HealthFace [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview

HealthFace is the best app for recording any Health data on iPhone. And if you have an Apple Watch, the app gets even better!

* Record data quickly via the iPhone app, Today Extension widget or Apple Watch app
* Display any Health data on the Apple Watch clock face
* Customize the types of data you want to record so you can input data in only a couple of taps.
* Tap on any complication to quickly record data
* Supports all types of data from the Health app

For example:

* Quickly record your weight after standing on your scales in the morning
* If you're diabetic you can quickly record your blood glucose or insulin intake
* Quickly record your blood pressure
* Quickly record your caffeine, water or sugar intake, or any of the other dietary categories

HealthFace is the easiest way to display any data from the Health app on your Apple Watch. Data is displayed using watch face complications.

* Ability to display a goal (e.g. show your progress towards 10,000 steps)
* Real-time preview on your iPhone before saving to your Apple Watch
* 17 different watch faces that support complications
* 82 data types from the Health app
* Display multiple data types (on certain watch faces)
* Hundreds of high quality icons to choose from

If you have any questions, suggestions or other feedback, please email, or tweet us @HealthFaceApp.

An Apple Watch is not required to make use of HealthFace.

Note: Some complication positions requires Apple Watch Series 4.


We take your privacy very seriously. Although HealthFace needs to access your Health data in order to function as advertised, your Health data remains on your iPhone and Apple Watch at all times and is never transmitted anywhere.

All data is accessed in full accordance with the iOS app review rules set by Apple. Please read our privacy policy at for more information on our use of data. You can contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

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HealthFace Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Version 2.4.5: * Added VO2Max average to dashboard * Fixed an issue calculating custom equation in some circumstances Version 2.4: * Added: Ability to control date range of displayed data on "Record" tab, widget and Apple Watch app. * Added: Ability to create custom equations * Added: Support for additional watch faces * Improvements to layout of data in complications to minimize chance of truncation * Fixes related to theming of app If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact us at

HealthFace Comments & Reviews

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- App seems to work well

The app is not the simplest to get started, but not the hardest either. You can really tailor the complication to show you any health data you like. It seems to have a lot to offer. I use the large modular complication and can see three data sets at a time. Would be nice if I could see one or two large sets and have some more granular control over the size of the complication data, however overall the app is worth it and being able to change the color and icons next to the displayed health data is nice.

- Only one thing missing

I love this app, especially having the ability to customize the Apple Watch complications. I haven’t seen any other apps that offer so many complication customization choices! The only thing missing is the Energy Deficit on the Apple Watch complication is not expressed as a negative number. (In other words, the formula is total calories minus intake, instead of intake minus total calories to show any deficit as a negative number!)

- So glad I got the bundle

If it weren’t for the bundle I probably wouldn’t have got this app, but I’m so happy I do. Its great for adding in stuff like my water intake or blood glucose after a finger stick. One thing I would absolutely love is to have graphs of all these (rather than just buttons with the current value) but side by side as they are now so you could visualize how things like your steps or blood glucose levels for the past few hours are affecting your heart rate for example

- Must have for Apple Watch!

This app keeps getting better. I originally started using HealthFace as a way to keep up with my mindfulness minutes throughout the day. With the new version it also does so much more... I can enter my weight at the gym without having my phone and other stats too really quickly and easily. If you use the Health app on iOS then I strongly recommend HealthFace as a companion.

- best app for logging Health data

great app! fast and easy to use, much simpler than entering data in the native Health app. customizable, but not unnecessarily, the useful options make life easy. it could only be made better by either an added feature or a separate app by the same developers for viewing said health data. to view data on my terms, just as entering it is with this app.

- Great with a few tweaks

Overall very good, but I found it very clumsy entering Vitamin intake. Instead of incrementing by one digit at a time, it should allow presets of 100 or 1000 MG (or IUs) and permit fast increments of at least 25 digits at a time. Plus I can only enter a maximum (it seems) of 1000 units total which means I need to make multiple entries if I take high doses of “C” for instance. This is all a bit clumsy and fussy right now. Otherwise it is a very useful and unique product.

