White Noise

White Noise [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview

Do you have trouble going to sleep? Are you traveling on a plane and need a quick power nap? Does your newborn baby wake up in the middle of the night? There are numerous benefits to using White Noise:

• Helps you sleep by blocking distractions
• Relaxes and reduces stress
• Pacifies fussy and crying babies
• Increases focus while enhancing privacy
• Soothes headaches and migraines
• Masks tinnitus (ringing of the ears)

Even when you’re asleep, your brain is constantly scanning and listening for sounds. If it’s too quiet, unwanted noises such as faucet drips or police sirens can interrupt your sleep. White Noise generates sounds over a wide range of frequencies, masking those noise interruptions, so you can not only fall asleep, but stay asleep.


Air Conditioner, Airplane Travel, Amazon Jungle, Beach Waves Crashing, Blowing Wind, Blue Noise, Boat Swaying in Water, Brown Noise, Camp Fire, Cars Driving, Cat Purring, Chimes Chiming, City Streets, Clothes Dryer, Crickets Chirping, Crowded Room, Dishwasher Rinsing, Extreme Rain Pouring, Frogs at Night, Grandfather Clock, Hair Dryer Blowing, Heartbeat, Heavy Rain Pouring, Light Rain Pouring, Ocean Waves Crashing, Oscillating Fan, Pink Noise, Rain on Car Roof, Rain Storm, Running Shower, Running Water, Stream Water Flowing, Thunder Storm, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Train Ride, Vacuum Cleaner, Violet Noise, Water Dripping, Water Sprinkler, White Noise


• FULL: 40+ perfectly looped sounds with additional free sounds from the White Noise Market at https://whitenoisemarket.com/
• FULL: Apple TV and Apple Watch App
• FULL: Over 20 Alarm Sounds that slowly fade in so you wake refreshed.
• FULL: No Advertisements. Disable Market & Rating Prompts in Settings.
• Background audio support so you can use other apps while listening.
• Revolutionary Mix Pad editor for creating new soundscapes like a DJ with support for adjusting sound position, sound variance, volume, and pitch of each individual sound in the mix.
• Record and professionally loop sounds without being an audio engineer!
• Upload and Share your recordings and mixes with the White Noise Market app.
• Full screen digital clock with multiple colors and brightness controls makes it the perfect companion for any nightstand.
• Advanced alarm and timer system that slowly fades audio in and out so you awake naturally feeling more refreshed
• Retina display support with Portrait/Landscape orientations.
• On-screen media player and volume controls with swipe gesture support for navigating sound collection
• Heart favorite sounds and mixes in the sound catalog for quick access using the Favorites view
• Use iPod Music as alarms that slowly fade in so you wake refreshed
• Remote media controls with bluetooth, lock screen, and headphones
• Advanced controls for volume, balance, pitch, mixing with iPod music, looping the playlist, custom alarm snooze times, and more
• Generate custom color noises, binaural beats, and tones with Generator In-App Purchase


White Noise has been featured by popular TV shows (Dr. Oz, Today Show, FOX&Friends, Jimmy Fallon), major media outlets (NBC News Today, Health Magazine, The Washington Post, NY Times, CNET, Esquire, PC Magazine), and raved about by millions of satisfied customers.

DR. OZ SHOW: 13 Miracles of 2013
"Revolutionary Sound App!”

THE WASHINGTON POST: Smartphone Puts Newborn to Sleep
"For the next four months, the infant slept with his father's phone in his crib and White Noise tuned to 'air conditioner.' The monotonous buzz kept the baby sleeping soundly and his parents happy."

CNET: Apps that can improve your life
“Trouble falling asleep at night? A little White Noise might do the trick.”

HEALTH MAGAZINE: "Help you turn off your brain, fall asleep faster, and get the rest you desperately need"

Website: https://www.tmsoft.com/white-noise/

White Noise Market: https://whitenoisemarket.com

Thanks for using White Noise by TMSOFT!

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White Noise Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Version 7.7 is the first major update for 2020 bringing many user requested features as well as several bug fixes. The media playback controls received an update making them modern and easier to tap as requested by many users. Sleep View received a few new features to optionally display seconds, am / pm labels, and the system status bar. These options can be found in the app Settings. Timer events also got a small update and now support 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10 minute fade times. Apple Watch support has been improved with a new layout that includes volume control. Finally, added a 'Copy Mix' option for those that wish to experiment with different mixes while maintaining the original mix. We've updated our White Noise apps for over 10 years so that you can sleep better. Please help us continue the support by sharing White Noise with friends and family on your favorite social networks. Thanks!

