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EMT Tutor Study Guide App Description & Overview

What is emt tutor study guide app? EMT Basic review material on the go on sale for semester start!

Over 1000 Quiz Questions and 1000 Flashcards!

The EMT tutor is a comprehensive training tool for the EMT Basic. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or starting class this app will position you for success in the real world. If you are a student going through class you will benefit from this app. Simultaneously, so will a seasoned veteran that is trying to stay current on recent developments.

The material has been prepared and verified with 2013 text books and includes the additional information now presented in most classes that includes Pathophysiology, Life Span Development, and expanded Anatomy and Physiology sections. Over 1000 Possible quiz questions and 1000 flashcards available.

5 major components differentiate us from our competitors:

1. A Bookmarking feature that allows the user to save difficult questions, flashcards, or scenarios for later study. This allows the user to tailor the experience to their needs.

2. Explanations so that the user learns from every question and flashcard.

3. Over 1000 Quiz Questions and 1000 Flashcards prepared by EMS instructors that are involved in both EMS education, and running calls in the streets. This enables the material to be relevant for students and to prepare you for the real world.

4. A Scenario based section has been developed to aid in taking text book material from page to street. Over 50 scenarios are given here, with more to come, that a user can go through on their own or with a field instructor to stimulate the thinking processes that occur on a 911 call.

5. Material that has been developed by EMS educators that are current on latest NREMT developments. Our material has been developed for the iPhone user and cannot be found on a website somewhere for free. Because of this we believe that our material is for learning and teaching on the iPhone not for assessing how smart the user is. Other material is built to assess, ours is built to teach.

Please feel free to Email any questions or concerns to: info@code3apps.com, we are always willing to help in any way. Enjoy our app and stay safe out there.

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App Name EMT Tutor Study Guide
Category Medical
Updated 01 November 2017, Wednesday
File Size 30.1 MB

EMT Tutor Study Guide Comments & Reviews 2024

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Useful app. Very useful and convenient app. The Anatomy and Physiology flash cards repeat though, some up to three times. There are 145 A&P flash cards in counting along with the repeated ones. I ask that the Skeletal structure be given it's own set of flash cards since there is very few on the subject.

Phenomenal. I've never written a review but this app was definitely worth the few minutes. Pros: hasn't crashed; very informative; helpful reference terms; good variety of quiz questions; and lots of study flag cards on various topics Cons: no medical "dictionary" and no medicine "dictionary" other than the reference terms

More than I expected. I usually never write reviews but this app is a great one. Very useful. I've been using it as an additional study guide and it has served more than it's purpose. Friendly developer too.

The perfect app for EMT's. This is a great app for all EMT's on the field and in training. I was not doing so good in class then a friend turned me on to this app and the quizzes helped me so begin to pass. I recommend to anyone!

Very Happy. My favorite app to study with. It's been 2 minutes and I'm already happy I bought it. Learning lots!

A welcome update. As an EMT prepping to renew my license, this update is great. Thank you for remembering this app exists!

Really helpful. Gives some really good situations to practice and got me to think about the same as the most recent version of the best thing about the new one

Excellent. I used this to study for NR. It helped me immensely. I recommend this app to everyone trying to pass Basic NR.

Good Study Tool. It is definitely a good app. In fact, there isn't anything necessarily bad about it. It has more than just questions. Flash cards, scenarios, and other tools are very helpful. The only reason why I give it a 4/5 is because I always look for something that can be improved to make it a "perfect" app. I think that the questions need to be questions from the national registry. The questions that they have are good, but they do not help prepare you for how the national registry is structured. This is a key thing for being able to pass. The questions they have definitely help you learn the information, but maybe there needs to be another section with NR questions.

Great help for test prep. I've been an emt for a number of years and needed to cram in some studying before a fire department emt written test. This has been the perfect tool to refresh and learn where I need to focus my limited time studying. The questions and answers are very up to date with the newest protocol which is key. I could study my old text books but they don't tell me things like tourniquets are the preferred method of direct pressure doesn't stop bleeding. Get this app if you need to brush up. It's worth the $5. I spent $5 on a latte today...

Good app. Only reason I did not give it 5stars is because it had a couple mistakes on some of the questions. Overall very helpful app that helped me study for my tests and pass my class.

Scenarios are bad. Scenarios are not complete. For instance take the “high school breathing problem”. They ask possible causes for breathing problems asthma, chest trauma, etc I will agree with. .... But apparently even though the kid is in PE class the idea that he exercised too hard and isn’t able to catch his breath isn’t a option. Nor is allergies or drugs. If you are going to rule these out provide me with evidence before asking me causes. Or don’t count it wrong when I can’t see the patient.

