Gardenscapes [Games] App Description & Overview

Welcome to Gardenscapes! Rake your way through a storyline full of unexpected twists to restore a wonderful garden to its former glory!

Embark on an adventurous journey: beat match-3 levels, restore and decorate different areas in the garden, get to the bottom of the secrets it holds, and enjoy the company of amusing in-game characters, including Austin, your butler! What are you waiting for? Build your dream garden!

The game features:
● Unique gameplay: swap and match, restore and decorate the garden, and enjoy a novel storyline—all in one place!
● Hundreds of unique match-3 levels
● Dozens of in-game characters you can make friends with
● A lovely pet that is always there to cheer you up
● An in-game social network you can use to keep up on all the latest
● Different areas in the garden with unique structures: broken fountains, mysterious mazes, and many more
● A community that comes first—become neighbors with your Facebook friends!

Gardenscapes is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device's "Restrictions" menu.

Enjoying Gardenscapes? Learn more about the game!

Questions? Contact our Tech Support at

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Gardenscapes App Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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Gardenscapes Customer Service, Editor Notes:

A major Gardenscapes update New events - Win boxes with rewards in Foxy Season and meet your new pet—a cute fox. The event starts in the first half of March! - Give the garden a fun circus vibe with Chloe Wood in the middle of the month. - A St. Patrick's Day event: collect clovers on match-3 pieces to complete the main goal and win a pile of coins. - The first room outside of the mansion: renovate a sunroom at the end of March! A new chapter in the Botanical Garden area - Impress the gardening world by growing the mythical Princess Amber orchid. - The new intern Elsa has a secret—find out what it is! Also featuring - Dreaming in the Clouds, a new decor collection for the Equestrian Area. - New in match-3: complete level goals to get to the other part of the field!

Gardenscapes Comments & Reviews

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- False advertising

Alternate gaming app showed with completely different gameplay than what this actually offers

- They tease you in and hit you with overly expensive prices

By all means it’s a satisfying game but once the levels get more difficult you truly require an abundance of power ups to complete the levels. I don’t know about you guys but there is no chance that I am paying actual money for the power ups in this game. And they aren’t cheap! Enjoyed the game for a little while but deleted it because it just wasn’t worth it anymore.

- The ads don’t match the content

I’ve been playing Gardenscapes for 2 years now. Now I don't intend to brag but paying money to advance has never been a problem for me. I love this game will continue to play even if it cost money. What bothers me is the ads make it look like a survival game when that is clearly NOT the case. I was playing another game when I was hit with an ad to play Gardenscapes and the ad involved the player trying to save a man from lava and stuff. I never once played anything close to what the ad showed! So why are you advertising this why? It’s a lie and it makes me wonder if I need to reinstall the game to get this survival mode or something! SO WHAT IS THE TRUTH HERE!?!?

- Stuck!😬

So it was easy until level 54! It’s insanely hard! I would recommend getting this app bout please help me!!!

- Ugh, another money pit

Well, yet another game we had to remove from our kids’ iPads because too many things require in-app payments. This one seems rather more greedy than most, however. Too bad, because the concept is very fun, but I guess these folks gotta make money.

- False advertising

This is so annoying, the ads for this game show a completely different game. I didn’t download this for some boring matching bs. Stop advertising it as a completely different game.

- False advertising

This game is advertised as one game that seems like a lot of fun but actual gameplay is completely different. How is that even allowed. This game gets a one star for false advertising.

- Read this please!!!

I don’t usually write reviews but this really is important! YOU NEED TO STOP WITH THE CLICK BATE ADS!!! Just advertise the real game. I’ve never played but I know the ads are click bate so please make real ads! Thank you and good day.

- Love love love this game!

This game is so much fun. You can play for hours! It’s not just beating levels that’s fun. It’s decorating the gardens and other areas they have. I also love tapping Austin, and making him walk from place to place. He annoys easily. He’s funny, too. I chose something he liked, and he danced and then said, “sorry, I couldn’t help it.” It just makes me laugh. It’s just fun. Download it. You don’t ever have to buy anything ... you can, but you don’t have to. It’s a fun, free game that anyone can play.

- Frustrating

The game is fun and there is plenty to do as far as fixing the house. The levels get to hard to finish and they want you to spend money to get bombs etc to help. It would take forever to fix up the house with the small amount you will. I will be deleting this game. It could be a great game if things where changed.

- Not fun anymore

It shouldn’t take me 4 days to beat a level!! I belong to a team and I’ve used over 80 lives and still counting to beat a “Hard” level going on 4 days now. Waste of time!

- False Advertising

Their ads have NOTHING to do with the game. STOP LYING

- Level 52

I can’t beat this level 5 days

- Fabulous!

This game is the best! You have many things to do, and it make time fly by!

- In App Purchase same old

Creative and fun. But levels get so hard there is no way to beat them without purchasing weapons. Just another money grab. Its a shame.

- Deceitful ads

I’m not going to comment on whether or not whether or not I think this is a good match 3 game, because match 3 games are not my thing, and therefore my opinion on the matter would be uneducated. The reason I’m writing this review is to point out that they constantly run ads depicting this game to be something it is not. They show you things like Austin solving a simple puzzle to kill a spider, and if you make the wrong move you die instead. There is nothing in the game that remotely resembles these ads. Personally, I find it very offensive that their ads are so dishonest and intentionally misleading; and therefore I would never recommend this game. Unfortunately they won’t let me submit 0 stars.

- Addicting

I love this game! It’s levels can be frustrating at times but it only feeds into my addiction that keeps me on the app for hours at a time! The levels are great and the game allows you to have several options to pick from for your garden. It also provides many opportunities for you to get more lives and resources to help you beat levels so you can never stay stuck on one for too long. Gardenscapes is fantastic!

- Pleasant

A very calming, pleasant game.

- Obvious changes causing frustration

This game was a fun and simple way to pass time-until it wasn’t. I’m not sure if it was a bad update or if the developers decided to get greedy but it has gotten to the point where I’m beating MAYBE 1 level per day. Almost every level can’t be beaten for several days and it’s obvious sabotage on the end of the app. Certain levels where you need to get butterflies won’t give the amount you need which makes the level impossible to beat, or, power ups will be placed/pieces will fall in a way to ruin the chance to make a game winning move. If it only happened once in awhile I would chalk it up to the program running as it should, but this is obviously something being done by developers to make money. If I use all of my power ups to beat a non hard level (that I’ve been stuck in for days I might add) I should be able to beat it. Maybe these guys should take a page out of Candy Crush’s book because they seem to have nailed the formula....

- Quits

I have loaded this game 3 times as you suggested and still just as I win a game it quits and I don’t get credit for the win. Which I have spent money to have enough credit to continue. Done trying going to get rid of this game and mention this also on Facebook. Very frustrating and wasting money.

- Irritated

It really irritates me that rewards are few in this game. I spend a lot of money here and they just want more. Most of my friends quit playing because they couldn’t get through the puzzles and couldn’t afford to keep buying stats. If you have a lot of money this game is fun. If you don’t you want get to far. And to get demoted from leagues? That is a pathetic ploy to get even more money!

- Best game ever

This game is so much fun!

- False advertising

If you download this game because of the advertisements for it, then I regret to inform you that you have been dooped. The game is nothing like its advertised. It’s a fine game to play but it’s not as advertised.

- This lies about adds

I have played this but every time an add comes on about it it’s a complete lie it has nothing to do with the game at all!! And it’s not a very good game anyway you play matching gems and it gets you different thing to update the house!! That’s it , so don’t know why they keep putting adds up that has nothing to do with the game!!

- Not what they advertize

I’ve seen all these stupid paid ads on other games but they show completely different game. Hoping you will download and you will like this stupid one. Don’t bother if you came here from an ad.

- Control issues

Great game. At times when you attempt to move a game piece to the right or left or up/ down. The game piece will move the opposite direction. At first I thought I may have moved it the wrong direction by mistake but this happens so often causing you at times to lose, unable to advance to the next level which can be frustrating.

- I don’t get it

I downloaded this game 6 times cuz of ads and I don’t see the game play I wanna it

- Tom


- False advertising

The puzzles shown in the add are not apart of the game. It’s just another version of candy crush.

- Addictive but...

I absolutely love this game, and there are tones of good reviews on it but, when I spend money on power ups or coins to play again, it can get a little frustrating. I can’t really beat most of the levels with the amount of moves, and it makes me kinda want to walk away from the game. Other than that I love how you can build the mansion and things like that, no other games that are like this I’ve liked.

- Good game

Definitely addictive game can’t stop playing it

- Gardenscapes

This game is entertaining and fun! I enjoy decorating the rooms. And I find this game can be very challenging at times.

