Pedi STAT App Reviews


Pedi STAT App Description & Overview

What is pedi stat app? Pedi-STAT is a rapid reference for RNs, paramedics, physicians and other healthcare professionals caring for pediatric patients in the emergency or critical care environment.


Among "The Best Drug Reference Apps for Emergency Physicians" - Emergency Physicians Monthly

5 STARS - "Simple interface provides rapid access to critical data needed when managing a critically ill pediatric patient"

5 Stars - "Very useful for treating kids in high pressure situations with precision."


Pedi-STAT features include:

- Rapid results for airway interventions including endotracheal tube sizes, depth, intubation medication dosages, ventilator settings, and sedation

- Cardiac resuscitation data including weight specific dosages for resuscitation medications, cardioversion, and defibrillation

- Access to age and weight specific pediatric equipment including foley catheters, airway management, chest and NG tubes, peripheral and central line sizes, and more

- Seizure medication dosages

- Management of hypoglycemia including age specific dextrose concentrations

- Reference of age specific normal vital signs

- Procedural sedation dosages including single dose meds and infusions, as well as reversal agents

- Calculated pain management medications

- Medical management of allergic reactions and anaphylaxis

Users can quickly access critical information accurately, without having to rely on memory or cumbersome textbooks.

With just a few taps, users have access to all the necessary data to care for a pediatric patient in the emergent setting, including weight-based and age specific medication dosages and equipment sizes.

Since many of the patients present with minimal known information, all the results can be calculated rapidly with only a known age, date-of-birth, weight, length, or height. Simply enter the known variable and the data is instantly calculated.

Developed by an Emergency Physician, this app minimizes the risk of medical errors allowing the provider to spend more time caring for the patient, and less time looking up and calculating doses.

It is a critical companion for any physician, nurse, paramedic, or medical trainee involved in the care of critically ill pediatric patients.

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App Name Pedi STAT
Category Medical
Updated 13 October 2023, Friday
File Size 38.08 MB

Pedi STAT Comments & Reviews 2023

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sativaandbrad. I am an RN in a busy emergency room. This app is great for me! We see pedi pts but not that many, so when I need information quickly, this app is perfect. Any life saving treaments are right at my fingertips and I dont have to calculate doses! That is a huge plus for me! It is very in depth and I have even shown in to all of the paramedics that come in because it would be great to use on scene. It's like PALS on my phone...but easier! A portable broselow! I love it!

Best paeds quick reference. I’m an EM doc, have tried all the various paeds quick reference apps, for my purposes, i find this one easiest to use and most comprehensive for most “real world” applications. Many others are organized by cards for the patient weight with all i fo in one place. This is more what i was looking for, a weight-based reference that is organised by the symptom i am treating, helpful for everyday things like antipyretics and antiemetics, which i (fortunately) use more frequently in my practice than resuscitation medications in paeds (although these are also available and easy to reference in the app as well)

ER RN. I work in a busy Level One Trauma center and this app is a great resource for when we get kids in. Makes life much easier

EMERGENCY ROOM RN. Best app money can buy (and its for free!). This app is the best quick pocket reference for emergency peds Meds ever!

Awesome app!!. Everyone who works with kids will find this app useful. The interface is clean and very easy to use. This sure beats remembering formulas and carrying reference cards or pocket books. Download this app now!!! You won't regret it.

Great Pedi for real 911 EMS calls. I’m a firefighter / Paramedic, I’ve been using this app for 4 years. I look up pedi doses enroute to calls so once arrive I know shocking Jules and cardiac drugs. Then by that time the broslow tape is out. Then use that. I use also for quick reference on vital signs. Highly recommended the app.

Very useful. for those who treat sick kids infrequently

Great app for EMS. Great app for any EMT or Paramedic, get the information on the way to the cal, age normally, and you will have every drug calculation needed to run any critical pediatric. I do have one issue, the age stops at 12 and the weight ends at 43kg.

Crucial. Great app saves time and brain damage when double checking yourself or just in a pinch. Wonderful app keep up the good updates.

PALS. I am a pals instructor and I use this app often as a supplement to other information. For example, nothing on the broselow tape for Benadryl but we can find it on Pedi STAT. Easy to use! Students often download the app right class!

