You sank my battleship!

The official version of the classic Hasbro board game of naval combat is now on mobile! Challenge other players in Classic Mode or in the all-new Commanders Mode - a fast-paced, strategic and tactical variation. Play with unique naval commanders and use resources to activate powerful special abilities that will secure you a win as you wage war on the high seas.

BATTLESHIP features:

- Faithful conversion of the classic board game
- Head-to-head combat
- Sink your opponent’s fleet before they sink yours
- Call your shot and fire!

- BATTLESHIP with a twist!
- A brand new, more tactical variation of the game
- 3 new core abilities that shake up the strategic possibilities each turn
- Unique special abilities for each Commander
- New ship shapes to improve gameplay and the fun factor

- Battle with commanders from throughout the ages

- Each commander’s fleets feature unique and authentic art for each of the many warships! Watch as they come together in an epic clash of civilizations!

- Deploy your fleet to every corner of the world and battle in epic arenas inspired by historical naval battles!

- Complete missions to earn medals, rank up and become the ultimate commander of the fleet!

- Battle against AI Commanders and raise your game before heading into multiplayer!

- Take on a world of commanders all battling to have the last fleet standing and prove that you have what it takes to conquer the oceans!

Join us in BATTLESHIP now, and set sail for adventure, battle and glory!

BATTLESHIP is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2019 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

BATTLESHIP App Description & Overview

The applications BATTLESHIP was published in the category Games on 2018-05-12 and was developed by Marmalade Game Studio. This application file size is 412.14 MB. BATTLESHIP current version is 1.2.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Hello BATTLESHIP commanders!
We have issued some fixes to make your game more stable.

BATTLESHIP App Tips, Tricks and Rules

BATTLESHIP Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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KnuckleHeaded   5 star

I LOVE IT!!!!!. I love Battleship! In my opinion, Battleship is really awesome because of the modes! Classic or Commander mode, I LOVE THE GAME!!!!!!!

Bokmann   2 star

Needs a classic rules version. A fine game, but the rules here are a variant of the classic game. In this game, you get to shoot again if you get a hit. In the classic game, players alternated shots. This changes the statistics of the game quite a bit... if you’re concerned about the mathematical aspects of the game, measuring against different strategies, this makes it inappropriate for that use.

Tozyea   3 star

Needs work. I’ve loved this game since I was a child, so I couldn’t wait to play this version. Somewhat disappointed because singe player mode the system always wins even when you are ahead and have sank all their ships but one. Definitely, not fair.

sandhor   2 star

Locksup. aThis used to be a fun game, but it doesn’t work anymore.

don di eggo   4 star

Commanders mode. Commanders mode, with the additional capabilities ship shapes, is a lot more fun than the original game. These new aspects along with smaller maps offer the player a more interesting array of choices in each turn. The app freezes on occasion.

Scottferrell929   1 star

Absolutely horrible. No customer service. The app crashes constantly and the computer cheats. Just a horrible app that I hope will go bankrupt soon.

texacali33   5 star

Addicting. This version is well thought out and executed as far as gameplay..... I’d like to see an option to change your game name. I am stuck with the name I was given.. Otherwise it’s a great game with some fun additions from the original....

StevenDilla   4 star

O M G. The game is reeler good but 1 person deletes you in about 30 scents in the game.

TheOriginalJayDawg   2 star

Online feature works poorly. The game is fine on its own in solo or play with the computer, however if you want to play a friend online, we have extreme trouble almost every time. We’ve tried to play by sharing the code to join the same game and 4 out of 5 times the game tells us both we are waiting for the other person and you can’t advance the game. It flat out doesn’t work.

b-rad b   3 star

So-so. This game is alright, but the gameplay is not original. Fix the “original” gameplay so each player only gets one shot per turn or give us that option.

VIPERTWO222   5 star

Happy. Very Fun

Bob59105   1 star

Play with friends doesn’t work. When using the play with friends mode it keeps erroring out and closing the game.

Spydersweb80   3 star

Good game, bad micro transactions. The game itself is a fine recreation of the “board” game, but the sheer number of micro transactions is ridiculous. You can literally pay 10x the amount that you pay for the game to get all of the add-ons...for a paid app that’s just greedy.

jjarrett95   2 star

Do not buy!. I bought this after playing the FREE game “Sea Battle: Fleet Battle” thinking surely for $5 it must be better. It is certainly not. Do not recommend.

