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Cluesheet Companion App Description & Overview

What is cluesheet companion app? Keep your Clue Sheet hidden with the Official Local Multiplayer Companion app. This app requires you to have Cluedo: The Classic Mystery Game on Nintendo Switch™ or Steam®.

A grand mansion … a dastardly murder … a gathering of suspicious characters. Play Hasbro’s beloved board game together with family and friends on the big screen with the local multiplayer mode for Nintendo Switch™ and Steam®!

Use the official Companion app as your game controller and personal Clue sheet for local multiplayer games. Take notes, eliminate red herrings and make brilliant deductions. Gather your detectives in the same room and play together, but keep your notes secret.

It’s easy to get started. Launch Cluedo: The Classic Mystery Game on Nintendo Switch or Steam®. Select Play with Friends from the main menu and Host a Local Game. Open the Companion app and enter the passcode to join the lobby. You can connect up to 6 smartphones as controllers to play together.

Use the Companion app as your personal controller for local multiplayer games.

Pick your character, choose from Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mrs Peacock, Mr Green, Dr Orchid, Professor Plum, and many more.

On your turn roll the dice to move around the mansion and ask questions: “I suggest it was Miss Scarlett, with the Rope, in the Study!”

Use the innovative logic-assisted virtual Clue Sheet that allows for advanced note-taking.

Watch everyone’s actions play out on the big screen.

This app supports local multiplayer only, it’s not compatible with the single player mode.

Time to crack the case!

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App Name Cluesheet Companion
Category Utilities
Updated 11 January 2024, Thursday
File Size 698.15 MB

Cluesheet Companion Comments & Reviews 2024

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Bugs galore! DON’T BUY!. I was so excited to play this game! Unfortunately it was such a disappointment. Halfway through my player turned to AI on the Switch even though it was still allowing me to play on my cell phone. Plus, you can’t tell on the score card if the item was wrong or if someone guessed it. Please don’t waste money! Developers, you guys are scam artists! This game should be pulled until it’s revamped and fixed! We couldn’t even pick our characters at the beginning of the game. Waste of money.

App errors out for multi-player. Unfortunately, this app does not work well. When you attempt to play multi-player, it says incorrect passcode entered even when you enter in the right one. It errors out and says “an error has occurred with the software” and then it boots you out. Hopefully this gets fixed since this looks like a fun family game to play.

Amazing concept... needs work though. I just spent $30 to play this game and when we actually get a game to work it’s so much fun!! However, so many different bugs, such as passcodes to get into a room not working, if the dice lands on a computer character for the beginning of the game, the computer will 99% not even roll the dice to begin the game, thus meaning we have to exit out of the game and go through all of the steps again, and just selecting characters is stressful because if you don’t rush to pick the game could crash and say the host left or a player left when obviously it’s not the case. I just want to play a game with my partner that I spent $30 to play and I’m impressed with the way the game works using the switch and iPhones... BUT when it takes you 40 minutes to successfully start one game on local multiplayer mode it’s a little rough. Will gladly give a 5 star review once there’s some sort of update to fix all of these issues, I just want to play one of my favorite board games and it’s a bummer that it’s so hard to get one game working! Playing with just two people isn’t that fun, so when we add computer players and they get first turn and never roll the dice the game will just sit here doing nothing until it crashes :(

Glitches make it unplayable. We couldn’t play using our phones until we “deleted and redone loaded” the game- a fix we found online. Finally The first time we played a local game via the switch and one of our phones kept “playing” without us, like their phone had become and AI/com but they could watch their moves on the phone? We tried again and half way through the game my app started playing a completely different order and the switch and app games split on completely different “universes” where different things were happening for about 15 minutes, which we laughed at until it became unplayable. We hate that there’s a clue sheet on the TV main game. It renders skill completely unnecessary. Same thing with the auto-fill sheet deductions; it would be helpful for kids, but feels patronizing during game play.

Doesn’t work. If I could give 0 stars, I would. I was SO excited for this game. Spent $30 dollars on it for the switch. The first night it worked fine. There were a few issues with “invalid passcode” error messages, but we were still able to play a few games together locally using this app. Every day since then we’ve been unable to play. At all. We only purchased the game a few days ago so this is after the update that supposedly fixed everything. It didn’t. What a waste of $30.

Doesn’t work!. We finally purchased this game we’ve been wanting and were so excited to play it. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t work, and we have not been able to finish even one multiplayer game yet! Randomly, there will be no “continue” button or “end turn”, so everyone has to quit and start over no matter how far in the game we got. We finally gave up trying because it was a waste of time and always bugged out mid-game. I’m highly disappointed in the wasted money, as we got it for the multiplayer app concept and can’t use it. Please fix this ASAP because it would be a great game if it actually worked as intended.

It works now. I contacted support and they got it working again so you can actually join local multiplayer! The only problem is that sometimes the continue button disappears so you can’t move on from the turn and there’s no fix for this. Otherwise I love it!

PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING THE GAME!!!!. I just bought this game and downloaded the app to play with the family and it does NOT allow any of us to connect no matter what type of device we’re trying to use. This game is NOT worth it for all the hassle of trying to get a local game started. We didn’t even bother to try the single player or play online because of the connectivity issue. I do not recommend this game and I wish I had read the reviews before I spent the money on the game that doesn’t work.