White Noise Comments & Reviews

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- Love it!

I absolutely love this app! It helps me get to sleep so much quicker! Highly recommended!

- Lasting support

This was one of the first apps I downloaded on my iPhone 3G and it’s still one I use nightly today. It works, simply and effectively and doesn’t try to get in your way with ads or other bothers like most apps of the type. Not only is it the best for white noise, it’s the best nightstand clock as well.

- Love me some White Noise!

This is a great app. I’ve been using it since its release and am a huge fan. All the updates since have been great and they don’t break existing features when they update either. Good developers, great app, can’t go wrong!

- Meditation

This best app that I have found for if you are trying to meditate or even having a hard time falling asleep this is the app that is good for that and I would recommend it to you

- Replaces old app and works well

I was using an app called sleep machine which was easy to use and while not as flexible and versatile as this app, it worked until the last iOS update. The developers of that app quit updating it 4 years ago and so I had to abandon it. I didn’t want to pay much for an app, no subscriptions, etc. I tried several and this is the best.

- WhiteNoise : a review

This is great! You can mix noises to make great sounds, or just listen to them.But I do both of them. The only thing better then this is WhiteNoise pro.

- Love the White Noise

This app is a life saver when traveling!!

- Awesome

I love so relaxing and I can fall asleep so easily to it I see no errors in the app it is amazing

- 😮


- 😴

👍🏻 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Update Broke App

Most recent update causes app to immediately crash. Frustrating.

- Update broke app

Can’t get any sounds to play. Now useless.

- The Best!

I’ve used this to sleep for years now. App keeps getting better.

- No glitches

Sound apps sometimes have hiccup sounds - none here. Nice array of different sounds, easy to combine. Excellent program.

- I still love it

I’ve had this app for years and I still love it!

- Been Using This for YEARS

This is my go-to sleep app, used every single night for sleep and most days for a nap.

- Crashes

App crashes when attempting to create a mix.

- I love this thing it helps me sleep

It helps me sleep if it was not for this I wouldn’t have gotten ny sleep

- The Best

Best app I’ve purchased to date & I love the new lay out and the Apple Watch abilities!

- They blew it

This app was good & easy to use. Then all of a sudden the app needs to be kept in the foreground for the alarm function to work. Terrible decision.

- Most used app on my phone!

Love this app!!! I use it mostly for the different color sounds and it’s amazing. Better then any white noise or sound machine you can buy. This app is all that you need!!

- Absolutely incredible

There is not a better sounds app out there. I've experienced at least a dozen. So many sounds included and so many more accessible. And includes ASMR and binaural. Get this and be confident you have the best. Kudos!

- Thank you so much.

I so very rarely write app reviews, but white noise. I’m not sure I can explain this, but original iPhone came and I got one on day 1. I used it for 2 years and just when I was moving to a new iPhone, our 1st baby arrived. The original iPhone and white noise app. So from day 1 our baby’s sound machine has been OG iPhone white noise. It worked beyond well. 3 years later, baby #2 came along and inherited the sound machine. Baby #2 is now in Kindergarten. That phone and this app is still used nightly in baby #2s room. 9 years ago I think. So I can’t thank you enough. We’ve traveled all the US and white noise was as essential for every trip. Worked like a charm. Still does. In its little speaker thing. I’m rocking the iPhone pro max these days, which I love, but I go in and check on that old iPhone from time to time and it also looks brand new thanks to a case. It still looks cool to me. I personally use white noise nightly. Highly recommended.

- Love the program

Works perfect with multiple selections

- New bug

Great app, been using it for years, but the last update broke the ability to play sound in the background while using other apps. Please fix!

- Fabulous!!

Great app for those that need background noise for any reason (for me it’s sleep!). Highly recommend and great/easy for travel and sleeping in new environments!

- stops

Since the update 3 days ago, my white noise stops for a couple of seconds EARLY in the morning and wakes me up! The point of the app is to let me sleep! Very ANGRY! Deleting from phone.

- 🤩🤩🤩

This app is amazing!!!

- Love my Brown Noise

The reason I love my brown noise is that I can’t sleep without it ..I literally use it every time I sleep..whether it’s at night when I go to bed or a little nap during the day..Thanks

- Use this app every day

Really good white noise app. I use it every day, and I love the variety of sound options.

- Aaaw.

