Fishdom download

Never Fishdomed before? Then take a deep breath and dive into an underwater world of match-3 fun!

Engage in challenging and fun match-3 gameplay with unique twists as you decorate tanks to create cozy homes for your lovely fish. Feed them, play with them, and watch them interact with each other. Hey, your finned friends are waiting for you—SO DIVE IN NOW!

● Unique gameplay: swap and match, design and decorate, play with and take care of fish—all in one place!
● Hundreds of challenging and fun match-3 levels
● Explore an exciting aquatic world with amusing 3D fish, each of which has its own personality, that you'll be excited to meet!
● Fish tanks you can liven up with breath-taking underwater decor
● Amazing graphics all yours once you grab your scuba mask
● Buddy-diving time: play with your Facebook friends!

Please note! Fishdom is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device’s Restrictions menu.

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Questions? Contact our tech support at [email protected]

Fishdom App Description & Overview

The applications Fishdom was published in the category Games on 2015-12-10 and was developed by Playrix. This application file size is 241.95 MB. Fishdom current version is 4.4.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Get ready for a fall Fishdom update!

- Decorate the mysterious Pumpkin Street aquarium in this holiday event!
- Earn Pumpkins in levels and exchange them for decorations and terrifyingly cute fish!
- Collect all of the Halloween decorations to win boosters, thematic decorations, and a special background element!

- Complete tasks in this exciting Thanksgiving event!
- Get a reward for every task you complete and win the grand prize—the Turkey Fish and her chicks!

- A new Weekend in Germany aquarium and 17 thematic decorations!
- Two new fish: Warrior Fish and Bavarian Fish.
- A new match-3 element: Nets. Remove them to beat levels!

We hope you enjoy the new update!
Have fun playing!

Fishdom App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Fishdom Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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nadyag252627   5 star

Спасибо. Не могу не играть уже третий год. Благодарю за игру.

firechaser   5 star

Love this game. I have played a lot of different games over the past several years but I keep coming back to this one.

Kim G 69   1 star

Payment. I’ve been being overcharged because I have an apple phone. No one will take responsibility. Also when my purchase is declined when funds go into the card, it’s charged but I don’t receive what I purchased. Someone please help!!!!

millions66   5 star

Love it !. Thank you for creating this game 😃

Kidzlanguage   5 star

Love this game. Fun fun fun

Ex MLB fan   5 star

Fishdom.. Ditto what others have said. Addictive game. Quite fun.

appleadaykeepsthewindozeaway   3 star

Fun (sometimes) but unbelievably rigged.. If one spends money for diamonds, it’s not much help. The GAME not skill, determines when one can defeat a level. When selecting to use the bombs, etc at the beginning of a level, on multiple occasions, they were placed so close that they were both detonated at once. I’ve also observed on multiple occasions where a 5-pattern match which would provide a bomb is ruined because the game replaced one of the pieces with one of my bombs so there was no gain in using one. It is fun, but it’s also a lot of grinding, use 5 lives on a level (that’s not even labeled as a ‘very hard’ level), wait for the lives to replenish, use more. As stated previously, in most of the levels, selecting to begin with bombs is usually no help. Also the diamond bank fills very quickly, but I *WILL NOT* spend $3 every day on this game in order to keep grinding away at levels, so getting diamonds is difficult. I play for enjoyment. It is sometimes fun and challenging, but when 70% of the matches provided are in useless locations, it’s not worth the effort or money to keep trying. There have been so many levels where there was ONE piece left to clear. That is blatantly, obviously, done in order to try to make us spend more money for only another 5 moves. I gave it 3 stars because although it’s rigged, occasionally it is fun. And it’s a good way to kill time, 5 lives worth.