WHATS THE STUPID PASSCODE?. It keeps saying incorrect passcode! WHERE DOES IT SHOW THE PASSCODE? Wheres the passcode! And why does it have to be so difficult! Its being annoying and painful! It shows NO passcode ANYWHERE. I cant stinkin play the game bc it keeps saying incorrect passcode entered.....I JUST WANNA PLAY! What is the passcode can someone plz help me!?!?!? I rlly want to play the game and it was free it didn’t cost anything to download it which is nice but i cant play anyways!!! Can someone help? 2 stars sorry but 2 stars

Never works. I originally downloaded this forever ago. I deleted it because it would always freeze or shutdown. Recently, I redownloaded it to play the game with my kids. Now it doesn’t work at all. I can’t press play. Well, I can, but it doesn’t do anything. I’ve undownloaded, restarted my phone, uploaded, restarted. I’ve done it on my phone, my switch, followed every tip and trick found online and it still doesn’t work. It’s not just my phone, either. The app doesn’t work on mine, my two children’s phones, their friends phones, my husbands phone, nothing! It works for nobody. We thought maybe I needed to renew my NSO. So I paid to renew that. It changed nothing. Maybe the wifi connection is poor. Connected it directly beside the router. Full bars, still nothing. This is utter crap. Money wasted, weekend on binge playing clue and watching murder mystery shows have been shot. This is so frustrating!!!!

App not working!. Hi I’ve had this game for years and never had a problem having people download the app and connect to the switch to play. Recently I’ve run into an issue that makes the game unplayable. I can either only have TWO people connect to the game through the app, or NONE AT ALL. I don’t understand why, we’ve take all the steps to figure it out. There’s absolutely no way to solve this and I can see that everyone has the same issue. Please fix this, I loved this game!

What happened?. We paid $40 for this game and for the first few times it worked great! Just tried to play a few months later and it’s virtually unusable. We just do the local game at home on the Switch and our iPhones. Most of the time we can’t even start a game because the app won’t recognize the passcode the game is giving us, saying it’s incorrect. Other times, we get kicked out in the character selection screen. What exactly is being done to address this?

I need help. It wouldn’t accept?. I tried to push the JION after putting in my password and the name it suggested, but it never did anything. The screen wasn’t frozen, and the button did press, but it just didn’t do anything. I could easily get off that screen and go to the area that says play, but when I tried to play the sign up screen showed again and did nothing. I imagine that it is a wonderful game. I just can’t get it to work. I hope that know one else is having this problem. 🤔 Can you help? Sincerely, the app user

This game does not work. Please do not spend your money. Nintendo and this developer have stolen your money if you downloaded. It will not allow you to play local multiplayer and game will randomly start with random people. Ripoff

So disappointing. I’ve never left an app review in my life but this one is so dysfunctional, I feel compelled to say something. I experienced all of the errors other reviewers have mentioned and it’s inexcusable. It has consistently taken multiple tries to launch a local game, either because my pin is rejected or it’s so slow that another game with other players is launched instead. If that’s not the issue, then the issue is being kicked out of the game and replaced by an AI despite never leaving the app... My husband paid for the Clue game with the understanding that we could both play together, and this app malfunctioned so often that it makes the game unplayable. It’s such a shame because the game looks really fun and when the app was working, the Clue sheet capabilities were quite useful. Please do something about this - I don’t want to request a refund for the game unless I absolutely have to.

Nice when it works. It is fun when it works. But we could not join (nothing happened when clicking 'Join' button) until I did a hard reboot on my iPhone. And then sometimes the 'Continue' button would not be there and we would be forced to quit because we could not proceed. This was an expensive game to buy on Switch and it is frustrating that it is still so glitchy and broken.

If a feature doesn’t work, then the game is broken!. Trying to play local multiplayer with my family and getting the same errors as other reviews that are a year old. Errors such as wrong passcode (when it clearly wasn’t) and host left (when clearly we hadn’t). The app is free but the game wasn’t. Will try again tomorrow then try to figure out how to get my money back. Fix it the issue or remove the feature because it clearly isn’t working and I bought this game specifically to play locally with my family.

I’m not stupid. Unlike the idiots in the “recent reviews” section I know what this app is… I’m surprised the “developers” even reached out to them seeing how this app has been broken for well over a year now! I keep checking back thinking you all fixed it and every time I am met with disappointment. Just take this down because you obviously do not care! This is the only game I can play with my elderly mother. It used to be fun when it worked.

FIX YOUR GAME!. This game is fun, however, for quite some time now it hasn’t been working! The game will work for a couple rounds and then it freezes and won’t let us click “continue” when the turn is over. We’ve tried everything from uninstalling the Cluesheet app on our phones to uninstalling and reinstalling the main game on the switch. I’ve reached out to support and got some generic answer saying there is no known problem! None of this was free!! I would suggest fixing your game/app or start giving out refunds!

Interesting idea...terrible execution. The single player component of the Switch game is enjoyable, however god have mercy on your souls if you try and connect to a local multiplayer game. If you are lucky enough to get past the “incorrect passcode” message, 9 times out of 10 you’ll lose your lobby and end up watching a game that you have no control over because the passcode you were generated was also generated for someone else before you could lock your lobby. My Wife and I tried for two hours and played one game together. This game was $20 on sale. It should have been less than that. If I would have paid full price I would have been very angry. FIX THIS NOW.

