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Nimble Rx App Description & Overview

What is nimble rx app? Stay organized and in control of your prescriptions with NimbleRx, the ultimate pharmacy companion. Whether you're looking for better prices on medications or you need a convenient way to manage your medications, arrange for prescription delivery, or schedule pickups, NimbleRx is the all-in-one solution for your prescription management needs.

Key Features:

1. The Best Prices: Search for the best prices for new or existing medications.

2. Prescription Management Made Easy: Say goodbye to the hassle of keeping track of multiple prescriptions and their refill dates. NimbleRx provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to effortlessly manage your medications all in one place. Never miss a dose again!

3. Prescription Delivery and Pickup: No more waiting in long pharmacy lines or worrying about running out of medications. NimbleRx offers a convenient prescription delivery service, ensuring that your medications are delivered right to your doorstep. Alternatively, you can schedule pickups at your preferred pharmacy for added flexibility.

4. Reminders and Alerts: Stay on top of your medication schedule with customizable reminders and alerts. NimbleRx will notify you when it's time to take your medications or when refills are due, making it easy to maintain your health and adhere to your prescribed treatment plan.

5. Secure and Confidential: Your privacy is our top priority. NimbleRx employs advanced security measures to protect your personal information and medication history. Rest assured that your data is encrypted and stored securely.

6. User-Friendly Interface: NimbleRx's intuitive design ensures a seamless user experience. Navigate through your prescriptions, track refills, and set up delivery or pickup options effortlessly. The app is designed to be accessible and easy to use for ages 12+.

Download NimbleRx today and experience the future of prescription management. Simplify your life and take control of your health with the power of technology. Say goodbye to medication mishaps and hello to peace of mind!

Visit to learn more.

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App Name Nimble Rx
Category Medical
Updated 06 November 2023, Monday
File Size 112.5 MB

Nimble Rx Comments & Reviews 2023

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Nothing Works!. This app is horrible. I have waited for months for it to work properly and it just won’t. 1 out of maybe every 40 times that I open the app am I able to actually see my information and place an order. There have been days when I was finally able to see my prescriptions and able to place an order only to go back into the app 15 minutes later to have zero information present again. I’m constantly told that I have no past orders even though I’ve placed several through the app. The notifications are a joke and don’t work. I have no idea how this app is rated as highly as it is when it never works.

Signature issue. I think the app is good in theory but I can’t see the send button for my signature so I never can complete an order. I always have to follow up with phone calls to the pharmacy because there is a bug in the format.

Can’t even tell how to login. Try to login and just keeps taking me to the website. Why have an app? Also, this isn’t a traditional pharmacy - there’s not a physical location to go to and they aren’t open on weekends and no one at Nimble can troubleshoot problems with your prescription, medication or service received from the vendor.

Simple and Fast. I order so many things on-line and NIMBLE is about the easiest and quickest I have ever used! Sometimes I dread paying for things because the process hangs up, is complicated, won’t accept a payment—seems there is frequently something wrong. Never had ANY trouble on NIMBLE. Wish they were all this easy!

Prob great in theory but help if there’s probs. Tried to create account but something happened & it won’t let me complete the process. Went searching for help like a phone number, chat, or email to contact the company & there’s nothing. Since the vet sent the prescription here now it’s stuck & I can’t fill it. Based on this I would avoid this app if at all possible

Awful and slow. The entire point of fast delivery is missed considering it takes 24 hours or longer for a new prescription or refill to show up in Nimble’s system. There is no way to speed this process up. The pharmacy can’t do anything. Nimble won’t do anything (if you can even get ahold of their support). I’ve tried the service a few times, and this is always the case. Not just that, but past order history disappears, items under the refill section never show up unless you contact your pharmacy first and ask them to make sure Nimble has been updated. The inconsistency and general level of incompetence makes it very hard to trust this service for something as important as health. I’ll be amazed if this company doesn’t just completely collapse within the next year or two, as they appear to have no clue what they’re doing. It’s too bad. It’s a good concept, but they simply can’t execute.

Horrible horrible execution. This service is extremely inefficient and irresponsible. The pharmacy that had my prescription used them and not only did I not get my medicines on time, I also did not get any updates or reasons provided for the delay. They blamed the pharmacy and the pharmacy blamed them. Never using his app ever. Wouldn’t even give it one star.

Great service. I love using this app! They have great customer service and they keep u up to date with your prescriptions. The best part is that they allow you to set a day or time when you want to get your prescription delivered.

