VeinSeek Pro

VeinSeek Pro [Medical] App Description & Overview

Click on "Developer Website" or "William Lewis Website" below to see VeinSeek Pro in action! VeinSeek Pro is an augmented reality 'vein finder' application for your smartphone.

Instructions for first-time use:
1) Hold your iPhone at least 10 cm (4-5 inches) away from the skin.
2) Turn the flashlight on by pressing the flashlight icon at the bottom left of the screen.
3) Adjust the contrast with slider to the *lowest* setting that allows you to see veins well.
4) If you still can't see veins, try a physical maneuver; lower an arm vein below the level of the heart, or use a tourniquet, for example.
5) If all of the above fail, try looking at a different site. VeinSeek will not perform as well as ultrasound for deep veins.

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VeinSeek is an augmented reality 'vein finder' application for your smartphone, and allows the user to see some veins that would be otherwise invisible to the naked eye; VeinSeek Pro improves and extends the functionality of the original VeinSeek app. VeinSeek Pro offers better performance in a range of lighting conditions. Users can adjust the intensity of the effect to adapt to bright or dim environments and different skin types. Screenshots can be easily captured via the camera button and stored to the iPhone's photo album.

Disclaimer: VeinSeek Pro is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. The creators of VeinSeek assume no liability for the use of, misuse of, or inability to use, the VeinSeek app. VEINSEEK PRO IS NOT DESIGNED NOR INTENDED FOR ANY APPLICATION IN WHICH THE FAILURE OR MISUSE OF VEINSEEK PRO COULD CREATE A SITUATION WHERE PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH MAY OCCUR.

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VeinSeek Pro Customer Service, Editor Notes:

New default contrast setting.

VeinSeek Pro Comments & Reviews

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- Absolutely horrible

Doesn’t even show visible veins

- Very impressed

I was pleasantly surprised with this app. I do acute home visits and this cheap app helped me feel confident and find veins on a few patients that I would have probably not been able to get. It doesn’t show the vein if it’s very deep but if I barely feel a vein or think I might feel one, a lot of time this would me feel confident if it is a vein or not. Great tool!

- Not useful

Sorry, but this app isn’t worth it. I was optimistic and bought it hoping it could help with hard sticks, but it just turns your pic into black/white.

- Doesn’t work

This “app” simply uses lighting contrast to pick up bulging surface veins and the shadows they cast rather than actually find veins. And if you miss the veins that are bulging out of someone’s arm, you shouldn’t be starting an IV anyway. Anyone know how I can get a refund? $5.00 for an app that is useless is a scam as far as I’m concerned.

- Exceeds Expectations

I use this app every now and again— and it works surprisingly well! I mean, considering most hospitals grade vein finders can run you up to a couple grand, I’d say this app is quite impressive for what it can do. I thought maybe there was rumor of a 2nd version coming out at some point? Any more news on that front...? I’m definitely interested.

- Hi

I want my money back !!!

- Want redund

This doesn’t work. Please refund my money.

- It’s terrible!

Not one vein! Nothing! I followed instructions and tried every lightning possible. I will be asking for a refund.

- Useless garbage waste of money!

It’s more of a joke than a useful app. BTW I’m a physician

- Not compatible with new iPhone 11 pro

New cameras and light on the new iPhone 11 pro do not allow enough contrast for app to work properly. I can’t see veins like I did on my iPhone 7. Not usable at the moment for me

- This is not a real vein finder

This is nothing more than a black and white filter that allows you to adjust the contrast of the image with a slider, but to me it’s more like a joke if I compared it to a 2 other vein finders I own. Of course the price can’t compare either but I wasted $6 that could have used to purchase a $200 useful REAL vein finder.

- Nope

Can I have my money back please?

- It really works! Amazing!

I don’t really want to admit this but the reason I got this app was because I was a heroin addict and after years of using I had very few usable veins left. If anyone reading this is an addict, this is a very good way to avoid further self harm. But another great reason for using this is if you are a hard stick when getting blood drawn, etc. Technology is amazing and I am thoroughly shocked that you can actually see your veins through a phone!

- Poor

Total rip off. Use a flashlight. Very disappointed.

- Don’t waste your money

Does not work.

- Waist of money

Your better off throwing 4.99 out the window of your car than to buy this app. But it’s my own fault for thinking an app like this really works.

- Unusable

Unusable, please refund purchase price. Thank you, Best Regards, good luck on your next try. Sorry not even 1 star. Your feedback forum is total BS.

- i can’t really see much

well i don’t have many veins myself but when i used this app to locate them (not a medical professional) i found that it was hard to hold the camera and do what i have to do. i also couldn’t really see anything in the black and white camera and the flashlight made it worse. the one review suggesting goggles was good. but anyway, if you do not want to spend the $5’on this app then here is what to do: turn your iphone flashlight up all the way, take your case off, put the flashlight up to your skin in low lighting, and there we go. free vein finder.

- Better than expected!

