Gardenscapes [Games] App Description & Overview

Welcome to Gardenscapes! Rake your way through a storyline full of unexpected twists to restore a wonderful garden to its former glory!

Embark on an adventurous journey: beat match-3 levels, restore and decorate different areas in the garden, get to the bottom of the secrets it holds, and enjoy the company of amusing in-game characters, including Austin, your butler! What are you waiting for? Build your dream garden!

The game features:
● Unique gameplay: swap and match, restore and decorate the garden, and enjoy a novel storyline—all in one place!
● Hundreds of unique match-3 levels
● Dozens of in-game characters you can make friends with
● A lovely pet that is always there to cheer you up
● An in-game social network you can use to keep up on all the latest
● Different areas in the garden with unique structures: broken fountains, mysterious mazes, and many more
● A community that comes first—become neighbors with your Facebook friends!

Gardenscapes is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device's "Restrictions" menu.

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Gardenscapes Customer Service, Editor Notes:

A major Gardenscapes update! EVENTS - Starting mid-May, complete stages and get rewards in the third Feathery Season! A new pet awaits Golden Ticket holders — a parrot! - French Story: earn croissants and decorate the garden to help Austin write a story and win a contest at the end of May. - Get more croissants to spend on decorations in the Firework Show event! - Earn renovation tickets on levels to make an open-air cinema in the middle of June. - Major Renovation: charge Rainbow Blasts on levels to achieve level goals and win renovation tickets and other prizes. ALSO FEATURING - Finish preparations for the air show and unlock a new area with an old lighthouse. - A new Gnome Garden decor collection for the riverside area. - A new level goal! Catch Ladybugs by making matches under them.

Gardenscapes Comments & Reviews

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- This game is garbage and a scam

Just don’t

- Ads

I downloaded this game, thinking that you would pull the pins to save the weird looking guy in the game based on ads. However, I got a totally different game, a game that I hate as a matter of fact. This game should stop advertising things that don’t exist in the gameplay. Disappointing.

- Awesome

Love this game it’s never boring.

- Can’t put it down

This is my favorite game to play. I find myself up late at night because I can’t put it down.

- Star 1 to star 5

Star 1 Not wobble man or minecraft We’ve all become sheep Star 2 No more room Star 3 Good game Star 4 I love this game Star 5 I will play it again I will play now Have a great day

- ❤️❤️❤️

I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Make power ups cheaper

i love gardenscapes and am very addicted. and have spent like 100$ on power ups and i have to use them up so fast. it’s a waste of money :(( but i really wanna keep playing. i’ve been playing for like a year, and am on level 634 and it’s so hard i cannot beat it. i’ve been stuck on this same level for 4 days now playing everytime my lives finally refill. and i just got demoted in my leagues. i’m so mad at you guys right now. make power ups cheaper or give us more coins from beating levels. i’ve even asked people who are on further levels to beat this level for me and they can’t do it either. this is so annoying and i am so sad i got demoted bc you guys made a level too hard. my mom says i can’t spend any more money on this game so i can’t even buy any more power ups since i’ve spent 100$ on it. this is not fair and i know a lot people say that the power ups and all this money you take, is not worth it. so fix the problem. i hate this level so so much and i can’t even get into next competition bc i’m stuck on this level. 😤😤😤😤😤😤 fix it

- Rigged to make you spend lots money

At first I really liked the game and played it a lot. Even got me to spend some dough. Now it’s a point we’re the levels are just hard enough to where you almost beat the level but you don’t. Makes you spend money in order to try to beat it. I’m over it but thanks for the fun while it lasted.

- Fun game!

Lots of levels and different configurations, building a garden.

- Customer support issues

The game is fun but the levels have changed. There are less moves on levels now. Even current walkthroughs of the levels have more moves or less obstacles. It’s almost impossible to move forward without boosters now. I was a little hopeful that customer service would help. All you get is a prompt that put me to the YouTube videos that are different from current levels. I’m usually good at these types of games. It’s a bummer. This one was fun when i played it before.

- The game cheats

So at first this game was fun in the beginning, but as I play this I will take out butterflies for example and it won’t give you the credit for it. Like they are trying to force you to spend money to pass levels. Do I am deleting the game.

- Not a game- must pay to win

Don’t bother downloading. Between the ads and pay-to-play tactics, it takes the challenge of a game away. As in, there isn’t one anymore because once you get to a certain level, you can’t get past it NO MATTER WHAT unless you’re willing to spend consistent money on boosters or adding extra turns at the end. And if you can’t get past the level, you can’t get do any more building, or competing, or anything at all actually. Now, if you’re willing to spend $$$ you can get enough turns to get past the level... 🤔 so is that REALLY a game? Or is that paying to feel successful at something? Just saying...

- Fun

Outstanding fun

- The best of its kind

I love this game, there are so many opportunities for unlimited lives, power ups, and contests. Also Austin is so fun! I love my dog, the story is sweet and I can really get into it!

- Fun game.

Great way to pass time

- Garden scapes

I love Haden scapes because it’s a fun game and also you should download it By Vanessa Carolina

- Some designs are stupid

It’s kind of induce you to pay, so always show elements(apple, drops, etc) you don’t need and don’t let you pass). This is essentially “try your luck” game, no need to use your intelligence. Bored about useless elements

- Es muy bonito el juego, los niveles en realidad son muy dificultosos.

Mejorar el jardín es gratificante. Pero muchas estrellas para tan difícilmente ganarlas. Todas las mejoras deberían ser de 1 estrella.

- Ads are misleading!

Nothing like the ads.

- Absolute garbage.

