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What is fishdom app? Never Fishdomed before? Then take a deep breath and dive into an underwater world of match-3 fun!

Engage in challenging and fun match-3 gameplay with unique twists as you decorate tanks to create cozy homes for your lovely fish. Feed them, play with them, and watch them interact with each other. Hey, your finned friends are waiting for you—SO DIVE IN NOW!

● Unique gameplay: swap and match, design and decorate, play with and take care of fish—all in one place!
● Hundreds of challenging and fun match-3 levels
● Explore an exciting aquatic world with amusing 3D fish, each of which has its own personality, that you'll be excited to meet!
● Fish tanks you can liven up with breath-taking underwater decor
● Amazing graphics all yours once you grab your scuba mask
● Buddy-diving time: play with your Facebook friends!

Please note! Fishdom is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device’s Restrictions menu.

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App Name Fishdom
Category Games
Updated 15 January 2024, Monday
File Size 237.53 MB

Fishdom Comments & Reviews 2024

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Fun… for a cost. I’m probably going to play this for a little longer, so don’t let me discount the addictive nature of this game. I’d have quit if i wasn’t being amused. That being said, the fact that it’s a naked cash grab isn’t lost on me. Some levels are simply unwinnable without a “boost”. Don’t believe me? I hit roughly level 1100 and every other level is “super hard” or a “challenge” ( that you cannot opt out of…). I spent $50 for this little experiment, so I’m sure some PR guy will reply that no level is unbeatable, but when you win based off of spending, right? So, when the app feels you haven’t spent enough, you get all the levels you can’t win without a boost. And it directly correlates to how much you spend! I had my wife just in this as a control. As soon as I spent $50, I got about 20 levels that were “easy”, whereas she didn’t spend anything and got slammed on those same levels. So we remade the accounts and got to where the app wants you to spend money. This time, she dropped a $20 and got half as many “easy” levels, while I got slammed. Basic idea, they made a fun game that makes it too easy to spend money, and that’s the point. They didn’t make this out of generosity. I’m getting annoyed by the fact that I don’t want to spend $20 a day so my time in Fishdom may be ending soon, but I’ll never fault it for a lack of entertainment value.

Money scam. The game is really fun. That’s why I gave 2 stars. I read reviews that everything costs money. But what money you put into it only lasts a short time. Twice I bought the gold pass. Once it lasted 4 days. And the last time it lasted 1 day. The diamonds you earn are put into a bank that you have to purchase. Or you can buy diamonds that last for a short time. The game cheats. The games almost win so you have to spend diamonds to continue. Also the power ups are placed either where they don’t make a difference or together where both are exploded at once instead of spread out. They also get put where the oil covers them and when the oil is cleared it is not there. This is power ups that I even purchased. I have been playing for about a month and have spent close to $100. This game is addictive and you think you can get ahead but you’re always needing to spend money to keep going. Also when you move a gem or power up it doesn’t always move where you place it, costing you the game, so you have to spend diamonds to continue. It is endless. This game is all about making money and a lot of money. You should be able to purchase a one time fee for continued play. Or there should be a limit. I am deleting this game. It is giving me anxiety and costing me too much money.

It would have been 5 stars except. Greed!!! The further you progress the more deliberate it gets requiring money to proceed. My Christmas tank is pathetic only because I wouldn't spend anymore money on extras so that I could proceed. I've spent a lot of money on this game & I was ok with it because it was a great game & worth the fun I was getting out of it. The higher I got the more I noticed the deliberate ways it was obviously not going to let me advance. When you have to pop the bubbles to complete the level & I had 10 or more moves left to get my last bubble yet there weren't any bubbles on the board until I reached my last 2 moves left & one drops not giving me any chance to get it. This has happened to me many times not just with bubbles, but the sqiuds as well. So how can people higher up the ladder get the needed levels completed to earn the bells & dress up our holiday tanks when it takes hours if not days to complete the harder levels as you progress into the levels 200 & higher. So yes this used to be a great game, now however I have no interest when all I can do is play 5 times before having to close it down & wait it out for 5 more unless I spend more money for another 5 minutes of play. It's sad because I really did enjoy playing it an even spending money on it until I realized I was spending more then the pleasure I was getting out of it.

1000 levels ago I would give 5. I like the game a lot. I have the same complaint as others. You get stuck on levels and sometimes they are impossible to beat until the level gives you cheats. Don’t spend money often because you don’t get much for spending money. Maybe I just don’t have the skills to beat some levels but I chose this game for that reason. I like puzzles but don’t like spending a lot of time figuring them out if that makes sense. I’m on level 1300 so I guess I can’t be that bad at puzzles. My point is a lot of days I can’t really enjoy the game because I can’t spent a lot of money on it and won’t but miss being able to enjoy mindless playing and fun decorating. Maybe they could make a playing mode for people who want a big challenge. Then again if it’s random and or the developer has made levels unbeatable until you have no lives or cheats I think they should reconsider that. I’d probably pay if I got more for what I’m buying because I’ll play for hours sometimes when it’s easy. I’m having a good time! My bank won’t let me go down that dark road if I’m not going to win after paying. Actually come to think of it as I write this I am pretty frustrated with the game lol.

This is a note for my mom!. Ok, so this is my mom’s daughter writing to the Fishdom creators! I don’t play this game but my mom does and she really likes it, but she haven’t played in a while because she has grownup work to do, well my mom was really wanting to play and this royal looking fish who claims himself as Henry the fish, he offered my mom if she wanted to try to beat five levels in one try that she would be worthy for the throne, she accepted his offer and their was a green arrow pointing to a button but the arrow is to close to the button and it’s blocking the button so she can’t click it, she try’s completely closes the game and comes back and declines Henry the fish’s offer but the arrow was still trying to make her click it and it made it were nothing was clickable, so now my mom doesn’t know what to do and she can’t play it but she really wants to. And I thought me and my brother’s games were the only ones with glitches because I got more because me and my brother are kids! My dad and mom only have really one game that they play. Anyways, I’m getting off the point! Please oh please fix it! I love watching my mom play! please do this just for my mom!! Ok that’s all I wanted to say, BYEEEE!!! 😃

Cost too much to win. I love playing this game. I have spent much more money than I ever should have on it to try to win challenges and aqua tasks. I have reached the higher levels now. My biggest issue is when I have to “wait for new level” and can only “look for treasure”. I do not like it because I can’t gain ticket and any bombs or extra lightning boosters are voided as soon as I clear the board. This amazingly seems to happen when I’m close to winning the challenges against other players (collect pearls, lightning bolts etc..). If the makers of this game want us to keep playing, levels should be available or at least allow us to use up remaining boosters and collect tickets after clearing a board. It takes a ridiculously long time to collect the tickets that we need to purchase special fish. I also do not like that we can only win gems with completion of challenges. I can purchase the highest amount of gems won cheaper than paying to win the challenges!! I have deleted this app before. If I delete again, I will not reinstall it! I have deleted this game again. It costs too much for a “free” game. You cannot win in higher levels without buying boosts. What’s more, I removed my credit card profile and won’t let me play this “free game” without one being on file! If it’s “free”, why do I need a credit card on file to play it?!?!

Terrible. I hate this game. I dowloaded it. Then deleted it. Then downloaded it for this review and am deleting it after this. In the ads it makes it look so fun. Let me tell you why you shouldn’t download this game. 1. False advertising. In the ads it either looks like a pull pin game or a highest value fish wins game. THIS IS NOT TRUE!! This game is the over-used match-three with an aquarium filled with butt-kissing fish twist. Doesn’t that sound fun! Sarcasm. All the fish say are “You’re so awesome!” Or “I want a new friend but I know you can do it!” They are just annoying and unnecessary. Now let’s move on to the actual game. 2. The game overall is stupid. Oh boy. You have to collect a certain amount of things and break a certain amount of things. Most of the time it doesn’t even actually break or get collected. They make it so hard to get boosters and the boosters are usually useless. So frustrating. Not only that hut levels are either ridiculously easy or ridiculously hard. There is no in-between. 3. Minigames. I’ve actually played for about two months and in that time I got one minigame. Only one. It was also very easy and boring. I’m not going to stop you but don’t waste your time on this game. Please don’t make the same mistake as me. So many games are better than this. This is going to sound like I’m a bot, which I’m not but I actually recommend Disney’s Emoji Blitz which is better than this, even if it’s a low bar. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS TERRIBLE GAME.

Gold Pass Price Increase. I’ve always given great reviews on this game. If it’s not enough that you guys charge for every single thing this game offers.. you go up on the Gold Pass an entire 2 bucks!!! That is an insane increase…. And those of us who are at high levels like myself know that it is nearly impossible to beat a level without extra lives & boosters, this is a slap in the face. I am ashamed to say how much money I already spend on this game. That 2.00 increase has shown me one thing, you guys are money hungry and do not care about your customers/gamers; because you have to be making a killing and it’s still not enough. Well I wont be buying those, at nearly level 8,000 I think you guys have taken enough of my money. I’ll find another game that doesn’t come with price increases and less freebies ever download. I mean EVERY download. You guys even took the diamonds away from the mini games and changed them to tickets… it’s not the same game I started playing a few years ago and I think it’s time for me to move on. I hate this, for not only me, but you guys as well. I noticed that a lot of my teammates don’t even play any more. I jump from team to team and everyone is either rarely playing or just have completely stopped, and this is why. There are too many free games you can play and enjoy; without these ridiculous prices.

Mixed Feelings. So much fun, but really expensive to play! I love the graphics of this game and the challenge but it is really hard to beat levels. I usually end up paying to play longer. When you do pay you go through the credits fast and as you progress through rounds things get more and more expensive, in terms of fun aquarium supplies to buy, and they take longer and require more credits/money to acquire them. Kudos to the developers for creating such a fun game and I’m all for getting paid what you deserve but when I play and pay, I hate feeling like I’m just paying a bunch of greedy people. It does taint my enjoyment of this game. This could be such a fun game for kids, most of whom, I’m sure can not afford to play this game! Too bad! Lastly, but gladly, as I come to the end of the game, I can use the money I spent on this game monthly towards a new car payment or two. If you are interested in feedback, maybe lighten up on the difficulty or the cost, or both, you might find you’ll make more money in the long run. Other than all that I’ve really enjoyed the premise and graphics and maneuverability of the game! It’s one of the good ones!

Fun, but too stingy with rewards. An enjoyable match 3 game, but way too stingy with rewards; takes forever to earn enough to fill your fish tank, and so miserly with handing out gems you may as well forget about it. I hate the timed levels, you basically just have to keep playing them until you hit a turn that drops enough bombs to just randomly blow up all the tiles because there's just no time for studying the grid and planning a strategy. You need patience for this game, or else be prepared to spend lots of real coin in order to keep playing and advancing levels. GET RID OF THE TIMER! Update: Now into the levels above 800. The game has only gotten worse. Now some levels have individual time bombs in the squares that you must take out before they count down and end the game before you're even out of turns. More and more it has become a matter of just taking turns until the level wins itself by dropping enough power-ups to complete the round. I'm getting very close to deleting the app entirely. Another update: The game is actually CHEATING! For the last FIVE GAMES IN A ROW I have been left with nothing but one or two squid to capture, and the game simply stopped issuing new squid! I even used up my gems buying extra turns to clear this level, but still no squid popping up until after last turn has been played! That’s the last straw. Deleting now.

Best Matching Game. Out of all the matching games I have played this one is by far the best one I’ve ever played. One of the only matching games that looks like and follows the ads. The mini games are fun and unique and add a different experience to the gameplay. Not to mention all the beautiful layouts for the Fishdom. I love how you can add unique fish, and they’ve even detailed the fish to have their own personality! How cute is that hahaha. This game is very engaging and fun, it’s hard for me to put down. I love how they don’t push in-app purchases like other games. All your rewards come from your gameplay and patience. However the decorations are endless. You can even feed your fish! Im selecting layouts that my fish think of which helps add to your fishes happiness and helps put stars on your aquariums. There’s even special themes as you play through each aquarium with matching decorations. I would only suggest that your fishes carry over to the next aquarium, because for me, it would help save coins so you don’t have waist time and coins buying the same fish. It can get costly seeing I was only able to add 4 fish to my first aquarium. Having to start over is pretty hard. But other than that, nice work !!

Deleted. So many disappointments. Finally just deleted it at Level 1600 something. First, the game they advertise with is not the game you actually play. You think you are going to guide the fish through obstacles to a goal. Nope. It’s a matching levels game. Virtually the same game over and over with a few variations. I really loved the squid and the seals games. Really, really hated the oil levels. And then you can “decorate” tanks that you unlock with coins you “earn.” You generally have 3 tanks you are building at a time. You would expect levels to get harder and you understand the game wants you to spend money. I didn’t spend any money. Without making purchases, you will have to stay at the same level, even as long as a day or two, but they let you get to the point where you just need ONE MORE turn to win the level and move on. This happens regularly and I realize they want you to make purchases. I’d rather buy a game outright than be manipulated to make in-app purchases. Ultimately, the reason I deleted the game is I don’t like the constant manipulation. If you don’t mind making a lot of in-app purchases, you will probably enjoy this app. It’s a good game, but definitely rigged to make you want to spend money to move from harder levels.

Okay not great, basically a subpar candy crush. I downloaded it based on the ads. The ads show a lot of different puzzles that looked interesting, however that’s only a tiny part of it. You’d think that if that’s how they were advertising the game they’d make it more part of the game? But instead they’re just mini games you play every 30 or so levels. And they’re so easy. Like basically just click on the fish that has the higher number, no strategy or anything. It feels very much like they were added as an after thought. The main part of the game is the matching and even that leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to mechanics. They have a power up that gets rid of all of the same color but when you swipe it with another power up, it doesn’t do anything special just activates the bomb but leaves the lightning power up there. The other thing that bothers me is how the pieces fall, like if you have two blue shells in a column, and two more fall on it, it hits one at a time. So instead of having 4 and getting a rocket power up. The first blue shell hits, clears the 3 and then you have a single left over blue shell. The events they add actually are fun, and buying stuff for the fish tank is cute but I’m not sure it makes up for the let down of the mini games or being a subpar candy crush.

I loved this game, but it is losing my interest. I thought this was a great game, but the farther I get in the levels, the less I get to play. It is so hard to win with it taking days sometimes to get through a level now that I am at Level 393. There is no control of where to put the bonus pieces you earn, they just get dropped into spots where you had a great move you could have made. It is hard to earn bonuses. I move a piece to do one thing, and it does something I didn’t ask it to do. I have not paid for anything yet, so that is probably why it doesn’t want me to win much. The worst part is after you get to play a few times, when you lose, it kicks you out of the game not allowing you to play for sometimes as long as 30 minutes!!! You also can earn 30 minutes of a help, like the bombs, then three minutes later, you get timed out for 30 minutes since you lost a half dozen times. You can’t choose when to use an hour you may have earned so if it is late in the night, you just lose the time. I have never played a game that was so sparse on rewards. The other thing is I like being on a team, but I am pretty useless when I can’t win a level during the days the competition is taking place. I guess if this game wants me to play other games more that won’t time me out so fast and for so long, then they are succeeding. I do love the aquarium and the fish, but that can only go so far with helping me stick with this game.

The fish are entertaining at first. It wears off.. I have had a few problems with this game in the past and support did not seem to be working, but eventually they resolved the issue of disappearing aquariums and coins. It took so long I got out of the habit of playing. I still play when I have time on my hands. Happening more often now so I am appreciating it again right now. Haven’t had any problems in quite some time so don’t know about support now. Guess as long as you’re not having a problem everything is good. I am not as interested in the process of decorating the aquariums and watching the fish, but they are still cute. Other reviews have stated this game is aimed at bilking you for money and I have to agree with that, but they all are. Still, you CAN play it without spending money for "diamonds & coins.” The further you go the more frequently you have no moves available at all or your available moves allow NO progress toward completing the level. When there are no moves, the pieces reshuffle, sometimes after one move it is back to no moves, reshuffles, repeats the cycle again and again. That totally kills my enjoyment of the quit and go on to something else. I still like the look of this game, but as I said before it’s mostly just okay for passing time.

so much fun it’s addictive!. Its so much fun ti okay and easy but also hard takes my mind of my chronic pain and helps keep my mind sharp on days I’m sick while I can’t play when I have migraines (which is a few days a week), I haven’t lost a fish from starvation yet! And I really enjoy how each game has different objectives & I enjoy being in a team where u can help others as well as her help yourself. The fish are unique & you get to decorate each aquarium different themes. I do not like how you can’t move to a new aquarium until you earn so many points which has nothing to do with your game performance or the points you score but about how well you Decorate your aquarium and even that has nothing to do with the amount spent but rather a 3rd type pok t system imo it should be on you spend X amount of $ in decorations to move on not the fish happiness points which took me until I unlocked 3 aquariums to figure out! & giving lives to friends on your team is awesome but at 1st I didn’t realize that a team member’s request for lives didn’t require me to give them one of m lives but rather a coin donation and I still have some things I can’t figure out even with the instructions and tutorials so a more detailed instruction or Q&A is needed.

