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What is express scripts app? Managing your medicine is easier when our app does it for you.

The newly designed Express Scripts app lets you easily and quickly find everything you need for your medicine. It’s like having a knowledgeable pharmacist in your pocket.

Find a preferred pharmacy, refill your prescription and check your order status—anytime, anywhere.

Whatever you’re looking for, find it faster on the Express Scripts mobile app.

• Order refills for you or your family
• Track orders
• Start automatic refills
• Access ID card

You must have an Express Scripts prescription benefit plan through your health insurance or plan sponsor to use this app.

This app and/or some if the features described may not be available for all plans or benefit types.

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App Name Express Scripts
Category Medical
Updated 13 December 2023, Wednesday
File Size 54.63 MB

Express Scripts Comments & Reviews 2024

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Express Scripts Medicare 2018 Formulary and Express Scripts App. 27 AUG 2018 The Express Scripts app quoted me incorrect pricing on 23 AUG 2018. Before I visited the pharmacy on Friday, 24 AUG 2018 I telephoned Express Scripts just to verify the prices I looked up in the app were correct. I am glad I did because both medications were priced incorrectly on the app. The representative quoted both as about $3.00 higher. Persons reading my review be aware that the app is not displaying correct pricing. I would strongly discourage using the app. I will delete the app as soon as I finish this review. Also the Express Scripts Medicare 2018 Formulary has typographical errors. Persons reading this review do not trust the formulary either. I would like to say I am not indicating every entry in the formulary is wrong but you never know if your medication listed is incorrectly listed or not in the book at all. The same applies to checking medication never know if the price that displays on the Express Scripts app is accurate. In the future I will telephone Medicare for all my needs; as well as Express Scripts for all my Pharmacy needs. Keep in mind we are dealing with the United States government. Thank all of you who read my review.

Definitely not my first choice. The majority of the time things go well with Express Scripts, however if there is a bump in the road it can turn into a disaster. Several months ago due to my current doctor relocating to another state, I switched primary caregivers and and even after numerous calls to express scripts by both myself and my physician staff I had to wait weeks and weeks to get things straightened out. At first they did not recognize that my new doctor was a valid practitioner which he has been for many, many years and is highly respected. Secondly when I called I was typically transferred several times each time having to explain my situation from the start. One of the clerks I was speaking to had trouble understanding my situation due in part to having children in the background. This was not a complex situation I was trying to explain, but no one person wanted to take the time to listen and correct their system to recognize that I had simply change doctors and to fill the prescriptions that the new doctor had entered

Happiest with Express Scripts. I love the mail order pharmacy that Express Scripts provides. They are efficient in processing my prescriptions and deliver them in a timely manner. Above all they are accurate. I have two prescriptions for the same medicine but in different strengths. Never a problem for them. Whereas my local pharmacy would mess my order every month by giving me one strength and not the other or calling with the Q, “You have two different strengths of medication which one did you want filled?” They could NOT comprehend I needed both medications of both strengths EVERY month. Express Scripts has high caliber pharmacists that get to know their patients and their needs. I couldn’t be happier with their service and their reasonable prices!

I love home delivery. I was always a little weary about receiving medications in the mail, but any worries I had, have been completely dissolved. It is so wonderful not to have to keep up with when I needed to go to the pharmacy for refills. I get an email when my medications are ready to be filled and I have a few days to make changes (if needed) then I get an email that my medication is being processed then one when they ship. I like knowing what’s going on. They take care of calling for a new prescription when needed. I’ve called on several occasions and it’s always been very helpful. The representatives I’ve talked to are knowledgeable and handle everything. I like good customer service and I’ve always gotten it when I’ve called.

Worst app ever. I have never written a review for an app. However this app is so terrible I had to. The app is equivalent to a rock. Pointless, you can look at it but it has absolutely no value. You can modify anything on your account, you need to use the website. This app once again similar to a rock sits there on you phone worthless, just like express scrips. Who do nothing, give you terrible service. Call you at all random hours throughout the day/night. Oh and last but not least OVERCHARGE you for medication. Zyrtec (OTC allergy medication) they wanted $70 for a 30 day supply. This is like I said an OTC allergy medication that ranges from $7 to $20 on the high end. When I explained this the operator this is what they said “oh I’m sorry sir”. Not they will look into it or try an help nothing. Using this company at free will, I feel is similar to giving yourself a voluntary enema. Being forced to use this shoddy company due to insurance providers. Priceless. Fire whoever runs this god-awful dumpster fire you guys call express scrips.

Why did I wait so long?!. Waiting for a prescription to be refilled is one errand I absolutely loathe. The reminders make it impossible to forget to refill and the user friendly app lets me submit my refill request in literally under a minute. Never had a problem. Shipping is quick - I always choose standard shipping and I have my refills in a few days. The app is so easy and convenient I can’t believe I’m just now getting on board. Saves me time and money. I was paying $50/month for one of my prescriptions at my local pharmacy. The same prescription is $49/90-day supply through Express Scripts. A savings of $100 every quarter. That’s a savings of $400/year on ONE prescription.

False Reminders. Enjoy the ease of use for reordering current prescriptions. Unfortunately, I also receive regular reminders (every few days) that I have “0” days supply left for a particular medicine that I have plenty of supply left and have also reordered numerous times. I called express scripts to get help on eliminating these reminders and they have no idea how their app works nor how to help me. They said they would work on the problem and now a month later I continue to receive these annoying reminders. (Just received one again this morning) If they develop an app they also need to secure the necessary knowledge base to help users when there is a problem. I’m beginning to think they don’t have that knowledge base. Beware if you set up any medicine reminders. You may begin getting many more than you’d like.

Verifying every prescription. The old way of using Express Scripts was so easy but you’ve changed it and now it’s very annoying. When I have a prescription on AutoShip, that’s why I set it up on AutoShip so that I wouldn’t be bothered every month. Now it doesn’t matter that I’m set up on AutoShip. I still get an email then I have to sign in which takes two or three steps, much longer than it used to take, and then I have to verify that I want it and go through every step that shouldn’t have to be gone through every time a prescription is on AutoShip, it should just auto ship unless you’re told not to or unless I give you an address change or some thing like that which I think the customer should initiate. Setting up AutoShip used to make it so easy now it doesn’t matter because you have to go through 10 hoops every time anyway so there’s no convenience in auto ship anymore.

The WORST prescription company. Express Scripts is absolute garbage, I only use them because I am forced to by my company health insurance plan. They make getting my medications impossible and expensive. Unless you have a flawless doctor that orders only exactly the medicine you need and tailor makes the perscription to express scripts, be prepared for an absolute nightmare any time you want medicine. My doctor once accidentally wrote me a prescription for 6 inhalers which were $100 each, which I didn’t find out about until AFTER my medicine had been packaged and mailed out—after which you CANNOT return anything—and of course many expired before I could use them. So I thought I would put a hold on my account to require them to call for approval for any prescription, but that has only increased my pain. I will call to fill a prescription, and then have to wait for them to call me back to approve that prescription before they can order it. And then of course randomly they don’t follow the process and I had to pay for 6 inhalers all over again. The phone technicians don’t know the names of any medicines or how their own computer system works, so I recommending calling a few times until you get one of the very few knowledgeable phone technicians. Ok rant over. The app is fine I guess but I still think everyone should avoid this company if you can.

Confusing. ExpressScripts is very confusing. The messages I get sent are always incorrect. It will tell me my doctor cancelled the RX, or the RX isn’t due yet, even that my insurance doesn’t cover this medication to have my physician prescribe a alternative. None of it is true. I am continually contacting my doctor to have things straightened out with ExpressScripts. I set up automatic refills which doesn’t happen. My RX are to be mailed when due, that doesn’t happen. My RX are always late, I am always forced to go with my medication until everything gets straightened out by my physician. I am extremely unhappy with ExpressScript. I had been just getting my RX through my local pharmacy until my pharmacy told me they can no longer deliver my RX because my insurance will not approve it. Now it is a constant struggle to get my medications.

