Fishdom [Games] App Description & Overview

Never Fishdomed before? Then take a deep breath and dive into an underwater world of match-3 fun!

Engage in challenging and fun match-3 gameplay with unique twists as you decorate tanks to create cozy homes for your lovely fish. Feed them, play with them, and watch them interact with each other. Hey, your finned friends are waiting for you—SO DIVE IN NOW!

● Unique gameplay: swap and match, design and decorate, play with and take care of fish—all in one place!
● Hundreds of challenging and fun match-3 levels
● Explore an exciting aquatic world with amusing 3D fish, each of which has its own personality, that you'll be excited to meet!
● Fish tanks you can liven up with breath-taking underwater decor
● Amazing graphics all yours once you grab your scuba mask
● Buddy-diving time: play with your Facebook friends!

Please note! Fishdom is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device’s Restrictions menu.

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Fishdom Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Dive into the latest Fishdom update! THE SWEETEST PARTY - Host a soirée in the Candy Kingdom aquarium. - Get the stunning Candy Queen fish and her loyal pages! - Complete all the tasks in the Sweet Feat event to win a special decoration! A CASCADE OF EVENTS - Join the Fireworks Festival event to win heaps of coins and other prizes! ALSO FEATURING - The new Music Room aquarium and 17 themed decorations. - Three new fish: Royal Panaque, Electric Blue Hap and Opera Singer. - A new element: Lanterns. We hope you enjoy the new update! Have fun playing!

Fishdom Comments & Reviews

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- Nice

Fun and colorful. Relaxing!!!

- Fun

So much fun!

- Obsessed

This is too addictive

- Yay!

I was enjoying the game BEFORE the SIP/shelter in place & got hooked during the, SOo eager to go home from work JUST TO PLAY FishDom!!! I even suggested to a few friends to join in SO WE COULD be in the team!!

- Fun game!!!

Excelente aplicación

- Love it

Love it

- Got bored and lost interest

Ads made it appear there were several games to play. Got to level 8 on the only game offered and could not proceed without spending real money. Too many free choices to waste your time on this one.

- Fun

This game is a joy to play. I need more diamonds or purple diamonds.

- Fishdom

Love this game👍

- Lies

The advertising for this game on other social media sites is SO false. It’s not at all what this game is like. Rude.

- Jassim jomah

Love game

- False advertising and expensive if you want to get ahead

I downloaded Fishdom since in the ads it looked like a puzzle game: save your fish or find a way out. It’s nothing like this. It’s a match game to earn money to build aquariums. That’s it. In the 100+ levels I played there was only one escape minigame. And if you want to get ahead, play many levels so you can have power-ups, you inevitably have to pay for more powerups. Disgusted by this game and it’s false advertising. Lesson learned: first read the online reviews (not for the app!) before installing. So no garden escapes and house escapes for me either!

- Fishdom

I love my aquariums!

- Fishdom

The best game ever!!!! I love how the fish are so kild but in different aquariums I wanna have the fish come in to the next aquarium

- Not what the ad shows

This is nothing like the ad, nothing. So I’m ticked, waste of time.

- Great!

Fun and No Ads!!

- Amazing

Super fun and addictive

- Alynngreen33

Great game

- Lovinnnn itttttt

Super fun!

- Very entertaining!!!

Thank you! This is my go to when I want me time after a stressful day!!!

- Show in ad what is actually in app!

Don’t be fooled! The advertisement you saw with the fish needing to be rescued in some pipe-like contraption with keys that release water/fire/toxic chemicals..... THIS IS NOT THAT GAME. This is more like candy crush.

- Love it

Such a fun game

- Tartar sauce!

Recently found this game, and I love it, love the concept. It’s fun and don’t feel overwhelmed with the levels and tasks in order to grow and expand! Join my club it’s called Tartar sauce! Spelled exactly like that! Thanks!

