Ship Finder

Ship Finder [Navigation] App Description & Overview

Ship Finder shows live moving ships on a worldwide map. The intuitive design combined with incredible performance puts you in control. Watch in full screen, view in AR, search, add filters and so much more!

Ship Finder has been top rated and top ranking since 2009 and covers most of the world, tracking 20,000+ ships simultaneously.

Our incredible app performance means that you can see all tracked vessels at once - no clustering here!
Simply tap a ship to see its name, type, photos, speed, dimensions and much more.
Powerful features such as filters, search and the ability to save favourite ships are included. (You can choose Apple or Google maps too!).

Add and browse bookmarks to saved locations around the globe to quickly navigate to areas or ports of interest.

You can even use Augmented Reality (AR) view to identify ships out at sea using your device camera.

Ship Finder works by picking up AIS ship feeds used by all passenger vessels, vessels over 300 tons and increasingly by smaller pleasure craft and yachts. This technology is actually faster than radar and is used by vessels for safety and navigation.

Ship Finder provides near real time “virtual radar” AIS maps. It’s easy to use and is an amazing app for anyone interested in shipping, cruising and sailing in ports and locations across the world. It’s also great if you simply want to know what boats are out there or want to see where your friends and family are. Ship Finder is also used extensively by maritime professionals and mariners.

Our global AIS coverage is impressive and expanding all of the time as we add new AIS feeds and receivers. Please check regularly to see the latest coverage.

Pinkfroot are committed to customer service and continually improve our Ship Finder apps based on feedback. Why not join our online community at or if you have any questions please email us via and we’ll be happy to help.

Disclaimer: Ship Finder should not be used for navigational purposes.
Under no circumstances will the developer of this application be held responsible for incidents resulting from the use of the data or its interpretation.

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Ship Finder Comments & Reviews

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- Good for the most part except

This is a very good and allows you to track boats of all kinds. I like the information it gives about the boats, But I would like more information if possible. Also it won’t show any boats that are actually in the ocean just in rivers and sounds and things like that once you get too far off the coast it won’t show them anymore. I would like to see the boats on the ocean that’s my only complaint about this game is that I want to see them in the ocean. It cost five dollars by itself which right now I think is too expensive. If you buy it in the bundle along with the airplane tracker (witch is 5 dollars as well) it only cost $8.00. So if you want to ship tracker I would suggest buying the bundle until the price goes down or until they make it better and more worth the money.

- Poor signal

Is a good apps very accurate. I had trouble with find my vessel in Port Fourchon. Had call tech support and had it fixed but after few storm come through Louisiana is drop off map again. Could we get this back up please.

- I would give it a zero if possible

I PURCHASED this app as I regularly go to Mobile and am around the ships. I have used another find my ship app that quit working so I got this one. There are no ships visible in the Mobile area. I’ve searched for the name of the ships and they are not there, they don’t even come up in the search. And let me assure you, there are ships there....I was physically looking at them! I’ve given this over a week and I’ve regular checked the Mobile area and they are not showing any there. I am beyond disappointed. Due to this extreme lack of usefulness, my money should be refunded. I

- Fun app ashore or aboard.

Great app for shop watchers. Works well in U.S. waters, e.g. Puget Sound. Also works well in U.K. (Scotland), and Norwegian (Bergen) waters. Fun to use while aboard ship such as high-speed ferries. Not a substitute for radar, GPS, or navigation apps. Occasionally spooky because the app only tracks ships that have a working transponder. Some very big vessels such as cruise ships forget to turn them on. The VR feature does not work very well.

- Too many areas are constantly offline.

If you’re a professional mariner on the north-west coast of North America, you will be disappointed. Currently, these are the areas that aren’t showing data for me: Portland, OR/Willamette River-Tongue Pt, Western BC north of Seymour Narrows up until Prince Rupert, large swaths of SE Alaska including Ketchikan and Juneau, nothing in Prince William Sound or Cook Inlet on the Alaska South Coast (nothing in Valdez, Cordova, Whittier, Seward, Homer, Kodiak, Anchorage), Western Alaska. I know my app is working, I’m getting real time tracking in some areas, but this app has proven too spotty to be worth paying for. I’ve requested a refund through the link in my app.

- Watching the Boats Go By

Spending the summers on the shores of Beaver Island, MI, USA, its fin to identify the vessels passing miles off shore. The app provides the name, flag of port, speed, size, and more information on ships. It's user friendly and can be displayed on either Google Maps or Apple Maps. Photos of many of the identified ships help to reveal what you're seeing 15 miles off shore.