Carmella36   5 star

Love the fish. Great game

Stink Fish   1 star

Stop requesting reviews. Holy frijoles...I originally rated this game as 4 stars because there were still some minor glitches...I then lowered it because the app kept asking me to rate it when I had already done it twice...still, the app wants me to rate the game every few days...ugh, please stop...rating is dropped to 1 now...developer, please read your reviews and fix this stuff so we can enjoy the game

budjerrod   5 star

Great Fun. Fun game to pass time on the bus.

specialk360   1 star

I want to spend my money my way. I don’t like the fact that y’all make me buy fish I don’t want when I don’t want to

Dude ~ Fishdom Flipper !!!   5 star

Fun! Fun! Fun! Great Team!. Started in July. Love decorating the aquariums! Recently got on an awesome team...laughter fun sharing. Helping each other out. We rock Fishdom Flipper !!! A bunch of Fishdom fans having a great time playing and getting to know each other. Thanks, so much for a great game! Playing with lovable fish and decorating aquatic aquariums. Appreciate all of your hard work and thoughtfulness!

This App is Rigged   4 star

Lorrie. I love this game, but every 10 or 12 games I play, I’ll have 1 dynamite and 2 bombs within 2 blocks of each other and ignite them all in one explosion, and they Wont take 2 yellow blocks and 1 white block away. That’s crazy! That’s enough explosion that it should take double that away! This part needs updated, because it becomes so frustrating while playing the game, and it causes me to be one move from winning and I have to replay my entire level. This also occurs after I’ve played that level multiple times. This happens way too often. It is so frustrating, I will actually stop playing the game for at least a day, when this happens. If this did not occur, I would give this game five stars.

lady_rooster1828   5 star

Love it. Best game ever

ninjataz31   1 star

Rigged game. This game always cheating

vvvvcxdsss   5 star

Cool. Cool

Drake Duren   5 star

Fish dome. Awesome

redleogirl   5 star

Entertaining. Love this game. I have to play it.

Vruanoserret   5 star

Tank fish. very good

Bstone5745   5 star

Best game EVER. Greatest game ever, love this game

Meanmarvel   3 star

Stress buster. This is the game for relaxing and thinking. For everyday hustle and bustle this is the best game. Giving 3 stars as this misses the idea of puzzle

Cigarc2   3 star

Money pit. Addicting but pricey

gameplayer two   5 star

Game. Exciting new game love the fish.

karaaghijlar   5 star

Wonderful Gaming App!. So Much Fun. I’m enjoying the new set of games as extra playtime and coins. Everything is so much fun. Awesomeness!!!

Debi8020   5 star

Nice game. Love it

Angz   5 star

Can’t stop playing. It’s so much fun! I can’t stop playing it.

QweenBecca   5 star

🥰. Addicted

Ibgwsmt   3 star

Tank Trouble. Every time I get to about 29 moves, the game ends. This is a problem because it costs lives every time I I start back up.

TAHIRA DEAR   5 star

The game of fish. LUVZ MY FISH❤️

mhlkgfdt   1 star

No Support. Finished 2nd place in tournament and did not receive prize. Sent SEVERAL messages to support team but they could not be bothered to reply.

Advertorial    5 star

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Baloofrogs   4 star

Fun. This app is good fun

Lala-Aussie   5 star

Fishdom. I love playing this game, but I wish you could win lives

Athena!!!   5 star

MY FAVOURITE GAME EVER I SWEAR!!!!. I cannot afford a real aquarium....(plus I have 2 AMAZING DOGS🐶🐶💯❤️🐾 and this is my game that I can ALWAYS count on to be fun and entertaining!!!Athenaleigh

Storm 333   5 star

Too fun. I really enjoy this game. Haven’t deleted it yet☀️👍🏻

Heyitsme!q   1 star

this garbage bro. nothing like the ad. boring too

nanamagfie   5 star

Recommend. Xoxo I’m addicted. Have fun.

ferfaksake1   1 star

Stooooopid. Stooooopid game, if you don’t spend money you can’t advance

Karlee11*   5 star

Fun. Addictive but yet fun. I get stuck sometimes but than go on rolls. It’s a blast.

shell22dad   5 star

Awesome Game. Love the game!! It’s not interrupted by ads!! Fabulous!

