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What is costco app? It's easy to save time and money while on the go, with the Costco Mobile App! We've improved our mobile app, to make it easier for members to access the incredible values found only at Costco.

DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP CARD: Access your membership card from the home page of the app. Use your membership card to enter the warehouse and at checkout.

SHOP: Browse’s unique and expanded selection, which offers thousands of items not found at your local warehouse. Enjoy having items delivered straight to your door!

SAVINGS: Conveniently receive the latest Warehouse Savings right on your own device.

GAS PRICES: Just tap the locator pin on the map to view current gas prices.

PHOTOS: Order metal prints, acrylic prints or photo mugs directly from the app. Have them delivered to your door or pick them up at select Costco locations.

SPECIAL EVENTS: View the Special Events happening at your local Costco and set reminders for upcoming events.

PHARMACY: Order prescription refills & check status on prescriptions. Get refill reminders, track your medications, manage family accounts, transfer prescriptions, and find a Costco pharmacy.

TRAVEL: Shop Costco Travel for great deals on vacation packages, hotels, cruises, rental cars, theme parks and more!

BUSINESS CENTER: Stock up on everything from Restaurant Supplies to Office Essentials, and keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

SHOPPING LIST: Keep track of the items you want to pick up on your next trip to Costco.

WAREHOUSE INFO: See details about your nearest Costco warehouse, including regular and holiday hours, services provided, driving directions and gas prices.

FEEDBACK: Visit our app feedback page and help provide important feedback for Costco, because your opinion matters!

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App Name Costco
Category Shopping
Updated 08 April 2024, Monday
File Size 43.17 MB

Costco Comments & Reviews 2024

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app needs work. 1) love the store and merchandise 2) dislike the app. Why can't something as simple as looking at items available storewide not be done without directing you to either search in instacart or two day delivery or search the main part of the app? It's even worse when you have to switch from one to another as you check for multiple items. Would be nice to just have one universal search feature to add items to a shopping list or to the cart and if you check out, the app could indicate the type of delivery, pickup, instacart or otherwise and any applicable fees. Also it's kind of silly one can't have the app on one's phone and tablet without the app asking if you want to transfer your membership to one device or the other. Sometimes I just want to look at items available without being sent to different sections of the app based on the type of delivery. Also, while other retailers may be different as to shipping costs, it's hard to understand why many items are more expensive merely for ordering on the app. I've seen some vitamins or supplements marked 4-5 dollars more before shipping charges are added. I understand the shipping charges but not the increase in the base item cost.

Don't bother with the app, Costco it has no idea what is doing.. Redding California store for anyone who is interested in knowing where this happened. So, not sure if this is the app, the online store, or the warehouse but there's a disconnect here. I downloaded the app so I could stop carrying the card. I logged in and it said I had to come to the warehouse to finish the verification. I went to customer service and they told me the app was wrong and that they didn't have an email address on the account. So, I showed him where on the app it said to come in and he repeated that the app was wrong and there wasn't an email address on the account. So I asked how I was able to log into the account in the app and the website if there wasn't an email address. He said I was wrong and that there wasn't an email address in the system and that it might be on the website but not on our account. So, either this guy is terrible at his job and customer service or this guy is fine at his job and terrible at customer service. Either way a terrible experience using the app and working with the warehouse so far.

Almost Useless. I recently switched to Costco (from Sam’s Club) because we moved. Without even comparing the two warehouse stores’ apps first, Costco’s app does nothing that helps me as a customer there. I can’t seem to search for anything that’s actually in the store - it seems it only provides results that are online only. I can show my digital membership card at the register but I still have to use a physical card at the gas station. The Costco app is hardly worth the memory it takes up on my phone. Comparing it to the Sam’sClub app makes it even worse. The Sam’s Club app does everything the Costco one doesn’t including scanning and paying for items via the app, digital membership card at the store AND the gas station, and I can search for items that are physically in the store. What are you doing Costco?! You have the money to invest in a higher quality app than the one you’re providing. Considering you charge us substantially more in membership fees than Sam’s Club that value should be at least partially reflected in the quality of your app. It might be so bad that I end up terminating my membership and going back to Sam’s even though it’s now farther away - it would be worth it considering the better and superior app experience they have.

Can’t see my in warehouse purchases now. First the app logged me out all by itself which I saw when I opened the app. When I tried to log back in it didn’t recognize my pw. I reset the password (it oddly accepted the same one). Then when I tried to review my purchases it would let me do it for online purchases (had none) but requested I enter my member # (to ‘verify’ me) to view warehouse purchases. Now of course I was already logged in and my member number is listed on my account page. OK, whatever… I entered the member # and it said the number didn’t match your records. I have other problems with the app as a shopping tool. It doesn’t show lots of items that are in the warehouse and often search words bring back nothing or items that don’t match. I realize things change, items come and go, and different warehouses may have different items but the app should be able to handle all that AND keep us updated. I’d also like to know the prices of items in warehouse and not just online. All the other complaints people have made about trying to find or view items are ones I have experienced. I don’t understand why this is still an issue after so many years. So the warehouse is great but this is a review of the app which is not so great and now I can’t review purchases. I’m concerned I’ll try to open the app tomorrow and there will be another issue. Please fix this!

Mobile services unavailable ❓❓. Update: This App is completely useless now, can’t even browsing ‼️All I see is “mobile services unavailable “ when I open the App‼️‼️‼️ ===================================== This App is getting worse each update‼️Why‼️Why‼️Why‼️🤨 It’s completely useless now‼️‼️‼️ This app has become unusable, now it seems fixed the language setting issues, but then 95% of the time is not loading, all I’ve got is “Costco Mobile Services Unavailable” 🤔⁉️; when everything is working with my iPad except Costco App🙄 I just can not believe this is come out from Costco‼️😐🤢 As more people shopping online, the App should get better, not worse, period‼️🤨 I don’t know what’s happening with this Costco app, they fixed the sign in issue, but now out of the blue, there is a pop up asking to set the language for the app, why, why, why⁉️🤨 I’ve been using the app, the next day opened the app (I didn’t update the app, just using it), saw the pop up with no good reasons, makes me don’t want to use it anymore❗️I just can’t believe this Costco app is getting worse and worse‼️🥴 The app is broken‼️🥴 I used to be able to sign into my account in the app & make purchase, till two days ago, out of no where, I’m not able to sign in anymore⁉️ What have they done❓❓❓ Now the app is useless except for browsing🤨🥺🤢

Pretty Good, But Could Be Better. Overall this is a decent app. No need to have your membership card with you anymore. You can create a shopping list and it’ll tell you if any items are on sale. If I were to fix just one thing, I would have the home page icons customizable so I can put the shopping list there. As it is, you have to go through 4 steps to reach your shopping list (hands down the most important feature of the app). For some reason they felt having a list of all the stores in your area was more important. I go to (at most) 3 Costcos and I know where they are. On the rare occasion that I need to search for a different one I just Google it. That icon can be buried where the shopping list is and they can put the shopping list on the Home Screen. Overall, though, the app is decent.

Pharmacy needs improvement. Love Costco, it’s products and app generally speaking and all these aspects deserve a solid 5 stars review. The reason I only gave a 4 starts review is in my opinion the pharmacy section needs quite a bit of improvement. 1) quite often I have to call and waist the pharmacist’s precious time for the simple reason that when refilling a prescription one cannot do an attachment or a memo and leave a note to the pharmacy. An examples: “making sure it’s a 90 day supply filled not 30.” “Another example would be please run it through good rx or Costco price as it’s cheaper than my insurance “ 2) it would be convenient in one’s account to be able to access and attach secondary insurance or coupons like good rx or other. A lot of time is wasted for the pharmacy to then have to rebook when we customers pick it up. And often it’s going to be when they are already busy. 3) sometime the app glitches and an prescription stays as being refilled. One has been stuck for me for 9 months now. One should be able to click on it and leave a message or archive it or cancel the request. Thanks for the time and the consideration on these possibilities of improvement.

No features. So I can put my membership card on my phone. Who cares. I’m an executive member so my credit card is also my membership card. Costco doesn’t let me pay with my phone so app is useless. I am a Sams member too since one is by my house. I use Sams app to scan my items as I shop, put them directly into my large freezer/shopping bags, swipe pay now on app and show phone going out door. No waiting in check out line, no unloading items out of cart at checkout, I just load my shopping bags straight out of cart Into my car. Imagine all the time wasted at Costco waiting in line and unloading and reloading everything in cart at checkout. All this is eliminated at Sams. When I don’t have time to shop I do it all on line. Previous items I purchase are in a list, all prices are listed including discounts. I can shop and pay completely on app during any down time I have no matter where I am. Then I get notified when it’s ready and my hubby can go pick it up in their noncrowded pickup area.

Basic functions are painfully broken. I know Costco is t focused on online commerce, which is what this app exists for, but certain things are so broken it’s frustrating to use. First, credit where credit is due: searching for an item and purchasing said item works as expected. Yay. Searching purchase history for a specific item doesn’t exist and I’ll opine that it’s a really important feature to have. If I need to return something, or if I want to buy something again, or I wonder when I bought something, or how much I paid, etc, are all reasons I find myself searching my purchase history. But in this terrible app I have to open each purchase and look through it. Then once a purchase is made you’ll get emails asking to leave a review, and this one is particularly irritating: to leave a review you go through the basic fields you’d expect, but then at the bottom you’re asked for your member ID number AND order number. Using the app to leave a review should know these details, but no, it makes you find that info in other sections of the app and just like that you’ve lost the review you just typed. Lack of emphasis on online retail is no excuse for broken and frustrating user experience in an app. The executive(s) and product team responsible for this app and it’s user experience need to be purged and flushed.

online purchasing is so bad --it is ridiculous. i love costco but the online store is ridiculous! I couldn't add to my cart since update -- some sheets that I like finally came in, tried to add to my cart, it brings up a number pad, I click 1, then "add to cart" & it goes non functional. I tried to place this order via iphone, ipad and computer via their app & browser, and in the end, I could not purchase anything. Costco, your store is great but please hire some programmers that have worked in this century. I have tried to find these items while in the store last time I was grocery shopping, but they were not available & like most people, I use online purchasing to get what I want without driving store to store (since your app has no idea whats in stock in stores is like shopping in the dark ages). Costco - please fix your app & website - your programmers have created the most non functional horrible app & website in the WORLD!

