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The #1 Shopping App in the US – The Christmas List is an easy-to-use app to help you organize your Christmas lists and budget so you can spend less time buying presents for the ones you love and more time being present with the ones you love!

• Easy budgets per person
• Add people from your iPhone contacts
• Enter multiple gifts quickly and easily just like jotting a note
• Sync lists via AirDrop or email…no need to re-enter info
• Shopping list view to get you through the stores quickly
• Enter gift once, assign to multiple recipients
• Add your favorite stores to a pick list of popular retailers
• Track gifts by status: shipping, received, and wrapped
• Keep photos of people and gifts
• Countdown of shopping days until Christmas
• Share list using Messages or Mail
• At-a-glance view of shopping progress
• Custom Christmas backgrounds
• Print lists directly from the app
• Optional password protection

"The Christmas List is solidly better...with more options and an easier interface."
– The New York Times

"’s happy-making"
– Yahoo! News

"Some of The Christmas List’s best features are the little details that the app just gets right."
– Macworld

"Hooray for productivity!"
– MSN Tech

"It's a handy way to keep track of what you have bought…"
– LA Times

"…everything you need"

“…great for keeping a budget and tracking shopping progress”
– Business Insider

"…well designed and developed and (best of all) easy to’s my favorite gift shopping app so far"

Recommended for managing your holiday spending…
– Good Housekeeping
– The Motley Fool


The Christmas List App Description & Overview

The applications The Christmas List was published in the category Shopping on 2009-11-24 and was developed by Erik Eggleston. The file size is 19.53 MB. The current version is 2.0 and works well on 7.1 and high ios versions.

This update has a ton of little enhancements and fixes to make the app even better, including the ability to have a big checkmark to mark shopping for a person as complete (while leaving un-purchased gifts for that person unchecked). For those of you with 3D Touch, you'll now be able to peek and pop on the main lists and quickly launch into a part of the app right from the icon.

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The Christmas List Reviews

Ms. Emcr

Love the app!  Ms. Emcr  5 star

This is an awesome app. I buy things throughout the year and sometimes I forget what I've already purchased. This app keeps me on target on time and on budget!


Easy to use  MHT2RN  5 star

This will be my 4th year using this app. And each year I appreciated more and more how it simplified my Christmas planning/shopping, because I do my shopping, my Dad & sister-in-law's shopping for my children, plus shop for three birthdays. I was able to easily plan & organize my holiday shopping. It also helped me keep track of my spending. Now I can easily plan my budget for next year. I was able to keep everything in one handy place that was easy to use. Much better than my old paper holiday planner. The bonus was my husband wasn't able to figure out my pass code to sneak a peek. I'd highly recommend! My only disappointment is that last year I switched from an iPhone to a droid and can't download the app. So again this year I'll carry both my droid and old iPhone just so I have this app. (Since my original review, I love this app so much that when it was time to update my phone, I went back to an iPhone mainly so I can download this app ~ 4/15/16).


Easy and organized  Pepper9982  5 star

Great Christmas app! It's easy to use and helps keep you organized. Great to keep a Christmas wish/idea list year round too!

Very funnnnn1233

Coolest app ever!!  Very funnnnn1233  5 star

First time I really got a handle on how much I was spending and on who- easy to organize and use. Very visual which makes it easy to check on your progress. Be careful when archiving your previous year. I lost all my history but other than that highly recommended this for busy people that need to streamline


Christmas Life Saver!  Kimmykokopop  5 star

This app keeps you organized and focused in a very hectic time of year. I use to forget presents I'd purchased earlier in the year but not anymore! I love that you can archive Christmas lists so you can go back and see what you gifted previous year(s).

Purple foto

Fantastic 👍🏼  Purple foto  5 star

Love ❤💜💚💛 this app! Usually don't rate apps but this is absolutely great! Keeps me organized, budgeted, has a notes space and most of all us User Friendly!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND....


Since2012. And I love it!  Hippos55566665544  5 star

Love it.


Fabulous!!!  Lionessence0128  5 star

What a great app!! I didn't even utilize all of it this year but what I did use was great... and took only a few minutes to set it up for next year. I'll be on budget, organized and really enjoy the season... without the stress!! Great app!!


Love this App!!  Abby57  5 star

I have used this two years in a row, keeping both my list and my Mom's. works great! i also added another group for birthdays this year.

Ruthann 1111111

Awesome app  Ruthann 1111111  5 star

I usually don't review apps, but I really like this app so far. It's simple to use and has lots of great features.


Great!  TinaMash  5 star

Love this app. So glad I found it for my holiday shopping


Amazing App  @realtorindfw  5 star

This app has every feature I could ever want in a Christmas gift list and more! The platform is so easy to use, and it organizes the information in multiple different ways. I love this app!


Love this app!  Toyekat  5 star

I think this is my third Christmas using this app. It makes it all so much easier for me to keep track of what I've bought and to keep track of my spending.


Dashing Through the Stores  KatMarieKelly  4 star

This app has been so much fun to use this year! Learn more about it every time I shop.

Herbal sister

Love it!  Herbal sister  5 star

This is by far the easiest to use organizational tool I have on my phone. I used to tuck lists and gifts and stocking stuffers into hiding places and totally forget about them. Keeps me on track financially. The addition of an "ideas" option would be great. Also "from Santa" and "stocking stuffers" would be nice.


Had to pay for it again  lsushaws  1 star

I like the app even though it takes getting used to. My complaint is that I had to rebuy it to put on my iPad and when I did none of my information transferred over.


Great app  Sabe014  5 star

I love this app! It let's me keep up with my budget and gifts from beginning to end!


Love this app!  Chocoholic_mom  5 star

Really easy to use and helps keep you on track and on budget!


Fabulous App  Strawbeeeerry  5 star

This is my third year using this app and it's been a huge help. It took a little time to input all the info but it's worth every minute. It's a great tool In organizing your holiday gift lists.


Perfect for my OCD self!!  Florida04  5 star

I am always running around the week before Christmas trying to get gifts for those I've overlooked...but not this year! This app has helped me organize everyone and group them by families. It also helps me stay on top of my Christmas budget.

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