BATTLESHIP Game Description & Overview

What is battleship app? You sank my battleship!

The official version of the classic Hasbro board game of naval combat is now on mobile! Challenge other players in Classic Mode or in the all-new Commanders Mode - a fast-paced, strategic and tactical variation. Play with unique naval commanders and use resources to activate powerful special abilities that will secure you a win as you wage war on the high seas.

BATTLESHIP features:

- Faithful conversion of the classic board game
- Head-to-head combat
- Sink your opponent’s fleet before they sink yours
- Call your shot and fire!

- BATTLESHIP with a twist!
- A brand new, more tactical variation of the game
- 3 new core abilities that shake up the strategic possibilities each turn
- Unique special abilities for each Commander
- New ship shapes to improve gameplay and the fun factor

- Battle with commanders from throughout the ages

- Each commander’s fleets feature unique and authentic art for each of the many warships! Watch as they come together in an epic clash of civilizations!

- Deploy your fleet to every corner of the world and battle in epic arenas inspired by historical naval battles!

- Complete missions to earn medals, rank up and become the ultimate commander of the fleet!

- Battle against AI Commanders and raise your game before heading into multiplayer!

- Take on a world of commanders all battling to have the last fleet standing and prove that you have what it takes to conquer the oceans!

Join us in BATTLESHIP now, and set sail for adventure, battle and glory!

BATTLESHIP is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2019 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

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Updated 10 March 2023, Friday
File Size 372.03 MB

BATTLESHIP Comments & Reviews 2023

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So-so. Great looking game.....however there’s 2 things I don’t like. First, in the single player mode, the computer opponent is nearly impossible to beat, and second...this game lacks the ability to play the mode where you get a shot during each turn for every ship you have still afloat. Example: if all 5 of your ships are still afloat, you can fire 5 times per turn. It’s makes the game more fun as you want to quickly sink your opponent’s ships to diminish how many shots he gets per turn. That was a standard option on the old version as well as the electronic table top version.

AI Definitely Cheats; Explanation Below. Despite what the developers claim, the AI definitely cheats. Even on easiest settings the AI *always* wins, because it *always* knows where your ship starts and ends. For example: I was playing the other day, and my long 5-ship was hit in the center spot. It took shots to the right for the remaining two spots, which makes sense, but then it *magically* knew that it had to shoot at the opposite side even though it never missed by shooting the spot *after* the end of the ship. And this happens all the time. It strikes the middle of a ship, but it somehow knows it hits the middle and finishes one end and magically switches to the other end after the perfect amount of hits in the first direction, never getting a miss, and miraculously sinking the ship all in one turn. I don’t mind the “bonus” move after making a hit; those were literally the only rules I ever knew growing up, so apparently my family always played it wrong. However, the AI *magically* knowing exactly which spot of your ship it has hot every single time is a load of bull crap. If it hadn’t been too long since purchase, I would definitely get a refund.

Pleasantly surprised!!. I bought this as part of the Monopoly/Clue/Life bundle and let me explain why it’s become my favorite. Turns out it’s way too easy to cheat on Monopoly/Clue multiplayer because all you need is a 2nd/3rd device joining the same session as you and you already have an advantage against the other players. With Battleship, it’s 1v1 so that element is removed. This was my original rationale when trying out BS because I otherwise enjoyed the other games. I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked the game a lot!! Particularly multiplayer Commander mode! The last time I played BS was the actual board game so I can only speak for playing this app. I like the different classes, maps ect. I found this way more fun than the original “classic mode” I expected. I haven’t encountered any bugs really and there always seems to be people playing. I hope they expand upon this game with further character/class customization. Message to developers: please allow people to customize their Name/Photo/Avatar without having to use Facebook connect AKA, the data theft company.

Rules???. I have never played battleship where, after you hit a ship, you can continue your turn until you miss again. I wish there was a way to turn that rule off in this game because it makes the game go by in about two minutes, no matter the difficulty. Otherwise it’s a great app. I’ve just never heard of playing this way.

Best game ever!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊😊😊. I love this!!!! U can play with your friends,or play online, and if u don’t have internet u can still play it because u can play with the computer. I play all the time it can become addicting. It is super easy to play anywhere u go I highly recommend this and it is very worth the money😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

Waste of $ - use free version on Snapchat. My mom and I both bought this so we could play each other because she doesn’t have Snapchat. The game constantly disconnects on one of our ends or both. We tried using mobile data and WiFi and still the game constantly crashes for one of us. And what’s worse is it doesn’t notify the other player that the opponent dropped out, it just automatically plays for them. So if we went in the same house, we’d never know and think everything was all fine and fun competition. What a waste of money. I feel bad my mom spent the money from her account so I’ll reimburse her. :/ Now she’s downloading Snapchat so we can play the free Bitmoji version that I never have issues with.

Turn based?. This is a functional version of the game you grew up with. The more modern version adds fun extra features. Where it all goes sour is for a “turn based” game, you have to stay logged into the game the entire time. You can’t exit and go into another app while you’re waiting on your opponent or you will split off into a game with a replacement computer opponent. Plus, after paying for a game, they nickel and dime you by making you buy more content if you want to unlock all the features.

Buggy Dont Buy. I purchased the app in addition to a $3.99 character. Do not purchase this app if you intend to play with a friend. Four out of five games timed out over the course of me trying to play my boyfriend for a couple of days, once you’re booted out of a game you cant get back in because the app will take over and the AI is ridiculous with cheating. Oh, and you’ll get assigned a random screen name that you cant change. I’d expect better performance from an app that I’ve paid for.

