APPatient App Reviews


APPatient App Description & Overview

What is appatient app? Welcome to APPatient™, the end-to-end patient engagement app created for Modernizing Medicine® patients and providers.

APPatient™ is a mobile, fully-functional patient engagement app that can help both patients and providers save time. Patients can access telehealth and information, and push notifications can keep them up to date on primary medical concerns. Practices with Premium Patient Connect can take advantage of 24-hour online check-in, expediting intake paperwork. It can also help providers treat patients on the go.

APPatient Patient Benefits:

- Chat allows you to communicate with your healthcare team.
- Request prescription refills from your phone.
- Access your medical records on the go.

APPatient Provider Benefits:

- Allows patients to access their healthcare records directly.
- Communicate with patients.
- Access patient information stored in EMA® from your phone.
- Lab and test results can be accessed by patients.
- Use your existing Patient Portal username and password to log in.

For log in assistance, please contact your physician’s office.

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App Name APPatient
Category Medical
Updated 17 April 2023, Monday
File Size 185.24 MB

APPatient Comments & Reviews 2023

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Reviewing APP AP. APP AP is nowhere near My Chart! I asked my provider if I can link her to MyChart instead of giving the same info again. It takes hours! And it is all there already including my latest X-rays on MyChart. If they won’t allow me to link them to it I am considering cancelling the appointment.

hard to use. i have to use this app for my allergist and it never works when i need it too. i can’t open the files they send me and i can’t write an email back to ask questions. they don’t get my messages either and it makes everything harder for me. now i have to call to ask one small question because i can’t send a message though the app like my allergist intended too. wish i could give it 0 for how difficult this is.

Beyond frustrating. How in the world do I enter my mail order pharmacy info? I have tried every conceivable iteration and it won’t take it. It’s not obscure - it’s BCBS. If doctors want their patients doing things electronically, then provide an app that actually makes that possible. This one does not.

VERY POOR APP, my chart is better. The app patient app shows absolutely NOTHING! No dr notes etc! Basically, what is the point of this app if you can’t see your information or the dr notes etc? OVER IT. The dr office requested we use it to check in for appts and you can’t even do that. Pop ups block the continue button. What a headache. DO BETTER.

More than one doc. I have two doctors offices that use this app. I cannot figure out how to add the second doctor to my profile. Is it not possible to have more than one dr?

Comprehensive APP. I like the ability to edit my medications. Overall the APP is great, except I want to send a message to the Medical Assistant, although no email addresses populate for me to select or simply send.

No app support. There is no app support for this app. Their web application works, but when I try to sign in, it fails. I cannot reset a password without the app failing, and even then it still does not reset my password. I tried to use app support from the app store, and it redirects you to the website. I tried to find any kind of support on the website, and it just tells you to call your physician. This has been a failure on every level.

Worthless. Clinic sent me a link to download the app, that worked. They then sent me another link to finish the set up and login process…that just sent me back to down load the app from Apple App Store again, no login or nothing just redownload the app. Pointless. If an app can’t get its clients to get their own clients to utilize this app…then this app is pointless, no use for it, waste of time and money. I suggested significant resources need to be funded to teach their corporate clients on how to utilize this app properly and fix the bugs asap before this app goes bye bye in the huge bin of garbage/neglected apps.

Awful. App in NOT intuitive, impossible to figure out how to add a pharmacy to my list. It took me 6 times to get into the app, because I had to change my password - I couldn’t switch to my password manager app to set up a new password without having to start over - as in, requesting a link for reset. Then I could not paste my password from manager app. My doctor’s office asked me to complete registration in app before coming to my appointment - I ended up just going through ALL of my history to see what was there, but no way to confirm I had done my due diligence. I use another app for other medical practices - much easier to navigate.

Dangerous App. One of my doctors just started with this app/company for patient portal. I wanted to send a message. It did not offer me choices. I started with Dr and my large animal vets came up. I then tried starting with the first na,e, and my wife and her brother came up. It is clearly using my phone book. Stay away from using this app, as there appear to be 0 privacy controls on the patient end.

Many parts don’t work. This app is very frustrating. Many parts just don’t work. For example, in selecting a pharmacy, it will let me search, but not actually add it to my profile. Other parts don’t work…. But taking payment works just fine!!

