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Built from the ground up in the rugged mountains of eastern Afghanistan, Tactical NAV comes from the mind of a U.S. Army Field Artillery officer who had a vision of creating a low-cost and extremely accurate mobile-targeting platform built specifically for U.S. military warfighters.

Tactical NAV’s journey began when two Soldiers were killed in the notorious Pech River Valley of Kunar Province, Afghanistan.

U.S. Army Capt. Jonathan J. Springer, a Fire Support Officer and JTAC with the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), who was on his third combat deployment, began developing the tactical platform following the memorial services for Spc. Blair D. Thompson and Spc. Jared C. Plunk, who were killed in action on June 25, 2010.

After pitching the idea and being turned away by the Department of Defense, Springer remained resolute in his mission to continue building Tactical NAV in order to make a difference for other Soldiers and honor the men who were killed in battle.

He ended up using his life savings to continue moving forward with the Tactical NAV project, all with the ultimate hope of saving U.S. military lives and helping his fellow service members accomplish their mission at home and abroad.

Tactical NAV officially launched on the App Store in February of 2011.


Tactical NAV’s mission is to provide U.S. military warfighters a low-cost, extremely accurate, and exceedingly powerful mobile tactical navigational solution.


Our vision is to assist and support our nation’s warfighters with their mobile navigational needs and further enable them to fight and win in the Multi-Domain Operational (MDO) battlespace.


Tactical NAV's performance is on par with the AN/PSN 13 Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR), and the application has been used to accurately and safely deliver conventional and precision-guided munitions (PGM) onto enemy targets in support of combat operations.


Purpose-built by warfighters and created to save U.S. military lives, Tactical NAV was the first MGRS-focused military app on the App Store and has proven to be effective in combat and training environments.

Tactical NAV has been successfully evaluated against other targeting devices and software platforms such as JCR, BFT, JBC-P, Nett Warrior, and ATAK. Its accuracy is within 1 to 3 meters of these "officially approved" systems issued by the Department of Defense.


Tactical NAV contains in-app purchases (IAPs) and subscriptions. Currently, tactical drawing mode is available as an in-app purchase, and offline mapping is also available to users as either a monthly or yearly subscription. All revenue generated from these features goes towards further developmental coding and updates, and a portion of all proceeds are donated to charities that specifically benefit disabled veterans.


• A military-quality precision targeting platform
• Purpose-built for the individual warfighter
• Offline mapping capabilities (full usage of the TACNAV platform with no emission of a cellular signal)
• WGS 84 standard (MGRS, UTM, BNG, and USNG coordinates)
• Tactical drawing mode (useful for Joint Fires planning, creating overlays, route planning)
• Waypoint plotting functionality with military graphics (per ADP 1-02)
• Compass “FastLock” function for capturing quick azimuths
• Snap and save photographs onto the main map for intelligence purposes and AARs
• Location, waypoint, and photo sharing capabilities (via email and text)
• One-button night mode function for low-light situations
• "Go to Grid" option for smart pinpoint planning and drawing of overlays
• Created and tested in combat to ensure utmost accuracy and reliability
• iOS native code built for austere and contested environments
• And so much more!!!


The Department of Defense does not endorse Tactical NAV, nor should it be used in combat situations in place of a government-issued device.

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Tactical NAV Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Reduced the size of military graphics when plotted on the map • Added a direction indicator to the main map screen • Speed and stability fixes • Cross-OS functionality • iOS 15 compatibility COMING SOON: • Landscape functionality • Google Maps integration • iPad and Apple Watch support • Additional updates to navigation mode PERSONAL DEVELOPER'S NOTE: Dear Friends and Users, I hope you and your family are well, and you're all staying safe. We have made some minor refinements to the app in this update, so I hope you find the functionality improvements useful. Furthermore, we are working on the landscape mode and iPad support now. So please stand by as we get those features coded into the app and do Q&A testing before publicly releasing these updates. Bottom line, if you ever need anything at all or have questions or issues, please email me personally at jonathan@tacticalnav.com. Again, thanks for all the support, and take care! Sincerely, - Jon

