MyChart [Medical] App Description & Overview

MyChart puts your health information in the palm of your hand and helps you conveniently manage care for yourself and your family members. With MyChart you can:
• Communicate with your care team.
• Review test results, medications, immunization history, and other health information.
• Connect your account to Apple Health to pull health-related data from your personal devices right into MyChart.
• View your After Visit Summary® for past visits and hospital stays, along with any clinical notes your provider has recorded and shared with you.
• Schedule and manage appointments, including in-person visits and video visits.
• Get price estimates for the cost of care.
• View and pay your medical bills.
• Securely share your medical record from anywhere with anyone who has Internet access.
• Connect your accounts from other healthcare organizations so you can see all your health information in one place, even if you've been seen at multiple healthcare organizations.
• Receive push notifications when new information is available in MyChart. You can check whether push notifications are enabled under the Account Settings within the app.
Select features are also available on Apple Watch.

Note that what you can see and do within the MyChart app depends on which features your healthcare organization has enabled and whether they’re using the latest version of Epic software. If you have questions about what’s available, contact your healthcare organization.

To access MyChart, you must create an account with your healthcare organization. To sign up for an account, download the app and search for your healthcare organization or go to your healthcare organization’s MyChart website. After you’ve signed up, turn on Face ID, Touch ID, or a four-digit passcode to quickly log in without needing to use your MyChart username and password each time. Then, make sure you have push notifications enabled to receive updates on your device when new information is available in MyChart.

For more information about MyChart’s features or to find a healthcare organization that offers MyChart, visit

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MyChart Customer Service, Editor Notes:

You can assess your risk of COVID-19 infection by responding to a self-screening questionnaire in the COVID-19 activity. If you're pregnant, you can also track your pregnancy progress week by week. These features might become available to you after your healthcare organization starts using the latest version of Epic.

MyChart Comments & Reviews

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- Great App & Functionality With One Noteworthy Flaw

Ive had this App for my previous Healthcare provider, Atrius Health. It’s worked pretty much flawlessly since I installed it several years ago. I get my test results promptly and can communicate with any of my doctors quite easily as well as schedule and cancel any appointments. The one flaw, major in my opinion, is there is no way, at least no easy way, to change the Healthcare Provider. Two years ago, our insurance changed and our new Healthcare Provider uses this App as well, but my settings and login are connected to my previous company and there no way I’ve been able to find to change my login to my new provider. When I go to their webpage where you see the “try our App, install here” it takes you to the App store, where i see this App, which if course shows that its already installed but the login takes me to my previous Providers page not the new one. This should be fixed so the User can easily change his Provider, which is hardly an uncommon occurrence. Given how many Healthcare Organizations use this same App, this should be a priority fix.

- I know there is a way!

I have been using this app with UTSW for several years, and added SSM Health this year. It has made what would have been the difficult task of keeping track of multiple providers and facilities appointments, test results and communications easier. The MyChart message feature has saved hours of waiting to communicate with my healthcare team. The facility’s fluency with the app does make a difference, but there is nothing complex about the patient side of the tool. The Blue Jeans virtual appointment feature is simple to use as well, though I find the appointment notifications for virtual appointments is not working as well as the in person one- need to add telephone recorded reminders. I have missed several appointments because the reminder emails get lost when you don’t have time to go through 300 emails to find them. For comparison, I have never missed an in person visit or even been late for one. Another improvement for me would be access to the Radiology studies, not just the reports, but I’m not sure most folks care about that. Since I use an IPhone and not a computer, that might be available already. MY ASK I need to also have my husband’s medical records available and would like to have another copy of the App on my phone to do that. So far, I haven’t been able to figure It out. It would also be helpful to be able to mark his app icon to distinguish one from the other. Would love input?!

- Great but NOT user friendly

The app is great for keeping up with my appointments, communicating with the doctor, refilling prescriptions. However, when it indicates that there is a new message, I’m not sure which message is new unless I look at the date. My inbox reflect that I have two messages. When I click on the inbox tab, nothing happens. It would be nice if when I click on it, it go straight to the new messages and the indication of “two new messages” disappears reflecting that I have read the messages. It would also be nice if there is an indication of some sort to show that there are new messages and which ones are NEW. In regards to the “to do list,” it would be ideal if I could decline the options or have a yes or no button or something to show that I don’t need to do what it’s indicating. For example, my dental office is totally different from my primary care physician and they keep telling me my dental appointment is overdue. I wish there was some way I could tell it no or not applicable. Additionally, it keeps telling me I’m overdue for an influenza shot. I have never, and will never, get one so to be able to decline or simply say “not applicable” would be great. If these minor disturbances could be fixed, it would be a five star app for me.

- Could be better

This app is great for a number of reasons besides checking test results and appointment reminders. •Through the app I can email my doctor directly, (very often they or they’re nurse will respond within a few hours so I assume the app makes that easier for them as well. •The app has a list of my meds (accurate only if you reported it accurately to the doctor) and provides an easy way to ask the doctor for a refill.•I can request an appointment from a established doctor •I can view and even pay my bill. All of these are things I can do securely through this app. It is very useful. What I CANNOT do is make notes. Currently I use this app only for check appointment times and the occasional email to the doctor. But I would use it weekly if I had the ability to make private notes. A note associated with a recent visit. Notes on possible drug benefits or side effects as I experience them. Notes on questions to as at upcoming appointments. Associating these notes with the drug or appointment or doctor directly within the app; helps keep me organized and would improve my healthcare as it makes it more likely I’ll remember details of a visit and concerns I need to bring up at the next visit.

- Healthcare is not a game

The basic concept of this app is good but the execution is terrible. It’s another example of apps being written by computer people out of touch with real life. Unfortunately this isn’t a dating app or other social media plaything, this app involves people’s health and medical treatment and it’s not something medically inexperienced computer geeks should be allowed to play games with - an especially sensitive topic during times of a global pandemic. What’s also unfortunate is that, unlike game apps, we can’t simply choose not to use MyChart, it is the ONLY app where we can see our medical records and interact with our health care providers in a world where face-to-face contact is becoming rare. That thrusts a huge responsibility on the makers of MyChart, one that they all but fail at. The user has zero control over the privacy and accuracy of their medical records or anything else for that matter except the silly option of choosing the color of their screen background. The makers of MyChart hide behind a veil of secrecy, there is absolutely no way to contact them for help, issues, legal matters, etc. They have a monopoly and they are in severe need of government regulation. Our healthcare is too critically important to play games with.

- I love this app but I need a lil help from developers please

I have been using MyChart from its conception and have never had an issue ever💝💝💝💝 I go in and play around with it every now and then to see what is new. I do know that if you want to change anything important in your chart like your personal information YOU MUST DO IT FROM THE WEBSITE. I am guessing that is to be sure it is a secure location to provide personal information for HIPPA. Not positive but that would be my guess. My only issue I have is I just read on the website that I can now link my 2 charts together so I do not have to keep signing out of 1 and signing into the other for information needed. I just cannot figure out how to "LINK" both of MYCHARTS. Can you please help me with this???? It is really annoying getting a message from my doctors and I go to MYCART and I sign in and ugh it's the wrong 1 every single time😡😡😡😡 linking them would save some aggravation that's for sure. I already have the app on my iPhone where they both are on the app just need them linked and I'm all set.

- Billing portion of the app and to do list

I would have rated it higher but I don’t like a couple of the features. First in the billing area it automatically defaults to paperless billing. Second once you are looking at the bill you can’t print it. I use a HSA account through my work and pay dr’s bill that way. This forces you to pay through the app. And had to play around with the app just to turn off paperless billing. Another feature I don’t like is the medical to do list. Through both my medical providers I have linked in the app it show 2-3 exams/shot to do for the year. It will not allow editing to tell it they are done. And my primary dr’s office is still struggling with updating it as well. They are still flipping back and forth between their old system and this one to view things. The two health providers are Cape Fear Valley Health and Duke Health.

- Great new features

Finally shows sent mail and whether it has been read by staff or not. Collects all kinds of data in one place that you need. Not perfect, but still indispensable: 5 stars but could still use major work. Example: e-checkin allows you to add/delete meds, allergies, conditions before your appointment when you have the info handy, but this data doesn’t appear on the clinic’s computer for the doctor once you get there: major flaw! The databases should sync, or there is no point. Also, requested add/delete info never gets added/deleted by the doctors/staff (possibly because they don’t see it?). Would also like ability to send the same message to multiple doctors at once; currently only one doctor gets the message: no way to add or CC others. Ability to add appointments directly to your phone’s calendar with the click of a button ROCKS! Scheduling is very limited, however. Pluses and minuses, but keep up the good work!

