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What is healow app? healow™ lets you communicate with your doctor’s office and access up to date medical records. You will be able to access your appointments, lab results, vitals, manage medications and other personal data all within one app. From the healow™ app you can manage multiple accounts and access your and your family’s medical information.
Find a doctor and book your appointment - fast, free & easy, at your convenience – morning, noon or late at night! No more waiting on the phone with your doctor's office for an appointment. Find an appointment that works for you and book instantly – on the go!
Set your goals and track them easily using trackers. Use our weight management & activity trackers to reach your fitness goals. Track your numbers regularly to watch the trends change and share your progress with your doctor. Stay motivated to make healthy choices.

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Healow Version 7.0.323 August 2022

Enhancements and Bug Fixes..

Healow Comments & Reviews 2022

- Nice features but the interface could use some work

Being able to communicate directly with my doctor through the app has been a game changer. Being able to see my medical records on the app is amazing! Here are a couple of suggestions though. The messaging feature is a little clunky. Unless I access it from the records section of the app, it won’t let me reply to messages. Even worse, you have to start over each time on selecting your provider/facility, then your doctor. Can we please get the ability to just have that information saved and pre-populated when writing messages until we change it? Additionally, it would be really great to be able to share file attachments like images or PDFs. Lastly, I love the feature where you can share Fitbit data with your doctor. Will we one day be able to also share Apple Health data? It would be great to able to give my doctor access to data from my Apple Watch.

- Think app needs an update bc of iOS 15

Can login but initially it was not being able to make an appointment and view records. Didn’t try sending message via the app as I had no reason to do so. Eventually was able to make an appointment. But still trouble login to view records pops up. Deleting app and all you should do with an app not responding as it should has not helped. Update: been reading other reviews. I had a drive through Covid test and because of that, I was in the medical clinics system with Healow being available that I didn’t know at the time. Later after seeing that place used Healow, I was able to use my phone number with some information to get in via a web browser on my computer. Can’t recall if I input a password in account there, suspect I did. But do know I did not know my user name from the browser computer version. So the app. Frustrating to get in. Think I clicked forgot password but do know that I was allowed to use my phone to login and from there saw my user name. No idea if others use FirstnameLastnameBirthyear for user name. I wish I could recall when the password was made, likely it was browser version. Capital first letter of first name and Capital first letter of last name then 19- - birth year and no spaces. This worked for my husband too.

- Zero Confidence in Healow

My health care provider swapped from Follow My Health to Healow. Prior to the change I was not too fond of Follow My Health. Since the transition I can honestly say that in my personal experience Follow My Health is a Rock Star when compared to Healow. I can only assume the “low” in Healow stands for low bidder. I initially gave up after multiple attempts to set up a Healo account to access my personal medical records. Recently (many months later) I made another attempt which proved just as frustrating and unsuccessful. Eventually support was received from my Medical Providers staff. Healow support is in my experience non-existent. As to the Healow app’s content and ease of use. My experience thus far warrants Zero Stars ! I suspect Healow is in the profit business and not the medical records business. This patient’s experience allows Healow’s site was definitely not created from a patient’s perspective or needs. Their site does not even recognize my Primary Care Provider or The Medical Practice they service after requesting just that info ! With no intention to create a negative this has thus far been my personal experience. Hopefully one that Healow will consider to improve their service. If and when they were to make improvements I will post a retraction with a better score. Till then I hope your experience is better than mine.

- Nonfunctional app

Wasted 2 hours trying to set up this app the night before an appointment. Issue is I already had Healow installed in prep for a different appointment. Process went fairly smoothly to log into the portal the first time but that appointment is days away. I have an appointment tomorrow with another provider who unfortunately also requires Healow. App is already installed and NOTHING works to add a new account from the app (using iPhone 11)...finds provider but subsequent prompts just will not accept input. Bailed out and logged in from my newer laptop only to watch it reject every browser I tried (Chrome, IE, Edge) as “unsupported.” Ended up giving up and logging on using the browser app from my iPhone, bypasses the app entirely. At least the test didn’t reject the browser, but it’s really not optimized for the main bike screen. Due to COVID risk,I need these virtual visits. Guess if it doesn’t work tomorrow with my crazy workaround I’ll cancel my appointment and blame it on eClinicalWorks. I know I won’t be the first to do so. As an IT professional in healthcare, I hate seeing buggy apps like these because I know it will be a barrier to healthcare for some non technical or older people. Sad. Update: assuming eCW took the backend down last evening with NO alert that maintenance was occurring. Monday am functions like linking an account mysteriously work. Wow. What a waste of an evening.

