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Aprs.fi App Description & Overview

What is aprs.fi app? This is the official iPhone and iPad application of aprs.fi, the favourite APRS navigation site of the amateur radio world.

Navigate to addresses with clear step-by-step instructions. Obtain immediate, real-time access to current APRS position information, weather reports, telemetry graphs, and more. Zoom and browse around the world and see stations immediately – no waiting.

• Route guidance / driving directions
• Search callsigns and addresses, with quick search-as-you-type and search history features
• Track multiple stations at the same time
• Filter information shown on the map (weather stations, AIS, custom filters)
• View weather, telemetry and statistic graphs
• Beacon your position on aprs.fi
• Attach to a transceiver with a wireless connection to a BLE TNC, receive and transmit position beacons without the Internet
• Runs directly on top of the reliable and fast aprs.fi database
• Tested to work great on all currently-supported iPhone and iPad models
• Supports iOS 13/14/15/16
• Dark Mode support for an ergonomic viewing experience in low-light environments
• High-resolution graphics for Retina and Retina HD displays with full APRS symbol set

Buy the app – get the web site for free!

Some new features require a subscription. All old and some new features will be available without a subscription fee. These features are currently included in the Extra Features subscription package:

• APRS text messaging
• High-performance software DSP modem
• APRS-IS beaconing, with up to 10 callsign profiles
• RX iGate functionality
• Long time ranges in map and graph views

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

GPS is not required for viewing APRS information.

Terms of service:

Privacy policy:

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App Name Aprs.fi
Category Navigation
Updated 08 February 2023, Wednesday
File Size 21.58 MB

Aprs.fi Comments & Reviews 2023

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Great program. Does exactly what it says. Works great with my TNC. I just wish I had an application that would support digital modes for APRS messenger on Apple IOS. Now that would be awesome!

Great When It Works. Love it when it works, but it is inconsistent. Accurate about 60% of the time. Often wrong date or wrong location.

Aprs. Very good app. Use it while hiking so my family can monitor my location.

Wonderful aprs app. Very detailed info on the real time APRS environment worldwide Many thanks to all those who made this work so well

Bait and Switch?. Very disappointed, paid to purchase only to find out after doing so you need to pay an additional subscription to be able to use the app and some of its most basic functions. Seems a bit inappropriate to not clearly make this aware to purchasers. Leaves one with the feeling they’ve been duped.

Well Done. Great app. Works well in every feature except allowing iGate functionality even through a TNC. Add that and the power of APRS will double ten fold.

Wasn’t sure it was working. Usually it works well, but today it said that the service could not be reached even though I was told that it was beaconing.

Subscription Fee?!?!?. App was already expensive relative to other apps, then there’s a subscription fee in order to make it useful. Im sure its a brilliant app, but the additional fees were not expected. I probably would have passed if i realized that.

Love It. Now my radio is sending correctly (Yaesu FTM-400) I show up on the map. I want my 98 year old Dad to be able to track me when on the road. Works great.

Works every time. I’m mystified at reviews that give this app anything less than 5 stars. It delivers as promised and works every time.

Start screen wish. Hi, Thanks for a GREAT product. Is it possible to quit the app and when restarted, resume where it was previously? Every time I start the app it starts in Europe, not the the same continent where is shut down. Thanks Again Dwight

Fantastic. Works fantastic for me, it enables me to update my location so friends and family know where I am. Also with comments let them know what I am doing.

Not for remote use. Love it but…why do need to be connected to the internet to send an APRS message? This goes counter to the advantage Amateur Radio gives, and emergency communications. Fortunately you can see local radio stations without wifi. The message restriction is for me a huge issue which has been intentionally not included. Why?

APRS app that keeps getting better. All apps have issues and bugs. This one seems to keep improving without causing big changes that would make users hate the change. Excellent program. I hope they continue on the same path of improvement and integration with new things like the new external bluetooth APRS devices on the market. -KX4MQ

Great App. Especially when has to compete with other APPS for the signal received.. I have been using for years, and will continue..