Battleship implosion. You know it’s a bad sign when the developers haven’t done an up date in over 7 months. The battleship game when played with friends is constantly getting disconnected and the computer ends up finishing your game for you. Doesn’t Hasbro care about there game that’s not even playable? Does Apple even care that it’s not working and I used my hard earned money to attempt to play this garbage. Doesn’t even appear that the developers even reply to these poor reviews because they have no plans to fix the broken unplayable game that is just a money grab for them.

Addicting classic with a new twist. This has all the fun of the original board game with a new commanders mode. This is the main reason you should buy. Commanders mode gives you control of one commander with different shaped ships on different shaped arenas. Each commander has a special power up you can use. However, this game has yet to implement support for X, XS, XR, or 11/11 Pro screen sizes. It doesn’t affect gameplay, but some buttons and text aren’t visible on these screens

Super disappointed.. I bought this game to play with a friend last week and we’ve yet to be able to have a successful game. First of all, you have to be online at the same time to play, can’t play at our leisure like Words with Friends. Then when we actually got it to work, all three times I was told I had connection issues and it kicked me off even though I had no WiFi issues, and I lost the game. He was able to continue to play as if I was there. Don’t buy this game, not worth the money.

What do the other captains do?. Gameplay is as expected, but lacks the option for “salvo” shots. Salvo mode requires different strategies so it would add more replayability. Another issue is that the initial purchase only allows the computer to randomly select 3 of the 7 captains. We should b able to play against all of them in commander mode, and it would b nice to have the option to select our AI opponent in offline mode. Developers should pay attn: this would give customers a preview of what the IAP commanders offer, and likely increase sales. The worse part is that I purchased all the boards/captains thinking that i would b able to play against all of them. Nope. Still only play against the same 3 AI captains. If they correct these issues it would b a 5 star game.

Not bad but..... Win or lose in classic mode—should be able to view the grid when DONE—to see where your shots were and where opponents boats were...the older iPad version does and when you the original game you always share grids so the loser can see how close they came. This app needs that. It also does not track rewards well...I have played the forts for at least four games and have credit for one game.

Good game. I love the commander feature. I think if this was just the classic it would be worth no money but the commander option definitely makes it fun. I love having goals to make however I wish completing those goals helped to open a new arena or a new commander. If meeting those goals did open up a new commander then this game would get five stars. Usually I take off way more than one star for games that seem to be a little money hungry.

Addicting and fun. I like nice short games with mindless fun and this fits the bill. There is some strategy in commanders mode which I play the most. I didn’t write five stars only because I have not played in online mode. The other reason is that when I play in commanders mode, I’m unable to move my cursor in my arsenal for sonar and bombardment. There seems to be a glitch so its frustrating when I want to use them in my game and I can’t place them properly.

Great for young kids. My son is 5 and hasn’t exactly figured out how to call coordinates on the actual board game so this is perfect for us to play against each other. We play in play with friends mode on two iPads and it is just like a digital version of the actual board game.

Very disappointing!. My 7 grandsons and I have been playing this for years until it wouldn’t work on my older iPad. We suffered through all of the other crappy battleship games and when I got this new IPad I was so excited to see it available. But.... so disappointed that it doesn’t have pass and play! Now we have to have 2 iPads to play? Really? Would have given 5 stars but not now. How hard would it be to have kept that option?

Feels like a beta version. I really enjoy the commanders mode EXCEPT the AI opponents OBVIOUSLY know where the human ships are. 10 times in a row I am down to 1 two or three square-sized ship and of 30-40 empty viable squares to choose from the machine hits you first time. Just not fun. Second there is no way I found to monitor the computer's energy level in commander mode. Both energy levels should be visible. Agree with another reviewer the torpedo ranging tool is not clear or consistent.

Exactly like the real thing.. First I am going to say that the small price for this game is worth it. This game is just like the original game we had as kids. One thing is lacking. . .maybe in an update. The game either needs to automatically say, “You sank my battle ship!” Or a button if the person whose battle ship is sunk can push if so inclined.

Addictive! Until …. Great game. Engaging graphics. Classic strategies. Thoroughly enjoyable. That is, until you reach level 60 (or thereabouts). At this point the game no longer appears to try match you with online opponents at the same level - or online opponents at all. All you get are opponents suspiciously ranked exactly at level 60 or an impossibly high (158) or low (try 1) level. And the bulk of these play like AIs anyway. It’s a shame, because as simple as the game is, it’s a ton of fun to square off with an opponent who has an interesting approach to strategy. I guess the only thing to do is start over at level 1?

Worth the purchase. Worth buying for sure! I wish the commands boards on line were a bit bigger. More characters and chances to win them would be awesome. Short chats with pre selected saying would make it feel like you are actually playing against someone and would make the game more fun. All in all really good!

Like the game but would like to see a female commander option that was free.. Played this game with my daughter. Was surprised that in this day and time there was a need to pay more to play as a female versus a male. If there are going to be gender roles associated in the game and clearly there are in this one, female options should be available for free. I’m not sure it would take much to address this quickly. Outside of that the game play was fun and clearly reminded me of the classic game. Both my daughter and I enjoyed ourselves.

Entertaining but missing key features. This is a flash to the past and fun to play. It’s commander mode with unique ship shapes, fleet abilities, etc is a cool addition to the traditional game of old. However, I had to take 2 stars off of my rating for the following: 1. NO TIME LIMIT FOR TURNS WHEN PLAYING ONLINE - this is a major overlook on the part of the developers. When playing online your opponent can take as long as they want to make a decision. I’ve been forced to wait as long as 5 minutes for an online opponent to take a shot. And if an opponent has a bad connection it should not extend any imposed time limit if/when the feature is added. 2. NO BENEFIT FOR RANK OR MEDALS EARNED - you can continue to earn medals and improve your commander rank but it’s a complete waste of your focus or effort; because, it provides absolutely no advantage in play or even any sort of discount on purchases. Another major overlook of developers. If they fix these two major opportunities I will be happy to change my rating to 5 stars.

