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What is workoutdoors app? WorkOutDoors is the most advanced and most configurable workout app for the Apple Watch. It's perfect for running, cycling, hiking and any other indoor or outdoor activity.

Note: WorkOutDoors requires an Apple Watch. It is not necessary to have your iPhone with you during a workout.


- 38 different activity types, including all the major activities
- Configure multiple screens with metrics from a pool of over 600 data fields and graphs
- All workouts are saved to Apple's Health system and are viewable in the Health & Fitness apps
- Export workouts as FIT/TCX/GPX files, or automatically upload to Strava (even from the watch)
- Dozens of alert types (e.g. mile/km notifications; high heart rate; low speed; zone changes etc)
- Configure which metrics are displayed and/or spoken for an alert
- GPS signal strength shown before starting a workout, so you can wait for a good signal
- Create your own Interval Schedules: e.g. Warm Up for 5 minutes, Run 5 miles; Cool Down
- Supports Bluetooth sensors for speed, cadence, distance, heart rate & power (including Stryd)
- Zones can be configured for heart rates and also for pace and power metrics
- Associate actions with gestures: e.g. double tap to start a new interval, or to show music controls
- Auto-pause available for many outdoor activities (including Apple's algorithm where available)
- Set a Target Pace and see how far ahead or behind you are (can show a target icon on the map)
- Analyse workouts in great depth on the iPhone app, including detailed lap and interval splits
- Supports watchOS 9 running metrics: power, ground contact time and vertical oscillation (only available on recent models of watch).


- Maps can be cached on the watch for use when offline
- Topographic vector map option with configurable contours and hill shading
- Maps can be smoothly panned and zoomed, and can rotate according to the compass
- Map-only mode for when you don't want to start a workout and just need a map
- Uses OpenStreetMap, which includes the trails necessary for outdoor workouts
- Maps cover the whole world. No further purchases or subscriptions required for anything
- A breadcrumb trail of your whole route is displayed on the map during the workout
- A scale is shown on the map when you zoom, making it easy to see the distance to features
- Load GPX routes and display them on top of the map to aid navigation
- Routes are coloured by gradient: from red for steep uphill to blue for steep downhill
- Get alerts when you deviate from or return to the GPX route
- Waypoints in routes are shown as icons (supports "groundspeak" geocache data)
- Shows a red compass pointing north and a green compass pointing to the start
- Tap the green compass to see the distance to the start (double tap a compass to hide it)
- "Smart Contours" use different colours to make it easier to read the terrain at a glance

The app also has many, many more features (far too many to list here!).  

All this is included for a single one-off payment. There are no extra in-app purchases or subscriptions. If you own an Apple Watch and do any form of exercise, then WorkOutDoors is the app for you. Give it a go!

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WorkOutDoors Customer Service, Editor Notes:

WorkOutDoors Version 4.923 December 2022

This version fixes the missing complications for some watch faces on 40mm and 41mm watches..

WorkOutDoors Version 4.719 September 2022

Workaround for a bug in iOS 16 on the iPhone 14 Pro that makes maps on the iPhone app completely purple!.

WorkOutDoors Comments & Reviews 2023

- Hands down the best running app I have used!

WorkOutDoors is hands down the best watch running app that I have used! I have run using Garmin for over a decade and really like Garmin. When I purchased my first iPhone I decided to also get an Apple watch. I loved the functionality of the watch, however was unimpressed with the built in Workout app. This led me on a search for a better app. I ended up testing TrainingPeaks, Strava, iSmoothRun, and WorkOutDoors. I didn't like the subscription models for TrainingPeaks or Strava. Multiple searches named iSmooth run as the best Apple running app and in the beginning it looked like it was going to meet my needs. However, as I used the app and started analyzing the data I realized laps were being displayed incorrectly in Apple health and the cadence it reported was simply wrong. I reached out to the developer who never responded. And then ... I found WorkOutDoors. I have never had so much power on my wrist. You can have 4+ screens, you can have 18+ metrics on each screen, the list of metrics you can choose from is in the 100's, you can easily build workouts, you can get alerted (voice and watch) if you are outside a defined zone (like heart rate or pace), you can get key metric alerts (voice and watch) by time and/or distance, you can download maps and routes to your watch and get alerted if you are off your route, you can reviewed detailed information about each run, etc.

- Amazing!!!!!! Must Have!

This app is the REAL DEAL! It is worth every penny and then some! I am an average workout person, but all the other apps do not have enough controllable data. Also, this app announces any run metrics I want. You can choose any metrics (including graphs) you want to see on the screen from as little as 2 metrics to over 10!! The customization doesn’t end with the screen or announced metrics, you can even create your own custom intervals into whatever workout you like. Make no mistake, this app does anything you want and can be for basic users to advanced users. I would say there is some customizing you will want to do, but it can just be a “download and use” app too. I don’t just use this for running, I also use it for HIIT training, strength training and interval training. This app does it all! Forget all the other apps. All of your info exports to Apple Health accurately and you can even export the files from the app to upload into other apps manually. Before I purchased it, I messaged the developer and he responded right away and answered my questions! They are really cool and want to make sure you are getting the help you need when you have questions. I could go on, but just get the app and you’ll see for yourself!

- Great app, even better customer service

I downloaded WorkOutDoors for the same reason most people probably do-it’s the most customizable, user-friendly workout app out there. I’ve been able to use my watch without needing to have a phone handy, and with the customizable watch faces, I basically have everything I feel I need during my runs. I’ll say this however, earlier today (yes, today) the watch app crashed twice during a one-hour run which was really frustrating-I have been going through multiple different fitness apps during the last few weeks, and hate losing data. In any case once I got home, I wrote to the developer and he helped me fix the problem and address the issue directly. It’s by far the best customer service I’ve ever encountered, and he was able to suggest a few different fixes (sometimes iOS crashes the app when there are too many other apps open, or if I’ve run too much in the same area, something having to do with memory stored on the app). I highly highly recommend downloading WorkOutDoors to anyone working with a heart rate monitor looking to stay in their zones during their runs/bikes etc. and anyone who’s interested in more than the normal data available with most apps.

- Incredibly flexible, complete, pro workout app for a tiny price.

This app blows my mind with how many features it has. The watch app is completely configurable to whatever needs you have. It has every option I could imagine. It’s also so cheap for the power it provides! The developers are obviously true fitness enthusiasts who want to give us everything. Thank you! My recommendation is to sit down for an hour and really dig in to the different options for the various screens on the watch app. The default configurations are very good but everyone has different goals. Once you start customizing it you’ll start to appreciate the power and depth of the analytics and live stats available to you. I set up my primary running screen to have huge numbers for average pace and instantaneous pace. These are the two stats most relevant to me at the moment but on my secondary screens I can see granular detail on absolutely anything I want. Amazing! I can even get map navigation and gpx files for trail runs. Truly awesome. Works great on all watches but it’s a necessity if you have the Apple Watch ultra. This is app makes it a truly pro-level fitness watch.

- Literally The Best Fitness App

If you are using Apple Fitness or Strava to track your workouts you should buy this app now. Here’s why, The app allows you to see vastly much more data than Apple Fitness and you can see it it your own custom way (better than Strava). Worried about not being able to show your workouts on Strava? You can upload them to Strava whenever you want. You can customize the watch app for when you’re on a run or a bike ride or anything else to give you exactly the data you want. You can import GPX track files to go to the route you want. Downloading maps to the watch, yep you can do that too. It allows you to get an amazing view of maps and terrain. If you’re thinking of buying a Garmin and ditching the apple watch? Buy this app, save all that money you were going to spend on a Garmin and buy something to help your fitness journey. Literally the best money you will ever spend. I am actually bummed out that I didn’t use this earlier so I could analyze every detail of my workouts like I do now. Get the app!