- Mile markers

I would to see more mile makers in the app. I do use this app a lot due to work, and it would help me out if you would add something of the sort to the app. I use to use a different app but due to it being taken off the market this is the next best thing. But over all the app is wonderful. I just would like some mile makers on the Mississippi River so that I can calculate time and distance! Thanks

- Terrible for the rivers don’t waste your money

One person I know has ship finder and pickups everywhere. I have the paid version as well as free version and with our phones side by side I can’t pick anything up except in Memphis, Vicksburg and Baton Rouge south. Made sure we both had Sam e settings and nothing. Why can some pick up everywhere and majority of people can’t. Very poor app and very disappointed. Use to work great when first came out years ago and went plum downhill later !

- Great App

I use this while on my boat on San Francisco Bay. Works very well and gives me the heads up knowing what ships are moving and their destination. Please remember that the ships and boats broadcasting AIS can turn their reporting off, so many users reviewing this app are simply not knowledgeable when it comes to the operation of AIS. GREAT PROGRAM!

- Feeling stopped

This app may work for you but I found it to be a total waste. The advertised description failed to explain the limitations of this app’s ability to track a cruise ship after it left port. Yes, I did read the instructions. Prompt response to my email questions, so that was nice. No, they don’t issue refunds...said go talk to Apple. Not impressed with this app at all, so much so that I’m breaking my usual practice of not posting reviews. THEY should have initiated the refund process, not me.

- Great Lakes missing a lot of ships

Can’t be right. I had this app a few years ago and it had an accurate tracking number. Now there’s just two ships and one lighthouse in all of Lake Michigan? Interesting reaction to COVID19 if that’s real but I think something must be wrong with the tracker here... Wish they had a discussion forum available for stuff like this.

- Along the Columbia River near Woodland, WA

My wife and I really enjoy camping in our 40-ft motorhome along the Columbia River, while watching all kinds of ships traveling between Portland and the Pacific Ocean. Several years ago we discovered this wonderful app—now we know beforehand what to expect passing by.

- Disappointing consistency Columbia River region

Used paid version of app for couple years now. Reliability showing vessels use to be great in Columbia River region. Lately (last 6 mo.) it often has blank areas not showing vessels where I know there are vessels. What gives ship finder??? I do not see this issue in other regions around my area. Please fix or refund 1/2 my money since it only works half the time.

- Need more information

After paying for the App would like to see information on the Ship where it’s coming from where it’s going.

- Good but not flawless.

My job is loading/unloading cargo vessels. This app allows me, at a glance, to see what vessels are docked and where. As a rough guide it works well, but sometimes ships aren't shown that are there. On the whole I would recommend it.

- No longer useful

I used to love this app. I live on a busy East coast river and I was able to identify all the ships and yachts passing by my window. But the app has changed and no longer updates frequently. The map will continue to show boats that already passed by five hours earlier, and ships I can see from my window don’t show up on the “live” map at all. It’s sad, because I used to really enjoy this app.

- Very disappointing

Paid for and Downloaded so we could learn about the freighters traversing the St Clair River at Algonac State Park. The first use showed two freighters going upriver about 10 miles from our location. When I checked again, they had disappeared and never passed the State Park. In the past 6 hours, at least a dozen freighters have passed and none showed up on the app. Basically, does not perform as advertised.

- Missing vessels

This app seems to have blackout locations. I’ve read that you can’t see boats in mobile and I know you can’t see any boats further down the Texas coast than Galveston. It’s important to be able to see vessels down around Corpus Christi all the way down to Brownsville but they aren’t showing up at all like they don’t exist.

- Useless

I used to love this App and it worked very well. As I live in a Lake Michigan harbor city, there were alway lots of ships showing on the screen near me and around the Great Lakes. But then I switched between using a personal phone to a work phone with a different Apple ID so I had to buy it again. Now it’s Useless - almost no ships appear, even when I’m standing looking at large ships. Very disappointed.

- Helpful but slow

We use it to keep track of bigger boats as we sail around the San Juan islands near a big refinery port and across busy shipping lanes & ferry channels. It’s generally helpful, but the refresh interval often seems to be as long as 10 minutes, which is too slow.

- Greaf

Love the ship finder, even gets the info on ships at night. Can hardly wait for the cruise ships to come back. On Puget sound we had had 3 coming in at night 3 leaving Seattle every afternoon.

- Great app

Works great in puget sound (Seattle). We see many ships going to and from port of Tacoma. We enjoy sharing this information with people visiting us at our home.

- Doesn’t work on majority of Texas coastline

I was excited about this app when my free ship finder app I was using stopped working. However it will only pull 2 of the boats up in my husbands fleet of 10 towing vessels. Neither of those is the boat my husband captains, so it’s useless. We’re based out of the southern Texan coast and the app doesn’t show any vessels from south of Houston to Mexico. So it’s literally useless to me.

- Ship finder

Can't beet this . I've used it while on a gov ship works great . Used this on my own boat, better than radar

- Doesn’t work on the Mississippi River.

After downloading app I found out it doesn’t track anything on the Mississippi River!