I’m a paramedic and was looking for a cheap alternative to a vein finder for patients that are “hard sticks”. I just downloaded this and I’ve been using it to look at veins on myself and my partner and it seems awesome! I’ll admit that I wasn’t expecting much from an app, but this app already exceeds my expectations. It’s not magic and I don’t expect it to show every single vein, but it DOES show veins on my arm that I cannot see. And on veins I can see, it shows which direction the vein goes. I have not yet used it for starting an IV, but I will definitely be using it as it will be nice to have a place to start on patients where you can’t seem to find anything. I imagine this will (at the very least) give a good idea of where to start. I also see this being useful when you miss an IV and the vein feels like it’s right next to the needle to potentially save the IV and save the patient from another IV stick.

- Not impressed

Seems to only show veins you can see with your eyes anyway

- Scam

Don’t know why I thought it work but it’s csm I have a reall vain finder this one is a scam

- Just a black and white picture

Just a black and white picture . You can see vein much clear in naked eye than this Camara. It seems the owner itself gave 5 star. Waste of money and time

- Amazing

Finding this app made this home health nurses week!!! I love it!

- Very Disappointed

I use a vein finder at lease once a week that we have in our in ED. Most times its being used by someone else. So I decided to purchases this one so I can have my and and not have to delay patient care. After downloading and trying this app, I rather wait - what a waste of money.

- Waste of money! DO NOT BUY!

I’d give it zero stars if I could. This app is absolutely worthless! Wish I could have tried it first, then I’d have saved $5.00! I tried it numerous times in various lighting. Couldn’t even see any veins. Adjusted the contrast and still couldn’t see veins that were visible under normal lights. Save your money and buy one of the commercial vein lights!

- Works for what I use it for—but...

If you have tattoos you won’t have as great an experience with it. I mostly use this where I don’t have any now, because trying to see veins through ink with this just highlights the tat in white like one of those invisible ink lights. The picture is extremely faint and grainy, but it’s great for a general idea of where to look. I don’t really love that I spent so much on this, but it’s definitely not worth deleting. I’ve gotten some good help from this thing and I recently recommended it to a friend too

- Doesn’t work in patients with poor accesss

Tried to use it several times but failed every time to locate any vein.

- Terrible

The technology is garbage. It only shows the most superficial of veins that you can see clearly without the app. This adds no benefit. Don’t waste your money.

- Very good app.

This app only works if your veins are already visible. I wasted my money on this cuz my veins aren’t visible to the naked eye. But if your veins are visible this app does help see them better.

- It worked for me!

I’m a paramedic and sometimes it’s crucial to get IV access. I have never been good at finding veins by feel, especially pediatric veins. I sweat bullets when starting IVs on kids, but I actually was able to locate a couple of good veins I couldn’t see on a pediatric patient that was fair skinned. I got the IV first try. It was well worth the price. It doesn’t make the stick for you, but it allows you to gauge a good area to start. Love this app!

- Save your money

I work in a hospital lab and thought this would be interesting to try. The large veins that I know are there don't show up at all. Yes, I held it far enough away. I tried it in good lighting on a variety of patients and positioned it in every way imaginable, and I didn't find this app to be useful in locating veins for blood draws. Might be useful for other applications, but not for a clinical laboratory.

- Concerned that this actually works.

I'm a physician. I have a handheld ultrasound machine 15K not including the cost of my linear probe. But I bought this to see if this actually works. I'm a bit concerned that it does work in the middle of an IV drug epidemic since anyone can buy this, I hope this doesn't help people overdose. I think this has the potential to be dangerous. You do have to adjust the screen and hold of 6 inches from the Arm like the developer said in a response to a poor comment. I can see this being useful although not as good as the vein finder or an Ultrasound if you don't have access to either it is well worth the $5. What is really needed is this technology to be an app for smart glasses for it to be optimally useful. Imagine your nurse starting your IV with a VR headset with camera only augmented vision to find your veins. That would be cool.

- Wow! Unexpectedly good.

Very much worth the $5. My charge nurse asked me to start an IV on a patient that wasn't mine, edematous, and a very hard stick. Got it on the first try without a visible vein (only found in with Vein Seek Pro.) Marked my top and bottom point and aimed between the lines. Went a little crazy and decided to check all the staffers veins too. Works great on light, medium, and very dark skin! It's not going to keep veins from rolling but the finding is much easier. The only con I had was that it didn't work well on folks with extensive tattoos on their forearm. Ink interferes with the light spectrum. Other than that, worth every penny!

- Game Changer

This app is GREAT! I don't right reviews but I had to with this one. This developer needs credit where it's deserved. Don't hesitate. A+

- Oh yup

This app is amazing. Makes my job so much easier. Makes placing a difficult PVAD so simple!

- Great app! Impressed.

Just got this app. Still playing with it to figure out how it works best. So far I have been impressed. If I hold the phone about 12 in away from the skin the veins show better. Also seems to show better on the palm side of the arm. For $5 I was not expecting much, but this has far exceeded what I expected.

- Thumbs down

I'm a dialysis patient that gets poked on a daily basis and this app absolutely bites!!!!!! I want my $5.00 back so I can buy an app that does what it claims!!!!!! Thumbs down!!!!

- Works great!!