- Frustratingly bad design

Like so many things in the American health care system, this app is a sprawling poorly organized mess, needlessly difficult to navigate and ultimately-give-up frustrating. Your incoming messages are on the landing page but how do you get to the thread of received AND sent? Not from there! And not by clicking on Messages either. No, you have to stumble on My Records and discover them buried there for some reason. Want to renew a prescription? You can do it if you know the secret (as in completely unlabeled) button 5 clicks deep from the main menu. Need to tell the app which pharmacy to use? Hope it’s not CVS because you will have to manually search through the list of EVERY CVS in the US, randomly listed, screen by screen, until you find your needle in the haystack. And don’t bother seeking advice on how to do this more efficiently: searching Help for the word “pharmacy” yields exactly zero results. Why would anyone make these boneheaded basic usability decisions? This app is like punishment for actually trying to perform basic healthcare functions online, as if your provider were yelling at you, “just pick up the phone, for God’s sake!”

- I can’t rate it any better

This app is extremely frustrating. I have not been able to log in since December. My Doctor’s office has reset it several times to no avail. I keep trying to retrieve/ reset my user name/password only to be told I am not registered. I have received ONE email from support and even though I explained the above and requested a phone call more than a week ago, nobody has replied. Right now my opinion of this app is that plus garbage and customer service none existent. Follow up: today I received an email notifying me that they are considering my case closed. Has anyone bothered to contact Me by phone (as I requested) or even by email? NO! and they are closing my case??? Unfortunately I can’t give them any lower than a one star. This rating does not necessarily speak for the app. For all I know it’s a great app BUT I have not been able to use it so I can’t say. My issue is mainly with customer service. I wonder, do they just have bad service? Incompetent reps? Or are they just so inundated with complaints that they have missed my request? In any case, this app is useless to me as it stands.

- New to Dr Smart... app is an awesome 1st step

After the worst transition from a great physician for over 2 years , to what I would say was beyond INSULTING new estab appt w/a PA yesterday, that was time wasted. The PA 1st stating a well known ADD med “didn’t exist,”then she “can’t find my history w/ this rx that I’ve been on for 1.5yrs...ergo, not going to refill or even reduce milligram, if THAT were the true reason she denied to write for 1 refill of an rx taken daily. She refused an antibiotic for severe sinus infection, stating “insurance won’t cover “, yet I have filled it in past w/out a problem? I left after 2 hours, w/ no progress & no refills. An antidepressant & ADD med taken daily that I’ll be out of next week, leaving me lost.I changed immediately to a Dr linked with app, if they care for patients as well as app assists, I will rest easy. It seems they do, we shall see. I have a great feeling about the Drs I will be linked to. Thank you for a great app.

- Works but needs work

Though I installed this app a couple years ago, I haven’t needed to really use it until recently. How do I delete or even archive “we miss you” or “happy holidays” messages? Messages need the option to maintain their thread like in every other messaging app. I like having a history of my lab and test results and have been able to rely on this feature and is what has kept me using it. One of my main concerns is readability. The fonts are small, thin and lightweight which makes them difficult to read. I could rely more on the icons (appointments, records, etc) on the main screen if they’re easier to see (small, faint, and detailed). Ironically they are easier to see on the Help screen! The readability issue applies to every screen. Sadly, I think this app must be one of the lower priced among the options for medical professionals. The version history reflects a lot of bug response, but the last enhancement was 8 months ago and the last update 2 years ago. The in-app “report a problem” is non-functioning. I question whether the development team even follows reviews/suggestions for improvement or actively works to improve this app. It works, but comes in juuuust under the wire.