- An amazing exercise tracker that’s worth the price

This is a phenomenal app! So far, I’ve used it for Cycling, Running, Walking, and Hiking and I’m blown away. I will admit the flexibility and configurability of the app is a bit much — but for the control freaks out there (like me) it’s amazing. You can change the screen layout, notifications, warnings, etc. for every activity; this means that when you hike you can pick what data you want to see and it’s different from the screens you see when you run, or ski, or golf, or whatever. I think my favorite feature is the customizable notifications. The Apple Fitness app would tell me my pace after each mile I ran; now I’ve configured WorkOutDoors to tell me my pace, heart rate, heart rate zone, distance, and time of day every half mile (and I could have it read out two dozen other pieces of data to me). When I went hiking, it would remind me to eat a snack every 40 minutes which is awesome! Here’s the TL;DR: this app has amazing customizability, tracking stats, and is worth every penny!

- Outstanding App

I am a ultra long distance hiker (Camino de Santiago, Tour Du Mont Blanc, Japan Camino and many others). Until the Apple Watch 5 and Workoutdoors app, I could not justify making the switch from my trusty Garmin HR watch. However, this app provides all the info (plus much more) of the Garmin. And importantly, the battery life of the Apple Watch now allows me to make it through a full day of hiking without having to charge the battery. WorkOutDoors’ii user interface and ease of use is excellent. To date, I have only used the hiking portion of the app, but there are also many others, including running, cycling, skiing, etc. One other point- I initially had a problem getting the app to record altitude climbs. I wrote an email to Ian at the customer support desk for WorkOutDo. Within 2 hours, he responded with the fix (I need to give “permission” for the app to get this info. Part of apples’s privacy protections, which is a positive). Ian was very helpful and friendly, and most importantly, fixed my problem. Count me a very happy user of this app.

- Lots of great data. No trail routes on my hikes?!

Super promising. Great reviews. My earlier review is below. Turns out I’m an idiot. The 45 degree compensation thing was throwing me off. Changed to 0 and all is better. Went on two hikes so far. The data is great! The maps lacked trails in my hiking spot, which is a little disappointing. Gaia and AllTrails have trail routes marked on their maps. Not sure why WorkOutDoors doesn’t have the trails. Can I add new map sources? Anyway, the data is great. Will continue to experiment on future hikes. —- The dealbreaker for me is that the map won’t show my current forward orientation. Other similar apps show your position on the map with your gps position locked pointing forward, and when you turn, the map turns, not the pointer. This is nice because you always see what’s ahead of you at the top of the map. There are map settings to rotate the map, but as far as I can tell, they don’t do a thing. In fact, a few times I made a change, only to return to the setting screen to find that it had been reset?! Is this a bug? Am I’m doing something wrong? I can’t tell… but I play with a lot of these types of apps and haven’t run into something like this. I’m using an XS Max and a Series 5. I’ll keep an eye on this and continue to play around. I’ll def update if it’s due to my misunderstanding. Thanks for reading.

- This is THE app for trail running and hiking on an Apple Watch

If you’re like me, and you trail run/hike a lot and you have an Apple Watch but want the functionality of a Garmin or Suunto, this app effectively turns your Apple Watch into one. I love how customizable it is, so I can see on one screen my map and route, distance, time, cumulative elevation gain, speed vs my target speed, and my heart rate. Amazing. But beyond that, I emailed the developer Ian today about how to extend battery life since I’m going on a long 8 hour run, and he responded within 20-30 minutes with a list of super helpful tips, including a major one—if I decide to recharge the watch mid-run with a power pack , make sure to end the workout because watchOS may kill the app and I’d lose my workout data. I find it’s rare to have such a committed and engaged developer, so this puts WorkOutDoors at the top of the GPS mapping/outdoor activity tracking apps for the Apple Watch. Thanks Ian!

- Finally makes the Apple Watch a true sports watch!

I’m a competitive runner, and have used a Garmin watch for years. I’ve tried switching over to the Apple Watch on numerous occasions in the past, and although I love the smartwatch capabilities, the Apple fitness app was always severely lacking in my opinion. I couldn’t customize the information I saw, and didn’t have access to anywhere near the amount of data I did with my Garmin, so I was never able to stick with the Apple Watch for long. That all changed thanks to this app however. The level of customization, and the amount of data available to me rivals — if not surpasses — that of my Garmin, and has FINALLY made the Apple Watch a viable competitor to dedicated sports watches. If you’re a runner, or an athlete of any kind, and find the Apple fitness app lacking, I HIGHLY recommend checking this one out. Well worth the cost.

- Great app for Runners or any outdoor activities

I have been using an Apple Watch for a few years now and love the overall functionality as a smart watch but it leaves a lot to be desired for tracking anything but the basics. Once I started running seriously I felt tempted to get a Garmin but knew I’d only use for running so it was hard justifying another smart watch. This app really bridges the gap. I use it for primarily for running but also walking, cycling and hiking. You can just start it and go or build your own custom training plans. It’s great for intervals and easy to setup. There are a ton of metrics and alerts you can enable to give you audio cues and keep you on track. Everything from pacing, heart rate, distance, and so on. The screens are customizable, great maps, you can import/export and sync with other apps like Strava. I highly recommend it.

- Truly amazing, like no other

This app has just about every feature you could think of. It allows offline maps data to be downloaded to the Apple Watch so you can use the maps without an internet connection. It is very useful when running in unfamiliar areas and helps me to get around. There are all sorts of workout modes. The developer support is also top quality and he responded to my request in what must have been under an hour. He was very helpful and gave easy instructions to access the feature I was asking for, which was the ability to use maps on the Apple Watch without starting a workout. You can customize just about everything in this app, even more so than Apple’s Workout app. There are tons of notification options for all different events, and you have options between haptic, voice, and more.

- This is the best app I have ever seen

This app is epic, I would recommend it to anyone who wants all of the data from outdoor activities. It is worth so much more money then it currently costs. Buy this app. This is the first time a have actually purchased an app, mainly because I am cheap. But Apple just did not have any activity apps that could use the full capability of its hardware, with the major flaw of pausing the workout when my shirt got in the way, loosing all of the data for the workout rendering the watch completely useless. Also I really wanted something that was fully customizable. This app solved every problem I was having and then offered a million times more capability. I cannot thank the developers of this app enough for their dedication to true data rich customization in a user friendly app.

- Great Apple Watch app

I got a S3 Apple Watch recently and I like the basic functionalities provided by a few native apps but the main problem I have with the smart watches in general is I don’t find any other apps particularly useful on watch. I rarely find myself prefer to use the watch version of the app when I have the phone. I am very glad I found this app though since it actually provided added utility to the watch when i am outdoor either doing exercise or hiking. The transfer of map from iPhone to watch is especially cool since you don’t need the phone around to look at the map on the watch. It basically replaced my native watch exercise app whenever I am outdoor. I liked it so much that I gifted one to my wife so she had to try it out. I’m not 100% how much battery it uses compared to the native app but so far seems alright.

- One of a kind

I am a runner and a cyclist. I enjoy mountain biking and riding new trails. I have found the Apple Watch to be a great tool for tracking my activities and even playing music when running but was severely lacking in maps for off road activities. This app was the solution to that problem and most likely prevented me from buying a dedicated fitness device like a Garmin watch or cycling computer. I was bit skeptical that this would actually work well but I was blown away. I customized the screens just the way I want to have them for my activities, downloaded some maps to the watch for offline use, and even loaded a gpx route. I hopped on my mountain bike and went for a ride and it all worked perfectly. The upload to strava at the end of the ride was perfect as well. Bottom line: This is a fantastic app! Well worth $5.