Developers Cheat. After you achieve a good level of dexterity, the system starts cheating to make it challenging, but in a very obvious and stupid way. As soon as it senses an impending defeat (like when you have spotted all of the enemy’s ships, by hitting at least one spot on each of them) it magically finds all of your remaining ships without a single miss. It isn’t even subtle, up to 3 ships in one single turn, while being as far from each other as it is possible to go. It does it so often, it’s incredibly obvious and disappointing. Very poor programming.

AI always cheat but it’s a good game.. Either this or that, huh. AI. Single player mode. Sinking animations, good. Commander skins, great. Objectives could need a bit of work. Ranking, awesome. New update, looks good. But my favorite of all, winning games, E P I C . 1.2.9 is a whole new world. AI always cheating, bad. I’ve played somewhere between 10 and 20 games and failed. It really breaks my heart. I hope you do fix this issue. I once had my ships in a strand and he just took out my ships easy as pie in, like 2 turns or something. You’ve gotta fix this. I set it to Easy but it feels like hard. Probably add these difficulties. 1. Poor child 2. Weak 3. Normal 4. Insane 5. Extreme 6. Nightmare 7. Almost impossible It would be something like this on the scale. Poor Child - Weak - Easy - Normal - Medium - Insane - Hard - Extreme - Almost Impossible That’s the Difficulty Scale. Once again, please fix AI always cheating and give them 0IQ.

USELESS for online play. Purchased the Hasbro Game bundle with Life, Battleship, Clue, and Monopoly to play with my girlfriend during quarantine as a fun online game date night. It is IMPOSSIBLE to connect to each other, start a game, and you can forget about even coming close to finishing an online game against a friend. This is a complete waste of money and time and it will only lead to a frustrating experience if you’re planning on trying to play virtually with your friends online. 0/10 would recommend.

The AI Cheats!. Some moves the AI makes would never happen in real life! The AI is able to blindly hit each of my ships on the start of each turn. This has happened multiple times. The AI rarely misses when it shoots blindly. Definitely takes the fun out of the game.

Pure awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!. I love this game. It is everything I hoped it would be. Fun, not boring, and most of all It Doesn’t Have Garbage graphics like the developers these days. Go ahead and hit the game tab and look at all the new garbage Atari 1 megapixel graphic games made these days. Nothing but pure garbage, but not this game! This game has excellent graphics, gameplay and way above what I expected it to be! GREAT GOING, GUYS! AWESOME GAME!!!

Fun but.... This game is fun but it is very irritating to me that when I want to play an online game, if the other person doesn’t click play and you already have, then you are left sitting there waiting. It doesn’t give an option to skip to another person or back out and you have to completely close the app and restart. Then you can end up matched to the same person who still doesn’t accept so you have to redo this over and over. If they don’t except within like 30 seconds you should automatically be repaired with someone else. Otherwise I really enjoy this game. Especially the commanders mode.

I like it but don’t believe its legit. I have about 150 games in with battleship. I very much enjoy it, but I don’t believe that when I go to play someone online that I am actually playing someone online. I had my suspicions that maybe it was more AI I was playing against, but I have no way of knowing for sure, but today I started a game against a supposed online opponent, but I ran out of juice. I came back, thinking I was going to start a new game, but it ended up going right back to the game I was playing before I lost power. There is no way the person I was playing hung around for hours to finish the game. I will still keep playing, but I don’t trust the online play

Great, but. First off, this game is great it’s as simple as that. It’s classic battleship but better in every way. My only problem with the game are the micro transactions. There shouldn’t be so many micro transactions in a game I already paid for. For those that haven’t played yet you only get half of the maps and only a fourth of the commanders. Commanders are different characters you can choose from that all varying different abilities. The multiplayer works well and you can even play with friends.

Keeps kicking me out!. I purchased this game to be able to play with friends online. We play several other games from the same company, however, i have yet to get to finish a game! The design seems great, but I only get to play for about 5 minutes before I get kicked out! If i join a game, i will get a message about 5 minutes into it saying “trying to reconnect.” It doesn’t matter if i have full signal or if I’m on WiFi! If i try to create the game, the first time the enemy plays, its done, it doesn’t register that the other player made a move! We’ve tried to play at least ten times, always the same result! I do not recommend this game!

Excellent in All Respects!. Battleship performs flawlessly!. I have it installed, via Family Sharing, on 4 iPhones and 2 iPads. My 4-1/2 year old grandson is obsessed with this game. He loves playing against his Mimi and Pop, as well against the "puter" (Single Player mode). We all espcially love the "Commanders" version of the game as it makes the gameplay much more interesting than the "Classic" version. All three modes (Single Player, Friends, and Online) work well. As I right this review, he and his parents are on vacation. My grandson has my old iPhone (with Battleship installed) and plays against his parents and cousins (who also have the game installed on their phones). I find myself playing the game online whenever I have some idle time...

Lesser replacement. Obviously this game has to be compared to the previous iteration of Battleship, and it’s that comparison that makes this only so-so. On the good side; game play is very fast, graphics are sharp and the game seems to be stable. But some pretty big knocks on the minus side. The biggie, gameplay itself uses some optional multi-shot rules (get a bonus shot after every hit) I don’t really care for. And it ONLY uses this odd rule for “classic” game play. I miss the old “salvo” rule of one shot per ship afloat. I also don’t immediately see how to choose a player name? Weird. I’m sure I’ll figure that out. After living with this for a couple weeks I have a couple additional gripes. First, when playing sequential games, especially after forfeiting a game, a crash is almost a sure thing. Second, which explains why the first one matters, this game CHEATS something awful. I know this is common with AIs because mostly, computers are stupid. But the cheating here is shameful; you get a follow up shot when ever you score a hit. Well, depending on where you hit, a follow up shot at the same target should normally have a 25-50% of scoring a hit. The ap hits easily 80-90% of the time. At this point, I call it unplayable against the AI.

