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White Noise [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview

Do you have trouble going to sleep? Are you traveling on a plane and need a quick power nap? Does your newborn baby wake up in the middle of the night? There are numerous benefits to using White Noise:

• Helps you sleep by blocking distractions
• Relaxes and reduces stress
• Pacifies fussy and crying babies
• Increases focus while enhancing privacy
• Soothes headaches and migraines
• Masks tinnitus (ringing of the ears)

Even when you’re asleep, your brain is constantly scanning and listening for sounds. If it’s too quiet, unwanted noises such as faucet drips or police sirens can interrupt your sleep. White Noise generates sounds over a wide range of frequencies, masking those noise interruptions, so you can not only fall asleep, but stay asleep.


Air Conditioner, Airplane Travel, Amazon Jungle, Beach Waves Crashing, Blowing Wind, Blue Noise, Boat Swaying in Water, Brown Noise, Camp Fire, Cars Driving, Cat Purring, Chimes Chiming, City Streets, Clothes Dryer, Crickets Chirping, Crowded Room, Dishwasher Rinsing, Extreme Rain Pouring, Frogs at Night, Grandfather Clock, Hair Dryer Blowing, Heartbeat, Heavy Rain Pouring, Light Rain Pouring, Ocean Waves Crashing, Oscillating Fan, Pink Noise, Rain on Car Roof, Rain Storm, Running Shower, Running Water, Stream Water Flowing, Thunder Storm, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Train Ride, Vacuum Cleaner, Violet Noise, Water Dripping, Water Sprinkler, White Noise


• FULL: 50+ perfectly looped sounds with additional free sounds from the White Noise Market at https://whitenoisemarket.com/
• FULL: Apple TV and Apple Watch App
• FULL: Over 20 Alarm Sounds that slowly fade in so you wake refreshed.
• FULL: No Advertisements. Disable Market & Rating Prompts in Settings.
• Background audio support so you can use other apps while listening.
• Revolutionary Mix Pad editor for creating new soundscapes like a DJ with support for adjusting sound position, sound variance, volume, and pitch of each individual sound in the mix.
• Record and professionally loop sounds without being an audio engineer!
• Upload and Share your recordings and mixes with the White Noise Market app.
• Full screen digital clock with multiple colors and brightness controls makes it the perfect companion for any nightstand.
• Advanced alarm and timer system that slowly fades audio in and out so you awake naturally feeling more refreshed
• Retina display support with Portrait/Landscape orientations.
• On-screen media player and volume controls with swipe gesture support for navigating sound collection
• Heart favorite sounds and mixes in the sound catalog for quick access using the Favorites view
• Use iPod Music as alarms that slowly fade in so you wake refreshed
• Remote media controls with bluetooth, lock screen, and headphones
• Advanced controls for volume, balance, pitch, mixing with iPod music, looping the playlist, custom alarm snooze times, and more
• Generate custom color noises, binaural beats, and tones with Generator In-App Purchase


White Noise has been featured by popular TV shows (Dr. Oz, Today Show, FOX&Friends, Jimmy Fallon), major media outlets (NBC News Today, Health Magazine, The Washington Post, NY Times, CNET, Esquire, PC Magazine), and raved about by millions of satisfied customers.

DR. OZ SHOW: 13 Miracles of 2013
"Revolutionary Sound App!”

THE WASHINGTON POST: Smartphone Puts Newborn to Sleep
"For the next four months, the infant slept with his father's phone in his crib and White Noise tuned to 'air conditioner.' The monotonous buzz kept the baby sleeping soundly and his parents happy."

CNET: Apps that can improve your life
“Trouble falling asleep at night? A little White Noise might do the trick.”

HEALTH MAGAZINE: "Help you turn off your brain, fall asleep faster, and get the rest you desperately need"

Website: https://www.tmsoft.com/white-noise/

White Noise Market: https://whitenoisemarket.com

Thanks for using White Noise by TMSOFT!

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White Noise Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Some work under the hood to prep for future updates - Several bug fixes and major library updates.

White Noise Comments & Reviews

- Worth the price!

Started with white noise lite, loved it, but felt restricted (it stops the noise if you leave the app). Upgraded, and it was a game changer. I use it for everything now - going to sleep, trying to focus while in the office, meditating, shoving off anxiety - you know, basics. At first I would just play the sounds available as is, and THEN I started playing around with the app features. You can try making your own mixes to get some variety, and if you download white noise market for free, you can to add to the sounds you already have in your library. You can also record sounds (you can do it right in the app), and if you want, you can upload it into the white noise market and other people can download and enjoy the things you record too. I live near a river and when it rains, that sound is one of my favorite things in the world.. now I carry it around with me so I have it when I need a calm moment. I love it so much, can’t recommend it enough!

- Great variety of sounds, great sleep aid

I love the variety of sounds that are available, and, coupled with the White Noise Store, you can keep as many sounds as you’d like. I use the app on lunch breaks, as I sleep in my car, and, oftentimes, at there’s at least one person who blares out loud, obnoxious music, or talks on their phone while I’m trying to recharge my batteries with a short power nap. The app has higher-pitched sounds(Pink Noise) for the booming bass-based obnoxious music that someone will blare out from their car stereo, and, lower-pitched sounds(Room Noise, Brown Noise, Gray Noise, and Space Station Sleep Room, just to name a few) to drown out the higher-pitched music, or conversation. The timer function is great, and there’s even a Fade-In option that let’s you have your selected wake noise fade in slowly. And, here is what cost this App a 5th Star: When the Fade-In option is activated, your selected Wake Noise fades in gradually, but, your sleep noise stops. Suddenly. And, THAT wakes me up BEFORE the Wake Noise starts. If the Sleep Noise were to slowly start to fade, I’d say, 30 seconds before the Wake Noise were to kick in, AND THEN, the Wake Noise were to slowly fade in at, say, 15-20 seconds before the scheduled wake-up time, that would make this App an even better investment!

- I love this app — I have one tweak request, though ...

I work from home, as does my wife. Ever since we moved my office to the room with the back door and my dad moved in with us, there’s been a lot of foot traffic and ambient noise near my desk. White Noise is invaluable — I’ve had a thunderstorm in my head for days now, blocking out all the footsteps, dog barking, and general hubbub that happens while I’m trying to concentrate. One feature request, though (and I’m guessing the developers have heard this before): I would love it if the sounds faded in or out on start and stop rather than being so abrupt. I can see how that might be a complicated addition since the noise is generated rather than strictly a recording, but it’s very jarring to turn it off and on. Other than that, I use white noise more than any other app these days, except perhaps mail and messages. Thanks for a great app!