Terrific!. As an orthopaedic surgeon, I am not in the habit of intubating too many kids, but I do operate on them. This app is absolutely terrific. It's great in the post op setting for my patients' pain management needs. This app is an absolute must for any surgeon who operates on kids.

App no longer starts. Whenever the app is started, it stays stuck on a loading screen! It is now unusable.

Great App for Emergency Medicine. I always get stuck on Pediatric dosing when I’m working through pediatric Simulation cases. I used this app on my friend’s phone and was pleasantly surprised at how quick, simple, and easy it is to use. I can confidently say that this app was the easiest to use when compared to competitors that I’ve also tried in other pediatric cases. I’m very excited to now have this app and continue using it as I continue growing in my career!

John McKenna RN CTRN CFRN. Outstanding App ! As a flight nurse who constantly deals with time sensitive cases, this app allows you to get the answers you need FAST ! A colleague of mine challenged me to mock scenarios, he had a Braslo tape, I had the App, in the end, he paid for the latte ! Nice work James (o: John McKenna RN CTRN CFRN

the Best Pedi App! Way to go!. I've used this and several other pedi apps. This is by far the best. The ability to get patient information by weight, age, or length is critical in cases when the weight isn't the only value known. And on top of that, the organization in this app makes it very easy to find what I'm looking for. The other apps are lacking these features, and so I would definitely recommend this over any other pedi app. This one is great!

Excellent app!. Easy to use interface. Recommend this to anyone & everyone who takes care of peds patients. One of the best medical apps in ye iTunes store, wish the dev make one for adult patients too!

Extremely helpful!. As an emergency physician in a predominantly adult ER, this app is worth it's weight in gold. The sick kid isn't a problem for me. It's the critically ill child who presents through triage in distress and no one seemingly can find a Broslow. This scenario doesn't happen often (thankfully) but it does periodically. The app allows you to generate drug dosages via age or weight. This app is a must need for any practicing emergency physician!!

The go-to for Peds EM. Nearly everyone I know in my emergency department has this app and for good reason: Simple and intuitive UI with all the info you need for any truly sick kid that rolls into the ED. A must for any EM provider

Outstanding Peds Resource. As an ED RN I use this app frequently, not just for really sick kids, where it's a must have, but for simple things like regular VS for a 3 year old. No resource is perfect but this one is as close as I've found.

Good app. Exceptional app, use it for every pediatric flight. However, besides the drug dosages in mg's listed, I wish this app listed the mL's and the standard dose concentrations for meds. It would just make that one step quicker for healthcare personnel to not have to calculate mg-ml in an emergency.

Great!!!. This is a fantastic program to help you manage the sick / crashing kid. It is not an all encompassing pediatric drug reference. A few antibiotics can be remembered, and anything else can be looked up. This gives you quick access to what you don't have time to look up, and does the critical calculations for you. This is not going to be the only pediatric reference you will ever need, but it is the one that will really help you out in a bind!!!!

The Best Peds quick reference app out there. I have tried out every app out there for peds EM dosing and Pedi STAT is truly the best. So easy to navigate, use, and really my lifeline during peds codes/critical cases. I recommend it to all our EM and Peds residents at my institution to use.

Excellent.. Had a critically ill 2yo in ED last night, and found this incredibly useful, particularly during RSI. Would highly recommend for any health professional who potentially will be caring for sick kids.

ERRN. I have always respected Dr. Kempema's clinical judgement and ability to respond to critical situations. He has taken my confidence in his knowledge even farther with the creation of this App. Working at an adult Level 1 trauma center, it is rare that we get critical children. Second guessing your dosing of lifesaving medications is the last stress you need. Pedi Stat makes it so simple and takes away the anxiety over medication dosing. As a mom, I have even used the App for over the counter medications, such as Benadryl. What a great reference to have at my fingertips! This App is for ALL medical staff!!!

Great New App. Very easy to navigate. Just the info you need and you do not have to navigate thru a bunch of stuff to find it.

