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What is myquest for patients app? Take control of your health.

With the MyQuest app from Quest Diagnostics, all your lab results and appointments are at your fingertips – so you have the information you need to stay healthy:

• View your lab results securely and quickly
• Find nearby Quest locations that are convenient for you
• Schedule and manage your appointments
• Manage the health of your loved ones with MyCircle
• Browse and buy your own tests with QuestDirect
• Share your health information with your healthcare providers
• Integrate your results with Apple Health

Did you know that people are more likely to know their WiFi password than important health information, such as their blood type, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels? Take control of your health with the MyQuest app, and view your lab results, manage appointments, and more, all in one place.

Download MyQuest today to get access to an all-new way to manage your healthy journey with Quest.

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App Name MyQuest for Patients
Category Medical
Updated 17 October 2022, Monday
File Size 37.91 MB

MyQuest for Patients Comments & Reviews 2023

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Love the company and website, hate the app.. I normally do not write reviews but when it’s not a single issue and it’s important, I feel I should address it. My experience with quest has always been amazing, the employees, delivery of service, you name it, although this time I decided to try out the app in order to get my results easier. Since I’ve created an account, it’s only shown that it’s pointless to even do it. There’s an agreement with an optional ssn to accept and it has a bug where it doesn’t go through. Due to this issue it doesn’t allow me to see my results. So I did what anybody would do and went to help and support to send a message. I filled all the info out and at the end the message I wrote couldn’t be sent… The send button seems to not work as well. Overall a bad experience when you can’t even get someone to help. Hope I can bring awareness to these issues so no one else has it.

Walk in. Me and my wife walked-in to Quest Diagnostics - Montclair last Oct 14 for a Blood test. We usually go there in a walk-in basis. We do not know that Quest Diagnostics stopped the walk-in. A representative went to the waiting area to call a patient. We asked the lady if we can have a blood test even we don’t have a schedule. She was so nice and told us that they no longer accept walk-in. We told her that we don’t know that they don’t accept walk-in patient because we always come in this place walk-in. She told us to wait for awhile and she will check her colleagues if they can accommodate us. There’s no available patient in the waiting area on that moment. After a few minutes, the lady came back and told us to come inside for the test. Representative were so nice.

Mostly user-friendly. I enjoy the ease of scheduling and changing appointments with the Quest app. The biggest annoyance with the app is the struggle to enter a birth date. The drop-down takes multiple efforts just to locate the month and year and to change whatever day date is displaying. I hate having to enter that information each time because it is not a simple process. Also, please confirm the appt with the location of the lab selected. Sometimes I check multiple labs and then realize that I can’t recall which one I actually signed up to go to! The confirmation just notes the date and time of the appointment.

What works about it works very well. But when it doesn’t work, it’s very frustrating. I love the fact that I can get my results on my quest and see them all written out with highs and lows over time. That’s excellent. However, making an appointment and getting that little barcode and confirming it, signing in at the facility: no part of this works smoothly. If you have trouble with any of this (such as vision issues, inaccessibility or computer illiteracy) expect to be treated rudely at the facility. You will be told to bring someone capable to do this for you so they don’t have to help! Terrible customer service. Update: I bumped the rating up a star because now I just go online to make an appointment…no problems if I avoid the Quest app. Having an appointment means being taken within 5 minutes of your scheduled time. That’s very nice.

Quest Website Review. I like the fact that I can make appointments online. I often need to make several appointments (sometimes daily or weekly). I find it difficult to easily push one button and see a list of all the appointments I have lined up. Or push one button from the home page to make appointments. I expand the ‘Appointments’ section and expect to see a list there or an option to create one there. I normally go to a location page, select the lab I go to and then get a button to schedule an appointment. One comment about the ‘appointment only’ policy. For those of us that have blood drawn frequently but not on a set schedule, the Dr sees the results after a blood draw, changes meds according to the results and then wants a blood draw in 2 days or a week but it is not ‘Stat’ and we can’t get an appointment on that short of a notice. How should we (the patient) handle that? In addition to the comments previously input (above), there is a step that is easy to miss when scheduling an appt. The user fills in all the info and gets a ‘Review’ screen. It’s easy to think you’re done and exit the app. User must scroll down to click ‘schedule appointment’. On the other hand, frequent fliers only make that mistake once or twice.

MyQuest app – Excellent!!. Excellent app, it keeps all of my lab results organized and accessible, plus it’s easy to use and I understand the results immediately with the green and red color coding. It shows me if I’m out of range, and where I need to improve. I’d like to be able to send my lab results to my other doctors, so they know what I’ve been tested for and to avoid ordering the same tests. And if it were possible to add-on tests to my sample directly from the app, that would be even better! Would love to avoid another blood draw, if possible. Apparently it’s not easy to add-on tests from the doctor’s office…? IDK. :(

It only takes one person to make the experience uncomfortable. I have always have no problem at my every 12 weeks appointment but in this case it was a late doctor appointment and I needed to get my blood drawn but it took this one rude nurse to make my experience unhappy and a bit angry when she told me after a few hours being here as a walk in. This time it was different I know I was a walk in but I needed to have my hemoglobin checked because if it was even lower I would have to go to the hospital and get a couple of pints of blood. I wanted all day that they were open to find out because of them being behind they where behind schedule Finally at 20 minutes to 3 one of the other nurses explained to me that they need that extra 20 minutes to finish paperwork to get blood samples out. That I understood but the nurse that was so rude and kept saying that they are not taking any walk ins. So she could have explained this and what they had to do then I wouldn’t have spent about 6 hours there. But I didn’t have to spend my entire day there without eating and just sips of water. I don’t know her name but she has red hair and freckles and fair skin, so I would like to know her name. They have been always good with no complaints and that is why this is my favorite quest in Ellenton florida

Customer service is dismal. Haven’t been able to see any of my lab results since signing up for app. First call to customer service was told to wait 5-7 days for results to populate. Nothing after 8 days. Second call to customer service was told to wait 10 days. After 2 weeks, still nothing. Third call to customer service was told no one is able to help from phone...only help with email and was told to use support email from app. First email sent to customer service at 3:30p on a Friday. No surprise, no answer. Too late in the day to actually respond with any sort of help. Sent 2 more emails at 4:30p and 5:00p telling them how disappointed I felt and how I feel like the scum underneath river rock and that no one is important enough on a Friday afternoon to receive any kind of help. answer. They have to get their act together.

For Me, Quest is Best!. Knowing that the quest technicians are so precise with their diagnostics takes a big load off my shoulders. I like the way they explain each and every test result in detail and more importantly are willing to set up an appointment to discuss any misunderstandings, concerns or questions I might. have. They are these main line to health for me .I can have my concerns addressed by Board Certified Specialty Phisicians, MD’s, Interns, RN’s PA’s, NA’s Technitions, or any Number of pharmacist’s , But ultimately the wizards at quest diagnostics are my go to guys. I have been reviewing and comparing the results of my labs performed by Quest for year's. are spelled out in layman‘s terms so I can understand them very well and;. If I do have A question nI know that Quest will be there for me.

