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With Pocket Yoga you can keep up with your practice at your own pace in the comforts of your own home. Simply roll out your mat, place your device in front, and Pocket Yoga will guide you through your entire session.

Choose between 27 different sessions of varying duration and difficulty. Learn the poses with the pose dictionary containing detailed explanations of the correct posture, alignment, and benefits.

• Detailed voice and visual instruction guides you through every pose, including each inhalation and exhalation.
• Over 200 beautifully illustrated pose images showing correct posture and alignment.
• Dictionary of poses containing the descriptions and benefits of each pose.
• Unlock new environments as you progress in your yoga journey.
• Quickly preview a practice to see if it is right for you before you start.
• Maintains an ongoing log of all your yoga practices to track your progress.
• Practices designed by experienced yoga instructors.
• Play music from your music library in place of the default music. You can even play music through iTunes Radio or other apps while Pocket Yoga is running.
• Play the practices on your Apple TV through AirPlay.
• Works with the Health app. Track your workouts, heart rate, and calories burned.
• Ask Siri to start your practice directly from your Home or Lock screens.

‣ Listed among the “15 Best Beauty Apps” - InStyle
‣ Selected by CNN as one of the "10 great mobile health apps"
‣ Featured by Apple in "Get in Shape", "Let's Get Moving", "10 Essentials" and "New and Noteworthy"

Pocket Yoga works great on your Apple Watch. When you are playing a practice on your iPhone you can get extra information directly on your wrist. See the current pose, time remaining, heart rate, calories burned, and much more. You can even control your practice directly from your Apple Watch.

The “Pose of the Day” Widget helps you learn the names of the poses by showing you a different pose each day. You can see the name of the daily pose in English, Sanskrit and even in Devanagari script. Also tap on the pose image to launch Pocket Yoga and go directly to that pose.

Pocket Yoga App Description & Overview

The applications Pocket Yoga was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2010-03-20 and was developed by Rainfrog, LLC. The file size is 177.84 MB. The current version is 8.0.4 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

What's New in Version 8.0.1 - 8.0.4
• Technical fixes.

What's New in Version 8.0.0
• Full support for iOS 12 with special focus on the new iPhones and Apple Watch
• Improvements to the Apple Watch app
• New feature: Use Siri shortcuts to quickly start your favorite practice
• Technical fixes

• Control the volume directly from your watch while you are practicing
• Calorie readings from Apple Watch are sent to the iPhone and can be displayed on screen
• Calorie samples are now associated with your workout
• Improved performance

Siri will now suggest practices that you have enjoyed in the past directly on your Home or Lock screen. Quickly start your favorite yoga practice by tapping on one of these Siri shortcuts. Pocket Yoga will launch and your practice will begin. Take it one step further, by creating your own custom shortcut to your favorite practice from the new Siri Shortcuts app.

If you’re enjoying Pocket Yoga, please leave us a review or rating in the App Store. It really helps us. Namaste!

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60 minutes is dangerous  Thisiskaiya  3 star

On the 60 minute mountain routine I found the speed way too fast. I did set the difficulty to intermediate as I’ve practiced yoga for 5 years now. Another reviewer points out that the desert 60 minutes is repetitive, the mountain 60 minutes is quite repetitive as well. I went through the whole routine but was very uncomfortable. It is a well done app, but there needs to be more variety. It’s too robotic.


Straightforward  gibmirfunf  5 star

Straightforward app that coaches you through a yoga session of your choice in length and difficulty. Each move has an illustration and voiced command associated with it, and the app simply cycles through a preset combination of the moves to build a full session. Despite this, it doesn’t feel robotic at all and contrary to narrated yoga videos where hearing an instructor laugh or say a specific phrase at a certain point becomes repetitive if the workout is repeated regularly, the bare-bones voice commands of this app keep things from feeling stale. If you’ve never done yoga before, this would probably be hard to keep up with and learn the moves from, but it’s great for anyone with even just a knowledge of the basics. I use this on vacation or at home when I don’t feel like going to the gym.


I actually use it  Slaybot  5 star

And that's the biggest endorsement I can give. I've skimmed other apps, but this one I actually use regularly, so it's worth the price of a latte. I do agree that it's help if you've taken yoga classes in person for a while, nothing beats human instruction and individual modification to help with your pose.