Excellent Peds Resource. This is a must have app for any provider (physician, nurse, tech) who works in a pediatric setting. It’s very user friendly, quick to access and manipulate to find what you need, and accurate to patient care. If you’re looking for an app that will help guide your care and answer quick questions regarding dosages or weight/age-based management, this is the app for you. 100% worth the purchase & download!

PO Antibiotics. Just downloaded this app only to find there’s no options/recommendations for PO antibiotics?? I know this app is designed with ER physicians in mind, but certainly there are times when even they send patients home on PO antibiotics. I think that would really make this app much more complete and helpful for those of us in family medicine, urgent care, etc. Otherwise great app and very user friendly.

Amazing App. This is my go to for anything Pedi!!

Love this app!. This app is very helpful especially with medication dosages. Is there an adult version of this?

Wouldn’t recommend. I’m an ER doc. This app is not useful. Each topic is too compartmentalized. Not simple to find things you need.

Good application but need antibiotics syrup. can you add antibiotics syrup?

RN. I work in both the ER & Burn ICU and we get a lot of kids, especially toddlers. This is a great app! Very useful & easy to use. I love that by entering weight everything is calculated out for you. Very time saving.

Could be better. It is a nice reference and has some nice features. Would be a nice tool for the savvy new grad pedi nurse. I don't like the fact that the weight limit is 43kg. That is not useful when many patients are heavier than that. There are also many spelling errors too.

Rapid access for pediatric ER. Simple interface provides rapid access to critical data needed when managing a critically ill pediatric patient.

Great reference. Only thing I really suggest the developers look at are the new NRP guidelines and recommendations for neonatal dosing. Hope that helps!!!

RN, CFRN. I have had this app since it's inception. It is just awesome! Easy to use/navigate, comprehensive and accurate. I am a flight nurse on a busy EMS helicopter and utilize it often. I agree that the 1 star review with the word "worthless" requires specifics from the writer otherwise I question the motivation and or knowledge of this individual in this arena...

Great App. I think the easy of use makes this app useful both in the field and at the bedside. Lots of cool options and info at the click of your finger! ........regardless of what letters come after my name!

Update ruined it. I usually don't write reviews but I hope the developers see this and fix the app. Pedi star was great; all the info at your fingertips, drugs and equipment. After the update it is now written for medical students, interns, or nurses who aren't used to dealing with sick patients. The meds are listed within algorithms and in giant categories. It's too unwieldly to use in an emergency or on the way to one. It has far too much basic information in the way of the real information. This basic information is not the kind needed when seeing a sick kids. It gets in the way and if that's the info you need, you don't need pedi stat, you need another doctor.

Best Peds app ever. Thankfully I’ve never had to actually use this app (so far) other than in scenarios but as a Paramedic I recommend anyone in emergency services have this on their phone. The information is displayed really well and is very easy to get to when time matters.

Love this app!. This is my go to pediatric application and I recommend it regularly. It gives you quick and easy access to dosages tailored to your patient without having to do math in the middle of an emergency. One click and the answer is at your fingertips. A little pricey but totally worth it!

Love it, ALMOST perfect. Missing a search function. If I know what medicine I need / want but just need a dose, I want to be able to search for the medicine instead of clicking through categories I think it might be in. Please give me a search functionality!!

Great app. I have worked in Pediatrics/ICU before and now work in my local ED. This app is really great. In addition, it contains an inadvertent typo which gave me a much-needed laugh. In one of the screens the term "broncospasm" is used instead of "bronchospasm." Given that the context for the word conjured up a bucking horse, I'd say the slip of the keyboard/spellchecker completely fits the type of patient one would be using a paralytic agent on!

Essential. An essential app for pediatric calculations. When I’m on my way to a Ped patient this is my go-to quick reference. Great tool for cognitive off-loading.

Highly Intuitive in Stressful Situations. As a pediatric nurse I often find myself in need of information that can be difficult to obtain quickly. Often I am required to remember large quantities of information that specifically pertain to the age and/or weight of a child in care. This app makes it simple to understand exactly what's needed and when. The user interface is extremely well thought-out, thereby completely eliminating my initial learning curve. Definitely worth the 3 bucks I paid for this. One of the best medical apps I have for my iPhone.