- Not The Same Game

Downloaded the game based on an ad. But the game is nothing like the game that was advertised. Very misleading.

- Game is fixed

I had a problem with the daily spin. I contacted them and explained what happened. All they did was send some standard blurbs which didn’t reflect what happened at all. Then notified me that the conversation was closed.

- Lies

This game lies about its ads it’s not fun or nothing I hate it. Just like candy crush .

- Better than homescapes

I like this homescapses,but I like this one better.

- Crashes and lose everything

Once you hit level 44 on an iPhone it crashes every time after you beat it on the first try and then you lose all your perks from previous winnings 😡

- Obsessed

I literally play this game all the time, unless I’m working, showering, or sleeping.

- omg frustration

why is no one talking about how insanely impossible level 19 is. i can’t get past it no matter what power ups i have or anything. other than that it’s a good game but i’m stuck on this level i’ve been trying for hours.

- I love this game!

I love this game! It always has new levels to play that are enjoyable and I love the fact that now you can change it even more with the green money. I would love to see them start to allow us to go back to the rooms we didn’t get to finish for the house and play during the time I am waiting for new levels to come out. I missed the bedroom and would love to get an opportunity to do it!

- Ehh not as advertised

The game is not bad it’s just not what I thought I was getting into it was made out to be like a pull the pin game but it’s totally different and I was not very happy not happy at all

- I wanted to like it

Can’t get my eyes used to matching fruit after playing so much Homescapes. Deleted it

- Misleading ads

After watching so many ads I finally caved in. Thought maybe they added more mini games but no it’s just another connect three game

- Nothing like ads

Nothing like the ads they are pushing.

- Review

I like the game but it’s totally not right where u have to pay to get ur safe, on pop time you get the piggy bank free every 100 levels if ur not at the 100th level and u want it then u can pay 2.99 for it

- Addictive!

Very entertaining

- Developer Lost Their Mind to Greed

I get it - it’s the age of freemium and you don’t really buy games or music anymore. I also get that different layouts and mechanics are needed to enhance the game play and create challenges. But this game developer has taken greed to the extreme. I like difficult levels here and there, but when the game is calibrated such that you constantly fail levels, even with power-ups, it gets to a point where you wonder if it’s still fun. Another big disappointment is the game has started sabotaging what would usually be the next (best) move by disrupting the move with the power-up placement. Having had the app for thousands of levels, the changes this developer has made are quite noticeable over time, and the only way I can describe the developer’s recent approach is extortion. It was once fun, but I think I’ll find something else for now.

- Not the game advertised in the playable ads or video ads.

Not the game advertised in the playable ads or video ads. I didn’t want to play a match game and was clickbaited to download.

- Brains234

It’s a very good game. I wish you won some kind of points/coins for playing levels you did not pass. It’s almost like you have to buy coins to do well in this game.

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- Game not like add

Game not like the add. False advertising

- Frustrated

This game is good but at times very frustrating, some levels are fine others I’ve been stuck on for so long that it gets to the point were I stop play it for awhile because I get so bored with not being able to get pass the level. I also agree with others at times it takes way too many stars to do things, hopefully it will get better cause I’d hate that I may get stuck on a level and take a break never to come back to it again, cause up to this point I have mostly enjoyed the game

- Bad


- Keeps crashing!

This game keeps crashing while I’m in the middle of a game so I end up losing a life.

- Don't waste your time

I've had issues with this game over and over, costing money. Their customer support is nonexistent, unhelpful. It's impossible to level up or actually really play unless you spend real money. I won't recommend it all because of the constant glitching and loosing money. It's a scam game!

- nothing like the add

the add showed a very interesting game where u choose whichever option to help the people survive and i was quite disappointed to find out that it wasn’t the game at all. instead you have to design a home but it takes so much time to get one star when u usually need at least two. would not recommend.


Looking to play game advertised!

- Nothing like the ad

If you see the ad for this game and think “oh, what fun puzzles they have, brainteasers even!” then just stop right there. It will not be worth your time to download this garbage Candy Crush rip off and play for a half hour before you get anywhere near something that resembles the gameplay shown in the ads. Total BS.

- Don’t download

-False advertising, hardly any of their commercials represent their gameplay. This is in violation of the Federal Competition Act, and a blatant one -Candy Crush rip-off, this game is just candy crush, with different models and a “”story”” which is as shallow as a swimming pool in the middle of December. It looks like it’s full of great and exciting ideas, but then you jump in and break your skull

- Get boring

At one time I really enjoyed this game. Even paid for boosters. Now it’s just boring cause if you don’t pay you don’t win.

- Frustrating

Very fun at first. Addictive even. But you get to a point where it can take three days to get one star. Then the swearing starts. I get making the game more challenging as you get better at it, but it jumps to the point where it is frustratingly difficult to achieve any progress. Arrrggghhh!!!!!!

- Ça n’a rien à voir avec la publicité

C’est juste une Nième version de candie-crush, avec soit disant comme récompenses de restaurer un jardin. La publicité montrait des casse-tête (fallait s’échapper), j’en ai eu 2 en 60 niveaux de « aligne des items » (principe de candie-crush/gems/jewels)

- 🤮

Stupid game 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

- Fake game

Ads are misleading. Not at all as advertised. You play ca day crush in order to renovate your garden. Not sure how they got over 4 stars. Must’ve bought the ratings online.

- Misleading

The ads are not what the game actually is. False advertising and disappointing. I want to play the game it’s pretending to be in advertisements!

- Not As Advertised

Not the game they advertise. Why?

- Change the ad!

It really sucks when you see a game you’d really like to play and it turns out it was fake advertising. It was a jerk move and you need to change the way you have the ads set up. Like now!

- Advertise

Why advertise theses ones that has nothing to do with the actual app with the lava and the money and the dog lava and money that you show

- False advertising

It is nothing like the adds🤬

- False Advertising

Don’t waste your time. The game is not as advertised

- Bad

The game is nothing like the adds

- Why

It’s a fun game but I feel like there’s not enough riddles and it’s a shame cuz the game is so fun but also the way we have to win the stars ⭐️ are pretty hard so... those are the two things I feel like

- Nothing like the ads

This is just a bubble type game. Completely not like the ads.

- Disappointed

I was intrigued to play the game based on what I saw on an ad from a different game. It showed the butler and a spider, you had to try to freeze the spider by pulling sticks to fee the path for the freezing. However when I clicked on the link it brings me to gardenscapes. This is false advertising.

- False advertising

I don’t get why you lied about the ad it was supposed to be saving two people not doing whatever it is all your games are false advertising I got all your games and guess what they were all false advertising and why do we have to use stars for every little thing I am going to delete all of your games I hope you fix it because was really excited to play it

- Bad

Ads are false as always

- Confused

Why are the ads for this game nothing do do with it?

- Not Like the Ad

If i could give this game 0 stars I would, and that’s simply because of how deceitful the ad was. The game is nothing like it and I was immensely dissatisfied and disappointed. Please fix

- Not what the add says

This app is not like what the add say it is so frustrating because I want to pay the game the add shows but it is the complete opposite of the game please fix your add.

- False advertisement

This games is not all all like the ad. Developers who do this are not true to their own work. Very shameful.


Ok people I love this game but I bought a golden ticket but I didn’t get it 😩

- Not fair

It shouldn’t take days to finish a level.

- Misleading

You’re convinced this is an escape strategy game but it’s really just another ‘build’ game with matching puzzles.

- Gardenscapes was the day

It’s a fun game but hard to earn the stars and I think it is a pattern game. Every thing else is fine

- Miss leading

The add looks fun. This game is absolutely nothing like the add. Besides the graphics it has nothing to do with it.



- Game glitches especially if you win

So I have had the game kick me out and crash as soon as I win a level. It does it so often that I became very frustrated and ended up deleting the game. Otherwise it was a decent game. However you may want to fix that.

- False advertising

How is it even possible this game has good reviews? All it is is a terrible version of candy crush and it’s nothing like the hundreds of advertisements I have seen where you have to make decisions to save someone which would actually be a good game. Do not recommend.

- Fun, but . . .

It takes too long to build up money to use for bonus moves and such. Would be nice to be able to play offline

- Good game poor service

Game is awesome but there’s absolutely no customer service except for a stupid computer trying to answer questions. No problem will ever be responded to by an actual human being.

- Nice

Passe temps

- Fun to play

This game is super fun to play, but I hate that your unlimited life doesn’t stay when your not playing the game. If you have 3 hours of unlimited lives, log out they don’t save till you start playing again. Not everyone can play that many hours in a row, should be able to ( since you won the unlimited life) be able to log off and log back in later with the time restarting. I also do not like that you have to buy in app purchases to win certain levels when you have no game bonuses or low coin. You win all these coins( which per game won isn’t really that much) but they get you no where when you have to pay so much for more moves or lives. (900 coins a shot). The game is supposed to be free it should reflect as such

- Not as advertised

bruh i just wanted to help the dude not get eaten by a spider like portrayed in the add.. but its sum kinda matching game just the same as ever other matching game out there. whos the scam artist in charge of advertising?