Poor functionality and full of bugs. It amazes me how Costco still can’t get their app to work halfway decently. Viewing product pictures doesn’t work properly and hasn’t for a long time. Browsing and search results take a long time to load and it isn’t due to my device or network. When you go to checkout, if you don’t know the address to ship to and leave the app to copy it. It will kick you out of the checkout process and you’ll have to start again. Effectively, ANY viewing away from the Costco app during checkout will cancel all the progress you made. This was a recent bug introduced in the past few months. It’s ridiculous how some people can get paid to be “developers” or “software engineers” but can’t even manage basic functional testing on major platforms like IOS. I guess they must be an “agile” team… lol but seriously Costco - fire your dev team and get qualified people to manage your app! It’s costing your customers a lot of time and trouble and completely inexcusable for a company of your size! Viewing product images and switching app focus during checkout are two basic functions that don’t work properly and haven’t for months. A recent update just got released so I tested it… problems are still there. So I’m writing this review. MAYBE somebody at Costco will see this… of course the product manager probably doesn’t do their job either but I’m holding out hope. Costco is a good company…

Shame.. I love Costco, but I hate Costco lines. I tolerate Sam’s Club, hate their lines, but absolutely love the fact that I can Scan and Check-Out on their app. It makes the whole experience faster. With Costco being the biggest retailer on the planet, there is absolutely no reason that your customers should be checking out or shopping in the Stone Age. For those that say, Costco is not Sam’s and they keep the app as bare bones as humanly possible to keep jobs is beyond dumb. They will always need cashiers and any employees displaced as result of self check out can be reassigned. Forcing customers to interact with employees is also nonsense, not everyone needs this. Some people just want to get what they want and leave and are perfectly happy no employee interaction. Step your game up Costco. Your stores and products are great. The checkout experience is unnecessarily BRUTAL. Do what’s right for your customers and follow Sam’s Clubs lead in this area and bring the app Sam’s Club’s level because this app isn’t worth any space on my phone.

New update is awful!. I don’t know why they decided to do this but the new update made it so that there is only one image of a product to view which is very blurry and no longer has the option to zoom in on the image. This will only make shoppers even more unsure about a product. If they wanted to fix something, they could’ve change the review section. People need to be able to post pictures in their reviews as they are so much more helpful than just here say. I’ve seen reviews that aren’t even considered helpful and I’ve seen reviews that are totally just nit picking about unimportant things. Pictures help a shopper make a more informed decision when they can see what it looks like in real life and after daily use. There is clearly much to be said about this app. I still love most products I’ve come across, this is mostly about the app.

Useless search function. This is the first app review I have ever done but this app is so incredibly frustrating I felt I had to give them feedback somehow. The search function is completely useless, I type “bread” in the search bar and it just pulls up steak knives, I type in “sourdough” since I am looking for sourdough bread and it just pulls up frozen berries. How is it even possible for the search function to be that useless? I then tried to search by category, most of them just timed out before it could populate anything, the few that did populate only had one or two items listed which I know is not accurate. Each week as I make my shopping list I search the items I want on this app and the app of the grocery store down the street to see which one has what I want and which has a better price. Since the Costco app never works I just never go there since I am unsure if they have why I need. I will most likely cancel my membership and hope they get a better app so I can rejoin in the future since I do like the stores and employees.

Please add Apple Wallet support. App is decent and has various nice features, but is missing one key feature: Apple Wallet support. Every other major store or restaurant that’s thinking ahead has this feature. Please consider adding this feature. It would improve the overall digital and physical experience. We’re moving to a digital future and ir would be nice to have all our cards in one location. If you’re fearful people won’t use the Costco app as much, they still will still use it for shopping, viewing their order information, etc. It won’t hurt your brand, it’ll in fact make you look better, especially to your younger customers. Even your competitor Sam’s Club supports Apple Wallet.

Costco, please hire more backend/front end engineers so your app works as expected. You can do this!. So I usually never give ratings but seriously who are the engineers dealing with this e-commerce app. The app very infrequently loads information correctly. Today I couldn’t see all the ratings on my mobile app. And I’ve tried refreshing it and closing the app and clicking the blue link that says (183 reviews) near the product name. BUT gee. And this isn’t my first time with issues accessing information. Costco, why are you likely hiring external vendors to make your app when I’m sure you’re getting a lot of orders. You’re losing orders because the app couldn’t even load an add to cart button on some pillows I wanted to buy. And it’s frustrating how there are blank white spots on the app that I scroll past. And I have one of the latest phones - I don’t have like an iPhone 4 that developers don’t develop for anymore. I have a very functioning iPhone 11. As someone who works in tech, I think you guys could do better in building this app out and I wonder what backend issues are happening since this has happened a lot for me during the last 4 months where it doesn’t work in the way that I’d expect it to.

The Worst Part of Costco. This app is hands down the worst part of being a Costco member. I have membership at both Costco and Sam’s and also have an online membership to Boxed. Costco’s App is definitely the worst of all 3 of them. First off, I’m ecstatic that they finally let me have an electronic membership card, but they really missed the opportunity for this to be a great experience using Apple’s Wallet capabilities. I have to fumble around to find it in the Costco app every time I want to use it instead of it just being ready to go. Second, the Sam’s app has a scan and go feature. While Costco’s cashiers are phenomenal, there aren’t enough and the checkout lines are always INSANE at my Costco. Being able to scan my items on my mobile device and just show the receipt at the door is such a convenience for Sam’s that Costco just doesn’t offer. It sometimes saves me 5-10 minutes on my trip, and the times I’m going into the store for just a couple of items it gets me out significantly faster.

Arshad Jafri. I hope this message finds you well. I am a dedicated and enthusiastic customer of your esteemed retail chain and have greatly benefited from the convenience and quality of your products and services. I wanted to take a moment to offer my feedback regarding the auto buy program, with the sincere intention of enhancing the overall user experience. Firstly, I would like to commend your efforts in providing a seamless online shopping platform. The ease of navigating through your website and the efficiency of the auto buy program have undoubtedly made purchasing from Costco a breeze. However, I believe there is room for improvement to further streamline this process and offer an even more professional app experience. Furthermore, I would like to emphasize the importance of maintaining a user-friendly interface. A clear and intuitive layout, coupled with easily accessible features, would greatly contribute to a more professional app experience. Simple improvements such as optimizing the search function, refining filters, and enhancing product categorization would go a long way in enhancing customer satisfaction. As a loyal customer, I have complete faith in the ability of Costco to consistently deliver exceptional service. I truly believe that by implementing these suggested improvements, you will not only solidify your position as a leading retailer but also exceed the expectations of your valued customers. Happy Holiday. AJ

Recent few updates to COstco app drives me crazy. I’ve been a Costco member since 2016 and I really enjoy the innovation it brings, prices, goods, customer service and many more. It has some difficulty with the Costco card, they started enforcing the card ownership as it seems Costco is losing a lot o money on that. So, since last month I am not able to use my app on the phone as it crashes their system and it takes at least 5 minutes to call for the manager to fix the error. Now it is even more - I am not able to use Costco app on my tablet to see the prices - it says something like “do you want to transfer Costco card ownership to this device?”. Are you kidding me? Costco - if you need a new Head of Product/Head of Engineering - just let me know I will be happy to discuss it. But I can’t stand with this…

I love Costco but not the app. Love, love, love Costco. Just wish the app was like Sam’s. The Costco app is sorely lacking, and sadly doesn’t reflect inventory accurately, at all. I can click on an entire category link, and the app tells me there’s no inventory matching that category. So you’re telling me you don’t carry any baby items? I doubt that. I’ve used the app to make a couple purchases in the past year, and the process has gone smoothly. I’m grateful that that worked so well. It’s just searching for items and actually knowing if they’re in stock or not is really pointless. The app is horrible for searching. Either it can’t bring up inventory at all, or it’s wrong about how much is in stock. Case in point, it told me my local store had no Vitamix blenders in stock. So I paid for shipping to get one sent to me. Went to the store the next day, and there they were.

Warehouse availability and offers not visible. The app is functionally useless as it only shows what’s available online and the offers online. I would like to see if an item I am looking for is available locally in a warehouse near me in addition to online availability. Moreover, many a times there are offers on an item that are not the part of coupon booklet, I want to be able to see them on the app. It seems that you are hiding that information from customers so as to have a competitive advantage over your warehouse locally however at the cost of member losing by paying more. I like Walmart app that shows me if an item I am looking for is available at a local store and also there prices do not vary between online vs in store orders. Why should members pay more for online orders? Other companies can provide the same brands for less price than what costco charges. In addition to an upfront price increase your online prices are higher than your prices in warehouse. So you have double increase in prices; one higher than other vendors two higher than your own warehouse.

Trash Now!. I would have given the app 3-4 stars over the years. It’s complete garbage now. Won’t even open after the last update. It “opens” by dimming my wallpaper for a moment then shuts down, might get the Costco C but nothing past there. 95% of the time it’s not even “open” in my control center open apps view, 5% of the time it acts like it’s open there but if you click on it it does the same shadow & shutdown process. My reasons for the 3-4 stars before it became pointless: It’s great that I could use it as my member card, no idea why that isn’t compatible w/ Apple Wallet tho! At the very least, even if there’s no specific stock count, they could at least identify if an item is carried at your “closest/favorite store location”. Pricing is different online than in store, that’s nonsense and could be managed in many other ways. I say as an international organization’s retail buyer & pricing specialist for 3 gigantic categories - yes, I know the trials & tribulations and I absolutely have this expectation because it can be done!

Terrible UI and order tracking. nowhere on this application, does it tell you that it cannot track accurately a delivery of tires to a warehouse. When I called the online customer service, it was then that they informed me that this is not possible even though on the app there is no addendum or any indication of this. The delivery information is buried under the address book tab, which frankly I never thought to use. The email contact should always be in the account settings of the main user. When I called and spent 25 minutes on the phone trying to explain how difficult it was to understand not only the application but all the different Costco companies that do not communicate with each other. The representative did not sympathize did not understand and basically just wanted to get off the phone. It was a very unsatisfying interaction, and I am disappointed as a long time Costco customer.