Game is very costly but very additive. I truly enjoy this game and honestly wish that you could have unlimited play for free. The free play should not be limited to five games at a time, but should be unlimited. As long as you want to play and if you want to purchase extras then I can understand being charged for the extra advantages that you pay for in order to help you exceed in your levels quicker. Also the plants and fish that you purchase I could understand if those cost money for the more expensive ones. However for the little plants and cheaper fish they should be able to be earned after playing and winning x amount of games and you should not have to pay to open a bank of coins that you earned during your game play. That’s unreasonable in my opinion, because if you choose to purchase a package that allows you to earn the coins faster. You are being charged to earn the coins and then to use them! That’s double dipping and honestly pretty greedy on the game makers part, in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, as I definitely love this game, but I cannot afford this game! Not to mention you have to leave your older fish aquarium’s behind after you have earned the stars and gained entry to new aquariums and you cannot go back and feed the fish you have left behind.

Made it Impossible to Win without Spending Money. I loved playing this game…for about 5000 levels. One day I decided to spend $1.99 twice in a row to beat a challenging level somewhere in the 5000s. After that, it became impossible to win even some of the easier levels. They cut my number of moves down by about half of what others are getting. When I have asked them to look into why my moves were decreased, the customer service “representative” (Inessa) gives me the same canned response each time. Then she asks for examples…I have provided many examples. There are levels where it is not even possible to win with the number of moves given. Inessa said the reason I have less moves is because I am playing a newer version than others. I think the developer got greedy and just wants more money. I’m not giving it to them. I’m now up to the mid 7000 level but I have to save up explosives and gather diamonds for days and days to beat the levels because they lowered my number of moves. I used to win tournaments and there was strategy to winning a level. It was fun. Now, I have to wait until the game decides it wants me to win and then it creates tons of explosives so I win the level. I’m lucky if I win 5 levels a week! Enjoy while you can when you are first playing, but be aware that they will change the game on you and are looking for a money-grab.

WARNING! Please Read!. So, I’ve been playing Fishdom for a while, and I think it’s a great game! Puzzles, challenges, and you even get to keep your own fish in an aquarium! But this is when I started getting annoyed, so there is this challenge, where you get one try on three different puzzles, and they were really hard and only one out of 10 people got it right! Well, I got one of the puzzles right, and got a bunch of different rewards, like fire crackers, time bombs, regular bombs, and infinity life for two hours! And then after I beat the level they gave me a choice, and there were two buttons, and it said quit and claim reward, or continue playing. And, I decided, since I didn’t want to push my luck, to press quit and claim reward, But then it gave me a little note, and it read, are you sure you want to quit? You won’t get a chance to earn more rewards! And so, I decided to press continue playing to get more rewards, and then guess what? I lost the puzzle, and didn’t get any rewards! They took them all away! So in the end I didn’t get any rewards at all! But otherwise great game! I just Think that even though I lost the second puzzle, but one of the first puzzle I should still get the rewards that I got from the first puzzle! That’s why I’m angry! I’m still keeping the game because it’s because Fishdom is a great game! I just think they should make some changes but otherwise great game just a couple tweaks need to be fixed…

Fishdom. Nice game; addictive 😃 The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because you try a level over and over and end up buying or using gems for the extra moves to beat it; meanwhile you earn the bombs you needed (in the first place) when you continue playing that level (with gems) and you can't save those bombs when you finish the level. These bombs would have been nice having in the first place (maybe you wouldn't have needed those extra moves); so you actually spend gems and forfeit bombs that you just bought or earned just at the end when you lost the level BUT you can't use for the next level to win and you're right back where you started... you need bombs & you're not going to pass that next level unless you gems to get those few extra moves needed to win. It would also be nice if we could replay previous levels for coins to buy new items or fish for our aquariums and earn experience points. The levels shouldn’t be based solely on difficulty but on repetition to beat a level. There’s no where to go from here where I’m stuck. No more $$ out of my pocket. What are you guys going to do to keep your loyal players!?!

Fun game yet challenging sometimes. It's a fun game but sometimes challenging. I think it should take less time to get lives but maybe that's cause it's addictive. What is the deal with asking for lives, you get them and then they disappear? If I have the lives from friends then I should be able to use them, it’ll keep me playing longer and then I’d wait the time for the new lives. For example, my thing just said I had 8 lives I believe, could’ve been 4 (but I have had where it said 8) and it only let me have 2 of them, it took the rest away. That irks me and then I won’t play for a day or 2 cause I’m agitated. Also, I think when you beat the "event" levels and receive an infinity lives for 2 hours, you should be able to start it when you're ready. Once you start you can't stop it, but if I beat a level and then get the unlimited lives for 2 hours, I end up losing it if I can't keep playing for that time period. It's a reward and you can make it to where you can't earn another one until that one is used but, it seems rather unfair that if I beat it and earn that at, let's say 10pm, I can't always stay up until midnight to use it. Or if I beat it at 8am and start work at 8:30am, I can't use it and therefore I lose it. That bothers me quite a bit.

Cash grab. It was entertaining until about level 500. I realize difficulty should increase as you progress however it became exceedingly clear it became more rigged towards purchasing gems. The boosters often impede playability on the first move. They are placed specifically in the line-up of tiles clearly designed for gameplay (and effect). For example, five tiles combined are needed to make a bomb which is the only way to clear surrounding boxes. Despite being several other options for the boosters to be places, they predictably go into the exact boxes *designed* for gameplay to start that level. This applies even if you don’t select your boosters but are given them. So you have to keep losing the level to undo the in-game winning streak boosters. This depletes you’re lives and any advantage to actually being on a winning streak. Second, there are too many animations that impede game play. Normally it’s just annoying until you get to timed levels. Using lightening, required on some levels, can wipe out a large amount of tiles (or all tile if two are combined) and the board has to refill. As it refills more combinations are being made and it takes longer. All the while the clock is still ticking, and if you’ve made enough explosions another lightening booster(s) is waiting to drop. During that time you cannot make any moves and the clock is still ticking down. This has to be intentional to make you purchase gems. Done with the in-app purchase model.

Almost no complaints. Yes, this game is quite addicting. They keep you saying “Okay, just a few more levels” by giving prizes that are timed (like free lives for 30 minutes, etc.). Yeah, I see your tricks! I’ve played a few matching games & I’d say this one is the most enjoyable. I wouldn’t get bored of it as quick as others. Every certain number of levels you win, you get to play a mini game. These are the mini games that are seen on the ads. Let me just say.. major eye roll!! These games could be won by a toddler. If you’re wanting to download based on just those, don’t. “Oh, no! The fish is stuck in some seaweed! Which item should we use to help it out?? Clippers(Scissors) OR a toilet??” They haven’t used a toilet as one of the options (that I’ve seen so far), but that isn’t far off of what they do use. My only other complaint is the placement of items in our aquariums. I just wish we had the option to overlap items (that we place) by some parts of the background. For example, if I’m sitting a house down but I want part of it to be behind a rock that was already part of the aquariums background-I can’t. It will look like it’s partially floating on a rock. I know this game isn’t about design, it’s just those little things that sometimes irritates.

Too contrived. I have Two issues with this game. First is if you lose and you can use nine diamonds to get five more moves it appears instantly and you can accidentally hit it. I have continued a level about 12 times. 10 of those were by accident when was absolutely no way to win the level in five moves. I think when you hit the button by five more moves the game should ask you if that’s what you really meant. Secondly, There is really no such thing as infinity play. They give it to you, yes, but you’re really only allowed to win one or two levels. When you get to your limit of levels you can win on an infinity play it doesn’t matter whether you are on an easy, hard or super hard level, You’re simply not allowed to win. I was pretty sure that was the case but I tried it on my last infinity play. I was on the easy level and I played it for two hours of infinity play and never won. If I tried to use a booster they would place the booster in the absolutely worst possible place that would actually mess up what you have would have started with if you had not used a Booster. If you came very very close to winning, all Poseidon a lightning bolt would appear in the very spot you getting ready to do something with. Amazingly enough, as soon as infinity play had run out, I won the level. I do not like games that are that contrived.

Engaging, balanced, charming. Love the no ads. Love the option to play solo or on teams. Love the free daily bonus and the free stuff you accumulate through the events. Love the fact that you fill your aquarium with actual fish and plants from the real world (sort of educational that way). Love the little side story events, they’re totally kitschy but it’s cute. Your aquarium fish will have silly conversations with one another and shower you with compliments, it’s exceedingly campy but can also be amusing. The art direction is well done, visually it’s cheerful and lush. The game movement mechanisms and splashy interactions are satisfying. Most importantly, the game play mechanics are well balanced. Some levels pretty easy while others are kind of hard. As you move up in levels new elements are introduced to spice it up. Only frustration is that occasionally there will be an exceptionally difficult level that, in order to pass it, it requires a ton of resources thrown at it (eg boosters, lives, diamonds) along with a good dose of luck in how the sorting algorithm shakes out. When that happens it is incredibly frustrating. Overall, however, it is excellent game design for low key diversion. 🤙 ProTips: If your team is inactive or unsupportive, quit find another with a high weekly help count. If you don’t like the layout of swipe-ables at the beginning of a game, “X” out and start it again to refresh the sort.

GREAT Game so far!!. This is the first review I’ve ever written on a game. This game in particular deserves 5 stars and a shining review , so I made sure I give it that. Some of the things I really like about this game is the way your fish interact with you. I love how they have there interactions and I find that it makes the game especially unique! I love all the decorations and the different types of fish you can get. Overall, customization is great. I also like how the levels are just the right amount of hard. Usually when I’m starting a game with levels like that by the time I’ve gotten into the 20th level or so it’s already gotten to hard or frustrating. The levels take too many resources and lives to even just pass them . But with my experience In this game, the levels are perfect for me, and it gives a good amount of coins each time. Mini games are cool too! Definitely a bonus to this game. OVERALL, this game is amazing. Many things to do, not much waiting, lots of customization, unique bonuses, and more. I don’t see how I could be bored with this game. Aaa this was long, but I hope this shows how good this game is!

Echoing everyone else who says it’s too hard. I’m over 1000 now and even the easy levels are difficult. It’s not even that the levels are hard… it’s that the levels become nearly IMPOSSIBLE to beat. Oh, unless you have every single booster. Or unless you get super lucky. So, if you win levels in a row without losing, you get a booster item at the beginning of the next level. If you win again you get 2. Etc. One booster gives you 3 extra moves. I almost feel like they make these levels impossible on purpose… unless you have all the boosts. The 3 extra moves is SO necessary. So it encourages you to use gems or your limited amount of powerups to keep the streak going. If you lose then you lose your 3 extra moves. And it’s nearly impossible to get back on a winning streak because every single level is so hard that I almost always have to play a level multiple times. It really is a fun game. And I’m glad it’s challenging. But lately I almost want to delete it because you literally need to have luck on your side to win. It’s a little too challenging. It would be nice if you got a life every, like, 10 mins instead of it taking a whole 30 min. At least then losing so much wouldn’t be as bad

is this real life?! 🙀. I originally downloaded Fishdom early of this year, however after a few hundred levels it finally clicked in my brain that I’ve been playing similar (almost identical) games for years now. Fishdom has become my favorite go-to game hands down. The levels are challenging and can be incredibly aggravating at times. Especially when the levels cheat you. :/ Unfortunately this happens all too often to me, for instance I just finished a level that I should’ve beat on the 1st try had it not cheat me out of my turns. It’s aggregating and not fair to advid players like myself who love the game. I wish this would stop happening and that I could be compensated some diamonds considering I’ve beaten over a thousand levels. So I can only imagine how many times that’s happened to me. I wish there wasn’t a limit on the number of fish per aquarium or possibly joint-aquariums with friends! Maybe one day there will be a way to highlight our favorite aquarium overall in the profile section? And why isn’t there any additional ways of earing diamonds quicker other than purchasing them? All in all, thanks Fishdom for all of your wonderful underwater adventures! Can’t wait to see what’s going to come out next! :)

Great until recently. I downloaded Fishdom about 2 months ago and was playing it basically nonstop until recently. Now that I’m at level 705, the amount of “hard” and “super hard” levels has completely ruined everything I liked about it. I’m pretty good at puzzle games, but even with 8 lives, I’m getting stuck on basically every 4th level for multiple days. This means I can’t advance in events, I can’t get coins to buy new decor, I can’t unlock new fish, I can’t unlock event rewards and power-ups, I can’t earn vouchers, and I can’t play at all for more than a few minutes at a time — basically, everything that used to keep me interested has become obsolete. I loved the game so much before that I was happy to spend money on it, but it’s gotten so frustrating and tedious that it’s not fun. Even the Gold Pass is pointless since I can’t beat levels to get prizes. I’m really disappointed, because everything else about the game is a delight — I love the visuals, the music, the events, and the satisfying design — but everything that used to be rewarding about it is now completely out of reach. I really wish the “super hard” levels were WAY more spread out or a little less impossible, but even something as simple as lowering the cost for additional moves would be helpful. But unfortunately, until something changes, there’s no point in me continuing to spend money on it.

Awesome!. In the day, to day grind of working, commuting, giving seminars, conferences, meetings, children’s school, homework, sports activities, Mortgage, rent, utilities, laundry, cooking, cleaning, we are a society that’s in a constant race, to get everything done, we are all Superman, Wonder Women, and every other Super Hero that exists. We all live to work, and as we age, we slow down, we start forgetting simple things. I’m 60, I have never played a Video, or other Computer game. And, like lots of people my age, my memory, and focus isn’t what it use to be. I’m tired of hearing, and seeing bad things that have become a daily occurrence. My doctor suggested I try playing a challenging game, she said it will work but he brain, something involving strategy, focus, but fun. She suggested Fishdom. I have found it relieves stress, it’s very enjoyable and fun! Creative, adventurous, and everyone knows watching fish has a calming affect! It’s a blast! Not an identical aquarium anywhere, it’s interesting to create your own Aquarium World. I can’t wait to get home, and eDee use my brain! I’m almost at level 1300, and look forward to each new challenge. Plus, it’s great for any age group, and appropriate. Can’t wait for the next adventure!

Addicting!. I found Fishdom a few months ago, and while it’s not what I thought it would be, I’ve become addicted to it. It’s very satisfying to beat these crazy levels! I also like the recent addition of having the ability to earn more power ups and be able to take I infinity time play can I have the time for it. I play mostly at night and I often have to forfeit a lot of “infinity lives” time play as they add up too quickly. At one point I had 14 hours of infinity lives and no way to put a hold on it. And that was after I had run out 4 hours! I ended up losing 7 hours! I wish there was a way to decide “when” we could use those bonus items (such as with the current bonus play where you can decide when to use you bonus items won). I don’t know any kid, young adult or grandma that has the time of time play. I’m retired and can play for long periods. And I do play fort long periods! It’s addicting! But I still end up losing a lot of infinity lives hours just because I need to sleep, eat and take care of the relief things. Other than that, I truly love this game! I am fifty my current level is in the 1700s and I have 1.5 million plus in points. I just started a few months ago. Thanks for all the fun.

No ads endless fun. I don't normally go out of my way to post reviews on apps. I kept seeing this ad playing other games. I've been looking for simple games to play instead of being on social media. And something to play if I ever have no service. I didn't think I'd really like this game. Most I tried I delete within the same day. I've played this for a good hour plus already. I love the fish and how they interact with you and each other. This game is really fun. The part where it shows you solving puzzles to help the fish escape those are in the mini games. I like how playing = buying stuff to improve the fishes happiness and earn more interactive scenes from them. You can also name the fish. I have not ran into a single ad at all. I'm sure many can relate to finding a fun game but having an ad like every five minutes or less. I find it easier to spend more time in games without ad interruptions. This is a very cute and fun game. I'm excited to see more of the fish interactions they all have their own personality. It's easy but not too easy to level up. This is a smooth good time consuming game without any of the stress you might experience in others. Highly recommend to those who just want to pass time. You get to decorate, buy more fish (characters) and play interesting mini games on top of something like candy crush. I like the explosives it offers, some are really huge and really helpful.

