Calm [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview

** Best of 2018 Award Winner ** — Apple

** 2017 App of the Year ** — Apple

** Happiest App in the World ** — Center for Humane Technology

Calm is the #1 app for Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation. Join the millions experiencing better sleep, lower stress, and less anxiety with our guided meditations, Sleep Stories, breathing programs, stretching exercises, and relaxing music. Calm is recommended by top psychologists, therapists, and mental health experts.

Calm is the perfect mindfulness app for beginners, but also includes hundreds of programs for intermediate and advanced users. Guided meditation sessions are available in lengths of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 minutes so you can choose the perfect length to fit with your schedule.

Sleep Stories are bedtime stories that are guaranteed to lull you into a deep and restful slumber. Calm has 100+ exclusive Sleep Stories for adults and children alike, featuring well-known talent such as Stephen Fry, Matthew McConaughey, Leona Lewis, and Jerome Flynn. Drift off to dreamland and wake up refreshed.

Sleep Stories include:
* Wonder - Join Matthew McConaughey on a dreamy story about the mysteries of the universe.
* Blue Gold - Let master storyteller Stephen Fry take you on a calming journey through the lavender fields and sleepy village of Provence
* The Nordland Night Train - Travel up the scenic coast of Norway aboard one of Europe's most breathtaking and remote railways.
* Happy Little Zzzs with Bob Ross - Drift off to the soothing brush strokes of beloved painter and TV host Bob Ross.
* And many more...

Mindfulness Topics include:
* Deep Sleep
* Calming Anxiety
* Managing Stress
* Focus and Concentration
* Relationships
* Breaking Habits
* Happiness
* Gratitude
* Self-Esteem
* Body Scan
* Loving-Kindness
* Forgiveness
* Non-judgement
* Mindfulness at Work
* Mindful Walking
* Calm Kids
* And so much more...

Also Featuring:
* An original Daily Calm every day: a 10-minute program added daily to help ease you into the day or unwind with before bed
* 7 and 21 day mindfulness programs for both beginner and advanced users
* Calm Masterclass: Life changing audio classes featuring world-renowned experts
* Calm Body: Mindful stretching and movement to relax your body during the day
* Music: Exclusive music engineered to help you focus, relax or sleep
* Soundscapes: Ocean waves, Heavy Rain, Camp Fire, Babbling Brook, and other sounds to help you sleep
* Breathing exercises to help you relax
* Unguided timed meditation
* 30+ soothing nature sounds and scenes to use during meditation, yoga or to help you sleep

Track your progress with:
* Daily Streaks
* Mindful Minutes

Calm saves your meditation and sleep sessions to your Apple Health app.

Subscription pricing and terms:
Calm offers an auto-renewing monthly subscription at $14.99/month and an auto-renewing yearly subscription at $69.99/year to provide you with unlimited access to the Calm Collection while you maintain an active subscription. Calm also offers a Lifetime subscription for $399.99 which is paid for by a one-off upfront payment with unlimited access to the Calm Collection forever.

Payment will be charged to the credit card connected to your iTunes Account when you confirm the initial subscription purchase. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and the cost of the renewal will be identified. You may manage your subscription and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after the purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription, where applicable.

Read more about our terms and conditions here:
Terms of service:
Privacy policy:

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Calm Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for using Calm! This update contains multiple bug fixes and performance improvements. Be sure to listen to our newest Sleep Stories including “The West Highland Line,” where you’ll explore the scenic Scottish Highlands on one of the most beautiful railway lines in the world. And don’t forget to listen to world-renowned actor Matthew McConaughey’s dreamy story about the mysteries of the universe in “Wonder.” Check out our latest meditation to help ease panic and anxiety. Or drift off to peaceful piano lullabies from Disney classics Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Mulan. As always, you can expect an original Daily Calm every day, new Sleep Stories every week, and new meditation programs. While you're waiting for the update to install, try this simple exercise: taking a deep breath in, say in your mind "breathing in, I am calm". Then breathing out, slowly, silently say "breathing out, I am peaceful". Continue this cycle for a few minutes, breathing in, I am calm... breathing out, I am peaceful. You can use this technique anytime you need a calming break in your day. Enjoy!

Calm Comments & Reviews

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- MeditateJamie


- ehhh

okay so i’m chillin and kinda stressed out over sum stuff then i remember an add i saw everywhere and it was Calm. so i decided to give it a try. i downloaded it and played around with it and i didn’t really like it. it makes it fells so much better than it actually is. but if you really wanna give it a shot you might like it. this is just my opinion and you do you gurlll or boyyyy!!

- I can finally fall asleep

I honestly can’t even tell you if the sleep stories are any good, because I always fall asleep in the first few minutes. I’ve tried listening to Matthew McConaughey’s story 5 times, but I still don’t know what it’s about, lol. Nothing has worked for me like this. Highly recommend.

- Love the app but need more with male narration

I am loving this app but for whatever reason I can’t really explain I simply can not stand the voice of the female narrator. It makes it impossible for me to concentrate on the meditations. Unfortunately her voice is what is available on the majority of modules throughout the app. Can you please add more of the modules like Daily Calm, etc with the male voice? Thanks

- Probably good, I wouldn’t know.

This app may seem great on the outside, but this is probably one of the most money-demanding apps I’ve ever seen. In the summer, I tend to sleep a lot less since it’s so hot, which makes me uncomfortable. I’ve been wanting to better my sleep in the summer for years now, and Calm seemed like the perfect solution. However, when I got the app, I quickly realized that 99% of ALL content is behind a paywall. This app might as well not even have any free audio and force you to get a subscription for access to anything. It is near impossible to find complete and free audio. I am a teenager, I need good sleep to function. Now, I am a few nights further from getting the amount of sleep I need.

