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What is moon seeker app? Provides a list of LUNAR PHASES, a CALENDAR view, a FLAT VIEW COMPASS, a MAP VIEW and an AUGMENTED REALITY CAMERA 3-D VIEW showing the lunar path and its hour intervals.

* Ideal for photographers and anyone involved in outdoor nighttime activities.
* Great for planning optimal light conditions.

Note - if you are interested in daytime light conditions, please look at the "Sun Seeker" app, which provides related functionality for the sun.

Main Features
* Uses GPS and magnetometer to find the correct lunar position and path for your current location, or for any location on earth
* Flat compass view showing current lunar position, diurnal lunar angle and elevation (separated into above and bow horizon segments)
* 3D augmented reality camera overlay view showing the moon's current position, its path with hour points marked
* Map view showing lunar light direction and elevation at all hours, for any location, scrollable for any date and time
* Ability to choose any date and view lunar path for that day

* The compass accuracy depends on having an undistorted magnetic field around your device. If you use it close to metallic objects or electrical equipment, directional accuracy may be impaired.

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How to contact Moon Seeker (ozPDA)?
Find this site the customer service details of Moon Seeker. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Moon Seeker Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Moon Seeker Version 5.8.324 May 2022

v5.8.3 * FIXED - If user had denied the app permission to save images to photos, then attempting to save 3D view image resulted in an obscure error message..

Moon Seeker Version 5.8.101 September 2021

v5.8.1 * Widget fix for possible glitches in twilight phases when transitions occurred near local midnight..

Moon Seeker Version v5.825 May 2021

v5.8 * NEW - Addition of 3 widget types showing lunar rise/set times and its position in its diurnal arc relative to the sun.

Moon Seeker Comments & Reviews 2022

- Perfect tool

I shoot time lapse photography, and this app lets me accurately plan my shots for moon movements. Ideal, simple, very stable. Great app!

- The gap explained.

Graham Dawson responded to my question about the gap in the moon's path shortly after I emailed Ajanware and his fast response was greatly appreciated. His email follows: "The sun travels very close to a full circle every 24 hours - not exactly, but close enough to make it look like a complete circle. On the other hand the moon travels typically less than 360 degrees during a day, although sometimes it may be more. The app shows the moon's path for one calendar day. If it travels less than 360deg then you will see a gap, where if it travels more than 360 you will see an overlapping section." Again, I appreciate the fast response and am happy to add the app as a compliment to Sun Seeker. It performs as advertised.

- 3D view crashes

Version 5.4 crashes every time I try use the 3D view on an iPhone 5s running iOS 9.3.5

- Didn't need to upgrade

I loved this app ... until November, when it required a newer version of iOS than I have on my phone. Now I feel cheated out of what I paid!

- Sweet Upgrade! : )

When I originally bought the "Sun Seeker" app I loved it so much I bought the Moon Seeker app as well. I was a little disappointed with Moon Seeker compared to Sun Seeker. This new update changed all that. Now it's AWESOME! This is a SWEET UPDATE!!! : ) Please keep making more positive updates and I'll keep telling my friends to buy this app! : )

- Do not buy

This app does not let you set other locations. It won't let you set or display map locations. Do not buy until this is fixed.

- No 3D compass view🙁

The app is pretty good, but I bought it specifically because of the 3D compass view. When I tried to use that feature, it said it couldn't do it because my device didn't have a compass. Is there any way to fix that? Or do I just have to get a new device?

- Not ready for prime time.

After installing the companion Sun Seeker app, I found Moon Seeker and eagerly installed it. What a disappointment. Where the compass feature works great in Sun Seeker, it completely fails to work in Moon Seeker. It lags, does not accurately show the moons position, and I can't even use the feature to see where the moon will be at a certain time. I was VERY disappointed. I can only hope an upgrade will remedy the issues. Until then, DON'T EVEN BOTHER with this app.

- Nice and useful app!

Great companion app to Sun Seeker! I really wonder what took me so long to find it. Would love an iOS 7 style update!

- Missing Date Features

I've used Sun Seeker for a long time and really appreciate the ability to animate the date period, as well as the map view. I just got Moon Seeker and expected to see the same features here, but am disappointed. Please include those features and I will be happy!

- Compass very inaccurate :(

Love the concept, but it's so inaccurate that it's pretty much useless for me at least... Probably not the app's fault (the iPhone 4's compass/gyros probably just aren't accurate/consistent enough), which sadly makes this app pretty useless :(

- Not as good as partner program, Sun Seeker

The programmers have a lot to do to pattern this program after Sun Seeker, a much better program. In addition, the program does not function properly in iOS 8.

- Completely Inaccurate

Moon jumps around and wonders off even when not moving the phone. The 3D compass, what I purchased this for, is worthless. Do as many figure 8s as you want.

- Crashes

App crashes when I try to open calendar.

- Great concept, faulty

Sunseeker Works Great, not moonseeker. I hope update will fix compass inaccuracy.

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- Excellent app

Hey, this is my first comment about apps. This app is awesome, I also use other apps made by ozpda, like sun seeker etc. but one thing I want to talk about is this app's icon, there is a little bit white line in the right hand side. As I always align ozpda's apps in a line, this white line really annoys me, can you make some change about it? Thanks

- Excellent App, now equal to sun seeker

Now that the 3D view has been fixed, this is an outstanding app - a perfect accompaniment to sun seeker, both highly recommended.

- not good

Have enjoyed sun seeker from the same company for years but disappointed in the accuracy of this, when you are trying to anticipate where the moon is going to come up for a timelapse video it wanders all over the place. When it finally settles to a spot it can be a full finger length out at arms length, an enormous error on a long lens and just totally ruined a supermoon rise I had been planning for ages.

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- 12am mark

There is two positions for mid night. Which create a gap on the display. Please correct it. This is a good app, keep it like that. Thanks

- No Refund

I requested a refund through iTunes because this app did not have the feature I was looking for. I did not get a response. I tried again and was told this purchase was not eligible for a refund. 1 star.

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Moon Seeker iphone images
Moon Seeker iphone images
Moon Seeker iphone images
Moon Seeker iphone images
Moon Seeker iphone images
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The applications Moon Seeker was published in the category Navigation on 2010-06-09 and was developed by ozPDA [Developer ID: 295147488]. This application file size is 20.98 MB. Moon Seeker - Navigation app posted on 2022-05-24 current version is 5.8.3 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ajnaware.MoonSeeker