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What is wildscapes app? Welcome to Wildscapes – the new hit in the Scapes™ series by Playrix! Create your dream zoo with dozens of adorable animals by solving colorful puzzles!

Build spacious enclosures for animals and make your zoo visitor-friendly with cafes, fountains, playgrounds, hangout spots, and more! Learn about species from all over the world and create the best zoo ever! Ready for a wild ride? Then hop on!


● Enjoy your favorite gameplay: beat match-3 levels to restore the zoo!
● Match juicy and fruity items to complete unique tasks and win rewards
● Unlock more areas to welcome new animals from different habitats
● Play with custom options to design your zoo the way you want
● Decorate your zoo with unique objects from around the world
● Complete tasks for zoo visitors by helping them with their specific needs and wants
● Bring together whole families of animals to get even more rewards!

Wildscapes is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, simply turn off the purchase option in your device's "Restrictions" menu.

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Questions? Contact our Tech Support at wildscapes@playrix.com

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Find this site the customer service details of Wildscapes. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1199882006/wildscapes/contact

Wildscapes Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Wildscapes Version 2.2.922 October 2021

What's new: Bug fixes and improvements. Please update the game to the latest version. Buckle up—we're heading to Egypt! EGYPT Majestic camels, charming hippos, graceful gazelles, and other animals are coming to your park! Decorate the park with pyramids, sphinxes, and sand sculptures and build a pool fit for a pharaoh! Meet Youseff the Egyptologist. MATCH-3 Watermelon runners have entangled pieces on the field! Remove them to collect the watermelons!.

Wildscapes Version 2.2.807 June 2021

Buckle up—we're heading to Egypt! EGYPT Majestic camels, charming hippos, graceful gazelles, and other animals are coming to your park! Decorate the park with pyramids, sphinxes, and sand sculptures and build a pool fit for a pharaoh! Meet Youseff the Egyptologist. MATCH-3 Watermelon runners have entangled pieces on the field! Remove them to collect the watermelons!.

Wildscapes Version 2.2.426 April 2021

Buckle up—we're heading to Egypt! EGYPT Majestic camels, charming hippos, graceful gazelles, and other animals are coming to your park! Decorate the park with pyramids, sphinxes, and sand sculptures and build a pool fit for a pharaoh! Meet Youseff the Egyptologist. MATCH-3 Watermelon runners have entangled pieces on the field! Remove them to collect the watermelons! NEW DISCOUNTS We're celebrating the beginning of spring. Don't miss the great deals on booster sets!.

Wildscapes Comments & Reviews 2022

- Difficulty Gets Too Hard Too Fast

I love the playtrix games, some of the most addicting brain exercises and you can create nice places to look at. The graphics in this game are also fantastic. But thats about where I stop praising it. The game gets too hard way too fast. As in their other games, it takes to level 500+ to get to “SUPER HARD” levels. This game you get one super early, probably around 100, and then its every other game. Im at 350 right now and they're just ridiculous Then you get an easy one, a hard one, then another super hard one. It makes it seem like the game is so hard and frustrating to the point that you need to pay to advance. Paying probably helps because you can tell a lot of money went into the graphics, but those wont cut it for me. The playback loops just make me frustrated. Also, I do not really care for the characters and to buy things to make your zoo nicer, you could be haulting your progress on next zones. Spending all your money on a previous zone to make it look the way you want is not worth it when you need to buy ones for the new zoos, so the zoo building is counterproductive and other games do it so much better. Overall; Great and amazing graphics, pay wall levels, bad zoo building direction, and tbh the characters are one sideded and dumb. I love austin, but I dont even know the name of the zookeeper. Hes just recycle water bottle banana man to me.

- Future Players Be Ware

Have been playing this for years and the Graphics are great the Animals are adorable that’s why I gave it 4 Stars and as is true in all Games there is a few things that people who play this regularly appeal to Playrix to change and that is please change the amount of Pink Gems it takes to do anything seriously is really ridiculous....and yet as so many do I keep playing...did quit for awhile and may again but get sucked back in the worm hole because it can be fun until it turns so frustrating that it’s just not worth it...I mean most of the time we play these Games to escape reality of the trials of real life and most of us have several Games we play but when the thing that’s supposed to bring fun and enjoyable moments and give you brief times of relaxing fun that you look forward to time to play ends up becoming so stressful just like everything else in life then why bother....and would appreciate it if you would allow us to move our displays in more than 2 ways...cause you either give up in frustration and you end up with the dissatisfaction of creating really cool Zoo or you just don’t play...and really this wouldn’t keep us from paying money it would most likely encourage it....know Playrix really could care less but perhaps this will help those new possible Players to be aware of yet another Game that will be added to the pile of money wasted without gratifying results and eventually deleted

- Amazing game!

I absolutely love this game. I’ve always been a fan of match-3s however most never really give enough incentive to play beyond just the levels. The zoo building mechanic is wholly engrossing and never really feels tedious. My only issue is that I feel some levels do not give enough turns to complete in a fair manner, only came across one like this though (Level 65, I was stuck on this for about week and used almost 100 lives on it until I budged and bought some gems to complete it) and altogether it is a very fair and very fun game. A suggestion I have would be to add a day/night cycle as to be able to view your zoo in a different light (literally) because I would love to see how everything looks at night, I feel it would be beautiful, although zoos are not usually open at that point but hey! Why not?

- Disappointed....

I like the concept of this game. The zoo is cute and adding to it is fun. However, I have played many match 3/decorating games, and I have to say that this one is just crap. There is no reason why I should have to replay a level 20-30 times, with power ups, and still not be able to beat it. I might be more accepting of this if I were in the higher up levels when things usually tend to get more difficult in this type of game. But I haven’t even reached level 40! They give very few moves for each level considering the difficulty of whatever goal you have and the power ups are absolute trash that barely do anything to help you anyway. There’s only one combination (soda + chips) that even does anything useful. I really wanted to like this game, but these levels are absolutely ridiculous. There’s no way to beat them without spending tons of actual money. I don’t mind spending a few bucks here and there to beat a tough level, but there is no way I would pay to play this game. I suggest playing Lost Island or Lilly’s garden if you like this type of game (which I usually do). They are much more generous with the number of moves you get per level, and the power ups are actually effective. I gave two stars for the concept, but the game play is really terrible and you can see how money hungry the creators of this game are after just a few levels.

- Best Playrix game, needs a couple updates

I love this game! It doesn’t really have a “story” which is nice - just quests to open up more of the zoo as you level up. The customization is very fun! Took me a while to figure out you can move decorations between zoo areas, and that’s another great option for zoo design. I’ve spent money on this game, but it’s not necessary if you’re patient. Four things I would like to see: 1) The spinning tops glitch sometimes. I’ve used my last move to activate a top and it targets a piece that will give me a powerup, rather than clearing the last objective. Frustrating! 2) Can you please stop notifying us every time failing a level loses stars or powerups? We get it already! 3) Please provide an option to give up on the level if it’s not possible to win in the required move count. I don’t care if I lose a heart, I just don’t want to keep matching fruitlessly until I have no more moves. 4) ZEN MODE PLEASE!!! Maybe something that can be unlocked for $4.99, with a one-time heart refill? This mode could go through all the game levels with unlimited moves, and have no effect on the main game (nothing earned, no level progress outside zen mode). Just a relaxing option for when you’re tired and want to play without trying to win a level within a certain move count.

- Not as good as their other games...

I have always been a fan of Playrix’s games with my fav being fishdom. But this game I have to rate three stars. I love the concept of being able to create a zoo, original as ideas such as the turtles and ladybugs. It also has really good graphics for a match 3 game. But that’s really where the good things end in my opinion. With the star system removed for a more fishdom style, it feels like another fishdom game but not as good as the original. It feels rare to get good power up setups since they made the power up system more candy crush and the pieces will almost always connect and ruin your set ups for big clears. It also feels like some of the levels for me have too little moves and I have to rely on luck to get the pieces I need to get big power ups. I’m a little fine with the animal system where getting pieces to get powerups but most of the time they end up away from where I need them. I understand how difficulty brings people back and I’ve read some of the comments you guys responded to saying that the levels are beatable, but the other games were not too easy or hard and I felt relaxed. In conclusion this game is alright but not as good as your other games. By the way I’m 14 so I’m not sure if my opinion is even valid for me but this is what I think of the game.