- 5 stars reason

I wrote 5 stars because it help me sleep meditate and it has a great story’s and it has everything meditation,ASMR,landscape,story’s, and that is why I 5 star reviewed it

- Feels like Netflix more than a meditation app

I used Headspace for a long time and thought it was dull. Recently, I was given a free year of Calm through AmEx, and I was excited to give it a shot. I had heard about how massive its catalog was. However, after trying it, I’m disappointed by how much of that catalog is absolute junk. Truly useless filler that feels like the weird suggestions you get on Netflix after binging for three days. The meditations previews look more like eye catching movie posters than thoughtful, clear recommendations for meditation sessions. There is little to no structure, and even if you wish there wasn’t much, I can’t recommend this over Headspace either given the clear access Headspace has to timers etc. Calm is clearly supported by tons of VC funding that puts it all towards ads and just getting “content” made rather than being thoughtful about its presentation and flow.

- Major RIP OFF 2

It is not free! I was led to believe this was a free app. Signed up and after a month or so found I was being charged. I went into my settings to cancel and found. Will be charged until 2021! Fraud!!!

- Best $ spent during COVID

Not only was COVID a factor In my increased need for mindful less and meditation but my personal life reasons as well. Thank you Calm❤️

- $$

Downloading is free. Using literally anything on the app $70. Should’ve just listed the price. Uninstalled

- Jeff is amazing but the app is too cluttered

First off, Jeff Warren’s How to Meditate series is fantastic- unpretentious and well done. The app itself needs editing, or an ability to be decluttered. There’s just too much stuff. Children’s bedtime stories. Thomas the Tank engine. Daily philosophically advice, And a really annoying habit of flashing over to a photo of some nature scene when I’m trying to navigate the app. I would prefer a more zen like experience with less clutter.

- Maybe

This is a good app but at the same time we have to pay for it:/

- Love this app but ... a request.

I really love everything about this app except one thing: I would like to be able to choose a male voice for the meditations. The content is great and relevant to me. I love the background sounds. Love the music. I use the app with earbuds so the voice is right in my ear and I just prefer a male voice for this. The pitch is lower and it’s more soothing to me than the female voice.

- Terrible

It was advertised as free app. I looked into it, did not like it and cancelled immediately. However, I constantly get your adds. Please stop this. From this point on for every add you will get a negative review. Cheers

- Why do we not get everything open on the app

I recently got the app it is nice except the songs I used to listen to on there are now part of the premium version I just want to be able to sleep like everyone else so please fix this little incident


What I need now! We are in dark times and need some enlightenment! Thank you CALM for creating this App. What a life saver

- Maybe helpful for young people

The first meditation I tried here mentioned Stephen Covey. If you don't know who that is this app could be right for you. But for those with with any experience in or knowledge of what was once called self-help or even had a rudimentary introduction to boilerplate corporate motivational materials hoisted onto employees in the eighties and nineties, you might be left wanting more. I was suspicious of the big name celeb guests, like Matthew McConaughey but decided to try it. We are all trying to figure out life and depending on where you are on that journey, this might be your ticket. I really mean that. But for me, I find the approach from an app like Headspace to be more straightforward and genuine. I wish you well.

- Calm made me nervous $$$

I tried the Calm app but the app is a trap! Virtually nothing is free and then they won’t let you be. They just want your money so they leave out some honey but your bank account is what they really want to see. Everything is locked except a few little crumbs up comes the premium box because they think you are dumb. If you click on subscribe you’ll be taken for a ride. The seven day trial will last a way longer while if you forget to cancel before the last day my dear, you’ll be on the hook for a year!

- Found and liked anything I could!

There was not much that was unlock so I took the time to find as much as I could and like it so it is easier to find!

- Calmmmm

So calming🤗helps me fall asleep 😴


Ok,when I saw this on a ad I thought I should get this because I cannot sleep well.WELL! Apparently I have PAY FOR IT.But then I see I can do a 7 day free trial,so then I am like YAY. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!Even if you use the 7 day free thing YOU CAN ONLY USE 2!!!!!!!!!AND THEY ARE NOT EVEN IN THE SLEEP SECTION!!!!!! SO I have already DELETED IT DO NOT GET THIS APP

- very helpful so far

i have only been using this app for three days and i rarely give reviews on anything ever but ive been struggling with anxiety and anger problems my whole life and this app is no joke. ive tried other “relaxation” apps and this on is the only one that has ever worked for me. i will definitely be purchasing the full version and will incorporate this app in ky life every day.

- “Free app”....yeah okay.

Why even bother advertising your app as free if nearly ALL of the content costs money. Ridiculous.

- Calm

It’s not free, the ad is misleading about that, it says free on the app also, I got mine canceled before I started to be billed for it!!!

- Highly recommend Calm for those with anxiety!

This really helped me with stress,anxiety,and my self consciousness. I would like to thank the creators of Calm and to tell everybody that this really helps! :)

- Download of Calm

This app is not downloading in a timely fashion, especially at night!

- No accessibility for Deaf

There is no subtitle available for Deaf people. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS ONE!

- Wrong advertising

They advertise its free. Once you sign up, anything you want to hear, you then have to subscribe by paying!

- Sleep stories are great

I loved the sleep stories part but the rest of content is okay!

- Amazing

Wow this is awesome! Highly recommend!

- Click bate app

I could not figure out what am I supposed to do in the app and how will it help me without signing up for the subscription. Nothing in the app is free except a few audio clips that tell you stay in the moment ...ah well.

- Settled

The Calm App helps me to live a more even life. Less worry and more relaxation is in order. I meditate even when I am not on the App. Life is rich!

- Great app

Awesome app

- Don’t get unless you want to spend $$

Downloaded this app and will be deleting after this review. It took me 10 seconds to realize you can’t use this app without spending money. EVERYTHING is LOCKED until they get your money and even then, you’ll run out of stories in a couple weeks. So unless you want to waste your money and have VERY limited content, don’t waste your time with this “app”. I’m really surprised at all the good reviews. There’s hardly any options or content and you run out of stories fast so you’ll have to listen to them over and over. The idea is good but you’ll use up this app and be done with it in 2 weeks. It’s definitely a cash grab app and could definitely be a whole lot better if they actually put some effort in this app.

