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Land Nav Assistant App Description & Overview

What is land nav assistant app? Land Nav Assistant accepts MGRS (Military Grid) or Latitude / Longitude coordinates and visually navigates you to each point.

This app was designed with Army, Marine, and other military personnel in mind. Use it to correct your Land Nav technique by analyzing your pace count and tendency to veer left and right.

Available Input: 8 digit MGRS, 10 digit MGRS, Lat/Lon decimal, Lat/Lon dms, and map input.

Angles: degrees or mils
Distance: meters/km or feet/miles
Speed: kph or mph

Use the simple arrow interface or map to direct you to your locations. Your distance, direction, speed, and bearing are shown as you navigate.

Long-tap anywhere on the map to get the coordinate for that location. Easily add locations via the Map interface.

Plan your course by ordering points, or use the course optimization tool which will help you calculate the shortest path possible!

Get distance/direction between two points by tapping the path drawn between them.

Satellite, Terrain, Road, and basic Topographic maps show you, your locations, and lets you enter in new ones.

Overlay a 1000m or 100m MGRS grid anywhere on the map.

Displays distance/direction from your currentl location to all points, or between any two points.

Download your Locations as a spreadsheet to save anywhere, or to share with anyone you choose.

Import a large set of locations via the web import utility, available at:

This app uses the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) and Latitude / Longitude.

Choose to display your locations as MGRS 10-digit, MGRS 8-digit, or LatLon Decimal.

D:M:S can be input in the format DD:MM:SS followed by the appropriate direction (NSWE). Default direction is N, W.

DO NOT use this application while learning Land Navigation. Land Navigation is a valuable skill, and should be mastered before using this application. Do not rely solely on this application for navigation, especially when lost. Always be aware of your surroundings.

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App Name Land Nav Assistant
Category Navigation
Updated 08 April 2019, Monday
File Size 36.21 MB

Land Nav Assistant Comments & Reviews 2023

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Nav. Good app..was a little nervous using at first. But I definitely had no issues found 10/10 points with it.

Great app but.... Would appreciate an Apple Watch version of the app but it is the best at what it does.

Great app. Used this both before deployment and during. Works really well. Was able to pull up coordinates faster than my dagr, and got me to every point I needed.

Works great. Had absolutely no problems with this app. Was able to navigate with it perfectly!

Review. Worked for my night course. Put me within 20 feet of the point every time.

Great app. I seldom ever write reviews, but this app is awesome. Easy to use, accurate even with 1 bar of reception. Even if you are skeptical I urge you to trust the app when you're on the ground, or use it to just double check where you are.

Definitely worth 5 stars for a free app. Works better than a DAGR! One improvement I would recommend is to put maps on there. Lots of them available free via USGS

User. From my experience as a scoutmaster, land surveyor, and youth leader-- this is a great app for simple, reliable and accurate navigation outdoors or to off the grid locations Google Maps can't find.

Useful to a Point. I love the app and itโ€™s been really useful at times; however, not being able to download the map overlays leaves some to be desired. OK app overall.

NEEDS TO BE UPDATED!!!. I like this app but is now incompatible with the new iOS 10! I can't verify my points anymore by tapping on the pins! Please fix!! It's a paid app and customers shouldn't have to go through these issues!

Good app. Good app was able to find all my points and used it twice with no problems. Highly recommend app for landnav course.

Outstanding app but missingโ€ฆโ€ฆ. This app would be a 5 stars if the developer adds the Apple Watch functionality to the app. Looking at my phone every time makes the whole event a bit clunky. I should be able to start the app on my phone and then sync it to my watch to me the whole navigation easier. I would pay extra just to have that functionality. I hope the developers hear me out

Definitely the app to use. This is hands down the best app to use to cheat durning land nav as a private helped me sham out and turned what would have taken me 4 hours into an hour long endeavor

Crashes constantly. Crashes constantly, not useful.

Works perfectly in the field. Only thing I would request is that the app only uses location when the app is open, not all the time. Right now it's either all the time or not at all

Great Product. It's a great compliment to the knowledge you should already have with regards to land nav. Easy to use. Would buy again.

Outstanding!!. Punch in the grid and your off. Gets you were your going with ease. Would recommend to anyone for assistance with land Nav.

