Pill Identifier by Drugs.com

Pill Identifier by Drugs.com [Medical] App Description & Overview

The Pill Identifier app is a searchable database which includes more than 24,000 Rx/OTC medications found in the U.S.

Search by imprint, drug name, shape and color. Access a wealth of information, including drug images, description/indication, pregnancy category, CSA schedule, strength and Rx/OTC availability. Connects to Drugs.com for additional information (where available).

See Also: Purchase the Pro edition to install more than 10,000 images directly on your mobile device and get additional information such as NDC Codes, coating, clarity and repackagers. The full edition is specifically designed for healthcare professionals and people on the move or with limited internet access.

Drugs.com does not provide medical or treatment advice. Always consult with a physician.

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About Drugs.com

Drugs.com is the most popular, comprehensive and up-to-date source of drug information online. Providing free, peer-reviewed, accurate and independent data on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines & natural products. Drugs.com is a multiple Webby Award nominee and attracts more than 24 million U.S. visitors per month.

App Support

If you have any feature requests, suggestions or you simply need help, please visit http://www.drugs.com/apps/support/ and our responsive support team will prioritize your request.

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Pill Identifier by Drugs.com App Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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Pill Identifier by Drugs.com Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Version 2.98 March 2020 Medication Data and Pill Imprint Update. Includes an update to the UI that will allow the search of multi-color drugs and a UI fix for iPad devices.

Pill Identifier by Drugs.com Comments & Reviews

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- Pill not found

Could not find the pill I described. Wish I knew its identity.

- Valuable resource

Wish my daughter had used it. She had to be hospitalized after putting new meds in an old bottle for traveling. Didn’t pay attention and took wrong dosage. Had she paid more attention to the markings on the pills she would have maybe not made the mistake. Maybe.

- Very useful app

Lots of info to identify drugs and usage.

- Poor search little database don’t buy!

I searched for a well known drug called Kenzoflex and no results showed up! It’s basically Ciproflacin a well known anti biotic.

- I paid for this app and it’s not even working on ipad😑

App opens and there is only getstarted button and it does nothing!!

- I can't find what I'm looking for. I paid for this?

If I pay for a pill identifier app I expect to be able to tell the app everything about the pill to get the results needed. Asking about shape and color doesn't let you find it. You don't ask for an imprint so how do you know what it is? Popular searches doesn't help. Maybe the pill I'm looking for isn't popular. I'm going to keep the app hoping you will fix this since I paid money for it.

- Found nothing

Just downloaded your app tonight. Do I have to set something up in settings in order for this to work? I found this pill on another app I have but it didn’t give the dose of the pill. THIS app found NOTHING!! Very disappointed so far

- Review

I just paid .99 for this app. I tried 4 generic drugs and all of my searches turned up nothing found. I did find the information I needed on a free app. Do not waste your time with this app.

- Useless for some situations

Very poor app. No way to show upper & lower imprints when divided by a line on same side. Tip says “use a space to separate front and back imprints”. That doesn’t work either.

- Ads in a paid app since update👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 REFUND ASAP

I updated the app and suddenly there are ads in my paid app. The developer has sold over to the dark side. The app has become sluggish since. I’m uninstalling and I want my money back. All paid users have been cheated and should be immediately issued a refund.

- So good

This help me with my elderly mom pills so she can know what it is when she forget to discontinue the out dated ones.

- Not what I expected

Really you could not even identify a potassium pill I did every which way according to the pill and the bottle. And you still could not identify it.

- What a waste!

I’m a Parkinson’s Disease patient wit COPD and AFib. I take 15 separate medications, all daily..some of them five and six times a day. I’m an intelligent, educated man with a very vertical brain that still at 77 works just fine, thank you. So here’s the thing..I endeavored,on your app, to find each & every one of the 15 Rx’s, being very, very careful about inputting the correct alphanumerics, with a helper cross-checking. Want to know how many we found? Zero! None! Nada! Zip! You guys are pathetic. David Martin Berkeley, CA

- Use This App. Di_Pinky is correct

I wife was in the hospital and after surgery we had continuous problems with the medication that she was told to take. After checking each medication we would call the nurse back in and get the list corrected. They were using an old medication list from five years prior, mixed with a fresh medication list from a phone interview with a nurse from the hospital just a week before the surgery. That interview was 45 minutes long and covered even holistic and across the counter meds. In my opinion, the hospital has no excuse for messing this up so bad. And, to top it off, she was in the intensive care ward with the best professionals available. What does that make you feel like? Check your pills!!

- Very poor. Only able to choose one color for the pill when it had two color. Waste of money.

Very poor. Only able to choose one color for the pill when it had two color. Waste of money.

- Don’t buy- phone chrome version better

Used the pill identifier from drugs.com found on chrome search for years and loved it, so thought that this app would be as good. It is terrible! Pills that you find on the search app are not here. As soon as you type in an identifier you can’t use color and shape so get plethora of pills to choose from. I am deleting it from my phone.

- Pill Identifier. Kit D Kat 100

I have enjoyed your Pill Reminder app. But am disappointed with this Pill Identifier. I paid $ for this one and it doesn’t show all medications. Only popular ones such as narcotics. I had gotten Pill Reminder in app advice a couple years ago or so and I LOVE IT. PLEASE fix this one so I can see all medications for USA thanks, Kit D Kat 100


What a waste of my time. RECOMENDED: DO NOT BUY THIS APP.

- Didn’t find my pill

Tried pink, peach and the number 20 with no other markings, nada.

- Waste of Money

Very few manufacturers listed. No features other than search. I want my money back.

