Wildscapes download

Welcome to Wildscapes! Create your dream zoo with dozens of adorable animals by solving colorful puzzles!

Build spacious enclosures for animals and make your zoo visitor-friendly with cafes, fountains, playgrounds, hangout spots, and more! Learn about species from all over the world and create the best zoo ever! Ready for a wild ride? Then hop on!


● Enjoy your favorite gameplay: beat match-3 levels to restore the zoo!
● Match juicy and fruity items to complete unique tasks and win rewards
● Unlock more areas to welcome new animals from different habitats
● Play with custom options to design your zoo the way you want
● Decorate your zoo with unique objects from around the world
● Power up your gaming experience with the help of special animal boosters
● Complete tasks for zoo visitors by helping them with their specific needs and wants
● Bring together whole families of animals to get even more rewards!

Wildscapes is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, simply turn off the purchase option in your device's «Restrictions» menu.

Enjoying Wildscapes? Learn more about the game!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WildscapesPlayrix/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wildscapes_game/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WildscapesGame

Questions? Contact our Tech Support at [email protected]

Wildscapes App Description & Overview

The applications Wildscapes was published in the category Games on 2019-08-16 and was developed by Playrix. This application file size is 199.23 MB. Wildscapes current version is 1.4.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Enjoy a fall Wildscapes update!

Collect stars to rank high and win a valuable reward!
Meet the tournament host: singer Zack Presley.

Welcome Kangaroos, Koalas, Dingoes, Cassowaries, and Platypuses.
Meet a new character: teenager Eugene.
Build a Boomerang Workshop and plant an Australian Eucalyptus tree.

Piggy Bank: Collect diamonds on levels to fill it.
World Cup: A special event for players who have beaten all the levels.
New element: Remove Bamboo in match-3 levels.

Wildscapes App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Wildscapes Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Ghhjdhu   4 star

Sound Effects Bug. The ONLY reason this gets four stars instead of five currently is because of a sound effects glitch/bug. On the zoo screen (the main screen), every time I complete a customer request and get diamonds, the sound effect of the diamonds “counting up” (the number increasing) just continues eternally. It’s the same way with a clapping noise too. It makes the zoo creation screen essentially unbearable with the sound on when this happens!!!

thirdmoon180   5 star

BEST OUT OF ALL OF THEM. So recently I was trying to find a good game through the App Store and found this and immediately I downloaded it. I love the cute graphics and the game mechanics itself I do wish that there was a storyline with home scapes and garden scapes like there cousins or something just putting it out there because I think not just me will love it but I wish like there was a lore anyways love it thank you for such a great game

mechengr   2 star

Another pay to play game. Like the other reviews, this game starts off relatively easy and then about level 50 and beyond it becomes nearly impossible to beat. Sure it can be done, but not without grinding and grinding the same level over and over. I don’t know about you, but that is not my definition of a fun game. App uninstalled

Fell4it   1 star

Stuck. I’ve been stuck on level 24 for quite awhile. I refuse to pay $ to advance in a game so I will be deleting. It was fun while I did play. Nice graphics and little story. 😩

lalahag   2 star

So updated game but..... It seems I have beaten all levels but there is no tournament for players that are waiting for new levels...what’s going on....

Suesue23   1 star

🤦🏻‍♀️. Every time I try to play it says new levels are coming soon. It’s been like that for a week now. What’s going on? Can you update the game already? Wow you do an update but yet it still says new levels coming soon

Emmgo   1 star

Tired of waiting for new levels. I keep running out of levels! There seemed to be a new tournament to play while we wait but I am not seeing it in game. It is really frustrating!! I was really enjoying the game but I think I will have to find something else to play😕

Urfvritegrandpa   5 star

Issues with new update. Idk if it was intentional but making basic matches of 3 doesn’t make sound anymore, and there’s a constant sound of someone clapping and cheering throughout the entire zoo.

Keapygxs   1 star

All about luck. This game is all about luck, unlike other games by Playrix that I enjoy. Match 3’s should be about skill. This one is not, and the power ups are pretty terrible

sam061995   3 star

Levels too difficult for leisurely play. I love the concept and the game itself, however the levels are just too difficult. I made it to roughly 85 before I just couldn’t take it and uninstalled. If you enjoy a tough game with fun rewards, then this is right up your alley, but I’m looking for an easier, more rewarding game without having to really focus on every single move I make.

