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What is the home depot app? Just a few fixes and performance updates to keep things running smoothly.

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App Name The Home Depot
Category Shopping
Updated 10 April 2024, Wednesday
File Size 208.32 MB

The Home Depot Comments & Reviews 2024

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15 % discount. We are new in the area and was given a 15% off coupon for a purchase up to $200. I went to a store in N Charleston, SC and purchased a medicine cabinet and when we get home it was broken. I called a store closer to us (Summerville South Carolina) to see if they could order the medicine cabinet and we could just pick it up at their store and I was told no we had to order it and have it sent to the Summerville store. I looked and looked and I cannot find anywhere to have it sent to Summerville South Carolina Home Depot store. I called customer service online 800 Home Depot )to see if they could order it and give me my 15% off the item because they kept the coupon at the store where we purchased the first medicine cabinet and they would have given us the 15% off but they wanted to charge us $55 for shipping! Shipping is free over $45. The customer service in the Summerville store and Home Depot online is awful! The person on the phone at the Summerville store was brief and didn’t want to be helpful. Even though the girl from the online Home Depot couldn’t help me at least she was polite and she was constantly talking her supervisor who I don’t think knows what she’s doing.

Lex fixed a horrible shopping experience. Our day starting off good we spent a couple of hours shopping then we go to check out and I didn’t have a physical card so I asked if there was a way that I could scan them and then just pay for them online as I have my Apple Pay and harmony the worst checkout person I’ve ever seen in my life I was extremely rude to us she told us that there was no other way that we could purchase our items and told us we could not leave the store with any of our items unless we paid with a physical card asked for a manager she said there were no managers in the store at the time and there were multiple witnesses to this account, and there were cameras above our head. I then called back and spoke to the manager. I spoke with Lex over the phone and she assured me that we could come back in and purchase the items that we wanted to purchase at the time and she even helped us check out. She is a total asset to your store and harmony should be fired.

Quality app that needs a few tweaks. Home Depot’s app is far better than Lowe’s when it comes to app quality. Easy to shop and easy to use. I use multiple times daily to purchase tools and materials for work. Great tool to have on the jobsite. As I think of things I’ll quickly add to my cart rather than writing as a note. I would request a few tweaks 1. If I’m looking through my shopping cart, then decide to click on an item, then click back in hopes to return to shopping cart, it oddly takes you to the home page. If I’m wanting to double check items that I quickly placed in my cart earlier, I think it would make more sense to be able to go back and forth to shopping cart rather than be redirected to the home page. 2. When I open “previous purchases”, they really need an option to search for an individual product by name. For instance search “Ridgid Vacuum” and find that order. I’m often placing 10-15 orders a week, so when I’m trying to look up something from last month, it’s difficult to scroll through orders and waiting for them to load. 3. Home page could be cleaned up to better cater to Pro accounts. For the pros, we often know exactly what we are looking for, we don’t need to be spammed with pictures upon opening the app. The buy it again features are nice but things like “previous purchases” are better features to help us check out quicker and possibly buy more through the app. If we are tempted to browse it’ll be in store.

Needs a lot of work.. While i enjoy perusing the sales products, when im looking for specific items and know what the item is called and type it into the search engine i get almost anything and everything other than the item ive typed in. This makes my experience last much longer than i can afford and creates a very frustrating experience. One that usually deters me from purchasing anything at all. This is a major hindrance considering i am a contractor/builder and every second lost and wasted adds up to loss of earnings and project completion. One other complaint of mine is that the app is far from user friendly. When trying to organize order lists or future order lists/product lists, i am not able to remove the items from the scrolling row nor from the list itself when selected. It makes having the list counterproductive. People change their minds all the time and need the ability and freedom to do so. Just because its harder to remove the product doesnt force a person to purchase. If your company would stop trying to force sales and would let the shopper feel more at ease and have more control over their shopping experience people would be more apt to making a purchase.

Electrolux front load washer.. Poor quality. 13 months after purchasing this expensive unit it leaked water on our wood floor. Took 1 month to get it fixed. That was in April of 2020. End of May 2020 it’s leaking again same thing. BUT now it will take at least 2 months to have someone come out to look at it and then order the parts and 2 to 3 more weeks to maybe fix it again. REALLY? Oh wait. And they are telling us that the extended warranty/contract is no longer valid. That we must comply to the new warranty and venders that may or may not fix our 15 month old washer. Does this contract sound legal?? I think not. I cannot in good conscience advice anyone to purchase A ELETROLUX. Home Depot can’t and won’t stand by the equipment they sell. They say it’s not up to us. You can only buy it from us. Then you get overseas and all they can read off their script is “ They come look at it they come fix it.” That is after 55 minutes on hold. Then overseas hands up. Great. Good job. Super customer service. Nothing has been done. Time to start over again. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! Do Not Buy Any Major Appliance From Home Depot. Bad Investment!!!! No help!!!!

Poor inventory control. This is the third attempt to order items a day ahead and the third time getting to the store only to find out that the items are out of stock after receiving a message that “All Items” are ready for pick up. I walked in to verify the items were in stock before having the items were in stock before having my siblings ordered the required items for their projects. My sister saw the items were in stock on the app and sent me the information for me to pick everything up the following morning only to find out only one of the items was available. The exact same story for my project order made last night with my arrival for pick up this morning. Only one item available! After verifying the items were on the shelf previously. If I had my wallet I would have just picked the items up at that moment but I couldn’t even order them for pick up same day. When Home Depot falls short and wastes our time with faulty inventory practices like this it should cost something like free delivery or additional 5% off next purchase regardless of the items. Time is money. Wasting my time should involve a financial cost on Home Depot.

Customer doors. I am very displeased with your store located in Stafford, VA. I had concerns about doors I ordered and had installed. First of all the doors I thought I ordered had the grid built inside the glass. When I mentioned that to the sales person at Home Depot she said there was nowhere that was indicated on my paperwork. I explained to her I was looking at the same paper work as she, and told her that also there was no where in this paperwork that stated the grid would be outside the glass. She got really quiet, and moved on to my next concern. I told her the frame of the grid had cracks in the wood. She asked Me to take pictures and send them to her. She said it was suppose to be like that. I said to her If that’s the case why is it only in certain areas and not all over. She then said she would get with her supervisor and call me back. I didn’t get a call back. I went into the store the next day. No one was available to assist me, and I was told to come back the next day. Why do I feel as though they are hoping that I just disappear. I have never gotten great assistance in this particular location. I ordered these doors in October 2023. I waited 4 months for this!

Helpful application, but no accurate sometimes. This app is well designed, but it depends on human inputs. Very often, the inventory doesn’t match the quantities to display, but location of the items is acceptable. Most of the time due to shoppers grabbing several items for a project, then change their minds and put them back in the wrong place, altering the quantities. In other occasions, the displays are empty and the items are in the upper shelf. I would suggest labeling the items in a way that shoppers could put them back where they belong and also have more associates verifying the existing product. It is understandable that keeping quantities in display matching the quantities shown in the app is almost impossible, but it has nothing to do with the app, but with administrators. Garbage in, garbage out. Bottom line, I am an active shopper at The Home Depot and I find this application very useful.

Mobile phone limitations. I’m a fan of The Home Depot (“The” is actually in the firm’s official name; trivia). I was lucky enough to receive 8 gift cards and was thrilled to visit my local THD. Too many things I needed weren’t in the store but I easily found and ordered them through this app. And the app accurately helped me find the in-store items. I wish grocery stores would have this kind of feature. App allowed me to enter 6 gift cards without issue. It wouldn’t accept either of the last two gift cards but wouldn’t say why. After too much time spent on that, I called the customer service number listed on that page of the app. After navigating a needlessly complex phone menu, I finally reached a rep and she made things worse. Not well trained and not too hot with thinking on her feet, I decided to try something she mentioned in passing which was, “The mobile phone app is probably more limiting with the number of gift cards”. I abandoned her several other lousy suggestions, said goodbye, and tried to complete the purchase on a tablet. It worked. There were a few other annoying, but not deal-breaking issues. Not accepting many gift cards and the other issues I had would affect relatively few other people, but it showed me that developers cut corners and could have done a better job on smoothing out the user’s experience.

App has a bugs lately. there have been a number of times when I am unable to purchase simply because the app is “experiencing technical difficulties”. This isn’t a one off….we’re now into the the 2nd week of getting this error message when purchasing different items. It only appears when I attempt to add the items to my cart, so I can’t complete the purchase. Closing and reopening the app does not fix the issue. I’ve also had issues getting details of my online purchases to load…it just keeps loading. Unable to see online purchases.. app is stuck in “loading”. This is Day 2. Cant check status of my online purchases. Suggestions: make it easier to view customer photos in reviews by scrolling through them, instead of clicking and closing each individual photo. This is quite annoying experience. Also, please get rid of the 2nd layer of authentication upon opening app, it slows down the shopping experience and my banks and fintech apps don’t require a 2nd layer on the front end.

Their idea of "help". It's sad when the company knows their workers are so unhelpful the company tries to protect the customers from them by making this app. I wandered the aisles waiting for an associate to at least say, "hi, let me finish and I'll come back" or "hi, walk with me while I finish up" or even a "we're home depot, f@$& off!". Instead, after trying to find the part myself while giving them 10 minutes, I went to the customer service desk. I waited my turn, was shown the app, they scanned my item, and then told a general aisle when the app failed to ID the part. I went back to the correct aisle (that worker told me the wrong aisle), downloaded the app myself, it still failed. I stalked a worker while they completed what they were up to and waiting my turn. The worker finally stopped and demanded to know what I needed so they could get back to doing what they were up to and not have a customer waiting for help. He assured me they had the part and it was on the section of the aisle but couldn't be bothered to show me. I went back to that spot... again. That section was a mess with more miss placed items than I was willing to organize so I could then have the "joy" of searching for the part I needed. I wrote this review, deleted the app, and went to Lowes. Maybe their workers will help.

