Spyglass [Navigation] App Description & Overview

Spyglass is an essential offline GPS app for outdoors and off-road navigation. Packed with tools it serves as binoculars, heads-up display, hi-tech compass with offline maps, gyrocompass, GPS receiver, waypoint tracker, speedometer, altimeter, Sun, Moon and star finder, gyro horizon, rangefinder, coordinate converter, sextant, inclinometer, angular calculator and camera. It saves your custom places and waypoints, navigates precisely to them later, shows them on maps and using real-time augmented reality displays detailed GPS info, measures distances, sizes, angles, and does a lot more.


Accuracy improvement techniques, special compass modes and calibration methods available in Spyglass only make it a real instrument – the most advanced and accurate digital compass.


Spyglass operates in 3D and uses augmented reality to show real-time object positions, info and directions to them overlaid over camera or maps.

Save current position, add points from maps, manually enter location coordinates and bearings, add stars by hand or use a built-in star catalogue.

Find saved places and objects later simply by following directional arrows.

Spyglass tracks multiple targets simultaneously and shows their info – distance, direction, azimuth, elevation and estimated time of arrival.

Copy, paste and share locations, coordinates and map links using many supported formats.


Find and track your location and get detailed real-time GPS data – coordinates in dozens of formats, altitude, course, current, maximum and vertical speed, using imperial, metric, nautical and surveying units.


See your and targets’ positions on maps using different map styles and alternative map providers – plan waypoints and measure distances. Offline maps optimized for retina displays are available for download.


Track positions of stars, Sun and Moon with arc second precision – use them as a reference to calibrate compass for maximum accuracy.


Measure distances to objects in real time with a rangefinder reticle similar to sniper sights.


Find out heights of objects and distances to them – measure visually and calculate dimensions and distances.


Take pictures overlaid with all available GPS, positional and directional data.




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Spyglass Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Added the haptic feedback for compass - Added a precise location check to avoid positioning issues - UI improvements - Improved localizations - Improved coordinates processing for Southern Hemisphere - iOS 14.2 enhanced support

Spyglass Comments & Reviews

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- Elite Quality App

This is one of those rare apps that you come across every so often that truly demonstrates the power of what an application on a smart phone can do. I personally have only come across a handful of apps that are what I consider "elite". This App works flawlessly. The design is very slick and minimal which I equate to quality. I could honestly see this application being something that you would see on a screen in the cockpit of a jet aircraft. After using this app for only a short time, it becomes obvious that the creator of this app has the Swift/Objective-C programming language mastered. I honestly wish that the author of this app would create a Celeste you'll start tracking app as I know it would be five stars as well. By this up with confidence if you are looking for a top-tier application that turns your smart phone into a precision measuring instrument.

- One compass to rule them All

This is a powerful app without crass commercial distractions. It is a powerful navigational tool. Valuable to hikers, hunters, rock hounders, cyclists, automobile GPS, boaters, and any others who wish to use the most comprehensive compass based navigational tool for iOS. Built in accurate calibration with celestial objects, moon, sun, and Polaris (viewed thru your device's camera) is in addition to the GPS compass toolset that other navigational apps use. Great map overlays, satellite maps, and ability to share locations to other spyglass users. You can also share to users of tomtom , wayze, google maps, and other GPS and maps systems. Very cool. As long as you have battery life, you will never be lost with this app. There is a learning curve. If you can read and comprehend on a 20th Century 7th grade level, then you can learn how to use Spyglass. Great videos and comprehensive manual. Use them to get the most out of the app. I rarely leave reviews, but this app deserves its props and unabashed accolades. Bravo to the Spyglass team. Top quality, the definitive compass and navigational tool. Buy it and be done in this genre of apps.

- Not holding saved location

I just downloaded this app for remote area use in a very vast forest hunting area, but first I decided to test this on my property because getting lost and not able to find your vehicle is a very scary feeling!!! I put up a post holding it up in the air with a concrete block, I add the current location as taught by the videos, I walked 200 yards away, the app showed the post that it was on the ground in front of me on the ground when the post was 200 yards behind me. At first I thought I did something wrong, I tried it again marking the post area from the ground or to the tip of the post in the air. Still same result, I tried a different target which was my personal vehicle, this time I saw the marker to my truck literally glitch slowly moving to the east. I thought this app would help me get to my vehicle i mean it said off road, wilderness, but I guess they DIDNT MEAN OFFLINE! I was shocked that this app wasn’t dont what I thought it would. I’d like a developer to contact me, in the meantime I’ll be buying a map a REAL ALUMINUM COMPASS, and ranger beads!

