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You probably know that, despite aging, your brain is able to grow, learn things and form new neural connections. This process is called brain plasticity and requires regular training.

Impulse - Brain Training App offers you a great way to improve your mental health by playing entertaining and challenging mind games. Our quick brain workouts along with proper physical exercising and diet may help to keep your brain clear, sharp and ready for day-to-day life challenges.

We offer a diversified range of personalized workout plans for different brain areas (e.g. memory, attention, concentration, mental maths, problem-solving, creativity, etc.) as well as training games aimed at boosting your cognitive abilities. Games are challenging enough to ensure you progress over time and along with that comprehensible to any age and expertise level.

In today’s busy world a lot of people:
• have difficulties remembering what they did a few days back;
• often fail to remember people’s names;
• frequently forget birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates;
• get told off by their bosses for absent-mindedness;
• struggle to stay focused at work;
• get embarrassed because of poor math skills.

Relatable? Then start your positive transformation with Impulse today:
• use your brain to full capacity;
• make your life more productive and happy;
• become more concentrated and focused;
• boost your calculation skills and make friends with numbers;
• surprise everyone with cognitive abilities;
• keep your brain sharp till the ripe old age;
• reduce time spent on social media and useless time-killing games.

Impulse - Brain Training offers 3-day free trial with full access to games and exercises with no interruptions or ads. If you choose to subscribe, you will be charged a subscription fee according to your country. The subscription fee will be shown in the app before you complete the payment. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.

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App Name Impulse - Brain Training
Category Health & Fitness
Updated 02 April 2024, Tuesday
File Size 154.97 MB

Impulse - Brain Training Comments & Reviews 2024

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Solid. I work nights at a factory. My time to do stuff is limited between work and spending time at home. I’ve found that other apps like this tend to hardly work or feel to bland. These guys have found a way to make it feel fun and challenging while working with your schedule. It feels more convenient and easy to just pick up work on your daily tasks. The best part is that you can do so much more than just play cool little games. There are the games, puzzles, and tests that they offer and let you play on your own time and pace. It shows your growth in the different areas of your mind, and while also showing you where you scale in the group of people your age. I went ahead and bought the life time deal. It’s surprisingly a affordable and fun way to train your mind and work on where you lack.

Great for people with ADHD but fun for all. I love the new game each time, and how they begin easy to learn how well you do. The game said that the next time the game will be harder, but for the week or three that I finally started playing it (my adhd daughter recommended it to me because other games would bore me as soon as i got really good at them. Each game has benefits, an example is one where you had to remember which squares had a football helmet, representing opponents. They disappeared and then two footballs appear. You have to make a path from one football to the second without using the square a helmet was in , using only your memory. They do a tutorial and just allow it to play out, don’t rush it, and you should then fully understand how the game works. You never play the same game twice in a row. (Unless you select replay). It’s helpful for neurodivergent people and anyone who wants to help their memory skills develop. I really enjoy it, but I think that’s obvious by now haha.

$50 candy sorter game. I got some really misleading ads for this app over the summer, which claimed “find your ADHD type!” And I was really curious, so I downloaded it. Well…only the paid version will allow you to take quizzes and see results so I bit the bullet and paid for the year subscription, which was ultimately the best value. I’ll use it all year for brain training I thought! Well I set it up and started taking available quizzes… turns out there are only like 12 quizzes, and “your adhd type” is not really one of them. It was more of a “do you have adhd” quiz which you could easily find elsewhere onlkne, and I and my doctor could already tell you the answer to that! Other quizzes are basic personality or IQ tests. I fell out of routine with the brain games and fixated on the candy sorter game. Now it’s my doom-scrolling-anxious-compulsion-look-at-my-phone-forever game and it’s the only part of this app I’m using. I’m just disappointed that I paid $50 for it. A bad investment for the habitually anxious or inattentive. But I’m at level 743 on the candy sorter game (which doesn’t get harder after level 100)

How much I love this game. So how I love this game is like it challenges you to do all the stuff like if you don’t know like 5×6 with one of my questions I think I got it right maybe so like if you don’t know that answer it’s OK it’s sometimes it’ll be timing you but it’s OK to get answer wrong like it doesn’t matter whatever age you are it doesn’t care but I played this game for like so long I’ve been like a pro but like now I’ve been I my babysitter who’s name is Miss Vicky I she has this game and it’s called Impulse and it’s so fun to play with and like not to play with play and it’s like so fun, entertaining like I love the sort, the trash and like it’s just so so fun and like just so fun so like I love it too much that I can’t stop playing it so like so so so so so so so it should be like sold everywhere like sold online and you should have to pay for it because it’s such a fun game like I love the money game. Whatever it is I love like the 123 there and just like I love the ghost one. I love Connect Dots I love adding them and subtracting and symbol where it’s like the symbol where it has like a X for it so I love that game and it is so fun to play with and guys whoever whoever made this game. Please put it all around the earth cause I love it.

Truly Addictive!. This game popped up when I was looking for word games. Then I discovered it was a brain-challenging game for various brain functions, some of which I felt were declining since COVID and aging. I found my strengths and weaknesses while having so much fun. I played for at least 4 or 5 hours the first day (though I had some obligations to finish). I ended up buying the year (for now) and set up my randomized daily challenges reminder. With each game, I have improved and learned “secrets” to get the right answers as well as completing them faster through practice. There are also other interesting “tests” that may give some insight to other brain concerns, like stress leveling and IQ, among others. Definitely worth the price. Looking forward to my daily challenges from Impulse and improving my brain plasticity!

Impulse is a good app. I don't exactly pay for anything on the app store considering I feel the need that I don't have to. It's hard finding good and productive apps to help me succeed mentally and keep me on the right track, most of them are in-app purchases and you can only get so far before you can't do anything else without paying. Impulse is a good app for letting you use the app for free for however long and you can pay for more options if you feel free to. There are different training exercises that focus on different parts of your brain, it will also show how you did after the game. The app gives different games everyday so even if you complete all of the games you can play more the next day and repeat. The app helps me most with memory since I can't remember a lot of things, it builds strength to the brain and its very beneficial. The app keeps me from getting bored and it's educational, kind of like when your a kid and you don't realize the educational games are helping you learn since your having fun in the process.

$6.99 weekly aka $28 a month, STILL HAS ADS. If I recall I signed up with a trial. Very shady to have such a high price and list it weekly. There are some beneficial games but not worth it in my opinion. There are dozens of plan options but really I was surprised that I was subscribed on this plan, I don’t really remember doing it and I never would have intentionally signed up for something with such a high weekly price. If you get this app just make sure to really figure out how much you’re paying, what you get, and how often. Also, for that price I still have to watch lengthy ads in between each round? I don’t understand how this app has such high reviews when there are plenty of other apps with similar or better games for an exponentially cheaper price or free, and this is the first one I have come across that charges you weekly. To the developers, please don’t bother responding unless you significantly decrease your pricing to something reasonable, and fix this ad scheme.

First impressions as someone diagnosed w/ ADHD. The games are pretty fun to play and it also tells you how well you did relative to other people in your age range which gently motivates you to do better (if you like competitive games) while also keeping you updated on your progress. Some of the games are similar to the sort of testing I had done during my neuropsyche. eval. for ADHD so I feel like that adds to its credibility of being a brain-stimulating app. I also like how they paced the increase in difficulty of each game. When you’re further along in a game you can give feedback on if the last level was too difficult or easy which adjusts the next level accordingly. The games definitely feel stimulating to say the least, plus there’s a bunch of em so you’ll likely not get too bored or just good at one game if you play with the intention of bettering your brain. P.S. the UI is very user friendly

Stop showing porn. So I’m fine with ads. Shoving them down my throat does absolutely nothing to encourage me to pay. Lol instead I don’t pay just out of spite. But when you show a questionable ad that only got worse once I tried reporting it… that’s when there’s a problem. Especially since I’m good at certain games and after every level there’s an ad. Which is fine.. but not when it’s showing a woman bending over with her behind arched up as high as it can go so that it’s eye level with a dude basically sniffing her snatch.. If I wanted to see that all that… I’d go watch porn on a platform made for porn. Not an app that’s rated ages 4+ with no way to report such ads. Obviously it’s not straight up porn but it’s so implied that it looks like you’re watching porn. Fortunately I found a loophole to skip all ads. If you add a report feature that will allow the user to stop seeing ads from a specific company/developer (because the developers make several different ads), then I’ll go ahead and tell you how anyone can skip the ads, without violating any terms and conditions. Edit: I’m not turning on personalized ads to change what ads I get.

Buyer beware. Frankly, this app is great for what it is. The games are fun, and the tracking is great. However, I was misled when I purchased a life time copy of this game. Perhaps I mis understood the nature of the sale, but this is a subscription service HOWEVER you can also purchase life time access to this app by paying a lump sum fee up front. I chose to do that during a sale they were having specifically for that deal. This was a few months ago. After purchasing that life time access, I was STILL charged monthly for the subscription. I feel like I was mis led. Not accusing anyone of saying that it is a scam, but these guys 100% need to work on their wording when they say “life time access after paying this” but not explaining that you also have to pay a monthly subscription fee. To that end, buyer beware. 3 stars cause the actual content is great. -2 stars because the way they process their transactions are mis-leading at best.

Chemo Brain & In Love 😍. After going through chemo a few years at 30, my brain doesn’t function the way it used to. I love this bc it’s helping retrain my brain, improve memory and executive function skills. I had to do this with art too, to get my creative mind back. I always enjoy brain games for stimulation, I had it for one night, found myself playing it til 1A Ooops and decided to spend the $40 for the lifetime game. I like to invest in my health and this will be sooooo beneficial to get me back to my A game. I was going to neuropsychologist and she gave me similar exercises. This is so much more cost effective than medical bills! They still don’t really know what causes chemo brain and there aren’t really therapies out there for it, so I’m all about trying anything that will help! It’s totally worth it, coming from someone who does not buy apps and uses free version of games…I made the exception for this one! 🤍🤍🤍

Impulse- memory, brain training, & mind sharpening skills. Must say impressive and actually pretty cool. Didn’t know if I would actually like it as much as I do. I haven’t tried all the options they have like the “IQ”and “ADHD” type, right now I’m just training my memory along with keeping my brain & mind sharp. And the games provided for the level im on is pretty intense and exciting. The levels increase in difficulty as u pass each one. Which is where the intensity comes in for me. I only do it for 5 minutes a day. Bc I don’t want to get to addicted to it. I think it’s to late for that now. I always read the reviews before downloading or putting my time into one much less leave my opinion on a review. But this one was actually worth it. So good job to the developers and everyone behind on the making of this which took some talent and time. Very satisfied!! 🤩🤩 will keep playing until it won’t let me play for free anymore.

Caveat: this is a paid subscription app.. ETA: I got a very nice response from the developers but I think they misunderstood me. I think it’s fine for devs to charge for their work. My problem is the general trend (incl this app) to not tell you the costs up front. You take a little test, the wend au you, and only then do you find out if, and what the cost is. I’m sure it’s a good app, I’m just unhappy with this business model, which seems to be ubiquitous now. Tell me up front what you want me to pay. Let me decide before giving you personal info and my time. That’s all. There’s a current trend for companies to initially lead you to believe they’re free, then they ask you data gathering questions that also hook you in so that by the time you realize they want money, you’re primed to just pay what they ask. This app may be very good, and I don’t have a problem with them charging; the amount is not unreasonable. However I do have a problem with them not being upfront about it being a paid app. If it’s so good, why not let people know that you know your worth and tell them immediately that you’re charging? As I said, this is a pretty common trend rn so I don’t blame this app specifically, but I find it to be a sketchy business practice and it turns me off from paying, even the small amount this app is asking.

