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Angry Birds 2 supports UNICEF! Join the Bring The Anger event starting November 12. Pop piggies, and show your support!

Play the world's best bird flinging, pig popping game!

Use the slingshot to fling birds at the piggies' towers and bring them crashing down – all to save the precious eggs.

New to the world of Angry Birds? Angry Birds 2 is the best way to get to know all of the iconic characters and experience the fun gameplay that has captured the hearts (and spare time) of millions of players.

Decorated Angry Birds veteran? Everything you love about classic Angry Birds games is here with some awesome new additions. Choose which bird to fling when, play with friends, take on multi stage levels, and compete and collaborate with players around the globe.

● CHOOSE YOUR BIRD. Choose which bird to put in the slingshot and defeat the pigs with strategy!
● MULTI-STAGE LEVELS. Play fun, challenging levels with multiple stages – just watch out for those Boss Pigs!
● DAILY CHALLENGES. Have a minute? Complete a daily challenge and earn some quick rewards.
● LEVEL UP your birds with feathers and up their scoring power. Build the ultimate flock!
● JOIN A CLAN to take down the pigs with friends and players around the world.
● IMPRESS THE MIGHTY EAGLE in Mighty Eagle's Bootcamp and earn coins to use in his exclusive shop.
● COMPETE in the ARENA. Compete with other players for some friendly bird flinging fun and prove who is the best.
● COLLECT SILLY HATS. Collect hats with different fun themes and level up your birds' fashion game. ● BAD PIGGIES. The green baddies are back, stronger, badder, and even greener.
● LOTS OF LEVELS. Play hundreds of levels with more added in regular updates and limited time events.
● LEADERBOARDS. Prove who is the best in the world on the global leaderboards.
● FREE to download! --- Angry Birds 2 is completely free to play. Although Angry Birds 2 can be downloaded for free, there are optional in-app purchases available.

This game may include:
- Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13.
- Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse to any web page
- Advertising of Rovio products and also products from third parties

This game may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply. When the game is played for the first time, there is a one-off download of additional content.

Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:

Angry Birds 2 App Description & Overview

The applications Angry Birds 2 was published in the category Games on 2015-07-30 and was developed by Rovio Entertainment Oyj. This application file size is 699.33 MB. Angry Birds 2 current version is 2.34 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Play the Angry Birds 2 Bring The Anger event starting November 12th!
Once we reach 10 billion pigs popped, that piggy-popping anger will be converted into a $100k donation that will help bring education to displaced children around the world. Pop piggies and show your support!

Angry Birds 2 App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Angry Birds 2 Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Chuysonia   5 star

I care about this!. OMG. I love the game and the movie! It’s AMAZING and I am now addicted to playing its making me too CRAXY.

Preston Logan   1 star

Horrible Game. The game’s apple system is rigged. Apples don’t spawn enough, and when they do, the game gives you the worst birds that just won’t work, causing you to lose and either have to lose, pay money, or watch an ad that won’t load properly. All of these options give Rovio money while the player has to suffer no matter what. Hatchlings are impossible to support because they require too much too fast, and the reasons above. And when you get an actually good bird, some wooden block will ruin your bird’s ability, forcing you to lose, giving Rovio extra money. Do not play at all costs.

AlaskaAssisan   1 star

Worse and Worser GREEDY!. Rovio has gotten worse with the ads and lives left to play! Not fun like it used to be!

pooperdooper1232   1 star

Broken. It says reconnect WiFi although my WiFi is perfectly fine

Sinopa Crystal   5 star

Love the game, but.... Don’t get me wrong. I love Angry Birds and I loved the fact that you added Stella into the game as a playable bird (one of my favorite Angry Birds) along with others. The one thing I wish you could do is to have hats for the other playable birds (and Leonard), they just feel left out without a hat boost. So please think about, it would make this game more enjoyable for everyone!

GojiraBoy1000   3 star

Some stuff isn’t fair and/or needs improvement. When you choose which bird to use, it doesn’t show ALL of the ones you haven’t used yet. Plus the terrain on some levels and stuff is so stupid that it’s hard to shoot a bird towards something. And there’s more.

laceyhanson   5 star

Angry birds. Love this game!