- This game is ridiculous

I have all their other games. They’re very addicting. What I most appreciate is winning free play. It usually takes free play for me to beat the “very hard” levels, but at least it’s possible. With this game it’s incredibly rare to advance. Half the time the power ups aren’t even helping. Instead of helping you get to your goal it replaces a piece you needed. I pay attention to how colors are loaded and they haven’t been loading in a way that lines up. Winning free play is also rare since it’s difficult to advance and when you do it’s hardly about skill, but luck. You get to a point where each level is even more impossible than the last. For example, in my current level you have to spread water to the turtles. But to even get to the water you have to break 3x reinforced boxes while simultaneously the bubblegum squares spread and undo any progress you make. The impossible part is you don’t get enough moves. When you finally get to the water you don’t have enough moves to spread it to the turtles. Basically, I’m at the point where I get to play this game in short bursts. That isn’t fun. I spend a lot of money on these games. I’m addictive to township. But from my perspective this game was created to make you pay & I don’t support that. Very disappointing. My advice, get out before you get to the point of maddening frustration. Of course, that’s just one persons perspective.

- So far so good. We’ll see...

I have had started playing Playrix’s game since Township and Fishdom and has always love to try their new games. However, my issue was the games got very difficult to a point that I completely lost interests in them. Yes, it is a brain exercise game but I do want to leave my brain some energy to do my already very consuming daily life/work/routine... plus when I was never able to move on and advance to the next level no matter what and how hard I tried and how much money I paid, that’s a little bit over the top. I do not want to play harder than I work. So for this particular game, I like it so far and it is totally Playrix quality. I am still skeptical and save that 1 star because I am still at the early on levels (just passed 100). Not sure how difficult it gets to when I get to couple 1000 plus levels like on Garden and Homescapes before I quit because I was stuck forever. Still I appreciate all the side events that give infinite lives and power ups. Graphic is still awesome as usual. Will update later when I get to further levels.

- Just like all the others…

Wildscapes is just like all of the other “scapes” games by this company (Homescapes, Gardenscapes, etc.) as in, the levels become almost impossible to beat. You’ll enjoy the game for the first 3-4 days that you have it, and then you’ll want to rip your hair about because of how hard the levels get. They give you 12 moves for a huge level that’s covered in chains and ice blocks that need 2 hits alone to break. They only give you power ups when your character levels up (which takes beating 10-15 levels to do) and it’s always 1 stingy power up and 10 minutes of infinite life. So unless you want to spend real life money buying power ups to beat the levels, or you want to spend two weeks working on one level, this game may not be for you. On the other hand, these are all super well developed games. The graphics are nice, the story line stays interesting, etc. But the trouble of not even being able to advance in the game because you can’t get past the level is enough to completely disregard the gameplay itself. What’s the point of beautiful gameplay if you can’t advance in the game?

- Exceptionally difficult, not in a good way

I’m a big fan of Gardenscapes, on level 1887, so I like to think I’m good at the matching games. Saw this and jumped at the chance to try a new release by the same people. I like rapid unlocking so I thought I would beat levels and save up coins. I soon realized that this game has some of the poorest level design I’ve seen in a matching game. I made it to the mid 20s before I had to give up. Days in a row without advancing, extreme long timer on life reset, locked blocks that need destroying several times to clear, multiple map obstacles that prevent you from clearing, and so many different block types it’s impossible to get the right matches to collect objectives, and this is within the first 30 levels! I would avoid this one until they patch the game and fix their level design. It’s a real shame because the graphics looked great. And dev, you keep telling people “oh the maps are technically beatable”, this is a video game dude. It’s supposed to be fun, not an annoying grind trying to beat the same level 30+ times until you get a lucky break. Match games are supposed to be about skill, not blind luck.

- Seriously developers please read this

Hey developers, I don’t really know what else to call u guys. Yes, I gave this game this game one star, and I’m sorry about that, but I’m so confused. I have some great suggestions if you are willing to take them into consideration. As u have probably been told before, your levels get way too hard way too fast. I realize you may not be able to go back and change them, though. So, why not just make new levels, ones that are easy peasy lemon squeezey ? I mean, not super easy, but, you know, easier. And maybe you could have an event, optional of course, of super super easy levels for triple coins. Don’t you think my suggestions would fix that problem very easily?? Also, I just want to say I love the baby dinosaur, great touch. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to read this. It really means a lot. Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssse take my ideas into consideration. Please please send them to your developement team and see if they can fix the issue. Thank u so much and have a great day. Start each day with a greatful heart!

- Very fun, however...

“Wildscapes” is a very fun, and might I say different, zoo game. You play match-3 puzzles to earn coins instead of collecting from shops, restaurants, animal exhibits, etc. Each family is very cute, but they look a bit... well, biased, if you will. The male animals and female animals are usually different colors on the game (which I would understand in species that do differ in color based on if they’re male or female such as peacocks). The male panda is black and white while the female panda is brown? Last time I checked, pandas aren’t brown. The female tiger is lean and slim while the male tiger is muscular, which I don’t see how that’s accurate because in the wild, both male and female tigers have the same body type. I understand that you’re making it more easy to decipher the tigers’ gender, but still. I do like the cute little hair bows on the female baby animals though (it’s so cute!), but something you’d see on a pet, not on a wild animal. Other than that this is a fun game that I recommend! However, the levels get way too hard far too early and on the hard level there is a too limited amount of moves. Hopefully you guys at Playrix take my advice! Thank you!

- No steps forward

I’ve played Gardenscapes and Homescapes by Playrix, and I do greatly enjoy them. However, while Homescapes felt like it added to the mechanics of the previous game, Wildscapes feels more like a step back. Some of the choices, like in Homescapes, where you could move special tiles in any direction without needing to match them with a particular color, is missing from this game. Also, it does feel like the artwork lacks polish - there aren’t as many textures to the tiles and objects in this game, and it just looks less beautiful compared to Homescapes. I know the company is capable of making a better game than this, since there’s literally a better game by them in this same category in the App Store. If they put as much time and resources into this game as they did the others, and balanced the game a bit better, this would be a much better experience. It’s not a bad game, but it doesn’t feel better than the previous ones, and for that reason, I personally have no incentive to play this over the other games.

- It was good at first...😣

Okay, so I really adore the concept of this game. Like, A LOT. It’s so adorable and all the little animal families you have to unlock makes it so exciting and interesting. But sadly, that is almost everything good I can say about the game. The first few puzzle aren’t that hard...but the minute I started to hit the levels in the 20’s it was getting to the near impossible point. Having a challenge is fun but not to the point where the level is a hit or miss chance. It’s not even about strategy or anything. It’s all luck. Very disappointing. I got very frustrated when I only had one item left to get and I ran out of moves as well. The least you can do is give us more moves. If everything takes almost 3 hits and we only have 15-20 moves it is not enough! It makes a game with such potential to be fun so frustrating! For now I will be uninstalling the app, but I may consider reinstalling if changes are made and the game is not so difficult. This is a great app with potential, it’s just not worth the frustration.

- Exceptionally difficult, frustrating and limiting

Have this game for about a week and half now. Gorgeously designed and very fun to develop a zoo when you have the coin to do so and not stuck on the only mini game. The glorified matching game really limits you to want you can do in this game. You are limited to 5 lives/tries in the matching game which is your only source of coin. It would be nice if the were more options to gain coin to build up the zoo, surprising that none of the concession stands get you recurring coins or zoo admission. As it is you are stuck with beating match games that get ridiculously harder and frustrating as you progress. I got stuck for three days on one level, finally able to beat it that level only to be stuck at another soon after. It is usually one or to more moves to complete the level but you are limited in the amount of moves you get, sure you can spend jewels to progress 5 more turns if only my gems weren’t stuck in a piggy bank that is asking for ransom money to give your gems back to you.

- A great game but...

I like the game a lot. However it did get too hard real fast. I can’t imagine a 4 year old could play it for very long. The thing I started seeing was when I would make the spiral top it would not even go to places where it helps but goes to these off shoot places that do nothing for the game, or take out something that’s helps play the game, and maybe I have it wrong but isn’t that the purpose to make them, it’s encouraged as you play. And while some do hit the right places there are many times they go off somewhere else. And it seems that’s now there hard to very hard almost every other time I beat it. It has gotten very discouraging to play. Love the look and other ways it plays but staying on a very hard level with those spiral bombs not helping for almost a week at a time doesnt also help me spend money on the game. I’m one of those that will spend money but I’ve quit spending on it and am thinking of stopping playing.