15KC15   1 star

Buyer beware. You’re basically buying a trial version. Very limited choices in gameplay and characters without making in game purchases. This company is a joke.

Jggfhhj   3 star

Very disappointing!. My 7 grandsons and I have been playing this for years until it wouldn’t work on my older iPad. We suffered through all of the other crappy battleship games and when I got this new IPad I was so excited to see it available. But.... so disappointed that it doesn’t have pass and play! Now we have to have 2 iPads to play? Really? Would have given 5 stars but not now. How hard would it be to have kept that option?

brad38125   1 star

No way to play with someone your next to. Was looking to play with my kid and I assumed for $5 and by Hasbro it would have this simple feature. It doesn’t. Save your cash.

Bkshweety116   5 star

Salvo. I would love if they add a Salvo game mode!

Leo7404   4 star

Fun game. Fun game .... good graphics..... I like that there is classic style as well as a newer spin on it. The down side is having to pay for more commanders when I already spent money buying the game.

Weyerhaeuser   1 star

Battleship. Want a refund...stopped letting us play each other. Can only play online (with strangers) or on Facebook which we aren’t on and don’t want to be on. All of a sudden says our code is invalid we want to play family members at home.

AMW MAFIA   5 star

👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾. Pretty fun game if you enjoyed playing as a kid.

art&thought   1 star

So irritating!. This game is so unplayable because of all of the jumping around flashy animations. Every turn involves banners flashing by and the boards zooming in and zooming out. Whoever designed this game was trying way too hard to impress their boss rather than make a game that is visually enjoyable to play. I consider the five dollars I paid completely wasted.

cameronstarrenergy   5 star

Play with friends doesn’t work. After providing a friend the code they enter the room. When school of us clicks the play button nothing happens. Please fix this. 7/19/2019 update. My friend and I updated to the recent version and playing with friends works again which makes me happy because I love this game.

BFPSC   1 star

Requesting a refund. Bought with a friend to play the nostalgic game. 16 shots in, it crashed and (thankfully) destroyed all her ships. We’ve tried to imitate games 5 times and never got to the game board before it crashed....again and again. You sunk my happiness.

Cristata765   1 star

In app purchases are SP scam. If you spend the 12$ for the additional 4 commanders and maps, the AI will never use one of these commanders against you in single player matches. They just continue to choose the basic 3 leaders and there is no way to force them to pick a particular commander. A waste of money for single player.

tmorganpmd   4 star

Not a Bad Way to Idle Away Time. The game is fun. Some suggestions: 1. Need to be able to create your own name 2. Need to be able to choose your opponent in Single Player — Having a wooden fleet face a WWII era fleet is stupid — So far, have tried to back out, renter and the only opponents I seem to get are three WWII commanders

Nolifehaver   2 star

Online Capabilities. This game is super fun. However, when it comes to playing online with others, whether it’s via code or Facebook, I’ve ran into some issues. It doesn’t stay connected on both ends. One person plays the game to completion while the other sits on the “Enemies turn” screen. I’ve not been able to complete a single game with my Dad since buying this game. We’ve each taken losses on our scores even though we didn’t play the game. I got this game specifically to be able to play something with my Dad who lives far from me. I expected more out of this app, especially since I paid for it. Sorely disappointed.

J_J_ Lewis   4 star

Fun game.. Game plays well. However, it keeps shutting down on my sons ipad2 when we play each other. My iPad Pro hasn’t had any issues. I would recommend if you have a newer iPad.

bruhitsawesome39   2 star

Doesn’t work well playing with friends. Does not work when you play with friends gets stuck after you place battleships and clicks ready.

Terresa kirby   1 star

Game glitches, and coin sometimes land on enemy.... When I got this game, I have played it so hard, but later the game glitches on the coin flip! and sometimes in the game it always lands on enemy cpu! it is REALLY hard to play with because of that! and I want you developers to fix it. I prefer the game boy color game better than this!