- Best running app for Apple Watch

Coming from a garmin Watch, I was used to highly flexible and customizable screens on the watch, no other app can come close to the configuration and flexibility of this app. To add the ability to load routes or simply have a breadcrumb of any route you take, without needing your phone is just amazing. Allows you to really be free with your running and always get back home. Can not wait to use it with hiking. The depth of data is quite amazing on the iPhone app as well. Seeing what your stats were at any given point of your run, right on your phone after the run is just unheard of. Did I mention you can “share” directly to garmin connect from within the app which can then feed strava, map my run, etc. or you can use RunGap or similar app to export from health to your favorite running tracker.

- Fantastic app

This app sat on my phone for a year before I actually started using it. Should have done so much earlier. Has all the features I want. Easy to use. Love this one. Highly customizable trainings plans are immensely effective in driving running economy improvement. Without reading any kind of user instructions, within fifteen minutes I had HR Zone based speed workouts, pace based speed works, and tempo run workouts created and uploaded to my watch. Yesterday went out to the track for the first test run. Had to figure out some of the features through trial and error (could have saved some effort by reading the online use guidebook), but halfway through the workout had everything I wanted to know figured out.

- Ultra upgrade needed!!!

I tried this app on the series 7 and because of the watches lack of tactile buttons and me finding out I hate running marathons whilst fiddling with a touch screen and of course the poor battery life. All downfalls of the watch not the app. I abandoned the watch and went to an Epix 2. But I’m giving the Ultra a try and low and behold this app has not been upgraded to make use of the Activity button. Now I know the developer per say. He’s very engaged with his customers. In fact when I was having issues with my series 7 we’d email. He’s extremely responsive. That said please please add the ability to customize the Activity button now. That is all. I give the app right now a 4 because hardware and software need to be working in harmony. What good is a Porsche if the performance is governed by an outdated ECU aka software aka Workoutdoors. If the story is that you’re still building the app in your garage then charge more and hire more developers. We are pulling for you.

- Don’t even think twice, just buy this app

I’ve never felt “compelled” to write a review like this before, best workout app on the watch I’ve ever seen, or even imagined possible! Truly taking advantage of every piece of this device and the result is amazing. While I had simple requirements, it definitely exceeded everything I had hoped it to be. It also works very well with the Apple software when it comes to workouts, health data and audio handling integrations on the watch. I had weird results with other apps, where they would screw up my music/audiobook playback for intervals, or record very basic crap data for a running workout, in the end kept going back to the native one. This app does it all perfectly! With intense customizations too. So happy with this. Well done!

- Customization is incredible!

I love this app! Setting up workouts using WorkOutDoors is so much more user friendly and detailed than the app I was using previously. It took me a few runs to hone into which key details I wanted to be able to quickly see (and which I didn’t), but once you fine tune your screens to your liking, it’s awesome. I have also used this app while hiking and the map features are helpful. Highly recommend for AW users looking to ditch their Garmin. The only thing it is missing is ability to track miles on running shoes. Also, unable to edit distance on indoor runs (to match distance on TM) like you can with other apps, so I label the workout with the # of miles run for reference.

- Dissatisfied After Update

For some reason, the history stopped showing a map of my workout on my IPhone starting in late May 2022. It still shows it on the Apple Watch but I don’t like the color maps he started using. The colors camouflage the workout route and make it hard to see. Before the update, I always had a hard time stopping a workout. Now it’s even harder. I press and press and press and nothing happens. It often adds 15 to 30 seconds to my workout time. And the workout choices are so small and close together, I can’t see them well with my aging eyes and I occasionally press the wrong workout (e.g., run when I meant to press cycle). And then I don’t realize it until I’m well into the workout. On the plus side, I love the voice alerts at the mile markers. I’m now looking for another workout app that will do that.

- Great for running!

I just discovered this app via reddit and I wish I found it sooner. I'm training for a marathon and I like to plan my routes ahead of time. This app is perfect for my need. I imported a gpx file for a 11 mile run into the app on my apple watch and left my phone at home. The app showed me the route in bright color and I just followed along all the way till the end. It saved the run to the Apple workout app with the map of my run too. When the weather gets warmer it'll be a very useful app to go hiking with. One thing I wish the app has is voice guidance and if it could tell me the miles I've run. Hopefully these features will come in future releases. Oh and the developer was so quick to reply when I emailed with questions. I highly recommend this app.

- Amazing app!

This is hands down the best workout app I have used which has been a lot. It’s ability to customize what it shows on the display is great. No matter what you want to see for almost any type workout it is most likely an option. The view of the maps on the display as well is very accurate and extremely useful. The analytics afterwards are so detailed that they blow away every other app. I was loving that I could see my pace, steps, heart rate, among many others at any point in the workout. My only regret is that I waited for so long to buy this app even after seeing numerous amazing reviews. Don’t hesitate like I did. Totally worth it and is a steal at $5 for what you get. Developer is very responsive and puts a lot of work into this app.

- The Most Incredible Watch app!

The developer of WorkOutDoors has created a masterpiece app for the Apple Watch. I have tried over a dozen fitness apps (literally) for the Watch. None match the smoothness and functionality of WorkOutDoors. Plus, it's map/navigation performance will amaze and delight. A+ P.S. Why, in the name of all that is good and holy, is WorkOutDoors not listed in Apple's Watch App Store as a premier fitness app? If Apple wanted to do itself a favor, it would draw as much attention to this app as possible since it does a better job of demonstrating the full potential of the Watch platform than any other app of which I am aware. Please know that I don't know the developer, or am associated with WorkOutDoors, in any way. But, in all modesty, I know a great Watch app when I see one. 😏

- Best workout app I’ve ever used

This app has it all, and I am sad that I did not hear about it earlier. I used to use the native Apple Watch workout feature, which is great, but missing a lot of features that I wanted to see. You can customize the screens to show the data that is most important to you, and swipe left or right to switch between screens. As a runner who has a hard time staying in “zone” heart rate targets, the option to have haptic/audio alerts when I reach a certain heart rate has been incredible for keeping my effort in check. It’s one of the most underrated apps I’ve ever used and for that, it deserves my first ever app review. Thank you Ian for making such an amazing product.

- Most sophisticated iOS app and Apple Watch app available for running and more.

If you are a stats geek or want to follow specific training or workout plans this is the app for you. I have tried every Running app that has an Apple Watch companion and nothing even comes close to this. The ability to customize every screen you see, the ability to customize every interval you run (I use it for running but it has modes for every type of activity you can imagine from skiing to horseback riding to yoga...), the ability to have haptics and spoken alerts and screen messages when you are off pace... it’s really endlessly configurable and just incredibly well done. Thanks much guys for all the hard work that went into this!

- Best Fitness Tracker By Far

UPDATE: This app blows all the big name apps (think running shoe brand apps) away!! The developer said they were working on a few things and boy did they deliver. The interval, alert, voice and tracking functionality is amazing. The options to customize can be a bit overwhelming but it’s awesome once you get the hang of it but any data point what you want to track is available. Love the interface and the colors. I get excited to run just so I can use this app :) If you like running without your phone, love data and the freedom to customize your views. Really let’s you get into the details of your workout and create screens with the information you are most interested in and just about any stat you can think of. Easy and intuitive to use. Needs just a few more features to make it the perfect running companion: 1. Ability to view cumulative results for analysis of performance over time. 2. Tap on graphs or data for larger views with landscape view option and overlays. Great customer service too. I sent a question by email and received a reply very quickly. Look forward to seeing more of this app!