Very good. Happy to be playing Battleship again. But I wish it wasn’t so confusing about how to choose commanders, arenas and such. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m spending a lot of time pushing buttons, trying to figure it out. Frustrating. And I think the commander/arena packs they offer is a rip. Paid a hefty price for the game, didn’t expect to have to pay again. Hasbro sure knows how to milk you. Still, enjoying it, though I guess I’ve gotten about as many stars as I can for my commander. I’m at the point where 2 out of the 3 missions require I play online. I don’t want to play online, thank you. Prefer solo. Oh well...

Almost Great.... I would give 5 stars if multiplayer was actually multiplayer. It’s so obvious that 90% of the time it matches me against bots. I’d rather wait at least a few minutes to get matched with a person instead of defaulting to a bot after like 5 seconds in queue. If it can’t find anyone to match up with, then I can switch back to single player mode myself. But multiplayer mode is mostly just single player. Love pretty much everything else.

Highly Suggested. I downloaded battleship in the 4 board game bundle and man was I surprised. I couldn’t put it down. I can’t stress it enough that it brought my family closer when we played this game. This is a must buy when it comes to connecting to family when it’s hard because of Covid- 19.

No pass & play. Fun game if you play by yourself or with someone else who purchased it as well. Unable to play offline with friends on one device where you are able to pass it back and forth. I understand it may be difficult but it’s not impossible to figure out how to keep the wrong person from viewing your board.

Needs Work. First, the AI modes are very annoying. The way that it hits a ship and then knows exactly how to finish it is baffling. It will hit a ship in the middle, finish one way and then magically switch to the other and sink the ship. Why would you program an AI experience to feel like being cheated? Second, the current rules do not follow the traditional ones. Their new rules allow another shot if a hit is recorded. I prefer the original version where each player gets one shot per turn, regardless of outcome. There should be the option available for either way. Third, I would prefer a system that would let me highlight where I want to shoot and then hit a button to confirm. I often select the wrong square because they are so small.

We are loving battleship. We bought the package upgrade so worth the variety. We play the with friends version, it’s the best!we do play each other in the same house but also with family out of state. So fun!

Shameful. Don’t waste your money or time. Frustrating app that disconnects every single game I play, even if I am sitting next to my gigabit WiFi router. Somehow the connection is always lost at some point, and once it’s disconnected, you can’t rejoin the game. Bought this to play with family but it is unplayable. What a scam. I paid for it thinking that buying the “real” version from a big name in toys would be the most solid experience. Shame on Hasbro for having the gall to charge for something this broken. Especially when there are a ton of comments saying the same thing. Also doesn’t let you change your name. And there are no free female characters unless you want to pay for one. Guess that’s why it’s Has”bro”

A Good 3 out of 5. Great bundle of games (Life, Monopoly, Battleship), I would have given it a five but I found two big issues that give it a 3. All-around awesome bundle, however, the game of LIFE you can't play with another player unless they are on Facebook, everyone is not on Facebook, but if you're not on Facebook you can't a friend. Next, the Battleship and Monopoly games both have reconnecting issues during the games, it will delay your current game or it will kick you out completely. I purchased additional pieces and characters and the game Dont work properly I feel duped. 😢🤓💋 Monroe Flix💋

Add pass and play please. Pretty fun and well made, and the commanders mode is creative and fresh. My only issues are customization options are locked behind a facebook connection and, more importantly, theres no pass and play option like there are in the other boardgames by the same company. I hope they add that in soon as it was my favorite part of the EA version of the app

Old version better. I agree the old version was better and I’m annoyed an app I paid for is no longer available. But this version is growing on me. Two things I don’t like: number one biggest issue is no pass and play option. Huge huge flaw. Number two minor nit is I want more time to review opponent board if I lose. They flash it for like 1 second. Not good enough. Other than that it’s pretty good. Oh yeah — the online opponents are somewhere between 90%-100% bots. It’s very obvious. But true online might stink unless they created a very sophisticated system. Still it’s weird that they lie about it.

A.I. Player seems to be amazingly lucky. More often than not, when playing against the A.I. character they not only win the coin toss, but their very first shot is a direct hit about 70% of the time. Also, earning medals - I can earn a medal playing 3 online games, which honestly, I’m not about to do. I’m not about to open access to some random people online. Sort of like just leaving the front door open so anyone ambling by can just pop on in. Got this as part of a game pack. Overall, underwhelmed.

The game takes over every single time!. My dad bought this app first so he could play with my kids and then told me about it answer me to download it. I never would have paid $4 for an app for which there are many free versions available. But since he already had it to play against my kids I had to buy it. I have never been so disappointed with an app, and cannot believe I paid $ for this. Every single game there comes a point in the game when the computer takes over and finishes the game for us. We know it’s happening because we FaceTime while we play and suddenly for one of us it shows we are waiting on the other player to take their turn but on the other person’s end they already took their turn and the computer took over and is playing against them while the first player waits around until the game shows it’s over or the computer takes over on their end too! I cannot explain how frustrating it is to explain to my kids every single game that the one they played was taken over or they finished the game against a computer because Grandpa’s end still shows he’s waiting for you to take a turn. It is so messed up. We waste hours sometimes because we will start a game again when we realize the computer too over. And I can only assume that’s what’s happening is that the computer took over - that or someone hacks into every game. Worst purchase ever.