Very Intellectual!!!. I’m New to this App, but so far I truly enjoy it!!! I’ve been searching for an app that could rate my IQ & this is definitely the best app for that! Not only does it rate your IQ, it also helps train your brain. The games have levels, So you actually start out on an easy level & of course if you complete it with No problem it goes to the next level which is of course, more difficult. The only down side so far is the fact that you have to pay ($6.99) which isn’t that bad. It’ll be absolutely worth it when you’re literally getting smarter by using the App. I’m not sure how the (Free) version works, because I done the Free Trial, but I’ll definitely do an UPDATE REVIEW at the end of my trial & give my Opinion of Everything. I’m really looking forward to seeing how much this App can “Train This 🧠 of Mine”!!!

Charged for 6 months without signing up. Nope. Don’t go near this. I have never heard of this app and certainly didn’t agree to subscribe weekly (who pays $6.99 per WEEK???? ) but have been charged for more than 6 months until I finally noticed the small charges hiding among other charges on my credit card. I’m sure that’s intentional so that when someone accidentally subscribes (Again I do not think I did. I know not to press that button for a free trial and get sucked in) then they get $$$ out of you. Apple won’t consider a refund except for the last week. Shame on them! And they threatened that if I take it up with my credit card, my whole Apple account will be deactivated. A quick google search tells me they will do so. So basically bullying me. I have NEVER disputed a subscription or in-app purchase in many years as an Apple customer. Not once! I am educated and technically literate (my degree is in computer science) so it’s not that I’m an idiot and don’t know how this works. If I made some mistake that signed me up for this, it would only be because it is set up to trap people. Predatory practice! I’ve reached out to the app developers and no response.

Fun, helpful, beneficial to your life!. I was hesitant to try because some “brain teaser” apps I don’t find useful enough for the price, but this one is well worth it. One of the only few educational apps I would put my money into. It is free to try, but to unlock access to all of the content does require a subscription of $7 weekly. However, you will find that these games are addicting, helpful, and aesthetically pleasing. They give you a very calming mindset and are lots of fun. I could play them for hours. I have noticed a great change in my day to day life since I started playing it daily. My awareness is sharper now. I find coming up with words in conversation is much easier than before. I am able to remember certain tasks and responsibilities that I would otherwise have trouble recalling. Such a wonderful app! Keep improving.

It’s pretty good, just not 100% upfront.. Since I’ve added this to my daily routine I’ve honestly felt more motivated and have been doing well with thinking on my feet, which I am very grateful for. However, in the app they bombard you with deals off the premium subscription, they give you up to “96% off!!” Claiming it’ll only be there for a while, which isn’t really true. It doesn’t really affect gameplay though because you can still play some games, and you can complete your daily challenges without premium. My big issue is the tests that they have. Some include trauma response tests, IQ tests, etc. I wanted to do one, so I took the time to complete the test, and then only afterword was I told that I needed premium to see my answers… now I’m not here to beg to make the app totally free, but at least state a somewhere clearly that you need premium to unlock your answers. Or just don’t allow people to take the test unless they have premium. Anyway, that’s pretty much the only thing I have against this game, and all in all it’s been a great addition to my daily routine!!! Thanks!!!

Amazing brain workouts!!!!. I didn’t expect I need anything like Impulse, but after watching the ad on Instagram I decided to try. And I’m so happy I saw that add!! The app is amazing, user experience is so neat and the color scheme is perfect. What i like the most is that I only need 5 min per day to stretch my brain muscle. So I complete daily brain sessions and feel really better (on a 17th training day now). Pricing is a bit tough in case of taking a monthly subscription, but I successfully utilized the Christmas offer the app proposed. Just for the price of 4 cups of coffee I now can have lifelong brain training!! I would advise the developer to add some brain music and sounds, say for focus, productivity, concentration (I personally consider this to be crucial for effective working or studying). Apart from that, are you planning to add some training streaks? I noticed in other apps that this feature motivates me the most. But anyway the app is great and i recommended it to my friends and family (and i’m not the type of a person to recommend every stuff i see)

A must have for mental health. I have noticed my mental decline over the years and felt unsatisfied, so one day I realized I wanted to take action on it and do things to help me keep my mind sharp. That’s when I found Impulse and decided to give it a shot. Ultimately, the results speak for themselves. I’ve been slowly making progress and I’m able to play certain games at a speed and precision I didn’t even realize I was capable. I cannot speak as to how well using Impulse has actually benefited me, but my mind feels sharp and I continue to get better by the day. In terms of features I’d like to see in the future, I think there’s potential to include more gamification concepts such as streak freezes, leadership boards, and learning material to learn what could I do outside the app to keep working on keeping my brain sharp.

Think twice before opening up your wallet. Happily was utilizing their free trial period that implied that all features and games would be unlocked, so I also took an IQ test which lasted for fifteen continuous minutes. First, notice that the tests have an almost hidden disclaimer at the very bottom of each test overview that states: “for entertainment purposes only.” I overlooked it so I took it anyway, and then at the very end they give you a sneak peak of your results and then ask you to PAY even if you’re already on a free trial. What a scam. I was excited so I paid for a weekly subscription anyway, but notice how they don’t mention this “disclaimer” on the purchase screen, they just do everything they can to minimize cutting you off the lead and take your money. I’d say it’s really dumb, much wiser would be being more transparent with their customers to build long-term trust and reputation. But this… this is no different from other mainstream “brain tests” and “exercises” you find on the web—where all they want is just your cash. The test result wasn’t even comprehensive, no mention what scale they used or base for questions. But my money is already gone. Obnoxious.

Fun for all ages 🤗. I have been working in private home health every since I was a kid about 8 years old when I turned 18 years old I started working in the nursing homes and other medical facilities that involves the elderly it’s been over 10 years ago when I started working with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients which I owe it all to my grandmother on my dad side of the family she was my first patient I was totally honored to take care of my grandmother she took me in at the age of 14 I wanted to make sure I was giving my grandmother the best of care any known to mankind we did card games board games word puzzles word search puzzles even coloring I wish this was out when my grandmother was still alive I know she would’ve enjoyed it just as much as my patients I take care of now I got patients at the age of 60+ they look forward to playing these games so please keep up the great work just a positive reminder this is changing lives and we are all grateful 😇

No way to cancel. I signed up for the three day free trial, read the terms that you need to cancel 24 hours before the trial ends, and then found there was nowhere within the app or the App Store where I could cancel. I contacted Apple support as the developers have suggested in previous negative reviews - Apple says they have no record of a subscription and therefore cannot cancel it. This makes me think that I will be charged once my trial has ended and the developers are running some kind of scam. I have never seen an app where there is no ability to cancel before your trial ends. I have emailed the company as well, but I’m not expecting that they will get back to me. If this charge goes through I will be contacting my credit card company to fight the charge. This is ridiculous. I spent an hour chatting with Apple and they’ve had to escalate it to a phone call because they couldn’t help me. How can this company tell you to go to Apple to cancel your trial, but Apple has no record it of?

Satisfied. My entire life I have been considered a quite intelligent person by many standards but after experiencing a brain injury, memory loss due to ptsd and other mental health struggles and the general brain fog of motherhood twice over I often feel underwhelmed by my cognitive ability. I’m always subconsciously on the lookout for any way I can try to recover what I’ve lost. On a whim I downloaded the app with no expectations, unsure if I would want to go beyond the three day trial. After just the first day, I knew I was going to be investing in a subscription. The games are actually fun (hubby thinks so too) and the assessment aspect makes it easy for me to get a bit competitive. There are insightful quizzes and helpful “brain workout” plans. I’m not sure if this will have any long term, measurable effects but I’m not disappointed at all!

Lots of lags. This app is okay. I had it recommended to me by a friend, who said that she thought it was amazing. So I was disappointed when the game started giving me ads after pretty much every game. Not to mention these ads would always lag, and I wouldn’t be able to close the ad or even participate in the playable portion, because the ad would be lagging or frozen to some degree. Another issue with this app is the games and the way most of them judge wether or not you pass. They compare how well you did to how well you did compared to “your peers” what peers? There’s a thing people say, you shouldn’t compare yourself and your success to the success of others. This app directly goes against that saying! I don’t care if I did better than 2% of my peers, I’m just doing the best I can for myself, and it’s really challenging to have to keep doing it over and over just to reach some random number like 76%!! I think it’s a pretty hood app overall, but could definitely cut back on some of the ads.

Read the developer responses. Before I spend money on an app, I’d like to go read what kind of interaction the developer has with the reviews. this is just a bunch of canned responses sent from the developer. They don’t even read the critiques they just throw something out there that sounds like it might address it. So if you can’t bother to even look at the reviews are getting you’re not gonna pay attention when I have an actual complaint, so no money. Also, they like to say on all of their responses, you don’t have to pay to use this app, but you have to sign up for a paid subscription to get three days free trial and if you look at some of the reviews it’s very difficult to stop them from charging you anyway so I have no reason to trust them. What kind of response are you gonna give to this one? So the response is automatic, they don’t really care about what you have to say. They invite you to contact them directly but if they were actually reading the reviews, they would not have to ask you (the reviewer) to do more work, because they can’t be bothered.

Simply amazing.. I saw this being advertised on Instagram and had been in the mood to get back into brain training. I truly believe everyone should have a brain training app, but this one beats them all. I’ve used the competitors BAXK in the past when I was in high school, now that I’m older, I can say this one has a more in-depth method of training and the games are really addicting. So much so I don’t want to do the recommended games, I want to play them all! But strict habits are good long term so I keep reserved, haha. Anyhow, they have different areas of brain training. You have your daily, then you have certain sections, I.e: Memory, Mental Math, etc. I got the 50% lifetime and honestly best money I’ve spent. If you want to sharpen focus, mental math, or even just feel like you’re not as ‘sharp’ as you used to be, you need to get this app and the subscription to follow. IQ tests on here and that’s something I’ve never seen those other apps have. Grateful for discovering this organization. I don’t even write reviews but this is one that had to be written.

Info is good, games just ok. This is an interesting app. I have played a lot of mind training games. They are some of my favorite apps. This one is just ok on the brain training. One thing Indo not like about this app is the constant 99% score. No matter how well I seem to do in different categories, the top score is 99. As an educator who specializes in success strategies, this is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. Like the developers want me to keep coming back over and over to get that 100. I find this concept less motivating than beating a high score or something. Sometimes some of the games do not set up correctly. I actually paid for a year of this app and then requested a refund for this very reason. This challenge added to the low motivation to create a less than ideal brain training app. I would definitely compare this app to some of the others. If you want food archetype info this app will break that down for you. But the brain training is better found elsewhere.

Not impressed. I never expect too much from apps like this these days because many of them promise things they don’t deliver on. $6.99 a week in my opinion is also asking too much when there are a lot of free (or at least inexpensive) online services that provide similar personality, IQ, ADHD and many more tests. At the very least, you should be allowed to explore all of the features of the app in the free trial (which is only 3 days). How else am I supposed to decide if I enjoy the app enough to pay for it? The free trial allows you to take tests and do puzzles, but withholds the results unless you purchase the full plan. All in all, if you have the money to spend and/or want the convenience of everything in one place, this app could be for you. But for someone who is genuinely interested in learning about more about myself and how my brain works, I’ll be looking for other options.

I’ve been looking for an app like this!. I absolutely LOVE this app! For a long time, I’ve wanted an app with multiple bite sized brain challenges or puzzles to be able to solve. This app gave me just that! I love the Workout section (or at least the free workout so far), and although I haven’t had this app for long, I can definitely see myself using it for a while. I haven’t bought any of the subscriptions, but I still feel like I’m getting a lot out of this app. So, if you can’t afford the subscriptions but you still want an app like this, this is a great choice. I can understand that some people might get frustrated and or annoyed about the amount of ads, but compared to a lot of other games I think the amount of ads is worth it. Overall, I personally love this app and I would definitely recommend!