- Inprvments required

App needs improvements so that we can have support for Apple Pay to pay medical bills and have it interface with the apple HealthKit tools so that info from the app can be record in HealthKit and data in HealthKit can be sent to my doctor automatily making it where there is more diagnostic data avalible to my doctor. Also for email attachments please allow PDF files as there are times where forms for certain programs need to be filled out by my doctor on the pdf form but only allowing images make those forms invalid and unreadable for pregame such as Boy Scout and other programs that need medic clearance. Also if there is a wait list to get a appointment I would like to have a wait list status area to show me what number I am on that list until I get to the top of the list. Also when a apoitment is offered have it where I can accept it or request for a difrent day or time. Also needs to have a indication of phone call appointments so that it would be easier to identify what type of appointment it is. Also office staff calls should be placed in a separate folder or something to separate them from actual doctor appointments to reduce confusion.

- Let’s make sick people fumble around with an app!

Want to be seen ASAP by whoever has the first available appointment? Good luck because you’ll need it with this app. Message my doctor, they message back saying she’s not available, go see so and so or go to the same day clinic. Is there a link in the message to make an appointment with so and so? Nope. Can I choose so and so in the app and make an appointment? Nope because I’ve never seen so and so before. Okay, is the same day clinic the same thing as an an e-visit or are those two different things? Dunno. But we’ll take your money for an e-visit first and you can try to ask questions later. Can you make a virtual same day clinic visit? You’d think, but not with this app - you can only book in person. You have to call the same day clinic and be offered the option for a virtual visit by a human being. Why doesn’t the app offer that? This is a long, rambling, unhinged review by someone who spent 30+ minutes mucking around with this app that makes something as simple as trying to get medical help unnecessarily confusing and you’re out $20 for the e-visit.

- Convenient for Medical history and more

I really enjoy this app. Upfront, my only gripe is that I can’t call from the app. I was late and needed to call to see if they could still see me. I ended up having to find the office in maps and call through there. Even though they have the office info in the app. Just need to make the phone number hyperlinked to the phone dialed. Otherwise, this app is great! Keeps my meds and recent test history right at my fingertips. Needed to log some levels at work for insurance rebates and because I had record of them on the app, I didn’t have to got through their BS and just entered my numbers. I can use this to communicate directly with my doctor and the staff in the office too. Makes it super easy to communicate basic questions and prevents unnecessary trips. I recommend my doctor and they app to others at the same time!

- Great app, but…

This has been an extremely helpful app for me, allowing me to communicate back-and-forth with my primary care physician much more efficiently than we ever could before. It also has helped me to keep track of what tests I have had done and what the results were, what my upcoming appointments are scheduled for, and it lets me know whether my primary care physician has received the results from other doctors and tests yet or not as well. However, the messaging app is extremely, excruciatingly difficult to use because messages are limited to only 750 characters! In this day and age where hard drive space and server space are so inexpensive that they are a cheap commodity, there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of ridiculous limitation. Every time I need to communicate with my doctor, this forces me to send three emails instead of just one! I am begging you, PLEASE fix this!

- My Charts just keeps getting better

I’ve used My Charts since it was first introduced for PC. Now I used it with 3 health systems that use various versions of the APP. When my primary in one system and my gastroenterologist in another we’re able to ‘reach across’ their systems and sync my medications, see the labs performed by the other I knew My Charts had grown up. I’ve never had a problem in the desktop, iPhone and iPad APPs. I travel twice a year and I have piece of mind that I’m carrying my current health records with me. I now what my neurologist to interface their system. They get into MyChart easily but their is no merging of test, visit notes, therapies ordered accessible from MyCharts for my other doctors to see. I figure that will happen in due time. The developers of MyCharts and the APPs for it get KuDos from me. A 10 if the review scale allowed.

- This app is a good idea, but it has incorporated so many compromises that it is fairly useless

The app includes reminders, which is a good idea. So, my reminders include entries telling me that my colonoscopy is overdue, my tetanus shot needs updating, I need a flu shot, my annual physical is overdue. All of this is useful information, but it is all wrong. I am up to date on all of these things. So, you would think, fine, delete these reminders or mark them complete. Wrong, the user has no control over the reminders, a provider must mark these matters as completed. But, the providers for each of these medical services are not subscribers to the app. The developer thinks I should talk to my world class eye surgeon at a medical school who is a subscriber and tell him I have taken a flu shot and he should update my reminder on my MyChart app. That strikes me as silly. Bottom line is that the app has no way to correct false information. I call that a serious defect. I will not rely on this app for any of my health decisions, which is a shame. Good idea, sorry execution.

- App is having problems loading data

Over the last week - probably since this update, the App is having problems loading data and is just incredibly slow or when I select icons, it doesn’t load any of my info at all - giving error messages about not being able to retrieve my data at this time or that its having problems with its server. I had to contact my docs office today to get info about past medical summary and upcoming appointments. My recent test results and even messages sent to/from from my doc aren’t loading. It either says it can’t load my data at this time and then gives an error pop up message or it says it can’t download data from the server. When trying to retrieve messages, a bar with pop up message saying it’s trying to retrieve from Legacy and has its logo - which is a place I’ve never used & the app doesn’t support. I called Tech support today and did some trouble shooting over the phone. They said to try it on a desktop (seems silly since we need the app to work to gain access to it on our mobile device). Also was told to delete and re-add the app. it didn’t work any better and still showed error messages about retrieval, so I’m at a loss! It’s supposed to help us stay connected to our docs and medical reports - to add mobile convenience. We should not be made to go to a desktop, when the whole idea of an app is convenience. Hopefully enough people complain about this that it gets updated and fixed.

- super mediocre

i have severe light sensitivity and it hurts my eyes and brain to use light mode. please add dark mode support. it’s been over a year since iOS got native dark mode so please make it happen already. btw-epic, the maker of mychart, is a leech of a corporation with a monopoly in this market and has shown no evidence that it wants to provide a good service for patients, only that it knows how to make an enormous profit of an offensively mediocre product. other criticisms: the subject line options for messaging doctors are far too limited. please add more options add support for threaded messages in the messages pane. currently messages aren’t threaded, so users have to navigate back and forth between the sent folder and inbox to read messages and replies. allow doctors, labs and clinics to post full test and exam results (original letterheaded pdf versions) inside the app, instead of just filling in epic’s in-line results page. the current system makes it unnecessarily difficult to save or export results. include more preferred time options for appointment scheduling. create a page that lists phone numbers for the departments and offices and providers on a patient’s care team. allow patients to access more complete chart information and medical records than is currently available on mychart and in an official letterheaded format like we would receive on paper from a doctor were we to get the information that way.

- Good with some annoyances

In general I like this app. It is handy for tracking prescriptions, appointments, test results, and communicating with my care providers. I use my pharmacy’s refill app, but I like having a list of my prescriptions and doses in one place. My physician prefers that weekly updates go to his nurse. She is not listed in my care team, so the only way I can write to her directly is by responding to a message she sent me. It would help if I could start a new message to anyone who has previously sent me a message. I can not attach images using the iPad app. If I try to attach one, my photo library appears very briefly then disappears. It works on the iPhone app, but I often forget, then have to switch devices and start the message over again. Plus, it’s a lot harder to compose messages on the smaller screen.

- Messaging Great Lacking Almost Everywhere Else

Before my Doc retired it was fantastic being able to get a hold of him easier than going through office. But there were a few hiccups with not getting notifications. Trying to schedule an appointment with a new doctor in the Practice, I accidentally hit the DR. I saw at Urgent Care that Practice has connected to office. Now he is set as my Doctor and cannot see a way to remove the mistake through APP or desktop. Nor do I like the fact that just because ob/gyn is not in their system or would I link it, I can never get around the TO DO messages for Check Ups. Not exactly an app bug issue but in July I was in a fire and due to underlying health issues they took me to an Honor Health Hospital.I literally told them my info was in My Chart cause my Dr Office was part of Honor Health. They have over 20 years of records and the Hospital never even accessed it not once or even called office. What a joke !

- A good Alpha version missing key features

What is there works which is good, but it's missing some key features to make it generally usable. Login: must add Touch ID login capability. The passwords to our medical accounts are by definition already long and complex for security. Entering them on a computer keyboard is already nontrivial. On a phone soft keyboard it's a pain and likely requires several retries. Get it once and the use Touch ID and the keychain. Test results: good to see the. It missing the a ability to chart the several results over time I can do on the website. What would also be good but not as critical is that for a prescription/drug the condition for which it was prescribed would be VERY helpful. Many of us get prescriptions to have on hand IF a condition flares up. So I'm not taking it normally, it's in a drawer. Looking over the list and seeing drugA would be better if it had "for treating blah". But key is the Touch ID login. With the password manual entry I'm just not going to use this over time and just wait till I get to a computer as was the case already. Update: the developer suggestion one should contact their healthcare provider is the wrong answer. Epic should update the app to provide Touch ID as a way of accessing and communicating the passwords stored in the keychain. Asking hundreds of people to contact dozens of healthcare providers is stupid.

