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What is fishdom solitaire app? Never Fishdomed before? Take a deep breath and dive into an underwater world of card-based craziness with Fishdom Solitaire, an all-new free game!

Try challenging and fun solitaire gameplay as you decorate aquariums to create cozy homes for lovely, talking fish. Feed them, play with them, and watch them interact with each other. Your finned friends are waiting for you, so dive in now and enjoy this amazing underwater adventure!

● Unique gameplay: arrange and eliminate cards, design and decorate aquariums, play with and take care of fish—all in one puzzle game!
● Thousands of unique and exciting levels with exclusive card types and boosters
● Compete with other players for exclusive rewards
● No Wi-Fi or internet connection required to play

Please note that Fishdom Solitaire is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money.

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App Name Fishdom Solitaire
Category Games
Updated 02 March 2024, Saturday
File Size 259.71 MB

Fishdom Solitaire Comments & Reviews 2024

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Terrible Customer Service. This game is rigged. First, you have to pay to win, especially with the higher levels. Second, the rewards are not always given, which leads to the third issue. The customer service is awful. I’ve contacted them on several different occasions to complain about not getting my rewards, and they just blew me off. The game is glitchy, and even when I pay for something, I have to completely shut down the game to have the purchase go through. This unfortunately doesn’t work when I win competitions for rewards, like the Flag and Boat races. Finally, there are people cheating in this game. There is no way that a person can be 1st in a competition, then 5 minutes later go down to forth with a difference of 100 points from 1st place. I’ve also complained about this, and as always they just ignore it. I think I’m just going to save myself the hassle and stop playing this game. I’m just annoyed I wasted so much time and money playing.

Terrible customer service. I’m incredibly disappointed in the customer service of this game. I started playing early on when they first released, I believe. I did enjoy it but recently I’ve noticed more technical issues. A few of those issues have caused me to lose diamonds/coins which you need to play. I reached out with a specific technical issue and how it made me lose several times. After asking them a few different times to fix the issue and for a reimbursement, they never once acknowledged that their issue caused me to lose but just kept saying they would fix the issue. Now, supposedly, issue is fixed but there was no apology or acknowledgment of the loss of coins/diamonds. So, I am deleting app as I’m sure this will continue to happen. And, even reaching the little customer service they have is a headache. Technical issues happen but that’s why you need wonderful customer support for when they do.

Unable to play. I have been trying for 2 days to play Fishdom Solitaire on my IPAD. I downloaded it from App Store and the furthest I got was buying the first fish. When I launch the game it do not get a Solitaire game just the fish tank. If I click on Play (which doesn’t always show up) it directs me to the puzzle aspect. When I go there I do not have an option to play anything and there is a red 3 and all other numbers are white. There is no option to close the game so I have to reboot my IPad. I have tried uninstalling and installing again and again and again. I still get the same thing happen. I have tried clearing my cache and still ….nothing. I have turned Wi-Fi off and on, nothing. Not sure what the problem is but it is very frustrating. Therefore I rate this game a zero.

Love this game!. What I like about this game is it takes two games I love and combines them into one - original Fishdom and Solitaire. The aquariums are cute and the decorations have surprising moves. There is also somewhat of a storyline - I’m on my second detective aquarium where a case of a robber is being investigated. Cute graphics, not too difficult, and fun challenges. Doesn’t require real money to advance. And, no ads! Of course, if you do pay, it helps the developers. Update: Into the 300+ levels and still loving the game.

BEWARE!!! This game is a trap to entice kids to spend unwittingly spend HUNDREDS of dollars!!!. My child downloaded this game and continued to play while spending almost $400 over the course of one weekend without my knowledge or consent and the company is refusing to reimburse this money. This game is a trap with its cute graphics and fish tanks that require diamonds to buy and to play the game. There is a total inability to play without buying TONS of diamonds!!!!! My child bought several versions of these “sales”, spending over $100 in just one sitting, and even more in a very short time span. This business model should be criminal. I cannot even imagine how many people have gone into debt with this game over innocently allowing their children to play a game they enjoy.

Good Game Except For Bugs. I have been playing for a few weeks now and like the game. Not thrilled about how hard it is to get enough gems to ac play but dealing with it. Have reached level 973 and am totally stuck because the propeller cards don’t have any suits on them and do totally nothing to help with the level. There is no way to beat the level without the propeller cards working and I won’t spend all the money I would have to spend to buy enough additional cards to finish level. Thinking of deleting the app.

This game is awesome!. I absolutely love this game! They keep it fun and interesting to avoid getting bored easily. The mini games are an awesome easy way to get more diamonds so you can continue having a blast while playing. Some of the higher levels cost too many diamonds to play but if you play your cards right they are easy to achieve more. Great game to pass the time or to take your mind off of life. Feeding the fish is also another easy way to accumulate diamonds for more play time.

Ends up being a money grabber. I have played this game and spend more on it than any game ever. I get helps. When I get to a leave, I end up using all my helps and still can’t when. It is not because I am a bad player, it is based on luck. When I finally think I will finally win because I have one card left to get and several cards in the deck, I don’t! Frustrating! After a couple of weeks on same level, and playing several times a day, I finally realized it is all about shelling out money. I am so frustrated, I am thinking of deleting the dumb game. A cute and fun idea, just too money hungry. I will wait to see if there is a response.

Easier level,or better experience.. It’s not unacceptable that I need several times to pass a level until I reached level 432 and find that I always lose with several taps. The designer ever played the level??? I throw cards on the ground ,playing it under the same rules, and I may find that’s a fun level,too. But I’m stuck on these levels and feel painful! You should know I like this game very much even pay for the golden pass but I surely don’t like the levels after 432. They make me like a fool playing a game without design. Could u please make the level easier, or keep the difficulty but make it easier to play? ——————————— Finally, I pass levels and adapt to the difficulty. Hope the levels won’t be harder. Thanks for your support and I will change the rating stars for your passion.

Money grab. This game is fun in the beginning until you run out of diamonds. That’s when the levels become un-winnable. The levels are obviously rigged, you can tell by the way you have to play a level for days or even weeks to win it. Every single time I play I pick up all my cards and when there’s one left, you are most likely going to have ten cards in your deck but somehow none of them are even close to the card you have left. And if you spend more diamonds to find a matching card, more often than not you won’t get one and lose anyways. I find it funny that the game gives you 20,000+ diamonds to start out with and all of the levels are easily a win, but once you run out the game almost coerces you to spend money. The power ups don’t even help at all, 99% of the time you’ll still end up with one card left that you can’t pick up. I’m deleting this app, so disappointed. Hey developers, i liked fishdom it’s a good game. So how can you make a great game but then decide to scam people with another game? Weren’t you making enough money from fishdom? Y’all are just greedy and it’s disgusting. I swear to god if the developer responds with hello, i’m suing.

Just like the description says 👍. I like this game because it is solitaire and one of my favorite kinds of solitaire…TRIPEAKS! I like all the mini games and they are just like the adds, although I do wish the mini games were more frequent. However, I do not like that I have to spend diamonds to play the levels. I would like it of you lowered the price of the levels to 500diamonds. I understand that this is how your game is designed, but could you please lower the price? Or make it so I can earn more diamonds quickly? I like the chats the fish have with my “profile” and all the aquarium things, feeding fish, cleaning the foggy glass etc. I also wish that the fish were a better price, I haven’t bought any except the very first one because I want to save my coins. If you could make them cheaper or make more ways to get coins that would be very helpful. I don’t like losing the levels because I lose my diamonds (from playing the level and not winning my money back), if you could make so I get at least 100diamonds after every loss it would help me not go bankrupt. I love the fact that there are no ads! Please consider my ideas. Thank you for reading my review! -lady Jewell 117 greatest there ever was-

Cash Grab becomes more obvious.. I played the first Fishdom and then downloaded this one. I like the games but your pay to play system is just annoying now. And I’ll delete this one like I did the previous game. Firstly, move the trick-card purchase button out of the bottom right corner, y’all know it’s easy to mistakenly touch since we all use a touch phone, and you can’t even undo a purchase in the game. You spend days gathering play coins, then your palm touches the phone wrongly and everything is spent on a useless perk you never planned on buying in the first place. And all your freebies are useless because immediately after you get them, the game gets hard and you need to use them at once, and you’re still not going to pass the level until after the freebies is done and you spend the regular accumulated play coins.

