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HRV4Training App Description & Overview

What is hrv4training app? The first scientifically validated Heart Rate Variability (HRV) app. HRV4Training provides HRV based insights to help you quantify stress,
better balance training and lifestyle, and improve performance. HRV4Training does not require a heart rate monitor, since it can accurately assess your HRV using the phone's camera.

HRV4Training also works with Apple Watch, the Oura ring and all compatible Bluetooth SMART sensors.

HRV4Training is also the first app that goes beyond simple measurements and provides insights on:
1) acute or day to day HRV changes in response to different stressors (alcohol, travel, sick days, training, menstruation, etc.)
2) long term multi-parameter trends to look at the big picture
3) correlations between physiological measurements and annotations
4) training load analysis, fitness, fatigue, readiness to perform and injury risk
5) VO2max estimation for runners linking the app to Strava or TrainingPeaks and using a heart rate monitor during their workouts
6) Training Polarization analysis (or 80/20)
7) Lactate Threshold Estimation for runners linking the app to Strava or TrainingPeaks and using a heart rate monitor during their workouts
8) Weekly and monthly summaries to track progress.

All data is processed inside the app in order to provide you with actionable interpretations that can help optimizing your training plan and performance.

Supported devices for the camera measurement: iPhones 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 6+, 6S+, SE, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12 mini, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 13 mini, 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 14, 14 Plus, 14 Max, 14 Pro, 15, 15 Max, 15 Pro

Currently unsupported devices for the camera measurement: iPhones 4S, iPads and iPods - These devices require a chest strap.

Other features:
- HRV-based advice helps you to adapt your trainings based on objective measures of recovery
- TAGS: lets you tag your sleep, mental energy, muscle fatigue, stress and all other parameters that can help you understand what is influencing your physical condition and physiological stress
- Works with Bluetooth SMART heart rate monitors (a Polar H7 is recommended) or simply your phone's Camera
- Integrates with the Health app (writes heart rate, and sleep, read sleep time)
- Configurable test (single or orthostatic, choose test duration between 1, 3 or 5 minutes)
- Extracts and stores the following features while lying down and/or standing: heart rate, mean of beat-to-beat intervals (AVNN), standard deviation of beat-to-beat intervals (SDNN), square root of the mean squared difference of successive R-Rs (rMSSD), number of pairs of successive R-Rs that differ by more than 50 ms (pNN50), low frequency power (LF, 0.04-0.15 Hz), high frequency power (HF, 0.15-0.40 Hz)
- Shows the PPG signal view to ensure signal quality during the test if the camera is used instead of a bluetooth SMART sensor
- HRV4T Recovery Points to provide a single, straightforward metric to analyze your physical condition
- Population summaries and people like you comparisons to put your data into perspective
- Analysis of compliance and consistency
- Data export via email or Dropbox
- Integrates with TrainingPeaks, Oura, Strava and Coros

HRV4Training requires to register an account with your email address, so that your data can be backed up safely and retrieved in case anything happens (app issue, changing phone, etc.).

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App Name HRV4Training
Category Health & Fitness
Updated 17 April 2024, Wednesday
File Size 34.69 MB

HRV4Training Comments & Reviews 2024

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Doesn't align with me. Using the camera sensor on an iPhone, I find that my readings are very different than my subjective feeling. On days I know I'm well rested I get very low scores, and on days when I'm very tired I get my highest scores. I wish I could return this app after about a week of use, but since I can't, I submit this feedback instead. Buyer beware. Also, if you're looking to sync with TrainingPeaks, note that it only sends it's proprietary score, not the standard hrv measurement. This may be useful to know if you have a history using other apps or devices. Of course, you can see the standard score on the app, but it doesn't push that number to TrainingPeaks.

Best HRV app out there. This one really simplifies things for you after you get a baseline for yourself. However, it has the depth to really dive deep into if you are into it. Simply take a reading when you wake, (only save quality readings, if it says that it’s not reliable, take another) answer a few questions and that’s it!

Outstanding app and developer. I have been using the app daily for over a year. Helped me identify factors limiting sleep and recovery. Assisted me with recovery from surgery. Three days ago it quit working. Sent an email to developer. He answered same day. His proposed solution did not work. Sent another email. Again got a same-day reply. This time solution worked. Lost no data, recouped the data from the last three days as well! Highly recommend app, associated blog and science, and the developer.

Measurements unreliable. I’ve followed the directions for measuring HRV on the phone carefully but I don’t feel I can trust it. Sometimes I get two wildly different numbers measuring back-to-back in the same position. Other times I’m not moving my finger at all but halfway through the measurement it will tell me I need to reposition my finger, and do this about five times. I have an iPhone 13 mini.

Pillow HRV. This app requires an investment in time. And the ROI when using the camera as your sensor isn’t great since the measurements are not repeatable and are highly suspect. Yes I’ve studied the blog post on using the camera. Back to back measurements under the same conditions result in a range 7.1 - 8.5. Heart rate is reasonably close to what Apple Watch reports. App is good at manufacturing a signal from the noise. Too good. My pillow and bed sheets have scored 9.1, 9.5, and 12.3. Bpm tends to be way off at 2-3x actual and fluctuates wildly when I suspend phone above the bedding and the signal looks nothing like a heartbeat. Still, app reports good and optimal signal quality when camera is aimed at goldenrod colored sheets.

The right fit. I have found the frequent updates, add ones and enhanced functionality to be in line with what I’m looking for from an HRV app. I would and have been recommending this app to anyone I interested in knowing how their HR variability is doing as it is the BEST indicator of overtraining available. Great app, easy to use and always improving - whats not to love.

Love/Hate Relationship. This app has changed my training for the better. I know I recover unusually quick but it’s hard to convince your coach without the data. This app has allowed me to train smarter and harder and on fewer rest days. The past two months, I’ve had a suggested take it easy day and it was spot on with how mentally and physically tired I was. However, the days when you get the ok to push hard is the best feeling. I love this app but it holds me accountable to really push or pull back when needed (hence the love/hate relationship).

Important fitness companion. This app has been a phenomenal resource for me as I venture into higher levels of fitness. Being able to track trends and know when it’s time to push harder or take it easy is tremendously valuable. This app isn’t for someone that just wants a friendly motivator to work out, it’s for someone that is already motivated and wants another tool to continue to improve their fitness.

Awesome Support Response. Over the last couple years I’ve found it necessary to contact support only twice when I upgraded to a new iPhone. Marco responded to my questions within hours on one occasion, and literally a few minutes on this recent occasion. The response was not only super fast, but with suggestions that worked to solve my problem.