- Bait and Switch

In a word, Crap. The ad is deceitful but somehow has not been pulled down. Someone is making a buck, shameful. Hopefully the company goes bust and they lose all their revenue And worse.

- Liars

False Advertising!!!! Quit making ads of a game that doesn’t exist!!!

- Okay

It’s a good game but it is hard to collect stars and then use them on like find the rake, but you need another start just to use the rake.

- False Advertising

I thought I was getting a puzzle game as shown in the numerous adverts. Instead it is another jewel match game which isn’t even that good compared to the other games of that type.

- Great To Come Back To

I really like this game because you can forget about it, but come back to it and still have fun and move forward with the game. I’ve been playing this game on and off for quite a long time, and it’s a great time filler with a lot of fun goals.

- Stolen and failed advertizment

The add for this have nothing to do with the game and the ads are also based 99.99% of of other ads and it tricks you to thinking it not a garbage game what the actual game itself is fine but I won’t get it again because I know the ads are lying just so people get it not for others to actually like it!😡

- Pros and cons

Pros: Graphics Cons: It’s way too repetitive, the ads completely lie, there is no story, the levels are ridiculous, there aren’t enough boosts, some stars are pointless, it feels like you’re playing the same levels a million times and there is no relaxation in it, the game barely adds new levels, and again, the ads lie. All added up, this game is retarded and there are WAY better games out there. I think I have made my point

- My purchased missing

Hi there I currently changed my phone and I purchased foxy season before and it didn’t back after I logged with my Facebook account, please help me!

- Not comparable with 3 year old iPad

Has been enjoying the game - however it’s started crashing, tech support advised that need 1 gig of ram to be able to play. My sons iPad mini 2 is now unable to play. Would be good for support to allow older (children’s) devices to play.

- False Advertising

I’ve played this game for a while and I enjoy it. What prompted me to write this review is the advertising. I am sick of seeing ads that FALSELY advertise this game. I thought that was illegal? Please stop advertising your game as something else - it is not a problem solving game like the ads show, it is a match-3 game where you earn stars to improve the garden. Please do better. Be honest.

- Nothing like the ads

It is nowhere near being anything like the ads

- Takes to long

One star is not enough each game for such a lengthy process to complete a garden.

- Fun

Fun love the color

- Luck required on levels

I’m just playing this game to pass the time at work. Have now had about 14 hours (obviously waiting for life refills etc in between) But 14 hours worth of time none the less on the same damn level, just waiting for a lucky arrangement of colour matches, previously used all booster and coins I had trying to pass this. Just makes me wonder why I just find another mindless game that at least has some sense of progression - Thanks- Ant - level 1527

- Not like the ads

If you’ve seen the ads where you have to problem solve, the actual game is nothing like that, it’s just crushing fruit. I’ve looked up online and found a lot of complaints about it too, it’s simply false advertising!

- troses reviews

Such an interesting and fun game definitely recommend

- The guy looks creepy

Can you please change his hair at least. He looks like a pedo that used to chase me when I was a kid.

- Boringggggggg😡😡😡😡!!!!!!!!!

Wheres the blooooddddddyyyyyyy eeeeeeeeeesssssssccccccaaaaaaapppppeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!puzzzzzzzzzzzllllllllleeeeeeeeeesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Super

Excellent game just a little addictive!!

- Gardenscapes

Love it!

- Gardenscapes review

This is a great game. All of the challenges are doable but sometimes it takes quite a while for the game to take pity on you and give you something that can be solved in the moves allowed. The diffilculty is not always related to the designated hardness of the game. Overall very entertaining. I have been playing it for over two years.

- Love this game

Great game and have been playing for a long time now but in the last two days, it will not load Please help!!!!

- Battery life

Great game, love playing it only Issue is that it chews through my phone battery like crazy i could have 100% battery and 10mins later after playing a few rounds i will have 20% battery and it also makes my phone heat up like crazy

- Not as advertised

Not as advertise during other games. A puzzle game is presented, but it turned out to be a bubble pop type game. Hence 1 Star and uninstalled immediately.

- Fake adds

Why are your adds of a completely different game? The adds I am shown are about trying to save a man from spiders or falling in a well etc. In reality, when you click to download the game, it’s just candy crush with a storyline. Not one thing I was advertised is in the gameplay which is really misleading and fake. Advertise the game for what it actually is (because I used to genuinely enjoy the game as it is without the false advertisement).

- Really annoying game

Don’t play. Basically you play for build every little thing and you stuck every time almost. Just waist lot of time

- Good and baddd

I enjoyed too much and don’t have time to do other things around the house 😋😋

- Slow and shuts down

I really enjoyed the game but changed my review after I kept losing my winning streak because the game glitches and shuts down. So annoying

- Not as advertised

Nothing like the ads, just match3 game with some cute story

- I love the game

Thanks for the free game, I love all off it

- Amazing game!!!😍😍

𝚃𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚒𝚜 𝚊𝚋𝚜𝚘𝚕𝚞𝚝𝚎𝚕𝚢 𝚗𝚘𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚠𝚛𝚘𝚗𝚐 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚐𝚊𝚖𝚎, 𝙸 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚒𝚝!!

- Love it

This game is great x

- Tap to skip

Over the past few games when I “tap to skip” the game bombs out and I lose the game just won - usually a super hard game,,, any suggestions

- If I could select 0 stars I would1!!!!!!!

False advertisement from app previews. Nothing like it? Why do ppl continue to use if it’s not what you tapped it for? The advertisements of all their apps are the same homescape - gardenscape - fishscape Just another version of candy crush trying to swindle money out of ppl and somehow ppl give in. The falsely advertised game would attract way more users I would of thought, that’s why they downloaded it......Duh!!

- False advertising

I click on a puzzle game I think I’d like to play and the game it links to is nothing like that game. Stop the BS!!! 🤬😡

- Ad is misleading

I dont want to play a Candy crush. You advertised a maze puzzle. Classic bait and switch. Google should block this.

- Gardenscapes

Love it!!! Very addictive

- My game is linked to another persons account??

I was on level 926 I have wasted over $300-$500 on coins and lives I deleted the app and reinstalled it as my game was the same as my cousins game ID which wasn’t allowing either of us to play at the same time his Facebook was connected to his and my Facebook was connected to mine I have gone through support and so has my cousin I have really enjoyed this game until now and I am very disappointed to know that I can’t even get a response from the game producer to fix this ???

- Crash Garden

What has happened? Just recently the game just keeps crashing and always at that critical point when you are just about to complete the level or you have crashes before the level completed is recognised!! Then you lose your boosters and have to play the level again from scratch! Really frustrating and I have just about given up on this game. This never happened previously. Please, please fix. It’s a great game and I want to keep playing. The graphics are great, the levels challenging and I love decorating the gardens. I get excited to find out what is next that you can cash in your stars for. Would definitely recommend this game, but please fix the bugs. Make it a 5 star rating again.

- Crashing

I have Homescapes and downloaded this game today, and everything was going fine until it started crashing. I can only get through one level at most before it crashes and I wait a little bit before trying again. Otherwise, it’s fun and I’m enjoying redoing the garden, but I wish it wouldn’t crash as homescapes has never crashed on me

- Bad

This game is really boring and repetitive

- Keeps dropping out

Needs a better server drops out all the very frustrating

- Gardenscapes

Good game. Very enjoyable but don’t like having to go on to Facebook to progress

- Worst game ever

This game may be the worst I’ve ever played ! I would like to explain why but I can not it’s that bad

- Player be warned

Tricked into playing this game thinking it was based on skill and puzzles that were able to be solved. The whole basis of the games I doubt is even based on luck. It is obviously configured in such a way that you have to pay to have any chance to beat the random matching pieces. I would pay for a good puzzle solving game that this is not. Gladly deleted and hope this is a warning to others to read the reviews first before sinking valuable time into playing.

- It fun play

Love this game it fun

- Best game but recently keeps crashing

I have been playing this game for years and I love it!!! However, since the last update I can’t play, it keeps crashing. Please please please fix this as I don’t want to stop playing.

- Suddenly frustratingly unplayable!

WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS GAME?! I have been playing this for years with no issues but lately with the last few updates this game has been crashing at worst of times. It has progressively been getting worse. After the latest update this game has crashed at least 10 times for me in the last 2 days, and most conveniently when I have passed the level and the remaining moves and powerups are been used. When I open the game again I have lost my progress, the level HAS NOT been passed and I have lost lives & any powerups I had. This is getting extremely frustrating and I am about to give up on this game. I have taken recommended steps and also contacted support and received the reply to ensure my device reaches minimum requirements, which it does. If this isn’t fixed soon I will be quitting the game for good.

- Sick of Glitches

Love the game but I’m sick of the game throwing me off just as I complete a level. No issues before the last update.

- Crashes all the time

I like the game very much, but since the last update, it crashes all the time, especially when all tasks for a level a complete and it is finishing moves to give a final score. Very annoying, since after level 500 the levels are not that easy and having to re-do them really puts me off.

- Hhhmmmmm

Game is good when you can play it. Drops out so many times and I lose my power ups lost money hope a update can fix this

- Absolutely disgusting

I’ve been playing this game for years spent over hundreds on this game all for now after spending a bunch of money in one lot the game crashes every time I load into a game take away my lives though and any bonuses I use I’ve deleted the app and every other app that’s been published by this app developer I want my money back or at least fix what ever the hell is going on.

- Sick of the glitching

I’m sick of the glitching. I use my power ups and coins and finish levels then it glitches and starts again and I lose the coins I used as well as the power ups and I have to start the same level again. I play this game to numb the’s been very frustrating lately and I’m about to erase the game

- Disappointed

P.S. Sadly I just deleted Gardenscapes. Day after day I have opened the program to find the identifical opening, Austin welcoming his friend and thrilled to make changes to the garden that, frankly, are ugly and vulgar. I thought the idea of this game was for the player to decide on any decor and decisions. Unfortunately this is not the case. You have turned one of my favourite games, that I even spent money on that I could ill afford, into something I dreaded to open. I hope you don’t ruin Homescapes in the same way. This, and Homescapes, are my favourite games. I am going to delete Gardenscapes. I have been forced to participate in a stupid road race - nothing gave me an option, I was forced to do it and I hated it. And now I am being forced to change the landscaping for perfectly ugly things that I wouldn't allow in my garden if I was dead. I haven't even been able to play these last couple of weeks because as soon as I enter the game, there pops up this fool with these hideous blueprints. If you continue to force players to do things, without offering some way out, some type of choice, you will lose others too. I will stick with Homescapes for now because I really don't want to lose it. I had to delete two other games this year which had been favourites because they started introducing stupid things which had nothing to do with the back story and made the game so much less enjoyable as well as more difficult. I have other issues, but they have been told you by fellow gamers. I am disabled and I no longer leave my house. I need different things not to fill up my time, but that will keep my brain active and provide something pleasant to do while I listen to audible books and podcasts. I will keep an eye on this game maybe for another week or two, but if there is no improvement, if I can't get in to actually enjoy the garden and Austin, and play, I will delete it.

- Glitching all the time

Like the other comments this game glitches after I complete a level losing my progress and as well as part way through a game where I lose my lives and any coins I’ve spent. Can you fix plz? Ps I can’t post this cause every nickname I use is taken!!!

- Glitches

Fix ur glitching issue I’ve lost so much bonus coins and items because the game stops and takes it all when I get back in love the game but I would love all my bonus back

- Glitch

Please fix the glitches that are making the game crash and the has to be reloaded ! Love this game but it’s driving me insane last few days since updating

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- This is horrible

Look I’m sorry but horrible game. On the add it looks fun it says you can over come obstacles and pick the right tool for the job but all you are doing is decorating and etc. you may be thinking but what makes it so bad it lyes about the game in the add so it seems fun now that’s pathetic.that shows they know it’s a bad and they are trying to make it look better

- Sad or mad who knows

I used to love this game but then it sent me back like 300 levels at first I was like it’s fine I backed it up on Facebook so I go and reconnect and what do you know it’s not there and when I went to help and support I got a bot suggesting articles I had already seen and didn’t help. I know this rating is a little cruel but I put a lot of time and effort into this game. It also to away all of the stuff I had bought and won from the things like the most recent circus one.

- Gardenscapes

Great Game

- Don’t pay for this

The game itself is fun, but I have ran into problems while playing. I will be in the middle of the game and the it shuts down. When I start back I have lost a life and any boosters, but receive no credit, even if I have completed all the tasks. I am level 704 now, but will not pay to play due to the issues I have experienced.

- Blah

This game is okay, until you get into the higher levels. Then you have to either put money in or keep playing the same level over and over until the game decides you can win it. This makes it difficult to help others in competitions, or even get a room redecorated, or do any of the extra things in game. So no, I’m not a big fan.

- Great game

Great prizes but i lost 2 of mine when the game crashed twice. :/

- Fun

I’ve been having a lot of fun!

- Stuck inside!!!

Best game ever being hold up in my house! #coronavirus

- About the game

You can get gold and farther on you get money it’s free and it’s fun you can also build!!!!!

- Falsely Advertised

Game advertised is not the same game

- Misleading

This game ad is not the same as the game. I thought it would be a game where you would have to pick the right tool for the problem. That is only in the game ad not in the game, false advertisement!!

- Pretty good

I knew the game does not look like the game in the add but once you get the game it is addicting and you know on the add how the game, there actually there are mini games and it the guys has bad dream and once you beat it give you coins. At first I did not what to play the game but my dad got it so I gave it a try and now I can’t stop playing it with my dad and when I can’t beat a level i ask him for help and we end up solving it and it really helps you think

- Misleading advertising

If you came here after seeing a multitude of ads within other games for Gardenscapes where it looks like you pull various pins in a certain order to save a person or choose different solutions for a scenario, you have been misled. This is yet another match-3 game (like candy crush) and those puzzle scenarios you e scene advertised DO NOT EXIST in this game. Don’t download this. Who knows what information they are trying to line from you. It makes no sense to advertise a game that completely misrepresents the actual game unless there is a nefarious purpose.

- Ok

This game is very addictive gets very frustrating when you run out of money and power ups I wish they would add a thing where you can send a message to your team/friends on Facebook power ups, money, and lives. I hate how everything is costing 2-3 stars it's hard to even get one.

- Amazing

This game is cute and so much fun.

- False advertising

Nothing like the advertisements

- Fun but too hard

This game is a lot of fun but it’s to hard. It just gets harder and harder which is annoying! I tried for a whole week to get it but kept loosing. Now I’m done.

- Horrible

The ads are not like the app

- Terrible Game

Not even close to what they advertise.

- Misleading ads

Ads show a different game. This is just bejeweled

- Too expensive to have fun

This started out as a game I was really enjoying, because it started with lots of design activities. Then it quickly moved into random things I couldn’t ‘t have cared less about - and I had to use my points on them! There should be choices!! But you can’t advance to other design activities unless you do things like fix a bike, wash his clothes, get a kitten out of a tree. I would have liked to use those hard earned points on fixing/designing the garden. I started buying coins and stuff, but it added up too quickly when I had to waste points on things I didn’t care about. Cute game, but too expensive to do what I think was the fun parts. You lost me.

- Love it

I love this game and the home escape one

- 2 stars because...(PLEASE READ)

This game was fun, and addicting to play. The reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because the ads for this game has nothing to do with the things you do in it. The ads for this game are showing you trying to pick one item from the two objects on the bottom when they never let you do it in the game. The game let’s you level up your garden by playing games, and the games have about the same format as Candy Crush. Overall, I would recommend this game, but DO NOT get the games because of the ads.

- Playrix uses false advertising

I had this game for a year before I ran into the fake ads on other games. Nothing in those ads represents actual game play. SHAMEFUL.

- Nice game but

Nice game but I wish there was a way to get more lives to play the games and to get more points to do activities but other than that the game keeps me calm cool and collective I be in my own word while listening to my music especially after all this stay in home Coronavirus crap

- It’s just not fun anymore

Don’t bother.

- The game is a little scammy

Eventually the game will make it nearly impossible to win without using a power-up. Me and my parents used play it when I was a little kid, but we found out at a certain point it was impossible with out power ups and decided to delete it. Please fix this thing developers.

- Clickbait - False Advertising

Every single advert for the game shows a particular gameplay which you NEVER get to in playing the game. It is an interesting game, but they should be honest about the game play. I felt cheated and promptly uninstalled it.

- Fun game

I really enjoy this simple game! There are a few barriers to my progression that frustrate me. There seems to be a fix on the spinning wheel (daily). It never allows the largest prize. Even on price is right, you can change your spin of the wheel to increase ur chance of winning. I know it’s a computer, but seems to be fixed on smaller prizes. Second would be, stuck on challenge. It would be nice to have a “hint” on how to beat an unbeatable. Seems you all made, only to be beaten if you buy power ups. I don’t put money into games unless I feel it would be worth it. You’re making it to where, you could blow all your power ups and still lose 5x in a row. I’m not going to buy from a game that makes my money disappear. I enjoy the decorating the gardens, but rooms seem to be slower to add to.

