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What is pulsepoint respond app? PulsePoint Respond is a 911-connected mobile app that can immediately inform you of emergencies occurring in your community and can request your help when cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is needed nearby. If you’re trained in CPR and are willing to assist in an emergency, the app will alert you if someone near you is having a cardiac emergency and may need CPR.

In addition to nearby “CPR Needed” notifications, you can choose to be notified of other events that may impact you and your family, such as wildland fires, flooding and utility emergencies. You can also monitor live dispatch radio traffic for most PulsePoint-connected communities with a simple tap on the speaker icon.

Watch this brief video to learn the basics of PulsePoint Respond https://vimeo.com/pulsepoint/Respond-iOS

PulsePoint currently provides coverage for thousands of communities in North America, with many more on the way. For more information, visit pulsepoint.org, contact us at info@pulsepoint.org or join the conversation at Facebook and Twitter.

PulsePoint Respond is an end-to-end FirstNet Certified™ application. FirstNet Certified solutions must demonstrate 99.99% availability and pass independent third-party security, data privacy and performance audits.

PulsePoint is a 501(c)(3) public non-profit foundation building applications that help public safety agencies inform and engage their citizens.

NOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Your actual experience is always visible in Settings | Battery | PulsePoint.

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App Name PulsePoint Respond
Category Medical
Updated 30 June 2023, Friday
File Size 37.27 MB

PulsePoint Respond Comments & Reviews 2023

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I love this app!. This app rocks! It's essential for the work I do, and I rely on it more than I'd like to admit. That being said, the app gets wonkey at times and it can't find my location. I'm almost always in very populated areas or connected to a MiFi. My alerts also don't work. I took it to AT&T to see if they could figure it out but they were unable to find the problem. Every other alert FB, google, twitter and so on pops up, so I know it's not the phone. Anyway, when this app works, it's a life saver...literally!

Pulse Point - Review. I’ve worked for SCzFD for over 5 years, SJFD for over 24 years before retiring out 13 years ago. I just turned 71, yesterday. It was a career that I still love, so I presently like to follow the crews on their calls. I still like the mental exercise of thinking thru situations in order to keep my mind active, especially since I’m still living an active and demanding outdoor lifestyle . Pulse Point gives me a connection to things I’m familiar with to engage my mind and body to fit in with that lifestyle, even in retirement. Thank you, Pulse Point 🤙👩‍🚒🏄🏻‍♂️

CPR ASSIST. Tonight on 4/7/23 at 10:30pm a CPR needed alert went out and the location was not to far from where I was so I went to try and help, by the time I arrived our local police were on scene and preforming CPR. That alert alarm bypassed my phone being on silent and had woken me up and gave me directions to the closest proximity of the address down to close around 50 yards or so. Great job to our first responders to begin their within minutes of the alert going out. Great job to the developers of the app to have it do that.

Incident Times Always Wrong. Great app. I love having this information and often use it to avoid traffic accidents when I’m out and about. However, the incident times have been consistently wrong for the past 2 or so months. Currently, it’s telling me that a call was dispatched at 10:30 AM when it’s 07:30 AM where the agency and I are located. I’ve seen call information that states that a fire call lasted -55 minutes. I’m not sure what’s happened and I’m not sure how to fix it. All I do know is it’s a pretty annoying glitch for an otherwise solid app.

Safety first. If you live in a place with fires, are a first responder or rescuer, or live in a community, you need this app! With the customizable notifications, you will be first to know about water rescues, vegetation fires, traffic accidents and much more. Some agencies let you hear their radio traffic so you can hear if a fire in your neighborhood is getting out of control and you need to leave to save your life. It has saved mine. Check it out.

Buggy. Clicked on app icon by accident, and a pop up came up. Both buttons (Allow/Don’t Allow) did nothing. Tried locking my phone and unlocking to clear, but was then unable to lock. Tried to turn off my phone, and my phone wouldn’t allow me to do that. I was seemingly bricked. Fortunately I live a few blocks from an Apple Store and was able to run over there real quick. They were surprised by my situation, and had me do a hard reset (couldn’t recall how myself - as a reminder, it’s: up volume, down volume, hold power button), but weren’t 100% that would solve the problem. Fortunately, I was able to do a factory reset, and the pop up message was cleared. Promptly killed and deleted this app.

Concern about the app. Soooo I’ve been using this app since it was on the apple store and I love it. I use it for response to fires around my area with my local fire company. I have a concern with this app. When I get a notification of a fire or Medical emergency, it shows it late. Example, structure fire comes in at say 6:00pm but when I get a notification about it it’s 6:06pm. So that’s the only downsize I don’t like about this app. If you could look into that and fix it that would be mostly appreciated thank you for you’re time.

Works perfectly, but I suggest.... App works amazing but I wanna suggest some notification things like adding a radius for calls that come in. Like I’m only interested in calls that happen around my house so like a radius bubble for notifications? And maybe be able to set up notifications for an active call so we can get a notification when a trucks unit status changes? Whether this ideas are ever implemented I’ll always use the app I just think these would make it way better!

Incredible app- amazing for firefighters. This app notifies me of structure fires, medical calls, rescues etc; and often times faster then our own dispatch can punch the call out to the station. My only suggestion for improvement would be to include an easier way to turn on and off alerts by department individually. This would allow us to monitor neighboring departments for structure fires but not medical calls, or vise versa. Having that extra flexibility would allow the user to custom use the app to be notified on exactly what they want, and from specific departments instead of blanket notifications for whatever department you are monitoring.

Awesome app. I love the app, it’s really useful for my local fire station. The only thing keeping me from giving it a 5 star rating is the fact that I have critical alerts on, but it only gives me alerts every once and a while. I’ve checked my settings, and I’ve checked the notification section in the app and turned them all on, but it still won’t push all of the emergencies that come into the app. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to make sure all of them get notified to me as critical alerts please let me know!

