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What is sweatcoin walking step counter app? The AppStore №1 and top-rated for your iPhone and Apple Watch, Sweatcoin app converts your steps into gadgets, sports and fitness kit, services and experiences.
5 Stars ► “Such a great concept and executed excellently. Gets me walking and rewards me for it too!” by Woo123789

“Basically pays you to move and exercise, and it costs nothing to use.”
- Men’s Journal

“The easiest way to make some side cash by doing what you already do naturally — walking.”
- TheNextWeb

“New UK health app Sweatcoin launched in the Apple app store this week and has been an instant hit.”
- Forbes

“New Apple app launches in Britain that pays people to get fit”
- Reuters

“The app that PAYS you to get fit: Sweatcoin rewards people for the number of steps they make every day”
- Daily Mail

“If ever you’ve needed an incentive to exercise, a new app could give you a much-needed boost to get active.”
- Telegraph

Sweatcoin converts your steps into currency units called, as you might have guessed it, sweatcoins. You can then spend them on goods, services and experiences on our market place with our partners or exchange them with your friends and family for whatever you fancy. The fitter and healthier you become the wealthier you get. Movement has value!

Sweatcoin uses your HealthKit step history data to continuously improve our algorithms and provide you with better offers at the right time.

If you're on iPhone 6S or lower, we will need your consent to use your GPS location, so we can verify your steps and award you sweatcoins for them.

You can find Sweatcoin Terms of Use here: https://sweatco.in/tnc

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Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter Version 121.129 April 2022

We update the Sweatcoin app regularly to make earning more effective and fun for you. Please get the latest version for our new features, performance improvements and bug fixes aimed to help you be more physically active. Thank you for walking with Sweatcoin!.

Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter Version 113.022 February 2022

We update the Sweatcoin app regularly to make earning more effective and fun for you. Please get the latest version for our new features, performance improvements and bug fixes aimed to help you be more physically active. Thank you for walking with Sweatcoin!.

Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter Version 109.124 December 2021

We update the Sweatcoin app regularly to make earning more effective and fun for you. Please get the latest version for our new features, performance improvements and bug fixes aimed to help you be more physically active. Thank you for walking with Sweatcoin!.

Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter Comments & Reviews 2022

- Not the best

This app is great and all , but it cheats you . Like everyday I walk at least 3,000 steps and it gives me like 21 cents when I should be getting 3 dollars/sweatcoins. Also the prizes may be cheap but some items have shipping and that shipping is like 6-20 dollars which is not reasonable , in amazing I pay like 3.00 dollars shipping. I shouldn’t be paying over 4.00 dollars for shipping for something that cost 1 dollar/sweatcoin . If this app does it fix its issues I will delete the app . Also sometimes for the daily reward videos , the videos won’t always come , it will say “there are no more daily reward please come back later and try again” and I will go in the app 5-15 times a day and it’s will still stay the same exact things . So I will have to wait for the next day . 2 more things you have to make your prices for prizes cheaper , I really wanted a iPhone XR and I was walking for 6 months and only make 500 dollars and then the offer goes away , this is honestly a waste of time and storage. Last thing if anyone is cheating on the app it’s you , you guys own me over 50 dollars due to your dumb algorithm and setup to see that all of the steps were made in a fair way. Please fix these issues and I will gladly keep the app and use it and recommend to people , I am currently telling people to get it because of these reasons , if you don’t want to fix these issues , I will also gladly delete the entire app and never get it again?.

- Walking sweats = money... WORTH IT!!!!

I read reviews of others and to be honest I kinda find some of their negative review very hard to believe. I find this app worth it! I am lazy person. I’m gonna be honest with that. And I’m not a big fan of exercise and always find a excuse to not exercise. Because I have no motivation at all. Until this app. When I see that It “just earning money by making sweat and walk outdoor.” All I see is Motivation so I tried it at 2019 August. I could clearly tell I’m seriously out of shape after first couple days with it. So I stick with it and sure enough I earn more that 100$ in less than 2 months. And not just I have good money. It also keep me in shape! I like to exercise and it been helping me to lose weight! And getting my body healthier! now thanks to this app. I haven’t make any purchases yet but I’ll purchase the gift cards or some product when I’m ready. but Where is the negativity of this app? Because I don’t see it! This app is worth it for lazy people like me who have no motivation and interest in exercise. This is big boast for us to get back on feet and being active again. I believe that this Sweetcoin will be huge business in future! And yes more bonus and more products in future. My Advice is just try this app! It worth it! It might not be perfect in your opinion but it is constantly upgrading so it might meet up your expectations one day! Just Try it! You’ll love it!

- Hitting points that matter!

So, I hope I can encourage at least ONE person to dowload this app! Sweat coin has been doing updates lately making the app even better than it already is . I enjoy having it run in the background because it actually calculates the steps you take . Yes, you have to do some form of walking , No , you can’t sit still & expect steps to calculate on their own . You can only spend the money you make on items that are IN the app store! But they always switch items up and there’s a cash “item” as well when you reach a certain dollar amount on your balance . I’ve read reviews & see that some are complaining about how Sweat Coin wants to share data with your health app, pay attention when you are being asked! You do NOT have to share your data with Sweat Coins, they just ask. So I’m not sure what made people give them a bad review because overall the app does what it says it will do! If you lack motivation to move around, download this amazing app that should motivate you to move quite frequently! There’s not many apps that actually do what they tell their customers that they’ll do, but the Sweat Coin app is worth the space on your phone! Spread the word & let’s motivate each other to walk more frequently! Awesome app Sweat Coin developers!

- Not truly counting steps...

Pretty cool app, but asking access to my iPhone’s health app to verify steps and only compute half or 1/3 of the actual steps taken registered by my iPhone is pointless. Is this not to give user sweatcoins? Why not use your app to piggyback onto the health app and use the data recorded on both apps (yours and iPhone) to verify so there’s no cheating? I have a 10 acre homestead and walk A LOT all day. Outdoors. When it’s very hot I switch my sleeping schedule to do chores throughout the night and sleep when it’s the hottest part of the day. My iPhone counted 11k steps in one day, Sweatcpins registered 4K.... the idea of the app is awesome to inventive people to stay moving, but you (developers) should be a bit more in tune with whatever app you request access to on our phones. Oh, and because I know I take thousands of steps every day, I opted for a system that charges me 20 sweatcoins a month, but if you’re not counting truly all the steps I take, I may just delete your app, because it feels like the ones whos cheating here is you... will keep it a little longer and see what happens. Understand that allowing you to track my location and access to my health data is not something I want you to have for free, like everything in this world, data mining comes with a price, and if you’re not offering your users a decent payout and registering ALL the steps I take, you may not get to keep my data... and that’s not my isolated opinion...

- there’s a lot to talk about

ok so sweatcoin is an interesting app. you really have to not delete the app if you want anything worth purchasing. i have joined in december of 2017, and i have around 1.8k coins. i am writing this review in april of 2019. first off is the purchase you can make with sweatcoin. the proportions really do not line up at all. for example, you can buy some fancy socks worth 15$ for 1.5k sweatcoin. now, you can also buy a jewelry subscription and a 21$ shopping credit for a mere 10 sweatcoin. the proportions rarely line up. sure, the developers can’t argue too much with their companies but still it should be slightly better. next, is the things you can buy. it’s all repetitive items and they are most of the time all discounts for items. idk about everyone else, but i want to buy stuff for free. no money involved PERIOD. too many of the free offers are MUCH too expensive and cost too much sweatcoin for one person no matter how much they walk. speaking of which, the step counter algorithm is god awful. sure, you don’t want people shaking their phones but COME ON. i have a fitbit and it tells be i walk around 8k steps everyday! sweatcoin on the other hand that only 1k of those 8k were actually real steps. at least let the algorithm be a little more generous here. now, you really want this app, just download it, forget about it, and check every week or so to see what offers are new. (please improve the algorithm and add in more free stuff)

- The future is here... but needs a little work

The future has arrived ! In regards to online cryptocurrency that is. What better way to earn “money” than by sweating! This app is fairly new and still working out some kinks. I myself had managed to earn around $100 worth of sweat coins in one month. Not too bad, especially considering that I’ve been living at St Jude Children’s research hospital in Memphis, TN while my son fights brain cancer. We take him to the park after radiation to enjoy the Mississippi River and the Tom Lee statues and we run it out! How amazing to be rewarded for something that is already rewarding in itself. Watch , before long Sweatcoin is going to be a major currency. And it’s value is going to be tremendous! I’ve already managed to try some pretty amazing (and not so amazing) products via Sweatcoin currency. I am even looking into putting some of my products on there. Think of the diversity of people looking at Sweatcoin! Imagine 2 years from now the publicity Sweatcoin will have for a business owner or marketer. Amazing! I am super stoked about the future of Sweatcoin and already happy with majority of the products I’ve purchased via Sweatcoin. If only shipping were FREE! Then it would get 20/10 ****** stars !

- Deleting the app for the second time

I downloaded the app a year ago. I wasn’t really benefiting from it and needed the extra space in my phone so I deleted it. I redownloaded the app a month ago in hopes that the app had improved and I noticed it had pretty decent reviews since I uninstalled it so I gave it another try. The app does not count all of your steps and it only works with your phone or an Apple Watch of certain versions. The app doesn’t allow you to use other smart watches even though my smart watch has all of the qualifications that the creators claim their app needs. I sent them a support problem ticket bringing up several issues to take into consideration and they sent me the generic answer on their forum about solving the problem instead of actually reading the ticket and sending a reply. I messaged them back asking them to read the ticket and to get back with me but after a week of waiting I got nothing. I sent another ticket and within 2 minutes got another generic answer to my problem that had nothing to do with what was actually on the ticket. I gave two stars because the idea behind the app is a good one but the app itself needs work, not to mention the customer support is tacky and useless if you’re problem isn’t addressed in their help me section. I am uninstalling the app again but I don’t see myself giving it a third chance after this

- Not going to make you rich, but still a great app

I’m a college student who also works, so my walking is mainly to and from classes. In the past 8 months, I’ve made roughly 500 sweatcoins( $25 USD) just from walking and doing their daily add rewards. All you’ve got to do(this May be why I’ve seen other reviews mentioning that steps aren’t counted correctly) is leave the app on. If you want to make an extra 15 sweatcoins a week, watch the daily add ever day. Each add is 30 seconds or less, so I usually watch them while walking to class. I haven’t even been doing the daily adds for long, so let’s assume that I’ve only made 400 sweatcoins from walking, that’s still $20 for something I’m doing anyways. They also have some great deals in the app like joining twine for 100 sweatcoins and having them add $15 to your twine account ($15 equals 300 sweatcoins so it’s a better return value). All in all, the app isn’t always going to be extremely accurate on step counting, especially since they avoid counting steps inside building, but it’s money you’ll get for essentially doing nothing so can we really complain?‍♂️ love the app. Will keep using it and will keep referring it to friends.