- Still the best workout app

I’ve been using this app for several years now for every workout I do, up to and including half a dozen marathons now. It offers so many features and works really well. It was very solid for me on my Series 4 watch and having recently updated to a Series 6 it is just as good. A few key features I really like: * highly customisable interval workouts * customisable workout audio countdowns that play from the watch or via Bluetooth headphones * highly customisable display * past workouts are stored both on the watch and in the iPhone app, making it much easier to find them than searching Strava * the raw workout data is accessible (and easily transferable) from both the watch and the iPhone app. This contrasts with the Garmin Connect outage which showed how difficult it is to access your own data. Since ditching my Garmin watch due to its flaky connectivity with my iPhone, WorkOutDoors on the Apple Watch has been a far better experience. As with others, I also commend Ian, the developer, on his awesome feedback and assistance if needed. Strongly recommended.

- Perfect for Running and Biking

Love this app, Just what I’ve been looking for!!! Spent hours and hours over the last month trying various apps, my search is over!! Works great for heart zone training... works well with my iWatch. Clear displays and easy to read while running or biking. I’m over 50 and usually need reading glasses but the readout is large enough so I don’t have to wear glasses while running!! It’s even easy to download routes I create from other applications, routes off the internet or routes that my friends send me. In addition great analysis tools after my runs or bikes. Can’t wait until spring, I plan on using this for hiking as well.

- I Have Never Loved An App So Much!

I never write reviews because I’m lazy and most apps are just meh to me. I’m a runner and I left my Garmin forerunner for an Apple Watch and almost immediately regretted it. A couple of internet searches led me to this app and it has been a game changer. I can customize my screen layout with the exact running metrics that I want to see while I run. I can set intervals with audio cues and view my heart rate zone while doing fartleks. This app is what the Apple workout app should of been. My absolute favorite thing about this app is that it is a one-time fee instead of the subscription model apps that everyone seems to be implementing nowadays. 5/5 stars and I will (and did) recommend!

- Shaping up as the best activity tracker for Apple Watch

The main thing you need to know about this app is that the developer is fantastically responsive to user feedback, and as a result this is as feature-packed an activity tracker app as you’ll find for Apple Watch, and the first one I’ve found so far that accurately tracks cadence. The mapping feature has been useful when running unfamiliar trails - when following a preloaded GPX route it’s very clear from a quick glimpse at the wrist when you’ve wandered off the path. While I’ve noticed and reported a couple of minor glitches in this new version, the developer’s commitment to supporting his users makes this very much a 5-star app.

- Wow

I’ve been using the built-in workout app on the Apple Watch for over a year and was getting frustrated with the lack of detailed information and customizability in the app as well as in the Activity app when compared to other fitness trackers on cheaper devices. After some searching, I found WorkOutDoors, and it has everything I was looking for. Customization is easy. All your stats are displayed clearly. It’s fantastic and well worth the price. Also, I reached out to the dev with a question and he responded within a day and told me exactly what I needed to know. I never mind paying for a full-featured app from a responsive dev.

- Cannot Get Swim to count in yards

I was very impressed with the variety of ways one can set up a watch face but there is one glaring issue. I can’t get this app to record a swim in yards. It’s stuck on meters. I’ve tried different suggestions such as shut down the app and watch and then retry sending the settings to the watch. Just won’t work which makes the swim part useless. As bad as the Apple swim app might be, it can record the swim in meters or yards quite easily. This needs to get fixed. Another issue with the swim workout on the watch is how it allows the Watch to go into sleep mode. The Apple Watch swim app keeps the data visible with just the mild wrist up to refresh the data. I was very excited setting this app up that took over 2 hours for all of my sports but now I’m quite disappointed in that it seems to act like something engineered in the 1980s.

- Very detailed, great value

Highly recommended. Has pretty much everything you could want from a fitness tracker app. I’ve used it for cycling but am looking forward to testing it for backpacking and traveling. I love how incredibly customizable the screen layouts are, allowing you go choose basically anything you could want to have available at a glance during an activity. You can also auto export your workouts to Strava. The only thing I wish were better is the UI—but considering this is a one man operation I can understand why it’s a big rough around the edges aesthetically speaking. In the end, functionality is all that really matters and this thing is functional as hell!

- Feature rich / best workout app for Apple Watch by far

I downloaded WorkOutDoors after purchasing the Apple Watch Series 7 Cellular. Coming from using the Garmin Fenix 6S (still use for long runs), WorkOutDoors blows away all other Apple Watch Exercise Apps. This App has unrivaled watch based real-time graphing of metrics that you won’t find from other apps. The amount of customization and data available compared to the underwhelming Apple Workout App is night and day. For the price, buying this app is a no brainer if you’re a runner / outdoor enthusiast and want a huge array of customization, data fields and a really nice “bread crumb” mapping feature.

- This is a new level of awesome!

I was a former Garmin user and loved the information provided. I gave in and bought an AW3 earlier this year. I fell in love, for the most part. Garmin offered me way more running information. The Apple Workout app is really nice, but extremely simple, aka lacking. I tried the NRC app. Nicer, but it crashed a couple times during my best runs. Information gone. Today I read the reviews and decided to try another 3P app. Holy Cow!!!! For $5 I feel like I got the deal of the century!!! It’s like having a $250 Garmin. It’s everything you could want in a running app, and more. (Except a vocal cue) Mr. Developer, I would pay double for a web page of this information. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

- Finally!

The new version with Series 7 support is utterly amazing. The new maps have more detail than my Garmin Epix 2. With offline downloads to the watch, maps are more responsive and navigation is a breeze. This app makes the Apple Watch THE ultimate outdoor tool. This app is the only reason the Apple Watch can compete with Garmin. I never want to lose this app and hope the developer is in it for the long haul! Nothing on the App Store competes with the value this app offers. I’d easily pay $20 bucks for an app like this, and if that’s what it takes to keep the developer in business for decades to come sign me up for life.

- You need this

I’m not the person to write reviews, but when something deserves recognition, I feel obliged to write about it. This app is sensational. I almost bought a garmin watch until I found out about this app. The data it provides and customizability for the price is unrivaled. It makes my Apple Watch equivalent or even better than a garmin in some circumstances. I am an avid Strava user and I use to record activities on Strava. But after I found this app, I will never record on strava again. It still lets you auto upload activities to strava and ports all the data over as well so it’s a win-win.

- Best. Best. Best. Not even any competitor comes close!

This is easily the best Apple Watch app ever. The functionality and ability to custom tailor it to your needs is above and beyond. Apple and every other big company should be ashamed of what this app proves… that a small dedicated team can beat their offerings by huge leaps and bounds. I had a question for customer service and emailed support… and they emailed back WITHIN HOURS. And it wasn’t even a generic form response. It was a genuine, detailed repose from someone who cared. Thank you Ian! If you do any outdoor activities and don’t have this app… you are missing out of so much! Just buy it! It’s worth it!

- By far the best Running App out there

This is by far the absolute best running out out there. The amount of customizations you can do is far and beyond any other app I’ve tried. Major kudos to the developer for putting this together. Really great support and response time from the developer as well to a few questions I had with the app. Only slight downside is that it currently doesn’t have turn by turn direction support, but that is apparently coming soon. Hey n the meantime — spend the $$, support this developer, and start using one of the best apps out on here! Any desire I’ve had to go back to my Garmin Fenix 5 is gone!!