Used to be fun. I have been playing this game for over three years, and I’m close to level 13,000. It has reached a point where playing is no longer fun. No, there are no ads, but boy do you pay for it. Players can purchase diamonds which are like currency in the game, and boosters to help you get a leg up and get a start on winning a level. But if you haven’t spent enough money, the game will not let you win. Just in the past two weeks there have been three different levels that I have had to play over four days before I would finally beat it. It’s not that the levels are all that difficult, it is that the algorithms just will not let you win, unless you purchase diamonds to finish. The game will continue to take you down to one remaining piece, hopefully building your frustration enough to where you will spend money. The developers have also raised the prices over the past year making it more expensive to play. I have submitted comments from time to time to help and support, and always get ridiculous tone deaf answers about wanting to make the game challenging for players. It isn’t in the players’ hands. I have played this game long enough that it is too predictable as to what I have to do in order to advance to another level, and it has nothing to do with skill in playing the game. It has to do with how much I purchase. Games are supposed to be fun. It isn’t fun to play the same level over and over more than 20-30 times. This one has just become a waste of time, and money.

Just Deleted. After a year or so playing and on level 2024 I finally deleted this game. Enjoyed playing, didn’t spend money on it very often. Just got tired of the manipulative algorithm that would have you run out of moves or time with just one move to win. Also, annoyed when I still have a few moves but game won’t release the bubbles needed to finish level. So goodbye Fishdom, I won’t miss you and sure you won’t miss me. Also lowered my rating. The following is a previous review since I simply edited to say goodbye. Tiffer roll your eyes at this. Play this game as a way to unwind and mostly enjoy it. I spend some money on it from time to time but not much. A few times I’ve almost deleted it because the game at times seems designed to make you spend money which I get, so I’m patient and stay stuck on a level at times for a few days. Really irritates me when the board is completely cleared and you have a few moves left and need only one more bubble but the game won’t release a bubble, grrr. Those are the times I nearly deleted. I also despise the new reward system of vouchers for designer fish. Yuck, those fish are ugly and I’d rather have the old reward system back where you get power ups. Another ploy to get players to spend. I’m in the 1700s on levels so been playing awhile. Maybe not much longer though if changes keep being made to squeeze me for money.

Can’t play w/out spending $$$$. Most “free” games have in app purchases available, and that is accepted. Fishdom makes it virtually impossible to complete levels (even if willing to wait for more lives) without spending “diamonds” which are pretty much (in any meaningful quantity) only available through purchase with real money. There are few chances otherwise. The advertised fun “figure out escape” games are virtually non-existent. They throw one in at the beginning to avoid lawsuits I suppose. You can “win” diamonds for your fishy bank which you must purchase with real money. There was a week time limit on this that I thought I could wait out and not pay. Nope, limit just resets. I admit I have spent money on this because it’s an easy game to play while sick (i.e. doesn’t take too much effort). You can win coins quite easily, but they are essentially worthless other than buying fish and decorations for your aquarium and giving you the occasional diamond or two. It’s entertaining enough, but not worth the cost to play. Even if you’re willing to stop and wait for new lives. Not enough rewards that aren’t worthless coins. When you do earn rewards such as infinite lives for a # of hours you are forced to claim them immediately rather than choose when you’re willing to spend another 2+ hours playing an iPad game. Just my opinion.

Don’t download this game. It was designed to take your money.. Don’t play this game. It will make you spend money endlessly to keep playing. Go buy a Nintendo switch instead. It keeps making me lose after I hit a score of over 200 trying to get me to purchase tools to get me to the next level or trying to sell infinite lives but only for two hours. I thought it was because I was making mistakes at first but then it started doing it to me right after the first move which wasn’t much. It would give me no moves then reshuffle and still nothing. I played it in front of several people who also noticed there was no possible way to go to the next level unless I purchased tools or gems to keep going. So if your playing and keep getting nowhere You will start to believe it’s you but it’s not. This game was designed to take your money. Also the worst part was when win a game and it gives you the options to skip to a new game the button worked fine until I purchased or claimed two hours of infinite play. The button had to be pressed as much as 10 times to get it to skip. The algorithm was purposely doing it to me to make me run out of time. Once my time was up the button would go back to only having to be pressed once. That is cheating and I got so mad thinking about it I’ve deleted the game.

Constant need to free up space on my iPhone made me delete this game.. First of all, I must admit that this a fun little game, it’s quite addicting too, I used to play it all the time (well when the game allowed me too and that’s not about the limited lives count, I’ll explain below) This game constantly pushes new downloadable content and asks you to free up space on your phone if you’re running low, that would’ve been okay if it happened once a while or gave the option to play now and download the content later but no, this happens every other day and you can’t play until you delete something from your phone to get more space and after a few times I no longer have stuff to delete which means I could no longer play the game so I had to delete it altogether....and what makes the insult worse is that technically you don’t have to download that “new” content, you can still play the game as is and I proved that by running a test; I freed some space on my iPhone and then I turned off the internet and opened the game, to my surprise the game didn’t tell me I needed a connection to download that content and the message to free up space disappeared of course which means technically I should be able to continue playing the game without having to free up space or download obviously this is an artificial limit set by the devs of this game and it’s a sad one that got me to delete this otherwise fun game. I won’t be playing this again until this issue is solved.

I like playing. The game is great,but with a drawback to it. You work hard to get the diamonds then you have to pay to get your diamonds back. That doesn’t seem fair. Their yours to begin with. Is it just me or does anyone feel the same way? I’m giving you one star because you don’t have a zero. I feel I get cheated almost every time I play your game. When I’m playing on a level with the squid it says a squid is in danger and you want us to spend money on dolphins to save them. I’ve spent to much on this game already. I still had game points and I lost them because I wouldn’t spend any more money. I’m thinking very seriously to delete the game. I have been playing level 481 for a day and a half, every time the squid gets near the top it wants you to call the dolphins to help and of course you have to spend money. I have spent way to much money playing this game and I refuse to spend any more. I have to start all over trying to beat level 481 because they won’t give you a chance before you get thrown off and you have to start over again. Any game is supposed to be fun to play but when you get cheated because they want you to spend money it’s not fun. It’s frustrating.☹️

Very addictive cool game, but....... I have been playing this game for almost a year. I enjoy it very much, but I get caught up and to keep moving forward a lot of time after many tries , you need to make purchases which I think are way to expensive for what you get. I think you need to get more for your money. If you are not careful it almost becomes like gambling. I have spent way to much money on this game. Some of the boards are really not possible unless less you use diamonds you need to purchase. They do few offer some if select the diamonds on the daily bonus, but they aren’t even enough to continue on a game with a couple more moves or time. Also right now it won’t let me play on regularly without a credit card to make purchases until I do an update and put in a credit card that it can charge. I dont want to buy anything now, I really want to challenge myself and stop spending money on this but I can’t even start a new game. I have been stupid and spent at least hundreds of dollars on this addictive game. So careful and also you are charged more than what you think you are paying. I normally am really good at a game after all this time, but the boards do change as well, even if it’s the same board. So it won’t always start the same each time.

False Advertising!!. UPDATE: They changed the mini games- you used to win 3 diamonds for every mini game and THEY TOOK THEM AWAY!!! Now you only win coins or tickets (which don’t mean anything)! Such a scam!! Also in the map game, it used to cost a lot less lightning bolts to clear obstacles but now you can barely get through anything before having to wait to re-up which takes forever! Lost another star from me!! The reason I downloaded the game in the first place was because the ads for the mini games. The mini games looked fun and interesting and the ads made it seem like the mini games were a big part of the over all game. Well I can tell you that they make it look that way to hook you! You are lucky to get a mini game after completing 50 matching levels!! Then the mini games look nothing like advertised and follow through with the name mini!! The reason I gave two stars instead of one was that the game itself, for a matching game, is pretty interesting. I’ve had luck with getting and keeping power ups, which is cool. I like the daily activities that keep me wanting to go back in and see what else I can win or earn for the day. I just don’t like the way they get people to play their game. Even the Closer Look video only shows you the mini games and nothing to do with The Matching, which is the biggest part of the game!! For shame with false advertising!!

I love my Fish. I love the fish and there comical sayings. I have 6 fish so far and only one take with some items to beautify the tank. There are mixed reviews on the game and I can understand why. I've been stuck on level 28 for over a week now. I did buy diamonds to get a higher level. I understand the makers of the game need to make money and I have supported this game as I do all the games I play and like. It just seems to me that people that can't t afford to buy the overpriced diamonds should be allowed to watch videos to get free diamonds. When the game ends you should also be given the option not to just buy more lives but also given the option to buy items to explode the items on the board at that time. When you do spend diamonds to buy the exploding things you should be able use them when you need them not were the game wants to put them. For now I'm done spending money. Even after buying diamonds and paying for the over priced items to advanced you I'm still stuck on the level. I will continue to try and advanced but I'm not spending any more money as I have a feeling I will have to spend diamonds on each level.

We love this game. Me and my husband play every night, for years! I see a lot of people kinda stuck on tanks, so I’m a nice person and figured I’d leave some valuable information. First of all, you only need to put in just enough coins for 3 stars per tank! After you get the 3 stars, go to next tank, and so on. Also, I purchase all the fish that my tank will hold before decorating simply bc you feed them fish daily and get coins. Then I save my coins and purchase the highest decoration available. You can also go back in the decorations and use any decoration that’s unlocked. This is helpful in purchasing the most expensive decoration so your tank isn’t so cluddered with meaningless junk. Additionally you can pile any amount of the same expensive decoration together so it’s not cluddered as well. As far as money, you don’t have to spend to pass levels. I have over 100 of each booster, and I use my diamonds for the hammers, gloves, and torpedos. You can purchase diamonds tho. Look at it like this, don’t you purchase things in everyday life to make you happy? This is no different. It’s a choice. However, be warned! If you purchase diamonds, the ads that you get will become non existent for quite some time. If you do not purchase diamonds, you should receive your 3 ads every few hours daily. I really hope this honest review helps.

My go-to game for 4 years!. Sometimes there bad updates, sometimes there are really good updates. I play daily, I’ve spent my fair share of money because I wanted to, I did not need to. There are many difficult challenges- I’ve seen ‘em all. I’m on level 5239 - I have a family, a full time job, and this is my wake up & play and then relax & wind down game. One of challenges, fixing the submarine, hasn’t been available for quite awhile and that was one of my faves. The holiday events are ok, not my most liked challenge. I dislike the ones that are temporary that require collecting special items to “purchase” upgrades to the aquarium space. I wish the developers could just release like 100 levels instead 15 or 20 a week. But it’s acceptable. One of the best things in Fishdom is they aren’t any ads ruining the fun between levels or anything. You can watch ads if you want to by clicking the video icon, or not. No forcing. Awesome! Another issue I see are the ads for Fishdom I keep seeing on other games I play occasionally- what’s up with those? They are seriously dumb. They do not represent the Fishdom game at all. They’re non-existent challenges not seen in this game anywhere (moving parts to allow water to flow so fish can escape, or outrunning a shark?!?!) Those are huge misconceived ads!

Totally would recommend such a great game. This game isn’t worth playing, this is why this game and every other game that is on a smart phone is trash, the predatory advertising that literally won’t even let you play the original game you downloaded only points to the complete garbage these lazy useless people make. People should want to play your game because it’s fun not because they are forced to download it through your trash predatory advertising, you know your product is trash and this is the only way you can even possibly make money is to force people to download your absolute trash. Boost the numbers by this absolute nonsense of advertising where you continuously prompt people to download it like I said no the first 47 times you piece of trash. I miss the days when mobile games were not destroyed but this garbage and developers actually had to have some form of talent not force advertising and try to get them to accidentally click download to boost your numbers. This game and it’s developers are at their very best an accident and it’s most likely and accident which brought them into this world and they have to force their trash down our throat. That’s all thank you and have a good day! 10 out of 10 on waste my time

Sooooo… not the best. I downloaded what I thought was the game I saw in the ads, the one where the fish try to eat the other fish to get bigger and level up. Turns out, it’s nothing like that. At all. In reality, what they advertised as the whole game is supposedly a mini game. I played 60 levels and never saw a single one! Don’t advertise your game as a completely different game! Also the levels are extremely difficult to beat. I don’t know what these other reviewers are talking about but this was not stress-reducing. Quite the opposite. In fact, I’m really starting to hate silver tiles. Each level has about 15-20 moves and around 50 targets that you have to collect, therefore you need to buy either extra moves or boosters. If you screw up a level you lose a life and whatever power ups/boosters you had so you have to go buy more. There are only 5 lives so you can play about 3-4 rounds, and that’s 10-15 minutes. Also, it is constantly pestering you to buy stuff. I’m not writing this review because I hate the game. I’m writing it because these are problems that need to be fixed, and I would like to play that mini game, it looks really fun. I hope that the people thinking of downloading this game and the developers will take these problems into consideration. Thank you for reading my review!

Definitely rigged. After playing 930 some rounds I’ve noticed that the controls start to become real sloppy ... example when you go to swap to the emblems it will actually go the other way so you have to mainly click on each an individual item to swap instead of putting your finger on one emblem and move it to another when you try that it actually goes the other way so if you’re trying to connect the corner emblem to say to make a line of five it will sometimes go the other way and connect only three...... when you start using the explosive the mines the dynamite the firecrackers and so on it shows up in a meter .... you must fill up this meter and then it gives you this triangle looking lightning bolt the problem is every time you use those explosive they don’t really power up the meter like they’re supposed to which doesn’t give you those extra power ups so you got a watch out for that..... and there’s also the challenges select you’re supposed to clear out 24 bubble emblems well you’ll have to spend six or 10 of your moves before any of those ones that you’re supposed to clear out will drop down hence you can’t win on the first round unless you spend money to buy these power ups...... it’s sad that they have to rip the game like this not only could’ve been extremely fun but like a lot of Game Developers their greed has outweighed their talent for making a game fun

Amazing, but not what I was in for 🙂. I found this game because of all of the advertisements I’ve seen. Like I literally can’t ignore them. Not a bad thing, pretty smart actually because I ended up getting the game. At first, I was like “oh my gosh this game is perfect”, until I found out that it’s one of those puzzle games too. I honestly don’t know what to call them but puzzles. Like candy crush basically. And I really hate candy crush. I really wish in the ads they would mention the puzzles that you also have to do to play the mini games. I’m so upset because I really like the mini games on this game! And the bad thing is, so many games put the puzzles in games and they don’t mention it. Please please please make a puzzle free version! But I’ve said so many bad things let me say a few good things about this game. The graphics are actually pretty good and I love how you can have your own aquarium! I think it’s very cute. I love the fish designs and how they are so many to choose from. Overall, this game is pretty awesome and I’ll probably keep playing it because the only bad things are the puzzles. And if the developers reply, PLEASE tell me what puzzles are actually called! Thank you for reading.

Excellent game, but can get costly. After playing this game for close to a year now, I’m finally writing a review. This game is really well designed! The graphics are great, the levels are challenging, interesting and fun. It’s apparent how much work goes into this game, which is why I don’t mind paying monthly for gold rewards or the occasional boost. The downside is that it’s also easy to see how the game has been designed to try to squeeze more money out of you in several places. Once you get to higher levels (I’m currently at 3122), it’ll be nearly impossible to beat them without paying for additional boosts or extra moves. By then, you’re hooked. For anyone new to the game, I highly recommend staying away from the Fishy Bank. You’ll need to pay for the diamonds you’ve earned, then all the ones you earn after you’ve bought them will go back in that bank and you’ll just have to pay again to use them. Just let it stay full and use the ones in your regular bank to break that cycle. This is just another example of them trying to get you to pay more, which is really annoying. I would rate this game 5 stars if it weren’t for the fact that it can get very expensive to move ahead in higher levels.

worst game ever. I saw this game on one of the ads and I really wanted to try it out the ads showed a bunch of games and it said you can access them in early game which I tried a bunch of other games are only allowed access to the other games later in the game and they said it in the ads as I knew that I didn’t download them but in this one it said you can get it early access and you can get it right away right when you download the app when I downloaded the app Iafallo the instructions after a couple months of saying this it said you get early access and I wondered when it’s early access because normally if I download one of the other apps it said you get it later in the game I already get it by one month confused I look at The downloading place and the pictures and videos of people playing it I see them playing only the other games not the base game that you start off with and still playing then I looked at other people playing this game I saw them playing with with the bass game and they said after a couple years of playing this game I finally got to another game and I’m not spending a couple years just playing this game I want to play the other games like swallowing other fish fish and all the other ones then I downloaded the app and I am writing this review right now

Stops being fun when the game begins to cheat. I agree with what other people have said in their reviews. This game started out to be really fun, and I’m not one of those people that needs to win all the time. I just play to relax, however the game stops being fun when it can take you an entire week or more to pass one level. Most recently, some thing else has been happening. This has happened to me twice now, I have been on a level and then some sort of new tournament starts and I noticed that the number of moves that I previously had to complete the level changes. I’m on level 800-something now and whereas I had 16 or 18 moves before to try and beat this level now I only have 11 which is impossible, unless I want to spend money or use up every single spare bomb or special object that I have to try and win. And, as the other reviews have also mentioned when you do use a special object it does seem to place it in such a way that it destroys what would otherwise have been a really great move. And I also have had the same thing happen to me where I go to move a piece in the play that would create a bomb and it somehow moves in the opposite direction that I swiped. Until I read the reviews, I just chalked it up to my error, however reading that this is happened to several people now makes me wonder if it’s a problem with the game. Either way the game is quickly losing interest as it’s no longer fun or relaxing.