- Not enough images

I’m kind of disappointed. Most ships do not have images so it feels like the app is not as good as it should be. Search is also not too good. If you reach a cruise ship by name you will rarely find it.

- OK not great

I’ve been tracking a ship that has my car on it from Sweden. It does not update as well as the free app. The ship shows as not trackable but the ship is parked in Panama waiting to go thru the canal. Shows up on the free app. Not here though.

- App not working

I paid for this app and can’t find any ship i type in,also every time you type a ship in it goes to some land town that has the ship name in it! Talking about getting ripped for $5! I get better results from Ship Tracker, and that’s free!Pfft! So I’ll give this One Star until it’s rectified!!! (Money Returned)or sight fixed.

- Only works part of the time

Doesn’t update very fast hour to two hours sometimes doesn’t work at all sometimes it works great not trustworthy

- When it works

When it works it is very helpful!

- I’m a ferry crew member

I work for Cross sound ferry and Ship Finder is very helpful in terms of tracking boats and when they’re coming into port

- Not working now

When I bought this it worked great but now I can be looking at a shop and doesn’t see it. No upgrade either. Disappointed!

- Clear and shows all the action.

Can see all the boats in area... as a photographer, very handy.

- Was Better

I really depended on this for several years. Lately, vessel locations have been truly inaccurate; when the ferry is shown to be on dry land, it can't be a good thing. Updates are current and I even deleted then reloaded the app. No luck.

- Ok but...

I like the app but you should know that it only works for ships near the coast. I paid for the ad free version so I could identify ships we passed while on a cruise in the Caribbean only to fine it did not work off shore. If your needs are close to shore I recommend.

- Seriously ???

I’m not sure who writes the reviews for this App, but I can tell you that there are much better apps out there ! It used to be my go to for marine traffic in my area, but I’ve had to look elsewhere for better accuracy. But ok, you got my $5.... don’t spend it all in one place

- Shipping information

It is great to watch large ships on the Chesapeake Bay and I learn their identity, especially while sailing and a small boat!

- Try others first

Does not find many vessels that I know exist. Responsiveness of server when trying to find a vessel can be numbingly slow. When more than one ship has same name, impossible to see details to figure out which is the right one.

- Wish I could get my money back

I can see ships in different states but I can’t see the one in front of me. My coworkers using other apps will say such and such ship is coming up. When it gets into view this app still doesn’t show it. Does me no good, I got the wrong app.

- Limited

This app works great until the ship get over a 100 miles from shore and then it disappears... even from the search menu. If you are planning on tracking a cruise ship for its entire voyage... forget it

- Almost useless

Boats I'm tracking only sometimes show up. Updates to locations are infrequent. I thought all ship tracking apps were the same, clearly I was wrong. The free marinetraffic website is better than this. Don't waste you money.

- In & out info

Great app but lately the AIS info has been missing for certain areas, Savannah and Tampa on a regular basis. The rest of the world seems to be covered. Has anyone else experienced this?

- Try any other tracker

Used this in the past. Had to re-up. Now I can’t search ships by name and I can’t find help. At least it was cheap. Even when I have it show “all”, the ships I am tracking don’t show up though they do on other apps I’m using concurrently.

- Don't understand...

Not sure why I can't see ships coming and going at Mayport Florida jetties. Large ships visible in person but not on ship finder AP.

- Buy it today and wonna money back

Hello. I live in Ukraine, so I plan use Ship finder here, port Reni - your ship finder dont show any vessels here, but if i open marine traffic, here a lots of vessels. The same problem in port Herson, your app dont show anything there, but marine traffic show. Please back my money, I dont need your app. Thanks

- Not worth the money

Very disappointed in the app wish I would not have spent the money to buy the full version. It does not show me most of the time the boats on Lake Huron that I can see from my cabin.

- Works great when it works right

When it works the right way it works great. Been having issues body locating boats nearby

- Do not pay for this!

Every sense The app crashed it has not worked on my phone. So I purchased the app still nothing. Since then I’ve gotten a new phone, app still doesn’t work. I will not purchase anything Else from this app designer!!!

- Doesn’t seem to work out of port area

When out to sea in Caribbean, never worked except for ships in port areas. You could be next to another vessel at sea and the app could not ID your own ship or the one you could see in the distance.

- I know where my Son is located

It’s fantastic that I know where his ship is anytime!

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- Not too bad

This app shows good info and photos of the ships when they are in a location with coverage. Unfortunately it doesn’t show the last known location so sometimes it is difficult to locate a vessel.

- My view.

I had used the free version for some time so paid for this one. I get that It can’t display extra traffic over the free version if those ships don’t share the details. It does provides additional information on ships. Over all I say. Nice.