- Good documentation

As apps do more and more, and become increasingly complex, it’s essential to have some sort of user guide if you’re to use all the capabilities. Spyglass does, and has done so for years. I appreciate that. In addition, the Spyglass developers keep the app up to date, and add *real* improvements periodically, not just pretty pictures that take up space but don’t improve functionality. I appreciate that as well. There’s a small but steep learning curve to use this app. But you’ll quickly see what it’s all about, and you’ll start nodding your head and smiling, as I did when I first used it.

- Phenomenal UI

Such an interesting and helpful source of information on long drives. However, I have one suggestion: in car mode, using trajectory for bearing is essential. I hope the developers will incorporate a similar function for horizon calibration. Since there is no reliable mount that will eliminate shifts in a phones vertical movement, a user can never be confident in the accuracy of the horizon calibration. I imagine a calculation with the shift in elevation could provide adequate data. I would prefer reliability and consistency over precision with this feature while enabled. Thanks for reading!!

- Unique & Handy

Spyglass has many unique and useful features setting it apart from other navigation tools. The use of virtual reality display, offline capability, and datum library add-on shows great potential. I am disappointed in the accuracy of the waypoint display compared to other VR apps like my star finder. Otherwise, I would use it in my search & rescue operations. I recommend that the developer build on this great concept and improve the accuracy.

- Wonderful App!

We have used this App In all the national state parks that we have visited - and where I could definitively mark the spot where I found a new dinosaur foot print up in the Delicate Arch trail which was great fun. I only wish whoever made this app could make a replacement for the Intellicast computer weather site which is now gone. Thank you for this wonderful app who ever you are. My husband who went to MIT (astronautics) loves this app also.

- Best purchase on the App Store

I bought this app many years ago. It’s incredibly useful and fun to have. I was surprised to see there was an update available for it today. Not many developers stick by their products to this degree. Amazing! Thank you for staying with it and delivering more than you promised.

- Now for ....

Great work. The compass gets in the way sometimes. It would be nice to turn it off sometimes. The only other feature I would like to see is the ability to enter a saved point and specify another saved point as a destination and it give a distance. At present I have to enter my saved points into another app to obtain a distance, big pain. This is the only reason I cut a star.

- The best navigation system on the App Store

This is well worth your money. I haven’t been able to find anything that is even close to SpyGlass on the App Store or on Google play Store. Hands down the absolute best full featured GPS system with much, much more than you can expect.

- Spyglass

I am very happy with this app and have used it for years. I am a very basic user so it has way more than I need. Regardless, I’m able to figure out the settings that I need. I especially appreciate the support on an ongoing basis that they have provided for this app. Over the years they keep updating it and making it better. Thank you!

- iPhone XR issue

The version 3.9.9 of Spyglass does not allow one to read both the north and west GPS coordinates at the same time. Due to the XR’s screen configuration, either the north or west GOS coordinates are blocked from view. Otherwise, it’s a nice GPS app with a lot of uses.

- Update waypoint management

While this is one on the most impressive of navigation apps on the market, it’s waypoint management is severely limited. Requires iTunes to get data into app. With iOS 11, iCloud, and files app... PLEASE update the waypoint management and import function and utilize these new modern methods. Many folks don’t even use iTunes anymore.

- Brilliant!

The amazing Spyglass is an extraordinary tool, tapping iPad's geolocation capabilities with the kind of precision that can save a lost hiker, navigate treacherous terrain, and aid ordinary navigational needs. It's depth of features and functions should be a benchmark for app developers everywhere. If Columbus had this, he’d be in India.

- Spyglass App

Started playing with map and compass again after several years. Spyglass provide great info for current location and being able to take a screenshot is super fun. Way good. YoMikeB

- Outstanding Product

Well thought out and designed. Easy to use with training assistance. Have used it many times in remote applications. Very accurate. Easily worth its minimal fee.

