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Paramedic Protocol Provider [Medical] App Description & Overview

What is paramedic protocol provider app? Paramedic Protocol Provider provides quick offline access to over 350 field treatment protocols from the USA and Canada.

An annual in-app subscription will be required to download or update protocols app starting in 2018. Downloaded protocols will not be updatable without a subscription.

Use of this app requires acceptance of the terms of service posted at

For a list of currently available protocols please visit

Features include:
•350+ protocols and supporting documents
•Quick indexed lookup of content in a matter of seconds
•Search titles and text
•Favorites tab for quick access of what's important to you
•Updated regularly, ensuring content is up-to-date
•Customizable notes for each individual entry
•Always with you as long as you have your device and never fades or tears

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Paramedic Protocol Provider Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Paramedic Protocol Provider Version 3.9.1022 February 2020

3.9.10: *Fixed crash when dismissing Help menu. For a full history, see

Paramedic Protocol Provider Comments & Reviews 2023

- Great app

Great app until my employer forced them to take down my protocols.

- Wasted $10

There are a limited number of agencies represented (at least in my state). None of the agencies I work with were listed. I followed the steps to request agencies to be added and was told, “Unfortunately we no longer add protocols to the $10 app, but rather enter into contracts with agencies to provide an app free to their personnel.. ..Our pricing is based on the size of the agency and starts at $750/year. “ So, no agencies I can use and they can’t be added unless the agency will pay hundreds of dollars. Strongly recommend you check their website to see if your agency is listed before wasting your money like I did.

- Great!

I’ve worked with a couple of different agencies with different protocols, so it is great to have an app that not only allows easy downloads of your agency’s protocols, but also offers easy transition between them. I use this often as a quick reference tool, and the updates are fast and easy that always maintain the newest versions of the protocols.

- Great App

Lots of help during paramedic school and beyond. A lot more convenient to use this app on your iPad, instead of carrying stacks of protocols or dealing with finding them online. Really wish they had the option to write/draw on the actual protocols themselves, instead of having to switch to the other window.

- Won’t stop “indexing”

I have both app’s on my phone. They legit helped me get through my medic class and the clinical ride alongs. Recently though the Agency version isn’t recognizing the PPP app and while the protocols will show up in the PPP version the search function is not working at all. In the provided search bar it just shows the word “indexing” with a spinning icon and it never goes away. I have deleted and re installed the apps several times. Still no change. Great tool for work but not if I have to stop patient care and cycle through the entire state protocol with no search function. - Chris

- Well thought out, easy to use!

As a paramedic student and a seasoned EMT, I wanted something on my phone that had my local protocols on it. I was a little worried about update frequency, but haven’t run into any issues yet! Well worth the price.

- What is updating?? Not a complete set of protocols

Pretty good app for the most part. But it seems like every time I open it, it says an update is available. My EMS agency only updates protocols 2 times a year so I don’t know what it is updating all the time. Also, it does not contain all of the protocols that exist in my area.

- Great app about to get worse

This is an amazing app for quickly looking up protocols! Unfortunately in the app description it says they are going to start requiring a $4.99 subscription in 2017! While I value this app and was willing to pay $9.99 initially for it, that is going to devalue it and make me search for other options (more out of principle, grandfather those who paid with the understanding it was a one time fee and my opinion will change). I will say though that they are quick to update the app as protocols change.

- Waste of $10

My protocols for the county I work in is not on this app. I used the most common protocol in my state opinion and it wasn’t even close.

- Did not work

I paid $10 for an app to tell me that they don’t have my county protocols. I’m a little frustrated.

- False advertising

It shows it has SAFD protocols on the picture. No protocols found

- Horrid

Protocols won’t update or download.

- Not working

Unable to download NYC Remac protocols

- Most useful EMS application

As a paramedic working in multiple jurisdictions, this app is a great way to give myself a quick reminder of the little differences in protocols depending on what region I'm in. The best part of the app is that it's hyperlinked and indexed to specific protocols. For example, I open it, it shows me a list of general categories such as trauma, medical, etc, tap on cardiac for example and you choose ACS, v-fib, etc. That takes you to a PDF copy of your specific protocol. Yes, many protocols are available in PDF versions and can be put on an iphone for free, but then you have to flip through 100 pages trying to find what you want, and this takes you right to where you need to be quickly. It's an exact copy of your protocol book. If drip rates and drug dosages are in your protocol book, it will be in this app. For instance, the REMO Region NY has drip rates and calculations for several drugs (dopamine, epi, etc) which are all available in here. The app also gives you an opportunity to check for updated protocols, which is nice. It's a little expensive, but I found it worth it.

- Must Have App.....