Legend. I refer to this when I hear sirens in the area, but often nothing shows on the app. It may take awhile for some reason, and I can understand that. But what would certainly help is a legend that interprets the responders’ IDs. Some are decipherable, like AMR is American Medical Response and E is Engine, T is tanker, WR is Water Rescue. But others are a question or at best a guess. Nor is there an explanation for text color differences in the IDs. I suspect it may differentiate vehicle from personnel, but can’t be sure. I’ve tried searching responders’ websites with no luck, and not all vehicles (if any) are listed on them. Contacting them has proved fruitless, as individuals commonly have no idea regarding how PulsePoint presents IDs, have not heard of it, or don’t have time or wherewithal to look into it, which I can’t blame them for… they have better things to do. As I recall, according to the app developer the IDs are not under their control, apparently created by responder entities. So that leaves users stranded when the responder entities can’t help either. It’s frustrating, given someone somewhere generated the displayed ID protocols, and must have a clue. When it was engineered, a legend, even minimalist, should’ve been built to help our incident interpretations.

Great overall!. This is a very useful tool overall and the notifications come in as soon as the call is entered. A few things I’d like to see in the future would be the ability to turn on notifications for medical emergency calls. Also, it would be nice to be able to make custom notification sounds, and also maybe have an account system so you can save certain things to your account, and all your settings transfer between devices. Also maybe separate notification settings for each agency.

Why is it?. One thing I would like know is why there so much static or unclear transmission with Pulse Point between fire dispatch and fire personnel? We can listen to Chicago, New York and other states with crystal clear audio but not always in Ventura County. I hear PulsePoint point the finger at VCF and I have heard VCF point the finger at PulsePoint. It’s an embarrassment when you are trying to hear what is going on and can’t. It’s not our phones nor is it the phones that belong to the 20 plus people I have referred to that app. Please get it together and fix the issues for find someone that can. Ridiculous!!!

Keeping track of my husband. I love this app. It is so nice to know where my husband is and what type of call he is on. The only recommendations I would give are to be able to select a company so that you can see their calls specifically instead of having to search the list (I live in a higher call volume city). I would also like to know how long they were on scene before they are cleared. Perhaps when the call dropped and when they were cleared.

Attention Developers:. This is a great app just a few things that could be fixed. I think that there should be a tab showing all units in a departments and weather they are in or out of service and units that departments dont want to show could be whitelisted like the calls. And another thing is accounts where you can set up more custom call notifications and ring tones. Otherwise its a great app and i love it!!!

Pulse Point. This is an excellent app! For some reason, I was not receiving audible alerts; they stopped for some unknown reason. I tried to troubleshoot, but never figured out what was wrong. The other day, I noticed that I was getting audible alerts, once more, after several months without. I have not heard anything today, which would be uncommon because of the busy area where I live. I will pay attention throughout the rest of the day, and I hope that I have not lost that capacity because the app is not as effective when there is no sound to alert me to what is happening in real time.

Love the app!!. I have had the app for years and have responded to multiple medical emergencies. Fortunately, EMS almost always beats me to the scene, but it’s nice to know there could have been help on scene if needed. The only thing that I believe could be improved upon is the fact that there is not an option for medical emergency notifications, and an address is not given when there is a medical emergency. I believe that adding these two features would be helpful and beneficial.

Toledo Fire and Rescue Department. PulsePoint is a valuable asset. We know what’s coming before we are dispatched. We get a jump on things as well as having pertinent information that allows us to prepare for the run with a significant head start. I also use it when I am out of town, being an EMT I have seen an incoming run for the jurisdiction I am in and realized I was in the same building as the person who called 911. I was with my daughter who is an RN. We were able to intervene several minutes before the fire department was able to get there. I also like having the information regarding location of defibrillators in public places.

Small nit pick. Good if you wanna know what’s happening.. I know some people don’t wanna know what KIND of “Traffic Collision” happens when it says Traffic Collision. But I wish there was a way that it could tell you WHAT happened in as little words as possible. The other day there was a “Traffic Collision” in my area. A car was stuck on a medium going into a store. No other car. It would also stop people like me (or worse than me) from trying to figure out what happened and trying to go to where it happened. It’s a good app, don’t get me wrong and I’m just nit picking a little bit.

Great app, but could be better. All of my coworkers use this app. About 1600 of them! It works great giving us a jump on emergencies. It’s almost perfect. Except....I don’t use it at night along with many others. There are way too many incidents throughout the night all over the city. I would be up all night if I leave on all of the notifications. It’s like listening to radio dispatch tone after tone and most of the time isn’t you. I would love to see settings for individual companies. For example, if you set your company as Engine 1, your phone would notify you if the incident involved E1. The phone could be set to ring, vibe and/or even turn on your phone light for a length of time. With today’s technology it shouldn’t be that difficult to accomplish. This would also be a great option during the day. Every report of a fire notification has fireman on edge for several seconds and we all pull our phones out to see the location. Most of the time it involves other stations and a majority of them end up being nothing. There is no reason to continuously alert members for a run they are not on for no reason, unless they choose too. Love the app and will continue to use it, but sorry PulsePoint, you are not user friendly when we need to get some sleep. Columbus, OH

Super helpful during fire season etc. I found this app during fire season and love that it pinpoints where the emergency is located. If we have to evacuate, we’ll have more notice than when the city finally announces an official evacuation. It’s also helpful in knowing if your friends may need help - we saw that a neighbor had paramedics at their house and were able to text them and help out by staying with one child while the other went to the hospital. It does not alert to police data unfortunately, that would be helpful in knowing areas to avoid but I can see the reasoning there.

Changed to require location. Edit: The dev reached out and indeed you don’t need to allow location. The app does spam a couple pop-ups saying “Location Required - Pulse Point needs access to your location for this feature. Please update your app settings under the “Privacy” menu.” This is on the feed page which also says I’m not subscribed to any feeds, even though I am. You have to select the pull down menu towards the top-center to select the subscribed feeds. It is confusing and I don’t recall having to do this before. Anyway it works, but minus one star for the extra step and misleading message. Used this app almost daily but now I have to delete it. They went from letting you put in your chosen location and following the relevant agencies to demanding you always let them know your location. There’s no reason to make that setting mandatory to use the basic functions except for data gathering. I get that some people want notifications, but not everyone wants to hand over personal information to a faceless corp. It’s a shame they decided to do this. Hope they make a way to allow for more privacy in the future.

Very good App. This app has been very helpful and a great designed app. Being a volunteer firefighter, I’ve actually noticed calls showing up on Pulsepoint before our station tones drop plus being able to see other communities calls come in that my department provides mutual aid to, gives us a head start before we get dispatched completely. I would like to see Pulsepoint Developed for Ipad though not just Android/Apple phones. I rely alot on my iPad and having the ability to have it on running the Pulsepoint app would be Amazing. Currently have the iPhone version download for my iPad but it displays way too big, so it’s not really helpful only being able to see 2-3 calls displayed depending on vertical or horizontal display.