Difficult to use, never seems to work. I have an Apple Watch and use both workouts and the Strava app. I’ve experimented with only using Strava to try and get this app to give any useful data, to no end. Giving up on it. Not user friendly, resulting in no useful data. Point in case - the volume of responses to user complaints in the app reviews. They speak to the flawed app design. It shouldn’t require myriad personalized responses. If the app was clearly designed to communicate intent and method, it would be clear that you need additional equipment, that they’re unable to use the Apple Watch because of API restrictions, and that this requires readings to be done in a specific and consistent way (best I can piece together). The frustration and research necessary to successfully use this tool are simply too high for many users. The developers seem to understand the science they’re working with, but not how to effectively communicate about it.

Interesting though I haven’t figured out how to use the correlation yet. I get good hr readings from this, and I like being able to track correlating events/data, including subjective/qualitative data points. However I still haven’t figured out how to turn those data into something actionable.

The Best HRV App for looking at trends. After having tried a bunch of the HRV apps, this is definitely the best. Not only does it work consistently, which cannot be said for other apps, it is by far superior on being able to see trends over time.

10 days of use and I’m pleased. A doctor recommended this to me to use with the camera sensor. So far it seems to correspond to my heart rate on a garmin fénix and also to my fatigue and stress level. The graphs are easy to understand. I haven’t had enough measurements to comment on the analysis feature. I wish it had the ability to take multiple readings during the day to taker a finer look at how exertion, foods, and stressors effect you in real time.

Not helpful. I was an early HRV adopter and used a Whoop before they moved to a monthly subscription model. I wear an Apple Watch and don’t really want to add another fitness tracker to that, so I hoped this app would give me a way to track my HRV. I haven’t found it accurate or helpful. The values calculated don’t seem to be even from the same planet as the values I got from Whoop. Despite always syncing my Strava the app never seems to find my workouts, and the information input seems wonky. Sometimes I get the Q&A about my sleep, whether I’m sick, etc., sometimes I don’t. Disappointed overall. Hoping that the next Watch iteration has a built in HRV feature that works for me.

Don’t let the name fools you. Measuring HRV is just a small part of what the app does. It tracks training loads for you, integrates with Strava and TrainingPeaks, and provides you with a lot of training recommendations and statistics that other apps will charge you for monthly subscription fee.

Great app for serious training. Super interesting to follow the metrics. Having some problems with it reading and writing from/to Apple Health. Still haven’t gotten it working fully, but the devs have been very responsive and helpful, which I appreciate. Hope it gets figured out.

Great app. Marco has done an amazing job creating a platform and human interface to measure an important physiological metric: heart rate variability. It has changed how I look at the whole spectrum of stressors in my life and how to eliminate them or shape my athletic pursuits around them. Bravo, Marco, and thank you.

Decent. They recently changed the look of the app so it looks like a beta site from the late 90’s. I am not sure either if it just my phone or the app but about half time I run the test it drops the connection mid scan even with the meter registering well an the green light. All in all HRV is a great gauge for recovery and on terms of the app what you put in the daily survey will make it more useful. 2 stars for terrible design interface and spotty reading.

A great additional metrix. Like all measurements, HRV adds another view of your body’s response to stress. With this app it is easy to take the measurements, providing you data that has not been easily available. Easy connectivity to all your apps. Highly recommend....

Should state at the top of the listing that an account is required. My bad. I didn’t read all the way to the bottom. Was looking for an app that did not require an account. Also, the reason for an account is lame. You do not NEED to back up my data. Should be optional if you are going to charge for the app. Especially if all collection and processing are local. May not be a blatant personal data grab, but it sure does look like one. I hope the app convinces me that it was worth it, but even if it’s good you look like sheisters to me.

Performance of app and support. I don’t usually write reviews but the performance and support of this app is so above normal that I think it deserves noting. Along with supplying an app that works very well, there is a full complement of links to connect you to the technical literature on the metrics that are being measured. You don’t need it to use the app but it’s there if you want. And it’s current research, not just random things from 5+ years ago. The support is also outstanding. I had a small problem with the camera and got feedback in an hour that solved it. These are serious people that provide links to the latest in fitness research and support an app that provides potentially very useful biometric feedback on where your body is at in your training cycle. Get this app. It’s very good.

Cool idea, excellent metrics, terrible execution. The ability to measure with a Bluetooth HR strap has degraded significantly. Seriously, Healthnis recording my HR at 54bpm right now, and HRV4TRAINING is showing 154, 99,167, 44, 138, etc. at the end of the measurement “signal quality not optimal, please try again later”. It all worked flawlessly until the developer started pushing their “pro” website. Now it is almost impossible to get an “optimal reading”. Given the significant investment in time you have to put in to get information out, the readings should not be impossibly finicky. I’ve compared performance to an Apple Watch, a Garmin Fenix, and Elite HRV app. None are as finicky in getting a good reading as HRV4TRAINING has become.

Love this. I was skeptical that a camera heat rate app could measure my HRV reliably, but given the lack of other means to do so right as I wake up in the morning, I decided to gamble on this app. I'm not disappointed at all. I've found it to accurately identify when I'm not quite up to strenuous training, a few times telling me when I didn't know (I ran anyway and performed terribly). I live and train by numbers, and this app has provided me another great metric to aid me in my running endeavors.

The best app out there for HRV!. What can I say I’m impressed. I’ve tested and downloaded several other HRV apps but they either required an external or didn’t support the new Apple Watch feature that supports HRV. Even though this app doesn’t support the Apple Watch either, it still offered the ability to use my existing iPhone. Don’t be fooled, the iPhone camera works just as great. I used to use the camera for other things to measure HR and I found it to be just as accurate. The HRV was spot on at least referencing against the Apple Watch readings. As for the app, there are some bugs that I’ve worked with Marco to resolve so while minor he has worked with me. I do acknowledge that most of these HRV apps tend to favor runners, cyclists, or triathletes. Fitness and CrossFit folks are just as interested in peak training. Remember us too! Lastly, the insights are great and this is the kind of easy advice I was looking for. Integration with other apps to include Strava and Training Peaks is a plus. A negative is the inability to get into the weeds with your data or edit but I just found out they have a Coach app that will allow you to do that and I might have to investigate that! Overall very impressed and hope they keep developing this app.

Just for cycling??. I’m frustrated because I’ve been using this app for years now and I really like it in a lot of ways but what’s with the clear cycling bias?? I know that you can add more then just cycling to your workouts but literally every single app that can be connected is a cycling app. Do you guys not understand the value of strength training or muscle growth? Do you not understand the amount of impact heavy deadlifts had on your HRV? Why can’t I mor directly track my weight training? RPE is the only way I can do that? Come one!

HRV4 Metrics. One of the best training assistance tools that I’ve used. It takes time to build up all of the information that the app needs to help track training evolutions, but the process helped to keep me on a regular schedule as I prepared for upcoming events. A great method for tracking a range of objective and subjective information as I train.