Awesome app!. Super intuitive and easy to use. Breadcrumb/tracking feature is much appreciated.

Aprs. Works good to see where a friend is or checking weather on weather stations

READ ONLY. Although this has the best user interface for iPhone APRS apps, it’s functionality is critically limited. What you find only AFTER purchasing is that the app ONLY reads data from the APRS internet database. It will NOT broadcast your position. It also lacks interface capabilities for Ham Radio. It’s fine if you want to track others, but there’s no way to interact with others.

Awesome app!!. When I first got this app I couldn’t get “anyone” to show up but me on the map screen. Since the last update, I I am able to see other Ham rigs that have broadcasted recently, as I travel. I leave it on, with the beacon active, tp always keep me “on-grid” and showing on the map. I love this app! Because it shows so much on the highways, I leave it going on my iPad Mini in my Jeep, as the navigations app. It’s awesome!

Support For Yaesu FTM-200 Needed. Both website and app do not ID the Yaesu FTM-200 as a rig. Furthermore, the beacon text always displays a “_2” at the end. Other than that, minor bug fixes are needed. The app occasionally will not refresh once closed.

I like it a lot!. The app is so much more convenient than using the website. It does everything I need or want. Tem N5KWL.

The best. Hands down one of the best APRS apps on the market. Easiest to use and has every feature you could want or need. Was hesitant to pay with all the other free options out there but I’m glad I took the plunge.

Takes a while to master. It takes a while to master but is useful for public service events.

Great app. I do like this app, I realize that it doesn’t transmit to the IS servers but that’s coming in a future update. I do like to use it to see where other hams are at. Will be nice when messaging comes.

Link to Kenwood TH-D74. App works as advertised. I’m new to the iPad/iOS world. The install went smoothly and the graphics look great. My question: If I purchase the additional package will I be able to connect to my Kenwood TH-D74 handheld via Bluetooth. If it can will all the app features work. Messages, beaconing, etc.? 73, KB5FSG

Needs improvement. The app SHOULD be able to automatically detect where I am and bring it up on the map, not show me Helsinki EVERY time I use the app. It is quite annoying & disappointing.

Fantastic. Just getting into DMR and APRS - super helpful to be able to make this app part of the party

Always works. We travel extensively around the country and this app is always reliable. A+++ for sure. KX4U

background location is a battery killer. With location access always on, the app my iPhone battery extremely quickly as seen in Settings/Battery. I reported this to the developer three weeks ago with no response.

Paid subscription needed for TNC use. This looked like the perfect way to use the new Mobilinkd TNC for iOS. However to send or receive messages you have to pay a subscription. That’s right, after already paying $9.99 for the app they want another monthly or yearly subscription for what is a basic feature of APRS. Without this the Mobilinkd TNC can’t be used to send or receive messages. The screenshots on this app on the store make it appear to have this messaging functionality. You don’t discover the additional subscription until you download. Quite frustrating, it almost seems like false advertising.

Beacon Settings Needs to Be Better. At first glance, the app looks pretty good. Really liked it. After time and considerable usage, not so good. I started using app because radio beacons are unreliable in my area. I needed a more consistent result. This app is not it. The controls for beaconing is fixed set to a min beacon of every 5 minutes as the fasted rate you can get. Any faster is up to the app with no insight to how it chooses to beacon. It could be 30 seconds or it could be 5 minutes. I found it taking 4 to 5 minutes between beacons. At 40 MPH, this means the beacons are as far as 2 to 3 miles off. Not useful for me. I need last known position to be accurate to hundreds of feet while traveling. Not miles. I went back to radio where I control the beacon rate which makes sense for speed and accuracy.

Actually works!!. I was having issues with other apps but this one works for me. I got the app for $7 and for $7 a year I get all functionality in the app, not a bad price. Definitely recommend to get into APRS. I’m using a baofeng BF-F8HP connected to my VHF/UHF Ed-fong J-pole on the roof and it’s working well. Aswell as the B-Tech cable.