As you know, the ads don’t relate to the game at all. They trick you into going to the App Store. You can also tell people aren’t passionate about the game. That’s clear with any Match 3 game. You don’t need to design puzzles, you just do a bunch of simple stuff. The ads get people to install the game and get it popular. Doesn’t matter if people hated it or not. That way it gets high on the puzzle list and people get it and think they enjoy it.

- Fun

Fills time and having fun decorating

- Great game

Good side :it is amazing 😉 I wish that they made Merch of it that’s how great it is I love the stickers for messenges to Keep up the great work on making this game Needs to approve : when it has extra stuff I wish it stayed there longer

- Ok

I like the game, but what does the ad have to do with anything? It be more fun if the game was actually played as shown in the ad. Whatever

- I paid to continue and was charged but ......

This has happened to me before. I paid by side clicking and it confirmed my purchase then when i played i only had one turn. Also sometimes it recognizes my face and the next time it doesn’t. Another time i paid and it confirmed my purchase but i didn’t get to play my turn. I’m deleting the game as I’m wasting my money!

- Fun Game, But Deceptive Company

If you can get past the deceptive ads you see in every other game for this one, then this game is actually pretty fun, for a while. However, after a while, you’ll start to see just how deceptive and conniving this company truly is. The levels are designed so that it’s nearly impossible to get through without using boosters or continuing, especially if you’ve lost your winning streak boosts. It will get so difficult, it will literally take you hundreds of tries to get through it. The reason they do this is so that you’ll fall in love with the game at first, while the levels are easy and relaxing, and then when they get all but impossible, you’ll have an investment that you won’t want to stop playing, which is when THEIR investment kicks in. By this point, you’re likely building a lovely garden, and you find the game fun and cute, and now you can’t pass levels, so you start making those micro transactions; this is exactly how they designed the game, to aggravate you into giving them money. They hook you with fun, but inaccurate, ads, then reel you in with a cute storyline and fun, relaxing gameplay that isn’t too challenging, and then comes the part where they scoop you up, bash your head in with a rock, and eat you for dinner.

- Fun to play

Love the people & pets 😋 fun levels that make you think !! Just dig it 😎

- X-l-ent!


- Review

Takes too long for new lives. Usually have to find something else for fun

- Addictive game

Fun and adorable game, been playing for years, but little rewards

- Fun game, too slow

Fun to play with my kids, but it takes too long to open new garden levels. Also many of the bonus decor collections are worse than the original styles. Fun to read the character dialog

- Fun

Fun game to play

- False advertising

I kept getting ads in other games I was playing for this game and when I finally downloaded it the ads was nothing like the game it’s more for building a home not a game to pick a beat solution to win

- Lives

Some levels don’t give you enough lives and is very difficult to pass

- Game is way different then what’s advanced

This game is lame you have to play candy crush to help a guy build a house theres no puzzle key opening like its advertised.

- Nothing like ad

It’s literally nothing like the ads. Completely different.

- where's the senior edition?!

i think this game is great but my fingers can't move fast enough to get the yard fixed up. why don't they give us a choice of a n untimed game that we older folks could enjoy.

- As seen on Facebook

Wish there was a lot more of the mental games that are shown on Facebook.

- Great game

It’s very entertain! Addictive lol

- Best game ever

I have been playing this game for 4 years and I love it

- Too hard

The puzzles are too hard. They want you to buy extra helps so you can complete them. I wish they were easier.

- maravilloso juego: sano, ético, entretenido !

Lo recomiendo para humanos de 6 a 99 añitos !!


THIS IS SOME FAKE AND BORING CRAP. SSTTTOOOPPPP. The ads make it look like you rescue these little characters, but instead its some boring matching game. JUST STOP

- This game is a lie

I wanted a fun senario based puzzle game not a boring tile match game

- Can't play because app keeps crashing

It takes forever to get to the play button then as soon as I tap it the app crashes. Please fix this! I'm only giving it one star because it won't let me send the review otherwise.

- disgusting

just get candy crush this is a waste of your time

- Game is an obsessive blast!!

I can’t stop. Love the game and can’t wait to see what is coming next in the levels plus what new task I must achieve. It’s great cause I can mute the sound and play it anywhere. I have to wait in appointments many times so I just play a round while I wait! No one is the wiser. As a business owner, they just think I’m sending emails. The graphics are great, the colors are bright and vivid and you won’t regret downloading this game. Only one complaint!! What happened to my cat??


I wish i could give it 0 stars but it fake I saw an ad for it on kick the buddy and it looks fun so I download and it is nothing like it whoever made this ad if ur reading this IM COMING FOR YOU

- Mansion Renovator

So much fun and is interesting

- garden scapes

i looooooooooooooooooooooove ths game you should get it😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😃😀😃😃😃😃😃😃😊

- Comforting game

Nice relaxing game. Great passing rime away!!!

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- Doctor

I want to be doctor grow up

- Great fun

Good game that has lots of updates and events to keep you hooked

- Constant crashing

Great game, but keeps crashing.not playable for days now

- Awesome

I love this game.

- Kay

I enjoy the game but most levels are awfully hard and frustrating so I never get to finish any of the cute contests. I think something could be done to make that better. 900 to get five more tries to win a level is way to high, hope you are listening. Thanks

- Awesome

So much fun! Very addicting lol

- Extremely unhappy!

Changing to one star. I paid for in app purchases I did not get. When I complained, you sent me a message saying problem resolved. You resolved it by not letting me even enter the game. I had spent a lot of money on in app purchases over the years and yet you have ignored my asking for help in FB groups.

- The ads are fake!

I didn’t really get this game, I just wanted to write a review. Why do all of these dumb house building games have fake ads where you try to save people? You don’t do that in this game! It’s false advertising, and your ads should either be taken down, or changed so that they actually represent what you do in the real game, not some fake made up game! And, whenever I press the X on the ads, it still takes me to the App Store, this annoys people, and makes them want the game much less, than much more, because it is so annoying when that happens, please stop doing that, and take down your ads completely, or change them to show real things you do in the real game!

