Outcast for Watch

Outcast for Watch [News] App Description & Overview

A standalone podcast player for Apple Watch.

Leave your phone at home and browse, download and play podcasts while you're on the go.

* Search for podcasts directly on your Apple Watch
* Download or stream episodes over wi-fi or cellular*
* Play podcasts when you have AirPods or compatible Bluetooth headphones/speaker connected.
* Create a playlist, so the next episode automatically starts playing, even when the Outcast is in the background.
* View episode chapters (for podcasts that support chapters)

Additionally, you can:

* Browse and manage episodes directly from your phone
* Add the complication to your Apple Watch face for real-time progress and full color artwork
* Adjust skip forward/backward duration
* Adjust playback duration
* Export/import your list of podcasts in OPML format

Note: Downloading over cellular when not connected to your phone requires cellular Apple Watch and activated data plan.

Question? Email support@outcast.app

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Outcast for Watch Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Outcast 4.1.2 * Improvements to synching between phone and watch

Outcast for Watch Comments & Reviews

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- Leader of the Pack

These developers try really hard to bring a great app that gets around Apple’s limitations imposed on the Watch. Apple stopped the ability to stream music and podcasts thru the watch. They brought back Apple Music, and I have read that Podcasts are coming back in the next major update. Excited to see what Outcast does with that. Hopefully they will be able to use it too, not just Apple Podcasts. The app tries really hard to be the best podcast app and the best Apple Watch app out there. This latest update allows streaming (Yay!), but really it is buffering and playing once enough is downloaded. Once it starts, you still need to keep the Watch active for the full download, which is still not very practical. It’s OK if you can sit and wait for a pod to download before a run, and the play starting helps with the boredom of waiting for a not so quick download, but who has time to sit around waiting for downloads. Hoping that the update in Fall 2018 solves this, and I’m sure this developer will be all over it when it does. Apple needs to break the mandatory tethering to iPhone soon like they eventually did with the iPhone to a PC.

- Great But Kills My Battery

Updating my previous review. App works so much better now in all respects EXCEPT it kills my battery! I use it about an hour a day on my walk and my watch battery which started above 90% is routinely down to 35-40% by the end of the walk. I have to charge the watch right away or I can’t get through the rest of the day (gotta close those rings!) If The watch could be charged while wearing it wouldn’t be a problem but since I can’t this bothers me. It’s probably more an Apple problem than an Outcast problem but we all know how responsive Apple is to customer concerns! Just be aware when using this app that your battery will drain super fast. Still, it’s a great app. I was very excited that this app was finally filling the podcast gap in my Gen3 Apple Watch. Exported my podcasts from Overcast and I was good to go. It worked great for a couple of days then locked up. Had to restart the watch to get it to work again. A week later I’m having the same problem. I think this app has great potential and just needs a little tweaking. Maybe when the next update comes out it will be more stable. This is well worth trying, just know you have to work with it. Hoping to give the next update 5 stars.

- Good on Series 3 and Great on Series 4

Everything about this app is great EXCEPT the horrible BATTERY DRAIN. U can see the battery v life going down as the minute goes by. It's insane. I had this app installed when I had my Applewatch series 3 running watch OS whatever version it was during late 2017 until buying my Series 4 here in October. It was the only podcast app that allowed me to download podcast episodes straight to my watch. It was key. It has its faults but that was Apples restrictions. Now with watch OS5.0 With the series 4, they updated some things making the app much better n easier allowing u to download straight from ur phone app then just unpausing it on ur watch to finish the download. I prefer it to Apples Podcast app n also now seen like I owe them some sort of loyalty for getting me my podcasts back when no other app could on my Applewatch. The best part about the update is the volume and also being able to restart it podcasts from where u were last listening. In the old version, I always wrote down the time I was at n then fast forwarded to the correct spot. Props 2 the app developers.

- Best Apple Watch Podcast Player So Far

I’ve purchased all of the podcast players for the Apple Watch including Watch Player, Minicasts, Watch Casts, etc, and this is the best one so far. It freezes occasionally, but I really like the interface of Outcast better than the others. It displays graphics and episode descriptions on the Watch, and you can use use the crown to FF or RW. You have to turn Bluetooth off on the iPhone to quickly download episodes via WiFi, but this is a limitation with all the Apple Watch podcast apps. Until Apple gets serious about podcast support on the Watch and releases a native app, this one is my preferred solution.

- Absolutely love it

I bought an Apple Watch 3 with Cellular for 2 reasons; I’m sick of carrying around a gigantic phone and I wanted to be able to listen to Christian podcasts while I was hitting golf balls, shooting hoops, etc...without having to lug around my phone...and this app is excellent for your Apple Watch. I have no complaints...I simply love it and I did try a few others and they were not nearly as user friendly as Outcast. Thank you my good people at Outcast! FYI - for those of you on the fence about adding your watch to your cell plan, it’s worth it...well worth it. I think it’s like $10-$15 per month with a $30 activation fee but it is SO worth it! I know this will ensure no one reads this review but God bless and I hope you find great podcasts that are uplifting and help you in your walk!