Last update killed the app. After the latest update to this app was downloaded the app no longer works at all. I click on it and it starts to load and then it disappears. I can’t even get to the login screen. Guess I can’t check in for my doctors visit tomorrow…

Good but could be better. You should be able to send attachments through the app like you can in the browser version. It would be way more convenient!

Terrible, stuck in new patient loop. So when you do the new patient signup and have to reset your password, the link in the email just opens the App Store up. It never takes you to the app directly to reset your password. Just an endless loop of uselessness.

This is PocketPatient under a different name!. Why do you not make it clear that this app is PocketPatient app under a different name? Or at least that former PocketPatient users must now update to APPatient? After several disastrous experiences I do not allow apps to update themselves without permission. When I went into the App Store to check for updates on my apps I saw one for APPatient, which I’d never heard of. Fearing some kind of scam, I wasted time searching for APPatient on my phone and even calling my doctor’s office, only to find out it’s basically second verse, same as the first. And now I’ve got to go back and update it because my doctor’s office requires it. Be honest and transparent and update your app description!!!

Unable to use headphones. For some reason I am unable to use Bluetooth headphones or earbuds with this app. I have no problem with other apps, face time or phone calls, but this app only works with speaker with is unacceptable.

Poorly done. Used the App once, was able to eventually check in. Unable to use a second time- as others have noted, unable to check in, reset password. This is to be expected, as only the time of doctors is deemed valuable. Patients time doesn’t really count.

Multiple Providers. Doesn’t allow to select from multiple physicians on Home Screen. Have to log out and remember practice I’d. Stupid! Should have practice listed on home or account page to select. NOT USER FRIENDLY!

Computer then app?. Once you download the app it says to continue on a computer. Doesn’t make sense at all, please take the computer out of the equation and this will be a lot easier.

Fine before the update. This app worked fine before they updated it. Was able to follow directions and do what doctor needed. Haven’t been back in a while and went to do the online check in- was informed I must update the app. Fine. I updated, entered my credentials and was immediately taken to a page to reset my password. Fine. Was in the process of resetting my password, went away from the page for a moment to write it down and then when I went back the “type your new password” page was suddenly gone. I had already deleted old password in my database in preparation for this new one. Now I can’t log in. Fine. I click forgot password. I get the email. I click the link to change my password and it doesn’t work. It just keeps taking me to the log in page of the app. This is very frustrating hence 1 star

Error message. The app will not accept my login in. I have entered everything properly. UPDATE: I was able to finally find the correct login id to enter the app. I went to Password in Settings and saw the website address for the provider. It is not their URL as the app asks for.

Very poor onboarding. I use a password manager and set complex passwords. The app offers no guidance to what it will accept. The browser link to “change” the password, which is also used to set an initial password, doesn’t work from the computer only the phone. That’s because it browser link opens the app on the phone. God forbid you have to switch to the password manager to copy the password because that throws you back to the beginning of the process. All because it would not accept my original complex password. An insecure stupidly thought out pile of dung.

Terrible. Download this app put it in the appropriate information when I tried to logon wouldn’t take my information tried several times I’ll just stick to the old way having the clinic text me when they need to I’m 72 and disabled have prostate cancer and kidney issues I don’t need this frustration

Alternatives to portal apps. There are better ways to keep your personal health record and share with family and providers. For instance, My Medical app or Tidy Health PHR. You are not tied into one system and can not only view your data but add and edit it. Makes sense in these times of EHRs, urgent care centers and virtual visits.

Very dissatisfied. This app has become useless to me since I’ve logged into a different provider’s website. Different practices are recommending the use of this app for their respective portals but there is no provision for adding multiple logins. The user is forced to add the correct url manually each time it’s used! The developer of this app should hire some competent software testers!

Mychart. As stated above, I as well am a mychart user. Not only don’t I want a Another med. app, I don’t need one for 2 reasons. Mychart tells me everything I want/need to know. 2-hackers. The more information I put out the better chance of finding out my information.

Not very friendly.. Unable to sign in. Does not give the option to register as this is my first time. Instead it wants a password and down not have my email address to reset the password. Then it would not take the name I am giving to submit this review. Charles

Poor. I've been using the industry leader "my chart" for all of my medical providers and different facilities for a few years. This app is used by my dermatologist. I find navigating through any software very easy. However, this is an unfriendly app to use and does not provide enough resources to make it useful. Staff sent me msg thru the app of my receipt is ready to be viewed. Nothing appears in billing history, no active link to view the receipt. No fields to enter personal email in demo section. The only benefit of this app is to view appointments.