- Does not work in iOS 14

Until now this app was fantastic. Now, the compas does not work at all. No change in settings. Edit: The app Is working again. Developer responded quickly. Thank you!

- Godsend for my son

My 18yo son is visually impaired. This app helps him get around in new places, such as camping and mission trips. He’s headed to college in the fall and is already inputting locations to help him navigate campus. Thank you for improving his quality of life.

- Great tool

Calibration using visual land marks, satellite areal map and sun make this a very accurate tool. Accuracy is there if you know how to set it up. Metal is no longer an issue when finding an azimuth. Remote tree and building heights is another favorite use of this powerful tool. Take the time to learn this app. Still using frequently and am really impressed. One improvement would be an option for large text for bearings. Or a separate azimuth mode with larger bearing text.

- Professional Navigation Level

This is "the real thing" in terms of professional navigation. • Novices be ready for a steep learning curve. BUT THERE ARE LOTS OF MANUALS ON Mr. Pavel’s interweb site. • Morons like me can’t even figure out how to begin using it. • I got it when it was free about 3 years ago and I still have not successfully used it even once. • I just bought a $4 compass at a local camping store and now at least I know how to find N, S, E, and W. • But I’m an idiot. • I highly encourage regular people to buy this app.

- Fascinating app.

This is unique so far as I know. It is my go-to for latitude and longitude. Also elevation. There are lots more levels that I have not learned to use. I wish the documentation were more extensive.

- Way points seem to disappear after updates?

All of the way points I had saved are no longer there. Makes it difficult to get back to my back country hunting spots.

- I LOVE SpyGlass!

Whether I am flying (piloting), surveying my properties, hiking, or traveling down the road, SpyGlass gives me useful information, and brings me pleasure. And for me, it is also a very useful tool for teaching students.

- Spyglass is amazing

We use Spyglass to keep track of where things are and it's amazingly accurate. Used it for years snd would not trade it for the world!

- Consistently does it’s job

This consistently allows me to take photos with location, direction, and time stamps. It is very useful for journaling in the field!

- Perfect compass

A iPhone with compass must have period thanks for the update I have both wanted to support this developer this is what the iPhone compass should be just get it.

- Fantastic Cross Country Navigation App

I've always been very pleased using this app to navigate while hiking. Easy to add waypoints and destinations and the base map is very useful.

- Nice app. Could do more

Could add date and time to data for each waypoint. Could easily add a mode to record points per time elapsed--e.g. 1, 5, ... minutes.

- Worth the price

The free app is so good that I bought Spyglass because the developer deserves to get paid for the tremendous work put into this application.

- Free app does a lot.

The only thing I would like is a better way to see all of your way points.

- Can’t do without it!

My favorite app by far! Being a pilot, it gives me aviation quality navigation on every hike.

- Perfect Companion

For either the Pro or the Novice this app is indispensable. Its flexibility and multiuse options make it indispensable for the nature buff as well as the casual occasional observer. It seems to be accurate and repeatable.

- Great app when your hunting

This app is perfect for me during hunting season and as a met firefighter it’s great to have when you need a medavac landing site

- Useful

Handy app to have. So useful it is hard to know where to start. If you have a scout troop this is what you need

- The map overlay is fantastic.

A Very clever we sail in west Michigan it is very handy when going into new ports to help find slips and food etc. a full 5 stars.

- Excellent

Spyglass provides more information than I expected. An excellent program.

- It could use updating for iPhone XR

The display notch in IPhone XR and others cuts off the top line displays of coordinates. Otherwise it a perfect app.

- Get used to it!

Takes a long time to get used to it. But it’s worth it!

- Outstanding

If I was at war, lost in the middle a forgotten battlefield, I would use this app to save my life and get me home. New Mexico

- Great app

I found using this not in military and civilian life has been instrumental to Mission success love this app keep it coming

- Great App

This is one of the few apps that immediately gives your position in decimal degrees This is a super feature for 1st responders, esp. wild land fire fighters.

- Very capable

This app can do so much -- much more than I know how to do but am learning. Wonderful and powerful app.

- Great Multi Use App

I have used this app for many years for Photography and hiking. It’s the greatest!