McMullz   5 star

Fishing. This game is very enjoyable

Miss Rouge Von Ka   5 star

Des heures de plaisir. J’adore ce jeu! Super addictif!

Boylis   5 star

Lise. Un jeu très plaisant. Les poissons sont sympatiques. Félicitations aux auteures de ce jeu, très imaginatif. Bravo !

Ikeadew   5 star

Best game in a long time!!!. Haven’t had this much fun in a game in a long time!!!!!

CarolCNBV   3 star

Frustrating. The game can be very frustrating... too much attention is needed at times foe the ticking clocks... it would be better if there was a limited number of them like the squids. I feel bad for the squids... I feel more like I’m killing them than rescuing them.

fehkcancer   5 star

Love it!. Super addicting and sooooo much fun good brain excersizes

bee11c   5 star

Bee. J’aime beaucoup ! ❤️

Verygrumpy1   2 star

Fish dorm. Dropped in rating, run out of Levels, take too long to upgrade

Shoobie70   5 star

My favorite game!!. Love the team play.

cucteoiiigdewgoobdsw   1 star

I watched the ad. It was nothing like it🤬🤬🤬. I was on YouTube and got the ad. I bought the app and tried it out. As soon as I got on I could tell that it was click-bate. Don’t buy this app. It is stupid and a waste of time.

mickiebudds   2 star

Boost. When using the bomb boost it tends to play them together and in a location that can any helpful on an average of 4 out of 5

Grape__Jam   3 star

Glitchy. I recently try to play the Go for Gold bonus game. The screen was frozen. Obviously some sort of glitch, as the rest if the game was working fine. Contacted technical support, and was rerouted around in circles. Never found an answer, it’s making me crazy. Other than this, I love this game

timmer1967   4 star

Hate the gems. Please get rid of the gem matching and have more of the puzzle solving.

13481348   5 star

Love the game. I love the game!!!

SoulSere   1 star

Cash Grab. ~ This game used to be fun. Now I'm hit with a hard or super hard level every second level. ~ Unlimited lives are useless when you spend the entirety trying to beat one level. Wasted a 2hr and then a 3hr trying to beat one level on each, in one day. ~ Normal levels most often play like hard levels. It's literally impossible to accumulate power ups during events. - Game crashes when attempting a purchase to continue a level. Too bad devs became so greedy.

Hermy91   5 star

Fishdom. Love this game I’m addicted thankyou

moma pasta   3 star

Only 3. Only 3 stars because I am disabled and the timed games are very very hard for me. Can’t move my hands very fast. This game is not handicap accessible

Dolphina58   5 star

Fishdom. Great game

hellyesmurf   2 star

Money grab. It’s not a bad game, it’s designed for a person to spend money and when I’ve tried to save any free game play by not loading a game I end up loosing it anyway. Even with the bonus on the side if you don’t claim it right away, you’ll loose it.

maxphart   5 star

Fishdom. Finally a game that you get to play more than pay. I’m 70 and just lost my lady this game fills in the blank spot for awhile thnx dave

Mimigiga   1 star

Fishdom. Ok if you like match 3 But where are all the interesting puzzle levels that appear on the ads?

Advertorial    5 star

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Lani2803   5 star

Love it!. Fishdom is so fun! I have been playing this game for over a year now and it’s still just as fun. I would highly recommend this game to everyone! 😊

mummaandy   5 star

Fishdom. I have been playing Fishdom for a couple of years now & it never gets boring, I play everyday and love it

KerMel   4 star

All time Favourite Game. I’ve played this game for a long time. I guess the reason I haven’t given 5 stars is because I’m at the stage of having to wait for new levels every week. 30 new levels a week isn’t enough. I’m so addicted. Lol. I’ve devoted many hours to this game.

disapppionted   3 star

Julie. I usually enjoy this game but am becoming bored with having to play the same games over and over again. Maybe it's time to supply some new games so that it will hold our interest.