- Beware of this app

If I could give this app a zero star, I would. 1) For you to get any real prize, say a $50 gift card, you’ll have to walk OUTSIDE for 20 miles, that’s over 180,000 steps COUNTED. 2) This app doesn’t count all your steps. I just did an experiment of walking to the mall (it said 4310) and back and it said it only saw 51 steps. That’s $.04 sweatcoins. Mind you, I did not walk inside the mall, just from my doorstep to the the bus stop in front the mall and back (I live close by). The amount of steps on my Apple Watch was 7215 for both directions, while this app saying something different. Over 2800 steps off. 3) It drains your battery life significantly while open in the background. 4) it using your location constantly with no real reward for it. And I don’t see why it’s using the GPS if it cannot calculate the amount of steps it would take from point A to point B CORRECTLY. Makes no sense. 5) You’ll have to pay money for these so call “prizes” at a 3% discount rate (when you do the calculations). This is nothing but a scheme for you to sell your location and activity for nothing really. While forcing you to spend money on things you really don’t NEED. It’s a profitable business for the developers while us users lose. In conclusion, is this what you worth users? Sell yourself to someone who’s paying well for you, cause at the end of the day, that’s all this about, cyber prostitution. Just keeping it real. *App deleted*


I was told about this and you earn money for walking so I downloaded it and the fact it has to access a bunch of crap is completely stupid and better yet they said that we would give you a gift card k cool when? In 5 years? I’ve had it for a week now and almost 10,000 steps a day and no reward. I’m about to delete it because I’m starting to think it’s fake. Excuse me while I go walk around the world and see if I get nothing (Probably won’t). I just checked my phone and sweat coin and it was the same (pat on the back there sweat coin) but then I checked my Fitbit charge 2 and it said 3,028 steps my phone (and sweat coin) said like 1,600 something. I’m not necessarily blaming Apple I’m blaming sweat coin because why can’t you like connect too my Fitbit bit you can connect to a Apple Watch makes ALOT of sense. Also it’s like 1,000 steps a sweat coin right? (That’s acodring to me) if the developers are purposely doing this I might as well delete sweat coin it’s basically useless, except for taking up my storage I’ll say that. So I literally just found out how to spend it so I went and not some stuff then accidentally put on 010 think it would be 0.10 but I couldn’t see the . because I have a cracked phone screen . So.. can I get a refund or something? Also it would be nice if Sweatcoin would like send you a gift card and ask for a address would be nice then buying a bunch of at of this world random stuff

- It’s okay?

I’ve been in this app for two years and I’ve only earned a bit less then 600 sweat coin, it’s a good concept and a lot of items are free now. But if you need a bank account and all these random things the app should be for 18+, and it’s not. My friend tried buying something and wasted her sweat coin on the product, it used to be kinda creeping when you exited the app from your background apps and the you got a notification that you killed it... they don’t have that now but the was really creepy and would make you feal guilty about it. In addition if you buy one of the prizes for over 10k sweat coin you have to film you going there and sweatcoin gets to Edit the video, I dont see a reason why you have to film your trip going on vacation. Also it would take you years and years with the highest earning sweatcoin choice to earn over 10k sweat coin. If you were someone random marathon runner that’s over 18 and has its own house and everything then this app would be great! But if your just someone super lazy (me) then this isn’t the best app, you could get it when your like a teen and save up for big prizes when your a adult though. I would overall recommend this app it would just take a really long time to save up. ?


Absolutely love this application, it is opening up doors to new products for me and it is allowing me to be more active for certain things. Plus if you already walk a lot it’s an amazing/useful tool to have! The only complaint I have is when you force close the application you receive a notification and the moment you log back on it has an annoying message that you can’t turn off!!! I understand it needs to be open in the background and I also understand that some people might not have that knowledge but is there a way to update it so certain people like me can choose to turn off the message that’s poos up everyone you re-open the application, the only options are to keep clicking I understand or tell me more and it’s seriously annoying... otherwise still 5 stars! Very impressed and I hope that there is still some better algorithms or maybe a way to incorporate an AR(Augmented reality) system for someone like me who goes to the gym and runs on treadmills? Just an idea! Plus it does have a fair amount of battery drain which can be difficult... but I approve of everything you are doing so thanks for making such an awesome app!!

- Fantastic App!! It’s a big must have!! Just one thing..

Thank you so much Sweatcoin, I seriously appreciate you guys ive lost 20 pounds and was able to purchase a WEARABLE KEYBOARD a month or two back with the sweatcoins. I now take about 8k-10k steps a day and its incredible that a free app changed my perspective on fitness it still blows my mind. All my friends have it, we share sweatcoins and were currently 2k away from getting $1000 cash!!!! You guys are incredible!! The down side of this is that when i downloaded it i hoped it would not only help me lose weight but also earn money, like real money. Ive seen adds all the time on snapchat about getting hundreds of dollars per week or whatever real money USD. And i work like a real job, im only 16 and i hoped i could end up having thousands maybe. Im not saying you all cheated but could you please tell the people that sponsor yall to not scam like that. My friend got pretty upset when she found out it was a lie by a snapchat user. Other than that you guys’ app is amazing, please keep updating and keep thriving!! You guys are truly amazing i cant thank you enough for the easy easy weight lose!!

- DON’T waste your time with this app!!!

This app is a SCAM!!! You think you’re earning free money just by walking around outside, but here’s the catch; the items you can purchase with your Sweatcoins still demand some of your own money for shipping, membership, etc. and you end up getting sucked into something you thought was a good deal, but I’ve checked multiple times and they probably save you only $2 at most. I’ve read soooo many reviews saying that Sweatcoin ripped them off after they had already spent their unfairly earned coins for “prizes” and when they tried to fix the problem with Customer Service, they never picked up, never returned phone calls, kept getting transferred to person after person, you name it. (I don’t say unfairly earned lightly, you could participate in 5 marathons in a day and they would only give you about $2 worth of coins) Thankfully, I didn’t experience this first hand because I was saving my coins for the ultimate price; $1,000. And I’m so glad I deleted the app before I invested too much time into it, because I would have been furious!! ALSO, they track your location 24/7 to continuously count the steps you take every hour of every day, but honestly that is just straight up sketchy....Not worth it. ANDDDD they force you to keep the app running so it can be on in the background, lurking, tracking, and watching your every move. How creepy is that???

- Loves subway surfers

Ok so let me start off by saying sweatcoin is a good app BUT there are some issues. 1. Sweatcoin doesn’t really count your step. I have a Fitbit and it says I walk/run about 7-8k steps a day. On sweatcoin it says that I only take about 4K. I would like sweatcoin to improve this issue. Btw YOU CANNOT EXPECT PEOPLE NOT TO SHAKE THEIR PHONE!! 2. Sweatcoin gives offers that are really low sweatcoins, but shipping is super high. Now I understand shipping is going to cost SOME money but not as much as you guys charge. So I would expect shipping for a lot of cheap stuff to be like $4 or $5 but when I try shipping it here it cost like $20 !!!! I would like for this app to improve this to. But what I do like it that you could earn things just for walking!! Thank you to anyone who made this app but just please improve it. C’mon like just improve and FIX your things and maybe I won’t have to think about deleting this app anymore. I want to have this app because you could get stuff for just walking but this is pretty much like a SCAM. So... for all the people that are thinking the same thing just do what you want to do, but in a few days I might delete this app if it doesn’t get improved and I suggest other people do that too. ☺️

- Very good app idea. 3.5/5

This app is a very good app. when you first start you can get a lot of sweatcoins fast, but as time goes on it get harder and harder to make a couple a day. I used to make almost 8-10 a day now it’s hard making one or two. The app has a great idea to get out side more but the majority of people I see using it are people who are at school or at work. Once I got almost 20,000 steps but only 600 of them counted because those are the only ones that were “outside” steps, when I had to go shopping at the mall. I was not happy to say the least when I had around 20,000 steps and almost none of them counted. Your app in whole is very good. You have a great app idea but one recommendation is that any and all steps count because everybody I see uses it while they’re at work school or every day life and they don’t really have the time to get out as much as most people do. I know myself I do a lot of walking around in school and my home but I can’t really get out as much but I try to as much as possible so I can get any sweatcoins. Just one little tidbit is that please Think about changing your app so that all steps count towards sweatcoins. Keep you algorithm that processes steps but please try to change it a little so that actually works.

- Creepy Scam

This app is just a means of tracking you for free, and I will tell you why. The prizes take an extraordinarily long time to reach, even if you are walking the maximum amount each day. There is a $1000 PayPal prize which the app says is available after 18 MONTHS, but even if you are on the highest subscription, it would take you about 3 YEARS to earn this reward unless you referred the app to a ton of friends for 5 sweatcoins each. 3 years of data on how much you walk, how much all of your friends walk, and where. In the meantime you are left with some truly mediocre rewards (granted, I’ve been on it for a day), forcing you to keep walking to try to earn an iPhone, gift card, or television . If you walk inside, the steps aren’t counted, but the app will still be tracking you without giving you sweatcoins. If you aren’t earning anything for being tracked then you should close the app to save your data/battery, right? Sweatcoin doesn’t think so. It will ping you with a notification saying “You killed me! ? Do not force quit me if you want to generate sweatcoins. Tap here or walk 1000 m to restart me.” This guilts people into constantly have the app running in the background all the time, which allows the company to gather GPS data and analyze your daily whereabouts without rewarding you. DO NOT download this app. Sell your GPS data to a company instead.

- Works. Hopeful about it’s future.

Yes. you really do need to turn the battery saver off when you go outside. As a dog walker I am getting plenty of outdoor steps in. They are working on recording inside steps too, so if that appeals to you it’s worth downloading now to get in on the ground floor. I’m racking up an extra Sweatcoin every day just for viewing an offer or ad. In less than a week I had enough to get extra audiobooks which I like. I think that as the company grows they will be able to offer better rewards with more variety. Note to developers: seriously consider hiring a master negotiator to help you with this. You should be getting more stuff from your advertisers. More short term rewards- things a person could reasonably earn in about 6 weeks- will keep users coming back. Some of those offers that are just discounts aren’t attractive to a user like me. Overall I think the app is doing exactly what it promises now, and I believe the company that makes it is on the right track to make it better. Yes, this app is Recommended by me.

- Coming from a 13 year old

I’ve have this app for a couple of weeks almost a month and I’ve made about 40$. Me being young and not really paying attention I thought nothing was wrong about this app. Although it says that it pays you for your steps and for the daily exercise it gives you cause of quarantine, it doesn’t pay in cash. I know most apps don’t pay in cash but they go onto a credit card or a prize, but I’ve been looking and can’t seem to find how to add a card to the app to transfer the money I make to the card. I’ve seen that what you make goes as credits to gas and shopping. People downloaded this app and walk and stay fit to make money but not understanding that what you make might not even be very helpful for when you want to go online shopping or going to grab a lunch. Another problem I’ve noticed was that you can walk 1,000 steps for example and it would only count about 200 of the steps you took, which drops down the cents you could have made accurately. I’ve talked to my mom about this and we’ve both agreed that it was a scam and that it was a waist of time. I personally think that this app shouldn’t be downloaded and should be deleted if already downloaded. For a 13 year old I didn’t think I would be able to notice these mistakes, but they are way too noticeable and causes major problems.