- Just...tired

I am just tired of this. Save your dollar and just use podcasts from the phone. I bought it a month ago. First, I tried to download a single podcast episode, and it was already a drama. I followed the Developers’ guidelines (disable bluetooth on the phone, make sure that the watch is connected to WiFi), and the app crashed two or three times before even starting to download. Then you need to keep the watch screen on. Fine, let’s try that. Even when doing that, though, the download pauses every five seconds. I wanted to take a video but it was hard to keep the watch screen alive when pointing the phone at it. After pressing “resume” 20 times, at the end apparently it worked. Or at least, it seemed to have worked. I connect my headphones to the watch, press play. Nothing happens, and the podcast auto-pauses. The time stays at 0:00.I try again, no luck. It doesn’t pause, but the time does not progress. I feel a “tap” from the swatch every time I press play, but right now it seems like the app is mocking me. In a month I could not make it work even once. On the plus side, the developers are kind and responsive, but the app simply (most likely for Apple Watch’s framework) does not provide a decent podcast experience. Good for the lucky ones that managed to get it to work, I am not among them. Summary: a pain to download podcasts, a pain

- Doesn’t work whenever you follow their directions

Super disappointed about this app. Purchased because it was featured by Apple a few weeks ago as being one of the essential apps to download for your Apple Watch. You cannot download anything no matter what disconnect from your Apple Watch like it says no dice connected via Wi-Fi without your Apple Watch. No dice. I have an Apple Watch that’s enabled with cellular data and it still doesn’t work connected or unconnected from the Apple Watch. Not to mention that the user interface is just terrible seems OK but it freezes up and I’ve had to uninstall reinstall a few time. it’s not clear how to get to the settings etc. what a bummer since all I really want to do is listen to podcasts without having to carry my iPhone around. I think this app was able to download 1 episode a few weeks ago. Took forever made my watch hot. I’m not even able to that now.

- Super slow and unreliable

It’s a good idea and I’m really happy to see somebody trying to tackle this problem. I’ve heard Marco Arment talk about how difficult it is and this solution is better than his was. Still, it’s unreliable at best. I’ve gotten one episode of a podcast to download on my cellular watch in the past 2 weeks of messing around with it. Have not been able to play said episode via AirPods however, so I’m not sure what the point really is. Despite spending money I’m not mad because I’m that desperate for podcasts on my watch and am glad somebody is working on it, so hopefully that money will go towards making it better until Apple inevitably brings it to the watch themselves. But I can’t say I’d recommend the app to anybody who isn’t in the same mindset as myself.

- Great app!

I have the Apple watch with LTE but haven't been able to justify getting cellular service since my phone is almost always with me. This app has been a great addition for those times I dont want to carry the phone around, like when I'm doing stuff in the yard or walking the dog. The first few downloads took several minutes- which really isn't that terrible for those of us that remember what life was like with dial-up - but then the app suggested putting my phone in airplane mode and voila, almost instanious download of a 45 minute podcast. Well worth the .99 price tag

- Some mods I would make.

Love the app. Easy to use. Quick downloads. My only suggestion would be to manage downloads from the iPhone portion of the app. Sometimes it is frustrating having to make changes (adding sorting, deleting and searching for podcasts) from the watch itself. The screen is not big enough and sometimes it tends to slow down and freeze. But overall I love the app, and would recommend downloading. However, the new Apple OS is reportedly adding the Podcast app to the watch so you can make these sort of adjustments from the iPhone app. But for now, it’s the best app for podcasts.

- No downloading over WiFi, etc.

I run a lot and love my podcasts, so this was an obvious try as I try and not run w/my iPhone. So, it says it will download via WiFi after I turn off Bluetooth and put on airplane mode - this does not work, and I’m literally sitting next to my wireless router (and AirPort Extreme). Also, when I actually was able to download an episode (via the iPhone/Bluetooth b/c the WiFi ‘trick’ didn’t work), it wouldn’t play after I paired my headphones (iTunes worked thru my headphones; this app didn’t). So I deleted the episode and re-downloaded the same episode (again, the long way via iPhone/Bluetooth), re-paired my headphones and it worked. So, when I actually does what it says it’s supposed to do, it’s great. But, it’s mostly inconsistent. Any remedies?

- Finally, a podcast app for the watch that works

As the developer said in a response to a bad review, the app was a bit “fiddly” at first. But, once I played with it a bit, it works flawlessly. Forcing the watch to go into cellular or WiFi modes is the key. Once that was done, downloads were surprisingly fast. I just downloaded three 60 minute-ish podcasts in less than one minute each. Brilliant! Plus, its super ease to find new podcasts, add episodes, delete episodes and play episodes. Just a really nicely designed and easy to use podcast app for the watch. Finally!

- play offline podcasts on your watch

Works really well, and pretty much to only transparent way to make sure your podcasts are downloaded to your Apple Watch before leaving your phones connection. I just wish that their phone app also played podcasts, as I have to now have two different podcast libraries to manage. I end up just looking on my phone to see what podcasts I want to listen to right then and search outcast for those episodes and download them. It works but if their phone app played podcasts I’d strictly use their whole ecosystem.

- Solves one of the biggest problems in Watch OS

This app is a big deal! It solves one of the biggest problems in watchOS. One of the things I really love about this app is that it is starting to treat the Watch as a separate entity away from the phone. I actually love that I can just turn off the Bluetooth on my phone and download things over Wi-Fi. I hope that more watch apps go in this direction. Also great use of user interface, by searching with your voice. This is a great app and it also feels like the future. Thanks for putting my podcasts on my wrist!

- Not where it needs to be...yet

This app would be much better if I didn’t need to disable Bluetooth on my iPhone to enable even a mediocre download speed. Also there’s no setting that will allow for automatic downloads and removal of podcasts once they’ve been consumed. Don’t get me wrong; this app takes a huge step in the right direction for searching for and listening to podcasts; and all this without having the functionality that an updated Watch OS 5 API may soon enable. When that happens I’ll upgrade my rating.

