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What is telehealth by simplepractice app? Attend your appointment without leaving your home or office, or car, or private outdoor spot. With Telehealth by SimplePractice, clients and clinicians can participate in 100% secure, HIPAA-compliant therapy sessions from anywhere. Start video appointments instantly, no login or password required.

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Telehealth by SimplePractice Version 3.3.004 August 2022

Thanks for using Telehealth by SimplePractice! Our app is updated regularly to ensure that you have the best experience. This update includes Multitasking and Center Stage support for iPad users..

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Telehealth by SimplePractice Version 01 December 2022


Telehealth by SimplePractice Comments & Reviews 2022

- My therapist Lauren

I am grateful for my therapist Lauren. I have a connection with her that is hard to find when getting a new therapist. This is a reminder. She is very compassionate. I think she is going to be an asset wherever she works when she’s done with Next Chapter.. it’s hard to find a therapist. That is a good fit. I’ve have always had therapist’s the same therapist for up to 10 years. I am 60 years old and can see and feel her compassion. And the hardest part is that she will be leaving in December. I think Next Chapter is a great service for those with mental illness. I would like to continue therapy. With a new student after Lauren is gone. I have been diagnosed bipolar for 33 years and recently found that I had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. When she took me on as a patient Simon, she definitely got a full load of many issues of mine.. I am thankful for her. Thanks how many babies can a dinner are you hungry come

- Read ALL of the privacy sections

It may or may not be a good App, I do not know because I stopped and deleted after reading their “privacy” policy. It is shocking. Their “privacy policy does not apply to the personal information they collect”. That is taken from paragraph 1 of their policy. Paragraph 2 allows then to collect personal information directly and automatically and third party, including social media. Paragraph 3 allows them to share my personal information with companies that market with them, for analytics with their affiliates. Paragraph 5 allows their tracking on any Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn, etc., for what I view. If I deny their use of “cookies”, information that take to “better benefit me”, and I configure “DNT (do not track)”, their system is set up to ignore my request, allowing them to track signals from my browsers and mobile devices. In some states, I can request deletion of files twice a year, free of charge, but by then, damage is done. You cannot undo what has been shared. I could go on, but please read everything. They escape legalities by informing us what they do, so we are then helpless. My information is taken directly from their website. I encourage you to read and think twice, is it really worth it, taking advantage of patients during COVID, when there is no other choice?

- Rural area Telehealth

Telehealth provides an option for my clients that live more than an hour away to connect. I was using Telehealth before the pandemic ad so it was easy to make the switch when Telehealth was required due to the pandemic. I live in a rural area where clients don’t have access to high speed internet. The video may be glitchy when the clients don't have good bandwidth but we all know that and work around it, the audio comes through well. I like that Telehealth has allowed me to keep continuity of care for clients that move across the state. It is very easy to switch to Telehealth sessions if they were in person on my calendar. People can call up the day of the appointment, tell me they have a sick child or a snow storm and can’t make it and with the press of a button they can be sent a Telehealth link through their email. This has cut back on cancelled sessions tremendously.

- Excellent program that works really well.

I’ve used all sorts of tele conference programs and applications and this one is very easy, intuitive and simple to use. The clean layouts and colors are easy to see and connecting is simple and fast. The only complications is with the connections comes when signals aren’t very good for either WiFi or Cellular. Not because of the program but, I do wish there were a whiteboard or collaborative area to share info, ideas, text, photos, articles or, in most cases, web links. I’ve tried what was available, already and it didn’t go well. But, for the most part, this application is excellently designed and coded. What team put this together really did an outstanding job, especially with the user interface and graphic design. Beautifully, done !

- Platform okay but connection terrible

I have been using this platform for about a year with my therapist. I can’t even SEE the words I am typing at this time! The picture and sound go in and out quite a bit. Sometimes it has gotten so bad that we have had to get off of this platform and just FaceTime each other to finish our session. I say that the platform is OK because it has a nice looking background and it’s always clean and it does serve for a nice private and secure connection. However, it is very fresh when you cannot see your therapist. Anyway, I would gladly give it a five star rating if they could get the technical issues worked out. Several times after having a session it will have a survey and I always put on there that there are connection issues in which connection issues or technical issues they are, however nothing has been done to make this better. So, hopefully some changes will be made soon.