- The ads for this app are misleading and don’t show actual gameplay


- Game isn’t the ad

Game has nothing to do with the ads they run.

- Illegal Advertising

Most ads have nothing to do with actual gameplay and this game feels rewarding at first, you complete puzzles to rebuild your garden. It gets to a point where you need to fix a fountain which required something like 20-30 levels completed just to finish the fountain alone. The in game currency isn’t worth much and always making it so that you’d have to spend money or else you’ll be stuck on a level for weeks.

- The advertising

I love this game it’s so fun and addicting I am really trying to get to the next level but I have one thing that I thing will be better see my problem is the advertisement in the game you have to restore the house and garden but the adds make it seem like your playing a survival game and you have to choose the right one or not kill the owner like I said before I love the game and I would totally recommend this game to a friend but other than the advertisements. Good job on making a good game

- The ads are nothing like the game

How is this legal?!?

- Not like ad

It’s nothing like the ads you see on other games at all really weird. Completely different portrayal and false advertising

- False Advertising

Interesting how my review for Homescapes auto-populated here on a review for Gardenscapes. I was playing another app game and had the advert pop up for Homescapes. It depicted choosing between two items so the butler could proceed (in this case it was to use the bathroom). Where is this in the actual game? All I see are versions of Bejeweled and after winning you get to select one of 3 like choices to fill in the room. WHERE ARE THE CHOICES TO GET THE BUTLER TO THE BATHROOM!?!? Second advert is to pull the pins so presumably his girlfriend can get to him. Is this a new addition to the game? NO!!! This false advertising needs to stop. I’ve seen it for Homescapes, Gardenscapes, and Fishdom. You cannot have a bait-switch with what in-game displays and advertisements show. It’s like seeing a commercial for cereal but finding out it’s a toy! Reign in on your false adverts. The advertised guise of an option-based game does not fit with your actual subject matter. You’ve taken it to the far extreme of the definition creating a false image.

- Gameplay isn’t as advertised.

The horrible design of showing one gameplay and getting the game to see a match 3 game. Misleading.

- Not as advertised

I kept seeing ads for this game and continue to, where it was more of a survival game, you make choices to get through obstacles. It’s a match 3. I played anyway because who doesn’t like some mindless fun but I was disappointed. More so that while I’m playing it’ll give me ads for the game I thought it was. Please add the ability to switch rainbows with other special icons to set them all off at once. Most of these games allow the ability.

- Updated Review 3/29/20

To the devs: IT IS NOT FUN TO PLAY THE SAME GAME OVER 50 TIMES TO WIN. NOT FUN! YOU ATE TRYING TO MAKE US PAY TO WIN. IVE SPENT MONEY ON THE GAME BECAUSE IT CAN BE FUN, BUT NOW I WILL NEVER SPEND ONE MORE CENT. I’ve been playing this game for a long time and just returned to it after leaving it for about one year. It’s a fun game, but what’s NOT fun is when the the prizes and puzzles are near IMPOSSIBLE to win unless you spend tons of cash or spend 24/7 playing the game. Deciding now if I’m going to give it up again as the last “bathroom decor” challenge was absurdly difficult. I’ll bet very few attained that goal. Also, I agree. The ads are blatantly lying about what the game is. Apple should look into that. The devs need to not be not so greedy and rethink their approach. Annoyed.

- Fake

The ads you’ve seen for this game are all lies. It’s just a puzzle game ripoff.

- Winning??

I find that often in this game, I win the game, but do not get the star, that should come from winning. How do you advance, when the game is not providing achievements?

- Deceptive

I love the game. I’m on level 1322, but the game is nothing like the advertisement during other games. The advertisement was the reason I downloaded the game but I have yet, in 1322 levels, to play anything like the ad. Addictive game tho 👍🏾

- Ads Misleading

Yeah... those problem solving games they promised do not exist. Don’t download. Ads are super misleading.

- Click bait ads

If you’re looking for the game that is advertised, don’t waste your time.

- False advertising

I downloaded this game because of the ads having you choose options to solve a problem eg. Get the man out of a well. It’s just another match-3 game with mini-games inside it. I’m on level 45 or so and have only done two of the puzzles advertised. As a match-3 game, some of the puzzles are very difficult and designed to get you to have to use power-ups and coins. I guess all match-3 games do this to an extent but being I was misled into what this game really was makes it even more so annoying.

- Question

How do I get to the escape game? I can’t find it

- I see a lot of ads for this that look like fun.

The game play shown in all these ads is not what the game is about. The ads are so appealing that I downloaded it twice. After deleting it once I thought I must have missed something so I downloaded it again. I wasn’t wrong, the ads are completely deceptive. Why don’t they build games that look like those ads? Meanwhile don’t support this developer.

- Crashes almost every time I play.

I’m not sure what is happening with this game. Since around November it’s been crashing occasionally, but now all the time. I hope you fix it soon. Update-still crashing every time I play. I deleted it, reinstalled it and still crashes. Very disappointing.

- Disappointing

My biggest complaint is I can not play the game when I want to play. When I lose all the lives there is a set time before I can play again. Having played almost 400 puzzles I am finding the fruit levels are getting very tiring. Enough! Where are the levels in the ads I’ve watched for months? After two weeks playing I’m deleting the game.

- Candy Crush grind with set dressing

It’s not exactly false advertising, in as much as you technically can play some of what the adverts show, but most of the time it’s just grinding on a Candy Crush wanna-be to get a single star to do a task to dress up the garden. Marginally better than some of the town builder apps, because there is usually a choice of three designs for what you ‘repair’, but still pretty lame unless you are really keen on the ‘swap a fruit’ kinds of games.

- Niveau104

Le niveau 104 est classé super difficile, le mot est faible! Je pense ne plus jouer tellement j’ai l’impression que rien ne s’améliorera! Je veux m’amuser pas me fâcher après un jeu! 😡 Le niveau 111 est super difficile 5 jours et n’y suis pas arrivé, j’ai cassé des pierres,mais après avoir uilisé un outil elles sont revenus entières. 😡

- What’s with the crashes today?

I love this game but I’ve tried three times to play in the last 30 minutes and it’s crashing. Please fix it

- Cool

Le jeux est bien mais il demander des étoile pour tout et n’importe quoi...

- Not as advertized in the ad.

Tons of reviews confirm this. It’s more like a Candycrush with a better storyline and should be advertised as such. I will not promote games based on misleading ads. Take note...

- Cheater

Even when you win the game manipulates the outcome. You can only win if you spend money.

- False advertising

Nothing like the ad.

- Scam

This game is not what they advertise in Youtube, Instagram, Facebook... including (Homescape). AppStore should stop such developer from misleading the users.

- Gardenscapes

Great game! Lots of levels to play! Enjoy!

- Not what I was promised

Nothing like the a

- Pas ci pire


- Great game

Very addictive!!

- Misleading and repetitive

The ad for the game that comes up when you play other games makes u solve problems like get him out of the well and stuff , i played the game for 2 weeks only had 2 times to do that kinda stuff the rest was like playing candy crush, oh austin forgot his pen play candy crush oh he forgot his paper play candy crush oh he mowed the lawn play candy crush need gas candy crush , very boring same stuff not very rewarding and repetitive

- Great game


- Misleading ads

I see ads for this game in many other games I play. The ads are always presenting situations in which a character is stuck somewhere, there are a few possible actions possible (through kind of pipes where the right one needs to be removed or else, we fail). That’s what’s advertised, but that’s not what the game is. Same thing for Homescapes, by the way. Misleading ads should not be allowed

- False advertising

I’ve had the game for a long time. Way before you guys started to false advertise. And I love the game so much, but my lord you have got to stop those ads. They are nothing like the game and you’re lying to people. I thought you guys were better than this

- Stars

Fun game with a fun story line. Stars get hard to earn at later levels and harder to participate in events because tickets are harder to earn. Things are expensive and because levels are harder to beat. Giving up on the game now at lvl 1253

- Annoyed

Quite possibly The most annoying game in the history of apple , the amount of ads I see for this game is unreal and its really starting to get to me, figured why not have an open mind try it, so I did and it’s almost like going on Instagram... looking at a Jennifer Lopez and then meeting her in real life and seeing a Betty white. I went out of my way to download this game so it would ask me to rate this game so I could leave such a bad review. Anyways yeah this game sucks major horns and hope it gets taken down.

- Like it

I just downloaded it to play with mommy and daddy I also named the dog in the game Moka so it’s named after my dog 👾😃🐶

- Good app

Good app

- Family fun

Me and my daughter really enjoy playing

- Crashing!!

