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Vargo Anesthesia Mega App [Medical] App Description & Overview

What is vargo anesthesia mega app app? The Mega App is 16 medical apps bundled into 1 large app!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ It contains quick and detailed information in the ⁣care and management of the patient in the obstetric, pediatric, trauma, surgical, critical care, emergency, and anesthesia setting.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

The 16 apps included in this massive app are listed below:

1. "Malignant Hyperthermia" - Simplified with the latest literature from the Malignant Hyperthermia Association website.

2. "Calculations"- ABL/EBV, BMI, BSA/CI, MAP, SVR/PVR, Bicarb Deficit and O2 Cylinder Duration. There are no anesthesia drugs doses calculated.

3. "Crises" - This simplifies the emergencies you may deal with in the world of anesthesia. Algorithms and review notes from Amniotic Fluid Embolism, cardiac, airway and other emergency situations.

4. "Anesthesia Case Tips" - The "Anesthesia Case Tips" book (kindle) version on was one of the top selling anesthesia books the year it was published. It consists of 27 chapters with over 500 cases. The simplified search engine permits you to find your case within seconds. There is also a “Notes Section” for you to add personal notes for each case. Cases are frequently being added. Many of the newer cases cannot be found in Jaffe.

5. “Drugs/Drips” - There are no drug calculations in the app, just basic pharmacology information as a review. This app contains over 200 drugs/agents/products that are commonly used in the field of anesthesia. Perfect for students and a good review and quick reference for anesthesia veterans. Also, common information concerning anesthesia drips. There are no drug calculations. Contains:
*How to mix your drip.
*Popular mixing concentrations.
*Equations used to get the drip rates as a reference
*Pharmacology notes on how the drug works.

6. “Adult Anesthesia” - This app offers you over 350 drugs as a basic review.

7. “CABG for Anesthesia” - Tailored for someone learning to manage hearts in anesthesia. It is simplified but still detailed. It explains:
*CABG cliffs notes you won’t get in class.
*Step-by-step instructions from pre-op to post-op care.
*What to do from the beginning.
*Setting up the room.
*What the surgeon is doing.
*What the surgeon will do next.
*When and what drugs to give.
*Common cardiac drips.
*Coming off bypass & how other experienced anesthesia providers come off bypass.

8. "Blood/TEGs" - Notes on blood transfusion and blood products. TEG review notes and simplified for beginners.

9. "Pediatric Case Tips" - Contains how we manage close to 100 surgical procedures from start to finish. It was edited by experienced pediatric CRNAs who sit the cases and how they manage them.

10. "OB Regional Anesthesia" - Contains the same material as many OB books, but simplified and user friendly. Equivalent to a 500 page book. Simplifies and user friendly.

11. "LA Max Doses" - One click and you have a quick reference to all the maximum local anesthetic doses.

12. "Local Anesthetics" - A quick detailed reference to all the local anesthetics. Information on:
*Drug description
*Doses & concentrations for the variety of blocks
*Comparative tables
*Clinical pharmacology
*Chemical structures
*Review notes

13. "Anticoagulants & Neuraxial/Deep Regional Block Tables" - Tables of 25 anticoagulants that show:
*Minimal time between the last dose and initiation of a block.
*Whether the anticoagulant can be administered while an epidural catheter is in place.
*Minimal time to restart the anticoagulant after catheter removal.
*When to restart anticoagulant after procedure.
*When to remove catheter after administration.

14. "Platelet Function Assay and interpretation."

15. "Pharmacology & Reversal methods of 28 anticoagulants."

16. "Coagulants & Deficiencies"

***iCloud must be switched on to save personal notes.***

We strongly encourage individuals using this app for personal use to seek a doctor's advice before making any medical decisions.

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Vargo Anesthesia Mega App Version 8.6408 November 2022

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Vargo Anesthesia Mega App Comments & Reviews 2023


This app is like a gold mine for SRNAs. It is the best resource you will use as a student and probably for the rest of your career as a CRNA. It has everything you could possibly want to look up whether that is to review information, learn new anesthesia stuff, or get insight on how you might want to perform a new case. All information included also has APA- cited references at the bottom, too. The user interface is clean, neat, and organized. It has a search feature that is quick to display results, and it has tabs that allow for ease of finding what you want. If you look at past reviews for anything less than 5 stars, it’s for things people want changed, updated, or improved. Each time, Vargo added the request in an update. For example, you can add your own notes which is extremely helpful. The app is frequently updated with new information or other features to make a continuously better experience for you. Plus, no additional monthly subscription fee and no data tracking. What more could you ask for? Overall, it is an amazing little tool on your phone that you can take wherever you go. It’s something you will use in school and something you will use for the rest of your career, so it is 100% worth it. I would highly suggest this app for any SRNA!

- Review

Very easy to use. It is a great resource and I even used it as a bedside nurse to double check standard drug dosages when traveling to facilities that used different NMBs. It is quick and easy to access and has loads of information. They also recently added case tips which is awesome. Would recommend to any SRNA/CRNA and even bedside nurses who are travelers or switch types of units frequently who need to easily refresh on drug dosages and/or classes. It is a one time purchase. Some of the best money I have ever spent.