Bugs and crashes. Look I love Clue its my favorite game so when I heard that their is game on the switch I was so happy and it was even better when playing on the phone. But as soon I started playing I experienced bugs like when the password is shown it won’t let anyone in and we had to exit the app and go back in to try again to get in. When one of my relatives rolled the dice and made a accusation and is shown a card the end turn logo doesn’t pop up to let us click it and we have to quit the game and start a new one. Their were also a problem where I chosen a character and I accidentally pick a costume (vampire)but I want another(wild west) it won’t let me choose it unless I pick a different character and go back to the person I want. The last one is when we choose a location like classic manor it would go to a different location murder express and we have to quit the game to get the board we want to play. I spend $30 on this game and it upsets me that I am experiencing this and takes 35 minutes to start the game I just hope this gets resolved

It’s good. It is still good to see you all along the weekend thanks to you and your family thanks again and thank you sir thank y’all thank you thank y’all for all the help thank you for all the good wishes you have to do for all of us thank y’all thank dh thank you thank y’all for all the help with this and thank y’all for all the help t

Laggy :/. I bought this game for my Nintendo Switch and had no issues (a lag here and there maybe) for about a month until now, our phones are WAY ahead of the TV. We can’t even play local multiplayer now since the TV always gets stuck on my boyfriends turn and it inevitably kicks him out while we both have stable wifi/data connection. We thought maybe we need to update but nope, both the actual game and our Cluesheet Companion are both up to date. Please help!

Constant disconnections. Bought the Complete Edition on Steam so that e we could play local multiplayer. We were only able to complete 1 out 5 games before giving up. The games would start fine for the most part, however midway through all the games someone would lose sync and would not get the Continue button or the dice would not load. Spent all that money on my Complete edition but spent more than two hours trying to get this to work that I am not eligible for a refund. Disappointing.

Cannot connect to a lobby: now can. Updated: now that you can connect to the lobby with the update the game is very fun to play multiplayer at home with family. My wife and I both downloaded to play the game we just bought and after 30 ministers of trying to join a lobby we quit

App doesn’t work. Successfully logged into local play but once the game started I was unable to roll the dice, restarted app to try again and was able to roll dice but nothing happened, restarted to try again but was unable to pick a card to show the other player. So frustrating because we were very excited to play but spent 30 mins+ trying to troubleshoot the app before giving up.

Review #2 the game. So 15 minutes after the first review the game just randomly started working and I don’t know what I was expecting but it was terrible the game starts and for some reason we can’t choose who we played as just why then the game starts we have fun playing clue on the tv until for no reason out of nowhere my sister gets kicked out of the game and here is the big flaw with the game u are at its mercy if the game decides at random that it doesn’t like u u just get kicked from the game and u have to start the entire game over and hope that no one gets kick which good luck as out of the 4 times we tried in 3 we can’t even get passed the first round dont buy this plz just don’t do this

Super Fun But Has Bugs. It’s a super fun game and awesome set up once you get it figured out! We’ve ran into some bugs with the joining the game from our phones that we’re resolved by exiting and closing the clue sheet app and reopening. The main bug and probably the most annoying we are dealing with now is when we are playing a game, someone’s clue sheet app will suddenly stop interacting with the switch game. This pretty much ends the game for everyone which is a bummer, especially being deep into a game. I noticed the last time it did this, it had happened after my wife’s phone lock screened. After getting back on her phone it was like it had stopped communicating even though she was still logged into the game. Resolving this would really improve the game experience!

Reasons. I love the misty and all the fun ways of solving. The only problem is the time it takes for everything to get done. It doesn’t lag in the least but the time of loading for communication. Is frustrating. I love the game and totally recommend it!!!

Doesn’t work.. I never leave a review for any apps but am so disappointed. I downloaded this and the Clue official app(paid) to have a family game night. We only needed three players but would have settled for two if needed. The app is very particular about how you sign into the lobby so chances are you’re going to have to close the app and pc/console game a few times before it accepts the password. After that, the pc/console game will crash before all your players even get into the lobby. What a waste. This should have never been released to the public since its obviously a subpar product.

Please Update & Fix Glitches!. The game desperately needs an update. You’re unable to leave the app without the game freezing - resulting in forcing to end and restart the game. On separate occasions attempted different themed boards - it will show only the snowy peak on the switch, but the correct theme on the app so the boards and items do not align. Otherwise, the game itself is entertaining for leisure game play with friends.

So bummed!!. I was so excited to get this game and play with my family...the game as a single player is awesome and I love the extra characters and items, but for me it was impossible to play multiplayer ): This app would not accept my passcode every way I tried to get it to work. I tried to start a game at home (not online) and it kept adding people not with us and even played with just them with none of us playing with it at all... This app was a good idea, but not everyone wants to download an app onto their phone (some can’t, even) in order to play too. Would like to see an option to play and just let everyone trust each other not to look at each others cards or something :/ Hopefully bugs will be worked out...Was SO excited to get this...

it wont even let me start the app. I’ve been trying to start the app to play the game with my family and friends on a local multiplayer game, but it wont even let me press play to put in the passcode. we’ve been trying for over an hour and for several days too, nothing seems to work. we’ve tried deleting and re-installing, powering off and on, deleting game data, renewing the nintendo switch online, connecting closer to the wifi, nothing worked. it didn’t work for mine or for any of my family members or friends.

Multiplayer does not work. Do not waste your money on this game. I spent $30 on this game to play with my family on my Switch console. The Local multiplayer does not work. We downloaded the Cluesheet app like the game says to do and when we entered the passcode it continues to say incorrect passcode. We were unable to play multiplayer. We have tried connecting to it multiple times and tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling. NOTHING WORKED. I see so many complaints online and in the App Store and it looks like nothing has been done to solve this problem.

Great concept when it actually works. Super frustrated with this app. You cannot interact with any other app while in the middle of a game of clue. If you have a message notification, don’t even touch it to swipe it away. If you interact with any notifications or switch apps for a quick second, it will disconnect you from the game. You then have to quit for the game to continue on screen. When it works, it works, and it’s a lot of fun and a great way to play the game digitally with friends in the same room.