- Music volume issues

UPDATE: I don’t know what they did on the most recent update, but since then my music alarms do not go past half volume! I do not have fade set, and I learned a LONG time ago to check my music volume (since it is separate from the sounds volume) before setting the alarm. I play a little random music, make sure the volume is all of the way up, and then set the alarm. While a PITA, at least that fixed the issue of the alarm going off with no volume but now it just sits at half volume! NOT GOOD! For now I’ll keep with it and trying but after years of using the app and lots of downloaded sounds, I may end up changing after all to something that wakes me up instead of me waking up before it. PREVIOUS: Let me delete stock sounds! That is probably my only complaint. I’m good as long as I remember to check the volume of my music before going to bed. Quite a few times the sound was all of the way down so no alarm. But it is really annoying to have to keep sounds I will never use like the drier, fan, clock, etc. they are just annoying to me- please pick one sample like waves to have to keep and let us delete the others!

- Good mix of sounds

I've used a white noise machine for 20 years or more to block out background sound so that I can sleep. I had tried apps before on my phone, but they didn't come close to the same range of sounds that my white noise machine could block. However, recently, the batteries corroded my white noise machine and so I had to look for an option. This time I tried a few White Noise apps, and this one came the closest to re-creating the full spectrum of white noise that blocks everything I need it to block. I love that you can combine several sounds, and they are all quality. I play the white noise through a blue tooth speaker to really get a full rich blocking sound effect. It is the very best out there, I can’t sleep without it.

- Great for sleeping

Love this app for sleeping. Can't sleep without it. Cuts out the different noises that may wake u through the night. Use to have a fan running at night while I slept. 365 days but in the winter it makes it too cold but still had to use the fan. I've been using this app for 5 years. The clock has different colors so if u want it to light the room or keep it dark u can & still use the clock. You can put 2 together or just pick anyone that would work for u. I do recommend it!! Update: I have used this app probably 10 years now but on the last few updates to the app I’ve not been happy with it. If you don’t put it in clock mode the phone sleep mode kicks in. So when my cats wake it up in the middle of the night & I want to see what time it is the phone is asleep but the sound is still playing. It defeats the whole purpose of having it for a clock. Try & fix it on your next update it’s very annoying.

- Worth a try, but needs a tweak or two

My doctor has prescribed a med with interrupted sleep as a side effect. I downloaded White Noise to help “lullaby” me back to sleep in the middle of the night. It plays through my Bluetooth enabled hearing aids. It helps some, certainly better than silence. White noise offers a considerable selection of satisfactory sounds and the option of creating a playlist to vary them. I found it worth encouraging the developer with a paid upgrade of less than a dollar. It’s worth that. The app does have it’s issues: The option menus are not very intuitive, and they are confusing There are a few “tips” but no manual or help function The upgrade wipes all the playlist, mix creations, and manually recorded sounds. It leaves the old Lite app in place with a different colored icon. It’s just odd and awkward. I don’t resent spending the dollar, but I can’t see that it buys anything really The volume of the sounds vary a lot perceptually from one another. It’s just about impossible to create a playlist that does not have jarring volume changes. The app really needs the ability to adjust the volume of playlist entries individually. There is a shuffle function that reorders the playlist but no capacity for creating a specific desired order by moving items up or down manually

- Best app I have spent money on

I work in a noisy office that I’ve not been able to block out and this app has saved my sanity. I’d give it 5 stars except for 2 small things. One of which is you have download a separate app to download additional sounds. If this is a feature of your app, I shouldn’t have to use another tool. Second thing is when you create a playlist, the default time for each item is 10 minutes. I wish there were a setting to reduce that so I wouldn’t have to adjust each item in the playlist. Other than these two annoyances, this app offers a great variety of sounds thanks to the community uploading. I used the free app version for a long time before paying and I wish I hadn’t waited. The stock sounds are decent, but the additional ones you can download are great.

- Great except for one flaw

Updating my review to five stars because I found out you can disable those annoying new sound postcards! Thank goodness! The paid version of this app is worth every penny! I am a horrible sleeper who wakes at even the slightest noise, and am able to detect the repeat in most sound tracks, and that will keep me awake. However, many of the sounds on this app have perfect loops and no distinguishing pattern, so I sleep great! What cost it a star: that stupid splash noise when there is a pop up about new sounds or some such nonsense. I never read it. All I know is it’s very annoying, and very jarring, to set a sound to sleep, put the phone down, only to be jolted by the sudden, loud splash! Get rid of that and you’ll have a perfect app.

- Must have travel app!

This app is a must have/go to for the traveler! It saves you on an airplane by drowning out the chatter around you so you can sleep. It eliminates weird hotel noises and the too loud tv next door problem. The clock feature means you can unplug the alarm clock and use the bedside outlet to charge your device and still know what time it is in the middle of the night. The sounds and mixes are so incredibly customizable. Love that I can make a sound that is just right so that I don’t even hear it, but I don’t hear anything else either. Definitely among my most used apps when I travel. I’ve used and loved and recommended it for years now. Thank you for making such a great, useful, intuitive app.

- Update 7.7.10 need work

I never write reviews for apps, but the most recent update for this app (one I use every single night) has me questioning who decided to make these changes. The change that makes no sense is the way you now have to change the time for your alarm. Instead of a click wheel like you used to have, which is still the same for the duration alarm, you now have to click into a secondary window and then you have a tiny window in which you have to try to click/spin the hours and minutes or actually type in the time you want. The way this was before was simple, easy, and quick. Now it’s just frustratingly complicated. Please change this back the way it was. A lot of people use this app more than they use all other apps combined and this function is now nowhere near as user friendly as it was. Otherwise this is a great app! Would recommend to anyone.

- Keeps Me Out Of Trouble

White Noise is my savior from all things irritating and outrageous and drowns out much of the insanity we are subjected to as commuters and travelers: having to listen to ear buds and head phones that are not remotely restricted to the person wearing them, rude, self-involved hair balls who don't even bother to use headphones on their devices, people who speak loudly on cell phones because they think they will hear better if they talk louder, and the appalling and truly disgusting epidemic of men who no longer carry handkerchiefs and cluelessly subject everyone around them to the vile sounds of them relentlessly sucking the snot back into their heads ad nauseum. For these reasons and many more, I am grateful for White Noise.