Not very good. The app works ok, but sometimes it goes to a page and there’s no way to close out of it, and then you have to log in again. Which doesn’t sound like a big deal but that brings up the other thing that makes me dislike it: Allegedly you can change the contact method for the two-step verification from email to text and vise versa. Why, there’s even a link for it! How convenient! EXCEPT IT DOESN’T WORK! You will always get emails for the foreseeable future, because the ability to change from email notifications to text notifications isn’t enabled in the latest release. I contacted them about it thinking I was missing something, but no, it doesn’t work. Kinda stupid. I suggested the link to change notification preferences be removed but we shall see. Sigh. It was better before this recent update in my opinion.

Should be called “Unorganized Scripts”. Twice in a week I’ve had doctors send in a prescription to Express Scripts and Express Scripts keeps indicating they need further approval from the doctor…as in from the doctor who prescribed the medicine in the first place. Almost every time I have to get a prescription through Express Scripts something like this happens. For one reason or another, it’s never a seamless process where the doc sends it, they fill it and ship it. It always involves me seeing a prescription never got sent out, and it’s still pending for some reason. Me spending 2 hours of my day on the phone back and forth with them. Of course customer service “can’t make outbound calls” to contact the doctor and resolve it. I always call my doctor who’s like “I sent it to them, I’ll try again.” If you can avoid this company and go local, I recommend it.

So so could be better. I like a lot of things about the app and some I don’t for instance when doing the refill and renew and you pick all the items you want to refill and then choose next and it goes to order details it is very confusing trying to read like it will tell you a medication then it will tell you other info like you have chosen this medicine and it is to early or there is no refills left and it will give you a date that it will process and gives you the option to remove an item off the list anyways my problem I think there needs to be a bold line between all the information for one med then the next I go to click to remove one med and it removes another one there needs to be a bold line between all information from one med to the next is what I am trying to say.

Opinion from Navy pilot’s wife. I have used Express Scripts to fill my prescriptions for many years - ever since I married my husband, a retired Navy captain. I have a number of chronic illnesses so my medication list is a long one. Without Express Scripts, the costs I would accrue in order to get all the meds I need would be pretty daunting so I am so thankful to have Express Scripts backing me up. In addition, I am very grateful that through Express Scripts I am able to get my meds via the U.S. mail system as I am totally housebound due to COVID and also to the fact that my poor health makes it simply too hard to ambulate. Prior to his death from COPD and Parkinson’s disease in 2015, the number of meds that both he and I had to take during that time was daunting so it was indeed ma blessing that we were covered by Express Scripts. We had so much to worry about that we just didn’t need to have the worry of excessive worry prescription costs added to our problem pile. So I will always be thankful that Express Scripts has been such a valuable part of my family’s health support system.

Worse experience. They have made it almost impossible for me to get my refills. They won’t communicate with your doctor about what is required and even when my insurance company called them and said they approve the medication they still tried to tell me my insurance company denied the request. The medication I take I have to have or I will have severe withdrawals. I was told to goto the hospital. My question is are you gonna pay the bill for the hospital because of there fault? I don’t have a extra $1000 for someone else’s incompetence. If your insurance company users this company I would change insurance companies. I repeat do not use this company if you want to get your medication on time. You will run out. They also charge $21 to over night your medication even if it is there fault and the normal delivery is around 10 days. Just use your local pharmacy so you don’t have problems. Very Dissatisfied Customer.

Needs some work. I like the ability to tap on a prescription and have it ordered; I like the notifications; I do not like that there is no way to remove a medicine from the list. I am constantly being reminded that there are no refills on meds I am no longer taking. This has been going on for the better part of a year and you have not seen the need to fix this. Why is that? I have a ton of scripts that I only took for a short time buy they remain in the “cabinet”. Allow me to get rid of these. This makes it more difficult for me to recount what meds I do take when going to a doctor. Another thing that might be helpful to more than just me, allow a comment section for adverse reactions to drugs. As we age we tend to forget why we stopped taking certain meds, this would make it easier to relate that info to docs.

Horrible service and even worse communications. Worst pharmacy experience ever and gets worse every attempt I make to get the correct prescription on time. They need to have their contract cancelled with Tricare. Have used military pharmacies but now live far away from the military pharmacies so I’ve attempted to have ES fill them but only with a lot if difficulties and roadblocks from ES. One order takes ordering via website with at least 6-12 calls per prescription to get it late after their repeated dilatory attempts to destroy the Tricare benefit. Next steps will be congressional complaints but little good that’ll do in these divisive political times!!!! Military retirees are in big trouble with corruption at all government levels and getting worse!!!!

Slow, clunky, reminders can’t be turned off. This app has potential. It would be so nice if it automatically updated whenever I get a new prescription with the amount of pills in the new Rx. Right now I have to remember to update the app when I get a new Rx or the refill reminder will keep telling me I need a refill. Based on what a lot of other apps are able to do I don't think that's very complicated functionality to add. As I mentioned in the title, the interface is also very clunky. The whole menu bar on the left hand side is not intuitive and options are difficult to locate. On the whole it doesn't feel like a lot of time or effort has been spent on this app. The part that's the most frustrating, however, is that if I want to turn off a single reminder I can't get it to work. No matter how many times I updated, I keep getting all of the reminders that I previously set up. This includes for medications that I no longer take. As a result, I'm having to turn off all reminders. This was the main reason I installed the app in the first place.

Quick and easy way to get your meds!. I love using this pharmacy for all of my meds-it is so easy to use and you can get refills automatically sent right to you which alleviates the issues of remembering to call in your refills then picking them up! You can get spoiled by these services real quick! If there are any questions you get a phone call and/or text. They will contact your doctor when you need a new script saving you time. They make the costs very clear and tell you ways you can save money on your meds. Customer service is excellent-they are very patient and willing to take care of any issues you may have. Can’t say enough positive things about this pharmacy!

Website. I find express scripts to be not user friendly and very confusing! It used to be so easy, your meds came automatically every three months . Now I am frequently asked do I need a refill or not. So I have to get all the bottles out and see if I can match anything to whatever is in the email. Sometimes the numbers do not match the bottles. Why can’t you put the name of the medication in the email so I don’t have to guess. Frequently I am asked to order a refill when I already have a refill at home waiting to be used. The other problem is there is no way to delete meds I am no longer taking. Whoever set up this website should be fired! Irene K Sato

So easy to use.. This is easy to use, easy to understand. I always have lots of questions & this app has the answers & the information I need. Eighteen months of my medicine history is readily available. Options & costs are clearly right there to read & understand. It's so simple to place an order then track it. The turnaround time is very good. This means no travel time or transportation costs to get my prescriptions. No long wait in lines at the pharmacy. It's convenient, economical money wise & time wise. Saves me a tremendous amount of time & money & I am able to place orders quickly & easily any time, day or night using my smart phone, iPad or computer! I'm a huge fan!❤️

If I had a choice I’d use anyone else. My doctor routinely, as in on a monthly basis, has to call in prescriptions, over and over. Express Script loses my prescription or refuses to fill them. Although I have arranged to have ALL MY PRESCRIPTIONS SENT VIA FEDEX, at least one prescription a month goes via DHL or the USPS, neither of which deliver to my house. They leave the detective work to me, as I try to determine which medication is lost and where. When I call they acknowledge there is a standing order to only use FEDEX, and they even suggest i should try a different service, aware that my insurance (Tricare) will only pay for my prescription via mail order. So, uh no I won’t be paying the $3000 a month out of pocket each month. I will just continue to make my Senators and Congressmen aware of how badly Express Scripts is abusing their non competitive contract. Perhaps next year they’ll be stripped of the contract and I can see how another vendor handles my prescriptions.