Good on the Surface, Lousy Below. Pros: Good graphics Cons: Lots of IAPs. The game will magically switch over to an AI opponent when you are playing a person in multiplayer and your opponent disconnects - I don’t know how that came to be, but maybe one of the worst options to handle a disconnected player. Terrible rule where if you hit, you get to go again, which means the AI can quickly make a come from behind victory half the time.

So much fun!. Both the online version against other players and the single player against the computer are both really great. I really enjoy all the versatility and combinations. The game seems super stable and well thought out. this takes the board game to the extreme!

I preferred the previous hasbro battleship but am glad to see they brought back something. Battleships always been one of my favorite phone games. The previous version stopped working and was no longer supported. I’m glad they came out with this one although to be honest I preferred to last one.

Pretty good, but messy GUI. The game works as you’d expect and pretty well, but a couple design decisions really bug me. Why is there the banner with “Your Turn” and “Enemy’s Turn” each time? It gets annoying and wastes so much time. There should be an option to turn this off, or a different way to designate who’s turn it is. Similarly, why can’t both boards be shown at once and be the same regardless of whose turn it is? That’s how the original game was. Personally I’d do it in portrait mode too because there isn’t really a reason to use two hands.

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Like it. I really enjoy this game but I suspect there aren’t quite enough people playing online to play against actual people when you select the play online most of the time. Pretty sure it’s a computer most of the time. Much prefer to play against people! Also, app doesn’t come up in store when you search for “battleship”.

Doesn’t work!. My fiancé and I both just paid for and downloaded this game. We tried to play two different games against each other and both of them dropped out, we could not completer a game. A refund would be great!

Multiplayer not working. I really enjoy this game but the online with friends has not been working the past few weeks. It’s farked

Great fun when it works. It’s great fun when it works but unfortunately is really glitchy. We had to try at least 7 times before we were actually able to play a whole game since it kept freezing so much. Any chance you can work on this?

Old school fun modernised. Really enjoy the app and introducing the next generation to battleships. Finding a glitch when playing with a friend with it freezing or long delays between shots making it painstakingly slow and pointless.

Play with Friends Feature. There’s a glitch in this new feature where it one player has classics mode boats and the other has commander! My partner and me have been waiting for this and now we still can’t play against each other. Please fix it

Unimpressed. I was so excited to play this on the app as I used to play the board game as a child. Unfortunately, the game is so buggy that out of the ten game I attempted to play with my partner only two worked. It also only works whilst in commando mode, classic freezes every time you launch a game.

DO NOT BUY. THIS GAME DOESN’T WORK. Connection bugs everywhere.

Pay to win. The paid characters are far too powerful with their abilities. The game is pay to win.

Great app. Awesome I love it

Buggy waste of time. Tried playing with a friend. Buggy as anything and pretty useless. Would not buy at present. Both on the same wi-fi connection with no internet issues. For both of us the game either kept locking up saying ‘end turn’ for one user and ‘waiting for enemy’ for the other. One user would get randomly get disconnected and the game would not reconnect and suddenly the computer would take over and start playing as the ‘friend’ making it seem like they were still playing... What the?!!

Really, in this day and age?. The default commanders are all male. You have to pay dollars to unlock a female commander. Seriously, Hasbro this is not acceptable in this day and age. If you have three commander options unpaid, then at least one of them should be a woman. Also too many bills and whistles. Why can't you just play the game good old-fashioned battleship?

Connectivity. I enjoy the game a lot! But at times it keeps saying no internet when connected to 5g or wifi. Or there is an error code when the code is correct. You cannot launch commander mode from home page, you can select captains but it will not progress. You have to be in the other player modes to activate commander mode.

Don’t buy - doesn’t work. Bought this specifically to play multiplayer against friends and family, however the game drops out after a turn or two. Pathetic game, and a waste of money.

Feature. Hey there, Great game and all but the only problem is that your friends have to have the game. Unlike the game of life which is made by you, where you can play on the same device, this game doesn’t have it. I would love to see this feature so your friends don’t have to have the game and you can play in the one device.

Awesome. now I can defeat my sister and not get board

Needs work. Well intentioned app with fun gameplay but developers need to have a serious look at the network connectivity issues if they are going to advertise online features. Almost all reviews here have the same dropout issues.

Good exciting game. I play on my MacBook Pro with a friend over the net and it's on Steam, cross compatible. Love it.

Fault. Great game except when playing multiplayer online on persons screen would cut out and the game would play for the itself... needs to be fixed as game coast money!

Boring. This is the worst rendition of battleship I have ever played. I tried to like it but it’s just bot going to happen

Excellent. Can play my friends no matter where they are. Better than original and on one pad each, the other player can not heat and look at where your ships are! Recommend getting all the commanders, should come with the game I know, but worth getting.

Doesn’t work. Family (interstate) and I downloaded this game in a pack so we could stay connected and play together. This app is so terrible, it keeps crashing on one person or the other’s end to the point that half the time we can’t start a game and the other half we can’t finish the game. Terrible. Wish I hadn’t bothered

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Partie privée : les connexions s’interrompent!. Mon copain et moi avons acheté ce jeu pour y jouer ensemble. Cependant, lors des parties privées, la connexion lâche toujours! Parfois en plein milieu de la partie malgré une bonne connexion Internet. Vraiment décevant!!

Commanders Mode is glitchy. The game play is great when it is working! Unfortunately the commanders mode playing with friends is very glitchy. It does not show uses of the abilities and does not show hits or misses at times. Please update and fix the app!