How much I like it. So far I have played the game for two days and I like the fact of being challenged . and not knowing what to expect next. This game so far seems to give me a challenge based off of things that we have to deal with every day in daily life issues. Whether those things are good things or bad things, things that you have to ponder on etc. it challenged you and took you out of your zone that you may have been in at that moment. I’m looking forward to learning new things expanding my brain span ,and being challenged daily, because what I’m beginning to see go on in this world… we need to stay woke ,and pay attention to what’s actually happening before our eyes while being distracted with daily nuances. So we all need things that we can focus in on daily, to help keep us focused on what’s important .I think this game will be a segue into that for lots of people that find it hard to multitask at times, becauseWe get distracted. Being able to focus is important for anything that we do in life, and I think that this game is just fun tool that could help.

1) after all it has been. I fear brain doctors, for their worth of advice. That is all “ it is called a tooth” when first started legal tests. I was told I would have a different reflection other than what I am , I am here taking this review lightly! And I want to learn self inspiration out of the many things I had to learn and do. Thank you for the app! I will use it to the best of my conscious betterment to evolve a better connection through a history that was commuted by war. And I value my life with most of all and a higher being does not bother me of just a shoulder shrug. HBO brain games since I was a kid. Was not a topic but today’s question. The brain doctors were part of my sympathetic life in hope of my pathetic being. I may feel a bit strange, but walking out from the light felt like a dead nail. Thanks for the app and please review my review with thumbs out!

The best brain training app ever!. As someone who struggles with some memory deterioration and constant information overload and who takes mental health very seriously, I always look for ways to improve the neural connections of my brain. After coming across Impulse, I figured I would give it a go. I have just completed the 30-day brain workout plan and feel real improvement now: it becomes easier for me to concentrate on the particular task and my working memory seems to be better as well. Not sure whether the same may be fully related to the use of this app, but I don’t care as long as I see results. I have bought the lifetime plan and consider this as a huge investment in my mental health. Planning to start a new workout but not sure whether to go for 30 or for 10 days. It would be great to see some recommendations after finishing the 30-day plan. Also, I enjoy solving brain-teasers a lot. Just a small suggestion here - would be really interesting to see how other players answered to brain-teasers. The only thing I wish this app have is more training areas, like creativity, brain speed, etc. Also would appreciate more games and exercises (still, worth to mention that the developer adds new content regularly). So, it’s a legit app and thank you for creating it.

Awesome for recovery from TBI/non-traumatic brain injury. A few years ago I bled out. Shouldn’t be here. My brain showed little activity. My speech was a mess. Short term memory gone. Processing speed was horrible. Critical thinking skills lacked. Staying on task impossible. The Aphasia program was awesome, but dropped working with adults during the pandemic. This App is pushing my brain in ways the Aphasia program used to. I’m an athletic person and am used to working up a sweat from physical activity…well this App can make me sweat. That’s how hard it’s making me work. It’s awesome. I’m scoring up 99% on tasks in comparison to other users. Considering what I’m recovering from - That. Is. Awesome!!! Exercising the brain will provide improvements and give results beyond what the experts say is possible. All you have to do is work your brain off and anything is possible. ♥️

Exercise for your brain-best app!!. I am a recoverinopen brain injury from about 10 years ago. My mind is not as sharp as it used to be and I have a very hard time remembering things, especially my short term memory. This game has helped me tremendously and I can actually feel the difference in parts of my head that haven’t been used, (if that makes any sense) in such a long time. Granted I’m not the fastest one to complete the task but I do get it done. I can tell a slight difference within my memory issues and Ive only been doing it a couple of weeks. It feel so rewarding to know that I can “wake” my brain up in certain areas. My neurologist recommended a application just like this to try and get me healthy results and it makes me feel so much better no more embarrassing moments when I can’t remember something mid sentence. Great app, I love it and would most definitely recommend it to neurological patients.

Fraudulent Advertisement - THIS IS MALWARE. This application is partnering with algorithms that harvest user data such as Instagram and Tiktok in order to push fraudulent advertisements tailored to individuals that are more likely to click and buy a subscription. I have ADHD. My TikTok and Instagram algorithms know this. I recently started seeing Impulse ads on both platforms that states “WHAT’S YOUR ADHD TYPE? TAKE THE TEST” implying that, within the app, there was some sort of ADHD type test. I thought “that sounds interesting” and started a free trial. Interestingly, this test was nowhere to be found. I thought “maybe it’s a premium feature?” so I mistakenly subscribed for $6.99 (I will be getting my money back from Apple). Nope. No “ADHD type test” anywhere. In fact, upon googling “impulse app ADHD test” I was shocked to find there are NO results except for the TikTok and Instagram ads themselves. Then it clicked, that this developer is utilizing apps with access to marketing and personal data to push fraudulent ads in a targeted manner. The brain-scan images that the company used in their advertisement, hilariously, have nothing to do with ADHD. They are stolen from an academic paper. ADDON - THE APP KEEPS DOWNLOADING ITSELF AFTER YOU DELETE IT. This is absolutely malicious

Get Great!!!. If you’re looking for an app that’s fun, relaxing and keeps your mind occupied/focused, this is it. I’ve only had this app for a short period of time but I can already say I enjoy it so much. I haven’t been in school for years, since then I’ve been working full time but I always felt the need to keep my brain active and this app does just that. There’s many different games, puzzles, quizzes, etc to choose from and the best part is that they keep track of your progress throughout every different criteria. An example of a test I took was the Personality test and let’s just say after I learned my personality type I realized a lot about myself . I’m not saying the tests are 100% accurate but for me at least I benefited from finding out. I even did my own research on the personality type impulse gave me and it was nearly spot on for the type of person I know I am personally. Definitely check out this it. Btw there are ads but you can skip them, I find them Annoying so I’ll probably end up subscribing for no ads.

App signs you up even when you don’t accept the free trial. I wasn’t aware that there was a charge to use the features. After answering most general questions, app then informs you of weekly/monthly/annual charge or offers you a free 3 day trial that will auto renew if you don’t cancel. Because I hate those traps and can never easily find the cancelation I’ve is started, I selected to quit the app and not sign up at all. Instead, the app continued and took me to the screen as though I’d accepted the free trial. I immediately left the app and went to my subscriptions through Apple to try to cancel any subscription that it implemented without my consent. However, it didn’t show up in my subscriptions, but it did remain showing in my account as “free.” I have now wasted 30 minutes trying to figure this out. Ultimately, I deleted the app from my phone. Hopefully, that is sufficient to keep it off my subscription and account. I don’t know exactly what happened, but save yourself! If you don’t want to pay $6.99 a week for this app, don’t even open it!!! It’s a trap!!!

Its Amazing!. its a really good app, really works the brain and etc. I have a bit of ADHD so it gets kinda hard to focus on it without gettin overwhelmed with the repetitiveness in some of the games. It really the games are really fun tho, puts your brain to work. To me the repetitive games are hardest because again, ADHD🙄but its helped me a bit with being more focused and believe it or not, you can get better with being more observed and pay attention to detail a lot more, it helped me a lot! Right now i’m 20 yrs of age and plan on having children with my gf. If any of you people are parents and see that your kid is struggling in someway educationally, i advise that you download this app and get them into this. I definitely plan on gettin my future kids into this; it can really help them get more focused more organized and so on. It even gives you back the results/reports of what you’ve done. But yk with any app you gotta pay for a plan to get em(but hey, they gotta make their money, can’t hate on that)

Love this app!. I don’t usually write reviews, but in this case, I decided to make an exception. So glad I came across this app a few weeks ago! Thanks to it I finally realized how poor my math skills are... But the thing is they were not like this all the time! Back at school, I was really good at math, not the best in the class, but really good! And look at what happened... I avoided doing some simple math on my own, thinking it would save me some time (or maybe I was just lazy), and as a result, having faced the tasks in Impulse math category, I saw how big my problem is. Huge, actually. The tasks and the games are not that difficult, they really aren’t. And back in the day, they would be a piece of cake for me. And now it feels like starting all over... But the good thing is that doing it with the app helps! I’ve been getting better and hope for more results! My only suggestion would be to include more games to the Language category, just like Math it seems really useful. Oh, and the math lessons! They’re amazing! But it took me time to find them. Thank you!!!

Why Impulse is so amazing. This app is AWESOME I’m talking AWESOME. so first off, the app has ads only every once and a while, not every second and they are pretty chill because you only have to wait five to ten seconds to skip. They also have sales that one times gave 92% off of a premium package just because I picked the right box. You can also just remove ads for 5$ without ur having to buy the whole premium package. The app is also so fun for an adulation and mind game. The mini games that they do are so fun!!!! And yet it also tell you what it will improve on. For example one game might say at the bottom, “improves creative thinking” You can also start a streak and play little work out games every day. I honestly love this game so far after I got it YESTERDAY. I play it every day before bed or in the day when I’m bored because it’s usually hard to find fun games without getting bored of them. So I think this is the perfect game for all ages and all genders. DOWNLOAD IT IT’s WORTH IT

Careful not to “impulse buy” all your money away in this app. I got this app thinking that I could relax by doing some fun puzzles for free. I have never seen so many lengthy ads that force you to interact with them as I have in this app. Due to the annoyance of having to deal with the same lengthy ads after ever one or two free activities that I did in the game, a pop up came up saying that I could get the great deal of having ads blocked for $2.99. I went ahead and did it. Then I kept playing and ads kept popping up. When I contacted the app customer service about this they replied that the ad block was only for that one specific puzzle out of all of the activities in the app. They also said this was “clearly stated” in the pop up, which with I disagree. All I saw was the words “ad block for 2.99.” If I had known, I would not have paid for that and I would just have probably deleted this app. There are other comparable apps that are interactive and good for different types of brain training, albeit in separate apps, but unless you pay for this app (which is actually a subscription either weekly or yearly) it is too frustrating to use.

Left vs right brain test. More of a support ticket but, certain question on the test such as, “Do you tend to think in more images or words?” Only has two responses. Though, while I’m sure that most people only can pick one or the other, I tend to think in both at the same time if possible. Answer choices such as images or words exclude those who think in both. It’s just a suggestion that you add more moderate answers for a couple of the questions, or all. The other tests I personally didn’t have too much problems with, yet I’m sure someone will complain anyways in the same way I am. It’s a great application that helps those who struggle with certain things, such as memory, strengthening your peripheral vision, focus, and more. The games are also engaging and easy to get into. So if you’re a person who is looking to acquire this application, get it, it’s worth it. To the developers, this is just a suggestion, you don’t have to follow through on it. Good job, keep it up!

Misleading charges. I downloaded this app to check it out, so I started with a 3-day trial. I immediately liked the games it took me through but upon exiting the game, I got an alert that my credit card was charged IMMEDIATELY for the trial I started today. In addition (though this is often the case!), the quiz shown in the ad for the app is not even remotely what is offered in the app itself. In addition, since even the three-day ‘Pro’ trial leaves many things behind a paywall, I went to buy a weekly subscription, with “cancel anytime” clearly marked and highlighted, I got charged for an entire year at once. I thought the quality is good, I appreciated the opening quiz, and I liked the sense that there’d be a path to follow… but I don’t trust this game to be responsible with how it marks subscription fees, and I’ll be uninstalling it and disputing the charges. I think developers work hard and deserve to be paid for their work — and I would have enjoyed keeping this app and paying for a subscription, but I don’t feel I can trust this particular app to not lead me down a rabbit hole of requiring more and more money to view content. Bummer.

