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The #1 Shopping App in the US – The Christmas List is an easy-to-use app to help you organize your Christmas lists and budget so you can spend less time buying presents for the ones you love and more time being present with the ones you love!


Track gifts by to do, purchased, shipping, received, and wrapped. When editing a list you can change the status of multiple gifts at once (for example, when you are wrapping gifts you can change the status of those gifts from purchased to wrapped all at once).

Set a budget for a person or don’t – it’s up to you. The Christmas Lists tracks the budget for you. It’s so easy that The Christmas List has been recommended for managing holiday spending by
• Good Housekeeping
• The Motley Fool

Simple, at-a-glance views of shopping progress including budget.

Adding a list of gifts is as simple as typing (or even dictating) a note. Just place each gift name on a new line and The Christmas List transforms your note into a gift list. It’s like Christmas Magic!

Get a jumpstart on your lists by importing select recipients from your existing contacts.

Easily share lists using AirDrop, email, iCloud Drive, or Messages. Use AirDrop to quickly share a single recipient or an entire group.

Once you select a store for a gift, The Christmas List remembers that store and automatically builds a shopping list for the store to help make sure you get everything you need when you are out and about.

Once you create a gift you can copy it to other recipients on your list without the need to retype the details.

The Christmas List comes with a list of popular retailers, but if you don’t see the one you are looking for you can easily add your own. You can even use emoji in the store name.

Add photos for gifts and people from your photo library, clipboard, or camera.

See a countdown to the number of shopping days until Christmas right in the app.

Print lists directly from the app.

Optional password protection – set up a PIN or use Touch ID to keep out snoops.

Changing the status of several gifts at once has always been possible on the lists by status (accessed via the Progress tab). Now the lists by person and the lists by store can do it too. Also new is the ability to change the store for multiple gifts at once. It’s never been easier to keep track of what’s wrapped, shipped, and left to do.



"The Christmas List is solidly better...with more options and an easier interface."
– The New York Times

"’s happy-making"
– Yahoo! News

"Some of The Christmas List’s best features are the little details that the app just gets right."
– Macworld

"Hooray for productivity!"
– MSN Tech

"It's a handy way to keep track of what you have bought…"
– LA Times

"…everything you need"

“…great for keeping a budget and tracking shopping progress”
– Business Insider



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The Christmas List Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This update fixes an issue that caused the app to close suddenly when sharing a list on iOS 12 and lower.

The Christmas List Comments & Reviews

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- Great tool for the ADHD brain and therefore ANY brain

I love this tool. I buy gifts/stocking stuffers throughout the year and then forget that I bought them, where I put them, sometimes who I bought them for and what store I bought them at. This app takes care of all of that. The only thing I wish do is either Google integration or the ability to access to add things via my PC laptop. I love the convenience of it being so conveniently managed on my phone so I definitely give it five stars just for that function alone. It would be so great to strike through things on my phone while shopping and have a google doc that someone I share the list with can look at it. My nieces also share what they want via a google doc so that their parents and I know who has bought what. My 73 year old mom and I share gift buying for budget reasons. Both of us find it easier to look at things in larger font. I like to type things using an actual keyboard and so access via my laptop is ideal. I do have a wireless keyboard that I could use but again the size of the font is the issue. I also let one of my students borrow my keyboard this semester so I don’t have it right now.

- Can’t do xmas without it

So useful to force me to look at budget in advance, and then track progress as we go. We are always trying to coordinate 3 adults buying stocking stuffers for the kids and I used to have Xmas eve pánic about not enough stuff, followed by a year of so much stuff it was absurd because I’d be picking things up on sale during the year and forgetting... now I archive this year’s list in January, start adding little odds and ends as i think of them/ find on sale during the year, and then in aug-sep I’m ready to look at budget, and by Black Friday/ cyber Monday i know what I’m trying to do. Suggestions: I’d like to be able to share the BUDGET by group/ individual so that spouse and I can “discuss” that in summer before I start freaking out. Would like to be able to archive stuff off the lists for bdays through the year, too! (Didn’t get x for Xmas for my brother but by Feb I’m shopping for his bday.... and then the following Xmas i want to remember what I’ve given him for both....). Great little app tho- nice UI, well thought out. Really meets the need. Copy it over and I’ll spend another $2.99 to do bdays if I have to (although I’d rather have the gift archives together!)

- Have relied on this for a few years now to get me through the holidays!

We have a large family and many friends who are just like family. With 54 people to buy for, this app is what gets us through the holiday season! Love the organization of the data in the app. I can track what I need to buy by stores so it makes my online and in-person shopping most efficient. Tracking budgets is a breeze and I always know where I stand. Probably most importantly is tracking what I’ve ordered online to be sure I receive it, and also what I’ve wrapped to be sure I don’t forget that one item tucked back in my closet! Lastly, I love the gift archival feature. I can even take pictures of my purchases so I can refer back to prior gifts. There’s nothing worse than giving someone the same “perfect gift” two years in a row (unless of course it’s consumable!). In short, this app helps me stay organized and on track, which helps me enjoy the holidays more! Thanks for a great app!!!

- Best app for Christmas gifts list!

I'm happily crawling into bed on Christmas Eve after spending the night with family and NOT spending the last few minutes wondering if I've got all the gifts taken care of. I don't know how I got along without this wonderful app all my life! I used to have the messiest handwritten list each year that I kept under lock and key, but now I just click on this app and it's so easy to stay organized and see who I need to shop for or what I have left to wrap. It's easy to see the budget details, what's been bought, ordered, delivered, wrapped, etc. And what joy it is to check off each family member when I've finished their gifts, so all I have to do is look at the name list and see who still needs something done. It's very simple to use but has everything you need, so even me with my need for detailed information and perfectionism is satisfied bc it's all there. I'll never even search for another gift list app. It's perfect!!

- Amazing App!