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Love this game but can’t play it. I have only been playing Fishdom for a couple of months. Like many other comments about how hard a lot of the levels have become I am to finding it like a gambling game because of the amount of money you have to spend to get through some levels. I had just bought diamonds to get through a level and now the game has frozen and I can’t play at all. It started with being very slow but now the play button is frozen and takes you back to the home page where the apps are every time I try to play. My star rating is two but it would be five if I wasn’t having all these dramas. I am pretty good at games and used to be able to get through levels by keeping on trying or perhaps buying lives occasionally but not this one.

Stuck at one level lol. It’s a pretty cute game, nice graphics and lots of new things in it all the time. I had weeks that I played the game heaps and weeks that I was busy and played the game less, I wondered if my fish would die if I don’t feed them for days and the answer is no they won’t die lol which is probably a good thing! You don’t necessarily have to pay anything to play, although I did pay for a season once but I got it too late so I only had 5 hours to enjoy. Currently I’ve been stuck at a hard level and I couldn’t pass it even when I used all my extra things. The game is fun but I am thinking of uninstalling it if I can’t get passed that level over the next few days or so lol

Hard & Super Hard levels.... Do any of the developers ever play this game themselves? My guess is NOT, otherwise they would have noticed how easy Hard and Super Hard levels are compared to the rest! More: Quite irritated by how good play is "rewarded" with strategically [mis]placed bonuses. Invariably they upset a really good position of tiles resulting in the loss of powerful bombs etc. Also notice much harder play of levels when I choose to play with extra "help". Question: WHY, after earning money because of good play, do I then have to buy that Fake Money with Real Money?? Another punishment! "Fill the vault" should EARN US extras! Really weird game play, regardless of whether others do this as well...

Used to be good but now is a huge waste of time and extremely frustrating. I used to rlly like this game and played it a lot last year. I stopped using it so much but every time I go on the app it tells me to update it and won’t let me play unless I do. It’s really really really really annoying and really grinds my gears to be honest. The other problem is now every time I go on the app there’s new tasks and stuff which is great but not when you can’t skip them. I don’t want to wait 20 minutes every time I open the app before I can actually try a level. It makes me never want to use it which is annoying cause I did used to like it. It’s very frustrating and I end up not even being able to play the game cause I run out of time. It’s a very big shame.

The game is good but you have to pay. Hi. I have played this game for years and none and again I do not paying a little ,Omer to support a game but to play this game well you have to pay heaps and it’s unaffordable for me. You should put hour boosts on for a gift for people so they can play with unlimited boosts r something as I am over 2000 level and I have to use 3 boost each game as you cannot do it without the boost and they are expensive. Apart from that when I first started playing it was easy and I loved it. Wish it was fun again.

Don’t buy the Golden ticket - Prizes have been reduced to nothing. I have played this game for over a year now, it’s fun and we have a great team, and I’m happy to spend a little here and there as while you can play for free I like to pay to play as then I feel like I’m compensating the developer for work. HOWEVER, over the past twelve months the rewards and prizes have reduced to a ridiculous level I will no longer spend any more money until the prize levels are back. I’d rather stop playing than feel like the developer has become so greedy as to not maintain prize offerings. When you bought the Golden ticket You used to be able to earn rewards of 10 and 15 gems, explosives would last an hour to an hour and a half and now the are 15 mins. It’s disrespectful and greedy.

I love it. You don’t have to spend a cent to really enjoy this game I’ve enjoyed playing and building aquariums It takes concentration to work out how to get the most bombs etc to generate and sometimes it’s just the luck of the random generation of gems so be patient even if your stuck for a day trying to beat the super hard with no extra bombs etc to start with you’ll get there. The game is kind and throws you colour bombs often after trying a level unsuccessfully for a few times. Love the beautiful graphics very pleasing to the eyes and the special aquariums are great

Another generic match three game. I thought that this would be a cool and unique game like in the ads but no it had to be another boring and generic match three game as if we didn’t have enough of those the mini games are worse than the demos and I had more fun watching the ads than playing the game itself even the demo was more fun and that demo game was a lie of what the actual game is this game is very lazy and extremely boring it seems as if it’s to much to ask for developers to try something new and different but it seems that you just thought that it would be easier to make a match three game like every other game on the AppStore very disappointed, I hope that the next game you make is nothing like thais and is at least a little bit creative because this game is not creative at all !

Kiki. I agree with the last reviewer! This game has changed & it is set up so you spend your hard earned cash. This game has gone down hill in the last few months, and just seems to want you to spend money. The challenges are getting harder, leaving me stuck for 6 days on a level!!! There is no Community Chest on the weekends, like there used to be every second weekend & there is no Challenges against other teams, like there was every other fortnight. There were Gold Passes which were a month long, for &7.99. You would get tasks and win great bonuses. This last $7.99 only buys a week of prizes. They seem to be cutting everything down to minimal bonuses, but charge the same amount. Come on FISHDOM, lift your game and do the right thing! The rest of the world is take take take, please don’t you do the same. I’m nearly at the end of my tether with this game.

Great game.. I really enjoy playing this game, but would really appreciate being able to access the purple gems more easily. thank you for providing entertainment especially during the virus pandemic. Maybe extra bonuses to help lift spirits at this time would be wonderful. Gratefully yours, Robin “Birdie” The special games like “Spooky” are different and encourage me to play more. Thank you! Robin. “Birdie”.How do I know if you actually read my comments or just use them for advertising purposes?l I am enjoying the Christmas game. Thank you!

Latest update warming. Recently Fishdom asked me to instal an update , I didn’t want to so I quit Fishdom app, then next day I opened Fishdom again and the update just installed itself. Since the update I applied for a power pack via Apple Pay , and , you guessed it , the money says “ pending “ but my upgrade with Fishdom for a power Pack didn’t happen. Also, the daily bonus has stopped working . I have asked for refund but have heard zilch , nothing , nada back from customer support at Fishdom. Take my advice , don’t give them your $$$ money . Their lack of communication the past few days is deplorable . It was an enjoyable game , but this is now definitely NOT fun .

Playrix cheats. You can see it with some levels especially the oil ones where you have to remove the oil that you know that you have got it on your last move yet the game says you didn't get it which to me is cheating be cause the only thing left is the barrel and you can't destroy. And it's a game that discriminates against players that don't spend money even though they say that there games can be beaten without spending money that might be true but if there is a competition to collect pearls or collect electricity if you get stuck on a level it might be sometime before you get past that level by then you are so far behind in the competition because you didn't spend money to get bombs you could never end up on top of the competition therefore playrix discriminates against you for not spending money

Issues with game nasty support team to paying customer.. I have played for years now and the game used to be very fun to buy the season tickets and play for bonuses. They have made these shorter and harder to get. I spent a lot of money recently trying to win the mystery fish, as I have many times before. My game crashed and deleted the level. The support team was unable to detect the crash so they treated me very poorly when I asked at least to be compensated within the game. In the past they used to be really good with these things. I am a user I have no idea why the app shut off but whatever you used to detect it failed it doesn’t mean I am a liar. I left honest feedback after the experience and met with the same experience. In the past the support team were accomodating and generous. Now the support team are rude and nasty. I still play but will never make another in app purchase again. Unless the game is sold to new developers or management teams. The current one is horrid. All you have to do to keep customers on your side is show a bit of understanding it’s clear that something happened because I was unable to finish levels and access the game towards the end of the competition. If you want good reviews and paying customers to keep paying use your head.

You don’t have to spend anything. I have been playing this game for a couple of years now and I am nearly at level 1000. I don’t care how long it takes to do a level - it’s a game, not a job. I have not spent any money on this game or any other game either. If you have problems on a level eventually you get through. I try different ways of playing to see what works better. My personal opinion is that it is designed that you will get through because if you don’t you might give the game away. When I run out of lives I just go to another game - I control what I do. Some games spend too much time on ads. I just delete them then. I’m wasting enough of my time playing these games. And I won’t buy anything from these ads as there is no guarantee that the stuff will arrive. Been there, done that, still waiting. I now check out eBay and buy through them. Not only is item usually a lot cheaper but the stuff arrives, and fairly quickly too.

Love the game but there’s a new bug. I thoroughly enjoy the game, it’s much better than many others around for variety and ease of play; however, after the latest iOS update (15.1) the game is crashing mid way through levels, when the app is reopened you’re taken back to your main screen unable to complete the level and you’ve lost a life from playing the level. I tried contacting support for assistance but the bot is absolutely useless. I had already tried all the strategies to rectify the issue but the bot only sends automated messages about these steps and when you say it didn’t help it just ends the conversation, eventually I was able to send through my own version of events and then it just says thanks and closes the conversation again. Not helpful, so you lost a star. Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon, if not it’ll frustrate me too much to continue playing.

The fish are just too cute😆😆. I love this game. This app is perfect for ages 5 to 65. The reason I’m saying this is because young children would love the little fishies and taking care of them. Also my grandparents like games such as candy crush and this game incorporates similar qualities to that. I have a clownfish named Cameron in Fishdom and he is just to cute. One of my favourite features is that when you purchase a fish it will automatically give it a name and if you don’t like it you can just reload it. But if you don’t like any of the names you can type in your own. Another great thing about Fishdom is that you can add lots of plants and decor to your aquarium/s. Although it does get a bit frustrating when the fish demand a plant or decor item in their home and it doesn’t look good with anything. And then when you don’t put it in it takes always these 😀 witch means you can’t get another aquarium. In my opinion this is a wonderful game and I hope you enjoy.

Was once happy with game. Now not so much. Very frustrating new tanks not being available. I would’ve loved to have given a 5 star review cos I’ve been playing this game for a long time now. However….. New tanks aren’t becoming available like they used to. It’s extremely frustrating having heaps of coins and tokens. But nothing to use them on. Wish the developers would hurry with opening the new tanks… I’m currently waiting for “time to get away” tanks to be opened so I can start adding fish and making them look pretty. Challenge level keeps coming up so new stages can’t be played. I’d much prefer my new tanks to be available once I completed 2 tanks .. like they used to be. PLEASE !!!!! Fix this ASAP!!!!!!

Improved, enjoying game again after many years. I have been playing this game on and off for many years and mainly stopped playing each time because the developers became greedy and the levels were too hard with no really achievable rewards. Over the past month I have found that some of the levels are a bit easier and some of the rewards side games able to be achieved which makes game play FUN AGAIN! I would recommend this game again for the moment - so long as it doesn’t go backwards, congrats to whoever has taken the reins and decided to care again about their customers rather than just trying to make money. Developers remember you’ll make more money if more people play and enjoy playing - you have to give to get 🙌🏼🙌🏼😉

Potentially a great game, but too damned expensive.. Way too driven by in-app purchases to be truly enjoyable. I mean, really - banning us from playing unless we buy lives or wait half an hour for one turn? And some of the levels are ridiculously difficult, to compel us to buy help. I’ve given you enough of my cash, so now the game is just plain frustrating. Even the infinite lives are often useless because I’m not able to play when they’re on offer. What’s the point of that? And having one bubble left to get in one remaining move, but no bubbles in the field? Literally impossible. I just deleted this game in utter frustration. It could have been a fantastic game - the concept is great and well executed, but just way too greedy.

Money grabbing changes have ruined the game. I have been playing this game for a couple of years. In the first year I passed about 7000 levels because I used to buy diamonds and the gold pass. I enjoyed the game and felt I got some value for my purchases. I stopped purchasing because changes (aka updates) are clear grabs at players dollars with little to no value for money. The first changes were less boosters being given as prizes or chest rewards. Mini games (the ones they use to advertise the game) have disappeared. I haven’t had one for around 6 months maybe more. Random games like the bridge building that were useful to build up boosters for the weekly challenge have also disappeared. It now takes around 500,000 to gain a star on an aquarium and now the gold pass went from 30 days to 7 days, same cost for basically zero reward. It takes days and weeks to pass some levels now and this is a clear push for the player to spend money to pass. The positive reviews here are obviously from developers because they’re all the same “I love this game because I love fishing”. This game is no longer anything like its advertisements and I’m inches away from ditching it entirely and going back to King branded games where you can pass levels without spending money.

Glitchy, misleading. Advertising for the game suggests this is a fun game where you routinely save a fish which is not reflective of the game itself. The game is little more than a glorified version of Candy Crush. To move up through the game you need to purchase items for various themed fish tanks which help you to earn three stars and move on to the next level. It is not uncommon to work for and spend hundreds of thousands of coins to purchase items to earn the next star only to find that star goes missing and your back where you began. A lot of people are unable to complete levels without resorting to in app purchases based on the comments I’ve read but I myself moved through the levels without a financial cost. If you’re persistent and avoid the quick way out by purchasing extra coins, diamonds and the like then you will still move through the game unimpeded. I’m sure there are much better games out there and would avoid downloading this!!!

Fishdom. From what I’ve experienced (which I have to say is not very much experience, but still) I have found this game pretty good. The game is pretty fun, you can play it without spending money (I think) and it’s addictive. The only problems are, it’s a little glitchy, you have to pay for some features and it gets from really easy to super hard. I also think there should be more frequent minigames. It takes a long time to play and get to a high level, but once you do it gets really hard. You can play the game (I think) without spending money but you still need real-life money for things. I almost complete a level, I try and retry it, but then I realise I don’t have any more gems left. My only other option is to buy more, and that’s just wasting money on a glitchy game. On the topic of glitches, it’s quite addictive, so you play it for a long time, but then it glitches you out. As I said earlier, it needs more minigames. There are also some (minigames) that don’t even make sense. Thank you for reading

Do you have endless cash to spend? Then this game is for you!. This game is quiet addictive and lots of fun but the kicker is the rediculous cost of Gems needed to progress through the levels. I have to agree with other reviewers of the game that if you want to move on to the next level of having used 20+ lives unsuccessfully because bombs are needed to finish then you are left with the option of abandoning the game or buying the gems. Even to get an addition 5 moves they charge you 9 gems. Developers need to review costs or ways to accrue gems as current game play is not fun nor sustainable in its current form. Maybe instead of charging 9 gems for an extra 5 moves give players the option of watching a 30 second add... This would still make the developers more $$$ but allow players better chance of progressing to the next level...

Not the same as adds. I downloaded this game and found it wasn’t eating other fish as it showed in the adds it was different it was a fish bowl with fish and completing levels it was completely different I was so confused I waited and waited but never got it I was upset if it was shown same as the adds it would 10 out of 5 but it wasn’t so it’s a 3 or 4 but I chose to do 3 and I think it’s 3 but please change it into how it shown in the adds it’s been 2 years and still no eating other fish 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 I’m sorry I’m disappointed in the game sad and mad pls change it how it was in the adds it was supposed to be like that, and if you do it will help the game improve thank you bye.😊 ☺️ 🙏

Great game if it didn’t throw in random hard challenges & high costs. I really enjoyed this game initially. However it quickly moved to needing to go fast and drop bombshell everywhere to get through a level . This interrupted the leisurely steady enjoyment it began with. It was a nice relaxing game initially.. which I was after. Then it suddenly throws in a very hard challenge from time to time to interrupt this still further... and seems aimed at using up power ups so you have to purchase more at high cost to get beyond the annoying thing. Developers, you almost have something here if you had the choice if a steady buildup in a more casual mode. Also the ability to reset the whole game and start again if the pace stepped up too much. Not everyone wants adrenaline rushes and tension when they pick up a game. Either create a different game for those like me or add in some options with this one. I think the adrenaline competitive junkies like this game and rate it highly. But is could have been so much more for someone liking its style but wanting a single player relaxing option. At least it makes a change from endless confectionery and gems in other Match 3 games.

Good game. Really like this game overall, but find I don’t play it as much as I would like due to not being able to bank the timed unlimited lives. The reason being that when I get one (eg 1 hr unlimited lives) I may only want to play for a bit longer and not for an hour, because of this will shut the game down so the timer does not kick in. There are many times I have either stopped playing or not started playing this game to keep the timed unlimited life for another time. If we could bank these to decide when we want to use them, I would play a lot more often.

