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What is biolife plasma services app? Donating plasma just got easier with the BioLife Plasma Services mobile app.

BioLife Plasma Services is part of Takeda TKPHF (OTCMKTS), the leading global biotechnology company focused on serving people affected by rare diseases and highly specialized conditions. These diseases are often misunderstood, undiagnosed and life-threatening.

Key Features:
• Scheduling appointments is even easier now with one click scheduling on-the-go

Check Reward Payments
• Reward payment balance is easily accessible on the home screen
• Quick reference to payment history

Promotional Offers
• Receive notifications for exclusive offers
• Track your donation progress towards promotional rewards
• Refer-a-friend via text, email or social and qualify to receive a Buddy Bonus

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BioLife Plasma Services Customer Service, Editor Notes:

BioLife Plasma Services Version 2.1.325 July 2022

Spanish support for mobile and enhancement.

BioLife Plasma Services Version 2.1.211 April 2022

Bug fixes and enhancements.

BioLife Plasma Services Version 2.1.107 February 2022

Bug fixes and enhancements.

BioLife Plasma Services Comments & Reviews 2022

- Less glitchy, but doesn’t save login info!

I was actually happy to see an update to the old glitchy app due to all the issues I’d had with it (crashing, couldn’t add to calendar, slow, wouldn’t load card balance, etc.). Overall the app works much more smoothly and consistently with one big flaw: it doesn’t save your login info! You now have to type in your entire email address and password (I know, first world problems) which is frustrating if I’m going back and forth between the BioLife app and say, my calendar. I had hoped this most recent update fixed this but it didn’t, and it seems I’m not the only one. Please bring back this one redeeming feature of the old app!

- Can’t log in

I haven’t been able to log into my account for days. I’ve reached out to the website directly, and the Facebook page with no response. Today there was an ‘update’ on the app. I deleted it and downloaded it again with the issue still happening on the app and website. I donated for the first time last week and had an appointment this past weekend scheduled. I needed to reschedule it, couldn’t log on, opted to cancel through the text reminder and it said in response it couldn’t find my appointment. The system has been so messed up I didn’t want to take the chance payment would not work because I’ve seen complaints about payouts before. I am trying to complete the $1000 sign on bonus but they are making it literally impossible as I still can’t schedule and have continually been met with an error message with [4]. The least they could do is extend the bonus timeframe because of this ongoing issue.

- Log in and Facial Recognition

I’ve been donating plasma for some time. My only frustration is scheduling plasma appointments. You have to log in using your email address and password EACH TIME you want to schedule an appointment. With the latest Biolife app update you were supposed to be able to set up facial recognition which would make it so much easier to schedule appointments. I’ve logged into the Biolife app but can’t figure out the facial recognition option in the app. Am I missing something? Fixing this problem would make so many donors that much happier. Thank you!

- Christine Pacheco

This existing app for users to sign up for blood donation during such critical time is counter productive. I tried no less than 7 to 10 times to load and reload app. It closed me out. In one segment to see prior account, in another it says I’m already in the system. I had a previous married name so I went down to BioLife stood in line to talk to someone. They reset my account said it was working. Came home to get back into the app now it says my emails not a working email in the system. I tried Bio Life. I tried calling several times no bodies to answer calls. Automated system only. My husband tried loading the app today it closed him out when he was adding his data. Glitchy Now it wants a nick name to send revue I’m on my 4th attempt says my names taken. Lol omg

- Won’t let me register or log in

I’m a new donor, I just did a walking to give plasma. I went on the site to register with the email I provided the center and it won’t complete the process it just gives me error msg over and over again. I used a different email with my donor information and it allowed me to register but it starts the whole process I just went through at the center. So I logged out and tried to log back in with the second email I used to start registration and now it said that this email isn’t in the system either. So now it doesn’t recognize both emails, won’t let me get past login or registration to make my follow up appt #2. Now what? I walked in to the center the first time because it would get past registration on the website or app.

- Potential donor

Never again will I put myself through the stress of trying to donate at this place. Twice now I have been there trying to donate and both times were a complete waste of time. The first time, my blood pressure was a bit high, so I got on BP med and returned over a month later and it was fine. This time I was turned away for slight psoriasis on my elbows, which was there before, and is a thing I’ve had for 45 yrs. I have worked in the medical field for 40+ years, including surgery, and never had an issue. I have donated blood and plasma my entire adult life as I’m O negative. I will gladly return to my previous labs as I was treated with much more respect. Most of your equipment wouldn’t work and your nurse was awful!! Worst experience I’ve been through in a long time!


