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What is lululemon app? Browse and shop for lululemon gear from anywhere! Be ready for all your sweaty pursuits with technical athletic clothing and accessories for running, cross-training, and yoga. 

Get the gear:
• Shop instantly. Our app is built from the ground up to feel as snappy as your personal bests.
• You’ll find high-quality photos of products taken from every angle and a zoom-in feature that lets you nerd out hard on every technical detail. 
• Inventory-check your local store and find out right from your phone if your size and color are in stock. 
• Favorites: So many products to love, so little time! Add products to your Favorites list so you can easily come back to them later.
• eGift Cards: Buy electronic gift cards for your family and friends through the app and send them directly to their email. 
• Store Locator: Find store hours and locations right on your phone. 
• Pay with ApplePay
Connect with the community:
• Join our global yoga ambassadors for 20, 45 or 60-minute yoga classes
• Find local events tailored to your favorite sweaty pursuits.
• Get inspired by real and authentic stories posted by our own ambassadors and stores.
• Curious about what goes into our gear? Get an insider look through exclusive behind-the-scenes videos.
Manage your account:
• Use Touch ID or Face ID to make sign-in easy; rest assured, your biometric data is protected and safe. 
• My Account: Update your profile and subscribe to product emails in the improved Account settings.
• Store your preferences and purchase information to make checkout a breeze. And of course, standard shipping is always complimentary. 
Founded in Vancouver British Columbia in 1998, the first lululemon athletica store shared space with a yoga studio. We’ve grown quite a bit since then and our technical athletic apparel for men and women is now available online, in stores, and in showrooms all over the world. 
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App Name Lululemon
Category Shopping
Updated 11 April 2024, Thursday
File Size 126.72 MB

Lululemon Comments & Reviews 2024

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Fits like a glove yet feels like angel’s breath!. I find myself coming back to Lululemon again and gain due to the high quality fabrics and construction of the garments. Nothing fits better and certainly, nothing comes anywhere close to the level of comfort experienced when wearing any of the items I have purchased. I started out purchasing items for my oldest daughter, who just HAD to have Lululemon, and expanded into buying for my wife, my youngest daughter, and now myself, my son and my son-in-law. We are diehard believers in the brand, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the brand to anyone who places quality and fit above the imaginary “value” gained by buying cheaper items. To the folks at Lululemon I would say, keep doing what you do!

A lot of bugs recently and never got fixed. First, I have not been able to place any orders on this app for many months. Always encountered issues. Second, recently whenever I log into the app, lululemon would send me an email confirming my access updates?? So if I logged in 20 times in a day to check things out, I would receive 20 emails. In the beginning I thought my account was back so I had to change my password many times. Customer service said to delete the app and reinstall. I did that and it only helped for a few hours. After that the problem persisted. All of these are beyond my tolerance. Lululemon really need to pay their software developers better, perhaps hire a stronger team, and make this app actually usable. All these problems are impacting your sales numbers.

Love the apparel & customer service, BUT.... It’s beyond frustrating when I get a message introducing new apparel, and when I go online to purchase an item, it’s sold out almost EVERYWHERE (online and in stores). How “new” is it exactly when everything in small sizes are sold out? I really like the real-time inventory check on the app, but the desk top version leaves something to be desired. It seems that not all Lululemon locations are represented, or show stock availability. I went on a wild goose chase trying to find the Align II pant 25” white, in size 4 only to come up short each time. What would be SUPER helpful... if there was a way to be alerted when stock gets replenished. I’ve been trying to find long, white leggings for the better part of 2 years and I keep missing the boat each time. Sales associates in the store couldn’t even tell me how often new stock comes in. “Whenever distribution sends us stuff.” I guess it’s just not meant to be.

App. I have been a huge fan of Lululemon for almost 10 years, but the app needs a lot of work. It glitches quite often and items disappear from your cart or at the point of sale, there’s an error that something is missing when everything is filled in correctly. It seems to happen most often when there is a delay in starting to add items to the cart but getting interrupted and not getting to finish it at that moment. When you return to complete it, and yes for me sometimes it could take a couple days to get back to it, the cart is empty and I have to start over trying to remember what was there. I’ve also found that if my stuff still happens to be in the cart after a delay, a glitch inevitably causes some type of error when attempting to checkout. I’ve tried checking for updates, etc, but still seem to have these issues often. I hope this helps because I love having the app, but it does need some work.

Missing items. I ordered 3 items for my son for Christmas. When I opened the packing envelope, only 2 items were in the package. Looked at the slip thinking maybe the joggers were shipped separately, but nothing was marked. There were no joggers in the package. Called customer service and she assured me that someone would be checking into tracking the item and would call me. No one has called, no emails, and three texts sent only to receive a generic response that the current text volume was high at this time! The closest store to me is 1 1/2 hours away and they have limited stock. I never have much luck there for size/color options! Therefore, I order online. But I think I will be shopping elsewhere. For the cost of the product, you would think their customer service would be better! Anti lulu

I love the app and think it’s so helpful!. Super nice and easy way to find the gear I want! I love how you can have early access on the app and it’s a lot easier to find things. All of the categories they have are very helpful and it’s so easy to find all of the categories like we made to much, back to school, align shop and more. Of course you can look online but the app makes it a lot easier and I think it’s nice to have if you love lululemon like me! It’s also really easy to order on the app and I love that about it, thanks lululemon for the great app!

Obsessed lulu girl!!. I’m absolutely obsessed with lulu so I knew I needed the app! I love how I can make a wishlist to see what I like and when it’s in stock! And I really like the What’s New tab so I can always see what’s new. I’m in love with the sizing quiz to see what size you would be (it works! it told me i should be a size 6 bra. I thought that was wayyy too big for me but I got it anyway. it was the perfect size!) and the quiz to see what kind of items you would like. I think that would be really helpful for someone who doesn’t know lulu as well. Anyway, amazing app!!💖

Profile Issues. Current version has a time zone defect on the Order Tracking screen. Currently I have an order set to deliver on Monday. It’s Saturday 11PM Eastern Time and it’s saying “Arriving Tomorrow”. Clearly it’s an hour ahead for some reason. This needs to be fixed. You guys need to solve the issue of “in-store profile” not being linked or the same as the profile in the app/online. It’s 2023 and the fact that your sales system doesn’t match up so that you can see all your things you buy and also control email spam subscriptions, gift cards, etc. is RIDICULOUS!!!! You need to link the two systems/profiles together because EVERYONE else has this, not sure what your problem is. It’s not that difficult, it’s time for you to update your backend to merge the two systems. If your IT can’t do this, it’s time for a new IT dept or CTO.

Can’t log in. Can’t find my account.. I can’t log in. Can we get any more basic than this? How was this version even released? “We couldn’t login to your account.” I tried to log in on a web browser and it worked fine. Seriously guys. Way too much friction in getting people to use your app. Please work on this and test your apps before you release them. What is lulu doing with all of the money we are spending on their merchandise? Let’s improve the experience for loyal customers who are actually trying to give you more business ... you’re making that experience very unpleasant. Also what’s the point of having filters if they don’t work. Again, something so simple and basic is broken. Example, for men’s shorts, I get 68 results. If I apply the “running” filter, I get 1 result. Ridiculous. Where are all of these glowing 5-star reviews coming from? They most certainly aren’t real. I’m tired of seeing all of these big companies gaming reviews and ratings. It’s completely dishonest. There’s no way an app where I can’t log in and where the filters are broken has a 4.9 rating. This is fraud. That’s exactly what this is. Incredibly disappointed.

Lulu ⚡️✨❤️. I love the lulu app it makes life a 100 times easier!!! I don’t live very close to a lulu store the closest one is 45 min away so the app makes things much easier. I lulu it’s great quality athletic wear. Everyone says, “ you only get lulu to have that symbol on your body” everything they have is so flattering and worth every penny paid. Lululemon is my favorite brand, some of my favorite items are their hotty hot shorts, align tanks, align leggings, scubas and belt bags. Another thing I love about lulu is that they have a ton of different variety of colors, a couple colors I like are sonic pink, poolside or white opal. Once you put those align leggings on you get addicted. Just warning you.