Home Depot is the best. I shop mostly from Menards and Home Depot. Menards sells a lot of misc items like food, books, DVDs, etc and are okay on hardware items but for most hardware items, Home Depot is the best. They have the best tools and their hardware items are the most organized. Looking for a faucet washer part at Menards was almost impossible as half there stuff was in the wrong spots and was more expensive than Home Depot. Home Depot will cut pipe to the length you want and thread the ends. Also they will cut lumber to the size you want both length and width. Menards does not do that. They will cut a board to the length on a cross cutter saw but that is it only. The best thing is that Home Depot supports our veterans by giving them a 10% discount in store and they carry just about anything. They carry more major brands like Toro products where Menards doesn’t and as a general rule Home Depot employee’s seem more knowledgeable about how too fix something. The Home Depot has a computer to match your color that you need to match too while Menards you have to look at a color chart and then try to match to a close color that you need. As I said Home Depot is the best of the best.

One Thing I Wish the App Could Do. First off, great app overall. There is one thing I would like to be able to do with this app. I wish that I could select a specific day for store pickup purchases. Sometimes the products I order show up at different times and I will get notifications that part of my order is ready for pickup. I’m the type of person that can be patient and wait for the whole order to be ready before I go pick it up from the store. I don’t want multiple boxes coming to my house and I don’t want to take multiple trips and sometimes the seven days they give you after it is ready for pickup isn’t long enough for your other items to show up. Home Depot should think about adding a store pickup date selector or maybe like a box that you can check when completing your order that states, “I would like my entire order to be available for pickup before being contacted.” Hopefully Home Depot reads this, but again good app for sure and definitely worth having in my phone.

Just no!. I use the app to find items and locate them in the store. I went to a HD and the item was not where the app said it would be, so I asked an “associate”, she said she saw one of these items, but didn’t remember where, and that there was only one of them. The app actually showed 9 in stock so I kept looking, another “associate” walked up and I showed her the item, she went to ask a couple of other “associates”, the first lady I asked was among them, visibly upset that I kept asking, she said the information that the app shows is “wishful thinking”, I asked why, she said that the don’t have the person that updates the information for the app, “don’t have” meaning the person does not exist, no one is able to update the app info because the position is not filled. No one was helpful, they all blamed the app or the “person” that should updated it and they all just turned their backs and walked away, without offering to look for the item in another store. I just looked at them all and just walked away. This is why retail is disappearing, these workers demand high wages but can’t treat customer right, and HD can’t hire anyone to make the technology work. I bought wat I was looking for online, and got it the next day. I will never go to this HD again and I will never use this app again. I will never go to the HD again if I can order what I need online.

Costly Glitches. I recently ordered faucets, bathroom hardware & a closet system online. The faucets & hardware (all ordered same day/time) were sent to my former address in another state. The closet system (though it has yet to arrive) were directed to my current address. My current address has been set as my preferred address for 18 months and I’ve had numerous deliveries in that time (full house remodel). I did not change the preferred address but it somehow reverted to the old address. I DID NOT DO IT, and items ordered AT THE SAME TIME were sent to the correct address. When I discovered this and called HD online customer “care” I was told to contact the carrier, that they couldn’t do anything about the misdelivery. I contacted FedEx, who said Home Depot needed to handle it. I tried customer service again, was put on hold and they never came back. I finally gave up, contacted the people who purchased my former home and drove up (6 hours round trip) to retrieve the items so we could keep the project on schedule. Not impressed.

Home Depot Delivery. Have to say that I always had thought Lowe’s was a step above Home Depot, especially in Customer Service but I’ve completely changed my mind now. My experience with multiple Lowe’s stores in three different states AND even their online ordering has been nothing less than horrendous and I shop at these places daily! I literally dread going into Lowe’s stores now as I know I will be wasting hours of valuable time, chasing down products, disappearing (or non-existent) store associates for help or ordered items that got lost in their system. Home Depot on the other hand has stepped up their game in the last year or two, especially in customer service in their stores. Associates greet customers at the door, seek them out to help on the floor and go out of their way to get what you need and get you in you’re way. In short, they show that they value their customers and our time! Kudos to whomever effected this change and bigger kudos to all the store associates who have gotten onboard to make a team effort that shows!

Horrible app, entire dev team should be fired.. I’ve tried to support this app for several years, it never fails to disappoint. I have been forced to give purchases & gone over to Lowes to purchase, at least 12 times in the past 12 months. That’s big money for HD when multiplied by the 100’s of thousands of users that I’m sure have experienced this issue as well. The app has deleted, or not recognized my login information twice in 6 months, can’t reset password, doesn’t remember my email address, nothing…. The first time it seems the dev team dropped a database and wiped out all user info (or at least a good portion of user data), in turn all previous purchase history (6 plus years) was deleted. Customer service and tier 2 support were inept and unhelpful in resolving my issue or restoring my account data. Their only solution was to create a new account, which I did (minus my 6 + years of purchase history and data) only to NOT be able to log in again 8 weeks later. Someone in charge of overhead and customer retention, and technology; needs to remove this app from the App Store until a working iOS app is reflective of a corporation of this size, and maybe make some tough decisions surrounding the development team. What an embarrassment…

If you don’t want products or your money back, this is the app for you!. Ordered curtains that supposedly had abundant stock at the local store. Soon as I placed the order I received an email cancelling the portion of the order of the curtains to pick up in store as there was no stock all of a sudden. Text their “customer support” and as told I had to go to the store to get the portion that was paid for by gift card on a new card and my bank card would be refunded. Three days later I text “customer support” again for status of my refund. I was first told the refund was put on my gift card (that they originally said they could refund) and my bank account. I checked both and immediately responded it was not refunded to either. Then I was told a supervisor looked into it and I would absolutely have them both refunded by that following Friday. Saturday, still no refund. Spent 30 min on the phone on hold for help with a liver person for customer service. After 30 min I was hung up on and will now have to start that call again. If I could give 0 stars I would. After my experience using the app, not only will I no longer use the app or website, I will be cancelling my home depot card immediately.

Better product combos. Hats off to the Home Depot app and website that automatically applies my military discount. Also, I was going to buy a router combo from the store, but that would force me to physically chase down an employee, but which anyone that has shopped at any of the stores knows that’s a fun game of tag and/or hide&seek. I can barely muster the will to ask for assistance much less beg for it. Anyhow, the website offers free shipping to my home and as of recent automatically applies my military discount. I’d rather wait a couple days for shipping than the hour process of finding an employee that is willing to climb the ladder and play a dangerous game of jenga with the stack of boxes in order to retrieve the single router available I wish to purchase. Don’t get me wrong, I love walking through the store, but it’s difficult to buy what I want, even if it is in stock.

Metza metza App/Result. This review is both the app and the online purchase experience. App- the “text an online support person” when looking at my supremely slow order did not pull in my order information and made me enter it, just foolish given the app was in the order context... lazy programming! Next is was clearly a computerized response and was clearly a waste of my time. While it may have EVENTUALLY gotten to a person I could not deal with it. I got the same useless information on my online order that I got in the tracking. Left California on an exit scan and about two weeks later was scanned into Ohio and was languishing there although it was scanned out after roughly a month on the expected date of delivery the app saw it as in on the way to store which the online support person repeated as in process... I called the store and they had less information then I had but kindly gave me an 800 number for online orders. As soon as the person I called saw how long it had been since last scanned she said it was considered lost. She reordered it for me and it was a 3-7 day expected delivery not 28 days and lo and behold it originated out of OH where the original went missing... 2 days later it scanned into MA so seems to be progressing this time. The rest of the App seems ok but my distaste for ordering stuff from Home Depot persists. I have had numerous problems in the past when you had to order from the store. Their logistics and order fulfillment remains really poor.

My Personal In-Store Assistant. Nothing replaces the helpful employees that work at Home Depot, but at times it can be difficult find to find one available due to how high demand they are. This app has made everything so easy. Coupled with the in store Wi-Fi, I’m able to get in and out of Home Depot in minutes with every item on my checklist crossed off. It allows me to search the store’s inventory to see what’s in stock and even will tell me the aisle and bay number of any item I’m looking for. Anyone reading this review, be sure to also check for sales in the app that are not in store. I’ve seen that prices may be cheaper on the app than in the store at times. As an app developer, I also have mad respect for the team that builds apps like these and maintains them. Insane how all the inventory locations for each store are spot on and up-to-date. User interface of the app is simple and to the point. Only complaint is the rental part of the app forced me to do one rental at a time. I rented a dolly and a trailer once and had to execute two different rental orders. Seemed almost like the rentals don’t have a “cart” feature and are single item checkout only. Highly possible I did something wrong though. Honestly, a fairly moot point, and still rate 5 stars. Overall amazing app! Well done Home Depot app development and backend services team!

January update removes iPad landscape mode. On the phone, this is a convenient way to browse and search products, and is generally snappier and more pleasant than the web site. Locate in store, and map my list, are very helpful. Wishlist features: - Easier access to main shopping list. Currently it’s three taps from launch. One of these taps goes through a Recent Lists list of lists. This optimizes for multiple shopping lists, at the expense of the common case of just one. I’d like an icon at the bottom or at least at the top level of the Account view, for this common operation. - Quicker way to add an item to the main shopping list. Currently it’s three taps from the search results list or two taps from the product view, plus another tip to dismiss the “View List | Continue Shopping” dialog that pops up after you add an item (which was probably added as a workaround for the fact that it’s so difficult to get to the list—see above). I wish swiping on an item in the search results gave this option, and that there were a single icon on the product page that could be tapped for this functionality. - Sync iPhone shopping list to iPad. - Sync iPhone shopping list to web browser shopping list. (This is less important if iPad version becomes more useful again—see below). - Display the locations of bays in the Aisle 99 section at the front of the store. This “aisle” is actually multiple aisles; it would be helpful to know which one to look it.

a Handy Tool for Hassle Free Shopping. The Home Depot app has been a game-changer for me. It's user-friendly, intuitive, and makes shopping for home and garden essentials a breeze. The app's design is clean and straightforward, making it easy to navigate through the various sections and find exactly what I need. One of the standout features of this app is its real-time inventory tracking. It's incredibly frustrating to make a trip to the store only to find out that the item you need is out of stock. This app eliminates that problem by providing accurate, up-to-date information about what's available at my local store. This feature alone has saved me countless hours and unnecessary trips. The app also offers a seamless checkout process. I can easily add items to my cart, review my order, and make a purchase without any hiccups. Plus, the app automatically applies my military discount, which is a nice bonus. As for the in-store experience, I've found that the app is a great alternative to dealing with less-than-helpful staff members. I can find all the information I need about a product, including its specifications, customer reviews, and even its exact location in the store, right from the app. It's like having a knowledgeable, friendly assistant at my fingertips. In conclusion, the Home Depot app is a must-have for anyone who frequents the store. It's easy to use, reliable, and makes shopping a much more pleasant experience. I highly recommend it.