- Iffy

Ive been using this app for several years, but I still getting cheated of my steps constantly. I walk over 10,000 daily, unless I feel bad, Im lucky for it to give me 3,000 for that day and I pay more for double coins. Last week I walked almost 14,000 steps, but I only got 2,000 something on the app that day. Ive emailed several times and Im told they’re aware of the glitch and apologize, but do not offer to add those missed steps to my account. Edit since comment from Sweatcoin I’ve actually already done everything you stated, I did go to Faq on Sweatcoins first, which states exactly what you just said. I sent an email stating I did all of this, my reply was telling me to do all of that, my reply was I already did, the next reply was exactly telling me to do the same thing again, now Im told a 4th time. That did not work the first, second, or third time. My apps automatically update, I double check and the app is current. I plan on requesting a refund on what I paid and cancel my subscription, Im not paying $9.99 a month and not even get to reap the benefits when it doesn’t actually show Im walking over 10,000 steps a day. I have already stopped promoting the app and Im no longer going out of my way to try and earn, knowing Im not going to get the points anyway

- Seems like a scam to get users

First off. You get paid to walk in credits that you can use on the app to get discounts or free shipping or donating money to causes. You never get real money. I downloaded the app for a bit of extra coin and the chance to donate to causes that deeply need the attention. So far I’ve had this app for almost a year, I walk every day and I’ve only made 300 credits, have the app open almost every day and haven’t spent any until today. Some of the offers to get “50% off at **insert random store name**” require 14,000 credits. A lot of these offers expire so the only way to be eligible for the things they advertise outside of the app is to pay real money to boost the amount of credits you can get walking... the only GOOD thing I will say is that I think that donating for causes is amazing but I wish they would have that more causes available than some dumb shopping discount. They rarely have time for these causes it seems because I noticed causes are only on there for a day or 2 before “expiring” but they will keep a discount for a pair of headphones for weeks? It just completely defeats the purpose of advertising “Getting paid to walk”. Save the space on your phone and don’t get this app. I’m throwing all my money into the recent causes and never thinking about this app again.


I understand that this a small team (this fact was mentioned in the help section of the app). But I've contacted the developer three times now about a very serious issue and to date, no one has responded back. Not even an auto-generated email saying 'hey, your feedback has been received, your ticket is in a que'. I'm literally logged into SOMEONE ELSE'S ACCOUNT. The only way this could have happened is that my phone number (which I haven't had for very long) was attached to someone else's account before. Since we don't create login credentials during setup, there's no way for me to sign out of this individual's account and for me to sign into my own. This is a MAJOR security issue. Absolutely nothing in the forums or the help section is going to help me resolve this issue; I need to talk to an actual person. If you have time to make an app and update it (shows last update 4 days ago), you've got to make time for your customers too. Use a CRM platform with a ticketing system, there's plenty to choose from. And one more thing... this is a big one and I probably won't use this app until they change this... allow users to create login credentials during setup so something like what I'm experiencing doesn't happen to someone else. People's phone numbers change sometimes.

- Bad Conversion

My sister and I both have this app and for the same exact time we walked right next to each other at Carowinds. My total amount of steps says 9,892 but only 830 we’re counted as outdoor steps, therefore giving me just 0.78 sweat coins. My sister’s, however, total amount was 11,065 of steps, and 9,227 were counted as outdoor steps therefore earning 8.76 sweat coins. Where is the logic in that? We have been outside the entire day and walked the same amount but i did not get even 1 sweatcoin from today. You guys need to fix the bugs. As well as my sister tried to send me 17 sweat coins but it said it sent yet i never received them. This happens often, I get an average of 4,000-ish steps a day because i do a lot of walking outside as part of exercise or things at school but it never counts them. I think that people should still get coins and steps counted even if it IS indoors because at least they are actually walking? Why does it matter if it is inside or out? Please address this issue as soon as possible because this has been happening quite a bit and with my sister’s and my mom’s accounts too. Thank you in advance, i’d rather be able to have this app functioning well because i like the idea just it should be enforced better.

- Lies - Total Scam

I have been slowly saving my sweat coins with the intention of using them for a cash payout. Originally 1,000 sweat coins could be used in exchange for 1,000 cash via PayPal. So I patiently have been letting Sweatcoin use my location. When I reach 700 SC the advertisement for 1,000 cash via PayPal disappeared from the marketplace. Annoyed I kept using the app anyway incase something else better came along but I began to notice that the prices of goods started getting higher and higher. Today I checked in on the app. and the 1,000 cash via PayPal was back! But this time I needed 19,999 SC to redeem it. It’s taken me over a year just to get to my roughly 750 coins. Do not let this app fool you. First off there’s nothing good in the marketplace that you already can’t find a deal for online. Second when you get close to something worth your SC they bump the price up on you to a cost that is almost unattainable. Clearly this app is selling its data and location information from its users and does not plan to reward anyone except themselves. I also want to add that I am an extremely active person often hiking over 5 miles a day on the weekends and walking or running 2-3 miles on the weekday. If it took me over a year to get as far as I did how long will it take the everyday person?

- Needs Work!!!!

It’s so annoying because I can only get 5 sweet coins a day which at this rate will take me almost 2 years to get a $3,560 prize. You should make the maximum 10 sweat coins and the membership thing 20. Because won’t that make people exercise more because they’ll believe they actually have a chance to get a decent prize within a year? Also the prizes are sooooo expensive. Like even if you have the membership thing you still need to have the app for 5 years to get the $20,000 prize and that’s only if they walk 10k outside everyday for those 5 years. I understand you’re trying to get people to exercise and move more but it won’t work after people realize it’s a waste of time. My friend just deleted the app last year & he walks a lot so he got up to 3,000 sweat coins. He didn’t want his progress to be wasted so he transferred them to me. But to get any of the really cool prizes I can’t use the sweat coins that my friend transferred to me? It’s not like my friend is using that 3,000 so why can’t I just except it & use it for a 20,000 prize? It makes NO SENSE! Why have a transfer button if there’s a lot of prizes you can’t use the transferred sweat coins on.

- Cool concept, but...

I love the idea of an incentive based walking app, that’s great to promote a healthier society, but I’ve been looking at the rewards, and you really aren’t getting anything with the “sweatcoins” generated. Notice almost all of the daily rewards offered are free trials of an app or a membership of something, or a small discount of a product on a company. At this level, your sweatcoins are virtually valueless, considering most companies have these offers for new users as it is. If you look at the eye candy “marathon” rewards, you’ll see some actual things worthy of earning (iPhone X, 1,000 dollars in cash), but after some math, assuming you have the best subscription possible, which offers 600 sweatcoins a month at a charge of 30 sweatcoins a month, the quickest you could redeem that reward while getting your daily bonus every 3 days consistently would take nearly 3 years. That’s a bit ridiculous. If you like walking and feeling a minor pat on the back for it with useless currency, this is the app for you. But I will credit the app for looking clean and not an eye sore, and having a cool color scheme.

- Prizes out of reach, Pricing upside down

Membership pricing is upside down. The price per unit should go down with the larger size product you buy, giving shoppers an incentive to upgrade/switch past their current choice. You get 5 sweat coins a day (150/mo) for free. The shaker level gets you an additional 150/mo for a cost of .031 sweatcoins per sweatcoin enabled to earn. The quaker level only gets you an additional 300 sweatcoins per month potential, but costs 20 sweatcoins a month, or .066 sweatcoins per sweatcoins enabled to earn. Breaker level gets you 450/mo on top of the 150 free sweatcoins, but costs 30 sweatcoins - for again .066 sweatcoins per sweatcoins enabled to earn. The shaker level is actually the best priced option, if you stick in it for the long haul to earn sweatcoins, but it would take almost 5 years to earn enough to get the large prizes (10 sweatcoins a day + 1 free claim). So either the pricing strategy is upside down, or you are purposing pricing the products backward to limit the possible sweatcoins earned to prevent buyers from ever being able to claim the top prizes. 5 years seems like a big investment just to earn a $1000 PayPal gift card. I could use the time spent walking outside to instead get a part time job, with family, or anywhere in general that isn’t trying to rip me off.

- Unrealistic rewards

They have some great looking rewards on here like a curved TV and 1,000$ cash back, as well as an iPhone X, but they each are 20,000 sweatcoins to purchase. And I did the math on that and even for you to be able to receive that on the highest paid subscription possible Walking enough to get 20$ a day AND daily bonuses everyday, it still would take you nearly THREE YEARS to get to that threshold. And for those of us who don’t want to pay for an app that is supposed to reward you with money, the whole reason I signed up was to earn money not spend it. They have little rewards like 10$ off your electric bill for 10 coins on the app which is much more fair. 1 coin to 1 real dollar is a good deal and still needs quite a lot of earnings to get the top reward. So my suggestion to the developers is make the top rewards a little more achievable, you can get those TVs and iPhone X for 1000$ or less, but charging 20x that amount in the app. Maybe 5000 coins in the app or even fewer closer to true value would get a lot more incentive for people to use the app because even though it’d still take a year or so for practically everyone it is a much more achievable and worth it goal at least in my eyes.

- Let’s be honest with eachother...

This app isn’t accidentally considering some of your real steps as faked steps and it does use the health app. It takes the steps from health app and uses and algorithm aka a long math equation that says that you are losing steps. It doesn’t verify real steps cause how can you. It’s an app. Apps don’t know the difference. It’s all bs to keep you using it and inviting people cause that’s the only real way to build up sweatcoins. The app is scamming everyone that uses it and says things like “turn of battery saver mode to lose less steps” cmon now. It’s literally telling you to let the app use more of your phones processing space or else you will lose sweatcoin steps. All the things it says it uses like gps and blah blah blah is also bs cause what would a gps do? Yeah it shows you moving but you could easily put your phone on an rc car and have the controller rubber banded going over books over and over to simulate a step and it should count. But guess what. It doesn’t, because the app is a scam into getting millions of people to download it and have businesses believe their product is going to end up on their store which it might but still wouldn’t be worth it in the end. Not only is this app a waste of time but it’s lying to you every second of your day.

- Follow your daily routine & get “money”

I’ve had this app since August 10th, and it is now December 2nd. Almost 4 months doing what I normally do, sometimes walking further due to the incentive, and I have almost 900 sweatcoins. Whether this app is accurate or not, it’s influencing me to be more active in order to achieve the end goal. I’m a huge advocate of this app, and the benefits of having multiple options of “free” trials for apps and programs are a nice added bonus. Seems like a nice way for the companies to advertise, and a nice incentive for people to be more active. According to my current goal of obtaining 20,000 sweatcoins in order to achieve the $1,000 or the newer iPhone, I should be able to get it in about 7 years. Seams like a long time from now but money is money and I just have to stay active to get it. Hopefully they update so I can advance to “trouble maker” and get more sweatcoins, or lower the cash value to 250$ for 5,000 sweatcoins so that it’s more obtainable. All in all, I think this app is a great idea! Thank you sweatcoins team. - R.A

- Conversion rate is frustrating

I usually don’t write reviews for apps but I’m starting to feel as though this app is unfair. I see a lot of reviewers applauding this app for attempting to motivate people to get outside and walk and that is great , however I’m a mail carrier so it’s my job to walk. I’ve had sweatcoin since January (2018) and have had 1.4M steps converted. But I only have a little over 1,200 sweatcoins. That’s insane to me, 1.4M steps only gets me 1,200 sweatcoins. Plus I’m on the breaker subscription (cost 30 sweatcoins) since the app informed me I was losing steps with the other subscription I had. I wouldn’t recommend this app to people who just walk casually and are expecting to get rewarded for it. If you’re like me and will walk a lot regardless it might be worth it because you’re not losing anything. Even if it takes forever to accumulate enough sweatcoins for you to get something useful. The conversion shouldn’t be so stingy however. But I’ll keep using it for now simply because like I said I’m not losing anything. As of right now they’re are some decent $50 gift cards that will cost you 3,650 sweatcoins , the biggest offers cost 20,000 sweatcoins so good luck with that. The other offers aren’t worth mentioning .