Clunky/Annoying. It’s a clunky app for numerous reasons: too many pop ups when you open the app. When opening card the brightness on my phone gets stuck on bright. When trying to view pictures of items, going from one picture to the next doesn’t work very well and depending on the orientation it won’t let me close the pictures after clicking on it so I have to click “back” go into the item again; also zooming in on pictures never works. When trying in checkout, if you close the app and then go back in, it resets the information which is a pain if you’re trying to copy over credit card information or something. “View more” is annoying. Why not just display all the info? When changing delivery zip it resets the page which feels clunky, it shouldn’t need to do that. There is now a “mailbox” next to the search box so they can spam you with ads.

App is great except for the colors don’t change. I love shopping for things on the Costco app except for one big reason… When you’re looking at things that come in different colors, let’s say a shirt for this example, and you click on the different colors offered, they don’t change on the app. It just shows the first color & won’t change. So then you have to go to your computer to look at the item there to see the other colors offered. I’ve found that the color buttons work a little better on the iPad app but not consistently. They rarely work on the iPhone app so it’s very frustrating because I’m not always near my computer when I’m trying to shop on the app and then forget to look again when I do get home & can use my computer. It would be a much better shopping experience if I could actually see the different colors of the items that are being offered!

Horrible app. This app is so horrible and so woefully behind Samsclub. I’ve change my password so many times because the app fails to recognize it. The reviews no longer show up. Unable to check current inventory. No scan and go feature. So many items don’t show up during a search unless you put on super specific name of item. I’m glad they finally put our receipts online but it’s missing a search feature within the orders to find the exact product you’re trying to return. Instead you have to look at every receipt to find the item. 🤦🏻 I’ve been a Costco user for so long but I recently purchased a Samsclub membership and I’m so much happier with their ease of use and functionality of app. Also, as an introvert who doesn’t like to spend a ton of time in a store and around all the people, the scan and go feature at Samsclub is a god send! I don’t know why Costco is refusing to get with the times and realize e-commerce is huge and that they are in need of serious revamping of their digital services.

Falling Behind. I’ve been a Costco fan for 20+ years, but I’m afraid to report they’re dangerously close to losing their edge. This app is so frustrating in so many ways! Clumsy navigation… You select a category, then a sub-category, only to have to start over if you just want to go back one level. If an item is offered in multiple colors/patterns, the picture does not reflect the color/pattern selected. I’m not sure if the app is just not responsive, or they actually don’t have a picture in the selected color to show. It does not matter if I’m signed in or not, and it also does the same thing on the mobile version via Safari. Also, why do I have to sign in EVERY SINGLE TIME I use the app!?!?! I would love a way to remain signed in. It also would be beyond wonderful it there was some way to see if your local store had the item you wanted to purchase. AND maybe even but online and pick it up. I’ve enjoyed this feature greatly at Sam’s Club, Target, and Walmart. Lastly, I would be extremely motivated to brave the crowds in person at Costco, if the app was capable of scanning the items I put in my cart at the store while shopping and then pay within the app. This would be both more efficient and convenient than having to handle each item multiple times in and out of the cart to the checkout table/scale then back into the cart at the self check-out line.

Has you going in circles - fix the app or stop relying on Costco!. Recently signed up for a Costco membership in person. I wasn’t sure about a few things but they set up my account a certain way saying if I changed my mind or had to change the info that I could easily do that on the app and wouldn’t have to come back. Well I did have to change some of it, and when I tried to on the app it just told me to go see an representative in person to make any changes. I was only trying to change my membership level and my account’s address - 2 pretty straightforward actions. So I went back to my Costco and they told me I could of done it on the app, I explained what happened. They were able to change my membership level there but somehow said they couldn’t update my address because ‘I had to do it myself,’ aka on the app or online, even though they were able to put my address in for me when I signed up.

Poorest app. You would think Costco is a brand new wholesaler and working out the app tweaks, but they have been around long enough. I have a Costco and Sam’s Club and Sam’s app blows away Costco by far. I mean by far. I love their scan and go which allows me to scan each product I am purchasing as I place it in my cart. After scanning everything, I can easily slide to pay and boom done. I don’t have to wait in long lines. I love that I can check my price as I go and I’ve never had one discrepancy with prices. As I was searching for items on the Costco app, it wouldn’t even pull up the tortillas I was looking for after just seeing them in the store three days ago on top of the “spinning circle” that took a long time to search. It’s no wonder there are more than 1mil downloads for Sam’s app as opposed to less than 7k for Costco. I have already deleted the app and I hope there will be great change to come, but that is quite unlikely happening. Another thing, we don’t have enough Costco wholesales in the area.

Costco app. Costco is doing themselves a disservice. I would imagine you are losing sales because of the difficulty finding anything through your app. I have a Costco membership and also a Sam’s club membership. I will check Sam’s app for items that I want/need. I check Costco for the same, if I can navigate the mess you call an app. Several times I have purchased an item (that you show you don’t have) at Sam’s club only to find that item at Costco. Sometimes even cheaper! In my city, Sam’s and Costco are only a mile apart, so the drive between the two isn't an issue, but I would really like to shop at one store not two. You should do yourselves a favor and figure out how to make your app more user friendly. Like Sam’s! Just think of the extra sales you could make! I am a plus member at Sam’s and I also have the executive membership with you. The perks I receive at Sam’s for that extra $50 are worth the extra money. The free shipping and earlier shopping hours alone are worth it. Not so much you. Maybe upgrade your executive membership to compete with Sam’s clubs? I do love shopping at Costco, but you really really need to figure out how to fix the mess you call an app.

One of the few Weak Points of Costco. I love Costco. I have a membership to both Costco and Sam’s. Each place has their pros and cons but my preference for shopping is Costco overall. Now one area Sam’s Club KILLS Costco is with their app. Not only do you get Scan and Go but also you can check the store inventory right there with the app, you can pay for your gas through the app, you can place an order to be picked up through the app etc. The Costco app is really just bare bones. Yes I’m glad I can have my membership card on my phone but why can’t I scan that card at the gas pump at least? The only people that don’t have to worry about that are those with the credit card since their membership is attached to it. The app is also very slow at basic tasks like checking an order status, normally I have to kill the app and start over just to get it to work. Why can’t I see the prices of items at my local store, or even if they have any stock? This app has a LONG way to go to become as useful as Sam’s Club’s app. It doesn’t have to be a copy of it, but inheriting some of the features would be very nice.

Improvements needed. Recent changes to the app have complicated navigation. Features, such as Lists, have been imbedded under tabs which are not intuitive and difficult to access easily. On two occasions I have submitted a request for a correction which have gone unanswered or acted upon so I’ll share it here again. In your Lists feature, I don’t delete items because I regularly buy the same items, like most people I suspect. Before recent changes, going back a year I believe, clicking on a checked item automatically brought it back to the ‘active’ list whereas now, it moves the item to the bottom of the checked list and you have to click on it again at the bottom of the list to move it to the active list. If history is any indication, I suspect this third request for a correction will go unanswered again but hopefully you’ll prove me wrong and fix this problem in an upcoming release!

A Bug in the Shopping List?. I’ve been trying to report a bug in the Costco app, but I’m not really sure how to get it to the right people. I’ve been using your app since it was released, especially the Shopping List tool. The top portion of the list has the items I want to purchase, and then when you check them off, they go to the bottom (already purchased) part of the list with a checkmark next to them. In earlier versions of the app, I could click on an “already purchased” item, and it would go back up to the wish list at the top. BUT, more recently, when you click on an already purchased item, it moves to the very bottom of the already purchased list, and you have to click on it AGAIN to move it to the wish list at the top. It’s a minor difference, but very annoying, and it adds an unnecessary, time-consuming step.

Service bad. I been with membership along time. I came to store buying milk for my daughter. They sold in store, so I came home go online to buy 3boxs milk. And then delivered to me 2boxs milk and other item . I was nice to bring other return in store but reception said No return, No money back and she gave me phone number customer service to resolve this. At the first calling , I talked about this bla bla.. they said updates my item will be return milk back. I waited over a week (not see delivered). At the second time, the calling same and they said delivered will be come in this week. I waited over a week ( not see delivered). At the third calling, I talked again abt this. They said maybe I return item so store return money back already! OMG WHat?? What’s going on.... it look like my fault. I still your email sent to me 3milk boxs not other item. That’s your fault not me! When I bought your products, you delivered faster in 3days. Now it’s your mistake to take long delivered 3weeks already. I still waiting

A Shopping Experience Probably More Organised Than The Brick & Mortar Store Itself!. Honestly speaking, I would naturally think that the title would certainly need to hold true if one of the world’s most highly-regarded warehouses club memberships retailer had a mobile app to supplement membership shopping experience. Thankfully, it all holds true in the Costco app! The app puts more power to the member when fully set up with their Costco online account. Although it is mostly an app that encapsulates the mobile website, it certainly helps simplify navigation of the Costco website. It is clean and easy to navigate. Shopping on this is sometimes easier than going to the storewhen everything from the category of things you want to buy to the transparency of savings, whether you judge it as really good savings or not versus your annual membership dues, is right there in front of you. It is certainly a complement and a must-install for any Costco member!

Bad experience.. Placed an order for diapers and pull ups. Was supposed to arrive in a couple business days. Only got the diapers. Pull ups were never sent from their warehouse. Told in a couple buisness days should get a confirmation of item being replaced. No big deal. no confirmation after 4 business days. Called again and told had to wait 3-7 business days for replacement to be shipped. Mind you its wednesday. Product should of been here a week ago from tomorrow. And now another weak on top of initial wait for delivery? Im waiting half a month for pull ups my child needs and not given anything other than an “we’re sorry”. As nice as customer service seemed, they offered no faster solutions to issues on their end. No compensation or anything for inconvenience. After trusting a couple times. A refund takes 24-48hours (if it shows not sure yet and dont have faith it will)so get a refund instead of their customer service and place order again or go somewhere else if something doesn't show. Customer service is a joke.