- Not trustworthy

I have the MyChart app on both my iPhone and iPad. I have it listed for my hospital visit, my eye clinic visits and my general health visits. The only thing is accurate on his keeping the appointment dates updated. And yes it does share test results. That’s it. It does not provide any billing information at all despite my getting paper bills indicating massive charges nothing ever appears on the MyChart apps. There is no way of letting the app people know that it doesn’t work the only messaging goes to the doctors and I don’t trust it since they don’t even tell me the bills. This is a useless app that makes people think they have contact and that they are sharing information and information is being shared with them. Thank goodness I kept paper statements for everything otherwise I would have no tracking of my billing or payments. This is a scam both to the medical profession into the patients. For goodness sake I hope somebody read this app and updates it correctly.

- Love this app!

I have two different healthcare providers. Both use MyChart. I love it, because after linking the accounts, either of them can see what the other is doing. Plus, I can email (and attach pictures) my providers and if necessary, they can send prescriptions. (Just had this with an abscess). Tests are loaded to the app as soon as they are completed. Some within an hour. Since I have tests that need to be done every three months, this is very handy. No waiting for results or a phone call. Statements arrive promptly. It is also possible to pay outstanding balances within the app. No waiting to see how much money is owed. I can’t say enough how great this app works for me! So glad my providers also use it!

- Just a few things and it would be perfect!

This app is pretty helpful overall. I love I can see my appointments and add them to my calendar, I can communicate with doctors easily, see directions and even do e-visits, etc. I would love to be able to update general settings to correct gender and give the option to tell health professionals my preferred pronouns. My gender is nonbinary and I prefer they/they pronouns. I’d like this both on MyChart under my control with an option to add it. I am constantly misgendered in health settings and this could help be avoided if we could add those important details in the app. Also, it could be helpful to add in preferred pronouns for health professionals themselves as well. I know there a lot of people who get misgendered and it makes navigating the health care system stressful. Being gendered correctly is a big health issue and when we are misgendered it affects our level of care. How forwardminded would it be if you all are inclusive of all genders? Also, it would be awesome to be able to include multiracial under ethnicity. I know some people who are fat positive and/or some people who have eating disorders and they have mentioned being able to hide weight in the app and in results to not be triggered.

- I Love it Except....

1.) The e-check in process is excruciating, only for me to have to do the exact same process at the dr’s office. It doesn’t save me any time or aggravation so for as frequently as I go to the Dr, I just stopped doing the e-check in. 2.) I see providers in two different local health care systems. They both use MyChart but it seems that I can only use the app for one or the other. I would love the simplicity of not having to use desktop features from my phone for both but that does not seem to be an option. Other than that, I love having all of my test results at my fingertips, before my next appointment even. That allows me to prepare for educated conversations with my physicians prior to seeing them. Also, I can look back and see my progress.

- Finally improved

Last review I was royally po’d at all the problems. But I’m happy to say things are looking better. My login problems are gone and Touch ID is working normally again. The appointment scheduling section had been a total snafu - but now it looks and acts much more as expected. Unfortunately, the provider controls the options and the Cleveland clinic is not offering the ability to schedule a specialist visit. Kind of sad since my primary issues are cardiac and I typically schedule a cardiologist visit every 6 months, whereas I normally only see my primary doc once annually for my physical. Meanwhile, the messaging and test results continue to be very handy. Hopefully it continues to improve and be even more useful in the future. Thanks to the dev’s for listening and fixing user issues.

- It wasn’t what I hoped it would be

Okay, so the ability to add multiple Epic-based facilities so you can have them under one app is a good idea. Also linking between medical facilities to share your medical data is good too. This is great if you have a specialist that would want to see you lab results instead of ordering them separately, making you pay again for the same lab tests. But the lack of TouchID or FaceID protection is awful. There are no settings to add that so you don’t have to log manually into each faculty’s access. Common data such as from various lab results for different doctors cannot unify as one chart to see trends in one place. Instead, I have to swipe between facilities to view that separately. One of the other medical facilities I use was listed to be able to be added, so I did. But it warned me that the access or log in was not secure so that made me really nervous. Maybe this app will be better later, but for now I will use each medical facility’s app and keep the security and convenience of FaceID logging in. — Update: the developer said FaceID is supported but that each health system determines it through their own app. The standalone app for my provider does support it, but when access for that provider is through MyChart, the FaceID feature is not there.

- This App has its Ups & Downs

This App Needs to be Updated and needs Improvement. It is constantly giving me loading problems saying server not connected. I cannot send messages to my doctor. Make appointments or view anything on it but my appointment date and time. Then you're not able to make appointments for dental but yet it gives you a dental over due reminder. The alert reminder bell is annoying it should have a clearing option once viewed. This app needs a lot of work. The part I do like is you can see what doctor, nurse or specialist is really doing there job professionally. A lot uploaded to the site isn’t very accurate. It makes you question your hospital and clinic choices. I really hope they make some changes to this app very soon. The doctors uploading as well to this app also need to do better proper medication on file health issues etc. I cannot even review my test results. 😭 Please Update

- What’s that word mean?

Apparently they took the lazy way out by preventing you from being able to select words to look up rather than writing the selection process so that all you can do is select then look up a word. It is annoying because half the time I can’t even say the word let alone spell it so when I leave the app to try and look the word up. Then I have to write the word down letter by letter then enter it in my search letter by letter until the phone decides to stop playing dumb and presents the right word instead of repeating over and over I don’t know what you mean, try again. Other than that it is a good app, but if you have anxiety problems you might want to take a pill before trying to figure out what that dead language word means.

- Video Visit functionality is broken

I’ve been using MyChart for several years now, to contact doctors, arrange appointments, check test results, etc, and that has all worked pretty well. However, with changes due to COVID-19, I have needed to use video visits for the first time, and I found that they are extremely flaky. In 2 out of 3 of the video visits I’ve had in the past month, the app has crashed when I try to start the appointment. Reopening the app and retrying causes it to crash again, even after 3-4 attempts. For both of those appointments, I ended up having to uninstall the app, restart my phone, reinstall the app, and log back in in order to get on the video visit, so I end up getting to the visit 5-10 minutes late. Really not acceptable in this current environment where video visits are more necessary and common.

- Useless with potential

Having access to one's medical record in an app is an exceptional idea but when the information included in the record is incorrect or missing pertinent data and cannot be corrected by the person whose data it is the app becomes useless. If my personal medical record is mine then it should reflect accurately my health past and present, be correctable by myself if it does not so reflect or, at very least, have a way to submit corrections that need to be made. Unfortunately, if a doctor outside of the group represented by the app provides services there seems to be no way for the user to update their own medical records without making an appointment with a physician in the represented group and then hoping that the change will actually be made correctly and that the correct information will eventually "trickle down".

- Almost user friendly...

So far the app is good for what it’s supposed to do, which is to keep all of the medical info in one place. The problem comes with the “maintenance” of the app. The so called “to do” list has nothing to do with being a list. You cannot clear any of the things that are listed on it, for example a tetanus shot due from 1967. Also, a good option to add for the “to do” list (whoever adds it those items in) would be to give the patient an option to accept or decline any of those. Not everyone is interested in getting a flu shot for example. So I guess this goes to the developers of this app: Please make necessary adjustments listed here and from other reviewers and I will gladly change my rating to 5 stars. Thank you for reading this review.

- Decent app, but a defect with adding an appointment

This app is usually pretty good with minimal crashes. Functionality is good with a few quirks when trying to set an appointment (asks me for the clinic i want to schedule an appointment at and then asks a second time.). However after either the last update of the app or OS update the app crashes every time I try to add an appointment (of a child account, may happen with any account but I don’t have an appointment to test with) to my calendar. This seems like it a fairly basic use case that should be tested during beta testing resolved quickly after public release. It’s been almost 3 weeks since the iOS 13.3 release. The last appointment I was able to successfully add to me calendar was 11/30. iPhone X, running 13.3

- No results for Covid 19 test

I went to a covid 19 test pop-up in Boston and was instructed to download this app to see my results. I downloaded the app and created an account. The test results were supposed to come in 1-2 days. Over the next two days I checked the app a few times with no results or notifications. After 48 hours with no results I decided to try going to the actual website on my desktop. When I logged in my results were there on the website.... but not the app. I’ve taken another test since because I had been traveling. I’m awaiting my results still and checking the web browser which still shows my past test and results. When I log into the app it still has nothing about my past test or results. The app should provide this info.... not sure what’s going on, but if you get a covid test, check your browser, not this app.