- Sammy koko

Love it

- Awesome

Great game love it it helps past time great

- D


- Having fun

Love it, love it

- Fishtabulous Fun

Addicting ...can’t stop playing and decorating the aquariums. Better than a real aquarium

- Love this game

So much fun

- Beautiful

I love to win make the aquarium beautiful

- Fake advertising

Please advertise better! You just want more downloads don’t ya? Stop it. That’s not ok! It’s just greedy /:

- No appreciation for loyal players

I have been playing fishdom for a few years , loved the game and found a great team to join for support and lives exchange, spent countless hours and lots of money on this game which I didn’t mind before the world pandemic hit us , still managed to win 6 hrs of unlimited lives and landed #1 on your ridiculous cup just to be stuck for the last 4 days unable to pass one single level 😡😡😡6 hrs gone !!!then 3 days of playing at least 80 times a day and still can’t pass this level . First time I was not able to participate in Rachel’s league . Seriously, pls read the comments in several several fishdom groups in fb , you have a lot of extremely unhappy , frustrated and ready to delete your game players. Developers and management pay attention to your customers !!!!

- Fishdom

Love it

- Game

Good app and challenging

- Fish dim

Wish you could give more tickets so it’s easier to buy the fish

- Fishdom

I love this game it is so fun to play. Me, my dad and my nana play this games all the time

- Fun game

Fun game to play. Nice graphics

- love it

fun app!

- Nope

I’ve been playing this for a few weeks. I’m giving up. First of all it’s not the game that is advertised. After a couple early versions of the ‘try not to kill the fish with lava... ‘ you’re stuck with multiple aquariums. And stupid interactions and delay tactics. EXTREMELY TEDIOUS PLAY. Very little explanation and questionable bonuses. I’m on level 117 and yes things progressively get harder. But it’s stupid to play something over and over and over with no way out ***unless*** You purchase something. Sorry. Not my gig. And if you can’t just play the Tetris type modules for fun and move on. F$&@ that.

- fun game

I really like this game. I like that the fish talk to you.

- Fishdom

I just love playing this game, building my fish tanks, so much fun😊

- Fish dom

Fun and challenging

- Fun

I enjoyed it

- Kid Friendly

its a great game for kids and u dont have to worry about anything with this game. teaches them to take care of things and uses their brain. 10 stars if i could

- Fishdom

I love this game!

- Waste of money

You only get further along if you fork over the money. Yesterday, I spent close to $40. Today, I’ve spent 0. And, can’t get past the level 634. It’s addicting. But, you don’t win anything. Go on to the casino.

- Bill

Lots of fun

- Not as presented

On the ad it told us that it was going to be a certain game. Then, when I got the game the game was totally different!

- Super fun

Nice game for all

- Not the game you signed up for

I downloaded this app because I enjoyed their ads. Its advertised as a puzzle game where you help a fish escape from a maze. It’s not. It’s a candy crush knock off. Super shady.

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- Fishdom

Excellent jeu de stratégie....

- So much fun

There are a lot of different strategies one can use. Fun to decide the best way to solve the levels. Nice that easier levels mixed in with harder levels. Easy to earn boosters. Never gets boring.

- What the heck man!

Way different then the add like what?

- Lots of fun

Love the game and the graphics. Great new concept on an old it. It will “hook” you...

- Michaela

That’s game is amazing

- Fun

Like games

- Very good game

It is a very nice daily game like hay day and it is good to play on road trips!

- Rip off

Once you get into the higher levels you can’t win without buying boosters. So expensive and not worth it.

- Not like the ad

This is nothing like the ad. I downloaded this game after looking at the ad which looked pretty fun, but after downloading it I realized that it was nothing like the ad and I was very disappointed.

- Ty


- Fishdom

Stop showing how to hurt fish and people. You can do better.

- False advertising

If you saw an ad for this, DON’T download it because it’s nothing like the ad.

- Waste of time

It’s absolutely garbage. Nothing like the ad and I’ve been looking high and low for a problem solving game I just need to find a good but challenging one I wanted to try this one out but is just a gem matching game if I wanted to play that I get candy crush

- Great fun!

Can’t keep my hands off it. Addictive

- Awesome!!

Lots of fun and challenging... but not overall too hard that I give up..👍🏻

- Frustrated

I really enjoyed playing the game but got stuck on a certain level for so long that I had to delete the app. Unfortunate as it was fun. Not as advertised but I didn’t know that when it was downloaded so it didn’t bother me.