Disappointing $10. They sensor on the Apple watch has been proven to be accurate. (Yet no watch integration) A cardiologist actually laughed at the fact that this app uses a camera. We measured simple heart rate and found this app to be extremely off base. If it uses heart rate as a measurement in the hrv calculations, but it can’t accurately measure that, then how can they claim any accuracy at all? I appreciate the response. Maybe it would be helpful to inform users before they buy the app that to get a true measurement, you need to have a Bluetooth monitor. Also I will add that I did not say anything about the health app measuring hrv. I just said that when i discusses it with my cardiologist, the cardiologist and I checked the heart rate before and after a stress test on my watch and then tried the hrv app with the camera. HRV4Training was very inaccurate. (If I can’t get an accurate bpm from your app (it was generally at least 20 bpm or more off while measuring with optimal connection) then how can it be trusted to measure R-R intervals?

Changing Review after frustrated uploads.. I’ve been tracking my data for 14-15 months now. My workouts are uploaded from Training Peaks or Strava, but those apps lean heavy toward triathlon training. I am not focused on triathlons, so many of my workouts do not register in Training Peaks and therefor do not register on HRV4Training. Also, hard to recognize overall or individual sport body-stress/recovery as HRV4TRAINING doesn’t separate different daily workouts. (If you run and then later in the day ride a bike, HRV4T registers it as a brick Run/Bike workout - not always the case). Considering seeking a new platform.

A fantastic tool. This is an amazingly useful app for tracking your HRV. In particular, this app unlocks the ability to collect HRV for anyone with an iPhone. HRV is a fantastic biofeedback indicator that everyone should be tracking. Especially now during the Corona Virus outbreak, I monitor my HRV daily for signs of immunity imbalance, as part of an advanced biofeedback monitoring and supplementation regime, so I can take steps to not get sick. Accounting for other variables that contribute to reduction in HRV, I’ve noticed I can get at least a 12-24 hr warning signal in advance of feeling symptoms. The app does require some diligence taking your HRV readings and grabbing them from Apple Health. Apple doesn’t make it easy and clearly hasn’t figured out how important HRV is yet. But that’s not the developers fault. I personally take readings using my Apple Watch, and do a 3 minute session with the breath app to get the HRV reading.

Requires you to send the company all your data. You can’t use this app at all without creating an account with them. After buying this, I did then notice it’s in the app description, but it’s literally the last thing mentioned. If you click the “Why do I need an account?” button, it says you need an account so that your data is kept safe, but if you read their terms of service, they explicitly say “We shall in no way be responsible for any loss of User Content or other data.” This is nonsense. The app could keep my data safe in iCloud, and I’d still have my privacy. I’ll be asking Apple for a refund the instant the charge goes through.

Grossly inadequate - Not worth the money(yet). After about two weeks of using this app, I feel I have wasted my money too soon and I wish I could have my money back! This app is not worth $9.99 for the following reasons: - Data presentation is not great. You only see one number which is emphasised, however, it doesn’t seem to reflect recovery in real life for me. If you want to see other data like resting heart rate or other calculated parameters, you have to see them in the graph only. At least two or three main parameters can be presented on the main screen. - Most of the other features are not of use. For example, I do not use Strava premium or Training peaks. So it doesn’t use heart rate data to calculate Training load as Suffer score or TSS is not available. I would at least expect TRIMP to be calculated. All I get is Training load with Distance/Duration!!! - You cannot take snapshot HRV readings. You can take only one reading and save it. The app seems to be limited in potential as of now. I would really be happy if I could have my money back.

Useful & value rich. This app has been a daily companion of mine for many months to help me determine the optimal intensity of my workouts. I’ve used many devices that measure HRV and I find this quick and easy to use. I would also like to add that customer service is unsurpassed. Marco is incredibly responsive and helpful. Highly recommended for those who want to track HRV as one measure of physiological readiness.

Indispensable training tool. I’ve been using HRV4Training daily for almost a year now to track my heart rate and many other aspects of my health, life, and training. The app has become an indispensable part of my training process. HRV4Training is based on reviewed, validated research, and Marco uses his personal expertise and his experience as a serious runner to make the app focused and effective. His blog posts about the workings of the app and the science behind it are a tremendous resource. And he’s been unbelievably available in answering questions and helping me fine-tune my usage of the app.

Learning so much. I’ve only just gotten started collecting data with this app but I am already leaning so much and finding it all so interesting. At first I felt a little bit overwhelmed by all of the options for analysis but it looks like they unlock at different times as enough data is available. I’m really looking forward to digging into it all.

Easy, lots of insights. This app has helped me understand fatigue levels in ways I’ve never seen before. That’s the stated goal of the app. Even better, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how it has also served as an accountability tool. Just by using it I’ve done other things to improve my sleep, which then gives more accurate HR readings the next morning. Definitely try it and if you need help interpreting the more complicated metrics then get a coach for a while.

HRV4Training and the hrvlogger apps. These apps are a must for anyone who takes their hrv measurements seriously. Marco has taken the time to carefully research and place his findings successfully in peer reviewed journals, can’t be said for most apps! If you value the science go with HRV4Training and hrvlogger for validated interpretation of your data.

Great Even For Non-Elite Athlete. I’m a moderate exerciser, walk, hike, weight lifting, yoga, Pilates, but I tend to over do on occasion and wreck myself. I’ve been using this App since it first came out almost every morning. It will advise to either Proceed, Limit Intensity, or Take It Easy. I’ve learned the hard way to follow the advice and have avoided injury or sickness. Very easy to use.

Great HRV solution. I did a little research before choosing this as an HRV tracking/monitoring solution, and feel it is the perfect option for me. I am constantly finding more data and insights available within the app, beyond what is required for simply knowing whether it’s a good day to “train hard” or not. The maker/founder seems reputable and the app itself is very well designed.

Stopped Working. The app read my HRV for about 2 weeks before it stopped working. It reads for about 30 seconds then has me start over and doesn’t provide final results. This has been an issue regardless of how many times I’ve done it over. Wouldn’t recommend if you’re looking for something long term.

Simple, Reliable, Helpful. The title says it all! The app is simple to use, without being tethered to it or having to commit to a wearable. The reliability of the app’s data presentation makes me trust the science behind it. And, most of all the app is so so so helpful in planning training and understanding my body’s fitness. Thank you for such a fantastic app!

Good for a baseline. The app is good for a baseline and general idea of HRV. I do find it to be accurate and convenient to use. I try and use it as soon as I wake up before I am out of bed in the morning. I think being consistent in time of day and with how you position the phone is essential to getting a good measurement. I wish you could do multiple measurements per day (AM and PM). Overall a good app!

Very comprehensive and useful. I’m very impressed by the insights obtained with this app. Every morning it suggests whether to train as planned or to take it a little easier based on my HRV. I have found the suggestions are really helpful as I tend to train too hard sometimes. I also really like the algorithm it uses to calculate VO2max. I find it more accurate and reliable than what the Apple Watch uses.