Air scrubber. I order two units I keep only received one two weeks later something happened and they cancelled my order week later when I supiste to get the 2nd machine they could not find it at the store while I was waiting there instead off t Laing me that they cáceles the order the rep just did a new order there and told me that was all okay that they order was coming. Days later I told her let me see when will arrived that is when I saw that the order was just placed while I was there, I asked her yo cancelled then she told me not that we have to wait a week until the Oreos arrived then they could cancelled I told her you just the they order now with out me approving the new order she just told me sorry that is how things works I can’t cancel because the item is not here percent. Does not make sense this is kit the first tiñe that this get lost on miss when I order items but should not have to be like that Home Depot is loosing money not k owing how the system is working irking or when the loose the items and just put a new order no one is seeing that is was lost or stolen well I love Homedepot but don’t like to order items with the store because of those issues thanks you.

Store Locations & Availability Could Improve. Great app, just that the store locations / product availability functions are wonky. The icons on most apps are made for people with perfect eyesight or younger eyes in general. The change store is difficult to find really with anyones eyesight. And just the way that function is laid out is not smoothly navigable. Instead of just canceling your order after you’ve already placed it, the app and website should suggest alternative locations where the products are available and the user could merely click on that location instead of backtracking and renavigating through the process again. I hope that makes sense! Thanks for listening to a long time customer 😅! One other thing- why isn’t there a rewards club where we get points back for our purchases? All of us long time loyal customers have been a large part of HD’s overall success- we should get rewarded for our support. Jus sayin! Also, on that note, please update the Marina Del Rey store! It’s probably one of your busiest locations and it always has ridiculous lines. It’s in one of the nicest parts of Los Angeles and the store is a dump. 😉

Don’t go cheep on your stove purchase. We I went for the Whirlpool WFC150MOJB 4.8 Cu Ft Electric Range with keep warm setting . Smooth top worst stove I have ever had twice the large burner went on high and stayed on high . On any setting it went right to high . The oven doesn’t hold temperature set it at 350 after 20-30 minutes it drops to 300 and stays there . My old stove died day before thanksgiving wasn’t prepared financially, to by a stove so had to buy this model with no bells and whistles but hopefully it would work like it should. Should of cancelled thanksgiving and saved more money. I understand you get what you pay for but for $600 you would at least think it would work for couple years. How wrong I was stay away from this base model you will be disappointed. After few months I’m ready to off it for couple hundred dollars and by a better model.

Dear sir I just love shopping with Home Depot You guys and girls are alsome. I was shopping with you last week and I won’t to tell you how much the man in Doors MIKE he’s the greatest helper in the world I needed a skidding door off my dinning room but it’s not standard size of 72 by 80 Mine is smaller because it’s in my Double Wide mobile home He looked everywhere but couldn’t find one the size I needed He called me couple of times and went out of his way to help me I think he needs to be recognized for a good job done The manager also tried to help me also because MIKE was off that dAY so he took a lady from the paint Department and had her to come help me She hadn’t worked in doors for 3 years she really tired also forgot her name she was so nice also Everyone wENT out of there way to help me I still have not found a door I need but that’s the way it goes sometimes Thank Everyone for there hard work I’m a very happy customer and will always shop with HOME DEPOT KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK EVERYONE I SURE APPRECIATE EVERYONES HELP GOD BLESS YOU ALL 🙏😘

Worst service ever. I ordered 3 windows from the Hercules ca store. The sales person said he was new but knew what he was doing. The windows were ordered backwards. 1 window could not close. Then I started calling the store. Leaving messages for Stanley the special order specialist. After leaving 16 calls I finally got in touch with him. He promised me a call today from him and the manufacture. Only the manufacture called after I called 4 time for Stanley. They will be our to my home just to inspect within 3 to 4 days. Then not sure how long to resolve the issue. Today Stanley would not take me call but had a female relay his message. I went to Home Depot to save money but after the wrong windows, wrong opening, non working window. I should have gone elsewhere. The worst part is you cannot get the store to answer the phones. I wish they had a 0 star for yelp. Also the manager, district manager or regional manager also will not return my calls. I guess they can’t find a female to make the call for them. Disappointed customer. I’m switching to Lowes. Day 7 still no calls from management. The window company called and set an appointment for 2 weeks out. So I have a defective window and have to wait 2 weeks to get an inspection. Then another 2 weeks to get the replacement. Again, buyer be ware. The worst service in my life.

Ordering filter and spark plug kit. The Echo CS 590 spark plug and air filter kit upgrade is a game-changer for this already impressive chainsaw. This upgrade kit takes the performance of the Echo CS 590 to a whole new level, and I couldn't be happier with the results. First and foremost, the upgraded spark plug significantly improves the ignition system's efficiency. It starts easier and runs smoother, reducing the hassle of multiple pull-start attempts. Whether it's cold or hot, this chainsaw fires up reliably every time. This is a massive time-saver, especially for those who use chainsaws frequently. The enhanced air filter in this kit is equally impressive. It provides superior filtration, ensuring that the engine remains clean and free from debris. This not only prolongs the engine's lifespan but also maintains its power output over time. The air filter is also easy to access and replace, making maintenance a breeze. One noticeable advantage of this upgrade kit is the overall improvement in fuel efficiency. With the upgraded spark plug and air filter, the Echo CS 590 runs more efficiently, which translates to longer run times on a single tank of fuel. This not only saves money but also reduces the environmental impact. Installation of the kit was straightforward, and the included instructions were clear and easy to follow. Even for those who aren't mechanically inclined, this upgrade should be manageable. In conclusion, the Echo CS 590 spark plug and

Horribly inaccurate inventory. I’m a contractor, so I don’t have a lot of time driving around looking for material on the clients dime. I needed some 8’ 1x4 FJ trim, app shows 188 in stock, but when I get there the entire section is empty. Associate says they don’t have any. How do you “lose” 188 pieces of 8’ trim?!? OK, so I try to be more efficient with my time by placing an order through the app for curbside pickup of some shelf brackets. Again, app shows plenty in stock, so I place my order in the afternoon with the intent to pick up on my way to the job site the next morning. Except I get an email a few hours later that my order is cancelled, item not in stock. Oh, but they already charged my card for something they don’t have and it’s going to take up to 5 days for them to give me my money back. My advice is to call ahead and make sure an associate walks to the shelf and confirms it’s physically there before driving to the store. Even if it’s just a box of screws. Yeah, the employees are already overworked, and it’s going to cost HD a lot more in labor if everybody calls ahead for each item on their list, but that’s the only way to avoid wasted trips.

Ok overall but curbside pickup feature needs work. App works fine for locating and paying for items. However I don’t like how it handles curbside pickup. I made my first curbside pickup yesterday. When I got to the store I parked in the designated curbside pickup spot. I texted as the sign directed. The text response merely provided a link to the app. Why doesn’t the sign just say go directly to the app? Once in the app I had to fill in my parking spot ID and my order ID. Why can’t the app find my order ID on its own since it has my customer info? Instead I had to leave the app to dig out and copy the order ID from my email. After submitting the form I received no acknowledgment, so I went to resubmit it and the app said my order had been fulfilled. No it hadn’t! So I called the store and while I was waiting on customer service, my order was delivered to my car. Why doesn’t the app acknowledge your form submission and tell you that your order is on its way out to your car? In summary, this feature has potential but has a number of extremely annoying omissions in its use case - either these details weren’t in the design or they haven’t been implemented yet.

Although great in concept.... I use The Home Depot app frequently to set up products for will call (in store pick-up), for products not sold in the stores, and for home delivery of pallets and heavy objects. Unfortunately, it is not a seamless experience and Home Depot continues to make mistakes. Moreover, there is extreme confusion within Home Depot as to how to resolve these issues when they do make a mistake. This app is great when you get what you ordered, but a major disappointment when you don’t. Just today, I had 8x4x16 builders block delivered from my local store, but they instead delivered fence block. The driver said to call the store to get it fixed, but I needed to spend over an hour on the phone trying to resolve. The guy at HD was really trying, he just didn’t know how to resolve. Furthermore, this order was placed on Monday, but didn’t get confirmation of shipping (until I called) on Wednesday and product was finally delivered from the store today (Friday), but the wrong block was shipped. I’m not sure if I will use the app to order home delivery again — this is the third time they’ve made a mistake...

Decent app, although slow response times and some tasks onerous. It does the job, mostly. Some things are absurdly slow and unreliable, like trying to change all the items in your basket from delivery to pickup. There should really be a single–action button to say “set everything in my basket to pick up from store X”. Scanning items in–store for pickup for when you’ve forgotten your card is too many clicks. You scan, and there is no quick button to “add to cart”. So you might try a few things and find you can’t, eg add all the items on a list because that’s one click from the scanned item screen. But then there’s no “add all items in this list to the basket” action available. It’s then maddening trying to fix the items to be all pick up from the current store! It’s slow response, and sometimes the app just forgets all the changes you made and you have to repeat some of them. It would all have been avoided if I’d just remembered my wallet, which I ended up driving home to get. Or—and you’ll have to brace yourself for this—the checkout had tap to pay! Oh, the futurism.