- Can’t get any help

Had to get a new phone number and now I guess I have to pay again for the upgrade I have been emailing support and they won’t answer me so I guess this is worth 1 star. Only because I can’t get the help I need. Sad because I really liked this app.

- Has it’s limits

Perhaps it’s the limits of the iPhone, but trying to find property marker pins it consistently had me going in circles within 30’ of the correct spot. Even when I found the pin and hovered above it, it told me my spot was 10’ to the west, then 16’ to the northwest, then 13’ to the southeast, etc.

- This app is fantastic!

This app rocks if you learn how to use it you will never be lost.

- Five star app!

Greatly useful with features unmatched by other similar apps. Great job!

- Awesome

Excellent app. Really like the sextant function. Detailed instruction manual. Functions well on my 5s. Recommending to all my friends.

- Love it.

The product is great and continues to improve over time. Great job.

- Outstanding app

So much info at ones finger tips, a pleasure to use

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- Excellent Mapping

I found this app to be very useful to map and relocate land subdivision points. Could be a bit more use friendly with saving to Dropbox or other iCloud backups.

- Gardeners friend

Just the handiest app gadget I own. If you are a gardener/horti-type - get one!

- Really useful app

Could the “tiny” sun and moon symbols be larger (ie readable), and could the app use OSM maps offline that are already on the phone.

- Great for Sailing Navigation

An exceptionally useful App to support navigation while sailing. The Gyrocompass is a great option for checking the accuracy of any installed magnetic compasses. Using an iPad mini mounted on a bulkhead the app provides a great touch screen navigation tool using the maps display option for coastal passage making. The current speed and bearing displays are large enough to monitor accurate course keeping. The celestial object default indicators for sun, moon and Polaris combined with the sextant functions are an easy to use bonus. Great value for a relatively small outlay!

- Never provides a correct direction direction

iphone 11. The iPhone compass will point South not North. It’s a pain but consistently 180deg out. Spyglass can be anything from 20-90deg out.

- Excellent app

I wanted an app that overlays current position over the google satellite photo. This is important for 4WD tracks that don't show on maps. You can spend $180 and still get a lousy map without the tracks. This is a gem, it's the Google photo, so all the tracks are fully visible... Excellent app, excellent....

- Rangefinder for archery

I purchased this app to estimate target range and angle for field archery. After some time reading the user guide to work out how to use that feature, I discovered that you need to know the size of the target for the calculation to be correct. Fortunately targets are a standard size, so this is possible. Once I get a chance to measure them, I intend to test the accuracy at my club! This is a very cool app with many features to show off.

- Spyglass

Basically liked it. Useful to have a compass and to know the location. Bit disappointed that the big arrow is not there when you are out of wi-fi.

- Great stuff.

An excellent app. I had it years ago on the iPhone... Utilizing the map interface and pre-set waypoints allowed me to navigate through dense undergrowth and deep valleys in a National Park North of Sydney, Australia without adhering to trails. Just going headlong into the scrub, frequently checking my bearing, and intermittently referring to the maps allowed me to pop out on tracks and trails with pin-point accuracy.

- You have to know yer stuff!

As an international airline pilot, I am fascinated with this app and am OK with most of the technical jargon ....... but to the layperson you will probably struggle with it a bit, and no, I am not bignoting myself, just an observation. I doubt the zoom is really 5X and at that setting everything is very grainy but this may be more due the camera on my iPad2 than the app itself! So what use is it? Probably none as the are much better GPS apps out there but if you like this sort of thing to play around with, go get it! There is plenty to keep you interested!

- Great little app with huge features

G'day to all, I have had this app for a few weeks now and it is like an onion, I just keep finding great way to use the app. If you like map and the like you will love this app. Richard

- Spyglass is Great.

This is one of my most used Apps. Compass, Level, Sun/Moon Locator are the functions I use most. Plus it looks extremely cool and is a great way to show off your iPhone to your buddies. Solid.

- A very cool app! when it works...

Fantastic idea and extremely useful for the ones who know about navigation. The only problem is that sometimes the map function does not work. The rest is really fine.