I love this app so much, but i do not really like the new update as much as the old one. I think it looks to new now. I still love the app soooooo much and I think it is the best sleep helper app ever. I hope you read this and make maybe a couple changes. Thank you for your time and for making this truly wonderful and great app. I am very grateful to be using this app and hope only the best for it. Thank you for your time. - WHITE NOISE USER

- Can’t sleep without it

My wife and I have been using this app for I don’t know how long not and we can’t get to sleep with out it. Love it!

- I use it every night

This app provides it all...great sounds and a wonderful alarm that can start off at a low volume. I use it both at home and on the road since I travel frequently. Tip: Use the app in combination with a Bluetooth speaker. The sound is as good as any dedicated sound machine I've used.

- Crickets sound.. best night sleep ever. Period.

Sounds like my childhood. Love

- listened to 6432 hours of this app

been using this app for years to block out background noise when i’m trying to fall asleep, i’ve listened to 268 days worth of “Extreme Rain Pouring” (which racks up to about 6432 hours!!) the absolute best 99 cents i ever spent- there’s a huge range of sounds and features even though i just use my Extreme Rain Pouring sound

- Terrific

I have been using the app for at least five years now. It has been a godsend for blocking out undesirable sound in all types of settings.

- Best Sleep Ever!

I highly suggest this app to everyone that has been having sleep problems.

- Helps me sleep

The sounds help me sleep well thank you Jaylen Rawls

- Audio cuts in and out randomly

Sometimes this app works without an issue but at other times the sound skips making a very disturbing sound pattern. Seems it should be clean clear fluid sound without a hitch since it's not a very complicated operation that it is performing but unfortunately it does not work well for me.

- Most Relaxing App Ever!

I don’t ever really think to write reviews but this is the best noise app! I have used a generic noise machine my whole life and I downloaded this app needing some noise as I was sleeping in the living room that night and my AC won’t turn on so it was silent in the room and I couldn’t fall asleep. I CANNOT believe how AMAZING this is and how I didn’t have it sooner. The fact that you can mix your own sounds together is makes this worth every penny. And when I’m just chilling around the house I’ll use it to just keep me calm and it really works! I am in love with this app and I recommend it to everyone! Money well spent! Thank you so much to the developers!!!

- Time plus sounds

Why doesn’t the time come on anymore?

- Does all I want, and more.

I have been shopping for an at home sound soother alarm clock. Even bought one, and returned it because it didn’t work as well as this app. So now, I’m just going to get a Bluetooth speaker device and hook up my iPhone to it and run whitenoise on it.

- Versatile & exactly what my kids & I need

So many options for different sounds, calms my babies during difficult nap times and helps me calm down when I’m stressed. Also has great graphics and is easy to navigate, the clock feature with a dark background has been super helpful to help me keep track of what time it is while not disturbing my kids as they try to fall asleep.

- After iPhone update the alarm music plays at low volume

Love the app but I hope you all fix this bug.🙏🏽

- Doesn’t play correct songs

I used to love this app. But sometime recently this app started to play the wrong song (music) when alarm setting was music. They haven’t fixed it yet so until they do, this app isn’t worth it.

- Sweet Dreams

This white noise app has lots of unexpected helpful features like an excellent mixer and very useful bedside clock. Really like it.

- Needs more noises

They could do with more jungle and tropical noises and some bird noises other than that I like it

- Serious issue

Since a recent update the app no longer turns off the white noise when an alarm goes off while i am playing the noise on air play. This is a big deal for me as with the white noise I can sleep through everything especially an alarm which plays quieter than the white noise! Please fix this issue.

- Review

Great app. Ocean waves put us to Sleep every night. Love love love it!

- Length of Loops and hearing damage

Does anyone know the length of the loops in this noise generator? During brown noise for some reason I hear an oscilitory pitch change every 10-12 seconds. Recently I started having a variation in my tinitus that matched roughly this oscilation. If the noise is not random but repeats often, will this app cause long term damage by programmng tbe auditory cortex?

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- Better. Sleep

The brown noise give me a wonderful sleep every night. Especially necessary when travelling

- Love it

Been using it for years now and still love it. The new update its amazing too!

- Works good

Really easy to accidentally swipe sideways turning on a super loud random noise and wake your partner up! It’s seriously so annoying. Otherwise would be 5 stars, always works great. I never needed a white noise machine but now I love this and use it every night! Lots of silly noises to choose from that are stupid bc thats why ppl need a white noise machine!! (like shoes in the drier and trains going by) I wish the white noise one was more authentically white noise, but i use the air conditioner every night. Too bad only dumb ones are in the free version, but well worth purchasing.