- Best Apple Watch Workout App

Been using this app for a few months now and it is hands down the best workout app for the Apple Watch. I’ve used a bunch of other ones, and none of them come remotely close to the flexibility and features that WorkOutDoors provides. The newest update includes the only thing I thought was missing - interval support. Used it this morning and loved it. This app is the only one out there that contains anywhere near the same amount of functionality as a Garmin, and frankly I’d use this over a Garmin any day. Developer is also super friendly and responds to any questions sent in immediately. Can not recommend this app enough

- Average pace completely out of wack

This app is amazing and tops the competition in almost every way. But, probably the most important thing is average pace tracking. And for some reason mine is being horrendous. I’ve smoothed it out completely and I’ve heard these “smart” watches (I recently went from Garmin to an Apple Watch 6) are a bit more responsive with their tracking then the performance watches and that’s why the pace changes more rapidly. But this can’t be the only problem. After playing with it a bit I realize the average pace is completely inaccurate and practically useless to look at, smoothing it all the way only made it slightly less worse. I hope this is just something on my end that can be fixed cause this kinda makes the whole thing pointless if it can do one of the most essential things.

- So solid I sold my Fenix

I’ve had a Garmin Fenix 2, Fenix 5x, and 7x Solar Sapphire. All amazing watches, but day in and day out I still prefer the functionality of my Apple Watch and never thought my Fenix would be replaced by the Apple Watch until Workoutdoors. I have now found that I leave my Fenix at home and just use Workoutdoors. So customizable and easy to use. Super reliable. I love the custom alerts and customizing multiple screens for each different outdoor activity. For example I have my Mountain pages set up totally different than my Hiking pages. Great work on a killer app that I literally tell everyone about.

- Most Excellent Watch App

This is by far one of the best Apple Watch apps I own. It is very highly customizable, with beautifully designed faces while in a workout. It makes the Apple Workout app look pedestrian by comparison. Once a workout is done, you can review the workout either on the iPhone, OR on the watch! If you do regular workouts while wearing your Apple Watch, you owe it to yourself to purchase this app. I think you will be very glad you did. The only change I suggest the Developer consider is to add a Tip Jar so those of us who truly love the app can show our appreciation every now and again.

- This app is NO joke!!

I you need to have an outdoor activity tracking app with maps and crazy customizations for all metrics, this is the very best app out there. It does this as a stand-alone watch app, not a tethered app to your phone! You can leave your phone behind on those trail runs or leave it in you bag in airplane mode to save your phones battery while you hike. With downloadable map tiles you can keep an eye on your location while you hike those less than maintained trails. If you are searching for an app for your watch and worried about spending the $, please understand that this app is a serious value. Thanks Devs for your excellent work.

- It Needs One Button for Lapping (or “Next Interval”)

I’m a competitive high school middle distance runner. Track workouts are a staple in my training, whether it’s 300m repeats or threshold 800s. I’ve had an Apple Watch Series 3 for some time now, however, I’ve used a Garmin Forerunner 645 for the past few years, due to the ability to press a single button to lap. Having to press two buttons (Digital Crown & side button) makes it tough to accurately lap the watch which is frustrating to say the least. If WorkOutDoors figured out a way to utilize the Digital Crown as a lap button, I (along with many, many other competitive athletes) would be all over this.


I NEVER write reviews, but for Workoutdoors I had to. This app is the biggest bang for your buck in terms of app cost to feature add that you will get on your Apple Watch. I highly recommend for any athlete that tracks GPX, cares about metrics, and plans routes before going out on their exercise (should be most athletes!). This app enables the user, like no other, to fully customize the workout metrics displayed to them during their workout. The offline maps + off-route notifications were enough for me to buy the app, but the full customization capabilities blew me away. 💯/10 rating!

- Best Hiking App

This is the Best hiking app available that truly functions on Apple Watch. The screens are configurable to your liking. Navigation is a breeze. Importing gpx files is a snap. I have been using this app for 2 months. In that time I have tried every “hiking “ app available for iPhone or Apple Watch regardless of cost. I need something that works every time especially without cellular or wifi. I do deep mountain hiking and rarely have any connection. Nothing I have tried compares to WorkOutdoors. It works great and looks great on Apple Watch. My recommendation is to quit looking, buy it and get out there.

- One stop app, I wish I had written it

This app is a game changer. It’s not free but worth every penny. 2 things are outstanding: configurable screens for every activity ( w maps! Zoomable maps! That include trails and downloadable for offline use! For every where in the world! And tons of data you can choose to see or not) and import and export of routes you did or you are trying to follow… So choose the defaults or make your own configs and there’s no way you cannot tailor this app for you… Also no account needed you can share your activity w the world only if you want to.

- Great App and Customer Service

I downloaded this a few months ago. The first use I was unable to figure out one thing out. I searched the website and could not find the answer. I was wanting to figure it out for a hike the next day. I assumed I would have to hike without the app since it was the weekend. I went ahead and contacted customer support. I got a response within a few hours. The issue was on my end - a learning curve. I got the help I needed and was able to to the app without further issue. It has been a couple months now and it is used almost daily. I love the ease of it. Could not ask for more!

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- Best running app for Apple Watch

I installed this app two days ago and have been amazed at the unmatched customisation within the app for every bit of data you could think of. I have used it multiple so far and nothing comes close to the amount of data available to display. Just a few suggestions for further development: ability to completely turn off or on the notifications for ‘target pace’ (e.g in running pop ups will come up - ‘fast pace’ or ‘slow pace’), ability to turn on or off constant heart rate tracking, ability to create a pre-scheduled workout on the watch in case you don’t have your phone, and to create multiple notifications in the pre scheduled workouts e.g one beep at 20 seconds and another at 25 seconds. This is without a doubt the best running app, and with these few more features it’s everything I could possibly ask for. Great job!

- What a runner needs

This is the app that serious runners need on the Apple Watch - so much data and so much configuration. It turns the Apple Watch into a serious Garmin competitor - especially when paired with the series 4 watch. The only suggestion I have would be to allow customizable pre-configured intervals. With my running group we run to a meeting point, do an interval session/Fartlek, then run back to our workplaces. Ideally you could launch a start interval x program that would guide you through the session (just copy the functionality of the interval app and you will be fine) and would track that as three workouts. Keep up the good work!

- Just keeps going from fantastic to brilliant and better

I’ve been using this app for a while now and I don’t think I could go to any other as the guy behind this just keeps making it better and better. It’s one of the few apps that doesn’t require a membership or signing up to anything and yet it delivers everything and more than some of the big-name apps. I just love using it and appreciate how comprehensive and simple it is to use. Not only that but data can be exported into some other great apps that also don’t need to be linked to databases or friends or shared with the world. Thanks for a fantastic app.

- Best running app for any watch.

I love this app so much. I can customise my display screens exactly as I like them. The maps are great and allow me to explore new places easily on a run. The post-run metrics, especially after an interval run are stunning. If you use an Apple Watch for outdoor activities and take a little time to set it up how you like you won’t regret it. I currently have my faster runs set up with a notification every 500m telling me how I’m tracking against target and have been using that to successfully improve on my personal best 5km times.

- Turn your apple watch to a Garmin

While using my apple watch seriers 3 i had issues with upglouding to strava. In the workout app my distance was cut by 7k and in Strava app my hr just stopped mesuring and i needed to pause and repasue to get new metrics. I had concerns spending $5.99, but I went for a run and I loved it. before the run I upgloed the gpx rounte to the watch and dowlanded the region I was runing in. While running it gave me realy nice metrics, I can also change the screens. I can set intervals. And the best part everything uploded to strava + my cadence upgloded as well The best ap for apple watc

- Forget the rest - Seriously

Not normally a reviewer but on this occasion... have tried different workout apps specifically for running, hiking and cycling and there has been something that doesn’t quite suit. This one is so customisable that you basically create it to work how YOU want it to. Then there’s the maps element which is awesome. On top of all this, it still gets updated periodically and the price is fair. Seriously, from one ‘hard to please’ customer I assure anyone out there this is well worth the purchase.

- If you run or ride… Get this app!

