephone number or email associated with the account. It instructs me to call an 800 number which is only available during business hours. I don’t have time to waste on this. Update: After calling the local Publix and giving them my cell number (they had my landline number), the account setup was easy. Haven’t had a chance to use it much but so far seems very helpful. Thank you for your response and assistance!

Quick response from developers. NEW NOTE: Received an update from the developers today promising to update/improve the app. Changed my review from 1 star to to 4 stars for their attentiveness. Will update again if they actually follow through with the updates. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Looking for vaccine information & availability and to book an appointment (as suggested by store employees). Not a word about vaccine availability. No mention of any vaccines except for flu. What about Covid, RSV, Shingles, etc? Nothing in “help”. No place to book an appointment, even for flu which you do advertise. Waste of phone space. And in case you also designed the website, it’s the same with the Publix website. Will be deleting this app. Don't waste your time downloading it people.

Nice to have an app. It is nice to have an app to see prescriptions and costs conveniently. I use it when I’m at Dr. appointments and need to provide the medicine name(s) & dosage. I like the ability to pay in advance; you still have to wait in line to show ID and get handed the prescription, so it’s not really a time saver if in a hurry. Improvements: I agree that it is extremely slow for an app, especially when trying to use the pay in advance functionality. Also, the status “In Progress” is not helpful at all. Everything seems “In Progress” until it is complete. The message it shows is confusing - something like ‘This prescription is not currently available for refill’. Then how is it in progress?? As others mentioned, this shows for all true statuses- insurance delay, pharmacy doesn’t have medicine in stock, it really is in the process of being filled, it’s too early to fill, etc... This is the least helpful part of the app as you have to call the store to find out the true status. Overall, it is better to have the app than not and the developers have a lot of improvements and new functionality they can incorporate- I am looking forward them.

Publix is better than this. This app is not only frustrating, it’s annoying. What’s more bothersome is that I’m seeing the same exact issues from 2-3 years ago happening to me NOW! That’s ridiculous, developers! Not only did my partner and I share the regular app for adding items to our grocery list, during one of your updates, you connected the two apps and now, we can’t do that - and your pharmacy app doesn’t work 3/4 of the time. It doesn’t give notifications when things are ready OR I get over notified by getting a call, email and text. Most often, I get nothing so I have no clue things have been filled, until I go to manually fill them since I didn’t get notified. (I’ve set it up and confirmed that I’m on the list for being notified via text.) As everyone else has noted, the “in progress” notation should state what the problem is. Is it on back order, contacting provider, etc. This app is slower than moving on the Oregon Trail and just as dangerous. You’re liable to catch “death” waiting for it to work appropriately or be able to log in. In the day of electronic everything - you’ve failed. You should take a look at the Kroger app. A friend showed me how hers works and it’s so much more effective and efficient.

Slow performance. App is very slow every time I open, no matter if I’m on a WiFi network or my phone data. It’s slow to initially load and then slow again when I try to view the prescriptions tab. This has been the case for months. There is no option to add a note to a prescription request nor is there an option to contact the pharmacist via the app (other than by phone call). Both of these features would be appreciated. It seems the pharmacy isn’t able to send messages via the app either. Example: I had an rx that the doctor just sent that said “in progress” for almost a week. I finally called the pharmacy and was told that insurance didn’t cover it and they “probably” had been waiting for the doctor to respond. Meanwhile, I’m assuming they are working on filling the prescription and it would be ready soon. If the pharmacy had the ability to send a notification or comment on the refill request I would have known the status and saved a phone call having to bother the very busy pharmacy.

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LIFE SAVING !!. We love everyone at publix pharmacy at the peach in ALT Georgia. I have no idea how I would have gotten through the past two year with Lyme and cancer in our home. We moved to a different part of ATL and I simply refuse to go to another pharmacy. They are all now like family. They know our names. That always feels welcoming and seen. And ask how are, knowing what we are going through. You can’t ask for anything better than that. Wonderful loving kind service! They help fight for meds my insurance was giving us a really hard time over in a hard time in our lives! And they worked hard to make things right. Awe and what a huge weight has been lifted in that Area at least. We adore and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Tim and Robyn

Round and round in circles. App will not let me past the first few screens, which by the way each takes minutes to load. Unable to view any of my data after entering my Rx number, email and setting up a password. Kept taking me back to the set up screen only to tell me my account has already been set up. Not for a lack of trying either. Spent 30 minutes trying to get this to work because the pharmacist made it sound so great. Lots of development work still needed. Guess I’ll have to continue the old-fashioned way of calling in my refill requests.