One star till it gets better.. Holy crap this game needs soo much work!! I understand that the game just came out, so I’m not to mad about what happened when we did play. Me and my husband were playing. I was Scarlett and he was mr. green. Our first game wasn’t to bad. I made my final accusation and was wrong so I got kicked out and watched the rest of the game. The tv is WAY ahead of the phone. On my husband phone, it said that mrs white solves the case, but that didn’t even pop up on the tv. So we quit and started a new game. We had to go through 4 different passcodes JUST to get back into the lobby to start another game. In the second game, I had one turn that was totally behind. I was making my suggestion of who, what and where when the the tv was already onto the next player. Then the tv said that I quit and AI was going to take over , and yes AI did take over. Then my phone said that mr green quit, so I look at my husbands phone and he was on his sheet. Then we got mad and turned it off. I’m looking forward to when the game works right! We both like clue so that’s why we got it for the switch. I noticed, as well, that no one else wrote a review. I don’t know how no one else didn’t. What we went through was annoying.

Compatibility with switch is horrible. I have played this game twice on local multiplayer with the Nintendo Switch and this app, and it’s surprisingly fun. When it works it’s amazing, however for some reason, something between the game and this app does not work well. Every time I attempt to start a game on the Nintendo Switch and connect it to this app it says: “incorrect passcode entered.” I tried closing and restarting the game and app several times. I can barely get it to work if I uninstall and reinstall the game on the Switch. I think this game deserves a 5-star review but until this problem is fixed, it is unplayable and I would not recommend.

Very buggy and laggy. We had a team of 6-7 and playing on the switch. We thought maybe it was a network issue but it was not. The game is very buggy, we had to restart 5 or 6 times before actually playing. On game we were mid way through and it just froze. It has also kicked fellow players and replaced with a bot. Otherwise when it works it’s a great game to play especially with a group of family or friends.

Does not work waste of money. I bought the clue game on switch with the intention of playing a local multiplayer game with friends. After downloading the game and this app which is required for local multiplayer, I realized that the app does not work at all. When trying to enter the passcode for the game which shows on the screen of the game on switch, absolutely nothing happens. I cannot join any game or do anything from there. So I bought the switch game to play locally with friends using the app, and I cannot do the one thing I spent money to do. Garbage app, borderline scam even… DO NOT MAKE MY MISTAKE!

Not bad at all. Took us awhile to figure out how to get to play the game with the app. The app weren’t the problem - the game kept telling us to press “A” button when we were ready to start, we ended up pressing L&R both, to get the game to actually start. We had zero issues with playing and using the app with the Switch. There was lag… but that was mostly players taking to long to click ‘continue’. I don’t like that the app and game neither tells you who shared a card. I’d love for the app to have the paper close and the app to say “so-n-so was able to disprove so-n-so” … even if ya character names plum, peacock, scarlet... so on and so forth. The app means we DONT need to purchase the game on all of our Switches. I would love to see the player count go all the way to 8-10 players, as that’s about how many play during our family game time… but I realize that would make the game nearly unreasonable… as some players would end up with only 2 cards while others have 3. Lol

Please fix the bugs. I want this app to work. So much so, that my wife and I tried about 10 different times over the course of multiple weeks. We finished one game successfully, the others, well let’s say this app crashes at the slightest pause or disturbance. The first times we tried to use the app, it wasn’t even loading the play button. Any additional feature shuts the gameplay down and you need to restart the entire game. I’m hopeful this app works. It has a lot of potential. It makes Clue a much more enjoyable game. Please fix the bugs, Hasbro, please.

Doesn’t work. We used to play the game all the time and it worked well. The game recently updated and now we can’t play an entire game through because it freezes and won’t let you do anything. It says it’s waiting on someone to hit continue, but no one can do anything. I am not sure what happened with the update, but it needs to be fixed. We have deleted and reinstalled the game on the console and the app on our phones and it still does the same thing.

Horrible!. This is just horrible! I purchased the game to play with my kids only to realize you had to host a game and use an app. The app absolutely will not connect to the host game on the Nintendo switch and keeps telling me it’s an invalid passcode. I am pretty sure I know how to enter 4 numbers into the app. Highly disappointed. I will not be recommending this game or app to any friends or family until this issue is solved. We have spent over an hour trying to get it to work with absolutely no luck at all.

Very Broken. Unfortunately, this game is extremely broken. When you try to connect to a “local friend” game that is being hosted on pc, there is a very low chance that everything works. I have only been able to get 4/6 person games working consistently. Even then, the server randomly drops people mid game, replacing with them with AI. There is no option to rejoin, Maybe it’s the increased volume on this game due to Covid and/or streamers, but this game cannot handle the traffic it is receiving. This app is exciting when it works (hence the second star), but it is too broken to function throughout an entire game.

Very disappointing. So me and my friends would always play the board game clue in school so when i found out there was one on the app store i was thrilled because i could play when ever but i can’t even play it because when you first get in the app it looks good like a good app but NO it’s not when i try and play with friends it does not do anything so then i try hosting one and it still wont let me in this really needs fixing so please in prove the game

So many bugs. When the game works, it’s so much fun. But I’d say that only happens about 1/4 of the time. I was excited to see an update and maybe all the issues were sorted, but now I can’t even put in a passcode to join a local game because it just won’t go any further. I have a feeling it will never be sorted since it’s been so many years with all of these issues.

Buttons oftentimes don’t work. Getting into a local game is a nightmare. Have to try it multiple times before everyone can successfully get in. When you do get the game rolling, buttons still don’t work, like showing your card to another human player. Also if your accusation is wrong it gives you the option to continue as a spectator but when you press that button it doesn’t register it and then the entire game gets frozen because the eliminated player has no functions or control.