Promising APRS App. As far as I know, this is the only iOS app for APRS that supports an external TNC. The only TNC it supports to my knowledge is the latest Mobilinkd Bluetooth TNC. As the only such app, it’s great and I’m happy somebody’s developing a good APRS app for iOS. My only complaint is how limited it is - no messaging, no object, nothing APRS supports beyond position reporting. Hopefully this is made part of the app in future editions.

Only works with WiFi. This is not the app for someone looking for communications when the grid goes down. This app does it work without internet or cell connectivity. Extremely disappointed.

Please add. I’m using the app with a Mobilinkd TNC3. I’m finding the interface to be easy to use and straight forward. I would like to see the ability to send and receive APRS messages as well as straight packet.

Great app!. I’ve used this app for almost 5 years. I think I had one issue over that time and the developer had that fixed in less than 24 hours and he is the one that found the problem. I have no complaints as this is a great app! de KA5MTE

Great, but I have one big issue. I love how easy this app is to use, but my big gripe is that I can’t use this app with vox on my radio. As soon as I launch the app, the radio just starts transmitting, and doesn’t stop. I have tried the PulseModem app, and it works great with vox, I don’t know what the difference is in how the apps handle the audio, but it would be great if something could be changed to make this work, because the layout of this app is easier to use in my opinion.

Great app!!. I really like this app. I have been able to get into APRS really easily and learn it. Thanks for creating this app.

Pretty good, but a little expensive. The app does what it’s supposed to do, but not sure the luxury of a dedicated app versus the website is worth a full $7…just my thoughts. Aside from that, I love it…works great

Excellent!. Perfect cheap way to get started with APRS. This plus a btech APRS cable (or make your own) and you’re up and running. I used an old iPhone without a SIM card, this app, and an old HT and it’s working wonders. Yes, there’s an additional fee for the built in TNC/modem and other features, but it’s well worth it - especially if you compare it to purchasing a physical TNC.

No messaging without subscription. Messaging should be basic functionality. Charging a subscription after purchase for basic functionality is not appropriate. Make it clear in screen shot (not just in text) that it’s not included unless paid for as part of subscription.

Great HAM App. This is a great amateur radio application I use so my family can track my status when I hike.

Don’t buy. I am thoroughly disappointed and feel like I’ve been ripped off. You spend seven dollars for the app and then only to find out that 90% of the features that you will use, you have to buy a subscription.

Just use the website.. Not worth $7 only to have to also pay the subscription for the “high performance” software TNC. A tad greedy in my opinion. Either make the app free and charge a subscription for the additional features or just charge for the app.

Needs Offline Maps!. Overall this is a great app! Happy that it now supports the Mobilinkd TNC. I’ll upgrade to a subscription when offline maps are supported. Until then, APRSdroid will be my “go to” app for off-roading with APRS. When offline maps are supported (preferably using OSM maps), please make it possible to download large areas (e.g., states) in detail instead of the tiny areas that many map apps provide.

Good app. Easy to load, runs well, everything worked. Costs are reasonable. (Device is a 2015 iPhone SE).

Not what I consider APRS. Wasted my money on an app calling itself aprs.... that does not talk to any aprs not using aprs-fi. Packets are NOT transmitted into the aprs network so you can not be heard by hams monitoring. This fact is buried derp in the about section of the app. It should be stated plainly on the app store page. Would never had purchased it if this fact was known. Lake of this ability completely destroys all the features it has. ( like a Cadillac without wheels... all the plush in the world but the deal breaker is it cannot move)

Works great. Intuitive and full featured. App has everything I need with an easy to use UI.

Please add messaging. The app works flawlessly! However, not being able to send messages when using a Mobilinkd TNC is very frustrating. I would give it 5 stars but without messaging built in the app I can only give it 3.