Very easy to use, organizes everything just as you need it to be. Add a person set a budget and go shopping. If you know what you want to buy each person, put on the list. If you don’t, add it as you go. I found adding items is quick. To Do is the best feature. It let’s you see what’s left to purchase by person and by store. This was a BIG BIG time saver because I knew exactly what I needed to buy at each individual store. A list of chain stores are provided to choose from, but you can easily add your own. Budget feature is extremely nice. I could see what was spent on each person and the total for everyone. The App works off line independent of the cloud. I can’t find anything negative to say and would recommend the developer modify this one to work for birthdays, weddings and other holidays throughout the year. Tom, Fredericksburg, Va.

- Can't live without it

Love this app!!! I no longer need to take a million paper wish-lists with me to the store. And no longer have to do all the math in my head. I can track all that right here. I can upload lists and email lists to grandparents etc. it's awesome! Passcode protected too so the hubby can't snoop either! Can't wait to use it again this year! Now if it had a way to tell me where the cheapest place was to buy it it'd be absolutely the best!! 2018 comments: Still one of my fav apps. I wish there could be a way to flag the to-do’s vs just ideas. As I would love to filter out my actual to do list for ease of shopping. 2019 comments: I see that I can air drop to share lists between my iPhone and iPad, but it seems to be done at an individual level. Is there a way I can sync the entire app data between my devices?

- Fantastic app

I had been using another app for years but it appears its developers have gone to ground, so of course I’m worried that that app won’t function with iOS updates. Then I found THIS one and I couldn’t be happier. I used it all this season and it has everything I had before and more. I’ve tried at least a dozen “replacement” apps and NONE of them work as well as this. Clean interface, easy navigation, whimsical themes. The developers really got all the details right. I’ve adapted one “recipient” to be a cards list, but that would be a nice addition if it wouldn’t clutter things up too much. I love the archive function—it’s much better than my other app and even allows “reversal” of individual archived gifts. I really can’t say a bad thing about this app at all. I’m a convert!!! ?

- This App is **Almost** Great

This app has some great functionality with organizing Christmas lists and a budget. Groups of family, friends, etc.. Very Strong. My biggest gripe with this app is it’s lack of Syncing ability between a family. Why two people buying for 3 kids can’t sync between two phones is beyond me when SO many other apps already do this. Through a Dropbox database, or other. The ability to airdrop and push the lists back and forth is manageable but it really is not optimal. With this being a paid app and a popular one this Sync feature is a major functionality issue that just is not there. Also, if I make changes on my end and my wife makes changes on her end, I have to push my list to her and then she has to push her list to me. Every group, 4 times. It would seem obvious to be able to export multiple groups to at least make this process somewhat easier. Christmas shopping is not a 1 person job. This really needs to be considered!

- Best Christmas List App Ever!

I’ve tried several different Christmas list apps over the past several years, and they’ve always had problems... Such as not enough features, crashing constantly, and not running properly, just to name a few. This app, however, is the BEST one I’ve ever tried, period! I love the features like being able to customize the pics of not only the gifts, but pics of each person on the list. I love being able to customize the wallpaper, the store each item is purchased at, the price and budget, and the progress pie chart. There are many more features I love about it, but too many to list. I love, love, love it!! ???⭐⭐⭐⭐

- Great App but...

This app does everything I want it to as far as tracking gifts, my only issue is that I can’t share lists in real time with my husband. We use AnyList for our grocery/shopping lists generally and it’s so convenient to be able to add to a shared list! I wish you could share certain “groups” in real time so that he and I could add ideas for family members together as we think of them, rather than air dropping the list to him when we are together. Obviously I’d want to keep a private “group” for the list I create to shop for him, but we always pick things together for other family members so it would be nice to both have the app and be able to open it and see what ideas the other has added or things they’ve already bought. Otherwise, a great app for tracking Christmas shopping!

- Love, Love, Love This App!

This App is awesome!!! Only thing I wish I could add to it is a scan of my receipt for each item and maybe a link to the website pages for presents I bought online. It would also be cool if each present could receive a number. That way I could write the corresponding number on a wrapped present and know exactly which present it is. I love the photo option, store option, price option, and ability to duplicate presents and details for more than one person. I love the fun colors and how adorable the present icon is. Completely worth the few bucks it cost to buy this app!!! Where has it been my whole life?

- Organized Chaos Perfection

We have 14 nieces and nephews; 2 kids; Santa; neighbors; and assorted family members we exchange gifts with- a grand total of 30 people or so- this app helps my husband and I keep it all organized. No more small lists that get lost- I upload their lists into my app- and head to the mall or online- easy peasy. I love that I can check them off- when it’s all complete- and while I am working on things- track purchases; stores; and if they are wrapped! My Husband loves that it keeps the budget on a running tally for us. The only issue for me, you need to add the names each year.... no big deal just annoying. Totally worth the cost!

- Very handy to have!

Throughout the year I add gifts as I hear my kids talk about things they would like or I add pics as I see them in the store or online. This makes it easier when I’m shopping later. I also take pics of their stocking stuffers all in one pile so I can refer to it later to see if I need to add more. I love being able to put the price I spent on each item but I’d like to be able to choose no store if the store isn’t listed or be able to add a name. I’d also like to be able to archive gifts or lists from year to year for each person to refer to time to time so I can remember what I’ve already given them.

- Love this app!

I found this app halfway through this years Christmas shopping and it has been amazing. It has helped me stay on budget and helped me keep all my ideas in one place along with letting me check things off as I purchase. I will be using this app throughout the year and from the beginning next year. The only negative thing is that I can’t erase the original list the app had already for “Christmas list “. I was able to make my own lists and title them myself along with grouping them in custom categories so I don’t need the default list they provide. It’s a minor thing that will not deter me from using the app.

- Great app for me!

I start my Christmas shopping the day after Christmas! That way I don’t have a huge bill in December. My problem WAS that I would forget that I had already bought something, and I’d have WAY too many gifts. So, now, as soon as I buy something, I put it in this app. It keeps track of the gifts I’ve purchased. It’s easy, too, though having it in a table format would be easier. I don’t like having to shift from one page to another to complete the info. In the past, I made a spreadsheet on my computer and kept the gifts on that. But, that was years ago when I had over 75 gifts to buy! I would like to see this app as a spreadsheet, so I didn’t have to keep changing pages to list gifts, costs, etc.

