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What is planet fitness workouts app? Welcome to the Planet Fitness App – The Gym In Your Pocket!

Bring the Judgement Free Zone® anywhere with workouts and features for anyone, with the FREE PF App. Check out all our awesome features like always NEW exclusive premium workout content with Planet Fitness trainers to help coach you and iFit trainers, LIVE stream, hundreds of exercises that you can do at home or in-club, equipment tutorials, progress tracking for in and out of the gym, crowd meter and so much more!

Key Features:

Crowd Meter: Coming into one of our clubs? See how many people are at your club before you go to find the best time to visit! Just tap the Crowd Meter at the top navigation to view how many members are at your club.

Workout Videos & Filtering: Always NEW workouts with Planet Fitness trainers, exclusive iFit trainer series, all to get you motivated and moving! Whether you're starting your fitness journey, or you just want to try something new, these guided trainer videos will coach and help you make the most out of your workout and feel good for at home or in-club. From beginner to advanced, there is a workout for everyone depending on your fitness journey and with or without equipment to help you no matter where you are. PLUS we have made it even easier for you to find workouts you love with our NEW workout filter. You can search workouts by the type, time, target and more to find what fits for you. Check it out yourself!

Get ALL. THE. PERKS. Check out our exclusive Planet Fitness partnerships that are included in your membership! There's tons of offers and discounts on everything from workout gear to yummy snacks and gifts. Start exploring now.

PF+: Daily LIVE stream and premium workout content with Planet Fitness trainers and exclusive iFit trainers with workout series built to guide you through every muscle group to get you motivated and moving. These range from 20 minute workouts to 5 Mighty Minutes for those needing a quick burst of movement and feel good vibes.

Exercise & Equipment Tutorials: Hundreds of easy to follow exercise and equipment tutorials so if it is your first time using a piece of equipment in one of our clubs or need a reminder, you can just scan the QR code in the app and your video guide will help you get started for all your workout needs.

Workout Tracking: Every minute matters, whether you set a new personal best, or took a stroll on the treadmill. Track your activity and watch those minutes and good vibes add up.

Digital Keytag: Quick and easy touchless check-in at your Planet Fitness with avoiding unnecessary contact by checking in using your digital keytag in the app or through your Apple Watch.

Apple Health: We included integration with Apple Health, to add the details of your workout, like duration and calories burned, to your Apple Health account.

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Planet Fitness Workouts Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Planet Fitness Workouts Version 9.3.702 May 2022

What's new: - Access to Virtual Tour videos from the homepage - Fixed a few minor issues.

Planet Fitness Workouts Version 9.3.428 February 2022

What's new: - Squashed a few bugs.

Planet Fitness Workouts Version 9.3.110 December 2021

What's new: - Fixed a few small issues.

Planet Fitness Workouts Comments & Reviews 2022

- Good, but could be better.

Having just joined Planet Fitness the other day I have now had the chance to take its app for a test run - so to speak. The app itself is very helpful for a complete newbie such as myself. I appreciate the ability to see how the different machines work via videos found by using QR codes on the machines. I also like the ability to use the membership card on the app - though, for some reason I’ve got to figure, it does not work on my Apple Watch. The one place I really, really hope the app developers fix is the ability to add the exercises one engages in. For example: today I did arm curls, bicep curls, front fly, chest press, hammer curl, and up/down/oblique abdominals. Not a single one of these exercise are listed in the “add an activity” section of the app. Why on earth wouldn’t you have each machine you have in your gym listed on your app? Please consider adding in the ability to list the machines used, the weights used, and time spent (or even reps) along with the other information you allow currently. Being able to add these is will more accurately reflect my actual “mins of exercise”, “activities this week”, “calories burned”, and “mins per active day”.

- Planet Does Us Right

I love Planet Fitness, I just recently joined and had been a 24 hour Fitness member for a while but hated going because the lack of equipment due to always being hogged up by body builders. I would go try to work out and they just stand there staring at you and kept asking if I was done, when I had just gotten the equipment after waiting my turn. Planet Fitness has tons of equipment TONS and there’s always something available to do. Not to mention the levels of membership ranging from $10, $12 and $21 which is the Black Card Membership that allows me to use the gym on my way home from work and the one by my house on the weekends. Plus not only that but the Black Card Room with tanning booths, total body enhancing booth and hydro massage with massage chairs. I love it, there are no pushy trainers, No body builders, just average me and average others who have the same goals in mind, lose weight and get healthy. Would I recommend Planet Fitness to those who are intimidated by the big gym, yes I would. The only thing I miss is Body Pump class but I remedied that with my own body pump setup at home. The staff is nice and everyone has to wipe down their equipment after use with cleaner provided every where, even Monk would be impressed. Thank you Planet for catering to people like us.

- Xcapture replacement is terrible

As a developer myself, I feel really bad reading the reviews here, as I can tell a lot of work was put into updating the design of this app. However the reason I came here is to see if anyone else had written about how to properly log a photo of my TREADMILL workout, literally the most common cardio machine at any gym. Unbelievably, my worst fear confirmed, the app no longer has the “treadmill” option, and they have also “discontinued” the snap a workout feature. That feature was so helpful for me tracking my fitness history. But ok, I have to enter manually now, I could reluctantly accept that. Then I learned that to add insult to injury, you can only use the “walking” option as the closest thing to treadmill, and there you can only log your speed and minutes, not your calories or incline. From reading reviews, I learned the super buried feature where if you enter your height and weight, it will calculate the calories, however without the incline info, the calculation is way off. Friends, I feel bad saying this but this update is *terrible* — I have never regretted updating an app on this level. The old version was ugly, but it was super useful, and i used it a lot for a very important part of my life. The new version is useless to me. I have been an iphone user since 2008, and I this is the first time i can remember writing any app review. I can only hope you can work quickly to restore needed features to your paying customers.

- Covid prevention

For the most part the cleaning of equipment and surroundings is well maintained. However... the mask enforcement is lax. I held off posting this as I have informed management of non maskers walking and working out on 3 occasions and left. I’m 71 and had canceled my membership when covid started and quarantined at home for months. I needed to get back to working out and have survived by masking, washing frequently and avoiding crowds. I go in mid afternoon so I can avoid any close contact and disinfect constantly. I have no problem with those that lower their mask while biking or treadmill because I can avoid them. In the past when there were several non-maskers working out near me I simply left! Yesterday, again I moved to other areas while an unmasked man continually came close to where I had isolated myself. We are in a pandemic people! I need to work out too! As well as employees are doing on the disinfecting, they are failing on mask requirements! Are other gyms allowing people to not wear masks???