Best Ham Radio iOS app in the App Store. I don’t usually write reviews, but the work and thought that went into making this app what it is deserves recognition. It is well worth the price and the subscription fee. I use it all the time with my Mobilinkd TNC and VX-6R. Could not recommend more.

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Mr. This is a great Program now and it’s updated really heaps since the first time I was told about this handy Communication app and Weather. Anywhere in the World including Russia and Everywhere. Also has shipping Routes so Thanks 🙏 Very Much for taking the time to Create this Great Program for internet and Everyone that likes to use this app.

aprs.fi quick review. Pretty happy with this app, good job. One issue I do have is that it only stays running in the background for a day or two. It would be nice to set and forget the app rather than having to open it every day to make sure it's awake. Not that my phone does not get turned off at all. Good work team, keep it up.

Working great.. Always have to say thankyou to those who stay committed to helping amateurs and make it interesting and fun.

M. Fantastic both for WX and aprs

Psychologist. Excellent ..... utilise it....especially when san is on an extended trip

Good Thing. Works extremely well.

What it says and more.. Great app and worth paying for.

Good app, just needs true Smart Beaconing.. Good app, works well with Bluetooth TNC (TNC3). It’s given very few issues in over a year of use in a mobile setting. Only real nitpick is that it lacks a true Smart Beacon mode that adjusts to actual speed and turns. The beacon every minute while mobile and 30 minutes while stationary is OK, but not as flexible. Add Smart Beaconing and I’d give it 5 stars.

It just works. Works perfectly great for tracking wed and SOTA activators

Rating review. This meets my expectations entirely.

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Great app!. Great app, glad to be supporting the site, just getting into HAM and SDR. One request would be an alternative app icon, cars are a bane! Give the rail minded among us some love!

Almost.... The app has less features then the website that does not cost anything to use. Not money well spent.

Less features. There are more features on the .FI website

APRS. Works great ...... love you it . Use it everyday .

APRS-IS. Paid $11.97 for software that does exactly what Google will do for you, using Google maps APRS.FI for free, only to discover that to make it useful I would now have to pay an ongoing user fee. Not impressed.

RF Only. I was able to post my position and exchange messages while not having any internet access. I was in a group that helicoptered into a remote location were there was no cell service. I was able to receive APRS signals from my location, make a contact, and exchange messages. Tried to establish voice, but was unable. My phone worked well as a monitor for displaying the data etc from my handheld radio.

Very Informative and useful.. I use it for weather information and position tracking for aprs balloon experiments.

Just Ok. Using with a Mobilinkd TNC and it’s just ok. Able to send position data, but no messaging. APRSdroid still has this app beat for features. No messaging. Can’t really recommend this app yet, as the free .fi website is more useful.

Buggy. It's a cool app .., if it wasn't so buggy, freezing between screens , app closes for whatever reason, locked on settings screen and couldn't get out no matter what I did , had to delete and download again, and all for 6$ ! Not worth it , don't do it ... Take your 6$ and buy a coffee or 2 and a snack ..better deal ..

Great. Very good application 🤓

APRS.FI. The best app of the lot.

App works great, Developer is always doing updates.. App works great, and the developer is always working to update the app. When iOS 13 came out on beta it broke the system with google maps. I emailed the developer and he responded pretty much right away saying he is working towards a fix. Two weeks later a new update and its working. Great job with the application. And it works with Darkmode. Pretty great app, worth the purchase price. VE7PMD

Works great. I have used this app for years. Now got the Mobilinkd version 3. Works with my iphone

A well supported APRS apps. At least, an app that is still updated by developers and by keeping it up to date with latest iOS version.

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Previous Driving Route. I love this app over all the others for one special reason. I like making sure that my stuff is beaconing, especially because I use smart beaconing. I can search for my various callsign with the various SSIDs that I use and go back in time. I don't see that functionality with OpenAPRS. Note: those of you that are new please beacon only every 10 to 15 minutes if you are using time beaconing. You are overloading the system by sending out your location every 30 seconds. Learn to use Smart Beaconing. Thanks and 73 AA6RV

Love it!. This app is awesome....so much better than using a browser! The ability to track multiple targets is super awesome! If you like aprs tracking this app is for you!