Quest. it used to be so simple to walk in The Quest and get a blood test. Now they’ve made it so complicated and so frustrating that I want to find a different lab provider. The location I chose to walk into has nobody in the place nobody waiting and yet they have no availability for a walk in, when I went to schedule the earliest possible scheduled date available was one week later. This is unacceptable. I went on the app to schedule an appointment and it kept changing the location of where I want it the appointment at. The usability of trying to find an available time was difficult to understand. An extremely frustrating experience. Go back to your old system and make the walking easy and friendly.

Huge time saver and professional KIND STAFF. For years, pre-Covid 19, I was a walk-in client since it was easiest and close to home on my way into the office. Today I did my first monthly lab work visit thru app and it was much more timely, organized and professional, easy in and out! Quest staff on Harlem RD. Are the greatest and YOU NEED TO RESPECT THEM BETTER WITH INCREASED SALARIES!! They are the reason and my entire family go to Quest… charge my insurance an additional $2 dollars per monthly visit and do it again for the next 100 clients and hand it back to your exceptional staff they are your organization DO IT SOONER THAN LATER OR YOU WILL LOSE THEM TO YOUR COMPETITORS!

Walk-in Restricted Forever?. I've been a patient at Quest for many years! I understand when I walked in one day and I was told that Quest Labs were a part of the Covid research and they would only see patients that made an appointment through their online app. At that time it took two weeks to make an appt but what about now? Will Quest continue to only take patients with online appointments and tell walk-in patients they will not be served? Considering sometimes no other people are waiting in the first place? If I had a chance to “vote” for the ability to walk in any Quest lab without an appt & to be able to have a blood draw I would not put it off as I do now! This is just my viewpoint and how apprehensive I feel to have blood drawn in the first place! Thank you for reading!

Your health at your fingertips. This app is very user-friendly, I love being able to schedule appointments from a doctors office or anywhere at anytime of day or night. Having the ability to view and carry the results around with me to share with my healthcare team is an added bonus. Simply request that your doctors share the test results, there is a fast turnaround (I waited less than 12 hours for the results to be loaded.) Other patients commented they were frustrated for not getting instant access or immediate results so keep in mind, like everything in the healthcare system there is a process but if you read the rules and follow instructions you can get the information you need in a very timely manner.

Many Flaws. Amazingly bad, and amazingly and bad for a long time given that it is a huge and important company. Many flaws such as app doesn’t prompt the user to sign into their account until late in the appointment making process. After one picks an appointment, the app then asks you to start typing in your demographic information as if you were new to the app and quest. Even after you then find a way to sign in, it does not carryover one’s medical insurance information from the last visit such that all of one’s insurance info has to be re-entered for each appointment. Populating the medical insured DOB is extremely problematic as there is no ability to type it in and there are not drop down features for the year of birth, etc. Instead it will show the current date and then when one tries to change it, there is a calendar displaying the current month of the current year and then one has to reverse scroll through every month in history back to the calendar month in the year of one’s birth in order to then select on their birthdate.

Patricia Savage. I have only visited one other lab and this office is outstanding, I have never had to wait I have always been called for my appointment within a few minutes of my scheduled time. All the technicians are always friendly and welcoming, I hate having blood drawn my veins are hard to find but the technicians at this Quest have no problem and I never have a bruise. There is only one thing I would change is the tape they use to hold the cotton ball in place is the absolutely the worse it does more damage than good. I can not believe that a company as big as Quest can not afford the colored stretchy stuff instead of that paper tape. But overall this Quest is wonu

JBloch Review. Improvements to on line app: 1. Need option for Doctor ordered tests when making an appointment, then the app should retrieve the tests based on that and show you what has been received. 2. Need to be able to verify Quest has received doctor ordered tests. I spent 1.5 hrs trying to get the doctor’s office to fax it over because Quest didnt have it, and I had no way of knowing ahead of time. This wasted your time and mine. I could’ve contacted the office prior to getting there to get this accomplished. 3. If I have set up an account, why do I have to continually put in my insurance info? Why is this not part of my profile? 4. Fix your telephone call tree. Tried to call on my second appointment to verify doctors test order had been received. #6 and #9 both route to address or directions, no live answer anywhere for doctors or patients at the new Herndon/Armstrong location in Clovis. The value of the app is not just for Quest and the doctors, it’s for the Patients too. Love that I can review results, get an on line appointment, and how efficient your Phlebotomists are. Next step is to make the changes above that make the your app a more personal experience for the Patients. Please do not come back with any HIPPA excuses as anyone using the app has already waived this.

Blood work for diabetes type two. It’s fast and easy. But a little, still new to the medical world and myself but it is very easy and I’d like to say thank you for making it that way Qest it really not Quest or my family health care provider. Responsibility to take care of myself. It’s my Stephen Kostecki. And I will call and gave all my medical information. Because this week alone I’ve gotten phone calls from three different numbers saying they were Social Security so I don’t trust the Internet and I have the phone number to Qest I will call with all my health Medicaid data. Thank you 😊

😡This re-do of the first Quest app is AWFUL!!. Quest, you have FAILED.👎 I’ve had an ‘account’ through Quest for many years. Then awhile back, I find out that instead of just updating the then-existing app, Quest made a completely new, separate one! No notification. Only find out when I tried to access my ‘original’ Quest app. Had to make a brand-new account and re-enter all my personal info, such as address, DOB, insurance. NOT A QUICK PROCESS!! ALSO, not very easy to navigate. When looking for a location for appointments, instead of saying the location does not take appointments, it will say ‘no appointments available’. AND then, show the next nearest location, which may be over 10+ miles away, yet still have none available within the day or next day you’re looking for. Good luck to anyone else that finds this out the hard way AND gets to have the fun of enjoying the app (NOT) every time they have to use it👎

Terrible customer service. Positive reviews must have been paid for. They’re a joke, right? Bought and paid for is all I can presume. There’s no way this many people have a positive experience with this company. The app, itself, is not the worst, but Quest Diagnostics has provided nothing but headaches for us. My child’s Covid 19 test results were not provided to us at all. Status fluctuated between “Physician Notification” and “Results Available”. No one would respond to requests tor information. After several attempts to contact an actual customer service representative who could help, I managed to obtain the lab results. Guess what? Two days later, the app still lists the results as “Physician Notification.” This is, at the very least, completely irresponsible of them. Get the labs posted to the app or don’t claim the app/website are the best ways to get the results. I’ll certainly be making sure I know what labs are going to be processing any of our medical samples moving forward. If it’s Quest, we know we can’t presume results will be available unless we scramble for them. Terrible

Not bad at all!. The key to getting the appointment time that you want is not putting in your insurance information at that time because you may miss out on your appointment a few minutes that it takes for you to input your information so just put I will give my information at the appointment so you can save your time that you want. My suggestion to quest regarding this app is to let the person reserve the spot and then ask for the insurance information however the save preferred appointment time and give insurance information works as well.