Monthly prescription. Nimble app is easy & efficient. I have had bad experiences with mail order prescriptions in the past and so far so good!!!

a cheating and disgraceful business. so my medicine info ended up sold by bartells to nimble and nimble certainly has some disgusting agreement with local pharmacies to abuse patients records. without consent i got msg from nimble as if non-free delivery is the only option to retrieve my prescription. fine, paid Friday and nothing delivered by Tuesday noon. the bartells is 5mins from my address. even worse is nimble them resell your info to uber eats for the actual delivery. no wonder how your privacy is shared and no tracking is reliable as all parties are making profit over your privacy and take no responsibilities. absolutely a modern social disgrace. customer service is hair to fake as no one teplies email and nobody answers phone. will never use bartells nor uber nor nimbles. all cheating companies and disgusting as a new low.

Meds. The people that work there are so helpful and return calls ASAP and the delivery is fantastic. I’m thinking of switching all my meds over to them.

Prescription order and delivery. This is a about as easy as it gets. I’m a lifelong neighborhood pharmacy guy (because I worked in them during high school and want to support small businesses) and am concerned their lives may be in danger. Great specialty pharmacy!

Doesn’t work. I got a text saying my pharmacy uses this Nimble thing. Go to sign up and I can’t. Go to click the link to set up delivery and it says the link has failed. Downloaded the app and can’t do anything on there either. It says “…we are unable to process your request.” Hope they can fix the app.

Great service. They are on top of everything, super helpful and pleasant every time, efficient and fast. Would definitely recommend.

Service. Fast and accurate service and delivery. It was a great convience to me, as I had eye surgery and was limited with driving, this service really blessed me. Thank you guys so much, God bless you all✝️😘

Nothing easy with Nimble. “Nimble, a technology platform that is partnered with pharmacies across the country to make getting your prescription easier”. I disagree with that statement. There is nothing in this app thats makes anything easy. I should have called in my prescription with the pharmacy. I would have had same day.

Incompetent. I’m now out of a medication. Because they send text messages saying refill 2 days after your last was ordered. I did it. Thinking it would just deliver the refill when it would be due. Nope. The canceled it. Then finally at the last minute, they sent another. Did it. And shows no record of this. Now I’m out of medication and it’s bad to miss doses. I thought was CVS terrible. This is whole new level of incompetence. And this ain’t even a controlled medicine. JUST NO EXCUSE

Best delivery service. I’ve been using them for about a year & a half now. It’s been great! Always speedy & accurate

Order process was very easy and user friendly. I hope the delivery will be easy too.. Vic

Absolutely doesn't work on my phone. I absolutely can't get the app to work at all on my phone running iOS 13. If I choose to login via phone number, no confirmation message is sent. If I choose to sign up via email I get a link in email that shows me my prescriptions but no actions can be taken. So basically I can't at all do what the app charged me money for. Frustrated.

Overcharged and inconsistent. Nimblerx charged me $75 for a drug that was covered by my insurance and should’ve been $5. They refused to correct the overcharge and also would not refill my prescription in a timely manner. I waited 3 months for a refill that never came. I have used delivery prescription services before and have never had such a terrible experience.

Can’t cancel orders and doesn’t tell you. Placed an order with a separate app that connects to nimblerx, didn’t even tell me the price, looked on nimblerx and it was $150. And you can’t even cancel an order even if it’s scheduled for THREE weeks in the future (doesn’t tell you that either). Now I’m forced to pay $150 for a simple medication.

Impossible for parents to manage kid’s prescriptions. Absolutely awful app, terrible design. As a parent with a spouse and multiple children, all of us with multiple prescriptions, this app makes it completely impossible to manage a family’s medications. Only one person can be linked to the app, e-mail, or phone number, and only that one person’s meds can be managed, ever. The only way to switch is if a refill link is sent to you for another person, then the entire thing is linked to that one person. You cannot just switch at will or manage more than one person at once. Total garbage. And not sure where it goes wrong between the app and the pharmacy, but many orders have just vanished with no trace, never gotten by the pharmacy, and the few that have gone through have had major problems, like cannot select pickup, only delivery and delivery dates two weeks past the date selected in the app. Super frustrating.

Complete Garbage. Have you even tried user testing this app? I can’t contact help via your Web site on my phone (it’s broken), so I download this app. I have an account, so you send me a link. The link takes me BACK TO THE WEB SITE. Complete circle of frustration. I have the app and an account but cannot get in. Just straight up terrible experience and fail of the most basic feature of logging in. On top of this, I paid for the $4.00 “service” to have my medicine delivered for “free”. Another fail, and one that is insulting to consumers. Don’t call it free and move the charge to some other name! Fail 3: as mentioned, I paid the fee for delivery the next day and it never came! And I have no way of finding what is happening. One last fail for you… I was sent texts every day to order from you. But once I paid I got zero texts or email with tracking info or updates. Another example of how your whole system is built around your needs, not your customers. When you go out of business, and you will, that will be the core reason why. Other customers, do yourself a favor and avoid this like the plague.