- Perfect! No bugs!☺️

Ok so this is a great app! And guess what?! NO BUGS! None!😍 Nothing needs fixed! It is great. Every night calm helps me go to sleep by providing audiobooks, calming sounds and more!❤️ So, if you are having trouble sleeping this is the thing for you! It also provides calming meditation for after you work, or from a stressful day.And all of this that I am talking about; is all free!😉 No in app purchases!❤️ So thank you for my time and I highly recommend this app👍🏻👍🏻❤️


I not only cancelled my subscription a long time ago, I deleted this app. I tried it, but it actually kept me awake more than it helped. Please stop sending messages to “update my credit card...NOW” because I’m not going to. For an app that is supposed to help me sleep or relax, your hassling me for $$ does anything but. I DON’T WANT YOUR SERVICES, I CANCELLED MY ACCOUNT, NOW COULD YOU PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE?

- Panic Attack

My 17 yo son woke me at 5am. Had been pacing the floors all night. Stating he can’t breath. Numbness and tingling all over. I’m a ICU RN. I assessed him. He’s experiencing a panic attack. We downloaded Calm to his phone. Plugged in his headphones. I talked him down along with Calm and he’s resting peacefully right now. Thank you for this wonderful App 🥰🥰

- Ambitious but annoying

I tried this app. I found most of the meditations, music, and bedtime stories to be distracting. I think others may benefit, but to me most of the content was annoying. You will also be continuously hounded to get the $70 a year subscription as soon as you try the app. Yes, you get one week free, but cancelling the subscription takes time and effort. Buyer beware.

- Help

I signed up for the feee year through American Express but I am not able to access anything without the pop up for a free week then I have to subscribe and pay

- This was helpful

Since I got this app, it’s helped me to be patient, among other things. I love this app, I just wish there were a few more things that I could do without having to get premium. Thanks!

- Great App... But update flaws

Generally speaking I love the app and use it virtually everyday. However, the last few updates are causing the app to not recognize my downloads. That is, the downloads section in settings says I have 62 meg downloaded but the actual downloads section in the main app where I select the item to listen to, in this case a sleep story, says I've not downloaded anything yet. This is a real hassle because now I have to go and search to find the item I want to listen to every night instead of just going to the downloads section and clocking on the item and listening. If I delete the app and reinstall the app the downloads are listed again without me actually redownloading anything. This tells me the app is getting messed up reach time an update is installed. This is starting to get old. Renewal is coming up and I may just skip it and try another app. There are plenty out there. I like this app though so I'm hoping this gets fixed.

- Forget sleeping

No real sleep tools. Just pictures, background noise or books on tape for $70/year. Unfortunately none of that is helpful unless you like sleeping with headphones.

- Rip off

So I use my Apple Pay to purchase this and STILL get no access to all the content? Should probably mention that from the start. I want my money back!

- Omg

You have to pay for EVERYTHING!

- Limited Meditation Narrators

90% of the meditations are narrated by Tamara Levitt whose voice is not soothing and somewhat annoying. For such an expensive app you would think that they would have more choices for Narrators. Why does almost every meditation narration have to be narrated by one person? There are a lot of meditation options and other nice features so it's too bad that the app is so heavily based on one voice. I wish I had tried the free trial first before purchasing. Definitely will not be renewing.

- Calm is good

I love calm I go to sleep every night in a flash I’m 8 years old and I love it thank you for making this app bye

- It keeps crashing

Hi, it keeps kicking me out of the app. So can you please fix that.

- Ugh

Omg y is this so bad

- Free Trial-NOPE

Always want u to enter credit card and if u forget to cancel after 7 days, charged. I would honestly like a free week to see if I like it before paying 69.99. Can’t try anything, it’s all locked, pointless of a “free” trial.

- Great app

I love this app I just kind of wish there wasn’t a membership

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- Thank You Dearly !!!

Bless you!!! Thank you!!! Love it!!!💯💯💯 ❤️💋🍸🎁🦋💎🥂could you kindly put the motion sensors to turn on if I wake in the night and turn on Calm and put me back to sleep. Shhh I only told you so we can have this in it Everyone would love ❤️ it !!! Pamela (365)888-5787 my cell #

- So expensive

I wouldn’t doubt it as a good app if the prices were cut and if you at least had more to do. I was given 2 options and they didn’t help me at all. I tell what I need help with a suddenly they say I should get this hella over priced premium? Not my cup of tea

- Ridiculous

Everything is a premium feature. This app doesn't deserve its ratings

- Good, needs more tags

I only use the journaling part, so I can’t say anything about expensivity. But it would be better if there were a few more tags in the check-in section, such as social media or news. Most people have peoblems because of these issues and putting these two tags there would be great in my opinion.

- Ugh

I’m a little kid and I Don’t even no the password all the books are locked ugh 😡😡

- Perfect! 👌

They have subscription 75$ a year but it is worth it it’s calming and everything is a perfect amount of time you can set timers on your music for when to stop you can listen to story’s a see all the storytellers and there is one thing called how are you feeling for free get this and it will give you a what are you planing using clam for and there are so many options just go buy it already!

- Review

I honestly really love the app the only downfall is that u have to pay 💰

- Poor customer service

I cancelled after free trial but still got charged can’t get a refund from Apple warning stay away from this app

- prices

the prices are wack, this app will stress you out even more because of that

- Decent enough app but not worth the price

Way too expensive for the features available. Make mental health resources more affordable :)

- If you’re looking for wellbeing look no further

I have tried several apps in the area of both sleep and meditation and none of them have come close to Calm. I have always had problems with quality of sleep and have tried multiple times to learn how to meditate as I have been told countless of times the benefits of what meditation can bring. This app has delivered both improvement of quality of sleep and for the first time I have started to grasp how to meditate. If you are seeking help in either of these areas I couldn’t recommend Calm more.