- Good app.. just needs some small tweaking

This is a very good app to use; especially for talk therapy sessions. I use TeleHealth all the time when meeting with my therapist and I like the chat room feature where both the doctor and patient can chat/text in the chat room. Again, this is a very good app to use when seeing your doctor however, though, the app needs some small tweaking or improvement.. it would be a really good idea if the chat room gives the user the option to send pictures when talking with the doctor about something if necessary. I know when I want to show my therapist something while we talk, I am not able to because the app doesn’t have that feature to share/send pictures. I highly encourage the app developer to take my small piece of advice to heart while they continue to make changes to the TeleHealth app. Other than that, I really like TeleHealth.

- Convenient and VALUABLE Time Saving

5 stars because the platform works great! However, I am giving 4 stars because if I am on cellular data or lower internet strength the video and voice can lag a bit, which would be expected since it’s virtual. But is also weird because I can stream social media with no issues in the same context. Overall- this way of confidentially having interactions with healthcare providers allows me to save valuable time! I am not taking a PTO day or missing hours for a short appointment!! WooHoo!! I am not sitting in traffic in the car commuting to appts, or wasting *valuable time* sitting in a waiting room. As mentioned above, I am not missing work/using PTO, as I can do my appointments on a break. And most importantly, post COVID, saving gas money in an inflated economy! Also another bonus, the virtual appt for many of my visits are below my in-person office visit rate. 😁

- Not a secure App

Downloaded the App and a day or so later was solicited by a provider, this is massive breach of confidentiality and totally unacceptable seems in violation of the HIPPA requirements. Tried to contact the soliciting provider I had never heard of by reply to their email to find out how they got my contact information but the provider would not divulge that and had Telehealth stated in their description. They received my first email and told me I could ‘unsubscribe’ to what I had not even ‘subscribed’ in the first place and they have not replied to my 2nd email asking again where they got my contact information. I am looking for an explanation and expect an answer ASAP. The only reason I put 1 star is that it wouldn’t send the comment without a star, but this App gets a minus 0 several times for this imo.

- Counseling

I am very appreciative for this site. It of course functions anywhere there is Internet. I have experienced it from distant places within the U.S. but also between here and Western Europe. There has been great quality most of the time. Even from Overseas the Audio and video has been perfect. There sometimes have been video glitches and interruptions domestically. The audio still holds up. I imagine that signal strength affects things. This may be any of many things. It is not necessarily the fault of Care Counselors or even internet services. Difficult to know. I would love to know why when it occasionally happens. However most of the time, it is a modern miracle. Thank you.

- User Friendly! Simple. Effective. Secure.

I’ve only recently started to meet with one of my medical professionals through this platform, and I have to say it has been a breeze. Quick, easy, and SECURE set-up and use. Audio & Video quality during calls have also been without issue. (Has not buffered, froze, sounded or looked choppy/robotic, crashed, etc…of any sort so far, which is fantastic). The UI is clear and simple…You can join a meeting from one of multiple easy assessable links, quickly have camera/mic enabled, as well as functional aspects like new appointments, (along with the link and instructions), being added to my calendar automatically! So you can easily just click on the link in your calendar when it’s time for the appointment, instead of stumbling through your inbox for old emails looking for that link! Plus you will still get every notification/confirmation that one would be used to, (SMS,email, etc.) But all in all, a good app that I’d recommend to anyone who asked at this point. Simple. Effective. Secure.

- Iphone 8+ overheating

I've used this app a few times on my iPhone 8+, and have had issues every time. My phone overheats to the point that it gives me a heat warning, which I've never had happen ever before. Taking my case off and trying to keep it cool during a session worked somewhat, but I'd lose wifi connection every 5 or so mins when my phone got a little warmer than usual. Overall, I'm considering changing therapists as this software has some major issue and this is all they offer. I'm currently up to date on all app and iOS updates. I have no other apps that do this, so it seems the app is to blame. Please fix asap!