New Updated App Works Great!!. Played this game on the Nintendo Switch with the old version of the companion app, the app would never sync with our game on Switch and we were always frustrated we could never play in our living room. They just updated the app and now it works GREAT! We have played numerous games now and the iPhone app syncs with the game on the Switch every time! Very happy!

Hoping this app gets fixed soon!. My partner and I LOVE Clue, so we were very excited when we saw they came. We have yet to be able to finish a game. We have noticed that if you get out of the app, let your phone sleep, look at notifications, etc. then that player is rendered unable to continue playing and the game gets stuck. Really hoping there are bug fixes. We have made it to making a final accusation but then a phone was disconnected - but able to move their screen but not registering in the game. Hoping we will be able to play a full game soon!

Data Privacy Concerns. We’ve tried for nearly an hour now to get a local multiplayer game working. The game only started properly once. Halfway through the game, a player disconnected and was replaced by an AI, then the game froze entirely. It seems like frequently you get connected to someone else’s game with other human players even thought the game is supposed to have local multiplayer. This makes me question the privacy of my data. It seems like packets are getting crossed all over the place. This is incredibly disappointing and unacceptable for a game that has been available for over three years. Don’t make claims that you have specific game modes if those game modes are unplayable. DO Not purchase Clue if you have hopes of ever playing local multiplayer with your friends and family.

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The game I’d dumb. I don’t know what the password is

Awful. You really allow people to spend $50 on the console game just for one of its core components to be dependent on this app? Looking past that, this app is completely unusable and does not allow for any gameplay at all. Since possibly the most central aspect of this game does not work at all, the console game and this app are a waste of money and time. Please fix this.

Useless app. Can not start a game. Don’t bother downloading. Does not work

Idk what to title this. This is the answer sheet for the actual game

what?. literally unplayable. the local multiplayer does not work with the app. the app is unresponsive to the game? do not buy this game unless the developers fix this. would give it 0 stars if i could.

W. What is a code

The official game ratting. This game I would not recommend I had no idea what the ‘password’ was and the game was over all impossible to actually play.

Right, what in the world????. I love clue do but this? This ‘game’ asks for a password…. What in the world is “ThE pAsSwOrD”? What is this??? Don’t even bother to download It’s a waste of your or your child’s time. If you don’t trust me, just read all the other comments.

I don’t know what the password is. What is the password

What the hell. Excuse me I love this idea of the game but what the hell is the passcode I really would love to play l just don’t know the “passcode” Fix this now Worst game l have ever played yet haven’t even played it due to this “passcode” thingy It’s not even a one star rating

Worst game ever. Asks for a password like idek the password

Does Not Work. Will change review once fixed. Currently if you attempt to play a local game via the phone, the app will register the room code as invalid and not allow you to play. No news from developers as of yet, please do not purchase the game or download this app at present.

Handy app. Great app to have to play the game!

Game. Awesome

What is the password. What is the password

Not worth your money. So many bugs. Doesn’t work most of the time. Would not recommend

Worse cluedo ever. Worse cluedo game ever! Can’t even play!

Poor. Very poor slow buggy

Lol. Why can’t I get inside the game? It does t let me join even though I have filled all the details

Doesn’t connect to games created on iOS. Considering this game is now on Apple Arcade, it may be a good idea to allow you to type in the game code of a game created on iOS, so I can use my iPad while using score card on my iPhone. Also come on, Also just include an offline mode. A digital sheet so when we play the physical board game we can use our phones.

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I think its cool. I personally think its cool because it connects to the Nintendo switch. It is used as a remote control in the game, you put i. Youre name choose youre character and press start. It will then let you choose the map. Over all i think it works great

How to play. How do you join a game☹️

Doesn't work.. Entered my name and the password and hit join but nothing happens. Waste

App Incompatible - DO NOT BUY. Bought clue recently and did not know that the app is incompatible with the latest update from TWO YEARS ago! Cannot play with friends

Cluedo. Hey so your app lookes super fun but when I got it it said start and then name and password I put my name but what password do I put?

Not working. Bought the game for the switch and then downloaded the companion sheet. Not able to enter the code. Cannot touch the play buttom. Seems like the screen is frozen.

iPhone. It's impossible to play with an Iphone it asks for a passcode that we don't have and that we don't receive

Dont buy the game until the local coop is fixed. Does someone in this compagny planning to fix the app’s version so it can match with the lasted game’s version ??? Local play is impossible ?

WHATS THE CODE. I got the game but I can not get in I need a code🕵🏻‍♂️🕵🏻‍♀️ I trues for like 25 min to get in but it will not work

Passcode Issue Still Ongoing. Hello there! I am so disappointed to see that there is still a connection issue for the Switch version of Clue. My family and I love to play this game and haven’t been able to do so for weeks now. Is there ANY update on the situation? Will there be another update to combat the issues of the latest one? I hope there will be a solution soon, we paid good money for the game to have unusable functions. :(

Bad. Bad bad bad

Passcode issue. Since the update on switch, the passcode does not work on the phone.

Trash. Tbh this is the dukiest app of all time - I demand an apology from the creators.

Jays Fault. Le jeux marche pas, c'est dla faute a jay

Not cool. The game are really cool but WATS ITS THE PASSWORD!?