- Must have app!

This app has been incredibly helpful, especially when placed in a case that I had not done in a while. The developer also updates the app on a regular basis, ie. recently adding cheat sheets that can be downloaded in seconds. And finally the customer service is outstanding. I have had this app for a few years, and the developer responds immediately when I have an issue. Definitely a must have in your anesthesia “library”.

- good, not great (room to improve)

IMPROVE: Would like to see a uniform format throughout the entire app. This app is not always comprehensive & has varying formats (which equate to difficulty of use). For example, under Case Tips it will have certain information for one type of surgery, then leave that same information out on another type of similar surgery. Additionally, it will contain drug information on one medication, but on another drug the format will be different & some information will be missing. It’s a good app, but not a great app. They have some room to improve to make it a “great” app.

- Don’t hesitate! Just buy it!

I’ve been using this app since I was a SRNA in 2016. It’s a must have as a student but I still find myself using it when I’m in cases I don’t do very often. I love the pediatrics dosages by weight when I’m in a pinch. The OB section and the calculations section are super helpful. It’s basically anything you need to know about anesthesia in the palm of your hand. I would rate higher than 5 stars if it would let me! Thanks Vargo!

- What a great anesthesia resource!!

What a great app!! I use it so much. It’s so convenient to have so much information at my fingertips! Adding the mega search engine was super helpful. I can find so many things quickly by typing what I’m looking for in the search engine. This app was a great investment to my daily work practice. Highly recommend!

- Please add pathophysiology and physiology notes

This is an excellent app but I find myself wanting to add pathophysiology and physiology notes. It would be helpful if we had ability to add topics ourselves to those notes as well e.g. adding topic of “Bezold Jarish Reflex” under a physiology section. Maybe create a login to Vargo online so that if we change phones, or the app changes, we are guaranteed to keep the information we have stored on Vargo (online) rather than just depending on iCloud.

- Must have anesthesia App!

This app is a necessity as an anesthesia professional. Really like how easy it is to use and covers almost every case I’ve tried to look up. They also have the greatest customer service I have ever dealt with! All around really amazing app, you won’t be disappointed!

- Excellent app

I have used the app for a number of years. Specifically for pediatrics and calculations. Very easy to use and has always improved over time. Issues with the app has always been a quick response from developers. Thanks for this.

- Great resource!

OMG.. this is such a great resource. I utilize this app in my every day practice. It’s such a great refresher especially cases you haven’t done in a while and drugs you haven’t given in a long time. I believe every anesthesia provider should have this tool in your phone. It’s easy accessible and VERY informative. DEF A MUST HAVE!!!!

- Long time user

I have used this app for years. It has always been great and pointed me in the right direction. However, this new layout is really getting to me. Much more choppy and less aesthetically pleasing than before. It reminds me of how applications use to behave on the original App Store over 10 years ago. I’m not a fan at all and wish I could switch back to how it was.

- Love this app!

I’ve been a loyal user of this app for many years.. it has such helpful information, and always up to date, for on the spot needs or as a nice refresher during downtime reading. Great customer service as well with fast response time. Love this app!

- Decent app but has its flaws

Every time I update this app I lose all my notes. I see the memo about backing up all notes outside of the app, but this should be a “just Incase” not every time the app updates. The notes section is pointless to even have because in a few months updates will wipe them clean. Also missing some simple cases, even stuff that used to be there for instance tracheostomy yields nothing.

- Great Resource!

I purchased this app several hours ago during my training as a CRNA and still use it today! I’m a big fan of the pediatric information for weight based dosing and sizing of equipment. I commonly recommend this app to my colleagues and new SRNAs. It’s my go to quick reference.

- Great app!

I have been using this app since I was in anesthesia school. I graduated 2018 and still use it when I need clarification on dosages, procedures etc.. very helpful! I had an issue with the app matt responded in minutes and fixed the issue promptly. Highly Recommend!

- Amazing App!

Extremely useful app that is constantly being updated! New search functions allow easy access to tons of information. All with top notch customer service! Highly reccomend!

- Best App in Anesthesia

This app has the complete library of tools you need in Anesthesia. Up-to-date, evolving information and a quick search function to find anything in the app. The best reference to have in your pocket on a daily basis!

- The best Anesthesia App out there!

I’ve had this app for years and use it regularly. And it keeps getting better with every update!!! Strongly recommended to all, from the seasoned veteran to the new student. There’s plenty of great info and it’s all in one spot.

- Great resource

This app has been great to have as a backup resource if there is a case I haven’t done in awhile and would like to review. Customer service has always been very prompt and helpful. Highly recommend!

- Great anesthesia app

What a great resource to use! I use it daily at work to run through cases that I haven’t done in awhile or look up something that I need a refresher on. Matt is also very fast to respond. Would definitely recommend!

- Great App, Needs Suggestions Section

This is a great app for clinical use. My only request is that there is an area to make suggestions. There are many spelling errors and I’d also like to request info for procedures that aren’t included.