At the time I purchased this app it did not have Arizona Protocols. I Downloaded protocols for another city to check it out and I could not believe how exact it was. I emailed Oded to see if he was working on getting Arizona in and it was in the process but was just waiting approval. In a matter of a week or two and finally getting approval from the right person he emailed me back to let me know it was ready. I went and got the East Valley protocols and it was the same as my big package of papers I had to carry around except now its a lot more accessable, No flipping pages, and it fits easy in your pockets. I definitely give this a 10 of 5 stars. I have been recommending it to all the fire departments and ambulance companies that use the same protocols. It is way well worth the 8 bucks. Oded thanks again for your help and strong work. Great Customer Service.

- Amazing!!

If I could only have one app, this would be it. I am currently a medic student and heard about this app from a working medic. I can honestly say, this is a life saver. Right now we are required to learn the protocols for two different LEMSAs that we intern in and this app lets me bring my protocol book with me anywhere I go. Whether it's studying at starbucks, hanging out by the river or riding in the rig, I have all my protocols right at my fingertips. Let's me study whenever I have a few minutes. It's quick and easy to learn and to navigate through and I've only heard good things about the responsiveness of Oded, the creator of the app. Definitely the best $9.99 i've spent in a long time. Highly, highly recommended!

- Great App

I have found that this is very useful. I have not been on the road in awhile, but when I was on the road, I wish that I had this app to help me and one less book to worry about it. One of the things was that when I did work the road, I sometimes had to go between two counties. But we only had only the protocols for the county that we originally worked in. So this comes in handy because of the fact that I can have the protocols of the two counties. Plus I am doing my paramedic clinicals over the next year or so and it is going to help because I am doing the clinicals in the county that I don't really know the protocols.

- Super Great Program

I'm a medic in KY and the statewide protocol is great. I work for two different services and one has adopted the statewide protocol and one hasn't. Every call I go on now, first thing I do is look up the protocol for the complaint of the Pt. As we all know, the initial CC is not always what we find when we get on scene, but it heads us in the right direction when it is right. I love the capibility of being able to add notes and phone numbers to the app. I would like to have the ability to have the note page on each protocol so I could add or delete what is not adopted by the service that has its own protocol and not the states. Some might think, the price of the app might be a little on the high side but my experience is you get what you pay for and this app provides alot of information for a small fee. Well worth the price. I don't know of one paramedic or EMT that takes his notebook with the protocol in it to every call but with this app, it's always on your phone and normally you never leave home without it.

- Paramedic MUST OWN

I rarely advocate for any apps but this one has never failed me and my only complaint is that I had not thought to develop it first. The author has effectively freed up space in my cargo pants/work space by letting me utilize my county protocols anywhere on the fly. No reception needed. What really makes this shine is not only the UI and slight customization available but the author of this app is in top of things. I've received PM's from the author thanking me when when I had brought errors to his attention and also updates PDFs on my countys site. If you buy one app, make it this one.

- Great application

I NEVER rate apps because I don't like to take the time to do so. However, this app I must! The app is very user friendly and the new OS is amazing. You can store important numbers ie. Hosp. ED inside the app. This is very helpful when you’re looking at a specific protocol that requires a Base Hospital Order. I have sent emails to the developer and he responds back very quickly and keeps his app up to date. If your FF/Medic or Private AMB this app is a must have. If you’re interested to see what other states are doing it's a cool way to take a peek. I'm going to say it one more time YOU MUST HAVE THIS APP YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!

- Must have app for EMS workers!!!

This is by far one of the most useful apps on my iPhone. (right up there with my med reference app, you know what one) This app is a no BS protocol book on your iPhone. No more flipping through pages to find something. You can have a protocol up for reference in about three taps. Some have made comments about poor updates. I have yet to have a problem. I send an email about an update and most of the time I get a response in an hour from the dev. Great product, great tech support, what more could you need???

- Captain/Paramedic

I highly recommend this App! Fast response when I let them know our new protocol was starting Feb 1st. I don't need to carry the small pocket version, it is right here on my phone when I need it. Being on an ALS engine, I'm able to pull up SOPs before the ambulance arrives which is very handy. I'm also able to study for the SOP test without lugging the full copy around. Every Paramedic should have this on their phone. If your Regions SOP is not listed, e-mail and you can bet it will be added quickly!

- Awesome!

I highly recommend this app to my co-workers and do so to you as well. It really is worth every penny. Easily jump to any protocol from most counties. Protocol changes are updated automatically-if not just shoot an e mail to the Dev, he/she changes it no problem. I hope they don't start to charge a renewal fee to update protocols but I guess I understand. My county updates/changes protocols way too often, I can't imagine the work the Dev most have trying to keep up with everyone. Must have for any Medic or EMT.

- Great product

I have found been able to download protocols for every area I work in. Being able to switch between these protocols at a touch of the screen is very convenient. It also nice to have access to all my protocol information without having to search for the book in the truck and flip through pages in a hurry. It is rare I use this on calls but it is a very nice reference that I use for review and instruction.