Diva1220   1 star

Just stop updating it!!. Stop making it an obligation to update this app in order to play it’s very annoying. What if the person doesn’t have enough storage on their phone it’s not fair. Y’all update this app way too much!!!

Burger bro123   5 star

I love you for making this game. It’s so fun It’s the best game on earth making Angry Birds three make it even better in this even though I don’t think it’s possible.

2010hw   5 star

Amazing but.... Great game but the tower fortune has bad chances. Another thing is you can only have one special bird . EVERY THING ELSE IS GREAT!!!!😍👍🏻❤️❤️❤️

Niecer!   1 star

I’d rather pay for a commercial free version. I’d pay $5 to be able to play unlimited. I’m not making in app purchases so they’re not making any money from me. Not fun when the lives are up fast.

Silo222000   2 star

Pay To Win. Getting very, VERY, tired of having to pay to complete the daily boss battles. I’ve been good about not sinking another penny into this game for several days now and I plan to stay the course on that. I’ll just have to say goodbye to the daily’s and focus on other things. Dev is extremely greedy. Not a fan of them, but I do enjoy the game. I’d give the devs a 1 and the game itself a 4, but I’ll meet in the middle at a 2. Paying to be able to complete a task is BS and those daily bosses are almost impossible without paying some days. Very disappointed and frustrated with devs.

JimmyPlayer12   3 star

Good. I let my 6 year old neighbor play this on my phone and she adores it. The only thing is she ran out of lifes and kids don’t want to wait till they have more

Notalittlekid   1 star

Rampant cheating. It’s a great concept for a game, and the different challenges keep it interesting. That said, there are cheaters everywhere and Rovio seems to be doing nothing about it. Every aspect of the game where you face off against other players is made unplayable because there are too many cheaters. How am I supposed to enjoy a game when no matter how good I get, it’s literally impossible for me to beat most of the players I face off against? Fix your game, Rovio.

Skynner McGee   1 star

Oh, yes I do!. • U • N • I • N • S • T • A • L • L • E • D • Your app keeps telling me I don't have an internet connection even though I do, along with a strong wifi signal. I approved cellular data for this game, as well. Absolutely every other app I own that requires an internet connection works fantastically. So, I guess Rovio neither gets my money, nor the other 4 stars, since they can't get their game to work properly. • U • N • I • N • S • T • A • L • L • E • D •

Larock4d   1 star

Inoperable. This app isn’t working! Still can’t play this game... Still stuck on the tutorial...App Support ignoring my comments!

The Annoying Truth   1 star

GROSS. Should be Rated 18+. If you hate playing angry birds, but love casino style menu games, watching 30 sec ads (that crash the game), and being prompted to spend $10 to continue, then this is for you. NOT APPROPRIATE FOR KIDS!

ollipup   1 star

To Bad. I love to play this game but every time I need to upgrade. My iPad just won't download because of not enough space. Unfortunately I will have to delete angry birds. Thank you for developing a fun game.

Mama_Myra   1 star

App does not work after update!!!. I try to open the app but it doesn’t open, it closes right at the start screen!! I’ve been playing this game for several years now. I even started to spend real money (which I NEVER do) to keep playing. My favorite game so far until this happened. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!!! I really don’t want to (and I probably won’t) start over if I lose all my game progress!!!

iListen2ActualGoodMusic   5 star

Having issues. Love this game but having an issue with the new duel tournament not letting me use spells at the end of my duel if I’m behind. It did the first duel I ever had but now it just blips at that time and doesn’t allow me the opportunity.

Gane wont open....   1 star

Game won’t open since updating...... Updated the game last night, won’t open. Have tried turning off/on phone, doesn’t help. Don’t want to delete otherwise I lose my progress. Last update, if you select a bonus to use, and don’t use it, you lose it. Used to be if you didn’t use it, it went back on your count, so you weren’t losing anything. Not happy with the new updates.