Coulda been great. Game starts off with a bang. Tons of gems, plenty of boosters and i love pyramid style solitaire. Decorating your tank is fun and the variety of fish is great. Then the gacha cash grab portion of the game goes from 0-100 at around stage 65. Even when you use all 3 boosters your chances of beating a stage are just awful. The game is made to keep you purchasing those gems to get 5 more cards or a wild card. Every stage takes me about 5-10 tries now to beat it. Which of course is no fun. Ill give them a couple weeks to see if they update the game with better odds of beating a stage. If not it will just join the many other gacha games in the deleted pile.

All About Money - Money Pit. I found this game hard to beat and I am usually good with puzzles and logic games. I spent probably $20 in the first week to stay in the game. All of that is spent and the unlike other games where your lives replenish after a window of time to encourage you to play often, if you run out of gems, you can earn enough every hour for a single play, but that’s about it. UNLESS YOU PAY! But spending 20K gems or all of the hard earned boosters to beat the harder levels based off of the hand you have been dealt…. I don’t feel like the hands are dealt in a way to be able to win. Even if you spend for the extra 5 cards, you aren’t guaranteed to win. I don’t feel like this is worth it.

No help from customer service without proof. I really enjoyed the game up until today. I’m close to level 600 and have had trouble building my diamonds up recently. I ended up getting close to 10k with the help of my team and small little tournaments/achievements. I had 3 free passes from one. On my 2nd free pass the game froze and I was trying to get it to work by clicking everywhere or going off and coming back on. In that time the only thing that would work or click was the gold card (which I didn’t need since I had just started the game). It cost 7.5k diamonds to get the gold card. Which again I didn’t need or want. After it bought the gold card I had 1k diamonds left and my game was still froze resorting on me having to close it out. I lost my free pass plus the gold card that cost me 7.5k diamonds. I contacted support to try and get my diamonds back since I didn’t even want the gold card and lost it and my diamonds anyway and since I had no proof they wouldn’t help in anyway. They wanted a video or picture. How am I supposed to video or take a picture of that when I didn’t know in advance it was gonna happen? I’m very upset with the help I received.

What mini games?. I got suckered into downloading this game based on an ad from another game that showed ONLY the mini games. I’m on level 27 and so far, there was only ONE mini game at the very beginning and nothing else since! The way it was advertised, it looked like there would be one after every game, or at least every time you leveled up. The ad was so deceptive it didn’t even show the solitaire game at all. Just the mini games. “Play mini games and win coins!” Seriously? I hate being lied to. And lies of omission are still lies. You were deceptive in your ad…so why would I keep your game? If you make the promise, deliver.

GLITCHES SO BAD!!. New update to review! It won’t stop glitching the tasks flashing over and over! It’s been 4 days! And I can’t even open support because it won’t let me open or click anything else! Really wish developers would respond to my review to help me fix it! Because now Im missing out of several diamonds each hour! Finishing the tasks to get 100k Diamond which is what it was doing when glitching! And I’m missing on the events! Please help!! So first i hate that you have to use diamonds to play levels. It shouldn’t cost that many diamonds to play it. Or at least give more when winning the levels. Or more each hour. It seems rigged to just spend money. Otherwise i do like how the game is set up. But there is so many bugs! Literally for three days it has been glitching opening the season and the tasks just flashing over and over and I can’t exit or anything. No matter if i close the app or delete and reopen it still does it. It pops up on its own when the game opens. And no help from support. I absolutely love the regular Fishdom, i just wish this was better like that. Because Fishdom is my favorite game ever.

UPDATE on new UPDATE + old I USED to love this game. WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE MECHANICS!? Its so slow and clunky now! I honestly dont want to play. Put it back, please. I dont understand why developers need to fix what isnt broke and then FORCE us to update to an inferior version! But after level 1000, they cheat. A normal board will takes WEEKS to pass. Currently, I’m on 1345 and have been there for a week now. Before that, i was stuck on a previous board for 9 days. They let you pass 2-3 boards and make you stuck again trying to force you to pay! Well I’m broke, i cant afford to pay. Being stuck constantly, you wouldn’t want to pay either because you will NEVER COMPLETE ANYTHING. You wont win a race, finish a room, even get every chest. Also, they raise the cost of the game WHILE ALSO not letting you collect gems from previous tanks, only the last 2. What would make ACTUAL SENSE is allowing us to get gems from ALL TANKS since things cost more and are much harder further along…but NO THEY WANT YOU TO BUY which leaves poor people frustrated and deleting the game. Its literally just a time waster now instead of being a fun game. Ill keep playing a little bit in case things change, but based on Homescapes and other “free” games, i doubt it. Would be a 5 star game if not for these issues.

Super fun and entertaining but also very challenging. Overall the game is a very fun and enjoyable experience! But it also has bugs and very difficult levels, and it says it is 4 and up and i am 9 years old and i have lots of trouble playing some of the levels, and when i watched the add I thought it was just mini games that were really easy and fun but i was wrong about it because some people don’t even know how to play solitaire and I just don’t understand why people lie about games in adds so I don’t like this game in one way and like it in another way 🦄🦄🦋🦋

Fun but Bad. Unless you plan to spend a lot of money to play this game DON’t. This is the cutest solitary card game. BUT the developers have the card set where you just lose and lose and lose. They do make it where you can get free coins from feeding the fish, you can win special cards to help you through the game. BUT like all games it starts out easy and gets harder. But they also set the cards where you have to use the special cards to move to the next stage of the game. Once you use all the cards, either buy more or spend days or longer getting through that one hand. Eventually you can pass and move on. But the aggravation is maddening. Yes I understand this game is developed so the developers make money to keep it as cute and challenging as it is. But to set the cards to force you to spend money many don’t have to play or you just sit playing over and over always missing by 1 card because that last card never has a match even when you use the special cards and still that 1 last card is set where you have to do it again and again and again. Developers you can do a lot better then this .

Fishdom Solitaire. This is a great Game, I can’t put it down, it’s a great challenge. I have to work hard to buy fish and make a beautiful aquarium. Thank you for creating challenge games, I’m 80 years old and I challenge any one to a game’ my kids nor my grandkids can beat me, my Greatgrans don’t want to play with me. Seniors don’t just sit and do nothing every day. Get you an IPad and have fun playing games. You will be glad you did. After you learn how play, challenge me. BJ/ Big Mama.

Fishdom Solitaire is a Blast to Play!. This game is crazy fun! It has many fun little twists in addition to a somewhat “normal” solitaire game. From their different and exciting mini games where you get chances to earn pink gems (diamonds) and even gold coins so you can buy fish, decorations, plants and even fish food for your aquarium! Every few levels you’re learning new skills as you advance your knowledge of the Fishdom Solitaire game! I’m only on level 21 and I’m having a blast already!!! You should definitely download this game and give it a try!!

To the developers….Fishdom Solitaire…UPDATE…best game ever❣️❣️. I love this game, my favorite, I am an older woman and on a fixed income, I would love to be able to keep playing through several hands, but, sometimes you have to go through 10,000+ diamonds just to win a hand. I cannot pay for anything, I play for free and will keep doing so, just wish you would entertain the idea of getting through 1 hand using less diamonds. Thanx for listening. Love this new Fishdom…..lots of diamonds, easy to get….total fun and relaxing❣️ Still loving it❣️ Update…..still love it, just wish you didn’t have to use so many diamonds on each play, wish they would last longer so I could keep playing b/c I enjoy it so much!

I truly love this New Game so far so good. Just started playing it today which is Sunday April 22nd about 2pm , I have the Fishdom Game but I quite playing it , because I hated all the fortune I was spending just to get through levels , So here I am playing this new game & so far I am truly enjoying playing it & haven’t had to spend my own money which mean's truly so very much at this time I’ve just recently had to have back to back serous surgeries due to my being in the most horribly unimaginable Automobile Accident ,living every single day in & day in the worst unimaginable torching pain makes anyone’s life hard , so I am trying to entertain myself during my long long road to recovery from my injuries , I even still need to have Spinal Cord Surgeries , I’m in a horrible medical condition which is going to take me such a long long journey down to my recovery & then still I’ll have permanent medical issues , but I’m still finding this game to help me with taking a little bit of my mind off how hard my life has become because of someone else’s not paying attention to their driving , I just would like to say thank you for creating this game Signed Sincerely Linda in Wa State

Feels rigged. Just like most of the other reviews stated. You will have the opportunity to play and win a lot over the first 20-30 levels. After that the price to play a round almost exceeds the daily amount of diamonds unless you play. As for winning a level, good luck. I routinely get down to 1 or 2 cards left and have 7-10 cards left in my hand. I’ll draw every card and not have a single one close to one of the remaining cards. I thought at first it was random , however it happens far to often to be random. I really like the concept of the game and if it felt more fair would probably get the season pass. Currently I play once every couple hours after my free gems are available, I generally lose and since I don’t have gems I can’t buy extra cards. I’ll probably give this another week but based on current frustration will probably end up deleting after that if it’s the same.