🤍✨⚡️. Lulu slays! I love Lulu so much! A lot of people say “oh you only get Lulu for the symbol on your leg” and “ugh I can get that stupid Lululemon trash at Target for 100 dollars cheaper.” I really like this brand because it is great for working out at the gym, at dance class and even got just lounging at home or sitting at school. To be honest, I tried Lulu at first because I wanted to see what the hype was and why everyone was wearing these expensive leggings. Once I tried them on, it was love at first sight! They were so comfortable and the fit was perfect! I didn’t think they were going to fit because I am pretty skinny but a zero was perfect! My favorite item that I currently own is the define jacket. I have it in blissful blue and I simply adore it. One thing I wish Lulu had was a regular define jacket in sonic pink because I am not a fan of cropped products. Otherwise, I have no other negative comments on Lululemon!!

THE BEST APP EVER. this app is amazing! as a lulu addict, i have way to much lulu (if that’s even a thing) and this app makes it so easy!! you can add a credit card and then just check out in about 5 seconds. you have options picked just for you and you can get emailed when things are or are not out of stock. i love this app, and use it constantly. onto the quality, these are the best leggings i have ever had. the align material is ever softer than a barefoot dreams blanket and it is so comfortable to wear. i recommend the align tank top, leggings (28” if you taller), and the hotty hot low rise lined shorts 2.5”. hope this helps :)!

Worst customer service. I ordered an item from the app for Christmas recently and it got “delivered” according to the email they sent me although it was never actually even delivered. I tried calling customer service but phone call wait times are ridiculous, and the hours are very limited. I’ve sent the same exact email 3 or 4 times to customer service in hopes of getting an actual response and cooperation about sending a replacement for my original order because I have yet to receive hardly any help regarding this issue. I’m very frustrated at how over complicated it is becoming for anyone to help me just get a simple replacement for a package that was never even delivered. The customer service is ridiculous, not to mention the very limited customer service hours that they’ll even respond to a call and/or email. You can’t even cancel an order from the app or through email after the guest service desk help center is closed because no one is there to help you “cancel the order”. Someone should be available 24/7 or at least make an option to cancel an order after hours available because if you place an order, they give you 60 minutes to cancel your order but oh crap you’re screwed if you place the order after hours and order the wrong size or color and try to cancel immediately after doing so...because they’re not open until morning to help you cancel and by that time, they won’t even cancel it because it’s passed 60 minutes of when you placed the order

Broadway Plaza Location. I received the best customer service from this Lululemon. I was I purchased some leggings but somehow they didn’t make it in my bag. I called the store and left a message thinking I would never hear back. In fact, I did hear back a couple days later. They heard my story, believe me, looked for the leggings, told me when I could come in and pick them up. They were very attentive, and also trusting, and providing me with great customer service. I am grateful I was able to get my leggings without any bureaucracy. I will definitely continue to shop at this remodeled location, which is big and comprehensive.

Perfectly over sized crew neck and more colors for pants with the inseam 23. Why does it stain so easily? And how do you fix it? I haven’t bought one of these but I only mostly see bad reviews. How do y'all, lululemon think y'all can fix that? Because I’m not gonna buy an $118 dollar sweatshirt just to have stain all over because of one little drop of water. Also one more thing some people are short and the have to get the inseam 23 so please give short people the chance to pick from whatever color they want to get because when I go to the inseam 23 they don’t have the same colors as the inseams higher than 23. So please give shorter people(inseam 23) the choice to have a variety of options of colors.

LiveInLuLu70. No matter what I purchase from LuLu, I am NEVER disappointed. I can’t remember when my daughter introduced me to these outstanding athletic clothes but I can literally live in them. I can wash them every week and they come out looking like the day I purchased them. I find it hard to believe that so many reviews complain about seams ripping or pills on fabric until my daughter graduated from college and returned home with a heap of LuLuLemons mistreated!! I was horrified but mom got them back to their normal state. Ladies, wash your LuLu’s in cold water on delicate cycle and HANG THEM UP TO DRY!!

I love it so much!. There once was a time where I was like “why are leggings so much, how special could they be” after my first pair... let me tell ya.. They’re VERY special! I am obsessed with this brand now. I have numerous pairs of leggings, scrunches, skirts, etc! I love the quality. Other leggings rip in the middle because of their low quality and cheap material. However I have had some of my lulus for 2 years now (as I am a newish Lulu addict). They still look brand new! I always like to buy variations because they make work, working out, hanging out so easy! Seriously I love my lulu everything! Thank you for the incredible quality and customer service always! You are the Disney world of clothing stores.

Don’t use Lulu’s online ordering. I got a Christmas gift. It was the wrong size. I went to my local Lulu store. They were out of stock on the product. The clerk offered to ship the product to my home. I agreed. The clerk took my driver’s license to confirm my shipping address. We discussed the odd name of the street I live on. She placed the order. End of story with any other company but not with Lululemon. Their ordering system pulled my previous address from SIX years ago and shipped the product there. The staff that covers the toll free line were unhelpful. They said they could do nothing and they had to wait for the product to be returned to them!! This is the SECOND TIME I have had this problem. The last time I had this problem, I deleted my old address only for it to be reloaded and tagged as my primary address. When I wrote and complained, the person who read my email merely sent me a gift card rather than taking the initiative to actually solve the problem. Since this is my second trip to this ordering nightmare, I am sure everyone will understand why I am warning everyone not to use their on-line systems. Save yourself the aggravation!! Bye bye Lululemon!!

LULULEMON IS LIFE 😍. I absolutely love Lululemon, it has such a variety of amazing clothes all made with great quality. Another reason I am adoring this brand is because I am thin and tall so A LOT of clothes and brands do not fit, they are to big in my waist and to short lengthwise. Lululemon was a perfect fit from the start. Everything that I own from them is a go-to. I especially love having some good athletic wear because I do competition dance which Lulu clothes are perfect for. One of my favorites of all time are the Dance Studio Joggers! They are so perfect for my everyday lifestyle. Basically I love Lululemon and if your reading reviews right now wondering if you should try it, do it because it might just be as much of a lifesaver as it is for me. LOVE YOU LULU!!!!! ❤️❤️

Disappointed in the service. I don’t write many reviews. but when things are crazy stupid I have to say something. I have made several purchase of the men’s abc pants recently. Really love the fit and comfort. I am actually getting another order delivered on Monday to my house. But today on a trip to Atlanta it turned cold. I am going to a ball game and wanted a jacket and jogging pants. I wanted to pick them up to wear. So I zipped in to the closest store. Placed my order and received confirmation “your order is ready.” When I went to pick up the order the store sales rep said “we don’t sell men’s clothing here, you will have to call “them”. Who is them? Are you not Lululemon? Not making a big scene about this but I drove 20 min. I left and called “them” or the service attached to the order. Look I do online “business intelligence and analytics” for a 3 billion online retailer. The company is a much larger brick and mortar presence. I know everyone has their struggles. But this was not a best effort on your part. But when your online site doesn’t understand a women only stocked store, that is an issue. I really like the clothes but disappointed in service. When I called customer service they were very nice. But overall underwhelming experience.