- Keep Clear

Verry dissappointed, the concept is amazing but the compass aftera short duration stopped working altogether. Itried unloading and reloading the app and now just does not work at all. As for the map side of things, the app wont let me put the loacator over half the world. In a (box shape) it takes in a slight part of the eastern sea board of the US as far north as the southern tip of Greenland and south as cape horn tracking east to in line with the middle of the Indian ocean up to a central point in Russia. As for the Star/Sun tracking locator, this side of things just did not work at all. As i said, great concept but way too many glitches or what I should say...... That it just does not work! To my fellow app users, Stay clear untill it is sorted!!!!!!

- Help

The camera needs a switch you have keep tapping to many times How do use the stars /star? I need a help line before I bin it Dissatisfied Mkie

- Not intuitive

I've found it too unintuitive and complicated to be really useful. I've read the manual and that isn't much help - it just reinforces the confusion. I'm sure it's very clever but I wouldn't buy it unless you are already familiar with all the instruments. The Polar Star isn't that helpful in the Southern Hemisphere. Should be a crux alternative.

- Great App, highly recommended

This is a brilliant app. Use it extensively, great through Central Oz and anywhere else I've used it. Well worth having.

- Mr

I have to agree with jarjah on this one. Fantastic app but pretty redundant without updated maps. Especially in an up and coming place like Darwin Australia. Lotta places here that aren't on the map. Not really good enough yet.

- Brilliant

To have all this capability in a phone app is just amazing. Well worth spending the time to learn all the features

- very interesting

Very nice and interesting gadget. Very useful too for determining where to go without being distracted. Well worth having.

- Winner

Sick app, delivers much more than expected. As said, better support would be appreciated. 5 stars though (Y)

- Rather unimpressive.

I expected more from this app. The compass works ok but no better than the free version and the colour control is just daft. The maps are not saved, so the app is useless for navigation when beyond wifi range, which is where something like this would be of most value

- Great app

Really good, accurate and works wherever you go. I was in the Antartica and the app worked as well as the ship tools.

- Fantastic App

Easy to use and great accuracy. Can even use it to find my car in a large carparks!

- Totally cool app

This app is really cool just wish that the map it uses was a bit more up to date but yes have to give a 4 star 5+ if they update that map :-)

- Incomplete

Needs ability to add remote waypoints via maps or google earth... Otherwise; Brilliant.

- Awesome App

Although I am not an international airline pilot, I can still appreciate this app without struggling. I am not big noting myself either.

- Practical and well designed

Very practical way to help you get around in unfamiliar places. Interface design is also excellent.

- Excellent

Very impressed with the capabilities of this one. Even useful for getting a fix on astronomical events.

- Fantastic app!

Love this app. I use it to find all my fishing locations. Keep up the good work! :)

- Great program

Great program, does everything I need it to do

- Awesome app!

Totally worth it for the price, very useful when out and about

- Nice app

Can't say I'm using it to its full potential yet, but it seems to be doing all the right things

- Brilliant app

Excellent for giving elevations and distances in many different applications

- Wozza1958

What a great and useful app! Works well and its a lot of fun as well as being practical.

- Awsome

Well worth it. Does everything it says it does.

- Love it off line functionality

Great nab app that works off line

- Excellent

I used to like this app, but after the recent update I absolutely love it! Heaps of new functionality added (and refined). A polished and incredibly detailed tool. I does so much, I don't know of another app that could rival it's versatility. I only wish I got to use it more.

- Great app

One of the best apps I ever bought regarding functionality, price, stability and documentation. Congratulations, good job!

- Excellent !

This is a very useful tool for navigation

- Useful App

Lots of great features! Even works as a GPS out of range. Looking forward to fully utilizing this nav tool.

- Feedback

Screen freezes when attempting to open setting, etcetera, after last update.

- Handy little app

Very useful for finding your way around

- Excellent

Cant believe how great this works and easy.

- great application

I am a professional aviator/instructor and can recommend this application to any navigation enthusiast for lots of fun as well as serious hobby

- Fun

Just a random fun thing to have on your phone. (mainly just to show off)

- Very happy

Gives grid references to within 5m of a fortrex. Impressive

- Great App

Highly recommend

- Great app

Really enjoying this app, works well

- Nice

Good features, easy to use...

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- Great App

Buy this app, it is awesome!!!

- No UTM coordinates

Not suitable for UTM requirements. Difficult set up. Not intuitive. Good compass.