It’s just a game. I’ve never spent any money on this app and I’m over level 2800. I log in every day to feed fish and collect the daily prize under the clam shells. I watch all the ads to get diamonds and occasionally I also get rewarded with diamonds in other areas. Once I have built up a bank of things to get me thought hard levels I play the games. I don’t play everyday just log in every day. Developers, can you make a fishy scene for your Australian players. You’ve done a lot of other countries, some more than once. Would love an Australian themed scene. :)

Disappointed. Fishdom is virtually the only games I actively play now. I love that I am not inundated with ads. I happily purchased a golden ticket every month for the challenges. I loved that they lasted a month, they were good value. Disappointingly these month long challenges dropped to 20 days long, then down to 6 or 7 days for the same money. I no longer purchase them, either do other members from my team. The new expedition looks like great fun, but energy bolts only accrue when you are actively playing. One bolt every hour of play time. On difficult levels lives can be gone in five minutes. Not fun!! I am also disappointed that many people have given feedback and have had no response by the game developers.

Fishdom. Great Golden Ticket (Rare)- As Well Atm To Have Come Up- So, Would Suggest Downloading It - Its A VeryRewarding Game When Going Through So Many Thousands Of Levels- We Can Get💎💎When Feeding Our Fish At Times & There Are Teams You Can Join- Just Make Sure You Pick A Team Where There are A Good Amount Of People Actually Playing In The Team!!! Lots Of Teams Have A Few In-Active Players, So Choose Like That- & You Can Always Leave that Team & Find Another💋❤️💋🥰😂😂🤗👍ALL UP, A VERY ENJOYABLE GAME- Due To So Many Diff Actions In Game👍👍👍👏👏👏🤗🤗🤗✅✅✅& MOST IMPORTANTLY⬅️⬅️CAN PLAY WITHOUT FACEBOOK👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏Love The Mini-Games Because When We Win👍🏻😍We Get 3💎💎💎👍💋👊💖

Umm. I know this is supposed to be a kids game, but sometimes the fish talk to you, which is fine, until it gets creepy. A couple of times I had my fish say to me, “who’s that behind you?” And I actually checked behind me because I was really creeped out. I know the developers probably weren’t intending to make it creepy, but sometimes that was the vibe that I got from the game. A few times I had looked away for a couple of seconds, and then when I looked back, my fish were asking me, “why aren’t you paying attention?” I was really creeped out by that. Please take my advice and maybe try to fix these little creepy messages. Otherwise this is a pretty good game, maybe a little bit too expensive though. Thanks

Just want your money. I have been playing fishdom for a few years now. I’m up to level 2409. Over the past few months I have noticed that the levels are completely rigged to lose. It’s gotten to the point where it may take days to complete one level unless of course you pay for a power pack of some sorts. Previously I used to purchase power packs etc... but on my terms. The game has become like a pockie machine. You’ll win a few levels and then a “super hard” gets thrown in there, it’s not “super hard” it’s designed for you to lose so that way you pay them for a power pack to pass the level. I don’t play games, this is the only one I have ever played in my spare time and I have loved it. But the fact that the app is now allowing greed to take over player enjoyment has now made me delete the app. I understand that as an evolving business there are costs that will increase meaning you need to be able to increase business revenue. But it’s at the point where the sly tactics that are being used in the game to take peoples money is just ludicrous. This isn’t a casino. If you want to promote gambling, advertise your game as a casino / gambling game. I’m response to developer comment: that’s funny considering there are a number of user comments all experiencing the exact same issues! A bit ironic don’t you think?!!!!

Shame it’s not the game in the ads. I get ads for this app all the time so thought I’d give it a go. The ads misrepresent the game entirely, showing a version of the few and far between bonus levels that are kind of like what’s in the ad. The main matching game puzzles are not in the ads at all. This false advertising was annoying but I played a few levels and the actual game is enjoyable enough, but it’s rigged with super hard levels every so often to force in app purchases for bonuses that are needed to complete and progress further. Some levels do require a combination of skill and luck, which can be fun, and might take a couple of goes, but getting to a level where the end goal is just not achievable is not? The constant encouragement to spend money and useless clutter (I don’t want to buy aquarium decorations thank you) is off putting. I won’t be proceeding any further. It’s a shame that having got this app, I still see the misleading ads in other apps I use. Would be nice to never see it again. If the company actually decides to make the actual game from the ads, I’d be tempted to have a look

It’s a good game but some levels are to hard-. I had this game for a little while and then deleted it because I got bored and nothing exiting was happening. But like 1-2 weeks ago my sister convinced me to download it again so I could play with her, I was beating levels like there was no tomorrow! But it was only because I had a bunch of power ups because it said: welcome back! Here are some rewards. After the rewards ran out it was obviously getting harder to beat levels and now I will get stuck on a level and take ages to complete and when I do I complete like a couple more and then come across another really hard one! And ect.. so I don’t really like this pattern. All I am trying to say is that you shouldn’t have as much super-hard or hard levels. Other wise this is a pretty fun game and I am now playing with some friends and family! But currently I am stuck on a level…

Fishdom. Fishdom is the most enjoyable, relaxing game I have ever played online. You don’t have to spend money although I have a few times. Because eventually you will get to the next level. I have kept coming back to this game because it gives you a decent chance of getting through most levels. In other games I kept getting frustrated because I would go through lives too fast, then have to wait 8 hours or so for more lives. This game is for everyone from young to old. I’m 57 and am past level 2000. I love it and play for hours a day now that I’m retired. 😀🥰

Great game. Up to level 1500- thought it would get too frustrating by now but still loving it! Some of the side games are fun to win rewards (like the pirate card game challenge). Some of the side challenges seem to be pointless points gathering things to renovate something that I never seem to be able to get anywhere near the end of because the ante gets upped and upped for each level of renovation. kind of a time waste. I love my fishes and the aquariums though! I wish we could use diamonds to purchase boosters and rewards!

My thoughts. Love this game a lot although I don’t like that the only way thru the hard levels is to buy add ons to help you I also am not a fan of How many diamonds it takes to progress and to get bombs and stuff and it takes forever to pass stages sometimes I ageee that in the team challenges the people who contribute SHOULD be the ones who benefit even tho sometimes I’m stuck on a REALLY hard level There should be easier ways to obtain lives from your team mates and friends as this is pretty hard Oh and 1 More thing the items we buy with gold, silver and bronze tokens SHOULD be able To be sold as they take us a lot to earn them therefore we should be allowed to Sell them too if we want I really like these new challenges but don’t like that we have to pay to get the best out of that Overall I’m addicted and have been playing for about 4 years so cheers

Good Game, Not as Advertised. Note that the mini game advertised and used as the picture tile and videos is a small part of the game. It’s a good game in itself but not what I was expecting from everything shown… it’s challenging and fresh and fun and cute to dress up each new tank and great to contribute as a team and even win races and has good events. But it’s essentially a tile matching game, when I thought it would be fish eating fish and battling. I think it’s got a lot going for it in itself and is challenging enough to keep you engaged and has enough going on to reel you in and keep you hooked so I rate it.

Great Great Great!!!. This is a wayyyyyy overdue review. I first met Playrix and Fishdom around 10 years ago, through a free game site.....long before they were a regular through apps or FB. The game was great when I downloaded it then and it's only gotten better. It's well thought out. Graphics are amusing.....the mooing cow fish just crack me up. There's always something new in every level....never repetitive or monotonous. Overall, I think it's the best matching game to be found. (Side note to the programming artists: the things you've come up with to confound is pure evil! Keep up your genius-ness-ness-ness! )

Misleading and a major waste of your money and time.. I downloaded the game cause I loved the idea of helping the fish in certain cases during the game it’s now only been two or three and that’s all there is. The level I’m on is impeccably hard for one to pass and it feels they’ve designed levels to make consumers buy packs and whatnot just so you can pass some levels. I’ve purchased some packs cause I’ve only had one move or something like that. But this is becoming a trend even on the Homescapes game too as they also are the creators of this too. I understand they need to make money but how much is too much? It should be a one off purchase to last the entirety of the games life. In hindsight these prices aren’t as bad as the Kardashian game but most things you have to buy a k coins which you have to buy which is expensive. But when did games become so expensive for us consumers???

Ms I just started to play this game for a few weeks n. I can’t believe how much I love it and love this game and the satisfaction that I have for playing this game once’s I run out of life I played with the fishes it self it’s more fun n just everything that you can ask for and so much more I spend hours with all of them it’s the joy oi gets from it’s one of those little pieces it’s extremely cute and hilarious I know they’re not real but that’s the fun of it the graphics are superb just wonderful it’s the best thank you guys for creating this game it’s best of all keep up the good work

Playing Fishdom. I was really enjoying the game, and spent alot of money on purchases, I deleted my account because for a whole week there was a glitch kept shutting me out of the game as I was gaining on levels, this became annoying, I did not want to waste my money anymore because I kept getting locked out, now they keep asking me to come back on every game I play. Its too late I cant be bothered with it any more, if they dont want my money then shutting me out was a good way for me to delete the game.

Hide your credit card. A real money spinner for the developers, not only do they get revenue from ads but add insult to injury they also sell diamonds and they are expensive, you might get diamond one from watching an ad or sometimes when you win a game but it costs 9 for an extra 5 goes or for 30 seconds. This increases considerably if you suddenly find the previous attempt didn’t work. In all fairness diamonds should be sold for coins earned. Some levels are impossible to clear under normal conditions forcing the use of diamonds or bombs if one wants to progress to the next level. Once I finish using my last purchased diamonds the game will be trashed, shame really because it is an enjoyable game, but I will not put any more money into the crook developer.

THEY CONTINUE TO EXPLOIT LOYAL PLAYERS. In recent months we used to get a Fishdom Gold Pass for 30 days at a cost of AU$7.99. THEN they decided to change that to only 7 days for $7.99. Just out of the blue! Any queries about that were met with “oh we’re in a testing phase”. And they made the popular pass worse by only allowing you to advance via levels played, not tasks. THEY RUINED the Gold Pass & chose to rob us week to week as a test? FISHDOM ? How can you charge us $32 a month for something that cost $7.99 a month? Now, after weeks and weeks of complaints and many people refusing to buy the pass, they are now charging $7.99 for 13 days. BRING BACK 30 DAYS you crooks !!! How can you grossly overcharge players who have spent hundreds, even thousands on your game? It’s insulting and depressing - you zap the fun out of the game. I lead a team and for the first time since I started the team, NONE of us bought the pass last week. No one had it. And we still won 1st place in our Team Tournament. Less Crowns, but who cares? Stop abusing your loyal customers Fishdom. Many hate the game now because of your obscene greed. I hope you noticed the dramatic drop on your revenue.

Pretty disappointed. I downloaded this game because it was one of those persistent ads on another game. It’s nothing like the game that was advertised. The ad made it look like a set of puzzles to save the fish. Instead, it’s just another variant of Candy Crush. Match the pieces; collect the gold; use the coins to but aquarium decorations and more pretend fish. Definitely not the game it was advertised to be. Also, what’s with the fish shaming you and using psychological manipulation to get you to leave reviews or join teams? Although the game is not the game it was represented to be, I initially thought there was a place for a game like this with children but after watching the not so subtle shaming programming coming from the fish, no way I’d let a young child play it.

This is a great game!!. I love this game. (IM NOT AN NPC😭, JUST GOOD GRAMMAR) Some puzzles are so challenging, which I love. The way you can decorate your tank is so great since there’s so many ways you can do it. The fish designs are awesome and so creative. It’s also pretty easy to level up, which is different, but fantastic. I stay up all night to play this game because it’s so entertaining. Even though I am a child, (not giving out specific age) it has me hooked. This game is for all ages, and my parents love this game too. Playing this game with my little cousins has been a blast, and this game is just extremely addicting. MUST PLAY!!!

Re problems with your game.. I have been playing Fishdom for a long time now, up to level 10,251 and am getting a little frustrated. Playing the Cups give you very little coins, why is this so?? Just because we get to the cup’s shouldn’t mean we get less, it just makes it harder to get the fish bowls finished. Because we get to the end waiting for levels we shouldn’t be disadvantaged. Also surely you can come up with a new challenge in the weekly challenge, although I shouldn’t say weekly as of late we have missed a few weeks and what is with the gold pass cut from 30 to 20 to now only 6 days and for the same money?? Another idea would be to have a little envelope at the top left of our screens where we can put some extra time we get to play when it’s the end of the evening and we win 2 hours of free play and can’t utilise it. Please feel free to respond.

It’s not really like the adds. Fishdom is basically another one of those match three games. It’s different to things like Gardenscapes because you can place items wherever in the tank and can buy whatever fish you want. To be honest, that fact that you just buy ransoms fish and items and put them wherever isn’t very appealing to me because I don’t see how my tank could end up looking very good. Also If you were looking for mini games like in all of the misleading adds, this actually has them. You have to play a couple levels and then it’s an option to do. It choose a random mini game (mostly the tunnel and level one) and you play for a prize. Honestly I’d recommend Gardenscapes instead because it has the same mini games and the actual game is a lot better

Now an unplayable game!. I am genuinely furious with support. The update was available to me before the last event finished. When I updated, on the pass screen it was still showing as active, but when playing the levels it was locked. The only way to unlock it was to buy the pass again! I didn’t of course. I contacted support instead and those idiots have dismissed me at least 4 times now. First time was to tell me the event was over, because that’s just how long it took them to look at my complaint! The other 3 said, because it shows as active in the pass screen shot I sent them, then there was no problem. I don’t know how else to explain it. When playing the levels, I couldn’t access the features of the pass that I had paid for! And having them close my complaint right away and having to go through a mass of bot help responses is enough to make me scream! There is no support from support! This game used to be good. The events were about collecting things to get the bonuses so you could actually progress through the game. They changed it to passing levels which is now almost impossible unless you want to PAY your way through instead of PLAY your way though! The game is no longer enjoyable and the paid rewards are just no longer worth my money! They have changed a playable enjoyable game to a payable frustrating waste of time!

Addictive. I’ve been playing this game on and off for years and have welcomed the many changes. I think it needs to make it easier to win jewels though, because unless you can keep paying for boosts then you’ll get stuck quite quickly in the upper levels and this is becoming a real turn off for me. I’m not so interested in the side story games of decorating areas. I’d rather the extra unused blue coins earned there be converted to jewels rather than coins. It can also take a lot of game play to be able to earn enough tickets to buy special fish too.

Terrible bugs and no contact support!. The game itself is fine but not when it crashes or freezes all the time, and then all your boosters you had in the shell are gone when you reload! Then you use ones u have saved just to get back to where you were, or you use your boosters aswell they are lost when game decides to freeze or crash, and no contact support to receive anything back! Just stupid question/answer support- no help at all! Wasted so many of my boosters over and over again that should not have been, and then to hard to do level when dont hav shell boosters aswell! very annoyed at game, did like it but now after this over and over again.. not fun!! You will see what i mean when you play:/

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Nothing like the ad. This game is nothing like the ad, in the game I don't see any pins, levers, sharks, or sea monsters. Just a suggestion in the next update you should keep the fish tank but make the challenges like they are in the ad and just remember this review is just a suggestion.

Fake. This App is a lie. Its fake..

Nothing like the ad. Ad looked cool, game is the same as most others and nothing like what was advertised

The add is a lie. If I could give it a -5 stars I would

false advertising. the game is not how they advertised it. i hate when you wanna play something they advertise and when you download it you will have to first play something else.

False advertising. Not the same game as the adds

False advertising. This game is nothing like the advertised game shown in other games. Don’t waste your time (or phone space) downloading it.

Should be illegal. Those fake gameplay adds. They should be illegal. Since it’s not, it’s on us users to never support companies that rely on these tactics.

Disappointing. I just hate the false advertisements. Why don’t you just create the game in the advertising and I’ll download that. Probably even pay for it.

Total scam. You require cold hard cash to play this game. The goal post is always just a little out reach, but if you spend real money you get the extra turns or the thing you need to beat that level. You do get free rewards but it could take you 5 days to get enough to maybe possibly beat the level. There are no extra ways like watch an ad, only cash, to get extra rewards. I’ve played the same level for multiple times a day for days to be able to beat it, but with real money it would have been easily beaten. I bought a monthly gold pass it gives you a few extra rewards, helpful but still requires extra cash injections. The gold pass doesn’t even last the 30 days it is supposed to when they change the “seasons” you lose the pass anything you have yet to claim and are expected to buy a new one for the new “season”. This game is a complete scam, unless you have money you just looking to throw away for no reason save yourself a lot of frustration and move on. The game isn’t anything like the ads that probably brought you to it. This game is a match 3, 5, 7 tile in a row game, candy crush is free and you can beat the levels without real money. Avoid this scam they call a game. I’m not sure how apple allows this game to faulty advertise and take peoples money, I guess apple doesn’t care as long as the cash is flowing in.

what. i don’t even have the game i’m just so confused as to why in the world the add is not what the game is???? what kind of advertising is that? the add version of the game actually looks interesting too, I would actually play that.