Cait0303   1 star

Way too hard. The levels need to be made less difficult or I will be deleting this game. It’s one thing for it to be challenging but there is absolutely no skill involved in this game it’s all luck and as you go on the levels are ridiculous. Disappointing.

yesssssssssss121212   5 star

💜❤️💜❤️. Best game yet love it make more plssssssssssss make more games

sugar-girl   5 star

Love 💕. Best game , love this so addictive..☝️

KC9715   5 star

Wonderful. It is a wonderful game to play and build zoo habitats for animals

YetiJacketDude   5 star

Boi. Really good so frustrating I was stuck on one 4 like 3 days my mom is on level 400 something

Averagemom614   5 star

It IS beatable without spending money. I literally never write reviews but felt I should here because of all the negativity. I am eagerly awaiting an update because I have apparently beaten all the available levels — without spending a dime of actual money. I have never played any other *scapes games or anything else by Playrix, although I’ve done a lot of Candy Crush and its spinoffs. I have found this challenging but not impossible. Yes, there are some boards that take many tries, but many others that I got on the first try. It helps to strategically upgrade the zoo (just buy what the characters request) so you get gems when you spend coins, and then you can use the gems to get 5 extra turns if you are stuck on a tough board. The zoo itself is very cute and I enjoy that component of the game — adds something to the match-3 game concept. To the developers: when will more levels come out??? I miss playing. And I think it’s a bit of a flaw that there is no way to earn money or go back and play previous levels while I’m waiting. But overall, thanks for a fun game!

TrekDeb   5 star

The Best Game. Kudos to Playrix! Thank you for making such a cool game without having to spend a lot of money. The graphics are amazing and it is so much fun watching the animals drink water. I still play my other Playrix games, but with the holidays coming, this is like a gift. Thank you for creating the best game ever.

Cosmo🐨♥️   2 star

The levels.... I love the animations, the art, and all the different types of animals but the levels started getting to be where I couldn’t solve one for a day or two, then a week, and now I have been stuck on this one level for about a month! They get so hard to beat. Would not recommend unless you are a puzzle prodigy!!

سايز فونت فونت ريز   5 star

hi. tankyou⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🐗🐒🦛🦍🐃🐇🐿🦢🦜

Cinderbender   5 star

Very cute game. I like this game. I really like the graphics it’s cute and adorable.

Sherismith1   5 star

Love this game but.... I love playix games. But I’d love to see this one have a team option. It’s hard to get lives.

mugglemary   5 star

Fun,but.... Hope it lets me get to the higher games before it becomes impossible to win the game, and then you can’t make improvements. Frustrating in gardenscapes and homescapes. I got frustrated by them and just quit. Will do the same here the first time it wants me to give money.

Miraclelizz   5 star

Great game. The game is a lot of fun and love playing with my daughter ! We enjoy it a lot !!

Phucdat56   2 star

Disappointed. I really like the game. Graphics are great. Gameplay smooth. Very cute and happy feel. Everything one would expect from Playrix, including Pay to Play. I have been stuck on level 45 for weeks. I don’t understand why Playrix makes these games this hard. Fishdom was also a favorite until the levels became impossible to pass without boosters after booster. I at least was able to make it to level 300 before I got tired of playing the same level for weeks. I’m sorry to say this game has been deleted as well.

JJefords   5 star

Cute Animals Fun. This is a fun game for me. I have only play for a couple days will write another review in a few months about this game. So far awesome

C5966   5 star

Great Game. Super fun and love the sounds and animals. Doesn’t cost you a lot to keep plsying.

al nicole   5 star

Favorite game by far!. I love the puzzles and the graphics and the idea of it all! Please make some sort of pet or pet shop game too!

pikachufan101   4 star

Sorry for a four star. I love this game, but, it’s to hard, it’s a lot of issues I hope you make the game good, I love it! I’ll keep trying and feed back you when I’m better and say my progress!