Game crashes. Not playable. Game crashes when you try to use it

Doesn’t work. When you’re trying to play local the passcode seems to be broken and doesn’t allow you to play the game! And with Nintendo getting a refund is impossible sad because my family was enjoying the game …

Worked twice out of 10+ games... I have tried several times to play with friends and it almost always glitches mid game. We were able to finish twice out of 10+ games which is quite frustrating. Thought the phones were the problems since some people were playing 6s iPhones but we tried again with 3 iPhone 11 and Pixel 7 and it still did not work… Would love it if it actually worked. The game is amazing. Just a shame

Don’t download. I can’t get it to work because they say”enter a password”I tried 8 times with a different password and it doesn’t work i don’t know if this is a scam or the game doesn’t work please fix the game so I can play it

Guys the password your so-. You guys, this app is meant to be used for the switch game. On the Nintendo switch.

Confused. It looks really fun! But what is the password??!!??!!

Ajouter une nouvelle option!!!. Ce qui serais bien c’est qu’on est accès aussi juste à la cluesheet sans donner un code de pc pour quand on joue au jeux de société en famille on peut tous avoir notre feuille sur notre téléphone ce serais extrêmement pratique s’il vous plaît donner nous l’option!!

Waste of money. App doesnt work after one try. Waste of money on the app since this doesnt work.

Always something. There’s always a bug. Almost impossible to play a single game without issues. Sometimes the passcodes don’t work. Other times you can’t even press on the play button. Or the game won’t load. Or it doesn’t sync right with the switch and your game is not the same as the one on your tv. Fix your app!!! It’s such a fun game to play, but lately, there’s always something preventing us to play.

Don’t work. Stop working. We cannot play the game like we use to.

Password. Anyone know what is the password

Pire application ever. Je ne peut me connecter en local rien be fonctionne pire application

Game doesn’t work need a password. Why would you make an app that you need a password for? Uninstalled within 1 minute of it being downloaded 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Just crashes on iPad Air. App crashes immediately after opening on iPad Air 1.

Problems. Your game it says you have to put in a password but we do not know what it is. I have tried to delete the app and download it again but that doesn’t work either. If you can fix it I know that a lot of people would pay this game if it had worked. Not trying to be rude

Does not work. Will not let me connect to play a game

Play button doesn’t work. I’m able to adjust app settings, but can’t hit play. Very disappointing.

Hi. Doesn’t work well on multiplayer

Host local game doesn’t work. Sense your new release I cannot host a local game. Passcode error. I have the older app on an old phone works no issues. So I know this is an app issue. When do you plan to remedy this issue. Or maybe go back to the old app for now and do proper testing before releasing junk. Thanks

Why Is This App Still Available. Not updated for over a year, completely unusable without the password. Please remove ASAP. Would give no stars as app is useless.

Application défectueuse. Les parties locales sont complètement impossible. Peut importe si on redémarre le jeux et/ou l’application, il s’inscrit toujours « code incorrect ». C’est extrêmement décevant puisque j’ai acheté ce jeux de switch exprès pour jouer avec mes proches…

After update it doesn't connect. Using for a year problem free now it doesn't find network

App not stable at all. Really fun game but the app is badly programmed. Glitches almost every time we try to use it. The game itself is really fun, but the app makes it unplayable most of the time.

Doesn’t work. Just spent $40 on the game on the switch. We all downloaded the app and it doesn’t work. Just lost money

Doesnt work. It doesnt work. I cant joint a game

Doesn’t work. Downloaded the app to play on steam on the tv. The app would not let me even press play.

Don’t pay and download on Switch. If you plan to play with friend on the app. It does not work. Total waste of money and looks like there is not support and Nintendo does not refund!!!

Password didn’t work. I got the game to play with family. Every time we entered the password it did not work and said incorrect password.

Local play is unplayable.. Local play is unplayable. We can get I to the game but after a turn or 2 it will stay on one players turn without being able to close it out. Game is really fun single player but bought it for the multiplayer. Unfortunately this isn’t worth it at all stay clear. Such a disappointment.

Its not working anymore. Can’t connect to my switch

Companion app doesn’t connect. My partner and I bought Clue for the switch a few days ago, and tried to play it for the first time today by installing the app for local set up. We’ve tried creating several lobbies, and each time we put in the password to join nothing happens, we don’t get any error messages or buffering signs. Completely unresponsive, is there any way to fix this ?

Terrible. Can’t play the game.

$h!t. Can’t press play, it’s frustrating, especially when you’re trying to have game night.

Broken again —— no Works again. Game gives 5 digits to join off of and every time it’s wrong code - broken again

Broken - Passcode Not Working. Can’t play game on Switch because the passcode no longer works with our companion devices / apps. Disappointing. Our family was enjoying the game.

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Frustrating local play. The game is actually pretty well designed but poorly implemented, and we had a lot of difficulty getting the apps to connect to the game. Then three players ended up getting kicked out of the game before it was done. Add to that issues with the app showing something different than was on the game screen and it was just a mess. Not a great experience for a $30 game. This desperately needs fixed.

Connectivity Issues and Updates Necessary. I bought the Switch version and tried playing with my friends locally just as said on the instructions on my phone but after we all logged in, after I lock the room, it kicks everyone out and we can’t play. I know this is recent but the issue has been persistent and has not been fixed since this summer. I find that very concerning and troublesome since I had to pay with my friends.

Does Not Work. Every time you add the passcode, the join button does not work. You can press join 100 times and it just sits there. Tried deleting it, restarting it, redownloading it from the Switch console end. If you’re trying to play local player Clue, this does not work.

Does not accept the pin. The concept is great, but it does not work! This app has been out for some time now, and you still haven't fixed it yet? I bought the game on my switch before I realized that the companion app was the lowest rated app I have ever seen, what are you doing to improve it?

Does not work. Do not pay. We bought the game on Nintendo switch which was not cheap and were unable to play it because everytime it says “incorrect passcode”. Do not waste your money on Clue.