- New update doesn’t still doesn’t credit all steps

Ever since the new update that ‘doesn’t need gps’ the app counts steps but still only gives you sweat coins for your outdoor steps. But since it doesn’t rely on gps it doesn’t know how many were actually outdoor steps so you’re only getting a fraction of what you walked. Case in point- while at a theme park one evening I walked over 8,000 steps, ALL outdoor, but instead of crediting all my steps (as it should since it’s not supposed to matter anymore if they are outdoor or in doors) it only credited 253 steps which it said were outdoor steps. Wha?? Why is it still trying to determine which steps were outdoor and only credit those if it doesn’t matter anymore if you walk inside or outside?? I wish I could go back to the previous version off the app. Or at least give me the option of relying on gps or not. Another small grievance I have, this is not limited to sweat coin but is the case with a lot of point gathering apps, that the options for spending them are limited to mostly coupons for subscription services. In other words, an invitation to spend actual money on a regular basis, instead of a way to save you money. It will never be an actual crypto-currency until it spends like currency.

- Wonderful app

I went through the reviews after I got the app and I noticed some people that the rewards where fake but really should it matter if the rewards are good or not the app encourages you to walk more by getting rewards to do it like I was at a friends house and she lives on top of a hill it’s a half mile down and up to get to the mailbox and decided to walk down instead of using the car and I brought my phone with me to count my steps usually I would NEVER do this but the app encourages me to do so. I have asthma so with the air thinning out the higher I got on the hill and the exhaust of already walking down the hill was hard for me to do but I did it and it may have only gotten me $2 for it but it’s more about how you feel after you’ve done it. Also I like the fact you can donate to things like planting trees and prevented child marriages. I enjoy this app very much and it has helped me be more active I would recommend to all my friends!!!! Thank you sweatcoin for encouraging me to be more active ?.

- Great app!! A suggestion tho

There is no problem technical problems!! I really love your guys’ app but I don’t seem to spend my money on much and in light of the black live matter movement I was wondering if there was any way to use our sweat coins to support charity towards the NAACP or any official site that support these causes? I had to ask because it seems like a very reasonable thing to add to your offers and you might find more people downloading your app to support these causes. I see a lot of people don’t have actual money to support these charity’s, gofundme’s, etc but want to help and this could be an incredible way to boost your app, help a great cause and help others find a way to support important movements with movement! I don’t know another to contact you guys about those so I hope you will read this soon! Really great job with coming up with this app but I think this could really enhance things and I would find myself using it even more and encouraging everyone around me to do the same.

- Great concept, horrible execution

So the concept of this app is really great. You walk, you get coins, you get stuff. It even hooks up to your device that monitors your steps, I have an Apple Watch linked to it, so it uses that information. Very simple right? Except no, it’s not. Tell me how I will check my watch and it’ll say that I walked 18,000 steps (I work at an outdoor exotic animal sanctuary so I KNOW almost all of that is outside) and I’ll be all excited to see how many coins I got, to go to my app to see that the number of steps that were “detected by my device” were only 10,000 of which only 4,000 were “verified”. That’s not even 1/4 of the actual steps I took and I think that’s ridiculous. And the first time it happened I brushed it off and figured it was a fluke but this happens every day and it’s really upsetting me. I work 12 hours a day outside and I walk A LOT. It’s just really unfair and I’m not sure I’ll keep using the app. But I gave it the two stars because the pay out is immediate and they constantly have new stuff you can get with your coins, which I think is really cool. Also, even if it’s not in battery saver mode, it doesn’t eat up your battery all that badly.

- ‼️

Sweat coin is a good app. I like that it reminds you of how many steps you actually take cause you really don’t think about it. BUT I honestly think there should be new upgrades for the year 2020. I strongly believe you guys should turn the sweat coins into cash receiving the money by either cash app, Pay pal or a bank account. Reason being you have those dedicated to this app and it gives so much motivation to push harder than the next goals of steps you have. Well there’s a few things you guys should update: the items you can SPEND on and there should be like a daily reward you receive. The extra sweat coins from the adds are helpful but, add something more fun like a few mini games or a spin the wheel. I’m pretty sure you guys make A LOT of money you just have to think bigger sometimes though. It wouldn’t hurt to add extra features and I really hope my review goes father than this. Other than that I’m loyal to sweat coins and I don’t plan on removing it no time soon because like I said before the motivation of this app is amazing!

- Stalking, much! Let’s not forget intrusive.

A friend recommended this app to me, as I am active, about 10k steps a day, depending on my work day. Let’s look at sweatcoin or as I refer to it “the ultimate stalker”. Its very disturbing that it requires access to my gps location and tracks 24/7 even when the app is not in use, it doesn’t even count the steps when you are actually outside walking!!! I’ve tried turning the gps tracker to while using app aka when I am actually outside walking and it would NOT WORK AT ALL!!! Another reason why I’m confused as to why it needs access to my HealthKit when I’m on 2,500 steps there and sweatcoin is on 0 and all this is while I am outside, with the app open KILLING MY BATTERY!! Oh let’s not forget to mention all the times the app closes on its own yet when I reopen it I’m being told that I SHUTDOWN THE APP AND MY STEPS WERE LOST!!! It has now become a running joke, you go through all that and there’s nothing good on the app to redeem for the few little steps that are collected.. oh and if you try to redeem something, it’s a whole other process of signing up for something which you essentially have to use your debit or credit card to pay for!!! Don’t waste your time with this app. Just a stalker/ scam type ish.

- This is the best money app ever

So, I hope I can encourage at least ONE person to join. There are NO adds witch is great because sometimes adds can freeze your phone. But I do have that really bugs me witch is why when I first join I thought whoever made this is smart and I was going on a walk and I took so many steps I think around 1K because we went to the park and I walked around for like 30 minutes but nvm that I ONLY GOT LIKE 30 2$ AND SOME CHANGE BUT that was with the 95c for using it and redeeming my daily reward which I understand but say the next day I go outside and I don’t get the daily reward because I forgot to collect it and it doesn’t give me the $.95 that I earned and I would get around One dollar I’m guessing so I think that we need to fix the issue but it is a good app for getting money and doing stuff I guess but if you decided to join and that’s great because I met my goal of one person to join from me.???!! .!??!.!!?...!!??????? -Yours truly Rachel Lee Brown

- Motivational

I haven’t been using this app but for a month; however the hype was enough for me to download and give it a try. I’ll admit, it motivates me to get outside more for my exercises (which is wonderful) but I question the validity of the amount of sweatcoins earned. The daily bonus was exciting until two days ago, when it stopped adding itself to my sweatcoin count, yet still shows it as earned/collected. It’s a bonus, I didn’t do much for it but watch a video so the disappointment is there yet petty. Nonetheless, I have spoken with others who use this app and we also agree it’s a hinderance to have to remember to keep the app open and on our person. I feel a little ridiculous walking to our outside bathroom at work with my phone in my hand (every step counts!). I wish this app would sync with my iWatch. I have the first version and don’t plan on buying a new one just so the two are compatible. Anyway, all in all I like the concept and it’s done it’s job in motivating me to get outside more. So with a few minor tweaks it would earn five stars in my book.

- Frustrating

Why, oh why, must this app deliver so much excitement, so much buzz, about getting "paid" to get your steps in towards become a more fit individual? That alone definitely deserves a round of applause for the folks that actually give a darn to better themselves and to get off of the couch and do something physical. I understand the algorithms, and applaud the developers that applied this to their app; makes the poeple participating to earn Sweatcoins feel like the system is actually legit. But why not move this same algorithms to people indoors as well? People work, people usually give a lot of their time to making a paycheck INDOORS. Getting outdoors sometimes isn't feasible when work hours are skewed and the weather outside is undesirable. It seems almost unfair to the folks that slave away during their work hours (especially the ones on their feet) or only have access to the corporate gym that's indoors. I know that the buzz of this app, but has left lots of people discouraged enough to delete the app and the "game" that they were so excited to be a part of. One day soon, I may redownload this app, ONLY if the developers create a version that can account for indoor steps.

- It’s okay

The app’s cool and what not being able to get some currency to purchase products. However, it’s really not for everyone. It’s not a app where it’s a gratifying or immediate payout. You really have to buy their other packages to fit all the steps if you walk a lot. I usually walk 10k everyday but sometimes the app counts all my steps. Now I don’t have the app’s other options where you pay to count or steps for currency but there are days where the app would count really little of my steps. Some days I’d walk 6,500 steps and I’d get $.15 of the app’s currency and I would be walking outside. Like I said the idea of the app is cool and all but it’s not overall great. Also a lot people who get to promote this app are shady lol. If you refer and get people to join then you get actual money, but to walk? Not the money people would have in mind. So as stated I have the free basic subscription which is $5 a day and I had this month for about 3 months which I walk about 10k a day, I was only able to get $161 of the app’s currency. It’s hard to get more “money” for legit or good products. This app is really whatever and alright. I think it’s okay and I’m not too crazy about this.

- I Love The Concept, But Algorithms Need to Be Improved

I really love the idea behind this app. The first few weeks I used it I was monitoring every day, doing daily bonuses etc. I upgraded to the next tier of step counting and something happened. 59-80% of my daily steps were discarded. Considering that whenever I am inside I immediately put my phone on the charger and leave it there until I go out again this shouldn’t be happening. I suspect it is due to how they determine if you are inside or outside. I live in a place with underground markets etc. one day I was walking around a park above ground for a few hours and should have had more than 8k steps. All of the steps I’d taken during that outing were discarded because under the park there’s an underground shopping mall. Sometimes I walk around outside my condo and steps are discarded presumably because they can’t tell if I am inside the four towers on this property or outside. For reasons like this this app has become a lower priority. They should change the algorithm to allow steps in commercial areas regardless of whether they are inside or outside.

- Cheats out of points.

1) Like previous reviews have mentioned. I’ll walk an average of 18k steps a day 95% of these being outside. Sweat coin will only acknowledge 11k out of them. Since I have a limit of 15 coins a day I still need 5k sweat approved steps for me meet that goal. But honestly with light decreasing daily it’s getting harder to acquire more steps due to sweat coins poor algorithm calibrations. 2) during 20 min 2x boost I have been severely swindled. During the 20 min I try to walk about 1.5- 2 miles which is over 2k steps, which would yield a boat of 4 coins total. There have been times that I only attain 0.04 coins or .5 coins or 1 coin. These simply don’t make sense as I am walking continually for 20 min. In addition the 2x pedometer screen is not in sync with the pedometer that shows how many steps there are to analyze (with the button that says analyze now). Also I’ve noticed randomly the 2x pedometer screen will read an absurd number such as -17,450 steps. Don’t know what’s up with that. I like this app because I enjoy walking and do so for my daily work commute. But I want this to properly reflect my steps. My phone is new iPhone SE and up to date. I hope developers can address these issues. Thank you.