No order cancellation. You can’t cancel an order minutes after purchasing. I bought $400 of merch, and realized that it auto filled the wrong shipping address (in a state 2500 miles away from me) the second I hit the button. I figured it was not a huge deal because I’d just cancel and start over with the right address, since it had only been seconds since I placed the order. Nope. You can’t cancel orders at all. I try to call customer support and it’s literally just FAQ’s, no people. I try to chat with customer support and it says I’m 18th in queue etc all the way down to 1 and then it jumped up to 355th as soon as I got to 1. This is an absolute joke that such a massive national brand can’t have customer service or allow order cancellation seconds after placing the order (before anything is even pulled from their warehouse shelves) I guess I just blew $400 I’ll never see again. I will never be buying from Lulu again, Vuori has better quality and much better customer service. Even Nike is preferable IMO.

lulu. I love lululemon, even though it’s very expensive, it’s good quality. The app and customer service aren’t though! I never write reviews but I am so mad with them right now. First off, I made a purchase with an $100 dollar gift card, both items were on sale and I was left with $11 on my gift card. I got an email 3 days after I ordered saying one of the items were out of stock, even though when I put it in my and it wasn’t even in LOW stock. It’s been 3 days since and they haven’t given me a refund or even answer my emails. My other item was supposed to arrive 2 days ago but is still in transit yet it still says it was supposed to be delivered yesterday. Lululemon is already expensive so I think they should fix their app and customer service

LULU🔛🔝. Love this app, it’s so much easier to buy their products on here then on the website! Constant l delivery updates and great models for clothing examples! Wonderful quality and no bugs or glitches so far!! The clothes…ARE A M A Z I G! The leggings, don’t even get me started!! They are the softest thing I’ve ever worn!!! I’ve been a customer for lululemon for almost a year now, and I can say the product is worth the price and hype! My favorite product right now is the high rise hottie hot shorts! I have them in 2 colors, black and powder blue. I’m 100% getting more colors! And even thinking about the low rise! I wear their scrunchies, shorts ,& tank tops for gymnastics. Great airflow and flexibility! If your looking for good gym/gymnastics clothes…GET LULULEMON!!

Premium priced but mediocre app. Charge a premium for the clothes but unable to fix the app…? My leggings and shorts are only Lulu - fantastic quality! But what’s with the app? Not only it’s always glitching, it has very few of those simple functions that make mobile shopping fast, easy, & convenient. -Please include the filters for reviews (size, height, body type…) -If I’m missing smth during checkout, please highlight in red -Those errors (“smth went wrong”)when I click on the item or a different color/size..? -And MOST importantly: the company now includes plus and curvy sizes but what about PETITE ladies..? The avg woman’s height in the US is 5’4, not 5’9 or 5’11!! Including petite models in your catalogue would save us, 5’4 & under ladies, so much time and frustration with returns!

Wanting to love Lululemon but struggling!!!. I’ve been purchasing Lululemon leggings lately and have bought almost a dozen in the last two months. Every pair fit so different and vary in materials. I recently returned a pair that had cross stitching on the side of the leg that was completely coming apart. So happy I never removed the tag. They were close to $140 and now I just saw them on “we made to much” for half the price. Another pair I just wore are balling up between the legs after an afternoon at the zoo and maintained water droplets the entire day after I washed my hands in the restroom. No more pink for sure!!! I’m just not convinced the legging products are worth the price. Sorry, I want to love the leggings but so far I just enjoy the great staff at my local store!

A M A Z I N G. this app changed my life. you can also go to some stores and every thursday morning they have a sale at 11a.m! some things can be priced to 90 percent off! (only at in-stores, not the app.) definitely recommend. if it’s your first time trying lululemon stuff, get some neutral colors to start with your lulu journey. like white, black, and pastel colors. that way you get to see what colors you like and look good in most! i am a very tiny person, and they have such amazing sizes! i’m 12 years old and only 65 pounds. i’m a size 0 in everything and they fit perfectly! my favorites are the align tank top and belt bags. definitely recommend! 🛍️

In Store vs Online Application. Recently discovering this store over the summer I quickly fell in love with the brand and all of the products it had to offer. Not only that coming into the people were always very helpful and helped me find everything I was looking for, including the style I preferences, and the correct size proportionate to my height and waist size, which helped me out quite a bit! Switching over on the app, I figured it would be a breeze to scroll through the catalogs and find what I want and have it shipped to my house, this is what I initially thought. However, from my personal experience it was a little more difficult and actually the online experience is much worse than in person. When purchasing in person, all the shorts I had were great quality, went through multiple washes and stretched quite a bit and never made wear and tear till months of excessive use. On the other hand, when I’ve purchased online with or without this account, the life expectancy of the products I buy especially the Pace Breakers 7” or 9”, the logo would seem to fade within the first week of it hands on, the top of the strings would fall apart and crumble and the inseams would be too tight and have some parts poking at my sides when running or doing any form of exercise. Sad how great the quality product can be but for some odd reason the phone application I don’t recommend for almost Lululemon enthusiasts.

Carlsbad CA store ROCKS!. I recently was looking for a pair of the APL tech loom shoes and noticed they were on sale. Are used the website to locate the shoes at various stores across the country. The first store I contacted in Chicago said they were too busy to take a phone order. The Carlsbad store took my name and number and said that they would call me the following day so that they could sell me the shoes. I was so excited and very appreciative for their help. I wish I remembered the persons name who called me back the next day, but they were very nice and my shoes arrived today, making me the happiest person on earth!

Lululemon app - feature enhancement?. The app is good. It’s user friendly, not cluttered, easy to check out, search words are intuitive, and it has my previous orders. For the most part really good. A great feature in the app is to see store inventory when item is not available “online” but, there’s a short coming to this. That short coming is that it doesn’t allow you to purchase from that store within the app. I have to track down that item by calling the store and ordering it over the phone. Basically, if it was just “one bucket” of inventory to pull from and order within the app it would be more convenient and less time consuming.

AMAZING PRODUCT- not good shipping. i LOVE lululemon!!! you might think “omg why would u pay that for leggings?” and don’t get me wrong, i thought that too but when i bought my first pair a while ago i knew what the hype was about. my favs are the align leggings. THEY ARE THE MOST COMFORTABLE LEGGINGS I OWN!!! however one thing i absolutely HATE is that i pay good money to get my leggings and ship them to my house, when they give me the LOWEST class shipping available. it has been VERY BAD lately and my leggings literally took like 1.5-2 weeks to get here. INSANE!!!! i understand if it’s just one time, but it’s EVERY-TIME!! anyways i expect more from the company if i’m paying that much. BUT I LOVE LULULEMON WITH ALL MY FREAKING HEART💞💞💞💞

I love lululemon!. I have a daughter in college, who had me try them about 5 years ago and I have been a fan ever since. I’m 52 and love these for workout, everyday and even going out to dinner. They never fade or stretch out of place. They are more expensive then others out there but once you have a pair you will never want another brand. I have about 6 different ones of the spandex pants, two skirts, 3 jackets and tops and they have been worn so much but still look like I just bought them. Love this company and the top quality of their products that they stand behind.

Lulu lemon hates its customers - only wants $$$. I placed on order on the weekend and mistakenly used the wrong shipping address. I caught my error within two minutes of placing the order so I emailed, called, and texted the customer service department to cover all my bases but because it was the weekend no one responded to me until the next morning. Unfortunately, there’s nothing they can do to change the address and when I asked to cancel the order so I could re-do it, they told me no, as it was over my 60 minutes window to cancel. I asked multiple representatives to cancel it and they told me if and when I receive the order, I can take the items back to the store to manually return if it’s within their return policy time frame. No one cares you’re spending hundreds of dollars on athleisure wear. All lululemon cares about is getting the sale. I am confident Nike would have made the situation right to either make sure my shipping address was changed or allow me to cancel the order. Now I have to wait for my order to be delivered to a business I don’t work at anymore and hope it will be sent back to lulu lemon before they will allow me to change my shipping address and/or credit me back the $309 spent of shirts. Kind of ridiculous for a company who prides themselves in their ethical standards. Save your money.

love it sm!!. when lulu first started to become popular i wanted to try it for myself, i read some reveiws and there were some good some bad. i got a top and bottoms, which at first i thought were a little pricey, but when i tried them on all was understood. perfect fit, amazing material, perfect for a workout or sitting at home. Perfect clothes and so many things you can use them for. now for the items, i just mostly adored the waterbottles. it feels so nice to be able to carry a waterbottle leak free! Lululemon is probably one of my favorite clothing brands!