- No place in medicine

It’s very simple really. Apps have no place in medicine. This is our health we are talking about for which we must rely on yet another device. If something is done such as bloodwork or other tests we should receive a call. My glucose was out of range and rather than call me I had to download this silly app and Google what this might mean. I was told it wasn’t alarming because I had not fasted. I wanted to say I have not once in my life been out of range and had only ever once had a fasting glucose test. This is a huge fail on the part of healthcare. Impersonal and difficult for older generations. They will miss things. They will confuse people. Dr.’s hate it when the general public googles diagnosis and possible health concern scenarios yet they continue to alienate patients. This is just a new way to hold us at arms length. Few people know how to read cbc/chem analysis values and an entire generation struggles with the tech. We don’t need this. We need healthcare workers to do what they do best and communicate with us. Big thumbs down

- Don’t understand what most of you have Against security measures

I for one like the added measures. If you’ve ever had your identity stolen and your medical information and insurance used and then have to fight for years to clean it up you should be happy that they’re taking these extra subs to protect you so one extra strap may be frustrating but in the long run it could be saving you 1 million other stops. Love the doctors love the app and the security. With having stage four bone cancer that is now going to the brain barrier my left orbital socket and plate the extra measures are good for me and I take them every time because I am not having my identity insurance and all of that stolen again so I praise the app, five stars I’d give it 10 if I could

- Good but messaging needs improvement

This App is a well done application that provides good medical record keeping and communication between patient and doctors. The one issue that is a problem for this application is the messaging. When constructing a message addressed to a doctor, many times an error appears when attempting to send a message, “only valid characters are allowed (A-Z, a-z, 0-9), including all special characters“. Yet the message does not include any invalid characters or even special characters beyond “)” and “(“ according to the error message. To work around this error, I have to construct my message in the IOS “note” app and then copy/paste the message to the Healow app. This is very inconvenient. But I still use this application to communicate with my doctors.

- App is not accessible to blind users

I rely on voiceover, a screen reader on Apple iPhones to use my phone and apps that I download onto it. Furthermore, I rely on my doctors health applications so that I can independently review my health information and make informed decisions in my healthcare. With this app, I am having problems accessing my Health information, the app refreshes while I am trying to navigate using voice over gestures, and I cannot utilize the messaging feature. In many situations, it has taken me over 30 or 45 minutes to read important information such as my lab results and vitals. It should normally take about 10 or so minutes to do this. I respectfully ask that you make the changes necessary for this application to be compatible with voiceover, as this electronic application is one of the only ways that blind people can independently access their health records. I thank you for your time and consideration reading this review.

- Useless!

I use this app for my neurologist. Out of all the specialist I see, it’s one of the two most important! I haven’t been able to get an email response from my doctor’s office since 2017 via the app! What you see on the app: - Some of your records. -you cannot open your lab results, or anything like that though. - Maybe half of your medications that you take from other doctors. - Appointments (this feature I’ve never had trouble with). - As I mentioned that it’s been two years since I’ve received an email from my doctors office via the app or even to my personal email... I can’t tell if the office is even getting the emails from the program, or if the new MAs are even aware of the program! (This makes me miss the people that left office.) Or to be honest if my doctor is even aware of the program! My pharmacy gets notes from my doctor to give to me about seeing him immediately, yet his front desk balks at that notion, so when I try to contact my doctor via the app to let him know... there’s always radio silence. Then to make things worse, you cannot reply to an email thread. It has to be a new email. Therefore, no one can keep track of vital information such as seizures or anything of the like! I wish my office would switch to a more efficient program, or that Healow would fix their glitches for the sake of doctors and patients alike.

- It’s a useful app when it wants to work

I like being able to connect to my doctor without needing to cal and monitor my lab results and medications on here but the app itself is extremely buggy. Right now I can’t even log in using my pin, it’ll take me to the Home Screen and then immediately back to the pin Lock Screen. After entering my pin again, it’ll tell me an error has occurred. Not only that but messages never load properly, and you cant reply outright to any messages, you have to go in and create a brand new message to send out. The hit points of each button aren’t properly placed so you have to make sure you hit dead center (sometimes not even dead center) in order to click on certain names or access files. This is lack of basic design knowledge. Overall the functionality and the UI design of this app fails in a lot of ways and I feel the only reason why this app even still exists is because it’s a necessity for patients like me to use. That’s not a good business practice at all. You’re doing less than the bare minimum of whats required to have a functional app. Whatever bugs you may have fixed generally end up causing more problems. Please hire a team that knows how to integrate functionality into design.