Functional but wonky. The app is smoother than it used to be but still quite frustrating at times. I keep it out of necessity. At least it doesn’t freeze up frequently anymore. So that’s definitely progress. One of the most bothersome bits is sliding by pictures and then having to tap on arrows to go past videos. It should all be slide. It’s bothersome to think you’re sliding past a video and you wind up playing it instead. Then it’s a whole thing to get back. Minor frustrations like this are not welcome when you’re urgently looking for a particular item to complete a home repair. Plus, if it has to be arrows then put the videos at the end. Most of those videos are repetitive anyway because they’re not specific to the actual product and more of just a commercial for a particular line of products. It’d be wise to stick those at the end. They’re superfluous and repetitive, so they’re off-putting and therefore counterproductive. It makes the experience feel clunky. The filtering and sorting leave a lot to be desired as well.

Password reset hell. App wouldn’t accept my password, so I did a reset which emailed me a link...clicked it and entered new password via their website...used the Safari-suggested password. Returned to the app, used the new password, and got an error that my login and password didn’t match. Repeated the process again with same failure. Finally, having seen this issue before on other apps, did a reset password but manually entered an 8 character value. This worked. For some reason many password systems accept the Safari-suggested long passwords initially, but fail when the same password is re-entered to log in. Inexcusable in 2020. The app also initially refused to accept my phone number, saying it was “already registered”... get a clue people, it is common for one person to have multiple accounts for good reasons (personal vs business) with the same phone number!

Pretty good. Certainly makes it easy to find things in the store. It crashes when I try to look at previous purchases. The sort by price low to high feature doesn’t work. Search results remain in random order (and change to a new random list even when you pick that sort order again). Sometimes it freezes when it first loads which requires me to stop the app and launch it again. When trying to find items that are “Leviton Preferred”, it’s very difficult. It’s almost like they try to hide what kind of Leviton switch or outlet you’re buying. Is it Preferred, Standard, Plus? Who knows?! It’s tamper resistant! Wat? The time it takes to decipher what product I’m buying is more than just going to the store and buying it myself. Also you have to be super careful you didn’t just put something as a delivery item in your cart. Even if the item is in stock at your local HD and every other item in your cart is a “pickup” item, if you get a “confirm your delivery address” while checking out that’s your sign to stop and go back and see what random item in your cart was marked for delivery instead of pickup.

The Home Depot orange city. The worst place I’ve been too in a while . My microwave took a dump needed a specific microwave . So I ask an associate that’s sitting in the appliance section I believe his name was okey . Anyway when he’s done with customer he was helping I asked for assistance and he sat there then picked up the phone and answered all the questions the person on the phone had and left me standing there again then I go look for someone else to ask to help me .i see too other employees standing talking about people not showing up and as soon as the see me looking for help they turn around and walk away fast so I had to pick up the pace to catch them and then I get his attention and then he’s upset and gives me a really bad attitude saying that he will decide if I get what I’m looking for . And lord and behold they don’t have it I would suggest treating people like we actually matter if you don’t want customers just tell us we can take a hint . I guess I will go where I’m wanted like the Deltona Lowes where they treat me right .

Awful customer service. So I spend a lot of money at HD. I am a licensed plumber and also work with my father in law who is a licensed contractor. We have spent thousands of dollars in the last year alone. Last week we had ordered tile which was on a clearance sale, paid for it and you were happy to take the money. When I went to pick it up the next day, since I didn’t have my truck, there was only about 1/4 of the tile there, and it was still on the shelf. I was told when I bought it that the computer showed more than enough. Also I saw if for myself on the shelf. When I went to pick It up after waiting over an hour the manager told me they never had enough in stock. Today I opened a can of paint that I had bought about 4 months ago and stored next to identical paint, only different colors. I tried to return it or have something done. Before the customer service associate even opened it she told me it had frozen, which I know did not happen. When I told her that, she essentially called me a liar. Awful service. I am also a HD card holder and stock holder. I’m very disappointed with how I have been treated in the last month from this particular location. I have had good service at the other 3 of 4 that I deal with, but this one is beyond bad.

Updated app will not allow me to complete checkin for curbside pickup.. I normally to not have location services enabled, for privacy reasons. Most apps are still usable without it, as the Home Depot app used to be. Today I pulled into a curbside pickup spot and attempted to use the app to notify the store I was ready for pickup. It prompted me to share my location, or skip sharing. I chose to skip sharing. It then promoted me for my order phone number, which I entered, it found my order and showed my vehicle color correctly from a previous use of the app, but any further inputs required were down below the screen space displayed. I could not input my parking space number to complete the check-in. I was stuck at that point. So, I went beach to my phone preferences and turned on location sharing. Then went back to the HD app and it allowed me to enter my parking spot number to complete check-in. -- THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME YOU HAVE BROKEN THE APP FOR CHECK-IN -- Your developer needs to have, and use, a complete test protocol to verify functionality after modification. I am tired of having to test your app for you. I obviously don't get paid to test your app. I have retired from a career in application development, and would be embarrassed in routinely releasing an app that fails such basic features, simply because it wasn't tested.

Almost lost hope. I came in after working till 1am then to a training and said let me get it now while I’m here but didn’t have my card. These ladies were so helpful and didn’t let me leave without all options so I wouldn’t have to travel back uptown to come back down. At the register Amerique said she will find a way. Went to customer service where Jonae & Terry were AMAZING!!!! they helped me pay on my app and leave with my things. Even when it said I couldn’t check out. Terry looked further and noticed halfway thru my order the pick up location I entered changed on its own. She fixed it and I paid. So happy. On way home to paint my kitchen cabinets. Btw ladies at paint were amazing too. They had a rude customer and they kept very calm smiled and tried to help those who make it hard to help. They helped me pick everything I needed. Great team @ Home Depot 23rd with these ladies. ESPECIALLY TERRY! Thanks ladies.

Worst customer service EVER. I ordered carpet for my living room and stairs. When they came to measure, I told him I was undecided on color but it would be one these two and I provided the samples for him. They were the same carpet just different colors. He took a photo of the labels on the back. When the quote came in, he had identified a color that was not one of the two but ok, no worries. I phoned in the order per the instructions and asked that the color be corrected to the one I decided on. It was. I paid and waited for my carpet to be installed. When the installers arrived, he asked me to verify that the carpet was correct. It was not. We had moved all our furniture and were finishing up a major remodel. I did not want to wait another month! Reluctantly, I approved the carpet they brought but not until I spoke with the manager and they assured me they’d “make it right”. Whatever that means. I got a call the next day from someone who said he was going to try to get a refund for me of some sort. Three weeks later, a different manager called to see if all was resolved and when I voiced my dissatisfaction, he said he’d get back to me ASAP. That was over 3 months ago. They could really care less and that upsets me greatly.

App couldn’t handle my needs. I downloaded your app yesterday, hoping it would help me find and ship some items to store 742 in Chattanooga for pick up. The items are Vigoro plant props, 18“ and 36“. First of all, neither the app nor your website could find “Vigoro plant props“. So I was forced to call your toll-free number (I know this store sells these items because I’ve bought them there, but they weren’t in stock on Sunday) and after waiting on hold for 10 minutes the helpful rep gave me the “Internet number“ for the items. Now how was I supposed to know the Internet number? Your app and your website get a failing grade for not being able to find the item from the description of the actual product. So now I’ve already wasted 30 minutes of my precious time. I spent the next 30 minutes trying to get the app to let me order the items and ship them to store for pick up (after all, that’s one of the main features that Home Depot promotes as an app benefit), but the app simply refused to give me that option. I finally rang the store to talk to the manager to get some answers about the app’s failure to let me ship to store. He couldn’t help. But he did give me an eensy teensy bit of an idea of when the plant props might be shipped to his store. So Home Depot hasn’t helped me at all today, although it’s wasted 1 1/2 hours of my time. And now I’m required to ring the store every day to see whether the items are back in stock. Thanks, Home Depot. Sent from my iPhone

Always the best. Looking past people’s unrealistic need for perfection and the disease that is “expectations”, Home Depot is a wonderful resource that adds so much value to our lives. Yes, customer service may not ALWAYS live up to our “expectations” but that is not a realistic expectation. Yes, a product may be defective from time to time but should we ‘expect’ EVERY product to be perfect? No. Just return it and go about your day. Let the negative thoughts flee from your mind. Home Depot is and always will be a place where business and home owners can go and dream about a life, house, etc better than the one they have. Home Depot provides us the opportunity to better our lives one paycheck at a time (no, never been a HD employee - but this pertains to people in the blue collar jobs that utilize HD like I do to provide resources for me to complete a job for a client), one nail at a time, one isle at a time.

Needs Online Order Warnings. There are several Home Depot stores in my area, so I have my app set to search all of them for items I’m looking for. However, even though all my items may be available in one store, it sometimes displays them from different stores. When I enter an online order and go to check out, it will complete the order and then inform me that it was filled from more than one store, again, even though all of the items were available in a single store. It’s easy enough to change the store location prior to submitting the order, but sometimes you overlook that. A simple warning before completing the order (“This order is being filled from multiple stores. Continue or Go Back”) would solve that issue and keep me from having to drive to another store when all the items I requested are available at the one closest to my home.

Horrible app. Products rarely match what is actually available in store!. Products/Promotions are inaccurate or non existent. Be careful when purchasing through the app or online that your order may disappear as if you never purchased an item. Also seems to be extremely limited on product selection overall. If you don’t know the exact name of the item you are looking for, good luck trying to thoroughly browse the different options or in stock items. I have a brand new phone iPhone 13 pro max with the software up to date and it says my browser needs to be updated a lot of times and that I’m viewing an outdated web version of Home Depot. I have looked through all settings I don’t know why this keeps happening. But if it’s happening to you just quit buying things online. Don’t use app for purchases or web browser. Just dedicate an entire day of your life walking through the store while being ignored or felt to be a bother when you try to get a tad bit of info from any of the wonderful HD employees. Whom by the way, know nothing on any subject relevant to home improvement, tools/ services, inventory or store layout. And don’t get me started on Lowe’s. Believe it or not the Home Depot experience is a huge upgrade. So, happy hunting!