- Enjoyable..... for a few levels {IF you are lucky}

Then it gets too difficult. After a week of play, I’m on level 70. Level 69 took two days and 50 minutes of one hour of unlimited play (daily reward for a week was an hour unlimited and a power up). The graphics are great! I like the concept of the game, however, it has become too tedious waiting for more “lives” (takes 30 minutes to generate a new one) and the levels are just too difficult without power ups. Edit: I’m now on level 141, my last review was about two weeks ago. I originally rated this game three stars, I’ve dropped it a star. This is a game of luck in which the game itself controls how quickly (or slowly) you are able to advance. I see it when I am unable to beat a level (for hours up to over a day) then out of nowhere I win with 3, 5, 7 more moves, just because I was “lucky” enough to get moves at just the right time to move the game along. It’s not a matter of lives, it’s a matter of falsely manufactured luck. I’ve played many match-3 games, this is the only one I’ve deleted.

- Really??

I’ve been playing Homescapes for quite some time and was curious to see what another game in the same idea of homescapes would be like. I have to say that I’m slightly disappointed. I do like the idea of the zoo, the graphics are quite good for a puzzle based mobile game but that’s pretty much where it ends. It seems about the only way to progress through the game is through in game purchases. There are multiple levels that are borderline impossible without getting extra boosters or paying for more lives and all the while holding your breath that the two bucks you spent was enough to get past it. I am all for a challenge but more than a few of these are past a challenge and real close to impossible. I’m going to give it another shot and see if it gets better but at this rate I won’t be playing this game for very much longer. It’s sad really because it has the potential to be a really entertaining game if your into puzzle type games but not at this level of difficulty.

- Thinly Veiled Ploy

Gardenscapes, Homescapes, and now Wildscapes are all products of the “in-app purchases” movement. The games are designed to make the user hooked on accomplishments and distracted by good graphics and events. These “free to play” games want you to spend your actual money on virtual gems? Cash? If you don’t spend the money, you get stuck leading to frustration and eventually either spending the money or uninstalling the game and giving up. I’ve done the latter with the previous two. So you’d understand my hesitance when downloading Wildscapes... the graphics are cute, I like that you can arrange everything around so the zoo looks like how you’d want it, and the new levels and way of playing are fun. However, the difficulty of this new game is apparent in “power ups” which don’t do much of anything compared to Homescapes, designed so that you’ll get frustrated and hopefully spend your money. Don’t you see folks? They have to make money somehow, because everything is attempting to ransack the consumer, and you’d be better off playing a game that you spend money on outright and don’t have to spend again. Cute pandas tho, am I right?

- Too hard

I got this game thinking that it was going to be a relaxing experience, sort of like how relaxing those color fill-in games are. But I was wrong. Sure, I got stuck on one or two levels, but I overcame them after I kept trying. But there is one level in particular that is IMPOSSIBLE to beat. See, I’m stuck on level 83. I think it’s outrageous to get to my goal with only 16-20 turns left. People who haven’t got to this level yet may think that it’s not that bad and that I have bad luck, but I l’m 100% real. The first part of the level is easy, but it gauges how many turns you have left. Simple, right? But then, on top of that, you gotta destroy a whole row of doubled ice and some reinforced boxes, all for a plushie to get through the portal yet to continue to bring the plushie to the bottom with only 1 move left! I’ve been stuck on this level for ages, and I’m just about ready to give up and just uninstall the game. Unless there is a fix to how many moves I can have or how much gems I get form completing missions.

- Disappointed

Let me say that I do enjoy playing this game. But, you only have five lives and unlike the other games by this creator, you really have to make purchases in order to have any real game play. It’s more challenging than their other games, from the start. It doesn’t have teams you can get lives from, like their other games. So it takes forever to get through a tough level. This makes me not want to play. To get help, you have to invite your friends to join. I stopped doing that with FarmVille, years ago. People don’t want to be bothered with your request. Or you can invited strangers to be your friends on Facebook, like they suggest, so you can play longer. No thank you. You can extend a challenge by using jewels, but it takes awhile to gather those. So they want you to purchase the jewels. I wish they would learn from the success of their other games and adopt some of those elements in this game. That’s what made them successful.

- Good Game but also Pay to Win

This game has a really good concept behind it. It’s very similar to the other -Scapes games. But once you get to around level 30/35+ it becomes really pay to win. The levels are really stacked against you to lose. So you’re set up to lose so you’ll spend actual money on the game for more boosters. I’m on a level right now where you gotta clear this candy stuff. But if you don’t keep clearing stuff out, it grows back. It grows back in literally less than 2 seconds flat. Without boosters I can’t get past it. To get boosters you need jewels or money. If you don’t have jewels you need money. It’s set up really hard for you to start relying on boosters to beat levels. And it’s painful to see. And I don’t want no typical dev response saying the typical “thanks for your feedback. Please feel free to contact us at such and such.” Screw that crap. This game is cool and fun to play when you don’t have to rely on boosters. Other than that, it’s pay to win. Just like most games in the industry especially on mobile.

- Disappointing, just like all their other “scape” games

I wanted to like this game. I love animals, so building a zoo got me stoked to play the game. I’ve played homescapes, gardenscapes, and now Wildscapes and it’s the same situation with all three. A TOTAL rip off. Wildscapes is the worst so far because the game starts (for lack of a better word) sabotaging your plays at level 20. It’s so obvious that is a marketing tactic to make me purchase more and more power ups with real money, even though the power ups never help and often take away a move you needed to make to win. I can’t say I am surprised because this is the same company that advertises their games as different games, just to get the user to download. Very disappointed in this game and company and by reading the other reviews, I’m not alone in my opinion. I hope this company can find away to properly advertise, and create a game that is difficult but still manageable. Doubt it though since they just keep rolling out different versions of the same game. Pretty tacky if you ask me.

- Very addictive

I love this game but I think there could be a few changes. Like the candy bowl should only explode if you use it I hate when it goes off cause of something else. I also think that when you use gems to get 5 more moves then it goes up too 240 is wrong it should stay at 180 for every 5 moves I think 189 is even too many. Sometimes it will take days to beat a level. I have even considered just deleting the game cause I already spent over $100 dollars on it cause I would so close to beating a level and have used all my gems but if I would have 1 more thing I needed to win like a stuffed animal already spent over 500 gems and now have to start all over. But I decided to keep it and just not spend anymore money cause I really want to see what’s at the end. But over all it’s really fun. I also thought you could interact with the animals but I don’t know how or you just can’t do it at all.

- Where’s my boy Austin?

As much as I’d love to play the game and create a zoo, I simply cannot bear listening to this... guy talk to me. If only Austin were here to say “Wow!” In his suave voice after I beat a level, I’d give this game an easy 5 stars. But since it appears Austin is busy at the moment and not in this game, I’ll have to give this game a 1. It’s an easy fix, you have he models and everything made. Just switch in this imposter for the one and only Austin. EDIT: In all seriousness though, the game isn’t bad. Feels a bit weird switching from the other games’ mechanics to this one, but it was the same way when I tried Homescapes after Gardenscapes. It’s worth a shot. Not only hat, but the levels are not as hard as people think. Levels aren’t made to be beaten first try, or even 36th try. People just expect to win immediately. Personally I will stick with the other two games because the plot is more appealing.

- Love Playrix !

First of all, thanks to Playrix for creating another beautifully illustrated game that is friendly for all age groups to play. Been playing Homescapes & Township for years, then this came out about a year back now (I think?) and Wildscapes hasn't let me down yet. This game is easy, certain levels you can get stuck, but they always play through after a few attempts and starting point switch-ups. I'm only on level 151 so far, took me a few months to get there (only play for about an hour a day), each level is different. The amount of freedom you have with creating your zoo from point A to Z is amazing. In short; creativity reminds me of Township, Game play reminds me of Homescapes. Great game, great ideas, and looking forward to future updates. (:

- Cute but Unfair

I’m a big fan of Homescapes, so I figured I’d give this game a try. As many others have mentioned, the game looks fantastic. The zoobuilding aspect is really cute, and a good motivator to continue gameplay. However, there are some rather infuriating aspects to the gameplay itself. For instance, in Homescapes you can always activate a special tile without having to match it with tiles of the same color. However, this mechanic is absent here and the game really tanks in quality for it. Additionally, it often feels some levels don’t give you nearly enough moves, I can’t tell you how many times I could have completed a level if I just had literally one more move. It’s clear they want you to spend real life money here to clear some levels, which is pretty insidious when you consider this app is specifically targeted for kids. Anyway, tldr: play Homescapes for a better game.