- Terrible, terrible, terrible app

Where to start? I only use this app to check into the gym and since it isn’t optimized even the slightest it takes forever to even load and you have several screens to go through just to get to your “keychain” login. You can park furthest away in the parking lot and start trying to load the second you leave your car and it still won’t get to it by the time you reach the front desk. Also, it dumbly needs an internet connection where they could have made your keychain static and the approval for it go through the front desk computers when you scan in. But noooo it has to be the slow and hard way. And on top of that the terrible WiFi provided by the gym logs you out constantly so if you show up to start your workout and you get close enough to the gym to grab their WiFi it blocks your keychain from loading as you’re on the WiFi but not connected to the internet because you have to sign in over and over every single time. So you have to either forget their network every time or go through their even slower sign in process just to not be interrupted while trying to access your keychain all so you can just scan in to begin your workout. Ridiculous. Atrocious setup. Negative stars for this app and the geniuses who came up with this 1990 AOL level sign on process.

- Love the gym, but the app leaves a lot to be desired

Joined about 3 months ago. Super equipment, very clean, and never too crowded. Love the experience at the gym. Pros - it will track when I’ve checked into the gym - it will generate a QR that allows me to check in at the desk Cons - it wont display utilization of the PF black card amenities such as tanning booth, massage chairs, etc… - it wont record my activity without me manually entering the information - it doesn't interface with the Activity App on my iPhone (which will automatically record my activity) - the apple watch’s PF app functionality is worthless, doesn't work for check-in, and gives me a message to have my iPhone in close proximity. (I have a cellular enabled apple watch and would like to not have to carry my iPhone into the gym). I received the following response to this review. Really makes me wonder if the developer really knows what they are doing. There is a PF app that installs on my watch with the installation of the PF app on my iPhone. Dear THOMAS, Planet Fitness Holdings, LLC responded to your review of Planet Fitness Workouts Planet Fitness Holdings, LLC "Thank you for sharing this with us! Currently, our app does not support third peripherals such as the Apple Watch. We thank you for the feedback as we continue to grow the PF mobile app! "

- Good job developers!!!

Before the recent update I felt very meh with this app, it’s only purpose to me was seeing the class schedule and having my card on it. But since the update I find myself using it very often!! It’s so much nicer to log your activities and it now has exercises you can do based on level and muscle group which is incredible. Only thing I would want to change is the variety in the exercises section. A lot of the exercises involve TRX bands, kettlebells, or ropes and my planet fitness doesn’t have those, even if they did some exercises require all of them and I wouldn’t want to take that much equipment. It would also be nice if you could search through those workouts and just search “core” and those would come up. I’d also love for more exercises to be included in the activities section and for you to be able to adjust your level and calories manually, the app often says I burned less calories than what the machine says. Other than those few things the app is 10x better than it used to be!

- Great gym/app

The app is great and a useful tool but what’s really impressive is the gym. I mean you gotta work out for the app to be useful right? Planet fitness is a great place to come work out. It’s got plenty of room so you have space to work out instead of feeling cramped. They have a huge amount of cardio machines so you’re never waiting for one to free up, which is one of my favorite parts. They have this cool area that’s kinda for people who aren’t sure what to do during a workout, you just follow the routine and you’re set. It’s also great for people who don’t have a lot of time to workout. My favorite part is the “ Black Card Spa” area. There are massage chairs and beds, a tanning booth, and also body enhancement machines. Cool part of being a black card member is that you’re able to bring anyone at any time for free, and it’s still cheaper than any other gym around. ($20 a month for black card, plus they’re always having specials.) Definitely recommended for anyone looking for a chill and cheap gym.

- Not an fan!!

I purchase two memberships. Both are associated with my email address. The app can not handle this. The app also can not handle if you need to change your email. Tech support can not figure out how to fix this. I have spent hours, many emails and phone calls to no avail. Their advice at this point is, “Just make a new email”. I keep getting emails from their PFmobilesupport with the heading, “We are all good”. NO WE ARE NOT ALL GOOD!! We are FAR from good. Started trying to trouble shoot just after THANKSGIVING. No resolution. Absolutely unbelievable. Not a fan. I do like the gym. They do an incredible job keeping the gym immaculate. Kudos to the in-person staff for that! Just looked back at the developer response for about 20 reviews.,. It’s a “bot” or automated reply response. EXACT Same response for each review. Don’t bother sending an email asking your clients to rate the app if you don’t have the time or the interest in the responses. Adding a canned “Developer response” Is disrespectful to the people that actually took the time to respond to YOUR EMAIL REQUEST. I’d rather see no response than a generic call your club or contact the app team with any concerns.

- Works well

I like this app because it fits the gym. It doesn’t fit every gym, nor ever kind of training. It fits the judgement free zone, mostly machine gym and the kind of lifting that goes on there. It has videos built in to explain things. It lets you log and record your progress. You can take a picture of the elliptical, treadmill, or bike screen and it will log the numbers for you. You can post your workouts to social media and link it to a variety of other apps. Post a picture to their success stories section and you might win a TV. I have my membership card linked to it, so it scans from the app and I don’t have to carry the card. This is handy for everything from buying a drink to reserving a massage chair. The reason I gave it 4 stars was Planet Fitness’s 30 Minute Express workout. I like the workout. The app has videos for all of it. The app won’t log the workout. You can select “yard work” as an exercise, but you can’t select Planet Fitness’s proprietary workout on their app. That’s just annoying.

- Simple, works well.

My only wish is that there would be a way to create and save workouts you currently are doing and workouts you are planning to build yourself into later. It would be nice to simply select the machines and various workouts listed in the workout section and create a list, along with the sets and repetition rages. For someone like me, until I learn all of the gym equipment by heart, it helps to have a visual guide as to what order or what machine I am supposed to be using, as I have a specific plan based on my medical conditions, and can’t remember the equipment very well. It limits my ability to utilize just any machine. A feature like that would really help me keep a routine with what I am doing and plan out with a trainer what changes I should graduate into down the road. Please, please, PLEASE create features like this so I can reference a plan directly on my phone. I do love the videos along with the workouts that show you how to properly use the equipment.

- Lost function for form

App looks really nice but they dropped the ability to effectively track workouts. I loved the xCaputure feature as it made logging information from treadmills and other PF equipment a snap. If you had to manually input the work out it was no real issue. With the current app workout tracking has effectively been eliminated. Not sure if that is the intent or if they are planning on rolling out updates as the new platform rolls out? The lack of clarity of whats to come makes it feel like the users are not apart of the cycle of development. Its basically come back time to time to see what we have done and hope you figure how to make it work. I need the app now for one reason, to show my membership. Everything else is just to attract people into the membership, no one is working out to the app, ever. If you could help track fitness progress as previously had with the clunky versions then there would be some value but it has been lost with the updates. So sit up and bring your pencil and log book, we are back to the basics people.

