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Keep your Clue Sheet hidden with the Official Local Multiplayer Companion app. This app requires you to have Cluedo: The Classic Mystery Game on Nintendo Switch™ or Steam®.

A grand mansion … a dastardly murder … a gathering of suspicious characters. Play Hasbro’s beloved board game together with family and friends on the big screen with the local multiplayer mode for Nintendo Switch™ and Steam®!

Use the official Companion app as your game controller and personal Clue sheet for local multiplayer games. Take notes, eliminate red herrings and make brilliant deductions. Gather your detectives in the same room and play together, but keep your notes secret.

It’s easy to get started. Launch Cluedo: The Classic Mystery Game on Nintendo Switch or Steam®. Select Play with Friends from the main menu and Host a Local Game. Open the Companion app and enter the passcode to join the lobby. You can connect up to 6 smartphones as controllers to play together.

Use the Companion app as your personal controller for local multiplayer games.

Pick your character, choose from Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mrs Peacock, Mr Green, Dr Orchid, Professor Plum, and many more.

On your turn roll the dice to move around the mansion and ask questions: “I suggest it was Miss Scarlett, with the Rope, in the Study!”

Use the innovative logic-assisted virtual Clue Sheet that allows for advanced note-taking.

Watch everyone’s actions play out on the big screen.

This app supports local multiplayer only, it’s not compatible with the single player mode.

Time to crack the case!

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Cluesheet Companion App Description & Overview

The applications Cluesheet Companion was published in the category Utilities on 2019-05-03 and was developed by Marmalade Game Studio. This application file size is 576.04 MB. Cluesheet Companion current version is 2.5.0 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

General bug fixes

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Cluesheet Companion Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Willie5694   2 star

fun game, but.... every time i try to start a new game, local multiplayer, it says password is incorrect. i was able to play a total of 2 multiplayer matches before it died on us :(

Alexandra71277   3 star

Amazing Game, lots of bugs and crashes. Please fix the crashes. It shouldn’t be this difficult to play such an amazing game. The game is amazing when it works

reinerio   2 star

Issues connecting Local Host Game. Purchased the game on Nintendo Switch for game night tested it with Hosting Local Game only two players connecting via app the rest Computer. The first night worked like magic no issues connecting with the app. A little lagging on the Nintendo side but other than that had lots of fun playing. Today tried to play one more time, no luck trying to connect same status two players via this app even tried with just one, but still no connection at all. I’ve seen previews reviews that people have had this same issue, looking forward to a fix. Will definitely come back to give a better review after the fix is made. Thanks

racrocke   1 star

Doesn’t Work. I bought this game for my Switch so that I could play Local Multiplayer with friends. Downloaded this app so we could all have the scoresheet on our iPhones, however the game and the app are not compatible AT ALL. Any time we entered in a pin, the game said it was invalid. So disappointing and a waste of money.

KTug10   1 star

Glitches. I tried this app with the Clue game for switch. It glitches most of the time. Currently, I can’t get into a multiplayer game because of “invalid code” and I tried multiple times. It is very frustrating. I bought the other app, but that one is just as bad and for 3.99.

@nouomous   1 star

Does not work. This app just literally does not work, programmers should be ashamed, did we bot test this on anyone?

Jjones1013   1 star

What happened?. We paid $40 for this game and for the first few times it worked great! Just tried to play a few months later and it’s virtually unusable. We just do the local game at home on the Switch and our iPhones. Most of the time we can’t even start a game because the app won’t recognize the passcode the game is giving us, saying it’s incorrect. Other times, we get kicked out in the character selection screen. What exactly is being done to address this?

FrankTank7   1 star

Passcode doesn’t work. Can start a game cause of passcode

mollsballs89   5 star

Tested. Seems like they fixed the earlier bugs from the other reviews. Played on PC.


Great concept, too many bugs. We absolutely love this, except when the pin code refuses to work. Spent $30 on the Switch for this game and it only works half the time. Even closing both softwares doesn’t even work to fix the issue. If/when this is fixed I’ll change my star rating because this is an amazing idea and I applaud whoever came up with it.