This app is great with cyclists, RV or Truckers. As an amateur radio operator and on-the-road cyclists, this app get high praise for its ingenuity and ease of use! Need to find another operator on the road? Another motorcyclists close by? Need traffic info? Need weather info? Need to find a repeater? Get this app for your iPhone or iPad and get going! WB4HIQ/mobile

Cryptic app with NO support. New user, no experience with APRS. Not familliar with Google groups, can’t even ask a question. Struggling to make it work and no where to turn. Throw it in a drawer and forget it.

Great App. It did take some time to understand the UI.

Best iOS app for aprs. It works, and it works well I use it in conjunction with a Mobilinkd tnc3

Good but needs work.. I like the program but the filters need work.

Ok. I don’t understand why most online apps are willing to transmit or post your location on other websites and yet this one, the most expensive one will not let you send messages or post your location on other APRS sites! Waste of money!

Good APRS app with some caveats. For iOS, this is the APRS app to get. It's surprisingly full featured and has been stable for me so far. It's not without fault. One biggie is that for some reason the app tries to connect to a TCP/IP KISS TNC on my local network, but has no option to tell it directly where my network TNC is. The more prevalent way to connect to, say, Direwolf or APRX is to enter the IP address and port number of those apps. The other issue is general UI. In APRSDroid, one can have a view where only raw packets can be seen on a list instead of a map. Here, the same can be done but only per user via "Track". Perhaps the feature is buried somewhere but I can't find it. It would help if there were a single place to get all settings, instead of having them strewn in m. For instance, the beacon button has its own settings... Additionally, each time I run the app my filter settings default back to "network" being on. To the developer: please save state? There are also three settings for beaconing, one of which is "beacon my position" ... which enables beaconing when the button is pressed. Maybe just grey out the beacon button if it doesn't function? Also what does "RX iGate" under the other settings menu do? It's not in the help. Much is missing from the help in general. Another tip, there are yet MORE settings under Apples prescribed Settings for the app, but not those for beaconing. This is a great little piece of software, and with a UI design and help file update it's five stars.

Love this app. Love this app. My family can track my travels on my motorcycle. I don't feel I have to call several times a day to let them know where I'm at. At the end of my trip I can document where I actually rode.

Worth every penny. It’s a well designed and solid working app. Worth every penny! 73 from KD5CYN

Awesome App!. This app is a very reliable way to participate in the APRS Network. Keep up the good work!😊👍

Excellent app but... This would be a 6 star app if the location services would close when the app is closed. I keep getting the message that it's running location every time I unlock phone, any chance you'll add the option, "While Using" location services on next update?

Great app!!. I really like this app. I have been able to get into APRS really easily and learn it. Thanks for creating this app.

Excellent App. Very usable and trustworthy.

Subscription based junk. Not paying for an app and subscription for basic functionality. Mad I payed for the app now…

Won’t download. Paid for app. Get a message that it can’t download at this time. I am on WiFi so no issue there. Wasted 7 dollars.

NOT OFFLINE. Linked to an internet service, no basic audio generation.

Excellent app!. Works well

Great App. This is a great tool. The only issue is when outside of cell service you lose everything. So I use a radio based APRS sender when mobile.

Great App!. I have been using websites for a while and this solves the specific problems I have been writing. I love how you can see who is around your location at a glance.

Deceptive. I give it one star because the ad is deceptive. In order to tx a subscription has to be purchased. This should be said upfront. Buyer beware

Great tool. Would be awesome to have APRS messaging implemented in future release.

App consistently crashes since iOS update. Great app until iOS 11 update, now app crashes at opening. Please fix.