Went from 5 starts to 1.. I was ready to write an amazing review of how easy this process was until my same day delivery order was seemingly cancelled with no notification or reason why. I then had to reach out to support, wait for them to figure it out, get the info and call the pharmacy they used, only to find out the order is delayed due to them not having my prescription in stock. This is serious stuff and I shouldn't have to stretch armstrong my way though every obstacle just to get my prescription that I'm not able to pick up.

Excellent customer service. Great customer service and easy ordering and payment plan.

Can’t get it to work. My dermatologist is using this method of getting his prescriptions out. All I have found are problems. It says my prescriptions are $0 despite being told by the office they are $80 and the app is stuck in an endless loop asking for payment information. I enter my card and hit verify and it says enter card information endlessly

Room for improvement. App is not compatible with large text, and difficult to use with multiple family members who share an email address.

Tracking Orders is impossible, but I like the layout. Okay so I usually get my face stuff with Nimble. I order three things. That’s one order. However i’ll get three separate texts telling me if each item has been delayed okay cool, sometimes the items come in separate packages. But when I go onto the app there’s only option to track the order. It never updates showing that the delayed order now has separate tracking. Not to mention the links sent to my phone NEVER work when they pull up in the browser. It’s incredibly frustrating when i’m not at home to sign.

Nice for delivery, ok app. Convenient app. My script was delivered to my door for free to me. Paid my copay and it was delivered. No interaction from pharmacy or app. Not fully sure this meets regulations. No one offered counseling by a pharmacist which is a requirement in my state. They also just placed the script on my front door in plain view of street which could have been stolen (no attempt was made to ring door bell) and I didn’t sign to confirm delivery. Will use it again because it’s where my current doctor sends scripts and it’s easier than driving to the pharmacy myself. if a different doctor didn’t use it I wouldn’t be upset.

Medications. I am very pleased with the efficiency of this service. I get my prescriptions delivered in a timely manner. I’ve never had an issue with this pharmacy and delivery of medications

Great. They are really helpful with prices and friendly and quick responding. I like them a lot

Unable to sign up. No explanation.. Trying to sign up and I get this error: “We are unable to process this request.” There’s no explanation, nothing marked as incorrect, no “help” button. My suspicion is that this is what happens if your address is not in a Nimble service area, in which case the error message should say that! Either way, this is terrible UX. I have no choice but to uninstall.

Where was this app all my life!. This makes my life so much easier not having to set out a whole day to bus or Uber to the pharmacy and wait for the medications to get filled. Thank you for making this app!

App doesn’t work. I can’t get past the first page to sign up. I have put in my information l. When I click confirm I get a “can’t process this request at this time.” I can’t get my prescriptions through you when I can’t even sign up. There isn’t a place I can find to get help for this error. Your website is just as bad.

So convenient!. Getting a prescription has never been easier!

Obsessed!. Incredibly convenient, practical and efficient. My prescriptions come right to my door and they are packaged according to the season! I love it. Obsessed!

Nice idea, execution needs work. Before I delete this app I’ll write a few quick thoughts. Note that I live in California, this type of service might work better or not be available at all in other states. I signed up at the recommendation of my doctor. From the beginning there were issues, I eventually had to call support to get setup. Prescription status inside the app is confusing. It would warn me that they tried to fill too soon, but it wouldn’t retry so I often had to submit a request ticket to get things moving. Delivery notifications were helpful. Sometimes courier would accept the signature by our front desk staff, sometimes not. Eventually it became such a hassle I moved everything back to Walgreens.

Never use CVS again !!!. The entire Nimble team and their app is so easy to use and intuitive. I plan on never ever setting foot in another CVS again.

Difficult to use. I have found the app hard to use. My prescription was transferred to another pharmacy without being notified. So I’m go to the app to check the status because it’s been weeks but I cannot order a refill or even change the pharmacy to the ones now allegedly at. So I can’t get any status updates or order and pay for refills. I know it’s on the pharmacies for not filling my prescription and not notifying me, but the app is not even usable for status updates or anything

Nimble Review. I was very impressed with Nimble’s easy to use system. Written instructions are clear easy to follow. Congratulations on putting together this system.

