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Ever wanted to shop everything in one place, at one time? We’ve created just the app for you! With thousands of brands and millions of products at an incredible value, AliExpress is the go-to app for those in the know.

Shop what’s new & now from home to health, tech to toys and sports to shoes (plus the hottest fashion around) every day. And, let’s not forget all our deals! From flash & super deals to coupons and more, you can get the best products at the best prices in a swipe.

There are countless reasons to love shopping on the AliExpress app but here are some of our favorites:

• Millions of trendy and unique products
• Easy search – so you can find what you want quickly
• Coupons, discounts, flash & super deals so you’ll always get the best price
• Free shipping on over 75% of our products
• Order management & automatic shipment notifications
• Buyer Protection on all your purchases
• Secure online payments
• Personalized feeds, with products picked especially for you

Language Support
We’re global, so our app is too! We support English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Bahasa Indonesian, Thai, Italian, German, French, Hebrew, Korean, Polish, Dutch, Arabic, Vietnamese, Japanese and Ukrainian.

Currency Support
Our app currently supports eight different currencies for payment (Euros, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Japanese Yen, British Sterling, Russian Rubles and Swedish Krona), and six further currencies for browsing (Brazilian Real, Indian Rupee, Ukrainian Hryvnia, Indonesia Rupiah, Mexican Peso and Turkish Lira).

Tell Us What You Think
Like us? Love us? Can't get enough of the AliExpress app? Let us know! We love to hear your thoughts. Plus, if you any areas for improvement while using our app, tell us that, too! We take all feedback seriously and use it for constant improvement. Drop us a line in the app by tapping "More" then "App Suggestion".

AliExpress Shopping App App Description & Overview

The applications AliExpress Shopping App was published in the category Shopping on 2011-05-27 and was developed by Alibaba. The file size is 150.37 MB. The current version is 6.6.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

General improvements and bug fixes.

Thanks to everyone for all your great feedback and suggestions. Keep it coming! If you find a bug or an issue, then tell us about it. Remember to mention specifically what the problem is and where it happens.

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AliExpress Shopping App Reviews

Jess the Painter

Love  Jess the Painter  5 star

Everything under the sun. Pls add more coupons.


Best app  Dshbxbxnhshxhchhzhahzhxhxh  5 star

Easy to navigate and buy little things for cheap

Wowwww girl

The best  Wowwww girl  5 star

I've never had a problem with AliExpress or the vendors. I've been using the app for years. Just read the reviews of the item before you order.


Amazing  Agnt316  5 star

Very good app. App developers are always innovative and i like the layout and how good it is


Beyond Obsessed  Apmbabiestoo  5 star

You know how you see something on TV and you just dying to try it but it is so expensive plus shipping most of the time I've been able to find the exact same thing on this app with free or very little shipping it may take a little longer to come here but with as inexpensive as things are I can buy multiple items to try. And when they arrive and I have forgotten about them it's like Christmas opening these packages every week I love it!!!!!!!!


The application is great,  sh9040  5 star

The application is great, fun, easy to shop and has a currency converter and includes a lot of sellers and I trust it

Appalussa lavaloosa

Best shopping app ever  Appalussa lavaloosa  5 star

Love this gem! If I could give 10 stars I would!


AliExpress  tr71068  5 star

I have ordered several items and so far I have had no trouble with receiving my orders on time. It is an easy app to use and I have fun searching for things to try out.


To USA  فلوووو  5 star

Very good store but the shipping not good and expensive also


Well built and tailors the items to you  Swerrvvv  5 star

Definitely causes me to spend my money.


Best shopping site  Yove  5 star

Quick service , clean packing , honest people , good price , great products , big variety , never had any problem , best shopping site in the world .


Great app!!  Creativix  5 star

Makes shopping easier


Awesome  Addisalam  5 star

More of fun rather shopping, Love shopping on AliExpress.


Great value for low prices    5 star

AliExpress has almost everything under the sun. One can easily spend hours browsing through everything. One tip: check the feedback left by others, and the item's dimensions in the description. Some sellers offer small discounts through coupons too. Shipping can take from 9 days to 2 months, but most of my items arrived in 3-4 weeks. Pricier orders are also usually registered, which is great.