Okay, first of all, I’m writing this on behalf of my fiancée (as I have a medical condition that disqualifies me from donating), who is currently blood-red in the face and in tears trying to solve this issue inside a BioLofe facility. Today, he was supposed to receive a $240 payout for his donation after 1-2 weeks of tiny payouts, and he has just received merely $20. During the last promo he had, there was a time that he was supposed to receive $60 but instead only got $40, and then the $20 he didn’t receive was added at his next donation. WE CANNOT DO THIS; WE HAVE BILLS, WE NEED OUR MONEY WHEN WE ARE TOLD WE WILL GET IT BECAUSE THAT’S KINDA HOW PEOPLE PLAN TO LIVE THEIR LIVES. I don’t know if this is an app issue, or a company issue, but PLEASE, for the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD (which isn’t MUCH anymore, might I add) — FIX THE ACCURACY OF YOUR PAYOUTS!

- This is a scam!!!!!

They advertise all over about Donor900 promo to trick you into downloading this and signing up waste of time. When you type that promo in it just says not available. And calling their location is zero help as the people there have no idea what’s going on. Lady literally told me she doesn’t know anything about the promotions and to go online and read to try and answer my questions. It’s been over 6 years since I’ve been to this joke. And back then it was exactly the same. They offered a bonus for so many donations your first month, only my 3 rd of 8 visits i was paid but not credited the donation towards the bonus because the incompetent nurse kept sticking me until they were not allowed anymore because of collapsing my vein. On top of that when i asked for a different nurse After being stuck 5 times they were extremely rude to me for asking that. The only reason i even entertained the notion of going back to this incompetent disaster was the 900 in a month which turned out to be a lie. I hope this review helps anyone thinking of wasting time signing up like i did.

- Trash promotions

I used to get promotions for $500 when returning to donate over the course of 6 donations. Now they’ve been trying to get me to come back for $340 over 6 donations. I barely felt it was worth the hassle of changing how I eat and drink to get the $500 but now you won’t even send me that offer anymore. If you keep donating without and offer their greedy guts will pump you dry for the equivalent of some trash they found on the sidewalk as payment. That’s how low they pay people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve donated and seen my hands be dry and cracked afterward not to mention I used to donate up to 640ML and now they are taking 890 from me but want to pay me so much less???? Go f*#£ yourselves….

- Downgrade

Why am I having to write an entire email and password ever since the “upgrade”? Where is the Touch ID function on this app? C’mon biolife, aint nobody got time for that! and until this is fixed... its a 1 star rating from me. UPDATE: We’re now halfway to an app that’s user friendly. They implemented Touch ID, so finally you can open it smoothly. Next to-do... make it so when a person goes to Schedule an appointment that the app automatically defaults to the Donation option. How many times a year are you getting a physical at biolife? ..exactly.

- Horrible app

I clicked on a newcomer promotion coupon but was too busy to use any of it. So after a couple of months I went to click the next newcomer promotion coupon and it said I was no longer eligible even though I never stepped foot into a biolife. No matter what I did I couldn’t intuitively get rid on it. Annoying! One of the reasons I never got around to making an appt was because it had my location set for a certain Biolife building but I didnt want to use that one. And it would NOT let me change locations no matter what! So you could only make an appt at the Biolife you have already. Forget about changing locations online. What is this 1990? Get some decent programming!

- Maddening

Negative ten stars if possible. Whoever is in charge of online accounts should be fired to never get gainful employment again! It truly is insane that a company can totally ignore their clients, no matter how many messages they send, and never, after months and months, even remotely address the issues to logging into my account. It calls into serious question just how safe they are from a medical standpoint, when with endless amounts of time they can’t solve this one small issue, nor do they EVER respond to emails. It’s abusive of employees, who are already overworked, to demand they schedule all appointments over the phone, when this issue should have been resolved long ago.

- More staffing please

App works fine. But if you are going to have newer faster machines it only seems reasonable that you’d up your staffing for more / faster disconnects. Instead y’all have made staffing cuts. Seems like a disconnect with upper management and front line employees who are trying their best to do a good job. No way I should have been there for 2+hours today.

