InPulse - Heart Rate Monitor

InPulse - Heart Rate Monitor [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview


Never miss a beat with InPulse! Check your heart rate instantly with your iPhone. No other devices needed!

Simply place your finger on the camera to measure your heart rate. Receive reminders to check your pulse and track your heart rate on a daily basis so you can stay healthy and fit. Get your stress levels under control and your negative emotional reactions identified and leveled.

The Main Advantages of the App:
- Measure your heart rate using your fingertip and camera
- Use Calendar to monitor your blood pressure
- Export and share your heart rate history
- Get daily, weekly, or monthly reports
- Add tags and comments to your measurements
- Integrate with Apple Health, and your pulse measurements will be sent to the Health app, making it even easier for you to keep track of your heart and overall health.

How to Use:
- First, make sure your fingers aren’t cold. When checking your pulse, be sure your fingertip covers the camera lens and camera flashlight completely.
- Press gently with your finger. Pressing too hard may result in reduced blood flow, which will make it more difficult to get an accurate result.
- Supports iPhone 5s and later and iPads that support the Flash function.

You can choose a free trial with all features available.

- You can subscribe for unlimited access to all app’s features.
- Subscriptions are billed automatically at the rate depending on the selected subscription plan.

Important Note

The app is not designed for medical purposes. It is meant only for fitness use and as a source of general health information.

By using the app, you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use:

Have questions? Check out the FAQ page at
Or contact our support team:
Heartly yours,
AIBY team

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Update time! - Minor bug fixes and general performance improvements Thank you for staying with us! Keep sharing your reviews on the App Store and sending your feedback to

InPulse - Heart Rate Monitor Comments & Reviews

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- Wonderful and Easy to use

April 15th, 2020- I’ve had this app for almost a month now. I cannot tell you if it’s 100% accurate or not, but it has been consistent with my heart beat ratings. Its not like they are all over the place readings when I’m doing the same activity, it’s consistent. I wish there was more “activity” tags though. Like if I am walking, jogging, running, climbed a flight of stairs, or just ate breakfast, things like that. It only has tags for tires, just woke up, before bed, workout, and resting. Sometimes I have to close out of the app due to it not working properly, like it glitches and freezes or something. But overall I love it and use it every day to keep track of my heart rate. Considering it says its in “low” range and I’m not sure what is causing that. It has been that way since I started using the app, occasionally during a certain time of day it’s in “normal” range. We will see and I will update when I know how accurate it is!

- Works!

I saw this and when it said I had 3 day trial, I didn’t need it! Also, it actually works and I am amazed! Usually apps like these need like a premium. But I think this 1 don’t! Amazing!

- Absolute TRASH

My grandmother has AFIB(an underlying heart condition) and I was going to test out this app to see if it worked so she could check her heart rate on-the-go, but unfortunately after sitting there for a few minutes I came to the conclusion that this app does not work. I never got an end result and the entire time I was sitting still the numbers fluctuated from 68 BPM up to around 93 BPM. I know that I do not have any underlying heart conditions, therefore the fact that this fluctuated nearly 30BPM in a matter of seconds multiple times told me this app was a misleading waste of time. The developers of this app should be ashamed of themselves for not only making people pay an ungodly amount of money for a subscription to keep up with their heart rate on an app that doesn’t even work. This should be a for if entrapment and thievery!! ABSURD

- Great app!!

I downloaded a few apps before this one, the very first one did not work which made me disappointed, then came this app and wow! I opened the app, continued to the heart rate and instantly the flash light turned on (which did not happen on the first app) and started to calculate my pulse, it indicated the time I should wait and finally it gave me my results! Also they mentioned if my pulse was normal or not. I was very satisfied. Thanks 😁

- Faulty

I just downloaded this app because the reviews looked ok. I had it downloaded. Read how to do it. Then proceeded to do what it said. I had my finger placed where it said it should be. It started to read and then stopped. It told me to place my finger on the camera. My finger never moved. After 5 or 6 tries it finally read it. I thought that might be a glitch so I tried again. Same results. I tried the 3rd time and nothing had changed still same faulty results. That’s when I deleted the app and wrote this review.