Fantastic app!. Now I can study on the go! Thanks EMT Tutor... this is super helpful in prepping. Should be $40 for this type of info in my pocket.

Great app for EMT study!. This is a very helpful app to have for any EMT, but especially those starting their EMT training. I used the 1,000 quiz questions and 1,000 flash cards as I went though my EMT course and ended up winning an award for academic excellency as I had the highest grade in our class. The app definitely covers more information than you will find in the EMT textbook. The scenarios are also very helpful, and really take you that extra step beyond the questions or flashcards. A great app overall and I definitely recommend it for all new EMTs.

Nice App.. Great for registry and class review. Most of these questions are right out of the Emergency Care and Transport 10th Edition as well as various registry study guides. Not bad at all.

I really enjoy this app, but... I have also noticed that some answers aren't correct. For example, I got a question about carbon dioxide being carried mostly by bicarbonate. I answered true, and it told me it was wrong that carbon MONOXIDE wasn't, but carbon DIOXIDE was. Responses to the correct answer can be a bit confusing, but overall I would recommend this app. The questions are otherwise on point and you can choose which topic you would like to study. Some of the questions really make you think about what you've learned so that's a plus too.

Take the time to edit, please. Spelling and content error on a few questions is enough to make the less knowlegeable skeptical of all the quiz questions. Isn't it worth spending the time to make sure the information you are putting out is accurate?

Emt tutor. I use this App for a couple of days and I have to say that I am a little disappointed in the App. I like to practice a lot of questions before my NREMT but there are a lot of wrong questions in the App. For example; they are asking a question about ACTIVE rewarming. The right answer is; place a blanket over de patient....thats PASSIVE rewarming! Also a question about, how many levels there are in EMS. The right answer was 4 but you had to click on "3"! The answer and the explanation did not match! For a high quality medical App like this, there are to many questions wrong! Also, there are a lot of Paramedic questions. Overall; I think, they should overlook there questions......and re-write them!

Passed in 70 questions. I just got my score back from NREMT today and I passed right at 70 questions into the test (first attempt taking the test). This app is really close to the way the actual NREMT Basic test is. I feel it is totally worth $5... Get it and use it, you probably won't regret it.

Good stuff. I'm writing a review because I like the use-ability of this app. The bookmarks are also a good idea.

Great on the go study for NREMT. I have to give 5 stars even though there were a few answers that were wrong. Over 900 questions! Well worth the money.

Zero to hero. In the beginning there was a boy who knew nothing of emt. I spent my days in sadness not knowing how to emt. Then my whole life changed when I discovered emtutor, now I emt the best, better then any emt has emt'd.

Love this app!. I bought this app hoping to encourage me to study more, being 3 weeks away from my test date i spent every moment on it i could. The best part is it was on the go. Passed my exam in 45 min with 72 questions. I dunno what i would of done without it. Thanks!

Excellent Program- A must Have. Being an EMT student, this program has really helped me a lot, especially with the scenario selection, and the flash card. The only downfall to this program is that it should have a definition search. This program is still a must have for an EMT or EMT student!

A lot is good some concern. I've been using this app for about a month. The idea of questions on the go are great. The downfall is that not all the answers are correct. That is a huge concern when dealing with info your not 100 percent certain on. Any question your uncertain of look it up in the book to verify problem is once you catch one wrong answer you second guess the others right or wrong.

Real world based question. I'd give this a five star rating if it weren't for the fact that each chapter has 1 or 2 poorly worded questions or gives the wrong answer. And it's a little pricey.

Great app!. The app is really nice, well designed, and very informative. I think this is one of the greatest study tools available to an EMT-B student. It does have the occasional spelling mistake but other than that, it is great.

Need to review their own material. Many questions are incorrectly answered. Answers/Explanations are mismatched. Typos in questions lead to wrong answers. E.g. They'll ask about a true/false for Carbon Dioxide and the correct answer will be wrong and the explanation goes on to explain about carbon monoxide instead. Too many flaws, please review your own questions/answers/explanations and this would be a decent app. Let's just hope no one fails a test or worse, injures a patient based on inaccurate information studied on this app.......

NREMT. I studied this app for my national registry and I passed my first try. I like the way it breaks the questions down into chapter reviews. Very helpful.

Perfect. This has been a great purchase. Easy interface has helped me stay on top of my skills.