- Makes Christmas Shopping Easier

I love this app. This made it so easy to organize ideas and budgets for multiple groups (family, friends, work). I was becoming totally lost in what everyone wanted, my gift ideas, how much money I was spending, and it was stressing me out big time! This app helped me collect all of that into one cohesive list that set my mind at ease. The one thing I would add is a sub-list feature for stocking stuffers, which I wanted to budget but would come from different stores. I wound up just making another “person” (like “DH Stocking”) and managing them that way, which worked out fine.

- Great tool for Christmas

I used a similar app last year but then realized I couldn't archive my list and I would have to enter everyone in the app again. That is too much work so I wanted a different app. This app has more features that allow me to track progress, group lists of people, and it archives the full list for the year! It tracks the stores that I need to go to and what gifts have been purchased, wrapped etc. I love the functions of this app and I have not come across any glitches or issues with running the app. Thank you for such a helpful tool!!! Please keep it up!!!!

- A Christmas Life-saver!

I absolutely love this app! We have a very large family with kids and grandkids. I can sort them into categories and see at a glance what each one has and what I’ve spent. Also by entering where to purchase a gift I can click on a specific store and have a shopping list created! My only wish is that the app had storage that a login would be able to retrieve the info with. When I got a new phone I had to hand input all my archives from several years as they did not transfer. Hey - maybe that’s an upgrade for this Christmas!! ?

- Works, but still not what I want

Looks like this is the “new version” of mGifts which I used for years, but is no longer supported. My biggest gripe with both apps is how the budget is set. I want to set the TOTAL BUDGET first, and have it subtract out for each person. I do not want to set the budget for each person (in order to create the total budget) and then have it add up. Ideally, it would be great if the app could do both. I have no idea how much I want or am going to spend on each person every year, but I absolutely know my total budget every year - which is my starting point! Other than that this app works well. But for what I want, I should probably just use an excel spreadsheet.

- So Helpful

This is my fifth year using this app. It helps me stay on top of my Christmas shopping. I like being able to see what has arrived, what is shipping, what needs to be wrapped. Also it let's me easily track number of gifts per family member and amount spent. The last 2 years I added a "person" as all the stocking stuffers I needed to bring for a big family event. Now I can check off when each little gift is purchased and I don't need to track the $. I really like the flexibility of this app as well. It is well organized and easy to navigate.

- Not a typical reviewer

I don’t usually post reviews. This app is better than the others! I have tried others that are rated higher and this is still the best with the most options. It saves so much time repeating names year after year, keeping store names handy, provides archive info so you don’t buy the same gift again year to year, groups families so you can have that group done when there are multiple celebrations, and even has an easy fix to restore when you accidentally archive items (which I just did). Thank you!!!

- Been loving this app for 2 years!

This app helps keep you HYPER ORGANIZED! Never problems or glitches and my favorite parts is I can used the thumbprint to keep it locked so my kids can’t get in. It shows me what I’ve spent, have left to spend, keeps a running total on spending as well as allows me to keep up with what I’ve wrapped or what I’m still waiting on being shipped which with so much coming in I can forget a thing or two. I love being able to add in everyone’s wish lists and always have it ready on hand in my phone while I’m out.

- Love this-some suggestions

I love this app and it keeps me very well organized with gift giving. I love the different options of “to do, shipping, purchased etc). I also love being able to add pictures and notes and archive, share etc. For this to meet “all” my needs, I would love to add a few features. I would like to be able to mark gifts “wrapped” when that is done. I would also like to be able to move gifts from a “Christmas group” to that same person in a “birthday group”. Sometimes I over buy and want to save some gifts for a future holiday. I hate to delete all the info and then add back in.

- I love this app!!

This is an app for any OCD christmas shopper!!! I keep track of my purchases and the process of where they are at whether I need it, purchased, wrapped, or received! I'm not one to review many apps, but this one I will, because every Christmas it is the one app I look to, to help me get my holiday shopping done with ease! A little update: I still love the app however it would make it so much better if we could customize the “to do, wrapped, shipping, bought,” labels to what we would like or what the status may be, such as layaway, or marked specially to set aside for a certain party. Just customized labels would make this app 100%

- Very helpful to keep track of To Do/Wishlists and money spent!

Since this has a passcode on it, I can keep track of what I have spent on my children’s Christmas and not fear that they would discover and ruin Christmas surprise. I am not sure if I added it or if the default category includes hostess gifts. But I like to purchase stash gifts that could be used as hostess gifts or secret Santa exchange is. And this category helps me keep track of that so I don’t over buy. It also helps me keep track of the value of each purchase when considering the recipient.

- Liking it so far ?

Got it last year but I think I was too afraid it wouldn’t save my info upon transfers... God help me I hope it does because I think I’m gonna fall in love with this, lol... the one thing I wish it had tho is the option to select “stocking” for a gift where it says to do, wrapped & such... Also you should be able to catalog gifts you receive & who they’re from... maybe that’s what the received option is for, I figured either that or to specify when something shipped after being ordered was received...


I’ve been using this app 4+ years to organize gift purchases (primarily Christmas) for all of my friends and family. Easy to personalize.... by groups— immediate family, extended family, friends, service individuals (mail carrier, priest...) and by types of gifts! I have 3 categories for immediate family members— Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, and Christmas gag gifts. Photos of gifts jog memory when I purchase things throughout the year! AWESOME!!!! Gift tally feature wonderful for not leaving shopping until the last minute.

- Great app!

I am so glad I found this app, it has really helped keep my organized this holiday season! I always seem to forget some items that I have hidden around the house but not since logging everything in the app! There are so many options from keeping track of your total holiday budget to sorting your gift lists into different groups of people to updating the status of your gifts from purchased or shipping to received or wrapped, its all really helpful. I will be using this app year after year!!

- Has organized my gift giving

I have been using this app for 4 years now and it has been such a game changer. I can easily set budget for each person, track purchases and stay on budget. It also helps with keeping track of gifts I’ve wrapped so there’s no guessing game and I know my progress. One of my favorite features is the Archived gifts. I can look back to make sure I don’t give the same gift or to give me ideas on what to give someone else. Would definitely recommend the app.