- A killer app for LTE Apple Watch

Fantastic app if you like listening to podcasts without having to be tethered to your phone. The UI is has a bit of a learning curve but it’s easy once you get used to it. Works best when you DON’T have the phone nearby. I use this app mostly on walks and bike rides, and I usually wait until I’ve left the house to grab episodes to listen to because getting them over LTE is so much faster than the Bluetooth connection on the phone. LTE Apple Watch is so liberating because of apps like this one.

- My Favorite App!

Works way better than the natural podcast app and only app I’ve seen that lets you play, search and select podcasts directly from your watch without needing your phone nearby. It can have glitches but every app deals with that when playing directly from the watch. Read the tips they recommend (like turning off Bluetooth on your phone if it’s connected can help sometimes). I leave the house most of the time with just my watch so this is the best! Thanks so much!!!

- Best Standalone Podcast App for Apple Watch

Being able to listen to podcasts on the Apple Watch without the phone is truly liberating, especially for running and working out. I have tried most of the AW podcast apps, andOutcast is by far the best, particularly now that it has playlist functionality that allows paying podcast episodes in series automatically. Podcasts load very quickly by WiFi or cellular if you follow the tip of putting the phone on airplane mode or if you are away from the phone.

- Works. Buggy. But the best option available.

I bought this app because I want to listen to podcasts on my non cellular Apple Watch while I run, leaving my phone at home. I’m thankful that it works for that, but barely. I have to continually scrub my finger over the watch face keeping the app open while the podcast download progresses. Otherwise it will lose connection. It also only plays podcast back at 1X speed. It does look like the developers are responsive to feedback and are working continually making improvements.

- Still better than apple’s watch app

I got this before apple released their podcast app for the watch but I still like it better, you can download podcasts right on the watch and they don’t auto-delete which is good for jogging podcasts etc where you want to listen to the same one repeatedly. I do use the stock podcast app on the phone sometimes for regular podcasts, news etc but for exercise podcasts on the watch this one is just easier

- Not Perfect, But Close

Better than Apple’s offering. Better than Overcast for Apple Watch listening. It’s not perfect and it takes a little while to figure it out. It also helps to restart it every so often. But once podcasts are downloaded and sorted into a playlist, it just works and plays consistently. It’d be nice to be able to manage everything on the phone app and then sync/download the watch, but that may be a watchOS limitation (I don’t know). Totally worth the money, though. Get it.

- Podcasts are still dropping

Hi, Like others, I experienced the deletion of my downloaded podcasts using version 4.1. I was so excited to hear that there was an update to 4.2 which would fix the issue. I downloaded the update, re downloaded my podcasts and set out this morning for a walk. I started to listen to a podcast when unexpectedly silence came from my headphones. I looked down at my outcast on my watch and saw that all my podcasts are gone again after the update. There still is something wrong. Please fix so that podcasts are not deleted unintentionally. I have a series 1 watch paired with an iPhone 6s Plus.

- Great app for podcasts on watch

I was concerned based on other reviews talking about horrible download speeds. But for a buck I decided it was worth a shot. Short version; it’s fine. Using phone and Bluetooth (the slow method), I was able to download a 10 minute podcast in <2 minutes and a 30 minute podcast in ~5 minutes. And that was with an iffy connection. [Update - with WiFi (and phone in airplane mode; so watch direct) a 60 minute podcast downloaded in <1 minute. Super fast, no issues.] Only four stars because I’m still getting used to the controls (a combination of clicking screen title in upper left and force touch that still doesn’t seem intuitive to me). I’ll update as I use it more, but envision using this when I go on runs with only my watch - perfect for that use!

- Disable Bluetooth to force WiFi

This app has been the most valiant effort to work around the limitations of WatchOS 4. Unfortunately, the recent update seems to have broken the app on my series 3 watch. Hopefully, a WatchOS 5 version is in the works or ready for publication with WatchOS 5 on the 17th. WatchOS 5 should provide the developer with all the tools required to make this work as well as a first party app. My biggest frustration with this and any other podcast app is the limitation placed on data transfer to the watch. WatchOS seems to steadfastly stick to Bluetooth transfer. The only way to ensure a faster WiFi download on the watch seems to be to disable Bluetooth on the phone, but keep WiFi enabled. I hope Apple gives the user the option to prioritize one over the other in future versions of WatchOS. Cellular transfer seemed to work in earlier versions, but has been broken for me in recent versions

- Works great

Works like it should but keep in mind you have to disconnect the watch from your phone and leave it connected to your WiFi for it to download tracks. It takes a couple minutes after you phone is turned off for the watch to actually connect up to the WiFi then it works like a charm. I love using it for runs out doors so I. D.o.n.t have to bring my phone and I cancelled my cellphone account for my watch.

- Great Considering limitations developer has to work with

I’ve tried a few other ways to listen to podcasts on my watch and this one is by far the best. Considering the limitations Apple has put on the watch as a platform. Yes it’s a pain to remember to disconnect the phone & there is no way to sync between my podcast player on the phone and watch; but it downloads sooooo fast when on LTE. with in 2 weeks of light use I had a workable rhythm.

- Great app, despite people not knowing how to use it

This is a great option for podcasts given the current WatchOS. I use it frequently, downloads great, works with Now Playing widget (most of the time!). Could it be better? Of course. But for podcasts on the watch it is an elegant solution to a less than ideal situation. The negative reviews here are seemingly from people unsure how to use both the app and their watch. Ask for help. Don’t spam the App Store.