Worst Customer Service. After waiting on hold 40 minutes and getting cut off and telephoning back and waiting on hold 50 minutes and Kevin cut off I went to the store to return a pair of women’s leggings that were sent to me arbitrarily by mistake. The store would not except them. Now I’m in for three hours of my life that I will never get back. I called again the next day and they tell me that it is up to me to obtain a shipping package and download an email, print it, fix it to my supplied transport package and then take it to a FedEx or arrange to have FedEx pick it up for me. Imagine a company that will not except back at a store an item that was incorrectly sent to someone. It is beyond frustrating trying to do the right thing. I i’m still waiting for them to contact me like they promised. I never bothered to send me the label to print out at my expense. Hi I am very frustrated and upset and I think I’ll just sit on this product of theirs until they straighten out their priorities

Please Consider. Price of lulu backs up great product and customer service. I know when I purchase a lulu item it comes with a network of people to assist me if needed. The product reviews are helpful, and I love that we can see reviews from other countries when their releases are ahead of the U.S. I’d like to be able to give customer reviews on the app. That is my main method for communication with customer support and for purchasing. I feel like a lot of the positive reviews aren’t being posted because it’s a hassle to get onto the desktop version, especially when the app is sooooo much more streamlined and user friendly! However, I often have issues during checkout, about 40% of the time. And my response from customer service is “order from a computer” but that’s not helpful to someone who impulse buys away from home especially on Tuesday when I’m at work haha. I also have issues with stock levels in stores not being accurate via the app...this has caused headaches for me a few times as well as employees Overall, minor issues I hope to see fixed!

App is a joke. You are loosing a long time and prolific customer. Your app has been glitchy for some time and I've resorted to using your website. Over this holiday season both have been unreliable. They aren't saving guest profile information and not processing payments. Over Christmas the only payment it processed was through PayPal. I've reached out to your company through site feedback and received condescending cut and paste responses. You should read my entire message or look up my account information. Yes, I've already made sure my address, billing address, credit card numbers are correct. I've retyped them even though they're saved to my account. I also have plenty of funds available on the cards I've tried to use! Your app isn't even recognizing your own gift cards! Between blatant borrowing of design inspiration from your competitors and your rapidly declining customer service, your company is quickly becoming a joke.

Almost perfect!. Easy to search items and good sorting categories. Love the option to scan a tag in store to see options. Missing: the option to save items for later!! It can be hard to keep track of items I previously liked… but wasn’t yet ready to purchase. Other apps have the “saved for later” cart option & this keeps things organized & clear. Also, when items are out of stock the photo disappears & it’s hard to remember what it was? Often, items will be restocked and unless you remember a specific color name/description to search for it later… you may never find it again.

Nice app but a few bugs. This is overall a nice app, but still have a few bugs. Eg. If I put something from the we made too much section in and leave the app, when I come up it shows up in the cart as full price again, unless I remove something. Then, everything would show up as its sale price again. Also, i’d love if I can click at the stuff in my cart to reach its product page again, just to double check reviews. Another suggestion, is that I can’t sort the reviews like I can on the mobile website. Finally, a minor suggestion is to put aggregate an overall sizing/fit recommendation somewhere, so I can see if I need to size up or down for a certain item.

App asks for pants inseam instead of length. Be careful when using this app!!! When buying men’s pants it asked for inseam size. My husband bought 4 pairs of pants and when he sent me the link and opened it on the website it said not inseam but length. So his inseam is 28, not the length but they are sending pants that are length of 28!!! He will look ridiculous. When calling customer service they said wait for the pants to come in and then goto the store to exchange or return! Well we bought them through the app and had them shipped to avoid going to the store in the first place. It’s a error with your app and instead of canceling the order, your more than happy to waste your customers time. Sorry Lululemon but your clothes and lack of customer service is not worth us wasting our time so much! Thanks for nothing!!! Fix your stupid app!!

App doesn’t do it justice. I’m a big fan of Lululemon pants for work and recreation. I took a gamble several months back and ordered Lulu pants through the app, even though they look terrible on the models. I couldn’t be happier with the pants as they fit perfectly and are extremely comfortable. I have refrained from trying anything else though as nothing else looks appealing on the app. Several days ago I had the opportunity to visit an actual Lulu store and I was absolutely amazed how much nicer everything appeared in person. Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to buy more clothes when they look nice online.

Misleading app and arrogant company. I was told by a store clerk that I couldn’t have my jogger pants exchanged for a different size because my purchase online was a “final sale”. Yes the item I purchased is 30 bucks off the original price of $120, but the app won’t display it is a final sale on the product page. It actually said “free shipping and rerun” on the product page. The clerk took the patience to explain that one needs to see that “final sale” legend with the fine print on no return when you proceed well into the payment stage. I think a neat trick would be to mark off all items by 1 dollar and then everything will be no return and no exchange. What’s infuriating is that they have the size I wanted in the inventory. I dialed the customer hotline and was put on an indefinite hold to get the privilege of speaking to an “educator.” If you are puzzled, that’s how this company call their customer reps. I had to hang up and throw away the pants because it’s simply not worth it. You know a company is fundamentally messed up when they call their sales rep “educators.” App deleted and won’t buy any item going forward. Good riddance.

Lessens shopping experience. I wish lululemon would finally fix this app. It could be such a convenient way of shopping- if it worked. Constantly the shopping cart fills up with products I have either already purchased or removed weeks ago, it refills almost every time I go into the app and having to remove 20+ items so I can check out is bad. The other major problem, and with this company in general, is that there is never a clear amount inventory available, app shows things at stores that are not there and viceversa doesn’t show products that are actually available at stores. Then the different payment options disappear constantly, sometimes the app reverts to a previous interface and bugs out. Overall a bad app.

Item never delivered. Ordered an item that was never shipped to me. I contacted their support and was assured I would get my item as I bought it on sale. Soon after they told me they would refund me and I told them I did not want the refund and that I wanted the item but was told that I would get the item even after I had a refund. They told me the problem would be resolved after 4 days so on the 5th day I email them back and asked about my item and as a response they said I was refunded so I would not get my item. I was lied to and scammed out of time and money, what a poor way to run a business by scamming your customers because you over sell an item, most companies don’t sell what they don’t have and lie to costumers when a problem arises!

Orders. I have placed 2 orders from Lululemon in the past 2 months. The first order over $200 worth of merchandise and the second placed on Thanksgiving day with $398 worth of clothing. BOTH Orders have never made it to me. I live in Staten Island Ny not some obscure place., I have reached out to LuLu to track the orders the original, and now the latest which was placed over 12 days ago and they have had to cancel both orders. Both times told me that they don’t know why they have not shipped out. I get a message from their website that says , awaiting carrier pick up and ticket created and that’s as far as it goes. The first time a representative re-ordered the same merchandise for me and the same thing happened. I never got it the second time either so now third times a charm this has happened again.. so obviously there is a problem in their warehouse. If you are planning on placing an order for Christmas, it will be on a wing and a prayer that you get your order before Christmas or if at all. I am completely disappointed in Lululemon and I will not be ordering from them anymore after I use the rest of my gift card they had to put some of my original balance on. They need to do better!

Love the app but it has a few bugs. I absolutely love how easy and user friendly the app is but it has a couple of glitches.. if i fill my cart up and then take products out and exit the app and come back the products were put back in the cart. Also a lot of the time the app crashes and i have to start filling my cart all over again.. i also think when you add something to the cart it should have some sort of text or notification pop up on the screen that says “the product has been added to your cart” so you don’t have to watch the shipped cart in the corner so closely.. just some things i could see improvements on in the near future.

Love this app only 2 issues. Sometimes the sale item reviews legitimately disappear. I have to refresh the item for them to pop up. Other than that, this app rocks! One thing I need clarification on is sale items are final sale, but members can return for store credit. When I tried to return for store credit, it wouldn’t let me. I contacted customer service and the associate let me do a one time exception. Not sure why they advertise it as is…. Maybe it only allows you return in store for online purchases???