- Poor functioning app

As far as a scheduling app it works fine. Where it falls short is it will not tell you if there’s anything wrong with your appointment schedule, like if you need a physical or any paperwork done. The app will make the appointment but the physical location will not let you donate. It would be nice if the app told you when to schedule a physical. As for bio life plasma as a whole, it is is a poorly operated business that does not care about you or your time. They get way more money for plasma than they offer to pay you, and don’t give two hoots how long you stay at their poorly run facility “donating.” This app is just one deficiency among many.

- You have to sign in EVERY TIME!!

So the biggest problem with the old app was you kept having to sign out and sign back in as “current donor” every time. When they came out with the new app I was like, ahh yes finally they fixed it. Then I discovered no they didn’t. Even worse at least the old one knew who I was and I just had to have it scan my face. Now I have to enter my email and password every time! What was this update for? If it was to make the font so small so that people with bad eyes can’t read it you mission accomplished! I see what they were going for a sleeker cleaner design but all you’ve done is make it look sterile and complicated like an old windows operating system written in Linux. It’s such a simple app how can you get this wrong?? Who are you paying to make this for you cause you’re paying the wrong people, and most likely paying waaaayyyy too much. Especially for the work they are doing cause they are failing terribly.

- Biolife in Corona!

I am a first time donor and I was surprised by the level of service this location gave me from the first day of my donation. At the check in I was helped by Evelia who was so helpful, warm and made it so easy for me to start the process and get settled. The nurse who helped me with my physical named Lani was also great in making me understand the medical side of it and was thorough. The level of service was beyond my expectations!

- Why?

Why on earth do I have to keep logging in manually now? They could’ve at least made it so that it would save your email so that you don’t have to type it in every single time. What’s more, periodically, I guess the app decides your password is no longer valid? I’ll use the same password and email for a while, then have to do a password reset to make anything work until the app again later decides that password is no longer valid. Also, “you can’t re-use the same password” means I have to keep coming up with new passwords all the time, which is really annoying. Why is this app so bad?

- Horrible

You guys need to do some serious work on your app and website. I literally can never login because it says bad credentials every time. I have reset the password so many times just to try to get it to let me in and it’s ridiculous. How can you expect people to make appointments to donate when we can’t log in and then people don’t answer the phone at the facility. It’s not even all about money. You have a failed system and someone needs to fix it. For a business that’s all about saving lives, you seriously lack in the department of making it easy for people like me to help.

- Recent updates made it work better!

Thank you for listening to feedback. The recent updates let you login with Face ID, schedule multiple appointments without app closing, and check/reschedule appointments. My only suggestion was it there was a way to monitor wait times at the center & do the screening questions on the app so you can pre-check-in.

- Stick to the website

This app is full of glitches and problems. I logged in, and 5 minutes later the app logged me out for seemingly no reason. When I attempted to log back in using the exact same login info - the app claimed “incorrect information.” When I attempted to reset my password, it immediately told me “too many requests, error.” My buddy has also tried using the app in the past to no avail. He never could even get past the login stage, as the app would claim he was using incorrect information for login. Also, even after logging in, this app is BARE. BONES. There is hardly anything to do besides schedule an appointment, and see what appointments you have upcoming. The “promotions” tab also showed nothing, and all the supposed links on the initial screen don’t work. Again, stick to the website. This app isn’t worth the effort or time

- No help AT ALL!!

An app and it’s updates are supposed to make things easier. This piece of crap does none of that and actually makes it harder for you to donate. The redesign took away the ability to log on with your specific fingerprint and wants you to put in your user name (which can easily be stolen) every time you need to open the app. It doesn’t provide expiration dates for coupons, it notifies you that you have an opportunity to increase a payout, then disappears when you try to redeem the offer. For all who use this terrible app...KEEP TRACK OF YOUR MONEY, TAKE PHOTOS FOR PROOF AND DO MOT TRUST IT!!!

- New App is garbage

For whatever reason, BioLife decided to update or upgrade their app. I now have the following issues: It doesn’t connect quickly, It logs me out every single time I navigate out of the app (even for a split second), and it doesn’t allow me to schedule appointments further than a week in advance which has caused me to miss appointment days when I drive to the center only to realize that I forgot to schedule an appointment. The app is frustrating as heck. Hopefully they will make some major bug fixes and right this ship.

- Poor execution

I don’t understand how such a large organization can get an app so wrong. Continuously glitchy, crashes all the time, and It will let you make appointments when you can’t actually donate. I recently had a person call me to tell me that They had to cancel my appointment the next day because for some reason the app scheduled me for a physical when I already had my physical for the year. Why would this even be allowed? Fix the glitches. The center refused to allow me to schedule an appointment, so I am out a donation and bonus….