- The best there is!

I’ve tried all of the podcast apps for the watch and outside of maybe Apple’s official app this is the best experience you can get on the Apple Watch as a standalone experience. The watchOS 5 update is killer - amazing use of complications, supporting the new playback features in os5, and smart stuff to keep the screen on for fast downloads (auto rotate). Amazing app - keep development going - will be looking for a tip jar in the app!

- Crashes 100% - frustrating

On my last five morning walks I have attempted to head out without my iPhone XR armed only with my Apple Watch 4 and AirPods. My intention was to listen to podcasts via the Outcast app during the walk. However, each time I’ve had to return back home to grab my iPhone because the Outcast app has not functioned. It crashes almost instantly upon launch. Sometimes it will play a podcast for a few moments, but once I initiate an activity like an outdoor walk on the watch, it then crashes again. I love the idea. Please make it work.

- Needs a better download mechanic

While this is the best watch podcast player I’ve found, there is still much to desire. Pros: this app, unlike overcast or watchplayer actually cooperates with my Bluetooth headset ( I use ZNT Airfits) thru a series 1 Apple Watch. Con: the download process is awful and seemingly at odds with the Apple Watch’s design. It forces you to keep the watch screen on (which is unintuitive at best and enraging at worst), and if you don’t, you’ll end up with 12 random minutes of a podcast rather than the whole thing. Both the devs and Apples Watch OS team really need to get on this.

- Best gets better. Now with chapter support.

Now with chapter support, Outcast has all but replaced Overcast as my daily driver. All watch owners who listen to podcasts must download this. I don’t know what’s next, but this app just gets better and better. Perhaps an opt-in for auto-sync? Auto-sync has been a fail on Overcast, but maybe the Outcast team has an answer? Great work! This app lives on my Infograph sub-dial.

- Finally!

I have been searching for a good podcast app for my Apple Watch since they came out. Outcast has finally delivered something that works. Yes you have to unpair your phone but the download is so fast that it doesn’t matter. I use Bose Soundsport earbuds and can control the volume from them. This is an easy quick way to load podcasts to your watch for a workout

- Love it!

Update: would love an update for some of the obvious bugs: 1. Marking of okayed podcasts is unreliable. Some that are played aren’t and vice versa. 2. Download or streaming can stall and if there’s questionable connectivity, and don’t timeout. You have to force kill the app to make it work again. This app is great, I can stream or download episodes directly to the watch over cell. Finally! For every other podcast app the watch is a 2nd class citizen of the phone, which syncs sometimes, no others and leaves you hanging. Outcast just works. Streaming over cell uses a lot of battery, just like the built in radio app. Downloading and then playing is great. Downloading over cell then a 1.5-2 run battery goes down 25% which is perfect.

- One fatal flaw

Playback and control is just fine on this app but there is one issue that ruins this app. When downloading episodes in to the iWatch, the downloads STOP if the Outcast download screen isn’t shown on the watch! That means you can’t navigate away and do something else. You can’t even let the screen go blank or the downloads stop! Terribly inconvenient. You essentially have to stare at your watch and occasionally spin the crown dial to keep it from sleeping while episodes transfer. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve wasted staring at this watch instead of running.

- Works great!

I have been using this regularly for my walks and runs, and it works great. Before I leave the house, or office I just turn off Bluetooth on my iPhone and download a couple of podcasts that will last as long as I need, and then take off. Using my AirPods, it works just fine. I tried a few others, and they did not work reliably.

- Best Apple Watch podcast player

I have tried them all and this one is by far the best. Quick downloads over WiFi or LTE and you can use app and find podcasts without your phone. I did originally have an issue with the app not seeing my Apple AirPods but turning my watch off and back on with the play rate at 1.1 fixed that. Thanks for making a great app!!

- Delivers on target

This app works as well as an Apple Watch app can. It takes a little getting used to if you are going to use this while exercising. Follow the instructions for downloading podcasts to the watch, it makes a difference. I have been able to run iPhone-free a couple times now and it’s really awesome! You can’t ask for more for under a buck. Get the app, you’ll be glad you did.

- Major Problem-Downloading!

This app would easily rate a five! The only issue is that while I am downloading a current episode – I have to keep pushing to begin the download from where it left off. Download pauses throughout the entire process. This is a major headache! It would be great if the developer would fix the issue and the downloading proceeded more seamlessly!

- Works As Advertised.

Well, the app works as expected but still needs some tweaking. The app will definitely get me by until Apple gets the official Podcast on the Apple Watch in the Fall. One awesome feature I accidentally discovered was scrubbing with the Digital Crown. You can turn the Digital Crown and scrub through the audio. That’s is awesome for listening to a precise point in the audio recording. Good job on the devs part. Apple need to look at that feature for sure. But, I will say I’m very happy I get to take my podcast with me with only the Apple Watch present. I hike 10 miles a morning and like to listen to my weekly favorite podcast like CultCast. So, Outcast just made my mornings a bit more enjoyable. I say: thank you.

- Great for transferring podcasts from iPhone to Apple Watch

Great app that solves the offline playback/transfers issues that plague the Apple Podcast App, and Overcast. I literally fought with both of these apps for hours trying to get them to sync podcasts and this is the only one that provides a clear picture of the transfer to the watch. Thank you!