- Keeps improving over the years

I’ve been using this app for a few years now. It has been great to keep track of gift ideas for myself and others throughout the year. When someone asks what the kids want, I just share the To Do list with them from the app. I also can shop early take a picture of where I hid the present, and I’m able to remember I even bought it when December rolls around! I haven’t had any glitches, and it has worked reliably since I installed it.

- Love this app!!

I’ve used other Christmas apps in previous years but this one is by far the best. It’s so easy to navigate between people, groups and gifts. The budget feature is wonderful and makes it so easy to see how much you spent per person and total. I love that I can easily mark things as purchased, ordered, shipped, arrived or wrapped. I use the notes section to put the location where I hid gifts so I don’t forget where they are. This app has seriously made made this Christmas easier!


Found this app a couple years ago and have found it to be invaluable for gift giving during the holidays! Love that I can archive each year's purchases so I don't repeat and know at all times how much I have left in my budget. Super easy to use! My only recommendation would they need to add an option for Birthday, Easter baskets, and Valentines. I have created my own categories for these but would be nice if they could be separate from Christmas. If you want to stay organized and on budget - get this app!

- The spirit of giving

Wow. This may be one of the more valuable apps i have purchased in years. Easy to use and monitor while shopping. Allows me thoughtful consideration and organization of data. Most importantly, keeps me on track and relevant to the season. I no longer feel guilty about missing or potentially missing people. I can manage a budget in context with my whole list. I can stay in touch with other things much more important during the Christmas season.

- Essential at Christmas!

I have used this app for a few years now. The previous year’s gifts are archived so you can refer back. Groups are easily organized, people easily added, so you can make sure you don’t forget anyone! And the best of all, once I wrap something, with this app it is easier to keep track of what I have given to whom...and what is left to do. I purchase for spouse, kids, grandkids, siblings, nieces and nephews, friends, neighbors...and I can keep track of it all!

- Keeps me in track!

I've been using this one since the 2010. Back again for 2018. Set up my groups and what's cool is that the pics of all the members of the group are shown in the header so can switch between them quickly. Gives total by person and by group. Easy to input and edit. Can assign a store which gives you a shopping list...Cool!!!! Cute graphics. Very stable...has not lost my data like several others have and I've almost tried them all. - groups & import contacts - email entire list or by addition to just each individual. - shopping days countdown - customization options - backgrounds -put total spent/budget info on group & Totals I LOVE the icon!!! Thanks for a great app!!! Please Add note for person in general (in addition to the already note for the gift) and sync across devices. Please add Sync across devices. Please make one for Birthdays!!!

- Love the app but it erased my info.

I’ve been using this app for a few years now and love it. My lists and to do lists are right here in the app - so convenient. And I love the progress pie chart! In short, I’ve been very, very happy with this app. However. All of my information was erased in one of the recent updates. My archives are gone. My people are gone. Everything. I don’t mind that I have to re-enter my people, but this app has been the only list I’ve kept for the past few Christmases. So, what did we get Uncle Paul last year? Hmm … I don’t remember. What did we budget for extended family? Not sure. Ugh.

- Love, Love Love

I absolutely love this app!! It has eliminated most of my paper lists and it’s always handy on my phone when shopping. Love it that I can take photos and add cost of items. Just wish it would save photos I want to add in each group category. It’s so easy to share with others and love it that I can archive last years gifts to look back on previous budgets and gifts purchased. I even use it for birthdays and other gift giving needs.

- Easy to use but hard to share and sync

I downloaded the app so that my wife and I could both use it by sharing. Unfortunately though you can only share within the app one person at a time, which can be a bit tedious with a number of people. When you try to share the group, it simply exports the list in a spreadsheet type format. I have not been able to get the message or airdrop share to work. Other than the sharing part, The app is easy to use and I would use it again if it was just me keeping up with the gifts.

- Best Christmas List App

This is by far the best list organization app I’ve found. I’ve used it for several years and I love that I can include the stores and pics of the items. Since I am someone who likes to shop all year long it is great for keeping track and really great for my budget! The only criticism I have is I wish I could actually SEE the archived gifts from years past. It’s cool it allows you to do it but not sure the point of I can’t ever see them again. I like to make sure I don’t repeat a present!!


I began using this app last year & LOVE it!! As a 60+ y/o shopping for 12+ family & friends, it's great to be able to budget for each & easily keep track of purchases as I make them - even if I do that, perhaps four months in advance if I run across something that I know someone will like! In the past, I might bring it home, put it away in closet, and perhaps forget about it! ?‍♀️ NO MORE!! Great app ... makes Christmas shopping less of a hassle.

- Great app!

I really enjoy this app. It has great functionality. My only suggestion would be to create a category or section for gift ideas which you could see on the main page of each person’s record, but wouldn’t create another “to-do.” This idea list could then roll over year to year. I’d also love for this app the expand beyond Christmas for gift giving throughout the year. I know it can be used that way, but it’s branded for the holidays. Thanks and keep up the great work!

- Great app!!

I love this app. I have used it now for 3 years. If you have many people to buy for, this is a great way to keep track of what’s been purchased, wrapped, ordered, received and how much was spent on each person!! It has really helped me stay organized and on budget. It will even allow you to archive what you bought and how much was spent in previous years. Thank You for such a great place to keep everything together!

- I have no complaints!

Truly, I don’t. Maybe a few suggestions, but I genuinely don’t have a bad thing to say. I just downloaded The Christmas List 24 hours ago to help me get organized early, and I can’t stay off of it! It would be super cool if there was a “Stocking Stuffers” option/list, and maybe if there was a specific space/coding for a direct link to items; but even without those features I’m still super stoked about this app.