- Too expensive

I first dl the app but I was looking for a seven days trail but I didn’t have time to go through the he benefits of the app but they started charging me for 79.99. I knew that was the case. I rather spend those money to treat my kids instead of wasting money and time for this greedy mind ppl. I have to have my refund back and put money on my table please. I’m pegging you people. If you did charge me from the beginning I would appreciate your kindness and thankful for everyone. And I hope one day ppl will put food 🥘 in the table to your family. What goes around. What comes around. God blessed good people 🙏

- is good but

It is a really good app but if you are able to pay mountly for that

- Suscription problem

I am trying to unsubscribe to this product. I also tried to contact somebody but is impossible so I have to use this as prove of my intentions. Do not get a suscription with them u am stack with them fir almost one more year and it is not fair

- Too much Tamara

Good app, but almost all the meditations are spoken by one woman, Tamara, who has a super annoying and condescending tone - can’t use it.

- Expensive Automatic Renewal

Was not given options for renewal and was automatically billed for $77 for something I tried with a client once, have no intention of using again. Not impressed at all.

- Non functional

I found nothing that I could use without paying. The app itself was free, but to actually use it costs $$. Deleted.

- Great app but...

It is amazing but it should be free for everything

- Novice to meditation

I’m a notice to meditation and after listening to the intro by JW I was amazed at how well he walked me through to a state of instant calm that had impact for days. I’m now meditating regularly.

- Highly recommended

Much better than I expected and sooooo many wonderful features! Love it!

- A Psychologist's Review

Hands down, the best mindfulness material you can get your hands on. I recommend this to all my clients. Especially the 30-Days of How to Meditate by Jeff Warren (bring him back for more!) For those of you who are outraged by the price, consider this: Calm is developing high quality, evidenced-based (ie., researched) mindfulness material with the leading experts all around the world. You can also go to this material anytime of the day when you need it. A Psychologist on average charges $150-200 per 1hr session (in Canada). This is $400 for lifetime access to clinically proven material. Ask yourself. What is your mental health worth?

- Loved it until they made everything premium

All of the good sleep music and stories were available without a subscription since the app came out but now you can’t listen to them without paying. Probably gonna switch to Breethe.

- No free sections?!

all of parts are premium and can’t use for free ones. so what’s the point to download free if we can’t use it free?

- Best app ever !

This app is the best !!!!! Even better than TikTok

- This is like headspace

Very good meditation app like headspace

- Free app with nothing free

Absolutely everything on this has a cost. Advertising for this site is inaccurate. Meditate (day 1) the big picture... day 2 pay $19.99/mo to access. This “calm” app is quite stressful...

- It can be really annoying

Sometimes It can be really annoying

- Great, but a lot of locked features.

The app is really great, but there are so many locked features. It’s ironically frustrating and restrictive for a wellness app. Well, maybe it’s on par with other apps like it.

- Sucks

Boring and it’s sucks, nothing is free have to pay for it all

- Scam!!!!! Beware

Calm app is the biggest scam. These people stole $86 from my account right after the free trial when I only wanted them to take $9.99 a month. If you subscribe to monthly subscription beware that they will take the whole year upfront and more. They lie about how much they are charging you and charge more on top of that! Huge scam and the app is so boring and stupid. You can download from spotify free sleep music or anything sleep related to get you sleeping faster for free.

- Horrible.

Way too expensive for noise. I tried to relax with the sounds and songs and it drove me nuts. Super annoying. I had to turn it off 5 mins in because the sounds were giving me anxiety. What a waste of an app.

- Good

Good night sleep

- Relax

It helps me feel better if I’m hurt sad or in ruff moments this helps me to stay calm.this is a very great app.

- Cool

Ces vraiment relaxant et aidant mais il y a pleins de session payante$$

- Amazing

This made me feel like I was in dark sky.. just me and myself. Nothing to fear nothing to think just living in the moment as I close my eyes the only thing I focused on was my breath; Usually it’s challenging for me to do that while meditating but this has helped me a lot and I’m still learning. Thank you.

- WTF!!!

In this crazy time of fear and isolation we all need help to breathe, center, and sleep, but most of us can barely or even can’t afford rent/mortgage and food. Even when things were “normal” an awful lot of people, myself included can’t afford the “premium” version. We are the ones who need this expression of love/kindness the most, yet we are denied because we can’t afford it. How is this about helping people when it only helps people who can afford it??? I live on $1,000 per month!!! You could easily lower the price substantially and would help so many more people and therefore make more than enough money to cover your costs. Please think about this. Yours in love and kindness, M.

- Works whenever it wants to

I got the yearly membership and was looking forward to the night time stories and the mediation but the app in itself only opens when it wants to. Some nights I open the app only to find that it’s a black screen and I wait for it to load, but it doesn’t leaving me without meditation or a nighttime story when I am paying for a service I’m not receiving. Now it got to the point where it doesn’t work during the day so at this point I want my money back. I shouldn’t check during different times of the day to see if the app that I am paying for is working ... the quality of the stuff on the app itself is amazing and works hence the three stars but the inaccessibility of the content is ridiculous.

- Calm will help you

Relaxing, amazing, overall great to take 10-15 min in your day to disconnect and relax, love it.

- Clear simple solutions

I am presently dealing with an incredible amount of stressful issues in my life. Your guidance and support has started to provide me with what I need to discover within myself for a solution to dealing with these issues.Thanks

- 🌎🤲🏽🐄🧲🍀


- I love app

Hi there I love this app

- Great for all ages

Great for my daughter who unlike her brothers is too keyed up to sleep at night sometimes. My 13 yr old son and 19 yr old niece like LeBron James message

- Billing

..... It billed me for a whole year, instead of month that I switched to..... $80 later Apple won’t refund me. Pretty brutal

- Great app

So relaxing best app for anxiety

- What a joke

The download of the app is free, but nothing in the app does.