- Couldn’t sleep without it

I have used this app for years now and I sleep so soundly every night. Can’t recommend it enough.

- Calming and relaxing

I think this app is great for sleeping,relaxing though you might have to buy the other apps if you want different sounds. To the conclusion of my review this is a great app and I think it’s great

- Nice sounds but too fast

The choice of sounds is good but I find all of them too fast. I need slower sounds for my mind to slow down.

- Enjoyable!

Meeting my expectations so far.

- Great app

Great app!

- White Noise

This is a great app. It's easy to work with and can produce some very nice sounds that are almost as good as real music for relaxation purposes.

- Does what it says and does it very well!

Upgrading to full version for a nominal amount was a great investment. I can lock my phone screen with playback uninterrupted. I wish for some sounds they had recorded longer sequences before looping, such as the sailboat. The mind picks up repetitive patterns very quickly and instead of treating it as background noise, starts to focus on it.

- White noise

Keeps cutting out randomly . I have brand new iphone . Whole point of white noise was to play constantly so I can sleep better

- Nice app. I use it all the time !!

With the Market, it's a must have.

- Perfect!

It’s one of a small handful of apps that I wanted to pay for and it was worth every penny.

- Thank goodness for this app!

As a light sleeper the White Noise App has helped me get to sleep when I’m travelling or trying to nap during the day when it’s noisy outside. This app has helped me get the sleep I need to actually get a restful sleep!

- Best!!!!

excellent app!

- “Sound failed to play. Sound failed to play.”

Any time I switch to this app, after any other app on my iPhone might have generated a sound, I get a dialog box “Sound failed to play” and I have to press ok. It’s really growing tiring. This app used to have a simple interface and play a selection of sounds. It’s now quite bloated and very hard to navigate.

- Love it!

Love this app! We use it every night.

- Works for me

Some decent sounds but wish they included some more.. A lot of water sounds so don't drink a lot of water before bed, lol

- Sleep like a baby

Love this app! Used to sleep with a fan, but I now use this app exclusively. Love that I can take with me anywhere so can have consistency when I’m traveling too!

- Been using this quite awhile...

...and it’s improved my sleep to the point where I doubt I’ll ever go back to trying to sleep without it. It’s great, full featured and infinitely customizable but can be used perfectly well ‘out of the box’. Only thing, and I’m taking care of it now, is it’s constantly asking me to review the damn thing and rate it. So I did. I can sleep even better without the guilt, so DEV, if you’re listening, you win, you got your five stars, now it’s back to sleeping peacefully and ignoring the stupid pop-up.

- Awesome !

Just drains my battery but an amazing app!

- Use this anytime I want to sleep well

The only noise app I’ve used in a very very long time For good reason

- Saving grace.

I am a flight attendant. I have used this app for the last 3 years to help with loud hotels. I love this app!!!!

- Good at making white noise

Good app. Makes white noise which is handy for when I want to listen to white noise. Always asking for a review which seems kinda needy if you ask me.

- 💚

So I used to wake up early early every morning with anxiety but since getting this app it’s allowed me to sleep in!! And I now see I can suspend it in the background while I’m doing other things which is awesome.



- Stable, easy to use app

Works consistently and has never crashed. Simple UI. Thank you for the good design!

- Awesome App

Greatest app to fall asleep to. As soon as I put this on, I'm asleep within 5 minutes and I can stay asleep. So relaxing, and there are so many noises to choose from. There is something for everyone. Definitely recommend to everyone looking for a white noise app to fall asleep with.

- Perfect for every night

Love this app and use the brown noise every night, also good for kids.

- Great tool for a relaxing sleep

Lots of realistic great sounding white nose options

- Perfect for baby!

Perfect for baby!

- Excellent ambient noise generator

Use this regularly for sleeping in noisy environments and to assist concentration.

- Great app

I live in downtown Toronto and this app is a great way to block out the noise of the city. I sleep great because of it!

- The Best!

Excellent app, helps to take the edge off and let me sleep. I used the purring cat for a long time - I've had many cats and it's eerily realistic. But now I've switched to Brown Noise and find it even more soothing. I use it every night. When I travel, it helps me relax and feel like I've brought a piece of home with me. It's also fun to occasionally browse through the other sounds!

- Very good app. Help me a lot sleeping well.

I would recommand it to friends.

- Where you been all my LIFE?!