Not Everything Populates. I have been using PP for a few years now and I’ve enjoyed it as it helps me respond to emergencies and supplements me being alerted for calls as well letting me know when my wife is out on a call since we are at different stations. However , I’ve noticed recently that not all the dispatched calls are being populated in the “active calls” portion of the list. I’ve heard her ambulance get dispatched but miss the location and when I got to check PP it’s nowhere to be found. I’ve noticed that it’s mainly for the Medical Emergencies that this issue happens. Any recommendations to help???

Just one issue. I love the app and all, but there are still some things that that need work. For the agency list, can we have a filter to apply? Mainly filter by state please? I drive all over Florida and am never in the same city, but scrolling down the list is tiresome and not even organized. Also, you should have us make profiles with face pictures, basic description fields of us citizens, possibly a field for a drivers license number, then an “I’m responding” button when we are on our way. First responders should know, especially police, who is responding from the community, certain situations can keep us responders safe if any issues were to arise before responders get to the scene as well. Maybe add messaging/note features for us, then dispatch can see live as we post. Also one more suggestion. Can we get more settings and customizations? IE: custom sounds that are loud and attention grabbing. Ability for us to pick what sound for what event etc.

map/satelite street data not working. i used to love this app. i would have given it more stars if the app provided a help area or FAQ when having issues with the app. if anyone can help or point me in the right direction, it’s appreciated. Here is my current dilemma: Not sure when yet i’ve noticed that for the last few months neither map nor satellite view are providing street data of where any active or recent incidents happened specifically when selecting the CRESA agency. the icons can be seen yet no other data is showing up. is this the agency or the app? It used to, now I don’t know what happened. i have reviewed all the settings, i have removed and reinstalled the app and still nothing.. help, please..

Some things that should be added.. First off, I love the new look of the app. It is very clean. Some things that should be added are like the ability to change what kind of mapping app you use when you hit the Navigate button. Second of all, you should have the ability to have custom tones for different calls. Some that you put in the app and then somewhere where other people can make custom tones. Next, you should have accounts, so that people can save calls, and have alerts for specific stations and departments. You also should include like an on scene button for CPR alerts that will send a notification to dispatch saying that someone is on scene that knows how to do COR. That good with the account idea, and the next idea which is an area where you have to be CPR certified to get CPR notifications. Have a list of places that you can get certified, but only allow people with CPR certification to get notified. Finally, I just want to say how much I love this app, it has helped me out so much with stuff. Thank you for making this app. It's awesome.

Ideas for improvement. This is an amazing app and love being able to listen to the fire ground dispatches. Two ideas that I would like to see added to PulsePoint would be to have an option to be alerted for vehicle fires; i am aware that you can currently but they are grouped into traffic accidents additionally. There are many many car accidents a day and it would be nice to filter out just the car fires versus both car accidents and vehicle fires. Also when you click on a call and it takes you to the map, could you possible have “pin drops” of stations within that city we are currently following? Thanks for everything you guys do! Paul

Great App! Certainly room for improvement. I have to say I love this app! This is exactly what I have been looking for. After reading some other reviews/requests, I agree with all of the upgrades that could happen in the future. The thing that I would like to see is the exact address listed for the calls, and the exact description of what it is. As of right now it only shows the road (no house number) and if it’s a medical emergency. It would be more helpful to see something more along the lines of “Charlie response, 67 year old male, showing signs of cardiac arrest.” Something a little more descriptive would be nice. With all that said I love this app and am looking forward to seeing any improvements in the future!

Highly recommend. I'm telling all my coworkers, friends, and family about this app now. I was able to respond to a notification that someone nearby needed CPR, and I arrived on scene to do so (successfully, too! Yay!). The only suggestion I have is that when the address for the event shows, there should be an option to pull up that address in a maps application to navigate. I had to punch the address in on a separate app and fumbled it pretty good since I was nervous, but having this feature would have made this a 5-star rating. 6/18: Updating my review to 5 stars since the amazing developers added the mapping feature.

Great information. It’s a great app to let you know what’s going on around you. My only suggestion would be to allow you to limit the distance you get alerts from your location. Sacramento fire covers an huge area and it would be nice to limit my alert feeds to just a few miles away from my location. I also work in an area that is the corner of 3 different agencies but can only choose one to follow. Again it would be nice to have feeds from all agencies but limit my feeds to just a few miles around my current area

Better map needed…... Pretty happy with this app, however needs couple improvements. Never receive notification for calls in my city, I find out when I periodically check app or hear sirens, then check app. Receive notifications for other cities I follow, just not my own. And, the new map is awful. Please go back to map previously used which shows terrain. Other than those two things it’s a good app.

Traffic accidents. Pulse point should be used for statistics for the accidents at the same locations consistently, I am guessing it is. My suggestion in those areas where there is constant collisions are to lower the MPH, post a motorcycle officer as I am guessing there are stats for times of the accidents also. PCH has been crazy with speeding and racing cars between Dover and Newport Shores. We live on the hill on Kings Rd it just keeps getting worse at 2:00 AMish and daily. I really like Pulse Point Nancy Barfield

Awesome functional application. I find it incredible when I use this app and am able to respond immediately to a scene where my lifesaving skills can be productively used. The only problem I have with it is that push notifications alert me of all of the accidents/emergencies within the entire county, and more times than not, the authorities beat me to the incident, and my skills are no longer needed. Kinda wish there was a feature that would alter notifications to alert me within a custom radius of your current location, so I know what emergencies are nearby to me that I can get to as soon as 1 minute 30 seconds. Just a thought.

Nice but what do all the codes mean?. Just discovered this app. With all the fires in CA and suddenly smelling smoke much stronger, everyone is wondering if there is a new fire. With this app I see there is/has been 2 fires within blocks of me this evening but I have no idea what all these codes mean. I’ve googled everything I can think of and still have no idea what MT304, BE22 or any of the other codes scrolling across the incident banner means. A legend would be nice or other way to get more info but pretty cool app anyway.

Calls. This is an amazing app but as a first responder( fire rescue) we use this app a lot seeing if there are calls in our due area but it doesn’t show everything as I feel like as a first responder we should have the option to log in using our department emails and being able to use our unit number to have the option to turn on when our unit gets a call like our own personal CAD system but for the unit we are assigned to that day that way it’s easier to get a jump on calls before waiting for the tones to come in .

