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mySymptoms is the best way to track food, symptoms, and bowel movements to help identify trigger foods in your diet. mySymptoms is a flexible diary for tracking food, bowel health, stress, sleep, mood, medications and symptoms to gain insights into your digestive health and well-being.

mySymptoms makes logging a food and symptom diary easy - remembering your favorite foods and providing customizable symptoms. The diary analysis reveals any patterns that emerge between your diet and symptoms. Print a PDF report of your diary/journal.


• Record food, drink, medication, mood, stress, exercise, environment, and other activities
• Record symptom intensity and time
• Record bowel movements (using Bristol scale), energy, and sleep quality
• Create a PDF report or CSV export of your diary
• Multi-user - keep a diary for each member of the family
• Password protection option
• Backup option


• Discover any patterns between your diet and symptoms
• View suspect foods, trends, and correlations between food and symptoms
• Configurable analysis


• Simply begin by tracking your meals along with any symptoms you experience
• Over time, the more you track, the more the analysis has to work with to provide insights

mySymptoms is used by sufferers of:

• IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
• IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)
• Food intolerance and sensitivities such as dairy, gluten, lactose
• Acid reflux
• Crohn’s disease
• Celiac disease
• SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)
• Ulcerative colitis
• Migraines & cluster headaches
• Eczema
• Bloating, heartburn, and many other digestive conditions

mySymptoms is also useful for recording a FODMAP diet.

Please note that the analysis uses statistical methods to highlight suspect foods/items and does not understand your diet or specific health circumstances.

Any information provided by the app is not medical advice. Always consult a doctor if you have any concerns about your health. Always consult a licensed health professional prior to modifying your diet.

Please note that mySymptoms does not currently provide data sync between devices. This functionality is planned for a future update.


If you experience any issues with mySymptoms, then please contact our support team - we will do our utmost to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thanks!

[email protected]


Enquiries: [email protected]

mySymptoms Food Diary App Description & Overview

The applications mySymptoms Food Diary was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2010-11-30 and was developed by SkyGazer Labs Ltd. The file size is 31.82 MB. The current version is 4.931 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• User interface improvements
• Bug fixes

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mySymptoms Food Diary Reviews

Sicilian Mama

Helpful App  Sicilian Mama  5 star

This is an extremely helpful app. You get out of it what you put into it. My only need is for a dedicated specific place to record my weight and the ability to see it on the day’s log to reduce key strokes. If you all could do that I’d be happy.


Great app!  jones0823  4 star

Would have been 5 stars but I’m not really seeing how it is fodmap friendly.


So far pretty good...  NikkiFrench  4 star

Recently purchased to track my food symptoms for a variety of reasons. So far it seems pretty good, but there a few things I wish it had. I also tried out the Cara app and prefer the food entry here- but found Cara to be superior in tracking symptoms and providing options for each of the symptoms (such as mood (detailed things), sleep- how you feel when wake up etc). Also would like mensural cycles to be an option with detailed symptoms as this can play a huge role - even more so than food.


Amazing App!  Ti30M  5 star

Best app I have ever used to track food for food allergies. I have severe Anaphylaxis and have had trouble finding the triggers for my allergies. This app is very intuitive and the analytics and tracking tools are very simple to use.


App is awesome  chrispyhiggs  5 star

I love this app ... it’s easy to use and helps me keep track of food, medicines, bathroom habits and how I feel ... love it

the meatshake

Works great. Easy and fast.  the meatshake  4 star

I tried a bunch of these types of apps before settling on this one. It works great. It’s quick and easy to use. The developer is very responsive (and rumor has it that HomeKit connections are coming).


Great app  rer1951  5 star

This is a great app for tracking daily activities and health. Working great for managing my IBS condition.


Confusing interface  guz42  3 star

Basically decent app but frustrating to use. There are many redundant listings for single food items and if I happen to choose a different example from the list than I did the last time they get counted as two separate items which messes up the analysis. I tried to just make my very own list to control the choices so I only ever see the exemplar I used before but it was almost impossible. I don’t care if it takes a while to create my own library of items if I could do it and never see the list of every entry other users have used. Otherwise the developers need to curate the list so if I choose a basic item from the list it is always the same thing. I turned out to have “flax seed” as well as “Flax seeds” as two separate items. I couldn’t remember which one I had used 2 weeks earlier. That’s incredibly frustrating. I get so aggravated that I’ve stopped using the app. Also it would be better to be able to look for correlations between symptoms as well. It should be possible to look for correlations between any category of data and any other.