No more issues falling asleep. Being such a light sleeper has its downfalls but turn the app on, set timer and drift to dream to the sound of the rain. Love it!

- Great app,

Very easy to set up and find the background you would love to relax too. White noises.

- Best white noise app ever

Simple, fast and no crashes. I have lived with this app for the past 3 years every night it has helped me put the kids to sleep. Not one problem so far. Cheers guys

- So many options...

This app is wonderful to drown out random outside noise! So many options too... and new ones always being released! Love this app!

- Great app

Love this app for putting my baby to sleep!

- Amazing app

Worth buying, you get so much for only a few $$, use it every night.

- Best white noise app!

And love the clock options! It's a must for traveling.

- Helps me sleep every day

It's so peaceful blocking out all the background noises when i sleep. I never sleep without it on anymore.

- Nice app.

Works great. I use this whenever I take a nap. It's especially useful in hotels when you were surrounded by street noise.

- White Noise at Work

Use at work and love it! White noise from distracting conversations around me; helps keep me focused on my own projects.

- Puts Me to Sleep

The brown noise is perfect! Drowns out the night owl husband and neighbours, and gives me a consistent sound to drift into a deep sleep. I would not be married anymore if I didn't have this app (sorta j/k? Haha).

- Awesome app

Awesome app that helps me concentrate, sleep and block out outside noise!

- It's perfect.

So worth it. Love the app. Perfect for soothing my baby to sleep. Upgraded to allow background use while using phone at the same time.

- Great sleep aid

Great app - excellent for airplane travel. Also does the gradual awake alarm, which is hard to find.

- 🙌

Can't sleep without it.

- Awesome

Use it daily to help get too sleep. Helps a lot with relaxing and drifting off. Lots of sounds to choose from and mix together

- Hidden patterns invalidates white noise

I live in the city and White noise allows me to sleep better and blocks out a lot of the city noises. Unfortunately I can often hear underlying repetitive sounds and patterns that are not part the white noise I have selected and I swear that sometimes I hear what appears to be music in the noise. As a sensitive sleeper my brain grabs a hold of these noises and patterns and it no longer becomes white noise. This is why I stoped listening to other white noise apps.

- great for helping babies sleep

Amazingly useful for restless babies or keeping them asleep while the others are being noisy. Just wish the Watch app let me adjust the volume on the iphone remotely (you can change sounds and do all kinds of things, but not adjust the volume... weirdly the only way to enable this is to delete the watch app entirely so the default “Now Playing” app is used instead).

- Great update for iOS 13

Love the new update, now White Noise looks a whole lot better. The UI tweaks are great as well. I don’t sleep without White Noise on, Thunder Storm all night long!

- Sleep anxiety

I have been using this app for 5 + years to assist with my sleep anxiety. The sound is consistent and helps when I’m in unfamiliar places.

- So happy

I’ve tried so many sleep apps. This is the BEST I’ve ever used. LOVE this app!

- Why ads in paid version??

I use this app every day and night in my daughters room. Up until recently it has been great, although I’ve noticed from around a month or so ago ads have come bellowing through the app. Not ideal in a sleeping babies room. I’m talking about the paid version too - I bought it thinking there were no ads!!!!!

- Great app

I love this app, mainly for the White Noise marketplace which lets me find so many additional sounds! The timer function is great, and that I can play it in the background with my phone screen locked.

- Sound change has helped my life

I lived with a stressed mind for sleep . I taught myself to slow with brown noise and have found a peaceful sleep

- Awesome App

Thanks to this app I can sleep through the night. I play it all night through sleep headphones (where the speakers are inside a comfortable headband instead of bulky headphones or uncomfortable earbuds). The free app has everything I needed but I just bought the pro version to support the developers who have been so generous in providing the precious gift of sleep, daytime focus and more for so many years at no cost

- Daily user

4 years on, and I still rely on this app every night to help me relax for getting to sleep. It's so good, I'd pay for it again and again!! Old review: Without a doubt, one of the best value for money apps around, and one that I recommend to anyone who has issues with sleep or relaxation in general. Definitely worth paying for even though the free version has some great sounds there is much more variety in the paid.