- This APP Shows how idiotic people are

I was able to put inanimate objects, and it still gave me a “heart rate”. If my flash drive and book have a heart rate of 67 and 72 how accurate can it be for someone seriously figure out your heart rate. I also did test on myself while using an Apple Watch (Apple Watch may not be 100% accurate it is sure close to accurate and I’ve actually used my watch data to show a doctor) my heart rate was 52 in real life. While the app said it was in the 70’s. TLDR: Play app and dumb people believe it. Also my book has a heart rate of 72.

- I did it to see how real it is and I can promise you it’s not

Okay for those of you who want a real review here it is. This app is fake. Things like my desk and computer have heart rates which doesn’t make sense. On top of that even if it was giving a real review my Apple Watch said differently. For those of you that say an Apple Watch doesn’t work then I also did my pulse and it was off by 21. So thank you for taking your time to read this review and please don’t use this app for medical use or else it will be completely wrong.

- Smart way to keep peace with own vital sign

This will be one of my most favorite screen or app however call it . Keeping vital signs data is the most diagnostic factor in the doctor’s visit to show for any reason, even for a routine every 6 month visit. It’s definitely worse investing.

- The Health of your Owen body

It’s cool how old is at work he just put a flashlight on your finger and it gives you your rate of your hearts be working now doing something I will give you the results thatWhy I recommend to get this app but you don’t have to if you don’t want to

- .

I gave it five starts so everyone could see this but I would give this app a solid three stars because I have a pulse reader and I used them both at the same time but the app was 3 hpm away over all this isn’t a bad app

- Not free

Apple need to step up their game when it comes to apps being considered free. I downloaded it, it asked me to set up an auto payment and if I didn’t then I couldn’t use it. End of story this app is a paid app and who knows how else they’re going to lie to you to make money? Obviously the same kind of company who would pull this tactic is probably going to sell your information they gather in order to continue supporting the app. DO NOT DOWNLOAD

- Idk

Sometimes it works but....other times it dosent😬 when I used it for the first time I though it worked,I then tried one more time and it stayed at 00 almost the entire time then jumped to 70. I though it would be fun but sometimes leaving your flash on your on your arm starts to sting. 3/5 wouldn’t recommend 😐

- Not even close to accurate

I downloaded this app because of a fitness class which requires you to take your heart rate, and have it be in a certain range at the end of the workout. This app, however, isn’t accurate enough for that. It’d be manageable if it was of by 30 beats per minute, but after running for half an hour, my heart throbbing, I’ll place my index finger on the camera and it’ll say my heart rate is 58 bpm.

- Trouble

It’s ok but when I’m trying to see my heart beat and like I do place my finger in position it just doesn’t do nothing when I do it I mean it vibrates my phone but I just didn’t take it idk if that made any sense but if someone is having the same problem as I am I think they will understand.

- I love the app

I love this app but you should add more to the thing that when your done there is something’s can you like add back from outside or back from a long long drive please.

- BP measure

This is only my 2 day of use, it does its job..wish they had a written page, where the reading you got, you could check it, if it’s good or bad !

- Can’t believe how this works!!!

I can’t believe this thing monitors my heart rate. It tells me if it’s too high and I need to slow down and quit working so hard.

- Extremely inaccurate

First of all it barely works. It took a good 2/3 minutes of trying to get it to actually check my heart rate which was wrong. Tried multiple times and it was off every time and they want $50 dollars a month to use the app. Save the money and buy an Apple Watch. This app is a complete scam and doesn’t work at all.

- Off!

It was off buy about 11 beats when a checked it I know because i have an Apple Watch which I k ow is accurate when the Apple Watch said 79 the thing would say 90 that can be a huge difference and that was off one trial so my heart rate could say 120 on my watch but 80 on there ur advertising people to do this for a heart attack it needs to be accurate terrible!

- Clean interface and simple

I like the Apple health integration and the lack of ads. Other similar apps waste my time with ads and cluttered screen. Great simple app!

- Trial link not very clear

I clicked on the subscribe button accidentally trying too click on the demo and was charged $49 subscribers fee. I have messaged the company too get a refund as I think it’s very unfair too have both links so close together. Be careful.

- It is ok

The first time I tried it it worked perfectly fine with the second time and the rest it did not work it was obvious loading it took forever I waited one hour and I still do not work

- How is it gonna make you pay!?

How is an app that is supposed to help you keep your heart rate in check, keep you alive, keep you healthy going to make you pay?! Jesus Christ and God didn’t make us pay all they ask is for us to believe! This app is crazy for wanting to make you pay to help you stay alive🤦‍♀️🙄

- Great app

I love that this app is easy to use and accurate when I compare it to my at-home blood pressure machine 🙂 This is such a brilliant idea!