- Excellent

Great app. Been using it lots.

- Excellent.

Very good.

- Amazing, fun, and Accurate

Get the full app, read the manual and thoroughly enjoy this amazing navigational app!

- Spyglass

The YouTube videos are vague but I'm sure this is worth every penny once you figure out how to use it I messed around with it seems ok

- Spyglass does what the author says.

It works fine. It's actually pretty straightforward, and the software manual is helpful and clear. All this is about as good as it gets in iOS land, don't you think?

- Awesome App

I used it up north (Resolute Bay and Grise Fiord). Very accurate and easy to use.

- Awesome

This is a great tool to have. Love all the features

- Lastupdate2015??

I love this app- had it for years! PLEASE update it to the current higher resolutions & ios & if you can, *More colors, or green glow in the dark effects or something would rock😉👍 It is so disappointing when our favourite apps are abandoned by their developers..

- Spyglass


- 10/10

Cette App vaut vraiment la peine d'être payer! Aucun bug et elle est vraiment précise. Je la recomande a tout ceux qui aime les randonner ou les activités de plein air.

- Great for Geocaching

Awesome app! It's full of powerful navigation tools. I have recently started geocaching and I have used this app to help navigate to a cache or two. I do wish I could easily pull the coordinates of a cache into the app.

- ???

NOT intuitive.

- Great tool

I've used this a couple of times while in the bush. It works great.


Excellent MGRS!!!

- New User

Great for waypoints while hiking, and especially when snowshoeing!

- Excellent app!

I break trails in the thickest of forests in Northern Ontario and I'm able to comfortably rely on this app to get me where I'm headed. Kudos to the developers.

- Very good

Works well

- Great App!

I use this app for aligning directional antennas to tower sites in our network. Very accurate bearing to targeted coordinates.

- Good app

Something I was looking for a while.

- Apps very cool

Good aps, a aps to have!! So cool and well done!

- Cool app!

Love this app

- Beer Ninja

This app is ok if why you want is a live view of google earth following you with an airplane flight navigator ghosting over top to show you angles , elevations and compass direction

- Review

It got me out of some tight spots where otherwise I would have been lost.

- New update doesn't work

Essentially worthless now!!!

- new update not that good

the spyglass app worked great before the update. now it's essentially unresponsive. compass doesn't work. doesn't respond to user input the developer is working on it though and should have a fix soon

- Last update made it useless

Last update made Spyglass useless. It doesn't respond to touching, compass doesn't work, completely useless. Before the update it was a very good app, too much dependent on internet though. Fix the update soon!!

- Great app

Incredible app!

- Frozen

New update for app will not work due to freezing of opening screen. A waste of $$$. Refund!!!

- Wow

A kitchen sink but useful & beautiful.

- Good app

Does what it says it will. Easy to use.

- Super

I am using over 2 years Just fantastic 5 stars, if I could will be more

- Superb!

Excellent app for urban geocaching.

- The only option

Absolutely amazing. I use it for geo-cashing and the features it offers are superb.

- Excellent

This is an awesome app! Thanks. Might suggest that you add a button to take a screenshot on-screen. I use the two button iPhone screenshot feature to capture a record of location/elevation/bearing and image. THanks!

- Love it!

Great app! Tested in the wild... Brought me right to the desired destination

- Fast and accurate

Simple to use and very accurate

- Not useful for real reality...

The app is inaccurate because the compass built into the iPhone 5 is inaccurate. One minute it shows the sun 15 degrees to the right of its actual position, the next minute it's 10 degrees too far to the left. Same thing with bearings and waypoints. This being tested far from magnetic interference. Also the battery lasted less than an hour on a full charge and the phone got very hot since all of the sensors were activated at once. This would not be useful for anything beyond taking the dog for a walk. I will stick to my real compass/map. They show more information, more accurately, and in a shorter period of time than any cell phone ever will. This app could potentially send you off in the wrong direction and put you in a life threatening situation.

- App

Great app for a lot of things it's cool how it shows where the sun and moon is and more!

- SpyGlass

Fantastic App..

- Spyglass


- Great app

This app is a must if you go in the back country. Works great. Really helps with topo map coordination. Get it.

- This app is great!