Tactical NAV Comments & Reviews

- City use / Hiking uses

This app isn’t just deployable to war zones! I am a prior Army Sergeant who loves to go out into the wild and I don’t always grab my Garmin but I always have my phone! With this app I can feel at ease knowing I have the technology to find my way out of the thick of it if I get turned around! The map is as easy to view as those such as google and maps by Apple. If you are in city limits there is even store names and very detailed mapping of the area streets and side alleys! On the military side of this, the owner takes the lives of Soldiers very serious and created this to ensure those lobbing rounds down range had the best tool available to ensure call for fire was as accurate as possible to ensure the lives lost were the intended targets and to ensure those who called it in got the protection they needed! He didn’t create this app just for a dollar sign, he would put the lives saved and protected by the accuracy of his app over any amount of money, that’s the kind of guy who is putting his life into this! “What is the sound of artillery”

- Great app for diverse utilization!

This app is such a user-friendly platform where the everyday civilian and soldier can easily access and utilize accordingly. As a civilian traveling across various rural areas and cities in the US, this app has never failed me. I have navigated the busy streets of NYC and LA with this app, and then found my way around the less populated Midwest rural areas of Iowa and Ohio. As a fires intelligence officer, there is no better innovation that is easily and readily available that I would trust more. The offline capabilities is truly a lifesaver where the dictating battle environment may present those complex scenarios. This app provided our artillery batteries and the chain of command the necessary information to send rounds down range in a timely and accurate manner that saved lives! Today’s technological capabilities provides such innovative opportunities for commanders and our most senior leadership....this app answers those calls to be a cost effective and reliable resource!

- Great app exceptional customer service!!

I am a police officer and avid outdoorsman and I have used this app for both. I have use this app for both training and live police operations. Everything from surveillance to warrant execution and it offers comprehensive mapping and target location features. I have use this on camping hiking and canoeing trips and it allows you to mark beginning, middle and end points that are easy to read and easy to share with others in your group. When I had a problem with minor bugs in the operation of the app I emailed Johnathan singer and he replied within minutes. He fully explained the behind the scenes technical work he is currently doing to fix the bugs and assured me that future updates would fix any of these issues. Customer service is absolutely outstanding. I would absolutely recommend this app to anybody with any police, military or outdoors needs!

- My go to app…

Jon, I know you have been working on this app for a long time, and I’ve read your story and can tell you’re a really good dude. I also read your replies to customers who leave reviews who are happy or not happy, and can tell you’re sincere with your words. Keep up the great work, and don’t let the naysayers push you off your path of what you’re trying to accomplish. I’ve read about some of your recent feedback to customers about a landscape feature coming soon. How long until that will be released? It would really help me when I wear it with my plate carrier/kit. So I hope you can get it released soon, or as soon as you can. Please keep up the outstanding work, and know that you’re appreciated because you’ll always have my support and the support of my buddies in 5th and 160th SOAR. ~ Steven

- Great App

Jon, I’ve been going back and forth for months whether to download this app or not. And I’m glad that I did. I absolutely love it. It’s a great app. You did a great job building this. I was just wondering two things that could possibly be fixed or maybe tweaked if possible. When you place a waypoint on the map, can you please make it to where the label name is closer to the icon that it is labeled on. What I want to do is label a waypoint, but also be able to zoom out a few times and the waypoints not be overlapping each other. To get a bigger picture on what my teams are looking at. When you zoom out just a couple of times, all of the labels overlap each other and you can’t tell what they are unless you zoom all the way in. Is there anyway you can make download the app on a different account such as Google Play, for my laptop, even though I have already purchased it for iPhone? I use my laptop a lot of mission planning but I cannot download it on the google play store because I have to buy it again. Maybe a “sign in” option for people who have bought it one either google play or iPhone. Thanks again for the app. I do appreciate it. John W.

- Great App

The possible uses for this app are limitless. Its not just for military operations; LEOs, search and rescue units, and the average civilian could all benefit from having this app. The maps pull up very quickly. The add on drawing feature has a ton of possibilities as well. Hunters and fishers could use the waypoint feature to mark food plots or fishing beds. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors should seriously consider purchasing this app. The amount of thought that went into this app is amazing, hopefully the military will adopt TacNav in the near future. A must have for any 2LT on a land nav course. Update: After a few weeks of using and checking out what TacNAV can do I’m still highly impressed. I think I’ll be adding the drawing feature in the near future.

