Land Nav Assistant

Land Nav Assistant accepts MGRS (Military Grid) or Latitude / Longitude coordinates and visually navigates you to each point.

This app was designed with Army, Marine, and other military personnel in mind. Use it to correct your Land Nav technique by analyzing your pace count and tendency to veer left and right.

Available Input: 8/10 digit MGRS, latitude/longitude, and map input.

Simple arrow interface directs you to your point. In addition, your distance, direction, speed, and bearing are shown as you navigate.

Satellite map view shows all your points, and let you add new ones.

Displays distance/direction from your currently location to all points.

Export your list of points to a spreadsheet for personal use.

Import or share your points via spreadsheet. You don't have to enter points with your device keyboard anymore! The import utility is available at:

This app uses the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) and Latitude / Longitude.

Choose to display your MGRS locations as 10-digit or 8-digit.

Angles can be displayed in degrees or mils.

D:M:S can be input in the format DD:MM:SS followed by the appropriate direction (NSWE). Default direction is N, W.

DO NOT use this application while learning Land Navigation. Land Navigation is a valuable skill, and should be mastered before using this application. Do not rely solely on this application for navigation, especially when lost. Always be aware of your surroundings.

Land Nav Assistant App Description & Overview

The applications Land Nav Assistant was published in the category Navigation on 2012-05-18 and was developed by Gammon Applications. The file size is 5.52 MB. The current version is 1.8 and works well on 5.1 and high ios versions.

-You can now add locations by touching the Map
-Full compass view
-MGRS points are spaced out for readability
-Import/Share your locations with the new spreadsheet upload utility at

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Land Nav Assistant Reviews

Trey Montana

Would be perfect  Trey Montana  5 star

Would be perfect if they had Apple Watch capabilities. I don't like having to pull out the phone. I would rather just use my watch. Please add this feature! I still love this app though. It's awesome


NEEDS TO BE UPDATED!!!  Zeke_9  3 star

I like this app but is now incompatible with the new iOS 10! I can't verify my points anymore by tapping on the pins! Please fix!! It's a paid app and customers shouldn't have to go through these issues!


Great app  MARTYMUSS  5 star

Would like to edit points and change colors of pins. 5 stars.

Razor - 114

Great app  Razor - 114  5 star

Used this both before deployment and during. Works really well. Was able to pull up coordinates faster than my dagr, and got me to every point I needed.


Outstanding!!  bolino  5 star

Punch in the grid and your off. Gets you were your going with ease. Would recommend to anyone for assistance with land Nav.


Excellent  Whyisthisnametaken2016  5 star

Very basic very simple very easy to use. Was exactly what I was looking for. Set waypoints or locations and with no internet service will tell you the heading you need to use to get there.


Great Product  Youngsoldier3  5 star

It's a great compliment to the knowledge you should already have with regards to land nav. Easy to use. Would buy again.

Dukes of hazards NYC

Good app  Dukes of hazards NYC  4 star

Good app was able to find all my points and used it twice with no problems. Highly recommend app for landnav course.


Land Nav  Dutch2929  5 star

Works really well for the money you pay for it.


It's ok but.....  Luis_Pimp  4 star

I'm pretty darn good at land navigation but wasn't in the mood for it. So I downloaded this's easy to use and it found 3 out of 4 of my points, but it left me stranded on my last point. Had me going in circles. I had to revert back to my trusty compass. So this is why I give y'all a 3 out of 5.

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