Started ok..then just became to unreliable. The first few months this app was consistent and worked as i dictated for the most part. Given you’re consistent on measuring same time each days and annotating variables accurately. HOWEVER, the last month the app has been completely unreliable. It takes sometimes up to ten different tries to get a good reading. The app constantly crashes and when it doesn’t crash it’s all over the board. I don’t know what changed in the last update but I was border line ready to throw in the towel but now the decision was made for me. At least in my experience I’ll continue to look elsewhere to get HRV tracking. BTW I’m a big data geek. Live my TrainingPeaks platform and Garmin Connect. But HRV is still that missing data point for me.

Difficult to read. Don’t know why they turned background black, makes info so difficult to read, font small too. Would use it more if it was more user friendly as info looks Interesting, but black background makes it almost impossible to read. And why isn’t it integrated with Apple Watch after all this time?

Can you guys update with a fix???. I paid for this so I can use my watch and sync the HRV4Training to that. However my watch does not auto read my hrv even when I use the breathe app. So it randomly selects a time to do my readings. And I don’t know when it checks unless I open my heart app. So when I do I find out I happen to miss this by a couple hours. My problem is the HRV4Training app only reads when I manually push the read from health button. It will not capture any reading that’s more than an hour from when you push the button. I haven’t been able to consistently read my hrv to actually use this app for my liking. All I ask is to allow to read the earliest reading from the day. Take out the one hour limit. Please. Or have the app check the health app every other hour or something

Sorry I bought this. It is inconsistent in reading from the Apple watch Breathe app, often telling me there is no reading, when I just took it with the Breathe app before getting out of bed. Using the phone camera isn't much better and often requires several tries to complete. Then there's all those questions to sort through to save it. Then I see hardly any differences, and if truly want to see more than minimal amount, have to pay for a hefty annual subscription.

It’s not the training it’s the recovery that counts. I’m loving this app!! Deceivingly simple to use. Incredibly useful insights. To get this level of physiological insight for $10 bucks is simply AMAZING. The fact that it can all be done with the phone you already have is downright awesome. Hats off to the developers!! Athletic improvement comes from stressing the body and then allowing the body to recover and adapt. The whole point of training is to give the body the maximum amount of training stress it can recover from before the next workout. But how much is too much? Training and life stress can accumulate in quite unintuitive ways. Especially over time. That’s what this app helps you to understand and it does it with a direct measurement of your particular physiological “state”, and then tracks that over time. I linked it to Strava and Training Peaks (super easy) to pull in workout data and now have a single point of reference for monitoring fatigue. Just great. If you want to optimize your training time and efforts this is absolutely the app to get. Incredible value for the $$.

Will not sync your health data - you have to start from scratch. Even after you turn on all categories for it to interact with Health, it will not read all your HR data. I have a plethora of HR data from a dedicated HR monitor (same one they advertise) and my Apple Watch. I have all of this data stored in Health. But the application won’t read any of it. For $10 this shouldn’t be a difficult concept. It is making me start from scratch for data entry. Even more so, the only way to sync via an external device is to use the Breath app on your Apple Watch. What about the other million data points from my past 600 workouts I have logged or synced in Health. - Not happy with this purchase.

Great tool for every athlete. I used to rely purely on HR data however I would still get injuries or sickness seemingly out of nowhere. It turns out that If you train hard your HR can be lower OR higher so you may not be recovered when you think you are. Since using HRV I’ve been much better on my recovery and been improving for the last 4 months without any setbacks. Kudos to the team behind this awesome app!

Amazing App for Monitoring Your Health and Stress. I am now a two year user of this app. Initially I used this app and two other HRV tracking apps, but have long since deleted the others and rely on this and Marco’s HRV Logger for HRV. I’ve used it with the camera, a Polar H10 strap and now in combination with an Oura ring. Always accurate results, but more importantly, solid training perspective on how ready I am to really push myself. The app seems to know my readiness to perform better than I sense it myself, which I find amazing. Only improvement I can think of is that it needs a category for athletes older than the “50 and older” for those of us very senior athletes. Best HRV app available.

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Must have training app. I have been through a lot of training apps and only a small handful remain on my phone. This is one of them. I wake every single day and use it. You're not going to govern your day by one app but I find this one is very insightful and combined with some other measure, it provides excellent data to help plan out training. Worth every cent.

HRV4Training. Great technology, knowledge, support etc but the finger over the camera is a real pain , get yourself a Bluetooth device . I’ve tried everything left and right hands , light/ heavy touch etc and no I don’t have a case . Sometimes it takes 10 gos or you get the message contact not optimal try later grrrrr!!

An athletes best friend. Being an athlete tracking anything related to my health and performance is important. Being able to match how I feel with the results of the HR scan is very helpful so I know I'm not psyching out of a session if I genuinely feel run down or tired it shows in how high my resting HR is. Very helpful! Still getting the hang of using the app but it's great I love it

Easy and deep. Easy to use and informative, integrates with Strava and TP, could be the missing piece in the training puzzle.

Pretty rubbish. Information is pretty useless out of sync with reality if not just plain wrong. Obviously I am an outlier on the charts as HRV changes do not in any way align to actual real life feelings. HRV goes up after an intense strength session, telling me I can go intense when I can barely summon the energy to use the app, and telling me to back off when I am good to go after a rest day. Additional trends and analysis is really truly useless, no value in that analysis at all and the links to the website provide no useful information. I can’t believe I have wasted time and money on this pseudoscience hocus pocus. This isn’t science, this is rubbish stats unsupported by quality scientific analysis.

Superb. Accurate, wonderful app. Best way I have found to record and log my HRV. Great support.

They love what they do. This app is continually updated and improved. Excellent app for anyone into fitness.

Highly rated, simple, easy to use with actionable insights! Highly recommended. Absolutely phenomenal app! Highly recommended to use as part of your morning routine to understand readiness! Excellent ability to track long term trends and results.

Simple and easy to use. Such a simple app to use with powerful info at your fingertips.

Excellent. Great app, easy to use with lots of explanations about it's various features. A nice little tool for my training and wellbeing toolkit.

Training metrics on a higher level. Just getting into this but I believe this could take my training to a higher level.

One of the very best apps for runners. Not usually a review writer. Happy to make an exception for HRV4Training. Had minor issue synchronising Strava data initally - a real (not auto-reply) response and attention to the email and problem within minutes. No issues since, and enjoy using the app. Updates with improved additional functions come through regularly. An app designed by a 'data nerd' (no offence Marco) average runner for all of us data nerd average, or otherwise, runners.