Lululemon. I just love the app and the store they are always so organized and the workers are always so polite and if you need help finding something they are always there to help you out. Even though there prices are expensive they are definitely worth it and are good material and great quality I would recommend all ages beside kids 0-9 because they don’t make kid sizes but they could simply get a belt bag or keychains ponytail holders wallets etc. just not the clothes. I would definitely recommend this store for any of you out there looking for reasonable clothing and more!

Not working. This app is really getting on my nerves i have tried to open the app and it says software malfunction i have contacted the workers of lululemon and tried to get it sorted out they told me they would look into it and it has been 2 months with no notice from them i have placed an order of over $200 dollars and they have not come in the order track isn’t working and i live in Dallas so it’s not like I am “off the map” i have also contacted for the order and they refunded me and replaced my order i have also gotten to word from them again for 3 weeks. I am still waiting on my order and the app is not working i am very disappointed in the people who said they would help me and i have put my hard earned money into getting something for my self.

Lulu. I personally love lulu in store and out they have extremely comfortable and high quality products that come in a very large range of sizes and for me that would be the zeros lululemon is practically the only story that sells cute clothes in size zero that are not children clothes I give lulu five stars for there impeccable work on there website and in the store and I would just love to give a shoutout to the wonderful employees that are so helpful and kind every day no matter the time or even place I just want you guys to know you are greatly appreciated:)

Please fix this. Every time I open the app and tap at the top for men. It will always switch back to women. I have to retap men again to browse men section. And while I am going through each sections of products, the app will automatic switch back to women section. It is very frustrating especially when you try to find other products to match what you just saw. It would be great also if you can have preferences setting in user profile to always remember which (women or men or etc) they prefer to see as default. I also find email marketing is not targeting just what I prefer to see. I like lululemon products but I don’t need to see email promoting products (women clothes) everyday that I will never buy. Lately I been deleted email before I even open it. I don’t wanna unsubscribe it just yet. Thank you.

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Decent app but lacks basic functions. Good app for viewing product and shopping online Why can’t I manage the push notifications within the app? I shouldn’t only have to do it through phone settings. I should have the option to receive order notifications and disable promotional messages. - 2 stars

2-factor authentication. Please add 2-factor authentication to your app. Thanks.

Brand loyal. I've been purchasing lll for years, and their top-notch workout attire is unrivaled. It's durable, wash well and flatters every body type. Their on the move everyday wear collection is a winner as well offering a wide range of trendy styles that never fail to impress. It's effortlessly stylish yet understated, perfectly fitting my lifestyle both in and out of the gym.

Unstable App. Application is consistently freezing and then stops working. Annoying, very annoying.

Great app but…. It would be even better if it would save your search preferences instead of having to enter every search.

Hypersensitive when scrolling. There seems to be a recent update that is annoying. As I scroll through it picks it up as a click on the product And then takes me to the product every time which is quite frustrating actually.

Forcing new "membership" program after you're already logged in. This new "membership" program seems to sign away even more of your privacy rights. Gross, just let me use your app with my existing lulu login.

老是买不了下单失败. 呵呵

Great. Love

Luv luv luv. Clothing quality is well made and durable with numourous sizing great clothing and products

LULULEMON. I love your pants they’re so good I love the fabric and I like how they feel I love your T-shirts so much I can’t wait till it’s summer and wear them I ordered your pants today and they come so quickly!!

J’adore. Application facile à utiliser et une marque à la hauteur de nos attentes!

Align slim line skirt is back. Hooray!. I am so happy you made more in black size 8. Now the waiting begins.

Approved. Super easy to use! Fast and efficient

The slow decline in service. Not impressed that I can no longer use a gift card when using my discount. Money is money. Why do you keep taking things away from your loyal customers?

Lulu. I love this so much it’s great basically sweat proof bought a ton of it it’s so worth to price !!😱😱😱🩷🩷🩷

Not accepting address. Despite many deliveries in the past it now won’t accept the same address so unable to place an order

Bad user experience. When sharing items with others, the link does not include any of the choices that have been selected. Color, size, etc are not included in the share link. Poor user experience

Love. I have been a loyal customer for over ten years and never disappointed with products. I love lulu, great style and good quality as ever.

Cannot use gift card and first responder discount combined. Don’t understand why you cannot combine a giftcard and first responder discount together. Giftcards are the same as cash, in this economy the consumer should be given incentive. Just pure greed

App malfunctioning. Frustrating that every time I try to return to the search results after browsing a specific item it goes back to the top instead of where I was.

Okay. Have difficulty completing orders, glitchy! Otherwise decent app

App is Difficult to use. If user wants stop scroll by holding on the screen, it opens the item on which scroll was stopped. I also feel user authentication is not working properly (may be I could be wrong). I'm not able to login back into the app. I was logged in, don't know why I was logged out when I tried to open the app next day.

Wish list doesn’t work anymore. The app was great at first but I found that I would get access to sales product faster through the website. Also, my wish list on the app is just a blank page. That option doesn’t work anymore. I tried refreshing, deleting app and re-downloading. Nothing works. I let Lululemon know but nothing has been fixed.

Lululemon. I rate lulu a 12 out of ten it is one of my fav websites I am a dancer and I wear lulu for everything half my closet is lululemon I would 100% recommend and I always wear the dance studio pants at the studio or at comps love love love lulu

J’adore les vêtements Lululemon 😉. J’adore les vêtements Lululemon 😉

Love love love!. When lulu is life!

Apps awesome!. lululemon apps was created with complete one stop shop!

SO SLOW. The app takes FOREVER to open, I’m talking 2+ minutes. Using the website on a browser is way faster. Please fix!!!

No prices until you add to cart?. Time to delete the app!

Glitching. Used to work fine but for the past couple of weeks it has been glitching and freezing. Downloaded the app again today and same thing .... Wondering if it's a bug fix? Need to shop soon, haha!

Gift card. I am unable to easily use my gift card by unselecting first responder discount.

Excellente app. J’utilise l’application depuis plus d’une année et je suis très satisfait de son fonctionnement pour les commandes en ligne, la liste de “ma garde de robe” pour vérifier mes derniers achats et des tailles, et la recherche de produit. Alors pour l’instant app bien réussi!

Love Lulu. Always good quality!

I like everything in Lululemon. I always stop in there

Easy to navigate and use. I like doing online shopping using the app. It’s simple to use and easy to navigate

App not working on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. When I download the app to my phone it will download no issues but the moment I try to hit “add to me cart” it won’t work. I have updated my phone and app already. I just got this new phone and it’s still not working. What do I do?

Quality is not the same. Bought two pairs recently. More see through and now hopes in both. Devastating when it’s so expensive

I love the app. I love this app as much as I love it’s clothes!

Love lulu. Love that you’re making bigger sizes but we need jackets and bras as well!!!! 💕 Please make more of the mini tote purse in the black anchor print!!! I need!!! lol Love you 💜 More accessories… sunglasses, umbrellas water shoes would be amazing :) Self care products!!! I love the no show dry shampoo… bring it back please!!

Handy app with smart sales trick. This app is very slick. Not only it shows the products you want quickly, they made purchasing easier than ever: Apple Pay. You don’t even need to have your creditcard on hand. A click on the side of your iPhone or iPad is enough to place your order.

Adress. Had trouble adding my adress to app, customer service wasnt that helpfull either,

App Store. Wish the viewing area on the App Store was bigger

Shopping on Line & in store!!. Always Enjoy my purchases!!

Lululemon is the best. Excellent quality!!!

Good but has room for improvement!. The app is wonderful, and has a great feature where it keeps track of your old orders, and the items size you bought. The one area that I think could use improvement, is in the Reviews section. The only way to write a review of an item (that I’ve found) is doing so on your computer. My idea of improvement is that since everyone only ever reviews the items that they’ve purchased. The fastest and easiest way for customers to be able to write a review, would be if Lulu amended their app to be able to write a review straight from the Previous Order section. So that after you received your order- If you could go on your app, tap “previous orders” and then select the item that you’d like to write a review on! As of right now thats not possible, and I think you’d open yourself up to more happy customers writing positive reviews of your products if you made it more accessible from the order page. This seems like a simple addition to the app. Just an idea!