- My baby has used this for 2.5 years

My 4th baby was by far the most difficult and needy. Wouldn’t sleep without me near and if I tried to sneak away after he fell asleep he’d either hear me leave or just somehow seem to KNOW! So I got this app, it helped me sneak away without him hearing me over the noise and it helps mask the noises of my older kids and pets etc. Even though he sleeps on his own just fine these days and I don’t need to worry about sneaking off, we still use this because its his sleep cue now and he enjoys it. As soon as I turn it on at night, he will appear from wherever he has been in the house and climb into his bed. He has his own iPod in his room just for this app! Sometimes if the neighbours are being noisy or my dogs are licking themselves too damn loudly I will put this app on for myself! Drowns out all those irritating background noises and unlike MANY other noise apps I tried before this, you can’t hear the loops! Literally every single app before I found this one would become useless to me after about a week, I would start to hear patterns in the recording and they’d keep me awake! I use the actual ‘white noise’ sound in this app and it’s perfectly looped, you cannot tell where it starts or ends, it’s seamless, there are no strange background noises looping every 2 minutes which might not be apparent at first but after a few weeks of playing you will start to notice, this app was the only exception I have found. I recently got the iPhone X and heard of burn in being a problem with this particular screen. I am glad to see you’ve come up with a solution and I can go back to displaying the clock when I use this app. Keep up the good work, I am a HUGE FAN.

- Great App!

I’ve been using this app for over 5 years, great selection of stock noises and then the added store brings you more! Great work!

- Awesome app

Highly rated, best of the many I've tried

- Best app

This is the best app, worked on my baby like charm. So easy to use as well

- Best App

We don't know what we would do without this app. Both of our babies sleep so beautifully with this and we don't have to worry about tip toeing around. I use it when I work night shift so I sleep so much better during the day! Love this app

- Back To Sleep

I've suffered from tinnitus my whole life, without this app I'd still be in an insomnia nightmare. Great for travelling as well.

- Perfect

Helps me sleep. Can't do without it!!

- Great at putting babies to sleep

On to our second kid now. This app is great.

- Fantastic

I'm a shift worker and I couldn't live without this app. It has been a life changer. Thank you so much

- Great app for getting newborns to sleep

The sound of crashing waves is excellent.

- Great app

Excellent app perfect for what I need as a night shift driver

- Brilliant app

Simple, easy to use and just works.

- Great!

Puts me to sleep every night! Love it!

- I use this every night.

Great options. Really effective in letting me ignore random neighbors

- Perfect

It doesn't use up too much battery power, and can work in the background while using other apps. This is what makes it worthwhile, and better than the previous apps I had.

- Love the mix option

Creating own mixes of sounds and using others mixes - great option. Experiment and enjoy

- White Noise

I use it every night. It's great.

- Great

It helps mask my tinnitus when going to sleep

- Great App

Does what it says and is customisable - my favourite is beach and creek sounds :)

- Amazing

I use this app every night to help me sleep. Recommend

- The best!

I use this app every night to block out the background noise. It works great through a Bluetooth speaker, headphones or the iPhone speaker. It's awesome ☺️👍

- Awesome

I was skeptical at this being anything but a distraction...now i don't want to live without

- So soothing

The soothing sounds of the ocean and waves always helps to put me to sleep.

- Sleepy

Have used it for years and can't sleep without it, it drowns out the voices in my head so I can get a good night sleep before they start again in the morning

- Great App

Been putting me to sleep since 2013

- Completely recommended

I would, and have recommended this to others. Always my go-to when I can't sleep. Always comforting, and a wide variety of sounds to suit my mood.

- Fabulous

Worth every cent. I listen to the air conditioner sound at work every day

- Effective Ambient Noise App

Simple, easy to use and effective. Very relaxing and some fun features.

- Great way to fall asleep

The "pink noise" sends me to sleep every time I need a nap and there's other background noise.

- Great app


- Excellent app

I use this app every night. Great variety of sounds and easy to customise. Love this app

- Brilliant!

Brilliant tool for helping one drift off comfortably when in the presence of noises that would otherwise be disturbing. The fire one works great for me!

- Great app

Great app, use it everyday as I find total silence distracting when I'm trying to sleep or study. Only qualm is the tips that come up. They're annoying.

- Love this app

This helps me fall asleep nearly every night playing in the background and drowning out any outside noise. Not sure how I would go sleeping without this playing

- Great app!! Helps me keep focused.

I use this app to block out external distractions when I am working in a noisy area. It is perfect. The downloads of sounds are great and easy to acquire!! Thanks

- Brilliant

Kills ambient, intrusive noise dead. Love this app. Simple & effective.

- Great sounds - but needs to be able to play in the background

We use the app a lot to help out baby sleep. But because the noise stops if you switch to another app, it renders my phone useless all night. PLEASE guys, could you add the option of playing in the background?