- Pretty Useless

I agree with the August 2019 developer-reviewer who complained about the loss of features. The treadmill is missing. We don’t need a general exercise app recording our walking, biking, karate times and calorie burns. We need each device in the PF gym and the ability to track our chair settings, weights, repetitions, calories, times, etc, etc. I use the elliptical trainer, from which the app allows me to record only my time and calories burned. Hills, fat burn, levels, etc? Nope. I do weight machines and can’t track any of that. Did I lift 50 lbs last week? Should I raise the weight to 60 lbs, but I might have already done that? What’s the seat setting again? It’s nice that you’ve provided instructional videos for workouts. Really it is. And the app is pretty. But it should support your customers in their gym routines first and foremost. Not exercise mat routines I could do at home. Your gyms should also have functional wifi. I often can’t record my exercises in the app because the wifi signal is unavailable. Mind you I have been listening to online music but the PF app fails to connect. What’s up with that? I’m disappointed with your app. I don’t see that you’ve fixed anything since August btw.

- My Personal Review of PF in Grand Haven, MI.

I joined PF a couple weeks ago. I went there a few times to exercise/workout. Then came the Corona thingy and now everything in life changes overnight. I fully understand that PF is doing the correct thing until all this blows over. Now, I am quite impressed with Planet Fitness and all the newer equipment and environment within! I am however wondering why there is no scale to weigh yourself on? I have been a fitness club member at other gyms around the USA and they all had a body weight scale. I do like to weigh myself on an accurate scale other than the junk we have in our bathrooms at home. Therefore, only 4 stars because I want a scale at my PF. I read the information about responsibility of one self and that of PF. I am just wondering though if the staff members are trained in CPR? I was a trainer years ago for Gold Gym in Los Angeles, CA. It was mandatory to be current on your CPR certification.

- App Doesn't Work

I am going to copy someone else's review because it perfectly describes the problem: The new version iPhone app is not working as it has changed the sign in requirements. The web site, which holds your information and billing info plus email account, has the two sign on blocks as “user name” and “password”. The email address is not part of the sign in procedure per web. The app on the other hand has the blocks as “email” and “ password”. Your user name is not you email account. The app is unable to sign you on as it does not accept your user name in the email box. If you do have an email address and you enter that, app fails to log on as it seems to compare the email address to your user name which in most cases are not the same. I tried several work around ideas which all failed. Deleted the app and reinstalled app. No go! Sent support email on this topic and a recorded “ canned” email returned without any reference to the issue. The only way to get around this programming error is to use another email account and create a new sign on. I don’t want to have to get another email account just for this app. Fix it! George

- Last update bugs? (Updated)

(Update to state that it seemed my phone was the problem. I replaced the phone today, reloaded apps etc, and the app is working as it did previously.) Updated the app before I went to the gym at 4am to avoid the crowds. Once there, I could not enter activities, and once at the workout screen, could not leave it without closing the app for awhile. I restarted iPhone twice, then deleted and re-uploaded app from App Store. Still not working. I have generally really appreciated the app for what it does do, although it’s definitely lacking. Cannot track weights progression. Running speeds are only measured as whole numbers—no decimal—so also no tracking progression or intensity. No PF30 tracking or HIIT or other circuit or interval training tracking. And the crowd meter baffles me... It seems like one tick line equals around 5 people??

- Great App and Great Fitness Club

Totally impressed with the equipment and the staff at Planet Fitness in Avon, OH. All the staff is very friendly and will answer any questions I have. Kevin M, the trainer is very knowledgeable on what types of exercises would be best for each person he meets. He has a great attitude and has given me so many good tips about the equipment. The Design Your Own Program is another added benefit which allows Kevin to customize the workout to your own goals. I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up. So glad I did now! The app (using iPhone) not only stores your card so you don’t have to carry it with you, but it makes it very easy to see and schedule all the classes available. An added benefit is that it lets you put the class in your calendar after signing up. It’s also nice to check your schedule later to see what you have signed up to take.

- Disappointing Update

The app is saturated with workout instructions, and videos now. The calendar of events tab might be useful to people looking for classes to participate in but what I’m really annoyed about is the fitness log. They took the fitness log from the previous version and downgraded it. No more uploaded pictures of the machine you used. The app only wants to know how long you were on the machine and at what intensity you feel you worked. A couple exercises allow you to input a more realistic metric here (like miles per hour for running) but most are vague and useless in terms of calculating any kind of calorie burn or whatever other goal you have set for yourself. Until they actually take their app seriously, I recommend using something else. Suggestions for improvement, CAPTURE THE METRICS FROM THE MACHINE, no brainer right? People aren’t coming to Planet Fitness to play lacrosse or ice hockey (they are in the list of activities, not kidding) so remove the fluff from your list. Lastly, add a general food diary. It doesn’t have to be super complicated with a massive collection of foods to search, just make it so foods can be added and saved to be easily used again later. People going to the gym often pay attention to this stuff and are willing to eat the same things regularly to see the gains they want. You get 2 stars because 1. you made an app which means you care and 2. you at least attempt to track fitness—well done. Now do it better.

- Unable to sign on!

The new version iPhone app is not working as it has changed the sign in requirements. The web site, which holds your information and billing info plus email account, has the two sign on blocks as “user name” and “password”. The email address is not part of the sign in procedure per web. The app on the other hand has the blocks as “email” and “ password”. Your user name is not you email account. The app is unable to sign you on as it does not accept your user name in the email box. If you do have an email address and you enter that, app fails to log on as it seems to compare the email address to your user name which in most cases are not the same. I tried several work around ideas which all failed. Deleted the app and reinstalled app. No go! Sent support email on this topic and a recorded “ canned” email returned without any reference to the issue. The only way to get around this programming error is to use another email account and create a new sign on. I don’t want to have to get another email account just for this app. Fix it! George

- New member

I recently joined Planet Fitness after being with LA Fitness for 6 years. I left due to machine conditions and machine availability. I am pleased so far with PF, they gym smells nice, equipment diversity and availability is right where I feel acceptable. Staff is friendly, they are not trying to push you to buy anything like LA Fitness. There are trash cans, cleaning spray and wipes available every few steps and seems like people actually clean machines after themselves, something I never saw before. I enjoy the 30- minutes express workout station. The app has videos showing you how to use every machine in there and the machine also has pictures to show you how to use it. There is a hydro machine, massage machine, tan machine, and another machine for their members. There is a lounge area. The gym has wifi. I can go on and on as so to why I love this gym, I am truly pleased with the gym.