- ALS provider in Hampton Roads, VA.

This app has the new 2010 TEMS protocols available before the have been pushed out to the field. This app is so much easier to use than a regular document file. The only improvements I would recommend will be addressed im the January update where providers will be able to customize contacts. This app is awesome. One of the few I would actually pay for. I have gotten my money's worth is just a few days.

- Superb App!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This app is a must have for all paramedics. I have had great response when contacting the creator and it is an invaluable tool for training new hire employees. As far as the people complaining about the cost: I'm not sure where you can get a field guide for under $10 much less one that updates automatically and gives you additional features. This is one of the best apps on the market. Great job!

- Great App

I work for Acadian Ambulance in Louisiana. We recently added our protocals for our Louisiana and Texas operations to this app. I never expected for it to look exacctly like our protocol book, page for page. It is a great app, runs quickly. Very very happy and I recommended that all LA and TX employees get this and hope that our Mississippi protocols can be added soon for the medics that work in that state. Great job for to all those involved in putting this up.

- Good Idea - Too Expensive for What You Get

I'm a PA paramedic and bought this app to keep protocols close with me when needed. Unfortunately, this program falls short of what I was expecting. It's nothing more than an indexed copd of a PDF file. It's too hard to read a PDF and zoom in to what I need to see easily. I can get the same content of off the DOH website and view the PDF from them - FOR FREE!!! It's a great idea - take the information in the PDF and put it into a more interactive and easier to view format and I'll give you five stars. Great attempt - but do a little more work and it'll be worth the price.

- Medic Student's Best Friend

Great protocol app! Shows every page and notes easily categorized. Perfect for a quick review on the way to a call or doing homework. Often updated and errors can be easily reported. I wholeheartedly recommend this app and commend the amount of work put into it. No one wants to carry a protocol book 24/7 but this makes it possible! Add as many states/regions/companies as you'd like!

- Great App!

This app is great, and the service it comes with is unremarkable! If you find that you have an out dated protocol, just shoot them an e-mail, they take care of it immediately! I reported an out of date protocols and on this last Friday afternoon, they researched it, and on Superbowl Sunday I received a response, and was able to update! Thanks for your help I would recommend this to any paramedic with an i-product.

- Very useful

Zooming in works fine. This is a great way to get your county protocols on your phone and easily accessible. I emailed the developer and he added our protocols which he will do if enough people from your county ask! This app costs the same or less than a printed protocol book and it won't decay and is easily updateable. Please support this developer because all counties should start providing protocols this way.

- Good resource

Good resource to have in the field. Kinda surprised that it hasn't been updated for iPhone 5, which has been out for nearly 7 months. Even in horizontal mode the type is barely large enough to read it without zooming, but it looks like it would be ok if the program utilized the full width of the screen. Also having a "full screen" mode without icons on top and bottom would be great. With the type so small, it's very difficult to read in a moving vehicle. However, great resource in general.

- Must have app for EMS providers

This is a must have application if you are an EMT or Paramedic. I have that this application is easy to use and I prefer to use this application to the PDF files that were provided to me for my protocols. This very useful application has made it possible for me to have all of my protocols available and in one place on my iPad therefore making my iPad that much more necessary on the medic unit.

- Wow!

Must have for any bls or ALS provider. This program only had my bls protocols, I emailed the author via the button in the program to request my ALS protocols be added, next day I got a confirmation email stating he will be adding them, he also asked if the link he has is correct, 3 weeks later it's intergrated into the program. Talk about customer satisfaction!!! If I could give 10 stars I would!! Joe Oliver- Suffolk county New York

- Perfect

This is just what I was looking for. As a part time medic I don't use the protocols as often and like to refer to them just to be sure. This is a easy way to do that. Thank you. To the person that gave it poor reviews I say blaaah. You must not be much of a medic if you dont see how useful and inexpensive this tool is. I would love to see this built upon with more tables and stuff like that. Thank you.

- Annual fee

I like this app. I've used it and have seen it used especially by those who are new to the state. Understanding phones shouldn't be relied on, we rely on our phones. Phones have phone numbers to important people and places like med control, ED's, and dispatch. Phones have GPS, calculators, and protocols if you choose. I'm having a hard time, though, understanding why there will be an annual fee. I was happy paying the original fee to obtain the app. Protocol's aren't revised every year, so how can you place an annual fee?

- Convenient App, Sharp Features

I am an ems provider in two different jurisdictions, and this app is a great reference, easily accessible and readable, and well organized. Developer is extremely responsive to requests for additional features and adding other protocols. These are the actual protocols, not some boiled-down redux version of them. Zoom feature works perfectly.

- This is sweet!