It’s a start but needs work. First off it works great, however in my area they only option is to get alerts from the entire county no pinpointing just one geographic area. Which yields a ton of calls. Be better if you could chose certain zip codes or regions and not have to get notifications of incidents 30 miles away especially because our county encompasses like 1 million people and several municipalities.

Love this app!. This app is so helpful to have. If I see fire trucks or ambulance go by, I just check the app and it tells me what the issue is and where. I only gave 4 stars because I think that under all the agencies I follow I should be able to get alerted to everything. Not just structure fires and car accidents etc. but medical emergencies, investigations, all of it. If it's listed in my feed I want an alert. Also, sometimes I get alerted and sometimes I'll go days without an alert (even though I have everything checked to receive alert). I think I have to have the app open to receive the alert and I wish I could be alerted even if app isn't running. Other than those two complaints, I really do like the app and find it an app everyone should have. I also (though I don't use it) love the cpr feature for those that are certified and want to help!

Clean, simple, sharp, some more improvement ls needed.. Love the new look of the interface. I like how if i try to tap on the audio button, it’ll now tell me that that department doesn’t provide audio, bummer, but at least I now know it’s not in PulsePoint’s control. One thing I’d like to see is if we change the map to satellite, it will stay selected to satellite and Vice versa; If we would like to see traffic levels as well, then it will stay that way. And one other thing I noticed is that not all calls no matter how minor they may or may not be actually don’t show up. Say a neighbor has medical episodes as a result from drinking too much in the past and the fire department is the only responders to them, not all of those calls get reported or show up in pulse point. About 98% of any calls actually get reported. Another thing is that I only get alerted for random calls even though I have everything selected for notifications. I could get alerted for something across town yet say a car accident down the street from me doesn’t alert me, I do t quite get that one.

Amazing App buttt. This app is amazing! I am a teenager that is certified in cpr and first aid and this app is so interesting. I love knowing what’s going on around me and I had no clue so much could happen in just a few seconds. The only problem I have with this app is that in some places you can’t use it. I was in Minnesota for a trip with my friend and where we were we just couldn’t get the app to find it. It works well in most places tho.

Finding out what’s happening right now!. I don’t use a lot of news to find out what’s happening the next day occasionally I guess. But this app is so nice you can hear a siren in the distance, then click the app on your phone and read what is happening and the location if it happens to be a family member or someone you know you can help out. So I like the Apple lot and recommend it to lots of friends. Police scanner is nice but it Hass to be on before something happens to know what’s happening or why they’re being called out or this is just information of the situation at hand

Must have public service app. I downloaded PP back when it was launched by San Ramon Valley Fire. As more depts have joined the service it’s only proved more valuable. The from notifications if CPR is needed nearby to a fire in the area, it’s valuable info to have. Add to it notifications specific to events like brush fires and it’s only more valuable. During a severe Red Flag Warning my device is near me at night with notifications on and the volume up. Seconds in events like that can truly matter. The info on PP is instantaneous, whereas a dept FB update can take hours or more.

Great App 1 Flaw. The App And Great Go Know What’s Going On In Your Community Would Like Nassau County And The FDNY to be on the app as well for people who forget the scanner and travel a lot not knowing what’s in Nassau when I’m in the area it would be great for the FDNY and Nassau to be on the app as well and for the notifications to be open for all calls when still active and to appear on the map as they happen and more notifications like a landing zone and rescue and brush fire and all of the type nature calls there is for all places other then that solid good app and I definitely recommend getting it

Greatest app ever 📱. PulsePoint respond is the greatest app ever, I am so glad that San Diego Fire-Rescue Department uses this app, so that way I can get notified when there is big incidents happening around my area, and I know where all of my Fire Fighter friends are going at all times, the app is fast, accurate, and all around very great and I am also glad it is voiceover accessible. Notifications come really fast, sometimes even before units are even going to an incident and that’s what I love is getting the advance notification. Something that I would love to see on the app is the ability to see the fire apparatus moving on the map to the incident. And also the ability to give out notification alerts when on scene of an incident. All-around this is a very great app and all of my Fire Fighter friends use it. ☺️☺️📱👍👍👍

Excellent app. Really love this app and use it to listen in on fires all the time! I'm a volley and I love being able to see what's going on in my area. Right now there appears to be a glitch because the app is only playing the dispatch channel, however, as opposed to patching through incident channels like it used to. I would also love more freedom to switch between channels and control which one you're on so that you don't have to listen to two things at the same time, which gets really difficult and often makes me miss parts of transmissions.

Update idea. The one thing that this app could do to make it better would be for it to make it easier for you to follow not only the county/dispatch, but for you to specifically get notifications for that company/department (FD/EMS). Some areas the cover multiple company’s/department’s, it would be more clear if you could see certain stations that you have selected. And it would also so stations attached to the call that the station you follow are going on and viscera.

Thank you!. Pulse Point, thank you! I learned of your website through a colleague during one of our many Sonoma County wildfires. In 2020, I received an alert there was a fire in the mountains above our home. No one else had any information. But we sent out a text to all our neighbors as a “heads up”. The fire came roaring down our hillside a couple hours later but we all had time to prepare, move special belonging out of the neighborhood, and evacuate before any of us were in danger. Thank you so much!

Could use improvements. I love this app as I have been a firefighter Cadet in my area and have previously been a cadet with my county sheriffs office search and rescue team. Wish this app worked better. I know that at one point I use to be able to listen to Portland Oregon fire rescue. The department I use to work along side as a cadet and now can't hear the dispatches. Unsure if it's because of the app no longer providing the dispatch or BOEC there dispatch center. I hate having to go to radioreference to get the dispatch also don't get a lot of the dispatches overheard on my scanner showing up in this app. Also downside would be nice if could implement a way to see Police response as well.

Great app to keep you informed. Lately it is not sharing the incident as the call comes in on pulse point. When I see a fire engine heading into my neighborhood I look on pulse point and nothing is posted. And when I see an ambulance and fire truck racing down the road I look to see if I should choose a different route but nothing is posted. Then an hour later I may look again and see that there was a medical emergency about the time I heard the sirens. It used to post at the same time the units were dispatched.