A love Hate relationship. I have been religiously playing this game for over a year and it’s time to review it.. I love this game so much but the farther along I get the more I actually hate it. I will be stuck on a level for sometimes a month at a time. Unless I force myself to save up tens of thousands of diamonds at a time there are some levels I WILL NOT get past unless I stockpile diamonds or pay for additional diamonds (which I will not and refuse to do) It used to be once every 100 levels or so I’d run into a level that’s near impossible to beat but now that I’m higher up (almost level 1800) it’s almost every single level has become that difficult and impossible to beat without buying diamonds. when you do finally win a level it’s 2500 to play a level and then you may win 2600 for winning. It’s impossible to get ahead of you lose even once so sometimes I get to play for about 2 minutes at a time until I have to wait another hour to get more diamonds. I don’t understand why every level at a certain point has to be so incredibly impossible to beat.

Fun, if you’re willing to pay. Fist 30 or so levels, 5 stars. Fun, relaxing game without ads interrupting you. Levels 30-90, four stars. The game begins to repeatedly produce strings of cards that you don’t need until you have no cards left. Somehow you’ll magically get the ones you need after purchasing an upgrade with pink diamonds (this will the the item you’ll struggle to keep up with without paying real money). Levels 90+, 3 stars. Expect to buy a minimum of 1-2 upgrades to beat each level. If you play enough consecutive games, you might have won some timed upgrades that’ll offset that. Overall fun game, but it can get quite frustrating beyond the beginning levels unless your willing to pay money (which I acknowledge is fair since there are no ads).

Wow!!! No ads!!. I am shocked to find a game that has not tried to rope me into buying something in the game, and the biggest shocker is no ads! I will keep this game installed as a relaxing game where I can play without getting bombarded with ad videos every two seconds! Thank you to the developers of this game for figuring out how to make a beautiful game with no ads!! Very nice graphics! I will now search for other games by this developer because I am so impressed!

Sophisticated Approach To Make You Spend $$. Why “sophisticated”? Because it takes a while to get into the game, a while longer to get hooked (pardon the pun) and then you have to PURCHASE the rewards you’ve accrued by playing and winning the game! Supposedly #1 on the leaderboard (why don’t I believe that), my objective in playing in the first place was only to play the mini games. Mini games are the thing most likely got you to investigate this app in the first place, and then you found out you have to play solitaire-type games to get the privilege of doing so. An incredibly blatant play for your money, the games aren’t either that challenging or interesting but they’ve spent a lot on graphics thinking (I guess) that someone pays attention to those features? Unless someone is trying to learn to read -in which case this could be a helpful app- there’s nothing engaging, challenging or remotely approaching the price-tag you’re encouraged to pay in order to play on. There are so many other engaging apps that don’t pull these stunts that it’s a bit amazing this group has any long term users.

This is not free. You will eventually pay.. I initially thought this was more like the interactive aspects advertised in between my solitaire games, but it’s not. You mostly collect coins and diamonds through interesting versions of solitaire that just like solitaire is random and can be a crapshoot no matter your skill. They entice you with the option to ‘decorate your fish tank’ with coins, which seemed stupid to me because I just wanted to play games. Each game costs diamonds and you’ll collect a ton at first not realizing it’s because it’s beginner level games. By the time you realize you’re eventually paying for each game it’s just constant advertisements to buy more games so that you can purchase more diamonds to play more games to purchase more diamonds. Get?

No ads but you still pay. It was fun at first. Started to feel like a bad slot machine after a bit. Kept charging more coins each time I had to get more cards, and higher and higher. It started charging me 250 & 300 coins at first, and the I had to burn through the cards quickly due to crappy cards I was given. When I’ve stopped playing, it was charging 6000 coins for a few more cards. And when your ‘piggy bank is full of jewels’ you have to pay actual money to release them. Otherwise anything else you gain, gets un- rewarded. I had Fishdom before and forgot why I stopped playing. Now I remember. No thanks. Too bad though. It would have been a good game. I guess you have to make money on this, so I get it.

WHY DID YOU CHANGE IT!?. Ok, I have to first say that I would’ve given this app 10 starts LAST WEEK….BUT, LIKE EVERY OTHER GAME y’all GOT GREEDY… I USED to love the fact that I could play this game all month by buying one or two packs per month….BUT NOW, THEY HAVE CHANGED EVERYTHING! Development: Why did you change it to that if you want to use the power-up’s you get ONE (instead of THREE) … for A LITTLE LESS FOR ONLY ONE!!!!! Now you have to buy each power up EVERY GAME, SO YOU CAN NEVER WIN (like make more money than what you spent on playing ONE GAME)…SO, LIKE OTHER GREEDY GAMES, THE PLAYER IS LOSING MONEY EVERY HAND!! I used to go on and check EVERY HOUR to get my 2500 coins, I would buy the extra packs, I would build it up when I couldn’t afford to buy power-ups and be able to play for days…NOW, THERE IS NO WAY TO WIN (winning means making more than what you bet)… I’m SOOOOOOOOOO DISAPPOINTED ☹️!!!! This was my favorite game…it won’t be anymore…what a dang shame!! If they (you) change it back, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT…I LOVE IT!!! I’m so bummed y’all ruined it.

Really Fun. I hope the game continues to be no cost but it's asked me to write a review, and I’ve noticed in the past other games as soon as you write that review, things become more difficult in the game, hit a wall where they try to force you to pay. Thus far it’s becoming more costly from that standpoint of endgame resources to play, but I’ve been able to enjoy the experience as it is also fast paced, and should it become a drag because it wants to force me to spend money I’ll just quit. But that’s far this has been fun!

Great game !. I’ve always loved Playrix games and have to download whenever there is a new one and this game was no different. Super cute graphics just like all of their other games and super relaxing. The only thing I would fault, is the fact that every level costs a lot of gems to play, so it’s easy to run out. I’ve found myself having to wait every hour just to get the extra gems to be able to play the next level. Other than that, keep it up Playrix because you guys have the best games ! I can’t wait for what you guys release next !

Costs too much to play.. I understand that the game is free to play, and diamonds are given 2500 per hour for free, and I appreciate that. Most of the time, I try to remember to log on and get my free diamonds hourly and then save them up. However, each game costs 2500 diamonds to play, and at least 2500 to get 5 extra cards, which are usually needed to win. I have bought extra diamonds several times, but it seems like certain levels are rigged for a certain loss. As I have said in the past, something’s fishy. Pun intended. I bought diamonds again today, but it’s most likely my last time doing so. As much as I hate to, I will probably delete Fishdom Solitaire soon.

Smily face. So far (level 17) everything is awesome and I’m loviń my aquarium 🌈🐡🐠🐟💨 I’m still waiting for the other shoe …🤔 flip flop to drop, because something of money related requests must be coming soon. How on earth they are running this without ANY adds is beyond my comprehension 😮😃. I know it advertised from the start: “No Adds”, but when was the last time you ever saw that come on and it was so? But here I am 🤗 level 30, having the time of my aquarium life and nothing of even a tiny hint of funds requested 😳. This even has those incredibly fun mini games and they aren’t ones where you’ve forced to wait till you’re rounding out at level zillion. I’ll return and update this review if things turn murky. 🤝 Wow 😠 literally the second I left here, after writing that, my next hand refused to allow any card to work, I just spent every last gem and coin I had to get to the end of my level. Grate the gems and coins are all free, but still, I played every card exactly as should have been played, the non compliance was deliberate 🤨 hmm, well, I left for now, I’ll give it one more chance and let you know what happens 🤨🫤

Cute Graphics, Solitaire, and Puzzles. What’s not to like? The puzzles are the “help the fish escape” variety. In other games these puzzles become difficult so quickly that you have to spend real money to continue playing by buying aids. So far that isn’t the case here. I don’t mind spending modest sums occasionally as a thanks to the developers, but I balk at having the game stall out within fifteen minutes. This has given me a pleasant, stress-free evening so far. A tip of the hat to the developers!