Personal profile. I would have given you a five star rating, however, when trying to make an appointment I searched for a specific location and your system gave me info on other locations based on the date I chose. So, I had to go back, this caused me to have to re-enter my profile, and insurance. THIS WAS AGGRAVATING And a big waste of my time so that’s why I’m changing my four star rating two or three star rating you shouldn’t have to waste my time because of putting in additional information because your system doesn’t prompt for the location I originally asked for it should’ve only given me that information. Come on you guys are a big company gets her act together

Amazing APP!. Quest APP makes it so easy to schedule appointments and see your blood work results! When your lab results are ready they text you so you can view the results right in the app. Color coded results for each item in your labwork - Green is good and red is bad. This app is totally amazing and useful. You can make the appointment, get confirmation, get reminders and it syncs with Maps to give you directions to their location. On the day of your appointment Quest will text you and provide a link that you can click on when you arrive to check-in using your phone. Can’t say enough about this app!

Results. It would be great if the results were loaded automatically and you didn’t have to make a request to be able to see your results. The appointment scheduler and entry of insurance information either does not work or the collectors at the PSC offices are not trained on how to access the information. I am a Quest employee with lab services as a benefit and my doctors office was billed repeated for my labs when I provided my insurance card and employee number at the time of my appointment and blood draw. Then after my doctors office called and I called three different numbers I hope that Cheryl got everything taken care of for me. I feel sorry for patients that don’t know who or where to turn when issues arise. This is all to difficult even as an employee and even more embarrassing as a patient/employee. Things need to improve for the general public and especially for the older age group of patients.

Okay, But Results Could Be Easier 2 View. Love the integration with Apple Health — one of FEW companies who do, and I’m so thankful — helps ME keep track of my OVERALL health as a whole with my heart health, sexual health, and blood health plus more. Quest is great with pricing, normally, although lately they have not been giving NEARLY enough time for people to pay their bills, especially when billing sometimes comes MONTHS late. I got a bill from FEBRUARY, at the same time I got one from April, or May, and now I’m behind, with threats of turning my accounts into collections companies which will obviously hurt my score. I’m trying to work with them, but that’s where they are lacking — empathy and CS/CCare during these MYRIAD of pandemics right now…

Changes Mean Starting From Scratch. 1. Got to final screen and realized I needed a different time. Used the back button, changed the time and continued. SHOCK! All information was erased. 2. Got to final screen a second time and saw that the location was not the one I had chosen initially (automatically assigned now by my current location). 3. Third time, appointments on my date and in my time frame were all gone! (This is one busy place). Confirmed I could get the time off and chose a much later time. 4. On the second time I was NOT entering all my insurance information again. Why don’t they offer the option to “take a picture of your Insurance card?”

Great and easy App for scheduling. I first tried the walk-in method and had to wait awhile. I downloaded the app, found an open appointment, received reminders, checked in as I arrived and in the last four visits I have been called in within 2 minutes of arrival. Selecting location, type of test, time and filling out info is easy and smooth on the app. It’s nice to see available times across different locations without a hassle. Checking the available times at the available locations is easy and fast to see. Other apps should use this type of platform.

The most frustrating app ever!!! 🤬😤😫. I have never spent so much time and energy spinning my digital wheels! And that’s saying a lot because I do almost everything online. It started with them rejecting my password, so I opted to change it — usually a mere speed bump. It took 5 tries and 3 different verification codes — which is obviously a lot of jumping from one app to another, and back again. I was SO frustrated,😖 as I wondered if I was just completely wasting my time. This pattern continued for each piece of info they wanted. An hour later, I finally had an appointment for basic bloodwork! They confirmed it with an email and confirmation number. But when I signed in again a few minutes later because they logged me out, it said I had no upcoming appointments. Hopefully, it will eventually update.🙄

Not simple. It should be easier like before to get lab results and send them to multiple doctors since insurance won’t pay for the same bloodwork test I should be able to get into my results and email them or fax them to my doctors like I’ve done for years I have many many medical issues and see doctors almost every day they try to get the results they can’t get them why is it so difficult I was told I had to create a different account on the website to access them to send them and it wouldn’t happen within hours

App was better before last update. Before the last update the app was simple and easy to use. I usually got my results the next day and should my doctor not receive my results (which happened often) I could fax or email him the results right from the app. NOT ANY MORE. While this app is more attractive, that, and the ability to make appointments directly from the app are the only two things I like about it. Now it takes 2 or more days to get lab results posted, I can no longer fax my results to my doctor should he not receive them, and while there is a print option I have yet to get any of my results to print. I just get a white screen if I try to print the simple results and get bounced back to the results page for the color and/or advanced options. Why would I want an app taking up space on my devices when I can just log in to the website? I can’t send a fax, but at least it will let me print my results so I can fax them to my doctor.

Reading and comparing results made easy!. They have this set up like a well oiled machine. I get the results before my doctor calls me. There are one click reference buttons to explain what each test is and how each result ranges. It’s so easy to see if you are in the green or the red, and if automatically pulls up your entire Quest history of that test to compare and graph it. You can clearly see your own health patterns and can feel more educated when your doctor discusses the results with you. I’ve used this for a few years and I have a lot of lab work done. I was just thinking tonight how efficient the app is, and how the visual design make it so quick to evaluate. Thank you!!

Online Appointment setting. Your system is horrible. Even though I checked in to my account it went directly allow me to set up an appointment. I went back and set up an appointment and asked my insurance even though I had just entered into my account when I went to confirm the appointment and my insurance it failed it would not work. I had to go back and reset the appointment 10 minutes later and not enter any insurance information in order to confirm the appointment. This is absolutely insane and you need to get your software people on your situation so that customers don’t have to go through all this nonsense

Very Useful!. I had some blood taken at Quest about 3 weeks ago. It took a while for the nurse to get all the paperwork coordinated (the results were to go to three different doctors), but during this time I was able to download this app and sign up to MyQuest. I received the blood results in just 3 days! The app also presented them in a convenient graphical form showing each number on a scale indicating the normal range. I still haven’t heard from any of the doctors, but the results were good so I’m not losing sleep… Although this review is for the app, I would also like to put in a plug for the Pasadena, CA (E Green St) Quest staff, which has been very friendly and competent and has gone out of their way to help me on several visits. Update: The app was also useful for scheduling, except that it didn’t remember my insurance info from previous times as and I had to re-enter it.

