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SimplePractice Client Portal App Description & Overview

What is simplepractice client portal app? If you’re receiving services for behavioral health, counseling, speech pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, or any other wellness service by a practitioner who uses SimplePractice, this app is for you! The SimplePractice Client Portal iOS app empowers you to manage care for you or your loved ones from one secure place. Stay connected with your practitioner between appointments from the convenience of your phone. Your personal information is kept private, yet easily accessible for your convenience.

Simplify how you access care with features like:
• Passwordless login – Securely log into your Client Portal without the hassle of a username or password by setting up a passcode, touch ID, or Face ID for instant access.
• Personalized notifications – Get push notifications sent right to your phone regarding any new messages, invoices, or documents that have been sent to you by your practitioner.
• Secure messaging – Message your practitioner directly from your phone knowing that all communication is secure and private.
• Upcoming appointments and requests – View all your upcoming appointments, and request a new appointment with your practitioner directly from the app.
• Digital payments – Add new payment methods to pay your bills including HSA and FSA cards. You can even pay directly from the app.
• Digital paperwork – Complete documents and questionnaires related to care on your own time.
• Telehealth – Join virtual appointments with your practitioner directly from the app, so you never have to find a link buried in your inbox again.
• Appointment directions – Get automatically transferred to your preferred mobile navigation app for easy directions to your practitioner’s office.
• Profile switching – Quickly toggle between any Client Portal you’re managing—whether you’re seeing different providers who use SimplePractice for practice management or are managing care for multiple individuals.

To access the SimplePractice Client Portal iOS app, you must be invited to use the SimplePractice Client Portal by your practitioner. When you first log into the app, the email you provided to your practitioner will be used to authenticate your Client Portal access. After you’ve signed up, turn on Face ID, Touch ID, or a four-digit passcode for hassle-free login. Please note: what you can see and do within the SimplePractice Client Portal app may vary, and is limited to the specific features your practitioner has enabled for your profile.

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App Name SimplePractice Client Portal
Category Medical
Updated 24 April 2024, Wednesday
File Size 103.23 MB

SimplePractice Client Portal Comments & Reviews 2024

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Confusing biometrics settings. The FaceID settings has a setting to wait 30 seconds before requiring authentication. This setting apparently doesn’t work with FaceID. Coming back to the app after turning on this setting requires a new login at which point the app has disabled FaceID and passcode. Works fine when set to require immediate reauthentication, but there’s no indication to the user that this combination of settings is required. Otherwise it’s a very nice app.

UPDATE!!!!. To the developer…. The practice says they don’t know what to do or how to fix it. And the vibe I got was that they were NOT going to contact support to fix the problem. Please help!!

Missing Add to Calendar Feature. App initially looks like a nice mobile version of the website, but there’s no Add to Calendar feature at all which is quite inconvenient.

Login. Login is an issue since last update. Just needed to mention it. I missed an appointment because I couldn’t log in.

Nice status. I like the appointment tracking ability in real time.

App access. I haven’t been able to get anywhere with the app since the new year. I can sign on but it’s blank. No ability to change credit card information or email or look up documents. Says internal error, which seems to be the case with the actual facility that uses the app too. They don’t answer the phone or return calls or emails. But they’ll take your money and still screw up your stuff.

Needs iPadOS Version. I actually think the App is stellar; I am rating one star in the hopes to game the system and get this comment in front of the right eyes. We need an iPad native version of the app. I’m not trying to be selfish; but the iPad does offer superior video quality to those that have it for video conferencing twitch their mental health providers. Center Stage being the most advantageous feature. Please, develop an iPadOS native version of the app, even if to start we’re just expanding the the UI to fill in the iPad’s wider resolution. You will have helped many people by doing so. Sorry to have rated a one star; the iOS app is awesome.

Scheduling issue. It’s been said, but when trying to schedule a new appointment, I’m getting kicked back to today’s date. Also, why can’t I make a support ticket? I hate to come here to say this because it’s a good app usually, but I don’t see any other way to report a problem.

Glitches and crashes constantly.. Sometimes this app works as it should, and sometimes it crashes repeatedly and you can’t make any appointments. Seems to be more of a hassle lately.