Terrible. Instead of logging in, it makes me create a new account - again. It does not send me a text so that I CAN log in after I give it my phone number. It sends me an email and then I have to create my account again. Too much authenticating. Just let me log in! Then it keeps making me add a patient over and over. Remember me, please! How am I supposed to see new prescriptions? That is, assuming I can get in? Ones where I don’t know the prescription number yet? I tried to log in again and got “Unexpected problem.” This is really a kludgy app. The first thing a user wants to do is look at their prescriptions, not transfer them! This is just not thought out well.

Doesn’t work well. Every single time I fill a prescription it will show confirmed and then the next day or two when I check to see if it’s ready it shows that I never refilled it. I have to do it twice every time. They need to fix this it’s so frustrating when you need medication timely Update 11/25 exact same thing happened again. Put it my order for my refill yesterday and got a confirmation. Today I go to check the status and it shows that I never refilled. Horrible app.

App crashed?. Received courtesy text that med was ready for pickup. Clicked link which took me to a screen that said newer version of app available with no option other than “update now” being available to click so I did. Now it appears the app disappeared from my screen and efforts to download it from the App Store sends the little upper left circle to continuously go around and around. I’ve had problems with this app in the past and just quit using it but for a short period it did work well. What a shame. Not at all dependable.

Poor App. App has zero flexibility. Public pharmacy is excellent but they need a new App. My doctors sometimes use my formal name but sometimes my Nick name (e.g., William vs Bill). App will not allow me to see prescriptions for both as both “patients” are over 18, even though it’s the same person. I’ve asked at Pharmacy to combine accounts, which they did. But, the App still treats as separate. And, worst, it won’t let me create a second account since I have the same email. Please dump this App and start over. Suggest you look at CVS as an example.

Can’t Access App. Suddenly I can’t access this app after more than 5 years. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, still no access. Please help! UPDATE: Everything is fine now. I don’t know why I couldn’t access the app at all for several days but that drama is over and this app exceeds my expectations now.

Want to love it, but.... Two issues I have, that I’m sure others have mentioned: first— no option to pick up prescription ASAP (same day, not immediately— I’m not a demanding person) or add a message to the refill request with that info. I can call the pharmacy to let them know? No thanks; there’s no point to using the app to refill if I have to call them anyway. Second— minor children 14+ have to have their own app? My son doesn’t have a phone, so that’s a pain. A minor should be able to be linked with their parents’ account.

Worst App Ever. This app rarely works the way it’s supposed to. It’s incredibly frustrating to the point I’m planning on swapping pharmacies. It’s sad because I really like the pharmacy itself, but it’s too much of an inconvenience not being able to use the app properly. It’s slow and half the time it won’t load at all and just says unexpected error call customer care. What’s even worse is if you go online and try to log in through the website and avoid the app, the same thing happens 🤦🏼‍♀️ I don’t understand how it can be this bad.

Defective app, use the website instead. Like others, I’ve experienced nothing but problems from the app. It takes forever to load almost every link/option on the app, and you’ll usually still get an error message telling you to contact Customer Service. I’ve added my prescription number 3x now and yet it never loads my prescription in the app anyways. For Publix to be the most expensive grocery store in the area, that money is definitely not being invested in the app which is a necessity these days. Get with the times Publix!

Horrible App does not perform. I just uninstalled this because it is not working- does not even allow allowing payment - had to pay one at a time and the last one would not continue to pay- I called and customer care simply said payment issues were a “known issue”. customer service is useless (the number the developer tells everyone to call). Working as a computer tech, this should be fixed asap. I asked if they were submitting bug ticket and she had no clue what I was talking about and she was supposedly in tech. We are paying online if we cannot go in to a store due to being sick. We should be able to link to a store if the app is not working for payment or the store should take phone pay due to covid. Very poor application and the website does the same thing. The app did not even work when deleting and reinstalling, normal fix. Website should work if app is down. Terrible.