- Worth it to listen

After trying several times to download an episode (and failing), and attempting to use Airplane Mode (and failing), I finally figured out that turning off my phone was the easiest way to disconnect while downloading. It worked like a dream! The app is sooooo worth it to be able to listen on podcasts phone-free, but it would be nice to have the downloading glitch fixed.

- A must-have for Apple watch

Makes listening on my Apple Watch a million times easier - very simple UI, able to switch between episodes, and download eps right from the watch. Appreciate the independence from my phone since that’s what I bought the watch for. So much more usable than the Apple podcast app.

- Super tech help. Solid app.

Some parts are a little clunky due to Apple being complicated but this is the only way I have been able to successfully listen to podcasts on my watch. Customer service was quick and super helpful when I had an issue (tap folks, don’t swipe!). I am sure it will just get better and better!!

- Great, given the constraints

Apple imposes constraints on watchOS developers that makes a perfect podcast app impossible today. Given those constraints, Outcast does a great job: You can play podcasts locally, from your Watch, using AirPods. The UI is as polished and responsive as you can ask for at this stage of the Apple Watch. This app is a fine use of a couple of bucks.

- A little quirky but the best solution I’ve found so far.

WiFi download is incredibly fast and the app does exactly what it promises. It’s a little hacked together but that’s entirely Apple’s fault and the dev has done a fantastic job working around the limitations of WatchOS to bring users a feature that the watch should really have by default.

- Inconsistent download success

I have had the hardest time downloading podcasts using this app. I’ve tried using cellular and wireless, with my phone on and off airplane mode. No matter what combination I use, my downloads always fail, and I have to restart them every minute or less. I spent the better part of an hour trying to download an hour-long podcast, and somehow, only got the last 15 minutes of the ‘cast. Not worth it. I’ll have to start carrying my phone with me on my runs as this app is not a viable solution. Luckily, I only wasted $.99.

- Extremely inefficient

I love having the option of being able to use this app without needing my phone, however the wait time for downloading a podcast to your watch is very long. Not only that, you have to make sure the app stays active on your watch or else the download will pause. This means tapping your watch every time the screen sleeps. If you try and resume downloading it makes you start from the beginning.

- Hands down - the best Apple Watch podcast app (as of March 2017)

The developers have made some smart choices to overcome the limits of Apple Watch. At this time, Outcast is undeniably the best podcast player on Apple Watch and after installation allows you to search, download & listen to podcasts entirely without your phone (in fact, it functions best in the phone’s absence).

- Best Apple Watch app ever

This is hands down, best Apple Watch app ever. I can load podcasts onto my watch, do chores in home, outside the home, yard work or snow blowing. Even take a trip to the store all without my iPhone! This app increases the value of my Apple Watch ten fold. It also works with my series 1 as well as my series 3! Just love it.

- Been crashing lately but still great

Downloads are very fast when not connected to phone. Kind of a pain to disconnect to download. Wish there were workaround for that. Has been crashing lately which forces me to delete and re-install and then of course re-download episodes.

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- Love it, but some feedback

I love this app. I love the whole thing. It’s awesome. I get annoyed tho because sometimes it saves where I’m up to on a podcast listen through my watch and then sometimes it doesn’t. When that’s a 3 hour podcast and you’re 2 hours plus in that’s really annoying to work out manually. Especially when I’m often trying to manage the whole watch on a walk with two dogs. I do love the app tho. Just that one thing would push it into the stratosphere.

- A great stop forward in podcast apps

I’ve read how hard it is to get a Podcast app on the Apple Watch due to the Watch OS limitations, and it looks like a huge amount of work has gone into this. Due to Apple limitations you can’t control the podcast volume through the app itself (but can in Now Playing). This app really does mean you can go out with just your Watch and Bluetooth headphones and download and listen to your favourite podcasts. Unlike another Watch Podcast app I’d used you can multitask (e.g. Start the Podcast and then start a Runkeeper activity). Thanks to the Developer Response I now know that if you force touch, you can control a bunch of useful settings Speed, Download over Cellular, Skip Duration, Notifications, Scrubbing Speed, etc. Note that even in fully featured Podcast players on the iPhone like Pocketcasts, you can’t use the Watch Crown to scrub forward/back, so being able to do with just a Watch app is incredible. Thanks Crunchy Bagel; their Streaks app is great too

- Awesome app that makes your watch worthwhile

I love this app. Pure and simple. I never really review things but I felt compelled. I enjoy listening to podcasts whilst running and this has made it not only possible but really easy. There are some reviews talking about problems downloading podcasts that clearly haven’t the instructions about how to do it probably (disconnecting from phone). Once you have this sorted it downloads really quickly. Great work. Love it. Thx!

- Search function needs improvements

Currently to search back to earlier shows you have to load more and scroll. Very tedious. Search currently only finds a specific show and not the episodes within.

- This is how our watch apps should work

Simple direct control of downloads or streaming. Simple to delete when not wanted. Starred shows are effectively your subscriptions. Would be good if we could go to wifi download without having to disconnect from phone Bluetooth, but this is an Apple issue. Love this app which I use daily.

- Necessary if you run with podcasts

This app fills a hole in the Apple Watch workout experience by allowing you to play podcasts straight from your watch. The fact that it’s super polished and well designed just makes it so much better.

- Not perfect, but best option for podcasts on Apple Watch

It works well if you can manage to get a full episode downloaded onto the watch which can be a mission. Would be nice to choose episodes on my iPhone to download.

- Brilliant solution

Finally I can easily go for a run without my phone and still bring my podcasts along with me. Being able to download over cellular means I don’t have to worry about syncing things in advance.