Perfect for studying on the go.. Great app, I like the features that help me study subjects I have trouble with. Although I would like continuous updates with new questions. Great app otherwise.

Garbage. The scenarios tool is complete garbage.

THE BEST EMT REVIEW APP. I have downloaded a good 20+ apps to study for my NREMT test and my EMT class but this is by far the BEST out there - so do yourself a favor a just pay the $5 and download it now. It has everything Quizzes (broken into categories), flash cards, scenarios, and a tool box with checklists for different medical problems plus so much more!

Needs to be updated. Plenty of questions (~1000) which is fantastic, the more the merrier. However some of the questions are wrong and/or have typos. For an app that is supposed to help you pass a national exam it should be accurate, especially considering when you paid for it.

Great EMT study app. Going through an EMT course I don't have much time to make flash cards or sit down to take practice tests on the computer but with the app I can do it on the go and it makes studying easier and more enjoyable in my opinion.

Very useful, but a little outdated. All of the tools in the app are great. Very useful for study. Would be nice to see an update based on the new book, especially some updated terminology.

Review. I am a paramedic that was injured and been out of the game for 7 years. I still have certification, but this is a great review for all level of certification. I hope the update with new questions

Great app!. Great app! Gives me something to do while waiting at appointments or even just during commercials

Where are the reviewers?. The app is a good idea but the number of problems with the English language suggest the people who wrote this never graduated from high school. There are far too many spelling errors for example. We all know, or should know, that being able to write competent and correct patient reports is a key task for any EMT. I would be embarrassed if I had put out an app like this with so many errors. For example, in one quiz question the writer means "breaks" but writes "brakes"! Minimally, someone should be fixing these issues ASAP! There are other issues as well.

Not entirely accurate information. This app could be used as a refresher for some material. However, I would strongly advise people who are prepping for the NREMT to not use this as a study guide. For example, one of the answers for a question is suctioning an infant for at least 10 seconds. Now... If any of you have read the AAOS textbook, which is standard book that students use for EMT courses, suctioning infants should be for 5 seconds and not 10 seconds. 10 seconds is for children. It annoys me that was one of the answers. I'm hoping that the publishers would review the quizzes once more because a few answers are misleading... This apps does have potential. Just need to fix some errors and spelling.

EMT. I think this app is useful but there are a few errors that I have noticed, so if you know the answer is wrong from what you learned in your book then I'd stick to the book APGAR has a max of 10 points not 2 How does the APGAR score work? A 2 is the highest score, a 0 the lowest score, and you are assessing for Appearance, Pulse, Grimace (reaction to suctioning), Activity, Respiratory effort.

Very helpful. Love to be able to take the quizzes anywhere I go. Useful way to study when I can't carry my books.

Great practice app. I loved using this app to prepare for my class. Whether I had a couple minutes or an hour, it was a great prep for the national test. Now that I passed, I use it to keep refreshed. Worth the $!!

Best study tool. This is the perfect way to study for NR. Questions and answers always in your pocket. Makes it easy to quiz yourself and study during any free moment. Questions are very similar and are great for helping with the critical thinking/problem solving component.

I passed!!!. Needed a study guide for the nremt test. I never opened my EMT book or studied off of any EMT class material to prepare my self for the nremt. I took the nremt test 3 months after I passed the class. The only reason I passed was because of this app! Great app!!!

Not all information is correct, DO NOT BUY. This app is a good study tool and something I loved at first. The spelling issues are extremely annoying and really brings me to question the accuracy of this app. That being said, not all of the answers to the questions are accurate and some are misleading. Overall I think this app is helping me, but the reviews are obviously not all real and that makes me want to delete the app altogether. Let real customers write the reviews, have accurate and consistent facts, and fix the spelling!

Great EMS App. I have enjoyed using this app to test my knowledge and it has been great to work out the scenarios with myself on paper or with a group. Great information and worth the money to support the developers.

Answer mistakes. Although this is a very helpful tool for me in training I noticed that some questions would make the wrong answer correct but then after would say that a different answer was the right choice. I'd post a screenshot if I were able to

Final Review. This is my final review. I bought this app awhile back in preparation for my NREMT-B. while I was a little skeptical about using an IPhone app to study, this has been a great tool. I passed my national test this morning, answering 120 questions in 45 minutes. I'm not sure about my point score at this time but I did recieve confirmation that I passed. And this app helped me out quite a bit. Alot of study questions and scenarios for the price. I would recommend this to anyone in conjunction with the EMT-B exam cram books. Overall this is a great app with similar questions to the National test.