- SimplePractice

I’ve been using SimplePractice for over a year now to meet with my Therapist. I am a Field Service Engineer so I am in a different place everyday, sometimes I can go to a private spot in a restaurant or in the building where I am working to have my conference call, this works out well because often I can use the Wi-Fi there but more often I go out to my car to make my call via SimplePractice so I can have the privacy I need to speak with my therapist. I am usually parked in garages or city parking lots, my phone only has two bars of signal strength but yet the call quality is always nearly perfect. I am very satisfied with SimplePractice. Paul C.

- Excellent and feels safe

I am immensely grateful to have a way to meet with my specialist in a complete secure way. I have used another service and it simply didn’t work as well as this program does. Unable to go and see him in person is a huge part of my life yet the pandemic hit and that ceased the ability to physically go to my appointments. This has been a gift. I wish that my primary doctor was using this program-I’m not sure what’s being used but constant shutdowns and often times we are unable to hear or see each other for an actual medical appointment. Thank you

- Go get your teletherapy on a more reliable app!

I am a clinician and have been using this app since March 2020. In the beginning, my client video sessions were seamless and I was very happy. Within the last two months, the connection has been unreliable which has negatively impacted my therapy sessions. At times, my audio cuts out and clients cannot hear me. At other times there is such a significant lag that we are both waiting to hear what the other person says and video and voice is not matching up. I have talked with multiple customer service people there, yet issues are not remedied. They are quick to say that it is my Wi-Fi or the Wi-Fi of my clients, yet I am trying other HIPAA protected teletherapy platforms and we are all having zero issues. They brought on too many customers at once and cannot handle it. Go get your teletherapy on a more reliable app!

- Update: Why can’t I hide my video?

Update: The app updates so that I can hide both my own video and the clock on my iPad are excellent. I can see my therapist full screen without having to tape paper over parts of my screen. Really pleased with this update. Previous review: I don’t have any of the same issues with connection or overheating, but it drives me bananas that there is no option on the phone or tablet app to hide your own video. I do not want to look at myself during therapy, so I have to tape a piece of paper over the lower right corner of my screen. Please make this an option.

- Telehealth is a home run

Telehealth affords a certain freedom of scheduling I didn’t know was possible. with Telehealth I can get the care I need without any account for drive time,no worries about traffic and running late. Waiting rooms are a thing of the past it’s a wonderful way to keep up on your health necessities without wasting half your day . Which incentivizes folks to keep appointments they might otherwise consider inconvenient or unnecessary. Very easy to set up and connect. (phone or computer)you and your dr can have a session from wherever you may be. plainly stated Telehealth is brilliant!

- Thank you

When Covid began, I had to switch my therapy online. Fortunately, this platform has been perfect! I feel confidant about my confidentiality and the technological components have never faltered. I get a weekly individualized link and sign in each time with a breeze and aside from some internet glitches (rarely), the platform is stable and workable. Since my therapist had a baby during this time, I am comforted that she is able to work from home and hopefully have more family time in the process. I am impressed that this platform has kept up with the demands. Thank you.

- I need therapy

With COVID-19 happening in our real world, the distancing from others is somewhat of a struggle but manageable. I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 disorder. Therapy is a constant in my life and much needed, along with visits with my psychiatrist. TeleHealth has helped me stay connected with my support group, my wonderful therapist Shawn and my psychiatrist Dr. Randle. I’m so grateful that in our world today, we have these sources to continue the treatment we need whether it’s therapy, doctor visits, psych visits or whatever you use this platform for. It’s helping others stay connected with the people they need most in their lives. Thank you TeleHealth for making that possible.

- Not able to use on landscape mode

The App is now working beautifully and I was impressed with the attention given to my issue. I am now a happier user of the app. I hope that they make the IPad application as versatile and useful as the computer one I was able to get the app to be on landscape mode for a few sessions but it no longer allows this mode. I am using it on an I pad. Is this issue on the table to be addressed? For me it maybe a deal breaker but I love everything else about SimplePractice. Can’t you not fix it. I saw that I am not the only one with this issue.

