healow [Medical] App Description & Overview

healow™ lets you communicate with your doctor’s office and access up to date medical records. You will be able to access your appointments, lab results, vitals, manage medications and other personal data all within one app. From the healow™ app you can manage multiple accounts and access your and your family’s medical information.
Find a doctor and book your appointment - fast, free & easy, at your convenience – morning, noon or late at night! No more waiting on the phone with your doctor's office for an appointment. Find an appointment that works for you and book instantly – on the go!
Set your goals and track them easily using trackers. Use our weight management & activity trackers to reach your fitness goals. Track your numbers regularly to watch the trends change and share your progress with your doctor. Stay motivated to make healthy choices.

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healow Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug fixes and Improvements.

healow Comments & Reviews

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- You broke it

This app worked pretty well until they “fixed” it yesterday. Now I can’t do or see anything. So I logged out— nothing. Deleted and reinstalled and now it won’t even let me search my dr or login. I’ve had this app for years. Please “fix” it so it works again. It’s Very frustrating that this doesn’t work especially in today’s world and circumstances.

- Just Stopped Working

This app was working great then an updated happened on 5-14-2020 and it lost my account and quit working. Too bad nice app

- Not working

I just downloaded this app because my doctor uses it to post my test results. When I tried to put the office code, nothing happens. When I type in the doctors name, nothing happens. Unresponsive. Disappointing because I’d like to check my results since my appointment is still days away. Hope I can get it to work eventually.

- Can not login

I just downloaded the app and every time I try to search my doctor with the three options available the search comes out blank page and even if I try the option that can’t find my doctor it also comes out blank so I can’t find my doctor to login even though I can login using google browser but the app doesn’t work at all. Please fix it ASAP

- Issues

I’m having issue with signing in and won’t let me find my dr

- Get rid of last update

The last update screwed up the hole app now I sign in and it lost all my appointments, all my information you completely f&cked it up worst app I have ever seen

- Joke

This app is a joke! It don’t send me to the correct links. Whoever designed this app needs to look for a new job.

- This is the worst app ever created!

There’s no way to create a log in even if you’ve never used the app, then the password creation process makes no sense, and then to check in to an appt. it gives you a barcode to scan, but it’s an app so what do you do with a barcode ON your phone? The app designer REALLY cheaped out and blew it on this app. DO NOT EVER USE!

- Why isn’t 0 stars an option

Terrible app. Every time I try to use it I have to re- set up my account. That means finding the original email from the dr, entering the dr’s office code, getting a verification code via text, reentering basic info - on and on. Had to do this AGAIN yesterday from the ER. I get through all of the hubbub only to get into the app and find NO immunization info in my daughter’s file. ZERO help with added frustration. I have no idea why my pediatrician switched from their former system but I’m sure their calls are going up because patients can no longer self serve.

- If I could give it no stars I would

This app is confusing and could do with a re-think and a re-design. It is more than useless it is frustrating. 1. You never know if your doctor has received any of your messages 2. The icons make no sense 3. It doesn’t link it Apple health, no Integration is ridiculous 4. There is no way to interact with some of the sections on the app, it’s just to receive mess, receive appt, receive test results—all of which takes one deeper into confusion. 5. Their “trackers” are nothing anyone but old men would use. No Apple Watch integration? 6. Not all the options and interactions on the website are available on the app. Why can I not change my personal info? My address? On the whole if it weren’t for my doctor having signed up for this crappy service I would have no need to even know this awful app exists. I am waiting to hear of its eventual demise as it looks like it should be linked to MySpace and AOL

- Impossible to log on

I use 40 plus app that I must log onto. I spent an hour attempting to log onto this app and still failed. It did not help that it was in 3 point font and in pale non contrasting colors. Still with a magnifying class I was unable to set this app up. Hope you have better luck. Crow

- Awful

One of the worse apps that I have ever seen. Completely unusable. The tutorial was laughable in its brevity and bad communication. The app that I had used before this one was straightforward and easy to use. This app is an abomination!!

- Buggy as hell!

Elaborate sign in procedure that could not find my doctor by name, phone number or code doctor provided in email. This is like dealing with a Microsoft website from the 80s. I’m pretty tech savvy and I know junk when I see it, and this is junk!

- Setup is a mess

The app now works for me — though it is no marvel of design. However, setup is absurdly difficult and buggy and takes 10-15 minutes. I understand that hooking an app to medical records should require certainty and security. However, my initial attempt failed with “invalid” login credentials — which were not invalid and worked the second time. This was followed by a couple sets of second-factor authentications, setting of a password, setting of a PIN, turning on TouchID. Whaaaat? I’m in IT so I made it work. What will technophobes and naive users do? Bonus: When attempting to make a connection via a web interface on a laptop, all my browsers — including current versions of Chrome and Firefox — are explicitly ruled “unsupported.” What a mess.

