Emoji 3 PRO - Color Messages - New Emojis Emojis Sticker for...

Emoji 3 PRO - Color Messages - New Emojis Emojis Sticker for SMS, Facebook, Twitter [Shopping] App Description & Overview

Emojis with giant size!!!

Colorize your text message bubbles

Create huge words that are completely built with Emojis.

Keyboards with lots of different unicode symbols

Lots of different Smiley sticker

For example: Ⓖⓞⓞⓓ ⓜⓞⓡⓝⓘⓝⓖ

Create words with huge letters


Have a look at the screenshots to get an idea of these cool features ツ

• iPhone
• iPod Touch
• iPad
With retina graphics for all devices

• There will be lots of free updates in the future that will bring you more functionality.

Enjoy this great and helpful App ㋡

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Emoji 3 PRO - Color Messages - New Emojis Emojis Sticker for SMS, Facebook, Twitter Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Optimized for iPad Pro - Fixed a problem with the color button

Emoji 3 PRO - Color Messages - New Emojis Emojis Sticker for SMS, Facebook, Twitter Comments & Reviews

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- eeeeeeh.....

the actual emojis r cool but i dont get y it cant be a KEYBOARD! u have to go to international keyboards then go to add then go to japan somthin somthin then go to a typing area then go to the japan somthin somthin and type 1,2,3,4 or 5 and it shows u the emojis in a list. it took me 20 mins to actually get the app and make sure it works! and it wasnt because of me. dont get this app unless ur life is electronics and u r willing to take this long to get some little emoticon faces. just sayin'.


It's total scam and doesn't add on any new emojis at all. Only trick you into in-app purchase. Don't waste your money.

- CAUTION! I regret updating this app!

After following instructions I am unable to access the emoji characters, I was using only 10mins ago. The video instructions i followed as well, add only confusion as to why I no longer can access all emoji 2 characters. From within The previous Emoji 2 version i could access all characters including all my other installed keyboards. This was perfect! I dont know why other users could not do this. I think the newest update is very lame and only added limitation to previous functionality. i will be deleting all emoji apps from this developer if functionality is not restored. Impossible to find this alleged "Pro version" . I have both installed....still same lame results: fewer emoji characters -- not more! sent from my iPad 2.

- I love getting more emojis!!

Honestly I read the reviews before I bought this app and there were sooooo many that told me not to buy it but then there were a few that loved it so I bought it to try it out and it's great!! Seriously you just have to watch the videos they give you on the app and you can use it easily by adding another keyboard on your settings they tell you which one it is too so it's not hard. People who gave this app a bad review are dumb and don't know how the follow the steps smh.

- great !

There are two ways for typing these new Emojis: • Inside this App (with a beautiful designed Keyboard) • Or inside other Apps with the "Japanese Romaji" Keyboard Note: It's not possible to show the new Emojis in the same way as the old ones. The new Emojis can only be added to the "Japanese Romaji" keyboard and not to the standard Emoji keyboard. Therefor, this App has to create a new contact for each new Emoji in your address book. There is no other way for developer to do that. Also no other App can provide another solution.

- Not what they say

Sure, you do get a whole lot of Emoji added on. They're decent. The thing is, the developers are not competent enough to put together a decent UI or anything even close to what we know as the original Emoji keyboard. You do get the Emoji and if you want it then go for it. Just be warned that it's much more trouble than it's worth, what with the contacts being necessary and the having to specifically get around the obstacle of the Japanese keyboard that they can manipulate. (But, apparently they can't do anything of the likes with the other keyboard. No clue what's up with that.)

- This App does EXACTLY what it says it will

Ive only reviewed a few apps, even though I have a few hundred, but I keep seeing terrible reviews for this App, and it's bothering me. This App does everything it says it can do in the description. People who cannot follow directions or who don't have the time to read an Apps description before installing it, should be barred from reviewing apps.