- False advertising

Gardenscapes puts these elaborate choose your way out of trouble ads everywhere but the actual game has no relation to what’s advertised. Don’t bother with this game. Furthermore, put a review if you were lied to.

- False advertising

I don’t usually post reviews but I think it’s wrong that this developer can have completely false marketing for this and other games. In ads it seems the game is played one way, but upon downloading you realize it’s a completely different game. Why not just make the game you are advertising? TV ads would not be allowed to do this, not sure why it’s allowed online.

- Don’t go by the advertising

This is a fun match 3 game that allows you to gain stars you use to upgrade your garden. There is a little storey that is fun to follow as well as many challenges. If you like decorating and match 3 games you will enjoy this game

- Love this game!

So much fun!

- Not like the ad

Downloaded the game because of the ad. The ad is just a mini game that you sometimes get to play. Just another matching game. Got the mini game only twice and have played 40 levels. Not worth your time if you want what the ad shows.

- Un simple avis

Bonjour, simplement pour vous dire que j’ai adoré jouer à Gardenscapes, je suis rendue dans les 3500, mais je ne joue presque plus car les jeux sont ou deviennent vraiment trop difficiles, il faut s’y reprendre a 10, 15 ou 20 fois avant de réussir, donc j’ai perdu le goût, car ,l’intérêt était de réaliser les meilleurs décors, Non? Vraiment dommage.Merci pour les heures de plaisir que j’ai eu, mais que je n’ai plus.

- Covid 19

Relaxing for anxiety

- Bait and switch

False advertising. They make it out to be one thing, but really really just a stupid puzzle game. Which is impossible to win at unless you PAY. Lol

- Love this game!!!

I love creating so this game allows me to do just that.....even though it’s a game I still enjoy it!!

- not impressed

the game is absolutely nothing like the add. the add showed that you were saving someone from different situations and you had to pick witch option was better. instead it’s a jewel puzzle game.

- Misleading ads

Thought this was a puzzle game, not some lame landscaping sim.

- No ads for a free game that’s awesome

So much fun

- MamaBear101

The game is great however you are continually asking for more resources. The Lucky Spin Wheel used to come up as soon as you opened the game at the beginning of your day, now you have to wait for it to finally appear. Still ticked you ask for more resources

- Player

so there's a new challenge a pet bird to fly around the garden great! but you know what's not great!? When you start getting so far in the game and levels unlock you get bonuses, double the lives, extra boomer, coins and so on. Well, I'm a bit salty. I got to the bird above the bucket. When I tapped the bonus I got a glimpse of the bonus tapped it saw what I was getting then the game GLITCHED!!!!! I lost everything!! I've been playing for a while now and this has happened twice. I would probably be a lot higher in the game if this didn't happen. SO PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM!! If it's not too much trouble can I possibly get my bonus back.

- It’s othing Ike the ade

Why do pepol like this game its nothing like the ade the ade said you have to help two pepol suriv and you now how much I love surviving games you guys should find an ape called save the girl it a shaky a surviving ape.

- Perturbed

Was not the game I was expecting, best thing I did was to delete it

- $$$ PAY PAY AND PAY $$$

there’s no escapes if we don’t $$$PAY$$$ or I JUST DID’N FIND HOW... my kids don’t understand why it stops there, they’re too young to understand (“The Payments”)

- Garden scape

Great game


Like most people have already commented THE ADS ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT me and a lot f other people got the game because of the AD! In the ad it is shown that you must fix things with the right tools to help out with the house/garden. However THE REAL GAME IS JUST A RUDDY PIECE OF TRASH WHERE YOU JUST POP LITTLE THINGS AND FIND MISSING PIECES!!!! NOT RECOMMENDED FOR YOUNG CHILDREN BECAUSE IT IS QUITE FRUSTRATING AND WILL BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT! OH AND BY THE WAY. I WOULD RATE THIS GAME ZERO STARS BUT THATS NOT AN OPTION SO E Sincerely, Me

- Misleading

I thought it was a game about helping a dude out of tricky situations. But it’s a jewel game and annoying to try to get to the next level as it’s nearly impossible to earn stars.

- Great

This is a great game

- The ads

Okay, I really dislike the fact that the ads are completely fake and have nothing to do with the ad.. so do your players, you would attract a lot more people if you made the ads about what the game is about, a matching game. Instead of a problem solving game

- Bait and switch

Nothing like the ad

- Garden Candy Crush

This is promoted as a fun “design garden game” while you can’t do anything of the such because you forever have to earn stars to make half of one simple thing like putting a flower bed in etc... to earn the stars you are spending the whole gaming time playing a matching blasting mini game or putting real money in to advance. So stupid, if I want a matching game I’ll play Candy Crush.

- Roue

Dommage que la roue de fortune soit truquée.

- Help!

This game crashes all the time now, pls help! The last two days it drives me crazy :( nothing was changed on my side



- Nothing like the ad

False advertising

- False advertising

I thought there was going to be escape games as shown in their adds

- Charged double

Hello few weeks earlier, I purchased some coins but you guys charged $26.58 twice. Which is not good. What should I do to get my refund?

- Good game

It is a pleasant way to while away time.

- Great game

I really enjoy this game. The graphics and challenges are very good.

- It’s a good concept

But some levels are way too difficult and I could be stuck at one puzzle for days and that’s frustrating....