Doesn’t function as it should. I don’t know what the point of filters are on the app because even if I filter just for a specific size or color it still shows the entire inventory. I don’t want to see what’s out of stock, I filtered to see what they have in stock in my size.. and yet I have to non stop scroll and hunt for my size which is time consuming and annoying.

i LOVE lululemon. i love Lululemon because it has items for everyone. i love so many different things from there! i recently have became obsessed with their products, not a bad obsession it’s a great one! having a store like Lululemon is terrific! as the one and only Noah Kahan said "spent my savings at a lulu, now i’m suffering in style" such a wonderful song by him and great words spoken by him about this terrific store! thank you so much to Lululemon and it’s workers for giving people the opportunity to feel good and look good in clothing.

Pretty good app. I enjoy this app , sometimes I find it slow at loading stuff but works well otherwise.

Lululemon is Great!. I absolutely love Lululemon clothes! The fabric, design and detail is unmatched!

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Awasome app, love it. There’s just one tiny little thing.. I love this app, it is simple and easy, it’s very convenient to open up my phone and check if there is what I want in store except for having to make an unnecessary trip. I love being able to brows through new clothes and shop through the app. But there’s just one thing... I can’t filter the color of the product. And it would be really helpful to be able to put in a specific color and find products that I may like.

Align Nulu crop tights Size 0 spring/ summer colors. I wish to criticize Lululemon online site regarding replacing its inventory stock in a timely manner ... i.e. Align Nulu leggings crop 21" and 25" tights size 0 , spring , summer colors .. Chambray, moss Rose , Chianti, Tidewater teal . ARE ALL OUT OF STOCK for weeks .. your competitors all have similar tights with spring/ summer colors size 0 All in stock .. Lululemon is missing the needs for its customers .. I am disappointed I have wasted so much time looking for in stock inventory changes for Align Nulu crop tights 21",23" even 25" size 0 with colors like chambray, moss rise , chianti , tidewater teal , even Yellow .. And still as of today May 30th .. still OUT OF STOCK,.. all you offer your customers In size 0 on line are drab dark colors .. what a disappointment ..

My go to brand. Regardless of where I make my purchase—online or in store—it’s always a great experience. From the staff greeting me by name; or picking new items for me that they know I’d love to try on; to the hassle free exchanges or other brand puts the furs experience higher. I’ve been shopping with lululemon since the beginning when then were a yoga store in vancouver that no one believed it. I’m glad I went against the masses with this one. Excellent service Excellent selection Excellent customer experience Keep up the good work, Lululemon!

My Lovely Review. Hello! I have ordered many things from lululemon and all have been sent fabulously! I love how you can have an idea at the bottom of the page to what you can wear it with! Love that. Thank you so much for the free shipping and free returns that is very nice to I believe everyone. The best part is that it came two days earlier then it said it would! I think that’s awesome but it may not be for other people. It was amazing and I love lululemon so so so so so so much!!! Thanks, Brooke 💞

Pretty good!. I have had this app for a while now, and just recently it started to glitch and sometimes(most of the time) there will be no pictures for me to look at. It will take a long time to load also. I am sort of disappointed because I used this app a lot. Please fix this bug, and return the pictures on the Lululemon app! Thanks! Overall, it is great to see the different items they have, instead of having to go to the website. I totally do recommend it!

This app automatically adds unauthorized items to the cart. Watch out. No matter how many times I delete unwanted items from my cart - they still reappear! Even after I have already purchased them. Sometimes they mysteriously reappear right before I need to click “pay” after I just deleted them a second ago. I have complained to the customer support dozens time. They do nothing about it. And it makes me think that this glitch is intentional. Btw, it’s impossible to change or cancel the order even if it’s a glitch. I have requested the refund 4 months ago, and it has still not been processed completely (after literally days in line for online and phone customer support chat help). I am disgusted with such experience and feel tricked

It’s ok!. So when you long in you have a choice to put you nearest store so I put it in. When you put it in and look at the piece of clothing you you like they always( usually) say NOT AVAILABLE in all sizes and you have to press another button so you can look on the clothing just online I want to turn the feature off but there is no way too so unless you want to go to your store and get what you want than you do you I just wish you could turn the feature off other than that I am very happy with the app!!

App needs to show sizes not available better. I enjoy the app for the most part. I highly recommend to show an X or cross-out on the colors that are not available based on size selection. For example, when I go to the Speed Up leggings product page and select size 4, none of the colors are crossed out to indicate that the size selection is not available for certain color ways. It’s a staple feature on a lot of apps and am surprised this app doesn’t have it. As a result, I have to click on each color I’m interested in to see if the Add to Bag button will work.

Frustrating. I ordered a pair of red shorts and it said purchased then it said it was on hold... they never came in, then I ordered a pair of yellow shorts and it said shipped and yet again never came in but this time it didn’t say it was on hold and I have screen shots proving that I ordered them but when I look on my orders it says I never even ordered them so I’m beyond upset because that is almost 120 dollars in the trash. I will admit that their shorts are long lasting and very pretty and worth the money but they need to fix something in the system!!

Can’t get enough of!. Lululemon designs the best everything!! I’ve never been disappointed with anything I’ve bought and the amount of wear I get is amazing! I still wear item from 4 years ago. I’m a barre instructor so I am in workout clothes everyday all day and their designs get me through class comfortably and I always have the perfect support where I need it! Their customer service is the best I have ever experienced! Their team always goes above and beyond and they are always super quick to help me!

App is misleading at times, but I love the app UI/UX, clothing & customer support. Good news: - App is pretty & functional, generally awesome UI/UX - Super fast to purchase—can check out w/ ApplePay and it’s a 1 click - Love the Align II pants—seriously don’t wanna wear any other yoga pants ever again haha - Great customer service when I didn’t realize my ApplePay address was outdated Bad news: - Sale items say “free shipping & returns!” The returns part is false. It’s something Lululemon customers know, and it’s on the final receipt, but it’s kinda misleading at the initial step. - The ApplePay feature is awesome, but you have to make sure it’s set to the right address, because the iPhone right-button-double-click is something I usually do without thinking (think credit card checkouts or Face ID for passwords), and the “shipping address” is in super small, Apple-default font. Probably more of an ApplePay complaint, but I wonder if Lululemon could handle this better from their side.

Great app!!. This is one of the best shopping experiences on an app that I have ever used, it is very easy to find what you are looking for, the layout and aesthetic of the app is super clean and modern. The app feels really smooth, all of the product images are high quality and it tells you everything you need to know about the product before you press purchase. This app was so clean and easy to use, way better than most of the top dog apps out there right now. I liked this so much that I felt compelled to leave my first in depth review ever lol.

There’s literally NOTHING like buying a new Lululemon product!!. I recently received a gift from my Daughter that teaches Pure Barre outside of Atlanta. She sent me the high waisted leggings with side pockets in the periwinkle color, along with a razor back top! I’m also trying Lululemon underwear for the first time. There are other products out there that claim to be as good or better than yours, but I’ve tried them, and even though some are good, they can’t beat the Lululemon Brand. Thanks y’all.

Align material what happened?. I’ve worn aligns forever. I let my employees wear them. I made multiple purchases in store. Online and was sad to find out the material is not what it use to be. It’s not as stretchy. It’s more like cheap spandex. The Lululemon in Briargate was super helpful and was able to assist me in returning the few pairs purchased that were made with this material and find me one pair similar to what I had. Olivia was amazing and I thank her for all her help.