Totally worthless if doing more than renewing. The ExpressScripts App is totally and completely useless, unless one is only renewing a typical prescription. My Dr sent in a new prescription for a medication I’ve been taking for over 10 years. ExpressScrips sent a text message for me to verify my address, which I did. However the status still shows that the prescription is delayed, as ExpressScripts needs to verify that the medication is covered by my insurance plan. Did I mention that my insurance plan hasn’t changed in years. When I tried using the app to contact ExpressScripts, I was connected to an automatic voice system which can also only do rudimentary operations (like looking up your order status - K, not the most recent order in my case). I then went online to try to contact ExpressScripts, and after typing out my message and all required information, I received a screen saying that the service was down…. I understand ExpressScripts is busy, yet they need to get something in place to better serve their clients. The system they are using is Arcane and simply does’t work. Highly recommend one avoid this app at all costs! If one could give a lower rating than a 1 Star, I would!!! If I could avoid using ExpressScripts, entirely, I most certainly would.

Beware of Dose Reminders. This app works ok in general. It’s nothing special, but I’m very concerned about the dose reminders. They sometimes work and sometimes don’t. I set one up to replace my daily reminder on my iPhone but I strongly advise against it. I’ve been getting a reminder, on average, every other day, if that. This is fine for me because I’m younger and am using the iPhone reminder anyway, but it could falsely lead older people into a sense of security that could be very dangerous for them. Older people have a hard enough time remembering to take crucial medications without having the dose reminders only work sporadically. This could cause a serious issue for someone depending on them. I tried this app and the dose reminders over a year ago and it was the same. Apparently the developers don’t really care about the well-being of their older users and I would expect this to be a serious concern to anyone who claims to care about the well-being of others.

Ok but not great.. The app is good, and it is easy to order scripts. Cons: Changing an alert is next to impossible. Removing a medication is not possible as far as I can see. The virtual pharmacy ID card is not printable and does not contain all of the information the hard copy card has. (I have ordered a hard copy about 25 times, and have yet to receive a hard copy) There is not a section for drugs you may be allergic to. If you are looking to see your claims and history, or medicine history; you are out of luck. The search thinking wheel spins forever and almost always times out giving the message “9999: We are sorry, we are unable to complete your transaction at this time. Please try again later.”. Should you actually reach your history of any kind, forget actually printing it out. Pricing a medication by history is a long shot Only about 10 current medications show up and only about half of those are actually current up to date medications that you are taking. You better be an ace speller. If you misspell any drugs when searching within the app, the search is not smart and will not recognize even a close misspelled medication. In the world of apps, this one needs some work.

Mixed Feelings. This coverage is provided to me due to my husbands service to this glorious country. I dread having to refill my prescriptions, because there is a huge disconnect between the provider and the pharmacy. I always have pleasant representatives when I call, but the company has so many restrictions on medications, that I have seriously thought of just giving up on this company, and just paying cash. Again, this is not about the wonderful reps, this is about a company that has gotten too large and unmanageable. When I have asked to speak to the CEO, they put me on hold and then the call is dropped. So in wrapping up, representatives are knowledgeable and patient, but the company need to ease up on restrictions and policy. If the CEO want more information, you have my phone #, so call and discuss. I am a Physician Assistant that worked my entire career in Emergency Medicine, at night (6p-6a), 3-4 nights a week for 30+ years, so I have written many prescriptions and know how the system works. I urge the management to reach out to patients and ask them about the service that are getting from this corporation. I gave you 2 stars because you really need to work on the patient-pharmacy-physician disconnect.

Awesome App. My wife & I had to switch to Express Scripts because of a change in my wife’s insurance and we were worried about that because we were already happy with many of the features that the brick and mortar drug stores and pharmacies have built into their particular apps. We were concerned that we would lose that convenience. However we can’t be more happier with this app! Set up was easy, linking our HSA card to the app as well as being confident that it was a secure transaction was evident. And once set up, with a couple clicks, I have my prescription refilled and on its way. And the price? Wow — compared to what I was paying? For what I’m getting? The number of pills that I get with Express Scripts for the price is unbeatable! Thank you for such a good app and system for prescription drugs ordering and tracking!

Outdated technology, often down. Checking the status of your order should be a piece of cake, but how many times have I gotten the spinning disk of death, and a few MINUTES later that the system is down. Why didn’t you tell me that first before wasting my time. Oh, and if you want to contact them, there’s no number to call (why have the opportunity to chat about life saving medications with a human?) you are directed to fill out a form (not in the app mind you, in your browser), where, even though you were logged in, makes you fill out all your information again (forget the form being able to see most of your information in you “pre fill form” feature in your browser), you hit submit to get the message that yes, your message was unsuccessful because their was a technical problem. The frustrating and maddening thing, among many, is I reported this exact same error a year ago. I guess there’s no way to improve things so that angry reviews like this aren’t posted! Boo.

Rgb225. You’ve really made an app which was easy to use to one which is almost impossible to use! The list format was much easier to navigate. Please change back. Now there are so many duplicate listings of the same meds and some meds are not being shown at all. Please correct since providing accurate medicine information to doctors is essential to maintaining good health. Your recent changes make this extremely more difficult! The medicine chest is missing. The portion of the app which showed how many remaining pills should be in a current prescription is also missing. These were the MOST USER FRIENDLY aspects of the previous version and now they are no longer available! Pure stupidity and uncaring attitudes for your customers is demonstrated by these recent changes. Reply from Express Scripts If you still need prescription assistance please private message your member id, phone number and date of birth. Thanks. -Stephanie That’s not going to help. I handle my parent’s meds and a once useful app has been reduced to uselessness with these changes. Previously, I could just hand my phone to the doctor and nurse and all meds were neatly arranged. Now its nothing but an unorganized mess. Useless to me, doctors and nurses. I cannot contact you while at the doctor’s office to get the information needed while we are there. That was why the previous version of the app was so useful. Now, it has no user friendly navigation and this latest version is an insult to your end users.

Express scripts mail order is a joke. I’ve been trying for over a year to get urgent prescriptions to both of us before we’re out. It’s an 8.5 hour drive to get a short term supply every month. Now for 4 months they don’t have the prescription in stock! I’ve called up to 20 times trying to straighten this out. No one told me anything when I called in to deal with the problems. My son has a brain tumor this is a medication he desperately needs and is not supposed to go off of without tapering slowly. He’s put into withdrawal every single time he needs a refill because express scripts will not even start processing his prescriptions until 2 days before he is due to have a refill. Which when you’re out of stock doesn’t give us enough time to get a different prescription. Even if they let me know they didn’t have it. When I call in to find out why it hasn’t processed then they tell me it unavailable and give me the name of the replacement which is out of stock to. This was 10 days ago on a prescription that was supposed to be filled the next day and shipped over night. This can put him in ICU and can cause death. I’ve been dealing with this for 14 month now and I’ve had my fill of the chaos it creates. I sincerely hope someone that can help us reads this. I’m begging for help. Please please help us before he ends up dying!

Unreliable dose reminders. For ordering my one prescription the app works fine, you may need to remind your doctor a request for refill was sent since it went unapproved for a while until I notified her and this only happened after switching to express scripts. Now onto my concern, the dose reminder is super unreliable. I don’t get maybe 1/3 of the reminders and there’s no pattern to it, sometimes it goes without reminder for a couple of days. You also can’t check if you’ve taken your dosage on previous days, you can only select “taken” or “undo”. I sent feedback regarding this issue, and members service responded telling me how to opt into refill reminders. This tells me the feedback system doesn’t send feedback to the appropriate department, membership service is out of touch and doesn’t even know about the dosage reminder system, or both.

App works great and is fast in response time from Express Scripts!. I’ve used this app for years and it works great with my iPhone 8+! It is fast, and Express Scripts notifies me via email the stage my order is in. Immediately after I place an order on the app I get an automated email response that lets me know that they received the information and that the order is being processed. I continue to receive email updates from Express Scripts telling me when the order has shipped. They also automatically notify me via email when it is time for me to refill my prescriptions via email with no further input by me. All this is done in relation to using the app to place an order.