I work in construction putting in pipelines with directional drilling technology. This app is great for quick surveying of grades and slopes. I also spent a lot of time in the bush hunting and photographing wildlife. It's great at marking way points and finding my way around country I've never navigated before. I love it

- I like it and use it ALOT.

The clino feature is goofy, you should be able to pick an axis and go from 0-360 degrees (or at least 90) instead of it switching at 45. The rest of it is awesome, I use it regularly for location management and relation.

- Excellent tool

Love this app

- Really cool.

Cool app but missing a video feature, and photos are taken in zoomed out mode even when zoomed in. Fix that and it's 5-stars for me!

- Works great

Lors of great features

- Good but not the correct north

What ever direction you turn on with is north?!!!

- Impressive

Keep improve the power management.

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Da Macker

@GolfDigest I'll throw in a short par 4. One nobody sees on TV. The 4th hole at Spyglass is just brutal. The green is ridiculously narrow.

Marianne Walsh

Books that leave me a mess in no particular order: The Two of Them; Bridge to Terabithia; The Book Thief; Tell the Wolves I’m Home; The Red Tent; A Thousand Splendid Suns; Good King Harry; Where the Red Fern Grows; The Amber Spyglass; The Velveteen Rabbit; My Brother the Wind

eleanor 🥀 | will parry stan

Oiiii reading the amber spyglass and reading Will's dialogue and imagining Amir bodying every word this is the lifeeee

Ponyboy Curtis

I’m really hoping they stick w the Amber Spyglass storyline in His Dark Materials esp depiction of THAT scene


@z_blair Monterey/Carmel- Pebble,Spyglass, Spanish Bay,Poppy & PG muni.All within 6 miles of each other. Head to Seaside for Bayonet/Blackhorse, you can get on all of these tracks.Obviously if you have hook ups Cypress & MPCC. When in Monterey end every day at the fire pit at Spanish Bay!


Curiosity's "Spyglass" Megamosaic of Mount Sharp – NASA’s Mars Exploration Program

Christopher Eithun

When one insult can sink your day into the depths of brokenness. & alternatively, one song can make you feel like you’re spread-eagled at the stern of a sturdy & slow-rolling ship - with the glint of land *just* beyond the clouds; behind the spyglass atop your shaky crow’s nest.

A.R. Vishny

Now onto His Dark Materials, one of the other reasons I caved and got HBO Max for a month. I reread Golden Compass and read Subtle Knife and Amber Spyglass for the first time earlier in the pandemic, so this should be interesting...

hayley st. james, coldplaywright 🐙🌙☀️

should I watch the His Dark Materials HBO series or wait til s3 is eventually out? I’m VERY attached to the original trio of books and the not-great-but-nostalgic film adaptation of the first book, but am impatient to see how they adapt my favorite of the series, Amber Spyglass

Beth Newcomb

Used Logan's spyglass+my camera📸 to get a picture of the moon🌔🌛🌙 I honestly didn't think it would work and stabilizing it was way harder than expected, but it looks pretty darn cool😎

Tyler Knode

84 at Spyglass Hills to end a great year of golf


@RealGamerduck that's not how spyglass works Partick!

mel cyr

I'm at Spyglass Hills Park in Central Coast, CA

Anna Orridge #3.5%🌱🌍🖋

Oh, I love how the spyglass vision of leaves fades to an image of the moon #HookWatch

Mark Clapham

@HuwieMcChewie @JonnElledge @lifewithnoirony There’s a lot of Amber Spyglass that would be very effects heavy so I expect that’s where they’ve condensed. I wouldn’t be surprised if the last episode was feature length though

Spyglass 3.9.15 Screenshots & Images

Spyglass iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Spyglass iphone images
Spyglass iphone images
Spyglass iphone images
Spyglass iphone images
Spyglass iphone images
Spyglass iphone images
Spyglass iphone images
Spyglass iphone images
Spyglass iphone images
Spyglass iphone images

Spyglass (Version 3.9.15) Install & Download

The applications Spyglass was published in the category Navigation on 2009-10-04 and was developed by Pavel Ahafonau [Developer ID: 319585607]. This application file size is 23.97 MB. Spyglass - Navigation app posted on 2020-12-08 current version is 3.9.15 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.paully.spyglass

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