Simple. User friendly

Great From The Start. I had the application via its previous name and went right in on the new name by logging in without a hitch and using Face ID, as well.

Omgosh what a nightmare. My drs office sent me a link for this app and subsequently to fill out and it’s useless. Every time I try to open their link it takes me back to the app in the App Store . I’ll have to call the drs office if he wants me to use this. Didn’t the developers or doctors try this and see it doesn’t work properly??? This was a waste of an hour and a half of my time that I will never get back!!!

A scam!. My dermatology office told me to download this application. Not only does it not work most of the time, but I am being charged $1.50 a month! NO WHERE does this information get related to the person who downloads the app. I deleted it and I am notifying my bank to reverse these charges. If I get charged again, you’ll be hearing from my lawyer.

Not as good as MyChart. My dermatologist uses the APPatient app while my family doctor, urologist, and orthopedic doctors all use MyChart. MyChart allows me to scan my insurance cards, and shows my vaccines, prescriptions, lab tests, etc. MyChart also links up to my fitbit, veriosync, and Withings accounts so it tracks my daily steps, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar. As you can see MyChart is a much more useful app than APPatient. I finished copying all of my prescriptions into APPatient. I selected my pharmacy Kroger in Marysville, OH and it showed the pharmacy location on Google maps but it was unable to save the pharmacy as my preferred pharmacy. I had entered all of my prescriptions into APPatient. When I showed up for my appointment the receptionist had me fill out all of my prescriptions on a paper form. I asked her why the paper copy since I had entered all my prescriptions into the app. She said that none of my prescriptions were showing up. I opened the app and showed her that all my prescriptions were there. She claimed that the app rarely works. The dermatologist Dr. Koriann Reed also told me that the app is very poor. It only really works for billing. She agrees that MyChart is a much better app but her practice uses APPatient.

The worst user experience practices. First thing is a warning about logging in that can’t be fully seen, and the “learn more” link does nothing. Next, the practice URL provided starts with “https” but then when you try to log in, a warning pops up that the field can’t contain those characters. Next, you have to read and sign some forms such as HIPAA to begin checking in. But the forms, full of legal text, can’t be enlarged while still fitting on the page, so you have to scroll them back and forth. Finally, there is no apparent way to SIGN the forms, and no way to proceed without signing them. So at the end of 10 minutes, I have gotten nowhere and achieved nothing except increased blood pressure. I think I need to see a doctor.

Bill payment doesn’t work. I can’t pay my bill with my credit card. I just get stuck in a loop hitting finish payment and then going back to the payment page.

Terrible log in journey. You download this app, then you have to log in and start the process via a computer? Not going to happen. Instead of sending a link to the app, this product needs to send first time users a link to the website first. Then, the user can choose if they want to download the app. The user journey is wrong and, if this is fixed, maybe I will use this app.

Was Pocket Patient app. You really need to mention in this update that the prior app name was Pocket Patient. I had no idea who you are, and with all the malicious software out there was not going to accept “an update” for an app I did not recognize.

App or Doc’s Office?. I don’t know if the issue is with the app, or the Doctor’s office not providing accurate information to sign in. I’ve installed the app, and it just keeps taking me to the password screen, but I have no password. I tried entering one, thinking perhaps I’m supposed to choose one, but nothing. I clicked on forgot password, but same issue, it’s like this infinite loop, no matter what is done, I end right back at the login page, not having our knowing any password. Did the doctor’s office fail to send accurate info due to poor IT personnel, or did the app give bad info for the doctor’s office to send? Either way, the end user/patient is left without access, and their time is wasted on a product that isn’t up to snuff for whatever reason.

Ok. Would be better with more features. Can’t send pictures. Would be a very useful feature.

Problem with multiple providers. I have app downloaded for ENT. My dermatologist uses it now, too, and it doesn’t let me see her on the app. I have to click the link to add her, and it will pull just her information up. I even made the login and password the same for both. If I get out of her link to the app and just click on the app, I only see the ENT. I literally have to go to the link from my dermatologist in text message to get into her information…so, I can’t delete her text. Tried googling answer to add other provider so I can be in app and just scroll to select which one, but there isn’t any information out there for patients. The app developer site came up in the search, so I clicked to find it there, but there’s nothing there for it. Then, I tried clicking “Contact” while on their site and it says if you’re a patient, you have to go through your provider! This is an app problem, not a provider problem!