Hmm…. I was really enjoying this game, it’s fun, allows you to be creative, it’s interactive. However I noticed I was really going through diamonds for some reason, then saw that you are charged diamonds to play some levels. The first one I played today was free, maybe even the second, and then I had to pay 8,000 to play. Now I was already feeling a bit taken aback with how much the helps started costing, it goes up when you use them so you really can’t afford them anymore and now you can’t even save up to afford them when you’re being gouged for gameplay. There are certain events that you can win extra helps and diamonds, but what good are they if you don’t have the diamonds to play? You get a certain amount of diamonds for feeding your fish and several times a day but they barely cover the cost of gameplay. So yes this game is fun, and amusing…for about the 10-15 minutes you get to play at one time.

Good Solitaire Game. I like that this solitaire game is different than regular solitaire and the different mini games are fun. Don’t be deceived by the adds though, the mini games are few and far between. The challenges and different competitions are fun too, however I hate how many gems each game requires. 2500 gems for each game is a bit much - I wish they would reduce it to 1000 because you just can’t get ahead. Other than that it’s a good game if you’re looking for something to pass the time.

Great!. I love it. There was a lot of imagination, time, energy, and care that went into creating this game. I can tell by the beautiful attention to detail on the graphics as well as the well thought-out story line. Thanks for a truly fun game that doesn’t try to nickle and dime you to death! I’m at an advanced level in Fishdom Solitaire and have not been required to spend a single penny just so I can keep playing. Of course there are in-app purchases that help to accentuate the player’s gaming experience, but as stated it’s not mandatory to spend in order to enjoy the game and it’s full features. I also enjoy that the levels are challenging but very fair and seem to be in a steady progression of such. Thanks again for making such a fun, challenging, and well put together game! Laura Helvey ~

It was fun but now it’s frustrating -update. ***update*** it’s better now, most of the time. I don’t know if they changed something, but I’m able to complete most games, so it’s still fun while being challenging. They used to have mini-games every now and then, which were mostly simple, but fun. I don’t know if they stop at a certain level or what. I wish they would bring them back. My original review: This game is going downhill. It’s getting harder to complete levels even when you use all of the boosters. It’s ridiculous. They stack cards that make it impossible to complete the stack, such as a 7, then the 2 cards under that are 7s. This is happening more and more. I’m going to hang in there a while longer, if it gets better, I’ll update this review. If not, I’ll delete the game. I hope it gets better.

Forced to Pay to win. I really enjoyed this game until I got to the higher levels. I reached level 192 and now I find myself tempted to buy more gems because the free ones you receive are not enough to cover the gem price to get another deck in the game! So it forces you to use the little u have and because your so close to winning with maybe 1-5 cards left you end up buying gems for another deck! Just to get back in the SAME situation where you don’t have enough gems to cover more decks. Now mind you I have gotten pretty good at this game so there are times that I’m baffled that I wasn’t able to clear the board with the first deck of cards. I’m over it and refuse to get nickeled and dimed out of my money. I only ask that the developers make the extra decks more cost effective because you still have to PAY with gems to even start the game so that already takes what little you start with! OR do as you advertised provide more puzzle games to win extra gems because the daily feeding the fish and the random shells you can pick to get free games and or gems IS NOT ENOUGH as you progress to higher levels. Even if you build up your gems they get gobbled up very fast as you keep playing. I can’t even play the higher levels where you can double your gems because it COST so much. Therefore I stay on the standard level in fear I will lose it all…like I did before trying to double my gems IF I won. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ It’s sad that I’m going to delete this game. It was fun while it lasted.

Improvements are possible, but still nice. I was thrilled to be able to preorder this because I rather enjoy the original Fishdom. Given that as of me writing this, this is the first version of the game, there are a couple of improvements that could be made. The animated pop-ups, for example, aren’t nearly as smooth and bouncy as in the first game. I also see little interaction the fish have with each other and with the player, but maybe I just didn’t wait long enough. There are some things this game does right, though. Flipping the currency roles around so that the diamonds have every role during gameplay while the coins are only for the store is a very smart move for a solitaire game. I also love seeing an NPC from the original game get an interesting career unique to this one; it makes me wonder which side of him came first.

So fun and relaxing!. I love this game. I love the fish. I love the names of the fish. I love feeding the fish. I love the clever things they say. Even though they pretty much say the same things all the time, it never gets old. Sometimes I love to just sit and look at the fish swim and listen to the music. The music is really good, and the graphics are amazing. Plus, there are multiple levels, so you’re always getting a change of scenery. Of course, this is a game as well. I find the games engaging. They are challenging enough, but they are always doable. Plus, they are quick. I can play as little or as long as I want. There are also fun and challenging incentives and mini games. The app has great support as well. I ran into a problem on my device and they were quick and helpful with providing a solution.

Fun, but this is P2W only game!. First off let me say I love this game. I’ll explain why the 1 star review. After you reach about level 30 (which took a few days) you will need to pay $ or wait HOURS in between a game. I understand developers have to make $ and put food on the table, but this is just crazy. You earn a little amount of diamonds (2000) every 1 hour when you login and collect them. Each game cost a minimum 2000 diamonds. If you run out of cards during a game you will need to buy more with diamonds. If you don’t then you lose the game and lose even more than the 2000 diamonds it cost to play. Developers need to change the diamond system a bit. If not just remove the “Solitaire” name from the game and call it Fish Tank. That’s all you will be able to do is watch your fish swim around waiting hours to play Solitaire. I will be happy to change my 1 star review if the developers make any changes in the future.

Love/Like. I loved this game when I started playing about 3 or 4 months ago. In the beginning I didn’t have to spend money but as I got to the higher levels, I would have to buy more and more diamonds to win. I can easily buy 200,000 and lose it in a matter of hours. The game is set up to allow you to win as long as you are buying diamonds, wild cards and face up cards that help you win at each level. When I don’t have any cards to help win a level, it is set up to lose. Sometimes when I use all three wild cards, I still lose due to having too many, 7’s, 9’s, 3’s or 5’s. When you are playing for the rewards, it is not beneficial when you are only winning what you spent or no more than a couple of thousand over. Now, when it shows rewards for 8X, its the best time to play but you will need to buy wild cards and diamonds to ensure you win. The good news: If you download it know you are more likely to win until you reach higher levels. Plus you get 2500 free diamonds every hour and free ones daily for 3 different FishDom’s. I’m on level 1574. This was my favorite game until I had to keep spending to win. I must admit I still like to play and it’s my go to game unless i don’t have any diamonds.

I was loving it til it became pay to play. Awesome idea. Moved up in levels then hit a point where it cost so many points to play you’re wiped out in 2 games. Replaying it the cards would go through half a deck and not have a match for the one remaining. Then you pay and bam! Everything matches. After awhile I spent more time trying to get enough coins to play one round then lose because it didn’t give you any cards. It’s not a full deck. Great idea but costing more points than you win for winning means you’re always going in a deficit and then they want you to spend real $ to keep going. Not into pay to play. Would rather have the option to watch an ad and be able to play.

Simple fun. There is an option to spend real money for in game items that enable faster progress but you can also just play the game and level up. Endless, simple fun seems to be this game idea and it works. i’ve always enjoyed fishing aquarium so this is a really nice theme to play with. The game is stable on my 5th generation iPad mini running iOS 15, the graphics are nice and unlike other games where is somebody’s suffering or being killed and you have to run puzzles to save them this game doesn’t have any of those failings and just feels good. Most importantly this game is not gory.

Stacked decks. I enjoy the aquarium. I like playing solitaire, but not when the deck is not playing fair. Of course, when you first start, it is easy. But as levels go by there are times the deck will have 5 of one card preventing the possibility of solving. Sometimes, I will go through the entire deck and never pull a card to match the number showing. I am unable to solve far more than I am able to solve on a first try forcing me to pay 5,000 to add 5 more cards to the deck. Many times, I must add five cards 3-4 times to solve. That is a lot of stars. I get that they want your money, but it is not worth it when it is no longer fun and becomes frustrating when there is no no possibility of solving without paying a lot of money.

Cheating. I got this game so my 4yr old grandson and I could play it together it helps him with his letters and numbers and teaches him to concentrate on his next move he has learned a lot and we enjoy playing it together I’ve spent a lot of money playing it with him but I’ve noticed that when we get over a hundred thousand diamonds it tends to Not give him the correct amount it has done this several times and if he gets rewarded in time the game will act like it’s hung up or something and he loses his play time it Very frustrating is this being done on purpose? If so I would tell other people not to waste time or money on this game it has problems with in it ,if done on purpose shame on you if it’s a system problem please look into it and correct it it’s a fun game to play with young kids my grandson loves it and has learned lots of fun things and he even knows when it cheating him and he gets upset ,please check into this and credit back his diamonds and his extra free play time .Thank you .