- Needs a button to dismiss “clock mode”

I’ve tried a lot of different clock/alarm clock apps. This is my favorite so far. Two things would make it perfect. Firstly, it’s too easy to dismiss the clock when you’re in clock mode. Any place you touch on the display dismisses the clock. This is not ideal when you’re trying to use the app for an alarm clock as it’s too easy to unintentionally dismiss the clock. This could be easily remedied by putting a button someplace on the face of the clock that you had to press to dismiss the clock. The other feature I would like is to be able to use any sound for an alarm sound not just the ones packaged with the app. If it had those two features they would get five stars from me.

- Love it

I use this app every time I travel. I appreciate the selection of sounds to mask out disturbing noises when I sleep, and I appreciate the clock display which I can check usually at night without my glasses. All in all, it does more than I had expected when I got it, and I am completely satisfied. New thoughts in September 2018– I found that by making a downward stroke on the digital clock face I can decrease the illumination of the clock to the point where it is just a visible, but not distracting as it sits on a small portable table-top easel or phone holder(I suppose you’d say)facing The head of my bed, wherever that may be in the world in travel. 2021 New thought? Nope. Still love it.

- Best way to drown out house noises

If you’re someone who lays there and hears your older house “settling” and maybe it freaks you out a bit, this is a great app. When you know your house is secure and safe, turn it on so you can’t hear the tiny little things that might wake you up. Pets roaming around, distant thunder, an old two-story house that freaks and sways with the wind and just settles and adjusts constantly are all things that keep people waking up and not getting a good night’s sleep. This will help drown out those noises. If you still want to be able to hear, just don’t turn it up so loud but let it cover the softer noises good stuff! Love making my own mixes!

- Most Relaxing App Ever!

I don’t ever really think to write reviews but this is the best noise app! I have used a generic noise machine my whole life and I downloaded this app needing some noise as I was sleeping in the living room that night and my AC won’t turn on so it was silent in the room and I couldn’t fall asleep. I CANNOT believe how AMAZING this is and how I didn’t have it sooner. The fact that you can mix your own sounds together is makes this worth every penny. And when I’m just chilling around the house I’ll use it to just keep me calm and it really works! I am in love with this app and I recommend it to everyone! Money well spent! Thank you so much to the developers!!!

- Marriage Saver

When my wife started her cancer treatments she became accustomed to sleeping with the TV running while in the hotel where she and my daughter stayed. While at home one of us had to sleep on the couch so she could have the TV SOUND. Since th light kept me awake, the lack of restful sleep kept us on each others nerves and arguing became the norm. Then I found White Noise. It has made it so we can both rest and sleep in the same bed with our choice of sounds. Because we both enjoy camping, we have created our own mix that puts us to sleep and let’s us rest through the night.

- Could improve sound library somewhat

I like the app, and I use it sometimes for sleeping (played over small Bluetooth speakers). However, only a couple of the sound selections seem a good fit for me - in particular the rain forest and the running river. Many of the rest seem somewhat harsh and/or intrusive rather than soothing. Taking some of the treble off the rain selections might help a bit. The rain forest selection, which I otherwise like, could use a longer clip — right now, the loop is short enough that one quickly begins to anticipate when each bird call is coming, which ends up being a distraction. Maybe twice or three times as long would be better.

- Doesn’t always work

I’ve had this app for a while and always use it as my alarm. Lately it’s not working on my ipad the same as on my iPhone. Several times throughout the night the sound feature would just stop and it would shut off and I would have to open the app and start it all over again. It’s updated so I don’t what’s wrong. It worked one night then went right back to not working. Same exact app on iPhone and works there, except when I snooze it, the white noise sound doesn’t continue. Several times on my phone the music alarm would start but there was no way to turn it off. I would have to go into the music app just to stop it. Very frustrating.

- The perfect white noise app!

This is literally the perfect white noise app. It has all of the options that I was looking for. I am using this on an old iPhone in my child’s room after multiple cheaper sound machine have broken. It has option for everything you would ever want - including one that made me come here and write a review (the one where you can disable prompt for writing reviews - I figured if the app maker is nice enough to give that option then I’ll take advantage of it AND go ahead and leave my honest review.) Seriously this app is the best. I love it. Thank you!

- Less snoring with the WhiteNoise app

I use it to keep me from falling into my deepest sleep where I snore for 30-45 minutes straight until I tire myself out. By keeping "the cocktail party" just loud enough so I don't wake up but still remain in a restful sleep, I can keep myself from slipping into my deepest sleep where I snore. I use a quieter version mixed with a TV show I recorded to fall asleep. 30 minutes later, I stop the TV version and slowly ramp up the loud version. I record myself every night to verify if it is working. I'm finally starting to sleep a little better now.

- Confusing

Although the sounds and their quality are very good. Getting around within the app is confusing. It is a struggle to get to the sounds you like without being harassed by other sounds just appearing. And I can not figure out a way to get rid of them. I know what I want. I do not need their suggested sounds. They get in the way of actually enjoying this app. This app tries very hard to do everything. It offers so many confusing options. The store being one. 2 apps that you need to use. What is that for? Store and the player.

- The best white noise app

I held off on trying this app because it just didn’t look pretty. Heck, the user interface is plain ugly. BUT, after trying nearly a dozen other white noise apps, I can conclude that this is absolutely the best app available. Pick from dozens of sounds, record your own, adjust pitch and volume, mix with other sounds... the options are endless. And the app accomplishes all of it without a single hitch. To top it all off, this app charges a one-time price of $0.99, whereas other comparable apps charge subscriptions up to $100 per year!

- If you want to sleep more soundly he, get this app

We live in a busy metropolitan area with traffic and street noises and once in a while, a drunk who walks around screaming his head off or garbage trucks backing up a half a block with hazards warning chimes at 4 o'clock in the morning... you get the picture. Four months ago our neighbors had a baby and this was a lifesaver. Your turn on the White Noise before falling asleep and it covers any noise around you, creating a nice buffer. While there are many sounds, the best are the white type noises, we prefer the brown one.

- Mind blowing!!!!

After using this app well over a year. I have learned that if you are trying to relax, sleep or be creative to mix sounds for anything. I worked on tugboats and fishing boats years ago but, I can close my eyes and recreate everything even several different nature, mechanical or a special sound just for new thoughts or an old memory. There is nothing to compare this to! Try it you will be hooked on it. Pare it with a good Bluetooth speaker or earbuds and expect more than you could dream of!!! I am telling this bc of my true experience, Ken

- It keeps getting better

I have had this app for a while now and love it. The more I use it, the more I like it! Great sounds, great features. My two favorite things are (1) that it switches to a clock that stays on as long as my phone is plugged in (fully customizable both in color and brightness) so I use it as my clock at night and (2) that you can program multiple repeating alarms... So I have it set to fade out every weekday morning a few minutes before my alarm goes off, and have a separate time to fade out on the weekends!