The best app for a cognitive boost. Thanks to this app I now know personality type and have been more of myself. Knowing how i am on a scientific scale has helped me narrow down on my strengths and weaknesses and has since improved my ability to connect with my family, friends and even in my marriage. Everyone I know has taken the personality test and has inevitably had the “Ahah” moment. Upon sharing with others we all say” well that makes sense. “ This app has fantastic games that are challenging, fun and really get the brain juices flowing as they get harder. I really like the diversity in games and the fact that they all challenge in different important skills. My favorite are the ones where you have to put a box together in your mind and be able to rotate it mentally to see all sides in order to be able to answer correctly. Another good one is the math challenge. Frankly for anyone like me or otherwise with the desire to see the world from multiple perspectives and solve problems with practical yet unconventional methods this is a great app to get short form challenges to stimulate the mind.

Good for the brain, bad for a budget. I am a Veteran and I have since developed different neurological disorders that prevent my brain from functioning “normally”. It has progressed to the point that I have to put things into my calendar in order for me to even remember the event at all. I played the trial version of this game and saw that it was challenging. It is Definitely Worth the money IF you have the budget for it. Sadly, most of us with brain issues have so much medical expenses that a helpful game like this, which I believe would help stabilize my brain functionality from deteriorating even further, is just not feasible in the budget. In short, gift this game to someone in your life who is having issues with their memory and love to play daily play games to help with cognitive thinking, It is So Worth the fee!! Thank you for listening beautiful ppl! ❤️

Scam app. Collects your personal information then there is basically a pay wall. You take the test but it won’t give the results unless you pay. Like just tell me upfront instead of trying to scam me. There is no information validating the results here. This app ONLY trains you to watch ads. Technically you can play for free but you will spend more time watching ads then playing the game. And everything else is behind a paywall. Apps like this should be illegal. They are super creepy. Gathering data on us without accountability. Honestly, I am willing to pay for an app but I need to see some results first. But I did not last 15 minutes with the amount of ads. Tbh this app is no more helpful then any of the brain teaser game apps out now. Moreover, for an app for concentration, my ADHD does not have the attention span for all the ads. Seriously like one 30 sec ad for every level which take me about 15 seconds to play. It pops up that you can click through after five seconds which means you can click after five then it pops up an app store ad which takes five then after you click that it holds on the ad for another five seconds. Do yourself a favor, find a better app.

Useful app. An amazing discovery for all those who search for self-improvement. I wanted to use my time in commute in an efficient and fun way and that's why I searched for brain games in the first place. Impulse absolutely lived up to my expectations! I love their workouts - a little bit of work every day gives me a sense of fulfillment, it's not that I just played some goofy game on the phone, I actually DID something to develop my memory and improve focus. One thing to consider there is the brain-boosting habits, maybe it's worth paying more attention to them? Very often they seem appropriate and cool, but since they're not explained or anything, I just ignore them. If the workout is not enough for me, I can always go to the games and spend as much time as I want playing whatever game I like. My favorite category is Focus, so I play it the most, and recently I noticed that it became easier for me to concentrate at work. Probably, I'll try to binge-play other categories as well, hope the results will be just as good!

Pretty Fun and Useful. I’ve been using the app for a couple weeks and really enjoy it. The games are pretty unique and helped me understand what skills I’m good at and which ones I need to train more. I like that the “Progress” section shows you the average score for each category and specific game. I think it would definitely be nice to see the average score based on training skill too. For example, I noticed that my “Selective Attention” was high based on the high scores I got in a few games. I also noticed my “Working Memory” wasn’t as high based on some lower scoring games. I think it would definitely help seeing that in the “Progress” section so we can keep in mind what we need to work on. Maybe even some links to research articles or something for each training skill would be useful too

I got this out of an impulse buy, but…. It’s great so far! I originally got it when I saw the AD on tik tok. I thought it was gonna be another bad app, but it’s actually not. It actually gives you exercises and games and tests that allow you to see things in a different light and jog your memory on things that maybe you need more focus on. For me, I need focus for my job. It’s extremely difficult to focus sometimes because I have so many things in life that I’m dealing with, and I get cluttered. This allows me to be active for my brain in my off time, because honestly, everything else started getting boring, even Tik tok! It doesn’t feel mindless and boring, allowing me to at least grow while in my spare time and not wasting seconds, hours, days on mindless entertainment. The best part is that they’re not the same questions every time, math problems, vocabulary questions. If you need touch ups on your brain and maybe need to learn something new, this is the app for you!

Love this brain training app!!!. I do my brain training every morning and also enjoy the games that are not part of my daily training throughout the day. The daily training helps with brain function and speed and some games are timed. The additional games and puzzles are relaxing while still using your brain to think and solve puzzles and games of your choice. I feel it helps me on a daily basis, especially with my job. I throughly look forward to playing this every day and also in the evenings. I did find one small glitch that I do not know how to share the information and screen shot with the developer. It’s a game where you are shown a group of numbers, and the goal is to find the missing number in the sequence from another small group of numbers. In this case I was instructed to “Find the missing numbers in the sequence from 1 to N and tap on the correct answer. Of course N was not a choice because it is not a number. Definitely download this free app and have a blast while keeping your brain young and healthy!

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Un recieved paid subscription????. So after downloading this app, completing the basic quizzes, and being shown the subscriptions page, i decided that i liked the app enough to buy the $10/week subscription. All was good as the payment was complete. however, after trying the ADHD quiz, my results were not shown. instead, i was met with another subscriptions page trying to get me to buy the yearly subscription or a different week long one????? i’m extremely confused. did i just pay to only be able to access a portion of the app? or was i fully just not given my subscription. i was under the impression that when they said “unlimited access” in the listed weekly subscription qualities, they meant it. apparently not.

fun brain training!!. this app is amazing! i never thought that it would be that good. three reasons why i love are: #1 I’ve had lots more energy at daytime than any other day. #2 when you have finished your daily workout you can still play fun and educational games.#3 i have done so well in class because of this app even my teacher pointed out that i was listening better

The best app to keep you focused and challenged!. This app has helped hugely with my focus and anxiety. When my anxiety becomes overwhelming, I can play a puzzle or game and within minutes, manage to calm my thoughts and get back on track. There are a variety of games, puzzles and never ending levels to refresh the mind and keep you challenged. The tests for IQ are great. This app is worth every penny with a range of options to keep anyone engaged, easily my favourite app of all time!

Best app for your brain improvement!. Honestly, when I first bought this app I was already thinking about how I would cancel it before the 3 days was over because I’d had so many bad experiences with other apps. NOT TRUE WITH THIS APP!!! I love it’s simplicity as well as the levels. Fun and challenging too. Highly recommend!!

Trial mode. I love it! On day 2 for trial. They test your academic level, and your brain training is based off your test results. Yesterday was great not too hard and not too easy, today it’s been an awesome go again with fun activities that makes you laugh and not frustrated as if your in actual brain training school 😊

Variety With A Purpose. Two days in and I am so impressed. Take the tests and see where you need improvement, then Impulse will personalise your daily training, impressive! Want to play for fun, hundreds of different games available for your relaxation time, all helping to keep your mind sharp! Don't think I’ll need another game app 👍👏🏼

Impulse brain training is the best. I left school when I was 16. I don’t even have my VCA. I’m not very good at learning in the classroom and homework. Don’t even speak to me about it. But this app has been great as I am completing the games. I’m realising and I’m not as slow as what I thought I was and as long as I keep practising, I’ll keep getting sharper.

Great way to start and end the day. I find the challenges well thought out and stimulating. Great way to wake up the mind in the morning and relaxing to shut the mind down after the vigors of running a company during the day. Highly recommended.

Retrained my Brain! 💜. I had a medical episode which damaged my brain, cognitive function, speech and ability to walk or drive. As part of my rehabilitation I looked a various brain training apps and have found this one to be the most beneficial one. The price is right, the daily training is short and doable. You can practice more of the daily training if you want to. Theres puzzles, word games, draw one line and my favourite candy sort. Plus personality tests. I LOVE it. Well worth the annual fee. I’ll be continuing my yearly subscription! 💜

Subscription plan. I know the app has to get profit somehow, but honestly it’s just rude to allow someone to do a test on the app that takes about 20 min, then when they finish it you need a subscription. If I were these guys I would just make it so before they did the test, something would pop up telling them that they need a subscription to do the test. No hate towards you guys I just feel like it’s unfair to not warn everybody about it. No hate

unexpected billing practices.. I downloaded this app with the understanding that I'd be charged a small amount per day, as stated in the terms. The promise of flexibility to unsubscribe at any time was what initially drew me in. However, my experience took an unfortunate turn. To my surprise, the app charged me the full amount in one payment, which was not at all what I signed up for. I was looking forward to trying it out for a few days before committing to a full subscription. This unexpected charge left me feeling frustrated and disappointed. I have only used the App for 1 day, because I am gutted and really don’t even want to open it again. Communication regarding the billing structure needs improvement. The discrepancy between the promised daily charge and the actual lump-sum payment was a letdown. I believe in transparency, and unfortunately, this app fell short in that aspect. To address this issue, I kindly request a refund for the full amount charged. I am eager to know the next steps to initiate this refund process and hope for a swift resolution. If you're considering this app, I recommend proceeding with caution and ensuring that the billing details align with your expectations. As for my experience, I won't be continuing with the app due to the unexpected billing practices.

A LITERAL AD TRAP. I get it, it’s a good app. Very immersive and catering to your wants and needs however, every single time I open the app I get a prompt to sign up at a 96%! Discount!! Wowie! How great 0.51$ per week. Now I know that isn’t a lot and for the service they provide it’s probably a good deal, but when you play the free version it makes you want to throw your phone! I played this one game that had an ad after EVERY level! What made things worse is that it took me <10s to complete the level then I was stuck with a +5s ad between each level?! Just complete bs.

Good but could be better. This app is awesome but one thing to change is for anyone to access the report as if we take the test, I feel that we should be given our results. You could charge for others things like maybe games that can help you evolve whatever skill you want to improve from your report. Also, maybe lower age groups pls. Overall nice app

More fun than I was expecting. Way better than doom scrolling, and it actually leaves me smarter and more mentally fit. And it’s fun too. It’s brought out the competitive streak and I keep going back to better my score. They’ve done well to make a semi addictive app that actually is good for me 😁

Scam. The real test / brain challenge is ensuring you don’t get ripped off $10 a week for this ridiculously overpriced and misleading ‘service’. Anything that try’s to trick you into subscribing by trying to make you believe that you randomly unlocked a high percentage off offer is clearly misleading. Sleek app with a good range of centralised useful tests and ‘training’ exercises, but $10 a week is outrageous. $52 a year with the ‘lucky’ 92% off offer seems reasonable but I don’t like to be tricked into recurring subscriptions. Given its rank on the App Store though… many have fallen for it

Variety of challenges. The time I spend in this app does not feel like I’m wasting time; instead I feel like I’m calm and focussed. I couldn’t justify spending $ on the app immediately but it may grow on me. I enjoy the fact that I’m not bombarded with ads or lots of flashing stimuli.

Great brain stimulation. There are so many games and puzzles that gets my brain working. I find it so addictive that I can’t put it down. I feel I want to improve my scores and alertness and just love most of the games I have so far been tackling. Speed and accuracy are required and I find I am excelling in certain formats and under performing on others. Concentration is paramount. Certainly the best tools for mental stimulation!!!

5/10- disappointed with the adds!. I like some of the puzzles; a lot. But the crossword style game is starting to annoy me with the awful adds for other Apps. ;once you have used up all of your hints, that is. If you need more than the allotted 3 clues, you are force to watch “sexual & misogynistic” adds for other gaming apps that I find extremely offensive. I’m very upset that I’ve spent nearly $50 purchasing this App , purely for brain exercises and I’m forced to watch disturbing scenes of homelessness & sleazy scenes etc; it’s triggering!. Who’s designing these Apps?! Really?!!