Temmie Chara   1 star

Doesn’t work. “Connection issues” even though I have good WiFi and data, doesn’t work

FormerAmpMeUser7   2 star

App stuck on opening screen. Pls fix ty

CoCoKush76   5 star

Upset 😡. I’ve been playing this game for a long time and I’m very upset it’s not working

nadamajed   5 star

Fun game. Nice play and birds I loved it so much ..!

gfdtaer   4 star

Loopy. Getting too complicated for the occasional user. Need a summary or instruction option.

Ejakez   3 star

Higher levels are stupid. They just put pigs out of reach so you’re forced to spend money to complete levels. I’m approaching level 1000 and I’ve come within a second of deleting this game 100 times because of this. Figure out a better way to make tough levels, Angry Birds, cause your tough levels are just annoying now. Also, I can’t reshuffle the deck on my iPhone 10 cause the display is t big enough, I can see the button just barely at the bottom of my screen.

Omertà 333   2 star

Ads on top of ads. This is a really great game if you love to watch ads almost as much as you get to play the game! Also, the game makers in their genius made it so you can’t buy away the ads! So more ads! If you beat a level, more ads. Want to upgrade your birds? More ads! Need gems to progress? Watch a thousand ads! You can even spend 49.99 so you can watch more ads! And guess what? For the people who hate watching different ads, it’s 99% the same ad over and over again. Homescape, townscape, buttscape, and even if you a are low functioning adult or a two year old child and decide to download the ads game, you get to still watch the same ad over and over!

redbeard331   1 star

Constant connection errors.. Lately everytime you click to watch an ad to get extra stuff (which you need to play the game) it just won’t connect at all, looking at other reviews this is clearly a problem affecting everyone. Please fix this ASAP!

Kingkrs   2 star

Freemium is killing this game. The freemium model is totally killing a good game. Constantly bombarded with options to buy gems, cards, power ups and other crap. Then there are the intermittent pop up ads you have to watch. I wish they would go back the the old pay for the game one time so I can play til my heart’s content.

Advertorial    5 star

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Bob Seger Fan 1   3 star

Game Crashes. Game crashes all the time during Bonus Rewards. Inconsistent bird power, too many advertisements to watch during the game. It’s a fun game to play, lots of games within the game but lots of issues since update. Pay to Win. Facebook rewards are useless for someone without Facebook.

New Atb   1 star

Unfair.. This game is just unfair in the online department. The tower of fortune keep giving me pigs which is annoying, the level design is so frustrating because there’s always one pig that’s in a hard to reach space, and the arena, is just unfair. UPDATE: The Daily Challenge is also screwed up! Now, there’s four to SIX waves each day and it’s ridiculous! That was I suming this game up. Unfair! Rovio, for the love of God, PLEASE FIX THIS!

Granddogma   5 star

Angry Birds. Enjoy this game👍🏻

bdhdjddjjdtdudhuusoqpwgmn   5 star

Level 170 boss fight.. The level is too hard.

dckcbducbdicndichf   1 star

Not working for me. Not working i deleted the app then reinstalled it and still not working

Dont downloaf   1 star

Poor programming!!! Very very mediocre!!!. The tournaments have poor match-up with others having ratings over 100 points above ours. Impossible to win a tournament!!! Many clans have captains that are not active. Fans in the game have different strength, which greatly affect trajectory. I can go on and on. Good concept! But... The designers have failed with this game.

Sakura7787   4 star

😊👍. It’s fun and i love the game but we need some help with the boss pig sometimes we can’t do it in one shot when the levels are getting hard.. 😒😐 can you do something please! Thank you!

lolz6173   1 star

Bring back the original angry birds and the other games you removed. Why is it that the original definitive angry birds isn’t on here but some stupid candy crush knock off is here, you also removed bad piggies, and seasons among the other ones I forgot the name to. Why.

Karate dude142365879809   1 star

WHY.. It keeps crashing when I go into the game!