- Refund please

I have been a long time user of the free version, it was great. Having used it for so long I thought it was time to get the paid version for all the hard work that goes into the app. I was so sad to see that it didn’t show me anymore ships then what’s on the free version and it doesn’t show many at all. I’m sitting on the beach looking at more ships then I can count on 2 hands and not one of them is on the app, so disappointed. Purchase at your own risk, wish I hadn’t.

- 👍

Occasionally ships not showing up as I'm looking at them at the Wharf but generally pretty good, I work at the Wharf and use regularly to check them coming in

- Utter Rubbish

Wow just unable to believe how bad this app is. I live in Adelaide on the coast, I can see a 160 degree view of the gulf. There are at least 5 large ships out there right now, not one is showing on this app/map. What an unbelievable take this piece of junk is, it should be withdrawn from sale until it is fixed. I too want my money back, the worst app I have ever purchased the developers should be VERY ashamed of themselves ...shame,shame,shame!!.

- Ok...... but

The app is ok but it does not show all ships. The data is limited. Perhaps the developers could add a greater database driven site where sighting photos could be displayed, links to perhaps wikipedia could be made. Just more improvements i guess, but it does need to show all ships visible from a particular site if it is to be useful.

- What a letdown !

I purchased this app to track my son's yacht at present in Indonesian waters. His yacht has an AIS transponder which is on all the time. All I can receive are the positions of three pleasure craft moored in the Brisbane River. Not good, there appears to be some problem with distances. I will be looking for refund if the reception cannot be improved and also request Apple to remove the app from their site.

- Vessels shown on city streets!

Very disappointing - live on a busy waterway and only few of the ships and vessels located and even then they are sometimes on land. Not even the large cruise ship shown! Only a couple of ferry’s shown even though there are more on the water and show up on a cruise tracker site. Sorry if it isn’t suitable for Australian waters tell us before we buy it.

- Great App

Good to be able to see flight status and path. Nice to have historical (past flights) too. Well done.

- This app is seriously good

This app will appeal to anyone with an interest in international shipping and navigation. The app pulls up ships in a Google Earth format that communicate with the system and provides a great description of each vessel including a photo, ship specs, course and speed etc. There are 'blank spots' but these are continuously coming on line. The developer is a great communicator and is clearly dedicated to constant additions and improvements. So if you want to go down to the sea in ships, check this app out!

- Ship finder that can’t find ships

Should have read reviews before wasting my money. I’m coastal south Australia and see ships regularly but they don’t show on ship finder. No not filtered. I only paid for the app to see cruise ship locations and this won’t show Princess cruise ships. Please don’t waste your money google will give you a better result for free.

- Terrible

My partner is sailing the HMB Endeavour so I thought I’d follow his journey home. Ship Finder platform on the internet can clearly see the vessel but the website suggested I use the app. Bought and downloaded for convenience and the app can’t find the HMB Endeavour! What exactly is the point of an app if it doesn't do what the webpage equivalent does?

- Disappointed

Had used the lite version and didn’t mind the issues. Paid and they seem to get worse. At least 60 ships just disappear when you really want to know.

- Not worth it

Simply does not work - non of the large ships in my local area ever appear on the map. When I zoom out it also appears this is the case for other areas as no ships, other than some local small boats, appear to be showing. Choose an alternate app.

- Limited plotting

I’m very disappointed with what this app actually performs. I have friends travelling on the Celebrity Solstice, only time I saw the ship was when it was in Sydney harbour. They have left the ship in Melbourne today, have a guess what, no vision that this ship is in Melbourne. I had thoughts that this app would show the position of the ship at all times. Flight radar 24 app leaves your app for dead. Extremely disappointed your app is rubbish. Andrew Dawson.

- Ordinary

Doesn’t find every ship. Turn your phone off then on and it sometimes will find it.

- Paid version

I got the lite app and saw lots of ships in my location. Wanting too see further away I bought the full version and can see nothing except our own boat. !! Am trying to contact support.

- Waste of money

I want a refund. Paid my 7.99$ and despite loads of vessels on the horizon not one appears on the app. Waste of money, don't bother buying this app as all it shows at ships near major ports. I have changed settings but still no ships.

- Does not work

I could not find the vessel I wanted to track. I tried to look in the area I know the vessel is in, no luck. My 1st search was unsuccessful so I will reverse the purchase. No good

- Ship Finder needs to find itself

I am so glad that I did not pay for this App. There are cruise ships putting up and down the Queensland coast at present because of the civod-19 virus. This App cannot locate a single ship, not even by name!

- Doesn’t work

I actually paid for this app, but now it doesn’t work with ios 11. Very disappointing & should have been fixed by now.

- Didn’t work for me

Unfortunately this app never worked for me. It couldn’t even find the boat I was wanting to track when it was in the harbour

- Disappointed

Quite often I am looking at 4 or 5 ships anchored off the coast and Ship Finder shows nothing at all. Also ships sailing past are not on the app. It is very unreliable. When it works I love it.