Great site  Whatsadoozy  5 star

AliExpress is a great site. The products I’ve bought so far have been of a very high standard and so reasonably priced. I’m hooked!


Buyers beware  Waterwench  1 star

Gave this company a tentative try...far too many falsely or extremely misleading advertised goods. Sellers lies are listened to over the buyers truth! Obtaining a refund is near on impossible despite evidence goods were not supplied as advertised. No Paypal option means NO PROTECTION for buyers. Cancelled and deleted account.


Overall worth it ^^  21Scmaloys  5 star

It can be very hit and miss in terms of fitment and quality, however when you buy sweatshop items for next to nothing it’s to be expected >< overall I’ve had more wins than losses so go and enjoy some shopping roulette ;)

Gangles OK

better than ebay and amazon  Gangles OK  5 star

easy to use even for an old fella like me simple and very user friendly unlike some other apps that are a night mare to use like the pay pal app.


Review  Lynos1234  5 star

I have been shopping with AliExpress for many years and love it sometimes delivery service is a little slow but overall it’s fairly fast Many thanks AliExpress

john, restaurant owner

John  john, restaurant owner  5 star

Always find great products in Ali express. Thanks


Use it a lot. Highly recommended  JonGretarB  5 star

The few times issues come up with a seller I have been promptly refunded. Be careful of shipping though. Sometimes the shipping costs can be high without you noticing. And avoid Yanwen shipping company. They are about twice as slow as mist orhers.


On of the best  Scorpion0047  5 star

Easy to use , buying & Tracking


Me encanta ali express  __twinyamie  5 star

Lo recomiendo


Good App  JonnhyKillz  5 star

I'm always buying random stuff in the internet. Well this App has everything you can imagine. Like any other app the sellers sometimes take their time to send the items but that is normal. Overall the app is awesome!


Samy Sin here!!  Samy978  5 star

One of My all time fav app!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Vigier Visuals

Wow  Vigier Visuals  5 star

My entire wedding was from Ali I love this place . Such an ingenious idea


Need to add PayPal  Jdiwjfirkaofnrianfufnajf  3 star

Needs to add PayPal as a payment option and more buyer protection so sellers cannot blackmail buyers


This app is everything  Misslovely500  5 star

Love this app. I can’t describe how this app has changed my life.

Minion kueen

It’s a scam  Minion kueen  1 star

They keep asking me to verify my card by sending a picture of my license or a passport. And they are even asking for my social which makes me really think its a scam. Please be careful.


Why 😭  Little_Eng  1 star

For the coins I always do the daily tasks and now it’s not working and also my cart I can’t purchase anything


Quite excellent App...  Bentosyn  5 star

In about 5 years of shopping with it’ I haven’t ran into any disputes or problems..quite reliable.


If I loose this app.. or if it shuts down.. I might die.. best thing that has ever happened to me  pricelessjessy  5 star

I am in love


Mr  Macwiners  4 star

Best shopping app so far.


Awesome app  Mamsycutex  5 star



Ali App  donpraise  5 star

Infact u guys should get more than 5 star because the app is very perfect and I have never lost my money here or get any unnecessary delays

Lil Mo'

An excellent site to shop  Lil Mo'  5 star

You find almost everything on the site and you find related items with different prices of your choice even with free shipping. I love to shop on ali express despite some stores take time to deliver goods but it is an amazing site. Try it


Awesome  Eldeeen  5 star

This app is very very awesome...thumbs up


I like it  Ese145  4 star

I preferred their desktop site before, but their app is improving, I love that they convert currency for you to gauge the price, that's a neat idea.


First and the best  eldeens  4 star

Aliexpress is the king of online shopping and the app is awesome


Awesome app.  eportal.  5 star

Great app.