I don’t know why I keep downloading this app hoping it will be better.. This may be the only app to ever make me lose interest in shopping. They list like 3 items in each department with little photos that look like 1985 Eddie Bauer holiday product… boring, sad or frumpy at best. Sizing is all over the map, if you can find anything with enough shape to need a size other than large, xlarge or less extra large. Smalls are usually huge and XS are never listed or only exist for the ugly frumpy items. The items in the stores are usually nicer more modern trends (except shoes which are always hideous), however the Xs are usually gone quickly or never made it. But I do occasionally get my size. But their app needs to grow up. More products, better sizing and broader range of items please! And less time loading large wordy product screens with too much on one page instead of tabs or layers to load more if desired instead of waiting for all that and then being disappointed…or call asleep.

Same Day/Instacart. Need more options in the ratings for Instacart shoppers on the Same Day part of the app, including a comment section because there are no options for reporting when they add extra, unauthorized items to an order. It could be a mistake but I’ve had it happen more than once with different shoppers and it obviously increases the price you think you’re going to pay upon when placing your order. At first I thought it could be a scam to increase their tip, since I originally selected a percentage and then found I received the 4 extra items (on the final receipt) in my order today, so they weren’t buying for themselves. But the tip amount stayed what it was when my order was going to cost almost $20 less. Either way, I’d like the opportunity to specify why I gave someone a lower rating than I normally would and bring potentially widespread issues to the company’s attention. I don’t like possibly messing with people’s livelihoods without being able to address the reasoning so they can fix it in future. Anyway, if Instacart gives their shoppers the power to manually add items, they should give customers the opportunity to give feedback on that rather than just items in the original order.

Why is this app rated so highly?. It’s not a bad app, but there is nothing special about it. In fact, there are more cons than pros. Everything available in the app is accessible in a web browser, making the app somewhat useless other than being easy to access. Most of the graphics are blurry because they aren’t full resolution. Speaking of graphics, all icons are outdated and poorly designed (lines aren’t even the same width on the line icons). Overall, the look and feel of the app is like a poorly-designed website. But the real issue is the lack of support for iOS features. It doesn’t make sense to have an app if it functions like a website. For example: - The app doesn’t have an option to add a Costco membership card to Apple’s Wallet app, resulting in a slowdown whenever the card is needed. And because the card isn’t cached in their app, places with poor connections (or when Costco’s servers are down) make it impossible to load the card. - The app doesn’t support widgets. Adding this would greatly help for quickly displaying a card, app shortcuts, or other useful information. These are by far the biggest issues (outdated, poor design/graphics, no support for Wallet, and no widgets). But the overall issue is lazy development. Just adding a website—or similar navigation experience—doesn’t make a good app. Please consider making an app that’s actually useful. At the very least, add Wallet support.

Can't make a shopping list for my local warehouse in this app. I don't use the app to purchase items for shipping. Pretty much the only thing I can use this app for is to see my previous receipts, which is helpful. However, it would be a great help if I could use the app to make my shopping list before I go to my local warehouse. I use the HEB and Walmart apps to make my list prior to going to the store. I like making my list this way because the app will tell me if an item is out of stock. HEB will put your list in Aisle Order. I prefer my list to be organized by Aisle, less chance of forgetting an item. The Walmart app doesn't list items by Aisle, but it does keep a running total (with tax) of the items in your list. This is really helpful. PLEASE MAKE IT SO I CAN MAKE MY SHOPPING LIST FOR GROCERY ITEMS (like fresh meats, dairy, frozen food, etc) USING YOUR APP. I doubt very seriously that I'm the only one who would like to see this feature. Also, keeping a total, with tax if possible, would be icing on the cake. If I could use the app to make my grocery list to take to my local warehouse, I would gladly change my rating from 3 stars to 4. If the app would also keep a running total with tax of the items in my list I would be thrilled to give this app 5 stars.

Photo app is terrible, slow, ancient, not user friendly. Let me start my saying, I love the stores, products, pricing and employees. But Costco definitely drops the ball with regard to their ancient photo app. I recently began to use google photos and was excited to load my pictures onto my Costco photo account which I’ve had for 13 years! I got through about 10 albums, and since last Tuesday (6 days & counting), I have been getting error messages or connection messages. It just won’t load any more pictures. Is there a limit? I found a different method to get my pictures loaded, but it literally required uploading about ten photos at one time. I’ve tried this on my phone and my laptop and using different WiFi. None work or they glitch half way through the upload. So frustrating. I am feeling like I need to cut the cord with the photo center and use one that has location, facial recognition and search properties. Costco can’t even download or sort pictures in order. Why? Am I missing something. I have the most current version and it doesn’t work any better in my laptop.

Update 7.6.5. I’m not sure how this got signed off on for Same day delivery specifically. Already had a learning curve as it was hard to navigate, but is now near impossible. Placed a same day order as normal, had to log in even though I was already logged into my account (fine, it happens nbd). Searched items and unrelated products came up, but then was offered as replacements later on. However, when picking the replacement, after 4 loading screens it will approve it and then never update. You then need to start over for each product for this. It also will change your delivery time. Picked 5-7pm (double checked it was correct before submitting order) and when I go back into the app after the order was placed and my delivery will now be coming between 11am - 1pm. Not sure how the rest of the app functions, but giving up and when I get home I’ll log onto a computer and place the order (much easier).

Costco is great, but their app needs a lot of work. This app has a ton of glitches, but probably the worst part of the app is that the search function is absolutely useless. When I search for items such as ‘container’ the search came back with some containers, as well as mesquite seasoning, coconut oil and laundry detergent. I didn’t see the containers that I was looking for (that I know they have in-store), so I tried searching the brand name of the containers, which came up with one search result, which was a different container than the one I was looking for. I eventually found the one I was looking for because it was in the ‘savings’ section, but it wouldn’t let me click the product to view the details. It’s also annoying that they don’t give you the prices of things in the app (any prices listed are for delivery and they cost less in stores). I’ve had the same sorts of problems every time I’ve used this app but finally got fed up enough to write a review in the hopes that the developers fix some of the many problems with this app.

App is TERRIBLE!. This is one of the worst apps I’ve ever used! I tried to add my card to the app following the steps I received in my bill. When you click on the card icon it takes you to a login page. Instructions said login with your current login info or create an account if new. I tried to login with my current login info, however my current login name is not my email, its just a word. Now I’ve had this login forever but now this app demands an email to login! So I tried my email with my current password and not only did it say my email’s wrong it keeps going in circles refreshing the page and won’t stop til you exit the app. I tried creating a new account but of course it said that email already exists!! I tried several times and the same thing kept happening! How can I login with my current password and login name and then have it want an email address which is not what my login name is?!!?

Kirkland dog biscuits - new size. They were extremely hard for my little Maltese dog and thought that they may not bake evenly in the oven and or that the oven temperature is a little too high? Only a few weren't that bad and some she would not eat at all. Could I have gotten a stale box? I thought that I would postpone buying them for a little while to see if changes are in a new box. If this bad again, I won't be buying them for her any more. In the meantime, I did buy the large 40# bag of Kirkland Mature dog food and I thought that she would love this kibble because it is chicken, rice and egg but she doesn't like it at all. I wonder what chicken body parts are used like maybe:. liver, heart, veins and or other gross body parts. Yuk!!! One night she did eat her bowlful and that has really turned her against it totally. Now she won't touch any if it so I am making food for her. I am so sadly and disappointed because she loves your bones and I thought that the smaller size would be nice for her. Your old larger size also had some that I could not break in hg slf and she couldn't either so they went into the trash. Thank you very much for listening to me. Feeding her is a growing problem for me now again with the loss of her eating the new size biscuits.

I love your employees in the store but your marketing folks are getting way off track. Let’s get this part out of the way, I have been an executive member and also have the businesses credit card for about 15 years at this point. I love the rewards from both the card and the executive level membership. Our spending level generally got us to a little under $200 a year reward on the Costco Executive Membership and our credit card spending on the Costco Business credit card generally got us somewhere between a $500-$700 rebate every year. The employees at every store except one outside of Nashville have provided excellent and friendly customer service. My issue with the app is that you have to clear out of the notification in iOS by clicking into the products on sale. As a business owner of a automotive repair shop I not going to be buying jewelry or appliances. The frustrating part is even though these things are not my interest stiffer notifications that I have to clear out of. I know Costco loves to switch up their aisles in their physical stores to have their customers explore and potentially buy more, but can you please leave your Executive/Business members alone in the app?

Only useful for online shipping. This app is very frustrating. You can’t see what’s available in the store, unless you use Instacart, which I don’t use, and is for food only. It’s the reason I probably shop more at Sam’s Club, because before I leave the house I can see if Sam’s has in their inventory what I’m looking for. The app has had this problem for years. You would think they would of updated it by now. If I really need to know if an item is inside Costco, I have to spend 15-30 minutes on the phone asking them to check. The problem with the app, is the reason I’ve dropped membership at Costco several times. I’m only a member now, because a family member is sharing their membership. In a lot of categories Costco has better quality store brand name products, but the frustration of planning my shopping list, and getting there just to find out they don’t have it in stock, just doesn’t make it worth it at times.

“Not connected to internet” error message. Like a few other reviewers I also ran into issues with incorrect error message saying I wasn’t connected to the internet. It’s not my phone bc I was definitely connected to wifi and had an internet connection, but just to make sure I put it on cellular to see if that changed the error message—I actually have all my apps set to work with cellular data too—but it didn’t change anything. I could not search for products using the Shop menu. It kept going same error message “The Costco App cannot connect to the internet”. I could search for individual items In the search menu or scroll random stuff but I could not use the Shop function. Tried to report it through App Help but that rerouted me to the website with generic help options so I’m leaving this review in hopes of the developer seeing it and fixing the issue. In general, the app is slow, and I’m not a big fan of it but I like Costco so I put up with it. But this latest glitch makes it almost unusable. Hope the figure out their tech stuff soon.