Megan Duysen   3 star

Good until..... Very fun game, I have enjoyed playing it. Unfortunately when you get to the higher levels (I am working on raccoons right now) it gets so expensive to add anything to your zoo. The female raccoon is 2800 coins and the average you get for beating a level is 500ish. So it takes a long time to have enough to get anything, especially if you get stuck on a level for a long time. The developers should lower the cost of the stuff in the upper levels.

indieGamerX   4 star

Maddening difficulty. What’s with the levels from 400 and after? Are they even beatable?

Advertorial    5 star

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AvidFarmer   1 star

Update. New update got rid of the sounds when you make a match. I loved this game before. Now it just doesn’t play the same :(

pokidot11223   5 star

Wildscapes. Too good to delete I am already past level 10 and my best friend helped me sooo much

DouxPapillon   5 star

WoW 🤩. Super se jeux 🥰

Game_frustrating_   1 star

Looked fun. Looked like it would be a fun game but I have yet to be able to play as every single time I try to open it it crashes...

reading/cooking with gramma   5 star

Zoo. Love it. Lots of fun, I have garden scapes and home scapes so because this a similar game I love it. It is my escape from the real world.

THEDiznerd   1 star

Moves. I really do enjoy this game but why do some people have more moves than I do? This happens on almost every level. For instance I’m on 379 right now and someone has 31 moves and I only have 26. What’s the deal? I’ve emailed support about this a couple times and still have no answer.

George-13   4 star

Wildscapes. Lots of fun. Build a zoo. Great for the kids to do.

franckie goes 2...   4 star

Agréable. Je trouve ce jeu relaxant et très coloré. Beaucoup de chose à regarder entre chaque tableau. J’aime bien!

N.S.I.   2 star

Don’t bother. Fun until you get stuck and it takes forever to beat a level. That’s not fun or challenging if it takes days or longer to pass a level.

syly1958   5 star

Beautiful Animation. It does get a little harder but not so much that it becomes annoying. The animals are so adorable and I have to play it every day. Enjoy this game very much ❤️

pop mia 's here   5 star

Yaaaaay. I LOVE THIS GAME FIVE STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🤩🥰😍😘

CMG1962   5 star

Loving it. Enjoying the game while designing my own zoo.

SashaLikesNutella   5 star

Very addictive!!!. I spend WAY to much time on this game 😂😂😂

MeaPoslett   4 star

Cute and challenging. Very cute animals and great puzzles

mggm11234866   2 star

Game. Waiting for new level.... and can’t help the animal as showed..

Rap1zel   1 star

Greed ruins fun. Great matching game. Cute side game of the zoo building. However. There is no "watch an ad" option to earn extra jewels or coins. You can only purchase with cash, and the difficulty tamps up fast to force that Also can't get lives from friends. The GREED destroys all the fun

i love ellen !!!!!   1 star

Great game for a little while. The levels become impossible without buying power ups. Which is disappointing because it would’ve been a fun game otherwise.

Play4pizza   4 star

Alternative to Township zoo. Since the zoo is impossible to build now, this is an OK alternative

mattishavingfun   5 star

Great game!. It’s a fun game since the starter’s levels!

Mamzoob   5 star

Amusant!. Jeu agréable qui réussit à nous maintenir en haleine

omg!justgivemeone!   2 star

Some levels unreasonably hard. I like a challenge but I’ve been on 58 for over a day now. It’s a bit unrealistic. I keep getting one or two moves away, but if I can’t win I can’t get jewels to get a few more moves. Also “give up”? What happened to try again? It’s like they want you to feel like a failure.

FreakazoidFan   5 star

Powerups. I wish they didn’t have to be matched to be played. Once they exist, why can’t they just be activated? Makes it much harder to use them.

aplis de marde   5 star

Jeu cool. 😍😍😍je suis devenu accro

flaviaaguilar   3 star

:(. I am stuck at level 50 ! It sucks when it gets too hard you can’t win without bonus ($) when you can’t pass levels without buying bonuses you lose interest... give us more moves & free bonus :/

wendyjoanp   2 star

Disappointing. Loved the game a lot, so cute, great sounds, but then it got to a point where the game are un-win-able. Think I will just delete it.