- Overall great, could use some improvements

Positives: I love love love that I only have to login to one app for the different healthcare organizations I go to vs. logging into each organization specific app every time Areas for improvement: -It’s a little bit hard/unintuitive to switch between my different health system accounts. It’d be nice if the first screen was a dashboard that listed all my accounts and allowed my to select one -the thing that bothers me most is un-actionable tasks in the “to do list”. For things that I need to schedule an appointment for I wish they would at least show a number to call, allow me to schedule it online, or allow me to ignore. Also they don’t always seem relevant for me.

- Usually inaccurate

What stinks is old providers are listed to send a message to but not the one I’ve been going to for the past several years. There’s no way to correct wrong information or to let anyone know that it’s wrong. They have a medication that I take everyday listed as an allergy. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’ve told the many that have reviewed the meds I’m allergic to with me several times that I’m not allergic to it... I take it! And it never gets changed. Would be nice to have access to change these things myself since no one can seem to get it right. Who better to update my meds than me since I seem to be the only one who knows what I take. Or to at least be able to send a list to your provider to go in and approve as correct.

- UX/Design Nightmare

The whole UX and design is really lacking in this app. In theory it's great, but it really misses the mark on a lot of key aspects. A question for the UX designers: why would you try to go against phone messaging norms and place the most recent message from doctors at the top? I received two conflicting test results from my doctor and had absolutely no idea which one was right because 1) there are no time stamps on messages/test results and 2) the newest messages are placed at the top. Why on earth would you do that when iOS messaging is always the newest at the bottom? Don't try to reinvent the norm with an app that revolves around such serious content. The icon design on the home page is also rather dated and really dumbs down the whole app. As a designer (if you couldn't already tell) this app makes my skin crawl.

- Poor: Better than nothing, but have to use website

More disappointing every time I use this. The recent upgrade seems mostly a refresh of the UI. I am constantly “alerted” to update my contact information and no way to stop this! The app is a mess. The UI is inconsistent. If you click away from an alert, the previous options are gone. No way to print or download a pdf statement (eBilling? No thanks!) They obviously don’t care much about usability, because you have no choice! Some of the faults are due to health-provider integration, but the app is limited. Messaging is very helpful, but so many features from web are missing. Can’t see clinical notes—only on website! Support is impossible to get: runaround from billing dept to doctors office... no help available. Improvements come way too slowly, if at all.

- Billing center on app needs major improvement

While I appreciate UCLA trying to offer a mobile app to make things convenient for patients, this app (and it’s web platform actually) needs to majorly revamp the billing portion. For example, the app (and web portal) will update you that you have a bill due, showing a balance but then proceeds to take days to actually upload the statement explaining what the balance is for. The bills are usually due within 21 days so this lag is troublesome given how long it takes for insurance to respond if there is a problem with the bill. UCLA in general makes the billing process difficult by separating charges as “hospital” (which also include routine services like blood tests, xrays etc.) and “physician,” but this just adds another level of frustration to an already complicated system.

- Changing or updating account info

One of the things that is not terribly apparent is how to change your contact information. When you go into Update Email and Phone > Update Preferences, your email and phone number is listed but you can't change or update them. The app tells you to visit the website to change your notification settings. But you go the website and there is no apparent place to change or edit in the notification settings. This is not very user friendly or apparent. You go to the website, log into your account and hover your mouse over the "Health" tab of the top menu. Or on your mobile browser tap the "Health" tab for the sub menu. Click or tap on "Demographics". Fill in what you need to update or change. Click "Accept Changes". Then the next page click "Submit Changes". The website should change Demographics to Edit User Information and put it in Settings or the app should instruct you to go to website, login, then Health > Demographics >(edit Changes) > Accept Changes > Submit Changes. Seriously? "Demographics" sheesh! :) The rest of the app? Still exploring but I like the graphs so far.

- Please update app with better functions

I click on bell to see upcoming appointments it shows me next one not all for year and no way to see this view but from desktop I click calendar its for scheduling an appointment not for seeing ALL UPCOMING APPOINTMENTS -Change the verbiage to reflect it’s only for scheduling a new appointment or the icon to say to schedule an appointment /and or add functionality so that I can also view all my upcoming appointments for the year by clicking on calendar When it says add to calendar even though I’m using an iPhone I want to be able to add it to my Google calendar because that’s the one I use is there way you can set up that functionality Also it’s showing me that I have a ticket to schedule an appointment which I already scheduled and that is not removing that reminder your TechTeam put in a ticket to fix this but no one seems to know how to do it Also it would be nice to be able to set your reminder is how you want them via email via text right from this app if you want them in hour before the appointment a day before the appointment or multiple reminders there should be a way to set this up both on this app and in my penn medicine portal and there is not Your portal and the app and the text reminders all need to be integrated

- A lifeline to my doctors!

The app may have some problems here and there, but I would still consider it one the the most important apps I use! Having ‘multiple’ chronic conditions, I see 10 different specialists and this app has, quite literally been a lifesaver. Having a way to directly contact my doctors is absolutely indispensable! So does being able to make appointments, request medication refills and seeing my lab results just seconds after the doctor reviews them. MyChart gives me control over my healthcare like I’ve never had before. If your healthcare system uses MyChart, use its services... you won’t be disappointed.

- Worked fine until now March 2019

“ oops sorry can’t load terms and conditions “ Is the error message i have gotten for the last 4 days when i try to sign in on this app. I changed my password and deleted and reloaded the app on my late model iphone and same error message. Today i finally talked to tech support who had me sign in with my browser which worked fine. Figured it was all good and tried the app again now that i was in. Same error message. Somethings wrong with this app which worked fine for northwestern before i tried itthis week. I have 2 other hospitals that i use this for and those were working fine before also. They need to fix the app. I prefer to use it and not sign in with my browser.

- Billing Issue

I like that I can pay my bill online, but it doesn’t let me schedule it for a day in the future. That’s really goofy! Please add an option to schedule a payment. Update: I reported a year and a half ago that this app doesn’t work outside of the US. Kind of a big deal. Right? Well, it still doesn’t work outside of the US. This needs to be addressed immediately. Previous Review: I really like the MyChart app. It's a convenient way to keep track of my health care. However, while on a trip abroad, I got sick. I reached for my phone to use the MyChart app to schedule an appointment as soon as possible after I returned to the US. Alas, it can't communicate with the server. This is a big problem, and I hope that it will be addressed.

- It’s imposible to get the access back once the account is deactivated

by accident, I entered the password incorrectly and blocked my account, the platform does not offer an identity verification portal where you can regain access, even when you are asked to enter security questions when creating it, which can be used for this purpose. They offer you two options, call technical support or send an email. The response to the email is automatic and says that it can take 3 days to contact you to give you access again, and during the option to call, I was literally, without exaggeration, 4 hours on hold and in the end they hung up on me, I tried approximately 10 times and on each attempt they hung up on me (for working reasons the results that I should receive through the portal are urgent for me) so, terrible experience with this portal.

- Review for the Ochin My Health version

This review is for the Ochin version for My Health. This app is very convenient when it comes to my medical appointments. I like that I can contact nurses and/or my doctor, and make appointments without having to call my doctors office, and add what meds I take and see my blood work results, but the only reason for 3 stars is because of technical difficulties. I sometimes have to uninstall and redownload the app for it to work. I don’t believe this is a WIFI or a data problem or anything because my WIFI is excellent and my data/signal has never been an issue as I live in a large city, but I think it would be good for more consistency so that the app always works would make this app better.

- Billing needs work

This app is great for making appointments and seeing your overall healthcare map. Their billing area needs major work. I have been checking my statement balance monthly to keep track of a bill. The past two months it said this statement was 0.00 and paid for. I come to find out that an amount had been sent to collections that was for this statement and here I am thinking I paid it. When I called, I was told that it was under that main account number, plus a sub account number (one I could not look up on my app) This was very confusing and frustrating. Mercy’s account section of their app is way easier to navigate and clearer about what I owe and have paid for.

- Very basic

App barely scratches the surface in regards to what it can do. With other companies like Quest Diagnostics being able to sync your test results to your phone via Apple health, I find that the missing functionality makes this app basically obsolete. You’re better off going on the website to check for your test results. Adding in what other people are mentioning in their reviews over the difficulty switching multiple provider accounts, it seems as though they’re not really putting in much thought into what the user experience should be, and basically just dumping information on people in a very basic UI. Come on guys, you have money, make it better.