- Pushes subscription til hard. Had to delete!

Th subscription signup kept popping up. I only got one reading out of it and then I could t do another one without the subscription splash page appearing. And the opt out bison is tiny. I wonder how many people got tricked into a subscription. Shady apps like this don’t belong on the App Store.

- Used all the time now suddenly wants me to pay!

This was a free app when I downloaded it a few weeks ago and now tonight it takes me to a subscription demand! I don’t use it for anything but checking my heart rate periodically, don’t use Fitbit or any other features. Shame on you

- No one wants to pay for this

The subscription is too expensive

- HeartRate

When I first got this app it was impossible to get a heart rate. Now it’s a snap. The app is perfect, quick, and accurate. Thanks.

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- Suggestions for my review:

If my pulse is reasonable & accurate, I’d like to track various pulse levels at measurable activities. All depends on accuracy of individual movements and time of day.

- Nice & simple

Thank you for this amazing useful App We need notifications Calendar is coming soon

- User Friendly

Easy to use, over a three day period consist.

- How do you turn it off

Used it, then light came back on to do again. How do I turn it off. Cynthua

- This shows just how stupid people are

This is not a real heartbeat sensor you can put objects in front of the camera and it will say some random bpm I put a book in front of it and it said it had a bpm of 70 likewise with a water bottle. This is not a real app it’s entirely a scam especially to the people that paid extra

- Works well

I took some molly and was worried about my heart rate lol this app made me realize that I’m dying thank you best news I heard in 2020 👌🏽

- Good app, one suggestion

Let me get more uses in a day , instead of just once.

- InPulse

Whenever I try to take my pulse it’ll go to 10 seconds out of nowhere and then reset it and it doesn’t work please don’t get this app it’s a waste of space

- Calibrated

I was hooked up at the emergency room and the difference between the hospital monitor and this App was 1 bpm. Pretty accurate.

- Don’t do it!!

The app never even took my reading and I did exactly what it said it only started when I would take my finger off and still stopped I’m really glad I didn’t pay for premium cause that would have been a waste of money 🙃

- Very good

I like i use it every day better than any apps

- Sneaky

App will not take your heart rate more than once without signing up for an expensive plan. Click "Measure", and the app shows a large button to pay, with a tiny link to skip. Skip paying, and the app just redisplays the previous (i.e., first and only) result. Total scam.

- Easy to use

A very simple app. It is useful since I have SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder) so I can track my bpm.

- ❤️

I love it now I don’t have to buy an Apple Watch to check my heartbeat.

- Not quite up front

You have to pay for a subscription - doesn’t tell you that up front (before I downloaded). I immediately deleted app; thanks but no thanks.

- The heart rate app

I love it so much it help me keep track with my heart rate and yeah you should download it

- Missing Feature

App works well enough, but the inability to delete one or more tests or reset the test history is a significant and disappointing oversight.

- Heart pulse

So far it is interesting and I will be comparing it with the other one I am using

- Easy to use

Easy to use and looks accurate, so far so good.

- Good heart app! 😊

Instant heart pick up and accurate too! I would recommend to a friend.

- Very good

I like that this app is very easy to use and to understand.

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- I’m amazed...

I was not expecting this, to be honest. Kept seeing the ad for this app on Instagram, saying it will measure your heartbeat and all that. Decided to give it a try, obviously expecting a fee per month that no one is going to pay. Now I tried it three times, each time comparing the results to my Apple Watch Series 5 40 MM heart sensor, and two times out fo the three- it was within 5 BPM. The third, 30 BPM away. I’m blown away. What??

- accurate but glitchy

this app is definitely very accurate but it restarts the whole process even though i am placing my finger on my camera lens and the flashlight. But other than that it works perfectly

- Actually works!!

Didn’t expect it to work so I decided for fun to test it out. I have my Apple Watch which measures heart rate accurately which I know because of the heart monitor I have obtained from doctors. Anyway it worked perfectly 👌🏻👌🏻

- First time user

This appears quite successful; however I can not find the costs?

- Useless

It takes too long for it to work, and you can’t move an inch or it will glitch out, freeze or restart. Essentially useless for working out or post work out (because by the time it’s read your pulse your heartbeat has dropped significantly). My expectations were low but I was still disappointed.