- WARNING: Don’t update KEEP the current version

I completely regret updating to the newest version. Wish there was an option to go back to previous version. I was suckered in by the constant advertising of the new version at Planet Fitness TV. It looked nicer and supposedly better options. ONE it looks ok. TWO new version doesn’t let u sign on w finger print like the old version u have to manually sign in and out each time so 5 years ago! THREE and the one that bothers me the most is the old version had a section to show all ur check-ins this one does not. I thought updating meant keeping the options from the older version and just adding more options to the newer version. NOPE! So if u like ur old version DON’T UPDATE 😐 ~~~~~~~~UPDATE BELOW~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Received response from developer that we can always sign on online to get all the info they took away w/this disastrous update. What kind of response is that! That doesn’t help at all. The point of an APP is to have all the information you can get from online AND that info WAS available on the older version. 🙄😒

- Please improve the Apps ability to schedule classes.

I love everything about planet fitness and would have given them a 5 star review, EXCEPT for the ability to schedule classes on their App. Their classes fill up SO fast and the App is only giving me the ability to book one week in advance and the time slots I need are usually taken. This could be remedied if it let you book farther in advance. That being said, if you call in, the front desk is more then happy to book for you but it’s difficult to plan your week without being able to see what classes fall in what time slots, because they switch up from what time the classes are offered. Please PF at least give the App the ability to book out the classes two weeks in advance or add an additional trainer and classes. Thanks for your consideration.

- Perks Points Buggy

I’ve missed out on two 25-point bonuses due to Perks Points not registering my check-in. To start March, my check-in did not register last night either. The front desk makes a note in your acct that you were “not fully checked in” and missing points, but you never get them. Moreover, Perksville never responds to concerns. Their auto-reply only states that they are experiencing high volume, so if you lose points, it will never resolve. I spent two hours in club, weightlifting, treadmill, and massage. I checked into the club AND the massage table, and not one check-in registered my presence in club or awarded my 5 points! Yeah, I get my workout, but I want my t-shirts! Incentive programs need to work. I am Black Card member and can appreciate the cost of PF as compared to other gyms, but I have a free gym option on the AF Base that has a cardio room and a weight room with power racks. In PF, I am paying for convenience and the “brand” to work. Call me lame, but perks often compel me to stop by the gym and “actively” recover. Please debug your Perks.

- Not integrated enough into the workout

Been to PF many times as a guest on the wife’s account and the best bud’s. Got tired of working out on other’s schedules so signed up and was excited to download the app for myself, as I had previously had to pay for 3rd party fitness tracker apps. I like that there is a list and instructions of exercises and a list of trackable activities. The problem is, the exercises are not all on the list of activities. I want to track my reps, sets and weight on the chest press for instance so I don’t have to use the 3rd party app anymore or keep notes, but that exercise is not available on the list of activities. This and an option to create personal workouts based on available exercises would be golden. I read the earlier reviews so I’m patiently waiting for Apple Watch integration. Until I can track the exercises I do there, this app is nothing but a virtual black card to me.

- Bring back the old app

Since I did the update I’ve had nothing but problems with the app. 1st it wouldn’t allow me to login with my email address sayin that it couldn’t find an account with my email address. I’ve been using the app for over a year and have had the SAME email address! I’ve even gotten emails from Planet Fitness from said email address!! I went the route of signing up for an account, since I had given up hope of tryin to save my progress, only to get a message there was an account already created with my email address. 😡😡😡 I then get a message that says I will get an email to help me set up for the new stuff & login with the app. I NEVER GOT THE EMAIL! (And yes I checked spam & trash nothing there.) I just ended up resetting my pw & I got in some kinda way. Secondly, it will not scan my barcode so that I can add my pass. I tried my old barcode from another location b4 I transfer and the new one. Nothing worked. I really like the app bc it’s helping to track my exercise and works with my Fitbit too. I don’t know whoever approved this update to launch but they need to make sure that an app is going to work b4 you push an update to the masses. UPDATE Got a response from the developer I needed to go to the gym for assistance with adding my barcode. When I asked what I needed to do I was told that they had nothing to do with it, that I need to talk to corporate. Why tell me to ask for assistance if I wasn’t going to get it at my home club?

- App is garbage

I’ve noticed that many reviews on here are actually reviewing the gym not the app, and while PF is an ok gym for the money, the app is complete and utter garbage. Half the time you can’t log in and It’s extremely buggy in the app as well! For instance, if you try to go in and update your profile the app will bring up the keyboard for only a select few fields and when you try to save it won’t saying that fields are missing... that is if you can get the save button to actually register. This app is extremely buggy and the fact that it hasn’t been updated in over a year and looks like it was designed for the iPhone 4 also is a huge letdown... I really hate the concept of carrying my card around since all my other cards are kept in my phone now days, it I’m not sure if it will load for me when I get to the gym! I have a Y membership in addition to PF, I only hold on to PF for the 24hour access, which helps with my work schedule. I’m seriously thinking of getting rid of it though due to this app!

- Updates to app

Great Morning to you: I having been using your app for just about a year and followed the prompts to update it. The update went smoothly. I know change is sometimes challenging, however I thought I would share the couple things that I would hope you could add back. The first is the distance or mileage feature specifically for walking and running. Calories are also not being captured and I realize that they may not be accurate but it does give an estimate. I also liked being able to uploaded my aerobic workout into the app. There were times when it didn’t record and I think that was due to the sunlight/glare. I learned to always take a picture for my phone before uploading. Thanks for seeing how you can add back. Carl

- Sign up process is close

3comments on the sign up process: 1) I briefly left the PF app to swap to my bank app to get my routine number and account number. I was gone about 45 seconds, but when I returned it lost my place and didn’t save any information, so I had to start completely over. 2) When collecting info it gave me a pick list of gyms I used to be a member of. On this list was “Gold’s Gym” but it wouldn’t let me submit the information with Gold’s selected because of the apostrophe, it kept giving me an error that my string was not a valid alpha numeric. What a useless error message for someone who doesn’t work in IT 3) it’s ridiculous to collect both my credit card and routing number info. Why can’t I pay my monthly bill with a credit card?


If you’re looking to just stay healthy and work out in a non judgmental environment then I’d highly recommend Planet Fitness! I have the black card membership ($20/month) and I get a personal trainer to write out a workout plan based on my needs for FREE! I was always in sports growing up so I worked out constantly, but you know you graduate and adulting happens so I haven’t been in a gym in a few years! So gettin the help I need from a personal trainer to help me get my mojo back is amazing!! People have said its “lame” at PF, but those are most likely the people who are competing or have been working out for years and are trying to maintain their muscular physique! PF is definitely for the average person just tryin to maintain a healthy life, but also get the results you’re looking for!