Discombobulated. I don’t think the developers are thinking clearly. If after logging in, my profile should be known to the app. Why would the app request adding my self as a patient, when it requested the opposite when the account was established. It seems that if I logged in, I should be able to see my prescriptions on file and the status of requested prescriptions. Nah, this app is clearly discombobulated, and Publix is clearly big enough to get this right.

Worth It. This is not a paid spokes person. This app was simple. Download, scan you prescription, confirm identity and then select your refills you needs. Who ever designed the app did a phenomenal job. Simple but practical, and negative previous reviews not sure why unless Publix updated the app. Very user friendly.

I love my Publix at Riverside Landing!!. They are ALL very nice and helpful. And do what you need them to do, within reason. They all treat you with Respect and in turn I treat them with the Respect they Deserve!! When I bring a New Prescription in, and I’m going to wait, they let me know how long it will be, so I just do a little shopping and they are done too!! I like the whole store of people that work there, they are all Grate people!! Very NICE!!

Useful but concerned. I find this app very useful refilling my prescription.....but I’m concerned that you cannot add minors as a patient under your app if they are over 13. Why??? When I tried to add my 15 year old’s prescription to account under “add patient” it wouldn’t alllow me. It said he must download app and create his own account. I do not like that one bit. I saw it was a legal requirement but the thought of kids 13 and older controlling their own prescription is scary. I don’t understand why I can’t add my own child.

Overall helpful. The app is helpful however, it’s a huge pain to not be able to put your children on the same account as yours. I have two 16 year olds and all three of us have to have separate log ins/passwords. It gets annoying to have to switch back and forth between all three when ordering refills or checking status updates. I wish we could all be on one and be able to switch between them on the homepage

Where do I start..... I haven’t been able to log in for over a week now. It’s not unusual for it to not let me log in for a couple of days, but this is ludicrous. ESPECIALLY, when I receive a message to call their customer care link only to go through all of the menus and options and have None related to any form of tech support whatsoever. So I’ve been calling my Publix pharmacy all afternoon only to get a busy signal every time. I’m disabled so I can’t just breeze on over so how do I get prescriptions filled?! THE APP is also very slow almost all of the time and can be glitchy at times.

What app., further progress. Tried to join the pharmacy on their app., can’t even join. What’s up? I continued to work with the log in process and after a number of attempts got it to work. I can understand the need for security and all, this is a drug store. Over all it is working just fine. The sign up is a little tough but the app is ok. Will know more later.

Almost completely inaccessible to the blind. This is one of the most frustrating apps I have ever used. I am blind and use voiceover to navigate the screen. Very few controls are labeled so I have to guess at what I’m tapping on and it often takes me 10 minutes just to find something as simple as whether or not my prescription is ready. I had hoped by now there might be some improvement but sadly The only thing I have found so far is that I can enter my mobile number which I appreciate but I will probably uninstall it again because it’s just not worth the frustration.

This app is USELESS. I have had an account with my local Publex for over 2 years! I even have it started on my Publix App but this pharmacy app is so janky you should be ashamed of yourselves! But you aren't! Your prescription ready call back has never worked at my store, Publix doesn't even automatically refill my maintenance meds with refills & this is my 2nd or 3rd attempt downloading this app on my phone and it still doesn't work! After all the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ you made during the pandemic & you won't pay for a decent app?! Boujee folks.. real boujee!😡

Slow. Takes forever to load all of a sudden, and I’ve also had problems with the payment page spinning forever instead of submitting. The new problem exists solely in the app because my payment went through fine when I logged into my account on the Publix Pharmacy website instead. Hopefully you update the app soon to fix these bugs because it used to be convenient.

Either remove the counseling waiver signature or tell pharmacists to stop making us sign twice. I told my pharmacist that when I prepay I already also pre-sign the counseling waiver. They seem to be aware of this and yet still have to make us sign the waiver AGAIN anyway (Lake Hart Publix, Orlando, FL). So how about nevermind making us sign ahead of time in the app, OR get all Publix Pharmacies to stop making us sign a second time when we prepay? The entire point of prepayment is to SAVE TIME. Fail!