- Lots of options and trade offs

Does what it needs to do I wish it would be a bit less watch face dependent... I wanted to have 3 rings on the bottom, but they all display the same thing, or the the infograph modular isn’t as useful for me as the modular watch face here... but I love the infograph modular watch face on my watch rather than the modular.... I’ve got to choose one or the other

- Better support for Nike faces

I really enjoy using this app to check my calorie consumption/macros on my watch. The only thing that really needs improvement is better support for the Nike Watch faces. I use the Nike hybrid and Nike digital faces often and the complication support for these faces is basically nonexistent. It doesn’t show any data and says I need to configure the complication but there is no option to do that in the iPhone app. If this can be fixed this app would be perfect!

- Very handy!

Very handy app and provides many options for recording various data types. One more thing I’d like to see is the ability to create your own data type. For example, the app provides a field for recording waist measurement but I’d also like to record arm and leg circumference measurements.

- Makes Apple Watch Better

After having my Apple Watch S3 for a couple of weeks, I was starting to get frustrated that there wasn’t a clean/flexible way to see my diet and exercise in one place on the phone and in the Watch. HealthFace changed that. The app is very customizable. From Watch face customization to color scheme to picking icons that represent different health categories. Great app!

- Adds to Apple Watch

I love this app. Especially until Apple gives us the ability to create our own watch faces, this puts so much more health data immediately within view on any number of screens. I have been a fan since Day 1 and this is pretty much the only have to have app on my watch.

- Finally!

This app is flipping killer. Sooo sooo sooo many great health apps like food loggers, specific exercise apps, and others don’t have useful watch complications. This app completely fills the void. It’s super customizable. I mean seriously I love this app. Total bargain. Not joking here, I would have paid $15 for this. That’s how specifically it gets me what I need.

- Great app so far

So far this app is everything I expected it to be. A nice clean interface to see my health data for the day. The only feature I'd love to see is the ability to go back to previous days. Just like a back and forward arrow at the top to go to yesterday so I can compare.

- One of my favorite apps for my Apple Watch!

I have had no issues with any version of this app. I use it for my step goal on most watch faces and added 3 metrics on the modular watch face and even changed the colors. Love it and have recommended it to friends.

- Please add “day” to Infograph corner “time”

I need digital time for infograph circular, the date is icing on the cake however I still need a “date” in another circle because the “day” is not there. Because of COVID-19 I can’t remember the day. Please please shove an abbreviated day with the time/date compilation! Thank you for making my life easier!

- Great idea. Poor execution

The app works OK for what it is. But the iPhone companion app is flat out horrid to use. I can only use 1 complication on the infographic external to the circle area. When trying to use the inner circle complications, the app rounds up or down to a whole number. I jogged 2.6 miles today. Not 3. I tried to contact customer support and got zero replies. I only hope the developer(s) fix this. Till then, I won’t be using this app.

- Digital clock needs AM/PM!!

Love the app. Honestly I specifically bought it bc I loved having the digital clock in the round part of the infograph face. Didn’t realize until this afternoon that it displays a 24 hour clock though. Please add the option to change it! Thanks!!

- Doesn't work without a lot of support

These days, if an app doesn't work pretty soon after installation or one restart, I've realized they aren't worth the effort. This is one of those apps. It didn't work after installation, re-start of the watch, and following the developer's instructions. So it was a waste of $2.17 (yes, now we pay tax on apps!) This app just didn't work. I gave two stars because I like the idea!

- my fave watch app

So helpful for seeing all my data in one convenient place, very customizable, and I mostly love that I don’t have to input my data to another single-function third-party app - it all just connects to Apple Health.

- Excellent- everything I wish WatchOS did already!

This is fantastic- it’s like if WatchOS let you actual use your watch the way you wanted to see where you’re at on things you care about instead of nonsense.

- Please add way to monitor this hour’s stand status.

Please add way to monitor this hour’s stand status.

- Watch Faces

Some of these watch faces are not available for Apple Watch Series 3. Very disappointed but so far on day one using this app I’m very interested to see how this can help me especially since I’ve recently started going to the gym again.

- Latest version doesn't work

Healthface has always had a problem with its step count (the only thing I've used it for) –— it rarely updated unless I touched the complication icon. Now when I touch the icon it complains that it can't update the step count in Apple Health. I don't want to write the step count! I want to find out what it is! This is ridiculous.

- Uh, what?

This app was recommended because it can add digital time to an analog face. I can set it to display the time, but it changes how it is displayed. Something that should be "1:02 AM" is displayed as "1 HOUR, 2 MINUTES AM", which looks weird. It also makes you have an icon next to the time, and trying to change the icon's color just crashes the app.