- Great game to play when bored! :) but some recommendations.

I love this game! But I have recommendations. This game is fun for people of all ages! Even my parents started playing the game when I was playing it and asking what it was..! I recommend if you accidentally delete the app it should save your progress. I also recommend or maybe use this idea in some way as an update. I think it would be cool if the game “Hay Day” was sorta the same was as this so if your friends downloaded the app and maybe we could add each other and visit each other’s zoo and stuff like like that. This was just a recommendation but I think it would be a cool idea! :) Overall this game is great and fun to play when bored! I love this game so much. This is also just my opinion of this game!

- Love this game but one thing...

This game is awesome but I have no friends to play with I am connected to Facebook I know at least 20 of my fbook friends play yet they don’t show up... no one does and I don’t want to friend request a bunch of strangers just because they play this game... and either way my friends don’t show up anyway if there’s a way to fix I would like to know... I have done everything- turned my phone off, gone to the apps and websites list on fbook and reconnected everything again, downloaded the game again... anything you could possibly think it says I’m connected to Facebook every time please let me know if there’s something that would fix this almost every one posts about this problem and yet it’s not addressed...

- I’ve been playing a long time on this one

At first this is easy and you are so tempted to use your gold to solve levels quickly. Save for harder levels. I’m stubborn and keep playing until I solve. After a certain number of tries, the game makes matches easier for you. The first chance at a level often leaves you needing just one more move. If you don’t burn your gold or diamonds, you get one more chance at an easy solution. Then it gets harder and harder to solve. At some point, the game turns easier again allowing you to solve the level you have been doing over and over. Then you collect your reward and move on. Early on, I purchased more gold but haven’t spent any money in a long time.

- Ehh

The game is high quality I can give it that. It is not to hard but also not to easy. Like many have said it has no structure and you don’t have to follow rules. Yet to get gems that are useful in the game you need to do things for the people. And if you don’t do it it keeps bugging you. This bothers me since I just want to do what I want. And if also adds a pressure to you. Eventually if you don’t give up and just say ok I want gems it annoys you to death and you do it. you end up running out of coins from buying the people’s needs since they are usually expensive. Secondly unlike there other games were the rockets or bombs can go off any time you have to Match the colors just to set them off. Third off if there is only one move that is to use a power up it doesn’t give you a option Besides that the game went into great Detail in all the animals and buildings you can also put the buildings were ever you want to a constraint If you are looking for a great game that bowls your socks off and you can play for hours it’s not here but if you are looking for a game you can play when you hv nothing to do you can find it here also if you are in a car it’s not to hard to play since it is quite. and keeps you from losing your mind. But do not expect a mind blowing experience

- Voice of Customer -not developers

I really like the match 3 and zoo building combo. The zoo is really cute and the only reason I'm still playing. I also play the other scape games as well as other developers games (bejeweled ,candy etc) and easily make to level 1000+. As other players have pointed out this match 3 game is hard. From not having enough moves to insane challenges, long time to renew lifes, no club to help and very few unlimited life time. In other scape games you get unlimited lives often in the beginning levels. In this game every 7 days of logging in you get 1 hour of unlimited lives. I know the response from the game ppl is that the developer ensure that each level in passable without any level ups. Im glad the developers feel this way because they will be the only ppl playing the game. If you want to save this game listen to the voice of the customer - not the devlopers.

- Just don’t waste ur time

So yeah the animation looks cute and fun and the idea seems unique, having a mini game to get coins rather than generating it. However, because the mini game (which is one of those candy crush games) gets very difficult very early and your hearts take an excessive amount of time to replenish which means you will basically never get half the items you want or level up at all. At some point you will probably lose to the same level of the candy crush-like game for hours just to get a small amount of coins (which will get you enough to purchase a flower pot). I don’t recommend this game it’s not nearly as fun as it seems and goes downhill the minute the tutorial ends. You can tell that it’s a cash grab game (freemium), but its so boring and frustrating that I don’t wanna spend even a cent to support games like this. For further updates I suggest that: there are easier mini games, maybe different mini games, the hearts replenish faster, and maybe your animals can generate a little money as well.

- More moves

Your game is really good and I play it almost every day. The thing I get annoyed with is the levels. You think we can get a certain amount of things with a certain amount of moves. I realized I run out of moves at least five times before I actually beat the level. It is very difficult to even get past the first half of the level then to have to go on to the next part when you have almost no moves left. My recommendation is that you give at least ten more moves to each level or you make them a tad bit easier to beat. It gets very frustrating for me to lose all my moves and I didn’t even have a fair fight. It’s like losing before you even win and it gets me upset and not want to play the very addicting game. Thank you and I hope you will listen as I’m sure many other players think the same thing.

- I’ve never played a match-3 game so much

I never write reviews, but I feel obligated to after playing so much! I downloaded it a couple months ago because the animals looked cute then I couldn’t stop playing. This game has no ads and there are many opportunities to get infinite lives for a couple hours. I’ve never spent money on this game and I’m past level 1100. I really like the apple collecting event and the events that require you to collect power ups! And I especially love my dinosaur exhibit!! I hope there will be an opportunity to get different colored dinosaurs in the future (yellow, please?!) or other untraditional zoo animals like cute farm animals or something! Awesome game especially for long periods of boredom during quarantine ❤️

- Good but needs improvement

OK first off I absolutely love the little red panda! That is my favorite part of the game by far! Zach is nice, but at this point can we please have a female narrator from playrix? As for the levels themselves: they’re fun, but the color scheme is a little difficult to see. ESPECIALLY the blue on blue on blue i.e. the blue (drink)boxes/tiles/background are hard to distinguish between. I like interacting with the guests but only getting gems when you give a guest what they want incentivizes you to only build when I guest ask you to build something; I think earning gems for building should be standard and we interact with the guests some other way. All in all, this is a fun iteration of a match three game, and I love the animals and the interactiveness. As it is so new, I hope these comments will be taken in the spirit of improvement in which they were given.

- A Few Issues

I like playing Homescapes and especially love playing Gardenscapes so I figured I’d download this one too. It’s a great game but there are a few issues I have with it. I love the animals you get to have in the zoo and all the decorations but it’s get to crowded in some areas. You have to buy all of these decorations in order to unlock new areas and animals and sometimes it’s just too much for one place. Second, some of these levels can be really hard to pass with the limited amount of moves you have. I’d spend days trying to pass it so I’ll give up for a bit and switch to another game. And lastly, after the update I realized that the game doesn’t make certain sounds anymore. For example when you make a match or when you explode the candy it just stays silent minus the game’s music in the background. I liked it better when there were more sounds.

- Cute game but way too hard

I don’t normally keep games on my cell but I LOVED this concept so I downloaded it and really enjoyed the first few levels. I even made sure to rearrange the zoo how I liked it and spent quite a bit of money on advantages. But, the fun stopped pretty quick. I have been on the same level for days and have made absolutely no progress... even with power ups. There is no point in playing a game if they are unbeatable. I understand there being harder levels but I haven’t even reached level 40 yet! The difficulty just seems way too hard here. I am unfortunately going to uninstall this app which is upsetting because I was really looking forward to finishing out the zoo.

- Cute design - Terrible execution

The animals and the zoo itself is adorable, the design of the game overall is absolutely adorable, without being cheesy. However the level themselves are a problem, the game is designed as a cash grab. Meaning after the “tutorial phase” where you become hooked, the levels themselves then go from being “ fun with a bit of challenge” to the “ cant win until you buy an item” phase. This is in part due to the short turn limits in rounds. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen entire boards stacked with obstacles to clear only to be given ten rounds to do so. Most levels take an entire 2-4 days to clear. Which would be understandable if the game was smaller, that way you need to take you time before you beat it. However with how much there is to unlock it not like a player will run out of things quickly! would love to keep playing but this is getting ridiculous, hope this changes soon. I would love to show my kids this game!