- Mrs JeNai Davis

I/family look forward to our meeting with Mrs JeNai Davis, we never miss a session with her. She is very intelligent, funny, and enjoys working in her craft. My children have grown tremendously, under Mrs Davis’s direction. Her and I collaborate throughout the week, to optimize our time on the Tuesday evening sessions which helps keep my two granddaughters moving in the right direction! I thank God for putting her in their lives, the timing could not have been better! Lastly, I’ve referred Mrs Davis’s service to a family in crisis. I wanted to pay it forward, because I was referred to Mrs Davis myself. Thank you, Ms Tawana Sealy

- Can’t hear my therapist but can see them

I could not hear my therapist, but I could see her. We ended up having to do a phone call in addition to using the video so there could be audio. I thought it might’ve just been something on my laptop so I checked my microphone access settings/permissions… nothing wrong. Then I went onto my phone to try and click the link, same experience, she could hear and see me, I could see her, no sound. I went to my phone and computer application settings, my husband is a tech guy, and even he says there’s no logical explanation as to why it doesn’t work on both my computer and my phone. My therapist had just had a successful session with another client and her microphone worked fine. Maybe it’s an Apple compatibility issue?

- Why not?

Now that I can have therapy from a place I feel comfortable (my home) using this app, why not? Before I was only able to meet with my therapist twice a month with my schedule. Now that I can have appointments from home I can meet with her once a week. This has been super helpful with the progress of my therapy. I’m doing a regimented therapy that has a beginning, middle and end. It would have taken longer had I continued to meet at her office. When I hear my friends and family struggling, I have said “maybe try therapy, now that you can do it from home, why not?”

- Unsure at first

When I decided to go into counseling again with all the stress surrounding COVID, I wasn’t sure how it would be using an app on my phone, but I really needed to talk to someone, so I I gave it a try. It has really been great being able to always keep my appointments no matter where I a, at work or traveling. If I am feeling under the weather I can still keep my appointment. The regularity of the appointments and the flexibility of the locations works wonders for therapy. I don’t know if I will ever go back into an office again!

- Downloads needlessly blocked on macOS

I downloaded an earlier version of the iPad app onto my M1-based Mac, as the browser version was not working with my microphone (my provider could never hear me). The app consistently worked well. I received an update notification on my Mac, but downloading the update consistently threw an App Store error. As an attempt to troubleshoot, I deleted the app and attempted to reinstall. However, the listing for the iPad app no longer appears on the Mac App Store. It appears that the developer blocked the listing from appearing on Macs. I hope the developer reverses course, as again, the browser version (through Safari) doesn’t work for me as my provider can never hear me via the browser.

- App is broken, needs to be fixed!

Sometimes it will be fine, the occasional glitch or freeze, but sometimes (like today) it will kick me AND MY THERAPIST out of the meeting repeatedly, if I try to log back in it tells me server error, I need to install a (nonexisting) update (then takes me to the App Store where there is no update), I have run out of cloud data (which I have not, everything else runs perfectly fine) and many various errors, AND THEN asks me to rate it on the App Store! Well guess what: I did. This app is a piece of junk, you need to maintain your products better. Maybe actually listen to the problems? I don’t know, just a suggestion? *sigh* anyway, I hope for better next time and hopefully I can actually go through the whole meeting.

- Loosing face and sound signals

I checked the connection like I was told to do at the beginning, and it was saying excellent. Most of the first half an hour was very good. I’m describing below the last 20 minutes of the meeting. Midway of the meeting I was able to hear the person very clear but not her face for about 3 minutes and after that her face signal started to come back little by little but fussy. When I was able to see her clear, the the problem was with voice. I wasn’t able to understand her very well because the sound was in and out.