What an amazing app!! This works like a charm. I was super skeptical at first, but time and again this app has found veins that I can't see with the naked eye. Way easier and more convenient than ultrasound. Perfect for the middle of the night. This works best when there is a lot of light...use the flashlight if you can't turn the lights up in the room. So happy I bought this!!

- VeinSeek Works

To get the app working: 1) hold the phone FAR AWAY from the skin, 2) turn VeinSeek on (button in top right), 3) turn flashlight on (button in bottom left), and adjust contrast slowly from the left side until veins just start to appear. It's easy to use and works exactly as shown in the video, but you have to follow those directions, or it doesn't work. The directions are also repeated in the help button at the bottom right of the screen.

- Doesn't work AT ALL

I bought this thinking it was a neat and helpful tool for guidance as a nurse. NOPE I have yet to see one single vein, pretty upset I bought this.

- Kinda works

I'm an ICU nurse. This app somewhat works to find the veins. It finds superficial veins that will probably blow. However, if you need a line on somebody STAT, it's better than nothing. $.99 would be a much better price point.

- Down

Human eyes and special nurse is more good this app.

- AMAZING! (Once you figure out how to use it.)

This app is great but it takes a minute to figure out how to get it working. First off, you have to hold it at least 6 inches away from the skin so the camera can focus. It also works MUCH better with the flashlight on. When the flashlight is on, turn the contrast up a little bit (about 1/4 of the way from the left). Definitely lets you see veins that you can't see with the naked eye. Awesome!

- Doesn't work

It works almost worse then My own eyes in finding veins don't waste money .

- A joke

This is useless. Like the other reviewer said, it's basically a camera filter, and just detects blue/green colors and shades them black to outline them. Nothing better than your own eyes and fingers. Feel for the veins. Again, useless product.

- Wasting Money

Could've saved my money. Can only see superficial veins and no better than my own eye. Save it.

- WOW!!!

I was skeptical, but holy cow.... it works. I have horrible veins and see them with no problems. Way too cool. Awesome app. Perfect for new nurses.

- Unbelievable!!! It's REALLY works.

As an Infusion nurse, this app has been a gift inn my work. I was initially skeptical but it actually works...genius!!!!

- Phlebotomy tech

it's basically a cheap Camera filter. I would not recommend this.Save your money!

- Not perfect as in video

Buyer beware :-(. I'll play around with the app more but initial review is meh. Only clearly identified veins I could already see near the surface.

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- Wonderful!

I'm a PA working in both ED and UC. Everything is hunkey-dory until it becomes apparent multiple techs aren't able to get access on that hard-stick vasculopath who needs fluids and labs stat. Then all of the sudden all eyes are on me to dust off my IV chops and make something wonderful happen. It's fantastic having this incredible easy to use app in my back pocket, especially in the urgent care setting where there's no bedside sono available. This purchase was well worth it.

- It works!!

I'm a home health nurse! This is going to be awesome! My fellow nurses are downloading This app now!!! Worth it. Note... You have to tap the "Vein seek" to turn it on. It's not automatic

- Cool app

Interesting App for sing blood vessels through the skin on hands legs arms etc. there is an adjustment to enhance vessel contrast. Pretty cool for under $5.

- Doesn't work!!

I tried the app on 3 different people, skin types,colors,ages. Veins DONT show up. AT ALL! Its a scam. Super bummed 😖. Save your money!!!

- Zimbabwe Vein Seek

I'm happy to tell you that I have been using Vein Seek in Zimbabwe! It's been helpful on our patients who all have dark skin. I've seen veins clarified using your program-- and our patients have very difficult veins to see --- they are volume depleted and our lighting is difficult to adjust. Today we had even a "negative" result that was helpful -- we had a patient that looked like she had no obvious veins. Her arm was in a tourniquet yet with our eyes we could see no veins and on feeling her forearm we could feel no veins. We pulled out Vein Seek and there were no veins. We used a control and looked at the arm of a doctor whose skin color was the same as the patient's-- we were able to easily see the doctor's veins, so we knew the app was working well. Because of Vein Seek we were able to save our time and give up on seeking for a peripheral Vein that wasn't there. The patient was able to avoid excessive poking and prodding because we were able to quickly rule out the possibility of a peripheral IV. Your app is great! I have been sharing it with doctors in Zimbabwe and they have been showing interest in it because they cannulate their own patients.

- It works!

Have tried this on a number of people with good results. Works best with the flashlight on and the contrast at the lowest setting where you can just start to see veins.

- It doesnt work at all

This app doesn't work at all keep your hard earned money. I don't know how thy did it in the video but it doesn't work. Rip off.

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VeinSeek Pro 1.2 Screenshots & Images

VeinSeek Pro iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

VeinSeek Pro iphone images
VeinSeek Pro iphone images
VeinSeek Pro Medical application ipad screenshots and images not ready...
VeinSeek Pro Medical application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
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VeinSeek Pro (Version 1.2) Install & Download

The applications VeinSeek Pro was published in the category Medical on 2016-11-17 and was developed by VeinSeek LLC [Developer ID: 1114534654]. This application file size is 10.87 MB. VeinSeek Pro - Medical posted on 2017-04-26 current version is 1.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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