Great App  Monafer  5 star

Perfect way to track everything the body does daily. Nice and easy to use.


The best tracking app available!  Monks1979  5 star

This is the best tracking app out there. I am often checking to see what’s available and if there’s another app that would have more of what I need/want. There never is. This is the most complete tracking app. All in one- for symptoms, food, mood, energy, sleep, bowel, stress, exercise, environment, meds & supplements. FEATURES: Multiple Profiles: This is the only tracking app I’ve found that allows separate data input for 2 people/profiles. This is very important for us as my daughter and I both have chronic Lyme disease & coinfections, mold illness, and more, and our illness and treatments are complicated. Fully Customizable: The symptoms fields are fully customizable. I can add or delete and organize any symptom. Time Stamp; Multiple Entries: There’s a time stamp for every entry and no limit to number of entries in a day. Notes: I can add notes to every entry and the first part of the note can be read from the day view. Visual Cues: I like the visual cues for each of the categories- the color & icon makes it so much easier to read. This is crucial for people with brain damage & cognitive dysfunction (from Lyme disease & mold illness). Barcode Scanner: I like that barcodes can be scanned for foods, meds, supplements. This is so very helpful. — — — IMPROVEMENTS: • Search Feature: To be able to search for a specific type of entry, or a keyword would be so very helpful. • Copy / Paste: It would be great to be able to copy an entry and paste it to the other user (esp for meals!) • Amounts/Doses: Currently I can only see the dose/amount I took if I open up the medication/entry. It would be very helpful to be able to see this from the day-view. • Cloud Option: This should be backed up to the cloud regularly rather than manual backup thru email.


Waaaay better than just a pen and paper  TheGuyWhoDidSomething  4 star

Pretty good. Worth the price.

tobys mum

Easy to use  tobys mum  5 star

Great app that is easy to use. Easy to navigate. Has everything that you need.


Fantastic app  Katieanne1975  5 star

I’m loving it, so easy to keep track of eating patterns and symptoms. The best feature is the ability to easily email the pdf to my dietitian for review 10/10

How many times!

Easy to use  How many times!  5 star

Having used this app for 5 days I’m finding it easy to use which helps me to continue recording my food, drink and medication intake which will hopefully lead to discovering what causes my facial edema. I especially like the bar code scan feature. Highly recommend this app!


Life changing!  AdieBabie  5 star

Having gone through years of trying to find a common denominator with what particular food items were upsetting me, this app pointed me in the right direction after a few weeks of entering data. I’m so impressed with the functionality of the app. It has great ease of use and you can decide how much detail you enter. Entering data on the move is easy and if it’s used consistently for a period of time, you will soon see patterns forming. It helped me to discover that I am Lectin intolerant. After years of dietitians and various diets including FODMAP. Another plus is the technical support. I raised a question late one night and received a response immediately. Awesome customer service. Well worth the small price - if only I found it three years ago!


I ❤️ this App!!!!  CatE2014  5 star

I was diagnosed with a auto-immune disease & so many Dr’s kept asking me to keep a food/symptom diary but its so difficult & i’d always forget my diary & pen to write things down! This app is so convenient & being able to email the report as a PDF is so easy & a god-send!!! Thank you to whoever invented this app!


Good app  Adgeold33  4 star

Worth the $5

Rachel Mascord

RM  Rachel Mascord  5 star

This app is simple to use. I love the way you can customise symptoms. The convenience of having this on my phone has greatly assisted me in tracking the relationship between the foods I eat and the symptoms I experience.

bloaty belly

Don't waste your money  bloaty belly  1 star

An absolute waste of time, great concept but a great let down


Highly recommend this app  Jesssssxox  5 star

This app is fantastic. Was recommended to download by my nutritionist and I am so happy with it. I love the report you can email to yourself (or your nutritionist or doctor) to show your symptoms and what may be causing them.


Awesome  1960jm  5 star

This app is just what I needed! I am 60 yo woman who is not computer savvy so it took a few days of entry to figure it all out. Exceeded my expectations.