Do you like going around in circles???. Because that is exactly what you do when trying to use the Publix Pharmacy app. Sometime in April, things must have changed and I haven’t been able to use it since. I can actually get into my account but now it is a blank slate. If I try to add myself as a patient, enter a current prescription, get the text it has my phone number stored somewhere, it tells me that I am already a user. Try to reset the password and nope...denied. Only gave it a star to send. Not an improvement from the end user perspective!

Does not work correctly!. The app gives you a process where you can transfer an Rx to Publix from another outside pharmacy (e.g. CVS) and even includes the option to send a photo of the bottle label. Seems fine and tells you when done that you will receive a text when ready. Nothing happens. When you finally call the Publix pharmacy to check on it, they tell you that you can only transfer from one Publix to another Publix via the app and they have no record of it. Either fix the app or remove the Transfer option.

Horrible App. Coming from a top supermarket that has mastered the shopping app, this pharmacy one is the worst of the worst. 5 freaking minutes gone by to open n load to pay n finally had to exit the app. So slow, and when I go back have to log in again. When I tried to setup touch screen to open, keeps kicking me out to login thru Publix App, i did, I am and still dont work. Whoever develop this app should go back to fix “huge bugs” or take advice from other App Developers. As you can tell freaking upset. Pharmacy app should be better. Not getting patients sicker.

Horrible new version!. I have never been able to figure out why developers have to take an app that works effortlessly and do a complete overhaul and turn it into the biggest piece of crap in the App Store. They must be having some kind of contest or something. The only thing that made this version better is being able to login with Touch ID. Too bad they can’t make that work! Please scrap this version and post the last version back so we all can start refilling our medications again. Even you people should be able to handle that. If not let me know and I’ll send you an estimate on fixing it for you.

How did it get worse?. There are now more options like signing online and pickup, curbside, or delivery, but the app didn’t improve. It still buffers for an incredibly long time, crashes or delivers unexpected results. The pharmacists are great and it’s so convenient to have in the grocery store. I feel bad for the pharmacy staff for having to deal with this. It’s a shame the app is so far behind in service. I have prescriptions that show refills available but apparently there are no refills. It’s a hassle to archive old scripts because it’s not clear which one is new vs old. Please do better. Previous review: This app has always been slow to load, but eventually it worked. Lately, it has taken even longer. Now it doesn’t even work. It opens then crashes with a message to call customer support but no phone number. When it works it’s incredibly useful.

Terrible. This is one of the worst apps I have come across. As a software developer myself you would think it would be simple for someone like me but UX and the general way you have to do things like reset a password is very non intuitive. Aside from that the app just does not work. It doesn’t save my information or recognize that I have an account. When I try to login it tells me i already have an account but it can’t find it or any information associated with it. I don’t have time for this, I will just call the store. Uninstalled.

Slow and not always accurate. The app is slow to open and load prescriptions. Noticed a problem when prescriptions that are not needed are listed as “in progress” even when I have requested that these prescriptions not be automatically filled. Also “ready to fill” prescriptions are not what I need. Great that pay by phone option was added recently. Unfortunate that I still have to manually sign when picking up prescriptions though. Need a contactless way of picking up prescription.

Lifesaver. I love my Publix Pharmacy app! I'm actually on quite a few medications, and the app helps me not only keep track of them and easily refill, but it's also helpful when I go to my many doctors. I just open my app and show them my updated list of prescriptions. I've had no issues with the app at all and wish all my apps were as easy to navigate. Thank you!

Has some great options. This app is very good but it is really really really slow responding. I can drive to the pharmacy and pull up to the drive through after opening the app and trying to pay for my scripts prior leaving home . It takes about 12 minutes to drive to the store and the app will still be loading. It’s slow using a 5G cellular connection and slow on 100mbps WiFi. It slower now than it ever has been . Please fix this!!!

Mostly good. I rarely have any problems and am able to easily order refills, check status, and prepay. One thing that really bugs me every time is the message that I can’t have access to the app unless I use Touch ID. If I’m savvy enough to have set up Touch ID, you can be sure I’m going to use it!!! It’s so much easier than trying to remember all of my user IDs with their corresponding passwords. So please, delete that patronizing, condescending, totally unnecessary sentence!!