- Messaging system is awful

The app in general feels clunky to use. But the main issue I have is that the messaging system is difficult to keep track of. As far as I can tell, there's no way to see messages you've sent to your providers. Similarly, you cannot reply to messages you receive from your providers. The end result is that I can never remind myself what I've already sent to my provider and when, and in every new message response to my providers I have to explicitly reference the context that I'm messaging them about. Simply adding an outbox, and the ability to reply and create essentially "email threads" would massively improve this glaring issue. This style of messaging has been around for ages because it works well for most cases. It'd not groundbreaking. That it's not already a basic feature of the application despite it being the year 2022 is absolutely baffling.

- Great concept but hard to use and sometimes dysfunctional

I rely on this app to communicate with my doctors quick and effectively and it’s really nice, although sometimes I won’t be able to read emails from my doctor, as it cuts them off and the message won’t expand. When that happens I have to try to copy it and paste it in my notes app to read it. Also, when you try to compose a message and you back out of it, it completely deletes everything and you have to start over. A drafts option would be nice. I do really think that this app could become better with some work and it has potential, but for now I’ll deal with the bugs and irritable occurrences since I need the app lol

- Communication

I have an app for my Gp, one for my Cardiologist, one for the dentist, one for Iowa Health, one for the dermatologist. All -in-all, it’s a real pain! I don’t remember all the passwords and user Id’s and generally get frustrated and just ignore them. If you people were really clever, you would use a format to talk to each other and not have everyone playing their own game! I now tell offices just to call me if they have something to say. At 75 years old I don’t need more frustration in my life, and I think this is one I’ll just cut out! Just now (as a handy example) the reply asked me to supply a nickname to post with the comments. I have one and a popup told me that it had been used - to choose another. The screen then went back to my comments with no option for a nickname. I will try SEND but this could be much more user friendly.

- Poor interface

Dealing with medical appointments and test results can be stressful. The Healow app test results section looks like someone typed it on an old-school keyboard. Unless you are very familiar with medical terms, it is not intuitive. Other major providers in my city use the MyChart app where in contrast the user interface is a breeze to navigate and visually appealing test results which makes it easy to understand your results. i.e. easy to understand if there is reason to be concerned. The Healow app is slow to respond whether you are on Wi-Fi or the network. When you get notifications via email, the information isn’t in the message on the app. It often says “oops”. Sad that a wealthy institution like Tulane University in New Orleans would use such a poor application. When I expressed my frustration with navigation within the app, staff at the clinic laughed and said “no one uses that app, just email us.”

- The best app, for the very best Doctor.

I’ve seen my doctor going on over 10 year. The problems I have were so huge that it would overwhelm most doctors, not this doctor. He saved my life and I’ll always be happy and respect him, not only him as as a person, but I’ll always trust and respect his treatment and medication plans. Not only has the treatment he has given me works l, but I’m no longer the sick and dying person that I was going to be. This app shows all the meds I’m on, it shows so many things that makes me feel like my doctor is always an app away. So thank you, Healow, for letting me write this to show just a little of how I feel about my doctor and this app. Thanks Again, Steven S.

- Poorly organized can’t just login on two different devices like a normal person.

Like the title says, the app is poorly organized. The only reason why I use it is it’s what my Dr uses. For some reason on my tablet the whole app stays really small like it’s on a phone with the rest of the screen just black, why? But the reason I’m writing this is that when I went to put it on my phone, instead of just allowing me to login, it wants me to redo everything all over again??? Why??? It’s a glorified email service, just let me login on my devices. What happens if I make a new account with my same name and PIN? does it erase my other one? Dunno, don’t want to waste my time with it. Bleh, not even typing correctly cuz I’m tired and irritated. Drs, if you have another option- look elsewhere please. For you patients’ sakes.

- Heading in right direction

This app has a lot of excellent features, and I especially appreciate the efficiency of communication it allows between me and my children’s pediatrician. I have been using this app for several years now, and the main thing I‘d ask you to improve is the messaging. Parents/patients need the ability to reply, and to also see the original sent message. It’s really frustrating to have to completely start over a message each time a response is needed, and to not even be able to refer back to the original/other follow-up messages. ... Other than that, the app’s features are really great. Love the access to all records, lab reports, health logs, visit summaries, etc. UX is intuitive and simple.