- Don't waste your money

This keyboard is hard to access and somewhat annoying By enabling this setting, it changes the font in your notes I had the pro version and the app said I didn't and when I clicked the link to buy it because I wasn't so sure at that point, it said it was already installed. I went back to the app and it continued to say that I need to buy the full version so at this point I can't access two sections of emojis that I had already paid for

- Can't remove from contacts

After installing the iOS 6 updates, I attempted to remove the Emojis from my contact list as instructed since the updated included the same Emojis. I followed the apps instructions and when I pressed the 'remove Emojis button', the load bar would go to about half way and freeze my phone. I have tried several times for it to work and still no luck. The only way to get out of the app and unfreeze my phone (which works perfectly) is to power it off.

- Ehh😐

Save your money, you can get the free Emoji 2 and do the save exact thing. I thought it was different but it's not. Just get the free one. 👎 but it's okay. I like it overall but I wish it was as simple as the first. Make a way to intergrade it so we can have both the 1 and 2 Emoji under the same thing. Maybe make a new app that has both the 1 and 2 icons that we can put on the keyboard same as the 1st!!

- 😎😎😎😎😎

I've always wondered how people got those different emojis and I was searching through apps trying to fun the emojis and I couldn't find them. Then finally one day I was looking through the Top 25 and I saw this app and I quick clicked on it and I was so happy that I finally found the new emojis!

- It's fun but a little hard to use

I click on the icon & type my text using the new icons & it ends up in the reg text but I can't get it to all work together in just the reg text. If I write a reg text I can't access these icons & if I go into this app I can't access the original icons. But I still use it all the time. I got the free version so for me it works fine. I'd give it 2 1/2-3 🌟's

- DO NOT BUY!!!!!!! WASTE OF $$!!!!!!!

This app should be simple and it isn't. But it's missing the fundamental factor that made the original Emoji's so much fun. Convenience! To get the new Emoji's to work in your Text app you need to have a whole new keyboard added. Romaji. So now you have at least 3 keyboards! Which is extremely annoying to switch through all the time just to do this one simple task. Hopefully in the future they release a better version but for now save your money. You will regret it the next day.

- Hoping for an update!

I like the different selection of emoji's...Although I think they are way to similar to the originals...and I'm not happy that you have to copy/paste instead of having a keyboard...That's just way to much work for me...I'll keep this app on standby until you do an update...Hopefully it gets better!

- It works idiots🍤

Ok people...this app works and if you are too stupid to figure out how to make something so simple work, you shouldn't own a smart phone, especially the iPhone. The only thing keeping this from 5 stars is the addition of all the contacts. Looking forward to future updates. 🆘🚨🚔🍩

- 👎👎👎New contact created for each new Emoji?!??

Why is this new update telling me that: "This app requires access to your contacts to install or uninstall more than 330 new Emojis. For each Emoji symbol a new contact will be created" ---WHAT?!?!??! I don't want more than 330 new weird/random contacts added to my address book - what kind of update is this?!???!! I am not agreeing to these terms and adding more than 330 new contacts to my address book just to add emojis to my keyboard - PLEASE FIX!!!! And then I will rate accordingly cause this is ridiculous😡.

- Annoying, and complicated.

This app has a great idea, but HORRIBLE execution. I have the original emoji, and I love it. I thought it would be neat to have some new icons to play with but this app is NOT the way to get them. With out really realize what was going on, through this app it added over 300 new contacts.. Which I then had to delete one by one. The keyboard is complicated, and cutting and pasting from the app is a little to intense for simple texts.. I wouldn't recommend paying for this app.

- Amazing!!!!!

There are so many icons to chose from and the app is very easy to use and navigate. It is very easy to insert an icon into your text message to make what you have to say even more special :) Great App!!!!! Definitely worth the reasonable price!

- 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

This app is horrible!!! Its nothing like the original. Its set up completely different. You dont get to see different pages like you get to in the original Emoji. You have to access a Japanese keyboard then type in a number to see very tiny icons not in a specific catagory or organized. Long story short this app is horrible! Do not buy it whatever you do if you want to buy an Emoji app stick with the original Emoji its way better and alot easier to work.

- Emoji 2

I love all of the new emoji's and am happy to cut and paste them into my messages...for now. Be warned not everyone can view them, if your message recipient doesn't have emoji 2's they may just look like blank squares. Looking forward to these being integrated into the emoji keyboard!

- Take notice

There is no way you can't! You definitely know what someone's thinking and in full color‼️ everyone wants to know what the app is and where I found so they can get it too

- Gets the job done.