Recommend AliExpress  Cotton7976€  5 star

Love shopping on AliExpress fantastic products at a great price fantastic customer service would highly recommend app

Rania Salman

Thank u Ali baba.  Rania Salman  5 star

I love AliExpress it has made my shopping experience very good and i have been shopping from this site from last 2 years now .i was happy with my 90% of my shopping.😍very easy to find and get whatever i am looking for.


Love the app  MeDave13  5 star

Have been using Ali express for about 2-3 years absolutely love it. They have everything you need at affordable prices


Terrible first and last experience  joshalexc  1 star

I placed my first order of three products, I was charged by my bank and my orders where closed by aliexpress. I contacted my bank and was advised by them to get aliexpress to fax across confirmation of cancellation. I spoke in broken English to a supposed customer service rep for just under 1hour to try and get refunded. They advised me it would take 20 days for my money to be refunded. First and last experience with aliexpress and I will never ever buy from them ever again. AVOID!!!


Great choice  SOBmay  5 star

Cheap items for sale only no panic on delivery but at such low prices one couldn't expect any quicker delivery


Great site! It has just about everything.  AlexanderFitz  5 star

Great prices and huge choice.


Excellent  gjcz31  5 star

It's a Excellent Application


Delivers high-quality products for Little price  Fxbutt  5 star

It does a great job in managing orders, you’re really cheap prices vary very good place to buy things from


Ali Express App  M0rrass  5 star

I am absolutely addicted to this app, vast range of products with great price and quality


One stop gadget shop  Antosyn1  5 star

You just can’t beat AliExpress when it comes to accessories and sporting goods. I use it a lot for the likes of phone covers, cables, earphones etc. I also buy a lot of my cycling clothing and accessories (gloves, lights etc.) from AliExpress. All in all I must have saved a small fortune by shopping for any and all accessories.


Best Online shopping App ever !!!  Tillyjusta  5 star

AliExpress is so convenient to my life. I find everything I need in the click of a button.

Leon du Rand

Great!  Leon du Rand  5 star

This app is great!


So happy I found this app  Chrisisohunt  5 star

I haven’t bought anything off this app that hasn’t either met my expectations or exceeded them. I’m very happy with AliExpress and it’s suppliers


Dispute invalid  Theace88  1 star

I bought an earring, purchase protection was almost expiring. So I checked the tracking info and it said “tracking failed” so I opened a dispute. AE said my dispute was invalid and I won’t get a refund. I will never buy from here again, and I would never recommend it


Awesome  IshalH  5 star

Good app. Great stuff


Sale  Timza19  5 star

Awesome sales


Great app but lacks some details from web  Dictirtas  4 star

The app is great and works well. However, the parcel tracking details lacks the local post office details on the app.


Ali is the best  sopieazzzzz  5 star

I love Ali express and I love this app. It works so well.


Excellent and user friendly.  Lizbelilly  5 star

Very user friendly and comprehensive.


SoSo  DesTheDon  3 star

Still not yet 100% happy with it, it needs improvement


Bestest  Its_The_King  5 star

Best e-shop so far. I get almost everything I need.


The best  ENSB  5 star

The biggest & best online shopping platform in the world. So many wonderful products, excellent service & always something new to discover!


Must Have App  Renee683  5 star

It's easy and affordable prices, no higher shipping cost . Best app for buying outside your country


One stop shop  Garroor  5 star

One of the biggest online shopping app. I’ve already spent over $5000 over the years. Refunds are prompt and most of the items are quality. Thanks ones again. China is more closer than I thought


Nice app  Copson1  5 star

It’s so convenient


AliExpress shopping  Nas4ug  5 star

I just love AliExpress shopping


Deb  derbyderbs11  5 star

The best app ever!!


Great shopping app  Cxette  5 star

Excellent and reliable online shopping app. 👍🏽👍🏽

Nana Fosu

Very easy to use  Nana Fosu  5 star

It's a nice and simple application to use


Best shopping app indeed!  m_sags  5 star

Best shopping app for every kinda individual. So far so very good. What even amazes me is the fact that the supplier (seller) gets paid after confirmation of bought product reaches the final destination( buyer).

AliExpress Shopping App Comments

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