- Good idea, poor execution

I have this app on my phone because it’s used by my daughter’s pediatricians office. In theory, I could see on it appointments, medical information, communicate with the pediatrician, etc. In reality, however, I find this app to be completely useless. Either the problem is with the app itself, or with how it’s linked to my doctor’s website. Either way, messages don’t open up, I don’t see appointments, I can get records, etc. Basically, it doesn’t do anything it purports to do. For example, I can see on the app that my doctor replied to me, but the messages don’t open up. Or they take so long to open, that I get frustrated and just log on directly to my doctor’s website and read it there. As a result, I don’t actually use this app. I check it once in a while, to see if anything changed after an update, but I end up resorting directly to the doctor’s website.

- No Apple Health Intergration

Really think this app needs to interface with Apple Health. The nature of this app is a digital link to one’s medical providers. Why not connect with iOS’s central repository of health information? No better way to share health data measured outside the office with one’s doctor, and to push vitals from official medical appointments / tests back to Apple Health. IMO this needs to be integrated to be a great iOS app. Less critical, but I would also challenge the dev team to find creative ways to encourage medical offices to use the full features of the Healow system; mainly the entering of vitals and test results into the system. My PC doctors office seems to only use Healow for appointments as of now, and I have a feeling others are doing the same. Suggestion above of sharing data with med office from Apple Health may encourage them to do the same on their end.

- Worthless

This app is a waste of time and effort. I can access my information by logging directly into the Healow website, but the app has no data. I can log into the app, but there is nothing there... no appointments, no lab results, no messages, nothing. I can see all of this information on the web so I know it should be there. Support has been unhelpful. They send emails apologizing and asking me for details about my problem. I tell them the problem over and over and over again. Their only answer is to uninstall and reinstall, which I have done 3 times. Still, the same problem of no data in the app. Last email, they want me to ask my doctor’s office to open a case with them. What? Are you kidding me? If you can’t solve this problem with one support ticket, how does a second support ticket solve anything. Don’t waste your time. The app does not work

- Not at all accessible.

My general practitioner as well as my allergist both use this app. It is not at all accessible. It was somewhat accessible in earlier versions, but now that it has changed, the accessibility is completely out the window. most frustrating? The buttons are not labeled to start with, which would be incredibly helpful if they were. you have to tell your App designers that you can’t just label a button, “button,” and have that be that. You have to tell me what it means. Messages, appointments, etc. because of this, there is no way for me to find the messages portal, so I can’t leave a message with my doctor at all. Also cannot make an appointment. I am blind, the only way now that I can even reach my doctors is to call them, because this app is absolutely useless. Please fix it. We need some help here.

- Not great at all

From occasional not in service or logging me out when I’m going through my records or not letting me login all for random reasons I can’t give this application much of a compliment at all. I have even tried it on different phones . I use a number of different health portals because I have different doctors and I can tell you I’ve asked tell others to not use this. From not being able to put punctuation in a message to continued buggy performance I can’t support this with a good review. Especially not when I compare to other portals that I need to use. Communication to your healthcare providers is extremely important it goes without say and you have to go through a conduit that has erratic performance is not the way to make patients feel at ease.

- Absolutely awesome

I like having this option to tell my doctor something that is on my mind that I might forget by the time I go for my appointment. Sometimes it ends up looking like a chapter of a book, but it saves him time when I am there, bc he knows already and is prepared to take care of the problem. If I had not sent a message, I would be in the exam room longer, taking up some time that should be for another patient. I did have a problem with not being able to send bc of commas, etc. after telling the receptionist at the office she gave me a phone number and I called, got it taken care of and now have no problem.

- Awesome app for those that live long distances from your Dr.

I have had pleasure of using the app since it’s inception. Just the ability to request prescription refills alone is Very accommodating. Having your clinical I.e, blood work results at you fingertip, doctors comments and suggestions on improving your healthy life imbalances. Doctor patient communication is enhanced allowing doctors to address patients current and possibly additional concerns or issues that he or she may get answers from dr on the portal. Access to : heath and prescription records, labs , schedule office visits, get referrals, etc... I live 4.5 hours away. Great time saving , informative app.. believe me not too many medical centers are progressive in their patient come first approach

- Great app

I love Healow, I really do. It's a great app, but my only complaint is that when you're sending a message to your doctor/nurse or whoever, it doesn't allow you to use apostrophes. It says "special characters like ' are not allowed." Is there any way to fix this?? Because I type contractions more often than not without thinking and autocorrect fixes it too if you don't put it in, and separating out all the words or taking the apostrophes out is really annoying and takes more time than necessary. I know this is a minor thing but it's SUPER annoying. But regardless of that it's still a great app that I would recommend to others.