Kind of hard to figure out if you don't read the instructions. I'm not going to say it's not worth $.99 because if you're that concerned with losing pocket change, you probably shouldn't be spending your money on mobile apps. 💫⭐💞👹🙈🙉🙊👭👬🍇🐲🐥🐓🐪🍌🍒🍄🍍🌽🍯🍭🍤🍷💥🚨♻

- Great app, all my icons are...

I just downloaded this app and followed the instructions and I have all of my icons on my keyboard along with all my old ones as well. They are all together! I love it, I give it 💯 in my book 🙈🙉🙊. 💬😄

- Crap😠😠😠😠

Don't get this! You have to flip between Japanese and other crap. They need to make it added on to the others. And you can only type one at a time! Awful! I want a refund! If I want to go to English, it goes to Japanese then I click like 30 buttons and it still doesn't work! This app should give everyone a refund!😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰why does it add a contact for everyone too??

- Halfsmile

Love the emoticons! Can never have enough emoticons! I want even more! APP isn't user friendly. Took a long time to figure out. Fellow users; take it slow, follow instructions & you won't end up with all the emoticons in your contacts.

- Awesome

I admit it isn't as easy as the original Emoji but it just takes a while to figure out!!! 😋 u just gotta be patient like I was and play around with it and it works so before u write a bad review u gotta just be patient otherwise though it's a really good app I impressed my friends:)

- Happy Customer

I love this app, great purchase people who are writing bad reviews because they either can't follow directions or they're device is less than iOS. It's very simple to use and fun!

- Try, try again & patience!!

I enjoy sending the emojiis, I bought this one, I read the free one was better. At first I was frustrated switching to the 3rd keyboard to add them to my text messages, but once I got the hang of it, smooth sailing!!😎

- This Emoji is better!

This Emoji is not hard to use if ur smart and can follow directions! Who cares if it adds 300 contacts, the Emojis r CUTE and worth losing the 300 contacts I would have never had numbers n anyway! 💖💕💞it's so cute and fun!

- Can't use as a separate keyboard

I've been waiting for more Emojis but this app runs short. I was not able to add as another keyboard and only seem to be able to use it by directly opening the app. I guess there are more Emojis coming...there were a few I liked but this could be so much better :(


just follow the instructions guys ! the new emoji's are phenomenal and i love this and how easy it was ! it prob wasnt worth .99 though. because you cant add it in your keyboard, only with pro version can you do that..😻🔆🐣

- Great emojis on my iPhone

I appreciate the variety and my family and friends ask where I find them. Thank you!

- Waste of money

I bought this thinking I could show off to my friends of the cool ones I have instead it messed up my contacts , they couldn't even view it cause they have to have it too , and it's complicated to work with . It's not like the first one where it's user friendly with your keyboard . This one messes up everything . WASTE OF MONEY .

- Love the emojis 😎

Absolutely love it! More than likely if your having trouble with it, you don't know how to fix the setting properly.

- Crappy.

After you download the keyboard it is extremely hard to navigate. It takes forever even though the emoticons are cute. Plus, it created a contact for each individual emoticon in my address book. I wish they would have mentioned that because I had to delete it. Waste of my dollar. 😡

- Just Be Aware

Just be aware that you can't get the color blocks without paying an additional 99cents. I didn't mind paying for it but seemed a little misleading to me!!

- not too thrilled 👎

i'm all for the emoji symbols 😍 BUT i think it's super inconvenient to have to copy & paste them into texts. why can't the new symbols be incorporated into the original emoji as an update? it's so much more convenient to click on the 🌐 & select the symbols you'd like 😃 opposed to having to copy & paste them. 😒 this should definitely be taken into consideration for future emoji apps.

- Your gonna waste your money guys so stop saying its the stupidest app ever

Don't want to waste off your money just stop saying it's the worst app ever because this app is the best app ever fatsos :P

- Great App

If you take the time to watch the video tutorials you really can use them in iMessage. Works great people just are impatient and lazy and don't wanna read lol good job

- Pretty good

This app has nothing terribly wrong about it. The only thing that bothers me. I text with Pinger (which is totally AWESOME!) and it never shows the picture just a star like this * in its place. It will work on messages though.