Debpp322   5 star

Seems fun. So far I’m enjoying the match 3 play but where is the dig tunnel stuff.... I was looking for something new in a game.

slimshady5857   1 star

Fishdom. This games software is 110% rigged. Yes, it is just a game, but it is a game without the slightest hint of ‘Fair Play’ about it. Boosters will 99.9% land only where the developers tell them to land, the other 0.1% is left over for Lady Luck to help out once in every while. Fishdom suck....big time...they will never answer queries with regards as to why their software is against fair play. And why Fishdom award players boosters via the Seahorse and Sea Song events, yet these ‘gifted boosters’ make the game play much harder for the player. It’s not a gift, it’s a trap, those boosters need to have an ‘Off’ button, so players can decide to use them or play without them. But Fishdom won’t allow this, because it will hurt their bottom line. Buggers.

Willing3166   2 star

Bugs in aqua tasks. The aqua task has bugs has it does not add up the exploding bombs or colours correctly

Janette7766   4 star

Addicted. Addicted to this game since day 1!

Pevcm   5 star

Must try. Compulsive, it's my go-to game.

Econut   1 star

Not as advertised. Enticing games of logic in the ads misrepresent the simplistic money grab that this game is - it’s just a tile matching game at the base - very frustrating, if not fraudulent.

Bron691984   5 star

Fishdom. Love it love it So much fun nice and relaxing love getting new fish and tanks would like to have as many as I can get love feeding them my grandchildren love it as well

wayne ronaldo   1 star

Fishdom. Their customer support absolutely stinks.i had 11,000 more beauty points to get to the next star.on the last update it shot up to almost 48,000 thats 37,000 beauty points i lost in one hit. I have wrote to them a few times but keep getting the same response with articles they want me to look at which doesn’t relate to the problem i have. all i want is my beauty points to go back to originally what they were. I spent a lot of coins buying fish and decorations to get to the point of where i was and dont think its fair to have it taken away. Answer your players and stop putting pointless articles up that waste time and don’t have nothing to do with my problem

tans7777   5 star

Awesome game. Awesome game. Better then Candy Crush too!

susan1009   4 star

Fun 😃. Love Fishdom but hate the timed games

straw head   5 star

Fishdom. Love this game however, every time I get close to the piggy bank with diamonds I have collected they go up. First it was thirty then forty five now it’s gone to fifty. So not fair. Why do you do this knowing people will never get it

Edwoes   5 star

Great game. Awesome game been playing for a long time would recommend

Bendigonian   5 star

Fab. Fab

trvmquan   5 star

Nam. I feel like It’s like a real aquarium

Rhonda Burchmore   3 star

Please bring back bathescope and Nautilus. Please bring back Nautilus and Bathescope! He was the best character and he’s gone? He needs to come back and get stuck in the sand again. Why are all the other characters there but not Nautilus and Bathescope? He used to get stuck on the sand and fix his Nautilus and now he’s gone? Please bring him back properly so he talks to you and we can see him outside please

chookpoop   4 star

Fishdom. Great game. Gets you hooked but can spend too much money. Need to be patient as very challenging. LOVE the new special aquariums

Michelle Demetrius   5 star

Fishdom. Love it! 😀💕

bbbbbbfhjf   5 star

Amazing Fishdom. I love Fishdom it is a awesome game I love playing levels and feeding my fish I have only been playing for a couple of months probably since February and I am on level 41 it’s a awesome game I love talking to my teammates and going into competitions. I love fishing as we’ll that’s another reason why I love Fishdom.🥰🥰🥰😘🥰😘😍😍🤓🤓

Loodels   5 star

Review. Loving it. Thank you

AMF1974   3 star

Ok. Great game, just ends up costing more sneaky $$$ than you realise

Mjack79   4 star

Yeah.... Games are great, but the ad ons in in-app purchases are mislabeled & misleading..