Cgruza   3 star

Angry birds 2 review. Even better than the original

hmhmhmhgyytcuyfctuyc   3 star

This game is ok. I hate how there’s limited life’s and make the levels easier please.

nae77777777   4 star

Game is fun, app not opening. app will not open for the past few days.... tried restarting my phone and app, still won’t load past first screen

Sir Wednesday   2 star

new update... i dunno. still fun but you end up watching ads and then it crashes. also, the players who’ve hacked gems make it way less fun. would be better if it was fair.

canadiangirl524   5 star

Fun Fun Fun. Loved this so much

cnwoo09   5 star

awesome. hi your game is amazing bye : )

001Erik   2 star

Forced updated are the worst. Cant play the game again until I update? Sorry, not everybody has 600 MEGABYTES to just throw around. Super annoying.

10d0   3 star

Fix. Keeps crashing

Raggad   1 star

Developers greed shows well here. I didn’t mind paying for the mighty eagle in The original angry birds. Also the original provided hours of fun for very little cost. It’s too bad that I can’t play the original anymore even though I paid for some extras on it. They don’t even give you an option to just buy the game straight out so you don’t run out of lives. This goes for all of rovios games.

hockeybballfreak19   3 star

Got kicked out while playing.. I have been noticing that the game kicks itself out while I’m playing or while I hit the “play button” and it’s really annoying. Please fix this!

rich robloxian   4 star

Great. Awesome, but sometimes can be annoying with ads. It’s also frustrating that you have to play it with wifi for fun rewards.Also, it’s bad when you lose all your hearts.

Daiigz   1 star

Pay to win. Game is essentially pay to win. Absolutely brutal to see the state of mobile games now.

Mighty greenpig   5 star

Now dig on this. Simply amazing

LeinadNart   1 star

Backstep from Previous Games. When I first downloaded this game, I loved playing it. As it turns out now, I’ve come to the realization that Rovio has ruined the game itself- Introducing extra lives, strangely designed levels that more than require the use of power ups to complete... It’s a huge disservice to what made Angry Birds fun to begin with. Shame on Rovio for ruining one of my go to games.

Sick boosh   1 star

The developers do not give a toot about you or anyone else. Now that Angry Birds is such a huge success. The developers are a bunch of pricks! I've been trying to get in touch with them for years with no response. Selfish bunch of pricks! It's inexcusable for them not to respond over the course of two years. I've had many problems with the game. It constantly crashes. It's cost me time and money. I want some support but they don't offer it. A bunch of BS! Don't waste your time if this game!

S.P.K 5801   1 star

Mighty eagle. Please put back the meter in mighty eagle. The other way is garbage. Used to get 16 or 20 coins, now I get 6. It was hard enough already.

Emma345   1 star

Not cool the change to MEBC. Really dislike the change to MEBC ... and also the fact that the change was made during the event !

djfheehehhdh   3 star

Unstable. Always loved Angry Birds but lately this game has gotten buggy. Screens freeze up between videos and end up losing rewards due to having to re-start app. Would have been 5 stars but not lately. Disappointing.

neck killer   5 star

Good but. Ist good but when you

Monster try again   5 star

Red hand. Fun game

Chi-vey   3 star

It good game. I’m entertained

Advertorial    5 star

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Lollipop pile   5 star

Patricia. Engrossing

Try hard.   3 star

Hi.. This game hasn’t been to bad to play. But the couple updates has been a lot of bugs causing the levels to freeze and reboot! Every time that happens you loose you bonuses which is a nuisance. Something needs to be done about that quickly. This morning tried to load up the game and it log in. So rebooted it again and that didn’t work. So checked the internet connection and it works fine. How come every time there is new updates that come along are invested with bugs. Something needs be done with the updates that are invested with bugs! If not players will most likely stop playing this game.

ambassett   1 star

Features broken on app. Suddenly I am no longer receiving winnings from any clan events. Has been happening for a little while now. Very frustrating, have updated and everything. There is no where to reach out to for support for the app.