- Review

I used used to be a calm rational person BEFORE calm invaded my computer Every time I end a game and want to continue the game, CALM INVADES MY COMPUTER I am becoming very angry Maybe this is the intention of CALM GET THE BUGGARS SO ANGRY THAT THEY WILL BUY, One good thing, it is breaking my addiction to computer games So I will go outside to see the sun Which is way more calming

- Too expensive

I love this app, I would gladly pay for it but not at the ridiculous prices they’re asking for. Even if they offered a monthly rate I’d be more willing to buy it. Nearly $80 up front is too steep of a price to pay.

- Amazing work!

It is has really good sleep stories but some I find have too much music. For example, Sierra and the Moonlit Ball, I find it has too much music. But great work!

- Money cost

I’m giving this a 1 star only for the simple fact that if someone is going through a hard time. We shouldn’t make them pay to help them feel better. Sometimes it’s money causing the pain and heart ache sometimes it’s not but not all ppl that need help can’t afford to pay

- The beginning

I am amazed how are minds are powerful , This is just the beginning

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- Sucker you in to upgrade

None of the features in the ap work unless you upgrade to premium. L51T

- Calm


- Super helpful

I love calm it is awesome but it needs some changes that fact that all most everything is locked makes me sick so that needs some change and one and that basketball 🏀 player dude is awesome we need some more a that and this is coming from a nine year old girl so he awesomeness and it really helps with my siblings they irritate me so much you get me right so calm is calming 😍🏳️‍🌈

- So calming

The best

- I love it so much.

It is so calm I love it so much it is so cool

- Great stories!

Fell asleep peacefully and I have a problem with staying up and I didn’t stay up late laying in my bed I fell RIgHt asleep! I love this app just wish it was cheaper every year.Keep working hard and more people might give it five stars to!

- It’s ok

When I first got started EVERYTHING was premium and I couldn’t do anything

- Making it thru

For the last 3 years I have had a lot of life changes. Managing mind, health and body have been difficult. I’ve closed in on addictive behaviors, depression and anxiety. This app helps to keep some things in check for me; along with regular therapy sessions and checking in with my doctors. I’m able to manage the harder parts of life without the use of medications. I’m able to start making better choices that I believe will become better habits. I enjoy the short yoga sessions and the stress management features.

- My first day

It works!

- Relaxing

It’s my first few minutes and I’m already in love with the app! It’s so calming and the stories help a lot! I also love the stories and the music in the background! The reminders will help a lot with my sleep and the reminders will remind me to do one of the sleep sessions or listen to one of the stories. Over all I personally love the app 10-10 recommendation and you should try out calm to!

- II

And it

- Not a free app

I have no idea how the app is. Basically you need to have a subscription to do anything. So, this is not a free app.

- So nice but

It asks you every time to rate it you need to fix it

- Valuable resource in and out of the classroom

Applied to get this app to use as an educator in a middle school classroom. It was a constant in my room all year and into our distance learning time. We listened to meditations and music and sounds to calm and inspire. During our independent reading times I would project the fireplace image and sounds, other days the mountains and lake or a summer meadow. It became a fabulous part of our cultural. Now I have “breathing moments” during our Zoom classes. I share my screen and the students listen and watch. I truly appreciate the Calm app. I hope to continue using it in my classroom and encourage you to try it in your own. The students and I love it. (Their favorite was the Labron James’s series.) Thank you for this valuable resource!

- Good start

Good start

- Sleeping just got easier

Using the Calm apt made going to sleep a breeze. Slept through the night too!

- Sleep

Love Calm, it helps me fall asleep every night. I also like the daily meditations.

- Calm

It’s awesome I love listening to sleep stories at night it really helps me calm down and get rid of bad dreams the only down part too it is that I can’t unlock the calm premium besides that this app is amazing it has things to calm down anxiety you can do meditation and you can listen to relaxing music and it recommends things for you after you fill out your daily mood for I love it I’m obsessed.

- Calm

I only like the music so far sorry it is just that the other stuff is boring and you should add a search for the music

- Ehh

I wish you could listen to more stories and music without getting the premium calm.Please let us use more.thank you 😎

- Review

I actually feel feel good after day one I’m excited to see how this goes 👍🏽👍🏽

- Recommended by my therapist

I really like my first meditation session. I have trauma from my past and still carry it. Now, my body is physically breaking down and I have to help myself. My therapist recommended this app. I just wish it was cheaper. Some people can’t afford to pay 80.00 in one lump sum. I think 50 is more reasonable. Thanks!

- It help me

Help me with my anxiety like depression and my stressed.

- Premium

I can’t do anything on the app because literally everything is for premium and I can’t afford it.

- Locked Stories

This is a great app for sleeping. I was out in minutes listening to “Blue Gold” which by the way is the only story i want to listen to that isn't locked. Unless you have the premium version of “Calm” almost all stories, music, or nature sounds are locked. I would like that amount to be lessened. I’m sure lots of people agree. I don't want to spend money on stories to make me sleep. Thank you.

- can I not pay to be calm

I got this app because my therapist recommended it because I was always stressed out, but when I got it I had to pay for so many things that should be helping me. It seems like a good app but I shouldn’t have to pay for 90% of the things that’s supposed to help me.

- Calm is a great app

Calm is such a great app. I use it every night. I especially like the sleep meditations. They help instruct you to go to sleep.

- Doesn’t work

I have subscribed to an annual membership and was planning to use it often but I hate it. The truth is it’s content has been designed to make you pay for the “CALM” you will never achieve. Sadly dissatisfied. Don’t waste your money on this one, there a plenty of them better than this.