LordDodun   1 star

Compatibility with switch is horrible. I have played this game twice on local multiplayer with the Nintendo Switch and this app, and it’s surprisingly fun. When it works it’s amazing, however for some reason, something between the game and this app does not work well. Every time I attempt to start a game on the Nintendo Switch and connect it to this app it says: “incorrect passcode entered.” I tried closing and restarting the game and app several times. I can barely get it to work if I uninstall and reinstall the game on the Switch. I think this game deserves a 5-star review but until this problem is fixed, it is unplayable and I would not recommend.

quinn317   1 star

Doesn’t Work. My husband and I just spend $30 so we could play clue together and the stupid app won’t work. It lets us get in, pick characters and opens up the game and then nothing. Literally nothing happens and then it logs us out of the game. Beyond angry right now.

@Codylox   1 star

Decent. Still really many bugs.. Great concept, love that l can finally play games with roomates and friends in the room instead of everyone having to purchase the main game. Sadly, we can’t even get it started. The dice never showed up for the first player. My biggest issue however with this app honestly is the name on the homescreen. It’s called Clue Sheet. However, you can’t even use this as a clue sheet unless your playing their actual game. Change it to Clue Comp instead.

Seanm57   3 star

Just needs a couple bugs fixed. We played last night with the Switch version. We had the connection issues everyone has already complained about. We did figure out a way to get around it. After every game, go back to the switch home menu and close the software with X. Then open it again. Then, when you start local multiplayer, the code will work the first time for everyone to join the game.

Roae208   1 star

Terrible!!. Wish I read review before I threw away $40.00. Keeps saying invalid passcode. What a bunch of bs. Fix this ASAP!!! Can’t even play it, unless you want play alone. And the whole point was to play together as a family. Worthless app.

lonestar tx   1 star

Unplayable. I paid $30 for this game on the switch and $10 for the dlc pack. This app does not work. When you start a local game it gives you a password to put in this app so that you and your friends or family can play together. Unfortunately this app just tells you that the password you put in is incorrect even though it is correct. Do not buy Clue for the switch unless you just want to play online or by yourself

Mandatee   1 star

The app doesn’t work consistently. It’s great when it works...its doesn’t work most of the time.

IndyBrandy   1 star

Horrible!. This is just horrible! I purchased the game to play with my kids only to realize you had to host a game and use an app. The app absolutely will not connect to the host game on the Nintendo switch and keeps telling me it’s an invalid passcode. I am pretty sure I know how to enter 4 numbers into the app. Highly disappointed. I will not be recommending this game or app to any friends or family until this issue is solved. We have spent over an hour trying to get it to work with absolutely no luck at all.

rose_warrier   1 star

Terrible. I don’t normally leave reviews on apps but I had the most awful experience with this app. After being warned the app wasn’t the greatest I stayed away but on a whim today my sister wanted to get the game and play together as a family. When we got past the code screen (side note: it took 45+ minutes to do so) it worked okay until it started kicking characters out of the game, then we would have to start the whole process over. We started playing at 6 today and it is now 9:30, we just barely finished the first game (and it was still kicking our characters out but we were so frustrated we just said f it) We will not be coming back to this game until these problems are fixed because it honestly could be a really good and fun game.

Bluefabi121   1 star

Please fix. I want to play this in local mode!!! Cluesheet. Get it together 😭 please please!

Chezeey chezeer   1 star

Review #2 the game. So 15 minutes after the first review the game just randomly started working and I don’t know what I was expecting but it was terrible the game starts and for some reason we can’t choose who we played as just why then the game starts we have fun playing clue on the tv until for no reason out of nowhere my sister gets kicked out of the game and here is the big flaw with the game u are at its mercy if the game decides at random that it doesn’t like u u just get kicked from the game and u have to start the entire game over and hope that no one gets kick which good luck as out of the 4 times we tried in 3 we can’t even get passed the first round dont buy this plz just don’t do this

Dancer1108   1 star

PLEASE UPDATE. I absolutely adore Clue which is why I purchased it to play multiplayer with my family. However, this app is extremely and desperately in need of an update. How are you gonna have a multiplayer game you have to restart 75 times because none of the passwords given to you work?! Not sure if it is an app issue, or a game issue, but when money is involved it needs to be solved. Would gladly rate this app 5 stars when it works properly because it is SO much fun when working!!!