- Rating

Such a fun game! Highly recommended 🤩

- Very good

Like the game!

- Fishdom

Awesome game love it Update it more it’s already perfect but I think if you put new futures and make it even better that would be awesome

- Nothing like the ad

What’s the point to advertise something completely different than what the game actually is?

- Pure crap

The ads of this game is what made me write the review.

- Seems a little.... stinky

*fishy Shiot

- Fun game

I like this game, it’s challenging and when I run out of lives it gives me more after time so I don’t have to buy

- Funnest game ever!

I love this game so much. It’s so fun to play. I like how you can make teams and have your friends or family join them, I have a team with my mom and dad 😂.

- Amazing game!

Definitely my favourite game of yours! I love the ideas of the homescapes game’s but they always get too hard- and take too long to pass levels and upgrade. But this one,, i love that you play for coins so you could purchase multiple things etc. I also love the mini games! Very happy and pleased with this game. Have been playing it for a little while and I’m already obsessed. ❤️

- Super

Très bon jeux pour passer le temps

- Fishdom

This game is rally cool

- Fishdom

Very enjoyable Game. It is challenging and I enjoy the worldwide aquariums.

- Fishdom

My favourite “Go To” game any time of day or night!

- Super cool

Très amusant et divertissant

- Jesseslola

Thank you!

- Excellent

Très bon jeu !

- Fun!!!

Love it

- Candy Kingdom is gone

I missed the candy fish purchase! It would be better to set the Candy coins aside vs converting them to gold coins. So sad...

- Fishdom

Love this game! It's my favourite!

- Just another 3-match game

I like it, but was expecting to be pulling pins and problem solving situations. Instead my task is to match things, win coins, and buy fish. At least the aquariums are colourful. It is still very fun.

- Fun game


- Fun Game

Joel Beletskis love for fish got me to download this lol

- Fun

Feed the fun

- Awesome. Love it

Love this game. Very addictive

- Fishdom

Not like ad? How come? Waste of time! Bah humbug!🥺😡

- Nothing like the ad

A disappointment

- Mon préféré!

Je l’adore!

- Fun all around

Great game

- Addictive

Love playing it

- The best

The best

- Best game ever

This game is so awesome and sometimes it’s tricky but it is so addictive I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

- Not as advertised

Gameplay differs from advertisement.

- Fishdom


- Captivating , Fun and challenging

Spent many hours playing and having an entertaining time. Love all the challenges, venues, characters and unique scenes. Keep up the excellent creative and enticing challenges.

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- Fun

If you resist buying anything, this is a fun time waster.

- Fish-tastic

Easy to play and very addictive!

- Really fun

I Don’t play games. I rarely ever have but am addicted to this. Really fun game 10/10

- Fun Fun Fun

The harder levels really make you think! You have to clear the tiles and nothing should or can stop you! Have Fun !!

- Fishdom Game

This is a load of crap. False Advertising. I chose this game for what it was Advertising in the Animation. BUT ALL IT IS, IS A KID’s Game... Matching 3..... There is no Excitement of ‘USING YOUR BRAIN’ GAMES... It’s just BORING BORING BORING!! & when you read the ‘Description’, again, no mention of ‘removing bars, to save the fish’.... I’ve only put one star, because I have too in order to write a review

- Amazing!

All I can say is amazing just amazing! It’s soo addictive!!!

- Fab game

Great game 👍

- Fantastic game

Love this game

- Fishdom

I love this game

- Hours of fun

Spend a few hours every night very addictive can’t get enough

- ROBBIE 1213

Great game

- Fishdom delight.

In these days off lockdown, this is a fun game for all ages.

- Salut

Îmi place jocul !!

- Kedawg2003

Great game

- Relaxing game, hope it stays that way.

Slow moving but fun, I don't spend money on it and don't intend doing so in the future.

- Mum22222

Great fun!

- Kaz Peto

Love this game very addictive and fun although more freebeeies & diamonds to progress through the levels are needed😜shouldn’t have to buy all the time!!