- Watch out and screenshot

Been going for a few months. Made some money for a nice vacation. Thing is with the coupons you get and the promos you have to screenshot your data. I went in today and was supposed to get a frequency bonus and it disappeared off my screen. Lost 40 bucks, will have to discuss this with them. So now I know, always screenshot your promos and deals. Things disappear for no reason. Might wind up finding a new place to donate to if this keeps happening

- The app deletes your scheduled appointments

I had an appointment scheduled and checked to confirm last night. I go to my biolife facility and my appointment has been removed. I am pretty annoyed because I just lost $120 because of this glitch. I’m glad I checked before hand instead of getting turned away at the door. Please fix this error so people don’t waste time and lose money. The only positive I have which doesn’t make it 1 star is that they finally got the Face ID to work.

- App

Terrible. It was recently upgraded to meet our requests. It now takes longer to schedule the next appointment. Steps have been added to this. Why can’t the app be programmed to know when our next physical is needed? On another note I ha e had and still have issues with notifications quickly appearing on my Home Screen hit them aren’t there to view when I open the app. It’s glades so fast that to all I see is that it is for a new promotion. Wish it went back to how it was. Had no issues then.

- Works great!

The recent update has been great! My login email not sticking would be a pain if the Face ID feature wasn’t working but so far I’ve had no issues with any features. Way more convenient than going online to schedule my appointments!

- Updated!

The old app was fine then they changed everything. Glitchy as could be! They updated again and the new app added support for face/touch id. No more issues logging in or being logged out. The tabs and links have all been working for me so far.

- Since the latest update this is horrible

Since the new release you can’t reschedule an existing appointment the system won’t allow you to and you then have to cancel your appointment and after you cancel the appointment the system tells you that you can’t donate more than twice in 7 days, if you canceled the appointment you technically didn’t donate, it is like that wether you try toReschedule the same day Or days following this, can you please fix this issue thanks

- Security login

The app is easy to use with a few items that would get it closer to a five star rating. 1. Allow for Touch ID access. This is helpful when a donor is setting their next appointment while making a donation. 2. Allow the make a donation piece to make a suggested date. I have a set pattern I use to maximize my donation appointments. However, my spouse does it sporadically and has to click multiple times to get a date available option. 3. For referrals, it would be nice to have a pre-filled form or message to send to a referral with current donation center information. Thanks for the good start and continue to improve.

- Continuous login

I thought this last update was to fix this issue, but it didn’t. The previous update caused an issue that makes you have to login every time. It was great to just have it logged in all the time rather than having to login every time you use the app. Other than that I think the app is great.

- New update did... what?

For over a year now, I have not been able to successful add an appointment to my calendar, it always glitches out. Also, now I have to type in my email address and password every time instead of just using my fingerprint? It’s literally on my phone, I should have the option to just stay logged in or to make it faster to log in.

- The app is ok I guess

The app is fine but the company is awful. They refuse to display all accepted or denied conditions and when you are denied they give no real reason as to why your condition is denied. There is no reason for celiac to be denied when the patient has a good hematocrit. Especially when the patient is gluten free and has been for years. At least have the patient get a letter from their doctor instead of just denying them outright. Use some other plasma donation company, and app

- App needs updating

I don’t think it’s my phone because my sister‘s phone does the same thing and she has a different iPhone than mine but ever since the new update you can’t look at the notifications anymore it just closes the app when you trouble look at the notification.

- Does not save login info!!

The update is good in several ways, app works better, more consistently than it did but PLEASE FIX this app so I don’t have to type my entire email and password info in every. single . time I use it. This is a huge annoyance that I don’t have to do with any other app. Thank you!!🙏🏼

- Login info

The app is great for scheduling appointments and tracking payments, but WHY is there no option to save Login info or a PIN quick sign-in option? I get incredibly tired of the app logging me out after a few minutes, and then having to re-enter my complete UN/PW everytime I want to check something? I feel strongly these options need to be made available.

- This company used to pay better, I haven’t donated since March

No useful lapsed donor promos, only ones are $10 for donations 3 through 8, $40 on eighth donation, and $20 for 1st donation of week/$75 for 2nd donation of week. So: $20, $75, $30, $85, $30, $85, $30, $125 (the problem is that for $20 or $30, it’s not even worth my time). Will do business with a plasma clinic that offers better compensation, I guess I’ll see you guys in the fall (that is, if you’re offering good promos at that time ..)