- Dang that was a waste of money

This looked awesome but after paying for it and downloading it it won’t pair with the watch. Emailed developer to get the couple of bucks back. Ugh. Too bad. Got two email responses from the developer and that was it. Help stopped and I had to email them again. Run from this app and developer. Still no refund.

- Does not update why?

I really like this app and feel it does fill a hole in the Apple Watch experience but if it only updates when I press the complication then I don’t find it very usefully to get the info I want at a glance developer please fit this and I will update my rating

- Can’t get it to work

I’ve wasted about a half hour of time trying to figure out how this app works. I’ve followed all the instructions and tutorials to no avail. It’s either broken or extremely complicated. Either way, I regret the purchase.

- 2.0 Update is great

Really enjoy this app in both iPhone & Apple Watch. Thanks for the iOS notification widget too!

- Syncing app with my Apple Watch

I purchased this app because it sounded like it was a great way to be able to calculate and track my steps, calories and other activities. I have yet to be able to add the complication face to my watch. It will not work so for that I give this app one star🙄

- The app doesn't work anymore

It use to show my updated weight but now I can't figure out how to get it to work. The tutorial is a joke and skips over parts of the process. I guess even the guy in the tutorial couldn't figure it out either.

- Polished

This app gets all the details right. Very well made

- Awesome support

Developer worked with me 1 on 1 via Twitter to help me debug and diagnose an issue I was having - A+ support!

- Helpful if it wasn't flawed.

Often it will lag behind, but since the newest update I haven't had it sync at all. So while it's a handy thing to have, it needs to work. iOS 11 UPDATE: Won’t sync at all. Restarted phone/watch. Just won’t sync.

- Running great

I love having highest heart rate and water, caffeine, and steps on my watch face. The only annoyance is my water OZ keep reverting to mL.

- Not user friendly

Very difficult to link to the correct data and look at accurate numbers. Not satisfied.

- Nice app in theory

Have had it two days, have had to uninstall and reinstall twice. App simply refuses to update, just says to reboot the watch. Have tried rebooting several times

- Awesome app!

Great functionality, and top notch personalization and customization capability!!!

- The HealthFace complication is not active on the paired Apple Watch

This is the error I get even though the complication is active. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, removing and re-adding the complication with no effect on the error. Defective app.

- Great app!

This is by far one of my favorite health and Apple Watch apps on the App Store! The ability to choose that health data sets to display on your watch face is truly truly invaluable. Plus I'm a fan of the iconography used within the app and also the messages app. I'd give it more than 5 stars if Apple allowed it! To those who are complaining about the app not updating frequently, Apple has placed limitations on how often apps can update complications on the Apple Watch within a 24 hour time period, which is beyond the app dev's control. Complain to Apple if you need to.

- Useless

App never displays anything on the AppleWatch but the icon. Tried turning on and off, reinstalling, customizing the data on iphone vs. watch. Huge waste of time.

- Graphs

Would love to see a complication that shows a graph of my recent glucose values

- “No Apple Watch is paired to this device.”

Can’t do anything. Very frustrating.

- Meh

The steps complication does not update often enough to be useful.

- The worst app ever

The watch face will not activate I paid for this app and I can’t even enjoy it 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

- Great when it works, unfortunately working is the exception

The app is great when hit works, however since I first downloaded it, working is the exception rather than the rule. The issue appears to center around data not syncing on its own, and (for some reason) data in the complication being out of sync with the data displayed when the watch app is run. The weight complication seems the most notable, as nine times out of ten my watch face displays a value of “-“ for the weight. I configured the complication to display the most recent value over the previous 2 weeks. If I run both the watch app and iOS app at the same time, and leave them open for several seconds, then exit the watch app to go to the face, my weight will display. I will then look at my watch face around 20 or so minutes later, and I see “-“ once again… If again I run the watch app (without loading the app on iOS) I will see the correct value INSIDE the watch app, but exiting out to the watch face STILL shows "-". When this occurs, the ONLY way to fix it is to run the iOS app and watch app simultaneously again. When I do run the watch app it commonly prompts me to manually input health information. I end up needing to cancel the manual prompt so the app will sync that same data its prompting for off my phone. The end result is I have to manually unlock the phone, run the HealthFace app, run the HealthFace app on my watch, cancel the prompt for data & wait several seconds while things sync… And I end up repeating these steps multiple times per day. The act of needing to manually run an app on my phone to see the right value on my watch seemingly defeats the entire purpose of the watch app, as if I have to run an app on my phone to see the right health data on my watch, I may as well just view the values in the phone app. I’ve been using this app for well over a year and this issue occurs consistently. Both my phone & watch have been reset multiple times, but this issue has never gone away. I continue to use the app as I can’t find any others that can facilitate what HealthFace does (at least with all the relevant data points), but never knowing whether or not the data on the watch face is accurate seemingly defeats the benefits of the app.

