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What is pocket yoga app? With Pocket Yoga you can keep up with your practice at your own pace in the comforts of your own home. Simply roll out your mat, place your device in front, and Pocket Yoga will guide you through your entire session.

Choose between 27 different sessions of varying duration and difficulty. Learn the poses with the pose dictionary containing detailed explanations of the correct posture, alignment, and benefits.

• Soothing, detailed voice and visual instruction guides you through every pose.
• Expertly designed practices by experienced yoga instructors.
• Over 500 beautifully illustrated pose images show correct posture and alignment.
• Dictionary of poses contains the descriptions and benefits of each pose.
• Play music from your music library or Spotify in place of the default music.
• Quickly preview a practice to see if it is right for you before you start.
• Unlock new environments as you progress in your yoga journey.
• Track your progress with an ongoing log of all your yoga practices.
• Accounts sync environments and progress across devices.
• Play the practices on your Apple TV through AirPlay.
• Integrates with the Health app. Track your workouts, heart rate, and calories burned.

‣ Listed among the “15 Best Beauty Apps” - InStyle
‣ Selected by CNN as one of the "10 great mobile health apps"
‣ Featured by Apple in "Get in Shape", "Let's Get Moving", "10 Essentials" and "New and Noteworthy"

Pocket Yoga works great on your Apple Watch. When you are playing a practice on your iPhone you can get extra information directly on your wrist. See the current pose, time remaining, heart rate, calories burned, and much more. You can even control your practice directly from your Apple Watch.

The “Pose of the Day” Widget helps you learn the names of the poses by showing you a different pose each day. You can see the name of the daily pose in English, Sanskrit and even in Devanagari script. Also tap on the pose image to launch Pocket Yoga and go directly to that pose.

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App Name Pocket Yoga
Category Health & Fitness
Updated 30 August 2022, Tuesday
File Size 287.03 MB

Pocket Yoga Comments & Reviews 2023

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5/5 ✨ 🧘🏽‍♀️. ( dev plz fix Apple Watch can you let it have audio or a haptic feedback to alert us when to change to next pose because at this point mostly use phone to do exercise since watch screen keeps turning off and it’s quiet. It would be nice to use watch for more than a heart rate monitor during exercise :( ) I bought the yoga bundle which was 9.99 for customize yoga teacher poses & I can’t remember how much it was for just pocket yoga Apple Watch version. I was very hesitant to buy the bundle, I ended up buying it because the yoga poses are very detailed with exceptional audio and customization. Sadly you have to have the entire bundle of both apps to enjoy the full experience. If you just get the Apple Watch version your going to miss out on a lot of features. This is a steep price to invest for apps, but hoping it’s worth it in the long run as it appears the developer is active and updates frequently so the app should have longevity. I’ve actually created my own yoga package morning routine and it did synch over to the Apple Watch version, so it does work! If your trying to get more serious about yoga just buy the app you’ll learn more about the poses and feel more motivated to actually do it.

Great Yoga Practice. I am just a beginner so I have tried using this 3 times a week. It is easy to follow. The pacing is nice. The 30 minute beginner session is just right. I feel great when I am done. I look forward to doing yoga now because it is not too painful like some classes I have taken. I follow the same session until I am confident with the routine. Great. Plus I like the Karma points and knowing how many calories I burned. Thank you for making yoga doable.

Good But Needs Improvement.... Purchased this app over a year ago and was originally impressed with it, I feel now that it needs a few updates. Back when I purchased it, the “create your own routine” was available and imbedded in this original app. I am very disheartened to see it is now a separate app or bundle purchase that I would need to repurchase. That’s pretty bad! There REALLY needs to be more variety in the routines, not just 3 routines in each of the sections. There is way too much boredom happening! There has to be some variation! Without offering the ability to create your own routine WITHIN this original app, I say skip it! Not worth the money! There HAS to be more updates! On top of that, I would like to see shorter session offerings. I allot myself only 15 minutes in the morning and usually do another short session in the afternoon. Not everyone can fit in a 30 minute minimum routine every day. I hate to say this, but it may be time to switch apps!

Great library of poses, but standard practices too similar. This is an excellent yoga app for beginners. You can view a list of all poses (with illustration) for each practice before starting. The app also has a library with details on how to correctly perform each pose. This is great because you can quickly screen through the illustrations and look up anything you’re unfamiliar with. After your quick screening, you can start the practice and know how to perform any new moves without needing to interrupt the flow. The only reason I’m not giving 5 stars is that the standard practices are all pretty similar. Eventually this gets old, but it doesn’t stop this app from being great for beginners.

Road Trip Friend. This app is wonderful to use when traveling. Completed several sessions in my daughters small apartment kitchen using my iPad. Now I am now using the app in a log cabin tucked away in a remote area. With a little imagination, it is like being in a yoga studio. I would like to see more variety in the workouts, however some attention has been given by the choices of ocean, desert and mountain. If one chooses to work on flexibility and chooses a 30 minute workout for consecutive days, the exact same workout is presented.

I’m frustrated. Do not believe the recent ratings that are five star. So my mom and I got this app because my instructor for one of my activities recommended doing yoga for body awareness. We thought this was a great deal. But this is not yoga. They do have explanations for these poses that you do and a little person to show you how to do it but… in yoga, poses are held for at least a couple of seconds, and in a real class the instructor would not go that fast. And this is for even the beginner levels. I would appreciate if the developers could fix the app.

Straightforward. Straightforward app that coaches you through a yoga session of your choice in length and difficulty. Each move has an illustration and voiced command associated with it, and the app simply cycles through a preset combination of the moves to build a full session. Despite this, it doesn’t feel robotic at all and contrary to narrated yoga videos where hearing an instructor laugh or say a specific phrase at a certain point becomes repetitive if the workout is repeated regularly, the bare-bones voice commands of this app keep things from feeling stale. If you’ve never done yoga before, this would probably be hard to keep up with and learn the moves from, but it’s great for anyone with even just a knowledge of the basics. I use this on vacation or at home when I don’t feel like going to the gym.

Pocket Yoga Review. This is a wonderfully designed app with plenty of variety to either use as your daily Yoga practice, or to supplement your group practice sessions on your own. The various session time lengths and levels of ability can be combined for an excellent Yoga session. As a a Yoga practitioner of 24 years and being 74 years old, and not having a traditional Yoga group practice locally available, I have found Pocket Yoga to be a great substitute. One minor point is that the time interval between poses shortens as the session progresses and could be lengthened by a second or two for optimal transitions between more difficult poses. Really well designed app and I have recommended it to my Yoga friends.

This works for me. I use this first thing in the morning on days when I don't go to yoga class. So far so good! Update 2017: I’ve had this app since the first iPhone came out. Pocket Yoga is a lifesaver for me. Believe it or not, I have two issues I work on, and I can tell within four days if I neglect the workout. 1 >Degenerative disk disease of the neck causes intense headaches for me, and the yoga workout is the only thing that controls them. And they are nonexistent when I practice regularly, every day or two. 2>My family has this history of toes crossing over each other in old age, and mine are creeping that way, but yoga lets me work on that and keeps them relatively straight. Oh, there's strength, flexibility, feel good and morning meditation. So, you are appreciated. I post my practice all the time (publicly) to say thanks and recommend this app.

I actually use it. And that's the biggest endorsement I can give. I've skimmed other apps, but this one I actually use regularly, so it's worth the price of a latte. I do agree that it's help if you've taken yoga classes in person for a while, nothing beats human instruction and individual modification to help with your pose, but a regular practice when you don’t have something else around (or that you can afford) this is great. The updates with the improved voice instruction make it even better.

Good enough, could use a churching up. I've used this app off and on for years and it’s pretty good. The art design is simple and un-intimidating. The karma points is a neat gimmick. Some mildly fun customization that keeps you interested. It's convenient to have it on your iPhone and be able to AirPlay it up to your Apple TV. The simple flash-card style visuals are an understandable way to create an inexpensive product, but first-time users think they have to jump or spring to the next pose. Even a brief mid-move card would help. The narration is pretty good (but odd that she doesn’t know how to say any numbers between the 10s), the ability to skip to the next move is useful, being able to print or even preview all the poses is good, but I wish there were a shuffle button. I’d like to just be able to open my app and with one click, just go. Worth the money? Yeah. But there are probably better apps out there. I’ve used one called Yoga Studio that was more comprehensive but easier to get lost in. This one only takes a few buttons to get to the action, but I still want a one-click option. It’s good enough.