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Ok but still rate 5. Ok game wish you could collect more gold and gems

Best time waster ever. Best way to waste some time while testing your brain power. 100 % recommend

Fishdom Solitaire Review. LOVING this game so far! Honestly can’t wait to play Fishdom Solitaire when I come home from a big day of work and forget about life and responsibility for a little while. I have already paid for a couple different offers because I play it so much. Great game, keep it up ☺️

Cute game and fun. Very easy to pass the time with this little underwater gem. It’s not just solitaire games but interactive with building your aquarium and also little math adding fish eating games. I love it and no ads!!

Fun!. I like how interactive it is and having the little mini games makes us more interesting

Amazing but hard. This game is great! I love that there aren’t any ads or anything just pure gameplay but some levels are just so hard. Otherwise a great game

Enjoyable for a limited time. One of them games that start of as enjoyable, get you hooked, then charge to progress. I got to level 65 then could not progress any further without payment. There are many games that use the above principle, in my view the best way is:- 1, Download the game, 2, Play the game, 3, Delete the game prior to any payment, 4, Download one of the may other similar games, Then back to step 2

Relaxing. This game is so good when you are looking to lay back and relax cause it’s super calming and perfect if you love animals and love card games overall 5 STARS ❤️❤️❤️❤️🩷🩷🩷

Fishdom Solitaire. Stuck on a level and there are so many so called ‘hard’ levels where I have tried to clear it 10+ times and I’d be stuck with a final card and a stack in my hand all exhausting one by one giving me every card in the deck except for the one I need to clear the level. It essentially pushes customers to buy diamonds otherwise you could be stuck on a level and will attempt it once every hour with the free coin reward. Loosing interest now.

Fun solitaire game. Nice game, no glitches, don’t have to use real money to play which I really like. Overtime some interesting levels get added which keeps it fun.

Fishdom. Love it it’s addictive and I highly recommend it you won’t be disappointed

Gambling. Game is guaranteed to fail almost every turn. It’s hard to get new diamonds to play more games without paying for them. I paid. Twice. And even then you mostly fail. It’s a nice game to play but the odds are against you. Even playing optimally I’d say you are guaranteed to fail 9 out of 10 times. It’s worse than gambling because it’s not truly random.

Can’t play without money. Every game has to spend a lot of diamonds! However the levels are so difficult so there’s always out of diamonds and I need to earn diamonds for a few days. I have lost all my patience on this game. I can’t enjoy playing this game because I didn’t spend money on it.

Fishdom. Enjoying game but not enough special plays they are a long way apart.

Shamelessly making me spend. I really like this game, but I have dropped $40 within a day and it is still shamelessly making me unable to proceed without spending. The game is clearly rigged, with multiple doubles I can’t use and every card but the one I need. It’s a beautiful game, and I wouldn’t mind spending a little bit here and there, but I cannot recommend such a sneaky money burner. So sad.

Unable to play. Hi developer, My nephew and I love playing this game but it is now stuck in the aquarium where we can only feed the fish, nothing more. We can load any games or even switch aquariums. Hopefully there’s a fix to this bug?

Fish 🐠 Solitaire. Top Game it keeps you interested and keen to get better and continue. Haha funny and informative quotes from the fish aswel makes me laugh in Understanding

Not totally like add. I’m quiet addicted to this game and only just started, only issue I have is these games are not like the add witch is why I downloaded it but it’s pretty good wish there where more puzzle challenges

Whitefox. Having a wonderful time. No glitches so far. Great graphics, and easy instructions.

Great. Great until higher levels then it is win two or three easily in a row and then spend three days trying to pass a level, start the cycle again

Amazing. I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this game its fun and challenging there is nothing wrong about this game the best thing about it no adds

Great little game. Keeps me entertained for hours. The graphics are good and is fast playing.

Designed to take your money. This game is designed to take your money have gone through a half a deck of cards and still no card I need at end have bought another 5, nothing! bought another 5 again nothing! The your out of diamonds so either buy more or wait for a hour to get 2500 diamonds 💎 which is just one game. 🤑💰🤑💰🤑💰🤑💰🤑💰🤑💰🤑

Awesome. Just like in the ads you see. Little extra keep playing because it gets better. You don’t have to play 10 levels before the cool mini games. It’s really good I’m enjoying it.

Fishdom solitaire. I love this game but it has cost me money that I can’t afford to spend as I am on a pension I have this game on my other phone and it’s free to play but when I play it on my iPhone apple 🍎 charges me for the diamonds that you have to have to play the game I don’t know why I get one on one phone but when I upgraded my phone to my Apple 🍏 iPhone it has been costing me money to keep playing the game?????, I can’t work that one out. So I’m going to try so hard not to spend anymore money on this game and it’s a shame because I love the game but not the cost of playing it once you have used your diamonds 💎 and I have noticed that it always ends just when you only have one to go before you finish the level and I have been waiting for the last card and I have gone through all my diamonds 💎 and then the bonus games to try to get the last card but it won’t let you win unless you buy more diamonds ♦️ And that is when you get sucked in to get the last card you need but it won’t give it to you until you pay for more diamonds 💎 to finish the game and when you do the next card is the one you have been waiting for. I can’t afford to keep spending money on the game. Regards Josie

Fishdom Solitaire. I have just started playing this game and I am enjoying it. It seems very easy to reach levels and I am already at level 13 and only been playing for 30 minutes but I am sure it will get harder the more I play. I have enjoyed decorating the tank and have 3 fish and about 6 decorations and I have received 1 star. Continuing to enjoy this game playing it regularly I am now at a much higher level

Money, money, money…. Inevitably, as you progress, it appears you’ll end up having to spend money to keep playing. Apparently, repeatedly so. Oh for the days you bought a game and there ended your financial outlay!

Review. Amazing game although you have to be careful to play so you will win

Waaay too many updates!. Games get too hard to finish and not enough free coins to build up turns.. too many pop ups between games - not tooooo bad with ads tho… tooooo maaaaany updaaaaates!

Cute game. Love the graphics, makes playing cards fun

I enjoyed it at first…. …but now it’s just frustrating & rage inducing. There’s no way to win unless you buy diamonds. If, like me, one waits for the hourly refill, you can guarantee the cards dealt will be anything other than what you need. It offends me, because the odds aren’t realistic - it’s rigged - my advice if you don’t want to pay? Just don’t open it for a week & then look at how many wins you get for the first 30 minutes of playing 😆 The game goes back to its normal gameplay after that, so once a week play is the way to go, I reckon.

Used to love this game but no more.. This was a reasonable game until I got to about Level 200. The number of diamonds to play the game have increased to an unreasonable amount. I refuse to buy more, so I will be deleting this game. Watch out future downloaders. This game could cost you a lot of money.

Happy player. Love love love this game wish I didn’t keep running out of gems though

Freezing at level 553. Stuck at this level - the game keeps freezing early on in this level 553 and have to shut down the app and restart, hence costing diamonds each time I restart the level. Please fix ASAP as have tried several times and cannot progress further.

Fun. Easy enough at the start and slowly gets harder. Lots of different things and awesome colours to keep you entertained. Great if you can only play for a short amount of time as the levels are not too long.

Great game. Unlike another comment I read on here, you don’t need to pay for anything unless you want too. I’ve paid and other times I couldn’t afford too but I play it everyday and have for months now. If you don’t have the money to buy extras then just be patient with the game as you would any card game. Some levels are harder than others but you eventually get through them and their not hard enough to loose interest in the game.

Awesome. I love this game. The colours and graphics are fantastic and there’s always something new to explore.

Bitterly disappointed. I downloaded this game because I really loved the ad where the little fish has to consume the larger fish…FALSE ADVERTISING … I am up to level 85 of playing this ho hum solitaire and have only seen the fish eating game twice. Quite a bore … any other solitaire game would do, if that’s what you wanted

Fishdom solitaire’s. Very disappointed in lack of mini games, I thought there would be more. Run out of diamonds too quickly. I enjoy the game but should be more mini games.

Fishdom Solitaire. This is a fantastic game and very colourful and beautiful 😍 Love the fish’s expressions when I feed them and the amount of wins I have Very relaxing game and highly recommend it to everyone

I love this game 😍. After playing multiple games it gets boring but when I installed this game I’m now addicted to it

Review. This is a fun and entertaining game to Play. You can unlock different fish tanks, use gems and coins to unlock different fish and accessories to add to your tank.