- Some glitches

While I’m having fun creating a zoo, a frustrating glitch I keep encountering is that if I try to make a move at the same time I have attained a free power-up from one of the critters, the game freezes. It won’t let me make a move until the critter has tossed out its power-up, but, especially if I’m on the last couple of moves available, the critter seems to be too distracted to toss out the bonus. So the red panda or elephant or peacock is fretting over my chances, but I can’t move any pieces, or go into settings, or activate anything. Sometimes exiting the game entirely will cause it to finally toss out the bonus so I can make the last few moves, but at the moment I’ve entered and exited the game several times and I’m still stuck with a fretting red panda who won’t toss out the tops so I can make the final move I have available.

- An Okay Game, Not Worth a Cent

Another update: Keeps crashing with newest update, and when it’s running it’s sometimes choppy. Update: Along with what I mention below about the game freezing when a timer or alarm goes off, the game also periodically freezes for no reason. And literally every single time it has been when I am doing really well and have progressed to the highest point on a boosters things, where I am getting a bunch of free boosters at the beginning of each level, provided I keep winning. So the game freezes, I have to close it out, and I go back to not getting any free boosters. This game is okay, but not that good. Heads up: if you’re playing and your timer or alarm goes off, the game freezes and eventually crashes. So if you’re doing really well on a level and that happens, once the game crashes it’ll treat it as though you lost the level you were playing on. Personally, I wouldn’t spend any money on this game. The developers clearly haven’t, so why should I? Once I hit a level I can’t beat no matter how hard I try, I’m done with this game. The developers clearly have put their time and energy into Homescapes, not this one, and it shows in a variety of ways. If you want to play a game like this, I’d suggest either Homescapes, or some other game entirely. One good thing is that some of the creatures in the levels are adorable.

- Wow

So got this, enjoy playing but once you get past a certain point it is impossible to beat the level without multiple upgrades . The last level I played was trying to connect 6 turtles via water path , multiple locked pieces, repeating pink blockers and 3 layer s of blocks surrounding those turtles in less than 25 turns. Already lost all my upgrades and played an additional 10 times and still not able to beat. Not fun enough to invest portions of my salary in. In addition after reader several negative reviews right now and developers response. the strategies are pretty easy to understand, however it seems like it is based on luck if you can’t play those strategies because you can’t get those upgrades or get them in the right place at the right time to combine and causing chain reaction. I agree with players, it is meant to be FUN not annoying spending several days trying to get past one level. If you cannot understand that developers try LISTENING.

- Awaiting changes before downloading

Hi Playrix Developers! I love Fishdom and play that quite a bit. I pay occasionally, but don’t need to if I am willing to work on it. So I think it is a very fair -and super fun - beautiful game. So thank you for creating such a masterpiece! But after reading that the majority of reviews for this game have mentioned that this one is a pay-to-win game, and is too difficult, I would expect a public response to that. All I see is the canned response of, “I am sorry about your experience....I assure you all levels are beatable... Open a ticket within the game.” Well, the reviews were posted HERE for all to see, and so should your response. So the PUBLIC question remains: Will you, or will you not, make this game easier to win without power-ups and purchased gems and tools? Please respond HERE, PUBLICLY, and your admiring audience (including me) would like to know. You guys are AMAZING developers! So please, listen to your players and post for us all to see. I would love to play! I am giving 5 stars because I think you guys are the best! (But I am awaiting a response here before downloading and playing this game). Thanks Playrix!! : )

- Fun but difficult

I was really loving this game at first. It’s adorable, building the zoo is fun, and the puzzles are fun. But you get to about level 60+ and this game becomes ridiculously hard for no reason. I’m stuck on level 74 because I have no power ups, I have no extra lives, and the puzzle is just stupid hard. I ended up uninstalling the game because I was fed up.. believe me I gave it a shot for a week being stuck on that level but I get the same result each time. Some of these levels need extra moves because it’s impossible to beat without having unlimited access to power ups. Otherwise you have to rely on luck to win. The game is super fun but the levels got too hard too fast. Maybe someday later I’ll pick it up again.

- Okay...

First, let me say that I love, love, love HomeScapes! And I love zoos! So this seemed to be the perfect game for me, however I’m a bit disappointed. The graphics aren’t as good as HomeScapes - the people aren’t as detailed and you can’t zoom in as much. Sometimes the thought bubbles over people’s heads block your view of the animals, which is annoying. The animals are cute, but I think they are (this sounds goofy) a little too cartoonish. (Maybe I’m comparing this too much to Animal Tycoon.) I also agree with others that the games get too difficult too quickly and the power ups aren’t as good. It’s just not as much fun as HomeScapes. It’s not terrible, but it’s not as good as it could be.

- Beating levels is impossible without BUYING gems

I like this game, it’s challenging. However, I have noticed two things: 1) to continuously play, you have to have Facebook (I do not). 2) You will spend REAL MONEY to beat levels and have more playing time. After leaving up a couple of times, I would play out all my turns, several times a day and still not be able to complete a level without purchasing gems. Gem purchases are 180 the first time, then they go up several hundred if you can’t beat the game in five moves. You can end up spending 1000 gems to complete a level because the 2 WEEKS you tried to do it never got you closer than three needed items to be finished. sometimes those items would take 7-12 additional moves because power moves are inconsistent with their uses. Either way, be prepared for in app purchases to move up or simply delete this game... as I am doing now.

- Fix the Game

Yes, the game is difficult and it takes a ridiculous amount of time to beat them. I have not spent a dime to beat any of the levels HOWEVER there are major issues that needs to be addressed as mentioned by the other users. Reduce the difficulty, it is a mobile game, not a PC or PS4 game. When you earn boosters, enable them to be used on EVERY level. If that is not possible, then RETURN them to the players inventory. You discard them if they can’t be used and there is NO way to know in advance if they can be used on a level or not. Lastly, fix the glitches. For example, I am on level 613, and no matter what boosters I use to clear my screen of eggs, the booster doesn’t recognize the remaining ones on the board. So if I use them, it will clear a random dessert and not the egg that is left. I lose the level with one egg left even though I used a booster to clear it. Get it together developers...

- Freezing

Love playing this game. What is frustrating is I’m on a super hard level. Have 3 moves left. I believe with those 3 moves I might just beat this level after days of trying. Game freezes and can’t move any pieces. This has happened before. Very frustrating!!!!! Just another add on. I’m on a super hard level. I know I can win in one move and than it freezes. Not fair. You need to fix this because if it happens one more time I’m deleting the app!!!!! If that’s not bad enough you get a super hard level that’s impossible to beat unless you pay! Totally unfair! Another update-it is totally unfair when you get to a hard or super hard level. You have to play the same game for days until the game finally give you the chance to win. I have been on this level for 3 days and because of this I’m am starting to play less and less. It might get to the point where I’ll delete the game!

- Disappointing. Don’t waste your time or money.

Graphics are great and the concept is cute but like MANY others have already said, it’s way too difficult, for the amount of “do able” levels you get there’s 10x as many insanely difficult levels with very few moves for what you have to accomplish. It seems to me that developers don’t care about this either as there are plenty of comments dating back quite a ways saying the exact same thing yet it remains unchanged. I had high hopes for this game because I am an avid Gardenscapes player and even the hardest levels on Gardenscapes never seem so impossible. The power ups in this game are nearly useless and also difficult to get the ones that do anything. Over all it’s a waste of time unless you’re the kind of person who wants to throw real money at a smartphone game for no reason.

- Stopped working

UPDATE: Confirmed they took the animal helpers away, that’s not a glitch. No explanation as to why the levels are exact repeats of previously beaten hard levels. Levels I only beat due to animal helpers and boosters. I will not continue to play this game because I won’t spend time on levels I previously won, especially since you basically have to spend money to win now. All the levels are now repeats of super hard levels I previously beat over the last few weeks. Exact repeats, not similar, exact. If you google the levels, the ones shown are not the ones I am playing. I also no longer get “helpers” in the levels. It shows that I am playing a level with an elephant helper, or whatever, but it’s blank. So my game is completely glitched out, but I can’t delete the app or I’ll lose everything. On level 1023. Guess I’ll stop playing till another update comes through.