- Great app !

Loved playing the sleep stories and meditation to the kids. IMPROVEMENT scope- Wish we court play all the audios mediations and stories in google play or Alexa. It’s not giving the option to do so.!

- Need to be rich for this app

Almost everything in this app requires a subscription with a fee of 69.99 a month witch is highly to much I think they should make it free

- Perfect

Just what I needed 🙂


i love it! i have anxiety and it helps so much!! and loveee the sounds. so soothing and it feels like i’m actually at the places! totally recommend!

- Maybe calm premium doesn’t have all of the good stories

I think calm is a wonderful way to reduce my anxiety and help me sleep better. The one issue I’m having is that when I want a sleep story there is only two stories to listen to and I’m getting tired of listening to them over and over again. There should be more story’s and maybe consider the music to have 1 open. But overall it is an amazing app to help yourself CALM ( get it 😉) down. It can get a 5 star app if you just add a few more story’s that are not locked, and some music or calming sounds I can listen to!

- Misleading advertising

Nothing is free and you first have to create an account add to your Facebook so they get access to your Facebook for free but then you can’t use the app unless you pay

- Amazing.

Honestly I just quit smoking and this is the best thing to help me sleep since I struggle with insomnia. If you’re having trouble sleeping use this app!!!

- 😎 cool

This is cool the calm sounds that it’s gonna make..lm and my sis love it

- “Free Apps”

I am so. So very tired of these apps that are free to download but then have a obnoxious subscription to even use the app. This one being a 70 bucks for a year subscription.

- Should not claim to support Family Share

Like many expensive subscription apps Calm claims to support Apple Family share. However, In-app purchases and subscriptions cannot be shared, so no, your purchase of Calm cannot be shared. Only the free portion (accessible for 1 week) can be shared—which is of course unnecessary since family members don’t need family share for something that is already free. Family members would actually be better off downloading it directly because the free access only lasts one week so they’d at least get their own trial period instead of whatever remains of a family member’s. There is fine print in the App Store which says that Family Share does not support in-app purchases and subscriptions, but nothing in the app itself will tell you that your $70 one year subscription cannot be shared with a family member or significant other. It would be simpler and more honest if Calm would opt-out of Family Share so it would not display that capability on their App Store description as Family Share is only relevant and useful for one-time paid apps. You have a very nice app otherwise.

- It’s amazing but.....

It’s amazing but so many things are locked.

- Too much $$$ for an app

I enjoyed the sleep stories for the kids section. The yearly payment seemed a bit pricey. But otherwise, a really great app.

- Many options and very effective

Every medication short or long has always left me in a better mental state.

- Better Faster sleep

No more tv at nights now this app helps me relax faster clear my mind and fall asleep faster. As a business owner it’s hard to turn my mind off at nights but not anymore. Thanks for a great app that actually works! West Monroe la Steve

- I so need this but

I can’t afford this right now. We are in a real bad time but would love to get more. Mostly everything is lock so there’s not much to try. And to be able to get in I need to pay almost $70 for the year. Bummer!!

- Nothing Free

There are no free options. Only way to use the app is to pay for subscription.

- Great App but

The app is great,I love Steven Lion’s,Mathew M ,however Tamra its awful, and she is in a lot

- Very poor interface

Ironically, this application is an exercise in frustration. I am trying to link my paid one year subscription to Alexa Echo. After going through all the crap, I am told “authorization required.” There is no explanation for this, so I am stuck. One would think, given their calming mission, these folks would hire designers who understand user friendliness, instead of user hostility. Fortunately, these people have competition.

- Cost too much.

It’s a good looking app but it cost an arm and a leg just to do basic meditations.

- I

Cost to much

- Bummed

I got because on the preview I heard Ken Watanabe voice. So I downloaded the app and can’t find any story with his voice in it.

- First time using the app.

This is my first time using this and I LOVE IT. When I first heard of it was on an ad and I thought I would download it but i didn’t then I just downloaded it I fell in love with it. Although I wish everything was free though. ( ̄ー ̄)

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- No contact - beware of any emails offering Calm discount

I listened to some of this app & received an email from Calm inviting me to a discount for the premium app. I went ahead & bought the app, even though there was no deal due to me being in Australia not realising that it was in US $. However, I did not receive the premium after paying. I have emailed Calm twice with no response & now having to put in a bank dispute to get my money back.


So I was on my phone then this ad came up with calm so I tried it it was so good then it charged me $100 i wasnt even on the trial so please dont try this app

- Poo

You just don’t need all of them for pay ok because I don’t have money to pay and my friend does and when I go to her house of mediation she puts it on and there really good but not to good so don’t have pay on there

- Expensive

Wish it was free and no costs we're needed

- Calm

I love it I have adhd and get anxiety a lot this helped a lot thank you I am happier and less stressful I love it soooooooo much

- Meditation voices

I really like this app but I much prefer John Armstrong’s voice or at least having another option of a voice to meditate to, unfortunately, this is only available in the series of “7 days...” and not the rest of the meditations. I want to keep this app but I really find it difficult to listen to most of the meditations’ voices. Can we please have options for all the meditation sessions?

- Great app

Love the sleep stories Really helps with preparing for sleep

- Amazing!

I have always heard about Mindfulness and its benefits, but I have never taken a step towards knowing it. I in love with this app. I am so happy to have found a tool that helps me to understand my monkey mind and have a better quality of life! Thank you Calm. You are spectacular!

- I dislike

I got this because I struggle getting to sleep I open the app and I can do NOTHING NOTHING BUT SOME MOOD CHECK THING I just wanted some peace and meditation but I could do anything without paying $80!!!!!!! Annually I barely have the money and need some good sleep do not fall for the free subscription I MEAN DO NOT fall for it I don’t recommend unless you have loads of money to spend it seems nice but why make an app free but you can do absolutely nothing!!!!!