- Tac NAV

This app is a blessing. Tactical Nav produces when needed. I remember using this app on a few deployments when my Govt BFT would not work properly. This app allowed me to navigate the correct routes to the objective on time. I used this app also as a senior leader on a rotation in Korea. I planned, organized and brief missions and movements using this extraordinary user friendly app. I also use tactical nav while home for basic outdoor activities like hunting and planning hikes. I draw and mark up areas and hunt locations and use it to walk in the dark on exact routes to my stand location. The best navigation app I have used with the Soldier/Warfighter in mind. Produces results and always refining bases of battlefield experience. A trusted app and development team. I highly recommend this app. Chris.

- Seems legit

Just downloaded the app and have been playing around on it. Everything seems to load up pretty quick and the features are all very intuitive and easy to use. I can already tell I’m gonna be a big fan of the compass feature and the other things on that part of the app. I also immediately bought the offline version and am very excited to get it out on some trails. The only thing I’m curious about is on your website it says that you’re planning to add a troop track function into the app, when are you planning on adding that in? I know it will be extremely useful. Thanks for what seems to be a great app I’m really looking forward to resting it out more!

- Best Tactical app hands down

First off, I personally know the developer, who I served along side with in the military, and would never put out anything substandard. This app has been tested and actually used in real combat all around the world by different militaries not only the US. If you are looking for anything tactical, this is the app for you. If would like something added or change, email the developer and he will do everything to make it happen. There are other apps out there that do the same, but this was made by a combat veteran for combat applications. For the price of a few tacos, you can upgrade your phone to a combat targeting platform. Try it out, you won’t be sorry.

- Effective and accurate

For background, I’m an infantryman (PSG/SFC) and Tactical NAV is perfect for dismounted operations and fires planning and integration. Most importantly, it’s accurate and also easy to use. I have young privates and numerous NCOs using this daily out in the field, and for the squad/platoon and above, TACNAV is also perfect for offensive and defensive planning and coordination. One thing to highlight, the ability to use Tactical NAV completely offline and while in airplane mode is groundbreaking (its very secure and operationally safe) compared to other publicly available and Army-issued apps and software devices out there. Bring this completely online and enable force tracking between individuals and units, and this app would be untouchable.

- Awesome military navigation app!

This is a great military navigation app and the offline maps feature is awesome. I’ve used this for about a year or so, and I’m a platoon sergeant at Fort Bragg and Tactical NAV has really come in handy for me. I’ve planned airborne ops using this, and have recently been using the new camera mode to share observer/firing point locations with other members to help with target analysis and MDMP. The most important aspect of TACNAV is the fact that’s it’s pinpoint accurate. Every grid I’ve pulled is within 1-2 meters of every other Army issued equipment that we have to sign for. Why use that heavy and restrictive stuff when you have an app that does it all, and then some?

- Great App

I had the tigr system in 2014 when it came out in CCO 1-327. That system was very helpful and made marking and planning a breeze. After trying tactical NAV I’m a little bias toward it now. It’s user friendly design makes it easy for the private all the way up the chain of command. I would trust this app on the battlefield and during training more than what’s out now. I’ve tried several apps when it comes to Military use and use in my hobbies such as hunting and fishing. I have been able to mark way points on big bodies of water and rivers and it takes me right back to them each time. Great app and well worth it!

- Accuracy and reliability

As service member and a senior NCO I can put my trust in this app. Training management is a great portion of my job, and this app has facilitated the planning and execution of training for soldiers from the squad level all the way to a BDE level. Personally I have used this app to plan and execute pathfinder operations, training events and drop zone survey operations. The accuracy of the app facilitated imagery, locations and obstacles identification during air assault operations and the coordination with aviation units. I have compared this app to current systems utilized by the Warfighters and this app it’s more accurate, faster and reliable.

- Updated review

This app has continued to exceed any standards by far excellent and accurate the newest updates for offline maps Feature will be huge ! I use this app everywhere I go and have not had a single issue when it comes to recommendations becoming reality , the all around quality of this app is phenomenal compared to every other app there is no comparison to this one. Update this app still continues to change the way the ao looks no matter where your at in the world !! Also have not received my Tac Nav shirt order yet in a long time ??