- I love this app

I used to use this app for my son who used to be such a light sleeper when he was a baby. I literally couldn’t flush the toilet without him waking up. I used the crowded room sound and he started getting used to it to where I didn’t have to be afraid of any noise. I use this app for my niece now whenever she goes to sleep. The white noise sound helps drown out any other noise that’s going on with my kids so she sleeps. Such a great app, it’s so helpful and I recommend it to anyone who needs help with sleeping kids or just for yourself.

- Thank you !!

Very fast response from developers to fix a crash on iOS 9. Thank you for the quick and professional response. I have enjoyed white noise greatly for many years and it was disheartening when a “simple” bug fix rendered the app inoperable for some. I realize that iOS 9 is long in the tooth and a lot of developers are not targeting this version now. apple does not help any by changing file and permission access methods with most iOS revisions which cause a lot of these bugs with older iOS versions.

- Must have for travel

I'm a flight attendant, and this is a must have for all of my layovers. I used to carry a small white noise machine with me, but this app is much better, especially when paired with a small Bluetooth speaker so you aren't using your phone speaker to death. The white noise and pink noise I find are the best to block out those jerks who chat in the halls and slam doors, as well as the twelve dozen housekeepers who always seem to be outside my door. And yes, you will still hear your wake up call and or alarm. An absolute must have!

- Who needs a sound machine

I’ve been using this app every time I sleep for years. It has helped me to sleep deeper and longer because I am no longer getting woken up by random noises. I happen to love the sound of rain, so my go to sounds are Heavy Rain and Extreme Rain. This app is great for travel too. It allows you to sleep and miss the hallway noise of the hotel. So if you own an actual sound machine and use it at home, download this app for your phone so you have a sound machine for when you travel.

- It's saved my sanity

I live in an older apartment building, and the walls are not sound proof. I have the serious misfortune of living under a loud snorer, after a couple nights of the annoying amours excruciating sound coming from above I downloaded the app. The Steam water Flowing effect has drowned out the snoring and aid in an overall comfortable night of sleep. Highly recommend for anyone who has to deal with any annoying sound that disturbs your sleep, especially if it's a sound that you have no control over.

- Can't sleep without it

Love this app. I sleep to it every night and when I nap. I've loaded it on all my children's devices and now everyone uses it. I'm an RN, and I've used it for patients who have problems sleeping in a noisy hospital. I love all the options for noises to suit my sleeping mood. Lastly, when I really need to study up on something or concentrate, I'll pick a sound mix like gamma waves for concentration and tropical forest and pop in my ear buds. It drowns out all other noise and allows me to concentrate. Truly one of my favorite apps.

- Great app, good variety

Having been using this app for years and love it. Use it on trips for the kids and for me too. We seem to have defaulted to the brown noise, but I like to listen to the rain from time time, even though I live in Seattle now 😜 I still use the app regularly even though I have had recent issues with the app on my iPhone 7+. The volume controls sometimes is laggy in response, and a few times now I’ve had the volume turn off in the middle of the night 😳. It seams related to the app and iOS12. Hope it’s a bug that can be squashed.

- Amazing app!

I have a lot of trouble shutting my mind off when I try to sleep. I find I get the most peaceful rest turning on the thunderstorm effect for 36 min to fall asleep to: there are a bunch of different sounds for all types of people. I start to just focus on the sound of the storm and the next thing you know it's morning. It also has a feature of an alarm if you like to wake up to a soft sound of a monk bowl or a fan (among many more). I night suggest this app, it's helped me so much with my sleeping!

- Use it daily

I seriously use this app everyday. i love making my own mixes with my own recordings, but there are a ton in the library that are great too. only problem is this app/apps took me a while to figure out on my own and could probably use a redesign. but! now that i have it figured out, i love it. i use it when i go to sleep, so the timer is nice. i use it when i'm working so the playlist is nice. this is one of the few apps i use every single day. i use it as much as iTunes!

- New Parents

If you’re a new parent this app is an absolute 100% must have app. Our daughter is five months old and the vacuum cleaner noise still puts her to sleep. I even forgot how much better I sleep with white noise. And the marketplace is great too for new sounds to download. Best $0.99 I’ve ever spent that’s for sure. Update: Four months later and still using the app nightly. Only our little one has moved from the noises to music. Great selection of lullabies, meditation music and our favorite Christmas carols.

- By far AMAZING!

I downloaded this app in a pinch for my toddler and baby to be able to sleep at a relative’s house and it works great! So many different sounds to choose from as well as asleep mode were you can see a large clock on your phone as if you have your plugged in alarm clock at home with you! They really thought this one out! 5 stars for sure!! I’m 6 years into using it and still use the clock part every night! It’s a win win in my book!

- You can turn off rating prompts!

I’m upgrading my original 2-star review (critical of the frequent prompts to rate/review the app) because the app developers saw my review and emailed me to say that you can turn these OFF in “Settings.” I’m delighted to have learned this and impressed that TMSOFT reached out to me. I do love this app—it has a grand selection of convincing, restful sounds to mask noise at pretty much any pitch. I use the app every night and it’s like having a husband who doesn’t snore. My world is perfect now :)


I am 15 and I use this app every single night! And sometimes on the weekends when people are loud and wake me up. Great buy!!! ...seriouslh, no lie. I am now 24 and guess this never actually got posted, rating this app for the second time and would give it 5 stars over and over again!!!!! Amazing, incredible app!!! I have used his one countless nights, buy it, believe me, you won't regret it!!!!!!! Almost 10 years later and I have used this app on many many nights

- 25,000 hours

I used the lite version every night for several years, then eventually upgraded entirely because I wanted whoever made this to get some money in return for about three thousand nights of sleeping through barking dogs, coyotes, a lumber mill, and freight trains. I’m a light and anxious sleeper, and it’s worth my money just being able to wake at night and reassure myself the alarm is indeed set (without opening my eyes!) because I can still hear the nice whooshywhooshy noises

- Best white noise app

I’ve never written a review before on any app or product I’ve purchased, but this one warranted it. I had the lite version and switched to this one because I use it so often. It helps my baby sleep through the night which is amazing! I’ve gone through a lot of white noise sounds that are terribly looped and worked to put my son to sleep but just ended up annoying me. This one is perfect! Thank you for creating this!