This app is so good! I love how it just works right out of the gate. But then once you get comfortable with it you can customise almost everything that you could need to, to align with your running or riding goals. My favourite feature for exploring new trails is the route loading and map viewing ability, this has finally freed me from needing to bring my phone with me! This is now my go to tracking app for all my outdoor exercise and adventures!

- Best Apple Watch app available

You have an Apple Watch and it does not already have this app then you have a rubbish watch. This is hands down the best app for Apple Watch it does everything you need to record and track your workouts. Not quite as pretty as Apple’s own app but sooooooo much more useful and it still syncs with apple health and related ecosystem. Also work seamlessly with Strava. Just friggen download it now and you will not be disappointed. I use it everyday now.

- Wow

This app is amazing. I’ve previously used the native workout app on Apple Watch, along with many of common third party apps, and this absolutely trumps them all by a large margin. It has so many metrics it’s unbelievable. Its the most customisable app I’ve ever seen. It also automatically synchronises with Strava which even the native workout app can’t do. If you’re into running or any other exercise that needs to be tracked,,,,, just get this app. You won’t regret it.

- Incredibly detailed and customisable replacement for my Garmin Forerunner 645

An incredibly detailed, customisable and essential app for those coming from the Garmin world. The mapping, metrics and heart rate alerts provided by the app, coupled with the built in safety features provided by Apple make a robust and comprehensive solution. Price is surprisingly generous given the depth of capabilities. Five stars, however I’ll be keeping a close eye on feature enhancements so as to utilise the Apple Watch Ultra action button.

- Best running app by a mile

Strava & Nike watch out!!!! This app is by far the best running app around. It has an amazing ability to customize screens and data just the way you like it. The maps, routes and guidance are second to none. Iv never written a review before but this app just amazed me. You won’t be disappointed and YES you can easily upload your runs to strava if you wish to remain on strava the difference is this app will give you everything strava doesn’t. Well done, great app.

- Richer than first appeared

I tried WorkOutDoors a couple of years ago and liked it, but over the past 3 months since the Apple Watch 6 was released I’ve been using every day for running, hiking, cycling and kayaking. The richness of the functionality it provides the watch for alerting when I deviate from target pace or heart rate or deviate from a planned route are excellent. I recently sold my Garmin Fenix as WorkOutDoors makes the Apple Watch an outdoors must-have.

- Great app to use and don’t need any others

I really love this app for my new Ultra Watch and the developer is so quick to reply your enquiry. You can feedback your thoughts and they will let you know whether the function you need will be added into list or not. So many functions and self definition functions could be used and don’t want other apps at all! Thanks for developing this app.

- Best app for cycling and hiking with an Apple Watch

The title says it all. The mapping is excellent smooth and intuitive on the Watch. It’s absolutely packed with features and is incredibly customisable. This is basically the app I always dreamt of when I first got an Apple Watch. Makes urban cycling much more fun as it takes the guesswork out of navigation. The iPhone app also offers excellent workout analysis. 10/10

- Trail runners dreams come true!

I rarely write app reviews, but I had to write this one. I had my Apple Watch for close to 2 years now, but this is the app I have always wished for. Previously I used a combination of Strava and ViewRanger and always had problems with the 2 apps competing with each other on my watch. WorkOutDoors ticks all my requirements to have reliable offline typographic maps on my watch, and giving me all the data I need while I’m running and for post run analysis, plus easy export to strava. Finally someone had the dedication to write a fantastic app for the watch rather than doing a half baked hybrid iPhone/watch app. Just amazing the level of screen customisation. Still to find something I’m missing. Very stable too. Well done!!!!

- Brilliant App.

I’ve been using this App almost every day for around 6 months now and I love it. I’ve been able to configure it with exactly the data I need displayed and it’s truly been able to replace my running watch on runs up to around 4-5 hours where I’m now also streaming music and podcasts from a single device on my wrist. Great value.

- Turn Apple Watch into Garmin

Been using Apple Watch for 4 years now, have always been envy my friends who use Garmin. This app basically bring your Apple Watch on par with Garmin. Shows GPS signal strength (never start the workout until full bar), Higher frequency on GPS sampling (no more smooth corner), allow pre-program workout (very configurable), allow customisation on what is display on the watch face.

- Best not just running app I’ve found

Great app easy to programme intervals etc great data which is easily viewed and not complex - allows files to be uploaded for tracks/maps - I would love to be able to share intervals with friends - but this really is a well developed user friendly app a big thumbs up to the developers 👍

- the Garmin killer

WOW!! What an app. This review is going to read like a paid promotion but seriously it’s not. This app is just amazing. If you are serious about running or cycling, this is the app to make your Apple Watch equivalent to a Garmin sports watch. It does all sorts of interval training, it’s SUPER customisable in terms of the display, audio cues, even the controls themselves. Super pleased with this app, keep up the great work team.

- Brilliant! A must for map based adventuring

Great app! I tested 3 apps simultaneously yesterday (this, Strava, & built-in Workout) and this quickly became my favourite. It just exposed so much information compared to the other apps. I was exploring a barely used bush trail, and this app gave me the confidence that I was still going the correct way. I am holding back from a 5 star rating because there are two things that would improve the so for me. - The altitude reading does not match the reading from new always on altitude sensor (understandable as this is a new sensor) - The map does not show contour lines, which means I need to still use another OSM app on my iPhone to navigate. I will update to 5 stars if/when those are addressed, as it will then be a perfect app.

- Love the app

Love the app, I did have a few issues where it would crash occasionally but I suspect that may have been more the watch, have reinstalled now and all seems to be working, I love the customisation of the app and the fact that you can have many different sports.

- Best Exercise app, responsive developer

This is the most customisable exercise app out there. It has mapping functions, every imaginable metric and is equally strong as a hiking app as a running app. It kills everything else out there. The dev in my experience is extremely responsive and constantly improving the app. Just brilliant.

- Best running app on Apple Watch

If you like stats and being able to configure them in pretty much any way you like... What this app can pack into the small screen real estate of the watch is really impressive. You can cram lots of info on individual screens or display fields larger and add as many screens as you like (I think...I’m at 7 now). The interval builder is fantastic as well, it should really address any training scenario one can come up with. This app saved me from being seriously disappointed after getting an Apple Watch, which I mainly did for running.

- Recent convert, now huge fan

I was looking at a better option for in watch functionality and this blows away the other apps I’ve used. This doesn’t compete with other Apple Watch fitness apps, it is in a league of its own. Thanks for an awesome app

- Best running app on App Store

By far the best and only running app to have for running! I’m a trail runner and the ability to load a map that is displayed on the watch face with live metrics position. Definitely worth the very cheap price! Couldn’t recommend more! Great work!

- Brilliant for customised workouts

As a runner that uses Apple Watch and Strava, this app works wonders particularly for workouts. Integrates well with Strava. The OSD options are also completely flexible. App has been reliable, having used every other day for months.

- Best running app for the watch

I use this exclusive for running after trying a number of other apps. By far the best and I use interchangeably with my Garmin. Also amazing support from the developers with queries. Strongly recommend.

- So many metrics. Makes the Apple Watch a useful sports watch.

I was initially disappointed in my Apple Watch after using a Garmin for years. This app has enough fitness metrics detail to satisfy me. Far better than the standard offerings.

- Best fitness app

While the app can be complicated due to the amount of customisations, it offers you all the functionality you could possibly want in tracking workouts.

- Still love this app ! When will you Update for series 7 screen?

This app works so well on the apple watch, loading gpx tracks and making map available offline. Great app!

- Excellent!

Heaps of options available and works very well! My go to app now for running. Would like to see a notification of some sort that shows you your stats once a month etc.