WORST APP EVER 🤢🤮. Nothing like add. Started playing then immediately I realize it was different than the app but I didn't do anything about it the ad looks so fun but the game sucks please change the game to make it a lot more like the ad so you can just be the fish and eat all the stuff. Developers please respond to this and try to fix all this because if it was like the ad this rating would be a five star but it's not like the ad so it's one

False advertising. Not at all the same as the ads total false advertising had I known I would not have wasted my time

Click bait. Not at all related to the add

Pay to win. This game is practically IMPOSSIBLE unless you use power ups, which is completely unfair since you have to pay to get them, I’ve been stuck on level 29 for the last week and after many tries using power ups, NO AVAIL. Maybe I’ll consider re-downloading once this game picks up its act and makes it POSSIBLE to play again without using money.

Nothing like the add. Another tile matching game with little reward. Only way to win is spending real human money for boosts. Such a scam

Garbage game. Stop advertising your game as something it is not!! Nothing but a stupid match game!! Real original 🙄 DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!! Doesn’t even deserve the one star that you’re forced to give with review!!!

Dumb. It’s nothing like the add don’t advertise things that doesn’t happen in the game

Manipulative Game. This game decides if and when you will win. It is designed to tempt you to spend money on extras that will make winning easier. Delete!

Very deceptive Advertising- Just another Match-3!. I downloaded this after seeing advertisements on Instagram and Facebook. It looked like an interesting change from the usual match-3 games so I thought I would give it a try. But that’s all it was. Just another Match-3. Where are the interesting loot and treasure puzzles promised by the ad?

Fishdom. Why don’t you make a game that’s as fun as the fake ads?

Misleading. Game lets you get only so far until it starts asking you for money. Buy jewels, coins extra lives,whatever. I deleted after two days. It’s garbage

Hate this game. This game sucks. I have been fooled with false advertisements so many times. Such a waste of time.

My son would call it Medium..... This is a fun game but there’s an obvious algorithm that makes the hard levels allow you to get to one move left with no way to win. It’s forcing you to either use extra lives, use your earned life lines or just plain buy help. When you earn help during a game the help lands in a place that normally doesn’t help. It, like all free games, plays mom the fact that most humans have no self control and need to win NOW!

😂. Misleading false advertising.

Where are the mini games?. The advertisement for this game is what motivated me to download it. These mini games were periodically featured for the first levels, but then they stopped. So for those of you thinking of getting this game, if you really want it because of the Ad, you’re not going to get what you think.

Boring game. Nothing like advertised

Misleading advertising. The advertising for this game that I see during other games bears no resemblance to this game. There are no pins and levers, no sharks, no traps and no epic fails, other than the game itself which is an epic fail!

Still Stupid!. Ticks me off that you get 2 bombs and they always get placed so close together that you explode one and they both explode,

FISHDOM… MORE LIKE BOREDOM. I want to give you a ZERO… but since it’s not possible…. i’ll give you… a ONE.

False advertising. The ads are a lie.

Baiting App. False advertising. Avoid this app developer.

Not what I thought. Liked the idea of the game from the ads but what I downloaded is nothing like the ads. I don’t want to play a matching game. I want the pins, sharks, lava... deleting it now

BEWARE. I made a $25 purchase on the app and my credit card was charged $71.01. Absolute thieves. I’ll be disputing with my credit card company. This is awful.

Nothing like advertised. The ad for this game shows you trying maneuver a fish safely through obstacles yet it is more like candy crush this app is falsely advertised if it was as advertised I’d play it but the game is lame

Question. Just wondering if it’s illegal for you as a game to advertise game modes and puzzles that we never get to play after we download the game and agree to your terms of agreement.

Purchases. In app purchases are a lot more than what it says 😡

Those lying ads will be gone soon!. I’m a developer (dev) in the App Store. All devs got sent an email explaining upcoming changes to the App Store’s policies. Good news! Here’s the quote directly from that email: • 2.3.1: Clarified that misleading marketing, whether it takes place inside or outside of the App Store, is grounds for removal from the App Store and the Apple Developer Program. So Fishdom and other games will have to STOP these crummy, lying ads or they’ll get booted from the App Store! Hooray! I’ll change this review once I see the ads have stopped. 😈😬

Not as advertised. As I was expecting a fun puzzle game. Not a matching game. I’m so done with the matching games.

Don’t get it. Not worth downloading. It’s nothing like it’s advertised. More like candy crush type game

Yeesh. Nothing like the add

Tokens. I cannot win levels on the first try. How will I ever be able to earn tokens? It can take up to 20 attempts to win some levels. I find that very frustrating. I love this game but it would be more fun if the levels were not so difficult.

False advertising. This app was pretty fun! I deleted it a while ago because im not very interested in these type of games, my only concern is that you are tricking people with the advertisements you are putting for this game. I saw a developer reply to a review complaining about the same thing, and the developer said that the advertisement she saw was a mini game. Now what doesn't make sense to me is why would you make a whole advertisement on a mini game instead of the actual game? That confuses and tricks people. I am personally not very happy about this, i hope game developers take this to mind because if you made advertisements about the actual game, people who like these kind of games would download it and enjoy it, but since you didn’t people are getting tricked and the app is getting bad reviews.

Nothing like the ad. I see the game you’re posting and when I download it it’s just like every other game with the matching. That’s not cool!!!

False advertising don’t download!!!. The game is NOTHING like the ads.

Misleading Advertisement. Just create the game you advertise, looks more interesting than this bs game.

Fausse représentation. Vos publicités ne montre pas le vrai jeux

More false advertising. Seriously, please stop doing this

Great fun. I like that this game is challenging but at the same time easy enough not to frustrate me.

Lame, and not as advertised. I am bombarded with ads for this game while playing other games, but the actual game is nothing like the advertised one. This is clickbait. In reality it is a really lame and unresponsive match 3 game.

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A disappointing quirk. I’m at level 4,284, and I’m sad to say that I’ll very likely be leaving this game. While I understand that the game must get more challenging as one progresses through the levels, I find it disappointing that in addition to being more challenging, you have fewer lives so that you often need to use gems to get additional game time. Even, accepting that, there is a quirk that, while it isn’t new, is something I find truly annoying. Each level as you select it, shows what you need to do. For example, get gold nuggets, break tiles, clean oil spill, etc., I often enter the game only to discover the squid need to be rescued. I dislike the squid on a good day! They are worse than bubbles, ice, coral, anything! Knowing they are going to be part of the challenge would help in the choice of items, such as lightning that you need for the game. I don’t even mind spending money on games, paying for entertainment is fine. But, to use the lightning, bombs, etc., only to find your game ends abruptly because of the squid being coupled with an already difficult level is a bit too much. It has been a very fun game and I’m going to miss it.

This is not a free game. This game is pretty enjoyable at first. It has pretty much all the features of most of the popular match 3 puzzle games and decorating themed fish tanks is fun. However, it’s not a free game once you reach a certain level. Once you advance in the game, every other level is hard or super hard. The goals of these levels gets increasingly hard, to the point that it is completely impossible to beat the level without the help of boosters. And of course, boosters cost money. So you can try to beat the level without boosters, and waste a week trying to beat one level, only to finally have the game let you win, ie every move you make seems to produce a booster. You’ll feel accomplished, and think you can finally begin some fun gameplay, only to have the next level will be even harder with even less moves provided to you. This is supposed to be a casual, relaxing game. It certainly was when you are starting out, but after a month or two it just becomes a time waster, you’ll fly through all your lives in 10 minutes. To be honest I would rather watch ads than have every level be a cash grab.

Lost its charm after developer got greedy. Used to be enjoyable. Nice graphics. Cute concept. We all like challenges....if it were too easy we would lose interest. But recent update (????) added a squid rescue feature. The squid themselves are cute, and added a nice challenge and twist to the game. Level 331 however has a feature, or maybe glitch???, where a window pops up randomly in the game that effectively ends the game. The box says the squid are in danger and you MUST call in the dolphin requesters. Which requires 18 gems. If you do not pay the gems, the game abruptly ends and you lose a life. I've been on this level for over a week now. I've used all of my gems, all of my bonus items like bombs and hammers. I actually broke down and spent 0.99 just now to "finally" pass the level since I had already cleared 7 of the 9 dolphins and all of the pearls when it popped up. Guess what? Still lost the level. I refuse to spend any more money. And losing the same level approximately 150 times in the last week and a half isn't fun. I'm done. Way to lose customers Playrix.

Very addicting!. I love this game and do play everyday. It is definitely my escape. I don’t understand how people are complaining about having to spend money to beat certain levels. I do all the extras so that I can get the rewards which are coins and diamonds. I have not spent one penny on this game and I’m on level 1685!! All my fish tanks have 3 gold stars and I do not move on until they do even when the next tank is unlocked. I also have most trophies and am on my way to achieving the others, those just take time. My only complaint is I do not like when it asks if you want to continue on for 9 diamonds at the end of a game and I accidentally hit it while I’m still swiping on my game when it pops up before I can stop myself. So sometimes I end up losing 9 diamonds because I’m already committed to my move and it’s too late to stop. It’s frustrating when you are on a game and you know you have no chance to beat it with 5 additional moves and that’s when it seems to only happen!! Can that option be moved so that it pops up more to the corners or side other than same place as the try again spot?

Like an underwater Bejeweled. Dear Fishdom Developers, Fishdom is another take on bejeweled. I don’t even understand how Bejeweled is so popular. I personally never really got into the game and after a while they are all the same. But ups to you on the effort. I would pick Fishdom over Cookie Jam, but not over the Family Guy version of Bejeweled. The fish talk so that’s kind of cool. Quit trying to connect me to Facebook! Facebook, does not take care for its users and as long as it doesn’t I will continue my personal boycott. Thank you again, I appreciate your time. Keep up the good work. I am unfortunately going to be leaving the game, after a while it seems impossible to win without purchasing boosters. While I appreciate the fact that you don’t have ads, I would rather watch an ad than pay real life money. I have limited funds and I also realize limited time. Spending money on a game that truly only occupies time is just not worth it for me. The concept and the design while very cool, just encourages one to buy more things you don’t need. I am assuming buying decorations for your fishbowl is just another way to program a person to purchase unnecessary items in real life. Thank you for your time, and take care. ❤️🤗😜.

Best game ever. I love this game so much. You can make teams you can invite your friends to join your team and you can win treasures together. I like this because I can get new fish and decorate my aquariums and I can make a team it’s really fun because then you can win vultures and that gives you more things you can buy I also like that you can get new aquariums and you don’t have to stay on the same aquarium another reason I like this game is because it helps me Think of what to do when I am on the game it helps me to pick the right moves so I can win the game. Another reason why I like this game is because all the fish that are there they all have a nice names and you can change them if you don’t like their names sometimes you can help other teammates that you have on your team like if they don’t have enough hearts and you can give them hearts to help them win their games and every time and you guys all like let’s say if it asked you to join a team game and you won the whole game you get to add up to the leaderboard it’s really fun and I think when you get this game you will be so happy that you bought the game From Ava

worst game ever. I saw this game on one of the ads and I really wanted to try it out the ads showed a bunch of games and it said you can access them in early game which I tried a bunch of other games are only allowed access to the other games later in the game and they said it in the ads as I knew that I didn’t download them but in this one it said you can get it early access and you can get it right away right when you download the app when I downloaded the app Iafallo the instructions after a couple months of saying this it said you get early access and I wondered when it’s early access because normally if I download one of the other apps it said you get it later in the game I already get it by one month confused I look at The downloading place and the pictures and videos of people playing it I see them playing only the other games not the base game that you start off with and still playing then I looked at other people playing this game I saw them playing with with the bass game and they said after a couple years of playing this game I finally got to another game and I’m not spending a couple years just playing this game I want to play the other games like swallowing other fish fish and all the other ones then I downloaded the app and I am writing this review right now

Love it but the amount of moves for some levels is just ridiculous. I love this game. I love how you can buy fishes, decorate your own aquariums, how easy it is to get coins and also some of the levels are fun. The only reason why I give it four stars is because the amount of moves you get on some levels are just too short and ridiculous. I get that this is one of the many ways the programmers gain their money off on, but there would be levels I would be stuck on about 15- 20 times in a roll until I finally had enough and decided to buy with real money more diamonds and power ups. And my diamonds would get used up easily where I would be without any diamonds and power ups the next 5-10 rounds. I would say I’m a sucky player if this was the case, but I can even go all the way on level 300+ on similar games like these without having to use my real money to buy the stuff I need in order to “desperately” get to the next level. I love this game but I just wish they’d continued to give us power ups when we keep defeating levels non stop, because that really helped a lot.

WARNING ALL NEW COMERS. UPDATE: 09/22 Didn't think it could get worse. They now changed the game to $4.99 per week for the gold ticket instead of every 30 days. Visit their Facebook page and read comments, you’ll see just how angry people are. Developers have dropped the number of moves on the levels. For example, I am at a level over 3400 & in the past you would get 20+ moves but now on a super hard game, I have 15 moves & have to clear 18 items but in order to do that you have to clear ice & double blast stone. I was on a great Team & didn’t mind spending money here and there but not anymore. I have been stuck for over 6 months on one board. If I had been new to the game I wouldn’t be none the wiser but after an overnight developer change, which I thought was a glitch in the game, boards that normally would have had at least 15 moves dropped to 9. Their reasoning to me was, there were players who were felt they were not challenged enough. In my opinion, they did it to make more money. You, your kids, grandkids and whomever else gets hooked will be disappointed if you don’t buy boosters to keep going. Our great team shattered because half left or stopped playing, it’s just not fun anymore.

Good game for free.. I have to admit I’ve never spent a penny on the game and I’m on level 2376. I love it. I just play it to relax myself. Some boards are hard and will make you want to quit, but most are beatable in a turn or 2.there are levels that make you want to quit. I quit playing for about a week, then started again and beat the level. I use to play candy crush and got frustrated with it and decided to find a new game. This game. I like the game better because: 1. Feed the fish. It’s fun and you get new ones every week or two. 2. Free gems for feeding fish ( this is why I haven’t had to spend any money. 3. The holiday tanks. 4. Free rewards Daly, and bonus rewards or help throughout the week. 5. I’ve never have to look at an add. This game could be total free if you choose. This is one of the best games out there, so give it a try. Relax, feed you fish and blow up some boxes with you bombs. Word of advise. Save your gems until you are absolutely frustrated with a level, and a a piece or 2 from finishing, or you will waste you gems. Enjoy

Too Expensive To Play. ***Update - Game is STILL too Expensive... Almost impossible to win games the higher up you get without paying extra for Time, Bombs, etc. (1). Timer appears to be inconsistent from one game to the next! There needs to be a physical TIMER that you can look at to see how much (or how little) time you have left. (2). Also about 80% of time it is physically impossible to win the game without having to spend $$$ to have enough of a power advantage to win. I hate playing the same game 20 or 30 (or 300+++times! - yeah, I must be VERY gullible) times over and over never winning - It quickly becomes BORING. I usually am a dedicated player with these games, but I don't think I can afford to play this game for much longer. The graphics are cute, but not worth what this costs to play long term. They need to create more room to encourage faithful players to stick around,enthusiastically even if they can only afford to pay to play occasionally. The fish and Swag are well done and it is fun to design each new tank. Wish I could afford to play more often.

I love 💕 the update, but one ☝️ thing.... The update is awesome 👏 but you should be able to say, “Oh I think I’ll play a mini game now,” but it only happens when you beat a level. I also thing events should be a sign up kind of thing. I don’t like having the pearl penguin 🐧 come, but the lightning ray is better, and easier. I think it’s cool to have talking fish, but I want a list of pre-recorded voices to put on each fish. Or be able to record my voice and put it on a fish of choice. Speaking of voices I want to be able to respond and talk to my fish. Because currently they talk at you. Also I think mini games of all kinds should be in a drop down menu. I also want to add videos to watch for gems. I also think you should be able to duplicate your decor for the same amount of money as it is in the store. I think this game is amazing 👍and all it needs is a few updates to perfect it. The pre game power ups are really helpful, the game is really fun, profiles are awesome, and the animation is beautiful. The coral designs are so cool, and so are the 🌱 plants. I ❤️ this game, but please make it better.

Great game in the beginning. I’ve had this game for a few months, and it was fun in the beginning. The levels were challenging but doable. You could plan a few moves ahead and figure it out. I’m now past level 2k, and most of the levels are impossible to do without boosters. The number of moves you have, and the way the color pieces are scrambled so they are much harder to match prevent you from finishing a level in one or two tries. You have to try five times, wait a few hours, and then try another five times, before the game starts dropping bombs to help you pass the level. In the beginning, only a few levels were this difficult. But past the 2k mark, most of the levels are like that, and it’s not fun anymore, where you don’t really use your brain but depend on luck and the algorithm that send you the right boosters. When you do get your own boosters, it then becomes super easy and you just explode everything and pass without doing the actual puzzle. Being stuck on the same level gets annoying and I don’t even know why I play anymore. And using the boosters to clear every level gets old. I wanna use my brain and solve puzzles myself.