- Love it

Its very addictive!

- Review

Not as many mini games as I would like. I thought you would be able to play them in a different mode. The advert is misleading.

- Fishdom

Love it little bit addicted to it

- muttsfleas

One of the best

- Fishy Fun

This is a great game - and as the levels progress it does get challenging. My only criticisms would be that some levels are literally impossible without using boosters - which unless you have any stored means purchases and sometimes you get bombarded with tournament and offer screens when all you really want to do is play. But overall it is a well designed game, the fish are fun with their comment and the game is sufficiently challenging to keep players engaged.

- Fishdom

I love your game 🚺 it is so so fun . That I definitely did not have any games but just yours 😺😻love you who made this game

- Fish


- Great game

Very jolly game very addictive

- This game makes the coronavirus look good

My son has been playing this rubbish for a while now and has bought over £10,000 (yes that’s right!) worth of in app purchases in the span of a couple of days. Seriously can’t believe it. I’m now going to lose the house and my wife has left me taking the brat with her. So yeah that’s all I wanted to say, this game ruined my life and now I’m going to be a homeless person. Cheers fishdom 😘

- Great little game

No need to pay for anything and keeps in entertained for hours.

- The best game ever

I played this game and it’s so easy it’s probably the best game ever down load now!I had a lot of wins in about 10 min!You get stuff like money and unlock new things!If you love winning get this app now!

- Just one wish

I mean I love the game but can you make an update. Where you can actually talk to your fish cause that would be great and so cool! Thx

- Great

Love this game

- Not what it seems

On the adverts if Fishdom, it says you have to move metal poles to free the fish and save them from danger. In the actual game it says that match pieces, buy fish and decorations to brighten up the aquarium. Not saying this is a bad thing but the makers could be more specific. Also you have to pay 9 jems to have 5 more moves in a game! Then it’s 12 to have 5 again but bombs to and so on. It’s a little pricey but overall it’s my favourite game I have and it’s really fun! Thank you to the people who created this game because they are AWESOME!!!

- Love the game

Good game very entertaining and enjoyable

- Fishdom

I loved this game a lot but it does not have a lot of minigames.

- fun,fun,fun

l love playing this as frustrating as it can be!!

- I wish people had a better text bored

So please help

- Good fun

Keeps the brain going during lockdown

- It’s good game. I wish there was more mini games.

The game is good. I adore the mini games but so far (I’m on level 80) I was able o play them twice. Why’s that?

- Could have a bit more polished graphics

And better interaction with the fish. Also don’t make it that obvious that you copied candy crush!

- Star rate

You guys are great

- Great game


- Not what thread suggested

It’s just another matching game, boring!

- Love it

Hi I can I just get the kids and I don’t want you guys in a good night I love mom I don’t know what I can get to get it to you and then you don’t know me and then you don’t know me and then I just want you know you love you baby love mom mama dada love mom mama mom love mom and mom mom and mama dada love mom mama dada love you mama love mom and mama mama I used her mom mama mama mom and dad and mom and I don’t want you baby love mom and mom mom mama mama dada love mom mama dada mama mom mom mama mom I don’t want you baby love mom and mom mom and dad and I love mom mom and mom mama mama dada mom and mom mama mama mom mama ttuyfh)guvbijgma dada uiuuiuiuiyyiuu

- Fishdom

Fishdom A real and very satisfying time waster! Excellent graphics and very good fun to play

- Best game ever!

I have played this game for years now. It’s not about always putting money on it. I put very little on and still get through the levels. Best game ever! Don’t get sick of playing it.

- Just A Money Making App

Got stuck on level 33, tried numerous attempts to complete, even paid to extend the level with move moves, within five minutes £2.99 gone. I’ve noticed that the level always starts with the same icons on the same tiles. So, without hesitation, I’ve uninstalled the app.

- Fishdom

Just the way to relax in lockdown. Time passes so quickly. Love the game!

- Fun and interesting.

Cute and versatile for all ages. Keeps my attention and not too hard to play.

- Perfect

Great way to relax. Love it.