- Best for watch

Hands down the best player for Apple watch. This app does what I have been wanting other apps to do for over a year. Search and download directly from watch.

- Fills a much needed niche

I’ve been after a decent Apple Watch podcast app, and this feels the spot nicely. It’s not perfect, but working within Apple’s restraints, it works very nicely. The phone stays home, the AirPods come out, and I’m off on my walk. Brilliant. This is modern living!

- Nice!!!

Would be good if it there could be some kind of a download/sync indicator.

- You saved the apple watch for me!

because of this app, i get to enjoy my podcasts during my runs! thanks

- Works well

This is the standalone Watch podcasting app you’ve been waiting for. Well done!

- Don’t buy. Doesn’t work

Really was looking forward to using this app but podcasts don’t download they just hang. Whether by Bluetooth, wireless or LTE makes no difference, downloads don’t complete. Can’t use. Save your cash. A disappointment.

- takes too long to load podcasts

I gave up

- Great Customer Engagement

The man that Owns the store Runs the store... Prompt and Helpful Support. Great App!

- Streaming

Add instant streaming and this would be amazing.

- Not great

Doesn’t work that well not very responsive on watch

- Downloads keep failing not reliable app

App not reliable downloading keeps failing

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- Revised review after most recent updates

Improved user experience. Connectivity and downloads are now working well for me. I much prefer the on demand downloads with this app over the Apple podcast app’s downloads only while the watch is docked.

- Doesn’t work for me, great idea

I wasn’t able to download any episodes when connected to phone nor LTE. For whatever reason, I was unable to connect to wifi at home. Downloads took place, but consistently timed out. They were ~50mb files. Otherwise a valiant effort that probably works for most people. Edit: developer reached out to me and explained that the watch app needs to be open with the screen on in order to download. Unfortunately, I was never able to see this process through as downloads would either stall or my arm would get tired from keeping the screen on.

- Awesome App!

Works as advertised! I tried other apps but this is the best one. Very pleased with the functionality and usability of this app, especially considering how new it is and the current limitations for app development on WatchOS. Extremely creative developer and I imagine it will only get better. Well worth the price. Thank you for providing this ‘missing’ piece for Apple Watch!

- Finally!

There’s finally a stand-alone podcast player for Apple Watch! I would give 5 stars but there are some annoyances. Favouriting/following podcasts should be implemented as searching is tedious. Auto download would be a great feature as well. Downloading to watch is slow but a little faster over wifi. I suspect the screen sleep issue is due to apple’s limitations, not the developer. Looking forward to future updates!

- Will not download podcasts

Always restarts downloads from 0 instead of resuming. Impossible to keep watch awake that long to download a 60mb podcast.

- Way too much effort required

I have better luck keeping a Tamagotchi alive than keeping a download from dying. It takes incessant baby sitting and then there is always the risk of it all dying at 90+% it’s just too frustrating to be useful.

- Great for my Watch

This is so convenient. Love it.

- An alternative for Apple Watch

I downloaded Outcast when running into endless issues using the Apple podcast app. At first, Outcast worked perfectly! But in the days following my download I started to have issues - podcasts would start, play for a few minutes, then stop. I ruled out issues such as connectivity and connection with my phone. This was particularly annoying as it would play long enough that I’d already have stepped outside by the time it stopped, so I’d have to go back in and futz with it when it stopped playing. I never did get it to work again and ultimately sold my Apple Watch. I don’t know why podcast apps are such a challenge on that device.

- L’app que je cherchais pour courir !!

J’ai longtemps cherché pour mon Apple Watch Serie 2 une app qui puisse me permettre de télécharger des podcast directement sur ma watch pour partir courir sans mon iPhone. Les options étaient jusqu’alors instables ou ne fonctionnaient tout simplement pas. J’ai enfin trouvé la bonne, bien que depuis un certain temps, les téléchargements s’interrompent fréquemment, ce qui m’oblige à les surveiller et les relancer (fatigant pour un podcast de 106Mo...), ce qui explique l’étoile en moins. De plus, l’astuce de mettre l’iPhone en avion pour que la Watch télécharge en wifi ne fonctionne pas (cela concerne que les Serie 3 ?)

- Crashes

I have been using it for months now and have not had a problem until recently. It's been weeks now and so I've tried a bunch of times and it still crashes a sec after launch.

- Terrible

Don’t waste your money

- Love it

I use this app all the time now. Easy to find pods and select individual episodes. It’s nice to leave the phone at home. Make sure you follow the support advice about being disconnected from your phone when downloading. I usually just put my iPhone into airplane mode.

- Great concept, downloading takes too much time

I do use this app quite a bit and would probably be giving a much higher score if it was possible to download podcasts while the Apple Watch is in sleep mode. For some reason using only wifi to speed up the downloading doesn’t work (time out error).

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- Download feature needs fixing!!!

You shouldn’t have to keep the watch screen on while downloading. It’s almost impossible to download something, having to tap the screen every 30 seconds Please fix this

- Do not download

Even over WiFi the podcasts take forever to download and usability is terrible. Much of the usability issues are due to apples restrictions, but it is what it is. You’re best to save your money and wait for watch OS 5. Speaking of money...Not only does this app cost money, but it also inserts LOUD ads before and after each podcast. The developer is clearly doing a money grab prior to Apple releasing podcasts for the Apple Watch in September 2018. This is a text book reason why people don’t buy more apps.