- The ads are fake

The ads show a hole different game. Isn’t that illegal ? Like it’s sorta just rude to pretend your game is a different one. Shows that you don’t really think your game is all that good

- 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

Nothing like the ads terrible advertisements instantly deleted

- This is just a bad game

Just don’t try it

- My new favourite game

I am so happy with this game. I play almost every night before bed. Thank you.

- Étang très beau

J'aime bien ce jeu mais il a des niveaux trop difficiles. Ça serais mieux des jeux difficiles mais facile à continuer donc on jouerait plus longtemps. J'adore l'étang c'est très beau.

- Not what ad says

Game is ok but I’ve installed this game seeing something else on the ad. Uninstalling

- Getting too redundant

Wish the leaves, apples, colours, et all could change after a 20 levels. Plus some of the challenges feel like it’s doing the same things over and over. Not to make harder but maybe add something different from ice and honey over and over.

- ☹️☹️☹️

Pls make the adds 100% true

- .

J’adore 😍

- False advertising

The Ad is nothing like the game, you go to click on the ad to download the game but then I find out it’s a completely different game. Not impressed. Atleast make your Ad show what the game is about. I prefer the ad game better then what it really is.

- Misleading

Misleading ads caused me to download this game. False advertising is a crime.

- Gardenscapes

I hadn’t played for a couple of months as it had got too hard, but went back to it yesterday and it seems as if you have made the game a bit easier, much appreciated.

- Misleading advt

Misleading advt

- Rubbish

It has nothing to do with pulling out skewers 🙈🙈🙈

- Bad game

Worst game ever I seen in my life it’s not what they are showing

- Fun game

Give it a try

- Gardenscapes

This game is so much fun

- Advertising

The advertisements eg shark and man in boat,dog and elevator are far more interesting that the actual game. Why not actually make these your game? It seems crazy. Those missions would be exciting compared with redecorating a funky old house with an annoying personal assistant who is constantly hassling you for a relationship , loves shoes and wardrobe space ( seriously how cliche) and wants to bang the handyman every time he comes by and wants to do his job.

- I’m finally done

I’ve been playing this game for a couple of years on and off because it’s addictive but it’s just getting more and more frustrating. There’s no point buying Golden Tickets if you are stuck on one level for days and can’t win any of the prizes or advance any levels at all for the couple of weeks in which the event runs. More fool me for spending the money. Playing games is supposed to be fun. It’s not supposed to make you feel frustrated and angry and ripped off. The developers need to understand that there is only so far that you can push your customers before they walk.

- VERY deceptive ads. Don’t get.

The ads you see in other games for this game are incredibly deceptive. Less than 1% of 1% of gameplay is the logic puzzles shown in this games ads. The remaining 99.99% is a candy crush style slog with impossible levels that you can only complete with many many attempts and huge amounts of luck, or if you just pay enormous amounts of money for in game power ups and necessary time extensions. I play this game AND I hate this game. Stay away.

- Amazing

This game is absolutely amazing because it’s so enjoyable and it gives you a bit of a challenge the only annoying thing is that it comes up with random things like break a tree saver kitty other than that it’s really good

- Can be a money rip off. SOS peeps.

Seriously the algorithm is against the faithful. I love this game and am happy to spend a little $ on hard levels however I am so annoyed when I have no money and I can’t get past an easy level after 30 tries. SOS peeps.

- Absolutely love

I’ve been playing this game for about 3 1/2 years and love it. Play every day. The art, graphics and game play are great. I like al the different types of events. Occasionally get frustrated when I can’t get a level but build up points by watching the videos etc and can use them. Love that I don’t need to spend money. Tried Homescapes for a change but came back to my Gardenscapes very quickly.

- Amazing!!!!!


- Not happy

This game takes too much time on the garden and not enough on the puzzles that it’s advertised with. I just want the puzzles. Keep the garden!

- Fun

I really like this game as a mindless, fun little distraction, it got a little bit too addictive at times, but after the recent update, I have been stuck on level 728 for about a month, I’ve tried everything to no avail, so I’ve given up and deleted the app. It was fun while it lasted....

- Requires a Bug Fix

This could be an amazing game and I would have given it 5 stars if it weren't for a completely unnecessary mistake in the programming that was completely overlooked by the developers. Every time I get a boost that lasts for 30 mins or an hour, I would be prompted to update the game and the time it takes for the game to be updated is counted in the boosters or unlimited lives countdown. This is a huge mistake that should be fixed immediately because it absolutely ruins the game and takes away the euphoria of playing. Is the objective of this game's developers to anger people or let them enjoy this game?!

- The most annoying ads

I’m here just to say that I’m sick of seeing ads for this game in every *other* game I play.

- Deceptive advertising

Signed up to this “game” based on the ads that constantly popped up in another game I played regularly. The ads don’t represent the game itself. After completing nearly 600 levels, I’m still waiting to see the challenges presented in the ads. I’m out....

- Not at all what was in the ad

Downloaded this game after seeing an ad for it in another game, and the puzzles looked different and interesting. It’s just another bejewelled, with a weird story line and frustrating game play.

- Cheers CB GFC Fr’s was a way for y’all too much

DXF then the. Crd was g cm hgcdssw

- Great game

Loving the game. I tend to lose interest for a while though when I spend more than 3 weeks trying to get through a level

- Rip off

It costs 900 coins the first time round just to get an extra 5 turns at the end of a level if you do not make the target in the allocated turns. After that another 1200 coins, 2000 coins the next time. Yet winning a level you only get around 60-70 coins average per winning level. An absolute rip considering this game has to be rigged so you cannot win levels consistently.. and fairly. The current ‘feathery season’ promotion, once completed each level.. they are promoting a ‘mega prize’ per 50 stars earned.. well these ‘mega prizes’ are hardly that.. 30mins unlimited lives was one and 1 set of bombs the second.. (the cheapest power up in the game) not what one would expect for a ‘MEGA prize’ Can be quite a fun game however needs to be a lot more fair. Had my time again I would steer clear.