Kimberlee222   5 star

Love it!!. I love playrix games ( homescapes, garden scapes) and now Wildscapes. I love the story that is happening between the levels and the graphics are adorable. Zooscapes is now my fav. The animals are sweet and the challenges are not as time consuming. I love that the levels are challenging enough to keep me from binge playing for hours on end but are also doable. My only complaint is that the infinite lives are used as soon as you see them. With the other games I could wait and use them when I had time.

ScarletFever71   3 star

Levels get too hard too quickly!!. My 5 year old loved this game to start with but by level 20 she had lost interest because she couldn’t win the levels no matter how many times she tried. I realize this isn’t a game made for children but the brightly coloured areas & fun animals are attractive to kids. Maybe you could make a child friendly version? Playrix always has well built games!

lamouche09   4 star

Wildscapes. Enjoy the game, along side with the other games they have

jkjkjijsjsjs   3 star

I love this game but. They don’t give you enough moves to play and than you have to do it again, also the animals cost TOO MUCH MONEY! I think they shouldn’t make costumers look like they really want something to be put in the zoo. It’s a good game but a lot of problems

Rahul_Jhagroosingh   4 star

Faster lives Please. Great Game.Definitely would recommend,Love the ability to move decorations in comparison to Homescapes/Gardenscapes where you only get to customize.Keep up the good work and Add a way to get faster lives(other than those from Facebook friends).Thanks

Advertorial    5 star

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dragonlord6566   5 star

Wildscapes. Awesome game

GypsyyRose   4 star

problem. hey guys, this game is great i’m always excited when you guys release a new game :). but i have a problem i don’t know if it’s something to do with the game or just my device. but every time i earn something gems the sound of earning gems keeps going until i reload the app. it would be very helpful if u looked into that. thank you

JamesG1966   5 star

Great. Thumbs up

lovelylillybear   5 star

Awesome. I have many of playrix’s games but this one is the best. It’s really cool.

KitKat5091   2 star

Average. I liked the graphics and the idea of creating a zoo. However, the match 3 levels are too hard to pass without using power ups. This game is extremely hard for those users who can’t or won’t pay money to play it.

Zed62   2 star

Fun game, but..... I love the game, plays well and love the animals and the zoo, but some levels are quite hard... I’m on level 285 and unfortunately that’s where I have been stuck for 2 months now,.. it gets boring to lose over and over. Not sure if this ones a keeper

Christine 70   5 star

Best game ever. Love love this games doesn’t take forever to get somewhere best game ever

the norris nuts lover❤️❤️❤️❤️   5 star

The best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This is the most awesome 😎 game ever. Download this game now

Dreamer Keeper   5 star

Cutest Elephant ever!. I love the game and how it’s just like this playrix games Homescapes and Gardenscapes but just Zoo theme. My favourite thing is when the elephant calf laughs when you win the game, it even blows from its trunk cute heart shaped bubbles!

MayaRulz   5 star

Love Wildscapes.. My favourite game. I love the graphics, the animals are so cute. I love the layout and the game play. Puzzle match three is not too hard and not too easy. Just right. Keep up the great work and keep the areas and animals coming or even expand the areas so we can add more animals. Awesome game, relaxing and enjoyable. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

John Gulliver   5 star

Great game. Great game that is both strategic and entertaining at the same time. Some levels look easy but turn out to be very challenging at times I would highly recommend this to anyone to try.

Gemandzee!   5 star

Everything you've played before with a twist.. This game is another fantastic app by Playrix. I am addicted to their app Township so I don't build my zoo despite the awesome decorations and design versatility. That's the problem. It requires me to plan my design. The design isn't automated. I love the challenges in the levels and their fresh take on the challenges. A+

KR1313   2 star

Buggy and poor support. I really love the concept of this game - but the execution of it is poor compared to other games in the series. After syncing devices I lost items that I’d purchased from the zoo store and lost levels. When I tried to contact support it took them 24 hours to send me a generic article about how to sync devices - they didn’t even try to understand what the actual problem was. Very frustrating Just don’t try and sync it across devices and you will probably be ok.