- Painfully slow downloads - make sure to have good connection

Best functioning watch-only podcast app However I had issues with downloading: I sat for nearly 30 minutes waiting on a 60mb episode to download (60 minute podcast). My watch was disconnected from my iPhone as directed, and I sat keeping the watch screen active on the outcast app. My watch showed one bar of service (at&t) in the same spot my iPhone gets 2+ bars of steady LTE speeds. Maybe this is solely because of my cell service, or it’s an Apple issue, but I’ve tried multiple episodes with similar slowness. In my experience, there are much faster and better send-to-watch podcast apps. However they probably don’t function as nicely smooth as this one.

- Best Podcast Watch App Available

It has some rough edges, but while every other developer is saying standalone podcast apps can’t be made, I’m listening to podcasts without my phone. I wish it could sync with the other podcast apps I use, but it’s still great.

- Works as advertised

I’ve tried many 3rd party apps to get standalone playback of podcasts on Apple Watch and this was the first one I’ve stuck with. The simplicity of the interface and directions on how to adjust volume and download are what set it apart.

- Ok, but only because it’s the only option

This is the only way I’ve found to get podcasts onto the Watch itself, so it gets stars for that. But it’s fiddly to use, incredibly sloooooooooooow, and just not that great as an actual podcast player. Still, I’m glad it exists since Apple made such a crappy watch that couldn’t do much on its own.

- Great Podcast app!

Problems downloading podcasts when first purchased. Gave it a bad rating, then developer got in touch with me and I told him what the problem was. He corrected the problem and now this app. records podcasts just like the apple podcast app.

- Useless

It's essentially the "now playing" app but it requires Bluetooth headphones. You can't hit play & have it play on your phone speakers or the watch speakers. Downloads take forever & constantly freeze (I have great wifi & Bluetooth connections & the watch is literally a foot from the phone) good idea & it's not all the developers fault. In the trouble shooting menu they basically say "apple won't let us do anything cool or useful" just use the apple podcast app to save frustration

- Perfect Droughtlander Podcast!!!

This is your fix to get through Droughtlander and learn so many things you never knew you wanted to know about the show, cast members, writers, etc.!! Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed. 👍🏻😊

- Downloading podcasts is a pain

1) Slow servers or something. It takes 20 min to download a 120mb podcast. 2) You have to keep the screen on when downloading to Apple Watch or the podcast download slows down and the podcast is automatically deleted. In other words, you end up rolling the Apple Watch button for 20 min in your hand to keep the screen on just to listen to a 45 min podcast. Who has time for this?

- Missing the small things

Love the app, someone finally attempted to get this done right. I wish that it allowed you to see recent episodes...allow some kind of sorting option. Having new episode notifications would be awesome too.

- Gets the job done!

Needed some entertainment for my weekend long runs. I’ve been able to leave my phone at home and listen to podcasts from the Apple Watch as advertised.

- Love this app !

Thank you so much for this app, I was recently bought the Apple Watch cellular only to find out that I could no longer download podcasts (or stream them). With this app I can now have my podcasts without having to bring my phone with me. Great for walks !

- Buggy Outcast

Plays great for an episode then won’t load the next in the series until later (random but usually at least a couple of hours). Also, you have to keep the app open on your watch in order for an episode to download. This is not easy on an Apple Watch.

- The best there is, even if not great

The interface can be very frustrating, but at least it usually works, which is more than any other option at the moment. We’ll see what Apple brings.

- Unfortunately I couldn't get it to work reliability.

I kept trying to repair my eappods to the watch. It would say they were connected, and the app said it was pairing, but there would be no sound. Also, whenever I could get it to work, when I would look at the app again the progress bar showing how far I was into the episode would have stopped.

- A steal at twice the price

Or ten times the price. I was referred to this app by a friend who I frequently complain to about how I can’t listen to podcasts on my watch. Outcast is the app I wanted and so, so much more. So smart and well-done. Thank you!

- Best podcast player for Apple Watch

I have tried the others and they just don’t work. This one has great features and you could do everything on the watch.

- Half Baked! Has Potential.

So much potential! Falls short right now though :-(. Downloads to iwatch are slow. There is no screen to show "new episodes" for the podcasts you subscribe to. Therefore you need to manually know ahead of time which podcasts have new episodes you'd like to grab.

- Garage logic

I’ve been listening since the beginning of garage logic. Living in the state of Mn garage logic is like an oasis from the insanity. When I heard the radio show was going off the air I thought good luck to all of us...thanks for continuing as a podcast! Sincerely, Bruce

- Works great!!!

I was skeptical at first because of some reviews but downloads on WiFi was simple and completed in seconds. Pairing to Bluetooth worked just fine and the UI is nice. For the price this is great for playing podcasts on your watch!!! Good job!!!

- Didn’t work out

Great idea for an app but I couldn’t download anything and I followed all steps. Maybe a new version of watch might work but easier to get podcasts off phone.

- I never give a 1 star rating.

I have used this app for quite a while and loved it but this new iteration crashes my Apple Watch 3. I loved this app but something went very wrong on this update.

- Been waiting for this since the first Apple Watch

This app is amazing. I can download podcasts directly to the watch and listen to them on my AirPods while running. It’s perfect. Thank you.

- Make sure Watch is on WiFi 2.4G...

Because if your watch is on WiFi 5G the podcast that you are trying to download will keep pausing. Apple Watch only supports WiFi 2.4G. That being said, the app works fine.