The absolute worst. For yrs, the app was working fine. I was able to order my prescriptions and pay online. Now, this trash app won’t load my prescriptions. The pharmacy said contact the developer. I did and it got worse. That’s when all of my prescriptions were removed from the app. I would like to be able to order/pay without going to the store then having to wait 30 freaking mins until the fill the prescription. I really wish someone would fix this for me. 😠 REPLY: Yes it shows my name under patient. I can’t even manually add my prescriptions. It’s horrible. Please fix it!!

Horrible app. App is very slow and anytime I try to make changes such as archiving a prescription or request a refill, it just spins and spins and then gives the message that an error has occurred. This has been going on for over a year now, nothing has improved. Pharmacists don’t even care to know about its functions because they claim it’s useless, they tell me that they just advise all customers to use the phone system or call them directly when wanting refills or changes. What’s the point of the app if it’s not to help? Developers, please take note and improve this by making the necessary fixes.

App is slow and bad design. I use this app fairly often since I have prescriptions to refill. I think there needs to be more updates to this app regularly. I just saw the last update was about 2 months ago - crazy lol. Anyway, it’d be nice if the dates each medication are eligible for refill since, like many people, get prescriptions from different doc’s, etc and ordered at different times. The whole user experience design should be reviewed and revamped by the developers... kind of not intuitive.

Whole family?. There needs to be a way to put the WHOLE family on the app, not just children under 13 and pets. My husband doesn’t use a smart phone. I handle all the refills for both of us. But I can’t add him to my account in the app and I can’t open an account for him on my app. This is NOT helpful at all. Please consider changing this on the next update and REMOVE the “the whole family” on the app because that just is not true. Thank you. Thankfully Publix is MUCH BETTER than the app.

Love it!. Why all the haters?! Sure the app is simple but in this case less is more It is very easy to view and order refills on your script and it works this deserves 5 stars. If you expect an all-encompassing wellness app then will be disappointed but this app never claims to be that. Only suggestions, allow pickup before 3pm for next day orders. Next, create a notes, questions, comments option that may me for pharmacist.

Extremely limited. This is sadly an extremely limited app. It is solely focused on Rx refills and transfers, and to some extent sharing or adding Rx control for a family member which I don’t use. Beyond Rx, there is no functionality. Want to get a vaccine or immunization at a Publix pharmacy, then only option is to call or physically go to a pharmacy location. Want to order OTC meds for pickup, then use the shopping app. If you want to message a pharmacist, then call or go in. If all you use the pharmacy for is Rx, then it’s fine. But it sorely lacks full pharmacy functionality.

Dr Hogan. Publix horrible pharmacy. Never has medication ordered. This is due to company policy on pharmacist restock of medication. There is NO free delivery within 5 miles. Free delivery! That is NOT true! Here is a delivery fee. I live 2 miles from Publix pharmacy and there was a $5 fee plus tip. It was scheduled to b delivered 32 hours later. I live less than 2 miles from pharmacy. You do the math. How could it take 32 hours to deliver a prescription less than 2 miles from pharmacy. When a prescription is to be filled. It is to be filled immediately. Not 32 hours later. This is not acceptable.

Now I remember why I don’t use this app. I have had such a time using this app. If you click on the pharmacy app, you are directed to the Publix club app. After trying my password three times, I changed it to “hardtodoxxx” because it is. Won’t accept the password in the pharmacy app, but will in the club site. But, they say they are the same. You can’t get to the pharmacy within the club app. But the pharmacy app refers you to that site. Someone has made a mess of this. You can’t prepay your prescription without doing it through the app. You can’t use curbside without prepaying. Pretty darn circular circus. Entirely frustrating.

Frustrating. This app could be good but I cannot get it to list me as a patient after I also added my dad since I am his caregiver. I scan my label and it says I am already listed as a patient yet my name doesn’t show and it says if I want to add anyone over 13 they need their own account. So… I cannot have 2 adults like a husband and wife or elderly father and daughter on the same app??? How inconvenient for running a household!!! Very frustrated!!!

App makes promises pharmacy can’t keep. The entire reason I use this app is to speed up my time in the store and limit my exposure. I pay using the app which is supposed to put you in the front of the line. The reality is the pharmacy makes you wait in line with everyone else. I waive counseling by the pharmacist in the app and sign in the app only to be made to sign again at the pharmacy. The app itself works as designed but it does not align with how the pharmacy does business. Until the pharmacy does as advertised inside the app it is not worth the time and effort to use it.