J Oh008   5 star

Best games for grown up & kids. Amazing

Vicki.P   5 star

Awesome game. Awesome game makes you really use your brain

J.Ping   2 star

Too difficult to continue. Have to quit it, too difficult to continue! Only if you spend lots of money to pass~

dhdifhrofgvnfgahdlfh   1 star

Not enough moves. Some stages do not have enough moves. You do get stuck on the stage for days or weeks. The designer mentioned that you can pass this without help however I am stuck on level 337 for 3 weeks now. Getting frustrated with this. The animal part is good

Laden xdfhbvddghcdthj   5 star

Obsessed. I am obsessed with his game and have only just reached the point where I have to wait for new levels..... if I have to go much longer without being able to play I doubt I'll come back to it when there are more levels to play.

yeaufn   2 star

Not enough levels. I waited for update and only a couple levels were released. Such a good game if only it were developed with efficiency.

donnap24   4 star

Awesome. Love making the animals homes and building a zoo then download this app it’s great

LymeCov   4 star

Mini games too challenging. Love the graphics and love how solving the mini games allows for zoo animals and decorations to become available. Very addictive but somewhat frustrating coz the mini games are really difficult to solve.

Mertley   1 star

Levels no fun. Great game until you get to the levels with stuff that grows back. Absolutely ruined it for me as I like to look at the puzzle & think. No fun having to rush

Sarreness   5 star

Great game. Beautifully animated and doesn’t require you to pay. Some levels are hard but if you persevere you can get past the levels. I like that it’s difficult but sometimes an easy level is thrown in to help. I play a few minutes most days and I’ve paid a few times but that was because I felt like it was worth paying a few dollars given how much I play/enjoy it.

beerwahtown   4 star

Great. Great game to play, my grand daughters love it also.

Bekstar22   5 star

Love this game. Definitely one of my favourite games out there

BadBoyBubby7   4 star

Needs more social content. If this game had some sort of clubs players could join,chat with each other,visit each others zoos and work together to complete various tasks for club rewards l would have given it 5 stars.Hopefully this feature will get added in the future.I am only up to level 70 but so far each level can be completed without boosters which is great.Overall great game!

I.M.Luvly   5 star

AWSUM. This game is one of my best yet it is cool I love it 😄

AeaN.CBS.kv?   3 star

It was good?. The beginning was good, ... getting harder... Haven’t seen any new animals for a long time... !? Keep playing,.. with no reward in sight!? ...

krokky5250   5 star

Fantastic. Hey folks Here is another great game from Playtrix ...it is another great game for the scapes games...my wife and I both play and love all of the scapes games..they as well as this one is addictive and very enjoyable..try it you will love it!

Kerrie Brandis   5 star

Love it.. This is a very ‘suck you in’ game. And not in a bad way. I love the graphics and I like how I can play it on my terms in my own way. Well done.

Repext3d1y   4 star

Meh. The game is good and all, it has the perfect graphics not every dev has; whilst the levels getting progressively harder, eventually it becomes almost impossible to beat a level. My reason..? Well, 1. Im on level 10-11, and there isn’t a lot of moves, only 16 moves and the levels with the things with vines,(whatever you call em’) were a struggle. I had to literally use all of my power ups on my first attempt in the two levels, and I still failed. After a couple tries, I now had to use my gems to get more moves, but still failed. Although this game is supposed to be easy and all, it started to eventually get harder. So, devs, please make my wishes and change them and I’ll make a change of decision in rating this a 5 star.

Mama jg   5 star

Love the zoo. Great fun game! Love it!

leahawsome   1 star

Horrible. It’s horrible because horrible

Dynimite Bear   5 star

Awesome game. I didn’t like gardenscapes or homescapes but when I saw Wildscapes I thought I might try it so I installed the game and I loved it! Its the best game playrix has ever made! No offense to the other ones.

Lady270   1 star

Out of levels....why did you release this game?. Garbage! Wish I had my money back from this. Playing...playing...playing...suddenly try to keep playing and just get the same message, “go to the zoo” “new levels will be available soon”. Apparently not.

bizbearrrrr   4 star

Love...but.... Unable to play on - at level 631 - need updates!

Mac607   1 star

Mac. This is not a zoo game! It’s a puzzle game you must solve the puzzle to build your zoo I am looking for games mor like township!