ArgyGirl1   5 star

Good game. Addictive.. Great game, love it but only thing is that some of the levels take ages to beat if you don’t spend money. A suggestion for the developers is that it would be good if we were able to remove the fish bought with tickets to seasonal events, instead of just normal aquariums. Also the double your tickets should come up instead of just one ticket for every one try level beat. Other than that I really enjoy it

narnia1962   5 star

I’m hooked. Love this game so much

Tricia15   1 star

Watch the double taking of tries. Take notice when you are playing a game you may start off with 25 goes but all of a sudden it takes double off. Is this to make you buy more. Not happy with this happening. Just letting you know I now will never buy anything.

Jimzoo   1 star

Not what the video showed. The game is nothing like the preview video

10 regt   5 star

Contagious. Can’t stop playing 👍

world top queen   4 star

Very addictive. I did not like at first but now it keeps me occupied

cookie.lover99   3 star

Very Addicting!. At first I was really into the game, up until I got past 2,000 I started to not play as much because the levels can be a challenge BUT it’s making it harder to earn rewards or jewels.

bixthecat   3 star

Disappointed Long-term Player. Loved the game originally, as I started playing back in 2016. Challenging, fun, cute graphics, etc. However, I am a place now where I have beaten all the available levels and I am stuck playing “alternative” levels until new levels are built out and opened to the public. Designers have removed the lightning power-ups and introduced a new power-up that blasts all pieces in a row or column....depending on which way the power-up is rotating when you move/activate it. It’s a random selection, and basically counter-intuitive to the way the game has been played for over 4800 levels. Hate it. Ready to walk away. It was a great game, but kinda not anymore.

captainryan1   2 star

Almost unplayable. Right now using iPhone 11. The performance of the game is terrible. It does not recognize when you touched the screen and it really delayed. It is to the point on the timed levels, that you cannot win. You run out of time, because you are unable to move things fast enough.

kathys56   2 star

Used to love. Until they put timers on some of the games. Will be deleting.

hdhchhchjdjdjdj   5 star

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ItalianGrL43   3 star

Ok I guess. Hard to beat so eventually just deleting the game

dbowed   4 star

Love it. Super fun game, I can't get enough

Bumpnmel   1 star

Bump Mel. I originally gave this game 5 stars. After the 10th time asking me to rate it I’ve now giving it 1 star. I’m about to delete this game.

turtla davis   5 star

Fishdom. I play this game for hours! I absolutely love it !

oushablack   5 star

So great. Fun to play and addictive

nockamixon   3 star

Rabbit-fish?. Aside of the normal Playrix super-greed, has anyone REALLY LOOKED at that rabbit-fish? I get the feeling that whatever unspeakable acts it has just done, I’m next. Also, those red and white striped bombs you so rarely get - they are so disappointing it reminds me of a phrase from Joe Dirt, “That’s not a bomb. It’s just a big old tank of poopy.”

Alexchung101   5 star

Alex. Good game

KtownRose   3 star

Prizes. Timeprizes should be set in a way that I can make use of them as I wish to dispose of it not at time of earning it.

Mimisls   5 star

Mimisls. 🙋🏻‍♀️This game is a must play Fun and Relaxing 👏👏👏

cslafollette   4 star

Rating. The higher you go the harder they are to complete. No sense in a hard, then harder. Been stuck for quite some time. Unless you buy powerups you have to play 10 or 12 times before the computer gives it to you. Love the game though

tishomey   5 star

Love it. Love this game

Hagoestoporpuntos   5 star

👏🏻. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

M2BFun   5 star

Mostly fun. I really enjoy this game most of the time. There should be ways to complete levels without having to spend money.

Onlyonce1   3 star

Fun Except. Love the game but it tells me I.need another Star To unlock But ALL my levels have full stars?