DL this app last night while on shift. Everything I could have ever asked or in a protocol app is right here. Not only is it paramedic proof in its simplicity and ease of use. The service is incredible. I emailed the developer about updating the NCOEMS protocols and adding Wake County. Got a reply back in 6 hours and several followuo emails. I cannot say enough about this App. A must have for Pre/Out of hospital providers.

- Great tool!!!!

This is a great app. We all carry our phones with us as providers. A quick reference and teaching tool is at my finger tips. I use it constantly when teaching refresher and working with students. Great support from developer....always looking for feedback to make this a better app. It has been a pleasure working with Oded getting our protocols in this system.

- Love this app!!!

Outstanding app!!! Courteous customer service through website. Oded answered all my questions promptly via email. We just recently had a lot of protocol revisions in NC and I was very pleased that I no longer have to carry the bulky little protocol book around. My whole protocol book is on my iPhone. If you're a medic I highly recommend this app. Well worth the money.

- Awesome resource!

Bravo! I am no longer bringing my tattered and torn protocol book to work! This is well thought out, easy to navigate with great features. I must say overall very pleased with the app! I love the ability to either check meds, call base, calculate a drip all quickly and easily! The integration of maps to hospitals....fantastic! Thanks for a new tool I will surely use frequently!

- Best app I have

I love this app due to the fact that I work in several LEMSAs, plus our flight program protocols are on it as well. I use it all the time!! There have been no problems with updates that I have experienced, and I have recommended it to paramedic students I teach. Well worth the money, and there are few apps I buy!!!

- Perfect field reference

As Oded's preceptor, I forgot to give him his due and rate his app. This app is used every day by me and my current intern. Now that Oded is my partner, I can attest to the fact that he spends a great deal of time on his laptop in the rig adding protocols, talking to EMS authorities all over the country, and updating the app. The amount of work that goes onto this app for $8 is an incredible deal.

- Great app!!

I've had this app for going on a year now, and I absolutely love it! Definitely beats having to flip through a binder to hunt for specific protocols. The app is laid out extremely well and allows for quick navigation through your entire set of protocols. Even had a very timely update when our protocols were revised. Well worth the $10!

- Wow

This is great! I bought this for a reference. Since my protocols were not listed. But I contacted the developed and asked(begged) for our protocols to be added. I got an email back two days later saying he had found our(sadly outdated) protocols online and had already set them up! Talk about sweet. Just wish he worked for us.

- Worth it

When you're trying to remember your pediatric benzo dose at 3am it helps just being able to pull it up on your phone than having to flip through a 200 page binder. Updates as soon as our protocols change so its always current. Easy to use and functional. Highly recommended.

- Awesome!

I've used this app now for quite a while. Since close to it's original release date, this was one of the first apps I bought. I've recommended this app to several co-workers and would not hesitate to do so again. I did have a few questions that were addressed immediately by the developer via email. Great support and service.

- Awesome, well worth the money!

I was looking for an application that would make it easier to access protocols. Got tired of flipping through the index and then the rest of the protocol book to get to the situation or drug I was looking for. This is the answer, it is very fast and easy. I will be using it all the time :)

- Great app

Use it every day - extremely helpful and easy to use. Allows me to quickly access protocols on the way to calls to check drug doses and ensure accurate treatment protocols. I've worked in 3 different states and this app has had all the protocols I need for each department. A little expensive, but well worth the price.

- Great Program!

I am really happy with this program, and just as happy with the customer service provided by the developer. He takes your protocols and organizes them for easy and quick reference when you need them. I am very excited to see my department's protocols listed. A+ to Oded and his app.

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- Works Great Fast Updates

This app makes an unwieldy PDF protocol manual easy to use and all updates seem to come within 24 hours of protocol changes. Worth every penny!

- Handy dandy

I've used this for 3 years. Extremely convenient and updated. Thank you

- Perfect


- Awesome, Useful

I purchased this app, downloaded a protocol and within seconds had my local protocol available for reference. I noticed a little bug and contacted the developer, within a few minutes I had a response and within 30 mins had an update that fixed the bug. Out of all my app purchases, I haven't found one developer with such great customer service. Can't wait to explore the next update!

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Paramedic Protocol Provider 3.9.10 Screenshots & Images

Paramedic Protocol Provider iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Paramedic Protocol Provider iphone images
Paramedic Protocol Provider iphone images
Paramedic Protocol Provider iphone images
Paramedic Protocol Provider iphone images

Paramedic Protocol Provider (Version 3.9.10) Install & Download

The applications Paramedic Protocol Provider was published in the category Medical on 2009-07-18 and was developed by Acid Remap LLC [Developer ID: 323130617]. This application file size is 8.5 MB. Paramedic Protocol Provider - Medical app posted on 2020-02-22 current version is 3.9.10 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.acidremap.ParamedicProtocolProvider