No access to superbills. App is fine, but no access to superbills means I need to go to the website every week

please improve interface!. the app is good overall! would be GREAT if they had the option to sign in via app instead of email AND if they could add the option to send voice messages

No Message Feature. I do not know what happened but the app suddenly no longer has a messaging feature. I really need the company behind this app to get serious and fix simple issues to this app. I received a message from my provider and I am unable to view it because there is no longer a message feature for me to see. The promblem persist no matter the browser I use.

Failing to send messages. This is my only complaint: my messages are failing to reach my clinician on the app. Each time I try to resend or even copy/paste and send again, I see “Failed to Send” at the bottom of my message.

I wrote a review but it was not printed. MR Susan does care like she says she does.. Susan does not care and won’t let past clients return. She is selective on who she will see as a client

Schedule. When trying to book appt it flips back to todays date making it impossible to schedule

Easy to use.. As a provider & client, I like the ease & functionality of the app. I love the instant messaging! Now if we could get ERX & labs, Simple Practice would be perfect.

Best user interface. Our family has a lot of doctors, so I’ve become well versed in medical access apps. Of all the ones I’ve used, this has the simplest, clearest user interface. I wish all our doctors would switch to using this.

iPhone. While text messaging the counselor, the text box goes out of sight and is difficult to get back into, making it impossible to see what you are actually messaging to the counselor. Since there is no app support, I had to post this here in public reviews.

Appointment Scheduling. The app is practical and straightforward when it works. The messaging feature and ability to receive attachments is helpful. Lately though whenever I try to book an appointment for a later date the system keeps reverting back to today’s date. Makes it impossible to book an appointment…

Convenient and easy to use. I love this app. It’s really easy to use and I love that I can manage everything in one place on my phone instead of on a complicated website. Also love that I get push notifications so I don’t have to remind myself.

Fantastic app. I have my clients use this app to keep track of appointments and self schedule. I also use it as a client with my own therapist. Super easy to use

Appointment scheduling doesn’t work. The appointment scheduling function hasn’t worked for weeks. Have tried logging out then back in and deleting and reinstalling app. Makes it pretty much useless.

Just use a password like everyone else. This having to get an email link instead of setting a password is the dumbest thing I’ve ever dealt with. It actually makes it hard to see info across another device when the one time link no longer works, you need another one, but your email is on a delay to not hammer your server before you can get the email. Just found Face ID/ pin is an option, but Face ID just crashes app and then you need another link whether set to delay or not. Pin seems ok for now, but doesn’t solve issues on pc.

Doesn’t work well with iPad. The sign in via e-mail requirement does work on iPad. When you click the link in the email it does not open in the app, it goes to a browser window which does not work.

Please fix. When I try to book an appointment it resets to todays date.

Can’t even sign in. I have to enter my email to be sent a log in link, which is expected because that’s how the site works. However, the link just takes me back to a web page telling me to install the app so I’m stuck using the browser version. I’d be happy to amend the review once some kinks are worked out, but as of right now, I can’t even log in.

Honest and value added feedback!. Having just set up my patient portal and using SimplePractice for the first time, I’m happy to offer a user’s perspective as I get to know this app. My background is in IT, specifically testing/interfacing with user applications and writing the supporting documentation for its use. I’ll dial in to offer feedback from time to time so that you can consider improving this application for ease of use and functionality! For starters, I would request that the application icon (using an iPhone, and iPad) says SimplePractice. The current application name is Client Portal, and makes no sense at all. Branding is everything, so time to change it to your branded name. Look forward to seeing your name on the icon in the coming weeks! Thank you :-

Appointment scheduling glitching. I cannot schedule an appointment because it resets back to todays date. It’s very frustrating!

Client App worse than the website (which is horrible). 1. Website: no real email messaging, just texting. Could not even find messaging on app. 2. Billing: had to ask practitioner to delete outdated payment info; could not do it myself. 3. Got an automated email that said the link expired tomorrow at 3am (for those up at 3am: stupid), BUT the link had already expired. 4. Got an email saying I had a new billing document, but billing just showed (supposedly) unpaid bills but no balance (took me a while to find balance (go to more bills: stupid)), BUT I had paid everything yesterday. 5. Website wastes 1/3 of screen with nothing instead of giving you the biggest possible viewing of you practitioner so you can see their facial expressions. 6. Website: if the client shares their screen, it goes to a thousand mirrors effect first. 7. So many more bugs.