- Great Way To Display Health Complications Any Way You Want!

I bought this app when it first came out and I use it every day. The developer is active on Reddit and answers questions and requests quickly. I had requested a feature (ability to customize complication icon colors) and they mentioned it was already coming in the next update, which was released only days later. Overall, great app, and worth the purchase. 👍

- Excellent

The app works great -- the only drawback is that it may not update as frequently as one likes due to watchOS's limitations but that's a small matter, and I love being able to track steps at a glance easily once since switching away from a Fitbit.

- Good potential, but stats update infrequently

I love the ability to utilize the small complications to display stats like number of steps, however the stats update sporadically and usually infrequently. Often times the delay between updates is 40-60min (or longer). I understand that watchOS apps are limited by update frequency, but this seems excessive. I'm hopeful for this update behavior to be addressed in future versions (at which point I'll update my rating/review).

- Amazing!

This is incredibly well developed and thought out and extremely customizable! I don't know why it took developers so long to make something even remotely to this, but HealthFace knocks it out of the park!

- Good potential

Targets do not work. Only if you want to increase a value of a measured metrics. If you want to decrease (e.g. weight, fat) than it says you are at 100% of the target. Also the watch face interface seems too complicated. This is so so for me, as it allows different metrics to be shown at different watch faces, but i do not use that at the moment

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- pretty good

it’s got all the info you need, it’s annoying that it doesn’t stay up-to-date. for steps and heart rate it updates every 5-10 minutes, which is okay but could be better

- Love it!

I love using this app on my watch, and it’s an easy way to keep track of things like my caffeine intake for the day. I would love to see integration with the Siri watch face in future versions, and it would be great to see updates to health data. For example, whenever I go for an outdoor run I always like to check my VO2 max afterwards. It would be great to see a version that could automatically show my VO2 max when it gets updates after a run. Other than that, does exactly what it says on the box. Great work team!

- Broken on series 3

The complications don't work on Apple watch series 3 on the MODULAR watch face. I've tried everything. Only works on other watch faces. Plus even on the Activity digital face the numbers get stuck and reverts my goal of 12% unless I open the app on the phone but after a while it goes back from 60% monthly goal back to 12% again.

- Great app with lots of functionality

Very well thought out app. Contains lots of functionality and is very customisable. The app and Apple Watch complication has a beautiful user interface and over clean and appealing look

- Cannot set other health stats to watch face.

As seen in your uploaded pictures I am trying to add a real-time calories burnt on my watch face. I am confused as to how this is done as the only option I have is to have the HealthFace app on the screen? Will change rating once I get an answer?

- What a watch application should be

Crunchy bagel hands down make the best Apple Watch apps.

- Great app, a must for all Apple Watch owners

I love this app. I have tried many different apps that claim to do similar things but all fail in my opinion. I only wish that you could choose how often the app refreshes the data as I often find myself manually doing this to show the latest information.

- Does not work

No matter what I do, it says I’m not paired with the watch. Fail.

- Not good

The update is that good it won’t update 👎

- Mr

No good on series 3. Pity this isn’t communicated prior to download.

- Full featured Health tracking and customisation for Apple Watch h

I'm a customisation and tracking perfectionist so this has been the ideal app for me. The ability to customise complications is amazing and has added new functionality to my Watch. Highly recommended.

- Love this app!

Finally a way to view useful and specific health data on your watch face instead of Apple's generic activity rings.

- Nice App

Does what it says. I love that now I can see the steps taken and the distance I've walked on the watch face.

- Perfect watch health app

So far this has been one of the best apps for my watch. It adds much needed simple health stats to complications in a neat simple way. The recent update enhances things with the ability to colour code your complications which makes it nicer to look at and better compliments the watch styling. Easy to use, simple interface but tonnes of options. Highly recommended.