- GREAT GAME if it would work

Okay I love playing this game in my free time but Ever since it updated I can’t even play it also I feel like some of the things you have to spend your starts on eg: calling someone

- Playing Gardenscapes

Really like this game but frustrated that I can’t earn coin anymore by watching adverts

- I liked the add better

Nothing like the add this is another match the tiles game i wanted to play what is a in the add not this

- Gardenscapes

Love love it 💋💋

- Money hungry

This app is purely designed to take your money. Levels are hard and payment for short term extras to get through them. I wouldn’t bother with this game. Unless .you have money to waste.

- Pull the pin Mini games only comes up 3 times in whole game

Game is fine but I don’t like that you get lured in with the pull pin mini games and after a month of playing they have only come up 3 times!

- Kate

Great game

- After updating

Got notification to update the game,so i did. It’s been 2 days after updating,i am unable to even open the game! And i am already at level more than 1220!

- Cool

Straight up mean as

- Amazing

Very addictive, and I mean very addictive

- Gardenscapes

AT LAST ABLE TO MOVE ON ! Enjoy so much more when not having to replay over and over

- It’s not what it looks like!

Nothing wrong with this game but it’s not what is advertised!

- Not happy

Looks like the last update stuffed my game, I can’t even open it up. Hope developers can fix it for me.

- I think I talk for everyone in my f

I love this game

- Nothing like the ads.

First of all, this game is absolutely nothing like the ads, sometimes the ad shows you doing fun games, I have been playing for 3 hours and all I have been doing is these stupid candy crush game that you get stars for, it’s the worst self advertising I have EVER seen, this is why I am giving it a 1 star review.

- False advertising.

Why on EARTH are the ads for this game TOTALLY and COMPLETELY unrelated to the actual gameplay of this game??? Absolutely misleading and there is no reason whatsoever for it. The ads lure you in with either a "pull the pin" style game, or a "choose the right option" scenario.... Which appears nowhere in the ACTUAL game? In reality, it's just another candy crush rip-off thinly veiled with a weak storyline. The game is actually vaguely fun, but I don't get why the ads are so misleading. You would win more customers with honesty. Thanks for the lies.

- Fipup

Great game, gets hard, can sit for days on one level, get there in the end. My pet hate is finishing all tasks with moves left and it will not give any butterflies to complete level, even when use shovels and pay for extra moves. Game needs to be fun not frustrating!! Would also love to be able to remove decorated item rather than Chang their appearance. I would like my garden without all the statues and weird things

- Not bad

Not a bad game, actually quite addictive at the beginning although it does become deliberately demanding and annoying as it goes on and as the game tries to make you part with your bonuses and ultimately money. Some levels are ridiculously difficult for days until the game seemingly feels you’ve suffered enough!

- Garden scape

Heaps of fun

- Not for 4 year olds.

I downloaded this game for my 7 year old grandson. Some of these games I do for him and I find it can take me a fair while to get through them. I also feel that with the harder games more stars should be given, it takes way to long and very frustrating. I also agree with one other comment that was made about having to use up stars for silly things such as making a cup of tea or getting a kitten out of a tree. My grandson has given up on the game and I am thinking of deleting it now. If anyone asks about the game when we were playing it, I tell them it’s okay for the first few games then get rid of it. Takes way to long to do challenges and not much reward.

- False advertising

Got trolled in a add to download this because thought it was a escaping game false advertising

- Love it

Great time waster. Love it.

- Not what’s advertised

Absolute garbage. This is not the game that’s advertised in the preview. I was expecting the puzzle game and got yet another match the fruit game. Third time I’ve been caught out, obviously same company. Won’t bother again

- Good game but use lot of power

I enjoy this game however it consumes so much power so I now stop playing this game.

- Best game ever

I give this game 5 🎖 it’s full of little adventures and games that keep it interesting ALL the time.

- 5 star game ...

I deducted a star this time, because you only ever ask me to rate the game when I am having an incredibly good streak 😂😂 sorry guys - back to 5 next time I promise 🥇

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- Ads completely misleading

I saw fun adverts showing puzzle escape games showing how to save characters. So I downloaded the app and played a few days. The only thing this offers is candy-crush style smashem games to earn garden improvement. Apple should be ashamed at allowing them to mislead their product. I’ve read that the same Plarix companies Homescapes and Fishdom are the same with misleading advertising. I won’t be finding out myself! ZERO STARS

- Rigged!

I’m genuinely addicted to this game and I’ve spent a lot of my real money (embarrassingly) playing it but it is so rigged to make you lose that it’s ridiculous!!!

- This game is lying

I saw an ad for this game and it was a little dude on a boat trying to get through the water. There were these little things that you had to pull to save the little dude. I saw it was fun and downloaded it. BUT then, the game I had downloaded was NOTHING like the ad!

- Addicting Game

This game is soooooo awesome but in order for you to be in another levels you need money for power ups and extended life

- Fun Game


- It’s ok

The game is ok just please stop making the ads the way they are because it’s just a lie that’s not at all what the game is so please improve and don’t do that in the ads but I would like to see the game be like the ads show it so please improve on that also I would love if u responded

- Fake Advertising

How is this game allowed to remain available for download when it engages in blatantly false advertising?

- A bug

Ok level 254 is to hard change it rn

- The game is a lie


- Be free animals

Thank for your games and I enjoy playing your games I have a best time playing games.i have request about Animal instead money them be free

- Fun fun fun!!!

This game is so fun and entertaining. Build your garden and make new friends.

- Fun Game

This game helps to strategize and focus. It’s also fun decorating lol

- Are you trying to make me hate this game?