So close to being a 5 star app. I installed this app on a whim, not expecting much. Turns out it’s quite a great app, though not without flaws. The store inventory is awesome, as is the UPC scanning feature, and the ability to see your receipts when you link your credit cards. The image recognition seems like it could be useful, though in truth I haven’t found a good case for it. Even the real time SMS chat initiated from the app is awesome. I actually managed to chat with a real, live human being (or a really excellent AI bot). Now the warts: the shopping list experience is totally nonsensical. You can add items to an on-device list without creating an account or logging in, but you can’t manage the list in any way- not even delete items off the list. Imagine how frustrating it is to have a shopping list when you’re wandering the aisles, but have to mentally cross items off of as you pick them up off the shelves. Secondly, if you log in, you can create lists that persist across devices, but inexplicably, you have to use the desktop website to delete the items on it. Huh?!? Why?? Next problem: as you scroll to read product reviews, the view refreshes and forces you back to the top. Infuriating. HD, please push out an update to fix these issues. You’re so close to having a truly great app.

Curbside pickup totally not intuitive. The app is frustratingly and almost comically clunky with curbside pickup, which is literally the only reason I downloaded it. There should be a big button somewhere upfront that I just click on to get to my current order (there isn’t) and then ideally, the app should seamlessly take me to the prompt to alert the store when I am there (it didn’t). It took me 10 minutes just to figure out that I needed to have location services turned on (app didn’t tell me, I was just experimenting based on knowledge of how other apps have worked) and then another few to find the order (app no help here either) and then more time to figure out how to alert the store (also not intuitive). What makes it comical is the big message on the app home page helpfully informing users of the THREE EASY STEPS for curbside pickup … without actually taking them to (or even telling them anything about HOW to follow) the step within the app, and without the app being easy at all. Lol! With today’s data integration capabilities, it shouldn’t be this hard. Would have been quicker just to go into the store and get the d*** thing at that point, but I was determined to figure it out. Good thing I wasn’t in a hurry. 😐

Sometimes really useful. Sometimes really frustrating.. Probably my favorite feature is scanning barcodes in-store to check reviews or get more information about a product. The my second favorite feature is the aisle/bay finder for locating items that I have searched for. The scanning, however, fails about 20% of the time and can’t find a match. The notifications are an annoying train-wreck. My Message Center has a perpetual “2” indicating I have 2 unread messages, but the inbox says there are no messages. Also, and this is more corporate policy than the app itself, but it pings the user WAY too much with stupid notifications about stuff that’s not relevant at all and are just trying to sell you stuff. So… notifications are disabled entirely. Finally, and this isn’t so much about the app, but Home Depot has an obscene number of trackers on their app and website that things are frequently broken because my router-level ad blocker strips out close to a dozen trackers every time a page refreshes or I add something to the cart. Chill out with the trackers guys; it’s creepy.

Buggy app. Update 8/8/23 - developers - PLEASE fix the authentication. I am a PRO Member and in the store practically every day. I get SO tired of having to login to the stupid app in the middle of trying to do my job, and HATE your dumb OTP implementation. I want to use my cached iOS keychain PWD if you are going to force me to login - AND PLEASE make it so I don’t have to type my email/userid every single login. I use my PWD every time because i don’t want to have to check my email for your dumb authenticator. Please remember this preference at least! I am the only one using my secured phone and you should know its device ID and not be bugging me anyway. If I didn't rely on the app so much to find products in-store, check reviews and order things I would delete it because this one aspect is so absolutely awful to use. I mean come on - you have had at least 6 months to get this streamlined and its still crap. Old - Purchase history almost never works which is a thing that i need regularly but have to often look later when home on a traditional computer. Not sure if its a bandwidth/latency thing but behaves similarly on wifi. Lookups and such in-store can be hit or miss. Wish i could turn off the in-store version because i dont want a dumbed-down product view when i am actively trying to make an informed purchase.

Obsessed with this app. I didn’t think this app would be so useful. Most store apps run slow or get stuck. This app keeps me logged in and shows what I’ve viewed. It shows you what stores have in stock and what aisle they are on. Cut my shopping time by 75% while I was in ther store looking for stuff. You can scan items to see how much they are which is helpful. If your shopping at home it gives you comparable items to look at and specified the difference side by side. You can create lists to save favorite items in a certain category which is then easy to go back and review or find what you were viewing earlier rather than hitting the back button or searching again for the item. No glitches, no pop ups. Easy check out.. too easy and free delivery to home with over $45 purchase which is easy to do when your working on your home. If you buy in the store they only ship items over $400 in price. So this app has made it super handy to get the parts, accessories, fun stuff for the house , etc. And they have nearly everything you could want. You can hire a tech to install appliances or sheds and or remove the old appliances . Or hire a tech for items that need to be assembled. The labor is rather affordable if you are not so handy like me and want it done right. If you shop at Home Depot you should get this app. It helps if your in the store or at home. I’m on it everyday!! And I’ve had no problems with it. Shipping has been an average of 2 days max...😀

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Seemed to sacrifice gimmicks for usability. I’ve been using the HD app weekly (daily in the months after Harvey flooding) for over 5 years. The seems like the past 2 years of updates has gotten some cool features like accurate in stock levels (matches store even if store staff can’t always find it), same-day pick up, Augmented Reality and more. However, it no longer shows all categories and sub-categories under “browse” options and the search seems to have gotten worse (like searching for “light canopy” and many of top results are “batteries” for lighting (like exit sign battery at #5 of 461 results - the item titled “Black modern canopy kit” was over half way down the list of those 461 items. Canopy is in the name!) I hope they reevaluate their Browse categories and tweak their search algorithms in the next updates cause those are way more important than AR features.

App is good Moses lake WA Store is a joke. I’ve been a Lowe’s customer and always bought my stuff there this time I decided to get it at Home Depot since they had some landscaping rock I liked. Made an order to get deliver to my house and got schedule for Tuesday 04/28. House within city limits so they told me I needed a permit, I called city and PUD told me I didn’t need one is truck is able to get in on the drive way, I called to let them know that they said they were going to get it delivered, the whole day they we waited and nobody showed up, I called them the next day and they told me they didn’t know what happened that they were going to schedule me for another delivery Friday 05/01. Friday morning they call and ask for a permit again they say it’s a requirement for them and unless I get it they can’t deliver, my problem is why didn’t they say that since the beginning or even the second time when I called and said they didn’t know what happened. Moral of Story I cancelled my order and I will be going back to Lowe’s, I had them deliver appliances, wood and never had an issue!!

Always loved this place to shop. I have been a long time customer of Home Depot. My kids had Toys r’Us & I had my Home Depot!!! I shopped there so much when they were young that my 3yr old daughter knew how to read the word Home Depot before any other word. She would see the Home Depot sign & put her hand upon her forehead and exclaim “oh no! Not Home Depot!!!!” She knew if I was going in there she was going to be bored cause that was the adult toy store. But now she does the same thing with her two kids. So the tradition carries on!!! She is so happy I taught to be an independent capable woman and not have to wait for a man to come fix things. Not that that is bad but her hubby happens to be one of those guys that just doesn’t have the handyman gene. I give him credit he does try though, & that is so cute. 🤩🤭

Home Depot Beats the Competition. I recently moved to Gonzales, Louisiana from Austin, Texas. I generally treated Home Depot and its primary competitor, who I don’t think I need to name, as interchangeable. The Home Depot here is not only much closer, but the staff seems to be considerably more knowledgeable and helpful, the things I need are usually in stock, and delivery is a snap. Online ordering from the mobile app works very well. Since I bought a brand new home, I have needed a lot of things that are basically one time purchases. The folks at Home Depot have been extremely helpful at expediting the process, which is been a great stress reliever for me. I’m sure I will be back there over and over again, and I will also be making quite a few online orders for delivery.

We’ll have it waiting,ready and paid for???. Quick and easy? I think Not! Want to preserve your sanity? Want to wait on hold for over 30 minutes? You can’t do both! Covid has forced many out of the store and unlike WallMart or Smart and Final online ordering is not as streamlined as you would hope. I searched and assembled my order only to find items like 4 kiln dried 2x4’s could only be purchased in store and not ready for pickup at the curbside. Additionally, All the items I selected, specifically because they were “IN STOCK” at my store, weren’t available at checkout??? Three items w/ Free shipping to my house 14 days later is no recompense (ten days after the project would be done), there was no way to fix this or chat with someone. Yesterday when the line to get in the store was over a football field long total time to get into the store was over 40 minutes. So I had some one hold my place in line while I placed a test order. Four items because the app is a nightmare at checkout. Trust me it’s easier to just sign out as a guest. Then three hours later I got the notice my order was ready. Called the curbside # pulled up and it still took them 30 minutes to find it process the payment and bring it to me. So there is room for improvement I suggest they do some Home Improvement!

All you need. This app ROCKS! Ordering and finding items in the stores even come with in store mapping! The app is a “must have” for all HomeDepot shoppers. It’s the ultimate tool for use before, during, after, and planning a shopping experience or project. Never have I ever encountered a more streamlined way to browse products in one or all stores, find my in store items when I’m there, order online for delivery/in-store pickup, organize shopping lists, plan a project, or compare Home Depot products available in my local store/all stores/internet stores. Cheers to this app and never having an uneasy or scattered feeling when shopping in the store, and never having to meander the isles searching for “that person in orange” to help me again as you now have multiple resources for all your need in ONE user friendly app. I tip my “hardhat” off to you HomeDepot. A very well done app indeed.