Perfect but glitchy  waterrrmallon  4 star

I adore this app so much. Best yoga app I’ve found for simple beginner starting out. My only complaint is that it’ll sometimes glitch and close out of itself.


🖤  meenaayaa  5 star

It’s the only app that I actually can practice with it 💚thanx


Pace is too fast  HalfCrzy13.1  3 star

Pace is too fast and transitions aren’t smooth. Otherwise good. Has potential.


Had it over a year, just started.  Wasedrftgyhuj  5 star

I love this app, as a beginner.


Diversity Needed ASAP!  zenykat  4 star

I recently purchased this app, and I love the features. However, I have a huge concern with the fact that the animated person is a Caucasian-appearing person. PLEASE create an option to choose the skin tone of the person. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is upsetting and an easy fix (think of the emoji color options). I hope the app creators read this comment and get an update with this feature very soon!!!


My favorite so far!  Ossannic  4 star

I’ve been back into a more intense yoga routine for about a week now, after an unexpected 2 year hiatus, and I do like this app! It guides you through the proper body alignment, and if you’ve had some kind of yoga instruction before, (which I have) it’s nice to not have to go through the process of a step-by-step introduction, to the poses. Personally, my biggest concern when I’m doing yoga, is proper body positioning and alignment. There were some poses I needed a refresher on, but those I looked up quickly. I come from a long history of back injury so instruction and proper body alignment matters a great deal to me, and this app does a wonderful job! I’ve tried a few other yoga apps! And so far, this one wins it for me!


Bought this app for the Apple Watch and iPhone  Fapantastic  1 star

Fix/ update these things & will rate higher 1.) Make app intuitive on Apple Watch it’s disappointing app doesn’t actually show on Watch it turn off screen after 1-3 seconds so cant see quick pose reference ( the Watch only shows heart on phone) 2.) allow us to creat our own pose sequence than just pick from default ones 3.) allow us to shorten the work out time less than 30 minutes 4.) if incentive of karma points is to unlock more backgrounds for avatar can it unlock music? Can avatar be a different color? This app has potential it would be cooler if it worked better on Apple Watch and phone As of right now the best part about it informs how each pose affects your health other than that.... plz fix thanks 🙏

Missava Venus

Fantastic  Missava Venus  5 star

This App is perfect for no matter beginner or intermediate who’d like to do yoga at home regularly. The result is effective and powerful, I like it very much! And it’s a “pay off deal” which I truly appreciate, thanks.

Bored Digger

So simple to use. Perfect  Bored Digger  5 star

Easy, progressive... great for beginners +


Simple, yet powerful!  treboRRRRRR  5 star

I love how easy and simple that app is. 5 stars most definitely.

I don't know you pick one

Please more and different practices. Any chance you could do a Pilates with the same concepts?  I don't know you pick one  4 star



Ok but clunky  Dpal2212  3 star

It’s a pretty inexpensive app but I’m disappointed with how little content is available initially. You have to earn “karma” points to unlock further content so at present, there are only 3 routines plus 2 sun salutation programs available. These 5 items are really similar too and l don’t appreciate this sort of levelling up required to gain access to content I’ve already paid for. The routines themselves are fine, if lacking variety. Also, the music is bit too prominent and the voice is super irritating. She mispronounces words (“er” instead is “earth”)and says “inhaaaaale”. Argh! Anyway, once I was able to zone her out I found the routines ok.


Amazing  k_phillips  5 star

Just completed my first session and I have to say I am so impressed. It was challenging, but very relaxing and calming. I would highly recommend this app to anyone. Well worth the $5


Great but area for improvement.  wineyb123  3 star

If you’re looking for yoga as meditation this app is not for you! The yoga routines are suited to those who enjoy a more vigorous routine which gets the blood flowing. Moves very quick sometimes. I’d love for the developer to add a mode that focuses solely on meditation/ going slow and focusing on that aspect more. In addition the app could benefit from a little bell or something to signal the end of the routine. Thanks for the streamlined app, keep making it even better.

Change the timeline back

Yoga in my pocket  Change the timeline back  4 star

Love how easy the routines are to follow, wish there were more.