- Worth the upgrade!

I love everything about this app. I used the free one for a while and decided to upgrade to the purchased app. With the purchased app, it will run in the background while I use other apps. I love the brown noise, the ability to combine sounds and love the clock!!! The clock stays illuminated and has different color options as well as ability to adjust the brightness. I use this app in both my babies’ rooms to help them sleep! Love!!

- Back to the Original!!!

Updating my rating. I was beside myself when I realized the last update changed the sound I had been listening to for longer than I could remember to sleep. Literally couldn't sleep for multiple nights because of it! Contacted their support team and they gave me step by step instructions on how to revert to the original sound (download sound market, same publisher). Oh my god, so relieved!

- Few good, free sounds but reliable

Very simple and easy-to-use design. I just click the app and hit play at this point. There’s only 1-2 sounds it comes with I like, but it has more buyable sounds and ways to make your own if you’re into that. I like the alarm to turn it off after a set time so as to save battery, and it doesn’t have a bunch of ads like the others I’ve tried. Also, it doesn’t try to get you to but its other sounds, which I deleted 3 other apps for doing.

- The best

I’ve had this app ever since I’ve owned smart phones, so nearly 10 years or so. App of choice for white noise and relaxing loops. My one complaint would be to find a better way for the “rate this app” push notification to show up. The timing is terrible. Nobody wants to rate an app at bedtime which is when you generally open the app and also when the app tends to ask you to rate it. Maybe in the morning instead?

- Okay, but distracting tics

The app works well overall, but I have one real complaint: The sounds I use the most* (there are many, so I can’t speak to all) are apparently on a cycle of twenty seconds or so, and they each have subtle little high pitched tics in them that you wouldn’t notice UNLESS you were listening to them over and over... which is the whole point. There’s no good reason to have these distracting little sounds in the app. Please edit them out! I’d change my rating to five stars. *Thinking especially of Brown Noise and Stream Water Flowing.

- Capturing special moments

I love this app. Especially when I travel. I love to use it to record sound bites of different nature sounds, rain storms, birds. Anything the will bring me back to these special moments. Snap a pic of the area and get a location as well. This is also great for white noise when I sleep while traveling. I’m used to a fan sound at home so I have a recording of the sound to take with me and I sleep like a baby now.

- Useful app. I paid for no ads, so stop with the podcast pop up!

I've been using the app for awhile and upgraded to the full version to support. I'm a light sleeper and the airplane noise has hundreds of hours of use. Using apps, especially ones I've paid for, I really just want be left alone and not bothered by pop ups which are relentless everywhere nowadays. So now when I log in I still get a pop up ad and an annoying splash sound for the podcast. It's really frustrating. Add an option to turn that off in the settings!

- Thank you

I’m never alone with this app. I can be at a rainy beach, populated metro, or in a windy thunderstorm. The fact that I can mix my music playlists WITH the app’s sounds still playing, allows me to generate every kind of ambience I want anywhere, any time. I’ve been a loyal customer for years now and I swear there isn’t a better app for creating a relaxing environment. My personal favorite at the moment is the rainy thunderstorms mixed over my lo-fi hip hop playlist.

- Cheapest Baby White Noise Machine!

To help our baby sleep, we looked into buying a white noise machine, but realized we could use an old iPhone (because who doesn’t have at least 3 old models just sitting in drawers around the house) and this app!! Best $$ spent and it has worked beautifully when we travel, or even when we forget the “old iPhone” because we can download it on our current phones or on an iPad in a pinch!

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- Daily user

4 years on, and I still rely on this app every night to help me relax for getting to sleep. It's so good, I'd pay for it again and again!! Old review: Without a doubt, one of the best value for money apps around, and one that I recommend to anyone who has issues with sleep or relaxation in general. Definitely worth paying for even though the free version has some great sounds there is much more variety in the paid.

- great for helping babies sleep

Amazingly useful for restless babies or keeping them asleep while the others are being noisy. Just wish the Watch app let me adjust the volume on the iphone remotely (you can change sounds and do all kinds of things, but not adjust the volume... weirdly the only way to enable this is to delete the watch app entirely so the default “Now Playing” app is used instead).

- Best App

We don't know what we would do without this app. Both of our babies sleep so beautifully with this and we don't have to worry about tip toeing around. I use it when I work night shift so I sleep so much better during the day! Love this app

- Hidden patterns invalidates white noise

I live in the city and White noise allows me to sleep better and blocks out a lot of the city noises. Unfortunately I can often hear underlying repetitive sounds and patterns that are not part the white noise I have selected and I swear that sometimes I hear what appears to be music in the noise. As a sensitive sleeper my brain grabs a hold of these noises and patterns and it no longer becomes white noise. This is why I stoped listening to other white noise apps.

- Awesome App

Thanks to this app I can sleep through the night. I play it all night through sleep headphones (where the speakers are inside a comfortable headband instead of bulky headphones or uncomfortable earbuds). The free app has everything I needed but I just bought the pro version to support the developers who have been so generous in providing the precious gift of sleep, daytime focus and more for so many years at no cost

- Great app

I love this app, mainly for the White Noise marketplace which lets me find so many additional sounds! The timer function is great, and that I can play it in the background with my phone screen locked.

- Great update for iOS 13

Love the new update, now White Noise looks a whole lot better. The UI tweaks are great as well. I don’t sleep without White Noise on, Thunder Storm all night long!

- Why ads in paid version??

I use this app every day and night in my daughters room. Up until recently it has been great, although I’ve noticed from around a month or so ago ads have come bellowing through the app. Not ideal in a sleeping babies room. I’m talking about the paid version too - I bought it thinking there were no ads!!!!!

- Awesome

Use it daily to help get too sleep. Helps a lot with relaxing and drifting off. Lots of sounds to choose from and mix together

- Sleep anxiety

I have been using this app for 5 + years to assist with my sleep anxiety. The sound is consistent and helps when I’m in unfamiliar places.

- Great App!

I’ve been using this app for over 5 years, great selection of stock noises and then the added store brings you more! Great work!

- Back To Sleep

I've suffered from tinnitus my whole life, without this app I'd still be in an insomnia nightmare. Great for travelling as well.

- Sound change has helped my life

I lived with a stressed mind for sleep . I taught myself to slow with brown noise and have found a peaceful sleep

- Fantastic

I'm a shift worker and I couldn't live without this app. It has been a life changer. Thank you so much

- Great at putting babies to sleep

On to our second kid now. This app is great.

- Great app for getting newborns to sleep

The sound of crashing waves is excellent.