Urine test. Collect was very simple , the tech was extremely irritated and in fact told me she was irritated that morning. I asked for a cleaning wipe to have a clean catch and wipe prior to collection and she said should have them in the restroom well I went in and there were none so went back out to ask again for a wipe and very annoyed she responded ugh I guess this is going to be one of those days .. I felt like an inconvenience asking for what should have been offered as a step in the process and was hurt that I had to even ask for a simple fresh wipe to preform the collection properly . Wasnt very accommodating for a simple request , would like to see those supplies stocked to not inconvenience another tech at another time. But bathrooms were Clean .

Worst App with terrible customer service. For over a month I have sent screenshot after screenshot, changed my password numerous times to still get the same message, please try to login at a later time and to contact MyQuestSupport. Each time I log the request I get the same response.. I show you have successfully logged in (mind you I have sent another screenshot that has the time with the error message IMMEDIATELY after I get the quest support email so obviously that’s not true) . It tells me to change my password.. So I try again, then send ANOTHER screenshot back to myquest support showing, still not successful. A day later, I get the same idiotic email stating they show I successfully logged in. First off, you inputted someone else’s test results in my chart and ever since I informed you that you made a mistake you have locked me out of my account. At what point will your support desk actually read the emails and see that I’ve followed every direction with still no luck?!

Truly is MY Quest. This app is so user- friendly. I require frequent blood testing. If it weren’t for this app, I’d be lost. Between my dialysis appointments and doctor’s appointments, I’d never be able to keep anything straight. It’s not easy with these illnesses that will never go away, but with My Quest, it only takes seconds to find and schedule an appointment. And with an appointment,, the wait time is almost non- existent. Thank you, I never could make my life easier if it wasn’t for you. And lest I forget, their phlebotomists are Number one over any other in the area. They’re gentle, kind and knowledgeable. Number One all the way around. Mary Colleen Burt

More Appointments. It seems that the format changes on different devices and in how you get to site. Don’t like way DOB is to be given on some of the formats. I am a lung transplant patient and have to have labs frequently. Most of the time the doctors want them with less than a weeks warning. The draw has to be before I take my medicine, and my meds must be taken on time. All the appointments in labs that are a reasonable distant fill up at least 5 days out. The last time I tried to do a walk-in I waited over 1 1/2 hours and could wait no longer, I did not get labs that day like the doctors wanted. The point is there needs to be a way for certain patients to get time sensitive labs done. APPOINTMENTS DON’T WORK IF THEY’RE NOT AVAILABLE.

Bare Bones but it works!. There’s a lot it’s lacking, but the ability to see all available appointments and schedule is all I was really expecting. Bonus features like the option to view past test results, create new accounts, and link family members went well beyond my expectations. I wish they would incorporate bill pay, and keep everything in the app without having it take you to the website. I also wish I would keep me logged in and save my insurance information. It’d save me a lot of time to avoid having to re-enter it each time I have bloodwork. Also my insurance is never listed as an option and I often have to bring my card in anyway to have them check it.

Better than Mayo Clinic portal!. QUEST has does an excellent job reporting lab results, with useful information about the meaning of the values. I just noticed a somewhat hidden feature: tap on any value and you’ll get a graph of all your history at Quest — this helps you to detect a trend, if your lab tests have been done by Quest. A trend are much more meaningful than a simple “H” or “L” (high or low). Doctors usually scan your most recent lab report, only looking for an H or L — few doctors will also study your last three or four lab reports — they will miss a trend. The AMA, the CDC, the NIH — everyone is now recognizing that YOU are better off when *participating* in your healthcare. So help your doctor, by looking to see if any of your lab values show a trend (for better or for worse) instead of waiting until a value is outside the reference range. Btw, I’m director of a nonprofit medical research institute — and am writing this review to congratulate Quest and to help you help yourself by looking for trends.

Quest App Allows for Easy Appointment Scheduling. The Quest app allows for easy scheduling of doctor ordered lab tests. The app displays Quest locations nearby, with the closest listed first. It is easy to see and select an available appointment time which meets the requirements from my doctor and my schedule. Required fields for booking an appointment are easily recognized. What is missing is the app remembering me and my basic information. Having to fill in all demographic and insurance information each time an appointment is made can be time consuming. I do understand I could complete the insurance information once I arrive for the scheduled appointment. Yet, if I’ve entered it once in the app having it saved within the app would save time while making the appointment or at the clinic.

Why five stars. Quest is a well known provider of different types of blood, urine, etc tests. They’ve been around South Florida for quite some time and thus making their presence hard to missed. but that presence has been gained by the effort allocated to excellent customer service and ease in going through their system, like when scheduling an appointment, managing their registration process once you come in to their facilities and the actual procedure with personnel that not just performs the testing but understands the sometimes emotional distress that could come with summiting to the different procedures. And that’s why I give Quest a five out of five rating.

Horrid. The way in the UI to set your birthday is absolutely horrendous, you have to pick a date from a calendar and go to a hidden menu to scroll from a drop down to what year you were born. Then you have to go back and pick a day in the month you were born. Just have me enter in day/month/year, please. If the appointment you are trying to schedule is taken while you’re struggling through the clunky UI (a likely occurrence, as it took me 10 minutes to fill out the self and insurance form), at the end, it just says “an unknown error has occurred, please try again.” Then, you have to go ALL the way back to change the appointment time. And it deletes all the information you entered. There must be some way to change the appointment time AFTER you’ve entered all this information, without needing to enter everything twice.

Quest denying access to my records. I have cancer and I’m on what’s called a watch and wait protocol. As part of this protocol it is essential to monitor blood markers. This app is perfect for that because I can watch for trends. What isn’t perfect about this app is the fact that Quest sent some recent results to my husband. That means that I’m unable to track my results accurately because I’m missing an entire set of blood test results. I’ve been going back and forth with Quest about this for months and they keep saying they don’t have my blood test results. They have them, they just sent them to the wrong person. I would consider this to be two separate HIPAA violations. 1. They sent my protected health information to the wrong person and 2. They are denying me access to my own records. Be watchful because any time you make health records available electronically, there’s more room for error.

Great App!!!. I like to be proactive with my tests, so I really like the ability to get the results before I see my doctor to discuss them. Not only does MyQuest provide the results of the current test, but also previous tests, and trend charts that easily lets you check your progress. Love the ability to view not only an iPhone formatted version, but to display the full 'paper' format. My only gripe is that it takes about a week to get the results, but I understand this is mandated, I think, by government rules. Nanny state. The ability to get current and past results for easy comparison (doctor is usually to busy to look up past results) and discussion with my doctor is why I will always come back to Quest for my tests.