- Needs a better landing page, but works well

I work in our organization’s IT department that also supports patient MyChart concerns. It seems we’re not alone with fielding “issues” due to patients accessing the wrong organization in their MyChart app. My suggestion is to change the landing page when a user opens the MyChart app. If the My Organizations page were to open first, the patient can clearly choose the organization of interest (or if they haven’t connected to one yet, they can add it) before continuing to the login screen. An alternative is perhaps to have tabs or “bubbles” with each organization’s logo/name on the login screen (similar to how patient proxies appear after logging in to an account) where there is a default selected but there are clearly other organizations you could choose instead. Otherwise the app is fairly straightforward and easy to use. The tools and content available are mostly determined by the respective organizations, so any concerns in those instances I would deliver to those orgs directly.

- Pretend Update?

I have benefited from this app for years. I would now too since I have a late night work schedule that makes it difficult to call/stay in touch with medical clinics/doctors. But now a recent update has occurred and now the most recent info I can see/access through the app is from November of 2017. When I go to the full website, everything is there and up-to-date. But when I use the app it claims to have been updated yesterday and yet there is no sign of the new features or any current information that I can use or see on the full website. So I gave 3 stars for now, because while it is (in general) a very good app, it’s being rather useless to me at the moment.

- Like but could be better

I love the app but wish it did more. I cannot make a dr appointment, the feature isn’t working right on my phone. The one thing I wish is if multiple doctor chains could use it. I’m signed in to my Hendricks Regional Health but my other Dr with St Francis uses it to but I can only use the app for one. This would be epic if I could swap from one network to another. I still haven’t figured out how to add multiple dr from one chain. 8/5/19 Since my 3 star review above, they have updated the app and now I have the option to switch. Thank you! You have 5 stars now!

- Could be great. Please change a few things...

I’ll start by saying that I’ve been a software developer for 15 years and have a successful app in the App Store so I’ve spent some time thinking about app UI/UX. I also, unfortunately, have a child with cancer and have used your app daily for the last few months. It would be so much better if you made some small changes... 1. Please include time in the test result. When your kid receives 12 blood tests in one day it’s impossible to know which test is which when only the date of the test is included. 2. Allow sorting of test results by read/unread status. When a 6 day culture comes back it’s buried under over 100 other test results that have come back since the initial draw. 3. The (default) order of test should be by datetime of the result posting. Not the datetime of the test itself. Same reason as number 2. I shouldn’t have to swipe through 100s of results to find the result that just arrived. 4. Accelerated swiping. Getting to the bottom of the table view is a nightmare after (literally) 1000’s of test results. See google photos for an awesome way to accelerate this.

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- Need feature to remember login info. Do not want to enter every single time

Please add the feature to remember login info, or fingerprint or facial recognition. It’s a pain to enter user name and password every single time!

- Shows incorrect info

Shows I was no show for an appointment while showing me test results for that appointment.

- Sign up Form

You cannot input text to fill out the sign up form on the sign up page. Ridiculous that this was over looked. Font size does not meet accessibility requirements.

- Very very frustrating

I’ve tried to log in to the organization that I’m receiving my health records from. This app keeps on asking me to reset my password or try again ....then I reset my password and the same thing Ground Hog Day.

- lousy app planning

Doctors dont post the reports- thoughts shared in appointments - they post useless info under headers

- Not complete

I use this app to keep track of my COVID tests. I need to take them every 2 weeks bc my wife is in LTC. Why are the results from the newer test sites not displayed here. It’s pretty useless if I have to use a web site (Ontario COVID-19 test results) to see what I should be able to see in this app! Do better

- Not able to log in

The app won’t let me log in and says error code 9. However I have no problem logging in on the website.

- Too bad you can’t give zero

I don’t know how you could make a simple form based app be harder to use than this. The funniest is the sign-up form to create an account. It presents a non fillable PDF! Lowest bidder effect no doubt

- Cumbersome

As a 70 year old I find this very cumbersome to get around. My laptop and IPad are too old to handle this newer system so I have to use my cell phone. Phoning does not help.

- Need more options for users/patients to update their info, medications, etc.

We need to be able to update our medications and info. Most clinics and hospitals don’t use this system, so we will need to input certain things ourselves. App needs to be modernized and improved.

- Newest update still DOES NOT allow you to see Notes (pdf) documents. Must go online.

The info, scanned documents (pdf) and “Notes” still not available via the app...still need to go on the website, your update is bogus, false, and miss leading. Needs fixing ASAP.

- Works! Delivers test results

I was in the Emergency department of my local hospital. The doctor had ordered lots of different tests. I was receiving notifications of new results. The results were available in real time. Very handy.

- Excellent App!

I had very low expectations due to the prior reviews but I was very pleasantly surprised at how great this App is. I also got my results within 8 hours. It is so easy to navigate and so easy to use. I love having my results all in one place. 5 stars for sure!

- Doesn’t work

Says it can’t find account for me. Error code 9. I can login online no problem just not through the app.

- App does not work

Login fails and no email is sent to permit password change? More security than Fort Knox!


The simple fact, that I can login to my OWN personal health records, and test results, is AMAZING!!

- Won’t log in

The app refuses to log into my account despite me having no issues doing so via the website. It says no account exists despite correct credentials being used, and, again, no issues exist signing in via the web. It’s a shame the health authority recommends this app, it’s the reason I downloaded it but it simply doesn’t work.

- Used to work...

This used to work for Alberta Health but now once past the login page, it just sits and thinks. Useless app at this point. Have to use the computer anytime I need to see a result.

- My Chart Login fail for iPad

I cannot access My Chart through the app for my iPad. I can access the App through my iPhone but info is missing. Seriously?

- Needs more functionality

It is a good app to access my child’s medical records in Sick Kids hospital.. I would like to have option to tack pictures of documents and send to doctor via the app.

- Doesn’t recognize hospital

I tried the app but can’t even get past finding my hospital. I can access MyChart through the web but not through this app. Judging by the comments this is a common but unaddressed issue which makes me wonder about the security of the software and the company itself.

- Next to useless app

Trouble inputting information, changed medication and app would not let me update. Local contact information wrong. Very frustrating app to use. So I don’t deal with it anymore.

- Absolutely Dysfunctional

-Wrong phone number for help (I reached Ottawa Flowers) -Habitually cannot log on for no apparent reasons even when saving log in information that worked previously the log in information just disappears every time I select submit. - The app continuously says that I have to log on to the website to read visit summaries (what's the point of having the app?) -Absolutely infuriating to use in spite of a zillion updates since I activated my account and it still has extremely limited capabilities -Reminiscent of the Phoenix software is how bad this app is

- Can’t log on

Keeps saying either username or password is wrong when I try to login - but it works fine on the internet site... so I don’t know why it doesn’t work in the app

- Terrible app

Does not even give you access to your originating provincial health plan (OHIP)

- Unusable garbage

Fails even to login. No data even from web app do not waste your time

- My Chart - mydovetale

Very poorly-designed app. Not very intuitive. Field names do not match information provided by the hospital. No mention was ever made that the Generation Code / Activation Code (???) had an expiry date. Been trying to use app for about a month now but, so far, unsuccessful!! Would not recommend!

- My Chart

I just got the app. Sign in yesterday and today it does not recognize my sign in. I think this app needs a lot of update to make it work. Good idea but bad programming.

- Yikes

Yes, I used MyChart before, and it was quite simple to use... This app has some of my info, but not has one doctors appt, but not another....I try to enter the one that’s missing, and it’s impossible to do!! A lot of info is missing that I had on the previous version of MyChart

- Could be better

I hope the issues I am having is with the fact that the hospital hasn’t yet loaded the reports. Everything I try to look at in my file says”no component results “ “final report “. I use to use the web page my chart before the Ottawa Hospital switch to epic and the information and results use to be complete. Hope they get it together soon. This app is useless otherwise.

- Terrible awful app

I have an account that is active, and can access it easily through my browser, yet this stupid app cannot. In fact I cannot even find my provider. The application is badly designed, which makes me wonder how awful its security must be. Use the browser.

- This app sucks

Can’t add anything or do anything. It shows my family dreams but she doesn’t have anything to do with my chart and yet the dr that does have something to do with my chart isn’t there. If it is set up for Ottawa hospitals then why doesn’t it show all past test results in the app. OR BETTER YET LET ME FIND THEM OR ADD SOMETHING TO THE APP.

- Can’t print

The format of data on the app is very basic. Data doesn’t include all the clinical notes. There’s just the most basic cut and paste of only a small part of what was available in MyChart. Seems like just another small database with a GUI. Doesn’t seem patient or doctor centric. Not yet anyways. It only offers appt making option in bariatric dept (?) and I’m not a bariatric patient. I’m a Cancer etc patient. Too bad tests done outside the hospital can’t be included so any trends they supposedly can track in the app are incomplete.