A MUST - Have!. This is by far the best program of its kind. Intuitive, accurate, complete, and incredibly easy to use. This is essential for anyone taking care of kids in emergent situations. No more flipping through the Pharmacopoeia in a panic!!

No reversal doses. The updated app again does not include weight based dose for reversal (glyco and neo) which seems like a large omission for the app.

Great tool for ED/NICU providers. Utilizing this app in the ED as a practicing RN after one of the docs recommended it to me. Simple layout makes any pediatric critical care reference practical while working in a fast paced environment.

Exceptional App. This app is quick, prompt, and accurate with most pediatric emergencies. I have used this for over three years now, and it is my #1 go to app for any sick kid. Plus, it is easy to navigate based on age, etc to get to where you want to be quickly. This single app is the reason I ALWAYS make sure my iTouch is charged and ready to go at my side.

A must have for every EM doc!. This app is well done!! I love that it gives me one-dose calculations for my patients without having to fumble with numbers. It is a superb update to a well-loved classic!

Great app for critical peds management - thank you!. As a practicing EM attending of 10 years, I feel compelled to write this review today. This morning I had a seizing baby arrive that was difficult to manage and this app kept me calm. I downloaded it a few weeks ago, liked the UI and hadn't used until this morning. A good medical app allows you to open it when you need it and quickly obtain critical information. This app fit the bill - flawless when needed most. PLEASE don't bloat it down with junk that I don't need....keep it as is.

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How is a GCS if 15 = mild traumatic brain injury?. Gotta fix stuff like that....

Fantastic app in need of iPad support. Exceptionally useful app, well worth the cost. Does however need to keep up with new technology and support iPad as this is fast becoming a useful point of care tool.

.. Handy

Very handy app. This is a very handy app to have for paed nurses.

A must-have for every paramedic!. Absolutely brillant! Very well made. Best Pedi app in store. No regrets!

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FINALLY! No more charts!. I just found this amazing APP. I am doctor who works closly with EMTs and is regurlarly on call. This app is extremely intuitive. I will be recommending this to my colleagues. Thanks!

Fantastic app. Phenomenal app. Incredibly user friendly and intuitive. The interface should be the gold standard for emergency medical reference apps!

Must have!. If you take care of acutely sick children this app is a must have! I use it regularly.

Slow to open. Older version was 5 stars, I could rely on it working 100% of the time. This latest version takes too long to open and requires good internet connectivity which isn’t always possible. Can no longer rely on it when I need it.

Worth it. As a critical care flight paramedic I think that this program is a fantastic reference tool. Good application to the advanced, basic care, and land paramedic.

Love the info! Dress it up dome more.. The app works flawlessly. Just update it with retina support. Retina displays came out a year ago now, your still making money off this app at $2.99 on sale. Your programmer can afford to do an update. It's now THE only app on my phone without retina support which makes it the ugliest app on my phone. fix that and you'll get a 5 from me.

Rocks. Great for quick dosing when a resus arrives with only the age known. It could include an antibiotic or "custom" drug section where you could add other drugs to make it a little more usable outside crisis situations.

Good But It's 2017. Hey I'm an Advanced Care Paramedic and love using this app, but should not it be updated to the new PALS 2015 guidelines?

Great app - slow booting up. This is a great app but using it in EMS can be less than ideal as it takes 30 seconds to load almost every time. Is this being looked into?

Pedi stat review. I was recommended this app by a coworker. After briefly browsing through the app I encountered several medication spelling errors. I have to admit I find it hard to rely on an app that can't even spell med names correctly. Wish it were more trustworthy!

Fantastic App for Emerg Docs. Complete, easily accessible, extremely useful tool. Includes normal vital signs as well as all drug doses/equipment sizes. Broselow in your pocket. Won't give you algorithms, but has things set up according to PALS so you know where to look in a pinch. Just download it... the next pediatric code you run will be much better for it.

Essential app. Simple interface is great for rapid reference. Would be nice to have a search function to rapidly find an item without having to find the item’s category.

Customized Directives. Amazing app and very intuitive. I wish I could plug in my local medical directives and have the app run the formula on those directives.