Advertorial    5 star

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thepoiboy   1 star

Game is a ripoff due to microtransactions. So you pay for this game, and not cheap. Then you have to pay again to unlock other captains/ships and areas. That’s BS Hasbro! Why would you let Marmalade do this? If you unlock everything you will pay what this game is going for on Nintendo Switch (which plays better). Companies making paid games with locked content are the scourge of the App Store. 🤦🏼‍♂️

fadace   3 star

Vs. CAN we play player 1 vs player 2 on the same mobile

AP 3   4 star

Best Video game Version. If you don't have the board game...This is has more modes than the board game..It has 2 different modes of play... It's easy to understand. The CPU difficulty modes are hard. If you do play single player, you're better off playing this on easy....Normal and hard are way too hard. You can play online or online vs your friends...Great game.

kang_a_ji   3 star

Crashes. Haven’t been able to play because it crashes upon opening on an iPad mini. (Both iPad minis belonging to my kids)

Brotch19   4 star

Fun and quick. Like it

bewareofdow   1 star

Awful. Rigged.. EA Sports Battleship was a fantastic game. This is an awful joke. Don’t waste your money. You can’t turn off the dull animation and single player against the computer is rigged.

Advertorial    5 star

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phozographer   4 star

Like it. I really enjoy this game but I suspect there aren’t quite enough people playing online to play against actual people when you select the play online most of the time. Pretty sure it’s a computer most of the time. Much prefer to play against people! Also, app doesn’t come up in store when you search for “battleship”.

zezebelle   2 star

Really, in this day and age?. The default commanders are all male. You have to pay dollars to unlock a female commander. Seriously, Hasbro this is not acceptable in this day and age. If you have three commander options unpaid, then at least one of them should be a woman. Also too many bills and whistles. Why can't you just play the game good old-fashioned battleship?

Kanaenae   2 star

Feature. Hey there, Great game and all but the only problem is that your friends have to have the game. Unlike the game of life which is made by you, where you can play on the same device, this game doesn’t have it. I would love to see this feature so your friends don’t have to have the game and you can play in the one device.

mytribeandme   3 star

Play with Friends Feature. There’s a glitch in this new feature where it one player has classics mode boats and the other has commander! My partner and me have been waiting for this and now we still can’t play against each other. Please fix it

bjdgsnd   1 star

Doesn’t consistently work. Freezes and requires closing of app. Shouldn’t happen in a paid app

agminuty   3 star

Fun. The game is fun but there are a couple things I don’t like. - If you’re paying for a game you should be able to select from more than the original 3 commanders. - you should also be able to earn new commanders based on the stats you receive. - and you should be able to name your player. - finally you should offer The classic board in all options for gaming.

Lvngnhim   4 star

Good game. I love the commander feature. I think if this was just the classic it would be worth no money but the commander option definitely makes it fun. I love having goals to make however I wish completing those goals helped to open a new arena or a new commander. If meeting those goals did open up a new commander then this game would get five stars. Usually I take off way more than one star for games that seem to be a little money hungry.

JEKDC   3 star

Old version better. I agree the old version was better and I’m annoyed an app I paid for is no longer available. But this version is growing on me. Two things I don’t like: number one biggest issue is no pass and play option. Huge huge flaw. Number two minor nit is I want more time to review opponent board if I lose. They flash it for like 1 second. Not good enough. Other than that it’s pretty good. Oh yeah — the online opponents are somewhere between 90%-100% bots. It’s very obvious. But true online might stink unless they created a very sophisticated system. Still it’s weird that they lie about it.

Hutchjulie   1 star

Worse than the original. There is no option to play with another player on the same device. Plus there are micro transactions in a game that I payed for. Deleted game immediatly

mccbuf   1 star

Interruptive Game. This game slides a new screen across between turns which is very disruptive to playing. No one needs to see a special banner announcing it’s their turn when they can see it’s their turn. I also prefer both boards to stay equal size as I play.

shirllcutedog1234   5 star

Best game ever!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊😊😊. I love this!!!! U can play with your friends,or play online, and if u don’t have internet u can still play it because u can play with the computer. I play all the time it can become addicting. It is super easy to play anywhere u go I highly recommend this and it is very worth the money😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

MJA1018   5 star

Great Game. I bought the bundle of this game, clue, and the game of life and they all work great. This game is fun and intense and is full of lots of strategy.

epii   1 star

This isn’t classic Battleship.. This is an odd game with different rules. If you want the classic game with a salvo option, don’t buy this one. I was gypped.

doodlebop27   1 star


tankerengr   4 star

Good, but the android version runs smoother. I miss the old Palm computer version, and was very happy to find the current android version. I enjoyed the gameplay with my kids online, so I bought the iPad version as well. The game is exactly the same, but for some reason it pauses and freezes more, and I have to 'restore purchases ' regularly. Other than that it would be 5 stars. My kids wish they could customize their user name, since I don't let them use Facebook.