Costco IS NOT Sam’s Club!!!!. First of all, Costco IS NOT Sam’s Club. There is no scan and go feature, which I understand because not allowing this feature minimizes the risk of theft - and forces you to interact with associates at the store. Also helps keep jobs intact, which is something Costco as a company cares about a lot. I support Costco more simply because of their employee treatment. They wouldn’t even have self checkout if it wasn’t just a consumer demand. Yes, the app needs a lot of updates, but the true reason for the app is to have your membership card on hand at all times IN CASE you forget your card. Not to replace your card completely. Complaining about not being able to use it at the gas pump? Perfect solution - leave your card in your glove box and use the app in the store. Have issues setting it up? Go to the membership desk and ask for help. The app is easy to use, but does have a lot of glitches when setting up; however, if you have the patience to get help, you can get it done!

Needs improvement. I've used the app since it first appeared in the App Store so I will say it used to be very good but lately it seems to have a reoccurring bug. The main issue I have experienced is the Costco app will log me completely out as I am about to enter the store and present my digital card to the door greeter, which is very annoying it has happened many times. Just two weeks ago I was entering the store and it happened again but strangely I was logged in at my home and didn't log myself out but as I approached the store I found it had logged me out once again. Another issue is the layout it is less straightforward than before and is very cluttered with unnecessary ads to sales items a simple sales tab would suffice on the home page, less is more. Hopefully this will be fixed.

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Costco US nothing else. App is probably useful for any US members. But outside of that you may as well go to the website or the store. It asks for Zipcodes instead of postal codes and the option of having your card online doesn’t work. For the brand they’ve built this app has obviously seen minimal investment.

Apple wallet. Please give us apple wallet and you get 5 star

Fail immediately. Doesn’t even open. Crashes on the start. Tried to restart phone - didn’t help. IOS16.6.1 iPhone 12

Membership card in Canada?. Can we get the app to accept a postal code? Can’t get my membership linked as it will only take a zip code!

Great app (Canada). I use the app for shopping in Canada which is great in most respects. Issues: search function can be wonky + can not "stay logged in" so i have to log in every time i want to buy something.

Can’t log in. Great app, but unable to login.

Use the website instead. The app is very slow (like the website). The interface is not user friendly. There is little value in using it over the website. I am uninstalling it to prevent more frustration. To make our lives miserable, Costco hides some products from their catalog. Looking for fresh produce? It's not there but on "Instacart", wherever that is. Wait, so Costco is for dry food you ask? Not so fast! You will find chicken broth on there but not vegetable broth... why?

Asking for too much info. All I want is digital version of membership card in case I leave my physical card in the car or at home.

Poor app. C’est simplement l’intégration de leur site Web sous une application mobile. J’ai un problème persistant de langue entre mon téléphone (anglais) et mon compte Costco (français); impossibilité de faire une recherche qui fait du sens... Dommage, pas à la hauteur de l’expérience Costco habituelle...

Apple Wallet support. Will change rating once implemented

Very unstable. It’s been virtually unusable lately, it glitches & seems to be stuck in a loop where the main page constantly reloads. Please fix!

Useless app. The app was great at one point but now it doesn't stay signed in and doesn't allow you to sign in. Complete waste of an app and one of the few times Costco had disappointed.

Digital membership card RESET issue. Fix this issue. Unable to reset or does anyone know how to reset the membership digital card. Transfer limit reset lol. It’s a joke.

Sucks. Every time I open it, I have to change the province and language. I set it to always allow my location and this doesn’t make a difference. Poorly made junk app

No Canada support. Needs update for Apple wallet and canada support. Kinda useless

Totally useless.. I’m an executive member. Log into app, but then I have to go to warehouse, stand in line in customer service to verify my digital membership????? Is this for real. In time of covid too. You know my password and membership are valid and ask for me to still go to service counter.

Too much personal information demands. I don’t understand why for shopping at Costco, getting electronic receipts and having my membership card electronically I need to verify through and give Costco access to my bank account through my financial institution. This entails my personal information including bank account. This is ridiculous. I am not applying for a mortgage here nor do I feel that giving a retail outlet my bank account number is a reasonable ask simply to get the convenience of an App on my phone.

Unable to login. This app is not working for Canadian users

Not able to Sign in. It shows the below error message while I am trying to login. I checked with few of my other friends and they are also facing the same. We are unable to process your request. Please Sign In to try again.

Slow and bad UI. As mentioned in title, app is very slow and UI is not intuitive.

Apple Wallet Support. Please enable Apple Wallet support for the Costco membership card.

You need to add Apple Wallet support. App would be useful if the card could be added to Apple Wallet.

Useless. Even went in personally to customer service to verify membership. Waste of time. Delete this useless app.

Ça marche pas. Ça fait plusieurs mois que le solde de remise ne fonctionne pas j’ai même écrit au service client et toujours rien

Log in. The app says but Canada uses Must be why I can’t log into the app using my ID & PW. I was hoping to add my membership card. Tried setting the postal code for the store I use, but it only takes zip codes. Better get this app revamped for north of the border.

Stop asking for region. Keeps asking me for region every single search

Cant log in, the basics. Clic on log in, takes you back to log in screen

Annoying location prompts when logged in. If you are logged into the app which is necessary to purchase, you should not be persistently prompted to share your location or to select your province/enter your post code. It is highly annoying. The app needs modernizing. Other than that it’s great. Hope your developers can improve this aspect of the user experience. Thanks

Great store but bad app. The app should save the location once it's set. It asks about the location multiple times even during one use which is very annoying.

Unable to login. Can’t seem to log in. Won’t let me put my credentials in. Clicking on login throws an error.

Worst app experience ever. Is just the website rendered inside an iOS app. Is really bad and poor. I have to login almost every single time I want to use the app, otherwise it won’t show the prices, this is probably because cookies aren’t accesible, IDK for sure. Anyway, I don’t recommend it at all, if you want something just go to their nearest warehouse, it’ll be better and faster. I’ll give it zero stars if I could.

Costco need to work on their app. Very frustrated to sign into my costco account with this new update. I had to delete my app and reinstalled few times at warehouse so I could retrieve my orders for pricing. Costco need to invest little more money towards their app for the better customer experience.

Easily the most awful app out there. I can’t believe I’m using something so under-developed in 2021

needs improvements. uggg, I can’t count the number of times I have been asked to enter my province and language preferences! why the heck!?? You obviously have that information and you store my preferred store because there it is at the top of the app, so why!!??? And why are the warehouse deals so difficult to view?? This app needs improvement

apple wallet support. the app is ok overall but it ABSOLUTELY needs apple wallet support. it’s dumb to have to open the app to show the card at the entrance and when paying! let’s go Costco, it’s been more than 2 years now, FIX THIS!!!

Check out is horrible. I have things in my cart but it won’t let me check out - horrible app don’t waste your time -

I can’t even open the app. I downloaded the app the other day, and when I went to open it today, it just didn’t want to open…

Apple Wallet support. It works fine, I like being able to access my past bills, but please include the membership card in Apple Wallet.

Unable to sign in. Cant even log in to the app. To log in, it requires to delete and install the app again. This is so stupid and it’s been months the bug is still there.

Qr Scan. Call to activate the new app QR SCAN CODE. Why a QR scan code instead of a standard bar code. Tried it today at costco, didn't work. No wallet . WHAt the...

Digital membership. My phone is set to Canada. Every time I download the app it’s . Therefore I can’t get my digital membership. Work on it please.

Membership card to Apple wallet.. Please add Apple wallet support for membership card and payment method.

Montant accumulé de la remise. Impossible d’avoir le montant a jours dans l’application mobile, il faut se brancher sur un ordinateur pour l’avoir….

App issues from the start. Downloaded this app just now, already see the same page loading multiple times, and the app keeps changing the screen brightness to maximum while viewing membership information. Better to use the online website, it doesn’t interfere with phone settings.

Changing to just go to warehouses and select your region. No need to buy bash the app just go to warehouse and set your location to Canada Default is USA lol trump land

Login issues. Constantly have to delete and DL the app again as it fails to login and won’t go through the flow successfully until the app is deleted and installed again. Also, they should think of hiring a UX designer.

Recent update a failure. Most recent update doesn’t function well. Like others, can’t even sign in. Browser version works fine. Hope they fix soon.

SECURITY RISK! Definitely a hacking attempt for identity theft!!!. Makes you give your online banking password and other confidential information in order to sign into the app

Unsuccessful. I installed the app and tried to sign in. It informed me that I have to physically go to my warehouse to activate the app. I did that. My warehouse sent me an email with an activation link. After struggling with an endless loop of resetting my password, I phoned Costco tech-support and was told that the app does not work with iPhone because of Apple software updates. I have now uninstalled it.