Fun but transparently designed to lighten your purse. I get that the app needs to make money, so my gripe likely falls on deaf ears. It’s just that I think there would be plenty of people willing to spend their money for the diamonds and boosters, but there should be another way to purchase those things, too ie with the coins you earn like a nice old fashioned video game. I’m more stubborn than most but have even succumbed to spending my own actual money on the game so I can keep playing in my downtime. On that note it’s so aggravating to earn 1 or 2 hours of limitless life and not be able to choose when to use it. It seems I always acquire those when I’m ready to put the phone down, but c’est la vie. I do like that you don’t have to decorate the aquariums any certain way as some of the decor is hideous! The fish are cute and it’s always rewarding to buy a new buddy, I really wish they were a little more unique! At first I thought there was waaau too much going on, but now I love the deep dive and the seahorse booster challenges. Overall, this game is addictive and a fun time-waster. I play all the time.

Unable to play without spending money. At first this game is really fun! I enjoy getting to decorate my aquarium and seeing the fish interact, and I love match 3 games like this! But the higher levels are too hard. Levels 400+ are impossible to beat without boosters or using gems to get a few extra moves - which makes it impossible to play this game without spending a ton of money on it! I don’t wanna spend hundreds of dollars on a mobile game. I think there should be a way to earn gems without paying for them: maybe you could watch ads to get gems? 1 ad = 1 gem, and there’s a max of 5 ads available per day? That way people who don’t have tons of money to spare can still get some gems, while people who do have money can skip the ads and just buy some gems ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This game doesn’t have any ads at the moment, which is cool! But maybe optional ads that give players a small reward would be helpful for us. I would give this game 5 stars if earning gems was easier and the higher levels weren’t rigged, but since I can’t play without paying, I’m giving 3 stars and will probably be playing less :P

Bait and Switch!. While playing another game, I received an ad for this game, Fishdom. The game in the ad was an escape strategy game where the player helps the fish escape certain obstacles like lava or sewer grates. There was no mention of a matching game. When I started playing, I found that the ad refers to story mode. In the game, story mode is supposedly coming soon. After level 31, I played one story mode. I have played beyond level 100 and have not gotten to story mode again. That was a big disappointment. Do not advertise a mini-game as the whole of your game! That is totally misleading and upsetting. When is story mode AVAILABLE??? DEVELOPERS: As a gamer, I am less likely to pay for a game that I was falsely led to download! Just advertise Fishdom as the match-3 game with fun fishbowls you can decorate that has a cool mini-game story mode that you play once or twice. Further: The match 3 game is challenging without spending your own money. You can use diamonds to purchase game bonuses. The game lets you collect diamonds in a whale bank, but you have to buy the bank to in order to use any of the diamonds you collect.

Trust. I have been enjoying this game for well over a year. When I first started playing it was fun but had a few problems ie some puzzles too hard, required me to spend too much cash. HoweverI stuck with the game as I really did enjoy decorating my aquariums and it was fun to try and beat the tough puzzles. The really great thing is that the creator of the game kept working on the game, making it better and better. If you are persistent you can eventually beat all the puzzles (even if you don’t have much money to throw at it.) also the creator has added so many other activities and events that there are always a ton of different things to do. And he/she has figured out how to make joining a team with members from around the world an option. It seems like there is a new feature all the time! Thank you Playdom for trusting your team of creators of this game. Thank you for giving them the time to work the bugs out of this gam. It really is getting to be a great game! Gotta quit now and get back to playing. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. 😁👍😃👌

Fishies are Cute As Can Be..I'm Hooked!!. I love the Fish but if you choose to play this game, you don’t want to be in too much of a hurry to be in the upper levels (1ks). This is where Fishdom never plays fair to us for our customer loyalty. For every special holiday feature where we upper levelers play to earn the unique fish WE get cheated out of it! The lower you are the easier the games your playing, so you can win them but if you are higher up forget it! The games are mostly ‘Hard’ Levels and it takes forever (plus your ‘hard’ earned cash) to win a level, so you can’t earn what you need to win those special fish. Fishdom makes it so you can’t even ‘buy’ them if you purchase coins. They cater to you when you’re a low level bottom feeder only. They don’t give everyone the same opportunity to win the games and earn those special features. They only make it easy for the much easier lower level people to win them. I’ve complained here before to no avail..they simply don’t care. Fishdom does not play a fair game in that respect.

money pig!!! 💩💩💩. Level 4581 & other “hard” levels are more & more frequently designed to be able to pass ONLY by spending money! The game cheats so bad! You can’t win unless you PAY, PAY, PAY!!!! This game is getting less & less fun, & becoming more & more ANNOYING!!! I don’t mind challenging levels, but when the game is so clearly designed to make you fail (or pay ALOT of money!) it just gets boring & makes me start to think about deleting the game! I don’t play candy crush anymore- or any King games for that reason, seems like fishdom is also going in that direction! The stingrays also don’t “help” you like they used to either- I just played a stage & had only 1 square left to clear, and my only move was to match a stingray- which should have cleared the only square left. Instead the stingray shot out 3 shots to totally useless squares & ignored the only square that really needed clearing so that I could finish the stage! Of course, then the game asks if you want to spend diamonds (spend money) to continue the stage to try to win!!! So the game cheats so I can’t win, & then to add insult to injury- asks me to spend money on the game!!!!! Plus with recent upgrade- seriously, need over 230,000 for decorations to get the third star??? Greedy, greedy, greedy!!!

Used to be good. This game used to fun but they change things constantly to make it more difficult. For example, they recently made it 3x as hard to get a glowing triangle. You'll notice that you have to explode waaaaay more to get one than you used to. They also added bonus stages that are nearly impossible to beat so it messes up your streak. They also added more hard and extreme hard boards to again, make you drain your lives and use diamonds. It used to be "fun" but now it's just a way to get you hooked and then force you to make purchases to keep going. I still play, but will probably stop when I can no longer move forward without making a purchase. It's becoming increasingly obvious that it's just a money drain. Another oddity is that you can be stuck on one board for days or weeks and then *all of sudden*, you beat it easily. The algorithm wants to keep you playing but not before it drives you insane or before you use up all of your power ups and diamonds. So after *enough tries*, "they" will let you win. Only to get you stuck two boards later. Again.... Such a shame. Could've been a decent game if they were so blatantly trying to drain everything you have to keep playing.

Don't believe there with Playrix games. Ran across an issue with the game not functioning as described and opened a ticket up about it. I then had a week long discussion with a rep where the rep agreed to the behavior but then kept telling me that I'm too dumb to understand the meaning of the tip. After finally getting fed up with the treatment, I asked to speak with somebody else. This is when the rep just left the conversation. Since then, I have reopened tickets which have received spotty responses, at best. And if I do get a response that is not auto generated, the conversation is abandoned on their end, purposefully abandoned.... I have attempted to email this company multiple times as well having received one response with a question from this particular avenue. After answering the question (within fifteen minutes of them sending it), I waited a day before the conversation was closed out automatically for "inactivity”. This company is also banned from advertising is Europe due to the false advertising that they put out regarding the escape style levels. The advertising makes one believe that the game consists of a majority of these level, however the escape style levels only appear once every twenty or so levels. The game is a match 3 game. Just don’t bother with any games Playrix has their name on.

PLEASE LOOK AT THIS REVIEW. I wrote a review yesterday that was deleted and one on Friday that was deleted. The developers are cowards. Instead of fixing their games, they’re just deleting reviews. As if that’s gonna help. Face it, developers. Everyone here hates your game. I wouldn’t be surprised if the good reviews are fake. Instead of luring in everyone with fake ads, advertise your game as it is. Or if you don’t wanna change your ads, change your game. It’s just so cruel to attract people with innovative ideas only to then be jerks and reveal that your game is just a poorly made version of Candy Crush. While I do admire y’all for showing the world your innovative ideas, you’re being jerks by pretending to be unique when in reality, your game is just candy crush with fish. Instead of receiving all this hate, either delete your game, change your ads, or change your game. Maybe then people would admire Playrix instead of identifying it as a group of frauds that trick people into downloading their apps, luring everyone into their ripoffs of candy crush, force people indirectly to spend all their money on power ups until they’re broke, and finally delete this dumb app because they finally realize what it really is: a scam.

There are annoying things. I’ve been playing for a while and generally like the game but there are a few things I do not like. The last couple of updates created a "keep playing" pop up window that shows up after each failed turn and is extremely annoying. In most games there is 'do not show again' option but not in this game, at least not any more. Another issue, when I try to pause the game it quits the game automatically and I lose my turn. It does not show any pause option, just quits. I don’t think it was like that when I started this game. Sometimes I forget and try to pause at the beginning, big mistake, am very unhappy. Like what others have said, I’m on some levels for days. Even using boosters doesn’t work until I’ve used 10 or more. Lastly, Playrix likes to bombard the games with a lot of extra challenges. Sometimes it's just too many, one after another. I don’t mind them occasionally but do not participate in some of them because there is too much going on. In spite of the super hard levels, losing my turn, the extra challenges and that annoying pop up window, I still enjoy the game.

Fun game, complicated, cash grabber. I think this is a great game for when you are bored. I love that you can buy new unique fish and make an awesome aquarium. I also think it is cool that there are so many great seasonal events with fun characters. It is also cool that there are mini games, especially the one like candy crush. I love the fun boosters and different levels that there are. When I first got the game, I thought it would be a fun game to just relax and have fun. But, ( and I’m not saying this as a really bad thing,) it has gotten addicting and I am always thinking, “I wonder how my fish are.” On the other hand, the main thing I am concerned about is the access to mini games. I have watched so many videos and contacted help in the game but I cannot figure out how to find the “puzzle button” to play mini games. You advertise Fishdom saying it has fun mini games to play but nobody can find them. I also think you should give out more vouchers in the different levels. Overall, I think it is a fun and addicting game but only has a few errors.

It’s great! However... This app is very fun and addictive! However, I see a bunch of false ads on different games for Fishdom, and they don’t have any of those mini-games in the actual game! I did not download fishdom from the ads about rescuing a fish, but I think it’s unfair to advertise like that. Plus, the customer service is HORRID. I’d honestly like to challenge the creators in to replying to this comment, because I haven’t seen a single reply to any review mentioning the advertisements. Playrix, you need to own up to the false advertisement and actually show the game for what it is! One other thing about the game that really annoys me is that you can TELL they’re looking for you to spend a ton of money. The gems and power-ups are ridiculously priced and they’re always reminding you that there’s some kind of sale going on. They need to relax with that and just let people purchase if they want to purchase. That being said, I know I just completely trashed the app, but all in all it’s a great game. The fish are adorable and the decorations are the cutest. The different tanks are wonderful as well. Thanks for reading, and Playrix, I hope you take the time to actually read your reviews because your customer service is not the best right now.

4-5 Stars. I say 4-5 cause it’s a good game with some good challenging levels, it also gives you a lot of chances to earn diamonds (helps u get extra moves, more lives, special fish). Some good story’s modes incorporated & fun events. Like the races they do. All of these give you chances to earn bombs & such to help in level. But the help the fish games are insanely childish, like my 3 year old could do that, yet struggles with the levels themselves. Also a recent update changed a lot of the earlier get decorations into childish decor. It’s like they r trying to reach all age audiences, which is great! Except not exactly working at the same time. Some levels are so insanely hard they take me multiple life refills to complete, but I am also at like at a high level so maybe why. It can get irritating, but some of the side games help like the recent crab one where u used energy separately from ur lives. But overall it’s an engaging game, not too challenging yet challenging enough to not get boring. Plus’s a lot of side games & decorating, so it keeps you going. I get bored quick with games & I’ve played this one awhile & still don’t want to delet it.

I enjoy this game. I like the fact the you can open one shell on a daily basic and win and item from diamonds to bombs. Also the trophies and cleaning your fish tank earns rewards. I don’t spend money on this game at all, but it is slow going to advance. Some levels are so hard it takes several days to complete , that frustrating. I would like to see some changes like 1) when you win infinity it automatically goes into it, I think you should be able to choose when you use that, 2 ) if you use your diamonds for additional chances or time and it only takes one to complete the level you should only use one and get the rest back, 3) you recently offer complete levels and fill whale with diamonds to win but then at the end I’ve completed levels and filled the whale Now you want me to pay for the diamonds in the whale. That’s. Not right as I completed the levels already so the whale diamond should be mine as I already finished the task I should not have to pay fo4 them now. That seems underhanded and greedy .

Please stop with the pop ups. I fell in love with this game a couple years ago. But I have finally grown tired of the “in your face” pop ups that happen every time you open the game. If I have a short time period to feed my fish, I do not want to do an entire walk through for a “side game” that I am not interested in. I log in and instantly am bombarded. “Touch this. Go there. Read this. Click next. Look at this. Now go here. Claim this.” Literally you cannot start feeding your fish until you’ve been dragged through 2 and a half minutes of forced navigation and character dialogue. I can understand a walkthrough for new players. But once someone is familiar with the game, they know where to look for the extra side games. Or the tournaments. This ridiculousness has become so annoying that I now dread having to go feed my fish. Now months pass before I force myself to log into Fishdom. Please, Designers, take a page from June’s journey. They have a lot of alternate activities, tournaments, and side games. But they simply put an exclamation mark next to the icon, so that the player knows there is something new. And the player can give it their attention (or not) when they are good and ready.

Not A Fan Of The Update. Let me start off by saying I genuinely love this game. It’s so much fun and addictive. I even had a problem recently where I purchased a lot of boosters but kept losing them because the game kept crashing. However, when I informed support of this they gave me back all the boosters which I am very grateful for. The thing is, recently they updated the game, changing the graphics and I have to say I liked it better before. They opted for of a matte finish instead of glossy which I understand since that seems like the trend now, but it doesn’t look good. It looks too kiddyish and almost like claymation. I liked how the fish tanks looked like clear tanks, but now look cartoony and very hazy. Plus, they put them in rows under the collections like “Around The World” instead of like the four in four corners in a square. The thing that bothered me the most was they changed the “stone lantern” graphics completely. It fit in perfectly in the Japan tank as it was styled exactly like Japanese sculpting, but now it doesn’t fit in at all. The way I see it is, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I definitely liked it better before.

It’s a good and ok game. Ok so I have not been playing for only a little bit and I am on level 56. I play it all the time! And I also have literally fallen in love with my fish. And I have decorated my fish tanks with a huge selection of many decorations! I am on a team with other fish from players, they are very nice a supportive! I started a day before my brother and we both love the game. It’s a great game for all ages to play, a friend told me about it and I have not stopped playing it ever since haha. I personally like whenever I get a little mini game Bc then it’s not the same this every time like some games. I don’t like how it freezes and glitches ALOT!!! But other then that this game is the most fun game I’ve played online. The company who made FidhDom also make many other great games. I definitely recommend FishDom if your trying to pass some time or you just have nothing better to do! I really love this game and it is so much fun for any ages! ( I caught my mom playing it the other day right after she said I play FidhDom way to much lol 🤣)

Recent changes in game made it lose its replay value BAD!!!. This game used to be extremely entertaining and fun!! But then with the more recent updates… the mini game’s stopped, levels are designed in a way it almost impossible to win… even with boosters. You add squids to a board that already has walls and level 5 blocks that you can’t even reach because the walls you added don’t allow you to make the power up boost needed to even reach the level 5 block and the purpose of the board is to clear tires. The “easy” levels are just as hard as the super hard so there is no disparity. It’s like whoever developed your levels just sit back and think of how much they can put into a level. And now levels have less moves. It’s like what’s the point of having boosts or challenges when you are playing on the same level for a week. You can’t upgrade any fish take, they took away the stuff that made it so fun to play. Don’t see me sticking around for too much longer. Game used to be my goto but starting to come to be my avoid. Bring back to older more fun style.