Implementation lags behind web site. Ordering refills via this app is torturous, and grossly inefficient. Each refill is handled as a single event, unlike the web site where multiple refills can be handled as a batch. After identifying a refill, it is not removed from the list of refills. Requires multiple clicks to another part of the app to see what has been ordered. Creates possible confusion when multiple refills are needed. Grossly inefficient and adds toExpress Scripts cost in filling a number of refills. Using the app for, say 5 refills, ends up with 5 separate packages and mailings instead of likely 1 using the web site. Although the app does work if clumsiness, and inefficiency means will only use the web site.

This app saved me from headaches. I give this app a five star because it makes my job so much easier. They notify me when it time to reorder, I know exactly what I will be paying, and I know exactly when my prescriptions will arrive. With this app I have never ran short on my medication, and the customer service is right on, they have answered all my questions on one Single call. And believe me I don’t get five stars easily, because everything needs room for improvement, but for now it doesn’t seem to need any improvement at this time. Thanks for this app life for me is much better, I don’t have to run to the local pharmacy, or wait for a text telling me that my prescriptions are ready, express scripts app have make my life a little more stress free.

Much More Efficient. When you have several medications to fill each month this service allows you to keep track. Efficiency is number one as well as their customer service. They take there time, research while your on the phone and want to be sure they answered all your questions. When you have illness the last thing you want to be doing is running back and forth to local pharmacy monthly to get your medications. These medications are mailed in 90 day supplies. The on line app is easy to use, easy to reorder and keep track of your refills and delivery’s. Do yourself a favor and use this wonderful service. Your life will become easier. The whole process is a great time management tool. Thank you Express Scripts for making my life and my illness more manageable.

Love The Express Script’App. Love The Express Script’App😊👍 And How Well Easy To Transfer From ‘Like Walgreens -> When , my ‘ Doctor finally got a prescription accepted my insurance!! Was so excited to see that the medication was listed on my account for future fillings!!! And I received my letter from my insurance shortly afterwards! I believe that the pharmacist were trying to call me before i went to refill at Walgreens , but we have such terrible phone signal service here where we are temporarily & that is another awesome!! We are helping my mother in another & express & our’Dr have been awesome at helping us with being away from our home State ! We so appreciate everything and both my husband & I are feeling healthier because of the great team effort!! I know now that I will have consistent good results every month now in getting better!! Thank you so very much!!!♥️

Express Scripts customer review. I’m extremely happy with the Express Scripts program. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to go to towns over to my drugstore to pick up a 30 day prescription. In really bad weather. It’s nice that it’s delivered directly to my door and in most cases it’s actually cheaper than the pharmacy I was using, I was using CVS and it is a better deal than Cvs gave me first many years I highly recommend using Express Scripts. They are extremely easy to work with to explain certain situations, and they actually work with you not against you like some of the pharmacies do. That is why I gave her five stars and by using Express Scripts, I’ve save myself a ton of money this year and next year with the cost of food and gasoline going up that helps a lot. 👍

The app has improved significantly in 2023. This App has seen some impressive improvements in the last 9 months or so. It is 30 August 2023. There are still some areas of improvement, but debility manage prescriptions and see prescriptions in a comprehensive weight has significantly improved as having dates of order and by whom they were ordered have significantly improved, making it much easier to manage prescriptions they had been in the past. Automatic prescriptions have significantly improved as well. There’s always room for improvement, but given the state of the app even a year and a half ago this is a big improvement.

Some rarely used fields needs some work. Overall the app worked great from signon to selection of Rx that needed to be refilled. Easy to navigate between patients and prescriptions. All goes well if you need the item shipped to your permanent address. Due to a flexing work situation I had to except and work in a different state, obviously with a different address. The app does have the option for a temporary address which seems fine, until you have to enter in a temporary start and end date for the address. I found these two fields were not editable and I was unable to add a date and therefore got a invalid date error. Was a bit frustrating to try to enter something in these fields but it just wouldn’t work with my iPhone. Ended up having to change the permit address which was not my preference but I did get the job done. Please take a look at addressing the date field from an iPhone.

Discontinued medication coverage. A medication I have been on for over five years has all of the sudden been removed from TriCare’s approved medication list. Back when I was prescribed the medication I had to try 3 or 4 other medications before the prescribed medication would be covered. I completed the required trials and none worked. Then, it was approved. I have had good outcomes with the medication. My family has a history of stomach issues and my grandfather died of stomach cancer. For TriCare to just decide to cancel the coverage without talking to current patients on the medication is irresponsible and inconsiderate. Now, I must return to the doctor and begin a new set of experimental trials... for what??? I do not appreciate the lack of support from TriCare and Express Scripts. I will complete the trial, as required but when/if they don’t work again, I will write my senator and congressman. I am not a test monkey and feel like that is how it is being treated.

One problem. I thought my Ropinorole 3mg was on auto refill. And it is the most important pill I take. I was told my Doctor was requested to renew the prescription in March 2022and did not respond. This has caused me several sleepless nights as I ran out unexpectedly. Now I am told it will take over 10 days just to obtain approval by my Doctor. I am going to try an emergency refill Monday and it is a National holiday so not much chance. I am partially to blame for this , but I cannot believe a medicine I have been taking for years was allowed to expire. I think my age had something to do with this, but I need all the help I can get. So this is why I scored a 4 only. How could there be a way to set up a warning system for essential medicines such as my ropinorole?

Worst, most poorly organized, non-intuitive app ever. If you have multiple medications with staggered refill dates, the Express Scripts app is nothing but a headache. There are many things you can’t do on the app (only on the Web site); but when you go to the Web site, you find things you can’t do there...only on the app. Removing an old scrip from your list of meds is impossible (you can only “hide” it on the Web site). The refill dates built into the system are always off, leaving you with way too much medication or running out before another refill. And changing refill dates offers only a narrow window according to their guidelines. There are SO many things about this app that make it clunky, confusing and archaic. The Web site is no better. So, often you end up having to spend 30 min on the phone w customer service repeating your personal info over and over again before they can fix your scrips. There’s no good choice here, I guess.

Be Careful Using Express Scripts. About 25 years ago my endrocologist prescribed testosterone. The last few years I have been using pump gel with good results. On 3 occasions I ordered my prescription from Espress Scripts supposedly a three month supply. Each occasion I received only one month supply and was charged for a 90 day supply. Having done this twice I used a local pharmacy paying only slightly more and receiving a 90 day supply. Having being prompted by your website I called your pharmacy I was again assured that I would receive a 90 day supply. I again ordered this prescription and again received only one month supply but was charge for a 90 day supply. Calling your pharmacy again I was finally told that you cannot send me a 90 day supply due to some regulation. Since trying to use your service I have lost 6 months of medication. I have been deceived 3 times over several years by not being told you cannot ship a 90 day supply. Wondering if you have charged my doughnut hole the full 90 day price for each occasion.. My also uses your service and was sent a prescription after cancelling it on the website. After many phone calls this issue was resolved and was told to call and cancel and not trust the website. Have used Express Scripts for many years but am considering looking elsewhere this coming year.

Excellent Service. This is an excellent app and prescription service. I get reminders when my medications are ready to refill so I don’t have to go a day without them. The mail service saves me money and unnecessary trips to the drugstore , especially when I have mobility limitations. My physicians send the prescriptions directly to them, that way every doctor and the pharmacy are aware of the medications that I’m taking. I can also call to get refill of my prescriptions, and they get in touch with my doctor should the prescriptions have no more refills. Company representatives are courteous, compassionate and try to help so I can get the medications as soon as possible. Another feature thatI like about this mail order pharmacy is that I can get vacation refills if I have to travel outside of the USA, and if I travel within the USA, I can have my prescriptions delivered to me where I am. It has been a life saver for me since I have various health ailments for which I need to take medications on a daily basis. Thank you for your services and support.