Nature_gurl   5 star

Best game yet!. First, Playrix has outdone itself with top notch graphics and animations - no other developers even come close to their quality. I have played Gardenscapes and Homescapes, and while captivating, this game takes the cake! I love being able to decorate/arrange as I choose. It adds an element of interaction while waiting for lives to refill. I sometimes play just to arrange without trying to beat levels. The levels aren’t painfully difficult either. I might get stuck on a level for a a day or two, but can eventually solve it, even without power ups or having to spend real money. I have not spent real money and have gotten halfway through the 3rd zone. The enjoyment to difficulty ratio is reasonable. Not too easy as to breeze through it, but not impossibly difficult to cause discouragement. I love how straightforward the gameplay is. The other games were at times frustrating - having to beat so many levels just to have the character pick up a rake, only to have several more levels to beat just to deal with some distraction from the main task. The animals are delightful. I love the baby animal helpers and their sounds while playing. Right now my favorite is the polar bear. Playrix has given so much attention to detail. I don’t even consider other games.

huhillbl   5 star

Madi. When I started playing the game I felt it was AWESOME and then I continued playing and it got even more AWESOME!

grammygrapes   5 star

Wildscapes. A ton of fun!

GRiMLii   5 star

All around fun. Great time playing got to get back to the Zoo

Shortun   3 star

Stuck. I’ve been stuck on one level (28) for 3 days. This is ridiculous. If I can’t beat the levels without buying power-ups, it’s not happening. Thanks anyway.

Ksmom1422   2 star

I want to love this.... This game is so cute with all the little animals assisting you in the games and building their habitats. I want to love this game, I really do. However, 8 days of being in the same level using the daily boosters and then watching the flying saucers (once you manage to match them) fly off the screen or to some random square of the board that makes no sense is enough to make me pause before opening this app again. Gardenscapes, Homescapes and Fishdom all seem to be more helpful and less restrictive than this game. Please make this game a bit easier to pass a level and not spend a week staring st the same board with seemingly no hope of passing it. Thank you!

Goose426   2 star

Fun while it lasted. Levels are incredibly difficult to pass. Most of the time it feels like sheer luck to pass a level based on what the game gives you. I’ve been on the same level for almost a day now. I used all my earned power ups and still can not pass. No choice but to delete.

Coriander1209   3 star

Loses its fun. I like it concept, but really, it loses its fun after awhile when you can’t advance because the levels are impossible to win unless you spend extra money

tall14jesus   4 star

Super cute but a little difficult. I love love love the graphics, however I'm with the rest, the game gets hard too fast. I understand it doesn't need to be super easy but when I play these kinds of games I like a little break after playing multiple times to beat one level.

jweir42   5 star

More moves and lives. I love this game. It is so fun but it can be frustrating. I only have 2 problems with it. The levels with the ice and cotton candy are really hard especially since u get a low number of moves to complete them. I would to have a lot more moves to be able to beat these kinds of levels. Some of these levels have taken me along time up beat. The house definitely does win. I would like all of those levels to a little bit easier without taking away the fun and challenge aspect of the game. Ty very much for ur time. If can reply back to me, that would be great. If not, I understand completely

mkouuhdhd   5 star

Great game. I love this game

mmm politics   3 star

Too hard. I got this game thinking that it was going to be a relaxing experience, sort of like how relaxing those color fill-in games are. But I was wrong. Sure, I got stuck on one or two levels, but I overcame them after I kept trying. But there is one level in particular that is IMPOSSIBLE to beat. See, I’m stuck on level 83. I think it’s outrageous to get to my goal with only 16-20 turns left. People who haven’t got to this level yet may think that it’s not that bad and that I have bad luck, but I l’m 100% real. The first part of the level is easy, but it gauges how many turns you have left. Simple, right? But then, on top of that, you gotta destroy a whole row of doubled ice and some reinforced boxes, all for a plushie to get through the portal yet to continue to bring the plushie to the bottom with only 1 move left! I’ve been stuck on this level for ages, and I’m just about ready to give up and just uninstall the game. Unless there is a fix to how many moves I can have or how much gems I get form completing missions.

Myxylplyx1   5 star

zoo love. I love your game so much I makes me want to go to the zoo.i rate your star 5 stars I hope you like me

mmfrosalind1   4 star

Mmfrosalind. Fun to build a virtual zoo

lilcreekster   4 star

Super fun... until it’s not. Adore this game for the most part, be warned that some of the levels, even early on are extremely difficult feeling almost impossible. The life reset time is long, and the only way you can have friends is through Facebook, so it can take a realllllly long time to pass the harder levels. Other than that it’s unique, cute, and fun to play! I really wish the “friend” setup was more like Gardenscapes so you could meet other players and help each other out. Hope to see this change in the future!