Terrible app. You know an app is bad when it forces you to update and says it’s time to “upgrade”… no it’s an update! Upgrade would be a whole new better app - but this one is worse!!! I use the app to pay my HD card. But now, when I sign in, it says “we made signing in easier” - no you didn’t! It now sends a one time passcode to my email instead of me entering my password - and it’s not just an option, you have to do this. Sure, closing the app, opening my email, copying the passcode, closing my email, reopening my HD app, and pasting the passcode is so much easier than just clicking my iPhone saved password! NOT! If they really want to upgrade - and make it more secure - they would use BIOMETRICS! I mean it’s an app, not the website! Sure, maybe someone has my phone and can log-in to my HD app… if so, they also have access to my email!!! The default Apple email app does not require password or biometrics to open… but my saved passwords do! Thanks for making the app way more difficult and way less secure!!!!

Thank you!!!. Thank you thank you thank you thank you for the new “store mode”! I mean, has every single person who’s ever downloaded the app been left completely dumbfounded that this wasn’t a feature from the very beginning? Sure. Was the app useful without it? Barely. Did using the app without this feature for all these years end every time in closing the app with a violent swipe up and instigating a swear laden rant about how there’s nothing in life worth living for anymore? Absolutely. But there’s no need to swim in the water that on its way under the bridge right? At least we finally have the simplest feature that everyone assumed the app was all about when they originally downloaded it to begin with.

Very well made app!. I am always thoroughly impressed at how smooth and intuitive the Home Depot app works. The app like the website has always been very robust with all the info and manuals you could ever want, but it’s also well organized. The search feature works incredibly well and makes a standard for other retail stores to compete with. I shop more at HD than other similar stores because so much effort goes into making the app the best it can be. That also translates into then sometimes buying online from the app and shipping directly to my home. The text to chat feature is actually really nice as well. Please do keep up the good job ya’ll! The only thing I could possibly think of, is please add Rating and number of reviews while viewing my heart / shopping list. Thank you!

I use this app all the time!. The HD App let’s you scan bar codes to determine product availability and inventory at the various locations as well as help check if an item was bought at HD so you are able to return without second guessing where an item was purchased. In store locator is also great if you are having trouble finding an item in a particular store...very helpful when you are at an unfamiliar store you have not been to often. Also great to look up a tool you have purchased and scroll to the online owners manual to review troubleshooting issues or order replacement parts. I renovate homes for a living and am in Home Depot almost every day. The app helps make the trips faster by allowing me to order online and have orders pulled and waiting for myself or one of my workers to pickup.

Home Depot app needs improvement. - No ability to use Apple Pay - During final checkout, one item was not available in my area. There is no way to remove item unless I exit checkout, go back to cart and then remove item. Availability of an item should be viewable in “cart” feature - Most items are not available for shipping or online. There is no way to remove these unavailable online items from the search results, making the search for an item extremely laborious - price quoted in cart and subsequently when paying was different (the difference was tax which fails to load in the cart feature). - app is not user friendly! Needs a lot of work

App is great but recent update removed important feature. I use this app a lot it’s really great and better than competitor stores apps, which honestly makes me shop at Home Depot more because I have an easier time searching, shopping, chatting with real associates online for help, etc. HOWEVER latest update removed the ability to share a product with someone else via text or messenger and this is a major issue as this was one of the main things I did. I shared products with my spouse before purchasing and this now it’s gone it’s really frustrating, please fix it this was a very important feature and made this app one that you could search for items and send to others to get their opinion and then immediately purchase without this feature this app is no longer going to be as useful for me.

Worst customer service in my 83 years. I looked at Ryobi tiller on line yesterday then got an email today re a 2nd look. I decided to order today. most of my power tools are Ryobi Drill, saw, weed eater and etc. I made a mistake trying to apply for Home Depot credit card, never could figure that out so just decided just put on my American Express but could not get to work, my credit score is over 800. I finally up and called the store, but they said they could not take my order I would have to order on line have it shipped, I had planned to use it this afternoon. I told them the store, Matthews, NC shows one in stock, gave them description Ryobi tiller or cultivator 16 inch 13.5 amps the picture did not show item number. The lady said there were too many for her to look up I would have to come to purchase. I told her I was 83 and would not go in store due to virus, she was sorry but she could not help. Since I wanted to get some work done this afternoon I went back on line, did not try to get credit card to get the discount and was able to place the order. This will be my last order

Free shipping. If product is not at your closest store and next-store is 30 miles away that has it they will not ship it to you free or even ship it to the store that is closest to you free. They expect you to go to one store to pick up one product which is 18 miles away and then drive 45 miles to the other store to pick up the other product that is not in stock. Then you ask him when it’s going to be in stock at your store, they have no idea when it would be available but they tell you to drive to 45 miles to go to the other store instead of shipping it to you they want you to pay $35 for one product to be delivered to your house. Now I know why I like going to Lowe’s better.

Bad customer service. I bought a deck box online on May 1st and was having it shipped to the store. I receive two emails. One saying the order was received and the second saying it was shipped and would be available on May 17th. The second email was sent May 6th. On May 17th, I called to see if my order was ready. CS said it wasn’t and to check back in a few days. I waited and checked again, no answers. I didn’t receive any other emails after May 6th and called numerous times about my order only to get advice to call back later. The last time I called was on May 25th. This time, the CS looked into it further only to find out that it may have gotten lost and now it is on back order. The resolution...cancel the order and be done or reorder and not know when it will be back in stock. I have already waited almost a month, so I canceled. I found it at another store and it will be delivered to my home free of charge, so HD lost my business. I feel they could have accommodated my inconvenience and frustration, but failed to do so. I will be giving my business to Lowe’s.

Works Well. I have been using the HD app since the end of this past year when I was forced into it for obtaining my military discount. A bit of a bumpy road for that military discount the first month of use, but it has been working like a charm the past couple of months. I can now also get the military discount for online items, which I could not get before. I move between a lot of Home Depot locations and the app picks up the locations when I am In a store and searching for a location of an item is rather seamless. I have placed combo orders for items to be picked up locally and the remainder to be shipped to my home—zero problems checking out for these combo orders. It is nice to have an app that just plain works.

Great shopping app, and support is responsive!. A huge thank you to HomeDepot app developers for recently adding iPad Landscape support, greatly appreciated! They do read user feedback and work hard to accommodate our suggestions. The HomeDepot app provides great search & browse capabilities, as well as product descriptions, detailed specs, reviews, questions, knowledge articles, etc. It’s especially helpful when in store, the app makes it very quick to find if an item is in stock, and the exact location of it in the store. It also makes it easy to find alternatives to consider, or see if an item is in a different store. With the latest updates, very well done and helpful app that complements the website, and runs nicely across different devices.

Inventory not available.. Went to browse as I usually do at Home Depot because they carry the red tool brand . Was looking at m12 batteries and almost picked up a 2.0 and 6.0 separately when I figured I would check online and I’ll be dipped if there wasn’t a combo with the 3.0 and 6.0 in stock 7 of them to be exact. I asked for some help to no avail, was told they checked couldn’t find them and the manager would have to find them or something. I’m not one to gripe as I work in the retail business myself and know how petty people can be. All I’m going to say is it would be awesome if there was better inventory awareness and that if in fact they don’t have something maybe it shouldn’t be advertised stating they do. I’m out nothing but time on this one hopefully this is a one time deal I really like the idea of going and getting what I need same day but if I have to I’ll order online through someone else and happily wait for shipping. Step up your game Home Depot, please!

Bad memory. The site itself is not bad. When your looking up an item it’s pretty good about finding and displaying what your looking for, ordering is easy. The problem is that no matter how many times you order the site can NOT remember YOUR store preference. Make sure when you check out that the items you order (especially if you are picking up) are at the store of your choosing. Repeatedly I have to checked the store back to my store even tho I only use one store. I even have to make sure the state is correct sometimes. I have had to call the 800 number after placing an order to get it redirected to where it’s supposed to go. Customer service has been great in solving that issue but make sure the store is correct before to hit submit order

Functionality is good - but login fails. Search functionality and filtering options are pretty decent! The ability to search for what’s available IN my Local store is excellent. However an app should stay connected to my login and I shouldn’t have to login every time I open the app and search for merchandise again.... I do an hour and a half of shopping and then I go to pay... I’m prepared to enter my credit card newly again but I’m not prepared to try to login. So I open up my laptop and I go to my password memory And retrieve my correct password and email. and have the software not work. the login fails! It wouldn’t tell me what was wrong. It wouldn’t tell me WHY, it just keeps re-loading. that’s a critical feature. it needs to work! and it needs to stay in cache beyond downloading the app and logging in for the first time - I shouldn’t have to login every time just to use the app.

Easy shopping. I used to be a Lowes customer for almost over 20 years had corporate account and personal account. Now after many failed delivery and poor customer service issues with Lowes I have completely dedicated my resources to Home Depot. It’s got better CSR and knowledgeable store staff. They don’t hang up when I call. The product doesn’t get lost and I do receive a call when delayed. I get emails when my item is in route or delayed or issue or they have a question. (Lowes just ignored and deleted it. I had no idea my item wasn’t coming for Christmas for my Fred) I have easy returns at Home Depot. Lowes sent my Fred home with his paid warranty on his weed eater and said they couldn’t help him. Home Depot handled it the first time. Hands down. No comparison. DONE WITH LOWES! No more chances. High interest on credit card. Bad service. My time is priceless. Home Depot understands what value a customer is. Thank you for the Manager of Lowes who tried to fix the issue at his store. But our furniture never made it to our door that was to be delivered we had to Pick it up from Lowes that was the last straw! Thank you Home Depot for being always available and ready when we were not able to get Lowes to get our order correct. Sincerely, The Phillips and Co.

A store with quality employees everywhere you look.. A few months ago I purchased a washer and dryer at Home Depot. I’m an OTR truck driver so the delivery was made while I was out of town. The dryer didn’t fit thru the doorway so it was returned. Several weeks later the $600 was still on my account. I contacted several different people at the store and Home Depot CR without satisfaction. I was getting pretty frustrated when I finally came across Mark. Mark stayed with the problem and it went away making at seem simple. Today I’m buying a dryer that fits. Today, I’m also delivering a load of lumber at Home Depot. I have another problem. Luckily, Mark got involved again. Due to his refusal to simply take the easy way out a small problem remained small and I’m on my way! I’ve had so many positive interactions with so many great employees at this store. Just know that each of you are appreciated.