- Iphone X issue

I love it because I use this app all day at work. I just got a new phone, the iPhone X, and now can’t see the drug name when I get the search results. Please fix?

- Works well

I’ve used app several times and it has identified the ‘pill’ I searched for correctly every time. Thank you very much!!

- OMG What I help this has been!!

I must to give this app a five star rating I believe it has saved my life!!! Recently I was in the hospital and from the hospital transferred to a rehabilitation facility, The hospital was of course very cautious with the medication they gave me and told me what each pill was that they were giving me unfortunately when transferred to the rehabilitation facility it became a nightmare!!! I felt like I had stepped into the twilight zone!!! These people the nurses which I'm being very nice calling them that would hand me a cup of medicine & I would ask what is this and they would say it's your high blood pressure medicine and your seizure medicine so as soon as the nurses back was turned I checked the medication numbers and identifying marks that were on the tablets and discovered that they were not giving me my medicine, as prescribed by my doctor but we're giving me Tylenol #3 & A medicine for low blood pressure so in fact they could have killed me by doing this!!! So I was able to check the app identify the medicine and not take it and so I am alive to write this review!!!! Also was in the hospital last year , where the exact same thing happened and again I checked this app to identify the tablets and they were not my prescribed medication but rather belonging to another patient!!! If I could I would give this app 1000 star rating you guys save my life two times how do I thank you????

- Accurate

Very accurate, as a medical professional I always check behind pharmacies after my meds are filled because you never know when the form or shape of them changes, so this is an accurate tool to use to ensure the meds are legit and the pharmacy techs are/have filled your meds accurately...human error and mistakes can and do happen and this tool stays up on the latest technology with any new changes that come about with medicine and gives a thoroughly detailed analysis of what it is and how it looks along with basic instructions for administering and any warnings or side effects to consider before taking.

- Unable to find a med

In the past I was able to use this site easily Now I have a plain white round pill with only identifier is a upper case Y on one side So not helpful Maybe some how a pic could be taken and data base would see what I was talking about

- Pill identifier

This pill identifier app is easy and convenient.

- Really good but

It didn't have a reference for Tramadol and I find it very hard to believe since it's a very popular pain medicine.

- Great App!

Keep up the good works.

- A lifesaver

This app really works and does what it says it will do.

- Good but not Great

Not enough. Description or identifiers. Search has no expansion data.

- Use Google

There was a reason why I deleted this app a long time ago. Thought I'd try it again to see if they're data base was updated...nooope. Had to use google to find my pill.

- Does not work

I checked this app with two known pharmaceutical pills. It could not identify either one. Using it's for identifier as shape and color and markings and could not find them.

- Like It!

Found a stray pill under chair today, put the name & number in and it was identified immediately.

- It Does Work

Entered 3 different pills. Tried shape color imprint. Went back and tried again it does work. Entered by name.

- Pill ID

As a cop, this app is one essential tool for the job.

- Does not recognize any medication

It does not recognize any medication It is a joke

- Pill ID is quick way to learn, and to know.

Quite useful, to be sure. When I'm keen to know what my bloody child, girl, mum or pop has taken, here's my go-to guide. Thanks for the app! N.I.

- Helpful

I used this app a few times over many years. It has given correct answers most of the time.

- Ok, but....

Easy to use but missing a lot of drug data. Could not ID 'U 172' as memantine.

- Very good

Exceptional app for use on the job. Accurate information and descriptions.

- Handy LE tool

I work in law enforcement and the number of times this app has helped me ID a pill without having to bust into the giant drug bible is invaluable!! This is a great, easy to use tool for other cops, or people just needing to know what pills they have shoved in the bottom of their purse in a plastic bag.

- Seems to be a very helpful app, but...

Helpful app when identifying medication but... please get rid of the adds! There's no need for adds in apps, especially when you are required to pay for the app.

- Not helpful

Tried looking up two different pills and neither one was found. They are regularly taken by my husband but the brands were different. I only wanted to double check myself. Not worth the money.

- Awesome , user friendly app!

This is my "go-to" app when I find a pill that I have dropped, or a refill is manufactured by a different company. Identifies it every time!

- The best "PILL" to stay on track with my medication

When I need to know about a pill I just look it up. If a pill gets loose on its own. I just look it up and put it in its bottle. I love this app because it is with me always.

- Certainly not complete

This app could be very useful if the database were more complete. If you search R 128 Round peach pill, you get what this patient ingested immediately. Doesn't show at all on here. So sad

- Excellent app

The app has good information about many common medications.

- DL

Excellent app for layperson. Will highly recommend to friends.

- Great App!!

Love it help me keep up with my meds.

- Great app!

Fast and informative. Great resource!

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Pill Identifier by Drugs.com 2.98 Screenshots & Images

Pill Identifier by Drugs.com iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Pill Identifier by Drugs.com iphone images
Pill Identifier by Drugs.com iphone images
Pill Identifier by Drugs.com iphone images
Pill Identifier by Drugs.com iphone images
Pill Identifier by Drugs.com ipad images
Pill Identifier by Drugs.com ipad images
Pill Identifier by Drugs.com ipad images
Pill Identifier by Drugs.com ipad images
Pill Identifier by Drugs.com Medical application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Pill Identifier by Drugs.com Medical application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Pill Identifier by Drugs.com (Version 2.98) Install & Download

The applications Pill Identifier by Drugs.com was published in the category Medical on 2010-10-21 and was developed by Drugs.com [Developer ID: 389479628]. This application file size is 49.96 MB. Pill Identifier by Drugs.com - Medical posted on 2020-03-10 current version is 2.98 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Pill Identifier by Drugs.com Advisories: Frequent/Intense Medical/Treatment Information

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