- Excellent

Well worth the price of admission. This app has everything you could possibly need to keep track of Christmas. The only suggestion I would make would be to add a place to enter the estimated date the package would arrive, and the second thing would be to be able to change the color of the font. For example family number one could be Red font, family member to could be blue and so on

- Organizing dream for busy holidays

I really like this app! How many times do I try to get ahead of the shopping and wrapping only to forget what is in the box/bag!? Now I can keep track, even taking photos. No worries about “peeking” because it’s password protected. Actually my kids don’t even know I have an app for this. The budget is a great help to keep things “even” among the kids gifts. Also, it helps to plan for the following year. I like looking at the previous year for ideas or just as a reminder so there are no repeats. Holidays are wonderful but stressful when you’re the mom/lead holiday organizer. I used to have actual legit panic attacks when my kids were little! This little app would have been wonderful back then. It’s the best couple of dollars I’ve ever spent on organizing!

- Keeps me organized and on budget!

Update: I’m doing my shopping for 2017 now, and I’m still loving this app!! I used this app for my 2013 Christmas shopping. I loved it. It really helped to keep me organized and on budget. I loved being able to group people so I could see what I was spending by person and also by group. I also loved being able to copy gifts to other recipients. Great app!!! I look forward to starting my list for 2014.

- Love it!

I’ve used this app for years! I love everything about it! I love that it requires Touch ID to open the app so my nosey kid can’t peek. I love that I can set an overall budget and a budget for each person. The interface is so easy to use. I love that I can take a picture of each gift so I know which Gift I bought. This app is a MUST to keep me organized and on budget every Christmas! I would highly recommend this app to everyone!

- Almost great app!

For the record, this is the best app if you are the only one shopping. I ditched another app and this one is definitely better. The family sharing works...sort of. My daughter & I are able to keep separate lists. But I can’t share with with my husband or send to my iPad. The share via airdrop doesn’t work consistently so be sure to pick a device & stick to it. Otherwise, I love the ability to shop by store and check off purchased, wrapped, etc! Thanks!

- Does so many of the things I’m looking for!

This one really ticks so many feature boxes. I love using this to track gifts and planning ahead. Little things like being able to assign a gift to multiple people are great. One star less because there’s no iCloud syncing and no way to share a list with my wife so we can keep our shopping in sync. You can “share” a list but then it doesn’t stay in sync. If they add that feature, it would be a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from me.

- So far....

I have just started using this and so far there are several things I really like. Adding people is really easy and putting gifts in is a piece of cake. It’s easy to enter gift where multiple people receive the same gift, I.E my kids get matching pajamas. My one BIG BIG issue.... this says it is compatible with iPad. It is in the fact that it will work on an iPad but it is NOT an iPad app....It can only be used in portrait mode and is the weird sizing that iPhone apps are. Since I use my iPad with a keyboard, it is very difficult to use on my iPad.

AirBNB 🎁

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- Improved & Useful

I've been using this app since 2014 & find it very handy for adding gift ideas through the year until i can afford to buy them. Certainly more reliable than my own 'memory bank'! Worth the $

- After Years of Use I Still Love This App!!!!

I love the simplicity of this app and that its all in one place, not pc’s of paper everywhere. ?

- Easy

Really easy to use and has some good features. In past years I've used a different app but this one is much more intuitive, easier to see what needs doing and simpler input of details.

- Fantastic App

I love this app. So easy to use and so helpful. Would love if there was a similar app for birthdays.

- Freezes constantly

Good idea - doesn’t work well

- Easy and intuitive - just needs one more feature

I love this app and have used similar in the past, but the user interface and design on this one is much better. One improvement I'd like to see in an update (and which I've used in other apps) is the ability to mark gifts as ordered, purchased, wrapped, delivered. Colour coding would help here: the green box is handy but with a huge family I'd like a visual reference as to which gifts are still to be bought or ordered, which are in 'postal limbo' and might need chasing up on delivery status and those that still need to be given out. In fact you could even delete 'wrapped' as an option. Thanks for a great app that has helped me immensely this Christmas!

- Love this app, some minor requests

I have found this even better than expected - it has features I wouldn't have thought of before but they're actually useful. Don't forget good gift ideas anymore, and really clear on where I stand with the budget! Some minor feature requests... I often see a gift idea but without anybody specific in mind (ie "that would be great for a wedding gift / newborn / big football fan / teenager etc). I'd like to be able to add gifts that aren't assigned to a person just yet? Am also keen to be able to change who I am giving what to - I might be thinking of a book for one child, but then decide to get it for somebody else. At the moment it stays attached to the original recipient (more of a "copy" than a "move") I find it handy for just about any shopping list - even the groceries! It would be good if we could duplicate lists (For now I have groceries in there as a person & just untick when I'm done). Lastly - the idea obviously came from Christmas but if the design were more general that would be nice, but I love Xmas so I don't mind :-)

- Very useful ap!

I found this app very helpful over 2 Christmases now. I was able to remember all the little bits and pieces I'd bought, record any ideas I had for gifts in a place I'd definitely see them again and keep accurate track of how much I spent (frightening). I would recommend it. I only used it on my phone so wasn't trying to send updates anywhere. The only thing I'd improve was keeping track of what's wrapped is very manual and a bit tedious and keeping track of what's been given might be good (as we tend to have many separate Christmases)

- Needs a lot of improvement

This app has a lot of room for improvement, emailing updates to lists is tiresome & frankly out dated with iCloud being available & it is made worse by the fact that the app crashes when trying to import an update for a list from another iOS device via email. With so many iOS devices in households now days, this really is an upgrade that should be a requirement for this kind of app. I would also like to see more information about gifts such as if they have been wrapped instead of the same picture for each of the status choices. I will add more stars if the improvements are made.

- Love this

Love this app. I first used it last year and actually stuck to my budget. This year I am going to the archives and can see what I purchased last year so no crazy Aunty getting the same present again and again. Some things last year I took photos of and that has been a great reminder too when organising this years list. Thanks for a great app.

- Love it !

My shopping is recorded no missing gifts I can see who how much and what's to buy or wrap I listed my shopping during the year before I hid the gifts from the kids even recorded the store and a photo of the receipt Great App

- Fantastic!

I use this app for birthdays, Xmas, wish lists and a wine list - I can take a photo of the label so that next time I'm in the bottle shop I know what to look for. It helps me keep a budget for Xmas buying. Well worth the money!