Not as comprehensive as the website. I wish the app would allow parents to obtain Superbills, submit paperwork and obtain as much content as the website allows.

Good but cb better. Sign in is often glitchy. Email verification sometimes crashes the app. Can’t delete past due invoices that were actually paid. When I tried to pay them my account said I had a balance (paid too much). My clinician hasn’t been able to delete them either. Twice I the past two days I’ve had messages fail to send. So, I end up emailing my clinician. PLEASE add a feature to the messaging so pictures and documents can easily be put in the message stream.

Could be better. It’s a bit annoying getting constantly signed out and then the whole system crashes if you sign in sometimes. The notifications sometimes work but not well enough for me to not have minor anxiety over them. I’ve almost missed appointments because of it.

Works but needs more delete/edit functions. It does not allow me to delete old profiles or delete older payment cards on file. Please allow this to be fixed in the next update.

App is glitchy. In the past I sometimes wouldn’t get an email verification. The newest glitch is that every time I try to select an appointment, it kicks me back to today’s date

Fix the sign in problem.. The sign in is so glitchy. Fix it.

No scrolling... Can't get in. My custom keyboard must be bigger. When I enter my email address, the screen won't scroll so I can hit the submit button. I can't get in to see what the app is like.

Chat doesn’t works.. Unfortunately, my counselor send me some information through the chat but there is no way I could find the chat. I’m not sure if is a glitch or is be I’m using my cellphone or is only for a website feature but I just can’t use the chat. Update** After developer reached out to me asking me to go through “The help center to navigate the app from the menu” I’m pretty sure they did NOT understand that the “Chat Box” doesn’t appear anywhere… I’ve tried several times to located it, I even turned off and on the chat option on the configuration and still nothing.

Great! But would love some changes. I use this app more than I use the website. It’s so much easier and the dashboard looks great. Face ID works great and often have no general issues. Two things I would like to see improvements on are 1. Able to customize notifications. I often get a lot of email notifications I would like to disable. 2. Able to remove old cards saved in the app. They pile up and I can only add but can’t remove.

easy and convenient. excellent and easy to use!

Enabling passcode and require signin after 30s crashes. I have the same issue as chrisnoh. When I enable passcode/faceid sign in and set require signin to 30s, the next time the app is launched it crashes, afterward asking me to sign in with email again.

Let me upload to messages. There are times when I need to add a photo or document to a chat session—as I can’t just email my provider. I suggest adding this feature.

Nice. Easy to use and straight forward

Great App. Everything is working great. Would have been great if there is provision to sync appointments to calendar app

Mostly good. Great app besides one major annoyance. It’s ALWAYS logging me out. If I have it to unlock with FaceID, there’s no reason to log me out every few days. Ugh

APP Needs background Options. App Needs More Functionality and to have background settings & options like other apps have. Other apps you are able to blur backgrounds or select a blank background.

Can’t access last profile. There’s no tech support and I can’t access the last profile on the page because it’s hidden behind a screen to sign out if the profile doesn’t appear. There’s no way to delete a profile that’s no longer needed. Please fix!

Need help!!. I am having the worst luck with this thing. I can receive appointment reminders form simple practice however I can not access the portal with my email. Although the reminders come to my email. It’s the worst.

So so good. My therapist recently switch to this app and it has blown me away. It keeps track of everything in an easy and simple way, and the UI is FANTASTIC. I didn’t expect anything more than a gimmick for an app for small businesses, but this is amazing. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Helpful and pleasant graphics too. I’m a clinician and just tried using the application for clients to get acquainted so that I can recommend it. I’m impressed with the ease of use and did not find any of the problems mentioned in the reviews about slowness or messages not going through and I was able to request an appointment and also cancel it easily. And on my clinician side I saw things come through quickly and now that I’ve tested it myself I will recommend it and give it five stars! I’ve been using SimplePractice for about five years for my notes and scheduling and Medicare billing. I can get personal help when I have difficulties with billing or anything else from simple practice staff. I don’t use it for any other billing because I don’t take any other insurance and I handle my cash payments through QuickBooks.

