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What is jotalicious app? Jotalicious is a beautifully-designed shopping assistant that turns plain text lists into color-coded checklists of awesome.

It works the way a shopping assistant on your phone should – you create lists just like you are jotting a note to yourself and Jotalicious organizes your lists into sortable, taggable checklists. When Jotalicious finds the name of a place next to an item in your list – for example, "Fresh Herbs @Farmers Market" – it automatically tags and adds the item to a virtual shopping list for that place too. 

If typing is just too old school for you, use your device's voice dictation* feature to speak your lists into Jotalicious – say the phrase, "New Line" to separate each item on your list and Jotalicious does the rest.

It's good to share, and with Jotalicious it's even better. Jotalicious is on the spot with AirDrop, AirPrint, text message, and email sharing support. You can send text copies of your lists to anyone or you can share a "jot", which can be imported, complete with tags, by other Jotalicious users. And all of those text lists people send you – or lists you find on your favorite blog or elsewhere – can be pasted into Jotalicious to create new lists effortlessly – just copy text and paste awesome!

Jotalicious is shopping list bliss – after you dictate, paste, or jot your first list, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

(*NOTE: Voice Dictation is not available on all devices. If your device supports voice dictation, you will see a microphone icon next to the spacebar when your device displays a keyboard.)

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How to contact Jotalicious (Erik Eggleston)?
Find this site the customer service details of Jotalicious. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Jotalicious Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Jotalicious Version 4.0.610 July 2022

Fixed a glitch that prevented an updated list name from showing up on the main screen..

Jotalicious Comments & Reviews 2023

- Almost perfect

I really like this app. Input is simple, but you can add lots of info if you want. The only feature it's missing (5th star) is syncing with someone else. Yes, I can share a list, but that's not the same as having it update when I think of something after I've sent it. We also can't each add to a list.

- Love it

I’ve been using this app to keep many different lists. I love that I can email the list to this who might need it. The ability to sort different ways is helpful. One suggestion is to be able to sort by place. Another suggestion which would be a search tool. My grocery list is quite long so it takes a while to find what I need.

- I've tried many…

I have given it a quick test and so far it looks to be just what I want it simple voice dictated and beautiful in one package. I hope that when I feel like writing my next review on this app thatit will continue to live up to its claims, my initial impressions and continue to improve. But for now, i'm very impressed. Thank you developer for a nice, intuitive, attractive and most of all useful app.

- Well Done!

The developer really programmed the heck out of this app and from what I could find, all is working well with no glitches. Alphabetical lists work just as well with numbers. I use it for monthly expenses, adding and removing items to get my totals via the check boxes, which makes this a total breeze. EXCELLENT!

- Shows promise, but missing a couple of features and a little buggy

I end up with duplicate lists each time the lists are shared. Somehow one of the places have also been duplicated so I need to open each when shopping. A couple of really handy features would be to sync between devices without manually sharing and also the ability to add a budget to the lists.

- Handy!

I like it better than Orderly so far. The only thing I need is to be able to add photos in the notes section for an item I intend to purchase from builders supply. That will get you 5 stars. Also I don’t see the color coded goodness

- Needs updates

I want to be able to put each of my lists (places) in order or at least be able to drag them in the order I want. I like to have my list in order of the store I’m shopping at. I paid for this app and really want to continue using it, but this issue is VERY frustrating. I can only organize my entire list (weekly groceries).

- Time saving

I love this app! I always write a hand written list to take to the grocery store. Alone with sticky notes of things I remember later. I can never find those notes! This app is perfect, we always have our phones. I really like that you can dictate a store list.

- handy app!

This is the best “to do” list I’ve seen. I created a category for each day of the week and put my non-time sensitive tasks in the appropriate day. If I don’t complete a task on its scheduled day it’s very easy to move it to the next day.

- Makes it easy

My wife had a note taking app that she used for her groceries list. This app made me look like the most organized shopper ever. After seeing how fluid the app was she made me load it on her phone.

- Good work

I like this app Good appearance Intuitive interface I love being able to dictate-enter multiple items The one thing I see that would make it better would be the ability to share/sync this with another user My wife and I would use this to keep a running grocery list

- Have potencial

Could have a lot of potential if lists were not restricted to groceries or priced goods. I could usually use its UX and convenient UI to story my list of places I have visited or want to visit, lost or albums etc etc etc. For just groceries? Nah, there are much better options out there.

- An ok app

There are other apps that do more than this does like add pics for items so when you shopping you know what to look for. Also you need the ability to sync with other family members

- Jotalicious

I like the use of this app but would like to see the option of going to a certain letter in the alphabet quickly. I always alphabetize my grocery list.

- Great App

Super for projects. Keeps track of costs; items obtained or needed; places of purchase, etc. Useful app.

- Perfect

Thank you so much for this update!! I use this app everyday and love the new features.

- Excellent except...

Am very satisfied. It'd be best if a mac app is provided for sync between mac and i-devices.