- Rubbish

I know there is around 40 vessels that are using AIS around me, not one of them is visible using this app. They show up on my vessel’s AIS and on the MarineTraffic app, which I will be using after I delete this one.

- Disappointed

Waste of money, I live on the NSW Illawarra coast. The app doesn’t identify any ships sitting off the coast or in the Port Kembla harbour. Setting page is all jumbled and unclear so I can’t adjust anything either. Can I have a refund?

- Ship finder

So much potential, but such poor location data eg nothing from Newcastle, NSW to Gold Coast in QLD. This was reported to the developers some 5 years ago and no improvements. Disappointing.

- Ship database not as generous

App is easy to use but limited database when it comes to ships

- Paid for nothing!

Paid for app, doesn’t cover Pittwater. Tried to seek refund, not interested, beware if this app provides coverage where you need it!

- Review

This app has not been working for weeks. I cannot see any ships in North Queensland. I have paid to have the pro version and it is not working.

- Poor

Does not track some ships other apps leave this way behind.

- I would like a refund

Really lacking. Does not show many ships, inaccurate and cannot search.

- Good but not great.

The app does what it claims. Not sure why, but vessels often appear over land.

- Not to be used for finding ships

If you need to know whats around you dont rely on this app. Very poor performance. DOnt waste your money

- Shipfinder38

Best app I have ever used

- What about Adelaide?

For whatever reason no details shown for Adelaide. Much better free options available.

- No ships

The app doesn’t show any ships when Can see them outside my house. Other similar apps show the ships as seen

- Refund please

This app does not work. I can’t see the ship I am looking for and your “support” offers no support. Please refund me.

- Can I get my money back?

Other Free apps seem to do a better job, I can’t find the car carriers I’m looking for.

- Rubbish

Hi don’t try this app. I spent half a day trying to get it going and I think it’s rubbish, and would like my money back.

- Mr

What! Paid the money can’t see anything but google maps. No instructions . Terrible app

- Refund please

This app was purchased to locate two shops neither could be found

- No value to me

This app is useless to me as it only provides for shipping in Capital cities. Not any at sea along Australian coast or around smaller shipping ports.

- Don’t waste your money

Waste of money. Won’t show all available vessels. Best to stick to VesselFinder.

- What ships

None show even though I can see them?

- No good

Dose not let you see ships I’m looking at two big ships and nothing Waste of money

- Hilary

So far this app is worse than useless

- Finding Boats

Looking for boats sailing Amerstdam to Budapest. Boat does not show location most times.

- Ships

Doesn’t work for me

- Ripoff

Charging once and the. Again is a pure ripoff

- Not as good as expected

Whilst excellent in concept, Ship Finder HD is somewhat lacking in execution. Try finding some of the biggest ships in the world, ships like Emma Maersk or Queen Mary 2 and you will see what I mean. That's not the only problem, ships you find today are not in the database tomorrow, I wonder why? It is also annoying that ships disappear before they are too far off the coast and so far it has proved impossible to track a ship on a transatlantic voyage. This app has a very long way to go before it becomes worth the money paid; even 99 cents is more than its real value. I give it two stars.

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- A fun app

Great at keeping track of the cruise ships going to and from Alaska. Plus a lot of the larger yachts visiting the area. A few inconsistencies, but I'm sure they will improve over time.

- From Ducati II

Good info. When the info is there. Unfortunately it’s not always avail. Overall? A pretty good app!

- Application fonctionne mal

Bateau en face de moi et rien sur l’application

- Are you in Canada?

I purchased this app thinking that few or no ships were showing in Canadian waters because this might have been a limitation of the lite version. WRONG! $6.99 payment DID Not HELP. BEWARE!!!!

- No good

It does'nt work ,

- Disappointing

Very disappointing as there are no photographs for most ships and no names for many.

- Garbage

App doesn’t give nearly any ships. I have a free app which is way better than this one. Don’t waste your money!

- Great Lakes lacking information

Ships disappear on Lake Huron and St Clair River (on their way towards Lake Huron). I live at the mouth of the St Clair River and this app - that myself and others have payed for - never shows what vessels here are coming and going. Why doesn’t the app show us the ships that are going to pass by???... please fix this 👎🏼

- Good on the West Coast

App works well for identifying ships off southern Vancouver Island... Juan de Fuca Strait. More photos would be nice. A friend has a similar app that has way more photos... and that app was free.

- I want my money back

App is useless for Atlantic Canada! Don’t waste your money on this app! Never any ais targets,and I can see ship movements,useless!

- Inadequate

Seems to have a poor ability to track ships along the St. Lawrence Seaway or East Coast of Canada. Too small of a database, I guess. Not adequate for my needs... MarineTraffic is much better, sorry!