#wildscapeslife   5 star


My3girlzz   3 star

Wildscapes. I thought it would be fun like all the others. I have been stuck on a level for 1 week. Like I have seen other reviews could be better.

LadySorrow   5 star

Another PLAYRIX gem.. If you like PLAYRIX games then you’ll love this one, too. It has a few characters from the other games, and also gives you a chance to build a zoo as well as play the game. Really awesome, colorful, and the animals are just adorable!

Cat1553   5 star

Awesome. The graphics are so cute!

seekersee   5 star

This Gamr. Enjoy and fun

marineflora   2 star

Fun but almost impossible to play without spending money. The game is fun, very well designed, the animals are cut but oh my it’s very difficult to pass any level without using boost and actually spending (real) money on it. I get that’s how designers are paid and granted there is no add in this app but the game isn’t enjoyable after a while due to the multiple failure. I’d give it a 2.5 for this reason.

shhdineldnidlandidlsn   2 star

Great at first.... I loved this game until I got to level 9, at which point it took days to complete one level. I firmly believe that the game is too difficult. I’m a fully grown adult, and a children’s game should not be this difficult. I hope they make updates to make the game more worth the time it takes to level up and to get new animals.

Cleocat7   5 star

It’s Amazing!. I Love this game. On locking animals, getting prizes, and power ups. If I had this game when I was 8 the iPad would have been taken away because I love this game so much. One problem I put the tiger slide somewhere I don’t want it to be and I can’t move it.😾 But I still love this game😻

Candy•Panda   1 star

S c a m a d. The ad is nothing like the game. Its a completely different game and they should change their marketing. 😤😤

coloring mastor   1 star

The ad. The ad is a totally different game it doesn’t show what your actually going to play

ainebumm   1 star

Scam ad. Nothing like ad. It’s ridiculous that this company can get away with wrongly advertising so many app. It’s scam just to get you to download.

ggggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaabby   5 star

Already love it. I’m only on the first level and l already love it it’s so fun and exciting thank lord some one invented this app cause i need it in my life

Thelfcelestebeaulac   1 star

La publicité du jeu ne reflète pas du tout. La bande annonce qui démontre le jeu ne correspond pas avec le vrai jeu. Vraiment plate j’ai télécharger ce jeu pour me rendre compte qui faut jouer comme candy crush beurk. Je ne recommande pas sauf si vous aimer ce genre de jeu. Très déçu !

Arebelami   3 star

A little bit too hard to be fun. I play all the playrix games, that’s why I downloaded this one. Every game is challenging but this one the algorithm seems to be off. Yes games should be a challenge but when you are playing the same level for 3-4 days and you have only been playing for a week it gets frustrating and “dump worthy”. With your other games there are certainly levels that take a few days to beat, that’s a given but then you get a few that sail by and make you love it and addicted again. This one goes from one level like hat to the next with very few simple levels at all. Even as objects fall and explode or match other objects, often in your other games they fall in a more helpful way. This game nothing ever feels easy or helpful, just frustrating. I’m giving it a few mores days and then I’m dumping it. I love the premise and I love the different actions of the playing pieces as they are slightly different then gardenscapes, homescapes and goldfish, so I keeps your brain engaged. My level of satisfaction on this one is much lower and my frustration level is much higher. When I first started playing goldfish I got stuck on a level for a week, not too much fun. I deleted the game. I tried it again a year later and miraculously beat it the first round. I’m hoping that you can tweak the algorithm to make it a little more enjoyable to play, give me an easy win every once in a while to keep my hooked, other wise this one will end up in my game graveyard as well.

OliviaFromCanada   1 star

Won’t let me. Game won’t let me past the mid point of the loading bar. Deleted it.