- Read people🙉💢

If people would read and watch the tatorial's that it gives you with the app it's easy to do,and yes you can add it to the 🎹. But great app!

- Love!!

I like the new emojis, but I just wish they were in my actual keyboard.. I don't have a problem w/ copy and paste though

- Wish I would have read the reviews...

1st version was so easy. This one is awful. Back to the drawing board guys! You should have just updated the original version (added new icons) to keep your current customers and maybe gain some new ones. Looks like greed got in the way and it may be your downfall.

- So much fun

My grandson and I use this all the time we write things upside down and try to figure it out.


I already have the regular emoji app and i thought this would be in the same place as my other emojis when I text but it's not! You have to add a Japanese keyboard and it automatically switched to that randomly so sometimes I'll send random Japanese stuff to my friends. DONT BUY. It's a pain...😡 I'm only giving it a star because it made me.

- Great‼️

I tapped on add keyboard, followed the directions, went to settings implemented the directions. It works great.😍 it has all the descriptive icons that I love.

- Cute

How could anyone complain about these smileys, especially given to you free, It hasn't costed me...!!! I'm having a good time with this!!!!

- Ok

I like this app but u definately don't get all the icons that it shows ur supposed too, so that I'm disappointed with, especially when u pay to upgrade to get more icons and really u don't get hardly nothing! So therefore u should fix that problem!

- Don't waste your time and money

This app only seems to work if you send text to someone with data service . I got it because I thought it would be cute to send text to my daughter who does not have data service on her phone all she got was little boxes. Very disappointed .

- 👍👍

It's A Good App. I Recommend This App If You Really Like Emojis And If You Know How To Read And Follow Directions. It's Not Hard To Function t All. I Use It All The Time But I Do Hope They Come Out With Many More Emojis, I Just ❤ Them ☺

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- Best emoji 2 app.

Best app for alternative until iPhone can integrate these emoji into the normal working keyboard. Have been putting short cuts into the normal keyboard for my fave emoji's. Also I like how you can set "favourites" to SMS.

- Difficult to use

This keyboard is very difficult to use when compared to the clean simplicity of the original. Also, needing to use an additional Japanese keyboard to be able to access these really gets annoying and in the way. Very painful, I am removing it, it's not worth it. Don't waste your money - wait for the update the dev mentions will add these to the original keyboard... Because right now it is a total waste of your money.

- Emoji Emoticons

I love them ! I use them whenever I can, it just adds a personal touch to my messages. And I have found others who receive them, love it!

- Cute

This is a very cute little app my friends seem to enjoy it when I use on the bottom of an email. . I love the copy paste availability. D

- Great app needs a goldfish emoticon then it will be awesome

Goldfish emoticon please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please ........

- Little annoying but cute

It's cool and fresh hard sometimes but still makes u have the best smiles Thx Leah and Marie xxxx

- Yay!!!

Thanks for the app now I text my friend all the time and this app makes messaging super fun thanks a lot bye!!!

- I like it

Not that hard to use. You just enter into the app by the displayed app box on your phone, just keep it next to your messages app. Easy

- Ok

This app is ok but I really wish you could make it work for kik messages because I tried sending a big emoji on kik messages and it did not come up when I copied it. Other than this you can do other things in kik but could you please meek adjustments so I can use big emojis in kik?

- Mrs

Too hard to use, confusing, blocks up your contacts then if you delete from contacts it deletes it all - am deleting ap and looking for a better product!

- Do not buy

I wish I read the other reviews before wasting my money! Difficult and complicated to use, Not like the original..I want my money back! 0/5

- Mr

To hard to bother using. Stick to original this is a try hard to work around apples restrictive program codes

- Don't waste your money!

This app is hard to use and nothing like the original

- Waste of money on iOS 6

don't bother downloading if you have iOS 6, the emoticons are already in the original emoji keyboard

- Very good

I love it for its user friendliness great

- Cool

Was tricky at the start but has grown on me! Better if it worked in normal messaging section

- So badd

Just brought this app without reading ratings coz I knew that the original emoji is great. This is very bad hard to use nothing like original emoji .. DO NOT PURCHASE!!!!!!