Great all round brain app. I’ve had other brain training apps since before they were a thing. but I love how this app is set apart from the rest with personality and psychology tests for you to explore and help understand yourself more, which is something everyone needs definitely a winner for me

DO NOT TRUST. Weekly subscription which I have CANCELLED and have been still been continually charged for: $10 / week. Currently in process of pursuing a refund and permentant cancelation with Apple Do not trust the shady business of these avaricious snakes. The games are alright. Edit - response to developer response: yes, subscriptions are managed by me, I cancelled it my end and two weeks later, was still charged. Apple have thankfully now reversed this and refunded me the money that was taken in error by you. This nonresponse of a reply seemingly fails to take any responsibility for the mistake and tries to push blame back onto me. I’m afraid my review still stands. Caveat emptor. Willing to remove review entirely once you come back to admit fault and apologise for that.

Two different subscriptions to access report results?. So to gain access to the base app for games and mental tests you have to pay a subscription which is almost understandable at first, but then I thought I would try a personality test. I go through each and every question, all 84 of them, spending maybe 15mins. I complete the last one and wait for my results…. Please pay this weekly fee to see your report results! Who thought that was a good idea? It’s stupid having to pay two different subscriptions to access a feature but not only that, they don’t tell you until you have already spent the time on the questions! Canceled my sub and deleted straight away 👎

mostly love. Impulse is amazing for helping you have a sharper brain, think faster, problem solve, do mental maths, and so much more. It can easily help you with everything that you want to improve. I would almost say that you need it. But, there are some things that make it difficult. Such as how it costs money to look at statistics and do certain things, you don’t need them for the app to work but it does make it annoying sometimes. Overall just get it and you can decide if you want to spend money on it or not.

Game updates?. I purchased the Lifetime because I’m not a fan of subscription. However! When people do that, there’s an expectation that the app continues to be developed. I reached the end of Candy Sort last year. Once you complete the available games, there’s a message: ‘New levels are on the way. We’ll add new levels soon. ‘ What is the definition of ‘soon’? It’s been at least 6 months. If you’re not going to add new levels, don’t make the statement. At least provide an option for people to reset so that the levels can begin again whilst maintaining a visual tracking of where you’re up to by games remaining unplayed.

Sit back relax and let your mind and brain do all the work. I’ve never considered myself remotely capable of doing such tasks but the graphics and the ease with which I was able to navigate with my mind and I could even process things I needed to do for work at the same time. The only thing is some of the explanations need more clarity but this is not only fun and you instantly get a sense of your capabilities. 4.99 out of 5

Unable to make use of the subscription. I recently changed phones and I have not been able to make the subscription transfer across to my new phone, I accidentally bought the subscription in the first place so I didn’t even really want it, and now I can’t even use it because for some reason even though my Apple ID is the same on both phones it’s not letting me use it in my new phone. It’s been a terrible experience and I honestly want a refund!

Impulse. So I’ve only been using the app a couple days but so far I’m loving it, many “games” and “tests” to choose from and having a selection to start on each day that’s already been picked keeps me on my toes. Also there appears to be many levels. Highly recommended!

Best brain training game out. I have tried multiple brain training games, this is by far the best! So much so I bought the subscription (which is half the price of the other apps) and left a review, which I never do. Not only is there brain training games, but other games to keep you entertained and stimulated. As well as personality, IQ and other test that give you an indication of how your brain functions. Love this app.

lyla’s review. okay, this is such a great game overall and its so much better to let your mind relax a bit, it includes little games like wordle. but there is one thing, ads, there are WAY too many ads, and it makes it a little bit difficult to play

Intuitive & Helpful. Impulse helps you to grow by growing with you! If you’re looking for a brain training app, stop looking - This is it! With amazingly clever, addictive & intuitive games that leave you feeling sharper & ready for anything. Definitely a great find.

Best brain training for beginners. Very easy to understand and full of detail. I’ve never done brain training and the variety of games and information is very helpful. And I’m really enjoying myself. Woke up straight away and worked out my brain. Highly recommended

How do you know if it’s cancelled?. After I cancelled the subscription in settings for the free trial, the app still works as if you are in a free trial. I had to sign up twice to even get it to show up in Apple subscriptions in order to cancel it. It seems extremely scammy and untrustworthy. I don’t know if this is an issue with the software or what, but it really needs to be fixed because you could be taking people’s money because they are unable to cancel in the settings.

Paid subscription still has ads. You pay for a subscription and you still get ads which is entirely daft. You do an IQ test and you are expected to pay for the results. Pretty dodgy in a lot of ways. I went to pay for a yearly subscription but they took a weekly one out even after I had cancelled that particular subscription prior. UPDATE: Your response gives an indication you didn’t read my review at all! I said I have PAID for a subscription 🙄

No response 2 years. At the end of every game they ask you for improvements ideas I have given so many of them with not a single response nor a single response to any questions I have . They say they will update a game soon they still haven’t to a game draw with one line this is my second year hoping they would they haven’t I will not renew my subscription again if anything they should give me a discount and ever other user based on the fact that where not getting what we paid for . Try getting back to the people that put good on your table .

2 days in, enjoying so far. This is my second brain training app I have tried. The first was great as well but it became super mathematical and I also became too busy to use it so is stopped. This is more like playing games, so far much easier to use.

Enjoyable! Fun!. I’m really enjoying the 3 day trial of this app. It seems challenging at the right level. I just wish in these tough financial times, it wasn’t so expensive. Not sure how much of my money’s worth I’d get out of it once holidays are over and life goes back to flat out crazy! A large variety of tasks though and I love the statistics at the end of each task.

Great app!. My partner and I have been using this app and I’ve recommended it for my Dad who has recently been diagnosed in the early stages of dementia. It’s got great tests for iq and personality (which is what made my partner join up - he wanted to prove his iq was bigger than mine.. it was not!!). And daily exercises to help keep your mind sharp. I can’t say what the benefits are at this stage as it’s early days, but suffering short term memory loss, it can only help that I’ve remembered to do it these last 2 days. It would be good if you could help and do the tests for others without it counting towards your own individual assessment (my son 11yo has been wanting to do a few of the iq and personality tests). We did one, but as I’m trying to keep him off his own tech it would be nice to have perhaps separate family profiles.

Difficulty Cancelling Subscription. I’ve tried to cancel my subscription with this app, the only guidance is that I can cancel the subscription in settings. However I am unable to find this option. I have tried to contact Atom Operations the development company for advice but have received no assistance. I’m happy to change my review once this issue is sorted as the games themselves are quite fun and engaging however until then I’m disappointed that it is so difficult to cancel the subscription. I’ve followed links you’ve provided to others with a similar issue however when I’m taken to my subscriptions it says I have none to cancel. I know I started the 3 day trial with weekly payments from there so I’m unsure why I have no subscription to cancel before the payments begin.

Best brain training app!. Love this app so much! I’m a teacher and I use it everyday to keep my mind sharp. It helps me keep my attention to detail and not miss mistakes made with my students. I also love the section where you can do emotional intelligence tests and adhd tests, because although it lists that this is not a qualified assessment, it’s still pretty accurate. Love the range of games and how it gives you a comparison between you and other users in the form of a percentage. I didn’t think it would be this good, but it’s worth the money. I definitely recommend it.

Great app, but way too many ads!. You’ve got a great app but the amount of ads on this app is not funny, I can’t really go on this app without getting extremely frustrated over getting an ad literally minute, it’s a bit ridiculous. Very great app and it would be a 10/10 if there weren’t so many ads because this is so frustrating and puts me in a very bad mood whenever I use this app.

Impulse. I’m going out on a limb here because I’ve only just started playing on Impulse but… already I can see it being something I’ll play regularly. I enjoyed all the challenges given to me today & hoping to get the same kind again soon! Love the way I could skip the ads too.. AND that they tell you how to!!

Enjoy & Excercise …… in one sentence. I can’t believe i’m working my brain , its so much fun & you have lots of choices , also many other areas of interests as the various tests ( IQ & so on super interesting)other apps i have used are repetitive & a lot of them start out difficult, so you feel defeated before you really have started . I love this App , best i’ve tried & i have tried all the other high rating ones .

Fun and educational. Impulse has really helped and improved my brain. It gives you loads of activities to do each day to keep your brain in check and smart it’s fun more than anything doing them and you don’t realise you’ve learnt anything. Until you do! Totally recommend this app

I feel productive. Much better than goofing off at social media. I actually believe I’m doing an exercise which will improve and maintain my healthy brain function. With a history of dementia in my family, I’m feeling these exercises will help reduce my chances of goi g down the same route.

Impulse. Impulse is a really good mind game it helps with trash sorting mind maths and you can do this every day without getting bored! If your bored at home and you need to improve your mind maths or just anything in your mind then this game is perfect for you and anyone else too! I recommend this game to everyone!🙂

Absolutely amazing!. I recently got diagnosed at the age of 31 having adhd, I had been quite suspicious my entire life wondering why I was just a little different to the majority of kids. This game allows me to sort my thoughts and train my brain to be better at certain thinking patterns than others. I outperform a lot in most games and lack in others which is a fundamental skill I wish to improve to be better at thinking about situations in different light other than purely analytics. Give it a trial! I do my best to engage with the app daily, but sometimes life gets quite busy at times, which I’m ok with :) We are just all figuring ourselves out, and this game helps quite a bit in having those epiphanies as to why we think the way we do.

Mystery Game. There’s a lot of small puzzle games out there that are entertaining time wasters. This game basically compiles a lot of them and has them all in one location. It also feeds them to you at random so you don’t know which game you’re going to play which is fun. You only get to play a small amount of games for free per day before you need a subscription to continue. The price is definitely not worth it in my opinion.

A relaxing game to help you wind down.. I have only used Impulse for a few days since I recently downloaded it, but so far, I am highly impressed. There is a wide range of tests, games and puzzles to choose from and play, which makes this app really good to me as I don’t feel limited to what I can & can’t do. Although the ads do bother me, they’re not extremely frequent. I play this game when I’m bored and need to wind down. It really helps. Great app!

Dodgy sign up process.. Download the app thinking it might be fun. Didn’t get far before being put right off! Answered multiple questions before getting to the sign up fees. There were 3 tabs with 3 subscription options, the first being a 3 day trial + 10/week, and so on… I did not want to proceed with any of these options, so instead I clicked the large X at the top left of the screen whilst steering well clear of the subscription buttons… Then a tab pops up stating I just signed up for the free trial + 10/week option! If you have to trick people to sign up then you shouldn’t be doing businesses! Do not bother responding with an automated reply as I see you have done to others trying to cancel subscriptions. I stand by this review. I know what I pressed. You’ve been reported. Please Fix it! An app that strives to reduce anxiety, yeah right!!!

GREAT BRAIN TRAINING: Played “impulse” on an impulse to speed up my reaction time. I hadn’t tried “Impulse” before and wasn’t sure I’d be any good at it or would like it.. it turns out I shouldn’t have worried at all! “Impulse” is a fast moving game where you sort material - paper or plastic - into the correct coloured bins that match the colour of the items -of paper or plastic - that move down your screen from top to bottom… I felt “Impulse” kept my senses on alert the entire time; my concentration had no time to wane and I felt it challenged my brain to speedily choose + tap the correct item into the correct bin 🚮 I ENJOY THIS GAME❣️❤️IT’S FUN & CAPTIVATING and GOOD FOR YOUR BRAIN

Love it😍. I’ve done two days of training and I love it! Even just the fact that I have to focus and concentrate to do the seemingly simple tasks is making me more aware and clear. I feel like I have to stretch my brain but in a fun and non stressful environment. I’d definitely recommend giving it a try.