I have played this game trouble free for months and then they add new challenges without getting all the bugs worked out, but still release it 🤬🤬🤬 now all it does is CRASH ALL THE TIME!! I have never paid to play any games but took a chance with this last time, that is when it started but seemed to fix itself but now after paying again it is the worst it can be.....may have to get a refund and stop playing....😢 Fix your friggin glitches!!!

- Deleting

It is too hard to earn the stars and and they are required for so many stupid useless things. Game not anything like the ad....where you are challenged to get the man out of trouble. Very disappointing

- False Ad not the game I downloaded

False ad - the add shows saving people but this is just a jewel game. The games good but I gave it one star because it isn’t what I was shown

- Frustrating

It’s a fun game however, it gets much too hard too soon on the game. Forces you to use your power ups and when you run out they want your money. Too obviously greedy. I gave it a two star because I feel generous today lol

- Keeps kicking me out

I used to enjoy the game but recently I will win a level and it will kick me out so I have to start all over again. Very frustrating as it will use up a life

- Bugs

Le jeu bug fréquemment et bizarrement surtout lorsque je suis en train de gagner un niveau. C’est très désagréable et malgré les mises à jour le bug continue.

- Hey You Programmer

Game Keeps Powering Off After Winning A Level..And Losing All My Points And Losing My Credits After I Spend Them And Have To Start Over..Like The Game But If It Keeps Doing That I’ll Delete It..😡

- Why?

You make all these updates And now it just keeps crashing. In the middle of a move, trying to start a level. POOF!! The game closes. Not cool!!

- Ads do not represent the game

The ads represent a kind of escape game, they are very misleading, that’s not at all what’s advertised. Where’s the captured guy and the spider in this game ??

- Misleading

The ads for this game have nothing to do with the actual gameplay

- Nothing like the ad

Just another match 3

- The game keeps on freezing and crashing

The game keeps on freezing and crashing and I’m very mad I sent so many emails but without any answer or help , and my phone has all the game requirements

- App update

The new update makes the app keep on hanging up and crashing

- Game crash

This game is a lot of fun, but since the update, about every other time I win a level the game crashes on me. Most of the time it doesn’t remember that I won, so I lose my life and any coins or tools I spent on the level. Please fix this for me! Thanks!

- Ads with entirely different gameplay

I’ve no interest in match three games. If you’re going to show a logic puzzle, I’d expect one, not match three games with a predatory purchase system by making games barely winnable without buying in. Change your ads.

- Fix your bugs

Had to delete ! every time I was playing the game would close out

- Why not make a new game?

The ad is so attractive, and I really want that game. Why not sell that game? Much more interesting than the current ones

- Very fun but has problems

I’ve always appreciated this app more than Homescapes simply because it’s easier to pass levels and there’s always some sort of event going on to make it smoother passing levels. However, there’s two large problems. 1, it takes up waaaay too much space and there doesn’t seem to be a fix for it. 2, the app CONSTANTLY crashes and it’s incredibly frustrating. My iPad can’t keep up (I guess?) with all of the things going on within the level and so every. single. level. the game crashes and I lose whatever progress I had on the chests (thereby, having to start over) and it’s stupidly unfair. The constant app crashes ticks me off to no end and it always conveniently crashes on those hard and super hard levels so I lose the extra added boosters at the beginning of levels and end up getting stuck on that level. And this problem never happens on Homescapes which I’ve given five stars. I’d give the same to this app if the two major problems didn’t exist.

- Keeps crashing and not like the ad

Keeps crashing just as I complete a level, and not only do I have to redo it, it removes a life!

- Levels way harder than they need to be

It’s a good waste of time. Some of the levels are ridiculously hard. Considering you need to pass multiple levels to get stars to do anything- you can spend a lot of time going no where. For a mindless game it could be better.

- Not what it says

It’s more about the stupid garden then making those hard choices to get people out of situations like they advertise. It’s a bootleg candy crush. And it’s annoying

- Gotta give a little to have fun

Once a week I’ll give 4-10 dollars to play higher levels that need boosters to get to the next level .. nothing is free and this gav3 is amazing

- Unhappy

I used to enjoy playing this game but since the last update happened it sucks. I’ve tried freeing up storage and even reinstalled the app but it keeps closing it self. I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of money to play this game and it’s very frustrating to continually lose any progress made not to mention wasting boosts used during play every time it shuts it self off.

- Fun graphics

Addictive game

- Crashing

Since last update keeps crashing on ipad.... not the first app by this developer that does this can only play those on phone now grrrr i prefer to use ipad accessible screen. Phone too fruhging small!!!!

- I love this game but..

For the last few weeks it keeps crashing. I can’t figure out why. Help!

- Game needs fixing,

I was on level 1489 but start have issue after the last download, the games boot you,out, even if you got the round, you had to do it again, and again, trying in-between each boot out, so I follow their support advice, took the game of, they state and reinstall, can even do that, may just quit, they state you would loss anything, if you can not get back on, I guess you loss nothing. Not playing even level again. I give you no stars, but had to leave one, just of the comments

- Unerving

The game looks good but the game play becomes quickly repetitive! The gist of the game is to gain stars to accomplish different jobs around the garden in order to improve it. The problem is that as you advance the levels become harder to gain only one star (per level) and it becomes increasingly necessary to use power ups but these power ups cost real money... So either you spend REAL money in order to advance or you double up in patience and you advance 1 to 2 levels per week... DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME!!!!!

- Better than I thought

U know how the ads are like choosing options the mini games r like that after u finish a level. U might not believe me but it is true. P.S. the wheel is impossible to get a jackpot of there was a rating for wheel, I would rate it 1 star ⭐️ But for the whole game:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Trash

I downloaded it because of the add very misleading, please stop advertising like that.

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- Good game

But honestly I’m shocked that the producers of this game, in these times hasn’t offered any offers with people clearly with more time on their hands and the ability to play games, no offers from this company, may look for another game that supports people.

- Not what’s advertised.

I downloaded this game as in the ads for it there was cool puzzles to solve, like freezing a spider, and him being stuck in a well, but this isn’t what I’ve got at all, I’ve got a matching up puzzle game like candy crush!! Very disappointing!

- Good game

Absolutely spiffing game, one of the best I’ve ever played and Austin, ohh what a character. Playrix did an immaculate job developing this gorgeously graphiced beauty of a game. However, Austin can be annoying and the adverts scam you. Please playrix change your adverts back to the good old ones and make gardenscapes great again. Also add back the old music.

- Ad!!!!! 😡

Games all right I guess (some issues tho)but it’s the the ad that I have a main problem with. It basically shows another game it’s just stupid. And also, some times the game gets a bit boring and just genuinely ragey if u know what I mean.

- Great

Great Great

- False advertising

All the adverts for this app show it as something completely different to what it actually is

- Good game

Good to play when I’m bored I’m never bored it doesn’t get rid of my boredom it’s just a good game and updates are so good I’ve heard of a review that said this game was bad but I think it is the best game ever so I’m giving it a five star rating is very good I really like it I think it’s the best game to play when ever.

- Awful

This game is not only painfully bad, it is completely false advertised. The game is not a thing like it is shown or promised to be, you think it will be a multi choice game when in actual fact it’s just a fat old nonce in his garden playing around with pots. Awful

- Need to fix bugs

This is a great game but every time the dog specific game pops up it then disappears and I can’t play for the extra bonuses. I have regularly updated the app when asked but this problem persists. Please fix. Many thanks.

- Worst game ever

Completely different game to the adverts, totally misleading and rubbish

- Annoyed

I have been playing this game for a while now and mostly love it! Recently I’ve been having a few problems with it. I have spent money on purchasing coins to complete levels, I have completed those levels only for the game to crash while it’s adding up the coins and bombs etc at the end 😠 When I load the game back up and start playing the next level, it takes me back to the start of the level that I’ve just spent coins on and completed. It’s normally a good game, but this is annoying me as it’s my money it’s taking.

- Need more power ups

Really entertaining game working through the gardens and opening up different rooms throughout the mansion however I am now stuck as you need power up to get through the mini games such a shame these are easier to obtain other than buying them and even then the prices are quite high NOT suitable for child as the temptation would be to buy more lives and power ups , however I’ll keep trying to get this level beaten without the power ups but it looks like at the moment that will be pretty impossible to do !!!

- Crashing

Constantly crashing all of sudden whenever trying to purchase packs ?

- Great game

Good all round game. May cause rage

- The ADS are NOT the game

What can I say, disappointed. The ads are there to hook you into a game which when downloaded, is nothing like the ads you saw. NOT EVEN THE SAME CONCEPT

- Great


- A rip off of candy crush and not what the ad shows

Why advertise a totally different game?