Please please please get rid of the two-boards per game. I am already frustrated by the constant pop-ups wanting me to spend money. And the multiple items on the boards that screw up the game. Didn’t get that last purple square out? Bwah -ha-ha! Now there are two purple squares, and one of them requires two moves in a row to take out. Sucker! But now I clear a board, and instead of celebrating, I get a second board. All of my power ups sitting on the first board are gone, and I have just a few moves left. No rewards at all for clearing the first board. And it seems I am getting the two boards every other game. I am playing just for the story line at this point because almost every single board is super frustrating and annoying, but the storyline may not be enough at this point.

- Misleading advertising

I get frustrated with these games where they make the game look interesting in the ad, but then the game itself is NOTHING like the ad. If you have to advertise some other game that doesn't exist (presumably because your own game isn't interesting enough? I can't think why you wouldn't want to show your own game in the ad), isn't that a flag that maybe you should have built the game in the ad instead of this one? I'll give it 2 stars because it does look well done, but I have to subtract 3 for the misleading ad. So many games are doing that these days...

- Deceptive Ads

I got this game ad as I played several other games. The cool logic puzzles that the ads show - where you have to pull the correct pin in the correct order - come up insanely rarely. Like, every 25 successful matching games. If that’s why you’re looking at this game, look elsewhere. Not a bad game overall, but nothing at all like the ads.

- False Advertising

They are advertising a different game because it’s nothing like the game you see in ads such a disappointment.

- Not the ad

I downloaded the game because I saw the ad. The game was nothing like the ad and was super boring. I rate it 1 star because you can’t rate it a zero. Not worth the time.

- Canyou guys stop doing false advertising?

For a match 3 game, this game is alright. But what makes me less inclined to give it 4 stars are the ads. All of the ads don’t show the game how it’s played, instead showing some stuff about making choices or freezing spiders. The ads are formatted in a way that makes people believe that that is the main gameplay element in this game, when actually it is a match 3 game. Please, for the future try to make more accurate ads for your games. Thank you!


Games like this who false advertise should be removed from the App Store. This game is boring and repetitive.

- Great game, bad advertisements

Gardenscapes is a fantastic game. It really is. Matching little fruits and replenishing a garden to its former glory. Many people claim that the advertisements are fake, that they don’t show real gameplay. The advertisements are a number of different things. One is a man being chained to a bed, and you’re trying to get him out to safety. Another is a “pull the peg” game, where you pull the stick to try to get Austin to safety, such as him scuba diving. Some are Austin crying and you trying to clean the house with various materials. However, while some of these ads may represent partial gameplay, please fix them and add the wonderful matching sensation part of the game.

- False Adverts

The game is nothing like the ads. False advertising to pull in potential customers is nothing short of sleazy. Shame on the owner(s). Don’t bother downloading.

- Hmmm

Purchased a golden ticket but the x2 and the x5 does not work! Im dissapointed!

- Gardenscapes

Is simply Amazing and Addictive 🤞🏽❤️‼️

- Positivo

Me ayuda a desestresarme

- False advertising

Can someone tell me why all these games advertise for fun scenario puzzles but end up just being the same matching tile game ? I don’t want to match tiles . I want to only do the puzzles that I’m shown in all the advertising. Why not just advertise the tiles since that’s the main game ? If you want to get the attention of people wanting to play the puzzles you advertise but then force them to play boring “tile matching” you will end up with people being dissatisfied. I’m sure most people you advertised puzzles to delete the Game right away . I actually gave it a chance and still no puzzles . I played tile matching 5 times for nothing . Thanks for wasting my time. I want my time back playing time matching when it’s not the game I was advertised.

- False Advertising

I thought this was an adventure game where you would have to solve puzzles to escape danger. Nothing like the ads. This is just a game where it makes you play candy crush so you can decorate a yard.


The Ad for this game has nothing to do with the actual game. I was confused when I saw this?

- Amazballs1


- Smooth Deception/ I Fell for It!

Simply put the game is not the game that is advertised at all. You are not solving dilemmas to save the house and etc. They are real slick with it too. So much so, that 🤦🏾‍♀️I played this game for almost a year before I realized that it was not the advertised game. The game they give you is good it’s just not the game that’s advertised. Now you know!

- Pandemic


- Fun game

Very kool game and I just adopted a dog. My place is looking good but the game itself is so much fun.

- Lies

Ur ad brings people in like me cause it is not what it looks like it shows u have to help little characters but once u get the app it is different so if u want good ratings then plz change ur ad thank u

- Lame


- Mediocre game

It is a good game to play to keep busy. I just don’t like that you have to play a candy crush like game to gain diamonds to be able to do ANYTHING on the actual game. The creators should include that in the advertisements! I feel like I’m just playing candy crush! :(

