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Welcome to Gardenscapes! Rake your way through a storyline full of unexpected twists to restore a wonderful garden to its former glory!

Embark on an adventurous journey: beat match-3 levels, restore and decorate different areas in the garden, get to the bottom of the secrets it holds, and enjoy the company of amusing in-game characters, including Austin, your butler! What are you waiting for? Build your dream garden!

The game features:
● Unique gameplay: swap and match, restore and decorate the garden, and enjoy a novel storyline—all in one place!
● Hundreds of unique match-3 levels
● Dozens of in-game characters you can make friends with
● A lovely pet that is always there to cheer you up
● An in-game social network you can use to keep up on all the latest
● Different areas in the garden with unique structures: broken fountains, mysterious mazes, and many more
● A community that comes first—become neighbors with your Facebook friends!

Gardenscapes is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device's "Restrictions" menu.

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Gardenscapes App Description & Overview

The applications Gardenscapes was published in the category Games on 2016-08-25 and was developed by Playrix Games. The file size is 275.62 MB. The current version is 3.0.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Ho ho ho! Here comes a festive new Gardenscapes update!

Enjoy a holiday event in mid-December!
- Earn bells you can exchange to get festive decorations from Andy Tanner!
- Get a holiday mansion design by completing a collection of decorations!

A new chapter of the storyline
- Furnish an area for a family of adorable rabbits!
- Recreate the atmosphere of chivalry with the Lady of the Lake, a sword in the stone, and a dragon.

New in match-3
- A new element: Piñatas. Make matches next to them to break them and scatter the candy they contain on the field!
- A new element: Rubber Ducks. Make make matches next to them in time to get power-ups and other useful elements.

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Gardenscapes Reviews


I don’t pay for games!  KaraTaylor  1 star

I love love love this game I’ve had it for awhile now and I’ve deleted it and reinstalled it so many times. It is a great game but the levels that are “hard” are basically impossible, UNLESS YOU BUY IN GAME PACKAGES!! I just want to be able to get pass lvl 300.... I’ve been in it for almost a month and I’m about to just delete the game for good, which I would hate doing because it is really fun.


It’s ok  Lilone65  4 star

I’ve been trying to watch the video for free coins but it keeps going back to the original screen and I can’t get my coins, also it would be nice to see what my friends are doing in their garden..


Barb  Babakado  2 star

It’s a fun game but there are too many “other” things that you have to besides build a a new smoke detector, a dog, fix things that you just built...Just stick to building the garden PLEASE!


I’m addicted!!!  Yellachickk  5 star

I love this game! It’s more then a matching games each level is a challenge to get the next start to renovate the next area. By far my favorite game


Game  lkjh89&  4 star

I enjoy it but some of the games seem way too hard unless you pay for bonus items which you can’t do. Otherwise fun game


Fun but good to be patient  mrjoeterrace  5 star

Can be an exercise in frustration sometimes, but overall very fun and challenging.


Soooo much fun 😄  Margo2001  5 star



Rigged  EGGBABY012  1 star

It’s rigged to a point where you have to buy power ups.


Wow  draganaaaaa  5 star

It’s very nice


Love this game  tlr1462  5 star

Love this game!! I just think that 900, 1200, 2000, etc coins is too much to continue a level.


Gardenscapes  Lmg71  5 star

I thoroughly enjoy this game all the different areas cool characters Would love the chance to get a few extra bombs etc otherwise keep up good work. Fun game


Gardenscapes  myoneisbeautiful  5 star

Love this game.


You haven’t crashed just yet  Cantjinxunderaroof  5 star

Started this game on a whim early last year and found it quite fun, entertaining and even a little addictive. Since then the updates have been great, they’ve added extra competitions to participate in with exciting prizes. I often see mobile games like this try too hard to create something more interactive and current but it just ends up more irritating, but that’s not the case with GardenScapes. They’ve managed to keep the basic foundation of the game we love and ad fun new features. For a future update: the ability to ad someone as a friend: view their garden and participate in events with them making it more competitive rather than against a random person. Thank you for the excellent work, keep going !


Good game  lettylily  4 star

The game is really good but we had to restart the game because the iPad wasn’t working at the time, and we were on level 14 hundred 🤬 ahhhhhhhh. Now I am on 707


Fantastic game  Beverly🐏  5 star

I just wish you would release more levels each week.


Bias  Noirdude  5 star

Am level 2100 Algorithms become very rigged. Bombs vanish buoys don’t disappear when hit, rainbow wheels appear in worse place most times. Great game but too rigged now. Will retire st 2400 once all first gardens are completed.


Also game  Homeandaway1989  5 star

Awesome game


Addictive much?  Cathgdjh  4 star

Entertain8ng and addictive.

ms tin tin

Fantastic  ms tin tin  5 star

I really love this game I couldn’t stop playing it


A bit annoying  Mari_nicknametaken  1 star

I play this game to do tasks and build a garden. If I wanted to play a hard level candy crush I would just play candy crush. So frustrating how hard it can be to get stars to actually build the garden and do the tasks. I can’t really be bothered anymore. Sometimes it just feels like the game is trying to make you lose as things don’t move in the direction you swiped them to. Bombs seem to have different effects at different times. I just want to relax, and quickly go through the levels just so I can get stars to build the garden, but this seems like an annoying saga. Hey have 5 tasks to accomplish, need 10 stars, but can’t seem to pass enough levels go make it happen. Again - in the game to build a garden. Not to play candy crush with fruits instead.