Fun and addictive. I rarely review apps. I got this one and Angry Birds match at the same time. They are both visually lovely and fun to play. I prefer this one because you can, with patients and strategy, beat the levels without actually having to buy anything. The game gives you gems which you can trade in for power ups or more turns if you run out on a level. That’s always been enough for me. I haven’t actually had to spend any money. There are no ads, so that’s nice. As a levels get harder, I may actually spend money to buy gems— but it will be worth it for the gameplay so far. I’m at level 154 currently. I even got into decorating my aquarium, which at first I thought was lame. This is a good one! UPDATE: Eventually this game is too hard to win without buying gems or using power ups. Even the regular levels. It’s annoying. And it’s totally rigged. It’s all about the ratio of pieces. And I have bought gems, but now I’m at the point where I have to use something at every level. Frustrating. Annoying. DEVELOPERS: Don’t annoy your loyal players and purchasers with impossible levels. Not fun. Not satisfying. 🙄🙄🙄

Fish are so cute, and this is really fun!. I love this game so far! I like to feed the fish, and decorate the fish tank. I have trouble reading what the fishes say because they go so fast!! Can you make it so I can click it when I get done reading what they say? I want to know what they are saying, please! Thank you!! I love feeding the fish, and that you can see how much they have if they are hungry, and need food. I would like to have the fishy come over to me at the screen, and tell me they are hungry for some treats, and then I know which one is hungry, and can feed it, and know which ones have been fed easier. I think it would be neat to see the colorful fish flakes float down into the tank and watch the fish swim over to catch them in their mouths! Even Licking their lips and saying Thank you! That was Yummy! 😋 Thank you for reading this, and for considering these changes. I really thank you for this fun and cute game! I just got the mini game where you merge things from boxes, and it filled up all the space! Now I can’t do anything. I was trying to get the item it wanted.

wow. i never thought i could find a cool game with no advertisements, but here i am right now! this is a really adorable and addicting game with little fish that interact with you and the other fish! you need to play a series of minigames to earn coines to buy more fish and care for them. you can even name them whatever your heart desires! you need to play minigames to upgrade your tank to fit more fish!! this game is so fun and cute every time i turn my phone on the first word that comes in my head is "fishdom"! like i mentioned before, i havent come across a single ad during my whole experience playing this game, and that makes me really happy because if you know me, i cannot STAND ads. so if your reading my review and your trying to find a cute game with no ads to quench your boredom, i definitely recommend fishdom. take my word for it. this game is so fun and ive never been so satisfied from a game. i really hope my review will help you and convince you to get this game. 5 stars for sure and i will NOT regret it, i guarantee. Stay awesome ✌🏻❤️

Player Beware...must have $$$ to play!. After playing Fishdom off and on for years, I decided to try again. To my dismay, the booster rewards are not plentiful, nor frequent. I’ve been playing the same level, which is identified as hard, for the past week! I don’t know how to get out of this level without buying additional boosters. There isn’t a way to continue the game without finishing the level. I’ve completed all but one task multiple times and must purchase additional lives to continue. If you don’t have extra money to play this game, I can testify you won’t get very far. I’m amazed at the rating this game gets, with it being touted as a game for ages 4 and up. I’m an adult, with a masters degree, and I guess younger players are more capable than me. My message is player beware. Purchasing additional lives are the only way to reach the higher levels. Unless, of course, you have unlimited time to continuously play the same level week after week. Even when additional rewards are awarded throughout play, they drop in randomly and take away moves that are beneficial to the player. So, money and frustration are the outcome of playing this game. I don’t know how other ratings can indicate this game as relaxing. Very disappointed with this newer version of play since the game’s origination.

Some players fraudulently charged more.. About a year ago Playrix targeted what they call a test group to charge enormously higher amounts for boosters and diamonds in the game. at the regular store, prices for these players are 40% higher, across-the-board. The fishy bank, which is a way for players to buy diamonds after they have earned a certain amount, was first changed for these players to receive less for the same amount of money, and now has been taken from them all together. The so-called sales which pop up for all players have been priced so that test players get less than half the amounts for the same money that other players get. And the good sales that used to pop up sporadically aren’t offered for these players at all. Of course, this means these players have lost the ability to be competitive and actually earn diamonds and boosters. Their ability to stay on top teams is gone unless they drop large amounts of cash. When support is contacted the agents have a script in which they blame it on Apple. After going round and round they finally are forced to admit what they are doing and basically tell you to delete the game if you don’t like it. I haven’t played this game since it came out and have no problem paying to play. But being charged more than others is a game killer.

I’m a senior and can’t beat all the challenges. I Love the game! This and spider solitaire are the only games I play on line. I am a senior and I play these games to keep my brain active. I do not have the money to spend on games so I get to enjoy the freebies only. Sometimes I have to play the games for several day before I can win. My best chance on the hard ones is to wait until the next morning when I get the daily bonus. There have been several times that I have just walked away for several days because I get so frustrated. I don’t like clams and not fond of the oil slicks. I would like a way to terminate a game if I can’t get through it even it if cost me my earned points. I have trouble with timed games. When I can’t get thru a game, I wait until my grandson comes to visit and he usually gets it on the first try!! All in all, I love my fish! Sometimes I get online just to feed them and see them talk to me! It is a really good game for me but wish it were less stressful! I know the games are meant to challenge us but some of us seniors can’t meet the challenge, give us a way to retire from those we can’t win.

Changes. This used to be such a fun game that I would get up through the night and play. I have set up all night just to play it. Now.....I really do not mind if weeks go by before I set to play again. Every game I have ever played has been ruined by trying to put too much in, and this is one of those games. I am not one of those people that don’t like change either....if it’s needed. I do believe you need to stay relevant, but at any cost? That’s where I draw the line. Most of the “new” is just stupid. Most people are looking for a game that they can play at their own actually set and relax, but after all the changes I have a hard time combing the two. It is not all that relaxing anymore. I haven’t figured out the “group” thing works. I tried to start my own, but no one bit. I don’t know how to get to know the people, what THEIR rules are or going to be (whoever starts the group gets to set their own rules?....what level you have to be at, etc...). There are too many issues to go into now because my review would look like a book, lol. But just a few months ago, I still would have given at least a three star (some changes weren’t too bad, yet), but just not happy with at this point. I do hope that changes and I can start to enjoy my game again.

Possible advertisement infringement. Why is it that you are fooled to click on the game that shows up on the screen for advertisements but when u download the game it’s totally different. In the ads your to either save the fish by pulling these knobs to either release what looks like lava and/or water. Figure the puzzle out to save the fish. The other games are two people, a man and a woman, are walking in the freezing ice cold and you have to save their lives by tapping on a three choice selection at the bottom of the screen. If u get the sequence wrong then a person falls in the water and the phone/device takes you to the App Store for a download. You try to download the game and it’s some match up BS. Why not advertise that part of the game? Or that the match up is included in the game. I have try to play along to see how long it would take me to reach what I started to call “special parts” of the game and I dang near reached level 25 didn't get to play what is advertised at all. Is this what I think it is or am I not playin LONG enough? Is it cut screens. Like if I had to pay money, I would be requesting my money back. Please someone let me know what the deal is. I may be wrong, have no problem admitting it. So keep bashing to yourself. It looks like it to me.

Fishdom. !!! PLAYERS BEWARE !!! This game is designed to develop player frustration, and wanting you to spend actual money to build your arsenal/boosters. No game is worth spending your hard earned money. If you’re patient enough the colors will fall, but it could be days. Save your boosters in the beginning. You’ll need them as you further progress (like when you reach level 1000 on). However, it just seems on the surface, Fishdom is programmed to cater towards those who are spending money. You play along fine for a while, and then encounter a level which is virtually impossible to pass without boosters. To make matters worse, you do not have a choice where the boosters are placed, and the game places them for you in the most ridiculous locations. The game also cheats. Many times you run out of moves before all of target pieces have been displayed. I’m not sure if there is truly any randomness to how the colored pieces fall. Sometimes a level is loaded with boosters, while other times there are no boosters forming at all. If you’re somebody who deals with stress issues, this game is not for you…lol!!!

Love game but..... This has been my fav game from day one of playing, no other game gives as much extra stuff and creativity. I am however having one problem right now. Levels have run out and while I completely understand needing time to develop more, I’m loosing I interest in playing for the first time ever because the “treasure’ levels given while waiting for more levels are WAY to difficult. I don’t want to spending money, bonus lives or bonus explosives on levels that give me such a small reward that I can’t increase coins, get new aquariums or win competitions while waiting on regular levels to be created. If we have made it so far in your game to be at this level we have stuck with you make the treasure levels while we wait rewarding enough to help us stick around. I am earning some bonuses but can’t win the treasure levels and when I do, there isn’t much reward. I’m also not sure why levels have run out when there are still 4 more aquariums showing as having been developed. I’m on “Crime Scene”, 1 start, at around level 4270 (approx).

So predictable. I’m on level 2820....your game is on my nerves because the free time you give out is used up on one hard level if you don’t use boosters. I’ve stockpiled diamond (I’ve got over 1800) and coins (I’ve got 118,000plus) so I could do whatever I wanted to beat the level obviously. I’ve never spent one thin dime—there’s not a game out there that would ever get me to spend real money on a game. My issue is— it’s so predictable when you are at these hard levels. I just play them day after day, getting defeated until the game finally lets you win. You can tell when it’s going to too—gems will blow up nowhere near where you just made your move, and there have been times when I pick white to be removed with a booster I’ve earned...and there’s white gems that will not be taken away with the use of that booster. So lame. Also— when you’re at the beginning of any game — nobody needs the ribbon coming across the screen to tell us what that games goal is. It’s at the top of the screen for heaven’s sake....we can see for ourselves. Irritating as hell. Just stop with the free time if all you’re going to do is keep you stuck on a hard level for the hour that is given and that’s all I’ve got to say.

Terrible purchasing conditions. Paid and didn’t receive my purchase.. On more than one occasion I have spent money to buy gems and boosters. The process went through and said enjoy your game with your purchases, but then the purchases were never received. I wrote to who I thought I should, giving them the date and time and nothing was done. A couple of times, a purchase didn’t go through, so I tried again, then I was charged double. Because Buthelezi time I bought it again, all of a sudden the first purchase, which said no money was taken from my account corrected itself. Literally for I g me to ha e paid twice for a purchase. I love this game, but someone needs to look into my account and see what happened. Especially for the purchases I made but didn’t receive at all. Why is it so hard getting in contact with someone who can handle these problems immediately? I went where I was supposed to go, then was told to boot another link, which would never open up. If this happens again, I will fervently find who I need to talk to and get some type of satisfaction. I’ll also bash this game on social media with all my will and energy. I love this game, but I will not be ripped off. Especially when I do and have made a considerable amount of purchases. No other gamer has ever given me this particular problem. Make it right please. Thank you.

Since the latest update.... I DO NOT LIKE THE HAND, it’s too limiting. Can you please put the swapper back? Thanks ☺️ This game is still addicting & fun! I love MOST of the upgrades including earning the beautiful purple diamonds & the sales offered on the packages that include the boosters. One thing I think could be offered is to at least let the diamonds we earn be free. The boosters or to keep a game going uses them up so fast. That’s why I had to drop my 5 stars to 4. I was thinking about dropping it to a 3! But that’s how much I love this game! I’m a young, retired disabled, single mom with 2 in college & 1 in high school & sometimes it’s hard trying not to spend on getting 10 diamonds or even waiting for my fish bank to get to 50, or letting overflow & wondering how much over 50 it could be by now. 🤦🏾‍♀️ this is not cool! Or let me use my coins. None of my other addicting games have me spending money like this... so please consider, I’m on level 2125 & don’t want to stop, but if I can’t afford to continue then I just can’t afford to continue 😩😩😩😩

Hungry fish-dirty aquariums. I am addicted and obsessed with FISHDOM!!! I play almost everyday, but I am bummed that ALL my fish don’t get fed and ALL my aquariums don’t get cleaned. It’s also a drag that new aquariums aren’t opened quicker. I’ve got almost a million coins I want to spend!!! Come on developers, I need your help. Some new fish would be welcomed too. I love the last two you added but I want more. I also wish there was a way to temporarily disable the fish activity. They seriously impede me when I’m trying to rearrange my aquariums (which I do alot). Same goes for Sir Goldflipper and Herman and his bathescape. While I have your attention I have to mention how much I hated the recent Christmas event. I was so relieved that you returned to the format that allows us to buy what we want!! I have a crazy amount of Christmas “stuff” in storage. I need a special Christmas snow globe aquarium for all of it. One more thing, when I visited my friend’s aquarium today it was empty. What’s up with that?!? I hope you’ll consider my suggestions and complaints. Thank you for your time.♥️

The increase in the price for boosters equals no sale for me. I’m on level 8263 – so I’ve played quite a bit. And I used to spend a little extra now and then for fun. I figure they deserve some money for the enjoyment I’m getting from them. But they just made drastic reductions in the amount of boosters you get for the same expenditure, and/ or increased the prices for certain advantages. So now, rather than pay a little now and then, I accept the challenge of simply not paying and being patient and winning without spending any money. As far as I’m concerned, they just killed the goose that laid the golden egg. If they cut back to the original pricing structure, I will again spend a little now and then. But the current new rates are just abusive to someone who was a very good client… maybe they’ll figure this out or read this review and understand that if they charge a reasonable price they’ll get some purchases but if they charge too much it’s gonna be no sale. So I won’t be buying any more booster since they roll back the pricing structure

Your rating. You should have gotten a bigger rating but you make it so hard to even move up with the hard level some of the hard levels is easier to beat them the regular levels I hate the ones that you are on a time limit but the sad part about this game is to be able to move to different aquariums and you decorate them the way that they are to be decorated to make them beautiful to make other people want to look at your aquarium and want yours to look as beautiful as there’s the new fish with the tickets are awesome but you never can get enough tickets to even be able to get a beautiful fish that would match your aquarium Nuts that you have up can make it aquarium look really nice but there again you don’t even get enough not to be able to buy anything of any day since it is a shame that this is such a fun game and could be a much better game and get more people to play if you were able to purchase the items to make your aquariums look nicer and to be able to move up to the next aquariums without it taking you weeks to do so

Fishdom. The different themes are enjoyable, the seasonal quests are quite nice and there are great prizes and the end, The Aquarist Club above ground is nice although it doesn’t come with anything; kinda hoping they collab with whoever controls the Sims Mobile (if you know the difference between Mobile and FreePlay, you’ll see where I’m going) so that fellow aquarists can, actually, play out the storyline of the club as a family heirloom....hoping. Otherwise; it’s a great game! There’s always some type of event or competition going in order to win boosters and life which helps with those hard and super hard levels. Aside from that, there’s a news panel to keep up with Fishdom on all platforms. You can chat within your team as well. All the tanks and items are very diverse especially the animated decorations. For those who can’t afford Tanked tanks, for those who just live in small houses although they can bank an exotic aquarium, for those who just simply love the game and the various themes such as Space, Beach, Tropica, et cetera, this is a HIGHLY recommended game!

Questionable. I enjoy the game, but have a real issue with some of the puzzles. I’ve spent a fair amount of money and if you don’t finish a game within the allotted moves, it costs a good chunk of the jewels you buy to get 5 extra moves. My main issue is with games that have the squids. I’ve have at least 3 of them where I had enough moves to beat the game, and even moved other pieces once or twice, but the final 1 or 2 squids don’t pop on the game until after your moves are up and it costs you 9 more jewels. The jewels are mostly what you buy. I have several screen shots that show 2 or 3 moves left and I’m moving but not getting final squids. Seems manipulated to make you have to buy those jewels. As for the game itself, it is fun. I’d have given it 5 stars without the questionable timing. Just my opinion. Update… I have several screenshots of the squid not popping up for multiple moves. Then where it does finally pop up, nothing was covering that spot prior like the developers claim. I keep playing and I buy things, but they need to stop rigging it where there’s no way to beat it without spending jewels when the moves should favor you.

Once again, we are prey to false advertisement. This game is reasonably fun. The colors and scenery is done very nicely, there’s little to no advertisements, which is crazy for a game of this caliber. The characters are interactive, and you have the ability to customize your fish bowls. My only complaint is that it’s advertised as something TOTALLY different. It’s advertised as a cause-and-effect game. If I pull this lever, will I save my fish? Or do I need to pull this one? When in fact, this is candy crush with fish. You match shapes. No cause and effect. I’m on level 115 and have done what I downloaded the game for ONCE on a mini quest about three levels in that I haven’t seen since. Your game is good enough without the false theatrics. Either don’t advertise it that way or make it that way. I’m so sick of games advertising that their game is something so wildly different. Then design that???? Don’t tease us with it. Wish I could give 3.5 stars. The game is good, but I’m beyond annoyed you got me to download it under false pretenses. Update: now it advertises as a different game where you eat fish smaller than you to get bigger and go up against bigger predators. Once again, this is very rarely seen in the game. Unreal. QUIT ADVERTISING FALSE GAMES.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 7.8.2
Play Store com.playrix.fishdom-freeplay
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

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The application Fishdom was published in the category Games on 10 December 2015, Thursday and was developed by Playrix [Developer ID: 1162116447]. This program file size is 237.53 MB. This app has been rated by 972,651 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Fishdom - Games app posted on 15 January 2024, Monday current version is 7.8.2 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.playrix.fishdom-freeplay. Languages supported by the app:

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Fishdom Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Dive into a new Fishdom update! A SYMPHONY OF TASTE AND ADVENTURE! - Travel through time in our latest expedition! - Merge items and collect all the prizes in the Delectable Delights event! - Get even more rewards in the Season of Change and Delectable Season! ALSO New aquarium: Office Clerk New fish: Zebra Lionfish and Golden Anthias We hope you have a whale of a time! Enjoy the update!

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