I love Lululemon!!!. This shop is one of the best shops ever! It has high quality clothes and accessories. Me and my friends love shopping at lulu. It can be a little pricey but for the quality it is affordable. When everyone at my school started wearing Lululemon, I wanted some. So I got a white tennis skirt. But now I have some leggings, shirt, skirt, and another shirt. I can’t wait to buy some more things from Lululemon. If you have the money to buy some Lululemon clothes then definitely go and buy some, you won’t regret it!

lululemon robbed me. i got a $60 lululemon giftcard for my 16th birthday from my friends, and could not WAIT to spend it. on the giftcard, it said to enter it into the app to prevent losing it. so, i downloaded the app and entered the giftcard, and exited and reentered the app to make sure it was there. it was. i threw the giftcard away, only to discover a couple of days later that my $60 credit was nowhere to be found. and with my luck, there were no receipts, card numbers, or (according to the lululemon person that answered my online question) there was no record of me even entering the giftcard. so now, do i not only feel bad for my friends spending $60 for nothing, but i am extremely disappointed that i never got to spend it and that lululemon got away with another fraud. like they needed any more money anyways. 😒

Got ripped off !!!. I ordered 3 side zip duffle bags for my 3 daughters and only received 1 of them!! I assumed it was just part of my order and the other 2 will arrive eventually… I emailed the company after almost 6 weeks of waiting and now they say they don’t see my email ?? And it’s been over 30 days since I ordered them so I get nothing😡!! No refund NOTHING??!! That’s just despicable . THEY made the error by ONLY SENDING ME ONE BAG , NOT THREE LIKE I PAID FOR!!!!! And because I was TOO patient I am out $140 ? I have given this business a lot of my $$ in the recent years. NOT ANYMORE !!!! Horrible customer service because I wasn’t pushy enough and waited patiently I get NOTHING for compensation. Thanks for stealing $140 from me 😡😭…

Hard to search items. Lululemon should adjust the search tool! We should be able to search by size, color, types of items- not just the exact spelling of a particular style! They only allow us to search if accurate spelling- the app should be smart enough to figure out what you’re trying to write or give you options; not just tell you “nothing is found” if there’s a typo or if you don’t use a dash (-) in a word like the company does...

App often not working☹️. I love having the app. Unfortunately, it seems to work about 60% of the time. When placing an order I frequently get the ‘unable to process order’ message along with the spinning wheel of death. I have talked with associates in store and they have spoken about the app issues as well I love the products, have worn them for 10+ years. Hopefully the app catches up to the quality of the products

Great brand!!. Lululemon is one of my top picks when i’m looking for athletic clothes. Their clothes are super comfy and stylish! I love that i’m able to be comfortable in their clothes but also be cute too. Even though their stuff is pretty pricey, it has great quality. I’ve only had one bad thing delivered to me. I ordered the scuba hoodie in the brier rose color and when it had arrived it had a stain on it and didn’t look like the color online. It was very very faded. I’m sure the stain was from shipping but over all, this brand is great!

Worth every penny!. I have used many other athletic clothing from many different companies, nothing compares to this company. Lululemon is by far the best and my absolute favorite clothing to wear anywhere. It’s the perfect birthday present, Christmas present, or a gift to buy yourself just because. I think it actually makes my body composition look better especially when I’m working out. I have more confidence lifting now because of the way I feel in my Lululemon wardrobe.

Newest version of app freezes. Every time I click on the app and it goes to the main screen, as soon as I scroll down, the app freezes up and I can’t click on anything. I close out the app and re-try again only for it to happen again. I tried to delete the app and re-download it but the same problem persists.I have at least $200 worth of gift cards on this app so I don’t want to lose it but it doesn’t work and I buy a lot of you all’s merchandise. I was going to buy the new shoe drop, but was unable to get on the app. This is very frustrating and I Saw someone had the same issue as me, hope it gets resolved.

Lululemon App. Totally love the lululemon app— having my payment and shipping info saved in my account makes shopping so easy and fast! My only wish would be for items that have sold out that I’ve “hearted” in the past to still display the name and photo... OR delete themselves from my saved items automatically. Having to scroll through my saved items passed a bunch of “hearted” items that don’t display a photo or any product information is a bit inconvenient if you shop as often as I do (haha)!

Comfort, options, and compression. Lulu has many options for what your needs are. The Tight run Tight pant are wonderful for runners. The Wonder Under pant without The brushed Luan are great for yoga and everyday wear to look amazing!!! I can go to jump clubs and jump with my kids and look awesome. I can also run with friends and not worry about anything moving. I feel so secure!!! They are finally coming out with more gorgeous colors as well. Pastels and bright patterns for all types of love! If you are every dissatisfied in your item they will help satisfy you and get a product that works for you.

Still needs work- Online Orders Made in Store. Please add the ability to simply pull in orders which belong to a registered Lululemon account, to that account with the order number, from online orders placed in-store with the same email address. Customers with registered accounts should be able to check the status on orders placed inside the stores the same as if they had placed it in the app. (Currently I have not been able to make purchases via the app for a month or so, not sure if it’s Lululemon or an Apple iPhone update causing the issue; and it is not my card or the issuer)

Order Processing. I was excited to load up my cart when I downloaded the app. I do a good amount of shopping online and was happy to see a few things I may have missed in-store or were overstocked. Was ready to check out with a $1300 order, clicked submit, “order could not be processed”. Checked my card info to make sure I did not enter incorrectly, same message. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this issue in the past...tried again for the next day or so to no success. A week later today, thought I’d test again with a single item before submitting this review - works now, but MAN I don’t feel like spending the time building that cart again!

love it but…. I SPEND TOO MUCH MONEY! lol this app is amazing, i usually hate shopping apps like these because they’re not proficient and usable but this app is one of my favs, early access is always appreciated, i love how it keeps track of all my purchases and i love the added features it has! it’s a great app, lululemon is also very great in terms of online purchases, i’ve never had a problem! always smooth and easy.

Lululemon Is Life. I wear like a cloud bras on a daily basis as they have replaced all my current bras. When I tried them I immediately switched from Victoria’s Secret. I work from home everyday and the swiftly tech shirt (short and long sleeves) with any legging is worn daily as my new “work” clothes. The swiftly tech tank, winder under bra ( or energy) and a pair of legging is my “workout” wear. I own 40+ define jackets, several scuba jackets, chargefeel, strongfeel, and blissfeel shoes. I feel my best when wearing my lululemon clothing!

Stop auto-selecting sizes or refine it!. Auto-selecting the size is a good idea, but it needs to be refined, as I’ve almost ordered the wrong size countless times. For instance, I wear and order a size 4 in the Energy Bra and a size 6 in the Energy LONGLINE Bra. Overtime, I’ve come to prefer the non-longline version, yet Lulu is auto-selects a size 6.. A similar issue persists with Align leggings, where I size down from Wunder Train. It also happens for the Sculpt tank where I wear 4 yet it picks up a size 6 presumably from the Swiftly shirt, which I order more frequently. Shall I go on???Ordering the wrong size costs Lulu and irritates the customer!!! At some point, I’ll just to switch Alo, as this is an unnecessary annoyance.

The Gulch Store is a lifesaver!. So many of the everywhere belt bag colors have been going out of stock and I wanted to get three different colored bags for my daughter and her friends going off to college. I called the gulch store and they were so easy to talk to and told me all I had to do was pay online and say I was picking it up in store and that they could mail it to me. I am so appreciative of them and the woman I spoke with on the phone! Thank you! You are a lifesaver!

Falling apart. I’ve always heard good things about lulu. I had recently bought a bra and a pair of High waisted leggings . The bra fit well and I went a size down in leggings. I’ve only had both pieces for about 2 months. The bra is starting to fall apart meaning the seams are coming unstitched and some how there is random stings on my bra. The leggings fit fine until the waist started to stretch out. I wear theses occasionally but they don’t hold very well and I can wear them anymore due to them falling down. I’m very disappointed

Great, comfortable and very well made!. I started out by buying cropped leggings, which I loved, since than I’ve purchased many, items, that are super comfortable and I can wear them all day long, while doing my errands, I get many, many compliments!!’ I could actually wear them every day, if I could!! Great selection, well made and super comfortable, I’m a BIG fan!!! I just now ordered 2 more things!!! I’m 56 yrs old, very curvy the clothes make me look very slim, I was pleasantly surprised that it made me look so slim but not like I’m wearing my daughters clothes!!