Great App, but Sign-In Glitchy. I happened upon this app while using my iPhone and was able to sign in without issue. But when moving over to my iPad and attempting to sign in, I got “Link Expired-enter email again to receive new link” error message. I then logged out of the app from my phone and tried again from iPad—same thing. So I tried logging back in from my phone, but it now started displaying error message too… I attempted 5 times (back to back) and got the same result. I then waited about 15 minutes and retried with success in logging into both iPad and phone. While ultimately the issue was resolved, it was significant enough to share with developers.

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Great & Functional. I have really enjoyed using this therapy app for its user-friendly navigation and clean interface. The layout is intuitive, and I particularly appreciate the easy access to session history and therapist scheduling. It would be great to see integration with Apple and Android Pay for simplified, secure payments, eliminating the need to manually enter card details. The addition of a dark mode, especially one that syncs with iOS system settings, would be a welcome feature for night-time use, reducing eye strain and preserving battery life. Furthermore, I believe the introduction of passkeys, an advanced security feature that uses biometric data instead of traditional passwords, could significantly enhance the app’s security, protecting sensitive therapy and invoice information from common threats like phishing. Overall, this app has been a wonderful tool in my therapy journey, offering seamless communication with my therapist and a high level of privacy. While it’s excellent in its current state, these suggested improvements could elevate the user experience even further.

Even the name is lame.. Here's a novel idea.. instead of naming the app "Client Portal" call it "Simple Practice"

Messages won’t send. My messages are failing to send. And have been for a week.

Login broken on iPad. Can login on mobile but not iPad

BRING BACK THE BUTTERFLY. the new app icon is so bland and boring. i loved the butterfly. bring her back! bring her back! bring her back! please love, everyone who wants the butterfly back

Not so great. First what this app is good for: Messaging therapists Looking at receipts (more on that) Signing documents The not good, really annoying parts: Close to impossible to get bill that can be submitted to insurance (the one that includes the diagnosis code, place of service, etc) Can’t delete a former therapist that I no longer see. Sometimes when it opens it randomly sets to the the old therapist and sometimes it decides I need an email link to change to my current therapist Overall, a frustrating app to use.

5/5. works 👍

Cannot login! Emails never arrive. I see my provider every month and ever since July 7, I have not received the login emails. I have entered my email multiple times (over 10) and I never get an email. I check every single email folder (yes, including spam/junk). It seems like it’s ever since this last update about 4 weeks ago because that’s the last time it worked. No tech support! My provider is way too busy to try to troubleshoot the issue. Very irritating not being able to access my account. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled, and still no email arrives. Please fix! iPhone 11, latest iOS - 16.6 This is a very annoying feature to begin with. if you want two factor authentication, just let people login with a password, and then have them confirm it’s them by texting or emailing a code, like literally everyone else does.

How do you add insurance information?. There is no way to add insurance information

Unable to Schedule. I’m unable to schedule an in- person appointment using the app. When I try to do so, it gets stuck on one particular date and will not let me schedule another date. For example: I select 01/19/24 and it opens 12/12/23. No matter which date I select, it opens 12/12/23. This isn’t happening when I select video appointments.

Only on apple. I would really like this app to be available for android phones. The only place I can reach this is on my ipad and I don’t always have that on me.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.13.0
Play Store com.simplepractice.clients
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

SimplePractice Client Portal (Versiyon 1.13.0) Install & Download

The application SimplePractice Client Portal was published in the category Medical on 07 November 2022, Monday and was developed by SimplePractice, LLC. [Developer ID: 738207607]. This program file size is 103.23 MB. This app has been rated by 172 users and has a rating of 3.3 out of 5. SimplePractice Client Portal - Medical app posted on 24 April 2024, Wednesday current version is 1.13.0 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.simplepractice.clients. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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SimplePractice Client Portal App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for using the SimplePractice Client Portal app! Our app is updated regularly to ensure that you have the best experience.  This new version includes the following updates: • Ability to customize your access to manage care across practices  • Craft secure messages with a significantly expanded character limit

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