Great for checking the status of off-road Jeep runs. I really like finding a cell site on a mountain to use this app for looking at everyone's positions and last know locations. Easy to use and helpful.

Great!. App worked great off the bat for me. Helped me test and set up with no issues at all.

It works. A lot of apps are pretty flakey and have crashes and annoying bugs. This isn't one of them. It works reliably and is pretty intuitive. New features are added occasionally the deign is excellent. Thoroughly recommended.

Text message. Won’t let me send text messages. It will not highlight for me to send messages.

Update crashes. Update crashes immediately on my 9.7 iPad Pro

Useless. Not the friendliest app practically useless

Not updated. My IPhone keeps warning me that is app needs updating 32 bit to 64 bit.

Excellent app!. Does it exactly what it is supposed to do. Easy to use and intuitive interface. Highly recommended.

Best way to view APRS-FI. Works great for APRS-FI. Not at all useful for the amateur radio APRS network. That's an important distinction, since using it requires an Internet connection and any data you supply will not be passed to the APRS-IS servers. But it's still very useful, especially for quick demos of APRS and what it is. If you have used the web site, it's similar but you gain the ability to beacon to the APRS-FI servers. The telemetry graphs and search/tracking functions are there and look great. Still looking for the ultimate iOS APRS app. But for now APRS-FI is pretty good.

Best of all the aprs apps!. I have tried all available for iOS and this one works the best! I am a active ham and use this everyday. Worth the money!

Works great. It does everything I want it to do. Plus, it has some fun bonus features to preview as well!

Soni. I purchased this app thinking it was a good tool for a Ham Radio Operator , it has no features that will help a Ham in searching locations of other Hams . Very poor app.

Works well. Works well and a bit easier to get the info you want while mobile compared to using website.

Very good. I use it almost daily. Very useful.

aprs fi. will not connect i paid for this i expect it to work if not want my money back

Good performer. It is working as advertised and meets my expectations.

Won’t send data to aprs-is. Disappointed that is won’t send data to APRS-IS. Makes is useless for tracking assets during a public services event. I should have read the notes better I guess

Misleading. You have to pay the extra fee just to revive using a radio and not internet. This is free in a web browser.

Will not beacon. Using a good cable and a known good radio with proper settings, app will not beacon a position. Sending other sounds from the phone triggers box normally, but “beacon now” produces no audio from the phone.

Price. Sell the app or a subscription, not both!

Great app. Works great. Thank you!

Does Everything I Hoped. I especially like that I can filter station types, such as only showing digipeaters and igates. The presentation on the Retina display of iPhone and iPad is super.

Great app. A quick and handy tool to see stations that might be in your local area. Also great for keeping the status of a site that you might be responsible for.

Tnc. Stupid , doesn’t even allow you to use the headphone jack for a wired connection to the radio kiss method , has to have a wireless tnc to work

Thought this was actually part of the a PRS systems. I thought this was part of the A PRS system. Unfortunately, it is its own separate System, so it does not beacon on the regular APRS system

Finally!. Love this app. It does exactly what I need it to do. Quicker and more convenient than using the web page.

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Language English
Price $6.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.4.1
Play Store fi.aprs.aprs-fi
Compatibility iOS 12.4 or later

Aprs.fi (Versiyon 2.4.1) Install & Download

The application Aprs.fi was published in the category Navigation on 03 December 2015, Thursday and was developed by GainIO [Developer ID: 922155037]. This program file size is 21.58 MB. This app has been rated by 790 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Aprs.fi - Navigation app posted on 08 February 2023, Wednesday current version is 2.4.1 and works well on iOS 12.4 and higher versions. Google Play ID: fi.aprs.aprs-fi. Languages supported by the app:

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Aprs.fi App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Login status is refreshed more often - email validation status should be updated quicker after clicking that weird link in your email. • Fixed a couple of rare crashes which a few users experienced. • Show a scale view on the map. • Improve timing of some scheduled events like beaconing. • Updates to frameworks, rebuilt for iOS 16.

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