Tv not as advertised. costco is selling, Samsung 65-in. Smart 4K HDR TV UN65TU7000 where google assistant should be included as per the site description but it is not in tv when delivered. So dont buy this if this feature is needed. Costco offers 100 dollar discount for not having this feature

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Useful app, but has some technical issues. Costco is a great place to shop, in person and online. Been a member for many years, and hope to continue for many more. The online app is very useful for many items that are bulky and fill up your car. (I don’t live near a Costco; nearest one is 1 1/2 hour drive.) However, there are some glitches in the search functions. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I’ll try: the problem seems to be in category selection and moving in the hierarchy in the iPad app. When you go into a category of products with subcategory, and put some items in the cart, and then want to go up in the category hierarchy, the search function seems to default back to the same subcategory you were in. E.g. if I am selecting from Snacks in Pantry Goods, and decide I want to go and look at laundry detergent, and use that search term, the search function STAYS in Snacks. I have to go back to Home, or quit the app, to get a new view of the available categories. It is annoying. This occurs in my Costco app for iPad. Might not occur on other apps or the website. Should be an easy fix for skilled iPad app programmers … if you can find one! Just sayin’ …

What I like and don’t like about Costco.. I basically like Costco. Most of the employees seem to be very nice and helpful. But I don’t like when you get used to buying something on a regular basis then it’s not there. Nobody knows if they discontinued it or if you just sold out. Like the lamb chops. The ones that look more like pork chops. I buy the little rack of lamb. I like the lamb chops better. Now they don’t sell them anymore. Costco had some coconut and dark chocolate cookies in a blue bag. They were really good. Bought them twice, Then they were gone. If I knew that I might’ve bought a lot more. I’ve been shopping at Costco over 25 years. You do a pretty good job. I hope you can get some more lamb chops and those coconut cookies, they were really good. Thanks

Works Great but ..... This app works really well for just browsing through Costco and buying items. Since I have a membership it is easy to search for member only items and make purchases using the app. I haven’t had any issues other than the photos of items not coming in focused all the time. I am using an iPad air 2And sometimes when I click on an item it will show the photo but the low quality photo and you do not get any of the additional photos. If I click away from the item and then come back to the item to allow it to reload, it will sometimes load correctly and then show the photo of the item along with the alternate photos. It must be a cache problem or something like that

Terrible. This “app” is terrible. It’s not even really an app, it’s just a wrapper around their already weak website. Somehow they even managed to break logging in, so that the iPhone’s fill-in-the-password feature doesn’t work. Even after logging in, pages that you’d already viewed still hide the members-only prices. If you were on the website you could at least refresh the page to get it to realize that you’ve now logged in, but with this “app” you can’t even do that. So they’ve actually managed to make it worse than using the website. Costco should be embarrassed and ashamed of putting out this cheapo app. The stores are great, their app should reflect that. The Sam’s Club app is miles ahead. It’s as far ahead as the stores are behind. It’s almost as if someone played a joke and reversed the apps. Come on Costco, it’s not the 1990s anymore. Climb into the present.

Pharmacy section now completely non-functional. I used to love the pharmacy portion of the Costco app. It allowed me to manage a plethora of prescriptions for my family, a parent, and our dog. I could track when all meds where due and order refills seamlessly, pay online, and get the meds pushed to a locker and avoid the pharmacy line. Now I can’t even link my account even when I am logged into the app. I enter an existing prescription and can’t get thru the vicious cycle of “you already have a linked account.” Ok, I get that tech can have bugs. I have tried to call tech support at least a half dozen times. You can never get a live person, and you can’t even wait on hold, they mandate that they call you back. And they are only open during limited business hours. Shame on you Costco, I expect better than this from an organization of your size and scale.

Slick isn’t better!!. Wish I hadn't updated! Worked fine until I updated to this version. Updated twice in as many weeks. First update has a new warehouse page. Hate it. The other was simpler and user friendly. Second update a couple of days ago. This is by far the worst. I shop Costco business center on Othello. Old app had a “more” option. From that I could access the business center no problem. This update took that away. I went to warehouses and after a lot of time wasting was able to bring up the Othello Business Center HOWEVER SCROLLING DOWN IT STOPPED AT WHEN THE CENTER OPENED. NO WAY TO ACCESS SALES INFO ETC. Googled the center and up came the same page PLUS ALL THE INFO THE COSTCO APP DID NOT HAVE. A SLICK APP IS OF NO USE IF IT DOESN’T WORK. SOMEONE SHOULD REMEMBER “IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT.” SHAME COSTCO APP WAS GREAT THEN “SOMEONE” SCREWED UP WITH USELESS CHANGES! 👎

The worst app. Costco warehouse and Kirkland brand are exceptional compared to it’s competitors like Bj’s and Sam’s Club. But when it comes to the app, the Costco one feels like you are using the Dollar Tree app. This app goes most of the time offline. Sometimes the items you search show up as no results found. Also you are unable to check the inventory of the items at the warehouse. Please mention me a big retail store that does not offer the option to check the inventory. I became a member since 2018 and since than the app store rating always has been 2 stars. This means Costco always has been hiring amateur software developers and does not care about the app.

Room for improvement. I would gauge a good app for a retail store as one that I feel compelled to look at before, during, and after my visit. Checking my previous in-store purchases (not just what was ordered online) and seeing a warehouse map of the items I want to buy while I’m there are a couple of features I think would make this app shine. Oh, as a road map item for that second feature, the app could even build me a route for the most efficient path through the store to get me the goods and on my way out the door, saving me time and the mess of humanity. On a side note, wish Apple would throw out the reviews of people complaining about aspects of the company that have nothing to do with the app.

Nothing much, rebate in app?. There’s nothing special in this app. For those with the business account, why not have the annual rebate accessible in the app? Instead of sending the rebate by mail and planning on members losing or not using the rebate, why not gain more members by having the rebate easily available and ready to use? I lost mine (oh well, first time) and I had to drive to Costco to the membership desk just for them to tell me the corporate office will take several more weeks to mail me a new one. Really? Is that a joke? Why not have it in the app? Why not pay through the app? This app is pointless if you cannot use it at a superstore it’s branded for. The info on this app is the same as what’s on the back of my card. Please think.

Disappointed in app. I have been a member of both Costco and Sam’s Club out of necessity. They each have products I purchase regularly for my family. I like the products at Costco better in general but it is really very difficult to shop inside the store with the long lines. The Costco app search feature is impossible and frustrating. I tolerate and frequent Sam’s weekly only because of the app with the Scan & Go more checkout lines. I scan my items as I put them in the buggy and walk out of the store right pass the people waiting in line. It’s a dream. I will discontinue my Costco membership this year since Sam’s is closer to my house but it makes me sad. I will come back when Costco puts money into their app to improve my customer experience.

Superior attitudes & service. I believe the owners and managers at Costco do a really good job of protecting all of us who are in the store during the current COVID-19 crisis with social distancing markers on the floor, a quick way of getting those who are just there to pick up prescriptions to get in & out, and providing special hours for older customers during this time. They select employees with great customer service attitudes, provide a secure way to handle “lost and found” when a customer accidentally leaves a phone behind, great coupons, a great selection of products in all categories, great prices, and all those things. Also, I appreciate the high quality and competitive prices at the gas pumps.

Totally ridiculous. I have been unable to log into the app since renewing my membership since November. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app and I still receive an error message. When accessing my account, the page is outlined in red, with a message that states that my membership has expired. There is a renew button which just refreshes back to the same error message page. My membership was renewed at the time of expiration btw. When I attempt to sign-in, the login page is displayed and I enter my info, and again the page just refreshes back to the login page. This is unacceptable and totally ridiculous. Why even have an app that literally does nothing as it is. You can’t check local club pricing, or shop and pickup. There is an upcharge and delivery fee for items that you can see and order online. Meanwhile one has to call the club and bug the employees there just to find an item price or confirm if an item is in stock. Total mess.

Products & Price. I wish Costco would put their food items, household grocery items and grocery items and prices online like Sam’s Club, target, Walmart and grocery stores. If I want to know if Costco has a grocery item at my store, if it’s in stock, and check the the price, I have to call the club. Target, Sam’s Club, and Supermarkets show grocery items they have in stork in their stores as well as the price. It seems strange to have to call the store and wait for someone to look up grocery items to see if Costco carries an item, if it’s in stock, and the price. Hopefully shoppers will soon be able to look up this information on line like most other stores. Thanks

Just the basics. Just a basic app. Doesn’t excel at anything. I have both a Costco and a Sam’s membership. In terms of money saving Costco is the clear winner but in terms of app features and ability Costco loses. Badly. I go into Costco and there is no self checkout. I wait in line forever to checkout. At Sam’s I scan my items with my phone as I put them in my cart. I apply coupons or discounts on my phone. I pay on my phone. I show my phone to the person at the door instead of my paper receipt. Faster and easier at Sam’s. So is it worth the money savings at Costco compared to the time savings at Sam’s? For now it’s a draw. As my Costco gets busier and they refuse to open more checkout lanes, have self checkout, and allow me to checkout with my phone, probably not.

No Apple Wallet support. The Digital Membership card cannot be added to the Apple Wallet. In 2022 there is not a good technical reason why as the Apple SDKs offer support for doing it securely as I am sure Costco would prefer. I want to be able to pull up my Costco card from my Apple Wallet because it’s a quick power button double tap at the entrance which is often faster than pulling out my physical wallet and retrieving my Costco card. Sam’s Club offers adding their membership card to the Apple Wallet and Costco should too. The Costco app also does not support scan and go or checking warehouse product inventory levels like the Sam’s Club app does. We love Costco more than Sam’s Club and wish those features could be added to the Costco app in the future.

Useless, Lacks too many features. This app is just as bad as the website in that there is no ability to search for in store items only. If I want to see all the items that I can order online, I will use the website. A "mobile" app should help me when I am in the store. I can understand if they don't want to add Scan and Go (although that would help keep checkout lines shorter during this pandemic), but it should at least be able to show me what items are normally carried in the store and on what aisle. Ideally it should be able to give a general idea of if the item is in stock, even if it is just shown as "in stock", "limited availability", or "out of stock". Come on Costco. Your products and services are superior to other stores, it is time to update both your website and mobile app to give the same high quality.

Almost useless. Essentially the only thing I use the app for its to occasionally look at the things that are on sale instead of having to hold onto the mailer. For the longest time I've wanted to be able to add my membership card to the app so I don't need to pull my wallet and card out just to get in. So I was excited to hear they added the feature... Until it started asking me for ridiculous amounts of information in my credit report to supposedly verify I'm the person with that membership number! Check my last name vs. What's on record for that membership... Ok. Zip? I'm ok with that too. How long I've lived somewhere, what was my address many years ago, etc etc (full credit report) is absurd. After a few I have up. Not submitting that much personal information in an already poor app. Don't trust them that much!

Hate the new version. What happened to being able to see the weekly in store savings??? I used to be able to browse ahead of time and save sale items to my shopping list. I’ve scoured the new app including clicking on “savings,” can’t find any info on grocery deals. App also freezes often, or gets stuck on a certain page that I can exit from, then need to force close. App is basically useless other than having my own shopping list. Even that doesn’t work well anymore—I used to be able to click on a completed item to “uncheck it” and it would go back to my active shopping list. Now when I click it, it drops it to the bottom of my checked off items, and I have to click on it a second time to uncheck it.