Manosteel34   5 star

It’s very good. Very very good

bruhm0ment12345   5 star

Epic. Epic

Vckckinsnekrkjf rnrnrk   1 star

Banned for no reason. I got banned for apparently hacking even tho I wasnt

Gefuckenburgered   5 star

Review of Angry Blobs. I hate being forced to write reviews

jfkeifnlmd,w   5 star

Awesome. I love it so much

IDJ19   1 star

Bought $14.99 of credits but it didn't download. I bought $14.99 worth of credits but it didn't download. Not happy.

fgysvha   1 star

Horrible. F**k this game it’s so stupid everything is rigged and you can’t do sh*t without spending real money the developers are total f*cktards that just want your money don’t download

Beili Cai   5 star

Update. Hey Rovio, it’s almost Christmas and can you just resume to the original app icon? Return for a Christmas one in December! Your Angry Birds fan, FengFeng PS The floor is lava!

nj_leex   2 star

Latest update really buggy and slow. The loading time since the last update (Halloween) has significantly increased, sometimes stopping for a minute to two half way through. Hats won in the ‘hat event’ have disappeared and the play the king pig panic opens the daily challenge. Overall pretty disappointing this time around Rovio!

Kazstar   5 star

Angry birds. I just love it

DoIReallyNeedANicknameForThis?   1 star

Poker machine ads?. Advertising gambling apps - poker machines and card games - is inappropriate for a game directed at young children.

leilei 2007   5 star

Just a request. Hello! I looooooooooooove angry birds. I was just like to do a request. Maybe in it there could be a gifting thing. Where other players can gift gems pearls spells and chests to other players, because currently I’m on no pearls or gems and my mum as a looooooot of gems and pearls and we were like I wish we could gift. So hopefully you get this and could maybe add it to the game. That will make angry birds so much more amazing, although it already is😊 Can you please consider this if that’s ok. Thankyou!!!!!!😃

Amadkoala   1 star

2ez. Too damn easy

Manlyshelly   1 star

Don’t upgrade. Since upgrading to the newest iOS I can’t open the game

blue cafe bar   5 star

I only realised how much winning releases dopamine when I started spending money on this game. This game is clever at taking your money

epic gamer696969   4 star

What happened to bad piggies!!!?. This game you made was awesome but even though it is good doesn’t mean you remove bad piggies that was by far my favourite game and now it’s gone please bring it back.

Nick Flewo   4 star

Angry birds 2. Only recently started playing and I’m already addicted, it’s so nostalgic and has so many new features which have improved the game since I used to play

CaptainXaos   2 star

Wait / downloading / updated / wait again. When can I actually play the game? So much waiting, downloading, waiting again, then and update is required... Would love to actually just play!!!

ravikanthi57   1 star

So slow to keep playing. Too many clicks to play a game!!! And so many ads😢

oudhfrourvh   5 star

This Is Epic. The game is really fun but it took 1 HOUR to download I really like Leonard’s ability cause you can spit goo three times

HelpYourselves   5 star

Bugs. Angry birds is and has been quite enjoyable through the last few years. However, the experience would be much more exciting if the game would not freeze or crash. For example, when entering the colliseum and getting ready for battle, the game would crash. This error continued until i reinstalled the app but would come back after a while. Please fix this bug. Thank You.

Shanmaalay   5 star

I love it. I loVe It

shakazuluprince02   5 star

Stupidness. This game is stupid!!!!!!! I hate it!!!!!! I hate it soo much that u accidentally gave it a five star review for great when I meant five star review for trash!

Zoi55   1 star

Tower of Fortune angry birds 2. Can the tower of misfortune become a little more easier. Perhaps have the pig appear once in every 5 card section. It’s so difficult to get fortune. Give players a better chance win fortunes. I’ve played angry birds 2 for almost 3 years and I’ve reached level 60 twice. I’m starting to not enjoy the game as much lately, it seems you’ve increased the difficulty of the game recently and made it harder than ever before. Please consider the above feedback as this player is falling out of love for this game :(

xxpertty   1 star

STOP CRASHING AFTER ADS!!!!!. It's infuriating when you are about to win a streak on the arena, all you need is one more bird so you watch a dumb ad for a lame game to get an extra bird - then the screen goes black and it freezes. When you come back you're stuffed!