- 3.0 even better

This has always been the watch player that worked reliably. Now it’s finally able to be easy to use thanks to watchOS 5.

- Barely works for me.

I have the series 3 with data (Verizon) and this app constantly crashed, restarted, and barely functions. Complicated and not user friendly either. Got about 10 min into the Adam Corolla Podcast after a handful of re-starts and I gave up. Fast forward, speed and volume functions don’t work. Thank god only cost me $1 to waste about 30-min of my life on it. Pass. Hard pass.

- Airplane mode is your friend

Set your iPhone to airplane mode before downloading podcasts. Works great if you do that. Best app I could find for listening to podcasts offline on the watch.

- Doesn’t work

What was once a promising app for your watch doesn’t work anymore. Keeps disconnecting from my phone. Won’t sync with my phone. I have to keep uninstalling and the reinstall the app then it works for about a day and then won’t sync again. Tech support is slow to non existent. To download Joe Rohan once took 2 minutes now takes an hour if your lucky.

- This changes everything!

This app brings real utility to my Apple Watch Series 3! Now I leave my phone at home while walking the dog and listen to podcasts directly from my watch. Perfect!

- Wow, finally podcasts directly on my Apple Watch ;-)

Installed easily and it immediately worked on my Apple Watch 3 with Verizon. Can’t wait to use it in the gym without dragging in my iPhone!

- Almost there!

Thanks for making this. Works pretty well. Occasionally crashes the watch requiring reboot. Also, please add ability to have a playlist. Currently if a podcast ends mid workout, I have to stop running and select the next podcast.

- Outcast Unreliable

Downloading a podcast on to Iwatch 3 is extremely unreliable. Tried all the recommendations: Bluetooth on or off. Doesn’t make any difference. Interrupt errors non stop. Also, if you are successful in download to iwatch the podcast behaves like a scratched phonograph record. Audio keeps skipping back to earlier parts of the podcast then back to current location. Annoying.

- Exactly what I have been looking for! THX

Just what I been needing for listening to Podcasts on my LTE Apple Watch. I can finally leave my phone behind completely now!

- Works!!

Finally I’m able to listen to podcasts while running without packing my phone on my arm. If you follow the directions this app works great!! I love it. Bravo!

- Best Apple Watch Podcast App

It is not perfect but it is well worth the price and the best option currently to listen to podcasts from your watch.

- Can’t browse multiple feeds at a time

Doesn’t show multiple feeds episodes sorted by release date. Doesn’t seem to track and remember where the user is within an episode so one cannot switch to a different episode and then come back to the same place. A better app at a higher price would be preferred.

- Not very functional

You are only able to browse and download podcasts via the Apple Watch interface, and not in the app on your phone. I purchased this app to download podcasts onto the watch for use during exercise, which it does but in a very clunky way.

- Finally!

Why Apple can’t figure out podcasts for the watch, we’ll never know. I’m glad this app exists though.

- 5 stars, my favorite WatchOS app

The absolute best standalone Watch podcast app, use it every day. App updates keep getting better and new features.

- App

Bought the app and downloaded on my phone. When I open it it says it’s not installed on my watch. When I go to the Watch app and open it in the App Store comes up and says open. When I open it it says It’s not installed on my watch.

- It simply works.

Better than overcast and Apple podcast for the watch. It just works exactly as expected.

- needs update

i really like this app, but recently it stops playing randomly and has to be manually restarted. doesn’t matter what device I listen on. so i’m thinking a recent os update broke something.

- Love this w/ my Apple Watch

Great way to download and listen to podcasts and leave the phone behind. Easy to use. New favorite app.

- When it works, it is a bliss. When it does not...

Every other day, I’ve got issues playing podcasts from outcast with my AirPods. The AirPods are connected to the watch and play music, but Outcast would not start playing the podcast. It seems random and I have no idea how to fix it. Otherwise, when it works, it is pretty good!

- Hurry Up & Update

Seriously, 50% of the time, the podcasts won’t play, the play-pause button freezes, EarPods cannot detect unless you start Music first, then side button switch app to Outcast. Rebooted Watch multiple times, uninstalled, reinstalled, completely wiped and restored Watch. Really unpredictable at best.

- No iPhone functionality

The app on the watch works decently, but there is no reason for the phone component to be more functional. You should be able to search for a podcast by name.

- Much better than Apple’s app

Much better and more reliable than Apple’s own podcast app on Apple Watch.

- Hmmmm.... latest update 4.1

Working fine before latest update. After the 4.1 update all saved podcast were gone and favorites as well. Re-downloaded a few episodes and the following time I opened app, they were gone as well. Was 5 Star, but waiting for a fix to bring it back up.

- Not worth the money

UPDATE: since the developer thought it would be worthy to reply to me I shall reply to them: I followed the instructions. It doesn’t work. How about you ask me what steps I took before you accuse me of not reading them. Downloads to the watch rarely work. If you do anything that causes the watch to go to sleep, it pauses.

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Outcast for Watch 4.1.2 Screenshots & Images

Outcast for Watch iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Outcast for Watch iphone images
Outcast for Watch iphone images
Outcast for Watch iphone images
Outcast for Watch iphone images
Outcast for Watch iphone images

Outcast for Watch (Version 4.1.2) Install & Download

The applications Outcast for Watch was published in the category News on 2018-01-24 and was developed by Crunchy Bagel [Developer ID: 1084571682]. This application file size is 44.16 MB. Outcast for Watch - News app posted on 2020-02-08 current version is 4.1.2 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: watch.podcasts

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