Multiplayer is bad. Can’t play multiplayer, one device will randomly disconnect and not reconnect even though I have great wifi speeds often I can’t even get the game started with multiplayer.

Mindless entertainment. Enjoy playing this before bed. Relaxing.

Fun and quick. Like it

Best Video game Version. If you don't have the board game...This is has more modes than the board game..It has 2 different modes of play... It's easy to understand. The CPU difficulty modes are hard. If you do play single player, you're better off playing this on easy....Normal and hard are way too hard. You can play online or online vs your friends...Great game.


Vs. CAN we play player 1 vs player 2 on the same mobile

Crashes. Haven’t been able to play because it crashes upon opening on an iPad mini. (Both iPad minis belonging to my kids)

Game is a ripoff due to microtransactions. So you pay for this game, and not cheap. Then you have to pay again to unlock other captains/ships and areas. That’s BS Hasbro! Why would you let Marmalade do this? If you unlock everything you will pay what this game is going for on Nintendo Switch (which plays better). Companies making paid games with locked content are the scourge of the App Store. 🤦🏼‍♂️

Awful. Rigged.. EA Sports Battleship was a fantastic game. This is an awful joke. Don’t waste your money. You can’t turn off the dull animation and single player against the computer is rigged.

Game disconnects mid game. Buggy game - too bad

No exit button!!. I have an iPhone 11 with out a home button so I can’t close the game. I have to click on the option to go to a website so I can get at a home swipe option there!😳

<3. I love the revamp of the special skills & unique ship sizes! Great for ages 6-80. :P

Doesn’t work. Crashes , cannot connect to play with friends through Facebook , freezes.

Good game , missing something. When you play solo offline, that always the same captain you fight against, can it be random or can we change it?

Terrible multiplayer.. Terrible. Not only does the multiplayer disconnect constantly, when it does even temporarily the games are no longer consistent between you and your friend. Rather than pause the game temporarily and keep them consistent, it effectively separates the games and uses random moves. You’re basically playing two separate games against the computer rather than playing against your friend. And it doesn’t tell you this is happening. You only figure it out later when each of you compares notes (and thinks you won!) Stupid.

Do not buy!. Multiplayer disconnects EVERY time. This game could be good, but since it doesn’t work it is a rip off.

Works fine. Played with a friend and solo. Just like the original game.

Thee Amazing classic. Great play even when on my standard definition streaming data

Multiplayer disconnecting. Multiplayer keeps disconnected. Please fix

Rating. Great fun! Reminds me of my childhood and the many hours spent playing Battleship with friends.

Uhh Sexism Much?. Why tf do I have to pay to play as a woman?? Like in app purchases are bogus already since you have to PURCHASE the game but I can’t even choose a girl character without paying five bucks for it? Screw that

Glitchy. Fun, but unfortunately very glitchy when playing with a friend on two person settings... mid game, set will often freeze and kick one player out. Sometimes a game will freeze on the board set-up page and game will not start.

FIXED. Single player is fixed in this game I don’t care what you say I don’t care if the developer calls me he will never change my mind the single player in this game is fixed! Hasbro you guys are losers man

Multiplayer does not work!. Multiplayer keeps disconnecting. We can never finish a game! I want my money back!!

Mr. Would give it zero stars. Expensive, plus locked content despite how much you've already paid. Then I can't even play a single game without it crashing. Sometimes it crashes just in the menu. I want a refund.

Buggy Multiplayer. Multiplayer does not work most of the time when playing a friend. At best there is an immense time lag between moves, but most often the connection is lost and you end up competing against a computer without it being clear that you’re doing so. Don’t purchase this app if you intend to play multiplayer.

Do not buy for multiplayer, doesn’t work.. Multiplayer disconnects from the other player every game. When you disconnect the computer Automatically takes over and you’re playing a computer every time. Doesn’t matter if you’re on wifi or LTE, you will disconnect from your friend. There is no way to community through the game so you won’t know you’re being disconnected u less you’re communicating separate from the game, for example in the same room. I regret buying.

DOESNT WORK. Payed for this game, and i try to play with friends and it just doesn't connect up. NOT WORTH THE MONEY.

Great game but online/friends play always disconnects and won’t reconnect. Always loses game progress and ruins the moment. Really could have been a great game and single player mode is but the multiplayer issues really let it down. Very sad and disappointing🙁 Update July 2020: Still disconnects. Also why is there no female character by default? Why is this behind a paywall? Why does the female character have to be sexy? Why not an old women as the men are? Get yourself together Marmalade game studios Update August 2020: Still crashes playing network multiplayer even after ‘Bug fix updates’. So sad

Cannot play with friends. When choosing to play with friends, the app generates a game code and allows you to share the code. But since sept 26, when you enter the code, it ALWAYS reads “invalid code”.

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Constantly disconnects during gameplay. This game is fun to play but when doing the play with friends option, we constantly get disconnected mid match no matter what WiFi network we are connected to. Just frustrating. Worth it for single player but try another version of your intent is to play against a friend.

Needs a classic rules version. A fine game, but the rules here are a variant of the classic game. In this game, you get to shoot again if you get a hit. In the classic game, players alternated shots. This changes the statistics of the game quite a bit... if you’re concerned about the mathematical aspects of the game, measuring against different strategies, this makes it inappropriate for that use.

Major bug. I’m working on contacting the developer so they can fix this super bizarre glitch. Then I might change this rating. When playing multiplayer with my son, at some point in the game, someone else takes over and takes turns on his system that I didn’t take on my system. It’s happened three times to us now. It’s as if the computer player AI gets confused and thinks it’s supposed to be playing. I would appreciate the help! We love this game.

Updates are making this even better. This is a fun game of strategy, with the ability to play specific friends online it will be even better!