- Fun app

Live by the water, handy👍🏻

- Ship finder

I had 2 ships meeting ( st. Lawrence River ) in my city ( Brockville, Ontario , Canada ) and the app didn’t show either boat . This app stinks . Wasted money .

- Pas fort!!!

Pas fort comme application payante. J’ai trouvé un site gratuit qui montre les navires qui passent devant chez-moi, Donnacona avec identification/photos et pleins d’infos. Avec cette application impossible d’avoir aucun information et les navires sont devant moi. J’ai payé et j’ai aucune information...

- Ship finder

The app is not working for me at all , no ships on east coast of Canada showing up ??? It says the number of ships visible but no targets in the map at all ??? I paid 6.99 for the app . Not sure what to do ?? Some feedback would be great,maybe I’m doing something wrong ??

- Good app

For the most part works really well. However, sometimes some boats don’t appear- usually if you wait 5-15 minutes it will refresh and the boats that weren’t showing, will appear. If it wasn’t for that I would’ve gave it 5 stars.

- Zéro star

There are boats in the St Laurent , ferries, tankers and others but on your site we don’t even see one of them It doesn’t worth a penny so I want my money back !!!!!

- Intéressant mais décevant

Cette application aurait pu être très pratique, mais plusieurs zones ne sont couvertes donc celle où j’habite. Décevant car elle est bien faite

- Vraiment inutile

Aucune information disponible sur la majorité des bateaux.

- Doesn’t work.

Apparently I’m not in a location where data are available. Wish I had known that before I purchased it

- Hopeless

It can’t find a ship known to be at sea; it doesn’t display the ship you know is in harbour. Last display of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, full of many ships, the note at the bottom of the screen said “0 of 29562 visible”. Further, their link for app support is merely a photo sharing site; no help. Nice idea, bad app. Don’t bother downloading it, it’s a waste of money.

- Grande Utilité !

J’apprécie énormément le fonctionnement de cette application !

- Where’s the boats

Doesn’t show boats along the Sunshine Coast if British Columbia.

- Waste of money

Does not pick up any ships in Halifax harbour or Nova Scotia

- What you see isn’t what you get

Can see ships in front of me and passing by that don’t register with the app.

- Better apps out there.

Forget this app. The free Marine Traffic shows many more vessels.

- Not working correctly

I recently upgraded from shipfinder lite to the paid version and cruise ships not longer appear as they used to in the lite version. I’ve deleted and reloaded the app and no change. Now cruise ships no longer appear in my lite version either. I checked the filter and passenger ships are ticked. Other vessels show up. Ferry’s show up but not cruise ships. Very disappointed. I feel ripped off.

- Missing St Lawrence River

Disappointed that it doesn’t show ships in the St Lawrence River such as near the Iroquois Locks.

- Great App.

As I live near Georgia Strait I like to check names etc. Thanks.

- Best ever App

Living on an island with ferry service, this has got to be the best app ever. It lets me see where my ferry is and why it will be late, etc. Most useful app. Plus at nights when it is quiet and you hear the big engine of a monstrous size freighter or cruise ship or whatever, I can check on my app who is going past my island and where it is going to and all kinds of wonderful information. Better than any game. I am sure I am the most avid and satisfied user of your app. Worth every penny. Thank you very much!

- Review

As an avid cruiser I enjoy finding ships, tracking them around the world I would rate this an eight out of 10 it is most enjoyable.

- Lake Ontario?

Bought the app, doesn’t seem to show any traffic on Lake Ontario?

- Fun

Love showing my hippie friends all the tankers

- Welland Canal

This app is useless,there are two ships in front of me,but nothing on this app!

- Wheelr

I would love to keep using it, but it needs an update to use it

- Does not show ships

I live near a busy shipping port and there are no ships shown. Contacted developer months ago who acknowledged issue, but still not resolved and no further information / update on situation.

- Ripoff

Just wasted $7 on this nonsense. Doesn’t show hardly any of vessels currently out on Lake Huron!

- Useless

Only shows few ships and absolutely nothing about the ships passing by. Don't waste your money. Can't we rate 0 star?

- Poor ship coverage

Sitted on the shore of St-Lawrence river. I see big ships. Nothing on the app paid version.

- Better

Better with last update. Some AIS targets disappear (AIS transponder issues?) Otherwise almost as good as $20,000 dedicated receiver!

- Terrific App

I enjoy Ship Finder! I live on the water in the Pacific NW and it is very useful particularly if you are sailing through a pass and you are wondering what is around the corner. I use it daily. Money very well spent!

- Do Not Buy This App!!

It looks good and has some cool features but I've noticed it does not track ships in real time. For example, I can see a ship right in front of my place and it is not showing up on the app despite refreshing it several times. Don't waste your money!

- Excellent tool

We live in the southern gulf islands and there is constant marine traffic in the strait in front of us. We don't have TV so this is our entertainment to watch the ships go by and look them up on Ship Finder.