Lyndalee648   5 star

Great fun cute fish !🦎🐠🐬🐟. Thank you for my fun time. Love the game .,

tffhjitccb   5 star

Super. Nice game

detvin   5 star

Perfecto. Buenos

Swaffette   1 star

Fun, but you can’t pass without actual money. I am at level 2003 and just decided to quit playing. The game is a lot of fun for puzzle games, I love the fish, and using money to decorate the aquarium. But this game has come to a point where you cannot pass any level without using they acquired “Help“ during the game. To me, the game has become incredibly money hungry and is quite frustrating. Are used to add $20 on paydays just to be able to add some help if I needed it. However, every single lever is unable to pass without those helps. $20 now does not last one weekend day of picking up my tablet and playing on and off. There are other things I would rather do with my money! I have enjoyed this game but the makers just want to much. Have you guys ever thought about whatever bombs are left on the board explode on the last moves? That would help the player however not get you more money…

ilvlava   5 star

Love this game!. Fishdom is right up there with my favorite games! I love it😆

Basket weaver123   2 star

My complaints....sorry!. Why the changes!?!? I miss the old Bathscape where you did puzzles and opened chests. Hate the new one! Also why the groups. I like to play these games as it is something I can do by myself. I used to love the game

koko&pina   5 star

I play non stop. Perfect game thanks

Usetacouldplay   2 star

Disappointed. Just can’t win unless you purchase, sad. Totally rigged.

buck8998   1 star

Nothing like advertisement...just a cheap candy crush knockoff. Just a cheap knock off

Rockinrolker99   5 star

Awesome. Love this game highly addictive!!

Coins lot   5 star

Awesome game. Far out man

DeniZen 1313   5 star

Great Game. I LOVE Fishdom because the aquariums are beautiful environments that I can populate with ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL “talking” fish and WONDERFULLY IMAGINATIVE animated decorations. Sometimes I use the decor characters to tell a story. The REAL Fishdom challenge is to get each aquarium to the 3 star beauty level without having it look like a treasure junk yard! I like the variety of the match 3 levels. The infrequent timed levels are a nice change of pace. You can go far in this game without spending a lot of money if you are a strategic player with a certain amount of patience. For example I only use diamonds for getting boosters and not for getting more lives. I only buy diamonds when they are on sale and usually only for special events. I like that most of the fish are based on real live species of fish. And that Playrix have a pretty good support team even though it takes a few steps to reach them. The game is lots of fun - and well worth every dollar of real money I have spent on it!

thisuscrap   1 star

Game. What it showed as playing and what you actually do are not even the same. False 100 Per cent 👿

terrific exciting game,   5 star

Fishdom. My favourite “Go To” game any time of day or night!

Furlicker67   5 star

Fun. I love this game

MisslindsayW   5 star

Addictive. Addictive game

TLCNZ   5 star

Great game!. Fun!

Wildeone2   5 star

Too addictive!. Some levels are killer hard till you figure out what has to go first, tons of fun and challenges.

Lucy q 101   4 star

Fishdom. I love the game, just wish there were better sales !! Can’t say enough times, great game, NEED better sales on diamonds etc!!

67Carog   5 star

J’adore. J’adore le jeu mais je ne sais pas comment faire pour le jeu du jour ou autre activité spéciale

h2253   5 star

Merveilleux. Très divertissant

Gigi2852   5 star

Love it. Keep updating it, it is addicting

Yahooou   5 star

Vraiment cool !. Vraiment cool !

Tabar!   5 star

Plus de vies. Super jeu le fun mais 5 vies ne sont pas suffisantes !