- Fishdom

Great game, can’t put it down.

- Addictive

The game is so fun it’s like I have my own fish in real life and I’m always making sure I feed them and buy things for them. I was a bit disappointed at first because the game is nothing like the advert but it’s really fun

- Like candy crush

Might as well have candy crush. They show adds if strategy games but only got to play one once and persevered to over level 100. I found candy crush boring and find this the same

- Awesome

I’m just so excited I am so happy to be able to play this game

- Marina

I love this game. I’m so addicted

- Fab fishy

Great little game you can play as much of as little as you like, you do have lives but regularly get given unlimited lives for an hour or so. Lots of different things to collect and do, levels get harder but are achievable eventually!

- Great game

Great game

- Great game.

I really enjoy playing this game, but would really appreciate being able to access the purple gems more easily. thank you for providing entertainment especially during the virus pandemic. Maybe extra bonuses to help lift spirits at this time would be wonderful. Gratefully yours, Robin “Birdie”

- Fishdom

Good fun game

- Fake advertising

The ads make this seem like a puzzle game, “get the fish out of tricky spots” type fun - it’s nothing but another matching game - quite boring compared to what I was expecting to play

- Frustrated.

I’ve been playing one level for about three weeks, and can’t see a way to beat it. I will not be opening the “fishy bank” just to lose it all and have to pay again. I’ve read that all levels are beatable, but I’m starting to doubt that. I started this game in order to get to higher logic levels, but it won’t be happening, I suspect.

- Tez

Great game great fun easy to get to next levers ! Thanks

- Love Fishdom

Absolutely love this game xxxxx Having a fab time in the water 🐳🐟🐠🐬😍🐡💕

- Addictive & competitive

Very good game

- Love it

Love it

- Fishdom

My number one game 💙

- Eric

Very similar to Candy Crush, but you get to decorate your own fish tank. Fun.

- Wind down

For me this is the perfect game to play as a way to relax after work, yes it can be challenging but that’s the whole point of games.

- Fishdom

Love this game awesome challenge

- Great game

Love This game it’s great

- Addictive

I love this game. It's fun and annoying but it's addictive would like to be able to swap fish and the feeding symbols on completed aquariums that you can't feed needs to be fixed but this game is bright and I just keep playing.

- Love a challenge

Lots of fun and new challenges all the time.

- Stuck at one level lol

It’s a pretty cute game, nice graphics and lots of new things in it all the time. I had weeks that I played the game heaps and weeks that I was busy and played the game less, I wondered if my fish would die if I don’t feed them for days and the answer is no they won’t die lol which is probably a good thing! You don’t necessarily have to pay anything to play, although I did pay for a season once but I got it too late so I only had 5 hours to enjoy. Currently I’ve been stuck at a hard level and I couldn’t pass it even when I used all my extra things. The game is fun but I am thinking of uninstalling it if I can’t get passed that level over the next few days or so lol

- Great game

Definitely can play for a while and enjoy it.

- Tommy09


- 🐠 dom

Good game

- Fishdom

Great way to waste time

- Fishdom

Love it Love it Love it

- Gggzz123dpuv


- Love it

I’ve been playing this game for years and I love it.

- Love it!

I have been playing this game for a couple of years now and I still love it and it’s still my one game I turn to! I love how there are some levels which take days to pass, then I’ll pass 10 in one sitting! No boredom or repetivness for me at all. Would highly recommend Fishdom!

- Good game

Hooks you in , great challenge though

- Great game

Really love playing this game highly recommend it such fun AA+++++

- Fishdom

I can’t stop playing

- False advertising

False advertising on gameplay: nothing but another connect-three style game.

- Fun

Great fun little game been playing on and off for years

- The okay hoseay

I rlly like the game it just lies in the ads! It says there is a game where you move the golden leavers when there really isn’t

- Awesome game


- Hooked

Can’t stop playing this definitely hooked.😁

- game

super nice i love it

- Nothing like the ad

The ad made it look like a cool puzzle game but it was like an even more kiddy version of candy crush

- Mark

Love the game

- Love it

Lots of twists and turns with new levels

- Addictive

Great game making you use you analytical side

- Copied

Copied from candy crush ! Don’t download this rubbish game ! It’s noting like showing in the add

- Exciting

I like playing more minigame

- Misleading

I downloaded because of the ad and it looked like a problem solving game, so far it’s just a match tile game, like a bad candy crush

- Fishdom

It’s a great game

- Fishdom


- Fishdom

I can’t stop my free time always playing and addictive ha! Love it.