Good but needs an update. I like this app for go to yoga routines that can be scaled by difficulty level and time, but the app doesn’t always sync up with Apple health. I’ve done several workouts that seem to just disappear both in the app’s history and in Apple health. The app hasn’t been updated in 10 months and is in need of an update. Developers, please update this app to improve logging of workouts and sync with Apple Health!

Perfect Home Practice!. I started using this app about a year ago when my work schedule changed and I couldn't get to class as often as I would like. I agree with the other reviewers who said that you need some basic knowledge of yoga asana, but the illustrations are fine for a good home practice. Also, I have been practicing yoga for many years and consider myself an intermediate practitioner-- however, I find the beginner level to be enough of a challenge for me on most days! I also like that there are different length practices which helps to fit into busy schedules... Thanks for creating a great app!

Great customer support for a great app. I wrote to the developers to ask if they were thinking about adding a male instructor (drawings and voiceover). Nathalie wrote back to say that the example poses are custom-drawn from photos of their real instructors in front of a green screen. I hadn't realized how much work and care had gone into making the app in the first place, and of course this answers my question about what would be involved in adding another model. I appreciated the time and care Nathalie took in giving such a thoughtful and detailed answer and will continue using this great app on my iPad, iPhone and my new Apple Watch.

Loved it but. I have used this app on and off for about three years now. I really do love it and if I could give it a 4.5 I would but I don't live it enough to give it a full five stars. My biggest peeve is the lack of variety. I have gone through all the sessions and I'm just looking for something new and some variety. I have used the Yoga Teacher that is part of the package and I also enjoy that but it has a slew of problems so it ends up being too much of a time investment

DANGEROUS. This app gives very little audio guidance, from neglecting to call out which leg or side you’re moving to little tips to help you appropriately get into the positions. I’ve been doing yoga for over a decade, doing classes, videos and apps. It was frustrating to have to break pose to look up at the screen to see which pose was being referenced and it made me nervous that someone could seriously injure themselves if they didn’t know better. The app goes way too fast through poses and doesn’t take into account the minute movements that are required to accurately get into the next position. Be warned also, the class I did (desert, 60min, intermediate) was very repetitive and didn’t have a good variety of poses. It felt as I was going through the program that no one actually really went through to quality check these things... now- did I get a good sweaty workout in? Yes. So that was a plus, but it was boring and difficult to follow. Was the app itself simple to use, yes. Was it cute appearance-wise? Yes. Still be very careful, and better yet save your money and get the yoga studio app. I will not be using this app again. *delete* Wish I could get my $3 back...

Best yoga app I've seen. Pocket yoga is great! It's not a subscription app, which is a BIG plus in my book. There are three sets of routines, each with a beginner, intermediate, and advanced level, and you can practise 30 min, 45 min, or an hour on each. There is also a sun salutation routine with two versions. I'd gladly pay for in app purchases if they would make new routines, as all three sets of routines are similar, with slight variations. Would also like to see shorter sets, say, 15 minutes. Kudos to the developers for making such a reliable app without charging a subscription!

My favorite so far!. I’ve been back into a more intense yoga routine for about a week now, after an unexpected 2 year hiatus, and I do like this app! It guides you through the proper body alignment, and if you’ve had some kind of yoga instruction before, (which I have) it’s nice to not have to go through the process of a step-by-step introduction, to the poses. Personally, my biggest concern when I’m doing yoga, is proper body positioning and alignment. There were some poses I needed a refresher on, but those I looked up quickly. I come from a long history of back injury so instruction and proper body alignment matters a great deal to me, and this app does a wonderful job! I’ve tried a few other yoga apps! And so far, this one wins it for me!

Good app. I really like that this app includes vocal instructions for the poses and for the practices. As a person who is blind, this is important. I also like that it is set up to where I can choose different types of practices to do. The only downside is I have difficulty pressing the buttons which allow a person to change their practice duration, or difficulty level. Is it because the app doesn’t work with my phone well, or because this is the feature that I have to unlock? For what it is worth, I use a feature on my phone called VoiceOver which allows the phone to read things back to me on the screen.

Mobil Yoga. I’m 65 year old man heading towards my 2nd hip replacement. For my body and age yoga provides almost all the exercise I need. This app with its free sessions, ways to make each session easier and shorter, works great for me. I sometimes can’t keep up the pace of pose changes but I just move at my pace and catch up as I can. I end up doing more yoga because there is no drive time and I don’t have to fit my schedule to the yoga class times. I really enjoy this app, it’s helping keep me stronger, more flexible, better balance and more agile.

Guy loving yoga. Great app for guys looking for strength and flexibility! Downloaded this app to work on flexibility when my lower back was giving me problems. Been doing 2-3 workouts per week for almost 3 months (30-45 min, intermediate, mostly Mountain routine). I’m able to touch my toes for the first time in my memory. Seeing muscles pop out that I didn’t see when I was in high school working out 15 hours per week. Losing weight in conjunction with minor diet tweets (smaller portions). Wife is very happy with how I’m looking!

Excellent!. Three programs plus two sun salutations. Three difficulty levels and choice of 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Flow yoga—movements times with breaths. Simple instructions. No video, so sometimes it's unclear how to move from one to the next, but I can usually figure it out. Often provides form instructions, like "sink down between shoulder blades," and "be sure fingers point straight forward." First time through each sequence, two breaths per movement, then one breath per—feels great! I have tried several other apps, all deleted. This one I've kept for years now and keep coming back to it. Thank you for an excellent product.

Really good even for beginner. I read the reviews before downloading...many said that you really needed some amount of yoga experience to use this app well. I disagree. I have never done any yoga, I don't know any terms or any poses. I did a beginner "class" with this app and it was fine. It does move fairly quickly from one pose to the next in a few places and I could not always keep up, but I am guessing that this would be the case in a "real live" class as well. Once I know the names of the poses, it will be easy enough to get where I need to be. When I was slow responding, fine, let it go, I would just jump back in on the next pose. I am sure my posture was a bit off, at least some of the time; but as long as you can look at the picture and see where your body should be, you should get it right fairly soon. Everything has a learning curve, whether you have someone teaching you or are learning on your own. I do have a bit of an advantage; I have been a world medalist in a martial art which requires me to get my body in the right position quickly, and to be able to move from one to another randomly, quickly, and accurately. However, the positions required by yoga poses are nothing I have ever done before. I like this app and would recommend it to anyone who has any interest in yoga.

Great Except for Crashes. This is my go-to yoga app and has worked very well for me until recently. It has great exercises that work parts of you body, and all of them work your mind. If you are looking for a simple yoga app that doesn’t require a subscription, this app is for you. ...The Apple Watch app, on the on the other hand, is a different story. It CONSTANTLY crashes. I’m able to complete my session, but since the app crashed on my watch, it doesn’t record part or any of the session in Activity. Though not the real point of yoga, it is frustrating to not get credit for the work.

Wonderful yoga app!. I live this app - easy and straightforward to follow - clear visual, and good audio that doesn't require much looking at the screen. So many options for short, medium and long sessions at different levels! I haven't done yoga for a while, so I'm starting at the beginning level (which is still nicely challenging) - then as I keep doing it and get stronger, I can move into the next levels. Excellent app!

Love all the Yogic capabilities!. Love the pre-programmed routines. Love that I can add my own music. I don’t really care much about the backgrounds, but it’s cool that you can change them. I love being able to do yoga at home and that I can choose the detox, cardio, or strength versions AND 30, 45, or 60 minutes!!! I bought the Yoga Builder app too and am working on developing my own flow. Great apps!! Highly recommend for beginner to intermediate (I am not advanced so IDK what it’s like for them!)

Enjoying the free app—Always room for improvement. Really enjoying the app for what it’s worth. The music and guided voice as well as the image is subtle but clear, calm, and professional. I would love to have more shorter yoga options (10-15 min) and especially if the user could pick a set of the exercises from the all inclusive list to play consecutively but as it is a free app which I use in a pinch at home as an easy stretch and yoga routine I am just grateful to have what is available. Thanks so much!