So much fun!. I really love this game. Some people complain that it costs too much but I actually play quite a lot & it’s not really cost me anything. It’s very generous with prizes & if you buy fish (with your game tokens) you can get money every day by feeding your fish. You also get enough every hour for another game. I think it’s fun, very cute & quite reasonably priced.

Great game and fantastic story. Great Game no problem at all I just got to level 23 and I have only been playing for about two months

Addictive!. Why did I start playing, now I can’t stop 🤣

Addendum to previous review…. Can’t edit - oops!. I enjoyed this game more than most ….. BUT - after the first glaring overcharge on my ‘whale’ purchase I started watching very carefully and things don’t add us constantly!! Others have given it a high star rating while complaining - PLEASE READ REVIEWS - and I won’t! I’ll be deleting as I’m a Disabled Pensioner & won’t be forced into wasting money by being ripped off! Shame they don’t do the right thing or I would keep playing but I cannot justify supporting cheats……

Fishdom solitaire. Best game ever, another section of this app should be extended so you can earn extra coins for playing

Help. Doesn’t seem to work anymore??? I’ve only just downloaded it a few days ago

Enjoyable. Like this game ok but running out of gems to play happens quite often.

Fun & relaxing!. I really love playing this game as even though I need to think (sometimes) it’s also fun & relaxing too!

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Fishdom solitaire. Great game

Love it. I play this game a lot and really enjoy it. Some of the levels are difficult as I get further into it.

Super. J’adore vraiment ce jeu.

Pierro. J’adore ce jeu, passe toujours un bon moment de détente. Les aquariums sont beaux et les poissons gentils. Suis devenue accro.

👎🏼 Scammy- hardly any wins. I’ve been playing this for awhile like 2 years and the game just gets worse, less wins, smaller awards, it’s impossible to get anywhere really anymore. It’s just a money grab. Don’t bother playing you are just waisting your time. It could be a good game if designers weren’t so greedy. If you are lucky to collect enough daily points, the points you collect are only enough for 3 games which lasts 5 minutes. Otherwise 3 games will cost you $2. So that’s $2 every 5 minutes, of course the more you want to play the more it will cost. It’s ridiculous.

Major glitch counting gems. There is a major glitch that’s been going on for more than a week. The gem counter is all over the place. It doesn’t add correctly and sometimes the total gems outside a level is different than the count when you’re playing inside a level by a lot. More than 10,000 difference at one point. When you beat a level it doesn’t add the gems in correctly. It has no trouble taking the right amount of gems from you to play a level though. I’ve reported it repeatedly, sent screen shots and they answer that they’re aware there’s a problem and they’re working on it but it might take a long time to fix. Nonsense. Are your programmers 5 year olds? People spend money in this game. It borders on fraud.

Fishdom solitaire. This game is challenging but great fun

Awesome!. Love it.

Fishdom. I enjoy the game very much!, thank you all developers

Amazing. Beautiful graphics amazing game. Congratulations. It’s awesome.

False ad- great game tho. Love the game but the game play is NOTHING like the ad. Be warned the ad is false.

Same company, same scam. Stop making ads that have nothing to do with the game

Fun so far!. Lots of little puzzles in this one. I like it!

Constant glitch & some nonsensical programming. I’ve only been able to play my game 1 out of 5 days. It had a major glitch. It could only be fixed via technical support & it worked for 1 day and then the glitch reappeared. So another 3 straight days of not even being able to play. Ive needed to use the website tech support because part of the glitch is the whole game freezes apart from the golden ticket event board repeatedly flashing events. I’ve tried restarting both the game and reinstalling twice. So I need to rely on tech support. Plus some of the game play set doesn’t make sense from a player point of view. They have you spending much more for wild cards / perks than what you ever win on a level so it’s never logical to get the perks. The game play just isn’t set up very logically.

Kkkkkkkk. Love it

Fun. Having fun

It’s fun to play. It’s very nice to play this game

Fantastic game. Love the game

Super jeu ! Rejoignez SympatikTeam. Ce jeu est vraiment plaisant et nous avons une équipe de gens géniaux d’Europe et du Québec qui n’attende que vous ! Équipe très active 😊

Amusant. Amusant

Fishdom solitaire. Great so far! Love different levels. Love the challenges! Lots of fun! Still enjoying game. Lots of different levels, from easy to hard. Still a challenging game. Great fun. Thanks for the update. Very fun game!

So fun. Really am enjoying this game. So far it isn’t hard to reach the next levels my favourite game

Love this cute game. This game is cute and fun

Wow. This is a combination of my two favourite games.

Lowkey Rigged. It's fun, but 99% of the time they don't give you cards that match or even enough cards. sometimes i go through my whole entire deck and not a single one of my card matches with the one above. why am i spending 30k gems on one level at 2.5k each time if they won't even give the cards to complete the level. or won't even give enough gems to try again unless you pay. even with adding power ups, they put it in the most stupid places like, why you adding my power up as the second card in the deck and then give me horrible cards that don't match for the rest? don't spend your money. this is rigged

Divertissant et relaxant. Le graphique est beau et le défi est là!

Fun. A great time killer

Sweet game. Simple non violent. What world need right now.

Fun!. Fun, challenging & keeps me occupied in travel.

Very fun!. Fun way to relax!! 👍🏻

Thanks. Great game wish we could get a bit free Dymands lol but love either way

Fishdom Solitaire. Awesome game

Fishdom Solitaire. Takes forever to collect enough ‘gems’ to play a level and you can barely win unless you use bonuses that also take forever to collect. Dumb

Glad you are back. Missed you

Great game. Highly recommend!

Fishdom Solitaire. J’aime beaucoup ce jeu.Il est divertissant et challengent .De belle récompense

my soul hurts. i love fishdom solitaire with a passion but i’m extremely hurt by this system solitaire is not giving me the cards that I need. It is a scam system solitary scamming me when I buy new card and it does not give me the ones I need a route of money so quick and it wants me to pay to get more gems. my soul is in pain.

Great. Awesome game

Super fun. Super fun to play

Fishdom solitaire. Très beau jeu ,bien conçu je l’aime merci

Fishdom Solitaire. Great game fun to play love the variety of Fishdom fun to play this game love the graphics and adventures are fun too

Bon jeu mais trop long pour reprendre au commencement. Le jeu est bon, pas de pub, mais ce qui est décevant c’est que si je souhaite effacer les données de la partie pour reprendre au début, il faut attendre 2 semaines. C’est très long et frustrant

Awesome Game!. Awesome game!

Vraiment bon. J’adore ce jeu

Glass queen1. Great game, very addictive also although it constantly costs money to get more diamonds to continue game. Always having to stop playing game for lack of diamonds😞

donna. love this game I've been playing it for so long. It's really easy to play and it's just so much fun.

Addictive. Loving the Fishdom games. Just found this one recently and now I’m addicted.

Fishdom solitaire. Le solitaire que je préfère

amusant. divertissant

Miss Lisa. This game is so fun and addictive. 🤗

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Almost 5. I just started playing this game and I like all aspects of the game except for the fact that you have to spend diamonds to play a hand. The other Fishdom game I play doesn’t require you to do that. And I wish it had a shuffle the cards option. I’m ok with paying for the extra stuff, just no paying to play a hand

Great!But.... Yes, every Plaxrix game has incredible graphics, everything is done exceptionally well. This one however is different from the other Playrix games. Instead of match three, which is the usual, this is solitaire. I do enjoy the difference. However, reading the reviews before downloading as I do, I understand, and do believe you make the diamond prices a bit too high. I approve of the rewards and fine that fair, so I will continue to play. Thank you Playrix for doing something different.

Switch and bait. So I started playing this game and was really enjoying it. I would spend a couple dollars here and there but after you got higher up in levels you almost needed to increase spending to get more of those diamonds … this game is very flawed I play maybe 1 try and if I lose I can’t play anymore because the amount of diamonds it charges just to attempt a round is absurd … to be clear I can’t see anyone being able to play this game without spending some money. I’ll be removing this game. It was fun in the lower levels.

Fun game BUT,. If you get mad at the game and delete it it’s gone. No matter who you signed up with. Been trying to get help from them to get my first game back but they never responded. It’s a fun game. I don’t care about the fish and stuff they want you to get I just like the solitaire game. But I noticed after all the cards have been dealt and I’ve gone through the pile once some of the cards that were in the stack I just went through are now at the bottom of the stacks your trying to get rid of. But I’m mostly upset because I was at almost 1000 level. The game was accidentally deleted and they don’t care to help me get it back. The ads are often. Too often but that’s how they get paid so can’t say too much. If they’d help me get my game back I might even support them by buying coins. I like games where the people in control care about us, the ones watching their videos so they can get paid. But so far all I see is they could careless about us the customer.