- Works in Canada

The chart I'm using is with AHS in Alberta. I talked to my GP to get access to the online version, then downloaded this app. While designed to work on an iPad, it's little more than an oversized phone app and doesn't make good use of the extra space. These guys could learn a lot from the Mail app. I could see past test results (which also reveals how poorly information is entered by doctors sometimes), but couldn't figure out how to see a trend graph as advertised in the screenshots — which is disappointing.

- Cannot get past first page

I downloaded the app but cannot register. It asks for name & password but nothing I enter works because there was no registration option, just wanting to know who my health provider is. That is Alberta Health Services but my name & health care # do not work. Maybe this is only an app for Americans? June 4/2016 Does no one know how this app works? November 22/2018 I still cannot get past the asking for name & password. I have tried what is on my AHS card but that does not work No option given for registering.

- Disappointed

The Ottawa Hospital is not included. TOH've been using My Chart for a while and I still have to use the website version. Very disappointed.

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- Mostly Good. Billing is deceiving and needs work.

I like that I have immediate access to my doctors and appointments and can be in contact with nurses at a moments notice. This part is very well done. Billing shows on the app as one full balance. According to the statements I receive billing is still done through separate accounts. Payments I was making were going toward only the oldest account and I was not aware of that, I thought the balances had been combined since only one balance shows. I don’t usually have time to sit on the phone with a representative so I have been making payments solely to what I thought was one balance. This was not the case. I think this section of the app needs work.

- it’s okay

When it first came out it was a good alternative for calling the offices. A recent update took away the part of it that reminds you when you need to get your flu shot and other tests done. I also don’t like that you can’t schedule appointments further out with ease. I have to see a specialist once a year. And I tend to wait until closer to the time I need an appointment to set it, but this time I wanted to set it up and will end up having to call. Their check in system doesn’t work well either. You do have access to other aspects that are nice, such as their notes, your prescriptions and test results. Just hope they tune it up a bit.


The developers got there money, they don’t HAVE TO USE IT, or it would not be broken!!! Today went to new office ( same PA evil she just changed location & network) the front desk girl was very friendly told me all about this “ wonderful benefit of EVOLIcontacting our doctor “ I said don’t tell me EPIC hospitals end is crap too, oh no it’s great. I asked her if she uses it, “ no I’m not on it yet but I’m going to download it and use it” told her not to bother I’ve tried it a time back, when BLGH was pushing it to get there patients connection to tests, doctors, hospital staff, bla, bla, didn’t work for 💩 then, developers blew it then, and have not fixed it yet. Try it you’ll delete it DEVELOPERS GET A CLUE YOU BLEW IT WHEN IT WAS ON THE DESKTOP HOW DO YOU EXPECT THE APP TO DO ANY BETTER THE U.I. Is 💩C R A P 💩 DEVELOPERS TRY IT pretend your life depended on it MINE DOES!!!!!!!!

- Great start - needs usability improvements

I love that I can interact with my doctors office conveniently within a mobile app. It keeps my appointment details and test results well organized. My main gripe is that the app has decided that I am 3 years overdue for a screening and is constantly reminding me. This is the main notification in my app and is not relevant. There is no way to mark the to do complete or silence the notification. The app doesn’t seem to take into account that it may not have a full history of your medical records and doesn’t provide flexibility to remove unnecessary things. Also there is no way to provide feedback within the app so I’ve resorted to a review 🤷🏼‍♀️

- No longer working

I’ve had this app for a few years, it worked great. Was able to make appointments, review my test results, do virtual appointments, correspond with the medical team efficiently and then out of no where I can’t even log in. It keeps telling me that “the server won’t or can’t connect at this time. Try again later” I’ve been trying for almost a year now. I’ve attempted to reset my password, called the clinic to see if it was something on their end, and I’ve come up empty handed. All the tries that I’ve done leads me to believe that it’s the app itself. Until it’s fixed, I can’t give it a higher review. If it takes any longer it’ll receive an even lower review. Be cautious when downloading this app.

- Latest version lost functionality!!!

An important aspect of medical tests like regular blood tests as part of wellness exams is to look at new versus prior results and see if there is a trend. For example, it is useful to see how our cholesterol levels vary over the years. It used to be possible to view a result then pick one and view the history for that result. That results history view is no longer available, that’s a shame because it is time consuming to go through years of test results and manually extract the test results of interest in order to view the history. I don’t know why they took out that functionality. Quite deceiving.

- Suggestion

I think this is a great app. I just have a suggestion. I use this app for a specialist for my back. My appointments are sometimes far apart from one another and it would really be a big help if there were some kind of a notes section in the app where I could make notes for myself of things I want to ask my doctor at my next appointment so I do not forget them or forget to ask the right questions at my next appointment. If there is a notes section in the app, I could just type my questions in there like a notepad and reference it at my next appointment. Thank you reading!

- Improvements needed

The app is good but definitely needs improvement. One such area is the ability to view and Print a statement from the app. You can only view the statement. You cannot print it. I needed one today and had to go to a computer and pull up the web site. I also had a message from the doctor that would not display in the app and had to again go to the computer. Please finish your development. Btw- I wouldn’t have left a review like this if you had the ability to offer suggestions for improvements within the app. I looked but could not find one. The good news. All of these changes are easy to fix.

- Epic is a lifesaver!

I love My Chart. I’m a two time cancer survivor, and though I’m healthy now, I have many, many appointments and doctor’s visits and lab work. My Chart is so helpful as I can take it with me everywhere, so even if a provider doesn’t use it, I can share the chart or show it to a physician. I can literally carry my whole medical chart with me every place I go, which is not only convenient, but also a timesaver. Additionally, if I am worried or distracted at an appointment or procedure, I can always go to My Charr to get information I may have missed. This app is a lifesaver for me!

- Very Helpful

I just started using this 1 month ago. I am a voice over user. This is absolutely wonderful. For several years I have been unable to read the after visit summary or any printed out docs and with my chart a lot of it is on there so my phone can read me what is listed. For that feature alone I like it. This app is also very voice over friendly. I do not think there are any unlabeled buttons or anything, which is not common for most apps. Most apps are good, but not great in voice over. So far this app is very impressive.

- Basic

The app is decent. I downloaded it because it was the only way of getting my COVID results. The positive is it is fairly easy to add al of your providers that use the my chart system. I had two other providers that did and I was able to add them and can easily go between all of them. Another positive is that the layout and navigation is pretty intuitive to use. The negative is there is no way to download results or export results. I had to take screen shots of my test results - which wasn’t that great. There needs to be a way to download or export or be able to email all test results. Hopefully that is in their list of updates.

- Not what I was wanting in a medical chart app...

I was so excited to open this app! I thought... finally I’ll have access to ALL my medical records in one place. Haa haa - NOPE. Well, maybe sorta it might do that.. but first I’d need to know what the providers logo is (seriously ???), then create a logon and password for each provider (UGGGGH), only to discover the system didn’t find any results. And I won’t even mention the frustration of needing to remember each previous address when setting up these accounts. Further... this app only includes providers who participate with My Chart. There isn’t even an option for me to submit a request for a provider to participate... Grief..! I’ll keep looking... I’m sure one of these apps will find a way to provide a more comprehensive view into my health.

- Superb app does everything I need

This app is an absolute necessity. It does everything I need to manage my health care on a daily basis. I can see test results, order medication refills, schedule appointments, and pay my bill. But the most useful function is messaging. I can contact my doctor, my nurse, or anyone on my care team. I don’t feel like I’m interrupting more important work and they don’t have to respond immediately. That said, I almost always receive a response same day. Health care is a very complicated topic. This app makes managing it simple.

- Needs a LOT of work

While it will be good to have information in one place, this app is still less function than the John Muir app was a long time ago. Why can’t I use TouchID/FaceID to log in? Why doesn’t it dump reports to my Apple Health app? It’s frankly ridiculous to have to move backwards to a less-functional app. These guys need to get their act together. Three stars because it (at the very least) provides my test results, even if it’s a pain to get them. Edit: it seems, from reading other reviews, that the excuse is “it’s not us, it’s the individual providers.” I say, if you can’t get the providers on board, you shouldn’t have released this app!