- Best app

This is the best app, worked on my baby like charm. So easy to use as well

- Awesome app

Highly rated, best of the many I've tried

- Perfect

Helps me sleep. Can't do without it!!

- So happy

I’ve tried so many sleep apps. This is the BEST I’ve ever used. LOVE this app!

- Relationship saver

This is the only app I've ever felt strongly enough about to review. My partner is a deep sleeper and a very loud snorer, and we had tried everything to make him stop- nose plugs, sprays, mouthguards, pills, separate rooms- it was a really big problem and adversely effecting our relationship, because I was resentful of his noise and he was sick of me being grumpy. I got the free version of this app on a whim, and plugged my iPhone into speakers next to my bed before going to sleep. The white noise drowned out my partner's snores, but was constant and soothing so we were both able to sleep though it- as anyone who has tried to sleep next to a snorer knows, its the inconsistency and unpredictability of snoring that makes it so intolerable. I later downloaded the paid version, and found that brown noise was even better for that purpose- god only knows what frequency my partner snores at but I've found a way to drown it out! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this app, I could not recommend it more highly.

- Easy and effective

This app is easy to use either with your device in a dock or just by your bed. It is highly customisable so you can cater to your individual needs and tastes by selecting from a variety of sounds and choosing how long you want those sounds to play. You can choose the colour and brightness of the clock and use in conjunction with other features on your device which are listed in the app description. The ability to create mixes of various different sounds is useful in personalising the effect. The interface is extremely easy to use so you won't be up all night trying to configure it. It is also useful in providing ambient sound as an aid to meditation and quiet study. If you aren't sure about buying, try the free version, but at this price, it's a bargain.

- Only thing that puts our 5 week old baby to sleep

I can't understand all the negative reviews. The joins between loops are NOT obvious and are far longer than 5 seconds and there are dozens of high quality sounds that sound great. Air conditioner works perfectly for our newborn and we use it multiple times a day. The dev is responsive too - I asked for a fade-out option and here it is in the current version and the timer is brilliant - altogether far better than playing an mp3 yourself. Good luck putting together this collection of sounds yourself for the same money (and effort). Come on, a buck for something like this is great. -Mart

- Nice work!!

I believe those gave bad comment for this app are either dumb or they dono wat they are looking for... I downloaded and tried it out... Quality is ok -> those expected better quality who need to sit n wait the rain come or spend ages to download the large sound files... We should appreciate those useful application. I will give high score for this bcos sound quality good n close to actual sound. Good selection of options to choose. Nice works! *ps: if the app allows us to record voice, then I can record my lecturer voice coz it make me sleep:)

- Great App - does the job well

I use it when I am trying to get to sleep and cant cause the cars in the street are too loud... so this app lets me put the sound on a timer that works well and with the right volume actually sounds like your at the beach or in a storm! some of the sounds are annoying, but overall there are some great ones and they make up for any of the bad ones. Keep the new noises coming! More relaxing ones for sleep! :)

- Nice idea but need to remove artefacts

I have had this app for quite a while now. It is okay as a background app, but I find it essentially useless for meditation. This is because of artefacts in the audio loop. For example, on the ocean waves track, there is a very faint beep sound, like the sound of an incoming email. Once you hear it, and hear it repeating, you can't stop hearing it - and meditation goes out the window. The same is found on another of my favourites, brown noise - it sounds like a partial siren, very faint, endlessly repeating in the loop. These are not obvious, but once heard you can't not hear them. If these problems were fixed, I would give this five stars.

- A wonderful way to relax

A nice way to relax after a stressful day, to help mediate or just plain get to sleep (I find it so much easier to get to sleep with this app running and use it almost every night!). The ability to mix sounds, record and download new ones ("light rain on deck" is my new favorite) is a fun highlight making this highly useful app well worth the money. Highly recommended! :)

- White Noise Creators Deserve A Medal!

If I could give 6 stars I would! If you'd like to sleep, rest, relax, read, meditate, inspire your creativity, or simply block out the noisy world surrounding you (including the neighbour's dog), then may I humbly suggest you buy this fabulous App! And now you can also record your own special sounds, as well as download the huge selection available. I use it every day!

- Does the job!

Those people who said it's bad obviously don't want or need an app like this - so why download it? It is the best ambient sound app for iPhone and you shouldn't really complain because it does a great job of what it's meant to do. I often fall asleep to pink noise. I find this app very relaxing. Well done. Once again stop complaining because it does what it's meant to do brilliantly!

- Wonderful

Down loaded this app for travel to Europe. Loved it. Mainly used just a few of the sounds but really helped my 2 year old to sleep in different beds and locations. Loved the beach - I too would find my self lying down and in no time I my self was fast asleep. Also good on the plane. The beach takes me back to my childhood and one of our favorite place to visit in summer

- Lifesaving!

Use it each night 2 relax & sleep. Cuts out background noise with excellent range of realistic sounds. Only fault: when I put my phone on silent so I don't get woken by SMS in the night, I then can't select a song as my alarm cos it didnt seem 2 play it on silent. Nearly missed my wake up when I used that option. Overall, love it & use every night.

- So many different sounds

Perfect, so many additional sounds you can download. Great features such as timer to shut off sound, mix and match sounds etc etc. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! In future releases, maybe the developers should include all additional sounds with the app, saves the hassle of downloading them.

- Great app except...

This is a good app, but I have one major issue which is totally ruining my use of it. I turn my phone to silent sometimes when sleeping to prevent someone ringing or smsing me and waking me in the night. whitenoise plays fine when the phone is on silent but if you receive a msg or call whitenoise will cut off to silent pause until the call is finished then cut back on again once the call finished ringing. This effectively wakes you up instantly regardless that you have your phone on silent! There is no setting to prevent this occurring! Please install an option to prevent this anomaly for full stars!

- A Fantastic Sleep Aid

Featuring a wide assortment of sounds, this app has become almost indispensable for me when it comes to difficulty sleeping. Whether you prefer the various colours of noise (white, pink, blue, etc), environmental sounds (rain, thunder, wind, ocean, etc), or even the sounds of running appliances, this app is likely to have something to help you relax.

- Perfect app

This app is so easy to use and just keeps getting better. The sounds are beautiful and there is a large variety so you can pick and choose what you like. You can create your own sounds and timers/alarms or choose from sounds from the store. A very useful and relaxing app.

- Excellent value and features

Very happy with this app - easy to use and customise sounds. One niggle is that I would love to have the sound of a message etc not interrupt the sounds (even though phone's on silent) I'm playing but perhaps this is an Apple thing rather than an app thing. Great work. Thanks!