- Ship Finder

This app shows very few AIS equipped ships on the Great Lakes. If this is your area of interest, it is not worthwhile.

- Needs Improvement

A good start but there is plenty of room for improvement. Here in the Howe Sound I can see cruise ships with the naked eye but the application shows the ship at least five nautical miles back along it's cruise path. Refreshing the application doesn't seem to fix the problem. P

- Great Lakes

Does not track many ships I know are on the Great Lakes. Especially Lake Ontario.

- Disappointed

The software does not detect ships that I can see while sitting on the beach. I am disappointed, to say the least. Michael

- A Welcome Tool

Since the last update, working much better. Very useful to confirm reports from other equipment, great to have handy when transiting ports and passes around Georgia Strait. I use it to check the speed and heading of large vessels reporting when entering narrow channels in and around Vancouver Harbour. Must be used as back up, shows MOST vessels MOST of the time using AIS, and doesn't show Seaplanes approaching or taxiing for take-off. Still, a welcome tool for an inexpensive visual display of data at the helm. Now using it every outing as a redundant measure of safety via iPad at the helm and iPhone on the docks, before pulling into the narrows and while underway. Because of the familiar interface, gets the kids involved on lookout too!

- Used for work

Let's me down often enough for me to write this. Sometimes one ship is missing, others more. Other apps show them at that time. Mind you the makers do reply to concerns.

- Crap

Useless, if boats don't update location or have the transponder on it doesn't show up

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- Apple Watch?

An Apple Watch feature would be great.

- Has gone downhill

I’ve had this app for a few years now and it used to work very well. As of late a lot of ships drop off the radar or don’t show them at all.

- Total waste of money. Don’t do it.

Worked for many years. Quit working for a while. Thought maybe I needed to start paying for it. Paid way to much and still doesn’t work in my area. Total scam. Don’t purchase this app!!!

- Very disappointing

It only shows the ship traffic for a limited number of ports, not the whole world. For example, for Japan (where I am) it only shows the ship traffic near Tokyo and Osaka, but not for the rest of the country. A waste of money!

- Helpful

Good but flawed - can be looking at a ship but won't see it on app. Most times it is accurate though. Worth the money

- Ship Finder

Good tool lots of bells and whistles and seems accurate and in real time

- Good app gone bad

Used it for years. But last 6 months the app has gone straight down the drain. Totally unreliable if it shows the ships at all. Free version do better than this now.

- Terrible

Doesn’t show any ships in my area which there are many, I am at Blount Island close to mouth of Atlantic watch at least 4 ships go by my house an hour. if you find a ship it doesn’t give any information, pictures, nothing!!!

- Not that great....

I’m sitting on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay with a huge container ship in sight and (and other large ships) there’s not one dot on the entire bay. When I got the lite version, it seemed fantastic, with lots of information. I’ve checked my settings but still nothing.

- Valuable app.

Excellent addition to my chart plotter and Radar!

- Inconsistent tracking

Ships often drop off the tracking. Other apps are more consistent.

- Limited Data

Bought the app to track some vessels in AK family members are on. None of them show up. In fact, zoom into Dutch Harbor AK and no boats show up at all. Waste of $5. Developers should be ashamed. Not a working app. Scam and waste of money.

- Disappointed

Another vessel app which was free often shows ships that this app that I paid for doesn’t. I would save my money and use ship finder free and VesselFinder free instead. Wasted my money.

- Disappointed

I bought this to track a cruise I’m going on. It couldn’t find the ship even though it’s Carnival and shows up on other apps even the free ones. Don’t waste your money.

- Worked for a while then stopped tracking ships

Worked through the winter. Now a ship can be right in front of me and it doesn’t show any activity for 100s of miles.

- Ask

Great program and it works great.

- False advertising and No Support

Cannot see Training ships. My sons is off the coast of Panama and on way to Hawaii now, TS Golden Bear. MarineTraffic has no problem finding it. When I click on support link it claims no email associated to my account which is crap. NEED REFUND.

- Awful

Actually bought this because prior app Marin Traffic, stopped working. I use it to follow my son and the yacht he is working on. So disappointed and have renewed my feelings to NEVER spend money on an app.

- The best

Can’t live without

- What good is it?

I live on the Delaware Bay and I can see ships out there this app only shows ships on rivers and ports evidently because it’s not showing any of the four ships I see right now I hope I didn’t get charged for this!

- Wack

I’ve had this app for 2 days worked really good the first day now it won’t show any ships around me deleted and reinstalled the app to try for a fix still nothing pretty bummed I wasted 5$

- Crappy app

I pay 5.00 for this app and it doesn’t show me boats that is a 100 feet away from me can not track boats for the company I work for don’t pay for this crap does not work save for money

- Doesn’t work anymore

Tried to use it and it didn’t find any vessels. Deleted it and Spent $5 to get it again and it still didn’t work. Very disappointed.