Literally would not let me do anything. UPDATE: The hours-long in-store and at-home refusal to let me access anything has ended. This was not the first time that trying to use the app in my local store was a failure. … Typically it was the store wifi that was the problem and I simply turned off phone wifi and it would behave. Not this time recently, though: I could not even look up the store I was standing in today. Tried every way possible. Nothing. I thought it was bad connection. I tried to access the app at home – no connections problems there – and the exact same lack of any function at all. Can’t see a thing, immediately takes me to locating a store. Impossible to do that at home just like in the store. So app is useless right now. Everything Home Depot online is useless. I clicked on the Support link in App Store and the web site…” Access Denied.” (Yes I can access other sites, no problem.) What is going on?

Need to simplify purchase using HD credit card. I logged into my Home Depot acct (which required my login and password). I shopped and found the bathroom vanity that I wanted however when I went to check out, it wanted my CVV number from the back of my Home depot credit card (which is already saved as preferred payment for my acct). I had selected in store pickup where you will require an ID to pickup my order so why after logging into my HD acct with a password do I need to have my CVV for a saved card and for something that you will verify my identity for before I pick it up. Since I didn’t have my HD credit card in my bedroom, where I was logged into shop, I wasn’t able to complete my purchase tonight. You wasted my time and lost an $800 sale I was able to log into my Lowe’s acct with my saved Lowe’s CC and purchase a vanity with ease.

Don’t trust quantities. I went into the store and made a special order for product. After several phone calls not been able to speak with somebody, couple trips to the store and being guaranteed the order with arrive tomorrow, I found out my order has been received by the store they placed it on the shelves, and it got sold to someone else. I didn’t submit in an Nother order with another store. The order was canceled and they told me that it was a computer glitch to why they have stock. So I went to another store that said they had stock. They gave me some excuse how they didn’t really have the stock. I have repeated this at two more stores now. I find this happens quite frequently with Home Depot. For your lumber needs, go to smaller independent lumber stores. They have competitive prices, they often bring the material to your truck to be loaded instead of having to find a cart and drag across the store, and always the quality of wood it’s gonna be higher than what Home Depot sells.

Website ordering is jacked up. Finding the product was easy. Checking out was a different story. First, I wanted to pick it up at my local Home Depot, but at checkout when I selected that button, it gave me a selection of stores in Georgia - I live in Southern California. I thought oh, my default address must have gotten changed somehow. Nope, it was correct in my profile. Tried to make the selection before I put the item in my cart. Nope, as soon as I started to check out, it returned to a Georgia store! Finally, I gave up and am having it sent to my home. Next for check out it asked me to login. I did that successfully but it returned me to the home page and when I went to check out I was asked to login again. I did that, back to the home page then back to the request for login. At that point I gave up on logging in and just checked out as a guest. BTW this was in the app. I’m going to go to the Lowe’s app to buy what I need next time.

Online vs store skus. This is a constant problem when some items are delivered by ie UPS vs store delivery. I had many mixed orders receiving products by my local HD store and by HD online site delivery. My local HD store gives me such a hard time when I have any online site delivery returns. They always make me feel uncomfortable like I’ve stole the products and I’m doing a illegal transaction. Nerve racking and I always feel uncomfortable after the exchange at the return counter. I’ve moved to my community 3 yrs ago and 80% of my remodeled I’ve bought HD products… 3 yrs later to be treated the same way seems to be the culture of the store/staff. Unsettling to me every time, even 70+k later my experience should not be this way… forced to continue to purchase from HD since my small town has no other major options.

Great for single item orders. Love when I order one item at a time. Multiple items are a pain. Have ordered multiple orders twice and both times created problems. HD should streamline how they process multiple item orders. One order was 4 items from same manufacture that 3 items would send free, where 1 item (smallest item) had to be picked up. I called the store, said try again else, come pick up item🥴. Another order, I ordered all items to be picked up. All but one item were in store 1 had a 2 week delivery to store. I live an hour and 20 minutes from store, store kept sending emails to pick up partial order or the order would be cancelled. I called to explain I wanted to wait for whole order, was told they could put a note but was up to order dept whether to canx order. Hahowe

The “bomb-dot-com”...the coolest app.!. OK ,let’s talk about this cool app. You can simply search for a product you’re looking for , or you can take a picture with the app & it recognizes it and shows if Home Depot has it in store or online. Once you pull up the product you’re looking for, the app will show you if it’s available in store or online. If it’s in store, it will tell you how many are in stock,what stores have it, The exact location by aisle & bay in the store, and it shows a price, of course. Under the product you’re looking at in the app,it will also show your product details etc. etc. Of course the app shows all the stores, phone numbers and business hours, and a GPS link to guide you on a map to their location. Like I mentioned before, this is the coolest app ever.... assuming you take a visit at Home Depot.

Why would I give one star to such a good app?. Because they push updates ALL the time, and the app does not work when there is a pending update. Put these together, and my experience is always the same. I get to the store, give up on trying to find the items I’m looking for, recall I have this great app, only to find out yet again that it needs an update, and being that cell reception inside a big store is weak, it just isn’t going to happen. I guess I have to remind myself to always update the app before going to the store. Hopefully one of the app devs sees this message, realize that having a dead app is probably not worth the added minor bug fix they might have pushed, and finally understand that minor software updates must be optional. Until then, one star.

Great for in-store locations. The Home Depot app is great for when you have to find the location of an item in the store or for comparing prices. Excellent timesaver. There are only two reasons for not giving it five stars. The first is that the search feature is not very intuitive and will list all sorts of items ahead of what you’re looking for. For example, I searched for a P100 respirator and they weren’t even at the top of the list. All sorts of other respirators were listed ahead of what I wanted to find. Secondly, when reading reviews every time you get to the last review loaded more reviews are added to the list but it jumps back to the first review forcing you to have to scroll back down to find where you left off. The only way to avoid this is to keep scrolling over and over until you see end of reviews. Then go back to the top and start reading the reviews.

Payment acceptance. Yesterday I needed a few things from Home Depot and walked a bit over a mile and a half from my house. As I approached the lot I reached in my pocket and realized I didn’t have my wallet. Being that I walked so far turning back was not an option. Then I thought to myself Apple Pay is accepted in over 98% of major companies like Home Depot. I walked in and was un able to purchase my items simply because you don’t accept Apple Pay. I proceeded to the customer service area and asked if it was any way I could pay without my physical card being present and the young man behind the counter was extremely helpful and tried his best to assist with the matter but was unsuccessful because again the keypad asked me to type my card in and I didn’t have that available. I’m now taking my second trip to the stop to walk around the store once again to collect the same exact items. That is a major inconvenience to paying customers like myself and I would like for a report from corporate to contact me when possible. Thanks in advance.

Love to shop online, but.... I do a lot of online shopping (from hardware to underwear), so I know my shopping apps. I am working on a home project, so I'm shopping a lot on this app. I find it frustrating. The cart does not have a way to update quantities. The app was insisting I order two kitchen sinks! I tried everything I could think of to update the quantity to one, and finally ended up deleting the item and putting it back in. Then, even though there is an option to remember my card number, and I check the option, it NEVER remembers it. I continue to use it though because the selection is much greater than in the store. By the way, I have received numerous damaged items (3 sinks, a light fixture and a vanity). Customer service, both online and in the store is very responsive, helpful and friendly.

Get With The Times…. If this app wasn’t so useful it’d get a much lesser review. *Strictly the Credit Card UI.. Having to manually sign in to view my Home Depot card balance/make a payment is less than ideal at this point. Add Face ID, a pin, or at least an option to stay signed in. Most mobile banking apps have adopted other sign in methods except for you. It also looks outdated and frankly, ugly. Wal-Mart (who uses Capital One as their Merchant) allows you to link and view their card from the Capital One app. Why can’t I link this to my Citi app? Even when you sign in to this app, it takes multiple steps just to see your recent transactions. That’s one of the first thing a consumer probably wants to see. Software developers, you guys are seriously slacking. If you need to design a separate credit card app then so be it. And so I say, get with times…

Recently updates broke unfriendly interface. It’s used to very easy to use the app, but recently updates made it harder to navigate. The bug for viewing ads still existing for over the years, I sent feedbacks and it seemed they don’t want to fix it. Viewing as pages to page, the app auto do listing items and took half of the screen blocking the ads page, you have to close that listing in order to see the full page ads, sometimes if that page has nothing to listing, it displayed empty popup and you can’t close it to see the full page ads. This has been going on for years and it seemed they didn’t do the testing as a user with a mobile app installed, instead test at their desk. Go see Lowes app to how it’s so easy to see the ads page. Also, when 1st open the app, there should be options I can choose to see ads, top deals, recently viewed history, instead the app pushed all the viewed histories, and finding other menu options are way of the page and hard to notice it’s the links to ads or top deals

5 stars but???. Easy to navigate and the search mode is really good. I rated it 5 stars but there is one thing you need to improve. If you have a Home Depot card attached with the app. I defy you to find your balance on it or the limit. You have to look long and hard to find either and I still am not sure I ever found the limit on the site. This is probably in the works with your team but something a large retailer has done which puts them at 5 stars plus is the location of the items in the store by isle and bin for each store. the app recognizes which store you are in or plan to go to. Also you can scan items in the store and pull up the price and information on each item on the app. Your doing a great job but There is a high bar out there to reach.