Liked it but sign in for Karma Points. 1st off, this app's "beginner" level felt much too hard for a total noob like me. I had my wife join me for the first lesson on this app so she was able to help me understand what was going on. Also, I had signed up on my iPhone but ended up using the app on my ipad. Then I signed in on my iPad and lost the 2 karma points I got from doing the first session. Not a huge deal but annoying. Felt punished simply for logging in. Which is a shame because I felt rewarded for getting the 2 karma points. I wish there was more instruction and guidance but over all, this seems like a good app so far.

App is good, needs better support. If you’ve never done the poses before, you’ll need a little practice before you get the hang of it (it does move pretty quickly), but overall the animations and voice guidance are very helpful. However, while the app is simple to use during the actual yoga, I’ve had nothing but issues getting it to sync properly with my Apple Watch. First the workout showed up, but not the active calories. Now, nothing shows up at all. Heart rate shows during practice, but then zip in the Health app. I’ve contacted support with screen shots, and heard nothing back.

Beginner?. Beginner workout is actually a little too hard for me, but I modify by following along at a slightly slower pace. I really like that it syncs to my watch. I don’t have to fumble for my phone or come out of a pose in a bad way, I can just glance at my watch and it will show me the current pose, how much time is remaining for the current pose, and my progress in the workout overall. Despite it being a little beyond my physical limits right now, I’m able to adjust and am really enjoying the app. There are a lot of individual poses you can do as well which is really nice.

Solid, But has some Flaws. I really like this app. As someone said in another post, it's really not for beginners. You need to have some knowledge of poses to really be able to master its use. A couple of the things that I don't like about it. First, there are very few updates. As of writing this, the last update was four months ago. Second, it doesn't doesn't have an option for a male graphic and voice. (Also the just for laughs, in some of the poses the "woman's" shirt rides up giving her plumber's crack!) Lastly, and the one I feel most important about, some of the directions for poses in the "routines" that are listed are not very descriptive if you're not actually looking at the screen. And what I mean is that if you're doing something on both the right and left sides, it will randomly omit which leg, arm, or side you're supposed to move. If you're focusing on your breathing or the pose itself, it can be distracting to have to look at the screen if you don't know which limb to move first. That said, tho, I use the Sun Salutations every morning before my daily writing. It's helped me become more flexible and a bit stronger. Hopefully, there will be an update that addresses some of these issues in the future!

Highly Recommend!. I love this app! I love that there are 30, 45, and 1 hour options, as well as levels of difficulty. It syncs with HealthApp, too, so I can track my exercise. The only thing I would change is the customizable music option...I LOVE that you can set your own music, but I don't like how it's split up into different parts of the practice--I wish there were an option to just use a whole playlist without parsing it out. Otherwise, I totally recommend this!

Handy for this app-trained practitioner!. Really great app for putting a complete set of yoga practices in your pocket (once I felt fully confident enough to really dig in & use it 😊)! I especially appreciate the first-class Apple Watch support — for tracking that nitty-gritty metadata of your vigorous vinyasa practice. If I might make one small practical suggestion: have you considered adding a sound effect at the end of a full practice sequence (e.g., bell, gong, &c.)? I probably held my adho mukha śvānāsana much longer than necessary today — which I can’t actually complain about, really; but some sort of signal could be nice. 😊

Good but not great for beginners.. While this app offers beginner settings, it provides limited information to help beginners. It moves very quickly and defines few poses during the workouts. There is a glossary but you'll spend a lot more time trying to figure out the poses than you will doing them. I've been doing yoga for several years but still don't know all the poses and terms. Don't expect to have no knowledge and be able to jump into the workouts. This is not my only paid yoga app. I got this one because of the pairing with Apple Watch. When it works, it's nice to be able to glance at your wrist since the speed of the workouts and the poses themselves prevent you from always being able to see your main device's screen. However, it doesn't always show the correct pose on the watch.

Simply the best. For those of us who struggle with following directions while trying to follow along, this app is the remedy! I’ve tried in person and online classes, but have always felt like I’m catching up to what the instructor is saying, then getting confused, then anxious, then discouraged. Pocket Yoga gives you such a range of routines from 5min to an hour that you feel in control of the program. For me, it’s a matter of feeling comfortable in order to fully focus on the poses. The biggest feature is the step by step instruction. When to inhale/exhale, what pose to enter into and all narrated in a calming voice with soothing music. I thrive on repetition, so I can repeat certain programs until I can anticipate what is to come. This is a truly usable and functional program! I can not recommend it highly enough, especially for nervous beginners:)

Very good. This app is well done and super useful. My only critiques -- which won't keep me from using and recommending this app -- are: 1. The audio sometimes skips telling you whether to bring your left or right forward for a lunge. Please add those directions as not knowing messes up the flow. 2. There is quite a jump between the beginner level and the intermediate level. So you'll need to supplement this app with live instruction. It would probably be asking too much to add instruction that breaks down new poses between levels. Overall, this is a great app with few bugs. Nice job and thank you!!!

Very Solid with the Occasional Hiccup. I really like this yoga app. It provides enough to help you get through a routine without trying to get fancy and do a bunch of other stuff. It’s clean and efficient. My only complaint is sometimes it forgets to tell you right or left side when moving. Since yoga is very balanced and the patterns are repeated on each side of your body, it’s easy to lose track of what side you’re supposed to move first. It doesn’t skip that all the time, just occasionally, and on the sun salutations at least, it’s the left side it misses. Besides that, I love this app. I also like it’s companion yoga teacher app that lets you design routines. Very handy!

Subtle but great improvements. The new updates gives two great improvements (that I’ve noticed). One, you can use AirPods to control the lesson. Two, the important one, is an entirely new voice over for the lessons. I actually stopped using the app completely before, despite its great features, because the old voice was not grounding and completely took you out of the moment. They’ve done a much better job with the voice recording this time around

Great app. I've been using this for a couple of weeks and really like it. I'm a beginner but familiar with yoga poses so it works well for me. I think if someone was not at all familiar it would be more challenging. As someone mentioned in another review, sometimes the narrating voice skips which leg you should be on and it is a bit jarring to have to suddenly try to remember which leg I used last time. But other than that I like it and would definitely recommend getting it

Great App, here’s a few suggestions.. I’ve been using pocket yoga for a few years and I believe that this app is effective. I would suggest of being able to select your own yogi avatar that may reflect the user. For example, options for male or female, skin color, height and weight. Also, I would find it useful if there was a bell at the end of each yoga session. I tend to get so relaxed I fall asleep. Overall, great app and I frequently recommend it to my friends.

Pretty good. This is a nice yoga app. I like how intense the reps can be because I can really feel like I'm working out, yet it's also got the relaxing and meditative element I'm looking for in yoga. I do wish there were more exercises to choose from, and like someone else said, sometimes they don't tell you which leg or arm you're supposed to use on a certain pose. Also I wish you could adjust the time - I like 30 minutes of yoga but some days if you're busier or for whatever reason it'd be nice to do 15 minutes, 10 minutes, etc. but overall I like this app

Good Program. I have been using this program for over four years now. It is a good program overall. It offers a good variety of exercise that will keep any user entertained because of the variety it offers. I downgraded my rating to three stars because of an issue that I believe needs to be addressed. You see, I am a forty seven year old man in good shape. Although I am able to keep up with all of the beginner workouts, I don’t think the poses were well thought out for beginners. You see, in the Ocean beginner workout, it requires that a beginner do a split as one of the exercises. Really? I have been doing this program for over four years two to three times a week. As a man, I’m simply not flexible. How in the world do the creators of this program expect any beginner to do a split? I find it unrealistic. I wish that they would take out any splits from all beginner workouts because it is an unrealistic pose for a beginner and simply demoralizing. After four years, I’m never going to be able to do that pose and am frustrated every time it comes up. In addition, I’ve unlocked all of the different backgrounds by using my karma points. Now I have over eight hundred karma points that I can no longer use because there is nothing else left to unlock. I do wish that they would offer new perks to unlock for us dedicated users. It gets boring not being able to use those karma points ever again.

Music, classes. I wish there was more music connection apps available not just Shazam. I’ve been using the app for quite a few months now and absolutely love it there is three classes at the moment with a few that I have added, but I also wish that the app advertised monthly new classes so that we can learn more and more classes, also if we made classes if we if it was possible to update upload or submit to the online website so that other people could enjoy our classes as well.

great concept, needs tweaks. good app but i really wish this app was more polished before i paid 2.99 for it :/ kind of a bummer. transitions between poses are too fast sometimes, like the app doesn’t recognize that it takes some time to move into the next pose. I can’t go as fast as just the pictures. There should be a way to slow down the flow of the practice. Wish there was a shorter time frame of 15 minutes. App doesn’t account for total beginners or someone with a busy schedule. This is clearly a new app (couldn’t even send feedback since there’s no email configured to that button!) I have hope that with updates it can get better. I’ll stick with it but it should have been more...finished before I paid for it. Also just a nitpick but if the instructor could have skin tones that we could pick from that would be amazing...like this is a yoga app but only a light skin tone lady? come on! at least let me pick a brown or darker skin tone.. black and brown people do yoga too...........

Love this app. So useful!!!. I do believe that you need some experience with poses, but I like that it still gives you a list to look over which poses there are in yoga. So maybe a beginner can start off by studying the list. I've taken one yoga class, so I did have some knowledge, but not tons. I feel like the beginner stage is a perfect way to challenge a person interested in yoga. Self motivation will push you through if you want to be a yogi. Love love love all of the ways it engages your entire body. I do wish there was a little bit different varieties of routines. There is a lot of repetitiveness, but other than that, it's great! It would be cool if the app offered some type of gift card rewards for getting to a certain level of karma points, that would make it even more motivational, but I love this app!!!

Pocket Yoga & Pocket Yoga Builder Compatibility. Just purchased Pocket Yoga & Pocket Yoga Builder a few days ago. Glad to see the update on Pocket Yoga but would really like to see an update to Builder and more importantly compatibility between the two apps. I purchased both but mainly wanted to build my own yoga program. Very disappointed that after all the time it took to execute & create the program, I was not able to import it to Pocket Yoga & therefore receive credit for the workout in Apple Health & on the Apple Watch. I love the concept of both apps. but especially since they are sold as a bundle & created by the same company, using the same poses etc., they really should work together.

Excellent. These folks designed a fine pair of Yoga applications. The drawings are simple and provide a clear picture of the asana. The voice is pleasant. The spoken instructions are well-timed, concise, clear, and instructive. I am sure I could say the same about any number of other Yoga applications. So what brings me to this rave review was something I learned from the companion application 'Pocket Yoga Teacher.' I wanted to construct a series of poses in 'Pocket Yoga Teacher,' and it balked at doing them in the order I proposed. Suspecting a bug in the program, I contacted support and got a prompt reply from support. Let me repeat that. I GOT A PROMPT REPLY FROM SUPPORT. The folks supporting the application pointed out problems with the series of asanas I had in mind and offered improvements. The problem was an operator failure (me) and they corrected it. These folks know a lot about Yoga and programmed it into their applications. It may not be blatantly obvious, but it was there lurking beneath the surface to help me.

Great starting point. Highly Recommended. Every time I use it I like it more. I'm a beginner. I love it. The illustrations are so much more detailed than having an actual. Everything is well thought out. Would love to be able to make up my own routines, after a while you get to appreciate certain poses, in a certain sequence, but I realize the complexities and ad lib, skip around, or find a way do do it the way I prefer. Put it on my iPad, connected with a Bluetooth speaker. 5 stars

Great app. I am a Yoga regular and when I’m Out of town I hate not being able to attend class. This def is a great substitute and if I didn’t have a studio I loved I feel pretty confident that this would be a great regular practice. Note though-it’s challenging. As I said I attend yoga three times a week and so went straight to the intermediate 60 minute routine. It’s for sure a very good work out and I had to stop a couple times to rest

Simple. Inviting. Progressive.. I really appreciate how simple this app is and how you can choose your own progression. I will admit that this does require some starting upper body strength, however the app does invite you to rest in child's pose whenever you feel tired. It is nice that as you progress, there is enough variety to not get tired of the sessions. With definitely continue using and will recommend highly to those wanting an easy way to enjoy yoga at home and on the go 😊

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It’s asana. It’s a pity that yoga is defined as asana, but in accordance with yoga asana it would be greater if you stayed with true yogic names not perverting more of the course to enlightenment.

More Workouts Please!. This is by far the best yoga app available, but I’d love more than 3 workouts and the sun salutations, or an option to build our own!

Great app. Really useful and enjoyable yoga app, with super helpful devs when I emailed with a problem! (Which was my own doing in the end, hahah 🙈) Already so fantastic, the only thing I could think of to improve it would be, when using the Apple Watch, a little tap on the wrist when it’s time to move into the next pose. Or some kind of Taptic countdown, just so I know what pace to follow without having to glance at the screen. Overall though, I love it, and use it religiously!

Beautiful!! 😍. **Update** It would be really nice if we could have a diverse avatar, as I find it odd that uh yoga, comes from an ancient Indian philosophy yet the ubiquitous image of a typical person doing yoga is predominantly white. Not that this is an issue of racism but an issue of representation of the people who created yoga. Just to honour the very people who created yoga and the people from the culture, could you make avatars that reflect those people who originally created yoga based on skin tones and facial features. Including avatars of all races and genders just to have diversity in this app. Which mirrors the diversity and union with all other beings that yoga philosophy holds. That would be amazing. Much appreciated :) **Before** This app is just amazing. I love the designs and the illustrations and the settings. It was exactly what I was looking for. I once thought that yoga was hard, and that I could've never learnt it. But now I can with this app. They're surprisingly pretty easy to learn and it's fun. I would recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn yoga (a word of warning : you might turn into a yoga junkie)

Easy to use. Easy to use and for beginners to get started with Yoga.

Great but area for improvement.. If you’re looking for yoga as meditation this app is not for you! The yoga routines are suited to those who enjoy a more vigorous routine which gets the blood flowing. Moves very quick sometimes. I’d love for the developer to add a mode that focuses solely on meditation/ going slow and focusing on that aspect more. In addition the app could benefit from a little bell or something to signal the end of the routine. Thanks for the streamlined app, keep making it even better.

Makes me excited for yoga!. The music and soothing instructions really make me feel like I’m in the mountains. I’ve got an inflexible body so some of these poses need modifications for someone with stiff muscles like me. That’s easily done though with more of a bend with the knee and whatnot. I get really excited to do yoga now that I’ve tried it and this app is just so helpful!

Please more and different practices. Any chance you could do a Pilates with the same concepts?. Thanks

Travels. I’m often traveling internationally and I always lose my strength and suppleness over those weeks and then get home and have to start again. Downloading this program has helped me to stay in shape and aids my suppleness. I walk easier, I feel better! It’s really good! Thanks guys. Easy to do and easy to use 🤓

A good substitute. If you've never done Yoga before you will struggle with learning to do yoga through this app. I would recommend a few months at a good studio before branching out on your own. The app also doesn't make it clear that the style of yoga it leads you through is Vinyasa which is more fast flowing at times. I prefer the depth and steadiness of more common Hatha yoga, so this is at times hard to keep up with and a bit unsatisfying - I don't get the deep long stretches I love in Hatha Yoga. That being said, the app does fairly well with relatively straight forward instruction in different sets of Vinyasa style yoga and it works well for doing yoga on your own time.

This app has me doing daily yoga for the first time in my life. It's been a long time goal to do daily yoga practice but I never seem to have the money to buy into classes. This is the perfect alternative. I roll out of bed onto my yoga mat, choose a session based on how much time I have, and off I go. Great results, I can now touch my toes for the first time in my life. Not bad for a 46 year old desk worker. I happily recommend pocket yoga and have got all my friends using it now too. Namaste!

Doesn't connect to Apple Watch. The app doesn't connect to my Apple Watch.

Excellent. This yoga app is well designed and thought out. Instructions are clear as are the illustrations. I wonder if a 15min session could be included as part of this to help people who have been ill or had some other layoff get back into yoga?

The best Yoga app. Awesome

Great for yogis to use at home.. So much to love about this app- there are several practices that each have time options and beginner to advanced level. Also love how I can easily use my own iTunes collection. However, I don't recommend this for a newbie who has never done a class. While each pose is shown, there's not much information on how to transition between them, which you need to learn from watching a teacher.

Great early morning stretching. This app is fantastic!

Yoga in my pocket. Love how easy the routines are to follow, wish there were more.

I love this app. I always loved yoga but had never been able to do it on my own as I just don't have the patience to self-guide. This app is just like doing a guided class for me I love it and have practiced regularly ever since starting to use it. I'm up to 56 sessions so far and can't do without it now. The only thing I will say is I hope the new voice is better (I'm just updating the app now so haven't tried it yet) as I wasn't happy last time they changed the voice, I preferred the old one however hopefully this new one will be better again. But overall - highly recommend this app it has changed my life & got me practicing consistently!

Great app, but it is time for improvements. Love this app, I have been using it for years. However, I miss a functionality to adjust the flow to my needs. For instance, I would love to be able to remove one exercise from my flow, as I can’t do it because of previous injury, and I would love to add a couple more of sun salutations instead. Stopping and going back and forward is possible, but affects mindfulness during the flow :-(

Great app. This is a great app for home in particular if you have done some basic yoga before. A little fast sometimes but a good workout with relaxation

Yoga anywhere, anytime. I love this app! It's taken my yoga practice from the sporadic -- due to a hectic work and travel schedule -- to a consistent, committed practice. Suggest beginners start with classes to hone their technique with the basic postures, from here you can enjoy building your practise in length of time and difficulty as you gain stamina and strength.

Ripped off. Advertised for $4.50 but got charged $16!!!

Wow. Wow, I hadn’t used this app for a while (been slack) there has been some nice improvements during that time. The voice over, particularly when transitioning from one pose to another is much better, before I found I’d have to regularly look at the screen, which can be easier said then done while doing yoga, but now I longer need to. I also use yoga teacher, Great to see the community setup so we can share workouts. Would be great to connect the pocket yoga app to this community as well, so users can download routines. It would also work towards promoting the teacher app. Both these apps are coming along nicely and are well priced, best value for money out of all the yoga apps, by a long shot.

Amazing App - perfect for busy people. This app is amazing and just what I need. I have a hectic work schedule and just can't make it to my classes. This app helps me push myself and is very easy to follow. You can pause and push your pose further when you want to and then move on once you feel you can. It helps with breathing and always gives you the reminders like tuck your pelvis in or gaze is soft. Perfect perfect perfect. Reccomend to all.

Best ever!. 5 stars. Great for in between studio sessions. Highly recommend. Worth every cent.

Love it. This app allows me to do my yoga practice anywhere. There is good instruction and movements as the poses change. I love it

Music glitch is really distracting. Please fix the music glitch when the music restarts particularly during the meditation part at the end. Thank you

Convenient app for yoga. Love this app so much. Never a big fan for yoga until I installed this one. Mainly for the convenience that there is constraint of time and no hassle.

A must have app for mind & body. Who needs expensive gym fees and yoga classes at all times of the evening, when you can do classes right in the comfort of your own lounge room whenever you like? I use this app at least three times a week in conjunction with my gym membership and running program for an all round work out. Everything you need and nothing you don't!

Amazing. Just completed my first session and I have to say I am so impressed. It was challenging, but very relaxing and calming. I would highly recommend this app to anyone. Well worth the $5

Ok but clunky. It’s a pretty inexpensive app but I’m disappointed with how little content is available. There are only 3 routines (x3 different durations) plus 2 sun salutation programs available. These 5 items are really similar to each other so there is no opportunity to mix up your routines. I’ve also found 2 of them to be brutal on my knees so I’m left with only 1 routine! Not a great app and wouldn’t have purchased if I’d known.

Great app, bringing yoga into my daily life. I've always been one of those people that occasionally take the yoga class, maybe do five or ten minutes before bed if it's been a stressful day, but with Pocket yoga I've finally started setting aside the time to add it into my daily routine. Love the exercises and the entire experience is very calming, I feel lovely and can sleep very easily after I finish an exercise, problems released and weight lifted off my shoulders. Love the app I think my only critique/question is in regards to the karma points. I'm still in my early stages (11 points to be exact) so I'm not sure what can be unlocked besides some studio visuals. Was thinking maybe as a possibility karma points could be also used as raffle tickets or something similar, eg every time you get 2 karma you add another ticket into the draw, and the prize could be a nice yoga mat or something. I feel like it would be an extra incentive Just a suggestion, love the app though :)

Great all rounder. Great all rounder app providing you've done yoga before. Would love some options in terms of selecting a speed of transition for poses as there are some days I don't want a vigorous session. Would also LOVE IT if the coaches voice was different. Currently it's more of a distraction and the tone of voice does not aid in relaxation one bit.

Fantastic. This App is perfect for no matter beginner or intermediate who’d like to do yoga at home regularly. The result is effective and powerful, I like it very much! And it’s a “pay off deal” which I truly appreciate, thanks.

Excellent for home yoga practice. I’m so glad I found this app. While I would prefer to be in a class, this gives me the chance to practice at home and choose how long, what style and which ability I feel up to. The practices are easy to follow and the voice is not annoying (a big plus!). Really well thought out app. Thanks!

Excellent. As a student that has struggled with anxiety and stress, doing the yoga routines available in this app has been invaluable in creating a healthier balance in my life overall. It's incredibly relaxing, while challenging at the same time, and the muscle tone I have developed has been great - very easy to come back to after months of not doing it! Highly recommend :)

Home yoga. Good app. Some flows are a bit odd. But otherwise, a fun way to do yoga at home.

Awesome!. A really great yoga app. I have been to a few yoga classes but would still consider myself a beginner. Easy to follow and love the option of 30, 45 or 60 min workout!

Yoga happy. This app is fantastic. I’m a beginner and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my experience using this app. I would recommend it to everyone who is thinking about using this app.

Great App: I am new to yoga 😊. I am enjoying this app a lot. Sometimes I can’t make it to classes because of work, and Pocket Yoga has been a great way to keep up the practices at home. At first I thought the images would be confusing because I’m terrible at following directions but I’ve been able to keep up the sequences in the app. The music is relaxing as well. One suggestion I’d like to give is that I’d really like to eat able to select from a collection of music.

Big fan!. Love using this app with my wireless earphones. Anything that can provide an oasis in the midst of toddler-havoc is a miracle

Great app. Flexibility (or should i say lack of flexibility) is a huge problem for me because I do a lot of running which shortens muscles. I don't particularly like yoga, but I love this app, which is saying something! Since using it, my flexibility has increased dramatically which in turn has helped my running to improve. I'm even starting to enjoy it!! I would highly recommend.

Good Home Practice wherever you are. Thanks for this great app I’ve been doing it for a few years now. It’s particularly valuable if I feel I want to tone up or get stronger and fitter for something I want to do like a hiking trip. I would love it if there were more set pose routines. Is that possible please. Yours in practice Deb

All round good app. I've been using this app for years and thoroughly enjoy it. Choose from three focuses, three experience levels, and three time lengths, and go from there. My only complaint would be that once you get to the 60 min classes, you may feel as though you're doing vinyasas for half the time - a bit of pose variety would be gladly appreciated! Other than that, I highly recommend this app.

One of the most important app for me.. It is really rare when i write reviews, but in this case i feel i have to. I love how simple, yet so powerful this app is. It has everything for beginners and more advanced yoga practitioners may need! Like the guiders soothing voice. Really easy to follow guidelines. Thank you pocket yoga! Let’s heal the world! Revolution begins within ;)

Jem. So much better than I thought it would be. I’m enjoying it, Thank you!

So simple to use. Perfect. Easy, progressive... great for beginners +

Fantastic!. Pocket yoga is a fantastic app - it gives structured yoga routines that can be done quickly (15 minutes), as well as long sessions (+30 minute) for a daily workout. The instructions are clear and it makes yoga an easily accessible and available method of exercise. I like how it gives a few minutes of relaxation at the end of a practice. Very nice!

Home bound help. I have found this app to be helpful as I am home bound caring for my elderly parent and cannot leave him to exercise very much and I need to for my own well being - so thank you

Not enough. I like the app but it just wish there were more yoga sessions than just 3 and 2 sun salutations. 🙂 This isn’t as important as the other one but it’ll be cool if we could make our own sessions and post them and people can try each other’s out😀

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Go anywhere yoga. I have been using this app for years. I love that it is my go anywhere yoga class, especially that I can use it even when I don’t have cell service or wifi available. A good workout with enough variety to keep me from getting bored with it.

Great app. I like the app, would have given it a higher rating had the beginner level had reasonable expectations for movement and movement speed, after the first couple of repetitions it starts going at a pace that I can’t keep up with!

Pacing is way too fast. Good app in terms of poses, sequences etc. But like others I found the pacing to be extremely fast. A lesser complaint would be the voice prompts for inhaling and exhaling. I’ve moved on to a different yoga app because I just can’t get into the groove with how quickly this one changes poses.

App keeps Crashing!!. What did I just pay for? I can’t even access the app because it crashes before it fully opens 👎

Truly excellent app. The features of this app, the routines, animations, charts and more, are very clear and cover a wide variety of moves. Awesome !

My travelling companion. Such a helpful app for when I'm travelling. I can fit in a 60min or 45min class or even a super quick 30min class if I'm in a hurry. Well worth it!

Best yoga app. Love that you pay a one time fee to purchase the content and then can use the practices an unlimited amount of times. Much better than a subscription model as I only do yoga 1-2 times per week and wouldn’t be able to justify a higher cost. The customizable times for each practice are really convenient. Also, the videos are all pre downloaded in the app so no need to stream/use data :) thank you Gaia Flow Yoga and Pocket Yoga!! ♥️

Trompeur informations en français. Mais l’application est en anglais Je trouve ça dommage

Thank you. You have been my morning routine for 10 months. Your app is incredible, single time subscription, no advertising. Love that the animated figure does not look like an avatar. As I have progessed, I have adapted the routines to my own ability. Eg perhaps not partial plank, depending on own strength, go for full plank. If you wish to start a yoga for self practice, you will not regret purchasing this app.

Simple and worth the price. Normally I cheap out and get the free apps of anything. This one I actually decided to buy lol. The design is straightforward, the music is relaxing, the practices are easy to understand, and the guidance voice is pleasant and soft. I’ve never been able to stick to a yoga routine. Since my surgery last month, I’ve had to find some gentle exercise. The health benefits of yoga and stretching are well documented, and the Desert practice is great for this! (Obviously check with your doctor about what you can do, c’mon you know the drill). I highly recommend this to anyone trying to get into yoga, or someone looking for some great gentle exercise. Give it a try

Karma. Gimme my karma point !!!

Apple Watch!! Not working individually with watch.. It’s really nice app but I bought for Apple Watch, I don’t want to bring my iPhone during yoga but its Disappointed. It’s good if work as 7 app or streaks workout etc they work without iPhone.

Great app. I love this app. I do the yoga practices everyday. So much better than a YouTube video.

Missing standalone Apple watch mode. Watch app requires using a phone

Complete Noob. Great app for those looking to get into yoga. Well illustrated with no in-app purchases and ridiculous subscriptions. Worth the low upfront cost.

Love this app but.... Noticed that since the new update, it crashes everytime I open it. I rebooted my phone but the app still crashes :(

Decent reference if you already know what you’re doing. I mostly like the app, but I find the voice too mechanical. The repetitive “inhaaaaale/exhaaaale” is so unnatural that I find part of my focus going to just tuning it out. I’d like to have a few more options for shorter sequences - not even full videos, just suggestions for a good sequences from the library of poses.

Great but missing a couple tweaks. It’s a great app, I love the design. There are sufficient sessions, but not in accordance to your specific needs, so you’ll need to adjust. Plus, the rhythm increases very much, it’s hard to keep up, when yoga is supposed to be slow. My real issue is : I’m hard of hearing, so I chose this app cause they have the poses shown on Apple Watch. Unfortunately, there is no haptic vibration when we have to change pose and, I can’t configure the watch to have the screen constantly ON with this app. I really hope the developers will consider adding these features to the Apple Watch, that would be perfect. Also, there was supposed to be a widget but I can’t find it. I already sent messages to the developers but received no answer. I’ll keep trying !

❤️. I love this app!

Everything you need. IAs I like to do my things by myself, this app is the best I have found without having to pay a dime, Congratulation for your grate work👍🏼

Fun App!. Great app, works well and it’s easy to navigate. I thought it would be able to work on my Apple Watch by itself but just a heads up - you need your phone (the watch app will work together with the phone app). That’s my fault - I didn’t read the description properly :) however I still enjoy the yoga.

very good. I am still testing it, although I would like them to add more languages, so that the App could reach more people.

Amazing!. My gym teacher years ago recommended this app durn our yoga unit and I love it, I forgot the name and have been looking for it for years! I’m so glad I found it, wish it had a more memorable name though lol

Terrible App. Terrible to listen to. Too robotic. Not adaptable at all. Don’t know how to use the app or how to learn to use it.

Annoying voice. I usually use the old version in my Ipad. But today I had to use the new version downloaded on my IPhone. The new voice is annoying, she has a nasal voice, the tempo is too fast, it’s not relaxing at all. Hope the app will come with a choice of narrative voices in the future. Otherwise this is my go to yoga app.

Great app!. I’d like to see a few more practices added but the existing ones are great and the encyclopedia of poses is so helpful!

Am I a yogi?. I've never considered myself a "yogi" never really got into it, but when I started running I downloaded this ap for a guided stretch. I absolutely love it. I can't believe how much I get into this. The levels are very good. The images are great for instruction and the voice/background music is very relaxing. I think I might actually like yoga thanks to this ap! I highly recommend it to anyone at any level.

Good. The app gives you a great workout, but it never holds the poses long enough. There was a session where you back and forth from front facing dog to downward dog in 1 second intervals, which is wayyyy to fast to do comfortably, let alone really sink into the pose. And this was doing the “Desert” session which gave the impression that it was to be more and flow and stretching. Like i said, i got some great workouts from it! But part of yoga for me is sinking into poses whether they be a stretch or a strengthening pose. I never got more than 10 seconds. 3/5

Recommended.. i’m a beginner and i love this app. so many poses and stuff, its just amazing, i truly do recommend if you like yoga !

This app changed my body. I took a personal challenge to do a 30mins routine from this app 4 times a week. The results I’ve seen in the past 2 months have been nothing short of amazing. I’m going to continue pushing myself physically in different ways but I’m thankful to pocket yoga for getting me started!

Transitions too fast, obnoxious voice. The voice really turns me off—“inHAAAALE! ExHAAAAAALE!”, and, at least in the routine I tried (30-minute Ocean), switching between poses was too quick and abrupt.

satisfaction. alot of content for the price, i’m a beginner and i dont like to go out. it’s perfect for me

Almost perfect yoga app. I’ve been using pocket yoga for years and I was thrilled to discover that there was an iPad app as well. I was slightly disappointed to find that it doesn’t pair to the Apple Watch app in any way, which I found useful for quickly glancing at my wrist to know which pose I should be in when the iPad screen was too inconvenient to look at. Apart from that, solid app. I do find the way the “inhale” and “exhale” instructions incredibly annoying. The way the inflection is used on those words gets incredibly repetitive very quickly.

Robotic recordings. Not very personal if it’s recorded segments telling u what to do rather than a full session of someone doing it with you . It’s pretty speedy. Great for excersice not for a wind down. Supper excited for an updated version.

Very Good, but I miss the old voice. Hopefully the developer will update this app so that it is compatible with future OS's as I use it regularly.

Thought it would be better. Not enough customization over the sessions, choosing beginner it goes too fast and for too long. I thought there would be a playback speed option but it appears not.

New To Yoga. Fantastic app. Highly recommended to those who want to learn.

Great yoga app. Everything about this app is nicely done; artwork, voiceover, and information are first class.

Weird sun salutation. I like almost everything about this app, but sun salutation sequence is quite not what it is supposed to be. The order of asanas is wrong and it’s too slow paced.

Great for beginners. I love this app, I just wish there were more options, or that I could easily create my own flow

No male model. A very good app with a wealth of poses and routines. Would give it 5 stars if there is the option for a male model like the Seven HIIT app.

Lovin this new App. Great for busy parents who don’t have time to leave the house ;)

KikiJohal. Love this app Highly recommended it

Great!. Great app, really helps to stretch & relax. :)

Everyone should have this app. Gives me total flexibility to do yoga whenever I want for as long as I need. I often pause the audio and add a few moves to open up my hips. Sometimes I skip a move or modify it if needed. Highly recommend this app

So far I'm happy!. I love the many options and the fact I can play it on my Apple TV and do it in the comfort of my home ❤️

Best yoga app. I’ve tried yoga subscriptions and Nike training and even classes nothing helps me built up a daily yoga routine as well as this app! It’s challenging even on its beginner level and the music and tempo change for different stages in the practice is an awesome addition I didn’t know I needed! It easy to follow and I feel so good after I do it!! Worth every penny :)

Great Way To Start The Day. This is a great “no-subscription” yoga app. Pay once and do yoga.i love to start my day with it because it is quick and easy to get into. The voice over is helpful, soothing music and not over done with graphics. I like the “Karma” point system, it gives me incentive to go just a little bit longer.

Can’t remember sequences so this is great!. Great app for beginners like me! I can’t remember the sequences we do in classes and this enables me to practice at home. Although I still appreciate going to a class and having my form adjusted, this is great for supplementing.

Really amazing app!. Great guided yoga sessions! Love it! The narration voice is extremely relaxing. Highly recommend this app!

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Great workout. I haven't done yoga in a while but this app really is easy to use and at the right level for me. I like the different routines, the ability to pick skill level, and duration time. I also like how it pairs with my Apple Watch. I strongly recommend this app.

Best pocket Yoga class!. I-bought this app many years ago, used it when I cannot go to my yoga class. IIt is quite a workout at every level. The advanced level is very challenging, one class get both the strength and cardio done! Would recommend to everyone! Thanks for creating such a wonderful app! Looking forward to some new additions

Favorite yoga app. I have been using this app for years and I still love it. It moves at the perfect pace for me. I do not like to go to a gym or studio and this gives me the flexibility of practicing right from home whenever I want. I do wish they would add a few more routines. I would even pay or use karma points. But this is my favorite yoga app.

An excellent app! Very accessible for the blind. I love this app I like the environment exercises, and the poses area where you can find descriptions of each pose. It is very good for beginners as well as advanced yogis. I also like that it is accessible for the blind using the voice over on iOS devices thank you for a wonderful teaching app. I am already recommending it to my friends.

Just Gonna Be Straight Up. I LOVE this app, but the truth is I haven’t tried many other yoga apps. All I know is this app works PERFECTLY for me! I love how it shows up on my Apple Watch, I love the music, I love how the instructor’s voice leads me in my poses, I love the animation I can look at to get a better idea of the pose, I love how I can see the poses before I start..... I just freaking love this app! I highly recommend this app.

It might be OK for beginners. I have been doing yoga for many years and I'm not an expert or a teacher, but this app is too basic for me. There's nothing wrong with the illustrations which appear technically correct but remember yoga is a practice not just a series of posts. It offers nothing I find useful. Perhaps a beginner could use it to reinforce what they're learning as long as it is not substituted for a live teacher. There's no replacement for live feedback.

Absolutely love this app. I love this app and it’s partner app. I can or recommend them enough. At first it wasn’t quite as robust - but they are constantly adding more poses and upgrading more options. These guys are really on top of the app and always adding new features. Definitely check them out!

Great for the road. This was a great way to keep my new yoga practice going, even on the road. Having decided to try yoga for the first time it was hard not be able to practice during trips. This app gave me just enough to keep me in the swing of things. Very simple to use. Occasionally I have to decipher some of the poses but that is likely more due to my novice status.

Definitely not for beginners. I went to the fitness section of the App Store to try and find a yoga app and seeing as this was the top rated yoga app I just had to try it. However, I was incredibly disappointed not only are the poses really hard to do, the instructor goes really fast and I just end up giving up there are also only 6 routines which is definelty not worth the price, sorry :/

Great app for at home. I really like to use this app when I can't make it to the studio but need a little practice on my own at home. I like being able to switch between different levels and I feel like I can go at my own pace that best suits where I'm at that day. I love that it syncs up with my Apple Watch, too! Still, nothing beats being at the studio.

More new workouts needed. I really like using this app for my workouts at home. I would to have more yoga routines besides the three main ones that are currently available and a little more variety of the poses in those workouts to keep things more interesting. Hope that’s a possibility!

My Go-To. This is a great little app! It really helps if a user is already familiar with yoga... it’s not a beginning-teaching app. But, a wonderful to supplement your practice and uses low data, so especially nice for travel. I like the soothing music and appreciate the options for scenes. The voice-overs have good diction/enunciation ... very clear.

Great for the price!. It’s very user friendly, has plenty of options to work through from beginner-expert. Each session is a good workout, and it ends with a great relaxation rest. The only critique I could give is to have better animations, background visuals and instructor voice options to make the entire experience near flawless!

Super Yoga App!. Been using Pocket Yoga for years. Great app at a great price. The support is always quick and responsive. I won’t say it’s a replacement for in-studio instruction, but it’s certainly has it’s place for daily home routines and a resource when you travel. Practice when we’re out camping in the RV too. Highly recommend getting this app!

Simple & easy. I wasn’t looking for complicated or intense. Just a simple yoga routine to follow at home and this is it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really good and I love it! One of the best parts is that I can airplay to my TV and it’s full screen so it’s like a studio at home but then when I travel I take it with me.

I love this app. It’s easy to use, and the graphics make it clear what you need to do. The voice reinforces it without being annoying. The music is unobtrusive, but you can use your own soundtrack if you like. It gives you various times, like 6 min sun salutation routine, or another routine that’s 30, 45, or 60 minutes. If you want to be a little lazy, you can do the bare minimum, or you can be hardcore. Love it!

Very convenient!. I'm a working mom with 3 young boys. Maintaining a yoga practice is very difficult and I've been very sporadic about keeping up with it since having kids. This app has made it easy to throw down my mat wherever I get a bit of time, whether it's in my upstairs hallway or a slow day at the office. My practice is becoming more regular once again. Highly recommend!

Awesome. Using this app 3-4 times per day for three months has dramatically improved my core strength and flexibility. I can now do challenge poses that were way too intimidating the first time I played. Chronic pain and soreness (from sitting in one position too long at work) has also been greatly reduced. This is great cross training for runners, rowers and weightlifters.

Thank you for not being a subscription. I bring this app up to people cause you just can’t beat having all the poses at your disposal with the wonderful option to have a few classes that are nice to repeat. Thanks devs! From the bottom of my heart this app is helping me! <3

60 minutes is dangerous. On the 60 minute mountain routine I found the speed way too fast. I did set the difficulty to intermediate as I’ve practiced yoga for 5 years now. Another reviewer points out that the desert 60 minutes is repetitive, the mountain 60 minutes is quite repetitive as well. I went through the whole routine but was very uncomfortable. It is a well done app, but there needs to be more variety. It’s too robotic.

Basic practice. The practices are somewhat repetitive and can get a little bit boring. They also don't explain proper form on some of the poses so it's good to have some yoga experience before using this application. For example it doesn't explain how to modify things if you have an injury. I also miss the Sanskrit names. Sigh! However it is very easy to use. I can use it wherever I am and I can keep track of the practice I do.

The p e r f e c t Yoga app!. This is so simply but powerful and easy to follow… A great set with 3 levels of 3 different practices you can customize from beginner to advanced. There are options to customize other settings too like syncing with your Apple watch to control the app and flow from it! Like I said literally the perfect yoga app! A must try! 🧘🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️🤍

NOT FOR BEGINNERS. Seriously, do not get this app if you’re a beginner. They go through the poses so fast that you have to keep pausing to get into the pose, especially if you aren’t already incredibly in shape, because it’ll go from laying to standing to laying to standing to leg in the air. They don’t go slow and there’s no setting to make it go a little slower (which there definitely should be). If you’re a beginner I recommend an app more suited to you.

Love this app!. I have had this app for over a two years now and I must say this is my favorite app out there for DIY yoga. I love the karma rewards and how I can purchase upgrades to my classes. I also enjoy how I can customize the class depending on what my needs are - time, intensity and course. Absolutely love!

Yoga Beginner. This app is perfect for me. I have taken very few live classes and this app will allow me to practice at home and learn the poses. Love it! Can’t wait to level up and challenge myself in the comfort of my home and on my schedule. Highly recommend this easy to follow structure.