Supposed to be for beginners but it’s not.  holidaygamer  1 star

The beginner program starts OK for about 10 minutes and then the voice rushes through the movements like you are a trained athlete. I tried several times with the different options, which are pretty much the same. Deleting the app now and wished I hadn’t purchased. I’ll just go back to following a beginners program on YouTube,

bhu sands

It’s asana  bhu sands  3 star

It’s a pity that yoga is defined as asana, but in accordance with yoga asana it would be greater if you stayed with true yogic names not perverting more of the course to enlightenment.


great concept, needs tweaks  ccccja  2 star

good app but i really wish this app was more polished before i paid 2.99 for it :/ kind of a bummer. transitions between poses are too fast sometimes, like the app doesn’t recognize that it takes some time to move into the next pose. I can’t go as fast as just the pictures. There should be a way to slow down the flow of the practice. Wish there was a shorter time frame of 15 minutes. App doesn’t account for total beginners or someone with a busy schedule. This is clearly a new app (couldn’t even send feedback since there’s no email configured to that button!) I have hope that with updates it can get better. I’ll stick with it but it should have been more...finished before I paid for it. Also just a nitpick but if the instructor could have skin tones that we could pick from that would be amazing...like this is a yoga app but only a light skin tone lady? come on! at least let me pick a brown or darker skin tone.. black and brown people do yoga too...........


Pocket Yoga  B3arclaws!  5 star

Pocket yoga has helped me start my yoga practice. It’s so easy to use and illustrative a beginner can easily use this with confidence and begin their yoga journey. Great app!


Best App on the market!  caseylynlo  5 star

I love this app and it has been so helpful to make sure that I am exercising every day. Super easy to follow along with and she will help you get to know the different poses!


Gotta love it  Jjaynella  5 star

This app is great. If you are new to yoga or if you have some experience. I love it because it’s on my phone and I can do yoga anywhere. The voiceover has a good tone and the background sound is peaceful. After each yoga session. I feel relaxed and have a piece of mind. I used to have really bad back and shoulder pain but after each session I feel great.


What do I say  Nofftastic  2 star

So you pay for this app and then have to pay for different backgrounds. Not only that but every practice I have tried is ridiculous fast with no real transition time. Even the beginner mode is fast.. idk maybe I’m just using it wrong but I found no button to slow down the pace. I have an iPhone se


Great and challenging  Smellenmarie  5 star

I swear by this app, the music is perfect, the graphics are helpful and not distracting, and the updates to routines as well as different styles and difficulties make it well worth the purchase.

longboi nickboi

Good but needs an update  longboi nickboi  3 star

I like this app for go to yoga routines that can be scaled by difficulty level and time, but the app doesn’t always sync up with Apple health. I’ve done several workouts that seem to just disappear both in the app’s history and in Apple health. The app hasn’t been updated in 10 months and is in need of an update. Developers, please update this app to improve logging of workouts and sync with Apple Health!

chiara w

Great just one thing  chiara w  4 star

I love this app. It’s great for yoga and to relax. My one problem is that there are only 5 practices. I wish there were more. If this changes I will re write my review. Thanks.


Needs improvement for watch  aaa1985$  3 star

It needs to be compatible for the new watch iOS. It is buggy and unresponsive at times and there needs to be haptics so you know when to move to new position or when session is done. There should also be an option to slow down sessions for beginners. It’s still an awesome iPhone yoga app, but doesn’t interface well with the watch.


Thank you  KitACB  5 star

I have had other yoga apps over the years, But this one is easy to adapt for personal levels, clear, soothing color schemes, with detailed poses; wonderful to be able to shift view from icon to list, by far the best.


very bad  turboalieno  1 star

not helpful at all!


Awesome!!  Bluewing96  4 star

Great! Just a little inhuman at some points!


Excellent!  Cn7770  5 star

Well worth it. It's like having a private lesson.

Carl Cullen

Fantastic app!  Carl Cullen  5 star

Great resource!


Great  T1A0  4 star

After practicing vinyasa flow in a yoga class, this app is perfect for continuing practice at a time that suits me, at home. Perfect and gentle on my joints.


Yo-good  Modgy23  3 star

This app is great for An experienced or learning yoga enthusiast. It guides you along through a practice. Worth the price. It's only drawback is that when played on Apple TV it only plays sound and not picture.

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