Kicks you out mid-game!. We love playing this so much, but it frequently freezes. One person loses connectivity and the computer will take over. It’s happened at home, other people’s houses, players in various states, on several different devices…doesn’t seem to have one thing that causes it. PLEASE fix it. We love this game!

Disappointing. We bought the game to use the Play with Friends. My husband and I like to play sitting on the couch next to each other without having to pass the iPad back and forth. The game is great, when it works. It maybe works one out 10 games we start. One always disconnects. For a paid game this is not ok. Please fix the stability issues!!!

Great game. Love playing the classic version of Battleship online. Just like the old game you played as a kid. Haven’t had any glitches or the game freezing or a million ads like a lot of other games.

Amazing!. Battle ship is an awesome game it’s great for kids and they love it my daughter is in love. Plus you can play with friends from far away! Battle ship is amazing! It keeps kids entertained for two hours!!! It’s awesome you have to get it!!!

Great, feedback. Here is the best Battleship I have played electronically. One fix I would like to see I the mine shots. Opponent hits my mine and places two “random” shots on their board. Fix? If I have a shot where I used a radar, could you prevent the “random” shots to be wasted in those eight squares?

Awesome!!. I really like this game !! There is just one thing , all of the people that you can play with like the commander and things , you have to bye with money I wish you could earn gems and get them , because there so cool ! But all around a wonderful game

Adding friends,chat room. I think that it would make the battleship game better to have the the ability to add friends in game and be able to communicate with who you are playing with(online of course!) and communicate with people on your friends list and be able to invite them(friends) to play a round,but overall good job so far! Add profile customization!!!!!!!!!!

Very Nice. This is a really good version of battleship, I just need a pass-and-play version for my friends who I meet with regularly and don’t have social media.

Game is fun, support not so much. Constantly get “no internet” messages that kicks me out of the match (IOS/IPhone 12Pro/170 down, 20 up business internet) No tech support, FAQ are ok, but not specific. As in “how to I use my real name/avatar”. Supposedly one “logs into Facebook” but there is no such action in the app —which hasn’t been updated in a year. “App support” link throws a 404 error.

Change my name. Why did u take away all my points and change my name? I had over 130 points and one day they were all gone and my name was changed. Why?

Creative update of classic game, but the AI cheats. The classic game is here, along with some updated rules, ship types, and strategic moves like sonar, defensive mines, etc. The 1-star rating is because the AI is a very clumsy cheater. I have countless games where I am ahead by 2 or even 3 ships, and then hit the AI’s last ship. Suddenly, it knows where everything is located (and oriented), and will walk hits through my fleet without missing. It’s incredibly annoying to play so well, only to have the AI take over and wrap it up just as I’m on the verge of winning. I can appreciate the programming challenge of building an algorithm that knows where your pieces are, but has to pretend it doesn’t. But whoever did this one is just lazy.

Great game but... Love the game play it all the time but I’ve had people back out when they know they are going to lose and I think that should count as a win for me. Or at least let me finish my turn.

Not for family time and can't verse friends????. The whole reason we bought this game was so we could play against each other at our house. Please enable a mode where you can play against your own friends/family. This new version is the absolute worst! You can't even charge your own name. You are not supporting family game time. You are supporting "play against a stranger/computer online. Just terrible.

Love the game, but bad connection. My friend and I love this game, but there have been multiple times that our game has been disconnected when we were playing mid-game. We love playing, but if we can’t finish the game, it makes it hard to continue liking the game. Maybe just needs an update!

Love It! Would Like To See Stats. If the developers could add a way to see something like our overall stats that’d make this already super-fun game even better. And of course, you can never have too many features.

Constantly disconnecting. Downloaded to play with friends, however the game is constantly disconnected and the computer takes over which is frustrating. Overall enjoyable game however multiplayer needs work

Better than when I was a kid. Love the three level options. I like to play when I’m bored somewhere alone. A lot of games aren’t great for one player. This one is!! And my brother isn’t cheating 😉

Very fun just one suggestion. Very fun game but there should be a reasonable time limit on each player’s turn. I have had some opponents stop playing in the middle of a game without disconnecting. Then the only way out is for me to “surrender” even if I’m winning.

The extras keep it interesting. Regular Battleship can sometimes get boring after a while. However, with the “Commanders Mode” and the different capabilities of the ships’ Commanders, it is always fun to play.

A modern classic?. I really like what they did here. This was one of my favorite games as a kid. But it’s not something I would enjoy playing 30+ years later. I wouldn’t see it holding my interest past the first game. But the modern twist that has been added to this old classic game has me enjoying a familiar game repeatedly .

I miss the old version. The previous version, that is not compatible with IOS 11 (and I suspect it wasn’t updated so that you had to buy a new version), was way better. The game play was smoother and faster, the options way cooler (like playing salvo version), and just all around better. Considering you got me to buy the same game twice, at least add back the features from the older version!

Awesome game but few issues. I LOVE this game but when I was playing I got kicked out of the match halfway through? It happened only once in the 30 minutes I have played but other than that it is a good replacement for the real battleship

Cannot even play with a friend. So trying to play with a local friend is pretty much useless. Creating or joining a game always ends up with you or the other person being replaced by a computer due to connectivity problems, except there is no real connection issues on our end, it’s on the game end. It started out fun, but so far 5 games in a row ended up being having to forfeit or the computer finish. Not worth buying this game at all.

Good graphics and UI, but unfair gameplay. Graphics and gameplay are actually pretty good, but I, who has not spent any extra money, should not have to go against someone who has special abilities that I can never obtain without spending that amount. There needs to be different classes or tiers with those that are buy-heavy and those of us that are not.