- Plasma for… what?

Every promotion I have gotten through BioLife has been adjusted half way through or changed to a different date when it ends. I was offered 1300 for the first month when I joined, then a week later it was changed to 800. The plasma donation process is tolling, and the BioLife in Oshkosh WI makes it no easier. The workers are a bunch of UW Oshkosh students that miss veins, yank out needles, and incorrectly wrap arms. Someone will get hurt one day if something isn’t changed

- Amazing Business, Horrible App

The business of BioLife has always been phenomenal. Sadly, the opposite it true for the app. The previous version used for years was barebones, but at least it worked fairly consistently. Now with the new update it takes days to update my payments, every single time. There is no option to remember me login info, and when I do log in sometimes it’s just giving me an error to “try again at a later time”. Most of the tabs just bluntly don’t work either. This app has so few features, and none of the key features work reliably. I genuinely do not understand how little effort can be put into an app used by nearly every donor, but BioLife has found a way.

- Does what it needs but far from eloquently.

I’m able to schedule appoints and see my promotions but adding to calendar defaults to the Birthdays calendar for whatever reason and tapping to change that crashes the app 100% of the time.

- Terrible app

Terrible app won’t update my information so I can schedule JUST a donation! I can’t call BioLife because they NEVER answer!!! So when I visit the location, theyReceptionist Has to manually change it in the computer to just donation not physical and donation it takes me an extra 30 minutes to check in due to this. Get it fixed!

- Waste of time

I had a 9 AM appointment this morning at the Great Falls BioLife I received a text at 7:30 AM to remind me I went there and they were closed. Now opens at 11 AM so I made an appointment for 1155 and when I got there they told me I needed to go out in my car and wait up to an hour for somebody to call me. Finally got my donation done and IGot done at three something. Worst managed place I’ve ever been into and will never go back

- Never had any issues with the app before the update

Why are we back in 2008? No option to save login info or stay signed in? I login 3-4 times a day to make appointments or check my account balance. Having to type my information that many times a day for weeks has gotten super annoying. If you guys actually care about your donors switch the app back to how it was.

- Terrible

This app works for me. I’m trying to enter my correct password and it said it was incorrect. I couldn’t even get a password reset link to my email through the app. I’m able to do it on the desktop website but my correct password still won’t work. This has been very frustrating. For one of the top medical app developers, you guys sure know how to make a terrible app.

- Why....

At least 5 different font sizes on the transaction screen alone. Why not a consistent size, or a couple sizes? Why no functioning face recognition? Why is it back to not remembering user ID/password? Why not start from scratch? Is the “update” an update of the version number only? Now, v2.0.4, it is indicated facial recognition/ID is enabled. Really? There is NO OPTION for facial recognition. Also, it is STILL FORGETTING my password and ID.

- Feature Request

Great app again. Looks like your worked out most of the bugs, nice job. Feature Request: Please add the day to the upcoming appointments box.

- New update needs LOTS of work

What happened to the auto log in? I don’t feel like typing in my email and password every time. All of a sudden scheduling a week in advance is too far in advance? Besides looking nicer, the functionality is worse than the old version. Also, nothing changed with the latest update. No auto log in, no facial recognition.

- Nice app but

1. The app does not remember your login information. Every other app in the world on an iPhone remembers things like this. 2.Too many pictures. The space could be used to show important things like my appointments. If you think about it, why does an app like this need to have any pictures.

- Inefficient app

Offers Face ID but there’s no option in the app settings. Secondly always logs out after some time of no use. Scheduling could be fixed in a way it would disable dates if you’re donating twice per 7 day period. Less glitchy but a lot of inefficient processes to get something done.

- Good work

Fixed log in issues and scheduling is way better now. Updated my old review

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good afternoon to everybody except biolife plasma services who require my doctors to tell them it’s okay for me to donate because i am transgender

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BioLife Plasma Services iphone images
BioLife Plasma Services iphone images
BioLife Plasma Services iphone images
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The applications BioLife Plasma Services was published in the category Medical on 2018-03-26 and was developed by Takeda Pharmaceuticals International AG [Developer ID: 719469164]. This application file size is 70.53 MB. BioLife Plasma Services - Medical app posted on 2022-07-25 current version is 2.1.3 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.shire.biolife