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Ever wanted to shop everything in one place, at one time? We’ve created just the app for you! With thousands of brands and millions of products at an incredible value, AliExpress is the go-to app for those in the know.

Shop what’s new & now from home to health, tech to toys and sports to shoes (plus the hottest fashion around) every day. And, let’s not forget all our deals! From flash & super deals to coupons and more, you can get the best products at the best prices in a swipe.

There are countless reasons to love shopping on the AliExpress app but here are some of our favorites:

• Millions of trendy and unique products
• Easy search – so you can find what you want quickly
• Coupons, discounts, flash & super deals so you’ll always get the best price
• Free shipping on over 75% of our products
• Order management & automatic shipment notifications
• Buyer Protection on all your purchases
• Secure online payments
• Personalized feeds, with products picked especially for you

Language Support
We’re global, so our app is too! We support English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Bahasa Indonesian, Thai, Italian, German, French, Hebrew, Korean, Polish, Dutch, Arabic, Vietnamese, Japanese and Ukrainian.

Currency Support
Our app currently supports eight different currencies for payment (Euros, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Japanese Yen, British Sterling, Russian Rubles and Swedish Krona), and six further currencies for browsing (Brazilian Real, Indian Rupee, Ukrainian Hryvnia, Indonesia Rupiah, Mexican Peso and Turkish Lira).

Tell Us What You Think
Like us? Love us? Can't get enough of the AliExpress app? Let us know! We love to hear your thoughts. Plus, if you any areas for improvement while using our app, tell us that, too! We take all feedback seriously and use it for constant improvement. Drop us a line in the app by tapping "More" then "App Suggestion".

AliExpress Shopping App App Description & Overview

The applications AliExpress Shopping App was published in the category Shopping on 2011-05-27 and was developed by Alibaba. The file size is 165.67 MB. The current version is 6.11.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

General improvements and bug fixes.
Thanks to everyone for all your great feedback and suggestions. Keep it coming! If you find a bug or an issue, then tell us about it. Remember to mention specifically what the problem is and where it happens.

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AliExpress Shopping App Reviews


Great but not perfect  paten008  3 star

I enjoyed shopping with aliexpress, but with caution, most of the discount / sales are often a lie, they bump the priced and make a discount, with the same price,, check other item or other shop first,,


The best!  Tatary1  5 star

lol let's just say am addicted to shopping at AliExpress. Get my orders right on time. Sellers communicate well, Free shipping and all. Thee best.

ابومحمد ومجتبى

برنامج رووعة  ابومحمد ومجتبى  5 star

كل ماتتمناه تلقاه وثقة تطلب يجيبون لك

Jennifer Denton

Decent but you must read and depend on other buyers ratings!!  Jennifer Denton  4 star

I’ve spent a lot of money while using this app and I have indeed received some really good bargains (especially in the craft department and technology as well). But like anywhere it is still buyer beware. I feel like it is better than eBay when it comes to the pictures depicting an accurate description of a product but I have still been fooled when using this app because I thought a product was much bigger than it actually was so I purchased it only to become aggravated once I received a product. I will say that I learned to do my homework Though and so that now happens far less times. I read the customers ratings and I look at their pictures as well because they sometimes show them more accurately than the sellers pictures. However since I have been doing this then I will have to say that I don’t get suckered bear as often. I will also use a conversion table to see how big a product is because they show items in millimeters and centimeters and in the states we use inches and yards. So that has helped a lot also. I love that a lot of the items are free shipping for what I like to buy. That helps save a lot of money. I’ve only had one product arrive to me damaged. We are still working on resolving that issue. I will update my rating if I’m not satisfied with the results. I do want a bargain however I expect the company to be able to make a profit as well. I feel like when we do this it is a win win situation, and that’s when I’m really happy.

MrsD 2015

Obsessed wit AliExpress  MrsD 2015  5 star

Great app and I’ve always gotten what I ordered.


UNice hair  RAIIIIII7777777  5 star

Got it in 3-4 days, perfect. I love the hair quality!!


Great App  Jeromamo  5 star

Use this app often. Stuff is always in good condition. Definitely recommend.


It’s a no for me.  apachetwelve  1 star

It takes months to get these items from overseas. The sellers take forever to ship items. I do not recommend aliexpress.

bojan maran

Lak za upotrebu, malih dimenzija daje izuzetno dobru aromu. Sve preporuke!  bojan maran  5 star

Lak za upotrebu, malih dimenzija daje izuzetno dobru aromu. Sve preporuke!


So Frustrated!  Hotwheels7  1 star

I downloaded the app for my iPhone X and tried to use my password. It wouldn’t accept, so I tried to change my password. The app sent me a code, I used it but could go no further. Now I’m completely locked out on the website, and on the apps for my phone and my iPad. It tells me that my account is abnormal; log in on computer. I don’t have a computer!!! Tried contacting customer service, but you have to log in first! It’s been more than 24 hours and I’m still locked out with at least $100 worth of merchandise in my cart. Goodbye AliExpress. Hello Amazon!