WCMAN66   4 star

GREAT GAME FOR ALL AGES. It’s a great game and I play it for hours but the prices are to high. After you spend so much money they should give you something huge to keep your interest going so you keep on playing. It’s nothing for the ones who made this game. Thanks WCMAN66

KelShaw123   5 star

Missy. Love this game !!!!

joy snyder   5 star

Fishdom. Love this game but I want back so I can play these games again farmscapes fishdom 3 special addition and call of Atlantis please update them I want to be able to play them on my iPad not my pc thank you so much from Joy Snyder

Sinjin648   1 star

Stop with the reviews. Why do I have to write review after review,

Zuroara   1 star

Stop asking me to rate. Asks me to rate the game 100 times and spams me with pop ups. Good game other wise. Sick of it asking me over and over again to rate when I already rated it.

satiecat6   4 star

Fishdom. Great game love it

DorianShay   1 star

Liars!!. Your developer response is the same every time! How about a Person responds and actually takes responsibility! Plus your rate chart is a big pile of BS!!! You have ALOT of low ratings.

len 21   5 star

Très bon jeu. addictif

cgrah026   1 star

More false advertising. Seriously, please stop doing this

Judoerika   4 star

Aquarium. J’ai complété les aquariums et la prochaine ne veut pas ouvrir. Elle mentionne toujours qu’il manque une étoile et pourtant elle est complète. Je trouve cela plate et décourageant pour continuer. Merci

4586098   5 star

I ❤️ Fishdom. Great fun and challenging at the same time. Colourful aquariums, cute fish and fun contests to take part in.

shantal lafrance   5 star

Les heures bonies. Ce serai bien si on pouvait disposer de nos heures gagné, au moment ou on peut jouer! Merci

Dutchie939   5 star

Ripped off. The game had a day where it crashed 3 times and every time was right after I made a $6.99 purchase. I’m told I have to send proof but the only proof I have is a screen shot of my invoice from Apple which cannot be uploaded on the platform that they use for communication. DO NOT SPEND YOUR MINEY HERE

Candybuster   3 star

Not what you see on Ads. You know the ones, where you get to choose options to fix things ... nope games like candy crush pretty much

Bruce from Picton   2 star

Fishdom. I have been playing this game for months and find it incredibly frustrating and unrewarding. It sets you up to fail so that you have to buy lives. I am at level 1293 and ready to delete it from my iPad. Why don’t we get rewarded with unchaining something when you put a match beside it?? Why are power ups not very powerful?? When exploded you get maybe a few tiles cleared but not many making the game very unfair. The different aquariums are fun but not fun enough to endure the brutal difficulty of each level!!!

Higop   1 star

Can’t click into my friends aquarium. Recently it’s been impossible to click into my friends aquarium, we should just click the friends name and it should go automatically to their aquarium. As well, we can’t see how much longer till we can send another heart to a friend. You should bring that back.

--atlantis--   5 star

Challenging game doesn’t get boring. Compared to other puzzle games, this one has a level of unpredictability to it which keeps it challenging long after the easy levels have been passed. In addition to this you can spend your reward point on designing little aquariums which is an added level of fun.

pebbles131   3 star

Lives. Time for lives to regenerate is to long

nguyeal   5 star

Great game but. I love this game, so many challenges and awesome graphic. However the boosters are annoying. They are supply to be helpful but always positioned at the start to give you disadvantage instead.

Kellieclare   4 star

Fun game. Lots of fun!

jacoblewers   5 star

😍. Playrix, I would just love to say this is the BEST MATCH FREE GAME. Way better than candy crush. I love designing my aquariums with the beautiful decorations you have made. KEEP UP THE AWSOME WORK.

mcntyere   5 star

Were awesome. Were awesome right.

BlackHorseCreations   5 star

Excellent game. Really enjoying playing this user friendly game. Well done for creating such a nice interface and likeable characters to to play with. They ask random questions but it would be nice to be able to answer them :D

timetraveller001   5 star

I love the game. I love playing Fishdom , just wish the rewards were better .