- Feature requests

It's nice to be able to see my health information from home any time but I have a few feature requests that I believe would really enhance the app. 1. Let me sign in with Touch ID after the first visit. (opt-in) 2. Allow me to sync information with the 'Health' app. (opt-in) 3. I'd love to be able to dismiss a notification/alert. 4. I don't need this feature personally but I've seen other comments about linking your account with other providers and I can see how signing in twice would drive me bonkers. Add it. 5. Change the status bar color from purple to red. Purple!? Why is it purple when your icon is red and white and your logo is red/white/blue? Also, please remove the "Powered by Epic" from the status bar completely - we already know that because we see it on the splash page constantly. Actually - you don't even need to put the title of the app there, it would be cleaner if you just replaced that with our name and then got rid of the line with our name. It's just extra clutter right now.

- Terrible

With regards to getting doctors notes/communication? Maybe I’ll give it a 4. But so far as test results, attachments supposedly being accessible? Nope, never, always an error message. For appointment scheduling? That’s a joke. Why would you give/submit a wishlist/range of days and wait for someone to call you back to confirm or go over availability when you can just call and do it right then? Billing? That’s even worse. Never once have I been able to make a payment. It bogs down at various steps each time and then gives you the “Sorry we’re unable to process” page. No point in paying for the “upkeep” and hosting of this app when it literally serves zero purpose.

- Don’t you there lose your log in information

Having a nightmare trying to retrieve my password. When signed up for this app, my daughter was sick and in a rush, I didn’t take the time or payed attention to the los in information. Now I need to communicate with the pediatrician and I been trying all day to reset my information and it’s just impossible . So frustrating. I understand that this has a lot of important information but not even with my bank account apps I have experienced such a barrier. Now I have to wait another day to call them and wait hours for an email or who knows what they decide . Not realistic at all . Even if is not an emergency, you should be able to communicate in a timely matter. Impossible to retrieve my information.

- Useless for Pacmed

The only thing the App does for patients of Pacmed is test their patience. Let’s try this again for the developers, THERE IS NO OPTION FOR PACMED IN WASHINGTON STATE. This is the chosen method of communication for all medical matters at Pacmed (Test results, appointments, insurance coverage). But this app doesn’t have that option. Please fix. See developers response then come back to read this. There is no option to respond to a response from the app developer so I will add it here as their comments make me look stupid. Actually there is no mention of Pacmed in any drop down menus ANYWHERE! You might want to add that. But if you type in the word Pacmed in the drop down list of all the states then sure enough “Swedish” pops up. I didn't, know or care that Swedish bought Pacmed and the Pacmed BRANDED NAMED. Add a logical link that clearly has the Pacmed name and logo in the drop down list so customers paying thousands of $ each year for so called insurance can start the painfully profit driven arduous process of actually getting medication like every other developed first world country. Sorry for sounding intellectually challenged here, but to get to Pacmed I simply click Swedish...ok got it.

- The my charts don’t talk to each other

The stupid thing is that all the facilities that use Epic can’t talk to each other. Example my child’s vaccines I can look up through my chart under one major hospital system. Then when insurance company forced us to switch to another hospital system doctor they also use Epic. But the same my chart app now showed that my child (incorrectly) has had no vaccines. We have a state vaccine registry. How is this data not automatically shared? Especially for something simple like vaccine records? This should not be something that the patient or doctor/hospital should have to set up. It should be automatic.

- Not as good as the original

This app unlike the previous does not include a large amount of history including medications and tests and all of the records for the time I was under Dr Fox’s care are now missing. Most of the records regarding the history surrounding my auto accident isn’t there. In summary, there was apparently no effort to bring over the older records. There is no information regarding x-rays and scans. The prescription information only seems to include currently refillable prescriptions and not all the prescriptions I have gotten from Beaver including some from my current physician. I am not sure if I am correct, but I recall seeing sonogram images of my heart, but they may not have been on old system.

- Needs more

It’s convenient to have an app to keep track of things for sure, and I can see all of my medical history from the current office. However I cannot see any history from outside of the current office. It would be nice to be able to have my sons info on there as well, rather than have to create a whole new portal account. The other thing that has actually caused mix ups more than once, is the lack of ability to reschedule appointment rather than cancel and make a new one. With having to do the latter, I still have not done anything I was supposed to do at the appointment that I needed rescheduled.

- Great app

This app is great. In looking at other reviews, it appears that some people do not have as good of experience. Maybe this is not because the app is bad but because the health provider does not provide the proper info or doesn’t respond to the app. My medical group makes just about everything available on the app. I get test results on the app before being contacted by the Dr. I can make prescription refill requests and new appointments online. I also have had great (non emergency) communications with my Dr. The fingerprint login works great.

- Inability to support multiple providers limits potential

Having to log out of one provider/hospital account before I can log back into another account is painful. The app should be able to store the logins for multiple providers/hospitals and then provide a simpler option to switch between providers/hospitals on the fly without needing to re-login into that provider all over again. Also, by not supporting multiple providers it makes it harder to have a clearer picture of prescriptions, appointments, etc. unless you are solely supported in all ways (primary/specialists/testing/surgical/etc.) by a single provider/hospital.

- Needs improvement

The app is great for seeing your appointments but whether or not the info is clear must be determined by your facility. My facility chooses to use codes and acronyms for everything and leave it vital info so it's very much a general day /time info kind of thing. Also, it looks like how fast you get your results depends on the facility as well, not the app. I can't fault the app on those things but I do believe it needs a filter for the tests. Otherwise you scroll forever to find what you need. A filter to see just the magnesium or just the CBC differential, etc. would make it way more useful. Being able to take that info and put it in a flow chart would be even more awesome.

- Some features depend on your provider

The app looks good and is easy to use. But whenever I get a new message from my doctors office, I only get an email message, not a notification from the app; according to the developer this is dependant on your health care provider enabling push notifications, so I guess mine hasn't yet. Also when typing a new message it forces me to use the default apple keyboard instead of my preferred third party keyboard. Finally there seem to be a few missing features, for instance if my Dr sends me a "letter" instead of a "message", the app tells me I have to go to the regular website to read it.

- Easy even for the older user

I was very nervous about downloading this app and using it for the first time. I did have problems but it was due to the age of my iPad. With help of the people who answered when you call in and the most helpful techs in the IT Dept, I was able to download the app on my new iPhone. I even received a call from a 2nd tech when the first one came on a problem that was not within his expertise. All in all, I’ve never worked with a better trained, kinder group of people.

- It has gotten better, but still could use a few tweaks.

The most important tweaks would be to add, the ability for the patient to add a few notes to the reappointment module. I’m diabetic, and generally there are things I need to discuss with my Endocrinologist. It would be nice if when I fill out the pre-appointment information, there was a field I could fill out. That way I don’t forget them, and the Doctor can prescreen them and be prepared to respond to them. And, a module where teh patient could just record questions that they have in general, so they can get them into the pre-appointment module.

- Good, badly in need of upgrade

Can’t make a copy of reports to give to non MyChart docs. If you ever put in the wrong password a couple of times you are denied access “for two business days” until someone contacts you to get you back on. My financial firms send me a texted number to reset my password instantly. So I am sitting in my specialty docs office at Mayo Clinic and suddenly I have no access to all my primary care docs tests and notes from hundreds of miles away. Of course it would have been nice to hand him some copies but can’t do that either. He said he has seen this before. THANKS a BUNCH!

- Good App Bad Business

I’ve been using the MyChart app now for about a year and I must say that it does well with billing, appointment dates, however the company LSUS Children’s Clinic that I use the app for does not recognize the app nor do they allow you to utilize the options of echeck-in and a few other sub categories. It amazes me that a company would advertise such an app without at least a follow through on ensuring that it works properly. I will continue to use the app only because it tracks my appointments and because of that, I give 3 stars; if it wasn’t for that, I’d definitely not give it a star at all.

- Solid but last update impacted notifications

I’ve used this app for years and it’s been very useful in helping manage my health care on the go. I like the new functionality to be able to see the read/unread status of messages I’ve sent to my doctor. Since the last update, I no longer get banner notifications when I have new messages, test results, or prescriptions ready. I’ve tried to adjust the settings on my phone and even uninstalled/reinstalled the app and notifications don’t work.

- Good but needs some help

I will start off by saying that as of when I made this review, the app has functionality allowing you to login to multiple organizations, combine them after setting up, and most of the features are explanatory. One part that is not so explanatory, is the “Health Reminders” section. I have outdated things saying something is due from before I was born, as well as things that I have already done, but aren’t in their system apparently? A little help on how to get rid of old reminders would be nice, as some of them shouldn’t be there at all.

- Face ID please *updated*

This app is in dire need of Face ID support. Thus the 2 star review See developer response below. I did not realize that after upgrading to the iPhone X, “Touch ID” in the app setting would in fact use “Face ID” if appropriate. A little confusing to the average joe if not explained if you ask me. Maybe changing the label to “Touch/Face ID” would help others too. Either way, I’m happy that I can use my phones Face ID to log in now and have adjusted the rating to reflect that. Thank you developers!