- Barry Black

App is great but it would be better if it could have a blood pressure monitor as well

- David

Appears to work ok Just wondering actually how accurate it is,

- Great app, but $$$

I love this app but can’t afford it.

- Expensive misleading

Says free download, no mention of costs/subscription, when went to use says 3! Day ‘free’ trial then $50! Per month!!! Then when tried to write review it rebooted my phone!!! Stay clear

- Haptics ruin it

Okay hr measure but have you not heard of biofeedback? By having the haptics beat with your hr it provides feedback that in turn alters your hr. So it’s useless for my needs.

- Waste of an app

Please don’t waste your time . Expensive as hell. Not sure what they think people will do? Run to this thing to measure their heart rate?? Please what a waste of a download.. immediately deleted

- Total Rip-0ff

Rip-off save your money better free apps to choose that work in exactly the same way. 3 day trail then 114 bucks what a joke - how did Apple let you get away with extortion?

- Doesn’t work

I put my finger over the camera and flashlight and nothing happens


I downloaded this app out of curiosity as I saw it on a add on snap I then started messing around with the app and placed the camera or flashlight on my gold bracelet and it somehow gave me a answer THIS APP IS NOT ACCURATE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME !!!

- Great


- Not good don’t get the app

U should have unlimited time to check even if u don’t have a subscription

- Working the app

I was surprised The app was free which is really good it just work for me id get half way theough of it meauring my heart rate n it just stay there it woukdnt finish

- Sue2156S

Well according to this app. I have no pulse and it failed 8 out of 10 times. Very disappointed

- Rubbish

It actually does nothing unless you sign up or do a free trial. Didn’t mention any of this in the App blirb

- Inaccurate

That app takes a long time to measure your heart rate and the results are inaccurate.

- What a rip

It’s wants you to pay $90 to use it. Go and punch it as far as I’m concerned

- Trash

This app is trash and they literally try to take your id and your information DO NOT GET THIS APP I DO NOT RECOMMEND

- Worst app ever

Doesn’t work!

- Not a trusted one. Just let you to do 3 times free and unless you pay no more free.Fraudersters

Never recommend for anyone

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- Awesome app

Awesom app no need bp monitor works good

- App is fake

I downloaded this app for an experiment, my experiment was to see if these apps really work, and my conclusion is that they don’t, I test this app by placing a toy football on top of the light to see if it generated a pulse, and it did, I got a pulse of 74 bpm... from a stuffed toy, would not recommend for anyone looking for an app that checks your heart rate.

- Garbage

It is a shame to propose such garbage app

- Worst app

Don’t get this trash app it’s pointless, it just like all the other apps where you only get 1 free heart rate check and then you have to pay. Don’t download this trash. I would rate 0 zero but I can’t.

- Lies

Why does the preview of it show that you can put the phone to your wrist to check your pulse When you can’t?

- Not accurate

First it said 95, then it said 72...i checked manually and it was 59

- i hate this app

imagine paying for an app that isn’t even real? so stupid.

- Wow bro.

So, lemme explain this app. 1 its fake! I tested my actual heartrate with my fitbit. A 300$ item, against a free mobile app. It was off by SOOO MUCH. 2 a mobile phone camera is not capable of seeing through your skin and looking at the blood pumping through your body. 3 this is obviously a dumb scam! They are just trying to get money off of people who cant afford a actual blood measuring thing. Mainly old people. So if you see this comment, do not download this app if you are wanting to measure your heartrate

- You can only check your heartbeat once

It sucks you have to pay to use the heartbeat sensor more than once (f u scammers🖕)

- timer is inaccurate- do not purchase

The timer keeps restarting so you see the same time eg. 10 seconds left over and over over again and the time frame for measurement so long you can’t get an exercise or immediate post exercise reading

- This app is fake

If you place your camera next to any object it will go on to measure the “heart rate” of that object. The bpm is usually between 69 and 80

- Fake

Fake don’t wast you time it’s not free

- Very bad

Very bad

- Not free .. you can not use without paying

Not very smart Don’t download

- Not free

There is nothing more frustrating then downloading an app only to find you MUST subscribe. Infuriating!

- Misleading advertisement!

We’re told it’s free but it really is not....