The best app ever created. I NEVER write reviews. In fact this is my first and probably the only one I will ever write. This app took me directly to the plotted points with incredible accuracy. Land Nav course on Ft Hood with almost no reception and still this app pulled through. Highly recommend and kudos to the developer.

Great App!. This app is freaking awesome! Hands down, if you're in the military, this app is for you. Very accurate, just plot and go. Hoah!

Great app. Would like to edit points and change colors of pins. 5 stars.

I Don't Think So!! Not Even Close. Used this app for a mission. Used it to verify coordinates. Talking about a waste of a Dollar! Was 250M of from every point. Glad this was only to verify position. Map and Compass is always the best first source for finding out where your objective is. By the way 2 others teams used it as we'll to verify. 250M of for all three of us..... In the wrong direction!! Refund pending.

MGRS. Strongly recommend this app it is right on target for the price it will amaze you don't look any farther

Better than military issued equipment. Currently on my 2nd deployment, I've used this during real life scenarios and haven't had a problem. Got grid coordinates in seconds. Works great outdoors. Might have direction issues when you're inside a vehicle but outdoors is great

Great. I have used this on several land nav courses and on military convoys. It works perfectly!

Great app!. Outstanding app! Used it during R&R on a hog hunt in Oklahoma to get to all the different stands...worked perfectly. Just plugged in the grid coords & took off!

Great Tool. Found all points with 2HRs 30mins remaining of 5HRs. Though I had some distance to make, knowing the plotting and azimuth were correct made finding the points that easier.

Excellent. Very basic very simple very easy to use. Was exactly what I was looking for. Set waypoints or locations and with no internet service will tell you the heading you need to use to get there.

Great app works perfectly. This app worked flawlessly for me. 8 digit grids are actually within 10m not 100 as a previous review stated (hence the reason it says accurate within 10m) and if you can't find a point standing within 10m of it, thick forest or not, then there isn't much hope for you anyway! Great app, love the feature where you can press on your points and it gives an arrow pointing where you need to go and how many meters left. Does exactly what it says no more no less.

Good for a grid. This app does provide a grid and a general location of where you are on a 1:50k map. Their are several other free apps that do this as well. The $ of the app should be free since the map data is very limited. You can NOT use this as a map for navigating. The images are too far out to see any details of where you are exactly or depicting terrain that is changing steeply. This app is basically good for getting a grid or finding a general location. It does not help you in any way pre plan a route.

You rock. Best one hands down. Now I gotta make sure these privates are not using it during land nav ha! Apple watch app next maybe. I'll pay for that

This app is very functional but some improvements are welcome. First off kudos to you, the app works flawless, but here are some list of improvements , my job is dealing with maps so here are my wishes When getting location it would be nice if you made the app collect points continuously, for improving the accuracy , specially if you are in the woods, sometimes you could get faulty readings but, if let's say you stay in one spot and take points for about a minute and average them out it would be much more accurate, currently I don't think there is a app that does this Another is the compass, it would be nice if it showed you what was the azimuth to your next point from you current location and I would like the option for full screen. It would be wonderful I the app would show speed, and the path traveled When entering mgrs it would be nice to have 3 boxes one for current zone , then the others for x and y , which will make it much simpler when entering them

Would be perfect. Would be perfect if they had Apple Watch capabilities. I don't like having to pull out the phone. I would rather just use my watch. Please add this feature! I still love this app though. It's awesome

Simple, perfect and now even better!. Simple app, but it does exactly what it says. Coordinates are dead on.

Fool Proof. Fool proof

Easy to use. Needed to quickly plot about 20 points to verify land Nav course. Other resources were not time friendly. Pretty accurate location And compass. Point mapping Was the best part

Very good app. Works great on the red diamond course.

iOS 11. I really enjoy having this application and I use it a lot being in the military, and it has never failed me! Please update your app to 64-bit so when the new iOS comes out. I can still use it. You don't have to do anything else, just upgrade that one part lol

Great App!. If you are military this app is for you! It really puts you right on top of your point

App works. But doesn't.. While the app does work, a 10 digit grid is actually an 8 digit grid when you have to input the grid designator. 8 digit gets you within 100m of your point. Which in thick forest looking for a specific point, a white ammo can in this case, is useless. If it was a true 10digit gps, this would be the best land nav app out there.