- Essential app for Dad and baby!

Though I almost exclusively use the brown noise all the sounds are excellent quality. I use it for daytime naps and we've used it on our baby countless times when he's been overtired, it's just like one big ling soothing 'shhhhh'! I couldn't do without it on flights too.

- Really good, but......

This is a great, great idea. However, the team lets itself down by not editing it's audio files properly. One example is the train ride. There is a little beep at the end of the loop that is very annoying, destroying the soothing effect but would be so simple to edit out. Please pay a bit more attention to your editing guys.

- Great app!

Very relaxing to sleep with! My husband found it and now neither of us can sleep without it! My husband is away alot so helps me block out the noises i always hear when hes not home! Be great to have meditation music continuously as an option for a change.. But love it anyway!! Thanks!!

- Impressed!

A great feature is being able to layer up to 5 different sounds into the one recording. I have a lot of trouble getting to sleep, tossing & turning for hours. I created a recording using rain, water & thunderstorms and I drift off instantly. Never fails to work!

- Nightshift worker

As a Nightshift worker, this app is great. Through out the day the street noise can at times get very frustrating to try and sleep with. But with the app playing it helps me block out the street noise and sleep with the sound of rain. It works for me anyway! Hope it dies you to. : )

- Saved from snoring wife

My wife snores. I've tried earplugs and sleeping in another room but this app is the only thing that works. I have been able to mix n match and get it just right to drown out her infuriating frequencies. There's nothing worse than sleep deprivation.

- Thank god for this ap!

Our 11 week old son has used this since birth & he knows when it goes on it's sleep time. My husband & I also can't sleep without it. We have downloaded it onto both iPhones & an iPod. Amazing application & surprisingly good on battery life.

- Perfect

It doesn't use up too much battery power, and can work in the background while using other apps. This is what makes it worthwhile, and better than the previous apps I had.

- Whitenoise

Love it, use it every night. Helps me get back to sleep quickly when woken through the night by my 2 month old as well as occasionally my 4 year old. Have always suffered insomnia and am a super light sleeper, but this helps combat both!

- I LOVE this App!!

It was exactly what I was looking for and I'm so glad I found it! I've used it for about 3 months now and sleep with my in-ear headphones every night with these sounds playing at the lowest level the iPhone can do. My headphones block a lot of the noise outside (dogs barking etc), and the sounds make me feel like I'm somewhere else. It's brilliant. I highly recommend it. Thank you developers. My only suggestion for improvement would be a more realistic "wind" sound, I mean like the sound of a blustery night outside. Still, five stars from me!

- Thankyou :)

Use it everyday for my baby to sleep! Couldn't live without it! Thanks so much :) sends my hubby off to sleep as well lol. Has saved us having to spend a fortune on a white noise machine and we have the choice of other noises - bubby prefers brown noise. So again thankyou so much :) best $2 ever spent!

- Best app on iTunes?

I'm a big fan of this app, helped me survive a house full of noisy housemates. Those who have trouble sleeping without particular noise, or who want to drown out infrequent noise from your house, look no further than this app, you won't be disappointed.

- Under rated

This is actually a very good app. Many times ive woken up thinking i was sleeping by the ocean or thinking that was a storm that night. I think it depends on the sounds system you're using. Obviously if you dont like this app you're a pleb who can't afford a good one. i have top notch speakers under my bed so it sounds great to me.

- White noise review

Love the variety of the sounds, like the sound options, would suggest making softer sounds but would definitely recommend it & say it was useful. P.S Especially as background noise to reading a good book to block out irritating noises, such as a TV or to break the silence :) ~ A

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- Able to Deal With a Noisy World

Enjoying this app while outside on my condo patio, with loud neighbours ;) Keeps the peace!

- Awesome !

Just drains my battery but an amazing app!

- Great

I use it every time i nap.

- White noise

The noise is white and it is good

- Better. Sleep

The brown noise give me a wonderful sleep every night. Especially necessary when travelling

- Great but annoying pop up

I love it except the annoying pop up about their business that happens for no reason every few days

- Always missing sounds.

I have the paid version and initially found it to be pretty good . Now when I preview a sound or mix in market and try to download it, half of the sounds are missing. It's now hit or miss on how many are there. Really frustrating. I can hear the previews but it's a mystery why a few download but most come up with a warning "missing sounds". I wouldn't recommend this. If it was free I might put up with the glitches but if you guys are going to take my money it would be nice if it actually worked.

- Pretty good, but....

This is a really good app, but the noises are much faster compared to White Noise Lite. I recommend that one if you’re looking for a slower setting.

- Love it

Been using it for years now and still love it. The new update its amazing too!

- Couldn’t sleep without it

I have used this app for years now and I sleep so soundly every night. Can’t recommend it enough.

- Works good

Really easy to accidentally swipe sideways turning on a super loud random noise and wake your partner up! It’s seriously so annoying. Otherwise would be 5 stars, always works great. I never needed a white noise machine but now I love this and use it every night! Lots of silly noises to choose from that are stupid bc thats why ppl need a white noise machine!! (like shoes in the drier and trains going by) I wish the white noise one was more authentically white noise, but i use the air conditioner every night. Too bad only dumb ones are in the free version, but well worth purchasing.

- Great app

Great app!

- Calming and relaxing

I think this app is great for sleeping,relaxing though you might have to buy the other apps if you want different sounds. To the conclusion of my review this is a great app and I think it’s great

- Nice sounds but too fast

The choice of sounds is good but I find all of them too fast. I need slower sounds for my mind to slow down.

- Enjoyable!

Meeting my expectations so far.

- White Noise

This is a great app. It's easy to work with and can produce some very nice sounds that are almost as good as real music for relaxation purposes.

- Does what it says and does it very well!

Upgrading to full version for a nominal amount was a great investment. I can lock my phone screen with playback uninterrupted. I wish for some sounds they had recorded longer sequences before looping, such as the sailboat. The mind picks up repetitive patterns very quickly and instead of treating it as background noise, starts to focus on it.

- Perfect!

It’s one of a small handful of apps that I wanted to pay for and it was worth every penny.

- White noise

Keeps cutting out randomly . I have brand new iphone . Whole point of white noise was to play constantly so I can sleep better

- Nice app. I use it all the time !!

With the Market, it's a must have.

- Thank goodness for this app!

As a light sleeper the White Noise App has helped me get to sleep when I’m travelling or trying to nap during the day when it’s noisy outside. This app has helped me get the sleep I need to actually get a restful sleep!