So many problems. First , my main complaint isn’t with the app, but rather being forced to use express scripts or CVS at all. As for the app it won’t let you manage your prescriptions easily. You cannot remove prescriptions that are no longer active. They create a new version of a prescription when your doctor refills for a new year and sometimes cancel that renewal because you already have filled a past prescription and don’t need it yet. They cancelled a prescription refill because they didn’t have it in stock and suggested the doctor prescribe something different or find it at another pharmacy, which they didn’t notify me of. I found out by checking on the refill in the app. And then I could not take it to another pharmacy, because it was sent directly to them. Not to mention their shipping options are ridiculous. We have issues with mail theft. I asked at the beginning that ALL our prescriptions be sent UPS or FedEx. They send them DHL to USPS every single time. Requiring a trip to the main post office every time because our mail carrier does not deliver to the door…. Even if you schedule it online. The whole system is a thing me consuming mess!

Shipping/Contact fail. When I realized that my new prescription was not set up for automatic refill (my bad —I assumed that once I set it up that it would do that for all prescriptions that were submitted), I ordered a refill through the app and selected 2 Day Shipping since I knew the holidays would mess up the arrival day. I checked the confirmation email that I received and noticed that 1 Day Shipping had been confirmed. Since I didn't want to pay that much, I went back into the app and re-selected 2 Day Shipping. I didn’t bother checking the confirmation email because I mistakenly assumed the problem was fixed. Just out of curiosity to track my package, I opened the email the next day and noticed Free Ground Shipping had been confirmed (I should have checked the email the same day). Apparently selecting 2 Day Shipping will either set you up for 1 Day Shipping OR Free Ground Shipping—but not the actual 2 Day Shipping. The order was placed well within business hours Friday and the order did not get processed until Monday (day before Xmas). So after two days of going cold turkey off my new prescription I should finally get it in the mail tonight, a week later. When I went to contact ExpressScripts I was put on hold and told a wait time of 36mins. So I went online to contact through secure message and it told me all day that sorry, the service was temporarily down and to try again later.

Health Care Plan 5 stars, App could be better. The reason for only 4 stars are that #1 the app offers to keep track of how much medicine you have, however you have to input when you refill a medicine, rather then them update it automatically. #2 the app is slow to sync when a prescription is processed/shipped/delivered and I mean sometimes by three days #3 This may be more of a ‘plan’ issue “con” then ‘app’ but if you refill a prescription and it’s too early to fill (you have the option of as early as a month-online to refill) rather then the day it is dispensed, you will be billed the day you refill online. #4 their is an option to send a secure message to the RX company through the app. But you must log into the app continually to check to see if it was responded to, rather then being alerted through an email, letting you know that it’s been replied to. #5 Twice I’ve had issues logging in. Sometimes it’s after an update, or when your fingerprint doesn’t register but password does. The support center actually recommends that you delete their app, then reinstall. This is under FAQ in the support Center online. Again, these are just small grievances of the APP, nothing that reflects on the overall plan itself. I simply wanted to layout why I only gave the app 4 stars. On a side note: I save an enormous amount of money by using their mail-order service. I think overall they are an excellent plan D for Medicare patients.

Great except for delayed prescriptions. We have used express scripts for many years now and usually have no issues. However, trying to get my prescription for Mounjaro has been impossible!! My niece in Louisiana has not had any issues since April getting her Mounjaro through express scripts but I ALWAYS get notifications saying it’s out of stock or delayed. I then have to go through Walgreens to get it. I’m glad Walgreens can get it but I pay $68 for one month instead of three months. Financially that hurts. I just wish Express Scripts could supply my medication for my diabetes like they do for my niece in Louisiana. I’m in North Carolina so I just don’t understand why?🤷🏻‍♀️

Gets a little confusing for 1st timers. It took me a few trys to get everything registered. I still could not find where to enter the credit/debt card information so I was forced to call customer service who put it for me but my first order did not charge so when I placed another order, there was still a balance due. And I still haven’t figured out how to remove meds that I no longer take. My newest medication is not showing in “My Medicine Cabinet” and I’ve been using this new med for a month now. Now that I live out in the woods with no access to a military pharmacy, this will save me a huge chunk of money which is great when you’re on disability and worried if you can afford all your meds every month.

4.7 rating my behind. That overall rating shown can't be right with all the terrible reviews. For a major government contractor this needs to be audited. Scripts you should be ashamed to put out such a worthless app. What happened to the previous one it was much more user friendly. I have the same problems that are repeatedly stated throughout these reviews. It's frustrating and doesn't work half the time. I'm required to log in 15 times just to navigate in the app ridiculous. The auto refill is so botched up it's maddening. Either the app doesn't work or no body uses the info put in it. I have a back log of meds that I try changing to reflect the proper input to put off the refill but I continue to get the refill. I've tried correcting this over the phone with no results. It's ridiculous but frustrating when your forced to use it no choice. I hate this app and I hate scripts who could care less about your health and well being. They have some polite employees who attempt to help but I can tell they're road blocked by the poor management of the company so sad.

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App and PC inconsistent. The app does list medicine cabinet to find what prescriptions you have the PC version on the website does not you must look elsewhere in order to obtain all your medications with express scripts this is inconsistent. The wording Automatic Refills on the PC page showing your medications needs to be changed or better still do away with the automatic refills page and replace it with medicine cabinet. Go back to what Express Scripts had several years ago of one page listing all your medications and information about them i.e. the doctors name how many refills you had left when it expired discontinue stop or put in Auto Refill and those that could not be placed in automatic refill. In other words you had a terrific system that now you decided it was broken and you tried to fix it what's the old saying if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Mostly works. I do appreciate the app. More than once however I've tried to log in to look at current meds or order a refill only to be told I cant log in and to contact express scripts. I've had to call more than once to get into my daughter’s account. Same for my husband’s. I wish it were easier to toggle between patients but that's not major. One log in for a family would be great! Keeping up with each persons prescriptions is handy when we need to recall them. Overall it's been useful.

App disappointments. I would like to see an easy way to temporarily hide certain Rxs from the order/refill dashboard when I stop using those meds. My doctors sometimes want me to try new meds out they think might work better for me but they do not always agree with my body & some cause side effects I do not like so I would like to be able to hide those in the oft chance I might want to try them again later but most times I just want them removed because I didn’t like the side effects! I’ve had to call member services to do this for me instead.

Refills. I appreciate the opportunity to be lucky enough to be able to use this service. I am on a lot of medications and was in the past, extremely difficult to keep track of what was about to expire and the cost and the pharmacy’s in my area. All of the doctors offices are aware of Express Scripts and it appears to be rather easy for them to make the call. Sometimes, it does take a little reading to decipher what they are requesting but I always seem to figure it out. Thank you for making this process of refilling so easy and it is very much appreciated. Thank You

All except my Wife Kathleen’s eye drops are easy to order and use with the ES APP!. Latanoprost was always easy to order and a very important medication for my wife’s eyes! She needs to use the “Greenstone” Brand, which you guys always carried! Lately the manufacturer with extreme disappointment to both of us, ran out of this medication, that is the Latanoprost eye drops! So we had to look hard where to be able to obtain it, but finally Meijers had it! Thank you Meijers! So after 2-3 months, when I was looking through her “List If medications, it was “out of supply, AGAIN?!! What is going on? We have learned that some people we know well, our good friends and colleagues, felt the company was attempting to “drive up the cost of the Greenstone Latanoprost? Whatever the reasons, we NEED TO BE ABKE TO ORDER THIS MEDICATION ONLINE FOR HER AS WE DID FOR MABY YEARS! Thank you for listening! We are very concerned this will continue to be an issue with this medication? Will it? We hope not Express Scripts! Most Sincerely, Kathleen R. Schroeder Michael R. Schroeder D.D.S.