- The adds for the game

Now I love the game but I get adds for it everywhere but the adds are nothing like the game please fix them they can be very misleading but other than that great game

- READ THIS! FIX IT! Disappointed

So I started off amazed that I’d finally found a perfect game. Aesthetically pleasing, no ads, calming, fun to play, etc. Then at level 30 I realised every time you lose it takes a heart away, and it’s very difficult to earn enough coins to buy the hearts back. If you want to keep ANY players at all and stop everyone from deleting this game, I suggest you get rid of the losing hearts system. It makes the game unbeatable and ultimately frustrating to the point where it makes your blood boil. A lot of the time, completing a level depends on luck of where you can match the fruit. Sometimes, when you have limited moves, you know right from the start that you won’t make it just because all your matches are right at the top of the board. And then it takes a heart away! For being impossible!!! Honestly I hope you read these and you fix it pronto because I now have to wait ages for my hearts to fill back up and if it keeps happening I’ll have deleted the game by tomorrow. And it’s a real shame because it’s one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played. You’re shooting yourselves in the foot here!

- Misleading advert

Nothing like the advert

- Great

Really enjoying game. Very addictive and fun.

- Obviously fixed at times

Generally enjoy the game but have been unable to finish the renovation of any rooms in the house having been suspiciously stuck on ludicrously hard levels meaning I time out every time. An obvious money grabbing strategy. So unless you commit to regular in game spending you can expect to miss out on doing some of the really fun stuff. I think if it happens again on the next room renovation then this will drop to one star and the game will get deleted. Update....surprise surprise the start of the sunroom renovation coincides with a virtually impossible (without spending money) level. Money grabbing developers making this a thoroughly disheartening experience. Game to be deleted.

- Very confusing!!

I love the actual garden renovation game however there are a lot of additional extras that I do not want. In order to play the main garden renovation there are more additional games you must complete to get to the fun bit. This is very confusing and frustrating as I would just like to focus on the main game which is renovating the landscapes. I would only download this game if you are patient and willing to play lots of different games in one.

- Addictive

Their game is very addictive, but so much fun.

- 30 minutes and then it’s boring

You get stuck and will need to spend cash...

- Gardenscapes

I enjoy the game, but levels getting harder,also if you have bombs they like you to use them!same as your coins also on hard levels think you should get two stars !!! I think they like you to spend money on it

- Great game but too hard

Come on guys especially now while we are stuck at home stop making every level impossible! I have bought so many packs but every level is now so hard it’s taking weeks to do one, spending loads and missing all the rewards!!

- Too hard

Really like the game but the levels are getting impossible. Getting bored & frustrated now being stuck on a level for days and days. Not enjoyable - happy to spend a bit of money getting some boosters but am needing more and more so will probably stop playing as it’s a rip off. Such a shame.

- Good game good game

Love playing this game always something new to go for, you don’t need to spend loadstone progress if you don’t want to.

- What a rip-off

I am pretty open minded about games and don’t mind investing in something that improves quality of game play. This game only works with a succession of investment. What makes it so disappointing is how disingenuous it is because the narrative is so ‘fun’ and ‘light’, but it’s just a grind on your wallet. There is no skill, per se, even the ‘hints’ are designed to make you lose. Lastly, the ads are completely misleading. The disclaimers about it not being actual game play is an understatement. What a rip off.

- false advertising / poor man’s candy crush

downloaded this game as many adverts showed it to be completely different - the “freeze the spider” game. turns out that is a complete lie and the game is NOTHING as advertised. it’s just a worse version of candy crush. save yourself the time and effort and don’t bother downloading this. if you want a “swipe and match” style game, get candy crush instead. it’s infinitely better.

- Misleading

Nothing like the FB ad :(

- Fake and Spam

Your adverts are not even misleading, they are completely wrong. The nothing like the adverts. You are liers and scammers!! Games should be removed from the appstore!!! Should be 0 stars

- Misleading advert

Downloaded this game after watching the adverts with some very interesting puzzles. There aren’t any interesting puzzles just candy crush type games.

- Great game

Great game but I would love the chance to revisit and complete rooms that I haven’t been able to finish in the time limited challenges.

- Cannot progress pass level 19

I had seen many ads for this game is thought I’d give it a try. Was incredibly fun at first but quite soon after I find I cannot get further past level 19 because of not having enough coins to continue. The game clearly doesn’t give you enough moves to start off with making you spend more and more of your precious coins until it forces you to make a purchase just to get through one level. I have since deleted the game. Lives are utterly useless instead of giving us unlimited lives give us unlimited coins so we can actually progress though the levels. 😡😡😡 really un happy that I cannot progress further though the game.

- Crashes

Love the game but fed up with it keep on crashing. I have contacted the company who advised me to shut down the computer, which I did and it didn’t work. They then said delete the game and reinstall it. Again I did this but the game is still crashing. I play one of their other games and have no problem with that.


This is not the game that is advertised just a low budget candy crush !! DISAPPOINTED IS NOT THE WORD

- Disappointed

Very nice graphic but made the levels and everything else designed poorly just to get money.

- It makes u lose

So manny times i clicked it and it moove the wrong way. Also the recomendid moves are extremly distracting. Hence the reason i have deleated the game.


I have played this game on an off for a couple of years. There is no and I mean no skill to this game. You eventually will get stuck on on levels for long periods of time. They want your money to buy extra lives, special features etc. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. App owners need to get a grip.

- Deceptive advertising

Adverts about this game are nothing to do with the game.

- The best game everrr

Been playing this over a year, I’m over level 2500, helps with my anxiety, good for the brain and always fresh and new things to do so it never gets boring! My fav from the “scapes” range ;)

- Garding

Very good game

- Garden scape

Looks a good game just a shame it keeps crashing, can’t get past level 12 time to give up I think.

- Review

Truly boring... doesn’t allow people to use their own brains. Patronising and looking for more money zzzzz

- Not that satisfied

Hello, i love this game and have been playing it for a long long time but some levels are just really really hard, the ones not labelled hard or very hard is harder than the ones that are labelled! and some levels are so hard that it takes more than 10 times of playing it to make it a bit easier. i really love this game but if its really that hard, it makes me lose interest in it and want to stop playing it. I hope this is taken into account to make it a bit easier without using any boosters.

- Can rob you

This game is simple but fun and is good to play ..... when it is working ... to many times now I have crashed out on a lvl .. having used a few extras to get past a lvl .. the games crashes and goes back to the lvl have won before the crash .. you then have to redo the lvl at the loss of the extras you may have spent.... if you had paid real money to buy coins to complete a lvl and it crashes..... I can imagine that it is by a plane ticket time and. Go. Fill some one in For robbery!!

- Addictive

Very good

- Misleading previews

Hi I would like to know why you’re previews for this game show examples of escape scenarios by pulling rods or choosing an item to help escape or solve a puzzle. But once downloaded it’s nothing like it. All I have seen so far is a gem style game to win items for a garden or house. An you please change the previews to show the correct interpretation. I would live a game with just the escape, problem solving. Thanks

- Best Game Ever

I have downloaded this game and I am satisfied with it. I am happy there is a dog because I could call it my dog’s name and then it is endless fun. It is also satisfying when you use rainbow blast and other power ups plus I like the fact that you are able to customise your garden and how you even get the challenge throughout events and hard levels. I recommend downloading this game.

- Great game

Great game

- Beautiful but frustrating

I love this game but with each update the game has become glitchy and shuts down. When I complained to the developers they told me that my iPad was causing the shutdowns...not enough space, but I seem to play more complex games without any problem. The last shutdown lost my progress in the game and this update won’t even allow me to open the game. I now see that it’s not just my problem. Please fix it!

- Great game not so great in game updating the lvls

Like the game but don’t like doing missions n spending gold on them only to finish it and then be booted off the game and then when restart the game it puts u back on that mission but ur gold hasn’t been reimbursed not happy

- Flaps MaGee

Great way to pass the time whilst number 2ing.

- Crashing!!

Love this game but now keeps crashing.

- Fab

This game is Fab and I love the dog.

- Complaint

This game has become very unstable since the last update. It is not my device because Homescapes runs fine. The drop outs are costing me bonuses some of which I have paid for. Please have a look at this

- Disappointed ☹️

The first time I lost loads of coin that I had been awarded as part of team comp I thought it was a one off glitch. However, on several occasions when stuck on a level and I use lots of extra coins and win the level my game cuts out as the end of game and win is loading. When I re- open the game the win hasn’t registered but I still lose all the coins I used! I don’t have lots of money to spend on games but I do watch ads as part of contributing to the developers income. I have been a loyal player for quite a long time and find this dirty play!