Love it  Becbell74  5 star

I use a lot of jewels for Face Painting and they are cheap for me to make my bling and on sell to dazzle the faces. Kids love them. The site is cheap but worth if you don’t want to spend heaps. Postage take about 2-4 was but most things have arrived early for me.


App is good  Dabijan  5 star

The app has improved a lot, since my last review. In my opinion the search engine needs some improvement. It will be great if AliExpress website allows buyers to add more items than 100 in their shopping cart and expands the quantity of wishing list. In my opinion the expansion of shopping cart and wishing list to a bigger capacity than now, will help buyers, whom they are shopping regularly on AliExpress. Another issue that needs to be looked at, if they add the feature of giving buyers the choice of ticking multiple items on their mobile app for deleting items from the wishing list, instead of doing it one by one, then going back to the start of the wishing list multiple times. It wastes too much of customers time and effort. Thanks


I like u  samo.semsem  4 star

I love to use AliExpress..


First time  DeborahSanT  5 star

Hi this is my first time shopping online with AliExpress do happy so far with the service can’t wait too receive my other parcels

Big Daddy Heiwa

Great app and selling platform  Big Daddy Heiwa  5 star

Cheaper than Amazon, E-Bay, Rakuten but delivery time is longer. Most goods ship from China, but the number of international shipping hubs seems to be growing. AliExpress is slightly more expensive than DHGate and Wish, but far more reliable and has superior customer service. Recommended.


I am a happy buyer  বেক  5 star



Orders don’t Arrive  Danw102  1 star

Used Ali Express a few times now and on 2 occasion my orders haven’t arrived. I have opened a disputes and the sells have said they will re-ship the order which can take up to 45 days to arrive and resolved the dispute. After 45 days still have received my orders go to make another dispute but I am unable to do so. Tried to contact Ali express via the chat which wasn’t helpful as it is only a chat bot that gives standard answer.


Love it  kellyqld  5 star

I am loving this app. So far I’ve purchased 3 items and for the price they were better than expected. The items I bought were from China so took a couple of weeks to receive. But shipping notification sent within a couple of days and updates on items whereabouts also sent. Will definitely continue to purchase from this app

Robin Moot

Good app  Robin Moot  5 star

Yeah nah good app


Good  idara1  5 star

Very good and fair


Success!  Phoenix62cp  5 star

Can’t beat the app for ease of use. It’s simple and straight forward. The big plus is I find the same items as you find in the bigger sites in America at 1/3 sometimes 1/4 of the price! Nothing bad to say!


AliExpress is a great app  $pike80  5 star

I was concerned about using this app. After I browsed for a while. They have stuff for my RC truck that nobody else has, not that I could find. Thanks guys


Friendly app  nunnapk  5 star

Easy to find the items you think.


Love this app  kimmy12869  5 star

I buy all the time and never had any problem and if I did they would fixs it for me.


Excellent online shopping  Aisha-CA  5 star

Very Easy to get anything sitting at home. Excellent sellers sometimes , excellent and high quality products sometimes , fast delivery sometimes


Great App  dearx33  5 star

I love to shop online. I look forward for people to leave more reviews on products they buy.


Great app  Zjdodb.  5 star

I have used this app for a few years now. Great products decent pricing! Im a Gold Member so I have bought quite a bit and never had a problem with anything. Highly recommend

NellyM Ramirez

💕💕 this app  NellyM Ramirez  5 star

Omg I cant believe there is such a good app where they can offer products that are sale in your country way to expensive but here you can find them way to cheap and good quality 💕 for example I when to the mall last Saturday and I saw this 3 D lashes for 20 dollar each and they were 1.67 at AliExpress... I can not imagine how much money am saving thanking the right decision, thank you to the Seller’s!!!


Worst app ever  DomoWinning  1 star

For 2 years i haven’t been able to order anything even though money is on my debit card. I always receive a error message saying payment couldn’t be processed .


The best online market  talhaabdal  5 star

I am in love with AliExpress.


App you can rely on  Eskimo315  5 star

My most trusted shopping App in the world!

Terver U

Best Intl online shopping platform  Terver U  5 star

I have shopped on AliExpress over the past couple of years and i must say you have been consistent in quality, fast delivery And good selection of sellers. Keep it up.


Helpful  Snagzy  5 star

Cool, good services and nice processes


Mr lawal olawale  Asewerejaye  5 star

AliExpress is best online market App that give one rest of mind without being defraud your order is save and secure


Review  Bonie___  5 star

Love the app. So user friendly


Awesome  Eldeeen  5 star

This app is very very awesome...thumbs up and i love using it. I recommend people to use this app cos its AWESOME!!!!

Adam LH

One of the Honest and awesome online shopping out there, keeps up the good work Ali baba.  Adam LH  5 star

Very important app, I like it.

Bin saleh

Mighty awesome  Bin saleh  5 star

It’s absolutely user friendly. I love it


Great app  Solomon_folanx_Isolos  5 star

This app has so far been the best online store app that is favorable for Africa and the entire world 🌎


I love the app  Presheezee  5 star

I love the app because everything is easy to find and it’s easy to use.