Not good as first time register. Cannot register as first time user. Got the URL and user name from Doctor’s office for registration. The password row was locked, cannot input password. Then tried forgot password approach, got a link and brought me back to the log in page. The password row was still as before, cannot input password.

Worthless. This App is completely worthless. Have tried dozens of times to set up my portal and login and every time it tells me that my date of birth and credentials are incorrect. I’m deleting it from my phone and will request paper test results be mailed from my physician.

Be aware of physician use. One of the first forms presented by my physician through this app was an absolute waiver, requiring me to consent to the disclosure of healthcare information. The waiver was not restricted to other healthcare providers or insurance companies. It was a waiver, allowing them to provide information to anyone they chose. I had no limitations whatsoever. Be aware before using this app that you must review whatever documents or forms are being presented by your physician and do not sign them without reading them.

App review. When using the appointment check in screen, where you have to verify your medical history, there is a button that covers the continue button. This makes it impossible to finish checking in because the button I need to tap is covered up. This needs to be fixed. Users cannot finish their check-in. At least I can’t on my iPhone 11.

Not usable. When downloaded on my IPhone, the app froze immediately. Since the login was still available in the frozen window, i tried to login the providers portal data. Did not work either. So after getting stuck, before even started, I prefer to use my remaining - since I’m feeling sick - little energy for other things that work out fine. Hope other people will be able to be happy with this app. I however deleted it.

Forced to update then stopped working!. I have successfully used this app several times in the past. I tried opening the app for an appointment earlier this week and the app wouldn’t open until I updated it. However, after updating it the app no longer opens. It just crashes every time I try to get in. No log-in screen or anything. Completely useless. Please fix this.

Multiple Doctors. I like the apps functionality, but how do I shift between two different doctors that both use the app? Is there a way to store the different “practice URLs” within the app? It makes it difficult to switch between practices without this.

Very Poor App. This app would not let me sign in and locked me out at the first attempt to sign in. I had to the call doctor’s office to get my account unlocked to sign in. Also, I tried to replace my old pharmacy (Walgreens) with CVS. It looks simple enough. I first deleted Walgreens. Then I clicked on the “add pharmacy” option and the app brings up a list pharmacies. After I click on the radio button to add CVS as a pharmacy, it does not do anything. Also, my allergy information is missing from this app. It is going to take a lot of time for me to add all my allergies. Did anyone at my doctor’s office do any testing before imposing such a poor app on its patients? I have two other apps with other medical groups and those apps are excellent! I am not going to use this APPatient. I will call the office instead.

Doesn’t Work. Data Mining App. Per my doc’s request, I downloaded this app. Needed to ask a question but the message system is inoperable. Took a look at the app’s privacy info. It’s nothing but a data mining app. Performs no other service. Will delete immediately & inform the doc.

Not easy. Why must I always download this app? I would like to put app on my homepage phone so I don’t have to keep searching for it. There are way too many health/medical apps to keep track of—must be able to save app on phone or it’s useless!

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Link does NOT bring you to reset password, it just takes you to the App Store again. Why?. Ridiculous

Buggy. App doesn’t recognize link messaged to me and prompts me for a Practice ID I don’t know. Log in not working and password reset requires the Practice ID #. Annoying and poorly coded app.

Unable to open. Dr sent me a link to upload. I did it twice, but each time I was not able open. Just disappears.

Crashes. Unable to open, crashes immediately. Unfortunate since my doctor is asking me to use this to check in for my appointment

Really. I have NO idea when I started taking some of these medications. Should be an option for that!!

Worst app ever. The hoops to go thru to use it is awful. And it never is set up. Mychart is by far the best app to go for medical info and confirm an appointment.

App would not launch on my iPhone. I couldn’t get the app to launch on my phone after I downloaded it.

Computer then app?. Once you download the app it says to continue on a computer. Doesn’t make sense at all, please take the computer out of the equation and this will be a lot easier.

This app stinks. It is difficult to use. I give up.

Medications is bogus. Your software puts multiple copies of the same med

Need to save face. Log

Not user friendly.. Has to reload every time one leaves the screen to get information from a different app.