- Great resource but....

How often does the app get updated? I wonder if the creators can add more procedures? Sometimes I’ll search for a relatively common procedure and it won’t show up. The design and layout also look like they could use an update as well.

- Gold standard in Anesthesia

There’s no other Anesthesia related app that compares. Regardless of being a SRNA, CRNA, AA, or Anesthesiologist; this app is the gold standard for utilization. Drug dosing and case set up have helped me enormously as a student and further prepared me once I was working independently. An absolute must have.

- Please add

Could you add a favorites area so we can have quick access to things we use, but just not as often? That would be very helpful. Thank you for both apps. They are great!

- Great App!

Great app and great customer service. Vargo is very responsive with questions and/or concerns. There is no other app than can compare to this, it has everything you need. Also, check out the coexisting diseases app.

- Provides great info but UI is wack on iPad

Having issues fitting the screen in landscape mode. Doesn’t scroll properly and the anticoag section wont load. It’ll just highlight what i click but wont actually open it. I have to go to the “categories” and search for the drugs there instead of looking them up directly by name. App needs some DEV work.

- Very Useful App

This App is wonderful for both anesthesia residents and practicing anesthesia providers. It has pertinent calculators, quick references for rarely used drugs, specific case tips, and refreshers for obstetric and cardiac anesthesia topics. Worth the buy, especially for students.

- Top notch customer service

First, this app has it all! I reference it pretty frequently! Matt Vargo also delivers high quality customer service and is very responsive when an issue arrises!!

- If you could choose one app to get me thru crna school

The best app out there!!! I honestly use this app everyday all day. It is so nice to know what I don’t is right at my finger tips in this app. Highly highly recommend this app for any SRNA. You can thank me later.

- Helpful easy to follow anesthesia tool

A helpful tool for quick references in anesthesia management, easy to follow, user-friendly as well. Thank you for this handy gem!

- Best anesthesia app on the market!

Matt Vargo has created something truly unique here. So many organized categories with all the pearls you need. I suggest his Mega App and Coexisting app as well.

- Case tips not working

When I first downloaded this app, it worked great and the case tips tab worked. After one week, it seems like the app updated and now I can’t even open the case tips. Everything else in the app works great but the case tips is greyed out.

- Excellent

The app is great!! Worth every penny and should be on everyone’s phone in the field! Great resource with tons of updates often!!

- Super useful

A super useful app that I used everyday in anesthesia school and use frequently as a CRNA. The app creator is also very responsive to any feedback or questions.

- The BEST app!

All inclusive, so much information on her presented in a straightforward manner. Thee pediatric sections are a staple reference for my pediatric days! Can’t say enough good things about this app.

- Comprehensive

Appreciate the information in this app. Fairly user friendly and intuitive to find what I need. Would love to see ERAS sets incorporated

- Pediatric equipment and table

Where has all the kilogram age information had gone since the last update? Every single category is now blank? This is one of the most essential tools from this app? Could you please answer ?

- Excellent app!!

This is the best anesthesia app around! In addition to all the great finger tip information offered, customer support is absolutely the best!

- Amazing value!

This app is worth many times the price. I Consult it regularly and is very useful during downtime to review subjects I’m not familiar with , such as TEG. Well worth it.

- The best anesthesia app

Vargo is the best app for all things anesthesia. I would highly recommend!!!

- Great resource!

I reference this anesthesia app more than any other!

- Helpful for SRNA

This app is a great resource for me as a SRNA. It would be nice to also have a category for anesthetic implications of comorbidities, such as pulmonary hypertension, cirrhosis, etc.

- Issues with update

Hello! Great application!! Lately having problem finding Case tips like Tracheostomy! Any idea why?

- Awesome app

Awesome app with great update. Matt also is very helpful with any questions

- Case Tips Not Working

This is a great app but my Case Tips section is not working in the most recent update.

- Great app! But please…

Please add a highlighting option! Otherwise great app!

- Good app but needs attention to detail

Under Peds precedex, dose for smooth emergence is written at 0.5mg/kg. That’s a lot of precedex. Should be mcg.

- Nice app

My favorite anesthesia app. Would be great if you could add few more things such as: 1) regional/ blocks section 2) local anesthetic mixture max dose 3) ERAS protocols Thank you for all your hard work

- Great resource

I love Vargo. Please bring back cm and kg in the BMI calculator, it disappeared with the latest update.

- Update

Like to update but the search by cases is broken now You posed ebv/abl calculator

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Vargo Anesthesia Mega App iphone images
Vargo Anesthesia Mega App iphone images
Vargo Anesthesia Mega App iphone images

Vargo Anesthesia Mega App (Version 8.64) Install & Download

The applications Vargo Anesthesia Mega App was published in the category Medical on 2014-01-09 and was developed by Vargo Anesthesia Inc [Developer ID: 441512939]. This application file size is 148.08 MB. Vargo Anesthesia Mega App - Medical app posted on 2022-11-08 current version is 8.64 and works well on IOS 11.4 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.insertnamehere.VargoMasterApp