- Truly a lifesaver

I have been using Telehealth since COVID. I would have been in serious trouble without it. I moved almost 100 miles for a new job just before COVID. I am on several medications without which I cant work, but which require me to see my doctor every month. I couldn’t transfer care because no one was taking new patients when COVID struck. I physically couldn’t drive 200 miles to see my doctor (I’m disabled). Using Telehealth solved all my problems: no long drive required to continue my meds and keep working. Recently, I became entirely unable to drive. Telehealth has allowed me to interact with multiple specialists, reducing or eliminating the need for transportation. I truthfully don’t know what I would have done or what condition I would be in now if I didn’t have Telehealth. Thank you to the people who developed it. I hope they know how critically important their work is.

- Amazing app! Super easy to navigate 🥰

I have used this app through quarantine to present time to get therapy. When I first downloaded telehealth it gave me instructions and it was super easy to understand, I’ve been able to attend all my meetings on time and even use the chat easily. I’ve never once had an issue with this app and it even tells me how my connection is when I join call. Overall its perfect and I’ve gotten amazing help with my therapist through this app! 10/10 definitely recommend!

- Terrible connection and battery hog.

Well I’m very thankful that there are videoconferencing solutions to connect clients with therapists, this is one of the worst apps I’ve ever used. Constant dropouts even with full WiFi, and it’s impossible to have a full session unless my phone is plugged in. My phone will go from 100% dead in about 15 minutes. Even when connected to a wall outlet, my battery will drain 20% during an hour long session, and at the end my phone will be hot to the touch. I use secure video conferencing apps all the time, and I’ve never had problems like that with any of them. I recommend any competitors app over this one.

- SP is great

I love SP’s telehealth! It is secure and HIPAA compliant, integrated to my calendar and pretty simple yo use. Unfortunately, it does use A LOT of your battery, so even with my devices plugged in, eventually during my day, I have to use a second device bc there is no battery left. My biggest complaint about SP is always related to their lack of PHONE support. Emails back and forth are really NOT an effective way to provide troubleshooting. For example, I am having issues with my computer audio for days, followed their tips and is still unresolved. SP would be pretty perfect if they added phone support. Without it, they get four stars only.

- Assurance

I use this as a way to connect with my grief counselor after the loss of my fiancé through suicide. Without being able to connect with her so easily and have the ability to clearly communicate with her through this app, I don’t know where I’d be today. I easily join in on our video appointment every time. I have a clear picture of her as we speak and can hear her clearly through my phone. For me personally, it’s been a wonderful tool in being able to get the support I needDuring this most difficult time

- Keeps overheating my phone!

Overall, the app functions OK, but I tend to use it from my car (to have private space), and this app almost always ends up causing my phone (iPhone 8) to go into thermal shutdown at least once over the course of a one-hour therapy session, particularly in the warmer 3/4 of the year. My guess is that the encryption/decryption is using so much processor power that the phone overheats. No other app on my phone has this problem. It is very annoying to have an unexpected shutdown in the middle of an intense session! Please fix this! For instance, have the app fall back to voice-only connection if the phone is getting close to overheating, or reduce the video frame rate.

- Dropped

It’s frustrating trying to have deep and important conversations when you keep glitching. I appreciate the hipaa compliant platform but these are very needed sessions, especially with the quarantine. I have several clients that have decided to not do sessions because it’s too frustrating having dropped calls. It’s also hard sometimes to hear each other. I’ve even upgraded my internet to try and help. It would be helpful too if the clients didn’t have to download the app.

- Very Good Patient Portal!

Telehealth has been a great patient portal. It never crashes, there are never any audio or visual glitches, connectivity is smooth and reliable. Even the layout is good, with the provider filling most of the screen and your self-view being very small so as not to be to distracting. It has fulfilled a need in telehealth, providing an easy and clear place to connect with your provider online that doesnt interfere with sessions due to technical difficulties. Thank you very much Telehealth for your services!