Ahetibb   1 star

Click bait advertisement.. Not what was advertised through their ads. Just another boring tile game..

love broom   5 star

FUN!!!. People say it gets to hard, I wouldn't’ put this game that way, it gets more fun that’s the way I put this game

By juggling ndbvxehcf did   4 star

Sigh’. Some lvls are so hard

Sunny857   3 star

Too hard... I liked it though

scfdtgvhb.*   4 star

Some hard levels. Why make a otherwise really pleasant and fun game to play so hard on some levels that you get bored playing the same level day after day. We are just ordinary folks trying to pass the time not computer geniuses.

Gpuppylove   2 star

Too hard. Yes many games have hard levels but having near impossible levels on a non skill based game is ridiculous.

licoricesnail   4 star

Favourite matching game. Very cute! As you beat levels you add animals to your zoo, unlock areas, and get new decorations. You can rearrange your zoo as much as you want, it reminds me a little of zoo tycoon games I had as a kid. I like that the game has smaller objectives in between the large ones to keep you entertained — while you’re waiting to get your next area or animal, you can add lots of decorations (and they actually give you enough coins to realistically do so). Only giving 4 stars because some of the levels are too difficult. I think they could improve this by either randomizing levels a little more, or maybe by offering extra lives as rewards for doing well in challenges or something like that.

Bubblesalt   2 star

Too difficult. Cute game but Game is too difficult, can’t even get to 30. So frustrating..

Al7446   2 star

too hard. i love it but a lot of levels are too hard and we don’t get any chance at all... we should be able to use the bonus everywhere and not just when they are the same color. And also, we don’t have enough moves.

amandabee12   2 star

ad is not the same as game. the ad that plays when your playing a different game is false advertising, the ad plays like its homescapes or something where you have to repair house, in this case its a zoo. i downloaded game and i didnt have to repair ZOO. i just add animals with my coins i earn from winning levels.

Lilylaw9393   5 star

Good. I like that it’s different from Homescapes, really cute game. Hope they will keep it updated

kdkdnfkckdk   5 star

More levels please!!!!. Addictive game but need more levels added.

Emyleb   4 star

Fun but needs updates.. Only 2 levels... kind of boring. You get stuck pretty quickly.

Beanybitch   5 star

Great game !. Just needs some more levels added

Lolsabear   1 star

Different to ad. This game is not like the advert/preview, very disappointing

mickey moo ma   1 star

Scapes. I like the game but it’s different from Gardenscapes where your fixing a place up and recreating it but in Wildscapes your building a zoo from scratch and your not fixing up the enclosure your just unlocking them and animals as you level up i think if it was more like gardenscapes and Homescapes more people would like it. Also the preview should match how you play the game and it doesn’t feel like a scapes game.

Stupid to try   1 star

Dud. Impossible to play unless you have tons of money. There are much better games out there. Am deleting. Have given one star because I can’t give negatives

Mmm8889   5 star

New levels. The game is pretty simple and just enough to be addictive. I’m at level 221 but there’re no more new levels or sections. When is the update coming?

dwhdbh   4 star

Coming soon. Have enjoyed playing but when is the coming soon sections coming?

Boredwith   1 star

Not as advertised. Advertised as one kind of game, but it is just another tile matching game. Very disappointing. I don’t understand why ads can’t be more honest about how the games play.

Missxstatic   1 star

Money Hungry. [02-05-2019] There’s no collections of any kind, we are expected to pay for everything. If this game was fun or entertaining, it’d be worth it but it’s not worth me wasting my own money. The graphics are poor and so is the quality of gameplay. Levelling is even slower and everything costs more than you actually accumulate. I knew something would be wrong with this app, as their other apps have problems also and again we were expected to pay. I DON’T provide for other people’s families, so the developers will have to find another way to get money!

KaznGeo   4 star

Loved it. Glitched at level 48, but eventually got past. The game is pretty cute

dollysophie   5 star

I love dis(this). I have just got too level 100 I love dis (this)game

gjdjbgtcnj   1 star

bug at 48. i meet a bug at level 48, after twice refresh continuity i got a game over

Cbe85   5 star

Love, love, loving this game!. I’m really enjoying Wildscapes, have become a bit obsessed with it since I installed it a few days ago. The games progress well in terms of difficulty, and the introduction of new features/gameplays is at a good pace so you can improve your skill level at a good pace. I haven’t purchased any additional features using real currency but have managed to get to level 8 within a few days anyway. I think I might like this even more than Fishdom!

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