- Nice features

Easy to add people from contacts and build groups. Also easy share between friends. Great app!

- Excellent App!

Love the ease of this app. From being able to add people lists from contacts right through to the progress pie chart, brilliant!

- Awesome

So easy to use. Has helped heaps keep a track of everything I've bought

- Great App

Really good app... Has made this year's christmas shopping so easy and it's been great to keep on top of the budget as well.

- I would've been lost without it

I love how it helps me budget, reminds me what I've purchased AND what I've wrapped.

- Love this app

It would be great if there was one similar for birthdays gifts.

- Love this app

So handy and nobody will be forgotten x

- Awesome

Great organizational tool for christmas

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- Another Year Another Cheer ...

... for this app. I ordered a lot online this year so I still wish there was more of an ability to add links to places you are shopping and have the app move the status of a gift based on updates from the stores BUT I realize it’s expensive to integrate like that. Maybe some day. Until then I still love it and can’t wait to see you again next year.

- Great little app!

This is an easy to use app with some great features-like being able to enter a gift and the choosing all the people on the list who will get that gift. Allows for all phases of the gift process: budgeting, purchasing, wrapping, and shipping. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because it requires you to enter a gift and save it then choose that gift to enter a price. It would be easier if you could enter a gift and the price all at the same time.

- Shopping on Christmas

Love love this app.... it makes it easy to keep up with amounts spent even let’s you log what was purchased When buying for a lot of people this helps me stay on track with my budget so I don’t spend too much on one family member and not enough on the other Shopping on a budget with x amount of money for 15 plus people... I can get mixed up on how much was spent for who and this is a life saver

- Great organization app!

This app is really helpful for keeping track of how much you’ve spent on each person, where you bought it from and even pictures of items. I used to track all this information in a notebook. With the app I can use my phone when I’m out shopping and know exactly what I have bought and what is still on the list. So much easier!

- Almost perfect if there were two updates.

This app is great for tracking gifts and is easy to use. But it would be perfect with two additions: 1. an “idea” category for people. I want the “to do” category to reflect what I have decided to get for someone and need to buy. 2. The ability to sync between two users or devices. I want to select which lists to share with someone else and then be able to sync vs. having to airdrop of share.

- Great app!

I have a large family that I buy for every year. I have used several Christmas gift apps and this is by far the best. It would be a 5 star for me if it had 2 more categories to the status: ideas and ordered. I could add to the ideas year round and then decide which ones to purchase. And since I do most of my shopping online, it would be great to be able to track what I have ordered and what I have actually received.

- Love this app!

I have used this for several years now. It is easy, it is simple and keeps me so organized. At a glance I see money spent, what is done and what yet to be done. Whether my gifts are purchased, arrived and even wrapped! So many apps are more cumbersome than helpful. This does it all and then archives my lists so I can look back and see what I have gotten in the past! None other is better!

- Love It!

I love this app! It works seamlessly. I can create multiple lists, keep track of my individual budgets, and overall budget. Plus, I have looked back in archived gifts for information from previous years. The ability to add pictures has been very helpful. The app is kept updated. This is huge for me, since I’ve had two previous Christmas gift apps that became obsolete.

- Almost there

Love the organization of gifts per person and the budget and progress tracking BUT really wish there was a gift look-up feature so you could find the actual item and price. Then, the info could be auto populated into the list and auto-update the budget. Currently, it looks like you have to manually get out of the app, look up the item and price on another site and then go back into the app to enter the info which makes the process a tedious one.

- LOVE this app!!

I have used this app for the last 4-5 years and I love it. It makes keeping up with what to get, what I've already bought, how much I've spent and for who, SUPER easy. So simple to use!!! I have a lot of kids to buy for and I try to buy the same # of gifts while spending close to the same amount of $ and this app makes doing that practically effortless. Recommend highly!!!

- Clunky Design. More work than it’s worth for massive imports.

I planned to use the app to plan gifts for work mates, friends, and family. When importing from contacts, it only imported the first names and pictures in no discernible (or sortable) order. This is tolerable for family and friends but not for coworkers since I don’t ever refer to my boss by his first name. Plus, if you have multiple contacts with the same first name, they all seem like duplicates (e.g. Mark 3x). And if you don’t have a first name for them at all, the app imports them as “No Name.” Useless. I cannot sort by progress, alphabetical, or anything useful so I’m moving on to a more effective app.

- Love this app... Again!

This is my THIRD year using this app, and it is invaluable in helping me organize my Christmas shopping. So easy to use, I can keep track of what I have and need for my kids, another list for extended family, a list for neighbors, etc. Also love the password protection to keep my curious kids from seeing my lists! Great app, makes my Christmas less stressful!

- Love love love it!!!!

Makes your list organized. Not only can you make individual lists you can create groups. You can set budget amounts & it keeps track, plus you can keep track of what you’ve already purchased & what you still need to do. You can even archive so you know what you have gotten for each person in the past. I have used it for 5 yrs now & love it!

- Essential for Shopping

This is my second Christmas using this app and I love it. I used to write everything down on paper and without a budget. This app is great to mark down possible gifts and then check them off after purchase along with their cost. This is so great to help me stay within my budget. Quick and fun to use. Will use next year too.

- Love this App

I’ve been using this app for several years to keep track of my Holiday gift purchases. I love the fact that when I come up with a gift idea for my kids I can make a note of it in their folder. I’d be lost without it. You can also save the history of all you prior years, so I can go back and see what I purchased. One of my most used apps!!!

- Pretty good app

I like this app but the one I had on my Samsung was my favorite. #misstheplaystore Features I wish this one had are: -tag gifts as stocking stuffers. -show the number of presents purchased as well as the total amount per person on the main page. I like to buy the same number of gifts and spend the same amount of money on each person which is hard and miss having the features to help me.

- The best!

I could not live without this app, especially during Christmas time. Every person I’ve shown it to, which is been a lot, has ended up purchasing it. I have lots of people that I buy for every year, each of them receiving multiple gifts, and it keeps me so organized! This app is a no-brainer. Just buy it! You will be so glad you did.