An app i can trust. HRV4Training is a scientifically valid, highly accurate fitness, health and heart data app that ticks all my boxes. The app dev’s - Marco and Alessandra - are highly qualified, committed, proactive and professional. HRV4Training quickly gathers all your metrics and produces relevant, easily understood raw and correlated information, helping both athletes and those managing fatiguing conditions. The app is adaptive, improving as you log more data, and packs a deceptively immense amount of useful information. It’s the only HRV app I trust.

Essential for serious athletes. This app takes away the subjective nature of hard / easy training and provides athletes with a powerful tool to maximise performance.

Needs work in iOS 13. Crashing all the time with iOS 13 and iPhone 11 Pro.

Very powerful, regularly updated. This is a fantastic app that I use everyday. It's powerful analytics help shape my training and have lead to a deeper understanding of how my body copes with any type of load I can think off. Incredible value and regularly updated, this app gets better and better. Thanks Marco!

Love the app. Love that you can get into the science if you want to, or just have it tell what's going on in plain English.

Great App. Fantastic app! Information is great and any questions or queries I have are answered quickly! Fantastic support! Thank you!

Easy to use. I have been tracking my HRV regularly using the camera and find the readings consistent. I like that it stores the results to Apple Health. I find using the tip of the finger not the pad gives consistent readings.

Another waste of money!. Disappointed

The best Autoregulation tool you will use. I am a competitive powerlifters and coach and I have to say this monitoring tool has been the best thing I have implemented into my training and my athletes training to measure fatigue. It has always been on the money as I also use a velocity tracker to measure bar speed in the gym. Highly recommended.

Great App. Well thought out. Cleverly done. This app provides a thorough overview of your data trends over time to assist in decision making for your training & lifestyle choices

Simple to use, complex data made easy. This app is absolutely excellent. Simple to use each morning with Apple Watch or just your finger on the camera. Gives all the information you require to make your training and rest plan the best possible for your individual needs. Even better is that it gives this information without any weird proprietary algorithms messing with your data.

Brilliant app. HRV is finnaly becoming accessible to the masses. We are lucky that clever and generous experts like Marco have created such an app. If you want to scientifically learn more about your heart fitness and how to optimise your training this is a super app to get. I love the population comparison data and abilty to tag your HRV readings to your needs. I personally find using a chest strap more reliable for taking HRV readings with this app but its nice to know that I can fall back on simply using my iphone to take a reading if I forget to take my chest strap with me when I travel

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. After reading and listening to Dan Plews on HRV and its application for athletes, my interest piqued and his recommendation was this app. I’ve been using it for 6-7mths now and it’s amazing. Marco and Alessandra have done and continue to do an amazing job with this platform, and I look forward to using it long into the future to better inform my day to day training and racing.

Excellent training aid. Provides simple to understand and relevant information. Just need to be able to add more than one sport on each day for multiple training sessions

Very good app. Bravo for the research that led to the creation of the app.

Awesome app with great functionality!. Great!

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Great training tool. This is an awesome, easy to use tool to help plan training. Use it to train around my shift work schedule. Takes into account not only training but fatigue from working long night shifts.

Excellent!. This HRV app is Very straightforward to use to record daily morning HR and HRV. It has lots of great built in options to explore the data wrt training and daily other stresses (e.g. Travel). The data set is also exportable too, which is really excellent if you want the raw data to do your own analysis.

Questionable accuracy. I’ve been using this app for over a year and it seems great. As long as you stick to one measurement. I have the recommended polar chest strap and measure for 2 minutes. Sometimes if I get a reading that’s higher or lower than usual I’ll immediately take a second reading and often the HRV number will be different than the first, to the point where it won’t even give the same advice. I’ve also experimented with the camera measurement and my HRV was always significantly lower. For the price of the app, it’s fine but I would never pay for the premium service. Also if you want to see your heart rate data from your workouts in the app you will also need a premium Strava subscription.

The best HRV tool yet. I have previously used iTHLETE and heart strap HRV tools. The great advantage of HRV4training is that you do not require any tools (other than your phone and the app) to measure your heart rate and HRV. Plus it syncs nicely with Strava and TrainingPeaks as well as other activity trackers. It compares your data with other people sharing your gender, age and activity profile. Finally, and most importantly, if you write them a question, they respond immediately with clear guidance.

Super helpful. Low cost tool with High value..

The best HRV app for iOS. Fantastic app. The go-to HRV app in my opinion. Works flawlessly. Constant development and updates show how much work Marco puts into this! Well worth the money.

No need for Oura or Whoop!. I have been looking for something to help me with my training and four months I have been debating the loop and the aura ring. Luckily I found this app it is exactly what someone with an Apple or Apple Watch needs! I’m not even a month into it and it’s already starting to learn how I train and provide guidance to optimize my training. And with the latest upgrade to take in Apple Watch and health data it’s even more useful. Don’t be scared by how much it cost it’s worth it!! I have paid for & tried pretty much every HRV app available and this is the only one that now lives on my phone. The only thing that could make this app better would be if it took the sleep data from your Apple Watch combined it with the HRV data and gave you recovery and training guidance.

Amazing app. I've been using this app to accent my run training for about 3 months now and it keeps getting better and better. Absolutely love this company.

I love this app !. Not only is it super easy to use, it also constantly gets updated and improved.

Great app from a passionate developer. Great way to track your HRV without the need for additional hardware. If you doubt that it is possible to get accurate HRV data using your phone's camera, then definitely check out the author's blog where he dives deep into the science, and demonstrates his methodology and reasoning. Usage requires only 1 minute every morning, and the data pays off as you collect more and the app is able to compile more insights. Data is also exportable if you want to do your own analysis. While there are a few ui quirks, I am still confident in giving it 5 stars, due to the developer's consistent improvement of the app over the years, and responsive customer support and blog.

Probably the best option.. I would recommend this app to everyone. I sold my whoop to use this app and even though I just bought a new garmin watch I still take my reading in this app and camera every morning. It's funny how this little app seems to do more than what these huge companies can do.

Works great. No strap. Tons of info from developer on HRV4Training. Tons of features, syncs with training peaks

Love it. I'm a numbers guy and this app has numbers out the wazoo. The science behind it is, in my opinion, well supported and the outputs from the app correlate well with more traditional HRV monitors (I use a FR910 and Firstbeat). Definitely worth the $$ if you like to use numbers to improve training efficiency. No stability issues for me.

Doesn’t seem accurate. I have been using for almost a year now and I find now I get “optimal” super low readings or super high readings the first attempt, which makes me take another reading. The second time is almost always in the middle. How can it be accurate if one reading is 6.3 and the next is 7.5. It just seems to randomize the reading. I’d understand if it was telling me the reading wasn’t optimal but when they are how can there be such a variance??

Easy to use and understand. Got it based on the recommendation of a national cycling coach friend of mine. Have not been disappointed! I’ve been using it for just over a month now and really helps me understand how I’m feeling. Highly recommend!