- Fantastic capabilities

Jonathan, I love your app and have been using it for quite some time. You and your team have made big strides over the past year in features and capabilities; keep up the great work. One area I would suggest improving soon is the waypoint database functionality. If you could square this away and add some of the additions other users have mentioned in some of the more recent reviews, you would have a pretty substantial app that is only rivaled by TS-SCI level software offered by the DoD. Great work, and I’ll be in touch via email soon to give you more detailed input.👍

- Still deciding.

I downloaded MilGPS before this one and have been using it for awhile now. I like that it has offline maps without creating extra cost. I would have paid $12 to have the offline included which is the most important part. When reading through the info before purchase I did not see where it listed that as an additional cost. That would have been nice to know before purchase. The graphics for this app are great quality and the icon list is nice. It has the same flaw as MilGPS in that the border of the countries are way off. Since my team works the borders and we are not allowed to cross, this app doesn’t help in that capacity. I’ll have to refer to the other app for offline patrols and this app as backup for planning on the fly. Will keep digging into the app to see the comparisons and which one will benefit my team more out on patrols. For the last 5 months everyone have been using other apps successfully. I’m doing a trial run to see if we want to switch over since this one has better graphics and point selections than most.

- Very impressive with unlimited potential.

Having worked in the combat arms community for many years now, as well as training the next generation, I can say this program is needed and has potential to help many service members conduct anything from land navigation, to fire support planning. The creator is reaching out to service members every day asking how to improve the program, so it can better assist them down range. I’ve tested this app anywhere from desert to jungle, and it continues to perform. Excited to see what else is in store for this exciting application.

- Stellar while offline

Just got back from a fishing/hunting trip in northern Manitoba, Canada; there was zilch cell reception where we were at. Before heading out, I saved a bunch of mapping imagery for where we were going to be located for use offline. I can tell you that I really didn’t know what to expect prior to using this particular offline feature, but I can confirm that it works as advertised. TacNAV handled everything like a CHAMP. If something happened to us, it was really good to know I could use the app to relay our coordinates via the sat-phone for help. Huge peace of mind.

- Essential Tool for Military and Law Enforcement

This app is an excellent tool for any law enforcement or military professional looking for a tactical advantage in any operation. The app is very intuitive and provides excellent tools for plotting waypoints and marking distinctive points of interest (ie. enemy positions). I particularly like the drawing feature which provides any number of useful applications like marking fields of fires, routes to waypoints, or interactive after action reviews. It is a must have for any leader looking to maintain tactical advantage and utilizes a platform almost everyone already possesses. Five star a must have!

- Awesome app to use for any application!

Had an issue with re-downloading the app and got some of the best customer service ive ever had with re-installing it! Ive used this app before for hunting while doing some stalking for hogs. Very helpful in unfamiliar territory when u can plot your camp and see everything around it and easily make your way back. I also enjoy knowing your exact grid coordinates just in case of trouble. Will be using this app quite a bit for more hunting and camping in the future. Outstanding app! Highly recommended!!

- Disappointed

There's nothing more frustrating then spending your money on a product that is hyped up as being a top notch item, only to find it doesn't work like it says it does. In this case, the app will not give me exact locations utilizing UTM coordinates. Instead it simply puts me in the corner of both east/north grids. I tried everything else to get it to work, but no luck. Even more frustrating is sending questions for help to the support address via the app and email and being told the app support is no longer in effect and my emails go unanswered. This was supposed to be used for rural operations at work, but instead I got to spend money on a junk app that doesn't work and no support. There are better apps out there, I am sure of it. Don't buy this ripoff.

- One of a kind.

I deployed with them 1LT Springer when we were in Iraq with 2-320th Field Artillery Regiment. Little did I know he was the one who created this! I’ve used this for probably 4 years on numerous artillery training exercises and there’s just no comparison out there. This app was accurate and has replaced what I would normally use to plot grids and whatnot for fire missions. It’s that accurate. If this app could get offline maps, a CFF and 9-Line option, then Tactical NAV could replace almost anything we use throughout the Army. Nice job Captain Springer!