- Awesome sleep story’s

They are so good I love them

- Sleepcast

Better Apps that update content out there. Buy this app and expect not to many changes in content. Repetitive and boring as an adult

- Paywalls

Shame there’s literally only one sleep story to choose from otherwise you have to pay $80 a year... would rather use YouTube

- Calm

The app is great and there are lots of stories to choose from but if you have the free version there are few stories to listen to unless you pay $79 a year so I recommend paying $79 because there will be whole new range of stories

- Ridiculous

Free to download, $80 per year to use. I can create my own playlist on the Spotify account I already have. Review your subscription offers, and maybe I would have kept the app.

- It is a cool app

It makes me calm but you have a free trial for a week but it is a good app

- Amazing app! Very affordable and provides excellent resources

This is my favourite meditation app! Its great for beginners and advanced meditators! It’s much cheaper than its counterparts and it has an abundance of resources, including calendars, meditation sessions ranging from 90 seconds to open-ended, master classes, digital notebooks and journals, music as well as sleep stories!


Personlly I don’t want to be paying $80 a year for something that should be free. Like come on have some decentcy

- Calm

Really calming

- Too expensive

Unfortunately the subscription is to expensive for me

- Very disappointed

Don’t be fooled by the smart design and graphics, this is a very difficult app to navigate, a lot of preaching before each session, abysmal customer service, can’t recommend it

- Needs bigger library and more narrators

Calm is over rated, it needs a bigger selection of calming sounds, options and other voices / narrators for meditation. Not everyone wants to listen to a women’s voice for meditation for every almost every track. like other reviews, The app also charged me straight away without any warning. I downloaded the app to trial it, didn’t like it and the. Charged me a full year. I tried to get my money back but was VERY difficult as had to go through Apple and couldn’t go through calm direct. I wouldn’t pay for this. There are plenty options on YouTube.

- So cool 😎

I love it 😻 like so much but I don’t like the paying part but the rest is perfect 👌 live it. See la

- Bugs

It cashes and glitches so often


I am the last person you’d ever see meditating, stretching and ect but this app has made my nights so stress free and as calm as can be! I can’t go to bed without having a stretch and meditation now ❤️

- Thanks

I love exploring the spaces calm create, it is an essential part of my life that is always there to create exactly what I love about it. So thanks calm, you’re great.

- Calm

Loving it so far, my daughter also finds it helpful getting to sleep.

- Practically no free content

Rubbish that they expect you to sign up without being able to preview much free content.

- Thank you ☺️

I love this app it helps when I’m think about family problems I just play this and makes me happy inside

- It made me relaxed and calm!

At first, before i downloaded this app, i felt really stressed and i had thought running around in my head, but after listening to one of the audio meditation course, i felt really relaxed and calm and everything was still. I didn’t feel my heart beat and i didn’t feel my breathing. I knew i had a right choice of downloading this app!

- Calm

This app and its content are fantastic and have had benefit to Me my friend's and my family highly recommend. I was new to meditation and mindfulness and now it’s a daily practice.

- Amazing

Love this app it’s so calming and put you on the straight and narrow manually . Amazing

- Great app

Great app, it really helps me to keep focused and calm down using techniques for breathing. And really helps me get to sleep

- Love the app. Been subscriber for 2yrs +

Seen some great changes over the years, yet sleep and master classes didn’t seem to be a added master class monthly and sleep stories was little short on your great naps which has been proven to increase brain functioning memory and such. As a veteran pensioner and with physical and ptsd which goi g through 12 months of 2hrs a night sleep. Your app was helping in many areas yet a certain stuff up with a hospital that was not prepared for mental health in military and emergency services. My veterans psychiatrist was away. I came out sleeping 45min a night and Was allowed to open up my problems in there classes as was to high for civilian patients. So my service dog and I practically lived in our room. Even took smoking back up worse Upto pkt go massive triggers. Obviously can’t give the clinic hospital that is private and did not like me using my calm app during the prison sentence. Yet in Australia and bad dollar. I don’t know if I can. Afford another yr payment and really don’t want to not have Calm available to me trying to get back into my old patterns of daily meditation and morning daily with a sleep story it’s not a cure yet I was getting benefits once found routine done daily. I’m hoping maybe your company may look into helping veterans emergency service personal mostly us that are now on permanent pensions and medically discharged which the suciside rate is still fairly high yet media interest has decreased due to. They can’t get the footage of war zones that are still having soldiers in those areas plus have done some incredible bad fake news to get soldiers into some getting jailed for many yrs yet have been taking adds out in certain countries where if your not there religion behind cameras are called shocking names yet offering cash if they give a story of any soldiers upsetting there homes or treatment during our war to help them which many would smile and say no helping bad men then finding weapons explosives under floor boards to use on our troops. So many where turning up for there cash payments as no evidence was required. Very sore point sorry as it’s been nil reported on any media tv as it gained higher ratings at soldiers that have to give there events yet who in this PC world are going to get away with there record of an event not the soldier as many people have started to forget now they feel secure . Yet many died and suffer huge injuries for our countries and the safty that people could walk the streets and sleep in knowing there not a target or there car is not the next IED. I’ve recommended to others to try the app. Yet on our pensions and everything being subscribers based don’t have the $100 odd dollars in Australia. So I think it would be great to see this great app have a pension discount even if it is required to email copy of your pension card showing TPI or such and there either military or emergency service on it like dept veteran affairs. As I’m trying to help others help there drs and psychiatrist treatments work better with meditation and the Master class knowledge which the sleep and other medical specialist ones are very helpful but also are the writers of great books like eat pray ..... and others. Didn’t want to break any copyright or thinking I’m being sponsored to write this. Just bee. With you from the early days of what has grown into a great looking and easy to use app. With quality professionals in there areas. Not a weekend certificate winner. I know it’s long I’m sorry but I haven’t had any shut eye in 48hrs which happens so I’ll get back to my 4-5 hrs a night I hope with out sleepers as I’m on enough meds with out waking like I’ve drunk 1 LTr of Jack before bed. Please Calm look at helping those that have done there job well but have also suffered from our service. Buy making it easier to afford a 1 yr sub and not get a shock at the price of something many have never tried and will dismiss due to trying to live on pension alone with no outlook to working again and especially those of us that loved our jobs and worked hard for no overtime no special treatment only stricter laws and no room for 3 min late yet took oaths and signed up volunteers to serve our country and it’s people with knowledge we may pay with our lives to give a better life to others. I’d love to know if this becomes available so I can keep my membership going. While trying to help myself and have some self respect return knowing I’m helping in my treatment as not all days is the sun out and being alone can be very very hard. 👍😎🇦🇺