- Therapy

Kelly is exceptional as a therapist. It’s evident she has a genuine desire to help her patients work through their personal problematic issues by coming to a workable solution. She is compassionate, kind hearted and very knowledgeable along with her expertise in the field of mental health issues. Kelly’s approach is apparent by using herself as an example and ability to bond with her patients. She is very understanding and possesses genuine concern for her patient’s progress. Kelly Morgan has a gentle way of explaining acceptable therapeutic approach’s with her patients with the goal of allowing and assisting her patients in developing their own issues and by helping patients to see there is “light at the end of the tunnel”. I appreciate her very much and would highly recommend her for anyone seeking improvement with self care and more understanding in their own life improvement. She is a God send for me!

- Great for therapy!

Telehealth makes it easy to attend my counseling sessions. I found a very well-qualified doctor who happened to be too far away for me to make it to in-person appointments on a weekly basis. In that we’re able to meet online, I’ve been able to keep on schedule with my sessions and am really benefiting from being this consistent. The pandemic has turned a lot of things upside-down but I feel that being able to migrate to online appointments is a silver lining.

- Overheats every time

I’m thankful for an app that creates a secure connection between me and my counselor but I’m not sure what’s going on in the background for this app. I can be on Zoom meetings, using Google Meet or Skype, for work or to “visit” with family, for hours without a problem but five minutes into a Telehealth session and my phone is overheating. Case off, unplugged, screen so low I can barely see my counselor, sitting on a laptop cooling pad, yet it’s baking. It’s happened enough that either my phone’s battery needs to be replaced or I need a whole new phone. It also creates a lag so long it negatively impacts communication between my counselor and I. It’s really disappointing.

- In the middle

I have continued trouble getting disconnected while in Simple Practice though my WiFi signal is strong. I also find it frustrating not being able to speak with anyone directly about an issue. For example, I have watched the tutorials but still have questions that I need to ask directly to a live person and have them walk me through. The diagnostic options are too restrictive in scope and also don’t allow for multiple diagnoses to be assigned. I think there should be a more affordable option for someone that only wants the note taking option in the EHR and the video conferencing telehealth features. I have my own biller and can’t figure out many of the other features, but don’t have the option for a reduced monthly subscription rate accordingly. Otherwise, I like using it.

- A Sturdy Lifeline in a bad time

My wife and I have been having weekly family therapy via this medium. It was a bit awkward in the beginning but we are now nicely attuned, and the sessions are highly productive. The trauma of isolation in these dark times is ameliorated though these encounters. We have learned to pick up body language more exclusively through facial expressions, and voice tones, and our therapist’s sensitivity helps a lot. We are also pleased with the technical simplicity of the program and its broad compatibility with various devices.

- Telehealth with De. Lewis

My sessions with Dr. Lewis have been most therapeutic. Even when I didn’t think they were going to benefit me, I looked up and I was better able to process my deep emotional hurts. Thanks be to God for an outlet that I needed and didn’t know I needed. I am better for having these sessions and most appreciative. I recommend that this be a built in part of our annual health check, just like we have to do blood work and check our vitals to see how we are doing? It is a necessity.

- It works

I have to admit that I was very resistant to the idea I would be able to communicate the same over video as I did in person. To those that share this feeling I would encourage to step into it and give it a chance. I have found the experience to be very easy and just as rewarding as in person sessions. This does not mean a face to face session will never happen again, just means in the day of Covid it works. Thank you for the technology. Dave

- Really GOOD way to communicate easily

We’re all used to using our phones these days and with gas prices as they are, not having to GO to an office is a blessing! And with the ability to use video, or not, I still feel that I’m right there with my counselor and he can still ‘read’ me. I find the app very user friendly and not confusing at all to navigate. I’ve been very satisfied so far with the Telehealth app to communicate with my counselor.

- Should have the option to use data instead of WiFi

Sometimes the things we need therapy for are in the same locations as we have to make our tele calls because it has to be connected to WiFi which is a public place or in a home that may not be safe I wanted to go for a walk in the neighborhood during my sessions so I could speak freely and couldn’t because I couldn’t connect so now I don’t say half the things I need help with because there are too many people around while I have to stay home during this pandemic please do better and offer an option that doesn’t need WiFi

- Very helpful for anxious patients!