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- Was Awesome

I have been playing and absolutely loving this game for months, and I must sheepishly admit, have spent a small fortune on it. Too eager to wait for lives to reset, I’d be topping them up with the credit card☺️☺️ 3 days ago, the game updated to a new summer level. Since then it has continually shut down and frozen and I’ve been unable to play at all. I have followed all the instructions and hints on the troubleshooting website and utilised Google for help. However it still freezes and I’m unable to play it, I persevered for the three days, but frustratingly have now deleted it from my IPad for the last time!! Bitterly disappointed that the issues weren’t rectified sooner, funnily enough there were never any issues when I was spending money!! My only consolation is knowing that Playrix will never ever get another cent from me!!

- Great

Great to find another game from Playrix. Only just started this one but it’s a keeper. Edit... have played a few levels now and really like this game. Many will download it and possibly end up deleting because of the difficulty moving on. I like a hard game, however not being able to play on for less than 200 diamonds, does take some fun out of it. It should be less. If you can’t play on you don’t play...simple. I paid once, but doubt that I will pay again like I did with Fishdom. It needs to be less diamonds, or double the amount when you purchase. They are diamonds you get for passing a level and take time to accumulate, so needs to be a bit more friendly there. Artistry is brilliant. This will be an awesome game for lots of people with a little tweaking.

- Great Concept...Greedy Devs

For a match 3 game, Wildscapes has a lot going for it...BUT....and it’s a big but (no puns)... 1st the positives.... The ‘build a zoo’ concept is engaging and the game’s customization options in regard to designing your zoo allow for creativity and enhanced player engagement. Graphics and music are top notch...both make for a pleasing game experience. Where this game fails is the cynical, money grabbing mechanics designed to make you fail unless you spend real dollars on the often essential game assists in order to beat levels. Everyone deserves to make a buck, that’s a given, but a fairly early point in the game’s platforms, the devs have designed the match 3 puzzles to be IMPOSSIBLE without using the (paid for) extra move options or game assist features. I’ve played many, many match 3 games and without a doubt this one is solely designed to quite obviously and unapologetically force players to pay for progress. As they say....buyer beware.

- Great, but HARD!!

This game is very enjoyable, great graphics and love the build your own zoo concept, however, if you think this game is for kids, you are gonna have a Lot of upset kids, and broken phones/tablets haha. The mini games to get coins progressively get Very Hard, there is No Way kids can do this them selves! I’m 28 years old, I’m stuck on level 50, tried it at least, no joke, 50 times to get past it, it’s very hard! If a kid can beat these puzzle games easily, I will gladly pay to see them do it. Again, love the game myself and the concept of building your own zoo, and also it’s great to see the characters from Township in this too, but the mini games, you’ve got to make them easier if you want kids to play this, jeez!

- Great But Room For Improvement

I love this game, its fun and a great way to pass time. There’s two minor issues that I don’t like of the game, these are that some levels are extremely hard and challenging and the mini games come around quite rarely. I’m sure that a lot of other people agree with me when I say that there is not many mini games and the mini games are one of the best bits about the game. -By The Way I’m not giving this feedback to kill your spirits, but to give my honest thoughts so you may improve as a game. Well done, the game is very very fun but there’s room for improvement.

- Awesome Game...but frustrating

My son and I have been thoroughly enjoying this game, it is just one of the best match-3 games I have ever played. My son loves placing the animals and enclosures and attractions. The only complaint I have is that with the “world event” could make it an option only to participate, as I am not earning any coins for our zoo nor doing our normal levels. Don’t like the world event, and would rather continue working on our zoo. Please consider making this participation optional...other than that...love the game. Well done!!!

- Fun but frustrating

Really enjoying this game, for a match 3 game it’s not as annoying and blatantly money grabbing as some. But some levels are almost impossible to pass without extra boosters or diamonds to keep playing (and it takes a lot of diamonds, which aren’t cheap). Another reviewer suggested giving double for payment, which is a great idea. One big issue I have with it though is the levels with turtles, the spinning tops are virtually useless and don’t go where you need them to so if you have to rely on them to win a level it’s pretty well rigged to fail. This issue really needs reprogramming, it’s not ok.

- Love, love, loving this game!

I’m really enjoying Wildscapes, have become a bit obsessed with it since I installed it a few days ago. The games progress well in terms of difficulty, and the introduction of new features/gameplays is at a good pace so you can improve your skill level at a good pace. I haven’t purchased any additional features using real currency but have managed to get to level 8 within a few days anyway. I think I might like this even more than Fishdom!

- Lots of awesome stuff... but...

I’ve fallen in love with the scapes games and this game definitely has potential. But the puzzle aspect of the game has serious flaws for me. It doesn’t feel fun. It feels almost like a chore to get new stuff. Having to line up power ups to use them seems so annoying, and nothing feels fun or explosive like gardenscapes or homescapes. I’d also love some customisable things and story lines, like garden and home scapes. An awesome idea and concept, I’d just love for some stuff to be changed! The animals and decor is so cute, I can’t wait for more updates. Keep doing what you’re doing guys, love your games :))

- Must read this!

When I saw this game I was hesident about getting it but I did I started playing and 🤯 is so good love it so much have it on 4 devices the concept of building a zoo is amazing the levels can get a bit tricky but you always get passed it read some other reviews they say that you need to spend money to get past the level that’s never been the case with me and my nan that also plays it the game is so fun really recommend downloading it so fun love the game!


it’s so good I rate this game 5 stars it’s just so relaxing to play and especially since I love animal although I have one request maybe you could add more animals but overall it’s very good it’s amazing . I would recommend this to people who just love animals and to people who love to relax . This game is so relaxing to play . I love it when the people talk and it’s a very fun game to play. I can’t stop saying how good this game is . I have never gave a five star to any other game but this game deserves 5 stars . I’m so glad that I downloaded this game it’s the best game I have ever played . Message to developer: I hope you can add more animals in the game if not that’s ok . Can you please reply to this review thank you.

- Good But Frustrating

I love this game! Its so fun, but some of the levels are extremely hard to beat without the help of boosters and diamonds to get extra moves. Can you please fix this so that the levels are beatable without boosters. Also, a suggestion would be to let us upgrade the enclosures to make them look bigger and better. It would make it a lot better! And also instead of having to line up the power ups, maybe do the same as homescapes and gardenscapes, where you double tap them?

- Over the repeated levels when doing “World Cup”

Have enjoyed this game for a long time however I am now thoroughly sick of having to complete the same 30-40 levels when put into a “World Cup tournament” (when new levels are being created and added in the background). I understand the need to have time to create new levels however there are more than 2000 levels to choose from for World Cup tournaments so why must there be the same few levels every single time???? Please. Mix it up.

- Best game ever!

This game is awesome I love the animals and their exhibits especially the babies there so cute! I have almost completed the zebra exhibit I just need the baby girl and then I’m done. My favourite thing in the game is the dinosaur exhibit especially when it sleeps you can see what dream it’s having I can’t imagine if this game didn’t exist. Please keep making more playrix games. From Ava age 7

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I have downloaded all of your games and am loving them all. I find myself talking to Austin and Zac constantly, and when I run out of lives I spend time just playing with, and enjoying the fish, pandas and elephants. I am disabled, and for the time being am confined to my bed, so having such lighthearted games to play refreshes my spirits every day. Thank you, and please make some more, soon.

- Gave up on stupid hard level 24

Only 20 moves to get the 9 tickets that are hidden under double ropes and double ice so having to be extra super lucky with a 4 leaf clover on top to win the level in under 20. Some won’t have the patience for that. and I thought this was gonna be different. Why have the super hard level so soon? It’s been deleted, sorry. Certainly didn’t spend any real money on it. That would of been ridiculous 🤣

- Great game but not for kids....to hard!

I really Ike this game but wow......the levels get pretty hard and it gets a bit frustrating getting stuck on hard levels. Would be good if you could give a bit more incentive to play, am getting to the stage where I’m thinking of deleting it as it’s way to hard.

- Love

This is one of my favourite games because I can create the zoo in the way I like. I pretty much started this as soon as it came out and have been playing everyday in my spare time BUT it’s always saying ‘more levels coming soon.’ I wish you guys could make heaps more levels at a time so I don’t have to be waiting for more levels to be made. I know this is a slow process but it’s the only thing bad about this game

- Best game I ever played

I love to play this game when I’m stressed. It is very relaxing and fun. Sometimes it can get a bit tricky but that’s how it makes it so fun to play. I like how you have to play a game to earn money it makes it a whole lot more exciting. My favourite is when you got to save the little Teddy’s and get them to the bottom. I totally recommend getting this game!