Zulu!! 78   5 star

Awesome game. I thought when I 1st downloaded this game it was a different game and was a little sad that I’d gotten the wrong 1 that quickly changed once I started playing & started decorating my 1st fish tank!! Than all sorts of challengers started & they turned out the be heaps of fun as well. And now........... Long story short “I’m hooked!” Pun intended 😝😝😝 Thanks heaps to whoever thought this game up!!! I’m now hooked (hook, line, sinker & most of the rod) 😂 decorating my virtual fish tanks are so much fun & much much cleaner than trying to decorate my live fish tank 😊😊😊

Mildred 2   5 star

Mildred. Great game, have been playing for awhile now. Some levels really hard to get past but otherwise very varied & enjoyable.

Just me with an old phone   4 star

Fishdom Review. Great game! Love it to bits! But it’s greedy! Algorithms are clearly designed to require that “one more move,” (at a price) Plus the fact, that once you become a more experienced player, it becomes necessary to start the game with bombs (etc) if you want to win.

pandy1313   4 star

Play the game.. I’ve bought a few gems but that’s about it. The levels can be really frustratingly hard and I have to wait for lives. That’s ok. The algorithms eventually work my way, or I play smarter and achieve the win. When some dude in my team comes along and filches the prize. Initially, I’m good with that because he/she is in my team! Yay! But the I learn that same dude seems to have bought out all the in app purchases. I’m running last and the playing field changes. It’s ok. I’m happy someone else gets the prize. It doesn’t worry me. But I agree with the other reviewer. It’s better to play the game, wait and then play again rather than be too competitive and leave people out. Thanks Fishdom - I’m having fun!

WBA WIZARD   2 star

Fishdom no longer good.. Fishdom used to be fun, but the designers have become too clever for their own good and with all their stupid new ideas, it’s now more annoying than enjoyable. Oh well, there’s plenty of other games out there .... don’t waste your time on this one.

pompoko1989   5 star

Lord of fishdom. Oh man I gotta tell ya she has curly hair Join our team Bateau Bowlo Yay 🦝

Trouble Addison   5 star

I love this game I now think it’s my favourite GAME!!!!. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!

freakypete67   5 star

Fun. This is great fun

Az1982ad   5 star

Fun. No glitches just fun it’s perfect.

🦄🐌🍭💕   4 star

3rd place in tournament. Snail trail has has8members and I received20gems!!!prize was600! Please explain!i feel well n truly ripped off considering only half of mi team scored!! Very disgruntled Fishdom player!🤮I was so excited2be in with chance of winning lots of gems then severely let down!xplain this outcome please!

trololoololo16   5 star

Great but I like meow match better. I love this game first of all but I like meow match better because it’s cats 🐈 anyway this is a great game and highly recommended.

Addictive. Fun game that doesn't need in-app purchases if patient

Cuzmurry   2 star

Fun but money driven. I am ready to delete as the levels get too hard trying to get you to spend money to get through : I loved that I could play a few levels earlier in the game in a short time .

Ken maximus   3 star

Not the game as advertised. Kill time

kontol2   1 star

Annoying. Too annoying with asking for a review

Trendy Brendan   4 star

Cool game. This is a cool and great fun game to play, sure keeps your mind alert at all times, great job. You reckon this game is popular, you better believe it. Brendan Williams

the hare   5 star

Neat!. I find this game quite enjoyable! I play it a few times every day but if you treat it as just a game and try to beat levels without using up too many diamonds it makes it longer to get through each level but keeps the game very cheap to play and enjoy.

terradacto   4 star

Fishdom. I love the game however the Game crashes halfway through level And I lose a life and have to start the level over again

imjo87   5 star

Great game. I love this game, I find it really relaxing but I do find the in app purchases expensive.

zoshi   3 star

Hate the time trials. This game is fun and relaxing, except for the time trials. They are stressful and I would like to pass on them.

drackerla   5 star

Love it. I love it so much

Crumbie 5978   5 star

Very Addictive. Like the new challenges, graphics are great and very addictivqe

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