I had decided that Telehealth would not work for me since I can see myself while talking to a provider, and that detail alone would deter me from being honest and real during visits. The ability to hide my screen while using this app is game changing. This app allows me to connect with my providers without giving up the sincerity that I get from an in person visit.

- Adulting

I’ve never believed in therapy until this year. As a man it’s extremely hard to communicate my feelings. However, after a year of talking to multiple therapists I am believer. I now know I wasn’t born with the skills to handle every single issue this world throws at you. Brandon, always provides a safe area for me to open up, and communicate. I feel zero judgment, and that means everything right now.

- Over all, moderately happy after 4-5 visits.

Sometimes we’ve had audio problems when connecting. I had to hang up and try again number of times, although it didn’t happen this time. Haven’t used this app more than three or four times; hopefully that problem has cleared up. It seems to be just as effective as zoom so far – – although I haven’t tried to find out if I can share documents or pictures with this app.

- Learning to Use

I enjoy this approach to mental healthcare, especially during this pandemic. I’ve learned the cut and past methods using my I Phone app. However, I would like to learn how to receive this transmission on my I Mac computer. My phone works with a number and my I Mac works with my email address. Am I doing something wrong? My daughters think I’m erroneously using two methods of contact. If I am, how do I correct this. I want to use the I Mac. I really like this technology. Please help me.

- Extra work for providers and clients.

This app works great, when you finally get to your session. Getting there is tricky. There’s a “helpful” feature that sends text messages to clients but the link to join the session just redirects to the App Store, when you try to paste the link into the ‘join with link’ it doesn’t work. It’s exhausting and infuriating that providers and clients need to spend extra effort to make sure the client has the correct link to join. That stress takes up session time and no one wants to spend a therapy session processing about a badly supported app.

- Changes the milieu

Ok initially one might think face-to-face is critical for therapy. And it is. But there is a balance here. The anxiety that presents getting ready physically for an appointment and then traveling is mostly eliminated. And I go right from the middle of my life into therapy — no in-between period. I am at home. I feel like all my thoughts, attitudes, and other feelings are fresh and rather raw. So I love it. I just need to make sure to spend time with my thoughts afterward, as if I was driving home.

- This app is easy to use

My last website I used you had to enter your email and all of this questions just to get in to your appointment including having to leave,I would hit the hang up button and then it would ask me are you sure I would hit it And it would take a minute to hang up. Plus the video of not crash or glitch.

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- Audio/Video

Video gets choppy and sound echoes at times

- Good and Bad

I find the app good enough in terms of connecting with therapist and giving a personal enough interaction but sometimes the technology is a bit weak. e.g. The appt confirmations would not sync into my standard calendar software or would sync without the teleconference link. Also sometimes the connection was not as strong as should be for video and sound (but that could be a local ISP or Wifi issue). Still overall grateful for the therapist support that this delivers.

- Telehealth

Great way of doing things during Covid 19. It may change the way I see Dr’s in the future. Convenient and easy! Thank you M

- No active call bar

If I go out of the call to look at an email there is no bar as with other call apps that I can easily click on to return to call. Phone would time out while waiting for other person to join call and I’d have to reopen the app.

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Telehealth by SimplePractice 3.3.0 Screenshots & Images

Telehealth by SimplePractice iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Telehealth by SimplePractice iphone images
Telehealth by SimplePractice iphone images
Telehealth by SimplePractice iphone images
Telehealth by SimplePractice iphone images
Telehealth by SimplePractice iphone images
Telehealth by SimplePractice iphone images
Telehealth by SimplePractice iphone images
Telehealth by SimplePractice Medical application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Telehealth by SimplePractice (Version 3.3.0) Install & Download

The applications Telehealth by SimplePractice was published in the category Medical on 2018-05-24 and was developed by SimplePractice, LLC. [Developer ID: 738207607]. This application file size is 38.19 MB. Telehealth by SimplePractice - Medical app posted on 2022-08-04 current version is 3.3.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: