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What is home workout - no equipments app? Home Workouts provides daily workout routines for all your main muscle groups. In just a few minutes a day, you can build muscles and keep fitness at home without having to go to the gym. No equipment or coach needed, all exercises can be performed with just your body weight.

The app has workouts for your abs, chest, legs, arms and butt as well as full body workouts. All the workouts are designed by experts. None of them need equipment, so there's no need to go to the gym. Even though it just takes a few minutes a day, it can effectively tone your muscles and help you get six pack abs at home.

The warm-up and stretching routines are designed to make sure you exercise in a scientific way. With animations and video guidance for each exercise, you can make sure you use the right form during each exercise.

It’s more than just a personal trainer. Stick with our home workouts, and you will notice a change in your body in just a few short weeks.

*On "Me" page, turn on the "Apple Health" switch to sync the information of your height, weight, calories to Apple Health
*No surprise and hidden charges
*Warm-up and stretching routines
*Records training progress automatically
*The chart tracks your weight trends
*Customize your workout reminders
*Detailed video and animation guides
*Lose weight with a personal trainer
*Share with your friends on social media

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Subscription Terms and Details
- Get unlimited access to all features for USD $39.99/year.
- The payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.
- The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
- Subscription may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to Account Settings after purchase.
- The account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.
- Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication.

Privacy Policy: https://period-calendar.com/ios_privacypolicy.html
Terms of Use: https://pay.period-calendar.com/app/home2.html

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App Name Home Workout - No Equipments
Category Health & Fitness
Updated 26 May 2023, Friday
File Size 399.11 MB

Home Workout - No Equipments Comments & Reviews 2023

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Great for me. I absolutely enjoy this app. Like many others I’ve had to deal with some unforeseen medical issues that has required me to find alternative or specifically modified exercises and plans to stay fit. These exercises are simple but effective and can target specific areas of the body associated with major or minor muscles and joints. By simply adjusting your body movements or angles, one can target specific wares they need particular attention on. You can also relieve associated stressors on specified limbs by adjusting your body’s angles or frequency and intensity. The program is great for me and I look forward to using it every day.

Wow, pleasantly surprised.. I never leave reviews, but feel compelled to for this one. I am shocked out how well the app works. The movements are not complicated, but I am more sore after 2 days than when I used to workout with weights. I absolutely love that they pace you, they keep track of what you’ve done and the programs have been great at getting me the most well rounded workout I’ve ever had. You can add dumbbells if you want more resistance. I was super skeptical, but tried the free workouts first, which are great in themselves. But I wanted to support this developer and open up a huge number of additional exercises. You will not regret trying this if you truly give it a shot.

This app is a masterpiece and a game changer.. I have a high metabolism and this app’s workouts work great for lean mass gain. The workouts are easy and don’t take up to much time. Depending on how you set up your regimen it can take 5-25 minutes. I do separate workouts everyday of the week and at the end of the month I do a whole weeks worth of a monthly challenge as a benchmark. I usually continue to lose wait when I work out. But this app is great for losing weight and also cutting and bulking. I don’t know if this app has a dietary area but I believe that a dietary area based on body weight and BMI index would be a great addition to this app. It would be great for people like me who are trying to put on some healthy pounds, but also great for people who are just trying to get in shape. I would like to thank the app developers for this masterpiece and I would also like to ask if you would keep this idea in mind. Take care of yourselves. I’m going to be a long time user of this app. It’s a real game changer.

Amazing workout app!. I've been wanting to workout for a while now, and this app has been popping up everywhere. I wanted to see what it was like, so I bought the app. It's one of the best workout apps I've ever had! There are many workouts to choose from like abs, back and shoulders, arms, and many more. Even after a few days, I feel much stronger. I'd recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a start to working out. The many plans make working out easy and efficient to track. I give it a 5 out of 5!

More Options and Alternative Workouts. I love the app. I use the app everyday to get a good workout to stay fit during quarantine. I just wished that for some workouts there were alternative workouts or options not to do them when they set up my daily workout routine. For example, there are workouts where you need a bench which I do not have so I dont end up doing the workout which makes me unsatisfied. Also the app could add a more in depth analysis of what workouts are good for each body type and how much calories each workout burns. That would help alot.

Easiest Home Workout App EVER!!!. I recently just started my weigh loss journey for 2021 when I found this app. I was never a gym person before this year and had a ton of anxiety going to the gym because I had no clue what I was doing. This app is helping me build my confidence and my muscles with exercising and Ive lost 5 pounds so far! It’s not much but a start. The app also gives you helpful tips about exercises as well as a section to tracker your weight, water, and steps. I wish there was a 10 star option. Seriously. It’s free unless you want to pay the premium. but you don’t have to. GET THIS APP!!!

Really liking it. So far I'm really liking this app. I needed more consistency in my fitness since getting injured years ago and not ever finding the rhythm again. This app really helps with that. Great UI/UX overall which makes it pleasing and simple to use. Only thing I find confusing is the "classic" tab on the main screen. What exactly is that? I'm wondering if that's the main content for a non-premium user? But it seems like that could be modified or improved for paying users to make the distinction between your curated plan and "other" content.

Gym at home. Downloaded the app for a second time and was pleasantly surprised at the updated version. You begin choosing your goal (fat burning, toned body or muscle building) and then can either follow their 30 day custom made routines or choose the separate ones available for download. The yearly subscription is less than the price of a monthly gym fee. Every exercise has a video and a audio recording guiding us through each step, ideal posture and proper breath work. All you’ll end up needing is a workout mat and discipline. Congrats on the updated version! I can notice a change in stamina and muscle strength just after a week of working out.

Great free workout app. What I like about this app is how, yes, the premium option is there, but you really don’t need it to get some decent workouts in. The 4x7 challenge is good at breaking a sweat, and the fact that you can scale up between intermediate up to advanced allows a lot of flexibility. The premium option lets you get more specialized workouts, for essentially the price of a gym membership. I haven’t sprung for it yet, but we’ll see after a month or two of using the free version. Also, ads only pop up after you have completed a workout, which prevents it from interrupting your flow. All-in-all, it’s a well-designed, interactive and very good app for the home exercise enthusiast. Highly recommend!

Great workout app!. I an athletic 13 year old that plays football and wrestles and I was trying to start working out regularly but couldn’t really get a good schedule. This app simply gives me the motivation to workout everyday because it makes it so easy. Further I saw results within weeks: six pack, bigger chest and arms, and felt my fitness improve significantly. I used to run an 8 minute mile but now I can get a good 6:10. Overall great app and this is all without the pro access(sorry developers).

Great workouts, bad software. This app has a great variety of workouts to make your entire body sculpted nicely. I wish there a just a few more free options available for specific goals, but I guess that can’t be helped. Nonetheless this app would be 5 star quality if the software programming were a little more encompassing. I use the app on my iPad, and it had this frustrating glitch where the exit button for an ad isn’t always visible. Plus the main screen gets cut off everyone I use it and limits me to the same size as if I were on my phone. Great app, but still lots of room for improvements!

Better than You Think!. I tried this app on the recommendation of a physician who also happens to be a triathlete and Veteran of three armed forces (Navy, Army, and Air Force). I'm a Soldier myself - also a prior service Marine - and am in decent shape, so I was naturally skeptical about what an app could really do for me. However, I was looking for something I could do with no equipment while traveling, and the doc said it was great so I gave it a shot. Well, let me say I came away both humbled and impressed! I signed up for three different workouts simultaneously. They are deceptively simple, but deliver big results! Highly recommend this no-nonsense app! In addition to the workouts, it features great tools to track your progress. Five stars, easily!

Home Workout App HONEST Review. I think that over corona many of us have eased off on working out a little. So I decided by summer of 2021 I want to make progress of getting abs back. Body positivity is so important and I started this app a few months back and have already made a bunch of progress. When you download the app you will be asked to answer a series of questions so that you can get the best workout programs made for you! This app really works and you can set times to do exercises and the app will remind you! I love this app and it’s truly helped me SO much!

Amazing App!. I love the app, it was great to use, and didn’t take too much time. I loved not having to go to the gym to do workouts, and I loved having a specified amount of what I was supposed to do. One recommendation I would have is maybe not having the subscription thing when you download the app, because I almost deleted it when I got it because I couldn’t see the x. I’d like for more people to know about the report tab. It keeps you accountable for being inconsistent, so it keeps you on a better schedule. Overall, I would recommend this app to anyone who is trying to start their workout journey from home.

It’s the single best calisthenics workout app.. I don’t usually post reviews but this app had me. I have come to fall in love with this app. The UI is simple and clean. It’s incredibly easy to access everything. They perfected the workouts. It only takes 5-15min daily to get into shape. The have challenges that you can also compete in. The ads are actually smartly placed and most of the time aren’t getting in the way. There are only a few times the ads pop up but it’s still that much of an inconvenience. There is an ad button you can press, if you want to support them in making money. Throwing an idea out there: You should make a reward for a certain amount of times the user taps the button. For example, I hit the button a 50 times or whatever, I get a secret workout. In summary, if you don’t have any weights or don’t want to buy a membership to the gym, this is absolutely wonderful replacement.

Amazing. Guys I just want you to know I’m 18 I’ve been fat for most of my life I was over 260 pounds when I started using this 1 month ago but just today I completed a beginner an workout without pausing or quitting for 30 mins and let me tell you I’m sweating and I’m tired but the feeling I have right now is so amazing I’ve never been so proud of myself like I said I was over 260 when I started I’m 218 now and I’m still working but I just wanna tell you guys if you’re using this and you get tired pls don’t give up and if you do give up keep on coming back and getting better because you won’t understand the feeling I’m describing until you achieve it yourself just pls never give up and I also just want to thank the creators y’all have truly changed my life and my attitude so thank y’all so much I hope you guys see this

😌🔥. I don’t usually leave reviews, but I just had to for this app, This app is great because all you really have to do is try your best, you don’t need to get the exercises perfectly right, all you have to do is try your best, and you will be motivated and see results in a couple of days, I used to me a chunky dude but this app changed my life I weighed 198 lbs but I’ve changed ever since I started using this app! It’s fun to use it’s like playing a video game! I weighed 198 now I weigh 215 lbs but don’t worry 😉 the extra pounds are just pounds of muscle I’m a training couch now in Utah and I’m a really fit girl now

Workouts are great amazing gains but.... Hi I’m a 15 year old kid. In the summer of 8th grade I did 0 push-ups on my test and my uncle told me to do some push-ups. Till then I never really did any until I realized that I had to improve. I found this app last year and it helped me a lot. It’s a real fat burner. Idk how but the ai was correcting all my mistakes as I was doing them. It’s like it was watching me. I love this app but sometimes when the workout happens and it goes into rest the same workout I just did shows up as something else but the name changed. Now I can do 20 but I stopped in the middle. Also this is the workout I used to do. I started off with the 30 day plan. Each exercise it showed I did the same one separately. For ex: on arm in 30 day workout, I did intermediate arm and so on. So for each day I did the same part twice.

Was skeptical but it turned out well!. As a 43-year-old man, I’ve been working out for years pretty religiously. I generally go to the gym in the morning then practice some for of martial arts at night (currently Capoeira). I generally stay in good shape and in good health. I was feeling like I was in a rut at the gym, so was looking for something different. I gave this app a shot and at the beginning it was soooo easy. I kept with it and after a week or two of adjusting the difficulty, I found a sweet spot. It kinda reminds me of P90x in the way that it’s mostly body weight exercises, which is what I was looking for as a relief from heavy weights. I have to say, I lost a little body mass but I feel toner. My wife told me she prefers my body to this way than the bulk of heavy weights. For Capoeira, I prefer it too as it has helped me with upper weight balance and I feel that I move a little better. The only negative is that my wrists are taking a little more of a beating because there are a lot of push up variations. I think they will get stronger but in the meantime, there is some stiffness and some soreness. I just upgraded to the pro after a month and a half with the basic so we will see how it goes.

Good app for the majority of the population. Some things I appreciated about the app were the options to choose the difficulty level and what area I wanted to focus on for my body. I liked how instructions for the exercises were provided and every exercise was timed. As an athlete, I don’t think that this would give the level of difficulty I would need to really reach my ideal HR and challenge myself with every workout. In the long run, I could see myself losing interest because of the relatively small volume of workouts available. I do realize that there also might be more options that come with a subscription. A suggestion I would make is to increase the intensity by requiring more reps or longer durations of exercises as the user improves.

Was Great for so Long...... I used to love this app, as it used to give the best workouts for me out of any workout app and it also had the capability of altering the listed workouts to my own workout plans. However, recently this app had a glitch on both my ipad and iphone. When I customized a workout and saved it, the app changed some of the other unrelated workouts to have the same plan. For example, when I edited a leg workout, it changed an arm workout and an abs workout to have the same exact exercises for some reason, causing me to lose my past data from customizing those workouts. If this issue is fixed, I would defnitely change this review to five stars because I loved this app. Nonetheless, as long as this glitch is present, I will not be able to enjoy this wonderful app on my devices anymore.

Best app I’ve used. Really good app. I love the workouts and they work great. I started at “beginner” and in 5 months I’m already doing incredibly tough, “advanced” workouts. One bug I have noticed is that whenever I finish a workout, it takes me to the report page. From there, If I click to go to the training page, the workout I just finished wants me to keep working even though all of the workout bars are blue. If I click the “play” button, then the workout has me do the last stretch in the workout and says I completed another workout and documents it on my report page again. In the end, it says I’ve done two workouts for one day when really all I did was one. Besides this minor bug, it is the best app I have used for home workouts!

Downloaded today for the 7 day trial. I just downloaded this app to try it out since it had great reviews. However I cannot find a way to unsubscribe anywhere inside the app or on the developer website. Now I’m afraid I’m going to be charged wether I like the app or not.... I will update if I can find an option to unsubscribe. Update: I had open the app and it asked for a review and I clicked 1 star and one of options said something about technical support and I was able to send an email to their support team. In the meantime I got an email from apple the next day to confirm my subscription. I clicked on the link and was able to unsubscribe. About 24 hours after the email to support I got a response back with instructions on how to unsubscribe. The instructions didn’t work for my version of iOS. Thankfully I was able to use the apple email link. I still think they should have the option built into the app and they may have added it with the newest update. I will give it a 4 instead of a 1. I cannot speak to the app because I never got to use it during the trail period.

Awesome app! Intuitive and very customizable. I’m 14 years old (a guy) 5’7” and 115lbs so didn’t really get this app to lose weight. Mostly to build muscle and get toned up. You know, for various reasons. Even though I just got it today I worked out for over an hour with it and I really enjoyed it. It’s very easy to set up and the workouts are not complicated. (I started with beginner) there’s a voice that you can change that guides you along while working out. I like that there’s no equipment too. And anything that’s too hard for you or to strenuous you can easily just press skip, and there are plenty breaks that can be extended or skipped. And you can do all of this for free. But there is an option to get a membership which I think is pointless because you can do so much without it. And it’s $40/month. I mean if your an adult that works that might not be bad but for a 14 year old that’s a little much. Anyways great app, it absolutely deserves the five stars that I have given it. And I hope this was helpful . And I just want to say that even though there are adults pictures on the app all ages can use it.

Was new to at home exercise. So glad I chose this app.. I used to be an athlete before I went to college, and was fairly sedentary during college and throughout Covid. Shortly after I knew I needed a change. I found this app thinking it couldn’t hurt to try and am pleased to say that if you just stick with it, even on the easy plans at the easy levels (that’s what I did) you will see the results you’re looking for. It’s all about consistency. 30 minutes a day, often times less. You can choose the intensity and after hard workouts you can let the app know it was too difficult and it will adjust the plan going forward to reflect that. Sticking with this app forever. Just bought the full version. Not a paid review - just a good product and a satisfied customer.

Not able to cancel membership. There is no where in the app to cancel before the 7 day trial ends. You have to allow them to have access to charge your account before you can open the app. Update: I found where to cancel the subscription. You have to open the App Store and go to your profile. You will see an option to see subscriptions, there you will find Home Workout App and you can unsubscribe there or choose a different subscription price. This is probably common knowledge but unfortunately I don’t subscribe to any apps and took a while to find.

Easy to work out consistently with this app. I’ve been using this for 3 days now and I have worked out consistently ever since downloading the app. I had been feeling extremely tired, lazy and unmotivated from being inactive as I am usually a very active person but since it’s winter and I sit down all day at work I had been very immobile. The day I did my first workout I felt amazing and it is so easy to keep doing the workouts because they’re short and require nothing except what you have in your house. I couldn’t find a dumbbell so I just used a can of peaches. I can’t wait to keep using and to feel better. Working out is about how my body feels not necessarily how I look. Thanks for an amazing app.

MUST TRY. I used the app “Home Workout - No Equipment”, in my opinion this app is so amazing and i'm surprised more people don't know about it! It was very straightforward to use. I liked how there was an optional trainer voice with tips and a verbal timer. I like how for every single workout move there wasa link to a long description of describing the move and also a linked video as well. I like the custom timing and custom areas you can workout to. I love the ability to track your daily usage, weight loss, and overall health. I did not like all the ads that were placed on the app, but the app was excellent. To make this app better I recommend making the trainers voice not as annoying and monotoned and of course less ads if any at all. This app is wonderful and I think everyone should give it a shot!

Amazing !. I love this app it’s the best app for work outs there is it gives u different stages for every group of muscles. Gives u detailed explanations tell you what they do gives you track of your calories tells you how good is your weight to your height! Gives you videos of other people doing it and 2d animations and if you wanna pay 40 dollars per year it will also give u suggestions on how to lose weight diet and even something like how to get rid of man Boobs I used this app for a week and already can see some results this app is TRULLY amazing I recommend it to everyone who is determined to lose weight or go into shape

Overall it’s a great app. This app is great in a few days I was already seeing results. There are many workout plans and you can customize them to fit you best. I personally enjoy how this app has you set a goal for steps, and drinking water. I was not very healthy with drinking water and so this app has me drinking 6 cups a day. Although there is only one thing I have not bought a plan for this app and there aren’t to many options for people who don’t but this app. Maybe if you added some other plans into the free set that’d be amazing. If you don’t there are still a decent amount of free workouts. Thank you to the creators of this app I really appreciate it.

Great for teens!. I’m 15 and a Second Class Assistant Patrol Leader (APL) in Scouts. I downloaded this app because I wasn’t able to keep a steady workouts for rank requirements, and I’m loving it! It has step by step instructions on the different workouts and how to do them. I personally don’t have the membership, but even still this app made it to where I enjoy working out again. It will ask if you have equipment or not, so if you don’t have a bench press( like me ), or any other expensive equipment than it’s not a big deal and will give you different workouts. Plus most of the app is offline which definitely helps with dudes like me that lives in a place with mediocre phone service. I 100% highly recommend this app to ANYONE wanting to start, continue or spice up their workouts.

Deceptive UI tricks you into purchasing before trial. TLDR; I wanted to try the premium trial period but ended up charged twice due to a deceptive user interface. I wanted to make use of the 7-day trial and click on the “trial” checkbox that shows under the pop-up to purchase a subscription. I continued with purchasing the annual premium subscription as that was the only available navigation (besides cancelling out of the process). I was immediately charged the $59 and my subscription didn’t show the free trial. In the App Store I edited and switched to the “Annual (free trial)” subscription, and I was immediately charged a second time. Both charges are pending and I’m hoping only one goes through. Looks like I won’t get my trial period regardless. NOTE: There’s only 1 subscription option available in the app pop-up ($59/year). There are monthly options and a $19 annual option available through the App Store, but I was only able to access that screen after making the in-app purchase. So other subscription are only available after your first year, is my guess.

Changed my life. This app did more to me than 5 years of going back and forth to the gym. The fact that I can do it at home while watching TV kept me motivated. I was never able to transform my body at the gym because I was going only 2 to 3 times a week for several month and then stopping for few month. Now I always do my daily 30 min workout for free and with no equipment. And the result is there! Only 3 month and all my family and friends kept telling me how much more muscle I was when I put on my swimming suit!! I feel more confident now and will sure continue!

Amazing. Everything is easy to follow, it’s not to hard, it gives you your BMI, so you can work at getting better. This app makes it really easy to pick your workout, it tells you what is in every level of the muscles your going to use. The navigation is really good, super easy to find what you are looking for. If something is to hard for you, you can skip it and try it again later. It tracks your workouts, and tells you when you worked on one thing last. This app is very useful it makes working out easy and fun. There are very few adds, and they don’t pop up during the workout. This is my first ever review posted, and I am glad I did, because this app is amazing.

Best app i have ever will ever invest in. I love this app more than anything I recommend it to everyone an anyone I’m get nothing from saying how amazing this app is other than telling you it has changed my life I’m a mom of two in 7 months I went from 280 to 240 an that was with very little diet chance an 3 15min work out a week. It’s so amazing me an my fiancé both invested in the premium version for each of our phones. Speacily if you need a personal coach or just don’t want to leave your home this is for you. It walks you through it shows you encourages you I’m taking one a week photos as I go on this life style change this app is givin me hope to be a better me not just for me but as an example for my kids an my 7 year old loves to join it it is the best. Thank you so much to whom ever made this!

Great for Busy Moms!. I’m not a bodybuilder, I’m a stay at home mom with 3 kids. My infant is heavy for their age, and I noticed that carrying them around all day was killing my back! So I downloaded Home Workouts and did the beginner back/shoulders routines for a short amount of time. I saw results so much faster than I expected! I swear within a week, my back was no longer hurting and it took longer before my arms “gave out” while holding my baby. I loved that I could effectively exercise within 10-15 minutes and without equipment (other than a mat). So, so easy to fit into my day. These results happened when did a free premium trial of Home Workouts earlier this year. Even with the results and how much i enjoyed the workouts, I wasn’t sure I wanted to pay for an exercise app. I thought I could find something better for free, or that I could just do things I had learned from the app from memory. Long story short, I was wrong and I have barely exercised since deleting the app a few months ago. I re-downloaded yesterday and I am so excited to be working out again!

Best Workouts Ever!!!. If you want to get fit this is the thing for you! One of my favorite things about this app is that you set a goal of what your body shape is and what you want to be, and how long you want it to take. Then the app personally finds workouts that you might like. Another one of my favorite things I like about this app is that at the end of each workout you do some great stretches to relax your tired muscles. The only thing I would say would make this app better would be to have it connected to your smart watch so it can record your workout. Enjoy!

Best workout app I could find! Not sexist unlike others. I’m female and in my experience, female workouts tend be focused on weight loss rather than muscle development. They also don’t dummy down strength workouts if you select female rather than male. I checked the same Advanced Arm workout in male and female, and they are exactly alike. Also, they have a customized workout option that I LOVEEE! There IS a subscription, but you don’t need it to get a great experience (I personally just look at what will be done in the workout and do it without a guide.) Tysm for this great app!!

Tells you exactly what to do. Some thing I have really struggled with regarding other home work out/fitness apps is finding a sense of direction; a lot of them are great at tracking your progress, or helping you build a routine, but I was looking for an app that actually gave you a routine of exercises broken out day by day and did all of the thinking for you. This is exactly that! I’m a beginner with no gym membership no real understanding of proper strategy, and this is perfect — it shows you exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it, and offers courses, schedules, and trackers. I’m only on the free version at the moment as well. Would highly recommend. Also I was concerned this app might not be super legit (looks kind of click-bait ridden) but it is in fact legit and helpful.

I’m a pretty skinny teen. Hi I am a pretty skinny 16 year old male. I’m doing the “massive upper body” 4 week plan. It is at an advanced level, but I am not at an advanced level. Sure I do active things, and try to get exercise in, but I’ve only actually made a workout plan and tried to commit to everyday 1 other time. The plan is hard, but I’m getting through it. Is this good or bad for me? Should I continue to do it? The description makes it sound like you’ll get abs by the end of the plan, I know that’s exaggerated, but what actually is the effectiveness of this plan for someone like me? Thanks!

Good App, has some flaws. I really like this app. I’ve been using it for almost a year now, following the workouts as directed and I’ve noticed a lot of changes. I started out 190 pounds and I lost about 10 pounds of fat after a month. I was never overweight to begin with, but I shed pounds quickly in the beginning. Now over a year later I’ve been putting on lots of muscle weight, and weigh 210 pounds now. The problem I have with the app is, is that it’s telling me that I’m at an unhealthy weight now. The BMI calculation has my BMI at almost 26, which is technically unhealthy, but I’ve never been more fit in my life. I wish there was a feature to get rid of the BMI scale as it’s kind of unhelpful now, and isn't a great metric for people putting on muscle.

Get this app. I really liked this app and it helped gain strength. One of my favorite things about the app is how much you can personalize it. The workouts where just the right difficulties and if they where too difficult the app would change your workout plan to make it easier and same thing if the workouts where too easy. Although there are a lot of benefits to the app, I have been noticing that it has stop notifying me when it is the time I set it to notify me. Even after this one negative thing I still think the app deserves a 5 star rating and I highly recommend it.

Amazing app!. The workouts are genuinely challenging and truly require NO equipment so you don’t need to spend any money, The user interface is super friendly, and the Me page is great for keeping track of workouts, calories, water intake, and more. I love that all of those features are available for free! I will switch to the paid version after a few months so I’m in good enough shape to do the more advanced workouts. For now the beginner workouts are great for me! I love this app. On a side note, I would love to see a meal planner either incorporated into this app or even another app from the same company for meal planning to help me stay on track with eating, but that would just be a big bonus. This app is already great for what it’s meant for. Working out!

I like the app but I don’t have enough money for any of the plans. Hi, I’d like to say I really love this app so far but I was wondering if I could maybe be able to do it for free because I’m only 14 and don’t have enough money for any of the plans and I really like the workouts but most of them cost money sadly. So maybe could you allow me to do it for free ? I just really want to reach my desired goal in working out and staying fit throughout the week, months, years,etc. But overall, I do really like the is app and I’d like to do some of the exercises that require a plan please if that’s okay

Great overall, few small things could be improved. Love this overall. Makes it easy to get in a quick workout with minimal downtime. Would like to see an option to always exclude certain exercises, vs having to replace them each time (eg exclude sit-ups from future workouts). Would also like to see an option where checkmark to finish an exercise had a small - and + on either side so you could quickly indicate if that particular set was too easy or hard vs an overall routine rating at the end of the workout. Sometimes within a workout some sets are just right, some way too easy, some a challenge.

Excellent Fitness Program and Coach. I've been using the app for 3 weeks. Needed a good body weight plan after coming back from injuries. I currently do 45 minutes on the elliptical, then some mobility exercises (google,limber eleven by DeFranco) and then the fully body and lower body program in succession. The full body doesn't really hit the legs enough. Both programs take about 25 minutes total. I like the app since the programs are laid out intelligently with programmed rest and you get some coaching tips/reminders. Also you can edit the plans if you want to change the order, rep count or even exercise. Well worth the $3. I've already submitted 2 requests. 1.) Program needs to pause when a call comes in. It will pause if you hit the home button but it should auto-pause on incoming calls. 2.) Create your own personal program. Yes, you can edit existing ones for your own but I want to keep those. Both of these should be fairly easy to implement.

Amazing app. Honestly I really wish I could do a before and after picture with this review. I have been working out with this app for a little over a month now and haven’t paid a single dollar just been using the free resources they provided and the amount of change I’ve gonna through with just using this app is indescribable! I’m one of those people who need a routine to keep motivated with working out and if the free resources done this for me best believe I’m going to be a long time user and start paying for the premium which I may add is super affordable! I made more progress with this app in a little more than a month than I ever had at any gym membership I ever had!

Solid Home Workout App. This app is great for working out at home with no equipment or with just a few dumbbells. The video clips and instructions make it easy to learn the moves correctly, and the difficulty is easily adjustable to match any skill level. There are programs and exercises to effectively work your entire body on any difficulty level at home or on the go. I subscribed after the free trial and, combined with a healthy diet, gained several pounds of muscle following a 30-day workout program on this app without any equipment. If you don’t have gym access or equipment, this app is a great alternative.

Confusing options and settings. Used this app for about a week but I find it a little bit confusing on how to use it. There are three options at the bottom, classic Discover, and personal which I feel that they all offer the same choices and it’s not clear which one I should use. Then when you go into the settings there are things like a training rest seconds and countdown timer seconds and I could really not find a relationship with the real time. First one is set to 17 and the second one to 10 it should be 27 second between exercises but sometimes it’s much less is some time is much more. I do like the visualization for the exercises though.

Better than I expected tbh. So, Ima go into a lil anecdote to give context: I used to play basketball for my high school, and as a result of me not playing daily anymore, I have grown somewhat out of shape. I was always skeptical of workout apps like this as I felt they wouldn’t give me a good workout. I started using this app, and the exercises are some that I wouldn’t have ever thought to do, despite being calisthenics, they worked me out enough to feel more fit. It’s not an app I’d use as a replacement for going to the gym, but it is a good way to stay in shape. Most of the workouts are pretty short but they work you (if you chose it to). You can also choose a lighter workout that suits you too. Overall, it’s a simple app that surprisingly will get you back in shape, couple it with some running and you’ll be good.

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Great. Absolutely great, only thing is i have recently had a surgery on my knee so i can’t do some things like mountain climber and things, i know this is a high expectation, but maybe have an option so i can write that and imprevise? Anyway, absolutely brilliant app

workout time. I absolutely love this wonderful app guess what it only took me a week to lose 10 kg. This is the best workout app I have ever been on I have tried so many apps to try and lose weight but none of them worked except for this app I wouldn’t want any other workout app on my phone

Best home workout app. It’s really effective when done consistently. I noticed a change on my body now since I used this the last month. Thank you!

WORTH IT✨✨🖤✨✨. As soon as I got this app I thought I would regret it but I was wrong. This app has made me so happy and made a improvement. This is all I needed thanks ✨✨❤️❤️👏👏👏👏👏

Perfect!. I have easily lost weight on this app I love it and it’s so easy and convenient! The best part is it’s free, of course like any other app you can also get a membership however you can still work out and lose weight for free on this one!! It’s perfect for anybody he doesn’t have much time to lose weight because they’re on a busy schedule since the exercises range from up to 30 minutes to 10 minutes. I would 100% recommend

One thing…. In my opinion I really like this app, It tells you everything you need to know it needs a lot of information to push your body all the way but their was one thing I didn’t know. That it wasn’t free so I did that long intro for basically no reason which was a shame cause this app looks really good. It was a shame also because I’m trying to find a free app. Anyways app was really helpful🙌🤙 Sincerely, Jackson

Amazing. I have just downloaded the app, it has a range of different workouts that include, arms, legs, abs, etc. I’m really excited to start using this app. It’s for all ages, it includes things like morning stretches, pain relief in a specific part of the body and heaps more. I’m super impressed with it so far, and can’t wait to use it!! ❤️

Great App!!!. This is among the best exercising apps I’ve seen, especially having been free and continues by allowing the user to freely use the app without force subscription, they focus on different exercises for different parts of the body and even have detailed videos with explanations on how to perform each exercise.

Home workout app. This is a awesome way to work out for free!!! You can do your level and work up higher You can even schedule a lesson and your phone will give you a notification when it’s time. So i HIGHLY RECOMMEND this app

Amazing. I think this app is amazing. There are something’s you have to pay to access but it helped greatly to lose weight and gain muscle I have tried so many other apps that didn’t work but this did and Im going to continue to use this app

My favourite workout app!!!. This app is so useful for me rather if it’s free or the premium one! This company and app is my number one work out app and all the other apps that I try to workout with DONT give me any gain or the information I need to know. This app is truly amazing for me!

The best. Just wish you don’t have to pay for some things

Love the app but….. The apps really good and free ( I recommend it) but it needs to show you how to do the exercise. It has different sections of fitness levels

Home workouts. I think home workouts is an excellent app for people to have a healthier and stronger life. I used to never workout however now with home workouts I play sports, go for runs and workout 4 times a week.

Love the app. Due to a COVID lockdown, I was unable to go to the gym anymore and I thought I’d loose my progress. Then I gave this app a try and I think it’s awesome. It only takes about half an hour each day and feels great!!

Best free workout app I’ve used yet. Easy to use and well set out. I love the different levels and how it caters to everyone’s different abilities. I like how easy it is to understand how to get the best workouts and effective goal setting. I use it constantly, especially during COVID. My mother in law and I both love this apps Recommend 💪🏼

Absolutely Outstanding. i downloaded this app yesterday because lately i have been feeling really self conscious about my body, so i want to get into shape. I have only done three workouts and i feel like a whole new person, I feel stronger and am in a better mindset! i would definetly recommend this app to anyone struggling with body confidence issues. p.s as i am a teenage girl i can’t afford to pay for the full app, by making this app free it would really help me and others on their journey :)

Best workout app I use. This app is amazing they have a premium feature and a free version with all the exercises you need highly recommend it.

Really helped me. This app really made me fit in only a couple of days and I enjoy using it. So thank you 🥰🥰

Fantastic App. It’s a fantastic app! I needed a workout routine that would hold me accountable, be flexible with time, save travel time and costs, and still give my body the workout it needs. I’m in my last week of the full body challenge and have noticed the difference in my energy levels, my ‘get up and go’ mindset, my determination, how I perform my day in other tasks, and of course) the results. Where I find some of the movements too challenging for my level I try first and then adjust them to what I can do/ push myself to try. Highly recommend Home Workouts!!!

Amazing and FREEE. This app is amazing because a lot of reasons but why it helped me is because I was self conscious, I thought I was fat but this app showed me that not that many people can do what much as I can and I AM NOT FAT !D

I recommend this app. So I was trying to find a app to help me stay fit the other ones were pay to play but this one isent as much there are lots of workouts to do without paying but there is some you need to pay for that’s the only downside but other than that this is is recommended

This app has helped. I have always wanted to be an NBA player and well I needed to get in shape for that and I am already looking better in the first week download this app if you want to get in shape

Really helpful. I’m seeing improvements as I go, it’s easy enough that I can do it, because of its recommended challenges, and it’s free, I find it amazing that I can see improvements so soon into starting!

Good but not to good. A great app with multiple options that caters to people with experience and beginners. Quick and easy to sign u. p and customizes to suit you by asking for gender, weight and height. However, the app constantly pops us with multiple ads that can only go if you own a premium account. The premium account gives more access to better workouts and more variety but is expensive. There aren’t many options for free workouts. The animations and instructions are easy to follow and detailed.

A Template for Success. I’ve used a few apps over the years & all have instilled a level of discipline required in any workout app that you ultimately decide to commit to & be successful with. This workout app & its variety of programs covers an extraordinary range of endeavour & guides you, mindfully, through each exercise within each set & each group of exercises within each program regardless of your ability & fitness. The key to any fitness training is ‘self discipline & persistence’, nothing more & nothing less! You can be better than you think so I recommend you take up the challenge. I’ve traveled around the for 38 years in my occupation doing some kind of ‘in room’ exercise almost every day. This, to my mind, is one of the best!

Ok I wanna work out huh?. It’s good, it gets the job done and works well. Nothing better on the App Store, plus is free legit. So I guessssssss it’s a good workout app if your only at home tho

Great app!. It is nice I lost 15kg and now I’m happy and healthy. Although it was good it was annoying because I couldn’t change the time I needed to do it although apart from that it’s pretty good do recommend and it’s great!

Great. I’m a Teenager and have started doing this previously I was doing some basic pushups sit-ups and weight work but that’s it really I love this in general and can already feel the improvements

Jean Eric. This helps you build your muscle in whatever you want to build. If you want to build muscle or lose weight it helps a lot with that.

This is amazing. I use to be fat, but now I have a six pack and I’m only 10 years old everyone should try this

Incredible!. You must get this app! It will boost your mood and fitness. It is a great way to build muscle, lose weight and reach your personal goals!

Best workout app. This app is the best thing I have ever used in 11 weeks I lost 15kg . It monitors your water use and how much you eat with the click of a button

Great home workout app. This is the best home workout app I’ve ever used. Its helping me to achieve my dream fitness. I really recommend this app.

I love it. I used to use this but couldn't find it in the last couple years and absolutely still love this app! I highly recommend it!😃

AMAZING. I honestly would not be giving this a five star if I didn’t mean it but this app is the best in business at what it does. If you’re scrolling around trying to do some morning excercise this is it. Love the app y’all

The best work out ever. Everyone needs to get this fitness app soo badly because it makes u very fit, strong and healthy.

It was ok but amazing. This app was amazing but it would just never load I read all of the reviews and nothing but I am going to get a new iPad because I’m trying this on my phone and its not working so I’m gonna get a new iPad it’s coming in the mail very soon and hopefully it comes because I’m very excited to have this and I personally I really want to try it and it seems very cool Door these five star reviews and I feel like I could use it my parents could use it my little brother can use of my older siblings can use it yeah if be great great

Good!. I have just started using this and I guess its best for people like me who feel too bound to hit a gym and are more comfortable working out at home at their own pace!

Really solid. I mean you have to pay for more but to be real, the payment is unnecessary. I saw changes within a week and the free workouts are elite👍

LOVE IT. I got this app after finally finding something free and usable with my time schedule it works so well and suits the level i needed i originaly got this bc i didnt like the way my body looked and i wanted to tone up and it has perfect for (btw i am a 14 year old boy) love it and recommend to friends

I love it!. It’s been really good for me I’ve lost some weight with it and I’m actually very young I’m only 11 and it has worked for me I do 2 workouts on school days and 3/4 on the weekends and school holidays I highly recommend the app :)

Great app. This is a great app I’ve used it for a long time. The only issue I have is that it doesn’t sync to other devices properly. Other than that it’s an amazing app and would definitely recommend!

Absolutely amazing app. I always wanted to get in shape and always started to workout but not long after, I’d always give up. I downloaded a few apps so i could try and maintain a workout routine and out of the several apps I downloaded, this one was by far way better than any of the other apps! I haven’t had the app for too long and I’ve been doing the workouts daily and there’s already muscle growth and improvement that I’m really happy with! If you are interested in getting in shape or what not, I highly recommend this app! Not only does it give you a good routine to follow, it also has a wide range of workouts that isolate particular muscle groups! Overall 5/5 stars, best workout app I’ve ever used!

Comfortable to use app.. I used many apps for fitness and diet but this it the best app. Easy to start the programs and easy to keep up. Believe me “easy” is the best feature any one new to exercise wants and this app has that.

Highly recommend. I highly recommend this app when you open it up it takes you through a simple serve and will ask if you want to set a goal with your weight once your done with the serve it will ask if you want to go premium which gives you your own workout. I use basic and it still gives you workouts for abs, chest, arms, leg and shoulders & back. It also has different levels for you to try eg- beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Old lady. I’m in my 60’s, started doing the beginner challenge 6 days ago, some things beyond me but I adapt to my ability and give it ago, can feel the difference in energy levels and swear my flappy bits are decreasing. Also improving Mental health, much happier, sleeping better and more “ get up and go”. Now I have to address my diet.

This is so good if you say otherwise your stupid. This is a great workout it really is encouraging me to be fit strong and healthy this is wey better than the all the other apps I checked out.

MONEY REALLY!!. Read the reviews it looked to be amazing! The second i presses in it it says money, can’t i just get in better shape without money being involved. I just want to look at my body and like it and here this comes give us money. Can someone just not workout anymore? Please someone make an app that u don’t have to pay

Fantastic!. I’m not a bot and I can gladly say this app is amazing. I’ve never been so sore or puffed out from a workout before and I’m already seeing results! Would definitely give the app a go

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Can I use this on 2 devices? iPad & phone?. Recently purchased - still trying the app & the features (rated 4 for now - haven’t used it enough ) My question is I tried to also add to my iPad so I can have a bigger screen but it wants me to pay for another premium membership. Are we not able to use this on more then one device? I’m using my same account on both but don’t want to pay twice. Cell phone is a bit small when I’m in my home gym. Thx!

Meilleure appli d’entraînement à la maison. J’ai essayé plusieurs applications pour m’aider dans mon entraînement à la maison et celle-ci est de loin la meilleure!! - Entraînement personnalisé - Soutien durant tout le long de ton entraînement Vraiment à essayer!!

5👍. Cette application est vraiment bonne j’adore sa me motive et tu peut te muscler n’importe où malheureusement comme toute application tu peut avoir des récompenses en payant mais sa n’enlève pas tout son crédit c’est la meilleure application de muscu que je connaisse je vous la conseille fortement

Acompañamiento seguro. La app es ideal para las personas que por timidez o por motivación, prefieren hacer ejercicios solos en casa. Da buenas rutinas y acompañamiento para sentirse motivado 😉

Do not download.. The app and programs are mediocre at best, there is no real benefit to purchasing this service. Aside from that, their customer service is terrible. I cancelled my subscription shortly after purchasing and was still billed for the next cycle, I contacted the company, explained that I had cancelled weeks before, had deleted my account and the app and they just outright refused to refund the money stating that there is no record of the cancellation request even though just through the nature of the app they would definitely be able to see that the account was deleted and app was never accessed again after the date of cancellation. I highly advise staying away from this app

Great app. I downloaded a separate app that had a surprise payment. I was a little disappointed so I tried to find another one. I found this app and burned over 1000 calories on the first day. It is very user friendly and it was very easy for me to put together the perfect workout for my goals and body type. Overall great app and would definitely recommend!

Great. This app gives you lots of choices of workouts at home and no equipment required.i have been using it for a week and it has been very easy to work with.

💰. Not enough free workouts all the good stuff cost money !!! Still good though

Pourquoi cette application est formidable. Depuis que je l’ai je ressens un nouveau moi pas un je le reporterais à demain un je le fais ou je le fais jamais! J’adore cette nouvelle version. De nouveau défi et objectif s’offre à moi. J’ai même un le pouvoir de désinstaller des applications addictif qui me tirais vers le bas comme TikTok ou YouTube. Bref je vous remercie de votre excellent travail! ❤️

It helped. The thing I like is you can go into any body shape it’s just an amazing app

Meilleure application. L’application est gratuite il ne faut pas payer pour faire nos entraînement et en plus ça aide vraiment beaucoup pour si on veut se musclé.

Bon pour tous les âges!. En tant que jeune fille de 13 ans, je suis contente car cette application est adaptée a mon age et je suis devenu vraiment musclé en peu de temp

Home workout. I Was able to get bigger muscles from the training lessons just from at home. And it is a great app I would totally recommend.

Good Simple Workouts, Does Not Sync to Apple Health. The workouts are simple and quick, great for staying fit during lockdowns when gyms are closed. My only complaint is that the app doesn’t sync to Apple health despite enabling sync in the settings.

best weight loss app i’ve got yet.. i’m a 14 year old girl and my whole life i’ve been slightly overweight, i haven’t been able to find anything that works for me. i love eating but i don’t love the guilt afterwards, i found this app this morning and did the first couple workouts they assigned to me (without the premium membership) and god did it make me sweat like crazy. i burned 332 calories just from 22 minutes of working out with barely any breaks (i skipped the 30 sec breaks). i had to skip the pushups because i cannot do a pushup for the life of me, but it still worked, i could feel the muscles the workout was targeting. i’m sure i’ll be hurting in the morning but it’s worth it. if you’re looking for an app to help with weight loss definitely get this one.

Free. It is a great app but if it was free it would be a little bit better

Surprisingly good. Had zero expectations and figured for $50 why not try it since I’m in communist Canada and our gyms are shutdown it’s a great addition to dumbbell training

I had to try the paid version.. I used this app (the free version) for a long time, with a terrible consistency I would say. I started nagging about the ads after a while so I decided to prove myself that I’m serious about this. I ended up trying the paid version. So to summarize, be ready to; Work out 3 days a week, stick with one or two selected plans(you may switch between), try to lower the rest time between sets one second every few days. In a 3 months you will see and feel the difference. Like more control over the muscles you didn’t even know exist, or having more balance when your body is pushed to its limits. In last three months of trying so, I have lost fat and gain muscle (I’ve lost 13 pounds and feel like my muscle mass has grown, I can literally feel the muscle fibres I’ve developed when I do exercises I could not perform properly a few months back). Needless to say this is nothing without sticking to a proper diet, like a serious dedication to cooking all your meals according to the intake requirements, and learning how to enjoy eating that. Which is as hard as keeping up with these exercises. Eat right, follow 2 to 3 plans for a few months, sleep well, and you will be a better version of yourself. Kudos to the design & development team. (Please keep making this better, specially with showing the muscles involved for each exercise, and if there was a way to monitor if you’re performing them right). 👏🏻

It is paid however I recommend.. Their are a ton of things to do in this app. And it’s not confusing at all. Highly recommend the app. It is a paid subscription however it’s no more than a gym membership and it’s not overly expensive.

I have abs!!. I used to be 145 pounds now I’m 85 and have abs at 8

5 stars. Dude ez 5 stars this app has helped me and my friends so much thank you

Subscription cant be cancelled. How to cancel a subscription? There is no way within the app?

Contact. Can you please tell me how to contact you? I accidentally paid a premium membership about 10 minutes ago, is there a way I can take the money back?

Amazing. I love this app! I didn’t know any workouts till I downloaded this app! Thank you 💜amazing

Awesome. Really good app at a really good price

Great app. So bin using the app for about 1 week now and I have already seen progress in my body. Thanks for making a great app

Helped A LOT. It helped me time my workouts and made them challenging I would advise adding features like if you have a pull-up bar.

Yeah it’s nice but. It’s a decent app to use. But the thing is, at a certain point, the difficulty spikes up a lot. Some workouts they give you have exercises that depend on you having a lot of flexibility, furthermore these same exercises are very difficult to execute correctly, with the right posture and all. Granted, you have the ability to edit your workouts and replace exercises with others that fit the same category. Which brings me to the next point. This app encourages you to exercise everyday of the week, they don’t give you rest days at all, their 28x4 challenge is 28 workouts in 4 weeks, 1 each day. This is stupid!!! You need rest days or else your torn muscles won’t repair themselves and come back stronger!!! So there will be no gains if you follow exactly what they tell you to. Another thing, almost the entirety of people who will use this app will be beginners to exercising. That’s not so bad right? Well here’s the thing, when they open the app they put in their details and such, then they are asked what muscle group they want to work on. Once they choose they get their plan. But if you want to choose other ones you can’t, you can’t choose others. And if you want to, you have to wipe your data and start everything over, all the progress registered in the app will be gone and you’ll have to restart your entire program. One final thing, since this app will mostly be used by beginners, they will use this as their source of knowledge, their view of working out will be based off of their plan. The problem here is that the 28x4 program is a Bros split! The Bros Split is very inefficient and shouldn’t be put in practice. Instead you should practice a Push Pull Legs split. Why? Well in the Bros Split you have zero rest days, zero leg days and you work on one muscle group everyday. This means that you will exercise an upper body muscle group once per week. You don’t exercise your legs and you don’t get maximum gains due to lack of exposure. By which I mean you only exercise a particular muscle group once per week. But in the PPL split you practice push exercises, pushing exercises aren’t limited to a single muscle group it covers multiple muscle groups in a single session, then pull exercises which target all the muscles you exert when doing pulling motions and legs, which are pretty self explanatory. You do those exercises in order, push pull legs and then you have a rest day, then you repeat. This means you exercise multiple muscle groups TWICE per week. So for example, you’re on your push day, so you work your shoulders, triceps/arms and back, that’s 3-4 muscle groups in one day that you do twice a week instead of working on one muscle group individually each day. AND YOU DO IT TWICE!!! That’s why it’s bad to teach the beginners to do the Bros split instead of the PPL split. It’s a shame, there’s a lot of potential here. Hey this part here is an edit, firstly: thanks developers for listening to me and responding. Secondly I have some suggestions for you. It’d be amazing to be able to see the exercise example/model guy (the faceless guy who shows you how to do the exercise during your session) from different angles, like to be able to spin him around and see the exercise from different angles so that you have a better idea of where everything should be. And it’d be nice if the bug where if you leave during workout accidentally (say you turn off your phone or click out of the app) it resets the workout and you have to redo everything (or go back to where you were, but then your calories burned would show to be much lower and everything else). That’s about it, good luck.

Great app!. Lost tons of weight and still going!

Payment. Why do I have to pay for it some of us don’t have the money to spend it on that I thought it looked good and also liked the question they asked but the payment it’s just why tho

Not anaf thing to do on the app. The Hhh

Vrai. Pratique grasse à cette app j’ai perdu du kilo. Et j’ai gagné confiance en moi

Ressemble à plusieurs applications mais fait la job. Il y a beaucoup d’applications qui lui ressemblent et sont gratuites, mais j’aime beaucoup les petits plus qu’on a: voix, programme personnalisé et une game de programmes sympathiques

it took my money. This is a great app, but I only wanted the free trial!!! When I cancelled the trial, I STILL got charged!!! It took $14 from my App Store account. I’m kinda worried this will keep taking my money and developer please reply 😰😰😰

Gets me strong. This is so good

Excellente application. Résultats visibles !!

Fatatistique. Je peut m’entraîner chaque jour comme bon me semble. A mon niveau

Félicitations. Une excellente application, je vous la recommande fortement

It is bad. Everything you need a free trial so I can’t do hard workouts.The ones that you don’t need a free trial for are way to easy.

no for me. Be careful, they took money on my credit card. It says 7 days free trial but it didn’t even have the time to select one option I paid for a year!!!! 60$ to the garbage for me. Not that it’s not a great app, I’m sure it’s a good one. But that for me didn’t cut it.

I love this app. This app motivates to work out more!

Excellente appli. Comme je ne pouvais plus aller au gym, je me suis abonné à cette application et elle a changé ma vie. J’ai perdu 70 lbs en 1 an et demie et je suis plus en forme que jamais. Merci home workout!

Simple. Ads are tasteful, not to long

I love this app. I really love this app it helps me get stronger an stay fit I used to be really fat but now this app help me so much thanks

Amazing. Just to have a training friend w you it great

So good. This app is amazing download it right away if you need to lose weight,gain weight and get stronger and healthier

I want a refund. How do u contact them

Great. Tbh one of the best free workout apps on the platform, already seeing results

Can’t customize workout. Can’t make your own workouts only can pick from the selected ones … meh

Usability. Great app for simple workouts. Free challenges for every level. Really like this one.

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OK app but bad customer service. I tried out the app and even started a subscription in order to give it a fair shot. Unfortunately, once I subscribed, I quickly discovered that the app methodology didn’t work for me. Well, I have now been trying for ten days to cancel my subscription and I’ve been completely ignored. I’ve sent daily emails with no response. I sent my eighth email today and this time I’m also waiting a review. Perhaps, the developer will see this review and decide to pay me some attention before I update my review to one star and I start to detail all the app’s deficiencies.

Best it can get. I’m trying to lose weight so I went to the App Store to find some fitness apps. I bought a few and tested them all to find out which ones I liked best. This one was in the top three. I truly recommend this app to anyone who wants to lose weight or just people who want a good workout schedule. Yes there’s some stuff that I wish there was but i think it’s great and it would be hard to get better than this anyway.

overall good!. The only thing that i don’t understand is the fact that you have to buy certain workouts that actually help push yourself. The only free workouts are the easy ones. There is also a certain amount of workouts you can do. Well what happens whenever i do all the workouts? Overall it is a great app to use and i think that others should get the app. I would change the prices on the harder workouts to get better reviews!

Very handy. I was doing the same workouts at home over and over again. Then I found this app. I don’t like to use gym equipment because I like to work out wherever I go. This app makes this interesting with different workouts and difficulty settings, it pushes you, helps stops you from getting distracted between sets, encourages you take short breaks between sets, and makes you do stretches near the end of some of the workouts. This app works very well for me!

Great if you’re busy AND lazy. I’ve got four kids and I’m largely at home, so a gym membership isn’t practical. Even without the kids, it’s unlikely that I’ve actually go a whole lot anyway, I’ve never really enjoyed exercise. BUT this app is a great way to move around, loosen your muscles and try to stay on top of your health without feeling overwhelmed. I especially love that each individual workout time is provided. It’s hard to find an excuse to say no to a 20 minute workout routine! Even I can handle that. Great experience so far!

Good home Workout app. I just started using this app a couple weeks ago. I like that it provides a variety of short workout based on my fitness level and even sends push notification reminders in the morning. Workouts target different body groups and have been relatively short 10-20 minutes. You could always group them if you wanted something longer, but for me short is good so it fits into my schedule. I also don’t need any equipment other than maybe a chair.

Great for beginners too working out. I’ve gotten this app as a workout app though on the beginning I thought it would of been those apps that you have too pay for but you don’t you can pay and it makes it more accessible but there is many workouts for many kinds of people there is three modes that are great for people who are very fit and buff and are trying to keep all of their muscle but this is just one good app that is good for working out at home also good for kids that can’t go to the gym like me that’s why I give it 4.5 stars.

Great app. Most recent update doesn’t let me save my workout when I click off. Edit: they reached out really quickly acknowledging the bug and that they’re working on fixing it. Knowing that it wasn’t just a design choice is satisfying. was self explanatory but the app used to save your spot in the workout for a day or so. Now every time I close the app it makes me start from the beginning. Of course, I can just go back to my spot by clicking through the workouts but it’s a bit annoying all the same.

It works but I have questions. Hello there, I’ve been doing this thing for a few days. I didn’t pay any money for it and I’m not sure if that’s good or not. But whatever. My question is, that I have been doing this thing called massive upper body in the app. It is a 4 week challenge. I’ve gotten into it and have been doing multiple days in 1. I’m not sure if this is bad and won’t be getting full results or what. If developer may reply or something please. Otherwise I find app really great. Thank you

Good for Beginners only!. I have been working out for almost a year and tried this app out. It is easy to choose an exercise and a muscle group to work out. The problem with the app for me is that it is too easy. I tried out the advanced chest workouts because that is one of my best. It felt really easy and was like a warmup. The exercises are not that advanced and the reps are low. After I finished it felt like a just did a little cardio exercise. But overall it is good for beginners until they are ready to workout on there own.

Love ❤️ this app!. I’m pretty skinny teenager and even my friends call me skinny boi 😂 witch it’s petty funny but true also I love the music makes me hyped to workout 🏋️‍♀️ but I kind of wish bit more for free surprisingly when I give this app a shot I did leg workouts🦵no cap 🚫🧢 my leg started to hurt but was happy because it has been so long scene coivd-19 I have my leg hurt like that it felt amazing 😃 also I love you keep track how much cups of water 💧you had

Excellent. This is an excellent app. I love that it’s simple. No one yelling at you, just straight-forward workouts. You know what you’re getting into when you start and can adjust to your needs. Custom workouts are great. Some of the exercises seem so simple that you think they’ll be a waste of time, then they actually make you sore. Love that they’re short and I can do a couple back-to-back if I feel like it. Low barrier to entry and makes a difference if you stick with it.

App is good, but.... I think the subscription is a little too expensive, or may be I’m just cheap, whatever the reason be, I like this app, has videos showing each exercise, plus when you’re in the middle of each exercise they give you instructions and advice of how to do it right. And most importantly they have a catalog of routines and plans to work each area of your body you want to improve. Again the price is a little to high but the experience is more than fine.

Really good!!!!. A lot of work out apps make you pay for almost all their workouts except 1 or 2 but this app has stuff for everyone if you’re thinking about getting it just do it it’s really good also I really love the run tracker I’ve always wanted to know how far I was going and how many Calories I was burning and that made it so much easier and the statistics on how well I’ve been doing this week. Honestly thank you this app goes above and beyond

A great product. This app takes all the guess work out of your work out. No one wants to think it all the way through unless you do fitness for a living in my opinion. You just want to get your workout done. I’ve found the app to be great with its content and delivery of specialized work outs pertaining to my fitness goals. Best of all is that it’s easy to follow! Thanks for keeping me fit and lean!

Good app in general…. I got this app because I was looking for an app that could help me lose weight for free. It has many workouts that are helpful but all the ones that help you lose weight are “Premium”. Overall I like this app it has abs workouts, leg workouts, etc. but if you are looking for something to help you lose weight and you don’t have to pay I would not really recommend it. However it is very helpful and you could still lose weight doing some of the other workouts. 😊

Best workout app I’ve seen. I’m 16 so young like the other person review was and this works so great. I’ve seen quicker results using this app more then I’ve ever see after working out and the apps inspiring it will show your results on a graph import your weight after every workout and boom you see that graph decline in a positive way. They have workouts for all areas of the body they are very specific. It does burn a little bit at first but that’s how you know your doing it right and your on track to a better you!

Really Great!. This is probably the best workout app I’ve ever used. You don’t need to pay any money for simple workouts, but you can if you want more specific ones. It tracks how much calories I’ve burned, how long my workout was, and my weight and BMI everyday. The workouts are usually 15-20 minutes long, so I do 2-3 a day. Some are easy, and some are hardcore. Either way, I always feel so good after. I highly recommend this app.

3 months in. Personally I enjoy it. I roll out of bed and do the days workout. I increase difficult once a week when I felt no challenge. Almost done with intermediate. Wish the workouts were longer. Randomly chest days seem way to short. Todays was about 10 minutes… while all others were 22 plus. I understand it’s less cause you’re not hopping equipment but only chest days have that issue.

Worth it. Listen people can write fake reviews all the time to boost up the app or whatever but let me tell you I went from 260lbs my height is 5’10 I’m a male and way over the weight I need to be with in less than a year I got down to 185 with this all alone no gym. I wish I could post pictures to prove it but definitely a good app I used the free version first loved the results bought the year Subscription 5 stars!

Quick and effective. Just what I was looking for. If you want to get cut and gradually push your body to higher heights, this app will get you there. So far, a circuit of 10-16 body weight exercises, with around 30 sec rest in between. If you have to rest during one circuit in order to rest/catch your breath you can, as in many cases you don’t move to the next exercise unless you push the arrow. Love it so far!!!

SEVEN STARS. I am a kid in quarantine and I had been very board since I can’t go outside so since I couldn’t do cardiovascular workout out like riding my bike, I figured that I probably should do something to pass the time. I had tried to workout WITHOUT the app and nothing happened but when I got the app I started to grow muscles within a few days even. I suggest this app to everyone of my of my friends because I know that the results are amazing and that working out is easy to start for beginners.

MuddyMatt’s Review. Great App, it has a ton of different work outs and stretches. I feel Amazing after every one! I’m not the fittest guy out there, and definitely forget to work out sometimes, but it’s taught me a lot just in the short time of having the app. It’s good for anyone, especially if you’re just starting out like me. I like to have the notifications on b/c it reminds everyday when I should work out, and if it wasn’t there I’d probably just be playing videos games or something lol.

Best workout app ever⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I have been a user of this app for a while now and every time I use it I have a better attitude that day and think good about myself I have had better days since using this app thank you developers for making this app it really has been exciting to tell a difference about myself I recommend it to people who are trying to get in shape lose a couple pounds and just to gain some muscle please get if your reading this this could change you a lot

this is the best workout app. i am 13 years old and i started my journey on june 20th at 148.1 Pounds and after 4 weeks i am proud to say i have lost 13.3 pounds and now i am 134.8 pounds my goal is to lose 5 more pounds in 2 weeks i think i can do it and do all of you that are trying to lose weight but can’t stay on a daily basis with this if you stay committed you will see results in about 2 weeks it’s that simple but you can do it “if you feel like quitting think about why you started”

New user. So far so good. I have done three days of exercise and I have enjoyed it. No equipment has been required but sill a great workout. The app is simple and easy to use. The timer with audible instructions is great. I like that each exercise has simple animation instructions as well as written instructions as I have needed them for a few new exercises. Not ripped yet after three days, but feeling that good soreness like I know I’ve done something. I think good things are in store if I keep the schedule.

Great But Not Post Partum Friendly. I think this app is looks like it has everything and even with a membership my struggle is that with diastasis Recti I cannot do certain workouts, like crunches, for example. I don't like that there is no option for post partum. (Feels like I'm paying for nothing.) I would have to try to research and makeshift things to fit my needs. There are so many plans and workouts but none for after birth. Why is that?? So I'm disappointed with it. If they change this, I'll be thrilled! Otherwise, back to Pinterest I go.

Best app ever!. Ok I might be younger than all the people that tried this, but oh my god this is an opportunity for all the people who want to 1. Lose weight, 2. Get Fit, 3. Beat ALL of your friends in a arm wrestle/race, 4. It just makes your life so much easier, you can do workouts while watching TV!!!! I love this app, but I have some tips for starters on this app: 1. Get at least 5 bottles of water if your in for the big run, 2. Make sure you have a couple foods, I say you get some FRUITS. But this is honestly the best app in the world 👌👌👌 thank you!

Great and Free!. I was looking for a simple workout app that was free and this was almost exactly what I was looking for! Unlike other apps, it lets you see all of the workouts, do the workout routines, set up a schedule, and watch progress without asking for a cent. The only thing they charge you for is to remove ads which aren’t that big a problem anyway. I highly recommend this for everyone! I’m sure other workout apps are great but at the moment $5 a week would add up too fast for me 😂😅

Write Water Intake to Health (Apple) Please!. Hello! Love the app! If I could make a suggestion to add the water intake to the data it writes to Apple Health app that would be great! The workouts are tailored to my level and easy to follow. The water intake complications on my Apple Watch are awesome easy to track my intake. Not sure how often it syncs up to the app because I have to manually refresh it so maybe could work on automatic syncs more often. Overall really enjoy the app and look forward to any updates! Thanks!

Great suite of tools. I used this since I work out at home and haven’t been seeing that many gains with my normal routine. After the first workout, all my muscles were completely spent and even the hard-to-work ones like upper side abs. Definitely seeing results and will keep doing the workouts. The interface is intuitive and simplified but with enough tools and content to make for a good experience.

Step by step. The app asks about your goals and where you want to focus, then produces a step by step daily plan to get there. I love how it shows you what the exercise looks like in a video 30 seconds before you start, so when the rest period is over, you just do what you been shown. In my plan, you exercise for 30 seconds then rest for 30 seconds. Everything is laid out - just press a button and follow along. Totally awesome.

Amazing app for home workouts. I downloaded many apps for home workouts but only this app looked great for me, I didn’t want to write a review unless I see an improvement within 30 days. currently I’ve lost weight and gained a good physique following the 7*4 upper body workout, this app is amazing but I rate it 4 star because it doesn’t retain the state of my current workout if the app is killed in background by IOS system, besides that this app is great and I recommend

This was perfect app ever. This app was greatest thing that ever happens to me I’m going through a lot of drama and threaten from people this was great Idea to download this all cuz now I can show I’m not worst less or weak at all and if I didn’t download this app I could’ve been bully and even tho I’m 14 years old in high school I think this be good all for 14 years old to have so they proved that they much better with out a man or female or anyone. BYEEEEE I HOPE HAVE GREAT DAY!!!!!

Wonderful!!. This app is so helpful, and I have definitely seen a change in my performance with exercising! I highly recommend this app for anyone wishing to change how they feel, and look. I began with all the beginner workouts, then moved up to intermediate, then some advanced…very challenging 😰😄. Now I’m working on the upper body plan and am amazed at the results. Just wish that it was all free, but the things that come with it are still so rewarding! Thank you 🙂

Great for any age!. I’m 12 years old 13 in a month and I’m not trying to loose weight I’m just trying to stay healthy! They have beginner intermediate and advanced! I’m personally on advanced, because I’m a gymnast and I’m use to this. But probably someone my age would usually start on beginner. There’s a ton of stuff to do besides work outs, you can log your weight have a profile with personal info (optional) and set goals and timers! 100% best work out app to get

My Fatness. Hey workout buddy it’s me mariella j lost 202 calories in 2 days basically I’m getting stronger I’m getting muscles and more I forgot about you 3 years ago, Your doing awesome workout team keep it up I’m working out rn and I have cerebral palsy and I’m insecure with my legs and my face now cause people bully me and I was called fat and for me to kms and that happened yesterday and I gone more too and I just want to thank you for helping me get stronger cause my dream is to pick up people and I love your workouts keep it up stay like a angel bye!, Love Mariella

Great App - 1 Flaw. I love this app, especially during this time of shutdown where gyms are not open everywhere. It’s super easy to use and has effective animations... just chose a workout and go!! Just two areas for improvement. First, my husband has the same app from google play and he has different workouts not available on the iOS version. Second, I wish they had all the same workouts available for the male and female profile... I have to switch back and forth to access the full catalog. I do LOVE this app and have benefited from it greatly!

Great app!. I gotta say I’m very impressed how professional and well made the app is definitely a five star and I’m a hard critic I know it’s hard to escape this Coronavirus and how it’s affecting people including everything being closed including gyms. So the fact I can carry my gym in my pocket is fabulous. Kids are on computers and that’s not heathy so kids can take a workout so they can stay in shape. This app works I do the abs workouts and I got abs very quickly with a good diet and this app. Highly recommended it’s a must have. Me and my brother do it and seeing results. Get this app!!

How it helps.. Okay. So. I’ve been have a really hard time with both my mental and emotional state. I first started using this app a while back but school got in the way. Now I’m out and have all the time I need for this. Not only does it help with getting the workouts and body I want. It’s also useful for distracting me from my problems for a short time. Plus it’s also good for wasting time. It’s a good app. No payment, unless you want extra. But it’s good.

Do *something* daily. Working from home got many of us lazy as heck. Most physical activity we do is walking from bedroom to home office. This app’s free Beginner Intermediate Advanced workouts are great for those that set a simple goal: Do something daily. No equipment required… just a few minutes per day. The time it takes you to gear up and go to a gym? You could’ve completed one or more of these workouts. Download. Do something daily. Feel good about yourself again.

idiots. are you guys blind, or just incredibly stupid? the app is free. when the free trial thing comes up, all you have to do is click the X in the corner. you're not being forced to get premium. though your access may be limited, you still get all the workouts you signed up for. babies. rating 3 stars because i haven't done a workout with it yet and the amount of things that are locked without premium is just laughable (though the basic workouts you expected are all there). anyone who spends that money on premium is wasting it.

I’m floored. I’m 44 years old and started hitting the weights at 29 when I noticed a jiggle going over a speed bump. I immediately did P90? and I never stopped hitting the weights less than a year at a time, that year being 2020. I went back to the gym hard in 2021 and realized I had plateaued hard. I could still throw up the weights but wasn’t getting results. On a whim I downloaded this app and by God’s honest truth within 3 weeks of doing beginner and intermittent work outs 5-6 times a week my body is getting shredded again.

Phenomenal. I love this app! I use it 7 days a week, and I have gotten in REALLY great shape. I love how it times your rests, and gives a great variety of exercises. I DO wish they would make a “custom” setting, where you could create your own workout out of the list of all the different exercises they have... I have chronic pain, so there are some specific stretches I do that they don’t really have a good program for, however, a custom workout would be amazing, that way I could program in my own moves.

I have been recommending this. This app is the best one i have ever used it is catered specifically to me wether i want to do more less have harder/ easier or longer/ shorter workouts and everything in between anyone who is reading this and doesn't know which app to use i will absolutely recommend this please download this app in just a month i was no longer flabby i had grown abs and eve try part of my body was hard i felt and looked better this app deserves every star.

Noticeable change in no time. I’ve tried a couple different workout apps through the years, and I think this one is my favorite. Even though there’s not a ton of variety in the free workouts, they’re ACTUALLY challenging and make you sweat, and you can adjust them if necessary. I’m a healthy 19 year old girl (my BMI is about 19) and after about a month and a half of using the app to workout every day, people at work started noticing my triceps and asking if I workout and saying that I look very toned, so IT WORKS (if you’re consistent of course).

Great work out App for beginners and advanced.. I don’t rate Apps often; Unless they really, really impress me. This one is FREE. Not fake free like sign up for “free”, then pay us if you want to actually use the app. Not fake free like watch an advertisement every 30 seconds free. But really FREE. There are Ads but not so frequently or so long that they are annoying and they don’t interrupt your workouts. They don’t push a premium version constantly, but yet they offer everything other pay apps do, if not more. Great Job Guys. Keep up the good work. Please don’t change.

Awesome app.. This app totally changed my body. I’m 30 years old and am in the best shape I have ever been in. I have been using this app for 4 months now and have lost 30 lbs and can see major results. The only changes I have made diet wise is watching my calorie intake. Other than diet I have followed the easy to use app and coaching that assists this app is really helpful. Thank you whoever designed this easy to use workout app. I would give 10 stars if possible..

This app is perfection. Normally workout apps would cost money, but with this app u don't have to unless u want to get a the premium. I like to have the notifications on because it can remind u when u are going to work out. With that being said, when u finish ur work out it asks u what time u want to work out. After that time is up it will notify u. Like it just gave me the notification. I really hope u acknowledge my review and that it helps u. Thanks. 🙏

Great App. No Complaints. I’ve been working out using this app for a little while now, and it’s served me well. Definitely in much better shape than before I had it installed. The only slight inconvenience I’ve ever had with it was one time after I finished a workout, it didn’t do the “yay” noise and drop confetti, which made me sad, but other than forgetting to give me my happy confetti celebration on a single occasion, this app is great for working out at home and I’ve had a blast using it.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.16.5
Play Store com.abishkking.maleworkout
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

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The applications Home Workout - No Equipments was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2017-11-18 and was developed by ABISHKKING LIMITED. [Developer ID: 896501517]. This program file size is 399.11 MB. This app has been rated by 69,279 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Home Workout - No Equipments - Health & Fitness app posted on 2023-05-26 current version is 1.16.5 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.abishkking.maleworkout. Languages supported by the app:

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