- Emoji fail

No keyboard. Says will update with keyboard function but app would of been released with it as standard if that was really the case.

- Don't get it

This Is horrible and hard to use :(

- Haider

Except for new emoticons I don't like it. It's hard to use.

- Misleading

The emojis don't look like the samples! Do not buy this app!

- its not working on my ipad

its good but its not working when i go to messanges

- Fail

What a waste of money 😁

- Emoji

To hard to use.

- Hrithr

Minus 1

- Emoji

Should not be sold by Apple as an app when can't be used. I love my original Emoji of course one would assume it is the same it is only AFTER PURCHASE that you find out. A real RIP OFF and should be refunded. RATING 0. I had to tap to rate a star to send this it is worth ZERO STARS

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- It works great

Just needs more icons

- Doesn't send messages/doesn't work

The app doesn't allow me to send any messages

- Disappointed

App advertises color messages but it's an in app purchase. Very misleading. Should be included in the pro purchase. Also should run right from the keyboard like the regular emoji app does. Substandard app in my opinion and a waste of $.99

- Not bad

Not bad

- Emoji 2

Trop compliqué on ne peut le mettre sur son keebord

- It's okay

Not all the emojis are available like it says. I like the ones it give, though


It doesn't work!

- 😭

Total waste of time... I want my dollar back.

- Doesn't work.

Its doesnt work . Sad.

- Worst ever

No one can see them. Hard to use.

- emoji 2

This app sticks its a waste of money... Don't bother downloading it.. The free emoji is way simpler and u don't have to add the Japanese key board it makes it impossible to txt ANYTHING! Not happy...

- bad

If you're not from Japan do'nt buy it. It's absolutley impossible to use with your keyboard, cause it's built in Japaneese keyboard. When using it as an app it gives you a small choise of smilies snd does'nt let you to send it in imessage.

- Waste of money

Always having to copy and paste just for a bunch if smileys and what not, not worth it. Also keyboard switches to chinese randomly and is annoying. The smileys dont work with that keyboard anyways only some do.

- I thought icons went into keyboard

Emoji icons stay in the app, I thought they went into the original keyboard with the others. Save your $1 until that happens.

- DOESN'T WORK. Total fake.

This doesn't work at all. It's not anything. Huge waste of time.

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- Ummm...

This app is okay I don't like how u have to add all the contacts and how u have to get the Japanese keyboard I just think that they should update the old one and add all the new emojis on there

- Not that good

I got this app thinking it would b like the regular Emoji app that's free... So u got the free one,.. But it said I needed to get pro... So I got pro... And I couldn't figure out how to do keyboard... Then I figured it out... But u have to press numbers and stuff... And... Just don't get it.! It's a waste of money... I kinda want a refund :(

- New emoji

Sneaky way to get you to buy the app. You pay first then they tell you it cannot be added to your keyboard. Because they were greedy people that wanted your money before they figured out how to make it app friendly. Want my money back or a credit! It the whole way they went About it. SHAME ON YOU!

- Almost a Great Idea

I do NOT like that I cannot access these Emoji on my regular keyboard. I love the icons and my sister and I can have whole exchanges without using a single alpha character.

- BS App

This app is false advertisement, in one of the pictures it looks like it will just be added to your emoji keyboard but after you install it you find out that it works differently and adds 330 contacts to your contact list, it's the emoji but you must install a new keyboard and press a few numbers to reach the new emojis! DONT BUY!

- Include everything in the price

Having to buy color blocks separately is shady. There is nothing crummier when buying an App and finding out you have to buy something else to go with it. Reputable Apps don't do that. I find being nickel-and-dimed maddening. I won't buy from this vendor again.

- Waste of money💩💩💩💩💩💩💩👎👎👎👎👎

I really wish I read the reviews before getting this app 2 things do they really should put it on the keyboard instead of making us go to the app and also whenever I text them to my friends all they get is a box I want my money back!!!!! 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩👎👎👎👎👎👎👎💢💢💢💢💢😡😡😡😡😡💔 WASTE OF MONEY❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕

- The Best!

It is a very good app, the best one I have found & it gives you instructions on how to put it on your iPhone.