Kireydene   4 star

I like the app. I used to quit angry birds 2 to play Roblox but I’m back for updates

jjauendhfhf   3 star

Stupid. I am on level 74 and I see all you tubers get like a level on start while get an impossible just stupid

Gigligimli   2 star

Boring. Takes longer between levels than the levels themselves. I kind of hate this game.

the mike X   3 star

Bad update. Love the angry bird series I own majority of the 2d side catapult games , but this last update is terrible whenever you watch a video it stalls and I have to quit the game.

xXxBDizzELxXx   1 star

Connection Issues?. As of late cannot play due to connection errors. And by errors I mean no connection what so ever. And with no offline play there is no playing this game what so ever. So thats where im at now.

Alkvom   5 star

Angry birds two. Challenging and👍

Mariogamer billion   5 star

The best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I have been playing this game since 2017 and I am on level 238 and I like how you can earn gems by doing quests and you can get to different worlds.

ryyttrdfbj   5 star

Amazing 😉. First of all you don’t pay to play and the game is awesome but Rovio plz do the hatching learn to fly ITs SUPER FUN!!!!!

Mr salty balls   1 star

Game was fun at first. Yeah, I’ll admit I spent some money on this game. But honestly it’s the only way you’ll advance. There are not near enough opportunities to earn apples unless you are constantly spending money. It’s fun at first but like most games, it comes down to their bottom dollar and profit. Should be a class action lawsuit against games like this because they make you become addicted!!!! Unless you have deep pockets to advance, forget this game. Despite all the fake 5 star reviews.

Ikebroflofski   3 star

Cool but too greedy!. The new game is great, far more challenging than ever before, I love all the ways pigs can fight back now and how actual strategy is necessary, however the amount you charge for apples for that hatchling is RIDICULOUS!!! You’re already a multi billion company and most of us that play don’t have $20 lying around for a single feeding of this little thing....make the apples more easily obtainable during game play or lower the prices significantly...great games don’t mean you have to fleece your players 😊

Kesito2009   1 star

What happened to the other games!. So why Rovio why did you remove games like angry bird space,epic,go,Star Wars, and the original angry birds from The App Store and replacing it with new one that are going To take forever maybe never! For people to like. So please Bring back the old games they were so fun!

thisgameisfreakingawesome   5 star

Awesome. This game is awesome

StefanScott   5 star

Great bird game 👍👍👍. I love this new game my son loves it he says he likes GTA 5 V better though can anyone tell me if that game is bad for a 7 year old he never lets me watch so I do not know someone please tell me just a dad trying to make sure my 7 year old is playing good and appropriate games like GTA 5 V 😀😀😀😀😀

not-a-lady-of-leisure   3 star

Used to be great. Update — game freezes every time after I watch a video to get another life. Things on the screen are moving, but I cannot claim my extra life or even use the remaining lives I have already waiting to be used. This seems to have happened after the latest os 13.2.2 update. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!! There's also a problem with a nOn-responsive screen that shows "watch a video to get a free bird." Touching it has no effect often, and the only recourse is to exit the game, thereby losing my chance to win. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!! Suddenly "watch a video to get a bird" has stopped working. When all I need to conquer a challenge is one more turn, this makes the more difficult levels extremely frustrating to play. Now that everything runs smoothly, I have to thank the developers for a consistently fun, and exciting game with wonderfully varied challenges. I love being able to choose which one to tackle since then the game-playing experience is never dull. The one thing I wish were slightly different is the match-ups for arena battles. Competing against someone with similar skill is very satisfying. Being up against a player with way more skill is dispiriting. Spending gems to change opponents often results in revealing an even more skilled player, so that's not a solution. All in all, however, this is a terrific game. Update: several times in the past few months I have logged on to find many, and today ALL of my gems missing. This is extremely frustrating since I spend lots of time trying to earn gems to then use in the game. Please fix this glitch! Another update: again, watch a video to get a new life is missing. What's going on?

Doelow 23   5 star

Angry Birds. Great Game

mrjoshua05   4 star

Great but. Tower of fortune is extremely rigged and will never let you truly win. Game play is perfect but games of chance make allot of frustration.

smartbot1of7   2 star

Great game!. UPDATE: there is an issue when you try to play the ads for rewards. It freezes after the ad plays. Please fix! Great sequel to the original. Even though it's free they don't push ads or in-app purchases. Update: they need to fix a major bug that automatically takes you to the first level of the game. I am 600+ levels ahead and it's annoying when you have to scroll thru all the levels to get to one you are at.