- Cool idea, waste of time and space

The idea of earning something for fitness is a really great idea. Unfortunately, the app is a waste of your time, battery and storage on your phone. The app offers currency known as “Sweatcoins” that you can exchange for items and/or cash. This is a wonderful idea, but any reward that you might want is around 20,000 sweatcoins and you are only able to obtain 5 per day without paying for the ability to earn more. This means it will take you 4,000 days to earn anything significant. Not to mention that the algorithm that the app uses doesn’t accept a significant amount of your steps. For example, I had 13,000 steps one day, 90% of which were outside and the app only accepted 100, which is about 9 sweatcoin cents. This means it would take me roughly 550 years to get anything of actual value from this app. There are other ways to earn coins aside from steps that the app barely uses, either watch a video per day or refer other people to use this app. It is 5 coins for each referral and either 1, 2, or 4 for the video, depending on how many days you have watched consecutively and there is only one video per day. All in all, this is a good idea, but poorly executed.

- Paid for more steps and got less

I don’t normally write reviews. Figured this one was worth writing because I actually do like this app. There limited things to purchase and any things worth purchasing seem extremely out of reach. However, it’s all free so hoping they increase their options one day. My biggest disappointment in this app is the step converter. I walk all day during work and I easily break 5k steps per day. With the free version, I maxed this out 3 days in a row and al my steps converted just fine. Since I surpass this amount on a daily basis, I upgraded my account to get 10k stars per day. As soon as I upgraded, I got zero steps for pretty much every day after (about 2-3 weeks worth). I got all the updates, I opened the app frequently (and have always tracking turned on in settings) and still nothing. I then canceled my upgrade yesterday and boom... my steps began converting again. Not sure what’s going on !74 quite disappointed. I feel like I lost out on 140k steps fo no reason. Anyways. It’s all free so whatever, but for the broken converter I give it 3 stars.

- Misleading

I got this app because the description describes and quotes users describing things like “free money,” “extra cash,” and “getting paid to walk.” I have had this app for half a year now, and I have yet to be able to take advantage of my nearly 500 sweat coins. It is not “free money,” it’s just discounts. There is not a single reward option that does not cost actual money except for their most prestigious offers (which typically cost 20,000 sweat coins), which could take years to afford. Just for perspective, I am a college student, so I am constantly walking across campus, and I also work two internships that require me to walk around downtown quite a lot. I walk much more than the average person, and it would take me over 5 years to get anything actually “free.” If you are poor like me, you know there is a HUGE difference between free money and a discount. I do not have money to spend, and giving me discounts doesn’t change that. If you do not want to spend your own money in order to take advantage of their rewards, don’t bother downloading this app. I work for multiple attorneys and am honestly considering taking this to court for false advertisement. What a complete waste.

- Don’t fall for this scam

I love idea of the app but... First off those prizes are pretty much impossible to reach yes I know your supposed to work towards them but it’s unlikely you won’t get the prize unless you work towards them for 5-8 years. The step counting algorithm makes it impossible to earn the marathon prizes in 1-3 years This brings up a second problem. I have really bad allergies and can’t walk outside constantly without feeling like I have the plague but, sweatcoin only counts outdoor steps. I do walk a lot, I walk around my house, at school, and at work. My fit bit says I walk around 20-30k steps a day. I’m not one to easily just sit and do work. But every once in a blue moon I do decide to go out and walk after slathering on countless and allergy medications and taking several epipens so I can earn some coins and get some exercise in. I will walk 10k steps and only get about .5 coins which is ridiculous. There should be some kind way to calculate indoor steps so I can work towards the bigger prizes. Love the idea of the app to get more people moving but, the app needs serious improvements before you can truly win something with the app.

- Strong Ideas Often Have Strong Outcomes.

Ok first of all I really don’t think an app that pays you for just taking a walk outside needs any introduction. This is possibly one of the best apps I have ever decided to download. Instantly as you open the app it takes you through a tutorial so you know how everything works. After that they give you many special offers. Learn from my mistakes in the first week always try to get those special first week only offers done. They are very beneficial. After that they just set you free with all of there deals and you are instantly saving money. Sense this is a crypto currency and the worlds technology is advancing it may be a good idea to get a head start on this app it may be a powerful governmental tax payment tool in the future. Even if you don’t extra size if you just walk outside a little like on your way to work you are saving money. If you haven’t got my point yet, THIS APP GIVES YOU FREE MONEY!!!

- Great app but needs better Algorithm

The idea of this app is very interesting and I believe that it gives people a reason to be more active. I myself have been more active and have been doing my part in trying to earn those sweet coins. It feels very satisfying to see how many steps were taken in your daily routine and the fact that u get rewarded for it is great as well. However, the biggest issue that I have and hopefully they do fix this is that the algorithm for the conversion of steps is very frustrating to deal with. The reason for this is because the algorithm cuts the steps u took by an exponential factor. I understand perfectly why the algorithm was developed this way. But for those who are actually honest like myself are being affected by those who try to cheat the system. The main reason I wrote this is because today I did a total of over 12,000 steps and that amount was converted to an approximate 700 steps. This is very frustrating and I really do hope that the sweet coin team reads my review and hopefully try to fix the algorithm. Please.

- Like the app but a few things are stopping it from being 100%

The app is great for just picking up small items but I think you shouldn’t have to have it open all the one and if you close it you lose steps I don’t see why if it verifying from the health app which is never open, the app then has to be open, also the inaccurate step count I work during the night and I still walk around all day but I’m not getting the right amount per how much I put in, pulse closing the app by accident and I lost 1 sweat coin in total which is 1000 steps worth I don’t see how it’s a possibility when the health app saves and says I too the steps, an last but not least the step count max look I understand you need to make money on the app but I think the limit for free should be a little higher than 5 I feel like it should be 8 and everything bumped up accordingly only dedicated people who pay walk the amount you have to pay for so for the regulars just bump it up, besides this it’s a great app

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- Motivating and Fun

Updated Review: -1 ⭐️ I’m sad that Sweatcoin took away the $1,000 PayPal offer for 20,000 sweatcoins. I just subscribed to the Trouble Maker tier so I can earn sweatcoin faster to eventually qualify for this. I hope it will come back as it will still take me a long period of time to get to 20k sweatcoin. Original Review: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I really enjoy Sweatcoin for encouraging me to move more. Having my steps converted into sweatcoin is fun. I appreciate that Sweatcoin now supports both indoor and outdoor steps. I also like the widgets. I added my widgets to a stack and tap the Daily 2× Boost widget when I start my daily walk outside. I’d like to see a widget that shows my total sweatcoin too. I recently upgraded to the Shaker level so I can earn more than 5 sweatcoin a day. It’s rare I earn over 5 sweatcoins from my steps even though I’m currently getting 7-8k steps a day (Sweatcoin usually only verifies about 4.5k of these at the most). I’m hoping to push myself a little more each day and see if that goes up. I think it will take a long time to actually save up to 20k sweatcoin to get a major reward but I figure even if I’m building it up slowly, I’ll gradually get somewhere. I also do the daily bonuses each day to get some extra sweatcoin. Overall, I find Sweatcoin a fun app even if it will take me years to qualify for a significant reward.

- it’s pre good

this app is pretty good, having said that, a few of the things in the market are a bit to expensive and will take you a really long time to earn enough coins to buy it. I love that it makes people want to get out of the house and go for a walk and earn some coins so they can buy something of the market they really want it to get some cash. I think paying 20,000 sweat coins is a bit much to get $1000 back in cash. to be able to earn 20,000 sweat coins will take a really long time, possibly even a couple of years. I think everything I great about this app apart from the things that people actually want from the market are at an unreasonable and unrealistic price. for example, I did 1,064 steps (which I know is not many, but that’s just how many I had when I converted them) and when i converted them into sweat coins that only gave me $1.01 which to me is kinda making it really hard to actually achieve what people want to on this app. at the moment they have the iPhone XS on the market and that is on there for 20,000 sweat coins which will probably take years to get enough coins the pay for it. all up I love the whole idea of the app but hopefully for a new update they might consider taking some of the prices down if some of the items. I definitely think you should download this app and give a go for yourself, except if you need your phone battery for work I don’t recommend downloading it in that phone since it really drains you battery.

- Great app, but need some more redeemable offers

Sweatcoin is a great app! Definitely keeps you motivated to walk outside and stuff.I personally make the most sweatcoin while at school, as my school is an outside school (meaning that it is not one huge building, it is a series of buildings outside that make up classrooms and the school) this means that i get a lot of credit. Though this is a great app, we need more and better offers that will keep us walking. It could be my location in australia, but the offers are mostly discounts that afterwards still cost a bit of money, as a teenager, i don’t have much power over what i spend, my parents are the bosses. And the offers like the iPhones, or plane tickets and ect... are really expensive and take a lot of saving up to buy. I’d really appreciate if there were offers such as a 5 dollar gift card of some sort for 200 sweat coins or something like that. Overall, this is a great app, keeps you going and makes all your walking not go to waste, but maybe make some more items that are easily earned or more ‘cheap’

- Not Bad

Now I've had this app for a few days now. Although experienced crashing on the third day. Seems fine now. The idea of this is pretty innovative and I like how it works. But the offers for the app are far too extreme. These offers will take you years to redeem. 20,000 SWC with the most expensive membership will take you 3+ years, and that's by taking 20,000 steps a day. Overall, the app isn't so bad. But it's the biggest battery drainer. Leaving the app running in the background can drain 30% of your battery overnight depending on what phone your using. (I'm using iPhone 6). The app somewhat motivates people to move more. The subscriptions are pretty fair that you just have to pay using your sweatcoin you earned. I recommend this app to those who move a lot and has a good phone. I recommend iPhone 7 and above. I'd be happy if the app can fixed so that it doesn't use as much battery. I'd like to see what this app will reach in the future. I'd also want to be able to withdrawal the coins that you have actually earned instead of redeeming it for rewards that will take years to complete. There are small rewards you can earn but it isn't for everyone. The app is satisfactory and I recommend this for very active people.

- A Real Review

Sweatcoin has changed and most likely for the best. If you downloaded or want to download this app to gain personal money for free or read a short review than I’m sorry to say but you’ve come to the wrong place. This app is better used to remind yourself of your fitness achievements. Sweatcoin has a built in store. It isn’t so bad but I believe the best thing about sweatcoin is not earning steps for supposed cash. It’s the ability to give to charity. Sweatcoin has a section in the store allowing fellow sweatcoin uses to donate their sweatcoins to charity which is converted to real cash. Recently donated around 294,000, steps around 280 sweatcoins in totality, I donated all my sweatcoins that I’ve been saving for around 3 years. So don’t get this app to get real money. Use it to stay active and donate. They also give you an option to share your amount you donated just to brag.

- Great app great idea

I think this app is a great idea because it gets people moving on their feet. Being overweight is a big problem for a lot of people and I feel like this can motivate people to do more exercise and also get a reward after doing so. I do feel like some of the things that cost 20,000 credits are A little overpriced but You have to take into account that you are getting these things for free. I saw someone’s review and it said that it’s a rip-off that $1000 cash costs 20,000 credits, but I think that’s good because you aren’t paying anything for it you are getting it for free. I think this is a really great innovative idea. A little bit of tweaking can be done for when it detects your steps and converted into credits. But apart from that this app is great and really gets me excited to go walking! I live in a really beautiful neighbourhood so I like walking and this app will motivate me even more.