- Incomplete

First off as a nurse who uses EPIC this far from complete. My specialists are at a university hospital in another state & my primary doctor & hospital where I live use the SAME app but I can ONLY choose one hospital to set the app to. Hence my comment. The other issue I have with this app is the inability to update things like the meds I’m on OR the fact I’ve had certain vaccines or lab work that’s it’s alerting me to do. Had them done but can’t update them. Why? Because they were done at my place of employment & I can’t add another hospital to the app. SO in order to look up information at the other hospital I have go through the internet to log on.... please fix

- No Health App Integration

This app is stuck in the early 2000s. It is great that it displays Dr information and test results but it needs to be portable and in sync with the patient. Example would be a patient that tests at home regularly for blood sugar or blood pressure. They should be able to via Apple health app that syncs with devices be able to update that info to the dr via EPIC. The patient should also have the ability to have all results download to the Apple Health app from EPIC. I get the security issues but Apple has made it clear it is in the security game and is one of the best out there. Give patients the power!

- Nice idea, poor execution

1. This app can read, use and SHARE your data. It says so in the user agreement, which is such a violation of our personal information imo. The whole point behind such an app should be complete privacy for its users. If we wanted everyone to access our information, our hospital would make a public Facebook page instead of mailing reports to our homes. 2. You can’t always go back when you click certain things. I have an iPhone XR, so it’s not because my phone has an old update or anything

- I can’t live without it now!!!

I love this app so much!! I am one of those people with a weird schedule that is never the same so the fact that I can go in and look at openings and schedule my own appointment is SO convenient and sometimes I need to cancel appointments and reschedule them and it’s so much easier to do it with the app than to call in and verify who you are just to cancel an appointment. I only hope this app gets better throughout the years 😊

- Was great but stinks now

Ever since you updated it with MFA you can’t get into the app. You say your sending an email, which may arrive 10+ minutes later if you get one at all. You’ve turned a useful tool into something useless! Update: The organization that I was using was Premier that would not let me in. It was taking 10 to 15 minutes just to get an email and by that time the app had closed and wanted to start the process over again. I contacted the tech help number at the bottom of the email that I received and they were able to takeoff the multi factor authentication which is disappointing. Please let me know if you need anything else for me.

- Decent App that needs two things

I love the convenience of this App in terms of communicating with my Dr.s and getting test results quickly. It works dependably and is easy to navigate and learn to use without being taught. To be a five star app it needs. The ability to compare test results like you can do when you login to the web version. A direct feedback loop within the App so we don’t have to come to the App Store and write a review to get some attention when it comes to features and bugs.

- Error message

I have this app downloaded and use it for several doctors and health organizations. I’ve used this app for a few years now. However now when I open the app on my iPhone I get this message: “We've noticed you're on a mobile device, but you're not using our app! Go to the appropriate app store below for your device and download our free app for a better experience!” and I’m on my iPhone. How can I get rid of this message?

- "Unable to load Terms and Conditions"

App looks like it might work, but then it briefly flashes an "accept/decline" T&C list which then disappears and the app errors out with "unable to load terms and conditions". Restarted a few times, same deal. Checked my user/pass on the main site, no problems. Note that reviews here and on the Google Play store both seem to be filled with the same issue. Developer must not monitor reviews/support. Shame - this was recommended as an app that could integrate with Apple's Health stuff. Also not having Touch ID support (or at least 1Password support) is a real pain, assuming the app would otherwise at least load up the account info. :)

- Thanks but no thanks

I have not had many issues with this app until I really needed it I was I a great amount of pain in the mid section lower to be exact, but my My Chart app was not letting me use it says it’s not working properly and that’s unacceptable for what it is I don’t need what happen to me at the beginning of the mandemic that blew our way with my application for unemployment getting all f$&@ed up and me not getting any money for 4 weeks that probably would not be a acceptable time for me to get medical care I almost called 911 that’s how much it hurt and I have passed kidney stones so I have had the men’s equivalent to chid berth and I know pain

- Lots of Potential...but

Great concept. So much potential, but falls short of being a great app: 1) Please allow users to arrange kids in order of birthdate. 2) Update patient accounts by including older records of past visits 3) Include doctor’s notes of visit/procedures, or at a minimum, the doctor’s “After Visit Summary” 4) Include a function for personal notes for each individual. 5) Include a function to list questions/notes for upcoming visits. 6) Make accessible X-rays, labwork, and other Test results for patients to show/refer to when speaking with their providers. 7) Show infant growth charts... weight, length/height, blood pressure, etc. From regular checkups and physicals. These would make for a much more comprehensive app. Having children who see numerous doctors for various things, it would be so useful to have these items available in one location...especially considering how powerful Epic is.

- Read Me Before You Post

To ALL who download this app, know the following before you write a bad review. YOUR HEALTH SYSTEM/DOCTORS MADE DECISIONS WHICH IMPACT FUNCTIONALITY OF THIS APP. Yes post but also let them know what your health system said about your issue. I believe this app, the MyChart app, is very useful. I have more than 1 health system account and all 4 of them do things differently with MyChart functionality. None of the four allows payments through the app. All secret vendor stuff. I LOVE THIS APP! I LOATHE THE CUSTOM HEALTH SYSTEM APP VERSIONS.

- My Chart

I have no clue why this app would not have a 5 star rating across the board. This app is a part of the Kettering Health Care Network. Your account is private and has all your test results, Hospital visits and any Dr Appt you have. I review all blood work and test results usually before my Dr calls me. I even google some of the things in blood work to see what it means. The more you know about your own health the better it is. What is not to like about it?

- Functionality is there in spirit

I hate that it constantly notifies me about a billing statement from 5 months ago that's been paid, in addition to a couple more from a year ago and beyond. And I can't clear the little red bubble that shows me there might be an unpaid balance, which there's not. I also don't like how some doctors aren't available for appointments to be scheduled on the app, but I believe that's a decision of the doctors and not MyChart specifically, so the 3 star rating is for the unending, unclearable notifications that I shouldn't still be receiving.

- Missing Something

Maybe it’s intentional but I wouldn’t know why. The app does not give you the option to print anything from it. For example, if I see a referred specialist they always ask me to bring a list of meds. Since all of my meds are listed on the app, it would be great if I could print them but there’s no way to do that. Even worse, now that I HAVE to pay electronically (or mail a check, but who still does that?), I need the printed receipt to be able to have it refunded through my flex pay account and I can’t even do that!!! PLEASE fix this! It’s gotta be a simple fix!

- Obtuse

While the long awaited integration of HealthKit is a welcome addition, the app's obtuse interface makes finding it impossible. I can't tell if supposed features of the app are missing, disabled or what (or unsupported by my provider?). The UI needs an overhaul. The app supports notifications, but not badges or sounds. The notifications need to have more information, such as “new message” or some such as the current “there has been an update” message looks more like the app is telling me there is a new version in the App Store. A badge showing me the number of unread items is sorely needed. There is no support for Apple Pay for making my copay and paying other bills. This makes making payments quite frustrating as the current payment interface is quite poor on the iPhone. Touch ID doesn’t work very well. After a few days it expires and I have to log in with my password (an affair more complicated than it should be) and set it up again, negating the convenience of the feature.

- App nor website allows me to send message to my dr’s Ofc

I tried sending a message to my dr using the app and get a message that states “sorry, but there is no one that you cam send a message to at this time. Please try again later”. I’ve tried later over several days and this never allows me to send a message. Then logged into the website rather than use to app to see if I could send a message and it states “currently we are unable to process medical advice requests from you, as your list of available recipients is empty. Please contact the medical facility directly....” I called my dr office and they said I needed to call “my Chart” technical support.

- Not very useful app

I request my record and lab result. I was given a flash that my record is available on line. The screen quickly disappeared and there was no hints where to access the record and test result. Valley’s site makes the retrieval extremely difficult to get my record. I end up staying in the record office for more than one hour to ask for an email sent to me. Very poor thought app and time wasting app, it can be better with a better user interface and features redesign. Why can’t the app possess a complete solution but only a half baked and poorly thoughtful design.

- Keeps getting better

Had the app for years and it keeps getting better. Love being able to add attachments to messages for example and the option to provide access to someone outside of the system. What is annoying is the “to-do” section. Regardless of what is known about your health, you get flags to complete activities that may not be relevant for you. For example, no uterus, breast or colon, but the member is forever flagged as needing to get those areas checked. 😕

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The applications MyChart was published in the category Medical on 2010-09-14 and was developed by Epic [Developer ID: 348308666]. This application file size is 98.22 MB. MyChart - Medical app posted on 2020-11-20 current version is 9.5.3 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.epic.mychart

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