Additional feature suggestions. As a shopper this app is amazing because it gives all the info you’re looking for whether it’s where to find the product or how much is in stock and other options if it isn’t available. Now the issue is the fact that, as an associate, we often find ourselves relying on this app to help us during our shifts. So I would like to have an additional feature for associates where the info is formatted to have what we need readily available such as Department numbers on the interactive map or the item SKU at the top of the page with the location and department. Basically make it a miniature version of the IMS app on the First Phones. Of course this would involve having associates sign in with their associate account since that kind of information should only be available to associates. But aside from that this is an amazing app which does make shopping a breeze

Can’t login the credit card menu to pay?. To everyone having this issue....The link this app directs you to uses Safari and you get the 404 error message. Copy that link from safari and use Google then it works. I would gladly do so, only issue is the app and apple software is fully updated. Was working now isn’t. I would give 4 stars but this issue is something that prevents me from using a feature I relied on. Old issues that were annoying but I dealt with them: simply logging in which you would have to click the password tab 3 or more times to type the password. Sometimes while making a payment you would get kicked out and be forced to login again. How you go from a working app that’s decently useful to one that is barely useful is beyond me, I’m sure it’s probably a resource issue and this little app will have to wait until someone is available to “pull out the handy dandy fly swatter to squash a few bugs”. There are many with this issue and it reflects poorly on Home Depot as a company. This combined with other problems I’ve had with HD has lead my shopping decisions to the competition. If I must go back to 2009 in how I manage payments I might as well shop the way I did back then too, Convenience plays a major role in how/where my dollars are spent, those dollars will be spent where that convenience is a priority to the company looking for me to do business with them. As of this writing the overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars is very misleading.

Worst Store App. They make it IMPOSSIBLE to do a curbside pickup. My husband purchased a new snow blower and selected me as the pickup person so that I could run and get it. We have two very young kids so I needed them to bring it to me in the curbside spot. I signed into my husband’s account on the app, but there is NO WHERE in the app to go to the curbside order. I found instructions to click the link in the email confirmation and that it would bring up the app to put the parking spot you are in. My husband sent it to me, but none of the links in the email opened the app. And in the email it said to open the app and let them know you are on your way. WHERE??? The order history didn’t even show any orders. Home Depot needs to get in touch with Target’s people. They have their drive up order service perfected! Ended up having to just call the store, wait on hold for someone, and then wait for them to finally bring it out. I was there for a half hour. Horrible horrible horrible. Never attempting curbside pickup again. Deleting the app.

Difficult to purchase. If you ever have to log on to different stores when you were at different locations to order, website is changing ZIP Codes and your stores even if you save this store as your store. Just because you were in a different location and you’re shopping for some thing for Home in another they can be difficult to do. I was shopping for a washer and dryer sets. Every time we change the screen re-entering if you wanted delivery with set up and Haul away or move to another location. It had a hard time keeping usually when purchasing from Home Depot in the cart at check out I can hit my saved card from Google and automatically load number after verification. For some reason during this purchase I had to manually enter the number, extra hassle. I give this purchase/Internet experience, ease of use a 3/10

Easy cancellations. Worry, free shopping here because if you order for in-store pick up, you can cancel for free any time before the pick up deadline. I think if you do not pick up by the pick up deadline, they automatically cancel your order and return it. I think they don’t even charge your method of payment until pick up. Anyway, easy to change your mind—just cancel on the app and if you want something just a little different put it in your cart and re-order. If there’s one drawback, it’s that you have to cancel an entire order, so if you have a lot of items in the order, it could be a pain to go find all of them except the one you want to change and put them back in your cart. But that’s a pretty minor inconvenience. Overall great app.

Broken link. This app was working well until the last update came out & it has a broken link for paying my consumer credit card. When it redirects to a webpage for Citibank there is now an error message that comes up. Also I purchased some floor tile using the app and it gave me a delivery to the store date, & tracking number. The tracking number doesn’t work, the delivery date has passed by over a week & contacting the store was no help. They told us that the order had been “lost” in shipping and then they told us that the product had been oversold. I took off work a week to install this floor tile in our home, the week after it was supposed to arrive, & now we are stuck with bare floors. The store manager told us that they will reorder the tile & it should come in in another month, but there are no guarantees. I don’t think I will order any more from the app.

Military Discount. I understand that although I was established in your in-store Military Discount, that you have a different way for Vets to register. I was in the Ocala Store on my last purchase and there was information on the wall about how to register. I tried three times to setup my account on a website with negative results. The store manager was walking by and she tried several times to set up my account but after numerous tries she was unable to help me. This evening I made a purchase in excess of $240 and this is my first purchase at a Home Depot without having a Military Discount. It hurts to not be able to use it. Has the registration been perfected? How do I now have to setup my Military Account? Thanks for all of the previous discounts. My family greatly appreciates it. Thanks

Quality goes down with each update!. I’ve used The Home Depot app for years, but there recent updates have destroyed the app. The latest update a week ago really did it. It freezes up constantly, it automatically sends you to what it thinks you are looking for so you cannot search for yourself based on the words you type in. It’s absolutely frustrating and has made this app worthless. It’s predictive setting is bossy and way off and thinks you are stupid. Makes searching so complicated because you have to find ways to avoid the apps predictive components. And did I say it freezes! It freezes when opening the home page, or when opening the app it does not load the home page correctly and just keeps spinning. Your app was better about a year ago. Go back to what worked and stop with the predictive, or AI or bot that assumes it knows what you are looking for or hijacks your search right when you are getting to what you are looking for.

No one would help us. So we stopped by the Port Richmond Home Depot because we were looking for a refrigerator for our new house. We have been researching and looking at multiple places because of the holiday weekend and sales. We knew pretty much what we wanted. There where 3 sales associates sitting at the appliance desk, two of them texting and looking at there phones. I ask Maria for help and she shrugged towards Julia. Julia looked up the fridge I wanted and stated that they didn’t have it there. We looked around some more and I wanted more info on a different fridge so I again approached where the 3 where sitting. Eyes where rolled and I asked, are you on break? Is there someone else who can help me who is working? She said I’m working, came and looked at the fridge told me the wrong Information. At this point we left. Went to the Bensalem Home Depot and bought a 2300$ refrigerator from a nice lady named Kim who spent 5 minutes with us and up-sold us to a more expensive one that we didn’t even know we needed. Thanks Kim in Bensalem you are our new store.

App is Unreliable. I have screenshots of my entire order process for an order placed on 5/19 showing that a different bill to from the ship to was entered on the order. HD did not process it that way using the ship to address as both which obviously did not check with the credit card company and the payment did not go through. I was not contacted in any way about the issue. The tracking order on the site rarely works but the one time I was able to connect it showed my order “in process”. After not receiving my order on the scheduled day (over a week after order placement), and after 5 hours of trying off and on to connect to the track order site, I was shocked to learn my order had been cancelled! I had not been contacted as one might expect a HD Pro with a huge order to be, and after holding for 20 minutes on the phone a VERY RUDE customer service agent told me it was all MY fault the order didn’t process and my only recourse was to place it again and wait ANOTHER 11 DAYS for my supplies!!!! This is the 3rd bad experience I’ve had with HD online and I’m done!

Trying too hard to sell stuff I don’t need. This app is so frustrating to use I sometimes give up and order from Lowe’s even though I prefer going to Home Depot. The app has internal ads everywhere so that it’s impossible to scroll the screen on an iPad without tripping some ad for something I don’t want. Also it mixes pickup vs delivery when putting things in the cart without sticking to a common default. Worst of all, it frequently switches to the “brinkman” store in the middle of trying to update my cart or finalize and pay for my order. The website is better but if I have the app it switches automatically to the app every time I try to use the website. It takes 5 times as long to place an order because I constantly have to remove and reload things in my cart to get my order right. I recommend you try to focus more on providing a service to help people buy what they want and less on trying to sell additional products and services at every click.

It used to be very good, but not anymore. I always enjoyed using this app but recently it is just terrible to use in-store. Now every time that I use the app at the store to find items I just terrible. If I open the app, a pop showed up showing the store location (not user firendly) but the real problem is when you try to search after closing the pop up, you find what you are looking for on the app (awesome) but then you put you phone away for min (without closing the app) and when you get back to the app, the same annoying pop up shows up again indicating that you are at that store, and the previous search you had before (1m ago) is gone, the same happens when you switch from the app to a different app for just a second and go back to the Home Depot app. Some time there is delay on the pop up to show up and they I start typing what I’m looking for, and suddenly the annoying pop up shows up again and I have to re-type what I was looking for. I hope developers see this review and fix this problem.

It’s alright but it has many problems. First of I appreciate the fact that I can go to Home Depot and use the barcode scanner to search up for items available at other locations if the Home Depot I live close to is out of stock and the one other thing I can appreciate for the scanner is that once you scan or search up an item you can click the find aisle and it will tell you what aisle to find the item in. Now my biggest issue with this app is that when I try to access my account or Home Depot card I keep getting the notification saying “Account not found” or “Account not able to be viewable at this moment” and I have to keep reloading the app or refreshing the webpage on my phone to then eventually see my account and this is frustrating. Another thing I may add is that it takes the app so long to update my account on purchases/orders and payments I made. This is a major problem I have with this app and it needs to be fixed immediately.

Always feel at home with Home Depot.. I am a frequent shopper at Home Depot as well as your competition next door. I now use HD as my primary source. I own 11 rental houses plus a home and recreation home, so I have to shop for bargains and availability. The primary reason for making the switch to Home Depot is your secret weapon. His name is Rick. He’s there almost every day in and around entrance and always shakes hands and ask me “What can I help you with today Bill?” He knows where everything is and can always direct me to area where I need to go and many times asks me if I’ve tried an alternative product for my project. Always a friendly handshake and welcome home from your outstanding Mr Rick. Thanks to Home Depot for making life easier on an old landlord mr fixit. I’m a little slower than I used to be but with Home Depot and Mr Rick to help we Well get it done. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to say THANKS. Bill McCallie

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The application The Home Depot was published in the category Shopping on 16 December 2009, Wednesday and was developed by The Home Depot, Inc. [Developer ID: 342527642]. This program file size is 208.32 MB. This app has been rated by 2,230,853 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. The Home Depot - Shopping app posted on 10 April 2024, Wednesday current version is 7.28.1 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Just a few fixes and performance updates to keep things running smoothly.

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