- So much fun

Great game

- I Love It so much so does my mother😉😉😉

Hello there! This ratting is going to be a nice chat with the creators. So when I first saw this game it was not on my IPAD it was on my mom’s phone. I was playing a game called BLOCK CRAFT 3D and I wanted to Watch YTube and I saw this game next to it called Gardenscapes I tryed it out I could not play it because I did not know how. My mom tryed it and she LOVED it after a copple days. After some months I asked my dad is I can get a new awesome game. It took 5 minutes for me to choose. But then I saw my mom play it I ran to my dad and asked him he said are you sure? It looks kinda boring I said No! I saw mommy play it on her IPAD and sometimes on her phone. Ok then but no changing the game ok? Said my dad I said ok! So he downloaded the game I told my mom that we can play together. At level 36 I made a team! I was so happy! My mom was the first person who joined my team my team was called TOOBER JOINS my mom’s name in the game as toober. I made a team with her game name because I love her sooo much. I look forward to talking to you again. Students who are out there I hope you go on summer vacation soon or now are you on it? I am not on summer vacation yet I have school till this Thursday. But the people who are on it have fun with your family’s and stay home safe! Creatures I hope you stay safe at home and FaceTime your family and friends. And mostly thank you so much for making this game. Me and my mom LOVE it!!! Everyone in the world please stay safe at home and I hope you have a wonderful summer vacation students young and old teens and kids. If you guys want to know my age and grade go down to the bottom of the speech. Well... everyone I hope you had fun reading this and have a wonderful summer again thank you so much creators of this game bye everyone!!!😉. 🍕 Ok so people who wanted to know my age and grade well I am in 1st grade I am going to be in second grade next year and I am 7yrs old I am going to be 8 this September 2, so I hope you understand my words if not read it again if you read it fast😉 if you do not speak this language It’s ok I still enjoy talking with you bye everybody I hope you have a wonderful summer byeeee!!!

- Fun buttt...

This game is super fun. I’m addicted, however, I have spent waaayyy too much money on this game. And I feel like once you get to the higher levels (in the 2000’s) levels start repeating. I’m on one level I swore I played already. It’s been like that on a few different levels

- Fake add but still fun game

This is so annoying! The add is fake! It says you have to solve problems like getting through a river or help him get through the house by choosing solutions. Instead you do a candy crush type of thing to decorate a house which is still super fun! I would love it if you made the game that actually goes with the add because it would be super fun! Thanks!!!!

- Just like the other game.

If you are reading this do not play this GAME the owner is greedy he makes the games so hard just so you could spend your money on it DO NOT PLAY!!!!

- Not what I thought but sucked me in

Downloaded because I thought it was going to be the game it advertised me but it really isn’t. However it’s not bad either. I like it anyway. Wish I could skip all the talking faster but whatevs.

- Gardenscapes

This game it very good to be relax thanks

- 5 stars

5 stars

- Gardenscapes

Great game fun and exciting love Austin

- Money issue

I had purchased a 16.99 deal but evetime I pay the 900 coins for the extra 5 turns the game shuts down and you have to try to pass the level again. I contacted customer support Never received help no one contacted me. And it keeps on doing it it’s seems that other players are experiencing the same issue. How do I report to Apple this game is not helping their players.

- This game is clickbait

They always use fake games as click bait while this fame is just another remodel puzzle game the add you saw is fake it is not just pick stuff and make you house look nice and it is not the pull the gold lever in the right spot or you get killed do not buy CLICKBAIT .

- Stars

As you pass levels they give you stars I passed a level this morning and got frustrated with the next level so stopped playing and when I went back on to play my star that I got this morning was missing. So I went to get support and support doesn’t exist with this game so be careful there scammers

- You need to change certain things

Do we always have to spend money before earning stars? Many of the renovations done are irrelevant and you take lots of stars for just a simple work done. I believe you should make the game more user friendly because most of my friends are deleting your apps even after spending lots of money upgrading.


I play this game all day everyday lol! One of the best games there is!!!! PLAY!! You won’t regret it. Passing levels is such a pleasing feeling. They make you feel like you have really accomplished something! ❤️

- Awesome

A little tough at times but fun!!

- ❤️

I just love this game makes you think what you can do to your own garden

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- Good

So addictive

- Sixtus

Really a nice game. Am addicted to the game that sometimes I forget that I am married.

- Very interesting

I love it

- Bug!!!!

The game is not working again on my iPhone 7 Plus. Just after I updated it is not opening again since 3 day now 💔

- Good game

Really fun filled game

- Love It

One of the most interested games I love

- Best game ever!

To be honest, I love this game. It's not just a game but built to enhance our thinking and creativity. I consider time spent playing this game as time well spent. 😍👌🏽

- I loveeeeee the game !!!

I have been playing Gardenscapes for 2years now ,it’s addictive , tasking and exciting. I recommend it 100%

- Why i hate Gardenscapes

I hate Gardenscapes even Homescapes Because some of the Levels are too hard🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ anytime i play it just gets me angry and annoyed. I mean why would i play a very hard level just so that i can olay with my dog or do something stupid its just too hard😡😡 waste of time.

- Issues

I can’t open the game all of a sudden. It just loads and later tells me there’s no network even when I’m not using any data

- Don’t download this game

Pls don’t download this game, it is a waste of time honestly

- Gardenscapes

Best game ever very addictive

- Surprince

Good enough for me I love it

- My Review

The Ads And The Game Are Completely Different If You Make An App Please Feed Us With Things We Would Like And Prefer To Play So If You Think That The Ways The Game Is In The Ads Is Better Than The Real Thing Then Why Not Make It Like Like The Ads And Simple Remove The Candy Crush Or Just Make Another Game Like That!😄 Please ⭐️⭐️⭐️

- I’m not satisfied

I personally think the creators or developers of this game deliberately makes some levels extremely difficult so we can keep spending our money buying endless coins that’s never enough. I think the money is too high and the coins we get from each level completed is ridiculously small. Nice game but I’m serious tired of having to pay for coins... I guess I’d just have to abandon the game then...

- Deceptive

It just looks like a brazen move to get you to spend your money. Too many flaws for something so addictive.

- My thoughts

Moves given are too small, fellow players can’t help with coins or stars or bombs and stuffs like that only 1 life and you have a time with which to be given by another player else the game is good but updates needs to be made. Thank you.

- Emi

Very lovely game 🥰 and every level is an adventure.. you should try it 😊 Thank me later 😉

- Small moves for big task

This game is nice. But why does it feel like some sort of punishment, you give someone a task with 15 moves lol. You can guys can do better please. And why can’t we get atleast 2 stars per game? Please help me enjoy this game, don’t let us feel like you’re deliberately trying to punish us. Gracias!!!