Useful!. I use it every day

Great App. I have found this app very easy to use and it provides usefull information on fitness/health trends over a period of time as well as an early warning when your sympathetic nervous system is under stress. The background information provided and support are excellent also.

Fantastic App. My brother got me into using this and it's amazing that it can track so much about your day and your outcomes based on your heart rate variability. Highly useful !

Great app. Awesome app. Camera based reading is much more interesting when I wake up than putting on my hrm strap. Lots of way to see the data, good analysis, and if you look at the app website, you'll see that the author really care and is passionate about HRV

My Go-to Training App. This is my go-to training app! It is super accurate and provides loads of useful data if you are serious about performance, or even as a tool to help you get, and then more importantly, stay in excellent shape. It has been so accurate as to provide hints when I’ve needed to back off of training and recover, while I was on the brink of catching a common cold! Pretty amazing software.

Very accurate, most used tool for Cycling. I have had every single iphone from day one, $$$ spent on apps and this is the first review I have bothered writing. It has helped my training which I take very seriously. No more guess work. First thing I do every morning. Thank you for developing it. Looking forward for more of your work. I tried the other HRV apps and they are childish compared to this one. You MUST try it.

Fantastic App for Training. Lots of data and sends info to TrainingPeaks. Great support from the creators for updates and help.

A must for endurance athlete. That app was a game changer for me like a runner. It helps me to adjust my training cycles and place my intervals session in the week.

Awesome app!!. I use this app for health purposes (not training per se) and have found the daily results accurately reflect my health status. This has become a valuable tool in helping me predict when I am needing to slow down, rest, or when I can actually push my body cardiovascularily. For those plagued with “crashing” this can add a some reassurance to a life that is otherwise fraught with endless unpredictable challenges. Huge learning curve—not on using the app— but with HRV theory itself, and how it impacts health.

Not accurate. I loved this idea. I really wanted it to work and was excited for it but when I tested it I found: -That when compared on both another phone and another ipad my polar h10 was way, way more accurate. The difference is so great that it’s hard for me to understand why these reviews are so good.... -holding your finger on the phone camera without moving is surprisingly annoying for two minutes, let alone five. It’s just not better than getting a clip on finger or chest strap monitor.

Inaccurate, waste of money.. Dont waste your money on this app if you dont have a hrm. The camera is unreliable and the readings it gave me were based off false data. Do not buy this app.

Brilliant!. I use this app. I mean i actually use this every day. Other apps are a chore for me. This is No fuss, i own other HRV apps and straps and receivers - this app and the others in the bundle are great value. The data seems as accurate as any other i have used. Support for my questions has been excellent. Check you health - buy this app.

Marco is boss. A great app just hit the top shelf. Great work, sir.

Best app on HRV app. I have used as a coach with athletes for endurance sport for many years. It works very well and is a low cost solution . It is research validated and syncs with training peaks . The ability to add notes and subjective measures to hrv/hr makes it superior to many other apps

Great!. Fantastic app! Well designed and useful for both athlete and coach. Not just an app for daily HRV but also training stress and well designed analysis. Finally, excellent service/support by the creator who clearly is a scientist as well as designer. Keep up the good work!

Like this app but doesn’t consistently work. Love it but finding it super frustrating. Seems like most day it takes me forever to get a reading. Today I gave up as after 15 min, turning app on and off multiple times ( which usually works) still not working.

Excellent app for athletes. Easy to use, and very informative. Definitely useful for determining the day's work out, and also indicative of how your performance will turn out.

User for over a year. Really solid training tool. I track my HRV every morning and use it to base my training off of. Has been really helpful to see the effects of training load and prevent overtraining

Do not take all workouts into account *Fixed*. The app retrieve only workouts as biking or running. So when you are mostly training at the gym the charts are almost useless because the app never gets your HR even you are wearing an H10. You can enter the total TSS manually but in that case you cannot differentiate sports. So if you have done biking, rowing, spinning and dancing the same day, you’re screwed. The basic feature is working fine, but all the insights are useless if your doing something else than biking or running. Edit: The app is since the last update importing all workouts from TP, even categorized as *others* which means you no longer have to manually calculate your daily TSS to get your overall score. This is much more comfortable and accurate since all the workouts end up listed. However there’s seems to be a bug since the total time is incorrect, it takes only one workout into account and I have to manually calculate it, this part is probably coded as a separate and not updated method.

Great HRV app!. This app was just what I was looking for! It works great most the time, every now and then the app has troubles reading my HR with the camera but overall it’s very accurate and I’m very impressed!

Simple to use. The app creator has a wealth of knowledge about HRV and his blog is a great read.

runner/biker/skier. Great app...I do not have an iphone so I use it with a bluetooth HR monitor strap since the camera based method only works on iphones that have a flash. Easy to use and links with strava, sport tracks and other training programs. Provides interesting insights into relationship between HRV and various training metrics.

Absolutely amazing!. These capabilities are being sold for hundreds of dollars by other third parties as isolated applications. This app is absolutely brilliant and works flawlessly. The integrations with Strava and other apps are a amazing. In addition to an amazing app, the web site and author a a wealth of knowledge. Their support is unparalleled! Any serious or recreational athlete will benefit tremendously from this app.

Exceptional. I did all the research on every HRV solution I could find before selecting HRV4 training, and so far I'm delighted. It was the blog that sold me as the team clearly shows their passion for ongoing research into the topic of recovery tracking. I do have an external H7 monitor, but after reading one of those blogs I gave up needing the monitor and switched to the camera, with the shortened 1 min test. It took a couple practices to get it to optimal readings, but they had a practice screen until I figured out how to hold it for the best results. Loving the research backed analysis in a clean well designed app. Would love to do readings more than once a day, but as they've spelled out from the research, variability can be high from minute to minute making the once a day in a duplicatable setting approach the most effective for understanding the trends.

Really good App. Been using the apps for 2+ years, solid and a must have if you value your training and physical condition

Great app for performance. Solid data and interpretation for coaches and athletes. Highly recommend

Best HRV app for daily tracking. This app is the best HRV app for daily HRV measurement for training and general health. Lots of cool features comparing various aspects of physical well being with your HR data. It's regularly updated with useful changes every time. Thanks guys!

The best App to track your HRV. I have tried three Apps to track my heart rate variability. I first tried HRV logger, which is by the same developer. That app is good but as I train competitively as a swimmer and cyclist I wanted specific features that applied to training. I find that this app has the features that I need.

Very helpful app for monitoring HRV and training. I've been using this for a few weeks now to measure HRV and my training. It nicely integrates with most platforms I use like Strava and Apple Health, and provides me with a helpful measure to inform my training. Updates happen pretty regularly with the app too. While I like the app information, I do think some of the visualizations could be improved to better communicate not just the resulting data, but actions you should take next based on the data.