- Add the key tag to my Wallet App!

The planet fitness application is the best with all of its resources on hand, but what it’s really missing the most is the option to add my membership tag to my Wallet app. It would be easier to walk in, double tap my phone to bring up wallet and scan in quickly than unlocking my phone and opening the app and then clicking the tag. Please add the membership tag to the Wallet app please! I’ve been dying for this feature for 3 years already. I broke my ankle 5 months ago and I’m back in hopes I can use this in my wallet app. Cinemark, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Etc. have their rewards available to add in the Wallet application and I hope Planet Fitness jumps aboard and adds their keytag on the Wallet app as well.

- Need to be able to check club capacity in other clubs

Yaaaaaahhhhhh, you fixed the below issue. Wow, that was a quick fix. Thank you. I’m glad I own sone of this stock if this is how fast you guys resolve problems. So now my star rating is a perfect 5 : ) I actually like the app but I’m hoping it’s developers can come up with an easier way to check multiple club capacities. When you check club capacity and it’s maxed, there is no way for you to select other club to check capacity. At least not easy. I mean, if I did some laborious finger clicking to make another club my club then I could check it but it shouldn’t be that hard. I’ve tried every option but all you can do is get the directions and call the other clubs. Of which, they are not answering the phones because everyone is calling for the same thing. You should be able under find another club to check it’s capacity. Don’t know why the developers were so short sited. If there is an easier way, it’s not under the obvious function one can do or select from. But, the major function of the app is good.

- Bye PF hello Blink

First let me say that I’ve been a member for over ten years. Probably like 12-15. Anyway I was “grandfathered” into the old price so as long as I don’t cancel it stays the same which I love PF for doing. Planet fitness re started my membership after the pandemic without even notifying me. I didn’t agree to it. I was charged for two months before I found out. Other apps had me click the link when I was ready to start my post pandemic subscription again. This GUARANTEES that I’m okay with the charges. Planet fitness just starts taking money out of my account without telling me. When I called the guy told me “sorry but we got your money now”. And chuckles. That made me furious. He told me to I have to come in to cancel my membership which I didn’t wanna do. So I never came in to cancel but he cancelled it anyway. Then when I go to work out they said he wrote that I was a “rude customer” in their notes. There’s a blink fitness that just opened up next to my house… they are quoting the PF guy on the phone now. “Sorry but we(blink) got your(my gym membership money)money now”. PF becareful who you hire. Ps the guy that helped me with figuring out why my membership was cancelled was actually a really great employee who knows how to talk to customers even when there’s bad news involved. Maybe HE should be answering the phones.

- Great, but wished.

I gave this a five because I think the app is great! My favorite feature is the membership scan. It’s so nice to have the membership scan on my phone not have to worry about the key fob. For example, my daughter took my keys and left early and I had to give them my name, date of birth, blood type and all my life information, so I could tan after my workout. That’s when I was told about this app! LOVE IT! I can now leave everything in the locker and tan, massage bed, etc... after my workout! However, I wish it would sync with iPhone, Apple health and Apple Watch. I use my Apple Watch and Apple health for everything fitness. Just some suggestions, maybe for the future! But great app and definitely worth a download!!!!

- App is ok…ish with lots of room for improvement

The app is… ok. A few recommendations would to include a map that shows where a machine is. I get their decided by group but a map would be nice with the layout and machines pictured. And secondly their needs to be a way to track different workouts or activities you did. Like so you could add in or create a routine so you could follow it in the club. And that’s where a map comes in handy so u can plan exactly where to go and what to do how long to do and at what weight. Also videos of how to use the equipment would be nice. Not just in the pre created workout section. I’m a newbie gym goer and can’t remember everything and would like to plan something out before going so I’m not a lost puppy. And I don’t have time for the trainers to show me. The times just don’t add up. I need a visual picture of what I’m going to be doing not a list. That’s gibberish sounding to me.

- New Version took away basic functionality

UPDATE: Per the developer’s response to my original review, I have opened two different support tickets from within the app and have yet to receive a single response. Their canned replies here seem just to make it appear they are listening. ORIGINAL: The newest version of the app took away the one thing I was actually using it for, tracking distances of my various workouts. Now when you record a workout all you are entering is the time. There is no field to enter distance. So all the entries I had for the entire year, leading up to when it silently updated on my phone are now lost. Additionally, when you do enter the time of your workout, it defaults the Calories calculation (which is ALWAYS much lower than what the specific machine calculated) but no longer gives you a way to override the calculation. Previously you could override it with what was displayed on the machine. Also there is no way to see summaries of previous months/year to date/... beyond the current month (August as of this review). Because of this change the only thing I will prob end up using the app for is to display my ID card to get in the door. As a software developer I appreciate the need for updates but not when you take away basic functionality that people might be using. A definite step backwards.

- Lots of unnecessary content

I use this app to scan my club card. Other than that and the crowd meter, nothing in this app is where it should be. “Perks” should be under the “my account” menu because it directly relates to my membership. Why is black card membership apart of the main navigation also? If you’re not a black card member you’ll never use this screen. You’d think logging your activity would be the most important feature of this app and its poorly designed. I go to the gym to workout, why do I have to jump through hoops to log what I did? You’re limited in how you can view your activity and the tracker doesnt even account for half the machines available in the gym. There’s a lack of intention behind how you designed this app. Redesign it PF.

- New app is terrible!!

I really liked the old app. The new app doesn’t even allow you to put the number of calories the machine says you burned!! I input my work out and it says 0 calories! I can’t track distance either! The old app was wonderful!! You couldn’t always “capture” the work out but at least you could input it manually. I also loved seeing how much progress I’ve made month after month. I don’t really track my weight anymore, but if I’m burning more calories (meaning I’m getting faster), or how many miles I went. It was super encouraging to see the progress. I feel bad leaving this review because someone obviously worked really hard and it’s really pretty but I think the new app should be a separate entity. Like a “PF workout buddy” and then a regular PF app where we can track our progress. I’m clearly not alone though because most app users were pretty happy until the update.

- This App Is Now Absolutely Horrible

I am not going to go into much detail, no need in repeating what’s already been said in the last week or so about the recent update. Tons of 1 star reviews lately and angry customers say it all. I just hope someone important at Planet Fitness is paying attention to the their unhappy customers, because it is clearly obvious the redesigned app was created by people who don’t value customer feedback, customer service, ease of use and the ability to capture workout data. This new app make me think it was created by people who never stepped one foot into a gym. Nor did they think it was important to seek out the opinion of the folks who do. The post release tech support has been nothing but insulting to the customer as well. Hey folks this episode let’s you know what Planet Fitness thinks of you......Not Much.....just keep sending in your $10 or $20 a month and keep quiet.