- Most useful app for the watch

Have been waiting for something like this for a long time. Love the new update with the addition of steps and more. App dev is very responsive to suggestions. Takes a complication space on my watch face

- Turns Apple Watch into a sports watch

I used to work for Garmin so I know a bit about sports watches. This software is very flexible and makes an Apple Watch into a useable running watch. Recommended.

- Fantastic app

Absolutely great application for Apple Watch people coming over from a Garmin (for example) Using it for running (great screen setup), Strava integration and structured workouts. Along with swimming, cross training and biking.

- Nailed it

Always been a fussy Garmin user and bought an Apple Watch on the basis of the reviews of this app. It hasn’t disappointed, now the Apple Watch is the complete running watch. A great app.

- The best watch app in the AppStore

I use this from simple exercise tracking whilst walking & cycling to finding my car and navigating foreign cities. The depth of customisation is mind blowing and the on-watch control/autonomy is incredibly sophisticated and useful.

- Probably over the top for me!

Just wanted an app with a few more settings than iSmoothRun and this one fits the bill. Nice screen options to display while running. Just soooo much options it's a little overwhelming when you first use it

- So far, so good

I’ve only used this app once, for a treadmill run, but from what I’ve seen already, this app is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

- Great!

Love the app. Transforms the Watch into a very useful tool while exercising, particularly the map and different stats. Hope to see always-on someday soon! Thanks dev for the great work!

- Amazing for offroad sport

This has replaced my Garmin Etrex 22x for dirtbike riding. The app works fantastic on Apple Watch without a phone attached, and no LTE. Battery life remains great too! Definitely the future

- So Good

Purchased this App for hiking but it has become my go to app for all workouts. It really is a fantastic app. Kudos to the developer, very impressive.

- Amazing!!

The is hands down the best fitness app on Apple Watch! Worth every cent. Highly recommend to anyone serious about training tracking. Amazing work guys!

- Great app for waking and running

Fantastic simple and well executed. Works great on the watch, easy to use and does exactly what you'd expect.

- Does not record distance/time correctly on Apple watch 6

Just bought the app a few days ago on a apple watch 6 and during my running workouts it shows much less time/distance. It somehow stops the measurements after a while or smth similar

- Best app for hiking

Cannot beat this, ive tried them all and this just is top notch.

- Good utility

Very impressed with the configuration options and the watch App.

- Great app for running

Awesome for running and setting up custom screens for different workouts. Cheers!

- Fantastic!

Highly configurable, integrates seamlessly with Apple’s health and activity apps. Excellent support from the developer.

- Fantastic

Great app, love how customisable it is. Thank you!

- Still very happy

Missing outdoor temperature, it good to related to the running condition as out fit wearing, cheers gerrit

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- Fantastique

Tourne l'Apple Watxh en vraie montre running, beaucoup de personnalisation, peut sembler déconcertant au début, mais très intéressant!!!

- This is the app I’ve been looking for

This app is great - it’s completely customizable AND the help section, when I can’t figure something out, is easy to read and actually helpful. I bought this because I wanted to program customizable intervals for running, but the maps showing up on my watch screen has been a bonus - I’ve found places to run I didn’t know were in my area and I can use this map when I’m cycling. Hands down, the best app I’ve ever tried

- Black & white map holding it back

I very rarely review anything, however, I felt compelled to write this review as this app should easily be a 4 or 5 star rating, but it has one major issue. Before I get to that, I’ll start by saying that I use the app several time per week. It’s a fantastic app for walking, hiking, running and more with vector maps on your Apple Watch. The one major issue is that when using the app on your watch, it often converts the map to a “black and white” version, which makes it impossible to see paths, or any GPS tracks you’ve uploaded. I still use it a lot when I’m working out in areas I am familiar with, however, the utility of the app falls off drastically when I can’t see the paths, trails, tracks etc in the black and white map while I’m in areas that I don’t know, especially when hiking in the forest. I’ve researched this and come across sporadic reports that the issue is known and has to do with an issue in WatchOS. Regardless of whether it’s the app or the OS, the black and white issue is holding me back from a 5 star rating and keeping it at 3 stars, as of June 2020 the issue still remains. I can sometimes get the black and white map issue to resolve and go back to the “normal” map by power cycling the watch (Series 5, most recent WatchOS), but this doesn’t always resolve it, the issue doesn’t show up consistently but randomly, and fairly often. Consistently power cycling at each use is obviously cumbersome. If you’re thinking about buying this app I’d encourage you to do so, with the caveat that if you’re relying on it to not get lost in unknown areas, you may want to use a different option or print an old fashioned paper back-up map to take with you. The vector maps on the watch, and the workout analysis on the phone part of the app are still amazing, hope it helps.

- Simply awesome!

The app is really quite complex but after learning its ways I was very comfortable. So many customization options. It’s a mature, no gimmick application, no fancy cumbersome settings and procedures. It has nothing to prove to you, nothing to sell, no unnecessary pat on the back. It simply does its job and doesn’t cuddle you, doesn’t interfere. It works well on Apple Watch Ultra. Finally found an app that tracks without flourishes. Congrats to the design and programming teams and I hope it gets better and better.

- Unbelievably data rich and customizable!

While the UX can be a little intimidating and might need some polish, it is incredibly functional and useful. The big name apps have a lot to learn from this one! If you have an Apple Watch and you track workouts, this app is a must have!

- A good replacement for the Strava App

I am using my Apple SE watch as a running watch, and the battery life is good enough for running an 8-hour trail race. I normally use Strava to track my runs, but the Strava Watch app has one shortcoming - no map function. Do I buy another watch? A Garmin? I found the WorkOutDoors app and am now using it instead of Strava. I am often in the bush without any visible landmarks and WorkOutDoors keeps me on course. No need to buy the Garmin. I am impressed!

- Good value.

First use today and I am very happy with its ease if use so far. Thanks to Ian Muriss, nice app!

- W.O.W

Best app ever. At a very very very good price. 😬

- Astonishing!

what a powerful app! Worth every cent!

- Wow

So glad I found this App.

- Always on display

Tengo el Apple Watch 6 y este reloj ya trae la característica del always on display, pero la app de WorkOutDoors no permanece encendida cuando estoy corriendo. La pantalla se apaga y solo muestra la hora, solo cuando levanto el brazo es cuando puedo ver la información en pantalla. Funciona el always on display con el Iwatch 6?

- Simply amazing!

The app that rules all other sports app! Keep up the great work devs.

- The best watch app

I wish I found this sooner. After being disappointed by the lack of apps that offer a mini map on the watch, I was really excited to try this out. It works great, and uses minimal battery. On the series 7, it averaged around 7% battery use per hour of cycling. It logged/navigated an entire 7 hour ride with battery life left over. The best features: - the map works great - the off route alert has already saved me multiple times after making a wrong turn - you can import gpx files from other apps such as trail forks - much more detailed and intuitive tracking compared to the built in workouts app - lots of graphs for key metrics such as heart rate and elevation, all of which are visible on the watch itself. No need to pull out your phone to check progress - it’s a one time purchase instead of a subscription

- Turns the Apple watch into running watch.

I bought a cellular watch for safety reasons, assuming I would still need to wear my running watch to capture all my metrics. But this well designed app tracks all the data I need, and it is easy to understand. My stats are easy to import into Training Peaks and the app works seamlessly with my Stryd pod. Money well invested.

- Best workout app ever

Must have for running and cycling. Would love to see the watch screens duplicated on iPhone to use as a bike computer.

- Best watch app for workouts

The best watch app hands down for workouts and activities. Integrated map is great for not getting lost. Pre-loading gpx routes is also a killer feature.