Waste of money!. This application is so convoluted to use and the UI is not user friendly to say the least. I was unable to get a refund for my purchase. And I deleted it after a couple days. ☹️

Keeps getting better, encourages me to get better. It's a great application for training and racing. It's continually improved and makes a complex physiological assessment straightforward. It has pushed me to train harder and I've listened to it for extra rest days when I'm over the line. I gave it -1 star because I've always been annoyed that the daily subjective text input (annotations) don't autocorrect - which is essential on such tiny keyboards.

One of the best. I’ve tried several HRV apps and the developer really did their homework on this one. Lots of customization options and as technical or non technical as you’d like to get. Also amazing service and quick response with questions or trouble shooting. Product works great! Thanks

Just works-quick and easy. No fumbling for your chest strap in the morning, grab your phone, take a measurement and go. Enough options to play with but the basic settings give me everything I need. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Lots of data, great execution. Daily use for almost 3 months. Data can be very useful to reflect on how certain training periods went and to some extent can be used to shape future training. This app makes it easy to track what was a traditionally hard to track metric and presents it in a very easy to view manner.

Solid. Super solid.. Good interface with good features. Integration with Strava resolves the issue of only one workout per day 👍🏼. Best of all, and highly appreciated, is the responsiveness: I promote this app to people highlighting the readily open communication when emailing Support. That in itself is huge, plus the app itself is sophisticated and continuously updated.

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Gamechanger. I bought my iPhone SE just to use these apps, and they do not disappoint. Major boost to daily insight into your health, catching correlations to certain behaviors/diets, guiding your training, and more.

I've you used it for 4 weeks. I'm finding it very insightful and easy to use, it just takes a couple minutes to know where you really stand.👍

Great Potential, A Lot of Bugs. Used this app all summer while training, rarely had issues. Now all of a sudden in the last couple of weeks it’s no longer reading for the Health app (iPhone) and keeps crashing. Not sure if an update started this, but it’s just about pointless now.

Awesome app. I love HRVTraining. So easy to take a sample from the phone camera or Apple Watch. Thank you for giving me an extra piece of mind about my recovery !

Doesn’t work well. Two issues 1) the quality of measure the on iPhone 8plus is horrific due to multiple camera (I would have to measure 5 times to get a reading and sometimes it would tell me my heart rate was over 120 when it was 60) 2) the app redefines whah HrV, which is fine. However it uploads that field to TrainingPeaks as HRV (comparing apples and oranges)

Fantastic app that delivers. HRV4Training is one of the most useful apps I’ve used to improve training and health. Beyond that, Marco goes above and beyond supporting app and educating us about our ANS health

App is glitchy. Got this app and was curious to see how it worked and compare the camera to other hrv measurements devices. On the first day, when I went to measure, the app closes. Repeated this 5 times including a phone restart. Running latest iOS on iPhone xs. For me this app has 0 functionality.

Great concept but buggy SW. I like the idea behind this concept of taking HRV readings consistently in the morning when wake up and keep track of the trend. Unfortunately the SW does not take in readings from Apple Watch in a consistent manner, especially since updated to iOS 17 and watch OS 10, it doesn’t take readings at all.

Easiest to use. It can read Apple Watch data so it’s quick

Hrv4. Great app. I like the visible heart rate option while measuring and the ability to use my iPhone camera and light to read is amazing . Great tool for getting trading trends and to see how your body responds to different training loads. Subjective feel is not always 100% so this helps me back up my self diagnosis.

Intermittent Functionality. Like the idea, but using it with the Apple Watch is frustrating. Having to do the “Breathe” cycle every morning to get a reading isn’t ideal, but having to do 2 or 3 Breathe cycles each day to get the app to actually record an HRV reading makes it almost unusable. While this may be a limitation on Apples side, it greatly affects the usability and value of this app. Also, the camera method of measuring (which it’s hard to imagine is accurate, even when working) does not work at all with the iPhone 12.

Ineffective measurement. The camera system is utterly unreliable. No consistency or dependability. Can not measure ANY heart rate without reporting unusable for noise. Simply gimmicky nonsense. Add to that the program’s inability to use a connected Bluetooth HRM. I can’t post the picture but the sensor is clearly connected via the Bluetooth control panel yet the app remains blind to it. This is garbage.

So far so good. And great support. Downloaded it. Easy to follow instructions. Sets your baseline after four readings. Great support. Had questions. Emailed and was answered within hours, not days.

Inaccurate. Healthy middle aged athlete getting wildly scary SDNN and HRV scores despite cardiologially normal tests. App is pseudoscience because the margins of error on these markers require 24 ambulatory data and they try to sell it as useful despite being measured in 1,2 and 5 minute intervals. quackish.

Glitchy. Very glitchy since last update. Today when I press read from Oura, nothing happens. I hope it gets resolved. I like the app.

Inconsistent. I have my doubts as to this whole concept and the app. My hrv results can vary dramatically within 5 minute, when retested under the same conditions. So I doubt the accuracy of this app.

Best HRV App out there. I have tried many of the HRV apps out there. No other has the focus on accuracy, and actionable insights the way HRV4Training does. Totally changing my relationship with training and recovery

Disappointing. This app is a total waste of money and a disappointment. I was looking for something that might use HRV in a sophisticated way, like Whoop, but all this does is take the HRV that you can see from your Apple health app and show it to you. And it asks some subjective questions about how you feel. How is that worth $10?

Excellent and documentation!. Great app! A suggestion for future development, since app can access Apple Health data, it would be interesting to see correlations between HRV and nutrition data.

Amazing, actionable insights. Adding heart rate variability to my fitness and health toolkit has been invaluable, and after trying many of the different tools on the market I’ve found this the beat by far - rich data analytics that offer actionable suggestions.

Seems legit. The measurements seem to correlate to my training. As someone who has a problem with overtraining, I find the data to be very valuable.

Useful as it gets. Whenever I hit insight for long term trends it crashes. But great app Any ideas of what is going. Was working just fine before all this.

Different readings between HRV4X tools. I like the app and its clear the developer is an expert in this field. The data science side of the tool is excellent. However, I have all 4 HRV apps from the developer and they return different readings when taken back to back. For example, the past three days I’ve checked rMSSD using both HRV4Training (A) and camera HRV (B) and the values have been: A=75, B=44 A=91, B=67 A=98, B=69 So at least they trend together, and the trend matters far more than the actual value. Still curious though!

Tells you what you already know. This app relies heavily on the daily perception quiz and from a couple months of daily use as directed by developers there are no insights I didn’t know already. Seriously, the HRV aspect of this app means nothing. Don’t buy it for HRV, however it is good at asking questions, sort of like a personal energy level consultant.

Works great, but big disppointment. I love the way the app works with the camera. That's amazing, and I have no reason to believe it is not accurate. However, they've decided to make up their own scale instead of simply using Heart Rate Variability, and it is HRV I need. Not everyone does, but I do!