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Rip off. As if you would pay for this. Lol

Obsessed. I look forward to playing these games every day. It’s a must for me.

Insulted. This app offers a trial period of three (3) days... not enough time to render a decision if I’m willing to pay a subscription for it or not. No link to unsubscribe... yes I know it’s Apple ... but a link? Come on....

Way to many ads! Deleted right away!. There was waaay too many ads discouraged me from even trying out the games before wanting to purchase. Deleted right away! Was a waste of time more than anything

J adore ce jeu. C est stimulant et divertissant

Offered Free Trial - I was still charged. I decided to try it out since I was offered a free trial, I was charged right away $8.99 plus tax. I did not agree to pay anything, and even when I approved the app through Apple it said free trial. On top of that, I did 2 quizzes and in order to view my results I was asked to pay for an additional membership. Don’t bother with this app.

Hates adds. Forces adds. Can’t skip. Deleted

Scummy tactic. Spent over 30 minutes on a quiz only to find out AFTER I spent all that time that I’d need to pay to see the results. Scummy way to get money from people. Games are cool and fun but you should be aware before you take a quiz (especially a 30 minute one) that you will not see your results unless you pay for a membership. Edited to add - your response is garbage. Nowhere in my review did I say I had an issue with people having to pay. It’s the fact of how misleading your app is built and how it’s scummy to make people spend so much time doing a quiz only to find out AFTERWARDS the results are behind a paywall. Why would I even check out the rest of your app if you’ve shown making money is a priority over your consumers time.

Waste of time. Took me 15 minutes to answer a free test, and then they asked me to subscribe $$$ to see the result. STOP WASTING MY TIME

Gymnastique cérébrale. J'adore les petits jeux, cela me détend et est plus optimal que bien d'autres jeux.

Very mindful. I love this app. Good brain training games and tests help you to know where your at and what you need to strengthen . ☺️

It’s ok. It’s mid because you have to pay to see your test results and I want to be able to see me results without paying for it. And the fact that you have to pay for games.

Nothing special. Catchy but not smart

It looks like a fraud. The annual subscription was activated by mistake, without even a free trial, and they did not accept my refund request or even changing the subscription to monthly payment. It is a kind of fraud to me.

Great!. Keeps your brain awake!

No Family sharing.. This application does not provide family sharing. It would be nice especially when you pay full price for the application.

Junk.. You don’t get to play what’s it’s the ads. You need to subscribe for paid membership before you even try something, or, you get to dive into endless ads.

Really great. I really enjoy this app.

Paywall behind a subscription.. Wanted to try it out and immediately uninstalled when it said $9.99 weekly.

Misleading. “Free” trial doesn’t allow use of majority of app features…thats not really a trial. Id consider purchasing if you actually gave the chance to try the app, but this is just another app trying to trick you out of your money

Scam - doesn’t let you unsubscribe. Scam

Not free!. To see one result you have to pay. Looks like a scam where they will use your cc or dem your cc info and your info to others

They charged me for months. Be careful! I made the free trials, and cancel my subscription the day after… look like they charged me for months now!!!! (The bill goes to the card of my boyfriend and he just let me know now about those amounts). I made a refund request to apple (for 3 months) - but i can’t made the request for 2023. So they stole me around 100$ IF they refund me the one that I was able to request.

Brain work. I like how quick this is - I can easily make time for it during my day. It’s fun and I’m always interested to see when my brain stalls and says “wait, what?” I can feel it working. I have fears of early onset Alzheimer’s and I feel like this is one thing I can do to help ease those fears.

Good. I like it, it’s not too over stimulating like other games, and is benificial to play

Unable to synchronize on my other device. I purchased the lifetime access to the game on my iphone. After trying the game, I wanted to use my ipad for this game instead of the iphone and had it installed there. However, it does not allow me to synchronize my purchase (using the same email address that I used to purchase on my iphone) to my ipad. There is an option to “sign in with your web account” - saying to use the email you used to purchase the game but tells me there is no account found. This is sketchy. I’m willing to change my rating once I received help from the developers regarding this. Thanks.

Impulse. Love it and easy to use. It is helping me.

It’s fun. It’s fun to play and takes my mind of daily stresses.

Great games. great games

Tricked me into a yearly subscription. Was having fun on the app with a free trial, then finished the IQ test and clicked see results, next thing you know I get a PayPal notification saying I paid for a yearly subscription. Would love my money back as this app doesn’t seem to be something I’d use every day, I can see the games getting boring after a while. Already cancelled it, just kind of annoying.

Visit apple support to cancel subscriptions. Click the link titled visit apple support on the confirmation email.

Brain farts. Keeps you sharp

Can’t use the app without paying. Can’t believe the greed of today’s developers. Asking so much money for an app that 10 years ago would be 0.99$.. 70$ for a lifetime subscription. Is that a AAA game that I don’t know off? Hope you guys share the profit with everybody at least and all the employees are driving a lambo lol.

Unable to Cancel my subscription. I am trying to cancel my weekly subscription but it just won’t let me! The free trial is a scam!

Misleading ads and tests. The instagram ad for this did not mention any paywall whatsoever, I understand that not everything can be free but atleast put a warning before the user gets to take the quiz that the report is going to be behind a paywall because I can imagine thousands of other people like me wasted their time because we had no intention of buying premium to begin with. So for the sake of valuing your users and potential clients time you should tell people before the quiz or tests that the result is behind a paywall

Brain Games. This is full of games that feel like fun but are actually good exercise for the brain 🧠

Scammers. I was offered a free trial and then billed $8 dollars immediately.

Essayer la. Cette application m’aide beaucoup En faisant des petits pas elle m’aide à reprendre confiance en moi et à aller plus loin!

Won’t let me unsubscribe!. There is no where in app to unsubscribe. I tried it and don’t want to pay to continue. They haven’t even responded to my email!

Avis. J’aime le fait que je deviens concentrée alors que je me fais dire souvent que je suis lunatique ou TDAH. Je savais que je pouvais rester concentrée.

The gym for brain. This game helps your brain younger day after day !

Great app. So far my husband and I are loving this app - we both paid for the full version for the year!! Super engaging and the quizzes are fun too

Quick tests. Relatively easy to start but quite a nice break as long as you focus. Worthwhile

Dishonest. It says it’s a free app with options to purchase within app but you have to pay for it. It’s only free for 3 days. Re-developer’s response: I have no idea what they’re talking about as the first screen that opens up is asking for payment! You can’t go through it without paying, there’s no option to continue for free😂 I’m totally on board with apps that run ads, and in app purchases, and ones that charge a fee, but just be up front about it before ppl download it!

Fund and engaging. Great for drain exercises !

Cool. Distrayant

Cool but…. Realy cool but DO NOT DO THE UDAPTE you will lose all your series!

Immediate Ad. Immediately Delete.

How to cancel weekly membership?. Just would like to know how to cancel my weekly membership or switch to lifetime...

Only free trial and dark tactics. Can’t try with out locking into membership. This is in hopes of free returning revenue.

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Great app. This app is awesome to help keep you on top of things. Some people and up laying back watching videos all day and that doesn’t work your brain. I actually had to think in these Little games, I had to do math, I actually had to remember where things were in place, and I had to match items that. It may seem like and the games are games that we played when we were younger, but in all actuality when we were younger they were meant to help stimulate our brain and make it work at a point to. So if you think you’re slipping a little bit maybe forgetting too much or things to start coming to you fast enough give it a try and see if it works for you it’s working for me

LOVE. This app is perfect, for a while I’ve been questioning myself and my own iq. I trust this app as if it shows all my results. And makes me feel confident about my education. It’s super easy and there are so many fun educational games to stretch your head instead of those boring cross word puzzles. I suggest this app especially for ones who are interested into taking iq quizzes or seeing your growth in development. There’s also hyped personality quizzes and more that you can learn about yourself to questions. There are a lot of questions in most but short time. Which is how you know this app is advanced, to conclude download this app.. like now!

Impulse training. The reason I like impulse training is because it makes you think quick on your feet, makes your heart beat faster because it makes you get excited because your racing against the clock and trying to beat it without missing any. It’s also exciting because you want to be quick and get it right and as quick as you can but you don’t know if you can. So it’s like your trying to prove to yourself you can do it and at the same time not let yourself down. Then when you do beat the clock and you score good on each game; at the end your happy and it was satisfying!! Like a pat on your back to yourself, good job so to speak!

Best Brain Training App To Use!!. My father got me the app, Impulse to train my brain. At first, I was pretty confused why he gave us that app. I’ve been playing it since though and it really my brain out. I loved the app! The way things were designed, the challenges, the brain-twisting, the fun… I loved it. Now, I am a Middle School beginner and I forgot about the game six months ago and randomly stopped playing it. I saw my brother playing it and I asked why he’s on his phone. He told me he’s plying Impulse so I remembered… and I downloaded the game on my phone. It got better from six or ten months ago! Especially how challenging things are. I think the creators and developers have done an awesome job on this game!

AFFORDABLE LIFETIME. When getting an app that you hope will improve your quality of life and help you spend better time on your phone you want it to last without having to pay several dollars a month. This lifetime subscription is affordable and comes with everything I wanted and more. I wanted challenging and fun games. This app has that. I wanted daily notifications and a streak counter to hold me accountable. This app has that. The added bonus of self-improvement resources, IQ tests, and personality tests was something I didn’t know I wanted but you guessed it… this app has it. Love the app, keep improving it and adding more challenge, you’ve got a happy customer here. 🤙🏽

I didn't think it was actually challenging.... My intentions when I first downloaded this app were to have something to do when I was bored, but something "worthwhile." Even though playing something on my phone isn't the best thing, I actually found myself being challenged mentally with this app. The games are in multiple categories, such as math, language, memory training, etc. Each game is unique and entertaining, while at the same time it really is training your brain. Throughout my time of using it, I've seen improvement in simple everyday reflexes, or paying attention to what happens in my peripheral, as well as better memory.

IMPULSE. The app is really good but my problem isnt the app its me i get almost all correct the only ones i got incorrect was the paper plastic sorting game and i think this can really improve you memory mental maths and more but most importantly i am 8 being able to get these puzzles right in pure seconds so this app right here i think will tell you if you are gifted or not depending on your age and skill on this great app and overall this app it's so good I give you a five star this app help you improve you're thinking skills and your brain will be able to calculate what is what in only a matter of seconds so thats why this app is a 5 STAR

Mmmmm. As a psychology and neuroscience enthusiast, Impulse has blown my brain away! I've spent many weeks reading about brain training & cognitive performance over the past year, and specifically about boosting memory, attention, and retention. Let me tell you, this app is what was missing from my daily life. I couldn't always train my brain when at work or university; that always ended in mental burnout. However, Impulse lets me train my brain in a very silk-like and fun way. The game are not taxing. In fact, they even help my mind unwind. The reason being is, first, they are short in duration, which makes them easy to complete when taking breaks, waiting on the bus, etc. Second, they are colourful. I know this sounds silly but colours do make a huge impact. Think about how fun brain training would be in a dull environment. I could go on and on, but one thing I'd like to add is affordability. I wish the premium version was free so that I'd make full use of this app. With that being said, keep up Impulse!

Wow!. This is a great way to exercise our brains! Also a great way to build good self esteem when you see your placement of % of your peers you did better than it’s almost like, I gotta give myself a pat on the back, it’s already taught me how to teach my kids their math homework, I wish I was taught that PEMDAS acronym for math order and I would’ve done so much better, my worst subject is in math but it’s my children’s worst as well! So this has taught me some cool things about myself too. It’s nice that someone came up with a self motivated, self esteem lifting, attractive app! Thanks for the trial I think i may subscribe! Want the more difficult levels ! 😈🦹🏻‍♀️❤️🫶🏽

Best App Design/Learning Tools!!…. This has really improved my math and memory within just a couple days, I didn’t graduate high school and I wanted to learn more and at least keep my mind active, especially being out of school for over 5 years now, this has helped me tremendously and it’s so fun to do instead of mind numbing equations with no praise. It even tells me how well I have done compared to my peers, I love this app so far. I have no complaints what so ever! It’s also very affordable and I thank the creators for making it super simple, fun, and reliable for learning and keeping my mind active. Thank you!