Order,. I received my reminder to order , as always I signed it expecting that to be it. Today, I receive a reminder to refill my order again. I just did this yesterday. Now instead of $55 to refill its 65. Hmmmm no heads up, no notice , nothing. Now I’m thinking is this legit of did someone hack my account. We shall see!!!!!

Works great. My pharmacist set this up to automatically notify me when my Rx is one week from being due for a refill. I simply click checkout and they bag it up and get someone from nimble to deliver to my door. It’s very smooth.

Such a waste. This app has never worked. I get a notification that my subscription is ready to refill. I click the link and it opens the app. It says I have no prescription. So I call the pharmacy and refill the prescription. I get a text message that says your prescription is ready to be paid for. I click the link. No prescription. I call the pharmacy and pay over the phone. Worst app I’ve ever used. Don’t bother. Just call the pharmacy.

Awesome Pharmacist. This company is the most organized, responsible, trusted, quick, and reliable pharmacy I have ever experienced! We really appreciate all those behind the scenes that contribute to such an awesome company!

Pretty much useless. I have two children who have multiple medications that require filling every month. I was so excited to have meds delivered. With this app, however, you can only have one person registered. So I have one child registered and when I try to add my other child it doesn’t work. Support basically shrugged it off and said you can only have one person. Today I got a text saying I could get meds delivered but I can’t, cause they are for the “other” child. What a waste of time.

Latest update crashes. The latest update does not work on my iPhone 6 (granted it’s old) running iOS 12.5.3. Keeps crashing. Reinstall did not work. Previously was a great (5-Star) app. Bumped up my rating from one to three stars thanks to excellent tech support, and fast too, in helping find a workaround using the browser.

Just placed first order. This is a really easy app to use to get Rxs. First time use was super simple and looks like it will be delivered pretty quickly too. Not one complaint from me!

Can never talk to anyone for help. If I’m having an issue placing and order for my medicine the only way to contact support is via email. Well my prescription is out if refills and I need assistance so they can reach out to my doctor to provide more refills. My medicine is almost out and the only way I can contact anyone is to wait e-mail which I know I’ll be waiting at least 48 hrs before any response.

Hassle to use with family. I have multiple kids and when I try to checkout with an email I used for another kid it says I already have a login for that email, so I’m forced to use a different email for each kid. When I select Apple Pay and click pay, it does nothing so I have to select credit card and enter the card information.

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Best Rx Experience Ever. I’m a doctor & pharmacist & this was a great easy convenient process to order prescription medication. Love it!

Nimble is BEST…..!. Nimble pharmaceutical delivery is VERY reliable and punctual, always careful to leave the package in a safe location next to the front door!

Pointless App. This app literally only sends me a link to login to a browser. It has no other functionality. The website works fine though.

Nimble successfully works!. The on boarding process with Nimble was a bit tentative. Now that it’s up and running everything seems to be working smoothly. Nimble is reliable.

Nimble is a HORRIBLE APP. I have minors. I pay for their prescriptions. But because I have plural minors(!!!!!) Nimble won’t let me pay for (( their )) prescriptions. Have to have a different email for every child. Well, I refuse to share my minors info and if you can’t use my email, then I won’t use your app. Pure garbage!!!

Thank you!. Thanks for supplying medications with your representatives’ courtesy and professional.

Quick n Easy. So fast and so easy to make my RX transaction! Boom!

Easy to use and convenient! Thank you!. Easy to use and convenient! Thank you

Easy to Use. I enjoy how easy the app is to use and the features that continues to improve

Love this app. Easy to use, simple to set up, amazingly convenient.

App will not open. Not sure what is wrong on your end, but I have tried everything I know. I cannot get this app to open on my phone. I deleted the app and re-downloaded it...that did not work. I restarted my phone...that did not work. Please fix!!!

Excellent!. Can’t say anything else besides amazing / excellent service!

Pleasurable Pharmacy. This is a wonderful pharmacy! They vary a good supply of needed creams and medications. They are up to date and easy to work with. They responsibly deliver and are pleasure to work with. Thank you

Thank u. Thank u this makes ordering and receiving so easy thank u so much y’all are the best

Easy to use app. Easily able to place order.

Medicine. Nimble has been absolutely amazing… with getting my medicine to me, answering my questions and leaving me reminding emails…. Thank you very much!!!!!

Lost my prescription. NimbleRx lost my prescription. It was nearly impossible to even find a support phone number for them and after many hours on hold I have not gotten a human on the phone to help. The drug store also refused to help in any way. Will never use again.