- Great tool!

So much better than the old paper & pen system! Very easy to set up and love the passcode option since I have family who like to snoop. The progress options are very handy. Love the archive option too that stores previous years’ list including budget, gifts, wish list, etc. Have used this for 4-5 yrs now & absolutely love it! Keeps me on budget too!

- Ho Ho Helpful

Love this app! Really helps to keep me organized for Christmas. ? it would be five stars if input was streamlined. 1. Would be nice to copy list structure from prior year. I buy for same people year after year. 2. Adding people to the list should be easier. Too many steps. Should be add, return, add another. I tried add from contacts but couldn’t get it to work. 2020: would love to see an iPad landscape version that syncs across devices.

- So close to great!

The app is wonderful for everything but syncing. I think calling what the app does “syncing” is misleading. The app can send a static version of the list to another person, but if you are sharing the list (as many people do), the process of sending it over and over every time you make a change is painful. Developer, please add a real sync option. You don’t have to use your own service. Consider using Dropbox or another file sharing site.

- Best App Ever!!

This is the 4th or 5th year I’ve used this app, I love it!!!! I have a family section, Santa/stocking section, friend/party section, and a From each child section. Super organized way to keep track of gifts and how much spent. Each year can archive gifts and start again. Plus required password or fingerprint to peeking for nosey little boys or girls!!! Highly recommend this app!!!

- Love this app!

I add gift ideas and it saves it for when I go shopping. I list the price, store and even add photos from the sale flyers. I can set a budget and check items off as I purchase. I used to have a written list but now it’s all on my phone and password protected in case one of the kids tries to sneak a peek. Perfect for the person who likes to stay organized.

- This app carries me thru the season!

I’ve used this app for last 4 years!! I can’t tell you how much it has helped me and kept me organized! I have a section for my staff, my family, friends, and for my children’s school. I keep it throughout the year so when I have ideas I go in there and add them to the person. it has been a lifesaver for my Christmas season!!

- AndreaIsaacs

I have LOVED using this app for the last five years. It is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. I love being able to track my budget for each person, take pictures of items so I don’t forget what someone wants, share gift lists, and even pull up a shopping list based on store. They really have thought of everything!!!

- Love Christmas - love this app!

Have used a spreadsheet for probably 15 years to keep up with my Christmas shopping. Never seem to have the paper when I went needed to add a gift. I found this app this year and I am in love. Easiest way to keep track of my gifts and budget. Love taking a pic so I can remember what I bought and for who. no paper always have my phone!

- Bit confusing at times

Would be better if everything for one person could be changed on one screen. Switching back and forth between screens is time consuming and sometimes you lose your data. Otherwise, this has been my third year to use this program and it has helped me keep up with purchases and budget.

- Love the app have used it for several years

Love the app. I suggest it to many people. But I had to get a new phone and it didn’t transfer over. So we lost all my data (gifts and people). That was a pain but. I still love the app. Maybe if it was hooked into iCloud I wouldn’t have lost that info. Thank you. Best app I use all year long as I pick up presents all the time.

- Love this app!

I love this app! So glad I got it. Helps me keep up with who I need to buy for, what I am buying them, progress, shipping, received, the budget for each person, my overall budget and even what I need wrapped! This has made the stress of buying gifts and keeping up with the gifts so much easier. Perfect for Christmas and other holidays. Highly recommend it.

- Love it!

I have tracked all of my Christmas purchases in my Notes app for the past few years. I was so excited to discover this app! I do 100% of my shopping online for 10 people. It gets crazy trying to keep up with what and from where I have ordered for whom. Now I can easily track the status of all my gifts. Very easy to use.

- Gift Records

I’ve used this app for a few years because it is easy to keep track of gifts needed, those already purchased, and ideas. Every detail that I need to aid in my record keeping is available. I like having a picture of each gift ( especially at Christmas), and keeping track of monies spent. It is a top application.

- The best gift app ever! Look for my vid minieb1 on instagram ???????

Oh yeah ??????one more thing an option of how you paid for gifts which is incorporated into a pie chart for better spending habits ???? cash vs. credit or delayed payments like HSN has that option for big purchases? The next great thing the birthday/anniversary/you name app ?????????? I would buy an add on to this app or a separate ☝️ one

- Love this app!

This app makes Christmas shopping for multiple people extremely easy. Allows you to establish and track items to purchase, budget per person or by groups and allows you to show all items per store for ease of shopping. I use it for Christmas and Birthdays. This is one of my favorite organizational apps!

- Fantastic App

I've used this app for 4 years running. Wonderful to create budgets, wish lists, must haves, purchased, wrapped, price, and store. Can even add photos if desired. I can easily make groups for each family member, extended family, and friends. Makes everything so organized and I can really see what I've spent do I can stick to my budget.

- I live it!

I have used this app for several Christmases. It’s great for the job and has some very nice enhancements. You can easily track your gifts through each step from purchase to wrapped. It’s easy to track multiple people, how much you’ve budgeted for them, and how much is left to spend on them. 5 stars are well deserved!

- Love but needs a cloud based back-up...

I’ve been using this app for quite some time. It’s great. The TOUCH ID integration was implemented before some of the big companies and banks added it to their apps. It feels very ‘Prep & Landing’! The only thing missing is a way to backup your list. It would be great to have the option to backup to Dropbox or Google. Please add this feature before I lose my kids shopping list!

- Organized Chaos

So easy to use! Spend a few minutes making your list and checking it off as you purchase, ship, and wrap. The app makes lists of what to get from each store you frequent, archives previous years gifts by recipient and allows you to add photos so you don’t forget what your kids ask for! The best!

- I really like it

I wasn’t sure how much this app would help but it’s made gift planning so much easier. Very easy to use, there’s room to leave notes about each gift which is helpful when I’m hiding gifts around the house and sometimes lose track of them. Maybe that’s just me. Regardless, it was well worth the purchase

- Best Christmas App

Been using this app for past 3 years, you can add items you want to purchase, have purchased, shipped and received. It totals your cost and the stores you purchased from. You can even add pictures. You can archive items to look back at if you don’t remember what you purchased for someone. 5 star rating

- Totally awesome Christmas App!!!