Gotta love it. This app is great. If you are new to yoga or if you have some experience. I love it because it’s on my phone and I can do yoga anywhere. The voiceover has a good tone and the background sound is peaceful. After each yoga session. I feel relaxed and have a piece of mind. I used to have really bad back and shoulder pain but after each session I feel great.

10 years!. I have been using this app for over ten years and it has been such a great part of my fitness routine. Anytime I feel tense or sore, I do one of the yoga practices and feel at ease. They come up with great updates and changes so it’s never monotonous. Definitely recommend it during quarantine!!

Very good, but.... What I like: good design, friendly voice, varying levels of difficulty and styles of exercises, syncs perfectly with my Apple Watch. What I think it needs: Shorter options for when you’re on a time constraint or just don’t feel like a full 30 minute workout. 10, 15, and 20 minute options would be great.

Voice change not good. Was my favorite yoga app until this last update. The previous version had a less human voice over with a deeper pitch that was bland enough to fade into the background and deliver instructions well but still be soothing. This new voice sounds too excited and noticeable, almost grating? I like the updated script just not the perky, higher pitch cheerleader voice reading it out. Aside from the voice over, which was a big draw for me, the app does as described well.

Morning companion. We’ve been using this app for years and have loved it. Over this time there have been numerous slight, thoughtful, changes in the routines that we’ve quickly grown accustomed to and have appreciated.

So convenient!. I love the ability to have a guided yoga practice anytime, anywhere! If you have taken a class or two and know the basic poses, this is great. All I want is to have someone walk me through my 30, 45, or 60 minute practice. There are also sun salutations that I don’t use as much, but are also good.

Annoying and Disappointing. I found the voice to be really annoying anytime she says “inhaaaaaaale” and “exhaaaaaaale”. I think it’s supposed to be slow and relaxing but really it’s like a robot is trying to tell me when to breath... and it’s wrong. I would be turning blue or hyperventilating if I actually listened to it. At one point the alternating yoga poses were just too quick and were starting to hurt my back. Since I’m not new to yoga and I’m in shape, this was surprising for an app marketed for beginners. Do not recommend for anyone, new or advanced yoga practitioners.

Great yoga app. I have really enjoyed having this app; especially now that I don’t have access to my traditional yoga studios. The sessions are great and I have control over how hard and long I wish to practice. I never fail to glisten by the end of each session and am progressing my practice. This has been a great addition for my stay-at-home world right now!!

Super well done yoga app. This is the first time I’ve ever felt compelled to write a review. This app is very well done. Clean and clear pose graphics. Very nicely done audio. Printable session sets are nice. Apple Watch integration is great. My only suggestion is a little haptic tap for the breathing and/or pose changes. Maybe single for breaths and double for pose changes. Would let you do it in silence.

Great app!. I like the flexibility this app offers for my practice. I can be anywhere and just turn on my yoga class and go. I also downloaded the teacher app so looking forward to creating my own practices as well! BTW the teacher app is a little (a lot) more complicated than I thought. But this app is AWESOME! I have owned it now for about 8 years is my guess and it never fails me!

New to yoga, nice app but rudimentary in its animations and options. Nice app. Simple and pleasurable to use. I would like to see an upcoming pose option since I don’t know what I’m doing in sequence and feel like I miss I’m late to the next pose as I identify what I should be doing. Visually the animations are blocky. But as I’m on my 4th practice I look at the images less and less maybe time would

Too Busy to Get to a Studio. I love yoga. I've wanted to restart my practice for so long. But life gets in the way of getting to had this app for years. Love it!regular Vinyasa classes. Pocket Yoga made it possible to build up my practice again. Fabulous!

The best yoga app period. I love my own music - and I don’t like a lot of talk. I also prefer repetition and knowing what pose is coming next because that’s how I gauge improvement over time. I LOVE pocket yoga. It has got me back into a consistent yoga practice and I feel great!

Needs improvement for watch. It needs to be compatible for the new watch iOS. It is buggy and unresponsive at times and there needs to be haptics so you know when to move to new position or when session is done. There should also be an option to slow down sessions for beginners. It’s still an awesome iPhone yoga app, but doesn’t interface well with the watch.

Excelllent for newbs. I love this app so much! The instruction is fantastic. The beginner level describes specific movements to attain and hold poses in proper alignment. It’s easy to build from there to more challenging poses. Desert 45 min for beginners is my jam right now, but I recommend starting with beginner sun salutation. I can increase the practice time which then adds new poses (always with proper pose instruction) so I’m never bored. Highly recommend for home yoga funtimes.

No monthly charge!!!. This makes learning yoga very do-able. I have my little yoga space downstairs and I put my phone in my pocket and my earbuds where they go and clumsily move my 62 year old body through the beginner level practices. I can do this! Nothing is annoying about the app, considering the low, one time cost.

Outstanding!. I was never a huge yoga fan... but this app is fantastic and I’m becoming addicted. It’s amazing how much the app offers for the price. I am quickly seeing progress and they offer multiple skill levels so I can continue to progress. As a software developer, I appreciate the apps simplicity and ease of use. Truly a great app. Bravo!

Really great but somewhat difficult. This program definitely leans on the more intermediate side. The very first level 1 incorporated a head stand and crow position. I did my best to follow along but it’s definitely NOT for beginners. Also, there doesn’t seem to be as many types of flows as it advertised. You have to “earn points” in order to access other levels. I paid for a yoga app, not a video game

Great for all stages!. Hey yogi! Even if you’re a beginner, this app will help you stay on top of your practices if you can’t make it to a lesson or the gym. The voiceover is easy to understand and you have the ability to pair it with your music! There are some poses that I can’t do in the expert level and I’m looking forward to building up my strength and mental capacity. Best of luck!

Great for yogi's that already have some knowledge. Like a lot of reviews, this app isn't the greatest for beginners (not having in depth info on the poses), but if you've takin some classes where poses are explained in classes and you get corrected on bad posture on poses, this is a great alternative if you can't make it to class or have a season where you can only do it home.

Years of use. I got this app years ago when Starbucks pushed it and its been a reliable yoga workout for when I’m traveling. It works flawlesly and has variable time settings so I can do 15, 30, 45 or 60 min depending on my needs. Also a beg, int, and hard setting. Not sure how it monetizes because there are no commercials and it’s free but I am a faithful user.

So so. First I was disappointed that the app does not run stand alone in the Apple Watch, it only shows your progress, you must use your phone. Also there’s a problem recording workouts to the activity app. Some days no workouts will appear other days it shows as many as 6 when I’ve only done one. That said it’s easy to follow and there’s no pricey subscriptions like most of the other apps. I wish there were more workouts but for the price I can’t complain about that.

Good alternative 😉. This is a good work out alternative to use at home or on vacay as I have experienced. If you need a good workout on the road traveling all you need is the app and bit of space! Then bingo your rejuvenated, limber and even lets you know estimates on calories burned. Used this app on the lanai on a Hawaii vacay almost every morn to get our adventures started!! I like this app...👍

I’ve been using this app for over four years. I have used this app for over four years and it’s a fantastic app. I love the customizability of the workouts (especially if you have the companion app) and they regularly update it as needed. Choose this app for an Apple health app compatible yoga app

Never done yoga...way to inflexible...but. This app has encouraged me to try. I’m on day two and I did the sun thing yesterday on beginner 3 times. Done it twice today. I had back surgery when I was 14 and have struggled with episodes of pain, so I’m hoping this strengthening will help. Unfortunately, my hamstring are very tight...goes back to the original injury...so I do my best. May be wrong, but it feels good to stretch in these dynamic ways.

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• 10 additional poses • Improved Accounts: Better account management with ability to delete accounts and enhanced security. • Technical fixes NEW POSES ADDED 1) One Legged Crane II 2) Side Supported Headstand with Lotus Legs 3) Side One Legged Supported Headstand 4) Bound Lizard 5) Crescent Lunge on the Knee with Triceps Stretch 6) Crescent Lunge with Triceps Stretch 7) Side One Legged Shoulder Stand 8) Side Shoulder Stand 9) Supine Straddle 10) Supine Foot to Head If you’re enjoying Pocket Yoga, please leave us a review or rating in the App Store. It really helps us. Namaste!

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