Missy shley   2 star

Meh. Pro: -Fine way to waste a few minutes -Multiple characters with special abilities -Ships with interesting layouts Con: -The game cheats when playing against the computer -Only male characters come standard, you have to purchase female character -Cannot pick your own username -When a hit is made that player can keep taking turns instead of going back and fourth like in the traditional board game -When playing with Johannes Schmidt the torpedo will sometimes go in the opposite intended direction is played from a corner space -Cannot see overall stats -No pass and play/multiplayer option; play against the computer or online only

firecracker_   4 star

Fun. A fun spin off the Battleship game. However, the game is a little glitchy...

BULLDOG1984   1 star

Crashes. Leaves you stuck with a bot. Don’t buy this. One play and switches to bog or freezes entirely

oneeyedjack77   1 star

Terrible. Terrible game. Constant crashes and lag.

Local Walnut   3 star

Feels like a beta version. I really enjoy the commanders mode EXCEPT the AI opponents OBVIOUSLY know where the human ships are. 10 times in a row I am down to 1 two or three square-sized ship and of 30-40 empty viable squares to choose from the machine hits you first time. Just not fun. Second there is no way I found to monitor the computer's energy level in commander mode. Both energy levels should be visible. Agree with another reviewer the torpedo ranging tool is not clear or consistent.

optimus159   1 star

No pass and play. Lame... I wanted to play with my son.

Bbrannon4   3 star

Pretty good, but messy GUI. The game works as you’d expect and pretty well, but a couple design decisions really bug me. Why is there the banner with “Your Turn” and “Enemy’s Turn” each time? It gets annoying and wastes so much time. There should be an option to turn this off, or a different way to designate who’s turn it is. Similarly, why can’t both boards be shown at once and be the same regardless of whose turn it is? That’s how the original game was. Personally I’d do it in portrait mode too because there isn’t really a reason to use two hands.

PrinceSig   4 star

Game breaking glitch. Great game, however just encountered a glitch that wouldn’t let me use any of my abilities, but also took all of my ships off the board for my opponent, so I got a long free win. I feel bad, this is trash.

Fred FIV   4 star

Fun. Excellent, fun basic and advanced Battleship!

Sancho8)))))))D   1 star

Don’t download this game. It started charging me even though I no longer have this app on my phone. Unless you love dealing with Apple support, don’t do it.

pizzafreaksta   2 star

Another pay to play game. Some how if you buy characters you win more... 😂

Harley411   2 star

Battleship.. Not neatly as fun as the old version before it went dead.

Tracking app. You have to agree to be tracked and share information with 3rd parties in order to even play. I deleted the app rather than have my privacy compromised.

Tom The Bomb   5 star

A game of fun And strategy. I’ve play the older version of BATTLESHIP, and this version is much better in many ways with the exception of graphics, with today’s technology the graphics of the ships sink could be better. Overall I love the game.

k-saurus-rex   1 star

No pass and play.. You can’t play 2 players on the same phone.

Skip Way   5 star

Fun And Challenging Game. I enjoy the AI interplay and challenge offered by this version of the classic board game. Commander mode offers some interesting strategy options .

bigAl10000000   1 star

Not worth it. Does not even compares to The Hasbro the multi shots on this game once you or the opponent gets a hit 👎. No chose of weapons either

Cyndelee   2 star

Why do you have to pay for a woman captain?. I love this game but if you want to be a woman commander/captain you have to pay extra. It’s a great digital version of the board game but make the women free too!

Bp70791   1 star

Game play was taken over. I was player a game with a friend and while the game play froze on my side, someone continued player on her side. This wasn’t a isolated incident. It occurred twice. Either the computer took over, or our game play was compromised. It’s very unsettling. I will be deleting this app.

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