- I love this game

Very interesting and tasking. And I love the variety of things to do. I’m sure having a swell time.

- Why I hate gardenscapes

Interesting lovely addictive game but when I need a star to do a task and I play the mini game to get one diamond it’s annoying first of all how do they expect 20 something moves to get you 150 each of two different fruits. And why can it be three stars per mini game. Second of all why do they only give 5 lives when they don’t know the right amount of moves to even give like how can you give a player 25 moves to get 300 fruits how is it possible. This is the first game that I have given the most complaints on. Honestly the makers of the game have serious problems.i do not recommend this game based on how long you have to play the mini game which takes longer than the restoration of a part of garden. The makers of this game need to change many things and send out an update. And one more thing is that I can’t even watch an ad to get some coins but only have to pay which isn’t fair. I don’t know how it was possible to make a game like this which has major issues that hasn’t been fixed. I repeat don’t download until changes are made.

- I don’t want the game

I don’t want the game

- Mandatory Update

I love this game and it keeps me busy all the time ....I love the fact that it doesn’t just involve matching colors but also refurbishing a garden . However it is very annoying that I have to update the game almost every other month and it costs a lot of data. Is there a way you don’t make the update mandatory for playing the game just like other apps. Thank you as you consider this

- Scam

The ads and the game is totally different🥺🥺 if only they can give us same game that’s been displayed in the ads it would have been nice

- I was deceived my the funny advert and downloaded the game only for me to see puzzle in the game

I don’t like the game

- Complain

You people don’t put the main part of the game in your ads I downloaded the game and played it for a while but I never never saw the parts in the ads in the game. And it feels like you’re deceiving us because that’s not truly in the please do the right thing. I’d be waiting for a reply thanks.

- Ritzglam

I love this game very much I have been playing other game but this particular game is really awesome

- New player, can’t open the new area

I literally just started playing the game. My task is to open new area. I click on it and it says the game is updating for that and shows me downloading 0%. Doesn’t move from 0%

- Why the false advertising?!

Let’s see the game as it is on advert before downloading. Stop advertising a fake content

- Review

Nice game but the little trials for each level makes the game hard... no one wants to keep on playing a game where they keep on loosing. Been in a level for months.

- On level 5,122

Need my reward. Been playing for years now

- Scam

I watched the ad over another app, downloaded it only to discover the Gameplay is different. If I wanted to play candy crush I would have downloaded the app!



- Nice game

The game is lovely but need some feature to get free coins


I just updated the game and it has refused to open on my device.

- Great Game App!

I don’t mind paying on the app because the developer deserves it, the music(God bless the composer) makes me sleep at night when i have trouble sleeping. It’s addictive but I enjoy playing the game. Interesting characters in the game makes it awesome!

- Unrealistic prices for garden makeover

One makes 20/30 green cash per game(only hard and super hard levels btw) and the gazebo prop in the Water area for example cost 8200, so basically I have to play over 400(hard levels) and over 800 regular levels in the game to buy one single prop out of maybe 10? That’s very ridiculous so I say make the cash available at every level and how come the ‘super hard’ levels no longer feature 2 ⭐️ s. Do better

- Nice game I love it

The best app so far

- Consume too much MB

Please work on it app it consumes too much MB and it keeps updating severally. It’s too much mehn.

- Update size

What is the average size of each update ?

- Team Joining Issues

The app in system and phone doesn’t sync the teams. That is, if you’re using a phone and have a friend who plays with a laptop, you can’t be in the same team because the teams on the phone doesn’t appear on the game app for laptop and vice versa

- The advert and the game are totally different things

Please create a game according to your adverts please

- I love it

Very interesting game and am getting addicted to it😫

- I can’t play the game or move toAnother level when my data is off

I can’t play the game or move toAnother level when my data is off

- Rubbish

Not what was advertised 🙄 Ad pointed to problem solving and the actual game is just advanced candy crush

- I play always

The game is awesome! I’m glad now there’s a team where everyone can share lives. I also wish we can exchange coins or collect coins from team members and friends. But i love it still

- Great game and relaxing so nice and simple

I love it

- Fun

Such an addictive game. Tho I get stuck sometimes.

- Gardenscapes

I do enjoy the game but why is there another download after the main download on app store and you can’t play without updating and this pop up keeps appearing to rate the game I thought it was optional



@Ma_Cluck: Nearly forgot its #FernFriday & #foliagefriday 😁 #dicksoniaantarctica sheltering baby #ferns Among them young #anthyriumni…

gardenscapes brengsek (2)

This Gardenscapes game, did I download a wrong version?

bglh é jogar gardenscapes

Good morning from the west coast! Sending some joy out during this horrible time. #gardentips You can buy picnic c…

Twitter is just what i do as i wait for my lives on gardenscapes

Gardenscapes #2 Preparando la caseta del Perro y Poniendo Flores. a través de @YouTube

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Gardenscapes 4.4.2 Screenshots & Images

Gardenscapes iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Gardenscapes iphone images
Gardenscapes iphone images
Gardenscapes iphone images
Gardenscapes iphone images
Gardenscapes iphone images
Gardenscapes iphone images
Gardenscapes ipad images
Gardenscapes ipad images
Gardenscapes ipad images
Gardenscapes ipad images
Gardenscapes ipad images
Gardenscapes ipad images
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Gardenscapes Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Gardenscapes (Version 4.4.2) Install & Download

The applications Gardenscapes was published in the category Games on 2016-08-25 and was developed by Playrix [Developer ID: 1162116447]. This application file size is 369.71 MB. Gardenscapes - Games posted on 2020-05-15 current version is 4.4.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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