❤️. I love Costco! It offers so many great things at fabulous prices. Aside from day to day savings, they offer deals on a wide array of many high-end products, which is amazing! Their membership is a very fair price! Their delivery is great, as well as their shipping times. I live at the beach. I wish it could be a little bit closer but it is well located. The Town Center where it is located has grown exponentially (probably a great move on their part) which makes navigation a bit challenging, however, I’ve been a member since they opened their doors and will remain a member for life. Thank you Costco. They also have great customer service.

Costco needs improvements. I have been a Costco customer for a long time and this was the first time I used Costco in warehouse to pay for my items I purchased. As it turned out that I couldn’t pay the items using the Costco app. None of the member services seem to know how to use the Costco app either. From what I read so far the Costco app can’t be used to pay items. So what the point of using it? So I removed the app and will use it again when the app is improved. Updated: I read about Costco app on some website news that Costco members can now use their IPhone to pay at the self-checked-out in stores and Costco now accepts Apple Pay. Are all that true? If it were true the Costco app would be perfect.

HORRIBLE APP. COST WHY ARE YOU STUCK IN 2012??? Facial automatically changes the login to my wife’s…and since you will ONLY LET HER ID BE ON ONE PHONE I CANT USE FACIAL ID TO LOGIN TO THE APP! - Why in the He!! can the card only be on one device forcing us to have our own logins!! Just give us a family login with both cards so we can share purchase histories and your employees can verify that the right person is at the store - I have to cover my camera real fast before it recognizes my face and manually enter my own password to prevent an automatic sign in. - No other subscription other than costco requires to authorized users in the same household to use their own email and password to access their joint account. - This app honestly makes me hate costco so much - How about you just let me stay logged in on my own cell phone?? Are you’d scared someone might still my phone, break the apple encryption and buy something from you without a membership card of their own???? - Also, logging in shouldn’t kick me back to the home screen making me go back through all of your overly complex menus to refund the item I wanted to check pricing on! Now if we were being super avant guard…you’d let me see “in store pricing” not just online pricing for items. (I get that pricing is different between stores but based off my zip this is definitely possible!)

Prescriptions. As far as prescriptions on the ap? It’s been really sucky for months. I have about 20 medicines in the “getting refilled” area when they aren’t. I’ve had to call in every medicine for more than 6 months because the only medicine on my account is in the “getting refilled” section. Even after I fill them, they still stay in “getting refilled” some are duplicates in “getting refilled” cuz you’ve put the prescription there for months and then again when I call it in for refill. So I’ve had to put in refills from the “expired” list or call them in. Even though on the “getting refilled” list shows 2/3 refills left. Get rid of the getting refilled section if it’s just going to list meds for months, so I can refill by tapping the prescription I want refilled. What’s the point of having an ap if all I have to do is call them in anyway?

UX flaws. There is a serious flaw when it comes to UX. First of all, we have the card and the card itself does not change. It’s static. That should be equally true for the app card. Second, to open the membership card requires an internet connection and where I shop, I don’t have cellular reception for this and it refused to load so I got a blank “card”. I don’t carry physical cards with me. Third, I have been asked to login a few times which makes no sense - why do I need to log in again for just the card? And it won’t let me use my Keychain Access to autofill my credentials. Big mistake. They should automatically allow the autofill. I don’t know my passwords at all because it’s a security feature - I don’t want to use easy to remember passcodes. I want Keychain to automatically generate difficult passcodes and be saved in a singular Password app. If there’s a breach, it automatically lets me know with its own recommendations. Also, it’s your responsibility to notify of data breach. Your app security falls short. Last, there is no “Wallet card” - why? With Wallet cards, it’s ALWAYS static when there’s no internet and will not go “blank” For that reason, I rank it as 2 star.

Latest update broke the app. USELESS. Ok. This worked a few weeks ago. I used the QR at the checkout lane. The clerk scanned my phone through the plexiglass. Now with this latest version, when I sign in, it says I have to verify my member number. How did that break? The service desk was pretty useless. Said he sent me a password reset. That didn’t work either. I’m done with this. Back to the regular show my card way of doing things. UPDATE: I discovered my billing and a shipping address reverted back to my address from 10 years ago! I know I changed that in the past because I have placed online orders that billed and shipped to where I live now. Updates the info and the app still will not verify me. Can not find the log out so I could lag back in and try. So I have deleted the app and will reinstall and see if that works. After that, I’m done. All this effort for a stupid qr function.

Oddly terrible. I'm a huge Costco fan but this app is just not up to par for their typical level of service. Won't open properly, can't find products I know they have, constantly needing to be closed and restarted, etc. I'm not sure why such a forward thinking company would seemingly refuse to put money into their online purchasing and app. I was gifted a Sam's membership so have both and I shop at Sam's 95% of the time because they have curbside pickup. I prefer Costco, but can't turn down the time savings and convenience when I have 3 young kids. I was able to purchase my new refrigerator off Costco's website, but it was so annoying with shutting down and making me log back in, not locating my search etc that I was about ready to pay more at Home Depot just to be done with it.

Why so outdated?. I’ve been using this app for years and I’m finally frustrated enough to review. Costco - please update your app in a manner on par w Sam’s Club or really just anywhere else! It’s impossible to back out of a category you’re browsing with mout it kicking you ALL the way back out to the main page where you then have to redo your search. It’s NOT user friendly at all. If anything I get frustrated and give up shopping on your site altogether. PLEASE fix this insanity. Update: PLEASE get your app in order. I just reviewed an item and I had to manually add my membership number (from a different screen) along with the purchase order number (from yet another screen) just to SUBMIT an item review! This is ridiculous. When I’m logged in, you should automatically attach my member number if you need it. Still having the same issues as before too.

Useless. Never seen a store app that won’t tell you if the store has an item. Even a general search. If you’re looking for cheese dip, it pulls up a couple then says “item may be cheaper in a store” because it doesn’t know if they even have it. It’s basically an online order app. It’s a crap shoot when you go to Costco because you don’t know what’s there. Come on Costco, take a page from the Sam’s app. I can see what they have, how much, and if out of stock in can check another store. It stops the wasting of time going and it’s not there. We won’t even talk about the lack of scan and go. It’s 2021, not 2000. Let’s get that app fixed. Or is it like that to to make you go into the store? I’ll give Costco another try, but if I start wasting time I’ll let it expire and stay with Sam’s. I like to make a list when I drive 45 min to Knoxville so I don’t waste time. Can’t do that with Costco.

Great, not perfect. Simple app. Fairly easy to use. I had to do some extra clicking to reorder a jacket in a different size. Basically, I had to add it to my cart to go to the order and change the size, reorder, and delete the original from my cart. I have also had issues searching for items. I normally have to know exactly what I’m looking for. It’s tough to find stuff with a broad search. Just my experience. Oh, I also had the app log me out once and it made it a real pain to return something. Overall, good experiences with the app. It’s nice being able to purchase items not available in my warehouse. Easy 4 stars.

Not showing my membership. I’ve never attempted to use this app because it has no in store benefits and I don’t order bulk things online right now. I may order soon for Black Friday but today I simply came to check to see if I could get my membership card. I have a joint gold account with my husband and we both have our pictures on our credit cards that we use as memberships. Dealing with pregnancy brain right now, I’ve been leaving my purse at home so I wanted to make sure I could use my Costco card on my phone. For some reason I had to pull my husband’s membership from his app but I don’t have one showing up of my own. So with his picture showing up, I’m not sure if they would let me checkout with no id to prove we have the same last name.

Double Charged. SHOPPERS BEWARE. Worst online shopping experience ever. HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED. If you purchase online from Costco they will double charge your account due to their authorization charge. The authorization charge is for the full amount of your order. Then once your purchased items ship, they will charge you again, ending in a double transaction charge for several days until the charges clear your banking institution. I went to great lengths to get this resolved, only to being hung up on after being told there was nothing they could do to resolve my issue. This is bad policy practice that not everyone can afford to have happen. I highly recommend thinking twice before shopping online with Costco. You’ll potentially be left with double your order cost taken from you for several days.

Awesome. Awesome app getting better day by day. When i first used it it was so much confusing and very slow navigation. But it kept improving and made a fast responsive app and i think there is alot of options and products to navigate through. So i just recommend to make the search better for the products and little bit quicker and responsive application than now. And if you mention that the item Aisel and bay where that item can find in the costco wear house that would be so much helpful to find the item faster for us.

Same as the Website, but Worse in Every Way. Aside from working as a digital membership card, the app doesn’t seem to offer anything over using their website, but here’s the thing: it’s vastly slower than using the website (even though it seems to share the same bones) and has fairly frequent bugs. The most annoying of which that I’ve run into is that it has my membership saved but won’t display prices of items, asking me to input my membership number and then will not load it in. I can view my membership number and details in the account page, but the shopping page acts like I haven’t signed in. I’ve started using the website for everything (besides using the digital membership, which thankfully has worked every time), and it just works. I really wish the app would too.

App needs work and improvement. During the COVID-19 pandemic. I decided to use the app to get the products that I normally buy. Figured I would do my part and it would be better to social distance either by having items delivered or maybe having them picked up in the store but I never got to the checkout. Because I could not find the products that I normally buy for instants I typed in checking and got three products that I would never buy. The app forced me to go into the store because I couldn’t find the products online that I would normally buy could not find any products I normally buy. The app needs to show all products in the store and not just what’s on special. Search and other features need tons of improvement products on the app all need to be there if you can buy it in the store it needs to be on the app. During the COVID-19 pandemic this was the worst online shopping experience I ever had

Great Store … Exceptionally Poor App Design. If all you want to do is look at Ads & pictures then you will really love the Costco app. But if you actually want to USE the app to search products this app will only serve to frustrate and cause you to grind your teeth. For example: searching the term “track lighting” will return a result of “Davenport 3-Piece Fabric Sectional with 2 Storage Chaise” Don’t even think about using the app to scan your items before having to wait in the extra long check-out lines. Nope. There is no such thing as curb side or even express check out that is integrates with the app. Nope. You cannot use the app to pay for Costco gas. Nope. You have no way of knowing how many products are in stock — if you need to purchase multiples of the same item. Nope. You can’t share a link as that MIGHT motivate someone to shop at Costco and they would NOT like that.