Perfect for Switch!. Thank you so much for fixing. Finally works perfectly with Switch!

Maybe update the app so it works!!. We have been trying to play this for months and the issue remains that the app doesn’t work!!! Paid good money for the game on Nintendo Switch and now it is useless!! It is time that you resolved this issue for iOS! This isn’t a huge challenge, it is one operating system!

Unplayable. I paid $30 for this game on the switch and $10 for the dlc pack. This app does not work. When you start a local game it gives you a password to put in this app so that you and your friends or family can play together. Unfortunately this app just tells you that the password you put in is incorrect even though it is correct. Do not buy Clue for the switch unless you just want to play online or by yourself

Please fix the login issue. My family and I love playing clue on the switch and being able to play separately with this app. But when we tried playing today, we kept getting the same error as other reviewers. Incorrect passcode. Please fix this issue!

Do NOT BUY the game. We used to play this game on the switch with no issues. It’s been months and we still cannot play. You can download the app but you cannot play the game with the app on a local host game. We spent money on the game plus the season pass to now not to be able to play this.

Still seeing errors. I am very excited to play this game with my friends once issues have been resolved. Playing against the computer has proved to be fun but I keep getting invalid passcode errors when I try to play local using the app. I own the game on Nintendo switch. I’ll update the review once the issues have been resolved but right now local is unplayable.

Amazing. I played it with my whole family and we did not stop until 9:30 at night.

Needs improvements. We bought this to play on our switch and couldn’t even get through a game because it keeps crashing and kicking players out of the game. It was slow and frustrating. We quit

Wouldn’t work at all. Bought the game the play clue on switch, downloaded the app and the “play” button on this app literally wouldn’t work. We had 4 phones. No one could click the play button. We can use the settings button but couldn’t play it so we could never put in the password. It was a huge bummer. Bought a game we can’t even play now.

Not connecting to game. I had read the reviews that people were not able to connect to play rooms for Nintendo Switch but assumed bugs had been fixed by now. I was wrong. Wife and I cannot connect to a local game. Keep getting error message of incorrect passcode entered. This is quite infuriating considering Jackbox games uses the same concept with no issues. Please fix this app! I have paid $40 for a single player board game!

Review Updates. No1 has updated reviews from a year ago and this game seems to have lost popularity so imma just slide one star while the app downloads and see if these lack of updates are due to lack of getting this app together

Needs a LOT of work. This app wouldn’t let me into the lobby of the games we were trying to play. I attempted to enter the lobby about 10 times and only made it in once before it kicked me out and wouldn’t even recognize that I was in the game. This could be a lot of fun and I really wanted it to work. I’m very disappointed. This app needs a lot of work, and the update that supposedly fixed this issue didn’t work. :(

BAD!!! Just STOP don’t bother with this app. Come on!!!!!!!! You get people excited for the chance to play and then they spend $30 to play a handful of local multiplayer before it stops. If you can’t do it then STOP!!! Local Multiplayer worked for about an hour then stopped. Uninstalled apps. Uninstalled switch game. Same results. INVALID PASSCODE!!!! Ridiculous. Avoid the whole app if your interested in local multiplayer. Single player is fun! No doubt! Otherwise this is a joke.

Has a few minor issues. Throughout the game it wasn’t at the same speed as the game and sometimes the screen wad frozen.

Invalid passcode. OMG! Horrible!! We have tried numerous times to play. Multiple different ways to log in to bypass the passcode error. Nothing. Last year it was reported an update was coming and there has not been one. Is there a timeframe when this update going to come out? That or we want a refund

Please fix bugs. The app is prone to bugging out. The first time we were forced to stop playing, and. The second time it only started working again once the person I was playing with quit the game. Please fix this so we can enjoy this game again!

Absolutely Terrible - Do Not Buy. I tried to play this with my family for about an hour and we couldn’t load into a room together all but once and when we finally started a game, the very first turn it glitched out and was unplayable. This is very unfortunate since we all love Clue and this was a great concept, unfortunately it was executed terribly.

Decent. Still really many bugs.. Great concept, love that l can finally play games with roomates and friends in the room instead of everyone having to purchase the main game. Sadly, we can’t even get it started. The dice never showed up for the first player. My biggest issue however with this app honestly is the name on the homescreen. It’s called Clue Sheet. However, you can’t even use this as a clue sheet unless your playing their actual game. Change it to Clue Comp instead.

Update fixed it!!. Thanks for the update. This was very frustrating but now functioning without a problem. Great work.

Horrible Follow Through With App. Great idea HORRIBLE follow through. Paid a good amount of money for the game on our switch. Wish I hadn’t. If you are looking to get this with the hope of playing multiplayer DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! I didn’t listen to the past reviews and now I’m out my money. Nobody wants to sit around and watch people play one player when there are so many other multiplayer games that work.

So disappointed. My daughter and I were able to play 2 local multiplayer games with no issues. Now, it says wrong password every time. I would return the switch game if I could because I bought it to play with her this way and that doesn’t work. Please fix this!

Needs a software overhaul. This game has the potential to be AMAZING but won’t be till they fixe the main game that this app goes with. Please fix the entire game we’d love to actually play it. Only gave it 1 star because I can’t give it zero. My wife and I played 1 game then it wouldn’t let us play locally between us again. Again please fix the game we’d love to play it more than once.

Doesn’t work. It’s a fun game - when it actually works. I think we have gotten through 2 games and have attempted to play over 10 games. Glitchy, stops responding in the middle of a game and then you have to quit. App needs some serious updating to get rid of these bugs. Total waste of money and time!!