- Without this app I wouldn't sleep and neither would my best friends son

Great range of sounds and lots more new ones. I use this app every night. Fav is rain on a tent roof. Also have my son hooked and will use with the new baby.

- Beautiful

I was using this app from almost launch... Ive recently gone back to it to rediscover what it's like to fall asleep to the best background noises you can find. Thanks

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- Good app for blocking annoying sounds.

Does the job it claims to do. Brown noise is the best - Misophonia sufferer.

- Tinnitus relief

The relief is just fantastic in the wee small hours of the morning when the tinnitus always seems 10 times louder!

- Great App!!!

Love this app, I listen to it every night. Let's you mix adjust pitch, frequency, and volume of any mix created. Rare white noise selection and great sound quality. It's definitely worth it. Highly recommended, :)

- Best thing ever!

I've been using this app for years now and it's the most valuable app I own. I'm currently in hospital and this is now week three! 😔 If it wasn't for this app.. I would have killed someone from sleep deprivation by now! Teamed the app up with a good set of sound dampening ear phones and the outside world does not intrude at all!!!

- Does what it says

Great app. I use it all the time when trying to sleep in noisy situations or when I'm a bit stressed. You can set a timer etc and it doesn't use much battery when running.

- Great for sleeping!

I love this app and have been using it for years. Easy to use, and has an excellent selection of sounds. It helps me sleep through anything.

- Very good app

This app does what it's meant to quite well. However, nagging to review is not appreciated.

- Calm down

Go to sleep. -Adam R.

- Great app

Been using this app for over a year and love mixing sounds. I also use the clock display every night.

- Great app

Does a nice job and glad the timers are there to prevent app running all night.

- Perfect app

This app is so easy to use and just keeps getting better. The sounds are beautiful and there is a large variety so you can pick and choose what you like. You can create your own sounds and timers/alarms or choose from sounds from the store. A very useful and relaxing app.

- White noise review

Love the variety of the sounds, like the sound options, would suggest making softer sounds but would definitely recommend it & say it was useful. P.S Especially as background noise to reading a good book to block out irritating noises, such as a TV or to break the silence :) ~ A

- Sleep times

Love this app more than my first two children. My third child I probably love more, but you have got to meet Jeremy. He's awesome.

- Almost there....

This has been improved so much, the volume issue is no more, can't fault it at all. Perfect for travelling, blocks noisy neighbours and traffic. 3 years of very happy every night use.

- Peace

Great App. Love it. No real cons. Easy to use and can customise or record own sound and download thu App as well. To developers : keeping improving it if you must, but don't fix it if it's not broken.

- The best thing since sliced bread

And sliced bread is pretty good!

- Great app

I use it every night, have had the app for years. Highly recommend it!

- Amazing

Fantastic app I've been using since my 3G iPhone. Consistent updates for 7 years! Gets better every time. I cannot live without this app. It's on every iOS device I own. Well worth the asking price for relaxation or a perfect nights sleep. Also users can upload their own audio loops which means the potential is limitless. Best app I've owned bar none. Cheers Devs

- Accompanies a good night's sleep


- Love it!

Can't sleep without it now !!

- A very useful APP.

I don't use it often, but when I need it, like when trying to sleep on a plane, or work in a humming office, this app is just the ticket. I would give it 5 stars but on some tracks you can just hear the bump where the looped track joins.

- Fantastic!

Lots of wildlife noises in my area of Australia, this app is very soothing and always helps me sleep! I've tried a few similar ones but this is the best!

- Great little app

I use it every night to sleep and the chatter room is a must when staying at hospital, it's been a sleep saver :) thank you!

- Essential app

Having trouble sleeping or just want to chill? My personal favs, cat purring & ocean waves - will put you into 'alpha' brain waves in seconds!

- great app

one oft all-time favourite apps... so glad I bought it. I especially love the 'mix' function which lets me put together different sounds to create a soundscape / atmosphere - my current favourite is thunderstorm + crackling fire + book pages turning... bliss!

- Love it.!! Great App...

I'm a Nightshift worker, and on those days when I can't sleep - I use this App and it always helps me sleep.!! Great App.. I love it.!! Thanks

- Awesome app

This great app helps me get to sleep every single night. I'd be lost without it.

- White Noise Creators Deserve A Medal!

If I could give 6 stars I would! If you'd like to sleep, rest, relax, read, meditate, inspire your creativity, or simply block out the noisy world surrounding you (including the neighbour's dog), then may I humbly suggest you buy this fabulous App! And now you can also record your own special sounds, as well as download the huge selection available. I use it every day!