- bad offers on the Aus version

I love this app. I use it every day and it's great to be getting rewarded for exercising. I thought that the rewards were pretty good, and that maybe I just hadn't found ones that interested me or missed the really cool ones because they sell out, which is totally fine and would be solved by me using the app more. but then I went on a trip to Hawaii, and got access to the United states marketplace. it's clearly superior, with offers that aren't just tea, "calmly" and personal trainers on repeat. it's got offers that I would actually buy, plus finally some marathon offers that are actually achieveable!! I love your app and the influence you're making, but please, I beg you please, give a bit more love to the rest of the world. I want to use this app, I really do, but I need you guys to work with me. keep up the great work guys, pls give us Aussies some better marathon offers and some more interesting deals :)

- Awesome, but...

So far so good, I’ve got some amazing steps and it makes me feel accomplished, especially when comparing steps to friends because we are all so competitive. But, recently mine has not been syncing at all or not well. For example I don’t always do the 20mins of exercise for the steps because I forget bit the last 3 times I have, it says “congrads your done” and then it syncs and syncs and .... then I never get me steps. Same as this, my app seems to be a day behind now? Went for an early morning run so it has registered that I have done all my steps (given) but it is telling me it is the 15th May when today is the 16th. So I am missing my 8k steps from yesterday? A bit confusing now and I’m hoping an update can fix this?.., but until now I’ve loved the app!

- Too good to be real

Everything looked fine when I first started using this app.. now since the new update the app hasn’t converted my steps. You complain / send emails but they have this generic email pretty much blaming your phone , telling you to follow lots of steps( which I did) to try fix it, but to me looks like they don’t want the app to be fixed. If did works before, how come now it doesn’t work? They have probably realize they can’t afford paying everything they promised, and now are creating ways to make daily users to don’t get more sweat coins. At all, disappointed with the company , but also with myself to trust that something like that could be true. By the way I am using and iPhone X( not an old phone)

- Sweatcoin

This app is a great way to make money..... but if your looking for a fast way to make money this isn’t it, this app slowly over the steps you do gives you money to spend on lots of different stuff. I have this phone open on my phone always because that way I’m making money buy just doing my Daily walking, from 1000 steps I make $1. You can save up for things from books to iPhone all from just walking around. So sort story is this app is great if you want to make money from doing nothing and don’t have a time limit but if u need quick money this app isn’t for you.

- Questionable...

So I have had this app for a few months now, and honestly I think it’s pretty great. Personally, I don’t care about the bigger gifts because let’s be honest, it is unrealistic for the large majority of us. This app is okay in a sense that we can get discounted products, however I’m questioning the sites on your offers. I bought the BornTea bottle a while back and I want to cancel my subscription because I just can’t afford it now. It is not a necessity and I’m unemployed, so it’s not ideal. Both BornTea’s page and the Sweatcoin page claim to have cancellation any time. However, there is not option (at least I couldn’t find) for cancellation. Therefore I’m starting to question the brands you offer to us users and whether their practices are proper?? I saw other other sites that cancellation is is not possible and they’ll continue sending products and taking your money.

- Good concept, bad execution, or false advertising?

The good - Encourages you to expertise. No negatives about that. Provides an incentive by redeeming prizes for your effort. The bad - More than the good unfortunately. They claim to use minimal battery and and you need to have the app constantly running in the background. I have found my phone to drain significantly faster and requiring multiple charges to keep it running throughout the day and have noticed my battery health deteriorate since using thus app. I exited the app yesterday due to this but decided to open it back up due to doing work outside. Phone crashed upon opening it up and when it rebooted, the battery was down 20%??? Other major negative is it will take multiple years doing a lot of walking to be able to redeem a decent item. I still have the app but am not as positive on it as I originally was.

- Fine but quite a few bugs

I think this app is a great idea and motivates you to walk but i walked over 5000 steps and i force send them only to be analysed and then disappear this happened 3 times before I searched what was going wrong. The forums suggested my GPS chip was buggy so i got the app they said to use and they were right, my chip was buggy so I reset my GPS and it still gave me bad results. So i took my friends phone who has a working sweatcoin and did the same but his GPS also seemed “buggy” yet he was converting his sweatcoin. So i go to open my app again and it asked for my location which makes sense i reset my GPS but i press yes and then it crashes so i open it again and it tells me to turn location on. i go to settings and the location button is missing so i delete the app download it again and now all its doing is crashing, so i give up

- Frustratingly getting worse!

I’ve been using this app for about two years now. Up until the massive update where you decided to count indoor steps I didn’t have a problem. Ever since the massive update I’ve had nothing but issues and problems with the app! None of my steps are counted and converted properly. Indoor or outdoor, and now you’ve now decided to add a new feature to it without fixing the old?! I daily reach over 10,000 steps and do a daily run but still the conversion is nowhere near that at all! I have reached out to support on multiple occasions only to find the same response with no help and just copy and pasted emails. Not only that but my battery life has gotten worse since and I find myself having to charge my phone several times a day! Reading through your reviews it seems I’m not the only one having problems. I have tried all solution offered via reviews or your “support team” and nothing works. Honestly I think it’s time to go back to the drawing board and fix the continual mistakes that are being swept under the rug. As I said before, your reply, I have tried your “solutions” and nothing works. Clearly I’m not the only one having this issue. So once again, go back to the drawing board and fix the problems you originally created and give us back a decent working app!

- Useless Battery Drainer and Waste of Time

I used to love Sweatcoin. Ever since the recent update that apparently now tracks indoor steps - it now tracks none at all. Neither outdoor or indoor. It’ll literally say that I’ve walked 10,000+ steps for example, and then say absolutely zero steps were converted from that. Reached out so many times to receive the same response that it’s my GPS, but even after following their instructions, nothing has changed. They won’t even look into their own “improved algorithm” and will blame me instead. It’s been on the whole time and drains the living daylights out of my battery, even during the night. I replaced my battery and it turned out it was literally Sweatcoin making my phone go from 100% to a dead battery in just a few hours. It NEVER used to do that... But the update has sent it down a spiral and I have deleted the app for good. Used to be a great app but now it’s just a huge pain in the neck. So disappointed because it used to run so well in the background and actually could validate steps, even before indoor steps were allowed. Not sure how they managed to mess it up so badly. It’s not worth the download or anyone’s else’s time. I learnt the hard way so I hope anyone reading this doesn’t have to do the same. Enjoy your walking - without Sweatcoin.

- Waste of time

The app is a great concept, but incredibly poorly executed. The main weakness is the app only tracks outdoor steps (which admittedly is conceded by the creators). I don’t see why the app couldn’t just link in with other fitness trackers, which so many other similar apps are able to do. I have always had the app on the non-battery saver setting, but for a lot of days it didn’t register any steps, despite significant outdoor travel. And ultimately, if I run a marathon a day for about three years I might be able to cash in some sweat coins for something of substance. Otherwise the rewards are a bit ordinary unless you can find some sucker to buy the coins off you (and who needs another random worthless digital currency). All these teething problems are not new, but seemingly nothing is being done to fix any of this. So the app’s sole function appears to be to serve as a battery drain. Don’t bother.

- PLEASE FIX!! Issues after update!!

I love Sweatcoin, but yesterday when I update the app (like I do whenever it needs to be updated), it completely messed up my app. • I can’t convert any steps. Even though it shows me my step count, when I go to convert them it says that my steps are at zero, which isn’t true. It also won’t convert my steps automatically. • I can’t do the 2x bonus steps in the last 24 hours. It is just showing the “analyzing” buffering and won’t stop buffering. I have tried to fix it by removing it from my background apps and turning off my phone (both multiple times) and it’s still not working. Please fix this, it’s driving me nuts not being able to work the app.

- Innovative & Smart But Needs Tweaking

I love that it makes me want to go out much more and its very easy use. Doesn't take up much battery as other apps but the only thing I'd change is the offers. While I would like requesting to alter the price of a plane ticket or $1000, I'm sure you won't (but you should, it is a long process that not many will be able to do just for $1000). There should be some sort of $5-$20 gift card for XX amount of Sweatcoins. A smaller price to pay for a small sum of money. That'd be radical. It would be a five stars if this could just happen.

- Offers are poor

I’ve been using the app for months now and earned about 400 coins. I have not seen anything I would want to spend them on and the offers seem always to be the same. Also many of them are only discounts which means you will end up spending real money anyway, which seems to defeat the purpose of the app. Like right now I can get 30% off a watch or donating a tree. Great? The marathon offers would take literally years, maybe decades to afford, and whose the say the company is even around after that time? I’ll keep using the app since it doesn’t cost anything to keep earning coins and see if something better comes up, but disappointed so far. Running heroes is better.

- Legitimate, but still a bit of a scam.

It takes approximately 10,000 steps to earn a sweatcoin. At this current time you can earn $1000 by paying 20,000 sweat coins, which is 200 sweat coins per step and thus 200,000 steps per dollar. An average American walks 5-7 thousand steps a day, with this in mind it would take one and a bit days to earn a dollar if you are an average walker. Whilst this isn’t a new way to make a living it is nice to earn money for something you do already. This is a bit of a rip off but since the app does pay you for steps it isn’t really a scam, just a bit of a pain.

- This app is very motivational...

I love it! I never realized that walking would get me new friends and places and some sweet deals along the way... My only blunder is the slight lack of deals, as there are only a few crowdfunders and limited deals on technology and such. In all fairness, I agree with the 20,000 coin deals, as they are expensive items, but I want more diversity in the items. I’ll try to convince my friends to get it too, lots of them want to support planting trees in Madagascar. The only problem is lack of deals on items. Otherwise, 10/10!!

- Not Bad

Okay so the app works and all and you can earn ‘sweatcoins’ to cash in for real products and paypal money BUT the fact that we cannot yet get coins for steps inside is slowing the entire collection process down, not to mention the fact that you need 20,000 coins for $1000 paypal cash. Smaller cashout options should be available so it doesn’t seem so impossible! A $500 option for 10,000 coins and a $250 option for 5,000 coins would be beneficial! Definitely a fantastic idea but more options on the shopping page would make the app more worthwhile.

- Cool idea but I HATE that there’s a daily maximum...

The daily maximum means that the MOST you can ever make is 20 ‘sweatcoins’ a day = $1 is the maximum you can ever make. For the 26,000 steps I’ve done today I get capped at 20,000 steps which is super annoying. Was keen to accumulate enough sweatcoins to earn the $1,000 paypal payout but this would take like 3 YEARS to earn if I do maximum steps. The paypal payout is the only cool ‘prize’ worth it, in my opinion and no I don’t want to spam friends to join just so I can earn extra. Lift the maximum ‘capped’ amount you can walk and then you’ll have a happier customer. Again, cool idea and I like that this is encouraging people to get active in a creative/fun way but the maximum cap of only earning 20 sweatcoins ($1) a day is the worst.

- Seems ligit

Sweatcoin is amazing and at this stage just saving up my coins until something good comes to the market. The app in general seems very professional and smooth unlike those other apps where ads pop up frequently. At first when giving my email and phone number I felt a bit intimidated however knowing what the app is about and how it works makes me feel much more secure. Credit card isn’t necessary for any of the purchases as they send you codes through email which I love.

- This is getting frustrating!