100hhacker   5 star

Egg. I like how you can hatch eggs it’s so cool.

purefacts   1 star

Not a game. Another bad app that tries to limit your play time unless you pay them. Stop downloading these apps and let the companies that make them go out of business

Iceroy   1 star

Amazing game but Game not loading !!!. Hi since this morning the game isn’t loading. Please help.

djpenn   1 star

Buggy piece of crap. Half the time when you click a video ad to get something it plays the ad and then locks up the angry birds screen, opens App Store and doesn’t recognize when you switch back to AB2 — you know, by giving you the THING you were trying to get — or otherwise screws you out of a prize. Fun at first, sure, but it’s old and buggy trash now. Time to move on!

mavrick🍀🐇   5 star

Stress Release. Yes

lobser45678987654   1 star

Not good. It’s a pay to play app, all they want is your money uninstalled it

JLL94   2 star

Keeps Crashing. Game keeps crashing when it requires me to watch a video. Also get a pig on the 2-4 level of the Tower every single time - not very fair.


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R.K.3199   1 star

Updated app version. So, after the last update, Angry Birds app keeps crashing in the middle of play. Noticing it happens more in tournaments. Getting tired of leading in points against an opponent and suddenly the game crashes and I lose the spell cards that I activated when I reload the game! Please get this fixed.

Profmushi   5 star

Wakanfa forefer. This game is amazing can’t improve a thing Willy great

darwinherschel   3 star

Money hog. I love this game but the developers keep setting up king pig situations where king pig is stuck in a place where only one or 2 birds can actually hit him. I call money grab! Don’t be so f-ing greedy!

fishy n stinky   5 star

Fun. Love it.Soooooooo much fun. It makes me happy😜😍

please come back grubby   5 star

:O rovio making hit after hit after hit after hit after hit after hit after hit. Amazing game if you think rovio has gone downhill recently you need to GET…THIS…GAME It’s amazing if you told me it was from 2012-2015 I wouldn’t even question

Butter_IsBetter   3 star

Seems rigged at times.. I just had a level where my last bird had blown the boss right off of the map, meaning that I had beat him and should have won the level - but it said that I needed to use gems to get 3 more birds, and since I was on my last life I had to use my last 60 gems to finish the level. As soon as I used the gems and my 3 new birds loaded in, it said the level was completed and the boss was defeated. I didn’t even use one of the 3 birds that I bought with the gems so it basically robbed me of my last gems. I feel like it does this all the time in order to keep me low on gems so that I’m more likely to spend money in the store to get more. Who knows if this is the case, but it always happens when I’m suspiciously low on lives and gems.

elaski   3 star

Can’t get past 440!. I won 3 times but can’t move on to 441. Not sure why???

Ssssssssssss 4002   4 star

😑. I can't pass level 22 with the boss pig. I think it's too difficult because of the birds I've chosen to unlock which makes it unfair. I unlocked red, blues, silver and chuck and its literally impossible to pass the level. Improvement needed to make the game doable with any bird combination. And if anybody can help....

Loubano   1 star

Too much ads. Used to be a good game. But the adds are becoming longer in length (1 min video add!!!). I deleted the app.

pvz cool   3 star

No INTERNET. I hate it that u need internet to be able to play offline. Otherwise, it’s good. I DEFINITLY Recommend it.

randomguy331   4 star

Good, but two things. I don’t think you should have to pay to complete the daily challenges. Could you fix that please? I think a lot of people would appreciate it. The second thing is it takes a while to load. Like 3 or 4 minutes just to get off the screen with the Rovio logo. If you could please fix this it would be appreciated.

Tristanj6   1 star

Level 47 is to hard. The level is way too hard to beat. It’s unfair people have money to beat it. Make it more easier

Mandarine43   2 star

Horrific Ads. Not for children. I’m horrified by the ads in this game. Knowing it is played by children I cannot believe there are “Sniper” ads and Ads of dying electrocuted people. Absolutely horrific for children. Sad that’s the only way you can earn money to support this game!

don'tgrindyoudontshine   1 star

Won’t open after update. Why since I updated my iOS will angry birds not load it opens and just sits at the loading screen plz fix!!