Tested multiple times. Almost perfect accuracy. Simple and easy to use. I sprinted through my last land nav course and got 5 out of 5.

1st Time rating an app in 5 years of using App Store. Awesome app, saved me on the land Nav course. Would definitely recommend for ROTC, army purposes like setting up points. It even has an arrow that points in your point direction and displays the distance. Would definitely recommend

Great application for MGRS. The application is perfect for training, with integration of satellite imagery it makes land nav a breeze. Needs Apple Watch integration to make it the perfect app for all land nave needs.

Awesome. There's no other app out there like this one. Just plug in ur grid of where your at and the grid of where you need to be and it literally tells you the azimuth u need to walk and for how long. And u can always change the grids at anytime! Devs if this app could get any better than what it is ie.( show line on Map from the different points to give us a better sound picture of a visual of how long the two or more points are from each other would be cool) as an option! All in all I recommend this to everyone!

It's ok but...... I'm pretty darn good at land navigation but wasn't in the mood for it. So I downloaded this's easy to use and it found 3 out of 4 of my points, but it left me stranded on my last point. Had me going in circles. I had to revert back to my trusty compass. So this is why I give y'all a 3 out of 5.

Saved. This app saved me from a lot of pain .... you guys are the real MVP

Best App I've spent money on.. If it weren't for this app I would be lost somewhere in Camp Atterbury, IN. I'm awesome at land nav but the advanced course there would have gotten me lost a thousand times over without this app. Works perfectly for ten digit grids. Found my points exactly.

Great app but... Really great app simple to use and accurate would really wish it had a feature to save maps into the app itself to make loading faster (make it manual so it doesnt take up much space) and it would be amazing to get a iwatch app to make things easier.

Great App for Army Land Navigation. I was hesitant on getting this app but after reading the reviews and testing this out at the Fort Hood Land Nav site Training Area 72, it was quite close to where the points were. This app is worth the money.

Accurate to 15 meters. On Ft Knox with 10 digit grids, it got me within 15 meters on all my points but two. As a downside, I would be standing in front of the point and it'd say it was about 10 meters away, but I'm not complaining. Somehow it did it when I had no signal also, which was pretty awesome. Well worth the $2

Best land nab app. This app is awesome, brings you right where you need to go. I downloaded other apps like MIL GPS that cost $12 and this one is much better for 1/6 the cost. Highly recommend!

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Don't bother. Waste of money. Freezes, the only thing that works is the compass and even that is off calibration

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Lovin it. Works great on camp pendleton!

Awesome!. Works perfectly every time couldn't be happier

Best app. Without a doubt great app

Land Nav. Works really well for the money you pay for it.

Awesome. Really like the versatility

.. Great app. I use it to confirm course points all the time with 5m accuracy.

Excellent. Does exactly what it says. Simple and easy to use. Reallllllly helped me in the woods recently....

Please refund my money. This app does not work as advertised. I want a refund

Outstanding!. All I can say is WOW! Bravo.

Land Nav Assistant. It gets the job done. I use it to plot points for my joes to find. Its a good training tool.

Works great on FTCKY. Works great on the division land nav course on ft Campbell, ky

Love it!. What a life saver. Super accurate.

Navigator. Works perfect on fort bliss land nav course!

Awesome!. With this app it's pretty much impossible to get lost! Seriously, thanks!

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Land Nav Assistant 2.2 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Land Nav Assistant app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Gammon Applications and other users?

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Land Nav Assistant iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $1.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.2
Play Store com.gammonapps.landnav
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

Land Nav Assistant (Versiyon 2.2) Install & Download

The application Land Nav Assistant was published in the category Navigation on 18 May 2012, Friday and was developed by Gammon Applications [Developer ID: 525299152]. This program file size is 36.21 MB. This app has been rated by 57 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Land Nav Assistant - Navigation app posted on 08 April 2019, Monday current version is 2.2 and works well on iOS 9.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.gammonapps.landnav. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Draw MGRS Grid Overlays anywhere on the map (1000m, 100m) iOS 12 Optimization Screen improvements for iPhone X, XS, and XR

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