- Works as advertised

I used this app while on active duty as an observer, Trainer/ Coxntiller. While finding training sites in various bases and other training locations across the Eastern US, I found that this app was more accurate than the issued equipment. It was 3-5 meters accurate! I mainly used it for navigation, however the additional features are worth the additional expense as it provides a better real time picture...this is imperative for any action or plan that is. Wing executed and communicates too.

- Love this app!

I got this app about two weeks ago and wasn’t able to really use it in a practical setting until a recent training event. It worked exactly how I was expecting and more. It was extremely helpful to my planning process and to the success of the event. The imagery is extremely clear even on full zoom. Also Jonathan the creator has been able to help me with any questions or concerns I had while using the app! Couldn’t have asked for a better all around experience!

- Quality MGRS app

I’ve had this for a couple years, but just came back to it after using another app. TacNav has really made some killer improvements to the functionality of the app - offline maps, drawing mode improvements, speed and stability enhancements, etc. This is now probably the best MGRS/UTM app on the App Store. Can you add GPX import/export options next? That would be a great addition, along with the ability to automatically calculate the distance/direction from 2 separate waypoints. Thanks man...

- TacNav

This app is extremely accurate and is a must need. My personal experience with this system is a great one, as a Afghanistan combat veteran in the Pech River Valley I personally know the precise accuracy delivered with this app. It is by far the most impressive tool used, the ability to deliver arty and mortars along with pin pointing enemy locations for maximum efficiency in marking targets is by far in my opinion better than the DAGR. I strongly recommend this app for anyone who is serious about their need for unbelievable navigation accuracy.

- Impressive targeting platform

I have personally used this app in training and combat, as have many that I served with on Special Forces teams. It provides a user friendly interface, accurate location data, and a quick ability to gain targeting information. I’m highly surprised the USG hasn’t put this into official use in military units yet. It is already widely used and highly recommended amongst many SF, infantry, and artillery units and is regarded as the best app of its kind. Well done Tac NAV!

- Impressive/Accurate

After downloading the app and using it for a couple of days in the field, I can confirm TACNAV’s accuracy. Like others reviewers have said, I’m not a fan of having to pay for additional features, but they’re worth it IMO and are very useful, so it’s all good. Please add a landscape option so I can rotate the phone 90 degrees and better plot my overlays and this would be killer awesome. Other than that, this app is very legit.

- Where's the promised app update

The app has great potential. We were promised an update over a year ago from the developer. The update was supposed to include the ability to plot routes via distance and direction from any given chosen point the navigator chose. Never happened. As a tactician it needs to have the ability to plot maneuverability and give simple "x" your here, you need to go to "y" but maybe "z" to "y" is a better tactical option in your planning phase. Currently.. you can't get there from here! Needs that update as promised. However I believe they have abandoned ship!

- best tactical app i’ve ever used

this is by far the greatest tactical app you can find on the apple app store. i’ve been using this app for years now and it’s very accurate i use this with my DAGR and it give same info. i love how i can draw overlays and would love to see in future updates that you can build an overlay and share the overlays with team members given they have the app. thank you for making an awesome app.

- Works very well

I have used this app to do all sorts of Training operations. The ability to draw and plot. I also very much think the ability for me to take pictures on the same application with grids on the photo is extremely useful when on an objective. If we could get this on official DoD systems that are secure that would be great, since those systems do not work as advertised.

- Very solid tactical app!

As an infantryman, the ability to accurately plot my location and other locations is invaluable. I verified the app’s accuracy against my DAGR and a topological map, and TACNAV is spot on. If Jonathan (the creator) could get offline maps in Tactical NAV, then this app could replace everything we currently use. I’m looking forward to future updates, and it’s reassuring to know the creator is a former Army veteran too. Well done Captain!

- Best mil app

I have used this app for several years and had nothing but good results. The imagery is very good and recent. The coordinates are always within a meter or two within what I get from other GPS devices. The only thing that can be improved is it needs the ability to download maps for when you are unable to connect to the internet.