Costs too much. Ive been playing this game a few months now and i really like it. Its super fun BUT i dont like that it takes coins or diamonds to do just about anything in the game. Just when i think im getting somewhere, i lose. The 5 card draw screws me every time. Doesnt give whats needed to keep playing. AND it its not free. I love the fish the animation and colors. Its very cheerful but its an expensive game. Nickel and dime me to death every time i play. Between diamond’s, coins and my real money….i dont get to play very much.

I could play it all day!. When I first got this game it was not what I expected, it was better! This game is made up of a bunch of miniatures games and are so fun! You can play this game if you are impatiently waiting and need something to do or just in your free time. This game is the best game ever and I definitely recommend downloading it!😊

Very good but a few problems. Okay so I was playing the game and having a really fun time, but it was glitching and I don’t like that. And also I keep tapping the card deck and missed a few cards that were available. I like that there is very few ads in the game. This is super fun I would totally recommend this game. ohhh P.S. it takes FOREVER to load sometimes.

Great Fun!. This game is awesome! I really like this one! UPDATE FOR PLAYRIX I made a suggestion through the regular Fishdom app… that one gets really frustrating really fast. My suggestion applies to both, I think there should definitely be a counter next to the decorations and fish you purchase for the tanks. I forget what I have in my tank and I don’t love buying duplicates. 🐠🐟💕

Fun for the beginning. They hook you, you love it and then they make it absurdly impossible to win without using extra boosters- extra cards and wild cards. Which cost you so many gems that you run out of them and they try to get you to buy more…which I did. I got 60,000 gems thinking that would last a long time. It lasted one day. One. Day. This game is so dumb. So enjoy it for the first week, when you get past level 50 you’re wasting your time or spending a ton of money.

Early am brain boost. Happy fish who interact with the player suggesting tips to win solitaire and how to decorate the tank. Each solitaire is a bit different than the previous all with an underwater theme which is relaxes my body. It’s easy to win yet still requires concentration. The mini games throughout are much as advertised. It’s a good little sweet game.

DO NOT PLAY - In App Purchases Hackers. I was thoroughly enjoying this game, up until this weekend. I’ve made no other purchase in the last week, aside from some in app purchases while playing this app alone. I ended up with fraudulent transactions on my card, resulting in loss of money from my bank account. Do not download. Do not make ANY in app purchases. High threat of losing your money in transactions you never made, with connection to any card you may hold to pay for in-app purchases. Thankfully my bank was able to help me in this situation and get my stolen money back.

Pretty chill game, luck based. The game is fun, it’s just that the levels are luck based on what card you will get next underneath the already shown cards, this can lead to you either losing or winning the game, im pretty sure the game chooses whether you are going to win as you play the game, I don’t think all the cards that are hidden are predetermined and stay predetermined.

Cute and Rewarding. I’m enjoying this as a fun light diversion. I like that you get a little something at each step not hit an obvious micro-transaction ’buy in’ point every five minutes to really enjoy playing. The world needs light and cute distractions these days more than ever and this game so far fits that bill.

Problems. I like the game but it has a Lotta problems. Customer service doesn’t get back to you, you only get the bot you can’t talk to a real person to explain anything. For two days I’ve been able to play I can receive free diamonds but when I go to play the game puts the screen up to buy everything it won’t tell me the parts I’ve tried over and over I’ve tried shutting down I’ve tried the App Store. Just can’t play

Love 💕 Fishdom Solitaire!!. When I want to stop.... I can't!! This game makes me smile! I love the little conversations that the fish have with me :D This game makes me happy!! The mini games are a lot of fun as well! It really keeps your time moving along. I'm not a young person so many other games make me feel like a failure:(..... this game makes me always feel like a winner:) Thank you Playrix!! I have all of your games. They are very entertaining!! Five stars ⭐️

Being a Fishdom Fan I knew I would like this. I was a Fishdom fan but after years of playing I needed a change. This was just what I was looking for. I still get to play with the fish and decorate but the game part itself being different was just the change I needed. I love the different solitaire games. I do wish more decorations and fish were different, but overall I love playing.

Great Solitaire game. This is a great game if you want to play solitaire and have fish also. You can feed the fish and decorate the aquarium anyway you want. What’s also nice about this game is that the numbers on the solitaire cards are big so it’s easy to read them. I’ve been playing this game for a while and love it.

Game Glitch. Level 3147 has a glitch. The face down cards under the 2s do not flip over when the 2s are removed. I can’t advance because the game can’t be completed. I’m using an iPad 6 to play. It’s fully updated. I’ve tried using support and got no where. So I decided to try here to let someone know.

AMAZING 👏🙌👏🙌👏👍👍👍🫶. This game is so relaxing and it has Mini-games that look JUST LIKE THE AD'S. These are my all-time fav Mini-games. I just love this game. There is nothing wrong with it. No bugs, no payments that you have to pay play the game, and no boring parts where you have to listen to a one hour tutorial. It's the perfect game. o( ̄◇ ̄)👍💯ᵖᵉʳᶠᵉᶜᵗ.

Cautiously Optimistic. I used to play Fishdom all the time until it became a no-win game even after paying way too much for help. This version is so much fun and so different from the original game! I haven’t spent a cent and I am still able to play and advance. So, unless it changes (yes they all change somewhat) and I have to start spending lots of money to advance, I highly recommend it to anyone.

Exactly how it is advertised!. The game is JUST like how it is advertised! You get to play the mini games frequently that are advertised. I’m addition, you know going into the game that you will be playing solitaire, so it is a relief when the e game does not make you wait long until you play the mini games.

False stars. People who actually give this app 2 stars and above are most likely paying for it. It started off great and fun but then it turns into no winning. It’s so frustrating! If you do manage to win without using boosters you don’t get the diamonds back you put in to actually play the level. It cost 2200 diamonds and you get 2000 back. Now if you do the 8000 diamonds to start a level you get some back but not all of it to make it worth it. They get you by giving you the fun little mini games in the first 50 levels but after that…pfff you see them maybe every 25 levels??

Absolutely love this game. I’m on level 801 and don’t spend money generally. Some levels you have play multiple times but it eventually will let you win. The fish and aquariums are gorgeous. I love the fish giving me encouragement. 🤩 there is a lot of time and effort spent on the graphics of this game. There is so much animation, not just the fish but other items you can buy. My favorite right now.

Money Grab. UPDATE: here the dev tells me to contact support for help which I do. They tell me thanks for the feedback and don’t even attempt to help out. This ought to prove my point. They say pretty stuff here but are completely full of it. Let me just say that I do enjoy this game however at level 224 which I have been stuck at for days, the game gets unplayable with out purchasing something. You can’t pass some levels without buying boosters or gems. Sure you can win some of these things but those quickly run out and you are left with two options either buy something or stop playing. This makes me so sad.

There’s a but…. Fun game, but there needs to be a confirmation for elements like the wild card. There’s no going back for accidental hits for those of us who don’t play in a solitary vacuum. Cut the fun right off twice this week. Either add a secondary confirmation or an undo button so those of us who spend on games we enjoy do not get shorted. Funding pulled until that update happens. Too bad, because I like to support good apps monthly as a thanks.

Should have read the reviews first. I understand that with no ads you have to make money other ways but the problem is you’re running off all your players. I have resolved to claiming the diamonds and then only playing one or two games a day. If I don’t win I leave the game but sometimes I do breakdown and purchase the extra cards. I really enjoy the game but would prefer to be offered ads for extra cards instead of enormous amounts of diamonds. Please don’t tell me that you’ll try to change or will turn this over to the developers because it’s like the fish says it’s just the way the aquarium is made.

A few bugs. Have been playing this for a few months now and have put a lot of time into it. (Insomniac) lately my game has been glitching a LOT and every time I try to write in I get the same freaking response (send us a screenshot or a video of what’s going on). Well, by the time I’m seeing what’s going on, it’s too late to start a video or take a screenshot. If it continues I’m just going to delete it. I’ve lost a LOT of diamonds and coins because of the glitch and it’s frustrating.

Best game ever. You know those stupid game ads that they show you a mini game that they keep losing and it’s so frustrating because you know how to win so you download the game and it is 100% nothing like the ad? T game scratches that itch to play win the mini games. Also your fish continue to give you, slightly creepy at times but, cute compliments so that’s a plus too.