- Best!!!!

excellent app!

- Love it!

Love this app! We use it every night.

- “Sound failed to play. Sound failed to play.”

Any time I switch to this app, after any other app on my iPhone might have generated a sound, I get a dialog box “Sound failed to play” and I have to press ok. It’s really growing tiring. This app used to have a simple interface and play a selection of sounds. It’s now quite bloated and very hard to navigate.

- Works for me

Some decent sounds but wish they included some more.. A lot of water sounds so don't drink a lot of water before bed, lol

- Sleep like a baby

Love this app! Used to sleep with a fan, but I now use this app exclusively. Love that I can take with me anywhere so can have consistency when I’m traveling too!

- Been using this quite awhile...

...and it’s improved my sleep to the point where I doubt I’ll ever go back to trying to sleep without it. It’s great, full featured and infinitely customizable but can be used perfectly well ‘out of the box’. Only thing, and I’m taking care of it now, is it’s constantly asking me to review the damn thing and rate it. So I did. I can sleep even better without the guilt, so DEV, if you’re listening, you win, you got your five stars, now it’s back to sleeping peacefully and ignoring the stupid pop-up.

- Use this anytime I want to sleep well

The only noise app I’ve used in a very very long time For good reason

- Saving grace.

I am a flight attendant. I have used this app for the last 3 years to help with loud hotels. I love this app!!!!

- Good at making white noise

Good app. Makes white noise which is handy for when I want to listen to white noise. Always asking for a review which seems kinda needy if you ask me.

- 💚

So I used to wake up early early every morning with anxiety but since getting this app it’s allowed me to sleep in!! And I now see I can suspend it in the background while I’m doing other things which is awesome.

- Stable, easy to use app

Works consistently and has never crashed. Simple UI. Thank you for the good design!

- Awesome App

Greatest app to fall asleep to. As soon as I put this on, I'm asleep within 5 minutes and I can stay asleep. So relaxing, and there are so many noises to choose from. There is something for everyone. Definitely recommend to everyone looking for a white noise app to fall asleep with.

- Perfect for every night

Love this app and use the brown noise every night, also good for kids.

- Great tool for a relaxing sleep

Lots of realistic great sounding white nose options

- Perfect for baby!

Perfect for baby!

- Excellent ambient noise generator

Use this regularly for sleeping in noisy environments and to assist concentration.

- Great app

I live in downtown Toronto and this app is a great way to block out the noise of the city. I sleep great because of it!

- The Best!

Excellent app, helps to take the edge off and let me sleep. I used the purring cat for a long time - I've had many cats and it's eerily realistic. But now I've switched to Brown Noise and find it even more soothing. I use it every night. When I travel, it helps me relax and feel like I've brought a piece of home with me. It's also fun to occasionally browse through the other sounds!

- Very good app. Help me a lot sleeping well.

I would recommand it to friends.

- Where you been all my LIFE?!

No more issues falling asleep. Being such a light sleeper has its downfalls but turn the app on, set timer and drift to dream to the sound of the rain. Love it!

- Great app,

Very easy to set up and find the background you would love to relax too. White noises.

- Best white noise app ever

Simple, fast and no crashes. I have lived with this app for the past 3 years every night it has helped me put the kids to sleep. Not one problem so far. Cheers guys

- So many options...

This app is wonderful to drown out random outside noise! So many options too... and new ones always being released! Love this app!



- Great app

Love this app for putting my baby to sleep!

- Amazing app

Worth buying, you get so much for only a few $$, use it every night.

- Best white noise app!

And love the clock options! It's a must for traveling.

- Helps me sleep every day

It's so peaceful blocking out all the background noises when i sleep. I never sleep without it on anymore.

- Nice app.

Works great. I use this whenever I take a nap. It's especially useful in hotels when you were surrounded by street noise.

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Sarah McIntyre🦄🚀✨

And others of us like white noise because there’s nothing happening in there at all 🤣

Alisha Lee

@MissJEM_Eng White noise, book, podcast, camomile tea.


mas prefer ko white noise... it calms me


@mewlion_meww @MoonPlanStudio LET JUST FOCUS ON MEW AND HIS HEART 🌻... the rest is just white noise sweets. WE GOT MEW FOR LIFE.


@chrissyteigen Good for you! Don’t waste any energy on what others think (because you never *really* know what that is!). Be happy with who you are and the rest is white noise. ❤️

Steve Zorowitz

@katearoni2 I love my White Noise App.


For Jaime, she bought him a white noise machine


@vernatef White noise playing overnight - absolutely nothing bad for your phone. As long as the screen isn't on all the time it shouldn't significantly affect battery life. Charging your phone overnight can overcharge it, and noticeably shorten the battery's lifespan though.

Lightskin Kelby

@quietmonsters @plusmxrc @THROWEDTOBIN Really not necessarily the recording engineers job. Most engineers will do it but a recording engineers main job is to get properly recorded vocals. A mix engineer would take care of the white noise.


Lockdown has proven sky don’t want an atmosphere at football matches. They have a chance to create an amazing one for “the greatest league in the world”. Yet the artificial crowd noise is consistently set to “white-noise” level which would send a newborn to sleep

Otto Nimm

Me with insomnia trying to avoid tweets with audio while my phone is Bluetooth-connected to a speaker playing white noise next to my sleeping boyfriend’s head.

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Sarkari Deals

Meyaar Pluss-0666 Edition Metal Earphones Earbuds with Microphone & Deep Bass Clear Sound Noise Isolating in Ear Headphones, Stereo Ear Buds for Cell Phones, Laptop (Metal White) Rs. 99

La Vie En Bell

@CarlBeijer 80s had a ton of great novels though (Blood Meridian, White Noise, Libra, Woodcutters, etc.)

Frank Lee

@spreadsheeticus @Cernovich Yeah, but why isn't the MSM trying to be divisive here? Great time to run the white racist anti-trans militants are out of control speculation. That seems to be the dog that isn't barking. The rest I just see as noise so far.

White Noise 7.9 Screenshots & Images

White Noise iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

White Noise iphone images
White Noise iphone images
White Noise iphone images
White Noise iphone images
White Noise iphone images

White Noise (Version 7.9) Install & Download

The applications White Noise was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2019-01-31 and was developed by TMSOFT [Developer ID: 288669797]. This application file size is 87.48 MB. White Noise - Health & Fitness app posted on 2021-09-18 current version is 7.9 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tmsoft.WhiteNoise