Best mentally challenging game. I stumbled across this app while trying another as usual. Then I started with a couple questions and before I knew it I was hooked. I have only had this app for <24 hours and half of those hours were playing! I love the investigator/riddle mode! The scenarios ask a question and the answer is “FREE TEXT” and could be correct… (Not sure if they read the answers and get back to me …) I have PTSD and I try to find a method to ease my angst … the only thing that I don’t like is how expensive the app is for continued use (after 3-day trial)… I know the App “Headspace” gives an extended free use (1-Year) for people like me during a pandemic.

Worst Free Trial Borders on Theft. Knowing that nobody reads the small print, they can’t stand behind their product enough to legitimately give a free trial period. You must decide at least 24 hours before your trial period expires to keep it free. If you decide and cancel on your third day they will charge you for whatever time period they have automatically set up. Everything is difficult to find. A trial period is supposed to be just that. If you only have 2 days to try and decide it is purposely misleading to call it a 3 day free trial. They knew this when they purposely set those rules so they could steal money from everyone willing to give them a try, but still try to legally protect themselves. Absolutely disgusting individuals! It’s not much money a month, but the principle boils my blood, especially with so many people really hurting financially right now in the extreme inflation of the economy.

Essential Brain Exercise. Alzheimer’s runs in my family on my maternal side and I’ve found that as I age and near 40, regularly spending dedicated time working my brain muscles on activities unrelated to my personal life and/or work are what keep me feeling mentally strong and reduces the fear of developing dementia later. Of course, there are also many benefits now, years before I have to be actively concerned about brain degeneration—improved attention span, quicker processing, better memory. Impulse is great for those times you’d otherwise be mindlessly scrolling social media; the games are fun and the advantages are many. Highly recommended for those wanting to optimize their brain health!

Great for restarting your mind!. I had multiple heart attacks in 2004 & 2006. After that I was put on disability which was f course in that time frame was the opioid epidemic that still rages on beyond this steroidal cold & flu (China virus). After my heart started to straighten out in 2017, I got clean and I’m back to working full time. Something is foggy in my brain though. I’m startled very easily and my concentration is far from what it used to be. These tools are helping ease my mind, use it again like a muscle, and all around better my life. I appreciate apps like this and the minds that went into the process of thinking about healing a dysfunctional mindset. Thanks!

Hi!good review here :3 buy it :3. Heh-sorry for advertising in the top-but this games amazing!sure I sorta wish the free trial wasn’t their but it acctully let’s me play without one unlike other games!I would recommend buying it I can’t bc I’m a kid-anyway I recommend it if you have anxiety or want too unwind I have anxiety y and also want too unwind it works like a charm you really should download it I love this app whoever hates on it is either a hamster or a type of animal No offense bc I mean that littaraley :/ it’s true tho so please buy this creators thank you so much the daily games are amazing like I am playing right now so bye ima play ur app s’more! Bye!

It’s a good app but to pay just to see test results is unnecessary. I really think this app is great and a good way to understand yourself a bit more but as a child myself and other we can’t always pays for stuff just to see results, I feel like this is unfair and not a great way for people to want to use the app. I would like to be able to see my results so I know what to work on and what to do more research on, people have made it so you have to pay for everything just to use an app. Most people can’t afford stuff like that or their parents won’t let them because of the prices. I understand this is a way to get money from the app but there are better ways to do so.

I finally found the app for my learning curve. This app has helped me improve my cognitive thought process. The daily benefits I see just from being able to form full sentences without stopping or judging myself whether what I said was correct or not. My friends and family have also seen a difference in myself as well. With this app along with therapy I have enhanced of the training my skills after years of dealing with complex PTSD, three concussions, chronic anxiety, chronic depression, Adult ADD/ADHD and I’m also in active recovery for drug and alcohol abuse. So, I believe I have finally found an app that works with my learning curve. It also has trauma response tests and IQ tests as well. I actually do recommend this my friends and family.

Lifetime membership. The only reason I gave this app a four star review is because it has a lifetime membership. Most apps do not! The lifetime membership makes it worth it because hopefully they will improve it overtime. Right now the games are pretty boring and even doing your absolute best you get a very low score. I can’t beat more than 4% of the population on most games, and they don’t actually give you any tips or suggestions on what you are doing wrong or how to improve. So, not sure how this app is going to improve your brain. Instead it just shows you your limitations. Yet, something still draws me to the app. The graphics are fantastic.

Great game but i have two problems. This is a great app to have in my opinion for me because i just find the games calming but genuinely i hate the fact that almost EVERYTHING is premium. If i take the time out of my day to do one of these quizzes i expect results not just what it is and literally nothing else. If i want to play more than 8 games then i feel like i should because there is at least 30 games on there and just about only 8 are available that is just a little bit insane. And THE ADDS the adds just make me so angry even though this app is supposed to be calming. If im doing a word search i dont want an add halfway through . Other then these things it s a great app over all.

Better than any fidget spinner!. I have an attention deficit disorder so I generally get bored of apps very quickly. This is by far the best app I have purchased for the purpose of entertainment/ education/ mental training. Their are tons of different games which helps keep my attention and if I get bored of one type of game their is another I want to play. Also all the rewards and scores that they keep track of for you really helps you enjoy the games! Getting a better score then you did last time is very satisfying, as well as seeing how well you compare to your peers. I recommend this app to anyone and everyone!

Impulse. It’s a nice game it definitely keeps your mind sharp and tests your focus the only downfall is they try to sell every little level up and continue to after you decline. I mean after it’s declined it should not be pushed on you the way it is. once in a while cool but it’s too frequent. A lot of games have it where you can play without purchase and make in app purchases if you choose. Again this one has that but it seems it’s there just to pressure you to buying more. Over all what it’s intended for is good fun and a challenging game, WITHOUT the purchases!! So five star for its design and reason for design but 3-4 stars for profit intentions and aggravation from pressing the issue honestly….

Just the help I need. Although I have only just completed my second day with Impulse, I am already able to see that I will benefit from following this program. Both my physical and mental fitness suffered while undergoing the rigors of caring for my Dad in my home during his last seven years, while remotely working full-time. I have been slowly building back my physical strength, but at 65 I don’t want to neglect my mental fitness. So far I am finding the program both challenging and encouraging. As well, there seems to be great kindness built into the feedback, something I genuinely appreciate and need at this point in time.

😡😢. I have a few things to say... I downloaded this app as I wanted to excessive my brain and knowledge, keep in mind I am still a minor so I use a family account... This scammed me and my family, as even if you delete the app it still charges you until you remove it from your subscription (I deleted it before the trial ended) we did not realize till a month after! So now even after we removed it it still wants us to make the final purchase, this money could have gone to so much better, it could have gone to family time or donations but instead it goes to scammers like them! There is a rainforest burning and and kids dying of hunger...and instead of people who are privileged to even own a phone shouldn’t have to pay for something as useless as dumb brain activity...that you could probably do online for free! If I could rate this app I seriously would and I despise talking about things this way but I honestly hate this app! If I could give it a 0 I would...

Great app!. I’ve been living with anxiety and depression since I was 18 (mid 50’s now), and recently diagnosed with adult ADHD. I’ve been looking for ways to train concentration, persistence, and the ability to sort the random noise and distractions from my minute-to-minute life. The Impulse approach - a research backed scalable suite of games addressing different cognitive functions, tracking improvements, and peer comparisons elicits just the right amount of competitiveness and distraction to dovetail in with the rest of my daily work. I can play a few games in a 5 minute break at my desk, or I can sit at my kitchen table with morning coffee instead of compulsively swiping through news and social media postings. The app reflects and reinforces intentionality while staying fun. I try to meditate 2-3x times a day, but if I’m fatigued or overly anxious it is very difficult for me to stay in the moment and often devolves into a power-nap. The gaming style brain training reinvigorates me, and the quickness of the transitions from game to game helps with my cognitive elasticity. Highly recommend the app, and I’m looking forward to seeing increased results as I progress.

good game. i think this is a really good game and it makes me happy that they ask for feedback because it feels like they actually care about the people playing the games. I like that i can play this for free with ads but also if i didn’t want ads i could pay for a subscription. i also like that if they do include ads they don’t bombard you. the games are challenging but not too challenging to the point where i can’t play. it makes me feel accomplished when i do play a game and get it right because i actually have to use my brain to figure it out. definitely one of my new favorite apps

Has been helping me get out of bed!. I’ve been trying to get into some kind of morning routine, as mornings have always been difficult for me. Despite my best efforts, I end up snoozing my alarm at least thrice and once I wake up, I start looking at my phone. Instead of having an existential crisis over a spam email, I’ve been trying the exercises and taking the quizzes on this app. I find myself with less cognitive grogginess in the morning the last few days, and I go back to the exercises when I pick up my phone rather than a known stressor. It is so good to have had and still be having.

This is brilliant!!. Todays day and times are so different from when I was a kid. When I heard about the zombie apocalypse I was completely unaware that it could be a real thing…. Are we zombies? Not in the way that the screen has made us envision, but in the way that we are so brainwashed by television and “screens” in general… we legit LOOK LIKE ZOMBIES! Even our CHILDREN DO. And that the next generation y’all…. This game reminds me that a screen doesn’t have to have a negative effect on someone. I love utilizing my brain. Exercising it and seeing just how “not a zombie” I am. Thank you for your app!! I will definitely be riding this train out with you!!!

Awesome but…. This game is awesome. However, I don’t thing paying for the game is necessary. This game is perfect for kids around 12-13, but accidentally paying for a game is not fun because anyone’s parents could get mad or something. Playing without paying is still really awesome. It’s not my decision to make you guys like not have that paying pop up thingy, but this game is still awesome. I forgot to mention at the beginning, but I would rate it a 5 and a half if I could because of the paying pop up thingy whatever. Overall, this game is a really fun one, and I wish you good luck continuing to create games/edit games :)

Training Your Brain Is Fun Not Work. I’m 59 and I’m a college graduate and I found to my surprise that the app is fun and my brain can definitely use some training. My IQ has been tested at above average before college and then I took the IQ test in the app and I am only at the average level yet it only took me two days to get back to the point I was as a youngster but I can see where I can benefit from further training. I can see I slipped because since I’m disabled now and unable to work any longer and I’m not using my brain the way I used to I have lost the edge. Well this app makes it fun to see if I can get that edge back.

Sooo it’s complicated. Great news!!!! So when I first discovered this I seen that you could pay monthly yearly or one time payment I was just going to do the 3 day trial but then the app decided to give me a discount opportunity. I think it was 20% off 50% off or 92% off. It was three gift boxes and they mixed up after showing you what was in it and then you could choose. I was lucky enough to get to 92% off. It’s yearly tho but it’s cool!! I love this app I’ve had it for 2 days but still I love it! I have not ran into any complications so far and that is good! The only issue is I don’t like the way it compares you to others it’s ok I guess but for someone who has had trouble with inferior feelings I feel it might discourage them if they were to get a lower percentage

The brain, gotta take care of it!. At first I was skeptical when I saw this Ad on Instagram but I told myself “what do I got to lose? Just a little bit of space.” And ever since that moment I’ve been having a blast and keeping up with my streaks. The games aren’t that difficult when you first start and very easy to pick up, there’s also creative games you can play aside from the 3 brain training games a day. There is a subscription you can acquire to unlock more features for the app but I can’t lie, the free version is just as good as the paid! I do see myself acquiring a subscription in the future! Looking for something to keep that brain active in a world of mush definitely give impulse a go!