- No Confirmation Before Upgrades

I just downloaded the app yesterday and while exploring the app I ran across the upgrade feature. I was disappointed to see that after I clicked on the upgrade button, I was automatically upgraded without any confirmation asking me if I was sure I wanted to do that. After this happened, I immediately wrote the support email to cancel this action and I was told that I would have to physically go in to the branch to have to work this out. It’s not that I don’t want the upgrade, it’s just that I don’t want it right now and I should be able to explore the app. Instead I clicked on the button and was automatically upgraded without asking for confirmation. Automatic 3 stars for the app.

- Horrible service

There’s no rights as a customer when you sign up a membership. There’s no one to contact if you are wronged, literally no one to contact, if they wrong you. They are rude and won’t even try to help with any issues. There are only issues if you try to get customer service. I hope this helps you not to waste money on them since there’s no corporate number to can since they are all franchise stores. Meaning of you are wronged there’s no one to call, literally no one. You have no rights and are treated like a number not a guest. Never ever ever ever will I ever do any business with them again. I regret even wasting my time having to write this review. The worst company ever and they are smug about their horrible customer service. No one ever should get anything from them since they are only in it for the money and not the guest experience.

- Half-way decent

When the capture works, it does what I need it to do. But when it doesn't, it's just takes up space on my phone. Suggestions: 1) Allow capture from camera. I've learned to photo my workout summary before trying to submit in case it doesn't work but have no way to upload from the camera when the xCapture fails. 2) Add more options for manual entry. Given how often the xCapture fails, I'd like to still be able to record my treadmill workout as "treadmill" rather than walking/running. 3) Add in an option of 30 Minute Express. For this one, I'm more interested in capturing that I completed it, rather than being worried about how many calories I burned, given that every body will burn at a different rate.

- Worst Membership Ever!! Don’t Get Planet Fitness!

Don’t get a membership with planet fitness. I setup my account when it was a dollar down and then setup where I don’t have to do automatic payments. And I get withdrawn from planet fitness without no knowledge at all and I have evidence showing that auto renew is off. Yet they say that they only do auto renew and lie about my account being auto renew on but it is off. They will still charge without consent even though auto renew is off. Yet I am still getting no refund showing that my auto renew is off. So I am canceling my membership and not recommending planet fitness at all to anyone. They will auto renew even though you chose your account to not have auto renew and setup manually. By far worst membership and will never get a membership from planet fitness ever again. Or recommend it to anyone.

- Apple Watch version malfunctions

Developers, there’s is a bug (or you designed the all this way). If say the app on the phone has been closed for a few hours and the app is opened on the Apple Watch, it fails to bring the key tag. It only refreshes the key tag if the app is opened on the iPhone and then the app is opened on the key tag. After this, the key tag will refresh normally for a few minutes. But say another few hours go by and the app is shut off in the iPhone, the watch will not refresh the key tag. And yes background refresh is set to on the for app. This makes the iwatch app useless if people are on the go, have a cellular iwatch, and can’t get the key tag because the app on the iPhone wasn’t opened a few seconds before pulling the tag in the iwatch. Please fix cause otherwise, it makes the tag useless kn the iwatch

- Decent app needs work

Same review as it’s relevant. I did drop it 2 stars as I keep hoping that some of the old features come back. It’s a simple fix that would make the app 100% functional. I love the additional features they added to the app. It would be nice to either add back the feature to snap record a workout or evaluate how the current model records workouts. Example: I run on a treadmill for 3 miles for a total time of 33 minutes. The app should generate an average speed according to those values. It currently has you fill in a generic speed which either over or understates the workout. Also it would be a great add to have sub columns in weightlifting, ie arms, legs, chest, core...& you can have subcategories even on those for a complete workout history. Outside that the app works great, just needs a few touch ups.

- Can’t track Planet Fitness Workouts

I’m using a planet fitness app at planet fitness and I can’t track my workouts. Sure there is a track workout feature where you can pick from a stock list of mostly outdoor exercises. If I’m at a gym, using that gym’s app, you would think I could log my workout on it. Scan a machine and I should be able to track weight and reps or time on that machine. It is sad that I have to use another app to do this and measure my progress. Literally the only value this app brings to me is the ability to check in. I don’t use the workout videos-maybe those are good but I can’t speak to that. Developers really need to find a way to allow us to add exercises-not just for planet fitness machines but other types of workouts.

- Functional

Honestly the app is okay. My other fitness apps do a bit more. I don’t know if this app has technical issues or it’s just cause an update. I got my app the first day I joined the gym, had a simple walk through seen some cool gadgets with adding your guest and it being able to record your time at the gym. I don’t know if an auto update went through or its a bug in the app but now I can’t do any of that. It doesn’t allow me to see my time calculator out the guest I have registered. I asked one of the workers there and they even said it depends your phone but most times it will disappear and reappear. It could be better, it does the function of checking me in and looking up some workouts. So I guess the overall function of the app isn’t half bad.

- Stupid stupid app

The developers of this app are probably the dumbest people on the planet! There is NOTHING in here to track weightlifting if you are doing more than one weight machine and you can’t even name the machine! All you have to do is add a “Custom Name” to the “+ Activity” button AT THE TOP of this page and you are done. Then I could add pullovers, squat machine, ab machine... everything else is already there. You people have purposely ignored this trying to keep the muscle head people out of your “different kind of gym”. You’ve done it. Now, for those of us that WANT to use the machines and are NOT muscle heads; you’ve completely ignored us and we have to go to another app to get what we need. That’s just LAZY and STUPID on your part! Serve YOUR customers or somebody else will. This fix would take a programmer 10 minutes to fix. Get it done!!

- Terrible update. Don’t waste your time downloading

This new update is horrendous! It deleted some of my most recent workout entries, and when I tried to record a new workout, it only allowed me to enter the time spent on the machine, you can’t enter the calories or distance anymore. What a terrible and inaccurate way of keeping track of workouts now. Plus it was so hard to find where to record your workout. AND logging into the app was such a hassle! They had to email me a password reset which apparently was done to all previous app users and the reset email took forever! I got so upset at with all this I just deleted it. You’re better off using any other fitness tracking app. Such a shame that they updated the app to be less user-friendly. I hope they bring back the old features. Otherwise, I won’t be downloading again.

- Really not bad for the price but...