Fabulous 🤩  Matty-boy2018  5 star

Very good ecommerce platform. Various range of everything at reasonable prices. Very happy 😉

alan daly

Doesn’t work  alan daly  1 star

Dreadful app .tried many times to use it but couldn’t log in . Really bad . Worst app I ever used


Trustworthy  BrenIRE  5 star

I have been using this App and site for a few months now , and with out a doubt you feel comfortable that you are always kept up to date on your order and any issues they will act quickly to resolve and are on your side as a customer. So far so good


Great service  Feile2009  4 star

I bought at least have a dozen items and never once had a problem. Good quality and a very quick service.


Mr Valdemaras  betjas123  5 star

Great app. Easy to navigate.


Very good app  dany16  5 star

I’m very happy with the app it’s working good no problem so far the only problem is that I’m spending to much time with it an money. Good job. Thanks


Great site! It has just about everything.  AlexanderFitz  5 star

Great prices and huge choice.


Anatolij  Astolis  5 star

I love this app!!! You can find same designer replica things. And so cheap as well and the quality is very good!


Addicting!  sHigs98  5 star

I love shopping using Aliexpress App. This app itself is so easy to use. Search bar found on top of the page to facilitate easy search for items that you need and want to find. Amazing how you could find items and compare prices in one sigle press of a button. Transaction is so easy and secure. You have a choice to keep payment card infos securely via Alipay system. Love this app so easy and convenient to use.


Fantastic  Chaysrrer  5 star

Simply fantastic. I have been a client for at least 6 years and the app came to make the things even easier. Really do recommend.


Debit card details captured for fraudulent payments  NthabisengM  1 star

Recently ordered some products from Ali express and after i’ve stopped ordering for a while i received a bank notification of a payment i never confirmed from an unknown vendor


Useless!  ZuricaR  1 star

There is no way of knowing whether your service is good or bad, because no matter how hard I try, I simply cannot purchase the items in my cart, as I cannot login, even though I have created an account. It just keeps saying that my account is locked and the next screen says my account is “abnormal” Now as I need to login to contact customer services, and I can’t, I’ll just give you a bad rating instead.


Best Shopping App  Sokhulu  5 star

High quality products at and affordable rate. I’ve already told 6 of my friends about it and they downloaded it and are just as impressed as I am! Keep it up guys


Customer service shopping  Anni##  1 star

Have been trying for over a month to sort out the credit card issue that AliExpress created. Keep in being promised that it would be sorted, but still not able to make payment.


Happy  Instagramfreak  5 star

This was my first purchase from AliExpress and it was good. Very happy with the products and shipping time, will definitely use them again!


Really great ap!  Hoppiepop  5 star

The ap is really easy to use and I especially like that you can see and give photographic feedback easily! So you know what quality to expect


Quick delivery  Sharkattack  5 star

After ordering on TOMTOP and Wish this app is by far the quickest with lots of products, nice one


Don’t shop anywhere else  Leighcpt1  5 star

Been shopping on this site for years and it’s always been a pleasure. Don’t hesitate to shop here.


Happy User  Choochoo8  5 star

So far I’ve order a few times to South Africa and the sellers have been true to their shipping dates. They keep in contact with me and so far haven’t had an issue really happy with the items I purchase and the customer service 👍🏾👌🏾


Customer service / help is unusable  Rhee74  1 star

The customer service portion of the app has 5 categories of queries, with a handful of questions each, and if your query isn’t covered by one of those, then tough luck. There is no “other” option, no “contact us” option, and absolutely no way of getting assistance outside of a handful of checklist questions. Considering how cool the rest of the app is, this is a massive oversight.


Very good app  kofi-nuel  5 star

Very good app


Kdwummah  kdwummah  4 star

Bought a tennis bag, delivered earlier than expected and met my expectation. Will give 4 stars as this is first experience. Shopping made simple and exciting.


I can’t find what I want  whhooodfhsuj  1 star

I want all in one pc gaming machine. I can see some in but I can’t find any of them at AliExpress. Pls do something about it

Mrs Adeniji-Lawson

I love AliExpress  Mrs Adeniji-Lawson  5 star

I get everything on time Only a couple that didn’t arrive to Ghana but my money was refunded back into my account only problem is they charge same rate as my country and the refund rate was lower so I lost a few coins when it comes to refund but overall the products gets to me after 3weeks of shipping

Sir Sanks

APPRECIATE  Sir Sanks  5 star

You are so Excellent


Wonderful  enzymeu  5 star

I have been ordering very scarce Pc parts for a year now and love the simplicity of the ordering and communication. The shipping has improved greatly.thanks

Nii Sowah

Great app!!  Nii Sowah  5 star



Great App  Armsty  5 star

Best online shopping app. Transactions on this app is very secured... Thanks AliExpress for making online shopping easier for me and most people around the world...


Trusted app  Copson1  5 star

It’s a very nice app and receiving is very convenient


The best  ENSB  5 star

The biggest & best online shopping platform in the world. So many wonderful products, excellent service & always something new to discover!

AliExpress Shopping App Comments

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