- Nope

Not yet pleased With this app. It is hard to delete things once you get them in The wrong place. Right now I can only dictate two words at A time before the cursor moves back to The previous 2 word phrase. Thank you

- Not perfect, but perfect for me

No ads? No data collected? No IAPs? Under 10mb? I’m sold.

- How do I:

Create a new list? Add items to a list? Fundamental questions. It says something about your demo screens in the App Store and your UI that I can’t find the answers to these questions.

- Would like it/use it a lot if….

…. Someone from support would answer my email question (why won’t it sync between my iPad and iPhone)

- Works

Please delete my review

- Best app of this sort, but...

I have tried a lot of apps for shopping (primarily grocery), and, in my experience, Jotalicious beats them all, hands down. I love that I can put all of my shopping trips and lists in one place and not have to delete anything each time. And, when I had a question, the developers were quick and courteous. This app is worthy of five stars, but there are two things I hope the developers will change. The first is that the instructions are not very good, and what I could find in the way of help is sorely lacking. I have used this app for almost two years without ever really understanding how terrific it really is. Through dumb luck, I figured out just how good this app truly is. Granted, there are probably a lot of other people who could have figured out this app much quicker than I did. But, not everybody thinks the same and not everybody is intuitive when it comes to apps (apparently, I am one of those, lol). #2: It would be a great help to me if the app could tell me how much I am spending on just the items I still need; currently, it includes EVERY item for which I have entered a price in the app. Not helpful. Idea: When using a Places list (e.g., Costco), it would be very helpful if the two figures at the top of the screen (the "purchased of" amounts) were controlled by the All, Got It, and Need It buttons. So, if I go into my Costco list and tap Need It, those two figures at the top would change to reflect solely the prices of the items still showing. Likewise, tapping All or Got It would do the same for those two lists, respectively. I like to know how much money I am spending each time I go to the store. With this feature, I would gladly rate Jotalicious a 10 (and if that were possible).

- Useful and Elegant

I love this. So useful. I use it got other things than list of items to purchase. Wish this had come out years ago!!

- Opinion


- Good App But....

I do enjoy this app and the feature of cutting and pasting your ingredients to make a list is awesome. I also like the store sorting feature. There is one thing I wish this app had to make it my Go To list making app: Syncing over the cloud so I can start a list on my iPad and then take my iphone to the store! Without this feature it is not very useful to me. I have seen developers listen to feedback of others so I hope this feature is added soon!

- Great app!

This is great! I just started using it today. Few things to add though, add a decimal point on the price numeric tab and hope there is another tab to compare prices from different stores. The place tab is only for one place. I just used the notes for price comparison.

- This is the iOS 7 list app you have been looking for.

This app not only feels at home on iOS 7 but it is also a better list app than My favorite feature is the ability to easily dictate a list with multiple items using Siri. I'm looking forward to the day when this app syncs with my other devices.

- Jotalicious

I have had this on my phone for 6 months but I have not used it because I can't figure out how it works. The video to explain it jumps right in with the assumption that you already know how to do the first 3 or more steps. And he talks fast too. So I'm lost right away. Help! I'd really like to use this app. If I could learn how it works I bet it would be great.

- Needs some adjustments to be perfect

The app is good, I love the idea of it. It need a decimal point in the price section. Also, I wish there was a way to sort it by the store so you could see just what you need at a specific store.

- Great easy to use app

This app is very easy to use and makes use of all the new cool features of iOS7. I love the voice dictation and the ability to share lists using Airdrop!!

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- Great App!

I am loving this app.....very easy to navigate yet does everything that I want in a shopping app. I also use it to list other things I have on my daily agenda. Very handy....thank you.

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- Good so far

I like the layout, it's simple and easy to use. The UI is great. What would make this perfect is if there were a way to create a template or keep a history of items to use for future lists.

- Beautiful and Useful App!

I think your app is great! It has a beautiful simple UI and so many quality of life features to make the data entry and management as easy as possible. I’ve been using this to keep track of daily purchases and it’s been fantastic. One thing I found particularly interesting was the places markup that can be appended when jotting down some items (using a prepending @ sign). Is there a way to also include price and category to this markup? I think that would make creating multiple records at once even better. Would also love to see the option to choose the app theme (not just use the systems), have place and price as searchable attributes in the everything view, and be able to share all available info for a specific record (right now it’s just the title - no place/price). So happy with all you’ve created here. Keep up the amazing work!

- No decimals?

How can we add uneven numbers like $2.39 instead of 2 or 3 even dollars? Would also like to add tax to see the totals before you check out..

- Year-round version of my fave Christmas List App

Love this app...simple to use. Would love to see a widget made which would enable you to see and check off items from the Control Center.

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Jotalicious iphone images
Jotalicious iphone images
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Jotalicious iphone images
Jotalicious iphone images
Jotalicious iphone images
Jotalicious iphone images

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The applications Jotalicious was published in the category Shopping on 2013-11-07 and was developed by Erik Eggleston [Developer ID: 327049000]. This application file size is 5.22 MB. Jotalicious - Shopping app posted on 2022-07-10 current version is 4.0.6 and works well on IOS 14.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.limbua.jotalicious