Okay, is when I first got the app I was so exited! Walking for money, yes please! Then the problem started and it’s really bugging me! You supposedly say 1,000 steps equals 0.95 sweatcoins but the thing is that isn’t true! I send 1,000 steps and get about 0.55 sweatcoins! And not to mention if it auto sends my steps I get absolutely nothing back!!! I walking on average about 4,000 steps a day and only get back about 1.50 sweatcoins, nothing more! I’ve had the app for a while, I tried deleting I and redownloading, making a new account, shutting down my phone but nothing is working! This is ridiculous! Fix the problem! Or else I’m just going to delete it, it’s just a battery drainer. I’m giving it a few days or else au revior Sweatcoin!

- great but could improve

I’ve had this app for over 6months and so far this is app is pretty good for active people (me). However, as I’ve heard from family and friends, this is battery draining and does not convert all steps that were OUTSIDE. I don’t think it’s fair if you’ve been running 1k everyday only to be rewarded with no sweatcoins. Also, there is not much variety in prizes as most are just discounts and you are not really getting the item “free” + shipping. Overall I am satisfied as I have purchased 2 items which were all sent to me within 1-2weeks.

- The offers in Australia

The offers in Australia aren’t good and for me they don’t change daily barely even weekly. So it’s hard to find something on the cheaper side of the offers that I actually want to buy but other than that I love the idea of the app and I’ve noticed that it makes me want to go on runs more often and I love that about it. So just please fix the offers in Australia. It doesn’t use much of my battery and my battery dies very fast but it’s not because of this app which is very helpful for me. ??

- It’s good, could improve a lot tho

So I’ve had this app for about a month and I like it but it can improve in so many ways. Firstly the step counter isn’t the best and will take a good amount of steps without giving sweatcoin for it. Also the shop is limited and there’s not enough options or any long time offers. The daily offers is good but we need a all day, everyday market with more options. Also the money withdrawal needs more options, currents there’s only a $1000 PayPal one. So this app I would recommend but don’t take it too serious as it a bit broken and doesn’t work all the time.

- Love the app but not the recent change

The app definitely gets me out and about and also gets my dog many more walks. I love the idea and some of rewards a pretty decent as well. One of the things I loved about it most was the leaderboard that was available under the fourth tab which is no longer available. The best part was the healthy competition my friends and I had started but the new update makes this hard to continue and it is a little demotivating. I would definitely recommend changing it back!

- Great app, highly enjoyable!

Hey team, I’ve really been enjoying the “game” aspect of this app since it’s launch in Australia. Not many offers at the moment but hopefully that will change soon. My only reason for giving 4 stars right now is the in-app message/notification when I’ve force closed the app by accident. It takes a bit of time for it to type out its message and I can’t tap “Got it!” until that’s complete. Maybe if the button was pressable before it has finished typing out the message or if it had a cooldown of ~1 hour before it goes through the process again it’d be a bit better. Half the time I’ve just closed the app by accident when trying to force close another app next to it. I’d be more than happy to change my rating if this gets a reply or is address in the app itself. Thanks for all you’ve done and are yet to do! :)

- A great app but slightly broken

The cheat tester hardly works, so I only get to cash in around 200 steps when I really did 700. This may be an issue for some, but if you just turn this app on if you’re going walking your dog or going for a run, then you can make a few coins. In conclusion, this app isn’t for somebody that will check it every few minutes to see how many coins they’ve gotten, but if you use it casually by just turning it on to go for a run/wall then over time you can make a bit of cash.

- Great app

I think this application is amazing, it helps me stay motivated and keep movement in my daily life, it doesn’t count all the step but in my opinion, it makes you more motivated to get to those certain points. The people complaining about the amount of time it takes to give you money, you can update the amounts you get with a certain amount of steps, for a monthly sweatcoin fee, at the moment I am on ‘Shaker’ which is $10 a day, for $5 a month.

- Not registering any of my steps

I’ve had this app for about a month now and only in the first day or two it registered my steps and sent them through. But I go on everyday to check it after i finish work, and it says I have 15,000 steps most times roughly and then I click the flashing red button to the right of the steps, to send my steps, and every time, it tells me it’s sending them and then all of a sudden it just disappears and I get 0.00 SC And it also says that it will force send your steps at every 2,000 mark which also never has either. So until that can be fixed I can’t give it a higher rating.

- Not worth the trouble!

First off! It wants access to your health app. Why I have no idea. Because the app needs to be constantly running and using your GPS, which in affect turns the app into a resource and battery killer. Having your GPS on all the time will drain you battery twice as fast. I still don’t understand why it needs access to your health app if it still heavily relies on the app being on and the GPS constantly in use. For that amount of resource and the little return I have to ask. What is this app really after? Surely for a free app there is some sort of kickback the developers are getting. I have since deleted the app and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone for any real reason.

- Great Idea - just a few tweaks needed!

I really love the concept and idea of the app. It increases motivation when it comes to exercise and even just simply walking; it feels rewarding when your steps are converted into SWC! However - the daily offers aren’t that good, and they are not updated regularly. The marathon offers are far too expensive. Maybe there needs to be other marathon offers that are cheaper & much more attainable to reach? Majority of people don’t walk 10-20k steps per day, that’s the reality. Also - it should be allowed that marathon offers can be purchased through SWC (both the ones you earnt & any sent by a friend). That is far more fair, as it is incredibly hard to earn 20k sweat coins just on your own. Or, like I said, there needs to be far cheaper & more attainable offers.

- Really good

I think it’s really good! I haven’t purchased anything yet (wanted to save up 20,000) although the only problem is, is when it takes maybe 300 of my steps away cause they’re “fake” Although they weren’t but other then that fine Have had the app for 4 days now and already have 20 sweatcoins from walking to the shop and back which isn’t very far as I’m a couch potato but this is definitely making me more active

- Small bug but love the app

Really not a bad app, just having problems with the location. I have recently left the country I started the app with. It keeps telling me to change back to my old country all though I’m not there anymore and I don’t know how to fix? I tried to change back to my original country but now it is saying there are errors. I do like the app, I love the concept and it’s no effort at all, just go about your day. But the prizes are crazy big and near impossible to achieve and just the one bug that’s a little frustrating

- Love the new look!!

I have been using this for a couple of years now and the latest look seems to be not only the best looking but it’s counting more steps. I use an Apple Watch and my steps don’t always match up with the app, however this morning I noticed I’d clocked up 1000 steps without even stepping outside for exercise yet. Very happy. The new layout looks great also, love the colour as well as all the info on one page. ??

- I wish it could connect to my fitbit

Sweatcoin is an amazing app and i really enjoy using it. I love how it’s completely free and you don’t have to enter credit card details. I just wish that it would connect up to my fitbit because i don’t carry my phone everywhere and my fitbit counts almost double the steps my phone does. I also wish that there was more options on the market. I would love to see this in a future update.

- I love the app ?

Been using it for 2 months now. I don’t walk that much outdoors and the app just motivated me to do it. People I advice you to close the app if you’re not really walking outdoors. The app works mostly on outdoors. You may have the steps indoors but the app analysed how many walks did you do outdoors. Which is cool, no cheating ? this app is a motivator and that’s more than enough reason to install it. ? just please make more offers ??

- Needs more offers

It’s not bad but there are really not enough offers, there are the really expensive ones that we will probably never achieve and then the really cheap ones with average offers, then shipping usually cost a few dollars so there’s not much point... There is charities where you can spend your coins on but that’s really it. TLDR: needs more offers and free shipping and it will be a lot better

- App just needs more fine tuning

In my opinion I think that the daily shouldn’t reset once you reach 4 swc since it is only 7 every 3 days, yes you can make a lot of swc from invites..., but it takes 20,000 for $1000 USD, however if it was something like 5000 swc it wouldn’t take so long and it would actually motivate myself and others to walk etc. Overall if features like this were implemented I believe the app would gain much more popularity which also helps to achieve your goals...Please implement

- Lived up to my expectations

When I was getting this app, my friends all thought it was a scam and simply wouldn’t believe that you could get paid for walking. But within a few days of walking, I was able to get a 6 month subscription to Edamame, a nutrition app, worth $70 for free. This has gone above and beyond my expectations and I can’t wait until it becomes a proper block chain currency. ??

- Has been amazing until recent update(s)

I have had this app for a few months and have loved the motivation for walking, but in the most recent update, it no longer works on my phone. I open the app and it says i have to open settings and enable location for sweatcoin, but does not give me any option in settings to do so. And the update before that one, made my ads insanely buggy, and it was a massive effort to watch my daily videos. Devs need to troubleshoot new updates much better, very disappointing.

- 12 days without sweatcoins

I have been using sweatcoin app for 6 months now, in begging it was working perfect until lately I noticed that is counting my steps but is not giving me sweatcoins. Between 15 days it has counted 3 days and 12 days nothing. I wrote to support team and they replied with this message which i think is automatically send. They said that it has to do with gps and that my internet was week, well i am replying them here with this review because I wasn’t allowed to reply that email: GPS location for the app is on, and my internet uses 4G all the time i am out. Stop lying people!!!!!

- Pretty Good

At first I thought this app was a scam and one big lie. Later on I decided to try it out an it works really well. Even though you don’t earn a lot of money, it’s really good how you can earn money for doing something you do everyday. The only thing is that the gifts aren’t the best. I think that you should incorporate for types of gifts like makeup, jewellery or perfume ect. It would definitely make the app better. Overall I love it

- Just 1 thing

Oh it would be so so much better if there were way more things to buy. Maybe you could add a search bar and ppl can search whatever they want, you would definitely get more customers if your company adds a search bar to search for items instead of having boring meditation apps

- Love the concept

This is amazing to discover. Aiming to get 20k sweatcoins to see if u truly get the big prize!! And what comes next. If so I’m gonna get everyone I know to join the community!!!! I understand how it work and how this app can “give away” these prizes listed. Absolute genius!! Wish for big success for this company and maybe once day it can become a tradeable crypto!!

- A novelty only

I have been using this app for a little over a week now, it is rather disappointing. The days when the steps are rewarded, it feels great, but there have been more days when nothing was rewarded, than have. Even once you have some sweat coins in your wallet, all that is on offer in the store are “1st month free” offers for apps... that already offer free trials anyway (without any interaction with sweat coin). It can be a fun novelty, and if it encourages you to get outside and walk more great! But don’t expect to be “earning” anything more.

- Alright

This is a great up to keep you motivated to walk, but I did some calculations. If you walked around 3000 steps, you get 2 sweat coin dollars. If you get 2 dollars everyday it would take you 10,000 days ( around 27 years) to get 20,000 sweat-coins so you can deposit 1000 real dollars. That is a lot of time, and I think you should be able to deposit real money when you get to around 1000 sweat coins. It is still motivating but it is very very expensive. Over all a good app

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- Ad that gives sweatcoin

The apps actually way better than before. It counts the steps that u walk inside but the problem is that the ad you gotta watch to make sweatcoin, I only get like 0.01 or like 1 sweatcoin which is literally nothing. You guys need to upper the game and have a better chance of getting the 10$ or even 25

- Why all the hype?

I tried this app and honestly didn't see any value. You give full access to your location. You end up harassing all your friends to join so you get more "points" and all you get at the end of the day is barely a few pennies towards unachievable rewards. If you weigh in the positives and negatives, you'll notice you're selling ALL your personal info, including apple health data, your contacts and places you visit in return for a $1 at Amazon... Delete and forget.