- Bait and switch

App is different to the one that they promote in ads - it’s basically a bejeweled rip off with micro transactions. Installed it for 1 min and then uninstalled right away. Terrible.

- Extremely disappointing

I down loaded this game because the ads I saw made it look like a puzzle game where you help the fish through the tunnels. But this is just a minigame within the game. I’ve had enough of candy crush like games where you match things and I’ve had enough of building games where you explore lands/aquariums & decorate the area or grow crop etc. Are there any real puzzle games out there?

- Very Interesting

Loving it so far

- ya

This is a good game

- Amazing game

I just LOOOOOOOVE this game.

- Worst game ever

Saw the ad and thought it would be really nice until I downloaded it . The ad is completely different from the game. Why make an ad about something else ??!

- Danny shadow


- Game


- I so much love this game


- Lovely Game

Kudos to those who build this game because it lovely and am addicted to it for the ads if I try to play the super hard game like four times am free to go. Thanks Not too difficult

- Can’t stop playing

Very interesting and addictive game.

- Entertaining and fun game

I really enjoy playing it

- Great


- Problems with the upgrade

Once I upgraded to this version, I am unable to open the app. I need help

- Beautiful and Addictive 😄

I love this game❤️

- I love


- Awesome

Very interesting game.

- Awesome game

The game as all the fun you need in this lockdown

- No mini games

This game was not what i saw in your ads. I thought after every 5 levels i will get to play mini game but am in level 50 now and nothing like saving a fish from a shark or fire or anything like that. Am deleting this game Now


So interesting

- Why are you lying to Us?

What is the point of making an ad playback of a gameplay that is completely different from what your game is all about? Why is your ad about rescuing a fish and then your game is something worst than candy crush? If i wanted to play such game I’d download candy crush, be honest with your ads okay? This is a pure waste of my Cellular Data and Storage space. So sad that i can only recover one of them😔💔

- Not what’s in the ad

I feel like I’ve been cheated, it’s an entirely different game than d one in d ad.if I wanted to play candy crush I know where to get it 😒

- 😤

Nice game but it’s becoming really annoying. Why do I have to update every other week? It’s sickening. Please fix that

- False Advertisement

The game looks nothing like what was advertised. Scam

- Less bombs

Hard stages requires more bombs pls

- Worse game

This is like the worse game, and it’s based on lies. What’s on the ad isn’t what you get when you download the game. The graphics is worse than most games. Matching things instead of helping the fish? Rubbish

- How stupid and immature Fishdom is.

Ok so I downloaded the game of fishdom after playing the ad and was really looking forward to it, When I opened it I was required to download some files (I use a iOS) so I did. Only to open the game that has a worse graphic than candy crush and is simply not what they advertised. I usually don’t leave review but this game is the WORST and I mean it . Seems they invested more money in marketing than the actual game. No star rating from me though

- Nice game

Quite entertaining. However, I don’t think one should pay to open a box of diamonds you filled while playing the game. Technically I am paying twice since I pay for power ups to go through the different levels

- Scam

What was advertised to me wasn’t what I’m seeing. On your ad it was a “save the fish game”, I downloaded the game for that reason, now I’m playing a “match the piece” game?? I’ve been playing several levels thinking it’ll change but no it didn’t!!

- Best game ever

Beat game ever

- Hi

This game is worth dying for

- Advert doesnt match the game

The advert and the game are two different things. Kept playing to see if I would reach a stage where I would see what I saw in the advert but no such thing. Sad!