- Perfect white noise for baby

I have had other white noise apps but none let me record my own sound and loop. This one I sing a lullaby and t repeats all night and my baby thinks I am in the room. Works like a charm

- Great sounds, easy to use and effective

I fall asleep in less than 30 seconds! I love the sounds and its easy to use.

- Very Useful

Great app, travel a lot, it helps me sleep in different environments.

- Always Improving

I've had this app a long time and its come a long way since I first purchased it. The new features continually introduced are always great.

- Awesome

I love this app. It helped me to get through jet lag and having my children in the same room as me whilst on holiday. Love it love it love it

- Great app!

I use it all the time, when I'm stressed or restless, and it always helps me sleep so well. Lots of choices and settings as well

- Never any problems!!

Use it every night to relax and never a problem.

- Great way to relax

I use this every night to help me sleep. Hasn't failed me yet.

- Awesome!

That's all I have to say this app is just incredible! Honestly don't know how I went to sleep before having this app.

- LOVE this app for air travel

I use this app every night, and when I'm traveling. Great for city noise or crowded flights.

- Great for getting babies to sleep

I use this to get my daughter to sleep and it works every time. She finds music too distracting but white noise is very helpful. I like the "mixes" option too (she likes fire water wind).

- Drown out office noise

Good software to drowning out office notice. App is all was being updated with new and interesting sounds.keep it up fellers

- Best app!

Useful not just for getting to sleep but for blocking out unwanted noise while studying or reading. I love it!

- A Fantastic Sleep Aid

Featuring a wide assortment of sounds, this app has become almost indispensable for me when it comes to difficulty sleeping. Whether you prefer the various colours of noise (white, pink, blue, etc), environmental sounds (rain, thunder, wind, ocean, etc), or even the sounds of running appliances, this app is likely to have something to help you relax.

- Love it!

I go to bed listening to the soundtracks on this app. So relaxing!

- Essential app for Dad and baby!

Though I almost exclusively use the brown noise all the sounds are excellent quality. I use it for daytime naps and we've used it on our baby countless times when he's been overtired, it's just like one big ling soothing 'shhhhh'! I couldn't do without it on flights too.

- So many different sounds

Perfect, so many additional sounds you can download. Great features such as timer to shut off sound, mix and match sounds etc etc. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! In future releases, maybe the developers should include all additional sounds with the app, saves the hassle of downloading them.

- Brilliant!

As a person who has troubles falling asleep with any volume of taking this app has been a real blessing. I can customise it so that it works brilliantly every time! Highly recommend!

- Saved from snoring wife

My wife snores. I've tried earplugs and sleeping in another room but this app is the only thing that works. I have been able to mix n match and get it just right to drown out her infuriating frequencies. There's nothing worse than sleep deprivation.

- Only app I can't live without.

The sound of rain helps me sleep. It blocks out the noise of screaming babies on planes and slamming doors in hotels. And is just plain relaxing anywhere. I LOVE this app!

- Highly recommend!

My favourite app. Can't sleep without it!

- Brilliant, piece at work fun at home

Good combo of default sound. Very smooth listening. Upgrade with record your own so much fun

@eliosgorl: when sufjan stevens said "white noise what an awful sound" he aint lie

@Munyai_Gundo_: So Eskom paid R5 Billion to Quinton van der Burgh of the Burgh Group Holdings by mistake who happens to be the man behin…

@eliosgorl: when sufjan stevens said "white noise what an awful sound" he aint lie

@markkrueg @betogilardino Cool white noise

@shinbashixx: White Noise (Kai,D.O.)

@an_juns2 Maybe some white noise music could help? Or funny videos? Skdkd idk just something that takes your mind off it

This movie on Netflix is boring but makes great white noise

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White Noise 7.7.3 Screenshots & Images

White Noise iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

White Noise iphone images
White Noise iphone images
White Noise iphone images
White Noise iphone images
White Noise iphone images
White Noise ipad images
White Noise ipad images
White Noise ipad images
White Noise ipad images
White Noise ipad images
White Noise Health & Fitness application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
White Noise Health & Fitness application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

White Noise (Version 7.7.3) Install & Download

The applications White Noise was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2019-01-31 and was developed by TMSOFT [Developer ID: 288669797]. This application file size is 60.24 MB. White Noise - Health & Fitness posted on 2020-06-04 current version is 7.7.3 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

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