Excellent must have resource. Emerg physician. Excellent content and very use friendly interface

Awesome ED resource. This is a great resource to have available for paediatric emergencies in the ED/ICU. Many of my colleagues use this app regularly for our peds patients. I wish we could search by drug name though, as I don’t always know what category to look under to find a medication.

Great value. Tons of useful information, very easy to use. Great app for the price!

Nic. Must have for any nurse or np in clinical settings! Used it this week with dosing for child having seizure! It's a great tool.

Why change the icon???. Why did you change the icon to that ugly purple thing? I was so used to seeing the colourful icon that I could find the App rapidly. Now I was wondering what happened to my app. When you need the information fast you don't have time to futz around looking for the App.

No Dark Mode. This update disables dark mode instead of supporting it properly. Edit— I think part of the problem is the developers are focusing their efforts on maintaining iOS 12 support, even though less than 7% of users are on iOS 12. That kind of thing uses a lot of coding and testing time that could be spent implementing modern features like Dark Mode.

Updates should be prompt. Love this app! Use it regularly. My only issue is that I work in a low resource environment and don’t have internet access at point of care. Now when I start the app it hangs because it can’t check if the database is up to date. I appreciate that updates are important but it would be better if it was an optional prompt (do you want to check for updates) vs an automatic thing as in an emergency restarting the app and trying to get internet access take precious time away from the case at hand. Or if the updates were pushed as app updates that would be good as well.

It's the best in the care of Children. As an Advanced Life Support Paramedic this app has been great! Recently two 3 mo Arrests, multiple seizures and a couple traumas. Dial it in put it beside the child and my partner and I can dial up what we need to give and confirm our calculations. Significantly reduced stressful calls. Hope they keep improving an already excellent app!! And they just did!

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Double check medication doses. Users should be aware that some of the dose recommendations for babies and young children are not accurate, and are potentially dangerous. We have contacted the developers who are working to fix this, but in the meantime be careful!

iPad versions. Please start to create iPad versions of your apps..... Thanks

Best peds app. Great for emergency physicians who need a quick reference. Great for learners, too!

EMS/Emergency Medicine Physician. Excellent App. This is a must have tool for EMS providers and emergency medicine practitioners. Very easy to navigate and resourceful. Highly recommended.

The only App I have ever used. I got this app when it was still free! This app is the only app I have ever used. I worked at a extremely busy level 1 trauma hospital!! After just a couple of codes staff was wondering what I was using on my phone. Pretty much every Attending and resident before I left had this loaded on their phone! As a nurse I wouldn’t want to run a code without someone using this for a reference or a double check. It also comes in handy for the little things like antipyretics, and even vital signs! I’m retired now and still use it as a quick reference for those friends with little ones.

I'm telling... all our peds residents!. This app proves to be an excellent tool from airway sugustions to vent settings! Thanks. Chronic care peds RN

Useful app. Great app for pedi. Generic names for the drugs would be helpful. When not dealing with peds all the time the app is a must have. As useful as the pedi wheel.

Needs hypotension section. This is a great app - would give 5 stars if you could add a section for management of shock/hypotension with dosing for pressor drips like epi, norepi, dopa, etc.

PediStat. One of the easiest apps to navigate. If you want your answers fast, this is the one for you.

Great. Great app. Used it in a code the other day

FlightPara. Great app. Very easy to use, great for emergency care.

Don't bother with it. Worthless.

MD. Great app. Like the simplicity of being able to calculate doses before a critical child arrives to the ER.

MD. Wonderful app.! Clear, quick and to the point. Very helpful to everyone treating children, especially in the ER.

8/10. As a paramedic, I primarily enjoy the vital signs. Though, counterintuitively, the 'vital signs' is alphabetically listed as 'normal viral signs'. It's useful otherwise.

Excellent!. Of great use for an emergency physician

FM Doc. Excellent resource, easy to use

Great app. Great app, but it would be nice to have the dosages show max doses or go above 40kg! Someone should incorporate acls into this and it would be THE go to app.

Awesome. Great app! Accurate calculations. Will be used frequently.