- Waste of time

I received an invite from my office, followed the instructions in the email, went to the web page first then downloaded the app. At no point did it ask me for a password set up. I can’t even change my password because I don’t have one to begin with. There is no information loaded, just billing. No 2 way communication or symptom reporting. And there was one 1 of the questionnaires I had to fill out at my appointment. Would have saved the staff time if they sent before my appt.

- Nightmare Healow

Wasted hours,then rejected due to lap top unsupported. This is torture, I am a 77 year old woman unable get my medication w/o seeing my doctor. This app is the worst!!!

- Just so hard to read!

If you changes the white lettering against the light blue background, I’d give it 5 stars. But I dread opening it bc I can’t see to navigate through it and I have decent vision! The colors are pretty bit really hard to see the letters!

- To hard to read text

The designers of this app must be in their teens as the text is either light gray or other pastel colors and small text, nothing for elderly patients. I see this often in apps. Designed for the cool factor and not for practical reasons.

- Horrible app

This is the worst app I have ever seen on an iPhone. The registration process is prehistoric requiring multiple logins and two different 4 digit text codes. There is no real help function and overall ease of use requires a PhD.

- Unneeded block

App seems great and does its job well, there is no reason to have any sort of device modification detection in this. This app is used to contact your doctor and seek help. This is an unneeded security feature that blocks people from getting the help they need and is wrong, there are other ways to do this security better.

- The app is literally impossible to log into

I have spent the past couple of hours trying everything I can think of to log into this thing. The password reset functions don’t work, the so-called “easy log-in” functionality claims it will send a text to reset your password, but doesn’t send it, and none of the password resetting functions work any better on the website. They need to scrap this and start over.

- Doesn’t work

I FINALLY had this set up and working on my iPhone by facial recognition. It was a relief to have the facial recognition log in set up because it never works. A few days later I try to log in and it tells my credentials are wrong. My account is always being locked. COMPLETE WASTE OF MY TIME.

- Useless

Started setting up a week before appointment. App wouldn’t accept password for provider portal, so I had to change password. Then it said my I Mac wouldn’t support televisit even though it met all operating requirements. So I put it on both iPhone and iPad. Morning of appointment went through all set up again to make sure it worked. Then I sat 45 minutes in front of a screen saying Dr “X” would join shortly. His office then called and said we would do a telephone call instead.

- Fair app.... but not ready for today’s world

I’ve had Healow for years and it’s served its purpose in keeping track of appointments, vitals (sometimes) and medications. But with this new jump to telemedicine, Healow has failed me miserably. It is buggy: the video *never* works and the audio is unreliable at best. I have all phone and app updates loaded and it still doesn’t work as it should. I’m now being told by my doctors office that if it isn’t fixed, my insurance won’t cover the visits. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!!

- Worst app

Waste of time. Takes me around in circles. This app doesn’t work !

- It’s getting there...

The idea to make the patient experience for virtual appointments and managing care is obvious with the features like medication, appointments, messaging, records, etc. The app user experience needs polishing and developing, though. PLEASE, give us a medicine tracker to actually tick whether or not medicine has been taken.

- nope

Had this app for a little over a year and for the past couple of months now the app crashes. I can’t even get in. Uninstalled.

- Awful app

No accessibility features. Font is small, pale and illegible.:completely inappropriate for older users and anyone without perfect vision. Throughout the current health crisis I have received multiple, long messages from my provider none of which I can read.

- Can’t reset password

Following all instructions as to special characters etc. the app rejected every password as “weak” Even a 20 character randomized one

- Kinda bogus

I got testers recently and had to call planned parenthood for my results because no results were being show for April when I went in. I want them on my phone so I can communicate this to my partner but they aren’t even in my portal as if my account isn’t linked properly or something.