Improvements. I would love to see a profile feature like previously suggested along with background of the responding citizen and their training. It would be helpful to see which citizens are responding and what training they can provide. I have advanced training through a Sheriffs office and fire station but no way of showing that on the app. Thanks for the absolutely amazing and helpful app!! Definitely has helped while on duty in a faster response time!!

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Great idea. As a paramedic, I think this is a fantastic idea. Just needs to be expanded to Australia! Keep up the great work

Need this app in Australia. This is a great idea, do you have plans for introducing this in other countries.

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A necessary app but... Everyone should have CPR training and this app on their phone. I would suggest a radius restriction to alerts centred on the phone’s location.

Fantastic app. All around wonderful app, w a simple user interface

Canada. Needs more locations in Canada

Amazing life-saving app. To those who are complaining about getting alerts from far away - there seems to be a misunderstanding of how the app works. The main function of the app is to send “CPR Needed” alerts to those who are within 400 meters of the emergency. These alerts are only sent to users close by and are accompanied by a map, exact address and nearest AED highlighted. However - there are other types of notifications that can come through the app that are NOT for nearby cardiac arrest. Depending on what the host agency has allowed, these may include traffic collisions or “medical emergencies” which could be non cardiac arrest or cardiac arrest outside the range of 400 meters. These are FYI notifications without an exact address which are not meant to trigger a response from app users. This is why the user on Vancouver Island was receiving alerts from hundreds of miles away. If you don’t want to be notified of these FYI alerts you can turn them off in the settings screen. I only have CPR NEEDED alerts selected and so will only receive a notification if there is a nearby cardiac arrest.

Plenty of traffic.... But I am definitely missing CPR alerts. Notifications are coming in hot, but when I Look on the map, I’ve missed getting CPR notifications. That’s what this app is about, right? Can’t access support via the app. Can’t narrow down the areas... it will take me a day to drive 400km.. and responders 3mins..

Fires. Would like to know if it is a confirmed structure fire as a former first responder.

Pulse point review. I like the app, so far no negatives to report.

More detail please. Princess street, Kingston (for example) provides little information. Appreciate timeliness of notifications

Great idea.. Great idea for an app. And could help a lot of people. Unfortunately after over a week of having the app, I've gotten minimal alerts and none of them have even been in my city. Most have been 1.5-5hr away from me.

Not in my area. Need to follow Gananoque, and also Leeds, Grenville and the Thousand Islands please.

MVA app. I’ve never seen a single cardiac arrest show up on the app. 90% of what I see are MVAs The name needs to be changed to MVA locator.

Great app. This app is phenomenal where I live. It’s too bad you couldn’t see other ones depending on your location. Like if I am in South Frontenac Township and I hear or see something I pull out the app and it says no information available. Probably because that detachment doesn’t have the technology I’m not sure.All in all amazing app keep up the great work

Excellent info. Great job , for keeping the community informed, would be nice for local police , even based on events after the fact so it would not involve a ongoing situation

Great. It’s one of the greatest app I’ve ever encountered And the app saves lives And it stops people from dying from other diseases such as COVID-19

Excellent app. I can be alerted if any public help is needed for emergency situations.

Great app but.... Great idea but needs a little work. It needs to use the gps better to push the alerts only to those who are within logical range. I’m on Vancouver Island but get alerts from Surrey or Chilliwack which would take me 6 hours to get to. It’s most helpful if we can get there faster than the ambulance. If you can fix that it would make it a 5 star app.

More locations please. Needs more locations in Canada Hamilton and surrounding areas

Fantastic. Great app. Wish they had it everywhere in te surrounding areas-like Sydenham.

Kills phone battery. This app is a great idea. The problem is it continuously uses your phone’s GPS, which significantly decreases battery life. If you want lots of people to use this great idea for an app then you’ll have to come up with a better way of notifying people. Is it possible maybe for the app user to manually identify their location and then should there be a need for their assistance in that area then they can be notified? That’s just 1 of I’m sure many other options other than using cell phone GPS monitoring 24 hours a day and draining everyone’s batteries

Useless. Great idea - application lacking !! Needs to coordinate with my location. Useless sending me messages for emergencies hundreds of Km’s away.

Kootenay medic. Never get any local Incidents. Not relevant to my area

Please come back soon. Please

Not getting notifications. Not getting notifications

Best app idea ever. Whoever had the idea for this app deserves a medal. The amount of lives it could save means everyone who has training should download it. Even one life saved is with it.

Locations. The app looks great and makes total sense. The app doesn’t work for the okanagan In British Columbia Canada which is unfortunate

ottawa. just more canada in general, it’s an amazing concept but there aren’t enough locations.

Please add. It’s a good app but my area isn’t on there, could you guys please add more places in British Columbia. Preferably the northern half.

Please bring back Pulse Point. I have used pulse point multiple times for CPR and medical emergencies, without pulse point I am not able to help those in need when I’m off work or at work. I work as a first responder and found pulse point incredibly helpful.

A great idea!. I like the app, and it's good news that it's up and running in Kingston. Can't wait for it to launch in Toronto!😃

Undeniably beneficial. Pulse Point is a must for former medics and caregivers as it displays all and local areas in need. It also helps to avoid congestion for Fire/Paramedic and Police services. Please bring it back.

Nice to have the heads up..!. I'm

Excellent. This app is excellent

Everybody should have it. A great, lifesaving app. I have found it to have a few bugs (it crashed on all phones with the existing app after a demo of how it worked) Those are just development issues are are easily fixed - I should not prevent usage. Intuitive operation and simplicity in function

No canada support?. Why?

Winnipeg. Fire service is no longer using this app.

British Columbia Now Covered. The developers have partnered with BC Emergency Health Services (BC Ambulance). It now works for BC. Get into this everybody who is trained.

Better than the city’s dispatch. It shouldn’t be but this app is faster and easier to use than our city’s dispatch system

A life saving app. This app has the power to save lives. Every first responder, everyone who cares about their community should download this app.

Whyyy. Why cant I get this in Windsor on. Canada :(. We need this in Ontario

more canadian fire depts. you should really try and get more then kingston ontario onto this is awesome should get ottawa fire lanark county fire depts alot more involved

Not complete coverage. It’s not completely accurate and does not include all of the events occurring.

Awesome app.. I was three doors down when I got the notification about a CPR needed I could of beat the paramedics there. Awesome app, sometimes the app won’t send you many notifications but some days it’ll send you a pile of them. That’s the only thing I don’t like about it. Very accurate map too.