- Don’t bother

Let’s say you got tempted by that check for $1000 or iPhone or tV, but it physically impossible!!!!! Let’s do the math, shall we?! And here is a break down for you... • to get those prizes you would have to collect 20,000 sweat coins! (FYI:1 coin is 1000 steps) You are given 2 years to complete that!!!! Which is 24 month or 730 days. • now.... you also get daily bonuses! In 730 days you would get 1701 bonus sweat coin! Nice! But... you would also have to pay monthly subscription! Which would come to 720 coins. So in total you would have to make 19,000 sweat coins in 2 years! Or...26 coins a day! First of all the maximum amount of coins based on this app you can make is 20! So they are misleading but advertising false info, But....I said “based on”.... It real life of this app it would precisely count third of your outdoor steps! It’s poorly designed, it got glitches, it doesn’t work unless you’ll swing your hand! Don’t waste your time! I was testing it for a 5 month and it’s horrible! You get addicted to it, but frustrated as you see that it’s not counting your steps. Yeasterday they did some update and it’s a complete disaster! I walked close to 7000 steps and got 1$. Oh, it also kills your battery! Unsubscribing!

- Terrible app overall

This app has really terrible step conversion rates. They tell you it’s 91% of your total steps, but how does 24,417 steps only get converted to 4700 steps? You guys are such a rip off. There’s never anything to claim for Canadians and other countries, so what’s the point? Not worth the effort. Been using the app for over a year and still nothing to claim outside of Calm app. 🙄

- I’d rate it lower if that was possible

How can I walk for 6,163 steps and get only 0.06 sweatcoins? How? Maybe sweatcoin will see this review and explain it to me because every time I send a complaint they always ignore it and after a day or two they ask me how good their response was, like are these people doing drugs??

- scam ads

So stupid if you have the app don’t watch their daily ads because they scam you by trying to show you more than one ad and then never give you anything more than 0.5 sweatcoin for watching it....even all the ads they show are for games that try to scam you out of your money.....very stupid app overall

- Waw

You don’t get no prizes

- Doesn't work

I can't even input my name it crashes in 10 seconds , garbage

- Glitch

So sweat coin was just introduced to Canada and I've downloaded it but all it does is open, give you maybe half of the introductory and then proceeds to close the app mid intro

- Not looking good

I really want to use the app but no code is being sent to me. It never happened to me before and codes are always sent on the spot. Please help

- Nyeahh

Only issue is pretty much every single product available is “US ONLY” as described in the details.. kinda useless if I’m in Canada, Ye?🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

- Waste of time

I’ve had this app to replace the old Carrot and this is no where near what Carrot was. The conversion is very poor and only counts indoor steps not to mention the offers available are exclusively for Americans. Waste of time!

- This app had a bad algorithm so please change it

The app has a bad algorithm in which I walked 1000 steps it only confirmed 280

- Love it - but

I love the app, I think it’s great that they have the charity options and love the extra encouragement for physical activity! My only complaint would be for more of the offers to be available outside of the U.S. I live in Canada so it’s not very often I see a thing I’d like that is also available here.

- Conversion to money?

You should add a feature where you can convert your sweat coins to other currency.

- Prizes

The step counter is nice as it tracks through the day seamlessly, where I walk a lot got work it’s nice to see the coins build (slowly mind you but climb) biggest issue for me is upon looking at the prizes, NONE OF THEM ARE AVAILABLE IN CANADA, and the ones that are, are gift cards or free trials. Please make some prizes available to be collected outside the US.

- disappointment my friends

this app seemed so cool. However, it does not count the steps properly, so it’s very disappointing. For example, I just took a walk and I make more than 5000 steps. Only 3000 were considered. I may be deleting this app soon.

- Not Converting

I used to really like this app but as of right now I had 12,000 steps today and when I converted it, I received $0. Not sure if it’s something I’m doing wrong or....

- Garbage waste of time

The prizes are trash and never fully free, always a catch This will waste your time. Even after 2 years using the app it’s still useless There needs to be cash prizes as promised😏😡

- The New Update is Completely Broken

Bring back the old daily bonus! The new daily bonus takes forever to load just to tell you there are no daily bonuses available, and when it is, you earn a lot less overall than the previous daily bonus. The math from the daily bonuses have been wrong as well. I just got 2 sweat coins and it only added 1 to my total. Even the most exciting part of the new update with the counting of indoor steps doesn’t count properly. I really liked this app, it’s a shame.


since the update for indoor steps literally NONE of my steps will convert. It’s been 3 weeks of logging 3-5000 steps and 0 SWC’s have been converted. It won’t even let me force send steps? You’ve rendered your app useless.

- Please fix this issue.

Ever since the new update where it counts indoor steps, it hasn’t been converting any of my steps at all into sweat coins. I’m getting frustrated.

- No longer like the app

When I first got Sweat Coin the app was great!! I would get lots of steps in outdoor areas and they would be generated into the Sweat Coin money. Now since the newest update where they said that indoor steps would be included, I hate the app. I contacted someone at Sweat Coin through email saying since indoor steps were introduced, none of my steps are being generated now. There are some days I’ve walked over 2000 steps and NONE are generated. Even with the app open, once your phone locks the app closes and you have to open it up again. The new update is a waste of my time and I will probably delete the app if this isn’t fixed.

- Stopped working after I subscribed and they took $60

I walked 85,000 steps the first month. Got all my steps counted. After I upgraded to the paid version they stopped counting my steps. Waste of time. Want my money and time back.

- Please READ

It won’t let me or any of my friends access the app anymore because it needs motion and fitness but it won’t come up there. PLEASE FIX

- Title

This app is great but the spend page needs a search bar

- Disappointed

Stopped counting my steps. Asked for help and it has not been resolved. It was an awesome app but it isn’t doing what it is designed to do🤷🏻‍♀️

- Not an accurate step counter

Pretty unimpressed with the apps ability to calculate steps. The update to include indoor steps doesn’t appear to be working at all, but truthfully my outdoor steps are barely accounted for. Im at least happy to see I’m one of many having issues. Unsubscribing.

- Meh

This app is kind of a waste of time. I’ve done the math and truth is, if you’re at the begging level (mover) you’re going to make barely any money. If you’re a mover, you can only make 5 sweat coins per day. One of the offers is for one thousand dollars, and that costs 20,000 sweat coins. So basically, it will take you 4000 days, (about TEN YEARS) to earn a thousand dollars from this app. Also the conversion is crazy, roughly 1,000 steps is ONE coin. If the average step length is 30 inches, you only get 1 coin for just under a kilometre. So I write all this to say, this app is not worth it at all. Unless you’re incredibly famous and you can use the “share” feature to get sweat coins, you basically are earning close to nothing. Unless you want to take the next 10 years walking just to earn $1000 this app is kind of a rip off. If you read all the way to the bottom thanks I guess.

- Daily bonus not working

Whenever I click the daily bonus to watch an ad, it just loads and doesn’t show up. This could be because I am on an older device but please fix this soon

- Sweatcoin

Ever since the new update the app doesn’t covert my steps into sweatcoin, leaving me some days with 0 coins and I walk close to or more then 20,000 outdoor steps a day

- Reduction of daily coins! Don’t update to the newest version!

I’m so sad that they essentially reduced the 1/2/4 coins down to 0.5/0.5/0.5 coins. I see others saying they added indoor steps and they don’t register. Seeing the same also. Not the same as it used to be

- Not worth it

This app is so trash now. After the update it stopped calculating my steps properly. Out of 1500 steps only 17 was calculated, this has been going on for like a week now. The app is not worth it, just a waste of time

- Sucks

I’d love this app if I got the money send to my bankcard. The things that you can buy are no good and it’s just a waste of time. And you need to get 10,000+ points to get anything good out of it. Delete.

- New Update sucks

New Update (Indoor Steps) doesn’t work. It takes forever to save up sweat coins

- Last update made things worse

The new algorithm is crap. So much for counting indoor steps.

- App not as good as once was

With every update you get less and less rewards I’ve received almost no rewards since last update for 5000 step get zero rewards was a great app not so much now

- Why ruin a good thing?

I was loving this app until the latest update. I loved earning the coins by getting my steps in but also being rewarded for returning every day with the 1,2 and 4 free coins every day. Now they’ve changed it and you basically get 0.5 coins every time you watch an ad. Another good thing ruined.

- These guys just can’t seem to get it right

Bad app, These guys can’t seem to get it right every update nothing gets fixed I have 7000 steps I walk and run out side and i get 3 sweatcoins. Usless Im in canada and there is zero offers for us here, this app seems to be a battery waster! Not to mention do ridiculously stupid prizes they have, they had a 2/3 inch multi tool (one piece of aluminum it looked like basically a beer opener) they wanted 500 sweat coins, what a joke! Been with them for months, got several hundred and cant even redeem anything cause its either ridiculously overpriced or there is nothing to get. Weak! Whats worse now they advertise spam and quick money schemes!! Horrible Now the offers are to spend 100s of sweatcoins for the chance to let a company to send u sonething free but only when u pay and sign up with credit card 😂😂😂 this app is a joke!

- Good app

Encourages exercise.

- This is the most awesome app idea I’ve ever seen!

I am so hooked and motivated to exercise!

- Crashes within the first 10 seconds

Every time I open it, the app closes within 10 seconds.

- Since the latest update...

I haven’t beena able to use the app since the new update. Whenever I activate the app, it stuck on “checking’” in a continuous loop.

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- Not very responsive, ads won’t close

Not sure what’s changed but the app is not very responsive. If you’re doing the free coins, the ads won’t close. The boost is pretty slow to start. And that’s with either full LTE and/or wifi signals.

- Nothing good in the rewards

For a while there were bucket list rewards but not in the past few months. Bring some good prizes back. Something to work towards, not auctions.

- Make it real money

Please make it so you can transfer the money you earned into your bank account. will definitely be a 5 star app then. and also if there were better things you can get with the sweat coins. but being able to put into your bank will be wayyyy better it would’ve literally been the most perfect most best app ever

- Don’t bother with this app.

First time I tried to redeem coins on an online educational item it just didn’t work and wouldn’t let me continue. Second time I tried a discount on a running backpack and the price wasn’t even close to advertised and not worth the effort. This app is borderline scammy at best.

- Doesn’t consistently honour the daily bonus

Do the daily bonus and take your chances on whether or not they are actually going to give it to you or just leave you stuck frozen on the screen that says analyzing which magically resets at midnight and then you can try your luck again the next day and maybe it’ll work.... maybe not

- Cool in theory

You need to have your phone or an Apple Watch on you at all times. I do most of my exercise without my phone and I don’t intend on replacing my current pedometer watch with an Apple Watch just for this app. Its a cool app for motivation in theory, but it’s only made to be function for a very specific group of people.

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Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter 121.1 Screenshots & Images

Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter iphone images
Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter iphone images
Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter iphone images
Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter iphone images
Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter iphone images
Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter iphone images
Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter iphone images
Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter iphone images
Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter iphone images

Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter (Version 121.1) Install & Download

The applications Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2016-09-01 and was developed by Sweatco Ltd [Developer ID: 971023426]. This application file size is 97.18 MB. Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter - Health & Fitness app posted on 2022-04-29 current version is 121.1 and works well on IOS 12.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: swc