Indeed help. I don’t get what you do for a passcode can you help with that I can’t work the dang game because I’m sad that I can’t play please respond with how to do it

The game is great, wish the app would work. I can’t even click play on the app, it’s all grayed out with the directions of how to start a local game, same with the other phone that would be playing.

Doesn’t work. When we tried starting the game the app wouldn’t let us join. It kept saying the game passcode was incorrect or that we had to enter a different name. Also the names only allowed us to enter 8 characters and they had to have numbers, which is very stupid. Very poorly designed, please make this usable.

Not good AT ALL. Keeps saying incorrect password when trying to join a local game, even though all players have the most up to date version of the game. Based off of previous reviews left, they said they fixed the “glitch” but they did not. Technically, you can join online games, but when trying to join a local game created it doesn’t work. It did not work on the Nintendo Switch, IPhones, and Androids.

Barely works. Wouldn’t let me hit play to try to join my local online game. When it has worked in the past, it would often disconnect a player and continue without them. Very unstable. And they still haven’t fixed the Switch’s Cluesheet player alignment and fact it says Cluedo throughout

Play doesn’t work!. I just spent $30 and the play button will not work on my iPhone or iPad. What a waste of money! I am very disappointed in this! I thought this game would be fun and instead it doesn’t work like it is supposed too. Of course I bought and downloaded prior to seeing how the play with friends works. Which is my main reason! Worthless

Jack box is much better. The app crashes instantly for older phones and my main issue with it on newer phones is that if you leave the app in the middle of a game and it resets, there’s no way to get back in the game. Jackbox uses an in browser website and has none of these issues

Local Multiplayer Doesn’t Work. I see a lot of reviews having the same issue that I’m having but they’re from 2 years ago. One of the version updates states that this issue was corrected but that’s false information. Somehow the game is still $30 despite the inability to actually play the game with your family. Please fix this issue.

Question. Quick question How do I get the game to start? I have the literal board at home as well so me and my cousins play it all the time and it’s amazing

Bugs and glitches!!!. We have yet to finish a game… tried to start over 12 times but the game freezes every single time we play. It’s extremely frustrating after spending money on this game, and genuinely wanting to play. It could be fun if we can actually get through it without it crashing…

Update...Success. Got this game to play with family while quarantined!! It wouldn’t work when we first downloaded it....THANK YOU for the works great! So much fun!

Doesn’t work. My family and I spent $30 on the game on the switch and got the app. Good concept but executed awfully. The game will freeze in the middle of a game and won’t let you into games when you try starting. We tried playing four different times and we could never finish one game because of the glitches and freezing. So bad.

Doesn’t work for Multiplayer. Such a disappointment, my sisters and I were excited to play this game with our phones and tablets. Nothing we didn’t even play together once. It had so much potential...the theme and characters are great but if you can’t play with your family or friends then it’s not worth it. Can I have money back?

PLEASE UPDATE. I absolutely adore Clue which is why I purchased it to play multiplayer with my family. However, this app is extremely and desperately in need of an update. How are you gonna have a multiplayer game you have to restart 75 times because none of the passwords given to you work?! Not sure if it is an app issue, or a game issue, but when money is involved it needs to be solved. Would gladly rate this app 5 stars when it works properly because it is SO much fun when working!!!

If I could leave zero stars I would. Something so simple turned into 45 minutes of my family trying to join the room. Completely unplayable. Read reviews hoping someone figured it out but the advise given didn’t . Now trying to figure out how to get a refund. I’m so mad right now! Waste of money! Developers should be ashamed!

Did not fix the issues..... This is my absolute favorite board game however the game on the switch is an absolute disappointment. Attempted to host a local game with my family and out of 20 tries to enter we were able to play ONE game. It has soooo much potential but to spend more time trying to play then actually playing the game is absurd. Might I suggest you contact JackBox games and ask how to help you.....for the amount of money spent it needs to be better.

I got confused but I figured it out. So basically I thought this app was a free version of clue you can play but after like *sigh* 12 weeks yes somehow 12 weeks I figured out it was just a helper for a game of clue,

This app stopped working. We keep getting Incorrect Passcode Entered even though we are 100% certain we are entering the correct passcode. EDIT: this has been fixed and it works like a charm.

Nice game. Game is fun and very similar to the board game version. You have to get used to the sequence of players, the multitude selections of characters can be confusing. Not good: the game crashes more often then it should. We played 7 games, 5 crashed…

The app works now. Not sure if it plays fine, but the play button works now.

Would be better if it didn’t kick me out. Love the game and the idea. But super frustrating that if I have to answer a call or respond to a text that it won’t keep running in the background and kicks me out of the game.

Suggestion to prevent game breaks?. Hi, Was hoping you could implement something like other mobile games where on the new iPhones you have to swipe up the Home Screen indicator once before going back to the Home Screen. If this could be implemented it would help prevent accidentally exiting the app. Thank you!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.10.1
Play Store com.marmalade.cluedocompanion
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Cluesheet Companion (Versiyon 2.10.1) Install & Download

The application Cluesheet Companion was published in the category Utilities on 03 May 2019, Friday and was developed by Marmalade Game Studio [Developer ID: 988365603]. This program file size is 698.15 MB. This app has been rated by 7,350 users and has a rating of 4.1 out of 5. Cluesheet Companion - Utilities app posted on 11 January 2024, Thursday current version is 2.10.1 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.marmalade.cluedocompanion. Languages supported by the app:

EN FR DE IT JA PT ZH ES Download & Install Now!
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Cluesheet Companion App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hello detectives! New evidence has been discovered! - Game stability improvements - Compatibility Fixes - Network Improvements

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