Addicting  mj868  5 star

‘Nuff said


Review  hughbonner  5 star

Enjoying the challenge and creating the garden


Never Ever Deleting This App, But One Improvement Needed.  Ndnddsdnndjdbdjdhdh  5 star

I have had this game for MONTHS and it is SO MUCH FUN! But can you at least have another dog in the game? I know we already have one, but what if someone had two dogs in real life and they wanted both in the game. That couldn't happen. And what if your dog in Gardenscapes is lonely and you can't buy another dog. It would make the dog really upset and sad because it can't have a friend just like him or her. This is why I think Gardenscapes is the best, but I still think that more dogs are only one improvement that HAS to be done.

Irish Momma of 2 Irish Boys

Ongoing fun game...  Irish Momma of 2 Irish Boys  4 star

I’m honestly addicted to Gardenscapes, as well as Homescapes! Every and any “free” time I have (after being a mom and wife 1st of course 😂), I spend it playing these 2 games! They’re honestly the only games I do play on my phone...I’ve played many others but after a couple weeks they tend to get deleted because they all get too boring but not these “...Scapes” games! I’ve been going back & 4th (after losing my lives 😉) with these 2 for a couple months and still very much enjoy the games! The ONLY 2 issues I do have with the games is that I wish they would give us more ‘moves’ with the “hard/harder” levels, as well as higher coin rewards, in order to buy more lives when all used! Aside from that..these games are so much fun...I even put a few people onto these games!

sun bay

Stuck outside  sun bay  4 star

A fun game. The one issue I have is I’m in level 700 and been out in the yard forever. I would like to see more of the inside.


Decor Catalog ??  st6865  4 star

When will new collections be coming out? I’m stuck on the monument area but I’ve opened new areas since then.


Disappointed  MariaRiver  3 star

Enjoy the game, but was surprised when I realized the extra lives I had saved disappeared. Used them sparingly as needed, but now have to purchase. Will play less now I guess.

Miss Nay889

Has me up all night...  Miss Nay889  5 star

I love this game, this is my go to game and has me up all night. After a long stressful day at work I come Home relax and play this game until I fall asleep sometimes ☺️

A. D. Palmer

Addictive  A. D. Palmer  5 star

Very addictive game.


Love the game but please help with the issue  xzena11  5 star

Love the same it got a new phone and the game board is just black it won’t let me play

finnkids 🤪

It’s very hard  finnkids 🤪  4 star

I used to play this game a lot but now I haven’t played for a couple of months ,it’s just too hard ! Please make it easier . Otherwise it’s a brilliant game , really addictive, in a good way


Gardenscapes  isgsiafaba  1 star

The levels are way too hard and I hate this game


Great game  veralopes  5 star

I love this game the only downside is the amount of coins you need to refill you lives.


Addicted 😂🤣  tra,,cath  4 star

I absolutely love the game but it’s so long for lives and updates apart from that can’t say much bad 😍


Great game  ❤Ana❤  4 star

Really enjoy game. Only thing I dislike is that we have have to use up our free unlimited lives straight away. Would like it if there was an option to use our earned lives when we have the time.


Great  Rolo-60😜  4 star

I think this app is really good but the levels are really hard to beat 🤔


Rip Off  Fuguv  1 star

Levels are too hard without needing in app purchases - too expensive to play

Basanti Erika

Updating the game is not free anymore???  Basanti Erika  5 star

Game is great I’m level 1346 but now it costs to update the game was free before....


Long term player  PouPandou  4 star

I play this game for a long time now. I’m on 1500+level and I can say that prices are too high, and sometimes it gets frustrating, but it’s good to have to wait so you don’t spend all day playing it. But at the same time there are some unfair aspects. Like when you finish the level and you can get the color booster but you don’t get it because you finished the level, or when you have to make pink flowers to finish the level but when you finish the level and the rest of the moves exploding it doesn’t charge them to appear on the board. Which is not really realistic. I also wish some more events or at least bigger variety of them could happen in the game. Since sometimes it gets boring to do the same thing. Extra levels would be fun, something like dog training. Just my opinion. :) but yeah overall I like the game. Never deleted it, just like I do other games :D

Christina Rickard

Used to be great  Christina Rickard  1 star

This used to be a great game.... until I got to the highest level. Now they only produce 25 new levels every week. They give you a treasure chest to be playing whilst you’re waiting for the new levels. But they use all the hard levels and one level takes your whole 5 lives. Sometimes I have to use 20 lives just to get past one level. Also, they just had their second birthday and they didn’t do a special event. Very disappointed considering the amount of money that I spend on this game. I ain’t wasting anymore money.

Gardenscapes Comments

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