Super easy. Your app was super easy to use & follow. Thank you!

Not good. The app never works. It has taken me months to get them to fill a script

Useless app crashes immediately every time.. Title says it all. I’m needing to use it to get a receipt for my FSA account, but the app crashes instantly when opened. I’ve deleted and reinstalled it 5 times, and restarted my iPhone in between as well. USELESS!!!

Convenience at its finest!. Seriously, so easy!! Wish I would used this sooner!!

Online digital help. Great assistance was received with the great “online chat doctor”

Service. Fast & Efficient,very dependable

Easy to use. Quick and easy to use fast shipping

App?. Can’t open the app, gives an option to download to the cloud? Or stop. Even the email that I was sent can’t show ANY tracking for my RX. The men’s was supposed to be delivered today (Friday) and now that it hasn’t, I have to wait until Monday to call and find out wth. Obviously no bugs have been fixed.

Placing an Order. Does not allow me to place an order via the App. I have to call the pharmacy to place an order, and then I can pay and check out via the App

Inconsistent. Nimble mostly great, but while Bartell says 4 prescriptions ready for pickup, Nimble lists only 3. Took days to clarify via pharmacist, who couldn’t identify problem.

Terrible.. The site has taken over my screen. Cannot delete it, It is blocking me from going to any other web site. It has potentially turned my computer in to junk.

Wish I could give this half a star. Just makes prescription preferring inconvenient. Tried to order my prescription off the app, every time I went to checkout it just redirected me to call my pharmacy, and then wouldn’t allow me to checkout. Horrible execution on a decent idea. I don’t know how they let that happen.

Med refill. My first time using an app to place med orders. Went very smooth easy to read , easy instructions. I like Pharm South !!

Review. Didn’t know I needed app. Didn’t know the payment till this time. Need a phone number.

Are these 5’s even real people?. There is no way this “app” has a 4.9 rating by actual people. The login method takes you to a web based site that is NOT user friendly.

Website Ease of Use. Great site and very easy to use.

Great app!. Makes payment very fast and easy!!

Can’t login to app. Try to login to app but when it sends me login link it takes me to safari where I’m already signed in. Already considering not refilling my prescription after this since tracking links are also crap. I’ll be telling my derm about my awful experience too.

Orders. I know I have refills available but is hard in the app to order when I need it. Sometimes I have to call costumer service.

Meds. Some meds dr Prescribes are to high for me to buy since im on disability this helps some . How much is the ozempic at your pharmacy

Nimble is the BEST. Fast, professional, accurate with a very fast checkout.

Great service but....... My transferring of my scripts and the deliveries have been great. My only issue is the App which keeps crashing on an iPhone X.

Great company!. An incredibly easy, convenient and cost saving pharmacy.

Customer. This app is extremely easy to use! Delivery is great!

Disappointed by app. I was fulfilling my prescription order via text and was instructed to add Nimble to my phone in order to complete my order. I used to be able to connect via web and avoid the need to add another app to my phone. I don’t like this additional hurdle to placing prescription orders.

Fabulous System. Easiest order system yet!

Very Frustrating. I downloaded the app as a recommendation from my pharmacy. It will not hold my payment information--keeps telling me to add one even though I put it in three times. Rather than saving time, it's waiting it.

Good luck getting it to work. No instructions on how the process works or what info is actually required. No contact info. Pharmacists are forced to troubleshoot problems. A very frustrating experience. App became corrupted and wouldn’t show current info. Deleted it and reloaded the app and it finally worked. A nightmare to set up. Good luck.

Never got my prescription. No stars UPS said they delivered my prescription but i never got it so they say i need to pay for the replacement Glad this was not something that i am required to take I will not be using this service ever!

Simplicity at its finest!. Love using the app because it’s simple convenient and meet all needs!

Terrible App. I set my prescription to auto refill and it didn’t refill. I then tried to go in and order it online and it wouldn’t let me do that either. No point in having this app!

Great app!. Using the app was simple and quick! Reordering was a breeze.

Great App. Fast, intuitive and customer friendly app. The whole experience was perfect.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 11.40.0
Play Store com.nimblerx.NimbleRx
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

Nimble Rx (Versiyon 11.40.0) Install & Download

The application Nimble Rx was published in the category Medical on 11 November 2015, Wednesday and was developed by NimbleRx [Developer ID: 1047798730]. This program file size is 112.5 MB. This app has been rated by 17,335 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Nimble Rx - Medical app posted on 06 November 2023, Monday current version is 11.40.0 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.nimblerx.NimbleRx. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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