- Accurate and dependable

This is the best tactical app I have ever used it is very accurate. I used it during multiple training exercises in the states and Korea. The accuracy I found to be superb. As another artilleryman I know how accuracy and dependability mean the world and this app met all my needs and I was very satisfied. Tactical Nav was easier to use for me than anything out there today.

- Unparalleled

I have been utilizing cutting edge moving map software in my job for nearly 10 years. TacticalNav is by far the best open source moving map app available for iOS. You will not find the level of imagery clarity and accuracy anywhere else on the app store. The features embedded within the app are extremely user-friendly and continue to improve over time. This app is 100% designed from the ground up to aid in rapid grid/coordinate determination, and allows you to route plan and terrain associate unlike any other open source app available. You would need to download 3 other apps to do what TacticalNav can do. I highly encourage the use of this app. -JTAC Instructor

- Prompt service

The app is excellent as a part of terrain analysis with satellite imagery and and accurate MGRS checks. When I experienced an issue with the app, I was able to reach out via the contact information on Tactical Nav's Facebook page. There prompt service and outstanding customer service makes for a valuable resource all around!

- Great product

I downloaded this app when it first came out and have been super excited and happy for all the updates. You can use this app in the field or on the street. It’s user friendly and the interface is pretty simple to understand. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who enjoys a good GPS.

- Best App of its kind on the Market

This App is Amazing in One word. Not only has it already saved military members lives, but it makes firing artillery from a cell phone and not a thousand dollar piece of crap that barley worked. Also I have found this VERY helpful in other aspects of life. I also use it to help with my outdoor activities. All in all I couldn't be happier.

- From a Lehman’s point of view, this thing rocks

Tested out in my water & land filled geography in Tampa Bay. It works. Super accurate & reliable & gave me exactly what I was needing as I navigated the geography. I was able to navigate areas I did not know easily with zero lag when other apps do not update as quickly. Quickly became my go to for navigation!

- Effective and Accurate

Using this app for reference is flawless and is especially helpful in the field. This system enables me to have my own GPS in conjunction with BFT if I’m out of my vehicle as well as it helps spot for executing battle drills during training. It is accurate and is flawless even when I don’t have service.

- Very easy and useful

Just downloaded the app and it looks amazing. Although I am no longer in the Army I can see myself using the shXt out of this app since I love to be in the woods a lot. It it really easy to use thus far. Looking forward to getting real use out of it when out hunting and tracking.

- Great for my business

I own a electrical business that deals with billboards and this app helps me send crews to hard to find locations and get precise measurements for long wire runs. We have used it several times with state and local governments to get easements and setbacks for new board installs. Much easier than using local county’s websites.

- Love this App!

This is by far the greatest APP I have ever purchased! For the combat Veteran, Sports enthusiast and even the novice that is looking for directions, this App has it all. Best compass, Gps feature I have ever used! You won't ever go wrong by purchasing his App and most importantly, you will never get lost using it!

- Awesome application

As a forward observer in the army using this app is very helpful when sitting on an observation point. It allows you to set wave points and pull accurate MGRS for target processing. I recommend this application to all who are looking for a good app that actually works in regards to military use. Very tactically and technically proficient.

- TACNAV rocks!!!

I am really amazed at the usefulness of this app and all the features it offers for not a lot of money. I normally don’t write reviews for apps, and I was originally told about Tactical NAV from a couple buddies in my unit while we were out in the field. No regrets and more than worth what I’ve paid. Great job!

- 5-Stars!

This App has met and surpassed my expectations! Not sure what I was going to get compared to other apps I have been experimenting with but am honestly glad I came across Tactical Nav as I can finally stop searching. This app is very accurate and easy to use compared to other out there.

- Probably the best out there

I can’t say enough good things about Tactical NAV. Customer service is phenomenal, the app is very easy to use, and it just works. The updates have been great and the inclusion of offline maps is a real game-changer. Highly recommended.

- Good one but can be better

I just downloaded and played with it for a little bit so far great one other then there is no search window or Option to inter a name of a place and then be able to see that place and once you zoom in with satellite map does clearly show as Google earth or other maps do please fix these two and then I say this is a 5 star app!!!