- Fishdom- I am disappointed

I wasted more than 200MB of data to download this trash of a game. I am highly disappointed

- Beautiful game

This is my relaxation center. Would highly recommend gardenscapes and homescapes too

- My favorite

Addictive and fun

- Update

Updates are too frequent

- Review

Bad gameplay, some levels can’t be passed without buying powerups, Also it closes unexpectedly frequently Worst game I’ve played in a long time


A big thank you to the Fishdom developers. Greetings to all FANDOMS all over the worlds. Fishdom is a great game to those who love under water wildlife. Fishdom generates happiness and love. Fishdom increases intellectual ability and knowledge.. It brings smiles were there was none...especially when you win a very difficult game.. I loved the game from first site. The fishes are very friendly and tolerant whether you win or lose. Is it possible to communicate with the fishes like in Angela? Please explore this idea for nothing is impossible in life according to my fishes.. Your bonuses are okay especially aqua splash. However it is suggested that you increase all your bonuses by 5 %. I am from Nigeria and Calabar Festival is very active in tourism calendar yearly. I am strongly suggesting that you also create an aquarium and name it Calabar Festival for the appreciation of your fans in Nigeria and blacks world wide. Thank you in advance for it is possible. By the way, I have proclaimed myself as a master of Fishdom because of the ease with which I win the game. You may choose to make this official by making anyone that has passed the 4000 Level a master. Furthermore , anyone that has passed 5000 Level should be called.... And so on. I like to see both national and global ladders and scores when playing. In order to know my progress with respect to others.This will encourage stiff competition. When created, anyone that stays at the top of the ladder for one week should be rewarded and so on. Finally, to all FANDOMS all over the worlds, do not forget to say THANK YOU when you win the game. The thank you goes to the developers of the game, youse,f and your creator. Good luck FANDOMS .

- Complain

I just updated and the app will not finish loading, rather it will be saying some things like ‘this he resources required to finish is not available, please check your internet connection’. Please fix it

- Opinion

We should let us communicate with the fish and talk to them

- Very entertaining and engaging game

I love playing it. Warning alert, you’re gonna be hooked cos it’s quite



- Fish rating

Not bad but if will b a good idea if i can really relate with d fishes lols

- The best

I love it and all my fishes

- Nooooo

This was not the preview I saw in the advert before downloading it, though I grew to love it.

- Bad review

The game was different from what was advertised, quiet disappointing.

- Thumbs up!!!

A truly spectacular game. Obsessed with playing it before going to bed every night.

- Excellent


- Limited moves

Best game ever, very interesting game, always keeps you busy, also challenging and addictive... The only problem I have are the limited moves it could be very frustrating... especially when games are supposed to Be enjoyable rather than frustrating... please do something

- Fun

My new best game

- Cool

I love this game, keeps me busy. Feeding my fishes is fun too

- Barrister

I'm glued. Very engaging game. It has helped me stop some very very bad habits.

Magsama sila nung shark sa fishdom

andai duit rupiah bisa di cheat kaya game fishdom, mungkin sekarang gue lagi nego harga lamborghini ama rapi ahmad.

List game selama PSBB : Zombi Vs Plant MLBB Fishdom Pubg COC Otw download redecor 😩 Bukannya gada tugas kuleah, (ba…

@faultyhearts fishdom

@ceoofstars the fishdom was just a little better 😭 nekdneoec

the fishdom one was a fave ✨

I downloaded Fishdom last month. Yes, the Fanplus ad got me.. Because I wanted to try to unlock the fish out like i…

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Fishdom 4.8.0 Screenshots & Images

Fishdom iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Fishdom iphone images
Fishdom iphone images
Fishdom iphone images
Fishdom iphone images
Fishdom iphone images
Fishdom iphone images
Fishdom iphone images
Fishdom ipad images
Fishdom ipad images
Fishdom ipad images
Fishdom ipad images
Fishdom ipad images
Fishdom ipad images
Fishdom ipad images
Fishdom Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Fishdom Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Fishdom (Version 4.8.0) Install & Download

The applications Fishdom was published in the category Games on 2015-12-10 and was developed by Playrix [Developer ID: 1162116447]. This application file size is 312.65 MB. Fishdom - Games posted on 2020-05-06 current version is 4.8.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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