I suppose I shouldn't be too picky, given the price of the app, but there are several things which irk me about it. 1) I travel A LOT and when I'm overseas and need to manually input a workout, I can't use local time. The app will only accept workout times in the time zone of your home gym! So I have to adjust the time of my workout to The Eastern Time Zone any time I'm in Europe. Seriously? 2) The "Snap a Workout" function is nice, but EXTREMELY slow to update. The app says that most workouts will within an hour, but I have yet to see one that shows up in my history in less than 24. 3) How is it possible that there is no option for "Snow Shoveling" when manually entering a workout? Things like "Yardwork", "Boxing", and "Tai Chi" are available, so why not something so common as "Shoveling Snow"?

- BEWARE! They stole money

I canceled with planet fitness by letter like they require. The next month they charged me. I used the app who put me through to email the CEO of my planet fitness. He told me my money would be refunded and my account canceled. A few months go by and I noticed they charged me again. I put a block on my card. They used a “back door” my bank called it to charge me still. I contacted planet fitness and they told me that if I don’t notice the charge within 60 days they don’t have to return my money to me even with email proof from the CEO himself. I contacted planet fitness and they told me they can’t do anything because it’s a Planet Fitness franchise and I’d have to go through the CEO. Very shady. My bank and my lawyer said this happens often with them and it’s the wording in their contract that allows them to do this.

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- Apple wallet

Please add Apple wallet support

- Apple Wallet

Nice app, but it would be nicer if you could access the key tag from Apple Wallet

- Awesome

Great app I love it and makes it very easy at this difficult time. It works great in Canada, thank you planet fitness

- Pointless

Required to download this app so I don’t have to waste my already reduced gym time answering a questionnaire. Downloaded the app, FINALLY got it linked and had to mess around for 20+minutes to figure out how to do the only thing I need it for, check in. It’s a hassle.

- Doesn’t work as it should

You can’t set your home gym. Defaults to Dover,NH. With no option to change it even with my membership linked. Deleted it and will just use the crown meter website.

- Its okay, Apple Watch log in useless

I only got the app so I could sign in with so it just takes space on my phone... I was happy to see the Apple Watch was supported but you have to sign in to the phone app to use the watch to sign in... seriously what’s the point?? Might as well use my phone now that it’s in my hand. Deleting the app and saving the picture of my barcode on my phone.

- Not Canadian friendly

Title says it all. Remove the zip code for Canadian users and add a postal code. You can’t even link your account to the app. Completely useless

- can’t pin gyms

why can’t i pin my home gym in winnipeg Mb. Also make the app more Canadian friendly it won’t take my postal code keeps asking for my zip.

- Can’t Pin Home Gym

My home screen has a gym in Dover, NH pinned. I live in Winnipeg, MB. So I don’t care what’s going on in Dover. I asked if I could change it to the gym I go to and was told that’s not possible. They should make it possible. Then I’d give it a 5 star.

- Guest membership barcode

Why there is no bar code on phone for guest and even in gym if member is outside in gym they dont allow me to come . There should be option in app for guest i m frustrated to telling my number daily

- Critical Analysis

Overall it’s a neat app. I enjoy the animated motion graphics for the different exercises. Usability-wise, the exercise search should include different filter options (body part targeted, equipment, difficulty, etc.). Also, it’s frustrating to input membership. I missed a space between my postal code and had a hard time logging in until I read fellow reviews of the app that suggested looking up what the inputted data was on the website registration the inputting that exactly into the app. A simple line of code can be added to the app to validate text only with space or no space inputs from the user. A Canadian postal code can be inputted with and without a space by users. It differs from the US postal code which generally has no spaces. Also, improve personalization. Allow users to save exercises, track which they have completed, and to save their local gym. On the bottom quick menu bar, three of the five icon buttons are pointless, ad-related, rarely used. Namely, “perks, black card, refer”. Amalgamate these options into one screen or area or icon. They are ok to have, but more rarely used by users and do not require their own quick access icon. Lastly, rethink the flow of the app. The wire-framing seems to be not well thought out. There’s too many clicks to go through to get to areas I am most interested in, namely the digital membership card and exercise content. The crowd meter is awesome in these covid times. But I have to click on the homepage, search, find, then check the individual gym. The crowd meter stats should be more accessible to users. It should allow users to compare crowd levels in various gyms in a graphical format. Some awesome features are hidden in the side hamburger menu and found nowhere else. Like “PF classes”. There should be more than one way for users to reach that screen. Please consider functionality and usability as the primary objective. I don’t mind promotions integrated within, just put them in places that make sense and that do not interfere with primary and more frequently used functions. Thank you for creating a usable app. It works well for now but can definitely be improved upon.

- Need Apple Wallet support

Waiting for the ability to add the key tag to Apple Wallet. Please deliver soon.

- Works in Canada, handy app

The app works in Canada. The club I joined just entered my postal code incorrectly. You can log in online if you want, and see what they entered for your postal code. Then return to the app and enter the postal code exactly as shown. Good luck. The app is handy, has a bunch of exercises and the ability to record your assortment of activities. But most of all it’s the membership card on your phone. That part is the cats meow.

- New update and again loss of use

This is the second update done to this app that has decreased the ability to track your workouts. If it’s going to be new, make it improved! not.

- Nice app, has a bug adding membership

Requires a space in the Canadian postal code to add your membership from your key tag. I kept trying without a space (as is normal) and it kept failing for unknown reasons. Finally thought to try with a space and it immediately works :/

- Can’t link membership

Now with covid around and contactless check in is more beneficial but the feature cannot even be used. Don’t suggest/implement something that doesn’t work! (Canada PF member)

- App can be more functional

Please add pass for the wallet

- Doesn’t work

I’ve been trying several times to link my membership. I scan my barcode, but when I put my postal code it never works. I’ve tried with all caps lock and with a space, still didn’t work. I’ve tried the barcode that was sent to me by email when I first joined, that too did not work. It’s so frustrating because now with the gyms opening up, you can do touch less check-ins but only using the app. But how can I if it doesn’t recognize my membership. Anyone else with this problem...??

- Works in Canada

Excellent options for all levels of fitness.

- Works fine

Not sure why they haven’t resolved this issue yet but if you live in Canada type your postal code in all caps and with a space. Your membership will register and work in the app. One worker couldn’t help me and said it there was nothing that could be done (didn’t even seem to care or try to ask anyone else who knew) but another worker told me to try that and it worked fine. Hope this helps out.

- I wish

I wish their was a way we could track the machines we use and the work out routines. I wish we could be able to book a plus one for the work out sessions so I don’t have to call it in all the time.

- Wallet

This would be a five star with the wallet app. It’s very convenient to have the bar code without opening the app when you come in to gym.