Amazing. Best app ever

Winnipeg. Please bring this back!

Notifications. Great app. It would be nice if notifications appeared for all incidents not just structure fires and accidents. I have everything selected but only those calls notify me. Other than that amazing app and very quick heads up.

Pulse point. Hope it comes back

Bring Pulse Point Back. I found pulse point very helpful in helping and assisting the public with medical emergencies not only while at work but also when off work.

desperately needs distance adjustment. No point in sending me notifications of incidents hours away. This app really needs a method of adjusting the response distance so that I'll actually pay attention to the notifications.

Literal lifesaver. An amazing idea brought into effect. This app can save lives. A must. If only more agencies adopted the system.

Good idea. Bad execution. I love the idea of this app but it needs to stop sending me information on emergencies 400km away. So many false alarms is making me ignore the alerts which seems counter to the whole purpose of this app. Allow for a distance setting or limit alerts to within 10km as those are the only ones that I could respond to in a timely fashion.

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Good app to see what is going on. I use this app a lot. I use the app see what all the sirens are about. I use it for work. I can see what fire units are en route and get the truck numbers. You can select what cities you want to follow. The app will also let you know what is going on if you are in a different city. It also has directions on how to use the AED. It is a good companion app for the Plus AED app.

Can’t get them to make it work!!!. My county has been “down” on this app since December. They’ve continued to blame the county stating that the county updated the system and they are “waiting” to hear from the county.. county says they’ve had it fixed and ready for them for months. When I reached out the third or fourth time (over the course of 4 months), they replied very condescendingly then asked, “isn’t there any other location you’re interested in?” They don’t care that is hasn’t worked in over half of a year. I’m convinced they haven’t even tried to contact anyone in my county office to fix it based on responses from both entities.

Pulse Point. Pulse Point helps you identify all kinds of emergencies and also let’s you listen in on how EMR is handling it. I recommend pulse point to anyone it’s useful for a lot of things such as trying to avoid a car wreck or if someone in the building next to you has a heart attack you can help them. Pulse point also teaches people how to perform CPR.

Can’t hear much of what’s said in App. For some reason the Audio cuts in and out ALL the time - missing 95% of what’s being said———- never used to be that way - I have an I-phone 7plus....... not sure what’s going on. Agency is in Ohio - Columbus Fire Department - used to have Excellent reception & now it consistently breaks up to the point you can’t hear the size ups . When you do hear something it’s always broken up to the extreme. Once upon a time it flowed so well and never had problems. I believe you did an update and it might’ve been two or three years ago & Whatever was in that update really messed it up.

Nice app, but could use one major refinement. Over all I’m happy with the app, though I do wish I could limit notifications to a specific area. For example, I’m currently following alerts for our county first responders. However, it’s a large county and a many of the reports come from well outside the area in which I’m concerned with. It would be nice to only receive push notifications for reports within x number of miles from a set location.

I love this App! However….. I have really enjoyed having this app. Knowing what is happening when I hear sirens is a great tool. However, I am not totally pleased with the new update. When you click on a incident, it takes you to a map with just that incident. I liked the previous version where you could see where you were in relation to the incident and where the incidents were in relation to each other. Great app, just some feedback.

Can’t live without it. There is not a day that I’m not checking conditions on the freeway as my family drives on one of the busiest freeways in Southern California. By getting alerts in real time helps us get a lager picture of not only traffic issues, it also helps if there are fire issues and medical issues that can make life on the road real tuff. With this app. It can solve the problem of many alternative routs to use,

News update. It’s very good to know what happening in the area’s around you. Being 84 years old, it’s interesting to find out how many accidents are happening. As well as other emergencies. It makes me sick to hear all the talk about defunding the police. The police and first responders shall be getting more than the people in Congress. A lot of them shouldn’t be making laws for our Country.

Firewife sanity saver. As the wife of a firefighter in a large city Pulse Point allows me to check in and know when his crew is working a fire. In our city it also keeps track of medical calls and he often picks up extra time as a medic. So when he’s super busy and I haven’t heard from him in awhile I can check Pulse Point and see where he is and what he’s working on. As a family we are so thankful for Pulse Point!

PulsePoint review. The PulsePoint app overall is decent. There are a few things I would like to see change on the app such as information being more accurate. Information regarding active emergencies are often in accurate, especially when it comes to the status of the units working the emergency scene. It also happens very often where I see an emergency myself yet it’s never reported on the app. The app is good to have however there are definitely some changes that should be made in my opinion.

Great app. Great app and features. I like the navigation feature to direct you to the location and the alerts you can customize. Our community is currently looking at not renewing the app due to lack of use for alerting bystander response for CPR. Many people I know would love to keep the app but if the county doesn’t renew, we will have no choice. Is there a way for individuals to purchase the app to keep it up and running?

Great concept but not useful in certain areas. My father is a firefighter so I figured id downloaded this app to see what’s happening in the area and if he was dispatched to the location but was disappointed to see that it wasn’t supported in my state (New Jersey) i do not know if this is to do with any legal issues or not but would like to suggest extending the reach of the app. Otherwise the app is simple enough to use and could help you understand what’s happening within your area if you hear sirens so I recommend it .

Critical alert override isn't obvious and location service are irrelevant. I love the overall purpose of the app. However, the ability to turn off critical alerts needs to be emphasized during setup. Also need app settings to allow for a defined area of alerts in relation to location. My wife and I were awakened in the middle of the night by alerts despite phone being muted for call over thirty minutes away by my office. Location services were set to always on with background refresh on.

Used to be great. Not so much anymore.. When I first downloaded this app, PulsePoint sent me notifications of collisions and extended collisions, which helped me to take alternate routes if they were on my route. Now the notifications have all but disappeared. I actually got a notification yesterday for the first time in about a month, but when I clicked on it, it showed nothing in the app. I understand the county has to participate in order for this to work, but since nothing comes up for accidents any more, I will be deleting the app. Sorry to see it go. No need to have constant GPS running in the background depleting my battery now.

Saved my livestock. Last week my horses and cattle were fairly close to a fire and thanks to PulsePoint. It got a notification on my phone that’s enough for me to let my farm know that the fire was and everyone was on the scene before I knew it and I knew that my horses and cattle and sheep weren’t. I also love how it puts the exact location on a point on my map so it’s really easy for me to figure out.