- Shocked how helpful it is!!

I’ve only used this for about 3 mths. I have a TON of scripts due to nerve damage, high blood pressure and now liver issues because of the long term medications that I need. I never remember when I’ve made my next app & I always lose the cards. This has everything in one place. Finally!!! Plus my doctor’s office is able to answer day to day questions, refill non-narcotic medication and I am able to find out about past visits all together. I have a lot of health issues so I find this VERY helpful. If you are the same or have an elderly parent/family member this will make life so easy. Only 4 ⭐️ because I haven’t figured it all out.

- No point to have app

Can’t communicate with the doctor. Can’t reschedule appointment can’t message or see anything. This app is pointless. The doctors office is now closed on fridays. Never notified of this can’t reschedule an appointment within 24 hours to avoid extra fees even though I’m trying 4 days in advance. Even the app can’t reschedule for you. The only thing you can see on this app is that you have an appointment scheduled. Any other things it claims to have as a feature it doesn’t. Even messages from the provider are blank. The developer of this app needs to lay off the drugs a bit to make a working app. Since the last time there was a issue they claimed to work on it. After the update all they did was delete more features. This is stupid. Lay off the crack ok. Get your head straight or just delete the app entirely.

- Needs improvement.

I do like the app,but there are improvement that need to be made. For example one of the my most used feature is the messaging. Most of the time it’s easier than making a phone call however I can’t see the message until 2 hours after it was sent even if I check the app constantly. If my doctor sent me a message at 3 o’clock I won’t be in my inbox until 5 which is a frustrating inconvenience. It would also be helpful if I could get a notification when I get a message as well. The telahealth visit through the app is hit or miss and my doctor and I often have to do it another way. If the developers take one thing from this review to fix please fix the messaging lag.

- Terrible app: Missing functionality, confusing UI, and little active development

The user interface is super weird and doesn’t follow any of the best practices for mobile user interfaces. The interface looks like something from the early 2000’s and is a confusing mess. My doctor doesn’t use half of the features (because the doctor’s interface is equally bizarre and confusing) so this app is little more than a messaging portal. Even my lab results show up as a message because the doctor’s office can’t figure out how to use this thing. Even basic features like Apple Health integration is missing. Need to share your Apple Watch ECG results? Nope. Want to share activity? Nope. Doc wants regular weight check ins? Nope. This app is a prime example of why our healthcare system is a mess. Health orgs are paying too dollar for this hot mess.

- App is not accessible for visually impaired users

This has become the go to app for many of my healthcare providers. And because of that fact, this app needs to become ADA compliant. I am a visually impaired client and I use a screen reader, iOS VoiceOver, to navigate all apps. I cannot check my medical records, prescriptions, vital information or do anything with this app. I am also unable to share my medical records amongst my various providers. This is put me in a very precarious situation, healthwise. As previously mentioned, this is the go to app and my providers expect that I am able to provide them information using this app. It’s egregious that this app is not accessible. Also, the fact that I was emailed a response stating the fact that the app is not accessible, makes you liable. This app needs to be fixed. It needs to be made accessible.

- Jaybird 2019

I can access the He’ll app just fine but I am unable to make an appointment if necessary the only way I can make an appointment is by calling the office or accessing it via Web portal being that I am legally blind it would be easier for me if I was able to make an appointment via the app and I am able to send and receive messages just fine it would make it so much easier for me though if I was able to send a appointment message through the app I mean it would be easier for me if I was able to set up an appointment through the app

- Referring Dr Brown

I was in need of a new Doctor ASAP and found this group of doctors. I had such nerves about having to find a new family doctor. I came across the Houston Primary Care group and was extremely pleased with the staff in Byron. I made an appointment and was seen that next day. I am so pleased with the staff that I’ve worked with. I was afraid to make the switch, but I am extremely impressed with Dr. Brown and his staff. I was made to feel right at home, like I had been with them for years. From the front desk to Henry in the back office. I would recommend this group and Dr. John Brown to anyone who is looking to have a true Family Practice.