- Download Apple Watch maps

Most performant app award, from me. I came for downloading a map on my GPS Apple Watch, showing where I was on the trail no cellular needed. Then I wanted intervals, how about announcing my interval pace and heart rate at the end of each interval— done. Anything you want you can do, with so much customization you have to spend some time setting it up once, but then you’ll love how powerful and limitless it is.

- Turn your watch into a running watch

This app is absolutely amazing. I got it to be able to program intervals, and it does that and so much more. It effectively gives your Apple Watch all the features of a dedicated running watch.

- Very powerful

Very powerful all. Provides all the data you could ever ask for. Integrates well with Apple Health on the Watch and Phone to track your workouts. Provides the ability to export your workouts as GPX, which allows you to import the data into tons of other apps and devices.

- Worked for the first month then stopped

Won’t sync my workout schedules anymore. Purchased the app for this and refuses to sync with watch. Really disappointed. *update*Restarted phone and watch twice then started to work again…

- This app deserves 10 stars

WorkOutDoors adds about 95% of the functionality (maps, data screen customization, custom interval workouts, etc) that you get with a higher-end Garmin watch. Unless I’m going out overnight my Fenix 7 just sits at home. If you enjoy outdoors sports or recreation even a little bit I can’t imagine you won’t love this app.

- Great app

I have been using this app for about a year. I work in wilderness areas of the Canadian Rockies. I also hike, hunt, cross country ski, snowshoe. The map screen on my watch is incredibly helpful. It works well without cell coverage, most of the time I can download the maps to the cache if I know I will be out of cell range. I frequently need to go off trail and the cookie trail on my apple watch always gets me back on track. It is way nicer than reaching in my pack or pocket to get my GPS. I always set it to walk when I leave the base area and have not been lost yet. Best GPS type app I have used to date.

- Near perfect app

This app has almost everything. The only two things I wish it had are topo maps and better auto-pause adjustments. The auto-pause sliders can’t be adjusted to suit the slow, sporadic movement involved in activities like hiking. The sliders would also be easier to set if the sensitivity showed actual speed and time values. But those are minor issues, and the app is easily worth every penny.

- The Apple Watch’s killer app

This is the app to get for your Apple Watch. The amount of data you get is absolutely phenomenal, both on the Watch and on your phone. Plus, you can customize it to fit your needs. I certainly don’t need all the metrics, but the automatic Strava upload makes it much more convenient than using the stock Workout app. I will say though… it’s been a year and I desperately wish it had always on display support. Many other apps, like Smart Gym and Strong, support it, and is the biggest feature I miss from the stock Workout app. I always check my watch and the black screen on WOD annoys me a lot.

- Best app for workouts

This app is amazing for walking, cycling, cross-country skiing, treadmill, etc. The options are endless. What I like most are the large numbers (easy to read in the go) and ability to download your tracks and import into your favourite exercise tracker or database. Ditch the native Apple Watch activity app and use this one. Once you have it customized to your own needs you will never look back.

- Super customizable, offline maps, best workout app!

I use it for running, sometimes biking and indoor and outdoor swimming. I originally got the app because I was looking for offline maps for running with my Apple Watch but without my cellphone and everybody said the app was the best. It works so well! I love how I can go enjoy a run anywhere and discover new streets and never get lost. This app is worth way more than what I paid for it!

- Minor correction required for the heart rate tab display

I really enjoy using this app. My one minor complaint is the app has issues graphing the heart rate. Spurious and significantly elevated heart rates are shown that last for several minutes which are not corroborated by the Apple Watch Health app.

- This is what I’ve been waiting for

This app is highly customizable (take a few moments to browse the menus before your first workout). It really makes the Apple Watch a viable alternative to my Garmin for workouts. The developer is also very responsive for support and questions.

- Best work out app

This is probably the best work out app I’ve ever used. Highly recommended for either Pro or novice. Very easy to use and to configure to your liking. Enjoy.

- Awesome

Better than native apple app on my own opinion

- Excellent app

I use it every day for hiking. I love the fact that it shows the map on my Apple Watch, which other hiking apps are far behind. Beside the map and my progress, I also know about the elevation, steps and other details which are customizable. Best hiking app for Apple Watch at the moment.

- Mieux que Garmin fenix 5x

Meilleur logiciel pour les activités outdoor. Transforme votre apple watch en une Garmin fenix 5x

- One of the best watch apps

This is hands down the best app for running or hiking. Nothing even comes close. Apple should be ashamed that they didn't make this app! Increased the value of the apple watch considerably as you can use a gps only watch to navigate during exercise. Well worth the purchase

- Best work out app on the App Store

I’ve tried many of the run tracking apps on the App Store, certainly all the big ones, and WorkOutDoors is the best of the bunch by a significant margin. Excellent reliability, regular stable updates, comprehensive customization, and a dizzying array of metrics measured - I don’t know what else you could possibly want. (Actually I do - pair this app with HeathFit and have your workout tracking and syncing needs entirely met.) It works great for hiking as well - preloading route GPXs has saved my bacon when we lost sight of the trail and lacked cell service to find our way.

- Very good

The app does everything in the description and more. The developer is also very responsive to any issues either via email or on Reddit support. For the price you can’t go wrong

- Disappointing

Really disappointing. Every time I finish a run it tells me there’s an error with the workout. Adapting screens on the phone is manageable but then they don’t sync with the watch so it’s a waste of time. Everything seems to lead to an error message. It’s a shame because it promises so much.

- Workout app that suits my needs

I love how customizable this app is. I also really appreciate how good the trail maps are in this app.

- Outstanding

Wow I am newer to running and fully expected iOS Fitness to meet my needs following some Daniels’ routines. It falls incredibly short in terms of being able to create your own workouts. This app is money. Infinitely customizable and amazing post run analysis capabilities. I truly feel that I am harnessing the full power of my Apple Watch. Thanks for delivering the goods on this.

- A M A Z I N G !

Nothing as good for Apple Watch. Nothing.

- Great App

Love this app

- WorkOutDoors

I love the breadcrumbs trackback feature. That and mileage is all I care about. Trackback is great in new areas so you don’t get lost.

- Great app wish you could mirror metrics on iphone

Wish you could have metrics displayed on iPhone then would give 5 stars

- Incredible

There are literally every option. If you’re someone who like to fully customize your interface, you’re served ! First app I see that allows the user to make decent interval training

- Great app with awesome support from the developper

Highly recommended app for your everyday training. You can configure almost everything. I love it !

- Incontournable pour le plein air.

La réponse à ce que j’aimerais avoir entre Strava, Google Maps, Apple Health et Apple Watch. Elle réussi à faire parler tout le monde ensemble de façon harmonieuse.

- Incredibly versatile app

You probably won’t need to customize the app because the developer has thought of recording every conceivable detail for any kind of activity, but should you choose to customize the screens you have every conceivable option to display what is most important to you. I recommend this app to anyone who is active and owns an Apple Watch. The map feature is invaluable when running, cycling or paddling in an unfamiliar area.

- So much better than the native workout app

This app is touted for its vector maps, but it’s so much more than that. I use it primarily for walking, running, yoga, and cycling. Quite a few other activities are also available, and you can configure numerous screens for each. Awesome!

- Good apps

Previously I only used my apple watch serie2 for my jogging. With WorkOutDoors I have much more information and data regarding my training and running. I would have liked it to be multilingual. 4star

- Excellent app for daily workouts

Easy, accurate for outdoors players. Like it.

- Vraiment hot

Super app! J’adore pouvoir tout configurer!

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The applications WorkOutDoors was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2017-07-13 and was developed by CCS Ltd [Developer ID: 569489568]. This application file size is 39.98 MB. WorkOutDoors - Health & Fitness app posted on 2022-12-23 current version is 4.9 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: net.workoutdoors.workoutdoors