BEST SOLITARY GAME EVER!!!!. This game is SO fun. You can feed the fish, play mini games, earn coins, earn diamonds, and play solitary. By playing solitary, you can earn coins and use those for new fish and decor for the tank! When you buy fish you can name them any name you like, you can also clean the tank and move and arrange decor!!In this game there are no ads like most solitary games have, which I LOVE. You don’t have to pay any money or fees to enjoy this AMAZING game. So whoever is reading this and wants to find the BEST game ever, I suggest downloading it! You won’t regret it. Thank you for making this really fun awesome game. I love it and play it everyday! - Savannah 💙

Sneaky tricks to try and make you spend. I’ve enjoyed a lot about this game, but am frustrated with how they slide some tricks in to get you to spend more. I methodically build up my points (diamonds) so I can have a good run of play when I want. Then, they slide extras in that you have to opt out of instead of into. For example, setting the sky high bet which costs about 10 times more than a regular game. If you’re clicking too fast, it’s easy to miss when it frequently gets reset. I think it is a shady practice and I’ve had about enough.

Fishdom. Love this game. There was a glitch where one of my fish kept swimming in circles no matter how much I fed he was spinning in circles with the red line above him. Also don’t like that we have to pay for the fish bank. Wish there was a way where if we win so many levels once it’s full we can collect the gems. Other than that very fun.

Fun until…. Was super fun and addictive, especially as you progress relatively quickly through levels. Of course from time to time, you have 1 card left on the board and the 7 in your deck don’t match. Then this becomes more frequent to the point where you have gotten down to one card with several cards in the deck remaining and not one of those deck cards is compatible. Then, finally, you can no longer play due to a lack of gems (the currency needed to play). I got to level 110 using gems I earned. Level 110 cost me everything I had. I refuse to pay, now I’m deleting. Enjoy it while it lasts I guess.

Fishdom Solitaire. there are so many pop-ups from events or whatever they can take me up to 2 minutes to tap through all of them and i just get frustrated and close the game. there should be a different place for all that to go so that the people who dont care about it dont have to suffer through it. i also think it should be free- or at least cost less- to play levels. sometimes i fail one and im out of diamonds because i needed to use 2000 just to play, and only get 2500 when i win.

Really great job at animation and fun. This is a really fun game. I love to play solitaire and it gives you beautiful fish to buy and you can build an aquarium any way that you wish for me. One of the funnest things is playing the mini games. They are really fun night. Enjoy it maybe you guys will too, come on in and join one of the funnest games I have ever played and I actually enjoy. you guys have a great day.

Relaxes the mind. This game doesn’t require much mental energy. Not yet anyway. The games are easy. Fish in an aquarium is just plain relaxing. Colors are beautiful. You can shop for items to put in your aquarium and the “money” is fairly easy to come by. All my other games require analytical thought. This one is just plain therapeutic!

Super fun game. So this game is super fun, but the idea of having to pay gems for each round it is kind of annoying, but every thing else about the app is really fun.I have gotten regular Fishdom and it doesn’t have mini games Wichita got me pretty angry but when I got solitaire Fishdom it did.I also like how you can make your dream tank like in regular Fishdom. And overall it’s a pretty fun game.I would definitely recommend getting it!

Typical in game purchase style. The responses from the developer say every level is possible without purchases. I’m here to tell you that’s not entirely true. There are levels that are straight out impossible. You can flip through 10-15 cards and still not get a single card you need - purchase or no purchase. What they don’t tell you is it could take weeks and weeks of play to get a random deal that is lucky enough to work out.

Amazing game. I love this game so much, but after one round there is not a puzzle yet you have to do a couple rounds before you get another puzzle and I like the puzzles a lot so after one round can I please have a puzzle but overall this game is so much fun I play it all day until my mom says rest your eyes💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Good game / bad advertising. Love the game. I am close to level 2000. So I play a lot obviously. Good for hand / eye coordination and keeping the brain active. However, the advertisement showing the mini-game where you multiply strength and attack bigger fish ( which is the whole reason I started the game), was the first mini-game on here and the ONLY time that I have seen the game since. Why advertise and not actually have it?

A great relaxing time. This game is just very fun and easy to play! It walks you through everything and you get to play a variety of games, which keeps it interesting! Graphics are great and I love the design of it. Only thing is I wish it had better music and sound effects. Other than that it is amazing fun game to play!

Excellent game. Really enjoy this game. It's challenging but fun. I enjoy the theme with the fish but would feel better if I could feed all the fish and not just the recent ones. Seems unfair to the fish. And yes I know they aren't real but I still want to feed them. Other than that I love the game. The fish thing is just me. Download this game and enjoy!

Tap Tap... omgosh…this game can make the hours fly by. Solitaire and an aquarium, who’d thunk these two could mix so well. The game is well built and we have never experienced any issues. A fun solitaire game that you can spend hours completing your aquarium. Be warned though, playing this game can make your clock speed way up lol. Enjoy!

Great game.. This game is amazing. From the mini games and the solitaire! Seriously, the free gems! The cheap price of buying more cards, and the hard puzzles! Get this game, it’s fun. Though, there is one problem. I would like to ask, how come you only get 6 coins per game? I’ve been playing for a while and have only been getting 6 coins per game. That’s all I wanted to know!

Fun, but tough. I like this game but it is impossible to get ahead without saving gems for days or spending money. Even at that you still can’t win enough to really collect a large amount. It makes the challenges almost impossible to complete. Or, I apparently have not figured out how to play this game. I really do enjoy it but there needs to be some changes.

Don’t bother. I am at level 128. As soon as I am done leaving this review, I’m gonna reboot move it from my tablet. With this being said the game the way the cards are set up very fun however the more you get into the game. the more that you can tell the game is rigged where you have to spend more and more and more and more and more and more and more diamonds oh yes, you can buy some, but I am not going to buy it. Not under these circumstances I have paid for other Fishdom games.. it’s just not worth your time don’t even bother

Mini games needed for gems. This game is awesome but only if there is like a mini game for free because when I play this game I lose all my gems then I have to wait like 30mins for 1.5k gems to play only one game then I could lose all of that so yeah i would recommend a mini game for free that gives you gems and a practice area for free and it dosent give gems. I really hope this was helpful and I really hope you developers reply with a yes for mini games

Next aquarium will not open. I have been communicating w/ ‘chat’, I’ve found that to be a total waste of communication. The problem is the next aquarium is not open. There are 3 stars on “Weekend in Germany” along w/ a memo stating this aquarium is full, go to the next aquarium. The next aquarium “London Parade” will not open. I followed all the directions of chat, turned off my machine, deleted and reinstalled the game, still no good results. The next aquarium has not opened. Any suggestions?

Cost diamonds to play a game. This game has potential but you don’t really get to play it. When I sit down to play a game I want to play more than just one round. They give you diamonds to claim every hour but who has time to keep coming into the game all day to claim them. It takes claiming the 4 times to play 1 round. Then if you lose that one round that’s it until you get more diamonds. At least Fishdom let’s you have 5 lives. There are better solitaire games that let you actually play. It was fun at first when it started off with a lot of diamonds but it is not fun anymore. It seems rigged to not let you win very often

Aquariums. Hi there, I don’t normally write reviews but I love this game and think it could be better. The problem I have is when decorating the aquarium I go through all of the decorations for that particular aquarium and it doesn’t make the stars full. So that means I literally have to put a ton of items in to get the stars completely full. It then ruins how the aquarium looks, which is crappy. You should make it max the 3 stars after all items are put in. Otherwise it’s a really fun game.

It’s an exceptional game… 😐. So the game is a good game, but the graphics are weird. They’re just not very good. The colors are weird. Another thing is that I don’t think you put in a lot of effort to make that game. In the ads it is way different. It shows just mini games. That’s what all the Fishdom ads show. I also do not like how - how you made the mini games look like ads!I’ve been playing the game for a good amount of time and I’m only on level 69 and I think the game is confusing. So I would not recommend downloading this app… Thank you (sorry if I sound mean I just don’t love your game ).

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.6.5
Play Store com.playrix.fds
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

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The application Fishdom Solitaire was published in the category Games on 14 November 2022, Monday and was developed by Playrix [Developer ID: 1162116447]. This program file size is 259.71 MB. This app has been rated by 24,782 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Fishdom Solitaire - Games app posted on 02 March 2024, Saturday current version is 2.6.5 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.playrix.fds. Languages supported by the app:

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Fishdom Solitaire Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Dive into an exciting Fishdom Solitaire update! - Unique fish await in the Season Adventures! - New event! Help Sophie find inspiration and renovate an art studio! ALSO - New levels - New aquariums - New profile pictures Have fun in spades!

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