Love this app  Charmmeditates  5 star

This app is perfect for tracking my sons symptoms.My naturalpath loves to see view it to know how to adjust his supplements and where to go next with his treatment thank you for this app it’s made life for this special needs momma easier


Best food tracking app available.  barbfeick  5 star

I have tried several. This one is the best.


Option limited  frairenm  3 star

U have to include more items on the menu I have had to add my own items but I’m not sure what to put forball the entry areas when it shows that page?


Life saver  Samm23  5 star

I don't ever review apps, so that should say something about how great this one is! It's very easy to use and the reports are great for showing a doctor your symptoms! I wish there were more things in the database but that will come once more people use the app. I highly recommend for anyone needing to keep a food journal. I have tried COUNTLESS apps and notebooks but this is the only one that I actually kept up.

Joyce z

Consistent crash after new update  Joyce z  4 star

Please add snap a photo option, it will help a lot. Also the email myself a PDF function is great. I bring my weekly report to my dr to adjust my diet and food allergy. It will much better if it also print out the ingredients of the food, otherwise there is no point to record the ingredients if it can't be printed out.


Good—almost great  K04278116  3 star

This is a really good app. One thing keeping it from being great, though, is a way to “copy all” from one date to another. Sometimes I forget to put in my details for a couple of days, and then it takes forever to get it all in. And when you do a lot of batch cooking, like I do, you have a lot of repeat meals. Please add this function! Also—I would love to participate in the “feedback” option in the app, but it won’t let me because I don’t use an iOS based email. This leaves A LOT of people out, I’m sure. Otherwise, the best app I’ve found so far for recording foods and symptoms.


Just what I needed!  amheld  4 star

I’m A private chef for a woman who has severe food allergies that change on a regular basis. I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to log food and keep track of reactions. There is a little learning curve to learning this app. I did feel the instructions weren’t completely understandable. Is there there away to sync 2 users of iPhones to the same diary without using iTunes?

Tara M PA

Great App!  Tara M PA  5 star

Easy to use!


Easy way to track patterns between food and illness  lnseitz  4 star

Great app, easy to track food and symptoms. Wish it could pair with Fitbit or MyFitnessPal because they show a lot more info about tracking food but not as easy of a way to track your symptoms.

Mac from pc

Genuinely useful  Mac from pc  4 star

Having tried paper based logging of diet & environmental factors etc using notes and memos I was pleased to find this app which also offers some analytics and pdf export of logs. There are a couple of potential improvements which I'll suggest to the developer. This is one of the better apps I have purchased.


Best app I've ever used!  Piapopp  5 star

Been using track my symptoms for weeks. So user friendly, has absolutely everything I need to track progress on my fodmap diet. And to make things even better- I can easily export all the data to a PDF file to give to my nutritionist. Cannot recommend this app enough!


Keeva  Keevaosh  5 star

Excellent app. Very intuitive, builds memory quickly. Very simple to document everything, and data is displayed in an easily interpretable format. Reports to my doctor are far more specific than before. I was shocked to realise how inaccurate my estimations were previous to this app. A must for anyone with ongoing health / dietary conditions. Thanks guys!


Great app  sw0  5 star

Brilliant easy to use


Great app  Pearl1200  4 star

Great app. Is it possible to input monthly cycle as this can have an impact on symptoms? Otherwise, love it!


Keeps track of everything  carolinegoucher  5 star

This is just great, everything is on it, lists of symptoms, movements, etc. I can track the bad days again what I ate when. It's great for keeping track of my IBS. Then I print it all out & give it to my herbalist to access me. GREAT APP


Good non-calorie-counting app  Donal.Cunningham  5 star

I wanted a food diary, not a calorie counter - and this app fits the bill nicely! Does what it says on the tin...

Dwayne Higgins

Great app  Dwayne Higgins  5 star

Have been using this app for about 6 weeks now. Very simple and easy to log food etc. The app is almost seamless and you can export any data. I had a small problem with the app after an update, but got on to the company and they had a fix released within 24hrs (would have been shorter owing to apple time constraints in reviewing updates). The developers are human beings, they answer emails and genuinely want this app to be perfect. Great service, great app, good show.


Poor  pjkmn  2 star

Not great everything I ate was given as a likelihood for a symptom

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