We got her back!. I’ve had this app on my phone for a while and never heard a peep from it. Today I responded to a call for CPR. I grabbed an AED on the way and arrived to CPR in progress. I connected the AED and shocked her. We continued CPR and a couple min later she was waking up! EMS got there and took her to the hospital. I thought it would be a false alarm but it was the real deal. Pretty cool app - saved a life today!

Keeps Me Informed. I have used Pulse Point for a few years and I appreciate the app. I live in an area with high danger for fires, floods, traffic collisions and also rescue operations. I appreciate being able to look at the app and then have a good idea of where they are headed and what they are responding to. This helps me find alternate routes to avoid interfering with emergency operations, and it also lets me know if I should start preparing for a wild fire.

Great resource for fire dept. activity. This app is necessary as WaZe or SigAlert and other traffic monitoring programs. Without the noise of the first responders radio monitoring app, you learn quickly where the fire department has sent its personnel and equipment. This app helps you avoid fire department activity. You can see on the map where they are and find ways to avoid them. It would be an Even better app if it could show where the police were involved. I’ll hear sirens, look at the app with nothing noted, then I realize it was a police but they don’t share anything. There’s no way of knowing where to avoid going. I realize that the app can’t force any involvement from the police therefore the app still deserves Five Stars. Get this app. You get the information you need without all the noise. Warmly, Anne.

Superb. I love PulsePoint Ventura. It is an excellent way to stay apprised of wildfire in my area. I live in that wildland/urban corridor so wildfires are of major concern to me. In addition the volume of medical calls are an indication of Covid. God Bless our firefighters, paramedics and other first responders. There have been two years now with fifteen or more active calls every minute of every day. It is good for them and for all of us to see that significantly diminished.

Lets me know my husband and daughter are alive!. My husband is a Los Angeles firefighter and my daughter is Huntington Beach Fire. This app gives me so much peace of mind. I am notified when there are structure fires while they are working so I can see where the call is and when it is over. As a mom and wife of first responders, I’m always worried, but PulsePoint eases those fears significantly. It’s also great to know what’s going on in my neighborhood when I hear sirens. Thank you PulsePoint!

Love but doesn’t handle IOS update well. Love LOVE this app especially in Cali during fire season but after this latest update on iphone, I haven’t been getting any notifications. And yes, I have all my settings adjusted correctly for both my phone and inside the app. I think this app is not updated enough to handle the latest IOS version sadly.

Good but missing something. A very good concept, but, missing a few knobs that are greatly needed. First, “clear all” (notifications) needs to be an option. Sometimes there are way too many notifications. Second, there should be some sort of ranking and sorting the significance. I don’t want to hear, most of the time, about every transformer circuit breaker popped all over the county, or, every broken pipe. But, I would like to hear about those things in my own neighborhood.

Love the idea. As a paramedic I love the information but I believe the details are too generic when identifying a medical emergency. I respect the HIPPA laws but if you were able to rate the medical emergency from a low to high response it would be better information for the first responders. I wish there was more detail in the description. Also I’ve noticed that many people that have the app become nosy and could show up on a scene prior to first responders where a domestic situation is going on.

Great. As a first responder it gives us a good 3 to 4 minutes head up while our dispatch starts the card for us but, here recently do not know if it was a update or not but it will not show on the app what trucks were en route with me or too me it just stop showing the medics and fire department and has not notified me of what I have mark as Notification. It’s great with the mapping hit the call and don’t have to worry about putting in a address or anything. But has stop showing the trucks altogether.

Great app. I love this app being employed in EMS it lets me know what's happening not only with my co workers but in my community as well. I have it a 4 because it goes down a lot and also a lot of the medical calls don't show or alert I wish medical calls alerted on my phone as well. Also it does go down a lot I know it is dependent on the dispatching systems for the areas. Over all very happy would even pay for the app if it offered some different options

Very unique. I hate when apps ask for location even when your not using the app. But saving a life is a bit more important. I have not noticed any drop in battery life and truly believe they only tune into your location when CPR is needed. Being certified I hope I’ll never have to use my skills but I am happy there is this tool to save lives around you without it there could be someone needing cpr around the corner and you’d never know.

app to lit lemme tell you. this app is better then the ocfrd webcab and ocfl alert combined... pulse point makes them almost obsolete when you compare them (laugh emoji) (laugh emoji). right now the only issue i've ran into is when i use the scanner directly off pulsepoint it tends to cut off and do some weird robot noise stuff, also PVS calls for orange county fire rescue don't show up on the map/list for some reason

When I hear sirens. When I hear sirens I’ll look on PulsePoint. It helps us avoid areas with Emergency equipment. In May our neighbor crashed his plane at a local airport. I heard the sirens, turned on PulsePoint and feared it was him. I was able to gather my stuff, go get his wife and take her to the scene and Shock trauma. Glad to say he is home now and still recovering. I love having all this information just a click away.

Great service to communities. I’ve actually used this app to respond to local emergencies 3 times. It also has a section that alerts you to ‘ cpr needed’ if you are close. I was alerted in Dec’22 that cpr was needed while driving by a local business. I was the 1st respondent and performed cpr until help arrived. Take a cpr course and use this app to help anyone in an emergency.

PulsePoint for current information. During the PSPS we lost our internet and cell service despite our battery backup plan as Comcast and AT&T also lost power. On those windy nights I relied on the previews of the notifications from PulsePoint for warnings of fire. I could not get any more Info but the those previews but that was enough to know there were no nearby fires. Thanks for keeping us safe.

A good tool. As a retired firefighter, I use the app to respond to nearby issues in my small mountain community. It performs well at this task, but the app would be improved by including ALL types of responses, such as rescues and police actions. I recently received notification for a CPR request near me while I was on vacation in another state. Had I been free to respond the app would have guided me to the scene, which is quite a valuable feature for all concerned.

Situational Awareness. From home or while traveling this has been the best tool for my Awareness. Specifically where not to be to avoid delays; why can’t I go this way; Covers areas that concern me in the Midwest and West Coast; tells me specifically the type of equipment deployed to various anticipated delays. I could go on but I won’t. There is life when you put the screen down.