App lost all my info. Had to re-create my account from scratch recently for some unexplained reason. No previous test results can be found now. No communication about what tests were ordered by the doctor, so I do t know what to enter when making an appointment. Generally it’s just for A1C and cholesterol numbers, but I really have no way of knowing. Customer service is completely non-existent with this company. Their lab personnel often don’t seem well informed either about what is supposed to be happening. Very poor coordination of services by a company driven only by profit motive and no concern for their customers. They only care that they get all the boxes checked so the insurance companies will cover payments as requested. Need to remove profit motive and shift to single-payer system where caring for the patient can be a point of concern again.

DO NOT USE IF YOU NEED FAST RESULTS!!! Unable to get results. The app itself works fine but quest diagnostics is broken. I bought my test and went in (the people there were great, don’t get me wrong) and I provide my sample. 24 hours later I got an email saying my results were ready to view but I had to verify my identity first. The app asked me a series of questions they got from a database to prove that it was actually me before they could actually give me my results. I thought the questions were odd because they were questions about where my estranged relatives lived and where I went to college. Anyways I somehow didn’t answer these questions right and I got locked out for 72 hours!!! I tried contacting customer services with messages and calls but I never got a response. I have now waited the 72 hours and I tried the questions again and proved I am who I really am but my results have yet to show up. I am extremely frustrated! I paid out of pocket for this test and my results have been ready for days!! This company and website is broken!!! I highly recommend going somewhere else if you need fast results!!!! They need to fix this and make it easier for people to get their results.

D. The easy and quick access is what gets you started with good feeling about your search for your lab results. The ability to see multiple healthcare facilities in on location keeps the good feeling going in the right direction. The robust ability to compare historical data really takes the good feeling and kicks it up a notch. It is all topped off with a staff of professional phlebotomists who put you at ease knowing your blood will be drawn with as much comfort as possible and then handled quickly and efficiently. I choose Quest every time I have the opportunity to do so.

Most convenient thing ever. I get my test results Immediately even before my doctor can call me about them. This has proved very useful during the COVID-19 pandemic. I actually was able to view my results before the doctor even called me. I work in a hospital so I know we are getting backed up in notifying people. Also if you go to multiple clinics or doctors offices, you will still get your labs results in this one app. Surprised to see lab results from other visits to urgent care clinics in the past. Quest links them all up for you. This is a great useful tool. No more calls to the doctors office asking if your labs are done yet!

better resources than my doctor. Your results might not be available to review within a day or two and could take 1 to 2 weeks unless there’s something urgent. But I think that’s perfectly great because when the doctors office call with the results they just say somethings high or low you know if you feel bad call us but don’t really have the time or explain much detail. My favorite part of this app is you can tap on anything and see a history of your results overtime with QUEST and also gives you explanations about what highs and lows in different results could mean so you can make better informed decisions about reaching out to your doctor when you need it. Love this app it’s come along way

Not happy with the app. Not happy with the app and the service. I have been addressing the issue for more than a year now, to be exact still nothing has changed. I still cannot view my result. I contacted them through the app, as they said, and still no response, not even a single one. I even talk to my doctor and he told me that it should be available cause I know he and my primary is always in contact about my condition. I would talk to Qwest and all their response is the information is not matching. Well, same info that they have since 2019 until late 2020 I started not able to view the result. The only thing I can do online views the past result except for the last result on October 26,’2022 which is stated on their website result can be viewed on October 30, 2022. Again, I also contact them through the apt now response. The only thing I can do to their app is making an appointment. What's the point when no one is listening?

Lots of bugs and prone to locking out patient access. One of the worst patient access healthcare apps on the market. Too many bugs and is very prone to locking out patients from accessing information in their account if the app fails to function properly. The only remedy is to call customer service and wait on hold for 10-15 minutes or more to have at customer service representative unlock your account. The simply solution would be to have the app ask you to answer pre-determined security questions that have been stored by the patient. Unfortunately, the app is apparently too primitive to allow for a secondary verification process that banks, mobile phone service providers and other institutions use to allow consumers to verify account holders and/or charge passwords.

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Horrible avoid at all costs. Took more than 2 weeks to give me my COVID19 test results. I had to phone them twice to get my results when they were expected to pop up on the app. They had my date of birth completely wrong which worries me that I may have someone me else’s results. More than a week later the results came through on the app. I could have been infected several times over since then. The application was a nightmare. The test was pure torture. The guy made me shove a 6” Qtip all the way up my nose to the back of my head and twist it round twice and hold for 15 seconds and repeat with the other nostril and the same swab. Since then several people told me they barely had to put it up their nose in one nostril and thought I was exaggerating. Avoid this company and their useless app.

The app is terrible. This is my first time with quest lab and the in person appointment was good and everyone was friendly but once the results came in I logged in and it asked for my identification via last 4 digits of Ssn. The first time I did it worked but my thumb accidentally pressed done. It brought me back to the screen asking for it originally and this time it said my information was incorrect even though I was putting it in correct. After a couple more tries it logged me out for 3 days?!?!!? When I tried to call support it didn’t give me a real person it gave me a robot that only know like 3 responses. Absolutely ridiculous app especially when I need those results.

App enhancement ideas. Thank you for the recent enhancements to the app that minimizes having to also access the online portal to accomplish tasks. I wish Quest would consider allowing their patients to scan and upload a copy of the Script from their doctor at the time of making an appointment. Often it is 3-4 months between receiving the script and having to present it at your office when we have the blood drawn. This might help curb lost scripts!!

Love the new app - appts are so much easier. Searching for available appointments is so much easier and quicker now. I appreciate the fasting reminder which is also new. I haven’t been able to find a way to see what tests (and restrictions about testing - fasting, time restrictions) are pending for me. With doctors’ offices sending lab orders directly to you, they don’t always communicate all of the info. Thanks for making the changes you have done already!

Can’t Print/Share Results. The major rewrite of the application was a huge step backwards in many regards. As others have noted, the application used to be quite functional. It was possible to send results to myself, print them, send them to my doctor or another healthcare professional and it now that’s all broken or gone. It’s really kind of useless when you have to struggle during a doctors appointment to pull the phone out, try to authenticate with a face mask on, just to be able to share test results with somebody who didn’t get the original results. It’s not clear to me why you would change this functionality, or why you wouldn’t fix something that’s clearly meant to work such as printing. Please, fix the app.

Would not Recommend using this service.. Had an appointment for a simple flu test and wanted to see the results after two days of already waiting. As I was attempting to verify my identity, this poorly built system was clearly not using the correct information. My social was “incorrect” and so was the association to a car. Which has left me in a profile lock for another 72 hours of waiting. Well, you can see I clearly won’t be waiting another 3 days for results which aren’t sure to come back. I will be making an appointment elsewhere to use a better service which I’ve already used. 10/10 would not recommend due to the horrible services I’ve received.