Costco is great, app is not. The app simply doesn’t work well but it’s consistently unreliable, so that’s something. They’ve added functionality that made things worse and made little progress on long-standing issues. It’s not worth enumerating them all as I’m not paid to report or fix bugs nor do run their UX/CX strategy. I pray someone is. Here are a few common problems: selecting the account tab turns on max brightness (most things are here, like orders/settings - but digital membership is the most important?), navigation is a mess (in trying to remember where you are, the app’s back button has inconsistent and confusing behavior), session/auth issues (you might seem logged in but can see prices, or you might try to log in but FaceID doesn’t remember you set it up, or surprise you were logged in all along).

You need to make this a priority. You can do a Lotta good by adding a self scan and go feature to your app. At the same time, you should enhance your spot check procedure on the exit. Your current self check out terminals are not effective, are labor-intensive, inconsistent, and depending on location a total disaster. Although I hate to compare, but you should take a look at the SamsClub scan and go feature of their app. As a technologist, I belief that’s a home run You don’t have to compete on product quality as yours is unmatched. Last, but not least, you should really get rid of whoever set up your in-store Wi-Fi access, authentication, timeout settings. Clearly they were not very well trained. Warehouse by it’s very nature, is a shield structure which prevents most cellular signals to penetrate. Given that we live in a connected world and people are in constant communication While shopping, it is silly not to have the most advanced Wi-Fi service at your warehouse. If you need help, please reach out. I’ll be happy to assist. Love Costco!!!

Best service ever. Of course, I shop at Costco for quality, brand names, value, and fun! But the real reason I shop, there is your employees which are so fabulous here in Missoula, Montana! Every single person that works here that I visit with when I’m in the store is so friendly and genuine and fun that I always leave with such a great feeling! we share stories about a product we love or a simple hello always makes my day. I have to say that the deli is particularly outstanding at the Missoula location and right now I think I am living off the quesadillas! In fall, it will be the chicken or beef chili, and who cannot love their meatloaf!

Where have you been all my life?. I am not one to write reviews but O-M-G this app is fantastic! Not only do I not have to drive all the way to Costco, find a parking spot, lift the heavy items into my cart, and then unload them into my car, I am saving valuable time and money by being able to shop from the comfort of my home. The small delivery fee for the driver is so worth my time and energy (as low as 5% of your total order…I did 10% and soooo worth it). Fast and friendly shopper and delivery person. I find myself not over purchasing because items look good; however, I just placed my second order in a week. Very unusual for me. Great job Costco!

Horrible app. Unable to log in. After spending 20 minutes “registering,” I keep getting “Access Denied” screen. When you try to use the virtual membership card, you find that the app has logged you out and you can’t access it. Using the Rx functionality for refills and locker pickup is a joke. Called the pharmacist to see if they can manually add my Rx to a locker, but they said you have to go through the “streamlined app” to request that. Pharmacist says they’ve gotten a lot of calls from customers with this same issue. Wasted 45 min trying this app. Highly suggest you wait until they fix basic functionality (such as logging in) before using, i.e., don’t download until the star rating improves to 4. Otherwise, you’ll be in for a frustrating experience if you want to do anything more than browse.

Costco App is pretty much useless unless…. I would love to see the Costco App function like the Walmart app. Costco is a large enough company, so I don’t know why they cannot do it. Anyway, what the Walmart app has that the Costco app needs: 1. If I search for something, it should tell me if that warehouse has that item or not. If not, what other warehouses would have that item. 2. If that warehouse does have an item I want, it should tell me what aisle it is on. 3. Curbside Shopping: If I look for something in the warehouse, it should not only give me the option to have that item (if they even have it) delivered from some random place. It should allow me the option of curbside shopping, as well as delivery for items available in a particular warehouse. That way, I can pick up those items and go should I choose curbside shopping. 4. If I do go in person to a warehouse, there should be a way to check the price of the item through the app. 5. The app’s user interface (UI) must be updated and more user-friendly. For all the services that Costco offers, the app should reflect those services and make it much easier to use those services through the app.

Completely incompetent. I’m leaving one star in hopes that the developers will read this and make some improvements. Every time I download this app I’m able to use it only one time. The next time I go to use it in the store or at home, all I get is a blank white screen. Nothing else, no links, no products, no account, nothing but a blank white screen. In order to use it, I have to delete the app and download it again. Then it works one time and then the next time I open it I get just a blank white screen. I may as well give up on it. It’s great when it works to use at the register in lieu of my card. And even then after getting the iPhone 14 pro max in July, I had to input my credit card number 3-4 times because it kept disappearing. My phone is updated to iOS 16.6.

I love Costco and the quality of the products.. I always recommend Costco to my family and friends. I call Costco the happiest place on earth. It is for me at least! Here is my feedback. I hope you have more in the works for convenience. I was very excited to see self check out at the warehouse. I would love to see a scan and go option or at least a digital card option at the pump. These are some ways to speed up the wait time on your peek days. I love shopping there but I avoid peek times but sometime when I can’t I am miserable there.

Let customers control the quick access buttons. Terrible design taking away user control. I want to customize the buttons at the bottom to be quick access to feature I actually use! Hmm, maybe a list would be used by people shopping in your store, but no you changed the app to bury it in the menu. Instead I’m stuck with “card” and “warehouse” that have very little use. Hello? Warehouse? I know where my ****ing warehouse is already and don’t need a quick button to show me where it is! Ooo, digital membership card…um, had the world changed so much that people leave the house without their wallet? Last time I checked you are supposed to have your driver’s license with you when you drive, so maybe I don’t need to have quick access to a digital version of something in my wallet that I had to bring anyway! Stop screwing up your app.

A little too much work for your mistake. I ordered liquid IV in a couple of flavors one of which apparently you no longer stock online and you replaced those with a flavor that I did not request. Although you are making it right, I had to go in and re-order and then I’m going to have to call back later etc. when you could’ve just said OK will send you the new one along with a return label …because I bought it with a coupon I couldn’t exchange it at the store since the coupon was no longer available. Too much work for me when it was your mistake or you could’ve contacted me and said we no longer have that flavor can we send you a different one instead from the start?

Works when it wants to. This app could use some serious help. Most times, I get the spinning wheel, along with a rapidly moving (and restarting) status bar whenever I try to do anything other than bring up my membership card. Searching for an item constantly returns a result of whatever you searched for last, regardless if you’ve closed out the app and restarted it. I usually end up having to take to the web to get anywhere (note- if you use Chrome and want to see reviews, forget it. Reviews fail to show on everything in Chrome). The app does works great when trying to see local area warehouse gas prices , so if you want just your membership card and gas pricing (and warehouse locations), give it download.

What a waste of an app. I recently moved and Sams Club is out of the way, but Costco is around the corner so I made the switch. But oh was I wrong to think that the Costco app would be anything like Sams. The Costco interface is outdated and overall unhelpful. Sams Club is so quick to see inventory and to make pick up in store orders. You can also skip the lines with the Scan and Go feature, so it’s disappointing as I explore this app that this isn’t an option. I’m also just trying to search for water and it’s showing me the big pallets that businesses use. It really shouldn’t be this complicated. It’s just wild to see the drastic difference and to see which company cares about making shopping easier for their customers. I will be deleting the app it serves me no purpose if my in store experience can’t be improved by having it.

More services discovered!. I just placed an online gift order for out-of-state delivery & discovered some delicious-sounding summer recipes! I never ceased to be amazed by the way Costco keeps up with the pulse of current trends, & adapts the availability of gourmet items accordingly. When I was working it was much the same, from the latest electronic devices & accoutrements to simple tools that made my career in sales just a little bit easier. Now, as a retiree, I am pleasantly surprised to find recipes & such, allowing me to “bring more to the table”, just as I was contemplating a menu for my next garden party! Simple pleasures! Costco, you simply are the best!

Canceled membership after 15 years. Most of my home is stocked with Costco purchases. After spending an hour and a half shopping at all local warehouse during this pandemic, the lights turned off. Of course I shop at the end of the day because that’s when the least amount of people are there. Except this time somebody that works at Costco took my cart, because when I turned around it was gone. I called customer service simply to ask for my annual certificate to be sent to me in the form of a check since I couldn’t spend the money tonight, and I was met with rudeness and a lack of empathy. I canceled my membership. I will never visit Costco again unless the president himself sends me a letter apologizing on behalf of his company. As nice as one can, I told the lady to go f-off at the end of the call. She told me the exact same thing back. Awesome customer service.

The out of stock... scam. So here’s the scam. You want to by one particular item. But, you want the free shipping so you add a few more items that you don’t really need. You make the purchase. The first email says your order is received and you’re like, yes! I got the paper towels or toilet paper or cleaning wipes and few other things. And then, about an hour later - the second email comes and that item no longer available and your “order” is cancelled. But what they really mean is that item is cancelled but the rest of the order is still coming your way. You cannot cancel food items - I tried. So now you’ve got a hold on your form of payment for the amount of the entire order and eventually (forget the 2 day shipping) you get everything except what you really needed. How do you think you’d feel about this app after the third time? Do you need a large jar of cashews? I got three!

Convenient but glitchy. It's great to have the convenience of the app at your fingertips but the user interface tends to be slow, glitchy, and definitely lacking features like quick scrolling and zooming options. Costco does a good job of always improving their products, so I imagine they will do the same with the app eventually. However, I do feel that it's not priority as online shopping is not ideal for the Costco business model, hence they never went with order pick up even during the pandemic. They do partner with instacart for immediate online orders and that is plainly highway robbery. Their goal is to get you inside the store and buy wholesale of stuff you'll never need or use. Genius. I do love Costco, but I do so knowing full well what I consider their flaws.

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The application Costco was published in the category Shopping on 06 July 2012, Friday and was developed by Costco Wholesale Corporation [Developer ID: 535509418]. This program file size is 43.17 MB. This app has been rated by 559,020 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Costco - Shopping app posted on 08 April 2024, Monday current version is 24.4.1 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.costco.costco. Languages supported by the app:

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In this release, we enhanced the startup experience. We also made bug fixes and other improvements behind the scenes.

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Find on this site the customer service details of Costco. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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