Terrible App. It wouldn’t let me sign in numerous times. I give up!

APPatient. Could never sign in or Reset password

Locked me out. Tried to log in and then locked me out

Only one Practice can be accessed.. Will only allow use for one practice. Example: if set up for Dermatolotist, then Orthopaedic also uses same App, no way to connect to Orthopaedic.

Locked me out. First use and it locked me out!

A smoking train wreck. After repeated logon failures, I am deleting the app and communicating with my physiatrist by other means.

App won’t open. Ever since I downloaded the latest update, the app won’t open at all.

A great App. A very handy app

Useless. Absolutely useless. And, why would anyone want to do a tele-visit for dermatology? Anybody have an answer?

Does work. Would not accept user name given to me by my doctor and refused to recognize my password I had set. Would not even let me reset password. Froze up. Better medical apps out there.

Can’t get in. I tried for2 hours this morning to set this up - even called my doctor’s office for help. I give up.

App won’t download. Hello, When I go to the App Store to get APPatient, it doesn’t download onto my phone. If I need to get into the app I have to go to the App Store to access the app. My dermatologist uses this app and I can add another Dr to the app. I can’t delete the app, since it’s not in my phone, so I can’t enter the new Dr office. Please help!

Multiple Providers. How do I handle multiple providers? Does the app even support multiple providers?

Worst patient ap. Can’t edit insurance information, signature portion had major issues.

New Patient. Really bad app! Tried to set up online check in with Dr. Bodart and wasn’t able to.

More than one practice. Only remembers last practice. Have to enter url if you want to go to another practice. Face recognition does not work. Deserves ZERO stars.

Multiple Providers. Doesn’t allow to select from multiple physicians on Home Screen. Have to log out and remember practice I’d. Stupid! Should have practice listed on home or account page to select. NOT USER FRIENDLY!

Terrible. Why can’t I delete any information?

Message. How can I message provider w/questions? Where are the e-mail addresses?

Very odd software to be paired with an upper scale Dermatology practice.. Spelling errors- Adding medications is extremely cumbersome and a lot of double and triple work. Pretty rinky dink tbh.

Entering medications is too complicated. I should be able to just type in the medication, the dosage and the frequency

Clinic link doesn't start app. Link from clinic to download app worked just fine. Second link to login only pulled up the app in the App Store again. Useless.

Can’t download. Not sure what going on with app but it won’t download to start.

Annoying app. This app does not work It doesnt work with the links my doctors office sent! Yuk.

App. I can not get into this app. Have tried several times.

Does not support a password manager. Have to create an account and has no support to use a password manager.

How to start. How do I start this?

Lockout. Unable to open account. No issues on pc.

Would give native stars if I could. Useless!

Messages. You go enter a message and the send button never lets you click on it.

App. The app does not work! I even tried it deleting and new download. Every time I try to log in it gives an error message

Trash app. I hope no one paid for this app.

Unable to use headphones. For some reason I am unable to use Bluetooth headphones or earbuds with this app. I have no problem with other apps, face time or phone calls, but this app only works with speaker with is unacceptable.

Crashes.. Won’t even load

APPatient App. I downloaded this app per doctor’s office request for preregistration but can’t even open it. Not pleased at all with this app. Seems to need some work.

Hard on older persons. Asks for a new password, gives the criteria, then, after you enter it twice, tells you you need a special character. Start over only to find out you cannot use an old password. Start over. Can’t modify existing password Throw phone at at wall. Patch hole.

Terrible. Horrible user experience and login process. The link my Dr gave me does not work and this whole process is not intuitive at all. F tier app.

Worst app ever.. Constantly locked out; no response on help. Will change medical providers because of this app. Wanted to give zero stars but it wouldn’t let me.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 7.2.0
Play Store com.modernizingmedicine.patientportal
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

APPatient (Versiyon 7.2.0) Install & Download

The application APPatient was published in the category Medical on 08 March 2016, Tuesday and was developed by Modernizing Medicine, Inc. [Developer ID: 387022758]. This program file size is 185.24 MB. This app has been rated by 3,463 users and has a rating of 4.2 out of 5. APPatient - Medical app posted on 17 April 2023, Monday current version is 7.2.0 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.modernizingmedicine.patientportal. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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APPatient App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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