Why does it have to be disconnected from the other Quest apps?. This app is so annoying. I have enough passwords to remember, well here’s another one that says yes we will use Face ID but conveniently not use it. We will tie it to your Quest app but you need a separate login. We will have you fill in your information every time even if you filled it in the night before. Please some continuity? We have Apple Health to centralize results, we have the main Quest. App for storing and centralizing information. Just allow us to link them all for one seamless experience. Please? Oh and don’t get me started on how my physician’s office sent lab orders that were conveniently lost so O had to buy the test as to not have to reschedule to after the new year.

Quest. I like the fact I can see my results on line but I would like to see them within the two week time frame I was told they would be available not 30-60 days. The on line app to make appointments is no as user friendly as it could be. For birth dates it is backwards. You should start with the month day and year. Instead, you need to start with the year, then day then month or the information will not fill in. Thanks,

So easy to use.. I love being able to keep track of all my lab work. Having My Quest on my phone helps me to be better informed about my health. I can compare a test run last week with the same test run two years ago, and see how my health has improved or gotten worse. I can bring up test results on my phone to discuss with my doctor and make a plan to deal with whatever we’ve learned. I can even pay my lab bills right from my phone!

Absolutely useless. Signed up and tried to schedule an appointment. Went through the whole process, confirmed my identity, found a location and an available time. Tried to fill out my insurance info but get a message that my insurance ID was invalid even though I typed it twice straight off the same card my doctor accepted just a few days before. Fine, I then selected the option to bring my insurance info to the appointment. Got further but right at the end “General Error.” Tried different locations and times, “General Error.” What even is the point of this app if it just fails with no information on how to resolve it. Guess I’ll just have to do the time wasting and inefficient dance with the phone scheduler. Thanks for nothing.

App not working. After completing all the information Quest requires to complete an account when I arrived at the confirm you are not a robot page the app stated: Oops sorry something went wrong and shut down. Then I tried to reenter the information I could not enter my birthday as the app was stuck on todays date. Then when I tried chat the useless bot could not understand anything I wrote. As Quest makes millions it is a pity they cannot pay somebody competent to program that app.

Quest Diagnostics. Quest Diagnostics has been my favorite lab to go have lab work done. Regardless of location, it is always clean, easy to sign in and wait time is at the most 10-15 minutes. Staff are prompt and friendly. love being able to see my lab results when Quest sends email stating that results are done. So easy to read and understand. Prior to Quest, I always went to hospital for lab. Not only did I have anxiety but the waiting to get seen was forever. My adult children all use Quest Diagnostic

Quest on Mexico Rd. I have to have blood drawn frequently because I have an autoimmune disorder. I also get very anxious easily because of my aversion to needles. The staff at Quest on Mexico Rd in St Peters, MO are not only professional but compassionate. I rarely see both of those qualities during this difficult time, so it is particularly notable that so far EVERY STAFF MEMBER I have seen in that office has 1. Only had to stick me once (rare when am admitting into the hospital) &. 2. Has always treated me and my fears with compassion. They should be individually acknowledged for being True Hero’s. Thank you, Laura Domitrz

Good but some improvement needed. Overall, the app is easy to use. However, I have two suggestions for making appointments: 1) in the field for entering Date of Birth, the only option is to use the app calendar, where one must navigate to the year, then month, then day. It’s more time consuming than just typing using a standard date format such as mm/dd/yyyy; and 2) in the field for entering the health insurance card info, it only allows for one card. There’s no way to enter the supplementary insurance. Many of us who have Medicare also have supplementary insurance as well.

Decent App. The app has some good features. Access to lab results is a big plus. Scheduling an appointment is not that easy. You can easily find your appointment, but to schedule a new appointment is not in same appointment box. You need to find your location 1st, then schedule a new appointment. Not a biggie, but I would like to see appointments in one place. Thank You! Like Jasmine in Walmart😍Miss the other Jasmine who is no longer there. Another phlebotomist who was not pleasant, thankfully is no longer at that location 👍

Great app but…. So, Quest Diagnostics touted how they now support Apple Health. How, exactly, does one get the data to sync? I’m showing “no data” on those pages in Apple Health. No indication as to HOW to enable the app or website data to sync even after setting g everything up and Quest shows up as a linked account. UPDATE: So, they don’t mention it but you have to wait like a day or so for the data to sync with Apple Health. Would have been nice to have some sort of an advisory telling me that. Otherwise, seems to work well!

Quest lacks quality and availability. I have been on endless loop to speak to somebody/anybody at quest. They have it so blocked that the system hangs up on you. Called my patient case worker. We did multiple unsuccessful calls with blocks preventing either of us from getting results. Finally quest said they sent results out 6/1 but they did not. The dr office is having to call quest to get them to send results. The entire quest system is whacked because they treat patients as an annoyance and inconvenience and there is lack of support in my opinion. I like the app. I am hating the service provider.

Great app - beats the phone option !!. This app works really well and is very intuitive after you select the location for your testing. I had made an appointment previously by phone. It was not only time consuming, but the appointment was not recognized in the Quest system AFTER the call which was worrisome - after the 30 minutes spent On Hold, etc. . I will never waste my time on the phone again if I just need an appointment.

Booking appointment. The app is fairly easy to use to set up appointments and to get results. The big problem with this app is when you have to enter in your birth date. You can’t just type in your birthdate. you are taken to a calendar with the current date then you have to keep tapping until the calendar goes back one month at a time. If you tap on the wrong place the calendar goes back to the current date. If you are a senior citizen with arthritis and have to go back 60 or more years it takes more than one try. There must be a better way to but the date in.

Sign out issue. The only negative thing about this app is it keeps singing me out so I have to sign in every time I open the app which can be annoying when you are at the appointment and need to check in and have to take the time to reenter your login info. Also app is not a fully integrated application in that you are sent to web pages to access many of the features. The point of an app on your phone is to NOT go to websites but to have everything you need to do on the website integrated into the app solely. Maybe these are things that will improve in the next update…🤞🏽

Old age customer who can’t understand your high tech Site. This is such a totally complicated version for someone who JUST wants to make an appointment. Why isn’t there just a menu version to simply make an appointment? Why don’t we do that? I understand that YOU FOLKS understand all the stuff in this supposed “better version” but it took me 1/2 hour just to find an appointment page. Can you add a simple menu that says “Schedule an Appointment”, so I can do just that and be done with it? And what’s with nickname crap? Every name I put in is “Taken”. What a mess this is. ALL I WANT TO DO IS MAKE AN APPOINTMENT—-not a pen pal!