It’s a lifesaver!. this app woke me up at 1:30 in the morning. It said CPR was needed down the hall from me. I jumped out of bed and ran down there and found a woman on the floor—no pulse and no respiration. I started CPR. Two cops were first to arrive. One checked her pulse. Still nothing. I kept going. He checked again. “She’s got a pulse!” He said. Fire crews were next to arrive. The lady lived all because of this app. It truly is a lifesaving app.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP!!!! Just one flaw. Love this app! It lets me know when fire, or medical has been dispatched! Also, its really useful when your listening to the radio. Makes it better to understand what they are dispatching and what vehicle is getting dispatched. There is 1 flaw though but its not bad! I think it would be better with a description of the vehicle such as “L13” or “R27” and “JXE151”. Otherwise Love the app

It’s not bad.. I like that I’m able to get notifications from all the departments that I attend. However being that I am a volunteer for several different departments it’s kind of annoying that I can’t set up the settings to where I can only hear notifications for the department that I’m actually at. For example I do not want to hear my PulsePoint alarm to go off for a call In Gaston when I’m volunteering in volunteering at Forest Grove. An option to silence notifications from either one when Id like would be nice

Be a helper. So my emt insurance helped to develop this app asked us to download it as a way to be a helper in our community. and I have had it for maybe 4 years now. Thanks to this app. I have been in areas where so far I have done cpr 6 times and know that because of people like us who chose to help will continue to be the first response when others are having their worst day.

Great app, but some suggestions.. I love this app, don’t get me wrong! I listen to mainly South Metro Fire District in Centennial Colorado. I wish that it would tell you what station has what. For example Station 1 having Medic 1, Engine 1, Batt 1, and Tower 1. I also wish that it was in more areas. Like certain places in Texas because its very limited! I love how they integrated listening to dispatch while using the app. Like I said Great app Yall keep up the work.

Review. I have relied on Ventura Fireline then PulsePoint for many years! When my daughter began driving I always watched for TC to make sure she was safe in the car. We lived near a firehouse & every time she left the sirens would go off😱 then I found Fireline. So since then I have depended upon this for many purposes. Listening to flooding calls now, PLEASE STAY SAFE!!!! Foolish people do foolish things, that put your lives in the balance. 🙏🙏🙏💞💞💞💞

Implementation of audio makes this app perfect.... I had asked for this feature and you guys came through! Thanks so much now I can ditch the scanner app I had to go to. Another reviewer mentioned that not all notifications pop up and i agree this should be looked at. I have all boxes checked and allowed in settings. However i only get about 10-20% of the incidents listed on the one agency I follow. Alameda fire dept.

Fire notification. Having PulsePoint allowed us to know when there was a brush fire and level 3 evacuation of our area. We were out of town at the time, but appreciated knowing what was going on and were able to contact our neighbors about the situation. (And thanks to all the fire crews great work there was no property loss in the area!) BIG thanks to firefighters and air crews!

This information gives us more choices. After the fire on Chahelem Mt last year that was started by transients near Midway, came within 6 miles of our home, we have made many decisions to be able to respond responsibly to increased wildfire risks. Access through this APP to vital, current information helps make better choices. TY for this service.

A great app for those interested. As a past member of Beaverton CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and an interested member of Portland NET (Neighborhood Emergency Team), I’m looking to see what our First Responders are doing. Unfortunately PFR spend most of their time on Medical issues and not actual fire fighting, but that is the nature of the beast. The app gives a good view of what is going on and when there is a major response to a big incident, you can see the details of what equipment they have sent.

Great app - and a suggestion. This app is terrific! It works very well, and as a CPR certified citizen, I really appreciate the opportunity to help when emergency resuscitation is needed. Just one suggestion: I would love to be able to customize the alerts that I receive by agency. There are some agencies that I want to see all alerts from, and then there are other agencies that I just want to see certain types of alerts, like structure fires. Wish I could customize that.

Great app but.... I’ve had this app for a few months now and it’s been great! Easy to use and it’s good to know what’s going on in my community. Recently though it hasn’t been tracking anything that’s going on. At first I just thought that it had been a quiet couple of days but it’s been doing it for a week or more now. Every time I open the app it doesn’t show me anything. Anyways hopefully it doesn’t keep doing that cause I really do like this app!

Difficulty understanding. It’s difficult to get a clear understanding of all the numbers at the bottom of the call information. If you could possibly put together a “key” for each number to the Corresponding vehicle and in a word its Job. This would help us understand what is happening on the call Thank you

Not always up to date. Just had a fire truck roll by my house in my development. Checked the app & no record of the call. Maybe it is delayed and the call will show up later. But it is still useful to see the number of people distressed, ill, injured and maiming one another in car crashes. Everybody is in a hurry.

Great App But Currently Having a Problem With The Alert. This app is wonderful! But I’m having a little problem with it. I got an alert one time on it No but ever since then it hasn’t been giving me any notifications even though when I check it sometimes there is a medical emergencies close by. I don’t know if it’s a bug or a problem on my end but besides that it’s great

Poor accuracy where I live.. I decided to try PP because I live in Northern California with a lot of fire risk. I find that the app is less than 50% accurate for local incidents. The other day a PP listed fire had no less than eight fire fighting vehicles listed to be at the scene. I called a friend who lives nearby the “fire” to warn him and he said that there was no fire. How do you explain that? This has happened several times in my area - fire calls are listed for non-existent fires. Pretty useless app if you can’t trust it…

Pager tones. I’m a fire fighter in Nevada and we have PulsePoint at the department next to us so all of us have installed it so that we can assist if something goes on however my idea would be to add some generic pager tones to the app that you can select instead of the default sound because it’s not as noticeable as say a pager tone would be or is there some way of setting one

Fantastic. As a retired Paramedic/Firefighter, this app allows me to stay informed as to what is happening in my hometown. I wish the program would list the actual address of any medical incidents or at least list the hundred block of the incident. Having lived in my hometown for 66 years, I know a lot of people, and it would be nice to know if a medical emergency was occurring at the home of someone I know.

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The application PulsePoint Respond was published in the category Medical on 13 February 2012, Monday and was developed by PulsePoint Foundation [Developer ID: 500772137]. This program file size is 37.27 MB. This app has been rated by 182,655 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. PulsePoint Respond - Medical app posted on 30 June 2023, Friday current version is 4.17 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: org.pulsepoint.pulsepoint. Languages supported by the app:

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PulsePoint Respond App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• New functionality for professional responders. • Stability improvements and bug fixes.

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