Takes away all the stress. I’ve always felt like ordering medication requires jumping through so many hoops. First [remembering to] calling your pharmacy for them to tell you that you have zero refills, then reaching out to your doctor, then you having to call them as well, etc. it was always such a process that I dreaded. Express scripts takes out all of the in between steps and takes away the normal anxiety I get about medication refills and pickups. Best app ever that you shouldn’t think twice about getting!

iPhone & iPad Apps Very Buggy. When I try to order an Rx refill with my iPhone or iPad, it will drop the needed medication order in my cart, but tapping on the cart doesn’t take me to checkout. Instead I’m taken to whatever is behind the cart symbol on my screen, as if the cart symbol wasn’t there. Today I double clicked on the cart, and it seemed to work. I should note that the number of days medication on hand is totally wrong for every med I have. It often shows I only have a few days left. When, in fact, I have about 30 days left. I always try to order at exactly 30 days remaining unless upcoming travel causes me to order further ahead.

Nothing express about it. This is Moreso a review of the company as a whole, but there is nothing express about their service. It routinely takes them a week to ship a refill order once I place it. And it’s not like they even have to do anything - it’s a premade cream. Target can grab it off a shelf and fill it on the spot for me in 2 minutes but it takes these people a week. Their inventory management is also horrible because sometimes I’ll get product that expires in 2 years and then the next time I’ll get the same product with a date over a year EARLIER. Makes you wonder who they have working in their pharmacy!!! They obviously don’t rotate their stock. The app itself is fine, but I won’t be using it anymore due to their slow processing time. Shipping speeds via DHL are fine.

Website Changes. Reason for a four star is there are a few modifications they need to do. When you order your last refill, it should pop something up or turn red to ask if they should reorder this from the doctor. The doctor office says for ExpressScript to send the request, but then you have to call. Also, there is really no rhyme or reason to the history/order status. You cannot follow it and it is not clean and easy to use. Would also like the option to export to excel. I do this at least at the end of the year so I know how much I paid out of my own pocket versus HSA. I would be able to see combine and sort it with my HSA.

Confusing pmt system. On some subscriptions, I’m asked if I’d like to make payments over 90 days. Todays order (Bupropion 150xl) it didn’t offer that choice but instead asked me if I’d like to add it to my balance due. Nothing to indicate if that means you’re going to take it all out on my card at once, or what. Also, my recent Humira (I know it’s Accredo) order came with an invoice stating I had an $1800+ copay. I called to find out why, when I’m on a zero copayment program through my employer. When I got to a billing rep, she argued w/me, stating that “no, you have a $5 copay…blah, blah, blah”. I tried to get a word in but she just kept talking and ignored me. Literally talked over me and kept going! I finally said YOU'RE RUDE! And hung up. Not a fan of ES or Accredo.

Good app now; sometimes odd service. I truly appreciate their taking the time to add landscape support on my iPad. And the app is fast to load, and has good details. Also a superb point about service during Covid19—fully unexpected! I have two meds that renew at about the same time. They started shipping them in *one* package instead of two, which not only saves packaging materials but also saves me trips and Covid19 exposure at the Post Office. Great job, folks! ☞ Thanks!☜ I am slightly disappointed at occasional oddities in service in which they suspend delivery due to lapse of Dr.’s renewal, I acquire Dr.’s renewal, and it yields duplicate prescriptions and duplicate deliveries. Hmm…

Needs improvement. The web page has improved but the app is not very intuitive. It does work most of the time but count is usually wrong. I believe it should be simple. What I believe most folks want to see is: meds, last filled date, number of refills left, cost, and a place to submit order now. Things like: I no longer take this, hide from list, or express ship now - can be included. Selection of the med name should bring up data about dosage and side effects or cautionary instructions.

Works for ordering, not for claim submitting. The app has declined since it’s introduction. Works well for ordering and viewing prescriptions and orders. However, the app is useless for submitting claims for reimbursement. You can only get to the second screen that asks for amount paid, and then you can’t go any farther. It would be nice if this glitch was fixed. It’s been an issue for over two years. I’ve made several calls to customer service to report this issue, and it’s still a problem. Submitting claims from a phone is also not working when using the browser. I’ve tried Safari, Chrome, and DuckDuckGo. Please get this fixed or remove the online claim submitting tool. Thanks

A huge KUDOS to Customer Service Rep ROBERT!!. I just want to give recognition where it is due today. I have literally called three or four times, (and emailed several times as well) regarding the problem I’m having with the right insurance company covering my medications. Robert took the time to be very thorough, check in and out with me when I had to be on hold, and really put my mind at ease today for the first time ever! I really appreciate him being patient with me. And I am confident that my problem has been resolved... FINALLY! THANK YOU ROBERT! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Express Scripts Service review.. What good is a 90 day prescription if Express Scripts will only fill part of it? Actually 28 days is not even a full month!! My doctor wrote a 90 day Carisprodol prescription to be taken one every 8 hours as needed. So even if taken every 8 hours, that would be 90 tablets a month or 270 for 90 days. Plus every prescription takes 10 days to get to my house. So that means I have to reorder every 20 days or so just to make sure I don’t run out. Express Scripts is a joke!

Always a problem. I would give anything to not HAVE use Express Scripts. Having a local pharmacy makes things soooo much better. You instantly get your meds(so no panic if u forget to order ur meds), you actually KNOW ur pharmacist….I’ve just had nothing but problems with ES since day one. Just to get into the app today was HORRIBLE! It kept saying “error you can’t use service now” boloney so on the 10th try it FINALLY worked. The auto fill never works right either. It’s just another tech system that should not be used for life saving meds. Omg, years ago…the trouble I was having getting my blessed 9 Imitrex pills…was epic! Every month was a nightmare! I literally HATE this service! I’m sure no one will even read this BECUZ YOU GUYS REALLY DONT CARE.

What happened ,changes made this app garbage !. I don’t know what happened to your app recently but it’s horrible ! I used to be able to log in and so everything like price medications etc with out any issues . Now I have to log in all the time with anything I press , trying to price medications is impossible ! Go to price a medication and it makes me log in again! Not only that after logging in it brings you to a page to find a pharmacy if you can even read it which you can’t because it’s so large and not a normal app page but more like a desktop page ! This app never was like this , why mess with something that isn’t broken. Congrats expressscripts you have made your app useless now especially when we need to price a medication in a pinch 😡

Bad Service. I am denied medication that I am taking for a heart condition. Because you are not getting a letter from my doctor. This is after I call Express scripts for a refill, and am told to contact my doctors office for the refill request. But this is not how the doctors work, they want me to contact the pharmacy and ask for the request. Which they e-send to doctors office. I was told to go with Express Scripts to get away from local Pharmacies to do everything cheaper, or stay local and pay outrages prices. But the service is not the same. Instead I am being denied life care/saving medication due to policy reasons. Either start being a pharmacy, and contact the doctors office, or give us back the ability to use local pharmacist for medication we need, at low prices.

Terrible service, and system issue that cancels orders. I have had multiple issues with medicine delivery. And eventually decided to fill it with local pharmacy. First Express-Scripts lost my meds in mail. Then, my orders show up canceled two times in the app due to their app/system issue. They couldn’t get the orders out in time before I ran out of my meds. Each time the rep on phone was more concerned about getting a better rating than delivering on the service. They told me twice that meds are going to be shipped but they didn’t deliver on their word.

Okay but some glitches. I really like this app but it’s a bit confusing to use. I had a lot of problems in the beginning with new prescriptions, but now it’s works pretty well. Love the convenience & prices. Sometimes it will tell you it can’t process your order but will not tell you why. Then you have to go to the website. The other problem is reminders & updates use Rx numbers instead of drug names. I have no idea what drug they are emailing me about unless I go into the app & find the number. I also wish I could use it for both my Mom & me. Right now I have to use the desktop for myself and the app for her.