- Very glitchy, just OK

Takes a long time to load sometimes

- What does it do?

I don't seem to be able to get any data from the app!

- It doesn't work

I cannot get health data from my iPhone . The app does nothing . Not happy

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- Great app but!

Love this app. Can you please update the digital time for Infograph watch face to be 12hr format instead of only 24hr?

- Slow Complication Updating

A great app. Allows me to have the activity metrics I actually want to see on my watch. The only issue I have with it is the complications don't refresh too often. I generally have to manually refresh.

- Not quite there...

Love the idea. Love the config. But when I’m on a walk and want to check the progress of my steps, the complications are all stale and I continually have to jump into the app, then out again, for them to update. I might as well check the activity app given this. Is the hit on performance and battery so bad that these can’t be updated when the watch face is activated?

- Mise à jour des informations lente

Très très long avant d’afficher les informations santé en temps réel. Très décevant car l’application est une bonne idée mais qui manque de rapidité

- Doesn’t work

Bought a brand new Apple Watch 3 and I wanted to see steps and heart rate on my watch face. This app does not update the data at all and it was a complete waste of money.

- Healthface

Great idea, but one needs a very long extension cord to keep watch charged up! Should never have been released in this state!

- Nice extension for Health App

Straight forward instructions makes it easy to set up. Quick response from support team when I had an initial problem installing wins a thumbs up from me.

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- Not showing up

It took it some time to finally show up in complications on iPhone 6+ 10.2 with watchOS 3.1.1. I don't know if that was a bug in the app or OS. I think what I thought was a bug is suppose to be feature in the time range. I think some better documentation on setting it up or tips might be helpful. Felt a little lost for a bit. A good start with hopefully some more to come.

- Very pleased so far

Tons of customization options. Watch complications update reliably, unlike other apps I have tried. It is a little cumbersome to set up at first, but not a deal breaker by any means. Recommended.

- Worked perfectly

Took a bit of trial and error to figure it out. But it worked well and immediately after I set it up. No other app like it. Great app!

- Great idea BUT data never updates

I purchased after Gruber's (Daringfireball) review gushing over it. He should actually try it before telling us all how "great" it is. Well, it's a fantastic concept, but useless as the watch complications never auto update so I have to tap them to refresh anyway which defeats the entire point of a complication.

- Not a fan so far

Purchased this because I LOVE streaks. However, this is mediocre for a paid app. Took a really long time (>30 min) to sync with Apple Watch. Limited number of stats to see at once but lots of choices. Would I pay for it again... probably not.

- apple watch data not displayed.

very useful app! but IOS 10.0.2 / watch OS 3.1 apple watch data not displayed. Complication Refresh same! Quick fix request !!

- Can't get this to work at all

Have purchased this and worked with it for 3 days, trying to get it to work. I set it up on my iPhone, exactly as shown. All I can get on my Apple Watch 2 is the dreaded message "use your iPhone to configure health data". Very frustrating!

- Admirable attempt, should be free app until SDK improves

Another update, still requires me to punch into the app to force an update to my miles walked complication 😕

- not worth it

doesn't work. if i could give it negative stars i would. bought on the strength of a Daringfireball review. won't make that mistake again.

- Doesn't work.

It takes wonders to make the complications update themselves. The app doesn't seem to work flawlessly.

- Doesn't work, no support

Bought this app on the recommendation of John Gruber of Absolutely does not function as described. The complications never update unless you open the app on the phone, and even then, it only updates one time. Tech support is completely non-responsive. Avoid at all costs.

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Heidi Helen Pilypas

@nbpapps It’s an app by @qzervaas for viewing and adding Health data. You can also use it to make Watch complications.

HealthFace 2.4.5 Screenshots & Images

HealthFace iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

HealthFace iphone images
HealthFace iphone images
HealthFace iphone images
HealthFace iphone images
HealthFace iphone images

HealthFace (Version 2.4.5) Install & Download

The applications HealthFace was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2016-12-20 and was developed by Crunchy Bagel [Developer ID: 1084571682]. This application file size is 78.48 MB. HealthFace - Health & Fitness app posted on 2020-07-03 current version is 2.4.5 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.healthfaceapp.healthface

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