Worst app EVER. This is the most unfriendly app ever created. My information disappears on a regular basis, I order prescriptions that are confirmed then other pharmacy hasn’t heard of the order, and now I can’t see anything other than the Home Screen. No information, no prescription information, NOTHING. What’s the point of having an app if it doesn’t work?? Also, hopefully your spouse does not have the same birthdate as you because you won’t be able to sync anything. It’s bad when it’s better to just drive down to the pharmacy and wait. Come on Publix….you’re better than that.

Get the App. We’ve been using this app for awhile, and the benefits are definitely worth it. We were able to obtain our expenses for tax purposes on this app, plus so much more. Spoke to my Publix pharmacist and he indicated an updated version is coming soon with better features! Thanks Publix for making our experiences at the pharmacy a pleasure.

Love this app. I love that I can reorder my prescription from app and it tells me when my prescription is ready. The only thing I would change is I wish it told you where your prescription was ready to be picked up at. My doctor sent in a prescription to Publix, but it was the wrong one and when I went to my Publix I was informed it wasn’t there. If the app had told me what Publix it was at I could have called and gotten it switched before I got there.

App no longer works for me. 16 years I’ve been using Publix Pharmacy and I’ve used this app for many years, but no more. I’m taking my prescriptions elsewhere. App used work great by storing my prescriptions, past receipts, etc. Recently, when I try to view my prescriptions, the app keeps trying to make me Add a Patient., but when I try it says I’m already a patient, but then it tells me I’m not. Vicious cycle. I’ve already transferred all but 2 of my medications to another pharmacy. Developers- try to use this app for yourself and you’ll clearly see what needs to change. This app is giving Publix a bad rap.

Cannot login to account. Update: app updated, login issues STILL not fixed. I don’t want to switch pharmacies, but this is ridiculous. Get it together. Using a web browser, or even the Publix grocery app, I can login to my account without a problem. EVERY time I try to use this app, since the last update, I get “login information incorrect. Call customer care.” I use an app to PREVENT calling. Fix your app. I see dozens of other reviews stating the same. I don’t want to call customer care, just to tell them that your app developers are failing at their jobs. Do better.

Horrible app. Worked perfectly one day and the next went to hell. Had to recreate my information and I get an error message that info does not match. It did yesterday. I called pharmacy and it was all the same and why do I have to enter a prescription number to add someone? Stupid! This was the last straw. Will be moving my prescriptions to Walgreens. My pharmacy takes forever to fill a prescription, doesn’t give you all of them in pick up and had to make a return trip and got no I’m sorry from anyone. And now this just can’t deal with your pharmacy anymore. They got my prescription around 9:30am and by end of day still not ready. Terrible service. My store is awesome but pharmacy not so much.

Frustrating User Experience. I’ve been a loyal user of this pharmacy for years, relying on the convenience of FaceID for seamless access. Recently, I encountered a baffling issue where neither my password nor email seemed to match, despite using FaceID successfully for years. The absence of a password or email recovery option compounded the problem, with a persistent “service unavailable” message. This experience has been extremely frustrating, and I hope the pharmacy addresses these technical glitches promptly for a smoother user login process.

I like it most of the time, however..... It’s incredibly frustrating when I order a script and it just says “in progress”. Please add something that might send a message if it’s delayed for some reason. Overall the app is very useful and convenient, but “in progress” is deceiving. It makes it seem that everything is okay and it’s being refilled but after a certain amount of time has passed you begin to realize that something is probably wrong. PLEASE fix this.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.7.7
Play Store com.publix.pharmacyonline
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

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The application Publix Pharmacy was published in the category Medical on 31 May 2017, Wednesday and was developed by Publix Super Markets, Inc. [Developer ID: 562794252]. This program file size is 90.66 MB. This app has been rated by 1,547 users and has a rating of 2.4 out of 5. Publix Pharmacy - Medical app posted on 29 November 2023, Wednesday current version is 2.7.7 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.publix.pharmacyonline. Languages supported by the app:

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Publix Pharmacy App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Minor enhancements and miscellaneous bug fixes to improve performance and stability.

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Find on this site the customer service details of Publix Pharmacy. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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