PEDI Emergency Doctor. Outstanding Period! I have multiple medical software apps on my phone but only this one actually is invaluable to my practice. It saved my butt during a hectic code the other day. All the Pedi EM residents in our teaching center use it as well as most of the house staff. The recent updates make this software even better.

Great for quick med doses. This is a great app to use in ED setting, when a critical child comes in and you need to know the doses of RSI drugs for ordering, without having to try and wrestle with the broslow tape in a crowded trauma bay. Many ways to select your dosing (age, wt, height, broslow tape guide). Very nice color coding for RSI medication categories. Also gives source equation and ranges for dosing, to allow MD discretion in selecting dose. I recommend this for all ED docs!

MD. Now I don't have to fear critical pees patients. All the information is right at my fingertips! It's a great app to have!

Excellent resource.. As an EM PA I use this app EVERY shift as a double check. Easy to use, concise information. 5 stars all the way.

Great great app. As someone who primarily works with adults, pedi stat is a real life-saver (literally)

Md facep. Awesome app. Everything you need in pedi EM.

Excellent app. Great app but needs a few more drugs such as dopamine and all the other pressors as well as prostaglandins. Also any other drips thatare commonly used.

Allergic to Typos. Overall, useful and fairly accurate pediatric therapy guide. BUT - beware the typo in "anaphylaxis." The max dose should be 1 mg, not 1mg/kg.

Pedi Stat review. I find this app very relevant to everyday practice. It is easy to navigate and provides excellent information.

Will Not Work!!!. It says compatible with I-Touch....NOT!!!..Will not load on my I-Touch says I need to have an updated I-Phone OS.....Sounds like a good app though wish I knew...

Good...could be great. Absolutely a very good app. It would be great if there was antibiotics.

Great little app. This is a great little app. It's very simple and easy to use, and fast, and best of all, its packed with lots on information. Recommended!

Pedi stat. Very useful for treating kids in high pressure situations with precision. Very easy application to use.

Good app. This is a very helpfull app. The only thing that i would add is antibiotics and other drugs.

Great, no-nonsense app. Great application... I practice in a busy pediatric ED and a county "gun & knife" indigent ED. Great for both settings. As an assistant medical director I've reccomended this to other physicians. All have liked it!

Nice app, few too many steps. content is good...but it just seems to take too long to find what i need. too many steps...I stopped using it once I downloaded a different pedi app that had the info I needed in a better format.

Really?!?!. I find it very frustrating that a medical program written by a doctor has the opportunity to identify yourself as a "physician", "nurse" or even a "dietician" but do not have the option of "nurse practitioner" or "physician assistant". Really?!?!

Great. For cardiac resuscitation

A must have. This is my favorite medical app. During a peds code the other day I was able to focus on the patient instead of having to calculate drug dosages, ET tube sizes, etc. I recommend this app to all medical providers dealing with peds.

Pedi Stat. Awesome app Would it be possible to include Pressor support : EPi, NorEpi, etc Platelet and PRBC dosing Hydrocortisone bolus for shock

Great App. The functionality Within the program is very user friendly and instinctual. The program is acurrate, thorough, and extremely user friendly. Can't wait for adult version to come out!!


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Language English
Price $5.99
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 5.0.4
Play Store com.qxmd.pedsGuide
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

Pedi STAT (Versiyon 5.0.4) Install & Download

The application Pedi STAT was published in the category Medical on 29 August 2009, Saturday and was developed by James M Kempema MD PA [Developer ID: 1519534589]. This program file size is 38.08 MB. This app has been rated by 55 users and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. Pedi STAT - Medical app posted on 13 October 2023, Friday current version is 5.0.4 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.qxmd.pedsGuide. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
Other Apps from James M Kempema MD PA Developer
App Name Score Comments Price
Pedi STAT EMS Reviews 5 1 $2.99
Pedi STAT App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This upgrade includes an improved search function, adding the ability to search by categories as well as medications and equipment. We also corrected a couple bugs to improve data entry. Our database integration has been enhanced so the app refreshes much faster. We’ve adjusted the font and colors in the app to improve readability, and added brand names to assist users in searching for the necessary medications. Burn size estimation has been improved with increased accuracy and a few medications have been added.

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