I have used this app for several years now. It is totally awesome! Not only can you track everything you are buying for your friends and family, but you can look at your archived data and see what you bought for them in prior years. Definitely worth every penny!

- Crashes - Updated

Update: I received a quick response from the developer after leaving my review. App has been updated and works again. Great app. I’ve edited my rating. Thanks! Since the update, the app crashes every time I try to open it. I have already made Xmas lists which I now can’t access. Please fix this.

- Love Love Love this App

This app rocks! I’ve been using it for years. I love that you can attach a pic. and I even use the notes section to add links to buy it online. Add different budgets for different people and check off gifts when your done. Keeps everything organized and straight. I wouldn’t do Christmas without it! Great for b-days too!

- Lifesaver!

This app has been so extremely helpful in keeping our holiday spending organized and accountable. I love being able to add gift ideas as I think of them and checking them off once they are purchased. I’ve recommended it to all my friends and family and am so grateful for such a nice tool!

- Great App!

I have been using this app for years and it is great! It’s so much easier to keep track of what I have bought and what is left. It’s also nice when you can check the archived gifts, especially for kids who you may have a gift theme that you have for them to ensure you don’t get the same thing.

- Great app for tracking gifts

This is a wonderful app for tracking gifts. For Christmas, I put in categories for family, friends, work colleagues, and it helps me keep track of what I still need to get and what I’ve finished. I also use it for birthdays for people in my life. It’s fantastic and I couldn’t get through the holidays without it.

- Great Gift App

Have used for a number of years, and it’s really helpful and easy to use. One thing I haven’t figured out is how to go back to previous years archives and open them by person and be reminded about past gifts. I see they’re in the archives by years but can’t open them. What’s up with that?

- Wish I started using this years ago

I’ve managed my list in excel for years but I’ll us this app from now on, I actually feel like I am on top of my Christmas shopping. Even though it’s meant for gifts I created additional groups for the food I need to bring to parties and other tasks. The one thing this doesn’t do is let me hide people and groups that are done.

- Fantastic tool!

This little app made Christmas shopping so much easier the last two years. Much better and more secure than keeping a list on my computer or even on a piece of paper. Thumbprint sign in ensures no one can sneak a peek, and my list is always with me. Highly recommend to Christmas shoppers everywhere!

- Love it!

Been using this app for 4 years. I love it! I do have a question though- Does anyone know if there is a way to archive a whole person? If you delete the person it deletes all previous year gifts. I want to know what I bought in the past but no longer want to buy gifts for this person now.

- Repeat user

Love this app!! Have tried others but this one keeps me year after year. Would like to see "ordered" for online orders status so I can track them better. Would also be cool to have a way to separate "ideas" from "to do". I put all my ideas in there and my budget goes sky high!

- Love it!

I bought this this year and I love it! It is helping me keep clear lists and know what is remaining Wish list: make my own statuses, different person statuses for finished purchases, finished wrapping, finished shipping. Etc Wish list: add status for “ideas”. I don’t want to put as to do and officially add it to the list, but adding things throughout the year would be helpful Wish list: ability to hide groups when in the people view and see only the people in the group you are interested in working with at that time Wish list: when viewing a person, the ability to easily switch between groups without having t exit to the front page

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In true Moron Mode I accidentally linked the wrong @TheGoldenRatio4 calendar on my Christmas list. Now I have a brand new 2020 calendar 🤦🏼‍♀️ Functional as a calendar? Not at all. Aesthetically satisfying? H*ckin yes they’re good dogs 🦮


#1 A list of ALL the known ARROGANT, self serving, free loading, bottom feeding, parasites that haven't the intelligence to realize they are ALL just a LOWLY bunch of EMPLOYEES. The ucPEE 🤡🐵MLA's/staffers NOT in Alberta for Christmas: Michael Florian Eliza Snider Matt Wolf


Too late for 2020, here's my 2021 Christmas wish list: George Soros & family - executed USA - Balkanized Big media - burned to the ground Pelosi - deceased from an ice-cream induced coma The rest of the shitty dems - deceased, pick your own cause of death

Kandi Kristi

Only one week after Christmas and you are already on the naughty list 💋😈😜

3AW Melbourne

The coastal town has been packed with holidaymakers over the Christmas / New Year period.

Erin Smith

@TheRealBuzz my son is 11 and in 5th Grade at @JAE_stem where I teach. The Saturn 5 Lego was at the top of his Christmas list. We have been learning so much space history in our partnership with @JanetsPlanet! My son will be so happy to know you saw his pic!

James Bucky Barnes

@amyp_86 @EvansSPNCrazed @Icndozizallday I go down, I'm taking you with me, Rogers! *he checks the time* 2 hours left... You're all doing that on purpose. I swear! You're all off my Easter, birthday, Christmas and whatever else list there is!


putting a microwavable stuffed animal on the Christmas list was the best decision ive ever made

OWN Unscripted

Everyone spoiling it for those watching right now already got themselves on the naughty list for next Christmas.

The Gneech, Tabaxi Wrangler

For Christmas my in-laws gave me a Little Witch Academia manga, a model of the Queen Anne’s Revenge, and two separate sequels to Treasure Island by two different authors. Granted, they shopped my Amazon wish list, but admittedly it is nice to get stuff that’s so very you.

Get Up Karen

Well...time to open a Christmas fund for next year. My kid’s list gets more expensive as the years go by.

✨NPS 🌞🌺🌴

@joeschmoe4923 I don’t! Thinking I should have asked for one on my Christmas list. Instead I got a very nice set of knives?!? Which makes me think of the movie “Knives Out.” Who gives knives for Christmas?


@McConaughey Thought 💯I was getting Green Lights for Christmas with all the hints I dropped 🙃 ....I didn’t...guess, I was on naughty list. I hope to get soon 🤞🏻

Eddy Doodles

@irl_Aspen ::ahem:: Happy Merry Christmas Thanksgiving New Year Aspen! ..... do I win? do I make the list?

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