Solid (Pretty Fun Also). You know what, I bought this a few months ago because I thought it would be good for me in the long term. Was I right? Heck yes. Even though I used to procrastinate doing it after seeing the little notifications each day, I’m starting to realize I actually enjoy doing it and I no longer see it as a task. The way they set up the games are enjoyable and I can already tell that they are helping me. I also like how there an IQ tests and self tests to help understand yourself greater. 5/5 star app as far as I am concerned. I think it’s healthy for the mind to do stuff like this. I recommend anyone to give it a shot!

10/10. im 23, i have adhd and i smoke A LOT of marijuana so this app actually helps me a lot. even when im not consistent, i jump right where i left off. when im consistent, its even better bc i can keep a detailed track of my progress and even earn achievements. i bought the year membership the first week of using the app and i have zero regrets. i dont like notifications popping up on my phone so i have them all turned off, however i dont mind when impulse notifications pop up. its a reminder to exercise your brain. my favorite part about the app is the tests you can take to learn more about yourself.

App is nice but horrifically overpriced. I genuinely just want to know what makes the developers think that what this app is offering is worth $28 a month. The games and exercises are good, but not particularly special. There is no lack of brain training websites available - the only thing special about this is its app format. I will say, the UI is very well done and easy to navigate, but seriously? $6.99 a WEEK? Does this truly deliver *more than double* the worth of something like netflix or curiosity that have huge libraries of content? I want the developers to get paid well for their work, but this feels excessive. If I continued paying for this for more than one week I'd feel like I got played for a fool, so I think I'll do my brain training elsewhere. Thanks anyways.

Don’t download. You can’t access anything except the questionnaire on your personal demographics and interests. Right after that the app offers a free trial of three days with an auto subscription after that you must cancel 24 hours in advance. I tried to click out of that and the app enrolled me instead. I tried a quiz just to see and I couldn’t even view my results without paying with either a subscription or one time fee. At one point a screen popped up and forced me to selected an prize offer. I couldn’t click out of the pop up until I did. Then it tried to charge me for a full year subscription with this “free offer”. Now I’m trying to figure out how to cancel it and I have to go through the Apple ID settings but can’t find the selections that the app’s instructions gave me in my Apple ID profile. Also had to really dig for those instructions. This app is a scam.

Outrageously overpriced. The games are fun and the app is well-made but after my trial version expired, I discovered that I’m paying 8 dollars PER WEEK (and that’s with a 30% discount) and there is no easy way to end your subscription on the iPhone application. The company makes it all too easy to sign up and intentionally difficult to cancel your subscription. In the meantime, you’re paying 28 bucks a month— which if you keep it, ends up being almost 340 dollars per year! I’ve used many brain trainings apps and none were even close to being this outrageously expensive! Even intensely involved video games (with very advanced graphics and complicated storylines) don’t cost even a tenth of this to own for life! I’m truly appalled at how much they’re charging and disgusted by their use of “free trial” to lure people into paying an exorbitant amount for something that isn’t even worth a fraction of what they charge. Would NOT recommend, unless you have disposable income.

Don’t second guess this App. Do the trial. Take the quizzes.. If you download this to see what type of ADHD you have, you’re wasting you’re time. I already have ADHD and it said “Severe Signs of ADHD” and seek medical help. YOU SHOULD STILL DOWNLOAD THIS APP! There are so many helpful brain tests you can do daily that you can set between 5, 10, or 15 minutes a day (I only did 5 because I’m way to ADHD to remember and when I do it’s too much time in my day at that moment). Also - there are tests to learn your IQ, what your emotional intelligence is, your Archetypes, take a quick IQ, left brain vs right brain test, etc - I learned so much about myself that nobody or counselor would have ever told me. You can find what career is best suited for you too!! I have a 129 IQ when for the longest time I thought I was completely stupid. I knew I was right brained and was drawn to music, but for a career wise I never considered it as an option. You just have to try it to understand what I mean. Do the trial at least, take the tests, you’ll be changed.

Great so far. I’ve only had it for 2-3 days, but it’s exactly the type app I was hoping for. I assume, as the app states, the games will continue to increase in difficulty as I progress. Even the initial games have an appropriate difficulty level, though. I also like that I get notifications during the day to play more…which, oddly enough, only seem to show up when I’m idle. Each game details its focuses before you begin, which the app determines based on the preferences you set when you sign up. I generally don’t have large amounts of time to dedicate to entertainment-based apps (outside of fantasy football), but this self-improvement app is one I look forward to opening each morning.

Disheartening Free Version. So, I mostly enjoyed my time with Impulse these last 38 days. However, because the information locked behind the premium version is your actual progress, you’re stuck seeing ‘comparison’ ratings. This might be fine, but it feels awful when because you miss 1 ghost on the memory ghost game, even due to a misstap, it’ll say you “You did better than 0% of players, don’t feel bad this level is hard.”. Which not only comes off as condescending, but unfortunately apparently is something to feel bad about because apparently I did worse than literally everyone because I accidentally tapped one tile to the right. I know, it’s a silly thing to gripe about, but that combined with how the game actively punishes you for last second guessing is just not fun. I hope it improves, but for now I’m done.

Can’t restore my Lifetime Purchase. Update - after using the App every day from the time I purchased the Lifetime Access option, I was suddenly blocked out of the App, and can no longer log in or even access at all. It’s like my purchase was never made, starting from square one. I did reach out to Impulse support, and received an E-mail Failure notification from G-mail. Since this doesn’t appear to be resolvable, I’m going to request a refund, through Apple and also PayPal, since they both protect buyers in this type of situation. Absolutely ridiculous. I love this app, I thought it was great that they offered the Lifetime purchase option, which I chose to purchase. Since I’m nearing 60 years old, it definitely is important to me to stay sharp and strengthen any cognitive abilities I have and retain them. I love the different options.

Perfect mental stimulation!. I really enjoy using this app instead of my Solitaire app. I enjoy both equally, but I’m just a puzzle sort of girl and I like things that are a little bit more challenging and strategic than other games available. This is such a wonderful because it’s also going to help keep my brain strong, the brain has in mind or an organ, and we have to flex them in order to keep in tact and grow as we mature over the years. I can’t recommend this up enough. I absolutely am proud of myself for buying it and for the year and I look forward to seeing my progress over the year.

Repetitive and boring. I’m sorry I purchased this game. I’m aging, and interested in “so-called” brain trainers to keep my mind sharp. This is not it. It offers the same games over and over with no feedback on how to improve. It only gives you a one line, “you did better than X % of your peers.” How is that helpful? There needs to be more variety. There is one game that I particularly hate, “Arrows,” because I cannot get my touch on my phone to register and I always have to swipe several times on each arrow instead of once. It’s really frustrating. The only reason I gave Impulse two stars instead of one is because the tests do offer some interesting and helpful information. It needs a much wider range of more interesting games and puzzles, though.

It actually works!. I’ve been doing the brain training for a month or so and it was just kind of a thing I did to kill time in waiting rooms or to wind down at the end of the day. It tells you your progress but it’s easy to discard that kind of information. That is, until someone else saw me playing it and they commented on how fast I was able to complete the little games and how they could never have done that. Then, I realized how much progress I had already made. It doesn’t feel like work, they’re just games! But it exercises the parts of your brain that need worked! Love this! Thank you!

It’s really good. I played this game for the free trial because I looove brain workout games, but I never found one I cared for too much. As I played more and more, I enjoyed it more, and more. There is definitely so much to offer! This is by far the best brain app game I’ve ever tried. I’ll be 31 January 27… I ended up forgetting to cancel after the trial. But I didn’t want to cancel just yet because it was THAT good.. I justified the lapse of the trial for a couple weeks because it’s my birthday lol. But I really do need to cancel because it’s too expensive sadly, unfortunately😔 If I wasn’t on a tight budget I would keep it for a while longer. 🤗👊👍👍🫶🏼

Way too many adds & subscription offers!. No complaint as far as exercises & games, but that only goes so far when after every game you play &/or button you press either leads to an add or them trying to upsell you on subscriptions. Usually when an app offers a free trial they won’t bother you until the trial ends; not impulse. The free trial doesn’t grant you access to anything, it’s as good as not subscribing at all. Once the trial ended & I decided to subscribe weekly, they had the audacity to upsell me again with a 39$ one time payment immediately after I paid 6$ for the week. I believe the upselling & adds are counterproductive to the apps purpose. It’s ironic that the app meant to help me focus is the same one distracting me. I understand adds & subscriptions fund development, but it’s never that serious…

DO NOT TRY THE “FREE” TRIAL. I got this app for the iq test the app it’s self is good if you want to spend $37 on it just for games to test your skills, I did the free trial to do Just the iq test (something that should be free) I canceled my trial because I got in a work accident and am not getting a lot of medical leave check. And to be honest I didn’t want to keep the app anyways. Because I canceled my trial they are charging me $37 for no reason. It says they charge if you cancel on the 24hour mark but exactly 24hours before the trial ends it pays for the next subscription so You get like 2 hours to cancel or they will charge you. I don’t have money to pay for my broken foot let alone $37 for a game subscription cancellation fee. For that much money you should get the app for free until you feel you don’t need the app anymore. DONT GET THIS APP 😡

Improve your brain power!. I have been using this brain training app for a few days now and I have to say, I am impressed with the results. The app offers a variety of games that are designed to improve different cognitive skills, such as memory, attention, and problem-solving. I particularly enjoy the variety of games offered - from matching cards to solving puzzles, there is something for everyone. The app also has a progress tracking feature which is helpful for monitoring my progress over time. I appreciate that the app encourages daily use, as it has become a habit for me to play the games every day. It's an enjoyable way to challenge my brain and I have noticed an improvement in my focus and concentration since I started using it. The user interface is clean and easy to navigate, and the app runs smoothly on my device. The daily reminders are also helpful for keeping me on track. Overall, I highly recommend this brain training app to anyone.

Pretty Good!!. As someone who can be a little skeptical of simple games improving your mental focus, after playing it for a little while I can honestly say that I do feel like I’m being mentally stimulated while I play these games. I think with all the entertainment and distractions that occupy our brain space on a daily basis I would definitely encourage others to give this app a try if they want to do something that’s going to be proactive and keep their mind sharp. The prices also seem reasonable and doesn’t seem like it would break to many peoples pocket and the trade of would be well worth it.

Decent. It’s good for what it is. I paid $15 for a 1 year subscription because the ads were non-stop. I enjoy most of the games/puzzles, but there’s a lot of room for improvement. Once you move up a level in any puzzle, you can’t play the lower level anymore. When you get to level 10, you can’t do much more with it and it becomes boring. Some of my favorite games are impossible for me on level 10, so now I can’t really play them at all. I wish they would add new puzzles. I’ve canceled my subscription, so it won’t renew, but I would have kept it if they made just a few simple changes. When you look at what you actually get for the price, it wasn’t worth it for me. There are better options available for the price.

Great Brain Exercises!. When I play these brain games I focus better than I normally would. I think that stems from the fact that it’s right on my phone. Normally I would find my self anxiously checking my phone throughout the day not really focusing on anything for too long. But now whenever I feel bored or restless I’ll open up the Impulse app and I’m able to just tune in and get some good metal workouts going while having the comfort of being right on my phone. Because let’s face it. Our phones are an extension of who we are now. So being able to use our phones to strengthen our brain is honestly the biggest benefit of this app. I’m no longer scrolling endlessly. Restlessly. Relentlessly.

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We update the Impulse app as often as possible to make it better for you. This version contains the following: - UI/UX improved. - Minor bugs fixed. Enjoy!

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