- Nonfunctional app

Wasted 2 hours trying to set up this app the night before an appointment. Issue is I already had Healow installed in prep for a different appointment. Process went fairly smoothly to log into the portal the first time but that appointment is days away. I have an appointment tomorrow with another provider who unfortunately also requires Healow. App is already installed and NOTHING works to add a new account from the app (using iPhone 11)...finds provider but subsequent prompts just will not accept input. Bailed out and logged in from my newer laptop only to watch it reject every browser I tried (Chrome, IE, Edge) as “unsupported.” Ended up giving up and logging on using the browser app from my iPhone, bypasses the app entirely. At least the test didn’t reject the browser, but it’s really not optimized for the main bike screen. Due to COVID risk,I need these virtual visits. Guess if it doesn’t work tomorrow with my crazy workaround I’ll cancel my appointment and blame it on eClinicalWorks. I know I won’t be the first to do so. As an IT professional in healthcare, I hate seeing buggy apps like these because I know it will be a barrier to healthcare for some non technical or older people. Sad. Update: assuming eCW took the backend down last evening with NO alert that maintenance was occurring. Monday am functions like linking an account mysteriously work. Wow. What a waste of an evening.

- Overall decent, needs integration

Please keep us updated on plans to integrate to personal health profiles like Apple Health. It would be very helpful to be able to sync my data monitoring with my physician. Especially with the current situation where remote appointments are needed.

- Not showing appts

My daughter’s appointments are not showing anymore. That’s the only reason I have this app. Please fix.

- Never worked properly

It had a clean layout that made sense but was surprisingly buggy every time I tried to use it. It just would not load things properly and it wouldn’t actually let me see things like lab results. It showed on screen that I had pressed it but nothing would happen. My biggest issue is when they required video and microphone access. That should be optional, not a required thing just to look at your own health records. I deleted immediately afterwards. I’m giving it two stars simply for the nice layout.

- Terrible

This app is the sole platform for communication from my healthcare provider and I could not be less satisfied. Connectivity issues, incomplete information recorded, and a severely slow loading time for all services. Being that this app contains medical information and services I think it is awful that it performs so poorly.

- The app has been Hacked

During my first install when I logged in to my provider the app required that I create a new PIN to unlock my phone. Not only did I already have a PIN, but no app should ever need the PIN to unlock a physical device unless it wants to hack into it. Providing my phone PIN to an app would also violate the terms of my cellular service.

- App is broken

Password reset doesn’t work. No way to log in. No tech support. Useless.

- Just ok so so

I appreciate having information at h as bd and bring able to see current visits and test results, but cannot understand why I can’t update simple things like a dated of an illness or date of a surgery or my Drs phone number. I can’t even list prior surgeries that I’ve had done. Should be a place for that info as well from patient history other than just some Dr notes.

- Not so useful if you have memory issues

Once again, another Medical app that does not have the ability to set up a biometric sign in. Is it too expensive?

- This App

What Half A— App. Can’t get logged in at all.

- Health Kit integration needed

The fact that this app doesn’t tie into IOS HealthKit data is the dumbest thing around. My dr. could easily have access to daily blood pressure, weight, pulse, you name it from the wealth of sensors in my watch and what I enter in. So instead I get to email screen shots or hold my phone up for them to read. Get with the program Healow.

- Good App

App is very good. I use it all the time and I have no problems or complaints. I have a request. Please add DARK MODE.

- Useless, zero stars.

Can’t get past the initial screen. Who creates this kind of trash. Try testing with real users before rolling out. Will just have to use website.

- Debacle

The absolute worst web site ever , what a calamity this debacle is , don’t even think this works because it does not ! Just make an appointment with your physician & forget this thing .

- Horrible!

Reset my password and won’t accept it. Then wants me to reset it and I did that verification code 4x and still has issues! Why have an app that clearly doesn’t work and with this virus going on you think they would want to have an app that will give them business and can be useful. Seeing the other reviews shows others feel the same way about this piece of crap!

- Constant crashing

App keeps crashing and closing every 5 minutes. No idea how to fix. Makes using it impossible.

- Worst app

I find it to be the worst app you can have to communicate through with the doctor..while outside US , you can open it but messages can’t be read. You would have to keep on trying even to open and then composing /read a message is a nightmare. I was able to find the immunisations my baby had done, guess what the next day they are there or at least no showing. Horrible app, I hate it.

- Too Much

Wanting to much access to other features on the phone.

- Couldn’t Be More Useless If They Tried

The app dredges up old prescriptions that were discontinued, among other problems. Keep a record with a pencil and paper and be done with the trash.

- Great app 👍

This is a great app, just a little glitchy. You have to try a few times to get things accomplished and sometimes you get booted out.......needs a few more bug fixes.

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healow (Version 6.5.1) Install & Download

The applications healow was published in the category Medical on 2013-02-12 and was developed by eClinicalWorks LLC [Developer ID: 542028798]. This application file size is 104.41 MB. healow - Medical posted on 2020-05-15 current version is 6.5.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

healow Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information

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