I have used Tactical NAV for about a year now. Within the Fort Sill enclave I have plotted most of the ranges and Training areas, it really helps me plan routes and get the game plan together, The Location feature seems to be +/- 2 meters when compared to a DAGR. I have had no issues Honestly I tend to use it more in my off time. I mark fishing spots and more. This app has guided me out of the Sand dunes at Glamas CA. And had held the location of drift wood that I plan to one day take home! Great work, really looking forward to the update where I can use a downloaded PDF forest service map within the App!

- MosulMax57

Just downloaded the Tactical NAV App! What a great tool to have at your disposal. Any hard charging Marine or Army grunt needs to own their battle space and get this tool! I’ve only played with it for a few hours, wish this would have been available when we hiked the Appalachia trail!

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- Still not able to share events

Still not able to share map events with my friend, we are planning way points and cannot share them as they cannot be selected once they get to your MMS. Can this be fixed..?

- True mil spec app

I read that this app was used by the navy seals that raided Osamas compound, and it's easy to see why. Clean GUI, practical functions and super-fast response.

- Great App

This app in great for hasty planning. The ability to share overlays with other users is excellent. It’s the best apple app of its kind that I’ve come across.


Crashes upon tapping at current location. Attempted to use in the field - was absolutely useless. Emailed "AppDaddy" nearly a month ago. Still no fix.

- Don't waste your money

There are better apps out there. Also the apps website states the price is USD5.99 yet iTunes charges AUD7.99 AUD2 EXTRA. Ripped off both ends. SHAME iTunes!!!!! Give me back my money!!

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- Bluetooth to helmet cam

Can you please update this so it can connect via bluetooth to a helmet cam (ie: contour gps)?

- Computer NAV on the go!

Beginner to veteran, look no further in navigation system with solid symbology overlays. Hiking? Check. Middle of the ocean? Che- maybe. But hey, stuff’s good bub.

- Missing fonction

Good but he miss pre-form (square of circle) and free form text.

- It’s ok. Just.

Read the description completely. The drawing feature is another $8.00 purchase. My fault for missing that tad bit of info. Outside of that it doesn’t really do anything more than the abundant free apps out there. If your looking to use this in a military context. Save your money and get your supply system to get you a map protractor and mil symbol protractor.

- Having issues

It crashes a lot and if your not moving The direction from your position jumps all over the place. And I don't like that you have to set way points to get a direst ion of travel on the map

- Broken

This app wasn't bad when I got it a year ago. As long as i had service I had a decent back up tool. Then, it all went wrong 6 months ago. At first I couldn't search grids, then I couldn't set wp, or routes without it crashing. Now it won't even open. FIX THIS APP!!!

- Does not function as intended

Bought this App to help out on a Nav Ex, but it crashes every time I attempt to enter a MGRS. Couldn't plot a single WP's or Nav point, let alone come close to establishing a route. Wouldn't recommend unless you solely wish to use for MGRS with grid overlay on google maps.

- Stellar

Not sure what other people's problems with this app is but it is right on the money. No electronic device should ever substitute solid navigational skills, but if you good nav skills, this app is a solid piece. Don't regret the $5. Particularly love the tactical red overlay.

- Good


- Waste of Money

This company uses patriotism and the good name of the American Military to sell this app. Three crashes in 10 min and it can't do what it says in the AppStore write up. Don't buy it. I am giving it one star because of the freaking cross hairs that I just spent $5.99 on.

- Not impressed

Crashes when you open it. Does not allow creating waypoints or show routes. Save your money and use built in compass and iPhone map

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Tactical NAV 3.8.6 Screenshots & Images

Tactical NAV iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Tactical NAV iphone images
Tactical NAV iphone images
Tactical NAV iphone images
Tactical NAV iphone images
Tactical NAV iphone images
Tactical NAV iphone images
Tactical NAV iphone images
Tactical NAV iphone images
Tactical NAV iphone images
Tactical NAV iphone images

Tactical NAV (Version 3.8.6) Install & Download

The applications Tactical NAV was published in the category Navigation on 2011-02-14 and was developed by Tactical NAV LLC [Developer ID: 412650653]. This application file size is 32.02 MB. Tactical NAV - Navigation app posted on 2021-10-29 current version is 3.8.6 and works well on IOS 12.4 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.appdaddytech.tacticalnav