- I love this app

This is amazing I feel so calm From SKYE 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

- Nothing is Free

I’m sure this app would be great but considering what’s going on in the world, a lot of people can’t afford to pay for mental health assistance. My anxiety is through the roof and my insomnia is driving me crazy, but I’m not about to pay for meditation. Sorry, but I accessed one free day of sessions then that’s it. All it does is tell me to breathe...

- What happened?

You used to have free sections we could use but now they’re all locked unless you pay $79.99 - yeah no thanks

- Love this app

I love the voice overs. The people’s voices used are nice to the ear which is a huge part why i chose this app. Plus lots of options of meditations and other things to utilise too.

- Auto charged me for subscription

Auto charged my account for a subscription and I never signed up for an annual trial. Can’t get in touch with anyone to cancel the $79 charge... this is BS.

- Urg

I deleted this app and it’s been a month and it’s STILL CHARGING FROM MY ACCOUNT NOT HAPPY.

- Takes your money

I signed up for a 7 day free trial but after 5 days it took $80 out of my bank account.

- My opinion

This is stupid you basically cant do anything without the premium

- Rest

I couldn’t cope without you CALM. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU XXXOOO

- It’s really helping me

This is probably the most turbulent crazy time in the last 100 years as the world combats COVID-19. This program is essential to easing my mind from the stress and anxiety. I love taking the time to be still

- Calm is great.

Calm helped me get through about 50 or more nightmares i would play sympathy of rain and half way through I was dead asleep it really works try it now

- Acceptance

Very appropriate for today and feeling grounded!!


I use this app when I’m feeling particularly anxious and having a rough time getting to sleep and I can not tell you just how wonderful it is! It has many features that just make the app so easy and stress free to use for example I love that you can have a background sound going (for example rain) and be able to still turn your phone off and the sound carries on! (Some apps the sound turns off when you turn your phone off making it hard to use if you want it while your trying to sleep) There is a large selection of sounds to be able to choose from and not have to pay it’s just great I can’t tell you the amount of times it’s helped me :))

- Love it But expensive

Love love love it pretty much the only thing that helps me sleep at night. Love the timer so that the sounds shut off after 15 mins etc. I used a free trial and thought the meditations were great. I just can’t justify the cost. Too expensive

- Soothing sounds in a crisis

Huge choice of soothing music to help with stress anxiety and insomnia to get away from the news and focus on wellbeing input well worth a trial

- Calm

This app will help me glide through things very good 😊

- #Calm

Calm is transformative!

- Michael David

This is really useful and makes feel so relaxed. Thanks Calm.

- I want a my refund of N17900.... useless app

You Guys are thieves and fraudsters, I didn’t authorize nor subscribe to the useless app and you Guys went ahead to debit me of 17900, I will make sure I blacklist your image on all of your platforms. I promise you that. Worst App ever. I canceled a subscription and never used the App for once and you went ahead to debit me.

- This is a great program

I have benefited from the app.Great work.

- This app really help A LOT!!!

I love it!!!!

- more free services

too much stuff on premium too little for the free service

- Is calm indeed!

Is calm!

- Refund my money

Please refund my money. I had even deleted the app before you people took my mone.

- Refund for my money

Please kindly refund my money.thanks

- Satisfactory


- Great app!

Wasn’t too sure what to expect when I downloaded calm but I must say for someone who is really tensed up a lot and a deep thinker, I have found it as a really good outlet to release all the tension and calm my thoughts. All pun intended. Lol

- Nice

Wow this app is good

- Beautiful App

Really helpful application

- Everything is premium

If you don’t intend on going premium, don’t even waste your time with this, there’s only one story available free. You don’t get to try much before paying for it!!

- Thank you Calm!

Daily Calm is now a part of my life. I wish I had it long before now. I will continue to recommend it to all my friends and colleagues. Thank you for developing this beautiful life help.

- Nice

I felt really calm

- Review


- Great app

The calm app keeps me centered first thing every morning.

@RizzleEl And all this is allegedly.... so calm your tits.

@archiveskookie: sir, please calm down

bts songs makes me feel calm and okay everytime sadness hits me

Today is going to be marvelous morning, this is interesting beginning that you've been waiting for: Try to make yo…

@archiveskookie: sir, please calm down

@gukksbunny: calm down sir......

@NCTsmtown haechan~aaaaa 생일 축하 I don't know what else to say, because I'm always at a loss for words to people I ca…

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Calm 4.27 Screenshots & Images

Calm iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Calm iphone images
Calm iphone images
Calm iphone images
Calm iphone images
Calm iphone images
Calm iphone images
Calm ipad images
Calm ipad images
Calm ipad images
Calm ipad images
Calm ipad images
Calm ipad images
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Calm (Version 4.27) Install & Download

The applications Calm was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2013-02-22 and was developed by [Developer ID: 571800813]. This application file size is 159.57 MB. Calm - Health & Fitness posted on 2020-06-01 current version is 4.27 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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