Missing A Feature. This app is easy to maneuver through, but I wish you were able to click on an item in your shopping cart and it would take you to the page of the item. So many times do I want to go back to view the items in my shopping cart one by one to make any final decisions. Other than that, a big pro is that you can zoom in on the pictures and it doesn’t pixelate the photo, so I am able to view details of the product carefully.

Great, however. I love Lululemon. I got my first pair of shorts from them about a year ago and love them. Even though shipping is fast and pretty easy, I almost always have trouble finding my package, weather it’s by my garage door or at my neighbors house. I had an online gift card that I wanted to use in store to buy a pair of leggings that were not in stock online, and was unable to use on store once the time came to checkout. Overall I love lululemon, but not as much as the app.

So easy to click into a product while Im browsing. Is it only me having this problem? How come this app is rated so high? I hope lululemon could fix this. While in the browsing page, im scrolling down, but it’s so easy to click into a product page even if my gesture is just “stopped without my finger leaving the screen” (it should be recognized as stop scrolling not click into the product page). Also too many “yes no” questions when I try to remove something from my bag. If i decided to remove it, I mean it. It’s not easy to mistakenly click the “remove” button. I will not use the app but go to the store instead. Too annoying and I cannot stand.

Credit card. Website would not process my order and error message kept popping up. The error message was sent to help center numerous times and no one contacted me after website sent out error and I contacted them. There was nothing wrong with my credit card. Finally, used an Am Ex tonight night and my order went through. Much smaller order than I originally planned on buying. I wasn’t going to order anything at all due to the 3 prior times I tried to order things, however my son insisted on buying his girlfriend something.

Love the clothes. Love the app.. Like most, I am a big fan of Lulu clothing even though it took me a little while to be able to purchase any of it because I was a bit hung up on the name. I am now fully over it and glad I am because the clothing is amazing and so comfortable, and the app is incredibly easy to use. i love that my sweat collective discount is automatically applied and easy to turn off with a slider when not needed. Apple Pay friendly which also makes purchases super eazy. A+ in my book!

Poor quality app. The store itself is one of my favorites. Sometimes it is hard to find time to drive to the store and make a purchase. For this reason I downloaded the app. It worked very well the first few orders, but now when I use it, everything glitches. I am unable to browse products as my screen freezes right away. I also am unable to click on a certain product whether I search it by name or through the product types (for example leggings). This glitch has prevented me from placing numerous orders and buying numerous products as they sell out by the time I am able to somewhat navigate through the app.

Looking forward to the Black Friday drop on Thursday. Thank you for the earlier notification. Your products are incredible, stylish, affordable and essential for anyone on the move. We travel a lot so your pants, shirts, jackets and miscellaneous items are a must. Everything travels well and easy to take care of on the road or in the jet. Also, the staff at the various shops are always helpful and offer great advice and assistance.

Great customer service. Went into Lulu Lemon today and the line was very busy as always. As I was standing there one cashier caught my eye. She was very quick efficient but most importantly super nice. As I watched cashiers with the same customer she had went through 4. As I got up to her line (which I got super lucky) she had the biggest smile and had me in and out. Thank you Ashley F. Your great customer service skills shows. Best customer service I’ve seen in a long time.

Don’t buy eGift card ever. Horrible experience. Bought 2 100$ gift cards for my nieces thinking it will get delivered immediately. Spent several hours trying to reach someone from support no luck. Emails are not responded after 5 biz days either. Finally was able to talk to someone usinb apple messaging just to learn that egift cards are processed by 3rd party and they can’t help. So why the hack you don’t put the 3rd party contact in your email confirmation not to waste everyone’s time?? 3 rd party promised to provide update within 24 hours, and yet no email or call back. It’s a joke… don’t offer this option if you are not ready to handle this properly. So 5 days later or purchase, no eGift cards no emails back from support.

terrible user experience. You would think for as big of the size of this company is they would have a decent shopping experience for their app, but here we are.. you can’t filter out any sizes (which is insane) meaning, you have to pop into not only all individual products but also the color variants to see if your size is even available. *Spoiler alert* it usually isn’t. After the time in takes to go through 3-4 products checking for my size, in every color, I usually get bored and leave the app. Always makes me wonder how much money they’re losing simply because they won’t focus on a good app experience.

Trouble with Apple Pay. I like the site and the reviews are helpful. There seems to be a pattern in the quality going downhill based on the reviews. For the prices it would be nice to have consistent quality and products made in the US or Canada. Apple Pay was having a problem and after four tries I got it to work/first it was saying it wouldn’t ship to my area(Illinois). Hopefully my order for my husband will be good. I stick with basic colors and I have had some items for years. Not sure about men’s products.

Apple Pay Issue. I got stuck in a loop because Apple Pay did not have a valid ship-to address setup for me. When I tried to correct the error via the stored selections in Apple Pay it kicked me back to the shopping cart and started the whole process over again. It wasn’t until I manually added my address (which was exactly the same as a stored address) that it allowed me to proceed in checkout. Furthermore after the first failed attempt I couldn’t figure out how to checkout any other way other than Apple Pay it seemed to cookie me there and wouldn’t give me any other payment options. I almost abandoned.

Happy Yogini. Love to shop online with Lulu products! Life gets busy! I appreciate being able to sneak in a quick nap, wake up and purchase online the cutest leggings from the comfort of my cozy bed! Customer service is excellent, super responsive. I am an active instructor and have a family I care for. When teaching, the Align gear helps me to feel my best as I guide participants through their journey in wellness! Celebrating life, promoting peace and mind body wellness, my mantra! Namaste.

Freezing has rendered the app totally useless. For 1-2 months I’ve been unable to shop on the mobile app due to it freezing when I try to scroll down. The app used to be my favorite way to shop Lulu (and I’m a frequent customer), but now I’m forced to use the website. I keep hoping each update will have fixed the issue but nope. Incredibly frustrating, and as a result I’ve started to shop Athleta more. Looking at some other recent reviews, sounds like I’m not the only one with this experience. Based on the app team’s responses to other reviews, sounds like they can’t replicate this issue on their end, so I’m resigning myself to a long, long wait before this is fixed.

Online Order. I have been trying order a pair of leggings for over 3 days. I would select my size and color and then my bag kept showing as empty. I tried multiple devices. I was hoping to get before school. I was finally able to chat with support. The support person said it was likely that the leggings were out of stock and that was why I was getting this error. This was not true. I finally downloaded the app on IOS device, which I did not want to do. I had to register an account, which took more time. The App allowed me to order the product I wanted. I love LULUlemon leggings and have shopped their store for years. However, I am very disappointed with this online experience.

Hoping for some quick fixes. I have been a loyal Lululemon customer for over 7 years. Their products are amazing and their ability to consistently drop new products keeps me shopping there. I’ve been using the app for a little over a year now and there are some key interfaces issues. 1) when I place an order Or look in my previous orders, there are often times I want to click on the product from my order and be rerouted to that products’ page. Unable to in the app. 2) unable to write product reviews in the app

Amazing customer experience. I went into lululemon in Palm Desert to exchange an item. Due to Covid there was a wait at the door. The staff were extremely helpful and very friendly. They were multitasking and doing so with an upbeat positive attitude. Very impressive. The exchange was very easy and they were very accommodating. No hassle. No questions. Just a quick exchange. The word lifetime warranty actually means something. There is no fine print and this is an honest company. You get what you pay for and then some.

What is going on Lulu. The App got a five star! However the quality of the actual merchandise...especially the pants...not so much. I have been shopping/wearing Lulu since they opened! I flew to Calgary just to shop at one of the new stores! Before it could be bought online! Before it was in the US! And comparing the quality from then to now...there is no comparison. The quality just isn’t what it use to be. It’s really sad. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. Hopefully Lulu listens and makes some changes.

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