Good app but has some gaps. Although the app is easy to use, I’m a bit disappointed it doesn’t appear to retain insurance provider details. This means every time an appointment is scheduled you also need to re-enter the insurance information. Since the app offers a way to create a personalized account, it seems it should also be able to store at least one insurance provider details, although an option to store more than one would be even better for those who have more than one.

So convenient. I left the doctors office and while sitting in my car before heading home, I was able to go on the app and schedule an appointment for the bloodwork my doctor wants me to have done before my appointment in June 2023. It’s so nice to not have to remember to schedule it, and hope that I can get an appointment when it gets closer to the date. As I’m able to schedule this appointment six months from now. And they will even send me reminders when it gets closer so I don’t forget.

Customer service. They take me even of I messed up on sppt ap but there’s been times they’ve turned me away it all depends on who you get some are only by the rules and others begs them, they told me to leave one time when the office was empty I was upset but when there’s a lot of ppl I understand they’re better then lab Corp that lady hurt me and wouldn’t stop I had to take her hands off me she kept on subbing her trying to find a grin and wouldn’t use the reconvened needle with butterfly like I suggested cause my veins are small and they break my whole arm was bruised

Very convenient—except for entering a birthdate!. I like being able to make an appointment but I hate entering my insurance info when I know they already have it on file. I decided to enter it to be “preregistered.” My husband is the primary insured and I couldn’t just type in his birthdate—I had to use their drop-down calendar which did not have a button to go back by year. I had to push the back button 590 times to get to the right month and year! I hope they fix this annoyance in an otherwise helpful app!

24 hour access to lab results…. Plus access to checking, setting, changing or deleting appointment times, line graphs showing your results over time and easy to understand explanations of tests and what the results mean. All this helps me stay on top of my diabetes, renal failure status and anemia, giving me insight into my treatment and understanding of how my medications work to keep me as well as possible. Quest facilities are always clean, the employees friendly, efficient, compassionate and skilled. I feel safe in their hands.

App is easy to use…but. I have tried several times in 2021 to schedule an appointment at the Ridgecrest location. Every one of these has resulted in NO ONE being in the office at the time of the appointment, with a text message being sent just before the appointment time, stating that the appointment has been cancelled. The office remained closed all day, leaving me to resort to other bloodwork agencies to collect and analyze my blood. I don’t know why doctors appear to favor Quest as a means to collect my blood samples. I’m thinking of writing letters to each of my doctors with my Ridgecrest office horror stories.

Changes Mean Starting From Scratch. 1. Got to final screen and realized I needed a different time. Used the back button, changed the time and continued. SHOCK! All information was erased. 2. Got to final screen a second time and saw that the location was not the one I had chosen initially (automatically assigned now by my current location). 3. Third time, appointments on my date and in my time frame were all gone! (This is one busy place). Confirmed I could get the time off and chose a much later time. 4. On the second time I was NOT entering all my insurance information again. Why don’t they offer the option to “take a picture of your Insurance card?”

Patient. When filling out the primary insurance holder section, it’s a bit confusing when you fill in the name, birthday, relationship, etc, but line after that said “ What is your primary insurance….. it makes you wonder if you want my insurance information and address or do you want the primary insurance address??? I figured if you are asking if my addresses is different then it must be my spouse address you want, It would clear everything up if you would just say what is the primary insurance HOLDERS address.

Easy app. 2 things I almost missed, and I have a big screen on my phone: (1)There's a dropdown for more available appt times than the early AM ones showing. (2)There's a small, right-facing arrow to the immediate right, at the top of the calendar. On my iPhone, touching that generated, a list of months, days, and years to use in constructing the date. Maybe intuitive to most people, but, at first I started swiping the calendar to get to my birthdate 😳. Otherwise, so, so easy to use this app. Best going to Quest with an appt. Otherwise you wait until they can fit you in. That's a policy change!!

App misrepresents wait times and availability. The Quest app is useless. It will waste your time and lie to you. I just wasted over an hour of my day, time off work, going to multiple locations where the app indicated that there was 0-10 minutes of wait time. No indication that walk-ins were no longer accepted, just directed me to multiple locations where I did not learn that they had no available services to walk-ins until I got there and checked in. Three different locations, had to park, get my kid out of the car, go inside and repeat the process, in afternoon traffic. Will Quest compensate me for the lost time off work? Of course not. If you can find a competitor, go there. Quest does not care about customers at all, and doesn’t care about providing an app that works.

Couldn’t use MyQuest on PC to schedule appointment. On my PC, I kept getting error messages at the end of the process that the date and time I chose was no longer available, but when I went back to pick a new time, that slot was still available. I can see test results, just can’t schedule an appointment. There should be some very visible message that scheduling on a PC doesn’t work. I downloaded the app for my iPad and first time, did it and was able to schedule that slot that my PC told me was not available.

Not simple. It should be easier like before to get lab results and send them to multiple doctors since insurance won’t pay for the same bloodwork test I should be able to get into my results and email them or fax them to my doctors like I’ve done for years I have many many medical issues and see doctors almost every day they try to get the results they can’t get them why is it so difficult I was told I had to create a different account on the website to access them to send them and it wouldn’t happen within hours

Great Updates,But... I love the new look and easier to use format of the Quest app. It’s appearance alone is more sleek and pulled together, as well as the much easier way it was to simply search what I was looking for and pull it up almost immediately. The only thing that keeps it from getting a full five stars are little minor nuances like not being able to add 2 insurances instead of 1. Or my own difficulties attempting to find the way to sort locations SPECIFICALLY from my address. (Not to say it can’t be done, just saying it was difficult to find) . So all in all a good app.

Great App. I can schedule appointments to avoid long walk-in times and the results are always available within the App. Makes life easier when having to visit multiple doctors as they always ask when was the last time I had blood work done. Bam, I open App and give them the information they need. Only wish I could forward results to my different doctors so it could be entered into my medical records. Or maybe I just don’t know how to do that. Anyhow Great App!

Never Disappointed. I have been using Quest for several years on a monthly basis for blood tests. The facility is neat and clean. Without fail, the employees are friendly, professional, efficient, and always treat me with courtesy and respect. Due to having my CBC drawn every month for almost 20 years, my veins have become small and scar tissue abounds. The technicians at Quest never “torture” me by attempting multiple jabs; I’m usually on my home within 10 minutes of my appointment time. I’ve been to many labs, but Quest is the only one I absolutely recommend. :)

Love the access and information!. Having the results with details regarding history, description of the blood tests and more is wonderful! My results are almost always available in a timely matter. One time I had to email regarding tests that weren’t available. But the tests were available in a week. In addition the tests showed up again. Now they are listed twice. Only one time out of regular blood work for two years has this happened. I appreciate the app recognizing my finger print and being able to open it easily with Touch ID.