Scam advertisement. They sent me something with my medication, saying that my pills were going to be quadrupled in price unless I ordered through them. I checked out the website, seems official and everything, but everything about the medication I was looking for and how to get it for the price they claimed was vague. First warning sign. Then, when I tried to transfer over to them, nothing seemed to go through, and then they sent me an email saying that I had to call them for some reason? That they couldn’t get into contact with me? They made no attempt to contact me ever, so that’s a lie. At this point, I want all of my information removed from this scam business, I thought it could be trusted, and I am probably going to pay for that foolish mistake.

Good not great. This app is good but not great. There are still things that you’re not able to do on this app like reorder a script that has expired. It would be nice if you could reorder & have them verify with my doctor instead of me making a call to them and then they have to call to verify. That or I have to call my doctor and he has to resubmit a renewal, which can take extra time since we all know how busy our doctors are. Just a thought of possible change to the app. Otherwise, the rest of the app is great and of course, when you do call express scripts, they’re always very helpful.

What the heck happened to express scripts?. I made my usually renewal phone call and instead of a live tech I got the dreaded robot voice. The voice asked me a series of questions and then said “Let’s get started on your order.” I t couldn’t find my prescription number and then asked me for the name of the medication, which it also didn’t recognize; these names are next to impossible to pronounce. It doesn’t offer to let you spell it. I was then transferred to a live person who seems half asleep and in no mood to help me out. I try the app but I’m certainly put off by the changes that ES has made to their phone help system.

Easy, and customer service fills any gaps. It took a little while to accept a mail order pharmacy, but once there Express Scripts and their app have been great. I have many fewer issues with refills and the like. The App is good and handles the routine well. When I have the occasional glitch, customer service has been easy to find, and what they can’t fix, others like pharmacists are quickly available on the phone. Note: to update the app for the meds like OTC that you don’t order via Express Scrupts, you have to call with your list. Once this step is complete, the pharmacist drug safety checks can be completed.

Serenity Now. I am so happy I switched from our local pharmacy to Express Scripts. Pharmaca was a victim of the pandemic and eventually fell to due to corporate greed (imagine that?) I Switched to Walgreens as did everyone else. Of course Walgreens became immediately overwhelmed and finally became a rea ‘S’ Show. They continually made promises they could not keep and had me running back and forth at least twice as much as Pharmaca. Now I enjoy convenient home delivery and love the Express Scripts convenient app. It was almost certainly designed by someone who has an innate understanding of the term GUI. ❤️

Major timesaver!. This App is so very helpful and gets me my meds quickly and efficiently. If there is a question, it is quickly resolved by a phone call. The reps have even called me. I don’t have to figure out the problem and hunt for a solution. I can take advantage of my plan’s 90-day fill instead of only 30-days at a pharmacy and get it all delivered to me at no additional cost. When traveling and have a temporary address, it’s no problem! I simply provided the temporary address and time I expect to use it right on the App. I’m impressed!

Is It Just Me?. This app is a total headache for me. I truly dread pulling it up, but their website is no better! Is it too much to expect to be able to list all medications on one screen with the ability to see status for each in a spreadsheet style? Name of medicine, last fill date, next fill date, refills remaining, Rx expiration date, and whether or not it action is required on my part. Order status is a joke. You have to scroll through Med after med to find the one you’re looking for, only to find there is no useful information regarding its status. Then you have to back out to go to Claim Status to see if the info is there. Refills and Renewals is a total joke. It lists only meds I no longer take, but not the meds that need to be refilled with no way to inactivate these meds. So the only way to request a refill is to contact my doctor. I feel I am an fairly intelligent person and adequately tech savvy to maneuver through websites and apps, but this site truly taxes my patience. In most instances, I end up calling their customer support to get the info I need. Thank goodness they are wonderful!

Slow, can’t change alerts, and just not good. This app is about the same as the service and support I expect and get from express scripts. Completely unresponsive, customer unfocused, and about the speed of snail when sending through DHL, a German company that just resends it through USPS. But I digest, I should be reviewing the app. I’m deleting it because I cannot stop the stupid “alerts” about a medication I no longer take. Within the app, you can set an alert about a medication and how many days are left for it. But you can NEVER GET RID OF THAT, SO IT KEEPS POSTING REMINDERS THAT YOU HAVE 0 DAYS REMAINING OF THAT MED!!! I’m certain there are at least a few people working for express scripts that have the capacity to change this.

Works After The Tech Errors with Site. The App works great now that the issue was resolved. I had an old account through Express Scripts that was causing the site and the App to kick back I had invalid information even though when I set up the account linked to my insurance I used the same email didn’t figure the problem there. That is straight and now I am able to use it. My advice is log in on the site first if it is telling you to update your account information call their Internet Department and have them verify you don’t have multiple accounts. Then you can log in and get stuff done!

My rating. I haven’t saved money using this app since I could go to a military installation and get my meds for free however it is VERY convenient. I gave a three star rating because it’s frustrating when Express-Scripts leaves a message for me to call them “regarding one of your medications” but when I call they want to know WHY I’m calling and what medication I’m calling about! “I don’t know YOU called ME” is always my answer and still it’s a frustrating headache. Perhaps computer system could be updated? This happens several times a year 🤨

Cannot modify medicine cabinet.. The app works well for mail orders and reordering. The issue I have is that once a medication is entered into your own created medicine cabinet (not by Express Scripts), it is in there forever, whether you are using the medication still or not. You basically lose control and can only modify the amount of meds you have. Even when I “hide” the medicines that alert me to having zero days left, I still get an alert. The express scripts website admits their app does not allow users to delete meds from their medicine cabinet. Their solution to hide meds to avoid alerts does not work either. My advice is to avoid creating a medicine cabinet until the app is fixed and alerts can be turned off for meds.

Love This App!!. I always had a hard time remembering to take my medications. The alarm on the app makes it difficult for me to forget. Transferring new prescriptions to home delivery is as easy as a click of a button on the app. It keeps track of how many pills I have left in my supply and alerts me when I start running low. This app is beautifully designed and super easy to navigate. The only change I would make is allowing patients to update our payment information from the app. Other than that I LOVE IT!!

Unreliable, Risky. ExpressScripts will not alert you if your auto refill has run out, until after they’ve already passed the date of shipment. I’m told they contacted my doctor but the only alerts I received were “about to process” and “processing.” I ran out of my meds and then got notified that there’s no refill left. Also - they insist on filling my one dose of a medication as two distinct prescriptions of different doses that add up to my dose. They occasionally choose to ship only one or the other. It’s a horrible system and you’re completely held hostage to it. It’s a constant fear of the next time they screw up and yet another scramble to avoid a dangerous withdrawal.

Great. Its is great to be able to refill my Rx online. Its fast. The only problem I am having is when my refills expire and the app says that Express Scripts is sending a request to the doctor to authorize refill I have no more information about it. I dont know if they did or not. Then I call the dr office and they say they didn’t receive anything. Its a hassle. The app should keep that request updated to let us know if the dr was contacted or not, if the dr responded or not, and what was the response. I had to call about 3 times to figure out that the dr responded that he needed to see me veforr refill.

Crazy process, poor protocols. I have a 2 week gap between all prescription refills due to their protocols with type 2 drugs. Some drugs can only be sent 30 days at a time like type/class 2 prescriptions, so the doctor sends 3 scripts to them, the first can be filled immediately, the 2nd, and 3rd are post dated a month apart to equal 90 days, but once the first script is complete (those first 30 days complete) they process the second script on day 31 and that takes 3-5 business days. Then they ship it out and that takes about 1 1/2 weeks! So we’re talking 2 weeks without a viral medication that causes serious withdrawal symptoms and jeopardizes your job and wellbeing by forcing you off a maximum dose cold turkey for two weeks at the end of every 30 day script. How is that acceptable in todays world?!

Re orders of medicine. My doctor refills my meds for one year every March. If I had a refill recently you always void my new script just received. Please put scripts into “hold” file so I don’t have to recall doctor for my refill next time. This causes lots of confusion and time to refill takes longer! This makes me so angry and shows lack of professionalism on your part. Having worked in a pharmacy for 15 years you are not very customer friendly. Please call me when this occurs! You should have this options. Maybe put prescriptions on a certain date to auto fill when I need them. UGH!!!! NO A HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!