Uhfedgfe   1 star

Major improvements needed. All the reviews are correct, 1 star is too many. 1. Room codes do not work 2. No way to start the game , can not roll the dice 3. Players kicked out One the app works I am sure it will make the game feat but for now only able to use single player.

austino15fffan   2 star

Amazing concept... needs work though. I just spent $30 to play this game and when we actually get a game to work it’s so much fun!! However, so many different bugs, such as passcodes to get into a room not working, if the dice lands on a computer character for the beginning of the game, the computer will 99% not even roll the dice to begin the game, thus meaning we have to exit out of the game and go through all of the steps again, and just selecting characters is stressful because if you don’t rush to pick the game could crash and say the host left or a player left when obviously it’s not the case. I just want to play a game with my partner that I spent $30 to play and I’m impressed with the way the game works using the switch and iPhones... BUT when it takes you 40 minutes to successfully start one game on local multiplayer mode it’s a little rough. Will gladly give a 5 star review once there’s some sort of update to fix all of these issues, I just want to play one of my favorite board games and it’s a bummer that it’s so hard to get one game working! Playing with just two people isn’t that fun, so when we add computer players and they get first turn and never roll the dice the game will just sit here doing nothing until it crashes :(

ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhggghhh   1 star

Don’t even try. It doesn’t work like at all.

TammieLouWho   1 star

So bummed!!. I was so excited to get this game and play with my family...the game as a single player is awesome and I love the extra characters and items, but for me it was impossible to play multiplayer ): This app would not accept my passcode every way I tried to get it to work. I tried to start a game at home (not online) and it kept adding people not with us and even played with just them with none of us playing with it at all... This app was a good idea, but not everyone wants to download an app onto their phone (some can’t, even) in order to play too. Would like to see an option to play and just let everyone trust each other not to look at each others cards or something :/ Hopefully bugs will be worked out...Was SO excited to get this...

Girlboo02   2 star

The idea is good but.... We couldn’t get the app to work properly. It kept saying wrong passcode or not letting us enter or kicking us out or putting us in the middle of others games.

quietthunder9   2 star

Great Concept. This is an awesome concept and would be great fun... except for the fact that there were no dice available to even start the game. Needs a lot of work but I will be anxiously awaiting updates and fixes. Can’t wait to play with this app!

Becca Currie   3 star

Not bad at all. Took us awhile to figure out how to get to play the game with the app. The app weren’t the problem - the game kept telling us to press “A” button when we were ready to start, we ended up pressing L&R both, to get the game to actually start. We had zero issues with playing and using the app with the Switch. There was lag… but that was mostly players taking to long to click ‘continue’. I don’t like that the app and game neither tells you who shared a card. I’d love for the app to have the paper close and the app to say “so-n-so was able to disprove so-n-so” … even if ya character names plum, peacock, scarlet... so on and so forth. The app means we DONT need to purchase the game on all of our Switches. I would love to see the player count go all the way to 8-10 players, as that’s about how many play during our family game time… but I realize that would make the game nearly unreasonable… as some players would end up with only 2 cards while others have 3. Lol

Flailking   1 star

Does not work.. Nice Q&A you got there. Bought the game downloaded the app for our phones. Incorrect password is all we get even though it is right there on the screen. Reinstalled app? Yes. Restarted switch? Yes. On the same wifi? Yes.

Advertorial    5 star

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eisl123   1 star

Cannot connect. Does not connect. It will keep saying incorrect passcode, making it unplayable. Terrible for a 30 dollar game.

laurie 5427   1 star

No way to contact support. No way to roll the dice or to play with computers. Can’t seem to find a way to contact support either! I got the switch game to play in local and no way to get it to work! Please fix this!

Theory993   1 star

Bad local play. Incorrect password happens very often when trying to enter a local game. Once entered, the game will time out and the game will close. There also isn’t a way to roll the dice on this app, so the game times out.

Advertorial    5 star

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