- Excellent portability if you have more than one physician

I like having all my lab values available so I can just hand my phone to a new doctor to view any needed lab data directly. Text messaging directly with doctor’s nurse has given me fast direct access you would never match with phone calls. Appointments are easily verified by dates & times if you forget. In addition, appointment reminders can be sent to you as well. Medication records are continuously available for your convenience and easy to update by you and your physician. This is a concise, easy to use medical program everyone will appreciate.

- Communicating With Your Doctor At Your Fingertips

This is the first doctor’s office that has offered this awesome way of communicating with my doctor and staff. Healow is user friendly, even for senior citizens. It’s been a breeze. Explore the features this awesome app offers and take advantage of this wonderful tool. I can see my test results, contact nurse if we need a doctor’s note,etc. you can even schedule an appointment through this wonderful app. You have a balance? You can also pay your balance off through this app! I wish all of my doctor’s offices offered Healow. Love! Love! Love! Healow!!!

- App on my iPhone isn’t compatible with my Apple Watch?

I don’t know why the developer wouldn’t list the Apple Watch as a tracker option. Everyone downloading the app on here has an iPhone and I would imagine most also have the Apple Watch. I would like to track my health and share with the doctors but I don’t want to spend money for something else. The message feature on here is a little frustrating, you can’t reply to your own messages which I’ve wanted to multiple times to clarify what I wrote. Would be really great if that was updated. I also keep getting notifications of new messages in my inbox but there aren’t any there and when I click the notification it brings me to the home page of the app. Might just be a bug that will fixed in the next update.

- Easy to use, displays information well

Fortunately, my provider has been using this app for a while and have figured out how to integrate it well at their end. Some features, like seeing radiology reports don’t work because the radiologist isn’t an app user, so their stuff doesn’t get uploaded, but that’s not a defect of the app. The labs and office notes are displayed in a way that is easy to read on my phone, and messaging my provider works well, much better than waiting in hold to leave a message that someone else writes down.

- Notifications don’t work

When I’m writing messages back and forth to my doctor over a period of a couple days, it would be nice if the notification feature actually worked. When new messages from my doctor come in, I am not notified in any way unless the app is actually open on my phone and I am looking at it. If I am just using my phone as normal, I do not get any badge, banner, or sound notifications indicating that I have a new message waiting in the app. So really how is that helpful to those of us who use this app regularly with our doctors’ offices? It is really a waste of time to have to keep re-opening the app to check for messages from my doctor (which load very slowly) when I should just be able to receive those push notifications like any other app that I use on a regular basis. Please improve this!

- Application seems to have never been tested

First and foremost how this application was allowed to be released when simple system testing of this application would show the many flaws it has. When the company says this is useable application on the iPad I would disagree. For one when initially logging in you cannot rotate the app so you can use a keyboard with it is as a normal event. It seems the company that produced this did not use the patients they were creating this for to help test it. Second when trying to make sure you can connect for a telemedicine visit there is no way to test, so you really can’t be sure if you will make your appointment. Third, were is the patient data, I sure can’t find mine? Medical practices should get their money back for all the help you get from this.

- Not user friendly

For me the biggest and most frustrating issue in this app is it’s messaging feature. Besides the fact that you cannot use simple punctuation, like apostrophes, you also cannot reply to your doctors messages. You have to start a whole new message, there is no threading of conversation ability. With a special needs child we sometimes need to go back and forth about things. This helps avoid bringing him into the office where there are sick kids that could pass him germs. A simple cold has almost cost him his life in the past, as he cannot manage the mucus/congestion that comes with one. Seeing records is difficult at best. Tests results come in, eventually. But not always in a timely manner. Good luck with the app! I hope they make it better as it COULD be an invaluable resource. As of now, it’s just a pain.