- so bad

so bad After the update the program is closed

- No

Don’t get this game if you don’t have more than 1Gb RAM because it will drop out all the time 2 1/2 hrs on one level, yep I won’t be recommending it 😡. And when you pass levels, the game shuts down and you lost all your chest bonuses. Gave it one star because I don’t think I can give it zero

- irresponsive in Players problem

the app was nice but when you purchase items and got problem with it,it took forever to have it fix.

- Bad update

Since doing the update a week ago, I get kicked out of the game every ten seconds maybe can play for 1 minute then I get kicked out of the game, never had any problems prior to update

- Doesn’t give what it says

Very disappointed. We just won the gardeners league competition and it said the prize was 180000 coins and we won and it only gave us 6000 :(

- Great game but....

Hello I love this game I have gotten so far along in it but it keeps jumping out of the game app all the time please fix this.

- Game cutting out

I used to love playing this game up until a week ago. Now it keeps cutting out on me. I’m losing levels I have won and all my bombs discs and coins. I have contacted the support team and they have done nothing no contact. Get your act together support team we are the ones keeping you in a job. Until the problem is solved and you contact me I am no longer a player or customer

- extremely glitchy

Was a good game until it updated and now it glitches out and I lose my hearts and all my boosters. I have completed 10 levels glitch free and then all of a sudden it glitched out of the game and I lost all the 10 levels and have been trying to redo them but I can’t because it keeps glitching mid way throughout the game. I also nearly lost a level and spent 900 coins to receive an extra 5 lives but it glitches out so I lost all my money. To try and fix this problem I have deleted this app and restarted my phone but none of it worked. FIX IT NOW!!

- Deleted

I have been playing this game for years now up to level 3500 odd. I have just deleted it. After the most recent update the game crashes frequently. Most annoying when you have one a hard level used extra coins to win it and it crashes just before you get the star. I told the developers about this. Their response was to tell me to use a different device. No I won’t purchase a new device to play gardenscapes. Bye.

- Kicked out

Good game. Have been getting kicked out of the app sometimes mid level. Frustrating if you are using carry over features from previous levels, as you lose the feature when you reenter

- Latest update

Ever since the last update I haven't been able to open gardenscapes 😠😢

- Great game (usually)

Have always enjoyed the challenges even though some have been mind jarringly, excruciatingly hard.... HOWEVER this last update has caused problems, when I finish a level, the game keeps shutting down and I have lost what progress it would have given me. Plz fix as I would hate to have to delete what I have considered to be a very good game

- :)&:(

Very fun game but it has WAY to many quests and some are ridiculously pointless 😐

- Gameplay crashes

I LOVE this game (I’m on level 1273) and it’s worth more stars BUT the game has been crashing a lot (iPad mini2), mostly at the end of a level and I have to replay that level again. Sometimes I use boosters which I have paid for and of course I don’t get them back again!

- False advertising

Nothing like the ads I’ve been bombarded with on Snapchat and instagram literally don’t know how they are aloud to put the ads up. Just a rip off of candy crush

- Annoyed

I play this game a lot but there is something seriously wrong at the moment the game keeps shutting down for no reason my internet connection is good so I do not understand why. Because of this problem I have lost rounds an boosters that I have bought when I collected my gold reserve. Please fix the problem.

- Constant crashes after the latest update.

Has been fun, but after the last update crashes after nearly every game.

- Crashing

Love this game but newest update has caused frequent crashing. Please fix asap.

- Seriously Annoying

Love this game but the new update is really annoying. It keeps shutting down for no reason whenever I beat a level and it’s random luck if it registers the win or if I have to do it again.

- Wow

What a great game

- Love the game

Really love this game and agree with a previous reviewer that I would be great if you could see other people’s gardens, even if just the members of your team.

- Great game

I enjoy this game very much. Nothing to complain about.

- Always crash in iphone 6

Why this game always crash on my iphone 6? Is it the game not supported on this system ?

- Update

I LOVE the game. So fun and there’s a purpose to it, very enjoyable just wish there was a way to skip levels you are stuck on! I have been stuck on a level for the past few days and if I don’t get through it soon, I will probaly end up deleting the game!

- Great


- Game itself is good but......

I’m on level 5758 and have been playing for a long time but for the last couple of weeks I’ve found that the game shuts down half way through a sene and you loose any extras you accumulate and makes you start from the beginning (which ultimately costs you money) Also the extra 4 day game is not worth the prize so I’ve decided that I’m going to stop playing and warn others of the ripoff.

- after upgrade app always down

i used to really love this game and play this game for 3hours everyday but after upgrade allways app down when i playing thats really make me annoying and my phone no issue at all i still have iCloud strage space !! hopelly will be okay 👏

- Please fix the bugs

I love this game, I have been playing it for years now. With the latest updates the game keeps crashing over and over again making it hard to keep playing. Please fix this.

- Latest update

The latest update has glitches in it, I have passed levels and glitches at end and takes anything you used like coins and blasts and doesn’t give you the completed level. I have gotten to the same spot in a level and it just keeps glitching... I give up.

- Just keeps crashing since last update

Have never had an issue until last update and I’m on level 1775. Crashes after completing levels and progress doesn’t get saved. Then have to re do levels and waste power ups and coins to complete. Needs fixing ASAP because it’s getting really annoying, almost once every 2 or 3 levels

- Not like the adds

Fun game but not like the adds. I’d say it was pretty misleading , the same thing with Fishdom. You try it out because of the adds and then the game is nothing like it

- Keeps Crashing aaaaaahhhhh!!!!

I really enjoy playing this game but since the last update I’ve completed level and then it crashed... which meant I had to do it again...only for it to crash again and then again. I completed the level 3 times but because it crashed I’m still at that same level. Fix it please...otherwise what’s the point of playing

- It’s very good game

I had no problem till now the game keep freezing and crashing I can’t finish levels keep crashing, I deleted and I installed still have the problem plz help fix

- Frustrated

Was loving the game now it continually keeps dropping out and you lose your wins very frustrating

- Love this game

I have been playing this game for 3years so far and it is just so addictive! I love all the characters and their stories. The game is just amazing and is the best game ever to kill my time.

- Enjoyable

I have been playing this game for about a year and enjoy it very much. But, these competitions with the gold ticket seem almost impossible as some other events. It doesn’t need to be that hard.

- Crashes

Keeps crashing since the last update. Very annoying specially when you use a boost, win the game then crash only to return you to previous game and take the boost. Too frustrating now. Thanks for the memories

- Crashes

Keeps crashing since the last update. Very annoying specially when you use a boost, win the game then crash only to return you to previous game and take the boost. Too frustrating now. Thanks for the memories

- Irritating glitches

On level 1468, I’ve won this difficult level three times now and each time, the second the game is won it glitches and when I restart the app doesn’t recognise that level completed. Not sure I’ll bother going a third time as these glitches seem to becoming more frequent since the last upgrade. Numerous times I’ve had to redo levels previously won. Had enjoyed the game up to this point and have an amazing garden but this app needs fixing pronto.

- Clever

...and entertaining!

- Great game

I love playing this game and it’s very challenging but too hard to pass levels now I am in the mid 3000s. It’s taking a lot of the enjoyment and relaxing playing out of it when you are stuck for so long. Also I am suspicious that more money is being taken out than purchasing. It is putting me off purchasing anymore, as no one wants to feel ripped off.

@jinaanuttt i forgot what level i was at before i stopped playing 😩 maybe around 600 ? but gardenscapes is so much…

Eu não consigo parar de jogar gardenscapes

@winnie_the_earp I’ve been playing a lot of Fishdom, Gardenscapes, and June’s Journey lately. I also like Pipe Art sometimes.

to jogando gardenscapes aaaaaa

Amca gerçekten Gardenscapes oynuyor

Another day. Another fucking gardenscapes level. Stuck.

I beat the stupid hard as heck level!! GardenScapes game!!! money paid to play. I am stubborn and frugal w…

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Gardenscapes 4.2.2 Screenshots & Images

Gardenscapes iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Gardenscapes iphone images
Gardenscapes iphone images
Gardenscapes iphone images
Gardenscapes iphone images
Gardenscapes iphone images
Gardenscapes iphone images
Gardenscapes ipad images
Gardenscapes ipad images
Gardenscapes ipad images
Gardenscapes ipad images
Gardenscapes ipad images
Gardenscapes ipad images
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Gardenscapes (Version 4.2.2) Install & Download

The applications Gardenscapes was published in the category Games on 2016-08-25 and was developed by Playrix [Developer ID: 1162116447]. This application file size is 360.27 MB. Gardenscapes - Games posted on 2020-03-04 current version is 4.2.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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