- For Canada too?

Is this only for the US bc it doesn’t recognize my Canada login.

- App does not work

Doesn’t work

- Won’t work in Canada

I’m starting to regret leaving Crunch Fitness. Their app worked in Canada! Planet fitness has opened several locations across Canada but the app only works for the U.S.?!? Wish I could give a negative star

- Needs some updates

Integration with Apple Health App would be great & wallet so you have your card on the go!

- Apple Watch Support

Please look into adding Apple Watch support.I would like to visit without my phone for signing in.

- Awful!

I thought the old app with the videos was excellent. I asked one of the people at Planet Fitness to help me figure out the new app. She was confused too. Who puts these together anyway?

- Can’t Log Workouts

The Planet Fitness app is very limited. You should be able to log your machines so you can keep track of your reps and weight. Better still - there should be a scan that takes you to the machine stats and not just a video. Come on Planet Fitness - you have a great facility but your tracking is poor.

- Sucks

After refresh It won’t allow me to sign in...only allows me the selection of create new account. Then went to support selection wrote problem out... then dumb app didn’t allow me to send comment.

- Poor judgement

Brought my nephew from out of town to exercise they stated he needed ID. He showed his Military ID and Ploce ID and wouldn’t let him enter because it didn’t have his birth date on it. What crap! First of all to become a police office you have to be 21. Second he is in the Military as well. What more do you need!!!!!

- Wallet support please...

Hey PF, you did a great job updating your app to support new screen sizes... now please add support for Wallet and allow the gym card to be added to Apple Wallet. i’ve bumped up your score from 3 to 4 stars... wallet support will give you the fifth and final star! thank you ❤️

- You removed the best feature!

You removed the most liked feature of taking a picture at end if treadmill workout and uploading it to keep track!

- App never works

I used to love this app, but ever since you created a new app a few months back, the app keeps crashing. Even worse I need to relog every time. I agree with others, make it apple wallet compatible for easy gym login

- New app update

I was able to connect my Fitbit and now with new update that option is gone, I wonder why. Thank you

- Awful update

I wish they would go back to the old format. I don’t care about my “pace”. I like putting in my distance (can’t anymore) and can no longer see my check in history. Trying to get a response from head office is non existent and therefore very frustrating.

- Don’t like the new app

I used to be able to take a photo of the treadmill or scan other machines......can’t do any of that now???? I like the old app it’s way better!! I wish I didn’t download the new app!!

- All the features actually used are gone!

Can no longer view check in history, account information, and the workout videos specific to PF machines. Lost all data actually relevant and useful . Old version was better

- Update is major downgrade from previous version

While the update does have some good tracking features it seems to have lost all the features that I actually used. The exercise videos are now specific to exercises you can do at home with dumbbells. I really liked and miss the videos on how to use the equipment in the gym and 30-minute express videos on various step exercises. Also liked the ability to snap a screenshot of cardio equipment. The options for entering results is quite reduced from before. It would also be nice to enter incline settings when using the treadmill as there is a significant difference in calories burned when walking/running at an incline compared to flat. Overall, really don’t like the upgrade.

- Not as good as the previous version

Previously it was much easier to keep track of my workouts (eg, take a picture of the machine screen and it was add up my time and calories), and I was able to track over the weeks, or months, how I was doing, but those functions are gone now.

- Fix the calorie calculations

Calories burned algorithm is way off. Please go back to when we could snap our workout. Do not like this app update

- Disappointed in updates

Update today August 21, 2019 - I still have the same issues. Since the new app update, my last history activity only shows up to July 23. All previous dates logged listed the same stats. Minor bugs in this new app. Won’t sync with my Fitbit either! My app sure doesn’t show the same information as the one shown in the App Store. My “your week / August at a glance looks shows “0’s”. Thanks.

- downgrade

the only features I used this app for were account management and tracking my check-ins, and neither of those things appear to be options anymore. it's just a fitness tracker now, and not even a good one.

- Snap a workout

How do I snap a workout and track my calories burned on the new app? It was easy to do in the old app. I don’t see it as an option anymore. Not liking this update at all!!

- Add to wallet

Need an option to add the PF scan card to wallet. Will make it quicker to scan the card without opening the app.

- Calendar updates

Since the update there is no option to add the classes I sign up for to my calendar. Have to do it manually. Please put that function back.

- Help

The old app was better I could take a photo of my workout to track or put it in manually. Now the new app I am not able to do that or see a spot to track manually or take a photo. Please help me figure this out. I even asked the PF staff and they also could not see where to track 😡

- Update sucks!

This new update sucks! Lost all my workout data and it’s very hard to navigate. Sure miss the old one!

- Finally has full functionality

Love the updated app! Thanks for the update!

- Distance Tracking Gone!

Only tracking the duration of your workout! Bring back the old app. 1 star because I had too!

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Caryn Sagal

Thx, @wjz for showcasing how @PlanetFitness is safely getting people on track with their New Year's fitness goals #fitness #healthylifestyle #workouts #PlanetFitness #Unitedwemove #NewYearsResolutions

Rodney Dapilmoto

First Workout of 2021. How many workouts will I do for the entire year? #2021 #friday #tgif #selfie #life #lifestyle #family #gym #fitness #fit #asian @ Planet Fitness

Shagsworth Bentley

@musicguru_92 😂😂😂 touché. Planet fitness works for me. I just do cardio anyway. Calisthenics workouts.


NYE 2021, sponsored by Planet Fitness...where you probably shouldn’t go until like July. But please try our virtual workouts!


I think I’m gonna cancel my Planet Fitness membership and just stick to at home workouts

Tony Mellas

One of my family members is taking me to Planet Fitness. Not my preferred gym but still a W cuz I was about to just do bodyweight workouts in Florida lol

Daysha Goins

@briannagrass10 I live in Adair is the only thing 🥺 right now I’m just doing at home workouts/body weight stuff. Then I’m torn between starting CrossFit again or just doing Planet Fitness for a bit.

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Planet Fitness Workouts iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Planet Fitness Workouts iphone images
Planet Fitness Workouts iphone images
Planet Fitness Workouts iphone images
Planet Fitness Workouts iphone images
Planet Fitness Workouts iphone images
Planet Fitness Workouts iphone images

Planet Fitness Workouts (Version 9.3.7) Install & Download

The applications Planet Fitness Workouts was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2010-11-04 and was developed by Planet Fitness Holdings, LLC [Developer ID: 1462794443]. This application file size is 165.99 MB. Planet Fitness Workouts - Health & Fitness app posted on 2022-05-02 current version is 9.3.7 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.planetfitness.lunkinator