- Upset about use

I was looking forward to using more emojis that were not available on the my current emojis keyboard but I couldn't make the emojis into a keyboard and I ended up not really using the app. I like the new emojis but the app is just not worth the buy.

- Awesome

Use it frequently with friends when words won't do justice.

- Don't like

Didn't connect with last version I just purchase a few months ago and it added ALL the icons into my contact file which almost maxed out my limit. It's a completely different text software than the other version.

- Good app

Its a great app fun to use once you learn. But you could really make it simpler. And its not only copy and paste just watch the video once you open it 🌘 ( ̄▽ ̄)


Clearly some Raters did not read the part that clearly states this app is not integrated to keyboard YET, BUT UPDATE COMING SOON WILL FIX THIS!! Five stars from me as soon as Update completes!!! Love the new choices! Thank You 👍

- So disappointing!

I thought this would be like the first emoji and you would be able to easily access the keyboard! But instead, it's really inconvenient to use since you always have to go to the app! They should update this app so it has keyboard access like the first one

- False advertising!

It states this can be used in any of 'your ' apps. I paid for emoji 2 and there isn't a keyboard to add to your settings! I added Japanese romaniji and that didn't work either. Bummed I wasted so much of my time trying to figure this out, all in hopes of having some cute icons to add to my tweets! Boo!

- Hate this app!

I thought by purchasing the pro version it would have at least put it in the keyboard that I already have & it didn't. I hate it and there isn't even much things there. Such a waste of money! The Japanese symbols is annoying also.


If i didnt have to put a star i wouldnt have! If you could use it within your regular keyboard it would be great. Unfortunately you have to allow the app to create 300+ contacts in order to do so and then it still doesnt work. REFUND!!!!! I should have read the reviews first!! 😭

- Works great

As soon as there is standard keyboard integration, this app will get 5 stars. Easy to use, emoji are arranged so they're easy to find. Running iOS 5.1 jailbroken and no troubles now :)

- emoji pro large or small

I love this app it helps people understand more conversing using smileys etc when talking

- My friends can't read it.

What's the point of having all these icons if you can't share it with your friends. My friends don't have the same phone that I have, therefore they cannot see the icons that I sent to them. So disappointing.

- 🍀

I have high hopes for this application I had expected it to be as good as the last. This seems to confuse people and is hard to work with. Makes people worry that they're going to lose their contact. Hard to navigate and it is a waste of money.

- Misleading

Even though my phone isn't compatible with this app, it still allowed me to download and purchase. I never pay attention to what version you need to be running. Never had this issue...out my money. Kinda shady.


I was expecting there to be a ginger emoji on this but there isn't one I am very disappointed unless there is a ginger in the next update I'm not spending my money on it you people should be ashamed!

- I love it💜

GEEZ PPL! It CLEARLY SAYS you cant add it to the keyboard yet and that later on they will have an update! I love the new emojis! :) & i knocked off a star just for the keyboard thing. As soon as its like the 1st emoji, ill give it 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👍

- Emoji 2 app

If you are used to the normal cute emojis that have color to them then this is not the app for you. It appears in the preview that there is 300+ new colorful emojis but it turns out they are black and white and a lot smaller. They are nothing like the normal emojis and I'm very disappointed that I bought the app.

- Contacts!

There is no reason why I should have to have 300 new contacts just to use this app I'm almost tempted delete it even though I paid for this crap! And the only way to get rid of the contacts is to get rid of the icons what is that?! Not happy.

- Restrictions

I really like the cool new emojis I have but I don't like that I have a three person restriction and I can't add them to my old emojis so that's why I rate it a three

- Pretty good!

Finally they added the keyboard a little bit confusing but hopefully I get the hang of it. But worth the price! Great job 👏


If you follow the instructions , you can enable them in with your old emojis !!!!! i love it !!!! Thank you so much

- Crappy

wish I didn't buy this app. The emoticons may be cute and all but the app itself is crappy. The free ones are way better plus they have more emoticons. Btw I wouldn't have given it my stats but I have to give at least one

- If you have FRIENDS then you'll love this.

Text your friends.

- Great

If you have iOS 6, and have emoji enabled, it does exactly as it says it does!

- Disappointed! I want to return it!