- Sooo frustrating!

Why did you remove the *Retry* that used to pop up when I ran out of moves? Now it’s just the buy 5 more moves for 180 gems! The amount of times I’ve wasted my gems recently by accidentally clicking it is ridiculous! I’m not going to buy gems so then I have to wait for my lives to come back instead of using the gems to refresh them like I usually do ! I love the game but definitely not playing as much anymore due to this. Fix please!!

- My review of the game

I love how you don’t have to buy the animal's, areas I love the range of animals I like how you don’t have to beat a certain level and I like how it is like you have seven more levels to unlock this animal once you have done a level then it will say you have six more levels.

- Awful game.

This game is awful. Never download this!!! At first when I went into it I was really exited about catching my first animal, but when I caught it the game locked me out, and when I tried to load back in it was stuck on the loading screen for about two hours. When it finally loaded back in, it hadn’t saved my progress and proceeded to lock me out again. I am upset about this, I had to delete this game because it is unplayable. Please people who made this, fix it! I really liked the small part of the game that worked. Goodbye, I am quite unhappy now. :l

- Cool game

This is game is fun. Some of the levels are hard. There are lots of new items. When I get enough money to put in a new animal I unlock a new items. It is hard to pick what to put in. Love that you can unlock different sections which are different biomes. I would recommend it. ❤️😀!!!

- I used to enjoy this game

Levels are becoming way too hard to achieve as you go higher up. You can get stuck on a game for ages and finally get through only to have a super hard or hard level back to back. I know they want you to buy your way up but I refuse to pay for ‘tokens’ just to pass a level. Have just deleted it as the fun has gone out of it.

- Buggy and poor support

I really love the concept of this game - but the execution of it is poor compared to other games in the series. After syncing devices I lost items that I’d purchased from the zoo store and lost levels. When I tried to contact support it took them 24 hours to send me a generic article about how to sync devices - they didn’t even try to understand what the actual problem was. Very frustrating Just don’t try and sync it across devices and you will probably be ok.

- Glitchy

It glitches all the time and ALWAYS when I’ve won the level or the colour bar fills to release the special character. It’s not even frozen you just can’t touch anything, you have to force close and lose progress. Very frustrating.

- Cute game

Like this game but unfortunately is very unstable. Constantly crashes after the last update in particular and is actually now unplayable. I certainly wouldn’t purchase any of the items as you wouldn’t be able to use them. Bonus lives haven’t been able to be used due to crashing. If not fixed soon will delete the game which is a pity.

- Everything you've played before with a twist.

This game is another fantastic app by Playrix. I am addicted to their app Township so I don't build my zoo despite the awesome decorations and design versatility. That's the problem. It requires me to plan my design. The design isn't automated. I love the challenges in the levels and their fresh take on the challenges. A+

- Amazing but really hard

I been playing this game for a while now and I think is great but the difficulty makes it frustrating. You should lower just a little bit the difficulty or give infinite lives, because I could spend days just trying to pass one level.

- Awesome, but a little too hard.

The puzzle games are easy up to level 10, but you get to level 15, it’s just WAY too hard. This is good for little kids but if you’re the parent the you probably have to help them.

- Amazing

This game is amazing but I think that we should have a even more amazing game and we should make thins a little bit less expensive and that is how you will get more hits...people reading this comment please pit a thumbs up if you like it .Amelia is my name.

- Love Wildscapes.

My favourite game. I love the graphics, the animals are so cute. I love the layout and the game play. Puzzle match three is not too hard and not too easy. Just right. Keep up the great work and keep the areas and animals coming or even expand the areas so we can add more animals. Awesome game, relaxing and enjoyable. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Pretty Good

I like this game, though can be frustrating after awhile. Also, can the app preview picture thing be changed so it DOESN’T look like it’s about being cruel and mean to animals. It’s so unwelcoming. Otherwise, the game itself is great. Maybe add an aquatic themed section... Thanks! An anonymous 11 year old user.

- Review

I think it’s really fun and I like the fact it is building a zoo as well even my mum loves it and I think you should get more types of games to get gems and money and I also love the fact that there’s lots of animals and I think it’s great

- Obsessed

I am obsessed with his game and have only just reached the point where I have to wait for new levels..... if I have to go much longer without being able to play I doubt I'll come back to it when there are more levels to play.

- Love it!!!

The coins can be easily achieved with the puzzles solved which is why it makes the game so addictive. Love the customization system where we can change things over from scratch with the items unlocked as well. Can’t wait for the new update!

- Update causing game to crash

Great game but I too did the update and the game is constantly crashing since. I can’t even play 1 level before it shuts down again. Please get on to this issue ASAP!

- Need more worlds

Love this game! I’ve never paid money to play and advance levels. Just kept trying. My only worry is that I’m in the last land - Australia. Are there more areas coming out soon?

- Cute zoo, terrible match 3 game

I love the building the zoo part. Very cute graphics and all. Unfortunately the Candy Crush aspect of the game is almost sometimes impossible to win unless you have power ups (and even that’s not fullproof), which are super limited. It’s obviously the game’s way of making you spend money and makes it extremely unenjoyable. I wish it was more like Homescapes where a lot of the gameplay feels balanced.

- Libby

This looks like a really nice game, once you have reached a certain level it becomes super difficult to pass levels without real money, l have all the other playrix games which can be difficult but are possible. Shame on you playrix this is supposed to be for children, not at a certain level. I have also reached out to game makers to no avail. Fix it .

- Not happy

Even playing this game and love it. I’m up to level 467. Purchases a new phone and the game hasn’t kept my memory so now I have to start all over again 😡

- Overcharged

this is a great game don’t get me wrong. i wnjoy playing the levels and making my zoo but i have recently been looking at my purchases and not once but twice have i been overcharged on the 200 pack of gems. they are supposed to cost $1.49AUD and on my bank statements i have been charged $5.97AUD. this is disgusting and the game has been stealing from me and it needs to stop.

- Enjoyed but soon changed

Did enjoy once again levels can not be passed unless u have power ups or pay .too much coins needed to do the level again it’s a joke why spoil some easy fun .why should we use our money just to beet levels. Been playing another game better opportunity gifts every day. Coins build up everyday . Please improve your game .sorry other game so much more coins to finish a level finally . Like l said you need to improve its a shame

- Great, but no support

The game is fantastic, I have really enjoyed this one, I am up to level 496, since a new update my game won’t open though, haven’t had any feed back or support on how to fix it. Hoping it will fix itself very soon, don’t want to lose all my progress. Really great game though!

- Clever

Well programmed to get you to the stage where you are almost finished, but have to spend money to get on. However, it is also programmed to get you through eventually, if you are patient, without spending. A good, addictive game.

- Another great playrix game

Enjoying this like your others Fishdom and Gardenscapes. It took me a while to realize you could place objects. Not quite as much flexibility in choosing decorations, but another great job. Thanks

- Help

Hi I am Lvl 271 and the game is is up todate as well as my iPad and no problems with my internet,,, Now for some reason I cant play the game since a challenge game came along",, Can you please help as this game is fantastic and fun to play. Regards

- Wildscapes

Good game, but disappointing when we have to buy our hard earned jewels in the piggy bank. They are earned, so why do we have to buy them? Seems unfair to me

- Great game

Great game that is both strategic and entertaining at the same time. Some levels look easy but turn out to be very challenging at times I would highly recommend this to anyone to try.

- A cute game

This has been so refreshing and interesting. Only just started playing, but like it. Could get harder as time goes on, but that’s okay with me, I keep trying till I get there. Thank you very much.

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- Already love it

I’m only on the first level and l already love it it’s so fun and exciting thank lord some one invented this app cause i need it in my life

- Pull the pin

I’ve had it with all these pull the pin ads that have absolutely nothing to do with the game! I will continue to report these ads as misleading every time I seek them!

- I rlly love this game

The music is so nice and relaxing and I rlly love how much fun I hv playing it thanks for this game!!

- Disappointed

Much like many of the playrix games - same formula - easy at first then almost impossible without spending money. In these days of lockdown quarantine they should adjust and make it more satisfying for free-it’s the right thing to do-unfortunately most developers only interested in the $$$. Soooo-delete.

- FUN!!!