What you pay for. Game is what you think it is. However the different maps can be obtained through play or more or less “pay”

Good game but add some diversity. My six year old daughter enjoys playing this game with me. However she is disappointed that there are no “girl captains”. It is true that the game lacks diversity in terms of the captain characters. It would be great if you could add female characters in a future version. I don’t want my little girl thinking that certain careers are reserved for men. There are female admirals in the US Navy after all.

Great version of the game. Love the alternate captains.. BUT they need to remove the online requirements for the “advancement”, I know they want to push people to the online, but there is never anyone online when I am able to join. So it locks advancement on those challenges. Leaving only one or two, or none if they all require it eventually.

SALVO. Commander mode is pretty great and adds a new twist to the game but before it came around there was the option to play a variant called salvo in which you got a shot for every ship you still had on the board. I really liked salvo and now can’t seem to find it as an option anywhere. Please reimplement the salvo variant.

Worth the Money. Excellent game . No adds and don’t have to purchase anything after buying the game .

I like it. The gameplay is simple, fun, and the graphics are good. I enjoy the Commanders feature. I wish there were more options before you have to again open your wallet. That’s tiresome, but over all it’s a good game.

Commanders mode. Commanders mode, with the additional capabilities ship shapes, is a lot more fun than the original game. These new aspects along with smaller maps offer the player a more interesting array of choices in each turn. The app freezes on occasion.

I Love The Whole Game. I love this game it is so fun to play because first of all, I LOVE Battleship alone but the board game I have is missing pieces and second of all I LOVE Commanders Mode because I like being Giuseppe Ferrara and it is fun to use the unique abilities to hit the ships. Overall, I love the game.

When it works it's fun. After I downloaded the app it didn't work for about two weeks. I checked to see if there was an update but there wasn't so it didn't make sense why it wouldn't work. One day I started working and was a good game for about a week and now it's closing by itself after every round. Your progress isn't saved so you keep doing the same thing over and over again.

Shouldn’t be called Battleship. Thought I was buying Battleship but I was buying some other game that looks like Battleship but isn’t Battleship. The commanders mode is similar to the variants in some of the electronic Battleship games but “Classic” mode isn’t the original Battleship game. Gives “bonus” shots which obliterates all strategy at all in the game. Can’t even turn this unauthorized additional rule and play actual Battleship.

Terrible. My daughter and I were playing each other tonight and it froze on my end. The computer played for me and I had no control. How creepy is that? Also the game freezes about 50% of the time and you can have the best WiFi but it’s a bug in the game and it doesn’t save your games or place. It’s a mess. Do not buy it. Do not bother until they make it better.

Terrible. I would rate it zero stars but that’s not an option. My husband and I got this. We were able to get through one game. We tried multiple times, on two different cities - and we were together every time. The game often would not let us connect to each other, and when it did, it wouldn’t stay connected. Annoying.

Good place game but.... This is a good game but there is a lot of in app perches. And when your loading in the game it takes forever... good game over all 5 stars just fix that one thing.

Battleship review. I wish the graphics were specific on which ships are being sunk or shot and in the original battleship you do not get to keep firing until you miss, you take turns regardless . Otherwise pretty fun

Disappointing at best. The old version which I paid for wasn’t upgraded to iOS 10. This version is not half as good as the one years ago in spite of all the iOS improvements and better phone chips. Annoying music, poor graphics, Hasbro went super cheap on development. I want the old version back - or my money! Updated to one star. No fun to play when the AI sinks your ship on the first move every time.

PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING. Add a turn timer. I am sick of getting a multiplayer game where it starts and the other player never does anything for the entirety of their turn so you have to quit. Disconnect the players that refuse to play it’s that simple, it’s a terrible multiplayer experience.

I have some problems. I really enjoyed the pack with all the stuff but this is my least played game of them all. This app bothers me because I have to pay money to be a female. Personally as a woman I find this upsetting because I can’t be the gender I am.

Highly Disappointing. I bought the game, then it took about 6 hours to download as it kept installing then uninstalling itself, finally once it downloaded it quits before the home screen even loads. I shut my phone all the way off just to check, and it still won’t load. If this were some free app, I would chalk it up to an “oh well” and delete it, but I paid $3.99 and I expect the app to at least function properly.

A game of fun And strategy. I’ve play the older version of BATTLESHIP, and this version is much better in many ways with the exception of graphics, with today’s technology the graphics of the ships sink could be better. Overall I love the game.

Addicting. This version is well thought out and executed as far as gameplay..... I’d like to see an option to change your game name. I am stuck with the name I was given.. Otherwise it’s a great game with some fun additions from the original....

Disappointed. I bought this game as part of the bundle after buying Monopoly and Life to play with my friends since we are social distancing. For some reason when I tried to play with my significant other it kept disconnecting. We were playing on the same WiFi network. That’s ridiculous. Great looking game regardless.

It’s awesome!!!!!!. It’s so fun to play and I have got to play my dad and I call walls have a new commander I Always have tried the classic mode but I probably will try the other it’s great though you should really check it out I have one almost every game!!!🤗

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Language English
Price $2.99
Adult Rating 9+ years and older
Current Version 1.3.8
Play Store com.marmalade.battleship
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

BATTLESHIP (Versiyon 1.3.8) Install & Download

The application BATTLESHIP was published in the category Games on 12 May 2018, Saturday and was developed by Marmalade Game Studio [Developer ID: 988365603]. This program file size is 372.03 MB. This app has been rated by 2,452 users and has a rating of 4.2 out of 5. BATTLESHIP - Games app posted on 10 March 2023, Friday current version is 1.3.8 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.marmalade.battleship. Languages supported by the app:

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BATTLESHIP Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- General Bug Fixing

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