Great app! Would recommend. Information is accurate and easy to use!

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Brilliantly designed. If you're an EMT student, then this is what you need. It helped me hone my Trauma skills since we barely did scenarios in my intensive EMT course. I would like if they periodically update it with new scenarios and created a progression of tougher and tougher scenarios, still though, thanks to this app, I'm an EMT now.

Great App!. If you are an EMT/EMR student this app is great for testing your knowledge!

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Great. Good stuff. Enough here to keep you busy while at work. Good review.

Fabulous. This app really tests your knowledge and helps keep your mind sharp. The flash cards and quizzes really make it an all-inclusive app. Bravo!

Very helpful. Thanks for this application, it's very helpful for me to study now.

Mmmmm. So good. Much wow. Delish

Lots to go over.. Lots of information, great content.

Great app!. Very helpful!

Great tool. Great chapter and cumulative review

Great!. Some apps charge $5.00 for the same great info!

Awesome. I can study anywhere. This app goes right along with my prehospital book.

It's good. Really good

5 stars!. Super helpful!

Very effective. Flash cards and quizzes make great supplementary study aid. Don't get app if you plan to use as a learning aid.

This app ROCKS. Enough said.

Worth the price!. Very helpful design! Used the EMTutor to help me through EMT class and the national registry. Loving this app too!

Very very very helpful. Love this app. Very helpful.

Love it. I used this app for EMT basic now using it for paramedic NREMT. I would not hesitate to buy it again.

Excellent emt review. Worth the $5. 1000 flash cards + 1000 test questions.

Great!. Great study tool for on the go or wherever! Same questions that are on the exam

Great. Best EMS app ever!!!.. I'm really satisfy!!

Great. Awesome source of information for anything Ems.

Awesome. Great app helps a ton studying

Decent, but needs updating. Not a bad study app, but could use some more editing and updating.

Great!. Studying for my NREMT and this is very helpful.

Challenging. A good app. Pretty comprehensive and challenging.

Great app. Helps you study to pass your national registry.

Great review for the National review. I like the way this coarse is setup.

Great EMT Review. This app helped me during my time in my EMT- B course and works to review/expand my emergency medicine knowledge as I work towards becoming a medic

Great. Wonderful study app. Great for scenario questions like the EMT Exam

Excellent tool!. Worth every penny

Super helpful!!!. A must have!!!

Great app. This app is a great app to study for the NREMT. Worth every penny.

Old material. Lots of the material especially the tests answers are old, while some of them make no sense. Stick with reading your text book.

Update app!! NOW!!!. Good app, but it needs to be updated to the current national registry standards! Other than that, it's great.

Awesome App. So worth the $5. Guaranteed you'll be satisfied.

Needs an update. Awesome app, very useful. However, a couple things are outdated. Great to prepare for the NREMT test or study for the class though. Money well spent!

Great app and well made. This has been very helpful.

Great. Is great super excellent application. Much help for America medicine. I will be doctor very soon.

Best study tool!. Best app to study for fisdap tests, or any emt tests!!!!!

Great test prep. A wide variety of resources coupled with a large pool of test questions make this app a no-brainier for those preparing to take the NREMT exam.

Unbelievable. The same error still exists😡😤 Where are the flashcards? Waited all this time for this upgrade to do what again... 😠😪

Wow. This app is great....I love how it briefly explains why the answer is that answer!!! It was totally worth paying for it!!!

EMT. I tried all the lite versions and found this to be the best one. I purchased this app and so far it's been good

Amazing. Best app I have used

This is Why I know so much. Very awesome app

No flashcards. Very good app, but despite bug fixes, flashcards do not work...

Great app. Lots of info for the price. I do hate the hard to read light blue text in the scenarios though.

Firefighter-man. Great app

EMT knowledge. This is a great app. It is a great refresher.

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Language English
Price $4.99
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 3.5
Play Store com.code3apps.EMTTutor
Compatibility iOS 8.0 or later

EMT Tutor Study Guide (Versiyon 3.5) Install & Download

The application EMT Tutor Study Guide was published in the category Medical on 07 April 2011, Thursday and was developed by Code 3 Apps [Developer ID: 427516925]. This program file size is 30.1 MB. This app has been rated by 66 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. EMT Tutor Study Guide - Medical app posted on 01 November 2017, Wednesday current version is 3.5 and works well on iOS 8.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.code3apps.EMTTutor. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. Updated the App to iOS latest version

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