Horrible app. Horrible app horrible customer service. You can not access your messages from the app. You cannot change your payment method from the app. You call customer service and you get a person answer “hello. Can’t talk I’m with a patient right now.” You cannot change your delivery date for app. You send a message and you get an email saying to login to the message center which you cannot do from the app. And the message basically says call customer service. Useless.

Inefficient App, just like the company!. My son & I both have express script acts but they are different, as my son has insurance through his dad. This company can’t seem to keep them separated. Plus, 1/2 the time, it won’t let deliveries be set up on the app; so, then, you’re on hold forever on the phone! Also, I’d love for them to have a place with current patient account balances, as I use my online banking app to pay because I don’t trust any companies to have my banking info! Everything with Express Scripts is ALWAYS a pain! For example, when you’re getting an injectable medication & there’s an order for syringes, use common sense & send them too! As receiving viles of medication is useless without the needles & syringes, unless they think osmosis is going to work!🙄

Dangerous consequences. I like express scripts but I have serious concerns about the time it takes to get my medication. Recently I placed an order for my alprazolam on 6/5 and apparently I had an outstanding balance so they held up the order. I called on 6/7 and paid my bill immediately. I was told it would be processed on 6/10 or 6/11. Then I got notification it would be delivered on 6/17! This whole process started on 6/5! This medication if not taken can cause withdrawal which can include seizures which I have had in the past (not related to this medication. I just don’t think this is an ethical practice and I feel fortunate that nothing serious in nature happened

App has possibilities, but needs work. While it’s not as easy to work with as my actual local pharmacist was, I certainly appreciate the lack of copays on 90 day scripts, particularly as I am on a lot of medications. That said, the app is clunky and sometimes hard to use. Worse is the business with the notifications. Ev. My four “xxxx”s are standing in for the names of medications, some of which I haven’t been prescribed in months, others which were just filled by Express Scripts that same week. I have tried to turn them off, as I have yet to receive a useful or accurate one, but to no avail.

Daggone app locks up. I downloaded this blankety-blank app ONLY because one of my medications is no longer covered, and I need to find a replacement Rx. The two suggestions you provided in the letter when you so informed me as such are not acceptable - one my stomach reacts badly to, the other wasn’t so great years ago when I first tried it. Imagine my surprise when I hoped to find the formulary in the app and there wasn’t one there. Top it off with the fact that this dumb app locks up on me every other screen and…I have NO idea what good it is to me. My past customer service experience with y’all is such that I’m not about to do the mail Rx runaround, which is also complicated by the issues I have with the local post office having trouble delivering packages to my address. Net result: worthless app - to me.

If I’m forced to use it... this thing better be good!. Overall I’ve had no problem with the app (as of yet), smooth transactions, easy to navigate, and keeps all my prescription plan info in one place. While I still do NOT agree with basically being forced into purchasing my meds via mail order (vs. using a retail pharmacy), if I have to do it the app makes it easier to do. Express Scripts: I’m not sure, when I’M paying you, why YOU should make the decision as to where I have my prescription filled, but since that’s the hand I was dealt I’m glad it appears as though you’re staying on top of your app development... let’s hope you keep up with changing times, technology moves fast.

Virtually Useless. There are little, to no, ways to get information about Members Rx’s ON the site. When prescriptions are ABOUT to run out, who manufactures meds (Recently had recall of a dangerously contaminated Med & couldn’t ID Manufac on bottle/Doc’s OR website to confirm I DID NOT have tainted meds. Had to call-in & sit on hold for 30min), and re-ordering spare/lost meds? Don’t even know if that’s POSSIBLE. Virtually, the ONLY things you can do EASILY with the website is, of course, make a payment. Getting information ABOUT any medication, type, quantity, scheduled delivery, or prescription status, either requires a byzantine search through a poorly designed site interface, or isn’t possible ON the site. And the only OTHER means of contact with the provider is a Call-in Tel#

Problems loading pages.. Every time I access the online site, I experience problems. It usually are problems loading a page. I know it is the website as I am able to access (load) all other pages. Just not the one. This has been an ongoing problem for years. If I wouldn’t be punished (robbed) for using a local pharmacy, I would. At least then I would have better control of my medications. The website is hard to navigate, pages take a long time to load, cannot access all aspects of website, difficult to understand how many refills I have left, when staff update website they don’t seem to test all pages for availability, etc. As I said earlier, this has been an ongoing problem for YEARS !!!

Overall, not Bad. It’s easy to refill Rx’s and even if the end isn’t eligible for refill, you can add your payment info and will be charged when the end ships. Unfortunately, I had an unpaid balance and reached my “credit limit” and couldn’t reorder. No sweat! I’ll just pay the outstanding amount - but wait, there doesn’t appear to be a way to pay off the balance using the app. What’s up with that? I had to go online on a computer to pay. Also, when logging in the app doesn’t remember your login name. No problem, I’ll use Touch ID! But wait - the app doesn’t have that functionality. So 2014! Seems like these two important features could be fixed with little effort. Let’s see!

App needs work. There are things that work as expected, but many things that need work. My current issues with the latest couple of releases are as follows: (1) App not loading or fully logging in with Face ID. I enabled that feature, but the app sits with a spinning cursor instead of loading anything if I use my Face ID to login. Loads just fine if I use my password instead. (2) App doesn't show current order status. I have placed orders and received emails with taking information, but the app will still show a status of the order being in process, not being shipped or showing tracking.

Rx. Several months ago my dentist called in a Rx for a special toothpaste. You emailed me and explained that you basically had to get it approved and that I didn’t have to do anything in the meantime but wait for the reply. I haven’t heard from you and a recent inquiry found nothing on the record. If you can’t find out how that slipped through the cracks don’t worry about. I will get another Rx. Whenever I get a special Rx from now on I will have it called in the local Rite-Aid. I will just use you guys for my basic reoccurring medications. Thanks!! Ray

Not recommended. Stick with the express scripts website instead of the app. This app constantly populated random prescriptions in the prescription tab of my profile that differed from what was listed online. No amount of changing passwords and/or usernames fixed the issue. And after spending 1 1/2 hours on the phone with 4 different people at express scripts, no one was able to remedy the problem with the app itself. However, they were able to confirm that the express scripts website contained the correct prescription data online without the random weirdness. It is only this app that is generating bad prescription data from random doctors in various states.

App still needs work. The app has improved over the years. However, it's still needs work. 1. When adding a prescription to check out, it's still necessary to hit cancel to get back to the other prescriptions to review for renewal or refill, and 2. then it takes you back to the beginning of the list forcing you to scroll back down to get where you left off. 3. Also, when reviewing the list of prescriptions, it still remains confusing to review the details. 4. Additionally, expired prescriptions, particularly duplicates, should be automatically archived. A tab or a link could be established to review archived prescriptions.

App is very basic, but the real problem is. Express Scripts is basically a waste of time. It isn’t so much their primitive app, with its very basic and slow and out of sync functions, it’s their actual service which is highly inept. Despite multiple attempts by my wife’s doctor, they were simply unable to fill scripts for her as directed. I got a whole bunch of garbage from their customer “service” (a joke), but not a single effort was made to solve the prescription problem. Even if this app were useful, which is isn’t, it can’t make up for an online pharmacy that can’t consistently perform its most basic function: getting and filling prescriptions. Here’s the deal: nowadays almost every pharmacy can mail your prescriptions. Problem solved.

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The application Express Scripts was published in the category Medical on 05 July 2011, Tuesday and was developed by Express Scripts [Developer ID: 412941751]. This program file size is 54.63 MB. This app has been rated by 259,764 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Express Scripts - Medical app posted on 13 December 2023, Wednesday current version is 12.10.0 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.medco.medcopharmacy. Languages supported by the app:

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