People say it gets to hard, I wouldn't’ put this game that way, it gets more fun that’s the way I put this game

- Fun

This game is really fun and awesome I love how you can help out the animals and the people I ❤️ animals so good job to the person who made this game I am An earth ranger so I l love animals good job animals rule good job person who made this game

- Enough already!

First of all, you have to pay tons of money further through like all of your games, but the big thing that I have had just about enough of are playrix’s dumb fake ads!!! All of your ads show a fun, challenging game, but then you get the real game which sucks, and if you keep playing it, you’ll need to pay a fortune. Why make fake ads? Well, actually, I know why, it’s because you guys know that nobody would buy your games if you advertise the actual game, it just proves that the game sucks. Just make real ads that don’t take you to the App Store when you press the X at the top of the screen! That’s another issue, all of your fake ads take me to the App Store after pressing the X at the top of the screen.

- Another fake ad by playrix

Can Apple just ban this company from play store already?

- Zoo

So far it’s been fun, waiting for friends to join so I can get lives faster

- Awful!

I no longer have access to my “animal” helpers during the levels. I have deleted and downloaded it multiple times and still nothing. Very bad set up.

- Do not like the new update

Please bring back our animal helpers!

- Bad update to game

Developers blew it with last update. Removed the ‘animal’ power up. Now a lot of the opportunity for strategy is gone and you have to depend on blind luck. Made it way less fun to play.

- Lacks substance

I got this game after getting Gardenscapes and Homescapes. But when I started playing it I was very disappointed. This game contains none of the aspects that made the first two so great.

- Out of levels

They keep letting you play the same levels for six days because they run out of levels. Gets boring now.

- Same as other games

Fun at first, then too many hard levels you can’t get through to do anything.

- Great

Great great did I mention it’s a great game ? ‘‘Tis great

- Wildscapes

Game is great but you need to be on Facebook to get lives from friends. I’m not on Facebook so don’t end up playing it that much

- L.O.V.E.

I love this game😃 Township was okay but this is awesome

- Great

I love this app because there is so many great features

- H

I love this game so fun! It’s soooo cool

- Lol

Force me to install a game so I can play another? Well, enjoy your bad review.

- Forced ads

I only downloaded this game so I wouldn’t be forced to see the pop up ad in Township. I refuse to try the game because I’m feeling like I’m being forced to do so. Believe it or not, I enjoy my playing the actual game when I’m looking to unwind, not watching ads 🤷‍♂️. Ill be avoiding all Playrix games until they can tone it down a bit.

- Crap

This game is crap , not as advertised

- Best game ever

I’m adiktid I never stop playing this it is so fun

- Frustrating

Finding Since the last update when we lost our animal helpers, the levels have become more difficult to pass. Spent over 2 weeks to get by one level. Extremely Frustrating

- Update ruined the fun

This game used to be great. Then the update ruined it all. Taking away a lot of the strategy and planning with a random bomb clearing the board after multiple lines in a row. Now the levels have insanely short turns to force you to buy power ups. Like many people, I’m super disappointed

- Pretty good

This game is pretty fun but maybe you should focus on the main gameplay for your ads more than your pull the pin minigame since you don’t get to play it too much. Anyhoo that’s about it.

- Why is it getting worse instead of better?

I have enjoyed this game for awhile, but the new levels aren’t coming up quickly enough. Instead I am playing the same levels over and over in tournaments and challenges that last way too long, especially when you can earn coins during the whole thing. Like this would be okay for a day at a time... but a week? Also, where the heck did the animal helpers go? Difficult levels are almost impossible without them. I have purchased many piggy banks in the past. Not spending another cent until things improve.

- Bonus couleur

Le jeu était beaucoup plus amusant avec les bonus de couleur dans certains tableau. Ça rajoutais des défis supplémentaires. Svp est cE possible de les remettre dans certain tableau 😍

- Typical

The animals and items are way too expensive. Just because it’s a free game doesn’t mean you have to pay for it with that. I hope they reconsider so the game can be fun again. Also removing the animal helpers? Doesn’t help at all. Might delete eventually.

- Critter helpers made the game more fun

Since the animal helpers were removed, this game doesn’t feel special anymore. I did read your explanation to others about the levels, but after playing for a bit, can only say that this change was for the worst. You removed something that made your game stand out and be more fun. Trying to make it look average was a horrible choice on your part. I do hope you make a decision to bring the critters back.

- Disappointed in latest update

Game has become even more difficult since the in-game power ups, from collecting a particular colour, have been removed. Very disappointed.

- Losing interest

I am currently losing interest in the game due to the brand new update..that is why I gave it 3 stars when I would have given it 5... since the new update the extra help on the top left corner is gone and the super hard levels are rediculusly harder and less moves... so until it gets changed I will not play it

- great but...

The game is good but you don’t renovate the zoo and you don’t help the animals like if a elephant is stuck in vines none of that happens why are you showing stuff that’s not in the game???Can you please please please make it so you can visit other people’s zoos??!! Also can you make it so there’s just easy and hard levels not super hard.Or no hard and super hard.But I like that for levels there’s a baby animal helping you like a baby elephant.Can you please make it so you don’t have to buy a hammer a glove and the other thing I forget what is but still can you do that for the levels. I love the animals their adorable but why are the so big comparing to the people especially the babies?? I’m only on level sixteen for the zoo like I only got to the area with lions and I almost finished with the ostriches.Why are the animals so expensive as you go like it’s not like you earn more coins every level?? So I love the game but the things I wrote will make me give it a 4 but it’s a great and fun game!!!!


This game is great and you should get it but I wish there was wolves. Can u please add wolves. if you do then thank you so much!

- The best GAME.

The best game i love this cuz it’s so fun and the best animals🦆🐼🦁 🦎🐍🐢

- long lasting loadings

attention additional resources required

- No need to spend money

I am on level 1,017 and have only spent $3.99 on a piggy bank full of diamonds. Yeah, sometimes it takes a couple of days to beat a level, but what else is there to do these days! I don’t get ads.

- Good game but remove content

Great game! In the forest remove the “grand totem” and “teepee”. It’s not culturally sensitive and those are stereotypically images of groups of people with complex histories and are currently living.

- So much fun!

I 💖 this game! I love how some of the baby animals have accessories like bows (it’s so adorable), although I wish there was like an underwater area🌊 or a desert area🌵but either way this game is fun!

- Wild Scapes🐼🐘

I have elephants and pandas and I am hoping to get to higher levels and I love this game because there are no adds! Love this game you guys!

- Level 111

Hi. I was having fun but now I've used so many lives and boosters trying to get through level 111. I looked up info on you tube but that player has a peacock throwing boosters out when he collects pears. I don't have a peacock? How come? Did I miss something?

- What is going on with the pin ADS!!?!???!

Had the game, loved to play with my kiddos and I am deleting it as a result of the horrible pin ads!! They have NOTHING to do with the actual game and the fact that a company is using them as a way to entice people into downloading the app is disgusting. Shame on you playrix; an absolute joke of a company.

- Super fun!

The games are actually super fun even though the ads are not always true. I think that people should stop rating them 1-star just because of the ads and because it’s impossible without spending money. Me and my mom passed several almost impossible level without even spending 1 dollar

- Excellent


- Loveeee this game

It’s so fun to play

- Wild scapes

This game a lot of hard levels ,but it is so fun. I promise you if you download it you won’t regret it

- Fun, but really tough

It’s fun to build the zoo, but.....I wish the levels were a bit easier. I get stuck on them forever sometimes and my son completely gave up in frustration.

- Decent

Fun game well built but some of the levels, the turtles in particular are way too hard to achieve through skill. Can only beat them with sheer perfect luck

- Disappointed

I was disappointed that you were only given so many days to build the dinosaur habitat and when you didn’t beat enough levels the dinosaur is taken away. My sister had all the time she wanted to build the habitat she wasn’t timed at all why is that?

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Wildscapes CIC

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Wildscapes 2.2.9 Screenshots & Images

Wildscapes iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Wildscapes iphone images
Wildscapes iphone images
Wildscapes iphone images
Wildscapes iphone images
Wildscapes iphone images
Wildscapes iphone images

Wildscapes (Version 2.2.9) Install & Download

The applications Wildscapes was published in the category Games on 2019-08-16 and was developed by Playrix [Developer ID: 1162116447]. This application file size is 312.31 MB. Wildscapes - Games app posted on 2021-10-22 current version is 2.2.9 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playrix.zoo-m3-ios