It's not as intuitive as the first version. 😔There's too much flipping between keys to get what you want. English version would be nice too! They should of kept the old version and just added more!

- Terrible...!

It would be so much better and I would like it if the keyboard was different. I don't like the Japanese keyboard it weird. Would be soooo much better if the emojis were added onto the other ones or had a separate keyboard like the 1st ones.


I read the reviews and thought oh we'll itll be fine. NO. This app is awful. It's nothing like the first emoji where they add it to the keyboard, instead of you want to send a text it must be sent though the app. I hate using it.. I want a refund. Don't bother.

- You people don't know what you're talking about

This game is awesome 👅

- Don't waste your money

This app is terrible. It adds contacts and doesn't delete them when you try to so you have to individually delete ALL the contacts. I do not recommend it to any of you...

- Horrible

This app is stupid. Not only are the extra emoticons lame but you have to add an extra 300 contacts in your phone book to use it! After I installed it I had 300 extra contact under "e" in my phone book.

- Okay

I like the emojis but why can't they be on the keyboard!!! The free ones are!! So why can't they!! Didn't say that when I red the discription!! Wish I wouldn't have spent the money!! Can't you change it!!!

- Terrible App!

I got this app and SOOOO looked forward to using all the new Emojis... WHERE ARE all the "over 300" new Emojis? Ok, so I have SOME new, cute ones but when I send them via email, they send blocks with question marks in them!!!!!! Don't waste your hopes on this app.

- So so

I don't really like because the icons is in your contacts bunch of them plus you don't gel all like they said and you have to pay. I pay x nothing I delete !!!!👎👎👎👎

- Icons

Fun icons! My friends and I love texting back and forth. Using emojis. Lots of fun. Thanks!!!

- I love this app

I love this app Emoji cause I get to send cool little things to my friends and the are happy I am a person who loves the app

- Worst app ever!

I bought the first one which I love! Then saw all the new icons you can put into a text with the second installment, bought it not knowing this was the worst thing I have ever bought on the app store do not buy!!!

- Emolji pro

Love it adds a bit of you


I thought this would be a normal type like the first one, but no! It a stupid stupid stupid design! I either want my money back or you guys need to make it LIKE the other app, doesn't have to be in, just LIKE the other app…

- Stupid update you have to pay for!!!

You get a notice to update and the they want you to pay for it... Bait and switch with is against consumer laws... Don't get suckered into this... Would never buy from Emoji ever again...

- Not user friendly

I was excited to see an update for Emoji!! I should have read further before downloading. Too many steps to go through. Apps should be ready to use upon download. 21st Century. Remember????

- Awesome!!

Not just an emoji keyboard but other cool features like color messages and animation. I love it!! 😘😄

- In love

I'm in love with this app you should get it now

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Emoji 3 PRO - Color Messages - New Emojis Emojis Sticker for SMS, Facebook, Twitter 2.7 Screenshots & Images

Emoji 3 PRO - Color Messages - New Emojis Emojis Sticker for SMS, Facebook, Twitter iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Emoji 3 PRO - Color Messages - New Emojis Emojis Sticker for SMS, Facebook, Twitter iphone images
Emoji 3 PRO - Color Messages - New Emojis Emojis Sticker for SMS, Facebook, Twitter iphone images
Emoji 3 PRO - Color Messages - New Emojis Emojis Sticker for SMS, Facebook, Twitter iphone images
Emoji 3 PRO - Color Messages - New Emojis Emojis Sticker for SMS, Facebook, Twitter iphone images
Emoji 3 PRO - Color Messages - New Emojis Emojis Sticker for SMS, Facebook, Twitter iphone images

Emoji 3 PRO - Color Messages - New Emojis Emojis Sticker for SMS, Facebook, Twitter (Version 2.7) Install & Download

The applications Emoji 3 PRO - Color Messages - New Emojis Emojis Sticker for SMS, Facebook, Twitter was published in the category Shopping on 2012-04-25 and was developed by Emoji Apps GmbH [Developer ID: 336547449]. This application file size is 23.75 MB. Emoji 3 PRO - Color Messages - New Emojis Emojis Sticker for SMS, Facebook, Twitter - Shopping app posted on 2016-08-09 current version is 2.7 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.emoji2

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