Astrostark98   3 star

Great game, but crashes lately. I love playing this game. This is one of two games I play religiously. However lately it has been crashing every so often (usually when I’m in the arena). This is frustrating because it’s often when I have used power ups or am far ahead of the other player. Not sure if it is just my device (Iphone5s) or if it is the game itself.

Chang/elephant   5 star

🤗. I love this game sooo much!!!

Grandpapa 711   4 star

Fun. It’s fun ,my grandson and I play together it’s fun.

MCfromCanada   3 star

It’s Angry Ads. Way, way too many ads. After each level, after each bird key found, after a challenge, after every breath... And no way to not have them. Geez. Otherwise it’s a very fun game.

$Mr.Dick$   5 star

FUN!!!. Really do recommend. Never gets old been playing it for about 4 years now. It is really interesting, FUN *.*

hatchrs   5 star

Angry birds(sick little suckers). ADDICTIVE,ADDICTIVE and then it’s ADDICTIVE. Great game!!

Vader009   1 star

Advertising. Relentless Advertising .... forces you to watch in order to keep playing !! .....

rick sagwal   5 star

Angry birds go!. Where is your angry birds go!!! I want it very bad. Please do something to get it back.

Mr.C!!!   5 star

Arena stars problem. Hi Rovio. Great games I have this, Angry Birds Evolution, and many more. However, I have a problem with the arena. So, when I win a battle, I had 32 million points and my opponent had 18 million. I guarantee that I should have been rewarded 10 stars. And the same thing happened when I had 25 million and the other had 12 million. They both gave me 9 stars instead of 10. The bar was at the point where it should’ve given me 10 stars. Can you plz fix that and give me a rare chest to make up for this. Thank you. :) Keep up the good work. Ps: I saw the Angry Birds Movie 2. I rate it 6 stars out of 5. That’s how grr8 it was. :)

Four eights   5 star

The rating cause idk what to call it lol I’m so dumb. This is sooooooo fun!!

Dvlmtl   2 star

Having Problems. Hi, I downloaded the game but I am stuck and restarts at the same place . I am in the mountains rocks in number 4 level. There is apple above me . But no angry birds it’s been like this for a week or more not sure it’s my iPhone 8 the problem . Do I need to reinstall the game I did that same problem Game Center signs me in each time.

spy13 BHG   2 star

Challenges that require a purchase???? 👎. It’s fun, and upgraded, but the business model I can’t back. In the daily challenges section they have challenges that require purchasing items from the shop. Not very challenging, and rather unfair for children, considering ages 4+ is the demographic

Arkannos   1 star

Just ughhh. Everything you loved about the original, with everything you hate from today’s mobile games. You can’t clear daily challenges without spending money. There are ads between each level. There are ads to open chests. There are ads everywhere. This game will beat down your will to continue playing it, within a week. Garbage.

oceane m.b.   5 star

Merci. Pour le jeu

bananaking:   5 star

Its awesome. It is

👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🥰   5 star

Great game thanks!. It’s fun for everyone!

MightySniper2   1 star

First one star of my life. That is so uncool. It freeze when I get on the app! Why is it not working? I have a good and recent iPad!

C.J.Savage   5 star

Stupid. You scammed me

Micahjules   4 star

Eh. m y n a m e j e f f

Cdn guy 123567   1 star

Tower rewards. Tower crashed and I lost all the items I had accumulated up to level 15. No way to get apples unless you purchase them at elevated prices. Garbage. Should have rainbow feather all the time instead of the one colour and fix the tower.

player 8288282   2 star

Wow... I clearly am in wifi and every where i go even tower of fortune doesn’t show an ad

Paul Nick V-man   5 star

Greatest game ever. Can’t stop playing this game. I am addicted. Love this game!👌👌👌👍👍👍👍

hhjkjikk   5 star

Amazing. Really fun

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