- Basic info about ship traffic.

There is way more public data out there about these ships. This app only scratches the surface.

- Ships not found

9 times out of 10 ships that I know are sailing do not show up on this app. In fact whole areas of the oceans are blacked out with no ships. Norwegian Jade for example is hardly ever there. APP is a waste of time!

- Sailor. Excellent for off shore. Can ID ships their speed and direction and plan


- Going down hill

Out to sea? The app shows a smaller and smaller percent of the ships I am looking at. Maybe they are scraping fewer sources or shipping is using new sources. Significantly fewer ids than three years ago. Now has become useless.

- Limited distance

I live on the Great Lakes. I purchased the premium site. I only get ships in about a 30 mile radius of my residence. Very accurate in the area of view.

- Not worth the space or the money.

Zero stars. Very disappointing. Not showing an exceptionally large cruise ship I am watching off shore headed out to sea. That is the rule rather than the exception. Don’t bother purchasing this app.

- Not worth a penny

Trying to find a huge boat right off of coast in front of our beach house. Wanting to go see it head to port but can’t find it or it’s schedule. Waste of money.

- Limited usability

Unable to search for most ships, limited tracking data compared to other apps.

- Not showing up

Bought the app to track friends...... they never show up and I know they are sailing with ais on.......

- Very disappointed

Couldn’t find the name of the ship I have found in almost all other ship tracking app.

- Not user friendly

Difficult to navigate, no pun intended. Search function stinks. Plug in ship name, registration, call sign. No luck. Found another app that is much easier to use.

- Where all the ships?

Don’t see anything that’s not near shore, out of range of tracking system?

- Good app

I enjoy this app since i see lots of activity in Duluth, but not all ships show up.

- Does not work

I paid for the upgrade and I cannot get it to work. I keep an error message after it says reloading. I want my money back.

- Frustrated

I have both the lite and regular version apps. neither show me the freighters on the Great Lakes😡I’m looking at them and they don’t show up in the app. What gives?!? Did I waste my money??

- Doesn’t work

Tried every setting possible, but it won’t show me anything. Expected more from a $4.99 app. Emailed the developers; no response.

- Can’t find ship

After paying for this upgraded version I couldn’t even find the ship I was looking for. A trawler called Cape Horn fishing in gulf of Alaska. Wouldn’t recommend this App to anybody.

- It Tracked ONE TIME ONLY

I really don’t understand the purpose to charge a tracking that doesn’t track. Was able to see and track ONLY ONE TIME. Money down the toilet.

- Useless

I live in Toledo. Took a $5 chance to check out all the shops coming in and out of our port daily. Closest ship I’ve seen is in Detroit. Absolutely useless for me and a waste of the $5

- Do not buy!!!!

Do not buy this!!!! it does not work. I can watch ships in front of me but no ships show up on the whole lake on this app. I wish I could get my money back

- Not good

I’m currently in Grandeur of the Seas, and according to the map on this app, I’m sitting in the middle of the ocean by myself. There is no ship!!! The cargo ship we just passed is also not there! Is this whole day a dream? Get it together!!!!

- Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Where are the tugs?

Great Lakes & Illinois waterway. On other apps—hundreds of tugboats appear. On this app—none. Author doesn’t respond to support questions. Do not buy!

- Great Huron Data Missing

Lake Huron ship data has been missing for a few months...

- Please refund

Does NOT show all freighters in area. Dangerous for my location. Other free apps much better. Wish I could get my money back. Will delete.

- Not accurate

Does not show ships that are shown on my laptop at the same time. Maybe there is a huge delay.

- Worthless

Type in a ship nothing I want my money back type in Disney magic shows nothing what a worthless app

- How do I get my money back?

It says it tracks all passenger ships, yet only a handful of major line cruise ships show up. Since I got it to track cruise ships, it is actually worthless.

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@candle_finder @whynosignal I have been trying to figure out why 🇨🇳 is so upset with Aus. There are a few things of course, the toy ship guarding something in S 🇨🇳 sea, wanting to check labs while CV19 was busy in Aus & 🇨🇳, ASPI and its BS. All at the behest of Pope Pompeo.


@HullTeslaModel3 You can track the ship on vessel finder.

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Ship Finder 9.2.2 Screenshots & Images

Ship Finder iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Ship Finder iphone images
Ship Finder iphone images
Ship Finder iphone images
Ship Finder iphone images
Ship Finder iphone images

Ship Finder (Version 9.2.2) Install & Download

The applications Ship Finder was published in the category Navigation on 2010-04-01 and was developed by pinkfroot limited [Developer ID: 319726822]. This application file size is 38.45 MB. Ship Finder - Navigation app posted on 2018-11-13 current version is 9.2.2 and works well on IOS 9.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.pinkfroot.BIGSHIPS

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