Big improvement. Since I last had a test earlier this year the process has really improved. Now all information: name, ph#, DOB is all filled in automatically from my account, saving a lot of tedious typing on my small phone. One small problem…, it always gives me an error message ‘this field is too big’ or something like that…, anyway I have found that if I re enter my telephone number everything works and the appt is made🤪

Outstanding Service - Great Staff. Using the app is reasonably easy to set up appointments and I really like access to the results of my tests. My favorite location is on Seal Beach Blvd. in Westminster. It is very convenient to the Boeing facility in Seal Beach and my home in Los Alamitos. All of the staff members are very professional, friendly and seem to care about their clients. They always take their clients in on time and try to accommodate anyone that may need help getting an appointment on short notice. Thank you all.

Not user friendly. This app is the worse. You enter your zip and choose your area but then nothing happens, it doesn't advise you that you have to click on the location again so it can start looking for offices near you. So you wait, thinking it's not working. You finally establish the office you want to go to you click on schedule an appointment. Instead of telling you, they are no appointments available for that office it just shows you dates and times for other offices. Again, you are not sure what is happening, and try to change the location to the location you want, till you figure it out. Just not user-friendly if you ask me.

System works pretty well except…. I’ve been scheduling my appointments through this App for over a year. The actual scheduling functions work well. The Insurance piece rarely works for me as it usually doesn’t accept my United Health Care nor TriCare data. I therefore generally indicate that I will share my cards on arrival. Clearly my insurance data has paid the bills right along. The App should be able to bring up the most recent insurance info when we sign in & allow us to edit as needed for the incoming visit.

Easy to use. The app seems to work pretty well. I’ve used it several times and it seems to work fine. I wish they would modify it, however, to put some type of enterable ID number in it such as when my doctor gives me a list of future testing/bloodwork to be done, I would be able to enter the number and they would know exactly what they needed to do rather than trying to search for it online when I get there. Overall I am very happy with the app.

Why?!?. Overall, I appreciate that there is an app to schedule from; however, why have the app if it doesn’t pull up your personal info & you have to pull out your insurance card anyway every time? I could do that over the phone. I was hoping if I created a profile, I’d get auto-fill for something. I’d also say if you need to make sure nothing is changed, just ask & show profile info to review easily & let them move on if nothing has changed. One thing I do really like is that it pulled up where I went to Quest last time because I really don’t care about 3 counties worth of locations. One more thing: the rolling dates under date of birth kept spinning back toward a

No walk-in appointments. My family has used Quest for many years and previously enjoyed the flexibility of “walk-in” appointments. You new appointment system is terrible! You apparently can’t handle the volume of patients who require lab work. That’s not my fault or problem. It is not healthy for elderly people to be forced to remain fasting until lunchtime, just because Quest employees don’t want to work hard at their jobs. Hire more staff, open more locations, just do whatever it takes to meet the demand of the volume of patients (customers) you have. Today when I was at your Fort Walton Beach location, the waiting room was empty. So your personnel could have easily drawn my required blood specimens and allowed me to go get breakfast before hypoglycemia made me pass out. But your staff exhibited a total lack of concern and told me to take an 11:30 AM appointment. My fasting blood sugar was already too low, I could not wait that long. But she didn’t care. Your policy of no walk-in patients very clearly demonstrates Quest doesn’t care either!

Very user friendly app. The app is very user friendly. It makes scheduling an appointment location, date, and time very easy. It still needs work though. I have to renter personal information like name, age, and insurance every time I make an appointment. I would prefer that information saved. Also, it needs a service option for physicals. It offer flu testing, Covid testing, and others, but not physical blood work testing. That is the one reason I go there annually. Lastly, the nickname being taken at review submission is a painful process due to duplicates names not being allowed.

App needs to be updated. App. Runs well overall …. it should be updated so that it saves your Insurance Information from either previous visit or what is stored and allows you to choose it. They always want it typed back in. Then- Since there are NO personnel to check you in, you do it at a Kiosk- It forces you to input the information again - as well as take NEW photos of your cards. If we have an account already active at Quest - It should be set up that you can choose previous on File information…. Esp for those of us with Standing Orders and go weekly/Monthly

Bad app for a bad company. Wait times are never accurate, app is slow and clunky and the buttons don’t work half the time. Also, I made an appointment ahead of time and then when I showed up, I was told to go home because there were too many walk-ins waiting before me. What??? What is the point of scheduling an appointment then? Apparently at Quest, they value the time of randos off the street more than people who manage their time and show up on time to their appointments. Every location I’ve been to has been massively understaffed. I could go on, I genuinely despise this company and I honestly cannot comprehend why anyone would willingly use their app or their services for anything.

Good and bad. Good for accumulating and reporting results, ok for actually scheduling appointments, but useless when it comes to correlating your account with insurance information to set appointments. You will need to enter insurance information for EVERY appointment - even if it is monthly. And then it is asked for again when you check in. Really? You’ve had the information in file for years; it’s understandable if you ask if it’s changed or if you want to verify it - but can’t you link up the insurance info when one is signed in to make an appointment?

Love all of it!. I love everything about this app it has been so easy to use and keep track of my lab work. I have even used it when seeing a doctor that doesn't have the information from another office they are able to look at my app and review results from lab work. You just request using the date of your lab work the doctors name and phone number then when it is available in 5 to 10 days you can see all of it some labs do take longer though.

Pretty Good-Hard 2 Find 2nd insurance. At least you get to see your options-frustrating when you get labs that you have to get done quickly and you can’t find an appointment. On other hand found a Lab in a Market in next town up that I didn’t know about that now is my preferred lab! Phlebotomist is professional, kind and deserves a raise! Usually I can get an appointment that is convenient in a reasonable timeframe. Without the APP I never would have known this Quest lab was there! (I hope the word isn’t out-She’s my little secret!)

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What do you think of MyQuest for Patients app? Can you share your complaints, experiences or thoughts about the application with Quest Diagnostics, Inc. and people?

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 3.9
Play Store com.questdiagnostics.myquest
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

MyQuest for Patients (Versiyon 3.9) Install & Download

The applications MyQuest for Patients was published in the category Medical on 2014-03-28 and was developed by Quest Diagnostics, Inc. [Developer ID: 300300771]. This program file size is 37.91 MB. This app has been rated by 70,328 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. MyQuest for Patients - Medical app posted on 2022-10-17 current version is 3.9 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.questdiagnostics.myquest. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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MyQuest for Patients App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Users who have not verified their identity will now receive the same messaging throughout the app when trying to view available and pending results. • Users will see the following changes when scheduling appointments: an updated text/phone call informational disclaimer, new messaging and options when trying to book an appointment that has already been taken, and in some cases, wait time will no longer appear for some locations. • Minor Fixes

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Find this site the customer service details of MyQuest for Patients. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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