- Free doesn’t mean $6.95a/wk


- Too much

Too much cash

- Just got screwed

Out of 75$. Wanted to do the free trial and they charged anyway. Stupid app doesn’t work on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. How can Apple let scum like these guys get away with this? It reflects badly on them as well as the criminals who “developed” this “app”.

- Eng hesham

Great application Good luck

- BP?

why does the ad show it takes blood pressure reading when it does not?

- Ok

Should be free app

- Issues

Cant get it to work with iphone 12 pro max

- Pulse

Am on a three day free trial but have yet to find out how the pulse oximeter works

- Not free at all

This app is not free. Don’t bother downloading it


Sucked in by FREE. But it is 3 days FREE and then 6.49 PER WEEK. Many other free options that also include BP. I do not like being duped.

- Tell people up front that it’s not free

That way you can choose before you install the app. This was a waste of my time

- Keeps restarting

I can’t get one complete reading of my bpm! It gets to around 9 seconds left and restarts, no matter how still I am! 👎👎👎

- Fail

Worked before with 4.2.

- Y’all act surprised that the flashlight doesn’t sense your pulse

And honestly it’s sad cuz it’s a flashlight not a sensor. For the rest of you people who aren’t educated a flashlight gives off light and that’s it while a sensor can sense things like your pulse for example

- Scam

I want it deleted, I thought it was free, please cancel

- I got conned

Thought this was a free app. By the time I realized it was a subscription it was too late/too difficult to figure out how to back out of it

- Is not reliable

The does not give an accurate bpm Or give a real one (I have a Fitbit versa 2 that measures my pulse the in-pulse app said I had 82bpm and I had 127 bpm on my watch I would NOT recommend the in-pulse application For calculating your bpm as it is unreliable and fake, instead I would recommend to get a reliable wearable device that calculates your bpm ACCURATELY do your research before you buy one tho! If money isn’t the best right now for you you can calculate your pulse with mathematics! Simply feel for your pulse and count how many beats occur in 15 seconds then times it by 4 then you have your close to accurate bpm if your off you’re only off by 2-5 bpm

- Garbage

There a way to do no stars... app is trash

- Does not work anymore after iOS updates

The new iOS update caused the software to not work anymore I tried it many times

- app is fake and stupid

i tried it wont cooperate and its not real

- cap

its so cap, i put a ball on it and it said i had 65 bpm 😂😂

- Tags

Add more tag please or make more selection. That would be awesome!

- Really hard to make it work

I tried a lot but it doesn’t work And im not asking for help because im not wasting more time on this app then just saing no

- Heart rate

Doesn’t even work this is fake

- Terrible finger recognition

Doesn’t recognize my finger when it is placed on the camera and flashlight.

- Crap


- This APP doesn’t work for me. I would therefore like to cancel my 3 day trial immediately.



You have to 66,99$ per year juste to know your heart beat!!!

- How Dare You

I wanted this app to use for my safety. Knowing if I am in danger is something that shouldn’t I have to PAY for danmit! If this app is as good as you say it is, then don’t make me pay to know if I’m having a HEART ATTACK. It’s pathetic to think you can put a price on basic health knowledge and safety. My grandfather has seriously threatening heart conditions. It runs in the family. And if he can’t look at his pulse when he thinks he’s having a heart attack because all you care about is making money then your money sucking app isn’t worth even being here.

- Paiement

Je n’ai jamais voulu avoir cette application

- Misleading

Don’t know why these idiots don’t just be honest and say it costs $$$$$ before you download it. Waste of everybody’s time. I’d five it a 0 but I can’t.

- Too expensive thought it was free


- Reassuring

It’s nice to know your heart rate especially as you age. I do some yard work and when I feel tired I check my HR.

- Nice

I try twice looks good 👍👍👍

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InPulse - Heart Rate Monitor 2.12 Screenshots & Images

InPulse - Heart Rate Monitor iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

InPulse - Heart Rate Monitor iphone images
InPulse - Heart Rate Monitor iphone images
InPulse - Heart Rate Monitor iphone images
InPulse - Heart Rate Monitor iphone images
InPulse - Heart Rate Monitor iphone images

InPulse - Heart Rate Monitor (Version 2.12) Install & Download

The applications InPulse - Heart Rate Monitor was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2019-12-07 and was developed by AIBY [Developer ID: 1458102137]. This application file size is 74.52 MB. InPulse - Heart Rate Monitor - Health & Fitness app posted on 2021-02-25 current version is 2.12 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: hrm.fitme

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