- hacked? Patient data compromised? Doesn’t work, no support

I have an existing Healow account with my orthopedic Hospital (McBride orthopedic OKC). When I try to link into the account on the app or using chrome or Firefox on my laptop I get an eClinicalWorks error that the request could not be served due to an internal processing error. Also my wife has an upcoming appointment at McBride and they sent her a link to access the portal and that link gives the same error messages. We have tried this on two different windows laptops using chrome and Firefox and we have tried it on two different iPhones and one iPad. I have tried contacting the tech-support at Mcbride Hospital and they have no idea why it is not working and say it will be next week before they have an answer. No way to run a railroad!

- Nice to have my information readily available

I feel bad for the person who can’t get it to work. Maybe it has something to do with area of the country??? Anyway, it works for me. I have used many features. I can request an appointment or prescription refill. I can review my lab results. I can see upcoming appointments. That’s about all I need to do. I have not needed to attach a file to send to my dr, so I can’t help the frustrated person with that. Hopefully, the app designers will correct that unfortunate dilemma, because sending info documents to doctor is a necessary and usual task.

- Lousy app

My doctor’s office adopted this app. I downloaded it and went through the process of checking in for an upcoming appointment. As part of the checking process, I was asked to verify my current medications. If there were additional medications, there is a place to list them. I noted the additional medications I was taking and clicked to go to the next step. I got a message that indicated I had apparently included a character that was not acceptable. Instead of highlighting what the software did not like and giving me a chance to correct it, the software just wiped out all my input. I reentered the info using only alphabetic and numeric characters and spaces and the app did the same thing. It again erased all the info I entered, again with no explanation as to what the app found to be offensive. In today’s world this is pure garbage programing.

- App Review

This app is absolutely terrific because of the ways that it works and because of all that it has access to. They should really look into making sure that the company that created this kind of app always keeps up to date with the ways that the medical field in general works, so that therefore, no matter if anything at all changes within the industry itself, then all doctors, regardless of the part of the medical field that they’re in will always be able to be up to date with everything as far in advance as possible.

- Amazing app.

As someone who forgets appointments or lose those little cards they give you at the doctors. This is great! I can check in and also confirm my appointment. Doctors can even message you with updates. You can even see lab results and even see referrals. When you click off the app logs you out which for confidentiality is amazing! ***One thing I have noticed recently is that my appointments don’t show so I have to call and make sure I have one. (Maybe the app developers can fix that!) Other than that I love this app.****

- Frustrating and useless

So Apparently I wasn’t registered and unrecognized as a patient by this app even I just see my doctor the day before. So I tried to ask question, no way to do so, looking for a phone number to contact with human being nope. No option for that. Went to the app, hey! They do have it! Nope it’s not fictional. And still no human option. In the app keep asking me to put PIN number, I ask to send them to either my phone or email, nada! Yes I check my junk too. Checked the app if it up to date, yup it is. This is why I need to work with human, not generated FAQ. Tried to reset, There is no way to reset. it’s so frustrating and terrible. I need my test results that I can’t even get it unless call the Dr. Office that closed and busy most of the time. 🙄🙄

- Way too many issues

I just read a review that clearly pointed out a major problem—and it was written two years ago. Yet nothing has changed! You cannot reply directly to provider messages through Healow online. It is IMPOSSIBLE. Error messages come up every single time. The error messages state you’ve used characters that are not allowed—when you have not. You have to copy/paste your provider’s message into a a separate/new message in order to respond. As someone with a brain injury this forces me to spend more time on a screen than I can manage and is a nightmare. It’s completely unacceptable! Moreover, Healow Mobile used to have a passcode just for the app itself. Now it demands I set a passcode for my entire device. I don’t wish to do that. It’s annoying and also unacceptable. You don’t get to dictate how I manage my entire device. Why did you remove the app passcode? Not ok. Fix these issues. I cannot believe someone wrote you a clear assessment TWO YEARS ago and you’ve done nothing. That does not leave me confident in your managing my health data, at all. Handle these problems.

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Healow 7.0.3 Screenshots & Images

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Healow iphone images
Healow iphone images
Healow iphone images
Healow iphone images
Healow iphone images
Healow iphone images
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Healow (Version 7.0.3) Install & Download

The applications Healow was published in the category Medical on 2013-02-12 and was developed by eClinicalWorks LLC [Developer ID: 542028798]. This application file size is 99.98 MB. Healow - Medical app posted on 2022-08-23 current version is 7.0.3 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ecw.Healow