Great customer support. You must use the app within 3 hours of taking a reading with an Apple Watch. While I’m able to take a readily before getting out of bed, I frequently do not have the luxury of using the app within the 3-hour window. Therefore, the app is of limited use to me. Their customer support was awesome in helping me determine this limitation.

Invaluable data…. For monitoring your systems response to stress, be it training or life.

How to use with iPhone 11 pro. I just got the iPhone 11 Pro with three camera lenses. Got instructions from developers on which lense to cover when taking measurements. Worked for about three weeks then app stopped reading my finger. Developers then sent same instructions which I said I already had. Then they got offended because I called them on sending me the same instructions. I guess I will just use the other Heart Rate Variability app.

Can’t find my Polar H7. This app is useless. 9 Times out of 10 it can’t find my Polar H7 sensor. Without the ability to gather data, it’s a waste of money. Other apps, including ones by the same developer, have no problem connecting to my H7. This bug was last confirmed May 21, 2018 for version 7.1.8 — despite the developer contacting me and asking me to amend this review.

Crashes using Oura Ring. Trying to get a reading when configured to use the Oura Ring results in crashing. Tried multiple variants regarding connecting and syncing the ring first and this app still only crashes. The UI/Setting page is hard to use in low light.

Don’t bother. This app simply doesn’t work. Some days I have to cancel out of taking the measurement dozens of times just to get the app to actually connect to the camera and begin measuring. Super frustrating! I thought for $9.99 this would be a good alternative to purchasing a heart rate monitor, but instead it was just a waste of $10.

Interesting though I haven’t figured out how to use the correlation yet. I get good hr readings from this, and I like being able to track correlating events/data, including subjective/qualitative data points. However I still haven’t figured out how to turn those data into something actionable.

Great app. I used to use something else to track hrv but felt weird wearing basically two watches, now I can measure it without that. Really glad that it links with Strava so any work out I do there is transposed hassle free. The UI is a little hard to figure out but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

App crashes on iOS 16 when filling out demographic information. I have an iPhone 14 running iOS 16.6. I just paid $10 to download this app, only for it to crash on setup. I was prompted to enter some demographic information about myself (height, weight, sex, etc). Upon clicking 'done', the app closes, only to reopen with the same prompt for my information.

Best in the space. This app is amazing. I’m a competitive athlete and the training changes I’ve been able to make based on the recovery data from this app are life-changing. This app has nailed it!

Amazing App. The best way to take and analyze HRV and HR data that I have used outside of a lab. This is well worth it!

Where did the rest of my workouts go?. Updated app now only showing one workout - my weights and yoga are not calculating. And zero options to contact support. What the heck.

Doesn’t Work. This app crashes every time I open it, or it freezes. It seems if you connect a device it doesn’t work, and you can’t change the settings once you do. It’s pretty useless.

Crashing. Was using this app for a couple weeks with not problem added a polar chest sensor now it always crashes on taking readings. Switched back to health and it still crashes. No update in over a month - may need to try something else

Great with Polar Strap. Great app to level check morning readiness for training. Works great with the Polar H10 strap via Bluetooth. I prefer a morning reading than wearing my Garmin overnight. Support has been helpful, and Marco’s blog posts on the subject have been interesting.

Used to be good, now doesn’t work. Used to love this app but it no longer works with camera measurements. I’ve tried a large number of times and it either crashes or freezes every time.

Love! But one feature request. Can we have the option of syncing our heart rate variability to the health app in addition to the resting heart rate?

Great App, Can do better. This is a great app with great potential. However, you have users waiting to log 40 sessions in Strava with HR monitor. Since you have access to Strava, couldn’t you just import those 40 sessions, or from the Apple Health app? Also, once you get all these data and present the information... what the heck does it all mean to the average user? Not everyone is a seasoned professional athlete or coach.

Great investment!!. Love this app. It’s easy to use and the insights have led me to make some significant changes to how I approach recovery and training.

The most accurate HRV app for Apple Watch. HRV4Training is the only app I could find which can limit its data input to only morning Mindfulness app readings, which is the only way to get a useful HRV value with Apple Watch.

Stopped working for me. Worked for about a week then refused to take a good measurement no matter how I held my phone or placed my finger over the camera or laid in my bed or how still I kept my body and finger. Even gave me a green circle every time saying it was fine. Save your time and money and pass.

Doesn’t work at all. I got the app to sync with my Apple Watch and translate the Apple Watch health data into rMSSD. Set it all up, tapped the button to read my health data, crash. Tried again, crash. It doesn’t work. Every time I try and use it it crashes. I’m asking for a refund.

Doesn’t work for Scosche Rhythm- disappointed.. Really would like a refund as this app is useless to me. I was excited to monitor HRV but was shocked to see after several days of recording it told me that it did not support my device. I have wasted time and money on this. If given a refund I will take down my review.

Getting back in shape. I really like the fact that this is focused on training and fitness. As a 65+ athlete it is more difficult to get where I want and HRV4 gives me the insight to get there

UPDATE - Awesome app. App was awesome. I was getting great feedback and beginning to make some correlations for my health. This morning’s update broke the app. It won’t take a measurement. Disappointing quality control for a $10 app. UPDATE - rapid fix. Great app. Totally recommend.

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Language English
Price $9.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 8.4.7
Play Store HRV4Training
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

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The application HRV4Training was published in the category Health & Fitness on 14 August 2013, Wednesday and was developed by A.S.M.A. B.V. [Developer ID: 1066843463]. This program file size is 34.69 MB. This app has been rated by 248 users and has a rating of 3.7 out of 5. HRV4Training - Health & Fitness app posted on 17 April 2024, Wednesday current version is 8.4.7 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: HRV4Training. Languages supported by the app:

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HRV4Training App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

minor improvements --- If you like the updates, please take a few minutes to the review the app. It makes a difference. Thanks! For any issues, or quick questions contact: or use @altini_marco on Twitter p.s. let us know if you'd like to experiment more. Happy to send you Camera HRV for free. Cheers, Marco & Ale

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Best Paid Health & Fitness Apps List
App Name Released
Sedona Hiking 27 February 2013
AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch 19 December 2016
Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDiary 02 February 2010
IMuscle 2 - iPhone Edition 08 June 2011
Empty Fasting 10 March 2024

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Top Free App List
App Name Released
Cash App 16 October 2013
Zoom Workplace 15 August 2012
Google 12 February 2019
Microsoft Teams 02 November 2016
Netflix 01 April 2010

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Top Paid App List
App Name Released
HotSchedules 30 October 2008
TV Cast Pro for LG webOS 23 June 2016
Procreate Pocket 17 December 2014
Terraria 28 August 2013
AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch 19 December 2016

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